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2014.09.11 19:18 Ancient Civilizations and related content

This subreddit is about the past civilizations that walked the earth. Just as us, they also altered their environments to fulfill their needs and left us clues about their lives, culture, beliefs and so on. The wonders of the past shall surface here.

2010.09.17 05:21 ptgx85 Pensacola Florida!


2023.06.06 05:58 Honest_Radio5188 The inevitable boy bestfriend

I (15f) reconnected with an old friend recently, we quickly got close and now he's my bbsf (boy best friend). We're constantly mean to each other but in a nice way and I really care about him and can tell he cares about me. Now the issue isn't with the crush but the fact that my bbsf (18m) has a gf. Me and this man spend a lot of time together, we smoke (I've smoked for a while), play video games, and he even introduced me to his friends and when doing so went on mute to talk to his friend. I don't know his gf but I also don't know if she knows. He makes sure that I take care of myself and worries about me constantly and I often find myself wondering what he's doing. I have his work schedule memorized that's how much I care. He also knows I have a crush on someone but doesn't know who cuz i wont tell him. What should I do?
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2023.06.06 05:58 LoveMePlease___ Dear god please do not let me wake up

I can’t take another day. I’m tired and I just want to die. I won’t kill myself so please just do something. What was the point of letting me live after that crash if everyone was just going to abandon me and leave me alone in this abuse. I’ve asked many people please help me before the world breaks me so bad that I take my own life but everyone asks, “Are you suicidal now?” And when I say no I get some version of them telling me to suck it up and shove it down.
God I don’t even care about missing out on happiness and healthy relationships. If you could just kill me right now we will be square. I love me and the best thing for my well being would be to work your magic and kill me. I know you won’t and that I’ll be back here again in a few days wishing for the same thing. So? What is the point of this torture? This is my own personal hell. All my worse fears have come true and I now have nothing to lose that could make life any worse than it is now. Things can’t even get worse. Just indifferent.
Please from the bottom of my do something. Whether that’s kill me off because I didn’t sign my contract or rewrite the script so that I’m not to the point where everything I go to bed I’m paying I don’t wake up and every time I do wake up I’m crying because I don’t know where I am.
I’m tired of suffering while the whole world laughs while it uses me as it’s puppet.
I have no fight left in me. I fought for years and inside I’ve changed,I’m a better person,smarter, kinder, stronger but nothing else about my life has gotten better, only worse.
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2023.06.06 05:58 JUSTSAYNO12 Do I have to go to a church near me to begin baptism process?

There is Serbian Orthodox Church in my city but I would prefer the one in the city next to me. The reason is because the one in my city is full of people who I know will gossip about me if I start attending the church :( I won’t feel comfortable. I’m worried when I call to start the process of baptism they’re going to say to go to the one in my city. Or they’ll ask why.
The other one is only a 30 min drive.
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2023.06.06 05:58 hexenfern Am I being too hasty thinking about surrendering my GSD?

OVERVIEW: I have two dogs currently, one is a male coonhound I adopted February of 2022, who is a bastard sometimes but a great and sweet dog. I felt bad when I was single leaving him alone while I worked all day, he’s so energetic, so I got another dog from the same place in July of 22. We walked them together at the shelter and the worker was surprised how well they did, she (the GSD) didn’t do well with the others generally. Well other than growling at my hound for being near while she ate once (never happened again after I reprimanded her) when I got her home she wasn’t aggressive towards him at all. But there were issues. 1. She growls and lunges at other dogs on walks, which has made my other dog start doing it too. She has ran out when guests opened my door twice, and I had to chase her down, which scares me because what if she had ran into another dog? 2. She, within minutes attacked other dogs at the dog park, so we can’t go there with her at all. She is great at non crowded parks. 3. She can’t be crate trained right now. I’ve seen $1000 crates online that look like they would work, but can’t afford them. She ruined a standard crate and I had to sand the sharp edges and zip tie it together. Bough a $200 “ultra tough” crate, she chewed a hole and escaped, then chewed another hole and got her head stuck in it. Had to get her out and it felt dangerous to her neck. 5. Most concerning once my hound yelped and I went out to see a hole in his snout the size of her tooth, around his whiskers down to the flesh. They do play pretty rough and it was months ago. 6. She bit my budgies cage when she slipped past my partner. Twice. 7. My partner has two cats who have been staying with a friend for almost a year because of the household, but she’s moving and we need to take them back. She has gone after a cat before and I know for a fact she won’t will want to attack. We’re going to keep them separated at first and try anxiety meds (she has sever separation anxiety and whinges loudly when crated.) and introduce them slowly through bars while she’s medicated, but I’m worried. 8. She has broken into the kitchen and turned the stove on while I was gone for hours, twice. Almost started a fire.
I’m not sure I can even afford her right now, the constant equipment replacement, anxiety medication and vet bills and everything else. Even with how pretty of a dog she is and her breed and how sweet with people she is, I’m worried because of her temperament to dogs and cats, her separation anxiety and incredibly destructive behavior, she wouldn’t get adopted, at least for a long time. I feel like I need to see if I can correct her overtime, because she wouldn’t do well in most homes, but I’m not giving her as happy of a life as most people could, either. I’m broke and don’t have enough time for her. Had dogs my whole life but never this rough. I’m just so stressed.
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2023.06.06 05:57 TheImmortalArmy I think I'm wasting my life

I'm only 18 and think I'm wasting my life. I wrote a shorter version for the basics, and a long version if you want more detail. Thank you for your time.
SHORTER VERSION: I was the "perfect child" and everyone knew I would be successfully. I worked hard and long to save money and teach myself new things, while many other kids got incredible help from their parents, like entire new cars for birthdays/graduation, while I was lucky (and appreciative) if I got any acknowledgement at all. I already started to feel that my future was dim due to financial differences. Fast forward to today: I'm 18, great grades, graduated early, and the best job I could get is at a warehouse making $17/hr, and even with $8k in savings I still don't have any hope for advancement, or for living the life that I want. I feel empty and lonely. I spent all these years working and focused on progress. I never had any relationships or friends because I was too busy. Now, I just work 9-10 hours daily, obsessively lift weights for 2 hours, eat a lot to "bulk up", and sleep or watch mindless videos. I have nothing else in life and it feels like multiple pieces of me are missing.
LONGER VERSION: Currently I'm an 18yo male and feel like I'm wasting my life. As a kid, I was always considered to be the strong, smart, determined kid who was gonna make it big no matter what. I taught myself countless subjects on my own time, and worked my way into the gifted classes, and eventually AP once I hit highschool. My grades were great and I never had any problems in school. In school, I wasn't a social person at all. Not because I was shy but because I was a very busy kid, always focusing on myself because I knew that I had fewer opportunities than most other kids did. Point is, I was the "perfect" kid who always kept to themselves and worked hard to move forwards, hoping to start a business or to secure a highly technical and rewarding job. However, I began to question it all when I got a job at 17 (11th grade). I got the job to save up for a vehicle, so I would have more opportunities when I graduate. But it was a crappy fast-paced fastfood job. I would commonly work several weeks without a break, 40 hours each week, all while attending school. That's easily an 80 hour week not including commute. But I kept pushing through, becoming known as the guy who's always at work and always sleeps in class. Often, my classmates would say things like "oh, I was gonna get a job, but my parents offered to buy me a cheap car for $7k" while I struggled endlessly just to get $2.5k. Eventually I got the money I needed, and decided to buy a small motorcycle to teach myself on, then sold it after getting my license and used the money to buy a much better bike with some talking-down (2008 Versys 650, only 8,000 miles, for $3k). With transportation secured, I decided to graduate half a year early to start saving money. Tried finding a good job for a month, countless interviews/applications, and finally settled on a warehouse job paying $17/hr, typically working 50-70 hours per week. Fast forward 5ish months to today, and I have about $8k saved. I planned to go to school with the money to become an aircraft maintenance technician (AMT), and I've already been accepted and can go for free with scholarships/grants. But I would need a place to rent (I currently live with me parents, 120 miles from the closest AMT school). And rent today is absurd. I would never be able to afford it. So rn I'm just coasting. Saving money for no reason, since I can't afford to live the life I want, and I can't afford the steps to get any closer to my goals. All I do is go to work for 9-10 hours, come home and obsessively lift weights for 2 hours, eat a lot to "bulk up", then sleep or watch mindless meme videos. I feel empty and lonely. My day-to-day activities feel pointless and mundane. I never had any relationships. Really never had any friends either. I don't even know if I want a relationship at all. I'm just completely lost and don't know what to do because all my plans, time after time, always fall apart due to financial or logistical shortcomings, and I've never had enough time to actually "get a life" so I have few hobbies/interests and absolutely no friends or relationships. I just work and lift weights, trying to get big on the outside because I feel small on the inside.
What should I do to ensure I don't waste my life and end up regretting it? Thanks for any replies or help.
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2023.06.06 05:57 Fountainoflife777 Is it okay to stand up and walk away when my husband and I are about to start fighting?

When I feel that flame of pride and anger start to take over my heart, I feel it best to flee the room immediately for fear of having fights like we’ve had in the past where we’re screaming at each other. (I cussed at him once. I’m not proud of that, and I’ve apologized. He’s broken a door handle and yelled as well.)
But me leaving the situation doesn’t seem to make things better either. It feels like it only prolongs things. I can’t seem to stop being mad just because we’re not talking. I definitely calm down, but my anger is still there, and there’s still the potential of getting into another fight when we try talking about it again. It doesn’t just go away and we’re ready to apologize unless I take a whole day or two, honestly.
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2023.06.06 05:57 Ryansgame13 Guess the song then rate it

Woahhh I don’t want to go. Pull me back to now. Take away what I’ve got, So I don’t lose my crown.
Honestly I rate this song 10/10 and I think it’s the best song off the album it’s on
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2023.06.06 05:57 Rose_Quartz525600 Hello everyone. Psych major here! Kindly mass report this account. Despite the warnings I gave on how dangerous it is to assume the role of a therapist without a training and license, this individual blocked me and continue this dangerous activity.

Hello everyone. Psych major here! Kindly mass report this account. Despite the warnings I gave on how dangerous it is to assume the role of a therapist without a training and license, this individual blocked me and continue this dangerous activity. submitted by Rose_Quartz525600 to teenagers [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 05:57 turtleturtle853 10,000 photos disappeared from my camera roll

Hi, I’ll start by following the mod rules. I have an iPhone 11, currently running IOS 16.3.1. Bought it in 2020 in Canada for personal use.
I recently noticed that a ton of photos have disappeared from my camera roll. I hadn’t changed anything with my iCloud and I didn’t delete them all by myself. But I definitely used to have 21,000 and now I have 11,000.
All the photos seems consistent for the last two years, but then further up I’m missing entire months and then entire years of photos. It’s very random ones that remain too.
So far, I upgraded my iCloud to the 200GB pack (because my iCloud was nearly full before), but nothing has changed.
I also checked my storage in settings tonight, and the bar was full, saying photos was taking a large amount (something like 70GB) then after a few seconds it switched down to only 8GB.
It’s like the photos are somewhere in my phone but I just can’t find them. If anyone has any ideas, please help me out! Thanks
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2023.06.06 05:56 mzmarigold Add from my local FB for sell or trade

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2023.06.06 05:56 ironheadboy looking for natural pre workout

work a super physical job, and coffee is just not cutting it. interested in trying a pre workout, and have been doing some research. have some issues, though, trying to find one that will work best for me. food coloring (mostly blue and red ) give me insane headaches, and sucralose and some fake sugar (whatever is in sugar free gum) makes me shit myself. is there any company making a more natural pre workout? preferably without food coloring and/or stevia/monkfruit sweetened? thanks in advance
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2023.06.06 05:56 WillingnessQuiet5890 what cards should i plan on getting?

I'm 21 and I'm going to have a big purchase coming up soon ~5-6k (tuition), i don't want to get card with an AF, and im open to getting business cards. i think i know what i want, and know what im doing, but i just want some confirmation. thanks .
FICO Score: ~730, will probably jump to 760+ after I pay off my CFF
I pay off all of my cards in full every month, except for the CFF which has 0% APR for 12 months, I will be paying it off in July.

Income: ~50k last year, currently unemployed
Expenses: only food/gas, my parents help me with everything else and I am very grateful.

I got denied for the CIU back in January-February, since I believe I reported a monthly spend of 2.5k with only 50k income. I have then opened up a business checking account (i hate the 2k minimum to waive 15$ fee) with them to build my relationship.
My plan is to apply for the CIU once again in August and finish getting the 75k SUB by using it on my tuition, and I'll probably keep a balance on it until January? To raise back my business credit? (it has a 12 month 0% APR, so I will be paying 0 in interest regardless). Then I want to open up another business card, the CIC and then repeat the process for my tuition in the Spring.
On another note, I have 140k MR points and 70k UR points and I'm not sure what to do with them. I don't plan on traveling in the near future and I don't want them to sit around losing value due to inflation. I do want to open up a Charles Schwab AMEX Platinum in maybe 3-5 years? and convert the points for 1.1CPP. I currently have a Roth IRA with fidelity and I want to transfer over there before I get the CS Plat.
rant: chase automatically upgraded my freedom student card to freedom unlimited, the freedom student gives a $20 good standing reward annually. 2000 points is $4000 that i have to spend annually on the CFU to BREAKEVEN. 2000/(1.5 - 1.0)...

pay off current cff balance, open up ciu and pay my tuition to get the sub, repeat process with cic for the spring semester
have a lot of points and no idea what to do with them, open cs plat to get 1.1cpp? shrug
open up csp in summer 2024? hopefully they have an upgraded offer like they did last month
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2023.06.06 05:56 Real_Pc_Principal The most mind bending narratives in games

Sorry in advance for the long description. I'm looking for what you all find to be the most mind bending narratives in video games. Either because I'm overthinking this or because I can't think of a short way to explain what I specifically mean by mind bending in this question I'll just describe it as best I can. I'm not talking about 1 or 2 big twists/reveals (like bioshock 1/3) or mechanics (like antechamber) I'm talking about games who's narrative as a whole for most of or all it's runtime is a struggle to get a good grasp on even after it's over.
A great example of what I'm talking about is Katana Zero which I won't spoil but it's whole plot flow/structure and even resolution had me feeling like the personification of that always sunny Charlie conspiracy meme. While a game like 13 sentinels definitely is in the realm that I'm talking about I feel like that game isn't quite the kind of mind bending I'm talking about because it's confusion is easily solved once all the core plot info has been learned where katana zero left me with as many questions as answers due to the information itself rather than the lack of.
I hope I got the type of mind bending I'm thinking of across, basically a type of mind bend found in katana zero or David Lynch film is essentially what I'm looking for.
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2023.06.06 05:56 Dadhat56 I need social advice: a friend of mine told me she’s pregnant but it’s very early

Hello fellow crew, I need help.
One of my best friends has confided in me she is pregnant. She and her partner are excited (and financially and emotionally capable), but it’s a huge surprise.
I feel honored that she shared with me before the first trimester has ended, but I’ve been in this situation before and friends have been left been heartbroken when things happen, and I think distanced themselves from me because I came across so excited when I heard the news.
Basically, any tips for being supportive without going full, “omg you’re going to be a mom!” in a situation like this?
I’m currently hyperfixating on what she feels comfortable eating because she’s experiencing nausea, but even I can tell I’m being weird about it at this point.
To be clear, I am really excited for her and think she’ll be a great mom even though it’s a surprise. I just don’t want to put any pressure on the situation when I know it’s very common that problems arise early.
I love her and I want to do what’s best.
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2023.06.06 05:56 laotheowl Good Looks vs. Good Appetite

Hey fellow Redditors!
I recently had a hilarious and eye-opening experience at a restaurant that left me both bewildered and well-fed.
Picture this: I walk into the establishment, trying to be my charming self (emphasis on trying). Little did I know that my appearance was about to play a deliciously significant role in my dining adventure.
As I sat down at my table, I couldn't help but notice the waiter's unusually attentive behavior towards me. Initially, I attributed it to their stellar customer service, but boy, was I wrong!
As the orders started arriving, something peculiar unfolded before my very eyes. Plates piled up on my table like a food lover's dream come true. From succulent steaks to mountains of mashed potatoes and towers of desserts, it was like the culinary universe conspired to ensure I would never go hungry again. Each dish seemed to whisper, "We're here because of your undeniable charming looks."
Meanwhile, my less fortunate, but equally famished, friends looked on in disbelief. Their plates, sadly, seemed to receive the minimalist treatment. It was as if the kitchen had adopted a strict policy of "food discrimination" based on attractiveness. Trust me, there were no complaints about the taste; it was simply a matter of visual injustice!
If you ever find yourself craving an extra side of fries or an overflowing dessert tower, perhaps it's time to put your best face forward. Just remember, good looks might just be the secret ingredient to an all-you-can-eat extravaganza!
Share your own hilarious restaurant tales, and let's all feast on laughter together! Bon appétit!
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2023.06.06 05:55 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (course)

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2023.06.06 05:55 CrispiiBagels Current setup and a few of the games I keep on it!

Current setup and a few of the games I keep on it!
Just felt like sharing my retro setup! It’s a bit small, but it’s served me well for nearly a year at this point.
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2023.06.06 05:55 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi Courses (Latest Editions)

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2023.06.06 05:55 Durateus_Cithara LFP - looking for 4 more players

I have been looking to join a DnD game for, well years – unsuccessfully. If you are in the same boat, consider us! Rather than try to find an existing game to join, I’ve decided to host my own at my house: I have a dedicated gaming room with a table that sits 6 – so, we are looking for 4 more players (the two occupied seats are for myself and the DM).
If you are also tired of trying to find an existing game to join, send me a message with the following information:
Below are a few details to consider:
What’s the catch? Well, for most people, I suspect it will be my location: I live in Lago Vista. If you are new to the Austin metro you probably have no clue where that is. That’s okay, I didn’t either until I moved here. :P I am roughly 20-25 minutes west of Cedar Park/Leander. (As a point of reference, the Costco on 1431 is about 25 minutes away).
I have a good friend who has agreed to be the DM. He has considerable experience being a DM for a variety of game systems, and is an exceptional story teller. We will be starting off with the Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure module [which for those of you that care is a 5e module]. Our ideal is to run the game 2 nights a month. We will take a (more detailed) poll among the selected players to determine precise day/times for what works best for the most people, but our initial thoughts/preferences are to play on the weekends, twice a month, for about 3-4 hours each session. Just a little bit about me, the DM, and the space we will be playing in:
I’m male in my early 40s, unmarried, 1 dog (who cannot access the dedicated gaming room), business owner, former musician, lover of all things fantasy. (I’ve lost track of how many terrible B films I’ve watched just because they had dragons in them). While I have not played a DnD game before, I am familiar with some of its lore - having read a good number of the Dragon Lance books, all of Salvatore’s work, and I enjoyed all of the Neverwinter Nights video games (as well as myriad other fantasy worlds books & games). I’m an Excel geek, organized, clean, and just in case you are a true unicorn – a massive Battletech/Mechwarrior fan (the reason I have a dedicated game room). I even managed to work a few dragons into a Mechwarrior campaign I DM’d for a friend a while back. It was an unusual campaign for the Mechwarrior setting, but pretty fantastically integrated. If you like, or know of Battletech, you may need a towel for all the drooling when you visit the game room – it’s almost embarrassing the collection I have amassed.
A little bit about the DM (as described by me, not him): Male, also in his early 40s. He is a married, successful businessman working for a ridiculously large company with 2 girls that live with him and his wife part time, lover of animals, sci-fi, fantasy, and a gifted charismatic story teller. He excels at drawing people in and has a true gift for improvising on the fly as needed.
Both of us love beer, cocktails, wine, sci-fi, fantasy, good company, and lots of laughs.
We are both open minded. We don’t care if you are a he, she, we, them, they or whatever. People are people, and that is all that really matters. If you are a purple alien that only eats peanut butter you are more than welcome to join as long as you enjoy having fun and promise not eat us!
A little more about the space: I have plenty of parking – my two separate driveways can park six cars easily (I’ve hosted parties with 20 people or more here). The dedicated game room is not enormous, but can easily fit 6 of us. If we decide we need more room, I do have a very open dining area with a large table. There are refrigerators located close to both of those rooms if you want/need to keep drinks cold, and when we decide we need a break, there are 3 bathrooms in the house. [This place was built for entertaining]. I am fine with discreet vaping indoors [no huge clouds please], but any actual smoking will need to take place outside.
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2023.06.06 05:54 IllustriousKale180 Streaming Shows on iPad

So, I've always primarily streamed TV on my iPad, and this has never been a problem because I really only used one streaming source that I split with my sister. Well, the past few years some friends have offered to go halvies with me on some other streaming sites, so now I have several in rotation I can watch. And now my 32 gig 7th gen iPad (OS 16.4) isn't enough. I've deleted as much "media" off my iPad as possible (no photos, no files - I have no idea what is taking up so much media space), but it and apps are still taking up so much room that I'm constantly near full on space and having to offload apps to be able to keep at least one or two apps usable. I have to offload every app in order to do updates. The only apps I have left are the ones iPad won't let me offload, safari, youtube, and streaming ones. I don't have any games or anything on here.
I just recently bought this iPad after my old one got so slow it became unusable. I had no idea 32 gigs wouldn't be enough because it was more than my old one, which never gave me any problems.
I would also rather keep streaming to my iPad because it's just more handy. The iPad is portable. I can take it with me wherever around my apartment or traveling. Also, if I don't use it, I won't use it for anything else and that'd be an annoying waste of money. Is there any way to make this iPad more streaming-friendly?
I do have a lil 21" TV that was a gift for college more than 10 years ago. If I bought something like a fire stick or roku, is there any way I could cast from the TV to the iPad? If I bought an SD card, could I store some apps on there?
Appreciate any advice.
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2023.06.06 05:54 uncle_mars Need help identifying

Need help identifying
I recently bought these faucets. I’ve seen several iterations of this style online. I’m curious of the history of these. I’m new to this sub and I’m hoping someone here can help me to identify what material these are (brass?)made of and how to best restore them. I sanded down the bottom of one piece but I’m really not sure what I’m looking at. If anyone could help me date them as well that would be swell. They came off a presumably slate counter with rheem sinks with stickers/logos looking like they could possibly be from the 50s or 60s. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.06 05:54 Lopoetve What am I missing? I absolutely hate the Tower of Latria - it's almost making me not want to continue, and so many call it the best location in almost all of Souls history?

PS5 remake, fwiw - but I have the PS3 version coming as my goal is to platinum everything and I'm ~not~ sure I can ever pull off the multiplayer trophies in this game (there are reasons), but don't mind sitting through the PS3 version if that's what it takes.
I'm so confused - been looking forward to this level from comments I've seen, and I absolutely ~cannot~ stand it. The Mindflayers are just annoying and time consuming instead of fun to fight (yay sneak backstab or play dodge the magic bolt). It's a combination corridor crawler and maze (neither of which is a positive - corridor is tight so weapons bounce half the time, even with a 1 handed falchion, and I hate mazes with a passion). It's dark and hard to see (except the glowing bastards who spent too much time crying out to things that are not dead but sleeping lie), and just ... somewhat repetitive. Open cell and kill idiot. Fight mindflayer. Repeat. Fall down hole. Oh hey, an iron maiden. Bodies everywhere. Nice physics engine though.
Boletaria was brilliant. Stonefang was your usual underground level - but well designed. From what I've seen of Shrine of Storms it's excellent (ran in for the Falchion +1).
I'd rather do just about any of the other locations I've seen, to be honest, rather that continue to grind through Latria.
Or hell, Nightmare Frontier from Bloodborne, my previous least favorite location - at least you can see there. And Amygdala is fun to battle.
I'm just baffled. So many talk about it being creepy and having atmosphere - it's just dark and kinda green to me, and you go in loops a bunch. There are dead bodies and iron maidens, but ... that's pretty much it? Am I far too jaded for it to be horrible somehow? I'm hoping you all can help me understand - I struggled occasionally in BB as well, and the community is great. What am I missing about this place?
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