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2023.04.01 21:48 SupaHoeCakes 24 [R4R] UK - Looking for long-term likeminded pals (Liverpool UK)

I am ideally looking for a long-term friend who I can talk to daily – that is the absolute end goal. A long-term friend with similar interests? That would be bloody fantastic. So, a little bit about me then? I am 23 years old, and I live in the UK (currently between Manchester and Wirral). I graduated from university in the summer and I am currently working whilst juggling graduate school. I would classify myself as an introvert and I have a moderate social battery. My hobbies are diverse tbh. I really enjoy technology (PC-related stuff) and have just built a new PC (only been waiting 2 years for the GPU). I play games on PC (primarily FPS games but I dabble in MMOs/RPGs and ARPGs – start your message with ONIONS if you have actually read this). Really craving CSGO at the minute so if anyone plays that, give me a shout. I enjoy being in nature (is that a hobby?). Like, I just enjoy the greenery. I am a massive hip-hop head – love Wu, Gibbs and Alc. I am an avid reader when the university isn’t destroying my passion for it. Recommendations are welcome. I have been trying to look after house plants, but they keep flopping on me. Cooking is neat – just started bolstering out my cookware. Cooking for other people is even better. I am honestly open to anything. I also really like collecting workwear jackets (namely Dickies…and some Carhartt). Someone from NW England would be absolutely ideal!
Sounds interesting?
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2023.04.01 21:48 hexarchon HexArchon [SMP] {Custom Worlds} {Custom Items} {Custom Mobs} {Custom Skills} {Custom Abilities} {Custom Enchants} {Boss Fights} {Dungeons} {Quests} {Land Claiming} {Furnitures} {Decorative Heads} {Events} {Dynmap} {Wiki}


HexArchon is a Custom MMO-Inspired SMP with several gameplay features such as unique Custom Mobs, Items, Enchants, Boss Fights, Abilities, Quests, Worlds, and other areas to explore such as the Skylands and Dungeons.



📖Our Values

We are a group of people with the ambition of creating something new and unique. We are always committed to putting quality work into gameplay. We love listening to community feedback and creating something that people enjoy.
Here are some of the values that we have pledged to:

🎮Gameplay Mechanics



We strongly prioritize server performance and responsiveness. Not only do we put focus on resource utilization during development, but we also have powerful top-of-the-line hardware that the server runs on.
The server is run on dedicated hardware with the following specifications:
We guarantee strict, zero-lag gameplay. If you are having any issues with lag, open a ticket and we will gladly help you out - even if it’s not the server’s fault.


Thanks for reading! We hope to see you on :)
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2023.04.01 21:47 Positive-Analysis-27 Sell PC account with FIFA 23 (other games included) FUT Club value ~20M coins (mostly untradeable cards) + 10M+ coins liquid

Sell PC account with FIFA 23 (other games included) FUT Club value ~20M coins (mostly untradeable cards) + 10M+ coins liquid
Played this game mode since FIFA 11 but it just isn't worth my time anymore, I obtained most of my coins while trading since I have more fun at it than playing the game. I decided I could use a bit of money to upgrade my setup and let someone else have fun with the account so my time on it isn't just lost.
Currently I have most of my coins invested in FUT Fantasy cards so it may vary between 10-12M when they are sold.
I will take any offer that I consider reasonable taking into account the coins I have and the team wich is untradeable. If you need more proof ask me, I will use a platform to sell the account if I find a buyer so both parts are safe.
Main squad (untradeable):
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2023.04.01 21:47 throwRAMarkDrama My Parents (48F) (51M) says my (23F) relationship is my bf (39M) is bad

So 2 months ago I met a guy at the mall let's call him Mark (39M) He was really nice and funny and we had a fun talk and we exchanged numbers I liked him a lot so when I got home I asked Mark if he wanted to hang out again tomorrow he said sure.
The next day we go on (I guess a nature walk?) Amd start getting to know each other more he then wrapped his arm around me and it felt super sweet, we then went to McDonald's for lunch and later when it was time to pick up my son who we will call Jacob from preschool I asked him if he wanted to come with me he said yes. I could see Mark as a good father figure for Jacob so I thought this was a good opportunity for Jacob and Mark to bond with each other. Mark and I quickly became a couple about a week later, and we decided that Mark was gonna move into my place because it was easier that way.
I told my parents about this but when I had revealed his age they were kinda shocked at first, but still OK with it as long as I was happy when they met him they thought he was a nice guy however my little brother thought it was creepy and was VERY open about it
But these past few weeks Mark hasn't been acting like the guy I thought he would be he's kinda lazy and whenever he tries to help he messes up and I guess plays it as a joke he can barely do laundry, and I'm worried Jacob will rub off of him. I know Mark tries his best but it still kinda sucks
I decided to tell my Parents about this and they said that they love me, but I should of never dated a guy almost 17 years older then me in the first place (his 40th birthday is in a few days) He only "loves" me because I let him get away with his bullshit. They said that they will respect whatever I do, but that there a plenty of men my age that would be A LOT better then Mark.
Deep down I know they are right, but I'll feel bad leaving him so close to his birthday, and Jacob likes him a lot and calls him Dad so it would not only hurt Mark, but it would hurt Jacob a lot as well because him and Mark are a father son bond
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2023.04.01 21:47 Mediocre-Umpire5778 What can be done to this couch I recently got for my son’s game room?

Hi there! I'm looking for some advice on how to make a worn down couch look better. I have a leather couch that I love, but it's starting to show its age. I'm wondering if there are any cushions or covers that are specifically designed for this situation that I could purchase and put over the leather to spruce it up a bit. Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance for your help.
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2023.04.01 21:46 Glass_Windows How come I barely notice a difference if I use shampoo or not?

I (M) have semi longish hair and before I used to use shampoo and a conditioner but I've always dealt with problems with my scalp, and dandruff and I already have sensitive skin problems so I figured that could be the same for my head, so for a while I've stopped using anything in my hair, maybe a month or so, with just using hot water and a cold rinse to wash my hair, thing is, I barely notice a difference if I use shampoo or not, only difference is my hair gets messier slower without shampoo and is slightly greasier which is to be expected as I know that shampoo removes the oils your scalp makes to keep your hair clean, I've read this sub before and heard of people dealing with a greasy phase for 6 months to 1 year from not using shampoo but how come I don't have that problem? am I just gifted or smth lol?
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2023.04.01 21:46 Alphapolion How do I get my cat to play with any other toy?

How do I get my cat to play with any other toy?
My cat really loves her feather wand (1st and 2nd pic), or what was her feather wand since she ripped all of the feathers off. However the problem is that this requires me playing with her which I love doing it’s just that I’m not free all day to play with my cat so when I don’t play with her feather wand she just sits around and ignores every other toy she has (springs, ball tower, etc) I’m just worried that she’ll be bored too often and I’d like her to be a bit more active even when I’m not there to play with her. I’ve tried catnip spray but that only draws her attention for a little bit then she’ll never touch it again. I was just curious if anyone had any advice on how I could get my little baby to play with her other toys a bit more?
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2023.04.01 21:45 Consistent_Mix5756 Off weed for a week now

For about a year maybe year and a half Ive been smoking like 1/3 of a blunt a day sometimes Id use a bong but it hust hurts my throat. Ive also used a pax every now and then. Just to relax, watch dumb tv and Ive enjoyed it. Last friday I decided to smoke a bowl and I think I ended up caughing so hard I pulled a muscle. I didnt know this at the time and thought it was a heart attack. I called my gf she called yhe ambulance and I had my first ever panic attack. It was so horrible I never want it again and decided to quit. I had no idea that quiting is so aweful. First days I was fine. Untill the pain in my chest started again, but more painful, fully radiating to my left jaw and left arm. Terrified I went to the ER and they checked me, this is where I learned i mightve been the muscle. Calmed down, thinking I could now recover I went on with my day. But wednesday I drove home, gf next me and I got a wave of what I can only describe as a feeling of doom, rising from my gut to my jaw. I sank and I was terrified. The whole evening I had a feeling in my chest, adranaline or something like that. Now I feel like im over that but Im not sure. Now Im just tired, and I cannot get excited for anything. Falling asleep is kinda hard and I cant really focus. I dont quite feel myself and I wonder if I ever will… But I read here that I will, its been incredibly helpful to read experiences of others. Thats why Im writing this. I hope it will help others to know youre not alone.
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2023.04.01 21:45 ArivanCZ Why do I get so angry over minor inconveniences

It's like this sudden really short but really strong outburst of anger. I have a few examples. The first one actually happened moments ago. I was trying to make dough, and it was just so sticky no matter how much I was trying. So I got mad and I just threw the dough on my kitchen cupboard so jard it splattered everywhere. Or I have this issue with the internet that It sometimes doesn't work like it should properly. And every time it happens I get so angry like I feel I could throw my phone away with all my might, or punch a hole in my monitor and that would make me feel so relieved. And this kind of anger always lasts no longer than a few seconds. Afterwards I always feel bad and I don't like getting mad over those things. I can handle other and bigger things much better. I exercise almost daily, meditate daily, and overall I think I'm pretty calm person. That's why I don't like getting angry like this, I don't remember it happening before. If you know what this is, or where else should I ask, let me know cause I don't know.
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2023.04.01 21:45 Bekehe How do you deal with working behind a small less than super busy bar with someone who hates you but won’t talk through it with you?

We used to get along so well and we’ve had some serious talks and know a lot about each other, including my bipolar diagnosis. Then one day I came in and she was literally ignoring me to the point I asked her what was wrong and she said nothing then proceeded to ignore me so I asked if she wanted me to leave bc she clearly seemed like she didn’t want to be around me. And I left. I later sent her a text asking if I did anything to upset or offend her and that I value her and our friendship and she had the same nothing answer. Everytime we’ve worked together since we stand behind our tiny bar which is often dead and just ignore each other. It got to the point where I took every Friday when I know she works off this month. What is going on and what should I do?
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2023.04.01 21:45 itsuckz Should I be the villian?

I've removed every part of my ex from phone, and life and I'm really trying to forget about her but I have to share a class with her. During this class I have to watch her have a grand time and flirt and cuddle with her new man and it kills me. I put everything I had into our relationship I loved her unconditionally, I always supported her, always made an effort to talk and hang out with her, I almost always offered to pay for dates and when I picked her up from something I would try to get her little gift just to show I cared about her. I tried to compliment her daily just to let her know I thought she was a beautiful and amazing person. And she left because we had an argument over something so stupid (I can explain it if you need) Anyways I've been hearing rumors from people lately that she's been saying I treated her badly and that I did bad things to her and I'm really hurt by this because if nothing else I thought I was so incredibly kind to her. I would genuinely let anyone read the messages I sent to her because although personal I never said or did something terrible to her. In response to this I want to call her out and expose her lies to the people she told and tell her new boyfriend that every time he kisses her think of all the times I've nutted in her mouth. I know none of this will make me feel better and I know it'll make me look more like the person everyone thinks I am but I'm just so hurt and I feel awful knowing I'm the only one who cared enough about our relationship to hurt. I Hate myself and I hate feeling this way.
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2023.04.01 21:45 Traditional-Suit-77 So, my undergrad admissions process is done. What am I gonna need to know about law school admissions?

Disclaimer: do not feel like you need to respond to or even read the whole post. If you want to answer even one question, that’d be a huge help.
I’ve got all of my decisions back, and now I feel as clueless as I did my sophomore year of high school. I plan to major in Philosophy and East Asian studies, neither of which are super employable right out of college, and I’ve always had a (albeit tame) desire to be a lawyer, so I figured that I should learn what I can about the process now, and ask for some advice.
The things I already know:
  1. Get as good of an LSAT score as I can. This I don’t have to worry about right now. In a couple of years, I’ll take a practice test or two and find out how badly I need to improve.
  2. Maintain a high GPA. Easier said than done, I know. But I’m going to work my hardest.
And… that’s about all I know.
The questions I have:
  1. I hear you guys talking about “softs.” What does this mean? I assume “extra-curriculars” (or whatever you call them in college) are a part of this. Is it like undergrad admissions, where passion projects and strong club activity are endearing to adcomms? Or is there a much heavier emphasis on landing a big internship with a law firm or an interest group of some sort? How about research projects?
  2. Choice of Undergrad. How much does it matter? This is probably most relevant to me, since I’ve got to make that decision in the next couple of weeks. The four real contenders are Brown, Northwestern, Williams, and UIUC. At UIUC I’m offered a name-brand full-ride scholarship, and $12,000 extra to support research/study abroad. The other three have not given sufficient aid, but we are appealing each of their offers, and perhaps they will become affordable.
Money is a big object here, and so if I’m being honest with myself—I’m going to UIUC. Illinois is a fantastic school in its own right, anyway. And after all, law school is also going to be expensive, and I don’t want to take out twice the loans for two educations. But is it going to be that much more difficult to get into a top law school if I don’t go to Brown? And what should I be thinking about if I want to maximize my chances when I go to Illinois?
  1. Scholarships/Financial Aid. How does this work in law school admissions? Are top schools more generous like they are for undergrad? Are they mostly merit/need-based?
  2. Anything else I should know?
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2023.04.01 21:45 IceyRedRose Bad Blood Fight Club: Round 3

Bad Blood Fight Club: Round 3
Welcome back to Fight Club featuring the Bad Blood crew.
Taylor Durden pulled me aside to share her concerns. She said I was lazy last round and didn’t provide our viewers with a proper explanation of this game. I said “this is me trying” and was met with an epic eye roll. Considering she doesn’t partake in fights because she was ranked as the ultimate Fight Club champion and is undefeated since 2014, I couldn’t protest.
At the very bottom I have broken down the game. If our viewers (all of you) have any question, please feel free to shout them out (comment). The most important piece is simple: all you have to do is vote for the fighter you think would win in both the new round and loser round based upon the various stats (previous round points, weapon/skill level, and future additional stats).
In the history of Fight Club we have never seen such as vicious victory before. It’s only fitting as she’s Taylor Durden’s nemesis and the leader of the Bad Blood villains…. The one, the only Arsyn!
Once Arsyn got ahold of one of Lucky Fiori’s guns, the mobster knew she was outmatched. It didn’t matter that her men sat by the ring, loading and reloading gun after gun, Arsyn dodged each bullet expertly and once close enough, she took Lucky out with her infamous mirror. All it took was a breath and Lucky, stunned by the powder contained within the mirror, fell to her knees. The stole gun, forgotten as a weapon, was placed on the sleeping mob boss. Upon awaking, as the powder was designed only to last a short time, Lucky took once last look at the audience and with eerie smile said, “if you’re ever in my neck of the woods, stop by Lucky’s Pizza. It’s to die for.”
Additional Winners (Losers Round): Luna, Mother Chucker, and Homeslice
Each winner of the losers round received 10 points bonus points.
Eliminated: Lucky Fiori, Destructa X, Frostbyte, and Slay-Z
On the other side of battle, Knockout has once again claimed the title of MVP with her crushing defeat of Cut Throat. Who could be surprised though? With a name like that, she’s always been quick with her fists.
Additional Winners (Round 2): The Crimson Curse, The Trinity, and Headmistress
As we move into Round 3 weapons have been introduced for all our fighters. Some have regular items that never change while others have unknown weapons or the skill level to use anything they want or can find. Despite being a master at their crafts, sometimes they have off days as people are people.
Each round their skill level will change from range from 20-100. Unlike the other dice rolls, these are not earning our fighters bonus points at this time.
Point System (Votes & Bonus Points)
Arsyn was furious to end up in the first ever losers round. She attempted to intimidate the fighters and viewers by selecting a bazooka as her weapon of choice. Taylor Durden pulled her former friend (per music video) aside to explain that while we allow the use of weapons, our goal is not to kill the other fighters or anyone in the audience so she can’t use a bazooka. Rumor has it Arsyn walked off with a string of curse words following her that would make even the dirtiest mouthed sailor blush. Upon her return, she secured a more appropriate weapon of… wired headphones? Okay Arsyn, you do you.
The Trio are skilled weapon masters and have selected daggers for this round. Keep in mind our fighters don’t know who they up against until they arrive and their weapons are prepped beforehand. Nunchucks versus daggers, this should be a fun one.
Finally we have Luna, whose weapon has never been seen. Too quick and stealth, no one that has fought her has lived to tell the tale. Well, except here since she is aware of the no killing rule and all fighters have agreed to comply. Despite that during the last round she had her weapon on her at all times, Taylor was unable to provide any details to it. We’ve called in additional resources of Welvin Da Great to look into it. With his resources as a connoisseur of criminal knowledge, he is confident by next round he’ll have information for us. Until then, good luck to Knockout. Her fast fists may not be fast enough this time.
Good luck to all our fighters! Let the games begin.

Round Three

Round Two Losers

Overall Game Details:
  • 1 v 1 fights where members vote on fighter they think will win; each vote is worth points
  • Fighters have to lose twice in a row to be eliminated (regular round and losers round)
  • Winners of loser rounds return to the fight for a second chance; losing one round doesn’t hurt their odds upon return
  • Stats are provided to change the odds regularly of: previous round points, bonus point dice rolls, MVP and BL points (person with lowest score; doesn’t include loser rounds fight scores), weapon skill level (dice roll), and yet to be revealed items
  • Bonus point dice roles are revealed beginning of following round
  • Weapon skill dice rolls are revealed within google form during round
  • MVP, BL, and other non-dice roll or voting bonus points are revealed during the round
  • MVP gets 10 bonus points, BL gets -10 bonus points, and winners of losers rounds get 10 bonus points
  • Stats are intended to aid in choosing who you think will win
  • Do not vote because you prefer this celebrity over the other; vote based upon stats
  • Live doc for stats is updated before each round; it is also linked within the forms
  • Most importantly, have fun!
I am aware there is an abundance of game mechanics. This was done on purpose to help pull the attention away from the celebrity and instead focus on the characters. If anything needs additional explanation, please don’t hesitate to ask! The goal was to create a fun unique game for you all, not to confuse you.
I hope by doing some in-game story telling within each round this becomes more enjoyable for all of you! xx
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2023.04.01 21:44 writhing_blood 'Trans' ownership of experiences it does not own...

It's only after desisting that I understood, 'trans' is given ownership of many experiences it simply does not own.
Trans is not: - gender nonconformity - gender dysphoria - androgynous fashion - abolishing gender roles - questioning of norms
You can do all of those things without being trans (in some ways, more so).
In fact, transition is mostly related to linguistic signifiers and bodily changes. It's so wild that 'transphobia' is treated as akin to literal fascism, considering it's genuinely just a concern with a particular methodology of assimilating dysphoric gay and nonconforming people into society. I don't want to advocate for dissociating from body, hating yourself, your sex, your genitals, your jaw shape, your curves, your body hair, etc. I want people to find comfort in themselves and live authentic healthy lives! I'm tired of this moment being treated as if it's the gender-punk revolution. It's turned into an entire metaphysical ideology, rather than a suggested social and medical treatment for dysphoria.
If we advocate as strongly for gender nonconformity as they do for transition, we could move towards a healthier culture that alleviates dysphoria and lets people actualize in meaningful ways. Rather than emphasizing a marginal population of less than <1%, we should be teaching the ways the majority can explore their own behavior, fashion, and social responsibilities outside of oppressive norms.
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2023.04.01 21:44 mehsacofflesh Apparently I have an older sibling

I (19f) was born in europe to middle eastern parents. They divorced when I was 9 and I moved to their country of origin with my mom as my family on both sides live there. I don't have the best relationship with either of them because they put me in the middle of every single one of their conflicts and I was, until I moved out, always walking on broken glass.

My dad is quick to anger and unable to recognise even the possibility of something being his fault. If he has to say something he knows is not going to be well received, he just dumps the pile of information as if it was nothing in a situation where he knows the person won't be able to react. For example, he told me he moved in with someone by text message the night before I went on a ski trip with my mom. He also told me when I was 12 or 13 that I was going to have a little sister at the end of a week-long trip, in a bookstore while I was browsing.

Last week I had my partials and my last exams were on friday, he insisted we get dinner together because the next day he would be leaving for a week for work. The dinner was right after my exams, i had taken a couple xanax to calm down from the stress and we shared wine. He gets the bill and tells me that 5 years ago someone contacted him from another continent saying that he might be this person's dad. The place and age matches up with my dad's college years and 23andMe also matched that person to my dad's ethnic origins.
He also got the person plane tickets (and a place to stay) to come visit so they could meet 3 years ago.

It still feels very abstract idk, but it's maddening to me that it's been 5 full years and they even met during this time and he tells me now. He's such a pathetic fucking coward. I knew it but I mean this is just the cherry on top. I asked him why he didn't tell me earlier, he looked at me deadass and said covid.
Idk what to do this was just me venting
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2023.04.01 21:44 Puzzleheaded_List330 How to deal with cursed item

I’m a brand new player and this is me and my groups first DND game (even the DM is new). I was wondering if I am being overly sensitive/should adjust my expectations to the game as I have recently received an item that gives me a stack of exhaustion every long rest if I fail a Wisdom save of 14 (I’m a barbarian with a plus 0 lol), and have more or less been sitting at 3-4 levels of exhaustion ever since for the past two sessions. The next session will be extremely combat heavy, and after spending our last session trying to get some sleep and then flailing at the air (all my attacks were disadvantaged) I am somewhat disgruntled with the way the game has gone.
Anyway I’m too new to know if this is normal for a DND game (my character feeling useless and/or being nerfed by the DMs design choices), and would like your opinion on if I’m being a baby. Honestly after last session I kinda want to kill the character off less he suffer further embarrassment/I have to smile as I fail every skill check and attack roll. Getting rid of the weapon isn’t an option for story reasons, and talks with the DM have just ended with “figure out how to break the curse” which… probably won’t have time to do for story reasons
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2023.04.01 21:44 aniyuuuhhh AITA for crocheting my boyfriend's niece's a gift?

My boyfriend (21M) and I (21F) have been together for almost five years. We go to Arizona about twice a year to visit both of our families. We stay at my grandparent's while we are there and go visit his sister(34F) and nieces for one day. When we visit his nieces I always try to bring them small gifts.
I crochet and I love making gifts for people, so this time I decided I would crochet them a present. His sister just adopted two cats and his two nieces, around 4 and 6, like to pretend they are cats. Thinking of this I decided to crochet them the popular cat ear hat/beanie. I've made them for my little cousin before and she loved it. Both of their favorite colors are pink, so of course I had to make them pink. When we arrived at his sister's I handed out the presents and they loved them! They were wearing them and crawling around. But when his sister saw them she took them away and held onto them for the rest of the time we were there, I found this a little odd since she's never done that with any of the other presents we've brought before.
After leaving her house and driving back to my grandparents, almost a two-hour drive, his sister sent me a text saying, "Hi, I had a question for you? The hats you made the girls, I know you said they were cat ear hats but I knew I've seen them before... I'm sending a pic after this. we're they made to be "pussy hats"?" and sends a picture of what looks like a group of protesters wearing pink beanies.
I read her message and was in shock. I had no idea what she was referring to. My grandpa explained to me that women's rights protestors wore them around 2016. Me being 13-14 at the time of these protests had no idea what this was because what 14-year-olds back then were focused on politics.
I responded back to her saying that I have no idea what she was referring to and I got the idea from Pinterest and I made them pink because their favorite color is pink, sending her a couple of my inspiration photos
She responded saying "ooo okay. I'm sorry I had to ask"
Me being a people pleaser and not wanting to make a conflict said "no worries, but I would never do something like what you implied"
She replied back to that saying " ahhh now it's awkward "
Awkward for saying that I would not do something like that? This made me even more frustrated because how did I make it awkward? She made It awkward by bringing up such an absurd accusation. Does she really think that lowly of me?
  1. I had no idea what she was referring to
  2. Why would I make them that in the first place
  3. Even if that was my intention when making them, why in the world would I give them to a 4 and 6-year-old?
I told my boyfriend a bet she threw them away after we left. This whole situation just made me so uncomfortable and so sad because my boyfriend's family really thinks I would do something like that. I take hours out of my day to do something nice. Or am I in the wrong for wanting to make a cute gift without knowing the true meaning behind it?
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2023.04.01 21:43 stoneybologna1992 Graduation story

FTM -Baby finally arrived on 3/28 at 38w5d! Happy healthy baby boy weighing 7 lbs 2 oz :)
The delivery definitely did not go as expected (which is what most moms say-they were right!) Here's my delivery story:
My pregnancy has been pretty healthy/uneventful, except for a lot of itchiness which we thought was PUPPPs but at my 38w appointment doctor had suspicion of cholestatis and sent me to the hospital to be induced. I was about 2 cm dilated.
I was admitted at noon on 3/27 and given cervidil (cervix softener) at 4 PM. At this point The contractions started and I was given pain meds around midnight. My water broke at 3:30am 3/28 at which point contractions intensified and become UNBEARABLE and I was offered the epidural (administered at 5 AM)
I was progressing well at this point and was at 7 cm. However, suddenly progress seemed to stall. I was stuck at 7 cm and he was not descending. Even after pitocin was administered contractions did not speed up. The Dr didn't like what she was seeing on the monitor and she intervened with a catheter to put liquid back in my uterus (not sure what this was called, amnio something) @ 8 AM. By 11 labor was still not progressing and doctor recommended emergency C-section because time is of the essence once the water breaks due to infection and she believes there was likely pressure on the cord somewhere.
So, after all that, I was whisked away for C-section. Turns out the chord was wrapped around his neck, hands, and one of his feet. He never would've came out naturally so C-section was the only way.
The C-section definitely sucked but whats a girl to do. Just so grateful that baby boy is healthy and doing well!
The learning curve of becoming a parent for the first time could be its own other long post so I'll end it here for now. If you made it this far thanks for reading :)
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2023.04.01 21:43 roguestar15 A wonderful story of revenge

Lately, I’ve been helping my sister complete the tall tales, mainly because it gets me closer to getting that lovely gold curse. Today we were doing the Art of the Trickster tall tale, which everyone knows is one of the most annoying ones because of the keg.
After collecting said keg and making our way to Sailor’s Bounty, we came across a reaper sloop. They shot a white flare, but I wash mt fooled for a second. I tried to keep a distance, but they managed to get behind us.
“WE’RE GONNA KILL YOU!” They screamed. I tried to tell them that we were just doing a tall tale and had no loot, but they only laughed in response. They dropped our anchor, blew up the keg, and laughed as they spawn camped us until we sunk. “Was that really worth it?” I asked, only to be met with more laughter.
We spawned in a couple of islands away, so we managed to catch up in time. This time, they tried to flee, leading to a chase that lasted roughly 30 minutes with a few cannonballs fired here and there. Eventually, they tried to use a sea fort and a nearby skeleton galleon to kill us. Lucky for us, the galleon was mostly attacking them, and they used cursed cannonballs that raised their sails. Together, we turned the sloop into Swiss cheese. After I boarded them to stop them from fixing, I asked “So, was it really worth it to sink us?” I got no response, giving me and my sister the last laugh.
But our journey wasn’t over. Now we had an angry skeleton galleon to deal with, and we were running low on supplies. After using up the last of our cannonballs, I had my sister sail us into the nearby storm. While she stayed on our ship to fix and bail, I boarded the galleon to stop the skeletons from fixing the few holes they had. The holes combined with the rainwater led to them getting sunk within minutes, making us the real victors of the day.
Of course, we failed to complete the tall tale, which is arguably the only loss of the day. Oh well, at least we have a checkpoint. Still, funny to think that everyone’s time could have been saved if they had just left us alone.
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2023.04.01 21:43 Night_candles I think my boss found out I was previously thinking of applying elsewhere

I work in a local government. I had talked with a worker that retired earlier that year from the same government but completely different department. In our text exchange over LinkedIn, I had naively written statements like I wish I could apply now, but I’m required to wait before applying, how do I break in, etc.
The very next day I walk in to office with my colleague who has been in the government for only a year in my department giving me a lecture in the morning about not leaving a job too quickly before 2 years.
My boss a few months later has not been giving me much career growth work, wanting to cross train my work with others and making comments about what happens if staff leaves and if work falls on the others. Other colleagues said poor boss, he keeps having people leave.
However… my boss’s behavior could also be for other reasons, as I was somewhat late with work before and a colleague had to help to speed it up, and the boss said he wants her focusing on other things. So he wants others to be trained to help instead. And he wants me focused on meeting goals before I do interest projects.
I’m seriously considering staying here and growing now. What do I do?
Is this normal? How was I supposed to know that he would know my colleague? They live in towns pretty far apart in the state on the map.
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2023.04.01 21:43 angrycrio I have a major crush on my best friend's sister, what do I do?

Hi everyone. For a while now I've had a crush on my best friend's sister. Some context: I've known them both for over ten years now and I'm fairly close with their family. When we were younger I thought of her as just his sister and obviously I cared about her but not in a crush kind of way; but the more I've gotten to know her the more I've started to realize how much we have in common, etc. We just get along really well. Also, their religion is more strict so they usually want to date/marry in the same religion but it doesn't necessarily HAVE to be like that. Also, we're all in our early twenties if that matters.
I've been trying to meet other people so that I don't feel this way about her because I'm really scared of pushing away her and my best friend. It's just that every time I talk to her I can't stop thinking about her. I know it sounds scummy but I just feel so infatuated by her that no one else even comes close. I really care about both of them and don't want to do something stupid because of how I feel. I've been putting this feeling off for years and just want to know what I should do.
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2023.04.01 21:42 thisisplaything Ultranova as MIDI on Logic Pro

Hi Novation,
I am trying to use my Novation Ultranova as a MIDI on Logic Pro 10.7.0 on my MacBook Pro (macOS Monterey 12.6) but the computer is not even registering the synthesizer when I plug it in using an adapter to go USB>Thunderbolt.
On my previous MacBook (still running Yosemite 10.10.5) I would use a USB2 directly from the Ultranova into the computer to use it as a midi on GarageBand 10.1.0.
Does anyone know if the Ultranova’s MIDI Out will work on my version of Logic if I run an XLR>XLR cable to my interface (Steinberg UR22) and then an XLR>Thunderbolt cable to my MacBook?
Is trying to use the Ultranova’s USB Out directly to the computer and bypassing the need for XLRs and interface no longer possible?
Does anyone know if this synthesizer is just too old to function as a MIDI on my new computer and DAW?
I’m the problem could just be the USB>Thunderbolt adapter since my guitar also did not register either when I plugged it in to the interface, interface into adapter and adapter into computer. (¼” cable Out>¼” In, USB2 Out>USB In, Thunderbolt Out>Thunderbolt In).
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