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2023.03.20 22:57 overkil6 Weird School Policy

Livid at the moment so forgive any typos, grammar mistakes!
My child, 12, is in a middle school. We had an incident in October where she had accidentally grabbed the wrong text book before class and didn’t realize it until class had started. Upon asking the teacher to go get the right book she was told no - she couldn’t go until break.
It seems the school has a policy that kids can’t be wandering the halls once the bell has gone. Of course, thinking like most parents, I asked if this means kids are pissing and shitting in the classrooms as a result of this policy. The answer was of course no. Kids can go to the bathroom.
Now today: She sits in the back of the class and cannot read anything at the front of the room (they juggle the class seating plan every so often). Of course because it’s back to routine, she forgot her glasses in her locker. Same thing: can’t go get them because of this policy. So she’s sitting there, near tears (she has bad anxiety), because she can’t really do anything.
So no my kid is losing a couple of hours of learning time because the only time kids can leave is if something is about to come out of their body.
We are trying to meet with the teacher again and hopefully the principal to discuss this. Wondering if anyone has any sort of advice on how best to handle this to show 1) the absurdity of this policy and 2) perhaps get them to see the world isn’t so black and white and that there needs to be some wiggle room.
I have told her to lie and say she’s going to the bathroom but because of the anxiety she isn’t capable.
They want kids to act like adults but also assume they’re going to… I don’t know… sell drugs in the hall or something.
Would appreciate input from parents as well as teachers.
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2023.03.20 22:54 ghet2dachoppa America is showing sings it is headed towards a fascist/authoritarian government.

WHAT??? Our founding fathers put forth a structure of checks and balances that ensure nothing Authoritarianism ever happens. While Authoritarianism has never happened, we have seen constitutional failure that resulted in a Civil War. If a Civil War can happen, why is it not possible for the rise of Fascism, or an Authoritarian leader to rise to power. We have already seen an attempt to overthrow the system and keep a leader who clearly lost an election. Since then, we have seen others try to follow that framework. Things like January 6th don’t just happen.
Let’s dive a little deeper into some of the most troubling and signs that our Democracy is fractured and could be in trouble.
A Growing Distrust in Science
I start with this one very purposely due to recency bias with COVID. There has always been an anti-vax movement. In the 1860’s Britain found its first anti-vax movement after the smallpox vaccine was made mandatory with penalties for refusal. In the 1870s, a British anti-vaxer came to America and started the movement. That fizzled out. There have been movements here and there since. The modern movement however can be traced back to 1998 and a British doctor named Andrew Wakefield. Wakefield recommended and falsified data for the MMR vaccine suggestion that the vaccine caused autism. With the newly popular internet, the growing media, and the growth of rapidly growing access to information we end up with a massive conspiracy with legitimacy due to false information. There have always been circles that distrust science, but this one was different. It was mainstream, celebrities got on board, we still live with the fall out and here this one. Wakefield admitted that he did not do a full study, falsified information, and served prison time. He set the cornerstone for a lot of the distrust in science we see today however. His study has helped turn the world into an anti-intellectual society.
There is a lot more we could dig into between Wakefield and COVID but I feel this is enough background at this point. We could get into the science of mRNA, and false perceptions. We could get into the fact that it was identified in the 1960’s and has been in use for medical applications, including vaccines and cancer treatments since the 1990’s and the science has been proven safe for decades. We could get into the fact that 90+% of the ingredients are more or less inert and in use for other vaccines and medicine and has been for decades, but that’s enough of that. Let’s get into COVID and the crippling blow for science that was dealt during COVID.
Rudy Gobert and the NBA shuts the country down. In the US, we watched as Italians sang off balconies during the lockdown. Venice canals turned pure blue due to lack of boat traffic. China was sealed into their houses, sometimes by bolting their doors. We all knew it was coming, then Rudy tests positive for COVID. The NBA cancels games and the rest of the country follows suit. We were in lock down. We know we had a new Coronavirus that was different, easily transferable, and had the potential to be very serious.
Quickly we picked sides. We used the same data points to prove the other side wrong. We used scientists and a shifting understanding of the virus to prove/disprove our feelings about how COVID works. I use the term feeling deliberately. This is the key here. True science does not pick sides, but we pick the sides that best fit our political beliefs. This in turn created a massive influx in false data and further eroded the trust in our scientific community. We had our President as one of the main anti-vax influencers (link: while pumping billions to accelerate a vaccine. A president who was fueling the anti-mask movement while wearing one himself (link: The face of the scientific community for this issue was not much better. Dr. Faucci starts comes out and says masks don’t work, only to back track and say it was because the masks were needed for health-care workers (link: I use CNN on purpose here as it’s the left calling out the left. This statement had a big effect on the movement as well and further eroded our trust in science. Even more troubling, 36% of Republicans distrust science. If you look at these survey links from 2/15/2022, you can see the results (pew link: and Another troubling shift, is the declining trust in education, you can see where that is going. You can also point to this study and overlay it with how Trump planed the steal the election claim. I feel this is a good stopping point and time to move on to the media. If you want me to detail the timeline of how Trump set up his ability to claim election fraud, I would be happy to spend some hours putting it all together.
The Media
We live in a time where the media is as much of the news as the news is. We have massive cooperation with a 24-hour news cycle which needs constant content to stay afloat. They have their sides and vision for what this country should be. We have less reporters and journalists than people who push propaganda and agendas down our throats. We do not have state or party funded media, but we have media that is attached so much to the parties, there is barely a difference. We have very few fact reporting centered news organizations (link: It is our fault though, very few if any media outlets are not for profit. They are feeding us what we want to hear, not what we need to hear. That’s what sells, and with the race for content and the growing competition, what else can we expect? Then we have the internet which has become media by meme, YouTube, and TickTok (link: With that we have bot farms, hackers, and other foreign agents sponsored by other governments and companies hired by politicians (see Cambridge Analytica) working fairly successfully to undermine our Democracy. We have made a shift to alternative news sources, unreliable news sources, or news sources that are created to mislead the rest of the world. We are fed a stream of propaganda, we eat up, and repeat the misinformation until it becomes true. Fascist and Authoritarian leaders have known for decades, if you can create a big enough echo chamber, anything can become true.
Fringe Groups/People in Places of Power
There are a couple categories here. There are the fringe politicians who take mainstream ideas to the extreme and there are the fringe politicians who are just conspiracy theorists. A.O.C., MTG, Lauren Bobert, Ilham Omar, Trump, and many more. If everything is good, we do not elect fringe politicians. It is a sure sign a shift has happened and it's not good. We are unhappy, we are believing the conspiracies. The propaganda is working. Something is rotten in Denmark. There are many things this can be attributed to including Rapid technological changes, groups feeling marginalized, the two-party system that has been stagnant for decades and has been engaged in tit-for-tat politics since for most of the last century. The A.O.C. group who push the boundaries of mainstream ideas is not necessarily unhealthy. It can be healthy if in the right conditions. Testing the boundaries helps you grow and evolve. You get new ideas, new perspectives. The MTG conspiracy theory group is dangerous. Two things happen with this group, it gives further legitimacy to the conspiracy, and they use the conspiracy to expand their power base. You can trace the great Jewish conspiracy through Europe for centuries and see this. Look at all the “Devine” monarchs. It is all over in history. Typically, there is a group that is pointed at including Jews, LGBTQ+, women, Africans, and Islam to name a few. If there is a them, it's easy to create a us.
Targeting groups
We are seeing this in many areas. It is rapidly becoming more and more prevalent. We have politicians in South Carolina who are trying to pass legislation for women who get abortions. We have politicians in Florida trying to pass legislation so women cannot talk about their periods. We have all kinds of legislation passed against the LGTBQ+ community. We have laws on the book that disproportionately affect various races, and when they bring it up, they are snowflakes. We are building laws and banning citizens from numerous countries. Give us your poor, your week, your huddled masses, as long as they fit the bill. Books are being banned, including some that are formative and important for people to learn how to understand the world, all under the guise to protect our children. We would not want our children learning our true history, we would not want our children learning to accept THEM. We don’t want equality. If THEY have more, WE have less. In a country with 3.5% unemployment, high paying tech jobs that can only be filled by H1V1, we have a good part of the country that would be capable of filling these jobs if we just thought differently. There is enough to go around, but instead of upskilling and getting our citizens into these high paying professional jobs, we are making America great again. America has always been anti-immigrant to a degree but when you start seeing laws passed, the gap between us and them accelerates. As the divide becomes greater, the easier it is to rule based on fear. Historically, this is the gateway to genocide.
This one is often overlooked but it is an important one. A sure sign that your country is becoming nationalized is when your military is beyond reproach. Now I am not saying we should not be grateful and kind to those who served. I am saying we should examine our military and hold them accountable when they do something wrong. As we fail to do this, the nation starts to come before all. If someone speaks out against injustice, disrespects the flag, the office of the president, they are ostracized. It starts with militarization. Once the military becomes beyond reproach, civil servants are next. You can see this throughout history. Look at Vietnam, look at Nazi and the Kaiser's Germany, really almost any authoritarian regime.
I am not saying we are at the tipping point. I am saying the signs are there. Unless we can start to find a way to come back to the middle, the divide will continue and we may end up in an authoritarian state.
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2023.03.20 22:52 Pale_Ad5899 HACKING SERVICES

Contact Us On [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
About the research
Many businesses actively and productively use corporate sites, online stores, and web services to accomplish tasks. Customers register on these websites by leaving their personal data, make purchases by entering credit card information, and use cloud services to store information or use the resources provided to send their sensitive information. It is obvious that not only competitors, but also cybercriminals, would like to have access to such precious data, so it is no surprise when clients' personal data is leaked from yet another big company into the hands of criminals. Often, these events are associated with a successful attack on a company's web applications, as a result of which attackers gain access to the user database or steal other information. For example, in September 2020, hackers broke into more than 2,800 Magento-based online stores where they injected a malicious script that to scrape customers' personal information and payment card data.
As a result of hacking, both users and companies themselves may be affected. The web application security analysis conducted by Positive Technologies shows that criminals can conduct attacks on clients in 92% of web applications; in 68% of cases, there is a danger of a data leak; and in 16% of cases, attackers can gain control over the application and the server OS.
In this article, we will talk about why criminals hack websites, and what consequences there may be for the owners and users of hacked resources.
We have selected the ten most active forums on the dark web, which offer services for hacking websites, buying and selling databases, and accessing web resources. In total, more than 8 million users are registered on these forums, more than 7 million topics have been created, and more than 80 million messages have been published.
Note that this article does not consider ads that are posted in messages on such forums and related to services for organizing DDoS attacks on web resources, since in this case, the motives, goals, and tools of the attackers and those who hire them differ radically and go beyond the scope of this research.
Why criminals hack websites
In 90% of cases, users of darknet hacking forums search for a hacker who can provide them with access to a particular resource or who can download a user database. Seven percent of the messages include offers to hack websites. The rest of the messages are aimed at promoting hacking tools and programs and finding like-minded people to share hacking experience.
By offers, we mean ads published by service owners and hacker groups. They cannot act as indicators of supply and demand, as they are often posted only once. The demand for the services mentioned above can be estimated approximately only by individual inquiries from users who, for various reasons, did not make use of the information about the offers.
Figure 1. Categories of inquiries related to hacking websites
Since March 2020, we have noticed a surge of interest in website hacking. This might have been caused by an increase in the number of companies available via the Internet, which was triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations that previously worked offline were forced to go online in order to maintain their customers and profits, and cybercriminals, naturally, took advantage of this situation.
The following graph shows the number of new ads on dark web forums. Ads are posted not only by new members, but also by hackers with an established reputation. The latter do this as a form of self-promotion. It is difficult to determine which ads are duplicates and which have lost relevance, so we do not give the number of hackers or groups that actively provided hacking services at the beginning of 2019 or who are doing it today.
Figure 2. Number of new ads related to hacking web resources on forums in 2019–2020
In about seven out of ten inquiries related to website hacking, the main goal is to gain access to a web resource. Not only can attackers steal sensitive information, but also sell access to web applications to so-called fences.
Figure 3. Distribution of inquiries by topic
Inquiries aimed at obtaining user or client databases from a targeted resource account for 21% of all ads. Competitors and spammers who collect lists of addresses for targeted phishing attacks aimed at a specific audience are primarily interested in acquiring this type of information.
Contact Us On [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.20 22:49 JustRollWithThis Interdimentional Villain Exchange Program -1- A Very Bad Day

Interdimentional Villain Exchange Program -1- A Very Bad Day

Today… a BAD day.
I knew that from the moment I woke up and found out that I overslept so much that I didn't have any hope of making it in time for combat training.
But if being late was the only bad thing that happened today I would be singing praises to all the gods above and below. But of course, it was not. Not even close. The next thing that went completely sideways was the aforementioned combat practice that I was late for. Normally it's intense, but not an unpleasant experience. If I can say so humbly, that's mostly because combat is actually one of my strong suits.
The flow of blades, the rhythm of spellcraft and swift movements of ached flesh always seemed very harmonious to me. It all accumulated in a beautiful symphony of combat that I could play better then almost any of my peers.
However, the keyword this time is “almost”.
Being second best is however a small comfort if The Best is still so much stronger than you that the only thing you can do is to struggle to at least mitigate the beating you receive. And since I annoyed the instructors by being late in the morning, of course I got assigned to be the sparring partner of Serena after the instructor she usually spared with had “something better to do”. Serena was not a particularly malicious person. At least not too much. One cannot become a top student of Mordath Villain Academy without being at least decently malicious and sadistic after all. However for some reason she seemed to respect me of all people.
OK I'll admit it. “Respect” might be a bad word to describe it. It would be more accurate to call it a “begrudging acceptance”. I'm not sure why but it's probably because, despite my relatively poor academic achievements compared to the rest of the group, I could not be crushed under her heel like an “annoying bug” during battle practice.
I was bestowed the honor of being an “average rodent” by her instead. That might not have seemed much different to me… or the rest of the students… or the instructors… or anyone else for that matter, but to her it apparently made a difference.
Enough of a difference to fight me seriously during the sparring sessions at least. And the result was all but pleasant for me. Especially considering the fact that we are at the Mordath Villain Academy, and not some third rate training facility. Here a spar ends only when the time ends. The founder of the academy was Mordath, the Onyx Lich himself after all, and for that man, no half measures were acceptable. And since he founded the academy, he would not stop halfway and do everything in his power to guarantee results. Unfortunately for me, there isn’t really that much that's beyond his power. And as a result, the next four hours of combat practice I had experienced were hell incarnate.
I fought desperately with everything I had, and after a couple of seconds, or maybe a minute if I was lucky I made a mistake, and got stabbed, beheaded, gutted, frozen, burned, or one of a thousand other ways miss prodigy chose to torture me with that round.
After suffering such fate the magical wards on the arena would activate, heal me, rejuvenate my muscles, refill my mana reserves and in a few seconds announce the beginning of the next round.
I “died” about a hundred times today already, and all I had to show for it was a cut off finger and a frostbite on her eyebrow. Some would call even that result impressive, but I preferred to call it humiliating.
How can I be satisfied with dying a hundred times for a finger and some dead skin? Give me a break. Who would be ok with that? I'm not that pathetic.
But even still, if that was all of it I would call it a particularly unpleasant monday, and that would be it. But today was indeed, a BAD day.
Before I could even finish washing the literal buckets of my own blood from my hair, I was jumped by a bunch of guys under the showers and gotten beaten senseless for “daring to lay a hand on their love”.
Honestly… how pathetic can you be to be so obsessed with a person that doesn’t even know you exist.
I could not even protect myself properly. The guys that jumped me were a bunch of comically muscular brutes that probably eat rocks and shit out sand, while I was just a naked human mage without any magical armor, spell focus, and my head half submerged in water.
I'm only above average at fighting… I'm no Serena. I can’t do miracles.
So there I was, lying naked, half of me covered in blood, the other half beaten blue and black, with my hair still covered in shampoo and my brain spinning on its highest gears to figure out how to even get up.
And then, as if nothing happened a secretary walked into the showers and started to speak to me as if nothing was wrong.
“Oh. Here you are, boy! I was just looking for you! Come with me quickly. The Headmaster is looking for you.”
Now imagine my shock. A headmaster was looking for me. Dark Lord Mordath, the Ruler of the Underworld, the Runic Monarch, the FUCKING GODSLAYER, was looking for me.
Not just for anyone closest, not just for anyone of specific species or gender for some of his deranged experiments, but for me specifically.
What the fuck?
And you know what the worst part is? It wasn’t even time for lunch yet. And that means this day is only just beginning.
Secretary of course didn’t bother inquiring about my present condition. The academy only had four rules and none of them were broken by simply beating a student up. It was a villain academy after all. They are going to teach us, but how we live is the last of their concerns. And since no rules were broken, the secretary naturally didn’t care either.
He did at least give me enough time to get dressed before quite literally dragging me to the headmasters office, but that was a small comfort if you take into account that he most certainly did not give me an opportunity to go find a healer, or at least drink a healing potion, so my whole body was still colorful like some sort of abstract art piece with bloodstains and bruises covering most of it.
Well, at least it didn’t look like I got any of my bones broken so there is that…
And after a short, at least objectively, journey to the headmasters office we were greeted by a set of huge doors. They were enormous, made of gold and so absolutely covered in precious stones that one might think they were there to compensate for something, although none would dare to say that considering who the creator of the doors was.
As we closed in, the unimaginably heavy doors started to open on their own letting us into the spacious chamber behind.
And in there sat two people, to whom I can attribute my current missfortune. One of those people was someone that I did expect to see here, after all the onyx skeleton dressed in vibrant purple robe was none other than the headmaster himself, the other one however, left me confused.
He looked like a tall and muscular, yet slender man with ashen skin, three pairs of leathery bat-like wings on his back and two antler-like horns that extended from his forehead and regularly sparked with magical lightning. Yet despite his intimidating appearance it was not his looks that caught my attention, it was his aura.
That man was powerful.
Very powerful.
As a mage I am naturally very adept at sensing manaflow, and magical fluctuations, which allowed me to instantly recognise how strong the person in front of me was. The magical energy danced around and flawed into him as if he was a maw of some incomprehensible eldritch horror slowly devouring the very universe around him. It was almost enough to match the cyclone of mana generated by The Headmaster which up to this point remained by far the strongest magical phenomenon I had ever seen.
“Here you are! We were starting to get worried that You are not going to show up at all!” said The Lich, his voice seemingly happy yet carrying a barely perceivable tinge of annoyance. “We don't have much time so i will tell you why you were called and what you are to do, and you will do it, are we clear?”
“Yes sir!” I could only answer this way. Even though I wanted to curse at the undead bastard in front of me. Even though I had a feeling I would not be happy with what I'm supposed to do, who could disobey the will of Mordath The Godslayer? Certainly not me.
“All right then. I was having a chat with my friend here, and he was bitching about how difficult it is to conquer his world for a demon…”
“Demon Lord.” Interrupted the stranger “I did not kill the entire gods damned demon realm monarchy to be called just a demon”
“Yeah. Yeah. Whatever you say Sparky” Agreed the Lich and waved his hand before continuing, seemingly oblivious to a overbearing magical pressure his guest started to emit as a result of his remark “Well the point is, he thinks us undead have it easy, and i think he is full of shit, and simply cannot admit that i'm better than him.”
The Lich finished, and seemed content to remain silent as if everything has already been explained.
“I… understand my master. But how does this connect to me?” I said. More than a little confused.
However instead of the lich, it was the demon in the room that answered with a sneering tone.
“Isn’t it obvious boy? The old sack of bones over here said i'm over exaggerating the difficulty of my goals, and to prove it he offered to send one of his students to complete three tasks I attempted, and failed to achieve”
Hearing that my mind went blank. How in hell am I supposed to achieve something that even this monster of a person failed to accomplish? Is this some sort of devilish joke I'm too human to understand?
“Well then what will you do?” Asked the headmaster, apparently unconcerned by my shocked expression. “Do you accept this task, keep in mind that I would be very disappointed in you if you choose to refuse…”
And that was it. Ever since we were kidnapped by that old fuck, and forced to “learn proper villainy” under him we were made to understand that disappointing Him meant death, and not a quick one at that. So since he said what he did I did not really have a choice in the matter.
“Ok i'll do it” I said, my tone expressing exactly how willing i truly was to undertake this task “When do i start? I had to take my things and…”
“No. I don't think that will be necessary.” Said the demon handing me a piece of crumpled up parchment “And you will be starting immediatly”.
Just as he finished his sentence a phantom hand suddenly gripped me by the shoulder and started dragging me towards a portal that suddenly opened on a nearby wall. I yelped in surprise and only had a time to glance hatefully at the two figures still standing in the room before I fell through the runic circle comprising the portal.
I did not have time to ask any questions, but when I was still traveling through the dimensional corridor of the portal spell I got some time to reorganize my thoughts and realized something unusual about what was said in the office.
There is no Demon Lord.
The demon realm monarchy is a bunch of subjects that serve under Mordath for milenia now. And most importantly why would the thrice cursed lich make fun of the demon for his inability to conquer a world that was already conquered by him instead of killing him for disobedience?
It just didn’t make any sense. Unless…
But just as I was about to finish this train of thought I was thrown out by the rapidly shrinking portal door and was stunned by what I saw. In front of me, in the great expanse of the beautifully azure sky there were tens, maybe even hundreds of floating islands of different shapes and sizes, each one floating on its own, or in some kind of bizarre archipelago of floating stones.
At that point I knew my inference was true. I was no longer in my world. I was in fact so stunned by the realization, that I failed to notice an even more important fact of significantly more pressing nature. It was only when I finally noticed that the wind was only getting faster, and all the floating islands around me seemed to be rapidly moving upwards did I finally catch on to the fact that this damn demon didn’t even bother to open the portal on the ground.
So there i was.
Mentally exhausted, brutally beaten up, and now rapidly falling into oblivion in a universe that I don't even belong to, with a set of three impossible tasks to complete…
I believe that taking all of it into consideration I can say that without a shadow of a doubt, Today…
…Is a BAD day.
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2023.03.20 22:49 coldpressed_sandwich Western Blotting mistake - question about loading

Western Blotting mistake - question about loading
I've only done one western blot before and I'm also pretty new to lab work so I apologise if this is a really dumb question. I did my first western under supervision so it came out well, but I'm worried that the one that I did today (unsupervised) will come out wrong. I'm thinking this because when I was loading the samples, I didn't load an equal volume of protein samples into each well by mistake. It's only now that I'm writing up about my day that I've realised that this might ruin my results?
I didn't load equally because some of the cell lysates were really thick and were refusing to come out of the pipette. I tried loading 12 microliters of protein sample to each well, but one or two of the wells probably contain maybe half that - so 6 microliters each. Will this mean that the 12 microliter wells will appear to have a higher protein concentration than the 6 microliter wells due to the difference in volume? Will this impact my results negatively, because if true I can't trust my results surely?
The same thing happened with the gel that I'm using for my control - so would this mean that the wells with less protein volume will show up as having less protein concentration when developing the film? Is there any point in continuing with this one or should I just start again?
In a nutshell - I accidentally put a lower volume of protein sample into some wells, would the results end up looking something like this? Again sorry if this is a stupid question.
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2023.03.20 22:47 NostalgiaVivec Keyboard Drift/Sticking (not literally)

I got a new PC about a week ago and about 4ish days ago I started getting an issue where in a game ill move and the movement will persist for up to 3ish seconds in rare cases after I let go of the key (kind of like stick drift or as if the key is sticking) and I've been researching it since. I first noticed it in R6 Siege then in Enlisted but it only happened once in both of these games, I then got it in Skyrim (where I've noticed it the most) and in Fallout New Vegas upon testing where it is the most consistent and severe. I've tried a different Keyboard and the issue persists so it is NOT the keyboard, it does not happen outside of games and does not happen with controllers. I have tried everything that comes up when googling the issue and any combo of words to get a result around the issue. It does seem to either be triggered by or made worse by any lag or PC buffering (like it got really bad when a video on my 2nd monitor buffered on YouTube).
I'm on Windows 11 and my GPU is a 3070 and my CPU is an i7 12700F. Sometimes (like today) it will start instantly and will happen often. other days (like yesterday) it took about 2 hours to start (these were both in Skyrim) I've tried different USB ports, Filter Keys, Repeat Rate, Repeat delay, deleting iCUE, messing around with drivers etc. none of it has worked.
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2023.03.20 22:45 ChromeShadows9 Astraea Record Light Novel 1 Part 4 Defeat.

A group that appeared to be adventurers, deployed by the Apate Familia, were easily trampling the four prum brothers. Straining his eyes at the unbelievable sight, Hedin, who looked into the battlefield of flames, realized.

"Those mad warriors wearing restraints...! Are they from the Osiris Familia?!"

Although the restraints around their mouths made it unclear, there was no mistake.

Hedin and Alfrigg had coincidentally come across the faces of the defeated Osiris Familia members while researching past adventurers' combat records at the Guild to devise a strategy against Evilus. Over twenty years ago, before the "Dark Age" had begun, they had been defeated in battle by Zeus and Hera.

In the past, they were formidable opponents who had secretly amassed the power of multiple Level 6 and Level 7 members to attack the Zeus Familia.

"Unfortunately, the Level 7 captain Merti Zara and other first-tier adventurers either died or disappeared in the conflict... but there were second-tier adventurers who burned for revenge. They are the reserve forces of Osiris."

While watching the Gulliver brothers being subjected to cruel treatment that could hardly be called a beating, the priest of Apate Familia, Basram smiled.

"At that time, they contacted our underground organization and converted from the exiled god Osiris to our god Apate. They trained themselves and sharpened their fangs, waiting for the day to take revenge on Zeus and Hera... but that day never came."

The failure of the Three Great Quests.

Zeus and Hera, who were defeated by the "Black Dragon," disappeared without waiting for a rematch with the avengers.

Basram and the others of the Apate Familia did not let go of the former members of the Osiris Familia who had lost their will to fight.

They thought. if they lost their motivation to fight, they could simply use an alternative method, such as "madness,"

Following the "doctrine" of their injust Apate, they turned them into vicious "beasts."

"We have used drugs and curses to create berserker soldiers... but for them, we tried a new approach. The infusion of captured 'spirits.'"

At the end of Basram's line of sight, in the back of the necks of the warriors wearing restraints from their mouths to the back of their heads, a "dagger" was deeply embedded.

That was the remains of the "spirits" captured by Basram and his subordinates.

"'Infusing spirits…?! What the hell are you saying?!"

"Isn’t it a common story in fairy tales? In the distant 'ancient' times when there were no gods yet, the powerful 'spirits' that stayed close to the heroes. We tried to recreate the 'blessing of spirits' that granted victory to the heroes of the past."

Basram explained carefully, to Alfrigg, who had shouted that question, with a broken helmet, blood streaming across his face.

The true nature of the daggers was the spirits that had been forcibly "weaponized" according to the teachings of the evil god.

The Apate Familia used both warriors and spirits to conduct brutal experiments, creating what could be called "Spirit Soldiers." And undoubtedly, it was a forbidden practice.

Ignoring the cries of the wailing spirits, they restrained the rampaging warriors and created this blasphemous power.

"Although they cannot be compared to the heroes of the past, there has been an explosive increase in 'magical power,' and some individuals have developed natural healing abilities. Though I regret that we could only test this with lower spirits, as there were no 'Great Spirits'... but the results of our 'doctrine' are evident, as you can see."


"To avoid being discovered by the Guild, we continued the battles in a experimental testing area in the Dungeon until today... just recently, they finally reached Lv. 5. We decided to deploy them on this day of the 'Great Feud,' where a new legend would begin."

Basram spoke about the difficulty of the task, with a constant smile on his face, as Alfrigg watched, stunned.

Capturing the "Spirit Soldiers" who had lost their sanity and reason and updating their Status was quite a challenge.

Through repeated fusion experiments and strengthening expeditions in the Dungeon, the initial 42 spirits and 34 warriors had been reduced to 12 "Spirit Soldiers."

The "doctrine" that disregards the dignity of both people and spirits is truly “heretical"
All of this is due to the fanaticism of the familia members, led by Basram, and the divine will of the goddess Apate.

The domain she governs is "injustice."

The embodiment of heresy, they ridicule the heroes of Orario who follow the righteous path and trample upon justice.

"Yes, we are the apostles of Apate! We are the sacred heretics who will repaint the world with 'injustice'!"

"Gah, uaaaaaaah!?"

As Basram, with his bloodshot eyes wide open and a sinister smile on his face, slammed the staff he held in one hand to the ground, a sound similar to a tuning fork, a "resonance of light," was born, and the "Spirit Soldiers" let out a mighty roar.

Flames and electricity were created on their arms without the use of spells, burning their own skin while attacking Alfrigg and the others. The twelve uncontrolled forces tore apart the brothers' coordination, one by one slamming them into walls and debris.

"Twelve warriors with the power of first-tier adventurers…?!"

Including the Dis sisters, there were fourteen of them.

Watching Alfrigg and the others that were blown away, Hedin realized immediately, that even his own heart was beating wildly in disgrace.

In the battlefield of the "Seventh District," only Hedin and Hegni have reached Lv. 5. Even Alfrigg and the others were at Lv. 4, and it was only natural that the other members of the Freya Familia could not compete with them.

Due to the utterly evil "doctrine" of the Apate Familia, even the fearless Einherjar found themselves in a desperate situation.

"Now, Spirit Soldiers who have passed through the ceremony of Apate!, let your power loose!"

Odd spot to end I know, but the scene changes to Hedin afterwards so this is the end of this part.
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2023.03.20 22:44 Rosy_Maple_Clio MOAB Results in 1 Day!!

I have taken a break from scripting and subliminal for maybe 9 months and last night I started again.I just used the MOAB Method last night and I think I have gotten results already. I got 2 amazing educational opportunities, one of them allows me to learn about my dream job at one of my dream Ivy League universities very soon. My hair isn't as frizzy as it usually is, my skin is clearer, and I got of ton of compliments today. I'm not being hyperbolistic in the slightest, this worked for me.
Here is exactly what I wrote in my journal last night:
#1(Syntax of S-Module){Beauty[Beauty Kyrstalized]}x{Intelligence[Beauty Krystalized]}
#2(Syntax of T-Module){(ur mom)Rory Gilmore}{(moocha)Rory Gilmore}
#3(Syntax of D-Module){[Rich][Parent's Name](5 million dollars)}
#4(Syntax of R-Module){Hair growth[vetala(wild)]}
#5(Syntax of R-Module){Ultimate Success[Beauty Kyrstalized]}
#6(Syntax of R-Module){World Changer[Enchanted Workshop]}
#7(Syntax of R-Module){Subliminal Results[ItsaKid]}
Here is the playlist I used
Dream Everything
Rory Gilmore Intelligence/school life
World Changer
check out u/ItsaKid for their sub and how MOAB works. I definitely recommend it so far <3
Hope you all get results!🧿💗
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2023.03.20 22:44 Ordinary_Room_1486 WL @ Harvard

Email indicating update on app tracker came in about an hour ago.
Stats: 16mid // 3.6mid // 6 years we
I know chances are low off the waitlist but I'm still so ecstatic with the result. Biggest congrats to all the As today! Best of luck to everyone with the rest of the cycle!
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2023.03.20 22:37 Yours_Trulee69 Believes in COVID but Doesn't Trust the Tests

Backstory - I live in the Midwest and caught a cold last week from a young family member. Both the child and parent have been seen by doctors and prescribed antibiotics for sinus/ear infections as a result. I developed ear pain after about 4 days and knowing their progression, visited an urgent care locally who did not believe I had any bacterial infections yet so no prescriptions were done. I have tested myself for COVID 4 times since mid last week and the urgent care tested me over the weekend with all tests being negative. Advised to follow up with my doctor today if symptoms were not improving.
So, today I did see my doctor. He comes straight into the exam and says that he believes I have COVID. When I dispute it knowing I have taken a test just prior to the visit, his exact words were "I don't trust the tests" because he has seen couples with the exact same symptoms where one tested positive and the first ther negative. I was flabbergasted as he kept insisting I had it when the tests clearly show that I don't. (Also I did have it in December and was very ill. I had to go to the ER because of the start of pneumonia. These symptoms are not like the ones I had then.)
I have had some loss of smell but it comes and goes because my head and nose is stopped up severely. I can smell some things while at the same moment I am unable to smell others. His whole conclusion that I had COVID hinged on the fact that I would only lose my sense of smell if it was COVID no matter what the tests said. This is very frustrating as anyone who has developed severe sinus infections or allergies do lose sense from time to time. COVID is not the only illness in which this happens.
I have encountered numerous COVID deniers living in the rural area that I do but to have a doctor that denies the science of the testing and insists I have an Illness that I don't was clearly a first for me.
FYI - I am planning to find a new doctor because I feel if he can't trust the tests then I can't trust his judgement.
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2023.03.20 22:35 tepig31 once again for a test :)

elements vs factors
elements are essentially factors that are required to prove a libel case
factors are things that aren't deal breakers to prove a case but help
6 libel elements:

  1. defamation
  2. falsity: the information was false
  3. communication (mass communication??)
  4. identification (of the person)
  5. fault
  6. harm
defenses to libel:

  1. truth
  2. privilige (gov't document)
  3. fair comment and criticism

Four basic torts of privacy law include: False Light, Misappropriation, Public Disclosure, and Intrusion upon seclusion or solitude, or into private affairs
Intrusion upon seclusion or solitude, or into private affairs
_____ means using a person's name, image or likeness for commercial gain without permission. a. false light b. intrusion c. misappropriation d. trespass of chattel
c. misappropriation
Media liability: Plaintiff must prove words/media are likely to result in _____ and was foreseeable. a. imminent doom b. imminent discomfort under " reasonable person" standard c. imminent lawless action d. imminent chaos
c. imminent lawless action
A person's actions are no longer "private" when they are performed with(in) _____ a. a 100 feet "bubble of protection" from minors b. intention to injure c. foreseeable harm d. public view
d. public view Names of victims of crime are _____ a. never considered public fact(s) b. considered public fact(s) c. neither public or non-public fact(s) d. none of the above
b. considered public fact(s) In Katz v. US, the court said there is no expectation of privacy in a phone booth a. true b. false
b. false (there is an expectation of privacy in a phone booth) First Amendment give reporters "license to trespass" as long as the event is deemed newsworthy a. true b. false
b. false In Cohn, courts reasoned that media cannot be punished for information lawfully obtained. a. true b. false
a. true All citizens have an expectation of privacy in their homes and on their private property. a. true b. false
a. true An arrest report is not considered public facts a. true b. false
b. false A factor in Common Criteria in Copycat Cases: "Did the media provide warnings or disclaimers" a. true b. false
a. true Miller v. California (1973) is still used today as the national standard for defining _____ a. indecency b. obscenity c. illegal contraband d. profanity
b. obscenity Does the work contain "significant transformative elements"?
Under the "Right of Publicity Test", in order to determine if a celebrity image is protected by the First Amendment, there is a two question test: Does the artistic expression take the form of a literal depiction or imitation, and __________________________________?
Imminent lawless action
In Brandenburg v. Ohio, a plaintiff in a media liability case must prove that words or images in movies, books, TV shows, video games, musical recording, and other media are likely to result in _______________________ and that the media outlet could "foresee" what would happen.
True - Mickey Mouse Club
Under the common criteria in copy-cat cases, courts may consider if there was "foreseeability"
In 2001, the California Supreme Court established a "Right of Publicity Test" to help determine when artistic use of a celebrity image is protected by the First Amendment. False
In Katz v. US, the court said there is no expectation of privacy in a phone booth. True
In Cohn, courts reasoned that media cannot be punished for information lawfully obtained. True
One factor in the Common Criteria in Copycat Cases list includes: "Did the media provide warnings or disclaimers about potentially harmful content?" not be arrested because mere possession of obscene material in one's home is permissible
Pete Perv stayed overnight at Curious Sam's house and accidentally left behind several obscene DVD's - all of which had been ruled "legally obscene" under the Miller test in recent court cases. No minors were involved in any of the videos. A couple days later after Pete left, Sam found the DVD's and out of curiosity, Sam played one of the obscene DVD's. Meanwhile, as Sam was viewing the obscene material, the police burst into his home while serving a warrant on another matter. Officer Smith immediately recognized the video Sam was watching as being recently deemed obscene. Regarding possible obscenity charges, Sam is likely to: be guilty of transporting obscene material
Mama Snoops, Curious Sam's mother, surprised Sam by arriving at his doorstep for a holiday stay. While snooping in the guest room, Mama Snoops discovered Pete Perv's obscene DVD collection. Curious, she inserted one of the DVD's in the player and hit play. Mama Snoops was shocked at what she saw and demanded Curious Sam for an explanation as to why he had these obscene DVD's. Embarrassed, Sam explained they were left behind by Pete Perv. Mama Snoops demanded Sam return the obscene DVD collection to Mr. Perv immediately. Sam agreed and mailed the obscene material to Pete Perv. If Sam is caught mailing the obscene DVD's back to Pete Perv, he will likely: Obscenity
In Miller v. California (1973), the Supreme Court handed down a ruling that is still used today as the standard for defining _____________________. contemporary community standards, prurient interest
Under the Miller Test, a work is obscene if the average person, applying ________________________, finds that the work, taken as a whole, appeals to the ________________________. sexual conduct
Under the Miller Test, a work is obscene if the work depicts or describes, in a patently offensive way, _________________, specifically defined by applicable state law.
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2023.03.20 22:32 Kpollard279 Got the Green Light for TRT Injections or Clomid

I had posted a week ago with some of my bloodwork results and my Urologist just got back to me today and said it was "reasonable" to start either clomid at 50mg every other day OR weekly injections. She did not specify the amount in said injection. Is there a normal starting point? I know most people dream of having a urologist just offer right off the rip but I still want to have information. She is not helpful with answering questions and is largely I'll look here. For reference on numbers:
33 year old male - 6'1" 240lbs
Total T: 233 ng/dL Free T: 68 pg/mL LH: 12.6 IU/L ESTRADIOL: 9pg/mL SHGB: 16nmol/L
Someone mentioned in my previous post clomid wouldn't even work given my LH levels. I asked a follow up question on that but this Doc takes days to answer. Any other insight on that? I am leaning TRT just because this is going to be a long term thing and I am done having kids. Thanks for any advice!
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2023.03.20 22:26 Tight-Page-5192 I Need A Hacker To Change My University Grades

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Can I hire a hacker to change a grade?
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Changing university grades for hacker recruitment would not be the final step. To increase GPA you need to consider your grades with simple strategies. How to hire a hacker to change a university grade is a step in the right direction if you consider identification. You can take any hacker to help you monitor the steps.
Finally, students find it difficult to get their grades. The study will not depend on you changing grades from hackers. When you are a student, you can change your score from F to A or you increase your grades. This effect when you are a student.
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How to buy fake grades and fake college certificates online
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There are a lot of questions about “Can you make a fake copy” Yes if you can’t pay for grade-up hacking then we can make a diploma for you. We provide top solutions as a professional hacking service on replication including sealing and verification.
How to hack university database system to change grades
Hacking school systems means you need to know about cybersecurity, database protocols, and much more. Hackers can easily do this for you. Adjust your college grades, transcripts. If they are some hackers who can easily access the database and I would advise you to ask which method. First of all, don’t choose the cruel power, it can tear down the school’s server and slow down its website.
Is it possible to hack the school system and change your grade? Someone asked this question on a popular online Q&A website. The answer is — yes! And you are really lucky to have found this article. This content gives you a simple, safe, and effective solution on how to hire a hacker to change your university grades. This is the best and most informative article you will find online on this topic. Hire a hacker today [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
How to hire a hacker to change the transcript
I need a hacker to change my university grades, what comes to your mind when you want to hack the school system? There are different methods applicable to school grades. What do you claim, the total overhauling of your grades, the increase in GPA? So, when changing your grades, you should also keep this advice in mind from the advice in this article: When hacking grades, hacking your own score will have a huge impact on other students which will cause problems for you.
It may sound ridiculous but it is true. Hacking is not like the movie in the real world and it is a bit difficult and working. You should consider a professional to look after your work. Some students make some mistakes when it comes to grade change and at first, they choose the key-logger, although it seems cool if you try to hack your teacher I would recommend not using this method. Hire a hacker if possible or use online hacking training for this purpose.
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Hire a hacker to change university grade
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In short
There are opinions and disagreements about hacking your school website. Changing your grades requires your experience and skills to securely hack your school portal. Alternatively, you can hire a professional hacker to hack school, college, and university grades.
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CONTACT MAIL: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.20 22:25 fatixor DVT update: some good and bad news

Nearly 4 month passed since my DVT diagnosis. Today I had ultrasound and there is a good news. My femoral and popliteal veins are clear. But there is still non occlusive DVT in anterior tibial veins. Given that I had quite large DVT from mid thigh to mid calf I consider it as pretty good result and I hope that finally everything will resolve.
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2023.03.20 22:24 zurajanaipandada My mom gave my friend a deadline to move out but they have poor mental health.

Tw: mention of potential suicide.
They're also my ex. I'll try to be brief but idk that's hard. From the start when we gave them a place to stay where I live with my mom, they promised they'd move out in 1 or 2 months without rent in exchange for extra chores, there was instability at their previous place and they had a mental breakdown through text, a series of very many texts that expressed all they needed was a stable home, so I reacted in panic by offering them a place.
Bc their ADHD they would struggle to look for work and frequently not follow up with it, and lo and behold they're still here after over 3 years. They also frequently do not do chores and also leave a mess for me and my mom to clean. Eventually my mom was over it. Not only did they never pay any living expenses here including food, she even cooked for them sometimes. They did eventually start doing lyft though but it's hard to make enough since they have the lyft rental. And my mom is struggling with money, she and I have just had a fight because we don't know a solution about making more money to pay for our bills.
They never got their ADHD treated despite me finding them an assessment and also I have autism so it's not easy for me either. I finally gave them a therapy mandate---I told them it's required.
Throughout the relationship they have mentioned that they'd rather commit suicide than be homeless. It was never stated as a threat, but for me, I always remember it. And now my mom gave them a deadline so they had another mental breakdown (they had them on and off many times the past 3 years, many of which resulted in me offering them money for their debts.)
So my mom finally set her foot down, gave them a deadline (2 months) and since they had their breakdown, they said they'd really actually change.
Well, since then this past weekend they barely worked. I was understanding on Friday since it was fresh and they said they were too anxious. But Saturday they only worked a bit, maybe an hour or two. Then yesterday they asked me to give them back rub so they can have some comfort before work. I did so, but they didn't work.
The entire day they spent at home. If you guys know lyft, supposedly weekends are more lucrative, and they just skipped this weekend despite insisting they'd change. Despite having to pay the lyft rental. If they're changing, why aren't they working? That's the only way to better their situation with housing.
I, who have been struggling with my own anxiety since their last mental breakdown, just lost control today. I shouted at them, saying that they only think about their own mental health while I'm falling apart dealing with this, and how I always walked on eggshells not to set off another mental breakdown around them.
Well, I think it probably made them feel worse. I'm trying so hard because I don't want them to kill themselves. I don't know what to do. I don't believe anything they'll say anymore because all the times they didn't follow through. I don't think I can handle this anymore.
I also know for sure that if they do end up committing suicide it's going to affect me for the rest of my life. I'm already traumatized about my dad's dead from illness and feeling responsible. I don't think I'll be able to move on if they kill themselves.
I also struggled with being suicidal in the past and used to self-harm. And I do so much to try to keep myself mentally healthy because of it.
I'm also currently waiting for the finalization of my Healthcare packet so I can get therapy, too.
Anyone have advice?
submitted by zurajanaipandada to MentalHealthSupport [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 22:23 Healthy-Tailor-1703 results overnight!

So glad I can finally post on here. Anyways so thursday afternoon I was just thinking about how I always see couples everywhere and it’s been almost a year since me and my ex broke up. I’m ready for another relationship yk? So i made a subliminal to attract girls because as a lesbian it’s kinda hard to tell who’s gay and who’s not so i thought why not bring the girls to me. I made a subliminal with about 10 simple affirmations, with white noise over it. Fast forward to the next day at school. A GIRL ASKED ME FOR MY INSTA IN 1ST PERIOD. I gave it to her and it didn’t hit me until after, i was honestly freaking out. Then the next period I was winning in this online class game and after the game finished this really pretty girls was trying to find me and kept asking everyone who i was. One of my affirmations was basically that i’d attract pretty girls and it obviously worked because she was sooo cute. We didn’t really get to talk tho bc the bell rung. Then today (monday)my friend at another school told me that her friend called me fine?? Now i’m not hideous, i’ve had my fair share of relationships and all but some people think i’m cute and some don’t . But this was so random and i feel like the sub is making girls more attracted to me? Anyways that’s my results lol😇
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2023.03.20 22:22 RobinWuzz To become Japan’s #1 mobile service provider.

Rakuten’s initial plan for mobile had been a 7-year buildout. Instead, Rakuten accelerated that plan, based on a cloud-native and open vision, resulting in a higher rate of spend over a shorter period. Its mobile strategy now enters “phase 2” – establishing the profit structure of the business now that the buildout is largely complete with 98%+ coverage. Rakuten Mobile’s “phase 3” will be accelerating customer acquisition (massively increasing its rivals’ churn) to become Japan’s #1 mobile service provider.
The majority of Rakuten Mobile’s 4G coverage is compete – around 15% of base stations (8,000 out of a target of 60,000+) remain to be built, by the end of 2023. During 2023, Rakuten will see a “drastic” decline in its cost base (an improvement estimated at around $110m per month).
Driving down roaming traffic (today around 4.2%) is a key objective in order to eliminate roaming costs.
Rakuten estimates that is has delivered more-or-less nationwide population coverage at just 20% of the capex of existing mobile operators in Japan.
As we have highlighted before, Rakuten draws attention to its cost advantage for heavy data users. A network that scales allows Rakuten to positively encourage data-hungry subscribers onto its network. And better-connected subscribers are better connected to everything else.
The average Rakuten users uses 18.4GB/month, more than twice the average for users of other networks.
ARPU is also steadily increasing at around $19/month.
Profitability improvements are in part down to decreased roaming charges.
Enterprise is an increasingly important segment. The Rakuten Mobile Business Plan was launched in Jan 2023, with 600+ customers.
Rakuten Mobile also plans to launch high-speed internet services using its fiber backbone.
Rakuten’s initial plan for mobile had been a 7-year buildout. Instead, Rakuten accelerated that plan, based on a cloud-native and open vision, resulting in a higher rate of spend over a shorter period. Its mobile strategy now enters “phase 2” – establishing the profit structure of the business now that the buildout is largely complete with 98%+ coverage. Rakuten Mobile’s “phase 3” will be accelerating customer acquisition (massively increasing its rivals’ churn) to become Japan’s #1 mobile service provider.
The majority of Rakuten Mobile’s 4G coverage is compete – around 15% of base stations (8,000 out of a target of 60,000+) remain to be built, by the end of 2023. During 2023, Rakuten will see a “drastic” decline in its cost base (an improvement estimated at around $110m per month).
Driving down roaming traffic (today around 4.2%) is a key objective in order to eliminate roaming costs.
Rakuten estimates that is has delivered more-or-less nationwide population coverage at just 20% of the capex of existing mobile operators in Japan.
As we have highlighted before, Rakuten draws attention to its cost advantage for heavy data users. A network that scales allows Rakuten to positively encourage data-hungry subscribers onto its network. And better-connected subscribers are better connected to everything else.
The average Rakuten users uses 18.4GB/month, more than twice the average for users of other networks.
ARPU is also steadily increasing at around $19/month.
Profitability improvements are in part down to decreased roaming charges.
Enterprise is an increasingly important segment. The Rakuten Mobile Business Plan was launched in Jan 2023, with 600+ customers.
Rakuten Mobile also plans to launch high-speed internet services using its fiber backbone.
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2023.03.20 22:17 Due-Pick8392 has adult contents

I signed up for this page during my bachelor and wanted to download papers.
I never gave much attention to the account. Fast forward to today, I am now a PhD and starting to care about whether my paper gets cited.
I received an email saying someone cited me from It turned out to be a fake account with adult contents. And the name of the profile means “sexy girls photos” in my native language. Quick search using those keywords, I got 8 pages of results full of adult contents.
How is this even possible? They charged people money for premium account and did nothing to moderate what is shown on their website. And real researchers get mentioned.
Has anyone experienced the same thing? Are they known to be trashy or something?
After 15 minutes of searching, I still couldn’t find an email for customer service. As far as I know, not many in my circle really use this site. For context, I’m currently in Europe.
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2023.03.20 22:07 Training_Insect9150 I NEED A HACKER TO CHANGE MY UNIVERSITY GRADES

Contact us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) for technical problems about your task or issue regarding hacking services.
“Why do you need to hack your school grades?” This will be the question presented to you when you need a school grade change.
Been a student in the university, college or high school is stressful and a whole lot of students understand the pain of a bad grade.
Having poor final grades can be devastating to a graduation and career trajectory. Having the mindset not graduating and repeating a harder test have forced student to seek hackers to change school grades and statistic is on the high.
From Professor’s email, admin logins and school database access, school
grades with different method can work and YES, you heard me right.
School grades can be changed but the question is how. On this platform,
I will be giving tutorials which I have gathered online and reference to this hackers who can change university grades.
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
The result I opt for professional change is because you get to use highly skilled individuals or group and this groups know their categories.
If you hire a hacker to alter your university grades, this is what you should consider:
What is your target:- Do you intend to change just one grade or more than one grading system?
Changing one grade means you can literally hack your professors, Teacher email which is much easier or when you are hacking a full school system then that’s when you highly need school hackers.
Older system or Upgrade target:- This is what you need to consider when making changes to your grade. First, consider what your school uses and undergo some test to get some results.
Phishing:- There are sites which create phishing links, Gmail, Yahoo, customized phishing and you too can do this if you are not using a professional.
So, have this in mind
Remote Access Tool:- If you don’t know of this then please hire someone who can do this for you. Having remote access to school system is paramount and gaining access to username, password and school facility depends on you.
When making changes, do this during school hours, and not when it can raise flag. mid night will be a wrong idea.
Even with high proxies, it won’t be advised.
Trails:- How harder can this be? Very difficult. With state of the art software, you can easily be trailed to your friend birthday party, home and anyway. Proxies are reliable, clean or trace and use concealer to cover your tracks.
Despite how hard Universities and colleges attempt to safeguard their grading systems..
I hired some hacker on Google page and they are called The Instant Hackers The truth is: the grades are actually more accessible to hackers now than ever!
The age of the traditional pad and pencil grading book is over, and the age of recording grades on the web is here.
Still, the job requires infiltrating a secure server to attain access to grade books and the supporting grades for the semester, and the ability to change those data entries in the database.
Changing grades early 2010 was easy but now schools security system have upgraded a lot and since this security patches have increased, so is exploiting tendencies and backdoor.
Finding a hacker to hire will be a great idea when it comes to grade change.
Don’t forget the method that is require either changing College Transcript or University Grades. its paramount to understand how grades change are done before embarking on grade change.
Don’t let anyone deceive you grades can be altered and then you can request for a new transcript and no one would ever know you hired [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) to help you.
Like it or not, your GPA matters.
If your career prospects are suffering due to a low GPA you need to make a conscious decision to commit to getting the number up.
Positive change can be painful but worth it.
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Here’s how you should approach it Just hire a hacker and save you stress from reading and worrying about your career.
Hiring a top hacker to do this and how to infiltrate school security is paramount.
The fact of the matter is the person(s) whose grades may be changed could beat the records of the school. if important considerations are taken.
We At [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) will ensure your safety and get you good grades and a successful CGPA on your Transcript…
Contact us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) for technical problems about your task or issue regarding hacking services.
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2023.03.20 22:05 Metlaski Something needs to be done with f*lse b*ns and unb*n appeals

We all know how prevalent cheaters are. It seems that BSG has doubled down on fighting them after recent events, but this unfortunately might have also increased the amount of f*lse b*ns, even with Trey24k discord no longer being around.
Recently, I have seen a post about dude getting b*nned for no reason. I didn't pay much attention then, until today my friend (noz_jica_srbrnc) got a permanent b*n out of the blue. Dude got Tarkov and EOD edition during 2018, but haven't been playing much until current wipe, mostly because of hardware he had at the moment that wasn't enough for stable Tarkov experience. Now, I gotta say that he was playing shooters his entire gaming life, that results in him killing left and right. Him being in party with me at 700h+ and decent maps knowledge also kind of contributes to this, but he is more than a capable chad even as solo. Obviously, he gets reports from other players, just like other players with high k/d would. And no, I don't think he is secretly cheating, although I had such thoughts few times. He still gets clapped for reasons out of his control, like headshots from afar or from some cheeky-sneaky scav on the second floor of Interchange. I will not say something like during 700h+ I have seen one, may be two cheaters... but I am confident that this guy is clear.
We came to conclusion that he got too many kills that looked sus on the victim's end which got reported, his survival rate and k/d could have also contributed to the b*n. And he is not the only one, if you look it up, there are many more situations like this one, including the one I have linked earlier. It seems that the only hope for these poor souls is either be a streamers / youtubers with huge enough fanbase and hundreds of hours of gameplay recordings available online... or if they write down a story that gets attention of BSG worker. It's clear as day that for most victims of f*lse b*ns this is not the case, they usually give up and move on from Tarkov or battle against unresponsive stonewall that BSG Support is. Is this really acceptable? The issue has been around for years and while it's not as prevalent as other ones, it sure sucks to be the one who gets to open the game only to see that they can no longer play it, rendering all their hours and money spent wasted.
Also, when I first submitted this post, it seemingly got deleted with automoderator recommending me to contact BSG or battleye. My goodness, what an idea? Why didn't I think of that?
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2023.03.20 22:02 petrbudil Monday, March 20, 2023

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