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2014.04.15 20:37 traal 3 Hots and a Cot: a Simpler Social Safety Net

"The test of a civilization is in the way that it cares for its helpless members." *--Pearl Buck* Is it more important to give people what they need--food, clothing, shelter, and basic medical care--or what they want, namely money? /3hotsandacot seeks to promote an alternative to a "living wage," food stamps, paid retirement benefits such as the OASDI program in Social Security in the USA, and housing assistance. Because simpler is usually better.

2010.10.24 20:37 jwegan Subreddit for Shiba Inu dogs

Subreddit for Shiba Inu dogs. Post your pictures, videos, questions, etc.

2023.03.20 23:22 PerformanceWeekly651 Lolla frequently asked questions

Lineup day is tomorrow and wanted to help answer questions
-Can/should I go solo? Absolutely. I’ve done both large groups (8 people deep last year) and flown across the country by myself for fest; and I actually prefer solo. You’re on your own artist/food/drink/ bathroom timeline and can move far easier in the crowd. Don’t let the fest of going solo be greater than the love of live music.
-When should I get there for barricade? The only way to ensure rail would be camping literally the minute doors open, but you don’t need to do all of that. 2 sets before the headliner and you’ll be very close. Get there at 4:30 move up in between sets and you’re going to be right up front with a great view
General tips advice? Comfortable shoes (running shoes), hydrate, ear plugs, sunscreen, keep track of cellphone (phone theft at Fest is high unfortunately) and make sure your phone has a good charge. Most worse than your phone dying before you get home/back to hotel. Get a hotel within walking distance. Spending the extra money is worth saving the time and stress of finding an Uber and there’s a million options available
How to sneak _ in? Nothing is worth the risk of getting kicked out to me but if you’re going that route, stuffing it in underwear is your best bet
Can I bring kids/family? Absolutely just use common sense (avoiding tight crowds) and make sure they’re wearing ear plugs
I’m too old for Lolla? No. The demo is young (most fest are) but it’s an experience for all ages. There’s 100,000 people here; your not going to be the only one in your 40s, 50s, 60s, etc. Just let loose we’re all here to enjoy the music
Is Lolla safe? 1000%. This is Chicago’s baby and cash cow, they’re doing everything they can to make sure this runs smoothly. Grant Park is the safest place in Chicago Lolla weekend
*bonus Chowtown food recs for my foodies: Smoke Daddy BBQ, Chubby’s, Carne asada fries and Pizano’s pizza
Hope I could help and happy Lolla szn! 🤘
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2023.03.20 23:22 Existing_Mention_304 Opinions on how my OB addresses my weight/diet.

So a little background, I am a FTM, 36 weeks, I’m 24 and have always been at a healthy weight, if not slightly under weight at times, my whole life. I did really well with weight gain and portion control for the first two trimesters of my pregnancy, and then the third trimester hit. I started out at 125 lbs and around the 140s at the end of 2nd tri. I am now in the 160s. I don’t have GD or any other conditions. Every time I visit my OB, he asks how I’m doing and then jumps right in with “You’ve gained 5 pounds since our last visit. You shouldn’t be eating any processed foods. No bread, no sugar, no sweets, nothing that isn’t 100% natural. The foods you’re eating are damaging the placenta and that affects the baby”. This makes me feel extremely horrible for two reasons. One, he makes me feel fat and frustrated because I eat fruits, veggies, meats, all the things I should eat but yeah, sometimes I eat things I shouldn’t because it just sounds good and I feel like I can have things in moderation. Two, he brings up the placenta and it makes me feel like a bad mom and I just want to cry when he says it, and he doesn’t even really know the state of the placenta. I don’t understand sometimes because there are women who eat literally whatever they want and their OBs don’t tell them anything and they say the weight gain is normal. I don’t even eat excessive amounts of bad things and everything is normal with me so I don’t know why I’ve been gaining weight like this. He says it’s all mostly water weight, caused by the processed foods. I just want to know if anyone else has/had an OB like this because I honestly dread going to my appointments at this point. If you made it this far, thank you, I apologize for my long rant!
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2023.03.20 23:22 Maximum_Apartment829 Am I supposed to be convinced this isn't good, let alone a masterpiece?

Late again for the party. And somehow, my obsession with counting calories when I shop for my food seemed to have found its way to just about everything in my life. I have to read reviews on just about everything, from movies before I watch them, games before I buy them and now songs before I listen to them.
This habit is what made me stay away from Set Me Free Pt2 by Jimin. I've been lurking on all these Kpop Reddit subs regarding new releases, and it seems there's a widespread agreement that this song was terrible--someone even posted it was unlistenable.
But it piqued my interest. I haven't heard a bad solo song from Jimin, and many people seemed so disappointed by this new song so much that they'd dedicated posts about it that I finally decided to listen to it now. (I sound so gaudy, anyway)
After listening to it, I was immediately convinced this was a masterpiece.
Important points I got from the criticisms:
1. The autotune
I get why people are put off by it--especially Kpop stans. Incorporating heavy and distorted autotuning is relatively new in Kpop, probably only 6-7 years. If a person mainly listens to Kpop or similar genres like modern pop, chances are they will be appalled by this style. But saying, “they should have lessened or removed the distorted autotune, and it would sound better,” is truthfully ludicrous.
You're just not into this type of style. And that's okay. It's unlistenable, TO YOU, because it doesn't fall on your preference, but saying it is unlistenable because of the autotune as if it is the unwavering truth is almost comical.
Also, I have beef with people who say, they like heavy auto-tuning in songs, but this wasn't done right, then proceed to say absolutely nothing to suggest how it should have been done. This type of comment reminds me so much of the Dunning-Kruger effect, which is when a person might have the slimmest bit of awareness about a subject yet, believe that they are an expert.
Another thing about this point, a lot of people say they should just have let Jimin sing as he does because he sounds good. Of course, he sounds good! But where are the people who look at the whole context? I think the man is singing about breaking free. How can it be done when he'll sing sweetly for the entire 3 minutes?
2. The overbearing grandiosity
I don't exactly know what people consider grand because this MV, at least to me, was rather simple. If there's anything grand about it, it would be the performance of Jimin and the backup dancers, but I can't seem to know why people would complain about that. I don't remember a time when Jimin hasn't been all out with his performances. If it is the MV, I'd suggest looking into their ON official music videos (no offence, armys). That MV was too much.
3. The repetitive lyrics
Interestingly, this was the best part of the song for me. I love the constant repetition of “SET ME FREE” because it almost sounded like a willful plea.
Why do I consider this a masterpiece?
  1. This song is a deep dive into Jimin opening himself to uncharted territories in his artistic and music career. This song sounds foreign because he hasn't done anything similar. I can only assume it's difficult, yet he still did it because that is what his artistry demands. I felt Jimin’s sincere motives and intentions.
  2. The usage of texture to differentiate parts of the song tells an average person like me that there has been a lot of time and effort put into the making and mixing of the piece to tell a story better.
  3. Most notably, the performance was out of this world.
At the end of the day. I AM THE BIGGEST CLOWN for allowing myself to be influenced by these critics. Honestly feel like crap right now. I might watch Turning Red after this, it might also be a good one.
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2023.03.20 23:22 Medical-Support-4489 Should I take my cat to the vet?

Sorry for any poor English, it isn't my first language.
I want to see if this is actually vet worthy because my family doesn't have 1000+ dollars to spend on something that may not be a problem at all so that's why I'm asking here instead of just going straight to a vet
I (16F) recently got a cat a little less than a month ago and she got use to me really fast and started sleeping in my bed after day 2. Her old owners weren't that great (looking back, they might have been backyard breeders with how many litters they "accidentally had" because after so many accidental litters you'd think they would spay/neuter the cats) but they insisted my cat was already spayed when I got her.
Recently I've noticed some weird things with my cat. Her nipples are larger, redder, and way easier to see (like the fur is no longer covering them) whenever I hold her (she likes being held like a newborn so her stoumach is completely visible when I hold her), she's been gaining weight despite being on a very healthy diet with high quality wet food and I make sure she's eating the right amount, and I know these are classic signs of pregnancy but the old owners said she was spayed and they have no reason to lie about it and I doubt it's worms since I used dewormer on her when I first got her and she's an indoor cat.
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2023.03.20 23:21 xo3k How do you manage the embarrassment of riches that come from the free marketplace assets, without loading them all into every little project?

I love that I have access to hundreds of good looking static meshes and materials for free from the marketplace, but their high quality and quantity has become a problem. If I was just making one product for shipping then everything would go into the one project, but I'm not doing a single project, I'm making prototypes, gameplay experiments, and other small sharable demos. If I'm messing around with a prototype and I want some assets to mess with I may want some walls from one pack, some furniture from another, and four of the one hundred megascan textures. It's a hassle to get them into each project though. So how do you manage pulling all those assets together in one small project?
The best I've figured out is to make one massive "toybox" project. I add all the assets I've acquired to this project, and when I need to, I'll open it up, go get lunch, come back when it's done loading everything, and migrate the few items I think I might actually want into my new project. Afterwards I'll use ProjectCleaner to get rid of any assets I don't end up actually using. It definitely feels like a kludgy fix, and possibly unsustainable with how much free content Epic shares.
I've seen that there have been a few posts in the past asking how to manage your assets, but they don't get many answers. I suspect because there may not be a "good" solution to the problem right now, and everyone is just muddling through. So I'm not asking for the right answer, I just want to know what all of you have been doing to manage?
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2023.03.20 23:21 Massive-Math-5556 Chicago Consulate Advice

Get to the consulate before it opens at 9am. I got there at 9:07am and was 24th in line. It took until 11:45am for my number to be called.
YOU NEED A SCANNED COPY OF YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE! I’m not sure why and if it is for everyone, but so many people were told this and then had to try and figure out what to do. Me included. The consulate does have a scanner there but it is 25¢ a page.
There is one computer you can use, but NO printer. There is a FedEx nearby for printing. Bring your computer as I saw so many people turned away and told to try and come back before the office closed at 2:30pm (myself included).
During the lunch break (12-1pm) nobody is allowed to stay within the consulate office - they make everyone pack up and leave. FYI. There is a Starbucks and a 7 Eleven on the same block nearby if needed.
If they call your number, get up and go immediately, if you need a second, wave or say something. Pay attention - they will likely only call your number once or twice and then move on quickly.
Don’t forget a scanned copy of the bio page of your passport. The issue with my app was that my middle name was in the “middle name” section where on my passport it’s included with my first name in “given name”. Because you cannot edit the app once it is submitted, if you need to make a change prepare to have to do the entire online COVA app again. Have your digital photo accessible.
To the kind men behind me cheering me on today, as I submitted my application at 2:30pm exactly, I hope you got to get yours in and approved too! Best of luck!
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2023.03.20 23:21 Misteryman33 Can somebody explain what's going on here? Im really confused

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2023.03.20 23:20 CareerExtreme6015 How to start saving as a 40yo new to the US single with an alright income

This is a throwaway account.
I have fairly recently moved to the United States and I'm new to pretty much everything when it comes to the retirement system, savings, and all that. A lot of it is extremely confusing to me, because where I grew up in most of this stuff was pretty much automatic. I was individually saving to ETFs back then too, but the system is very different.
I feel like I would rather self-study and understand how things work than pay someone else to figure out where I should be putting my money, but I think I need some help figuring out how everything works.
Some background information:
I am aware of the personal finance flowchart and I *assume* what I should be doing is increasing my 401k contributions to the annual maximum ($22.5k) and then consider opening an IRA account.
Could you help me figure out what the next steps should be and point me to the right direction with them?
What am I not taking into account here? Is there something I should be doing differently?
Potential goals:
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2023.03.20 23:20 Photoelectric_Effect [WTS][US-MA] Pelikan M600 Red Tortoise, Opus 88 Fantasia x 2, Pilot Decimo, OG TR52 sheets, Rubber stamps, Fountain pen inks.

Please add a reply to this post before proceeding with a transaction. Also please use a direct message to contact me--I don't check instant chat. Preference for people who want to buy multiple items at once, in particular with the inks and the packs of paper. Shipping cost not included, CONUS preferred.
Pens capped 1 , Pens capped 2
Pens uncapped
I got a set of these Opus 88 Fantasia pens a while ago and intended to swap in some custom nibs, such as Franklin Christoph #5 SIG, but then I got a bunch more pens, and these are sitting unused. Inked them up once to see how they write, as I had not had Japanese style eyedroppers before. Very pretty, but I don't like keeping pens without use. I'm keeping the black color model and selling these 3. Standard JoWo #5 nib units screw out easily and can be replaced with an array of other options. Cleaning these pens is a breeze. Discontinued model.

OPUS 88 Fantasia - Red F [A2]

I don't have the original box with the correct red pen label anymore, but will include one from a black color model instead (paper label on the side shows a black color pen).

OPUS 88 Fantasia - Blue F [A2]

Comes with original box and parts.

Pilot Capless Decimo - Light Purple - M [B]

Great workhorse of a pen, perfectly operational. I'm downsizing a bit, because I have a bunch of LE Decimos now. The lavender color lacquer is in excellent condition. Very fine microscratches on the chromed parts. Nib unit included is 18K rhodium-plated Medium -- smooth and juicy. Con-40 converter also included. Will come with a Pilot box.

Pelikan M600 Red Tortoiseshell - Fine [A2]

I wanted to love this pen, but unfortunately it's too warm red/orange leaning for me, and I prefer cold reds in general. Only inked a couple of times, otherwise it's been sitting in a pen storage box on my desk. Smooth piston movement, looks mint, no issues. Comes with original gift box.

Original production 52g Tomoe River loose leaf paper lot:,
- 4 sets of Cream color A5, 100 sheets each, $15 per pack
-1 set of Cream color B5, 98 sheets (I think I took out 1-2 sheets when I first got this pack, for an ink testing binder.) $17

Rubber Stamps by SniggleSloth - All A1, unused, in original packaging:
I can't use stamps in my journals, because the ink dyes I've tried so far penetrate to the other side and also affect water brush drawing over affected areas. I bought a bunch of these mounted rubber stamps, but sadly can't use them now. Very well made, easy to use. I am keeping the ones I've already used and selling the unused remainder:
- 3/4" Dutch Bunny Loaf circular stamp
- 1.75" Samurai Cat Under Sakura Cherry Blossom square stamp
- 1.25" Phoebe Bird on a Branch square stamp
- 1.25" Dream Catcher with Moon and Stars square stamp
- 1.25" Squirrel with Oak Leaves square stamp
$36 for the set. I can split the set, but only if you buy a stamp(s) with a few other things, because I just don't have enough small boxes to ship everything separately; plus it's not cost effective.

Inks: ,
Colorverse "Vortex Motion" 65ml + 15ml, 99%. With Optional Shimmer! New formula without strong green sheen. Dark purple-gray-leaning brown. With original box. \I can add your choice of Wearingeul Shimmer Potion to the 15ml bottle -- I've got most of the shimmer colors available** $25
Colorverse "Dust Storm + Valles Marineris" set 65ml + 15ml, 99%. $27
Colorverse Project Constellations "Alpha Scorpii Glistening", 65ml. 99%. With original box. Warm peachy pink with light blue shimmer. $20
Colorverse Project Kingdom "Kuyjang-Gak" 30ml, 99%. Muted terracotta-red. With original box. $14
Colorverse Project Kingdom "Nalasmalssami" 30ml, 99%. Green-teal-black with black-red sheen. With original box. $14
Colorverse "Methuselah Tree" 65ml (50% left), "Methuselah Grove" 15ml (few ml left, "Golden Leaves" 15ml (couple ml left) -- used for ink sample decants. $18 for the three.
Wearingeul "White Rabbit" 30ml, 99%. Light pink-beige. $15.50
Birmingham Pen Company "Barley", 65ml, 99%. Comes with original box. $13.50
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2023.03.20 23:20 SalamanderAware8014 Help, gfs white tree frog hasn’t eaten in a week and rarely leaves her hide.

My girlfriends nearly 2 year old (presumably) female white tree from has refused to eat in just over a week, however her sister has never had any eating problems and is always happy to accept food. She rarely leaves her hide (a suspended coconut) unless it’s extremely late such as while she’s sleeping. She’s done this exact same thing the same time last year. Here in the UK it’s only just turned spring and the weather is still fairly wintery so could this be because of the lower temperatures outside? They have plenty of hiding places and leaves to climb, their day temperature is 84°F and at night it’s 72°F on a 12h day night cycle with a ceramic heater and she gives them both calcium dusted crickets once a week, and they’re fed once every 2 days as they’re mature frogs. The frog looks completely normal and we’re at a loss for what to do. She’s tried hand feeding and letting her catch the cricket by herself but she just often just lets them climb up on her face without a care. Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.20 23:20 supasupacoo i'm a 24F who does not eat fruits or vegetables, and never has

TW: mentions weight and BMI numbers, talks about weight gain, suffering while eating, etc.
i had originally posted this in EDAnonymous but was advised to post this here.
Seriously, it's been MONTHS since the last time I remember having a piece of fruit or a vegetable. My diet has been this way my entire life, especially as an adult.
I'm 5'9 and weigh 220 pounds, which is the highest I've ever weighed. My current BMI is 32.5 (obese). I really don't look my weight, though I've always been on the larger side as I come from a bigger German family. When I've told people in the past that I don't eat any fruits or vegetables, I've gotten comments like "what? how are you not HUGE??" and stuff.
Now, as I get older, the weight gain is getting more obvious. I feel it more, too. I've always fluctuated between 190-210, as I sometimes go through periods of time where I avoid food for most of the day when it starts to stress me out. It isn't intentional, but it happens.
My mental health, my motivation, and my energy levels have ALWAYS been lower than everyone else. I'm almost positive it's because I get no nutrition. My diet literally only consists of: a quad latte in the mornings with oatmilk and a TON of nutella, smuckers uncrustables, general tso's frozen chicken entrees but with no sauce (just plain), string cheese, sister schuberts dinner yeast rolls, rotini pasta either plain with butter or vodka sauce, and occasionally fried rice with soy sauce, oil, and eggs. I eat almost nothing else, and eat these things in various large quantities throughout the day. I order EVERYTHING without veggies. No peas or carrots in the fried rice, no chunks of tomato/veggies in the Vodka sauce (i strain it before putting it on my pasta), etc.
I've tried "sneaking" veggies into my food. I can ALWAYS taste the difference. I've tried the Nurture Life meal kit that is supposed to sneak nutrition into meals for children. Nothing works. I lose my entire appetite any time I try to eat something healthier, my mouth gets dry, and I'd literally rather not eat at all. When I try to eat something different than normal, it just tastes awful and feels like pure suffering. I end up eating nothing (not even on purpose, I just continuously "push off" eating) until I cave and buy something from the above list.
I'm going to therapy already, but we mainly focus on other aspects of my life (trust me, I know food is a priority, but there are other priorities too and we HAVE talked about it). I know I should probably go to a nutritionist, but I don't have enough faith in myself to trust that I'd actually eat what they suggest. I've looked at other reddit posts from people asking "how to start eating fruits and veggies?" and "how to get fruit and vegetable nutrients without eating fruits or vegetables" but the replies are always the same; that there's no other real options other than to just eat them. I know that's the truth, but it's just so discouraging.
I don't know, I came here hoping to get some advice and maybe even to hear some success stories from other adults who have conquered this, but I really think I just need to vent in a space where hopefully there are others who understand. It's a basic necessity that is a constant struggle, and I just wish I didn't have to spend so much of my energy towards worrying about food.
Thanks a lot, sending love <3
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2023.03.20 23:20 halloweeniehutjr my cat doesn't know what to do with herself

so for the past 2 months or so my cat has been relentlessly meowing super loudly at my front door. as i've been home a lot more and taking online classes she has gotten so much worse, literally crying if i'm not letting her in my lap and constantly petting her. i've gotten her interactive toys (including the puzzle toys with treats inside), a new tower which gives her direct access to a window that's right next to the front door, and a harness for going outside but nothing has lessoned it. it's to the point now that she just automatically goes to the door just to meow, even if i'm just sitting on the couch which is right next to the door she doesn't just come on the couch normally anymore, i have to tell her to come and if i'm not giving her my full attention and constantly petting her she'll go back to the door and meows again. i have to basically show her how to play with aforementioned toys even after she's played with them before (though she did destroy one of them lol), and even if i just go into another room she starts crying like she's being tortured until i say something. i basically have to tell her what to do or where to go or else she'll just meow at the door. there are some moments where she'll just chill out and lay down somewhere, but they're starting to be fewer in between her just yowling nonstop, sometimes for more than 20 minutes, and the more i ignore her the louder it gets. not only has it been driving me up the wall, but it's effecting my productivity and focus on hw, art, and she's even started doing it during my zoom classes or in the middle of the night while i'm going to sleep. i love her to death but at same time i don't really know what to do anymore. :-/ any advice would be greatly appreciated
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2023.03.20 23:19 littlemissbisexual Sobbing uncontrollably or getting passive aggressive due to sensory issues?

I'm an ASD level 1 teen, I grew up with undiagnosed ASD and I vividly remember a school assembly's noise being just too much for me and I just started sobbing uncontrollably in elementary school. Nowadays I tend to get more passive aggressive due to sensory issues, not my proudest trait 😅
Sometimes I may even make a hissing sound or a grunt type thing if I'm really ticked, or I'll take a frustrated breath. Granted it's quiet enough that usually only I can hear it. Other times I just straight up wanna jump out the nearest window to get away from the noise haha. Don't even get me started on how much food I can't eat due to sensory issues. I can't wear most jackets either, for some reason they just tend to feel awful for me.
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2023.03.20 23:19 AaronElWhite Anyone out there primarily use the Deck for indies?

I'm debating a purchase but don't really *need* a Deck. I rarely play anything in handheld mode since I live alone and I don't travel. And with all of my current gen consoles hooked up to my 65" OLED TV that is how I primarily play games, from the comfort of my couch. That being said, I still *want* a Deck and wonder if it might have value for playing indie games and stuff in Early Access before they get a console port. I love me some indies and am frustrated when great games like Wildermyth take forever go get ported over. My other option is to use my gaming laptop (ASUS - ROG Zephyrus 14"with a RTX 3060) , however it's "setup" in a different room that I use as a podcast studio and serves as my primary machine. To use it for gaming this I'd need to constantly be moving it back and forth between room and dealing with the obnoxiously loud fan, too. Anyway, I know that I'm not the target demographic for a handheld gaming system but wondered if there was anyone out there like me that might have some feedback on their own experience owning a Deck. Figured it could help me decide finally one way or the other. Thanks!
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2023.03.20 23:19 sawyer4325 Lost access to email linked with EA account

Has anyone had any luck with support if they no longer have access to the email account linked with EA account? I try to go through the questions they ask for verification, but without knowing they consider “wrong” or slight details off, I cannot verify.
Standard support is no help, is there anyway to get in contact with escalated support?
Honestly at this point, I don’t care if I cannot gain access to the old account, I just want to unlink my Xbox account and link it with my new EA account.
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2023.03.20 23:19 Piko8Blue Learning Django - A Newb's Adventure

Hello, I wanted to share with you my progress with learning Django. I hope that's okay.
Here goes...
I am a newb when it comes to programming. But I am a very hard working newb who does her best to learn and practice programming everyday.
I have recently completed a fairly complex project using Flask. It was not my first Flask project but it was a project that made me feel “Okay, I guess I know a thing or two.”
Still, I really wanted to learn Django. I started out by skimming the official docs, and checking out the tutorials.
I followed the initial tutorial which showed how to initiate a Project and an app by typing three commands in the terminal. When I saw the project’s skeleton and the amount of files that were generated I felt really overwhelmed and intimidated. I skimmed through the following tutorials with increasing anxiety as I considered the amount of details that had to be set right from the get go. “There is no way, I am going to remember to do all of that” I thought to myself. I then thought about how wonderful Flask is for letting me do things one step at a time and giving me the freedom to structure my project the way I wanted. I really wanted to give up on learning Django...
But I decided not to; if I want to become a developer I must get better at learning, and worse at giving up. So, my next mission was to figure out how to learn this framework that terrified me a little
I looked for tutorials hoping to find something that would spark my interest and ease my anxiety. I needed a tutorial that balances the why and the how (I really dislike being told to do something without a sufficient explanation). After searching for a while without success. I decided to check out what had to offer, and I am so glad I did. They have a super detailed, easy to follow tutorial that shows you how to build a local library.
One thing that I did not want to do though was to manually add book instances, and so I decided to use an API as a data source. I had once heard that Google had a book API, and since I love Google, I immediately registered my project on the Google API website and got my API key. I was all set and ready to start making requests, but the problem was that I did not know how to integrate this with my Django application. After researching for a while, I learned about Django’s Commands.
Learning how to use Commands was a challenging adventure in its own rights. Nonetheless, I kept at it motivated by how much I disliked repetitive mundane tasks such as populating a fictional library.
After adding hundreds of books programmatically, I continued the tutorial. I stopped again when it asked to manually select the status of book instances. The status could be [‘maintenance’, ‘on loan’, ‘available’ or ‘reserved’]. I was not about to do that manually and so I wrote a command for it. After that I wrote another command to automate adding a due date to borrowed books.
Finishing the tutorial took me a few days. I read every part carefully, did all the challenges, and then gave myself extra challenges, mainly because I felt the website needed some extra options. For example, I thought that admins should be able to have easier access to a page that showed all borrowed lists and so I added that to their view of the navbar (I added another if statement to the base-generic.html).
I think it is very important to do challenges while learning. It really helps hammer in new concepts and with releasing that much needed dopamine.
After finishing the tutorial, I decided to complete the challenge and build a simple blog. Now, thanks to all that practice, I feel much better about working with Django. Also, I have developed a great deal of appreciation to the framework. It really does simplify so many things.
Anyhow, the moral of the story:
  1. Don’t give up.
  2. Practice, practice, practice.
  3. Do your best to learn the why not just the how.
  4. Challenge yourself.
  5. Be bold and seek solutions to issues.
  6. Being lazy can be a great motivator.
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2023.03.20 23:19 BabyMakR1 Save file naming

Would it be possible to have the autosave files be named Autosave[timestamp] instead of just renaming them all. I have it set so that the save directory is backed up to my google drive and this changing names means that every time the game auto saves, it has to upload all 4 autosaves all over again. By naming them with a time stamp it saves that and all the game needs to do is delete the oldest save.
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2023.03.20 23:18 CatWatt March 20th Special Days - Featuring Kick Butts Freebies!

March 20th Special Days - Featuring Kick Butts Freebies!

March 20th is... National Kick Butts Day
- A national day of activism that empowers youth to speak up and take action against Big Tobacco at more than 1,000 events from coast to coast. Learn more about what Big Tobacco does to attract youth and get more people addicted to its products by downloading and checking out the Kick Butts Day Downloadable Resources.

Free Printables, Coloring Pages, Activities, and Crafts:

🚭 Never Take Another Puff - Free 212 page Quit Smoking e-book
🚭 Freedom From Nicotine: The Journey Home - Free 240 page Nicotine Cessation e-book
🚭 Quit Smoking Meters and Counters
🚭 Tobacco Theme Unit
🚭 Printable No Smoking Signs
🚭 Quitting Smoking Certificate
🚭 Let's make Canada smoke-free by 2035
🚭 Your Plan-To-Quit Cards
🚭 Free Resources for Quitting Smoking
🚭 Understand Your Smoking Behaviour: Cigarette Tally Sheet
🚭 You can quit smoking! Hamilton Health Sciences
🚭 Smoking Activities For Kids Worksheets - K12 Workbook
🚭 Tobacco-Free Day: Activity Sheets and Coloring Pages
🚭 Request a copy of the Quit Booklet
🚭 Build a quit plan with
🚭 Smarter than Smoking activity sheets
🚭 My Smoking Cessation Workbook A Resource for Women
🚭 Tobacco Cessation Workbook Recovery SI
🚭 Smokers' Helpline
🚭 Kids Shouldn't Smoke - Bumper Sticker + Posters
🚭 Free printable mandalas coloring, Relaxing, Meditation
🚭 Printable Mandala Coloring Pages for Free
🚭 Choose A Mandala And Discover What It Reveals About You

Quit Smoking Recipes and Remedies:

🚭 5 juice recipes to help you quit smoking
🚭 10 Best and Worst Foods for People Trying to Quit Cigarettes
🚭 Important Diet Tips To Quit Smoking
🚭 4 Natural Remedies to Help You Quit Smoking
🚭 4 foods and drinks that could help smokers quit
🚭 Anti-Tobacco Herb: A Recipe To Get Over The Addiction
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2023.03.20 23:18 XHBK Blast from the Past Milestone Bug Resolution

So, Scopely created a pay to play event that had decent milestone rewards, and against better judgement I made poor choices and decided to participate.
That was mistake #1. Mistake #2 was getting excited. I got excited because I did the math (maybe Scopely should hire me? I do work in accounting) and realized that if I got to Milestone 23 that it would give me enough T2 Level 4 Ions to unlock Apocalypse that day! March 15th. So I spent what I spent to get there.
I apparently got too excited and hit the equip all button for Cap (WW2) all the way through G15 thus being a few thousand short of where I should end up on the milestone. And being stuck not completing Milestone 21. Even though Cap was Level 90, G16 (with 3 slots equipped to G17) and 5 stars.
Maybe that's mistake #3? Because I believed a pay to play event surely would work properly, but my point it this: They asked people to spend money for this event, people listened, and it was broken. This should have been red alert priority number 1. Not just "Hey we'll fix it after the events over. Don't worry! We swear!"
The point is missed that whatever it be for, spending money in this game is for one purpose and one purpose alone: To get something sooner than others, or sooner than you would have otherwise. You're paying for early access or speed. I did that to have Apocalypse last Wednesday, and now we're 5 full days later and I'm supposed to just? Trust? I'm already out what my purpose was, and I trust that I will have what I'm owed before the cut off of the "extended" review period which ends in less than 24 hours now? Surely they won't "Fix" this late and I won't be able to claim it anymore at that point.
I'm running low on trust, for all the above reasons and especially when "customer support" closes tickets instantly saying "We've addressed this issue already," and links me the blog I linked them when I was first waiting back for them to "look into it."
I did learn my lesson though. And congratulations to Scopely, for completely justifying people thinking those who spend on these things are foolish.
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2023.03.20 23:18 IRud3Bwoy 35 m cartgena may 12-17

4th time being there airbnb already booked, spare room if someone wants with own bathroom just have to pitch in
Partying, nightlifte , pool,food beaches need somone fun who wont mess my vibe up lol dm for more info
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2023.03.20 23:18 Spiderplantmum Whether to move tax-free shares from Sharesave/Sharematch into a S&S ISA?

I have about 10k in my share acc from Sharesave/Sharematch and approx half of these are free of tax.
I know very little about investing as we’ve been paying childcare and not in a position to save much recently, but are coming out the other side.
I will continue paying into SAYE, alongside an easy access emergency fund, but wondered if it would make more sense to move my existing tax-free employer shares to an ISA. I have been looking at the Halifax ‘Ready Made’ S&S ISA.
The shares have been relatively static since Brexit and I’m not optimistic about any real growth, but am unsure whether to go ahead.
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2023.03.20 23:18 nightkin84 End of chapter 2

Just killed the bear and got booted from Jermiah's cabin with all my stuff (feels bad man). Am I going to lose all the gear I can't carry like it happens when leaving Milton? Or is it still possible to access Mystery Lake after moving on?
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