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Death metal is a subgenre of heavy metal music. Descended originally from thrash, it often employs heavily distorted guitars, tremolo picking, deep growling vocals, blast beat drumming, minor keys or atonality, and complex song structures with multiple tempo changes.

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2023.06.07 15:38 Chutiyapdev Is i pill needed/ Can precum cause pregnancy?

Me and my gf aways have safe sex,but today we tried without condom for the first time.i just went in like twice,and pulled out quickly,since i was afraid of cumming.i used condoms later on,but when i pulled the first time,there was a little pre cum on the head.Should my gf use i pill? I just am not sure about the side effects so i dont want her to to be forced but i also can't take any chances. Thanks
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2023.06.07 15:38 thesadmarshmallow Any cup recommendations?

For reference, I (17) had been using lily cup one for a little more than two years right now, and the only major issue I have now is that on my heaviest day, I'll need to empty the cup every hour or so. It's quite annoying as I can't empty it so often, especially during exams so I usually just use a pad with my cup in. I've been looking into getting myself a new cup lately. Are there any recommendations?
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2023.06.07 15:37 xRazielle I cant figure the problem

Hello everyone, i hope you are having a great day.
So i would like to have some advice about my situation. I've been building my PC for years and never ran into a problem.
Until last week. Like every year, i clean my PC and change the thermal paste. Everything goes fine, until i boot up my PC and goes into the Bios. Here i see that my i7-9700K goes beyond 75C°, so im guessing i made a mistake and re-do everything (Cooled with a Corsair H115i AIO). BIOS showing me that the pump & fan SEEMS to work fine and i do ear the pump working.
Again, still beyond 75C° and long story-short, got problem with my cat and bye-bye the MB, welcome my Asus TUF x570 & Ryzen 5800x.
And again. Before resetting everything i check the C° in the BIOS, Fan/Pump showing up working but the CPU is at 80C°.
I guess that my pump that i've had for now ~ 5 years is dead ? I doesnt have any air-cooler for the moment to try something different, the Thermal Paste that i've been using is a NT-H1 who was working fine, i tried different quantities of it and it doesnt seems to change a thing.
I would like to know your tought about this, before spending for a new cooler, just to be sure about the situation.
Thanks !
PS : Sorry if i've made some grammar mistake, English is not my language.
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2023.06.07 15:37 xlbcraft Audi A3 2015 mmi screen not coming up

I have an audi A3, 2015. Long story short, I got a after market back up camera installed. Then the battery died a few days later(Seems to be unrelated and just a coincidence). But I noticed when my car battery died, the console screen wasn't coming up that displays my radio, back up camera, etc. I took it to a mechanics who said that they re-synced it after it got the new battery installed, but it's still not working. They said the checked the fuse boxes and nothing was wrong.
Now here's the weird thing. I took out a fuse (there are multiple, but i only took out 1 of them) that was associated with the screen (mmi). After I removed the fuse and put it back, the screen would continue to work for a few times. But after a few hours of the car being parked it stopped working again.
Any thoughts or ideas what could be causing this?
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2023.06.07 15:36 dannelbaratheon The Letter of Manwë - Tolkien/Wheel of Time Crossover

The Letter of Manwë - Tolkien/Wheel of Time Crossover
We leave this in written form, for there is no other way for us to tell you this - we love you. You are our brothers and sisters on Earth. I know that our actions make you believe we favor the Elves, but that is not true - we love you no less than we loved them. I shall confess that we often struggle to understand you, but despite all your flaws, we have always known your beauty and we have always known this - you are worth fighting for.
Because of that we will do what we will. Sauron has been defeated - Olórin has succeeded and we have no way to thank him. But nonetheless, he remains in Arda - he might be weak, but he can still cause so much suffering. And I do not even want to imagine what Ungoliant is capable of.
But Melkor...he is here. We can feel his essence all too well. For you he might be banished, but we know he is still here. He is trying to break the Doors of Night and we cannot fight him any longer. We are tired. However, Tulkas has made a plan that might work - it will stop him and all the others who are with him from escaping. But there will be changes you must know about.
Death will no longer be final for you, at least if our plan goes the way we think it will. I will not waste words: you will be born again and again. The will change. It will no longer move from beginning to end. We are changing it - you will be born more than once, you will live the same lives throughout the many ages. Be careful what choices you make in the first cycle that is coming. We do not intervene with your freedom, so the first cycle will be completely made up of your choices alone - but watch out, for those choices will remain throughout the other turnings as well.
You may think us tyrants because of this. You may say we are no better than Melkor. But this is the only way to contain him now. The time for the Last Battle has still not arrived and we do not know how else to keep him away except through this. But we will not leave it at that. We will give you what we can.
I will give you the Wind. Varda will give you Fire. Ulmo the Water. Yavanna the Earth and Estë will give you the power over the spirit of Arda. Irmo will give you the Realm of Dreams.
Vairë, Aulë, Oromë, Vána, Tulkas and Nessa will do what they can to change time. They will give themselves up as the rest of us are.
We will...not be the same. We will no longer be as you thought us in stories - we will not be kings and queens over the Creation. We have seen what Melkor has done to Arda - every last part of it contains a taint of him, a piece of his power that now remains there. He has infused it all with his own essence. To protect you, we will do the same.
He...has always been the most powerful among us. That is why he can still speak with words and is well-aware of everything that happens. He is - he had enough power to give it up, while keeping himself intact. But we, as I said, will not be the same. I will no longer govern the Wind - I will be little more in mind than it, and so goes for the rest of us. Our love for you will remain, but I fear our reason and mind will leave us.
We are not dying. We cannot die, at least not in the same way you and Elves do. But we will experience the closest thing to it that we can - we will become the Powers that move through the Creation and drive out the Taint of Melkor. But we will not do it on our own - you will have to use us. Use the gifts we leave wisely.
Námo and Nienna are the only ones remaining, along with our younger kin - someone has to stay with full mind in order to guide you. Oromë is leaving his horn - whenever Melkor is rising in power, blow through it! Námo will hear it and send all your Heroes to come from the Halls of Mandos. Nienna will walk among you in forms of your bodies, and comfort you and guide you in the ways she can.
We do not know if this will work - there are so many flaws in this plan. Varda says our Powers that we leave behind will not suit themselves to everyone - only a few of you will be able to channel them and even among them she thinks there will be a divide of sorts, though we cannot know for certain. And the fate of constant death and rebirth...we are not certain if this will work. But we have no other way.
The Allfather is with us and with you. We do not fear Melkor. And we know this: no matter what he strikes you with, no matter how he tries to torment, know this forever - he cannot win unless you give up. He cannot leave the Void unless you allow him too. He cannot hold you as slaves so long as you refuse him and deny him. He still believes that he is your god, but we know in our souls that is not true.
Do not trust him - he is the Father of Lies. The Hatred itself, the Lord of Nothing. Trust in the Creator and what He has made for you. Trust one another. Forgive one another, love and have compassion for one another and never give up. We will never leave you, even if we will not speak with words. The only thing we regret is that we will not see you as you triumph over him time and time again. But maybe, on the Last Day...we will meet again.
Farewell! Farewell, our brothers and sisters, our beloved, our friends. Goodbye you, for you we do this. We will never forget what we saw when He made the Music. If only you could know how beautiful you are, how much worth you have, how much you mean to us. Every single one of you is worth more than any star that shines in the dark night. We only regret that we will not see you, but we find solace in the truth that we will stay with you forever. We will serve you and aid you - use what we leave, use us wisely.
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2023.06.07 15:36 MARDERSounds How do I keep my mainsheet from being in the way?

Hey guys,
I am sailing my Laser for my second season yet and do think that I made a lot of progress and love Laser sailing very much. But there is one problem that keeps bugging me which is my mainsheet getting in the way. I use a Rooster Mainsheet so crinkles in the sheet are not so much a problem but it keeps getting wrapped around my foot and hinders my ability to move in the cockpit. Any tips on how to solve this?
What made it a little bit better was that before every manouvre I pull a bit of the sheet on to my lap which helps in Tacking but the rest of the line still gets wrapped around my feet... I had a few scary situations while capsizing where I got tangled in the sheet.
Should I keep the sheet aft or forward in the cockpit? Do you tie the end down on the hiking strap? It seemed to make no difference when I did it. I'd appreciate every help!
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2023.06.07 15:36 IllyriaCervarro Felt heard by my doctor and I am so grateful

I went to my first OB appointment a week and a half ago and had some concerns I brought up to my doctor. I mentioned I was extremely stressed at work due to running two locations, that I am either getting so little sleep or that the sleep aides I can take are making me so groggy that I am falling asleep at the wheel on my drive into work and that I have migraines that are so bad I sometimes have my vision go blurry for a few minutes.
It has been very frightening dealing with all that, particularly the falling asleep at the wheel.
But when I spoke to her about this she really seemed to dismiss me. I was asking because I wanted to be out of work. I didn’t want to keep putting myself in danger or feeling the stress I was feeling. For sleep she prescribed me a different sleep aide, which she said can also make me groggy and told me to ‘catch up on sleep oh the weekends’, completely ignored my migraines and told me that she couldn’t write up anything for leave for me for stress as it was a ‘mental issue’. When I brought up that the sleep and migraines are legitimate medical issues she just reiterated that she can’t do anything for stress and I would have to go see my primary.
Well I saw my primary today and immediately when I told her about how I was falling asleep driving she told me I shouldn’t be working and she wants me out of work for at least a month until I can get a neurology evaluation (this I don’t think I really need but if I have to do it go get leave then so be it). It was just such a different attitude from my primary to my OB and it was a massive relief to have her immediately be concerned about me and not dismiss my problems. For her to say it was unsafe for me to be driving and that I absolutely shouldn’t was something I obviously knew but couldn’t get leave from work without a doctor to sign off on it. And when my OB wouldn’t I was feeling so hopeless.
Just guess I want to say that if you need something and you know you need it, really advocate for yourself and see as many doctors as you need to because some of them will dismiss you and that doesn’t have to be the end of it.
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2023.06.07 15:36 L00PIL00P No, Agent A! That's Not What He Meant!

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2023.06.07 15:36 crabbydotca What to do in the evenings during a fire ban?

My little family (hubsband, toddler, dog) and I are supposed to be spending next week at a front-country site near Timmins. The trip there involves a hotel stay and on the way back we’d planned to stay a night or two in Killbear with friends.
There is currently a fire ban at most Ontario parks and I’m not optimistic about it lifting in time. My husband doesn’t want to do the 12 hour drive north for no campfire.
“What will we do at night?” “How will we keep warm?” “How are you going to cook fajitas on the pocket rocket??” Etc
I need help answering those questions for him. He’s fully aware that he’s being a wiener but I want to convince him we’ll still have a great week!
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2023.06.07 15:36 CanadianKC Small vs medium size

I'm getting a Giant Talon 3 and tested small and medium. Small is good for up to 5'7 while medium starts at 5'7. I'm 5'5" and felt the small was a little small but medium seems good. Bike shop says I should probably get a small to make it better as I can get a longer seat stem, etc. I do ride with mostly straight leg so the stem was quite long.
The medium allows me to be slightly more upright and keeping stem length to a more reasonable length but kind of wondering if he's right. Your thoughts?
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2023.06.07 15:35 Livid-Possible-1637 23 [M4F] Constant and a go-to person

Henlooo! I’m in need of someone who I can talk, rant, or share the stories I had throughout the day and receive also someone’s share of life ganaps back. For now, we could be friends first, then if we vibe na can meetup. No pressure in terms of when we’ll meetup, rather go the route where things take time tbh.
Also, I would be a working student (to work in a law firm) by next school year so if you’re someone who’s working na or who undertands that I don’t have the privilege of time to bond with u always because of studies and my eventual work~ I’d really appreciate it! I’ll be busy pa starting mid-July bcos of work and study preps for law, but rest assured na i allot time for the things i value ;)
About me: - 5’5, normal BMI - On the cute side (exes’ remarks) - Residing in sta. cruz, manila/in bulacan - Law student, big 4 grad w/ latin honors in undergrad - Plays valo more often, ml at times if i have someone to play with - List of fave series: the good place, modern family, the office, alice in borderland, b99, GoT, community - Has good hygiene, clean - Will respect your time & boundaries - Love language: quality time - Personality in a nutshell: Mix of mitchell and phil in modern family xd
About you: - At least 21 y/o, preferably 23-25 y/o - At least a 4th yr college student, preferably in post-grad or working - No height preference, normal BMI, cute (don’t have preference if morena/chinita) - Has good hygiene, clean - Preferably lives/works in NCR or at least not far away from it - Can converse in english well - Can accommodate me being busy at times to study/work - Single din ofc so no drama - Has read this post entirely hehe
Also you, if interested: I would appreciate it if you send a short intro of who you are and a discreet photo of you~ I’ll send one right after. Also, please do not just say ‘hi’ in your intro, and show a hint of effort knowing that our relationship/friendship could be worth something!! Hmu! (:
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2023.06.07 15:35 YungDaggerD1K_ All shares booked, fractional’s have been sold along with 2 more for the 🏊

All shares booked, fractional’s have been sold along with 2 more for the 🏊
Bro, Kenny, pip-squeak, little chicken shit bed post pansy. Listen, we’re not done here. Idc what you got up your sleeve for our earnings or anything for that matter. You know why? Cause you’re fucked from the floor up buster. I ain’t leaving lol I’ll Fucking die before I stop buying more shares. I won’t stop talking about it, telling people about it etc. . . My point is, you’re fucked. But you already knew this.
Happy earnings everyone. Cheers 🍻
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2023.06.07 15:35 The_ChadTC Stop mixing politics with Victoria 3. It's a damn map game.

This wasn't a problem with Victoria 2. I remember that way back when I wrote an absolutely massive post explaining in detail why subsidizing factories in Vic 2 was bad and counterproductive. There was controversy, but most of it was from people who didn't really grasp the economical system of the game, usually because there was one factor or another that they didn't know. Even then, they had a gripe with my theory, they pointed it out, and I replied, in a very civilized discussion about the game, even if we didn't reach a conclusion in the end.
But now recently I've made some posts on THE SAME SUBJECT in Victoria 3 and I received severe and, most importantly, angry backlash about it. Now, do I know everything? Yes. No, of course not, so I may even be wrong. However, in the various answers I received, there was a lot of conviction for very little knowledge and theory, and for every comment that tried to argue about the point, there were 5 others merely screaming the way people would in a political discussion.
It makes me angry because my political views in real life have very little in common with my meta in game. In the EU4 sub you can go "so yeah you should surrender all your provinces to your rivals and bankrupt yourself 3 times before 1500" and people will ask you why. In the Victoria 3 one you tell people to actually make sure their buildings are pulling a profit and they'll go "stfu ancap".
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2023.06.07 15:35 Legitimate_Bison3756 What is a good way to get liability car insurance in Texas for a rental car when it is not possible for me to get it from the rental car company and my primary insurance provider doesn't cover rental cars?

What is a good way to get liability car insurance in Texas for a rental car when it is not possible for me to get it from the rental car company and my primary insurance provider doesn't cover rental cars?
I'm looking for something like a company that offers short-term car rental liability car insurance for a certain number of days, like 2 months. I could get it from the car rental company, but I would have to cancel my contract, lose all the money I put in, about a month's worth of rental fees, and create a new contract.
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2023.06.07 15:35 SnooHabits4991 Newer SE, not super busy. A little worried

I'm a newer SE, been on for about 5 months. Really love the role and the company I work for. But as the rookie on the team, I am not getting many opps. We are a pooled model, so opps get assigned to SEs based on the details and who's best at what types of opps.
My days are pretty slow, probably have 1-2 customer interactions a week. I know as I continue to learn, my utilization will increase, but given the state of the market right now, I'm a little concerned, even though I'm definitely the youngest and cheapest guy on the team by a lot.
Any tips on how to manage this free time? I try to self learn, read through documentation and play in our sandbox. I just have a hard time gaining knowledge without context. I also spend time shadowing other SE calls to learn. Anything else I should be doing? Should I be worried?
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2023.06.07 15:35 May_Manchester Difference between AL Cambridge and Edexcel

Hi guys!
I studied AS mathematics (Pure 1 and Mechanics) in 2 months but I don't think that it's enough.
However I'm moving to a new school where they teach Edexcel syllabus. Is it possible to switch syllabuses in a short time?
In January I'm planning on doing Physics AS and Math AS and doing A2 exams for those subjects in May. Do you think it's manageable? Thanks!
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2023.06.07 15:35 ThrowA_OffMyChest729 I just moved in, and things are so different

I [29F] have been dating my BF [35M] for a little under three years now. Three months ago we decided to move in together. I honestly thought this man was the man of my dreams.
About a month ago I officially moved in. Just after moving in. As I was fixing his laptop, I found a chat to a NSFW type of girl. He only said hey, and didn’t continue after she responded. And admitted it when I confronted him. Before I confronted him I obviously started snooping, a lot. It was a one time thing. He admitted that it was. I’m not against porn at all, enjoy what ever floats your boat and rub one out at night. But messaging is a no go.
We talked about it, and even though forgiving is a big word. I let it go. It was just a hey, and he didn’t continue.
In the last two weeks it turns out he has a major taxing issue. Which I will admit is not 100% his fault. But it needs to be fixed. I did my research and found a financial advisor that was willing to rectify the situation. They cost money but not as much as the taxing issue costs. I just spoke to my bf and he’s resisting. It costs too much, it isn’t fair. And I will admit some part of it isn’t fair, and yes it is expensive; not as expensive as not getting this fixed. Had he been more on top of things this wouldn’t have happened in the first place: He wasn’t notified of the taxing issue, however he could have know had he managed his finances a bit better.
He’s not a bad person, a little naive perhaps. But right now I don’t feel like a gf. I feel like a roommate that’s there to fix his finances and deal with his ranting.
I don’t look at him the same anymore. I feel like I’ve been pushing him away today. That isn’t fair of me either… I just had hoped moving in together wouldn’t be so stressful after the move.
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2023.06.07 15:35 darkdexx Researchers discover chemical evidence for pair-instability supernova from a very massive first star Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars.

Researchers discover chemical evidence for pair-instability supernova from a very massive first star Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars. submitted by darkdexx to Destiny [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 15:35 Veronikashepko Discovering Hidden Alpha Wallets: Join Mr. X and the Crypto Detective's Thrilling Adventure!

Prepare for an electrifying tale I'm about to unveil. As the renowned "Crypto Detective," I encountered the enigmatic Mr. X, who has claimed to unearth long-lost alpha wallets. Can you feel the excitement?An anonymous message led me to an abandoned warehouse, where destiny brought me face-to-face with Mr. X. Together, we delved into encrypted files, and our progress has been nothing short of astonishing.Today marks the launch of CMC, top callers, and alpha utility—a groundbreaking trifecta that boasts a staggering market cap 20 times lower than its competitors. Don't miss your chance! Explore their geckoterminal link ( ) and follow them on Twitter ( ) for a glimpse into this extraordinary discovery.Imagine being at the forefront of projects with untapped potential, discovering hidden gems before the masses catch on. Remember to conduct thorough research and evaluate the associated risks.Rest assured, I shall be your unwavering guide, keeping you informed of the latest developments as Mr. X and I embark on this thrilling journey together. Let us unearth these enigmatic alpha wallets!But that's not all! Allow me to introduce MR.X TOOLS—an ingenious collaboration that empowers us to track all alpha wallet movements. From buys to sells and transfers, we'll stay up-to-date with the smart money's every move. We've even built a Telegram bot, granting exclusive access to our top 150 holders in our private channel.Let's dive into the tokenomics of MR.X TOOLS: Supply: Brace yourselves for 777,777 $MRX tokens—limited supply for exclusivity and potential value appreciation. Taxes: A 3% tax on buys and a 4% tax on sells ensure a sustainable ecosystem, bolstering liquidity and the long-term growth of $MRX.Marketing initiatives are underway to ensure widespread adoption of MR.X TOOLS—be prepared for remarkable updates!Get ready to be captivated by the allure of hidden treasures, tracking alpha wallets like never before. Join us on this adrenaline-fueled crypto sleuthing adventure!Best regards,Inspector Gadget

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2023.06.07 15:34 Distance-East 21 [M4F] #New Jersey - Looking for an Asian hottie to help knock stuff off their bucket list

Hey, how are you? Im looking for a girl that just wants to relax and have some fun. If we vibe, then I’d be down for a fwb situation if you’re also into that. If you don’t have anything on your sexual bucket list, don’t worry, I can help brainstorm some ideas. Only women please
Little bit about myself: I like to exercise. I work out in the gym and am trying to gain some size. As you can see it’s a little slow but patience is what I keep telling myself. I like to think I’m good at eating pussy, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments. DDF. I’m 5 foot 11 and 145 pounds.
Looking for: Prefer older woman, above 30. I prefer a fit physique, but if you’re a little gifted, that’s great too. Should be DDF but I do not care about weed. All race/ethnicities are welcome but prefer brown or Asian
Either chat or message works. Looking forward to chatting. Don’t be afraid to message me. Let me know the most recent movie you’ve watched so I know you actually read my post.
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2023.06.07 15:34 Disastrous-Cause-94 Nausea, numbness and bad overall feeling

For about 8 days, I’m waking up with a really light headache and sometimes a numb feeling on my head scalp/ back of my head, which goes away after an hour.
For the last 5 days, I’m getting also nausea and no appetite for the whole day, which sometimes goes away and comes back. Also diarrhoea sometimes. Before 3 days I also had vertigo and a numb feeling at my jaw, after I had laid down, which got away after a minute. This was also a point we’re I’ve panicked a little, because I’ve never had it before.
Other symptoms, which I have more or less over a long time: - tiredness - waking up early - frequent urination
So I have also done what I maybe shouldn’t have, diagnose myself in Google 😉 It may be the little hypochondriac in me, but now I have a strong believe now that I’ve got brain cancer, because many diagnostics mention these symptoms ( headache in the morning, symptoms on position change/ laying down, numbness). The last days I was reading brain cancer posts, types of brain cancer and their symptoms, how the life ends with it, and getting more and more anxious and depressed, because my mind is thinking that this must be it. ( which may be absolute bullshit)
I went to the doctor for 2 days ago, who just though it may be high blood pressure, which was a little high there (150/95) but is average 130/90 for now.
How likely is the possibility for that? What could it be?
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2023.06.07 15:34 Ifonlymymomwashot Ranking our season

How would u rank the following-
Best player:
Worst player:
Most improved player:
Most disappointing player:
Best transfer:
Best young player:
Best match:
Worst match:
Mine goes as follows
Best player: De jong. I really think he had become our most important and best midfielder this season. After struggling to find a role at Barca, Xavi shift in formation has really brought the best out of him. He helps defensively but most importantly, helps in build up by bringing the ball from deep and has improved massively with his balls from deep. There’s also shouts for araujo and Ter Stegen
Worst player: Eric Garcia. Alonso has been bad but he has had a few good performances like against Real Madrid this season. But I don’t really remember a good match from Garcia. Doesn’t help that he has been playing out of position and very little. There’s also Roberto but he had a few good matches too
Most improved player: There’s a lot of scenarios for this one. Ter Stegen has improved a lot if u look at him last seaosn and this season. De jong has too. But the difference for me is that they had dips in form but we all know that their level this season is expected from them. For me it would have to be easily balde all things considered. He went from being alba backup, rotating at the beginning of the season with alba, to become a starter and eventually the best left back in the league, all in his one and first season despite being so young
Most disappointing player: Either fati or raphinha. I still have a lot of faith in fati and I still want him to stay. He is still Barca second top scorer despite barely playing any minutes. I’m just waiting for that one performance that really solidifies his place in the team. He’s just lacking that something at the moment. Raphinha has been really good this season. I’m just a bit disappointed about his performance on the ball. Xavi wingers are expected to be able to beat their full backs to generate space. In many games this season, I’m pretty sure most Barca fans can say that raphinha has had bad performances yet manages to get that one goal or one assist that clutches us the game.
Best transfer: Lewadowski. Ik some might say Christensen or kounde. Christensen has been very good but he has been injured a bit too often this season. Kounde has been good playing both right back and center back. But he has had some inconsistency this season. That’s why lewadowski is imo the best transfer. He’s a great locker room presence and has that leadership and experience while winning the pichici in his first season in la liga dispite the drop in form after the World Cup.
Best young player: Probably pedri. Balde had some shouts too. Not really sure cause pedri has been injured a bit towards the end of the season. But pedri had been crucial too alongside de jong in midfield. We suffer without him and the stats show that. Our team struggle to control games and our heavy losses during the crucial end of the season happens to coincide with pedri’s injury. Also don’t know if araujo is considered that young anymore but if he was then he would be my choice.
Best match: Supercopa final vs Real Madrid. The first game Xavi tried the four man midfield with gavi as a false winger and a double pivot. The game where gavi dropped a master class. Against champion league winner Real Madrid. We not only beat them but dominated them the whole match. In a final. Lifting that trophy brought the whole team confidence and reassured them that we were on the right path. That game set the tone for the rest of the season
Worst match: Copa del Rey second leg vs Real Madrid. I think it was the worst because of what was on the line. We beat Real Madrid I think three times in a row before that. Had we won this game, we would be expected to win the copa del Rey. That would have left us with a domestic treble to end the season and Real Madrid trophy less. I think of that match as what could have been. How embarrassing it would be for Real Madrid.
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