Cav injector pump parts diagram

Planning my first hardline loop. Do you guys think it will work as intended? Especially the part with the 3-way splitter infront of the pump/res combo?

2023.05.30 23:13 Pur3G4m3 Planning my first hardline loop. Do you guys think it will work as intended? Especially the part with the 3-way splitter infront of the pump/res combo?

Planning my first hardline loop. Do you guys think it will work as intended? Especially the part with the 3-way splitter infront of the pump/res combo? submitted by Pur3G4m3 to watercooling [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 23:05 techno-wizardry What's the difference between these different accessory drive belts and the serpentine belt?

What's the difference between these different accessory drive belts and the serpentine belt?
Might be a dumb question, but I'm on partsgeek looking for a replacement Serpentine Belt for my Kia Rio5 2009, and I'm finding that some of the results here list different names and apparently different specifications or lengths for these belts. Some say "Water Pump and Alternator", some say "Water Pump and Alternator" and some say "Air Conditioning".
Aren't they all supposed to be the same thing if it's a serpentine belt? The serpentine belt powers the water pump, alternator, and air conditioning (as well as something else I'm forgetting) right? And you couldn't just buy multiple belts for just the AC, and just the Water Pump & Alternator. I know as much that I need the vertically v-ribbed belt that connects to the AC Compressor, but I'm especially confused by the difference between the two pictured belts, the BANDO 4PK810 V-Ribbed and the BANDO 4PK845 V-Ribbed belts.
I wish I just knew what the names and parts numbers mean, I can't even tell the length of the belt in mm or inches.
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2023.05.30 22:56 onilovi Nursing strike at only 7 week- I’m freaking out

Older sister brought home a cold or bug and although he’s not congested or feverish I assume he caught it because this morning he screams when I try to latch. I’ve been pumping and bottle feeding all day. I’m so heartbroken because we’ve JUST established breastfeeding. It was not an easy journey. I’m so scared he wont go back now to my fast flowing, oversupplying nipples. With my first I exclusively pumped for 16 months and I’m having ptsd washing bottles and pump parts today. This sucks. How long do nursing strikes last for you? How do they end? DO they end?? Do you just keep offering and one day they re-latch? Or is it a process like tricking them or sleepy feeding? Before pumping was widespread what did people do, did babies just starve? Do I keep offering even though he’s screaming? Should I take a break for a day or two? I already tried to force it a few times because I thought he was just really hungry, now I feel like he hates my boobs even more.
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2023.05.30 22:54 Mo523 Pump Settings

Dear Motif - Why do you hate my nipples? Who the heck decided the default setting (which it goes to whenever unplugged) is TWELVE, the max setting?! I use 2-3.
Separately, it's a good pump. Basically a knock-off Spectra and you can use Spectra parts. My first one had an issue and customer service was great.
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2023.05.30 22:42 PostmanSAMXBL H: Trade list W: Armour from wish list

Wish list armour
OEAPCav Raider PA Torso
VanAPCav Heavy Metal Right leg
VanAPCav Heavy Metal Left arm
Uny1strJWR FSA Right Leg
A2525 Fixer x2
A50c25 Handmade
AE25 Lever action
AssE25 Radium
Ass2525 Radium
AA50c20 Lever action
AA50c25 Tommy gun
AA50c50b Railway x2
AA50c50dr Handmade
AA25ffr15c Gauss Rifle
AA25ffr15r Tesla
AA25ffr25 Lever action x2
AA25ffr90 Fixer
AAAP25 Fixer
AAFFR90 Handmade
AA50c15c Railway
AA50c15r Fixer x2
AA50c25 10mm SMG
AA50vhc15r Fixer
AA50vhc25 Fixer x2
AAE50b Fixer x2
AAE15c Fixer
AAE15c 10mm SMG
AAE15r Fixer x2
AAE25 Tommy gun
AAE50b Fixer
Ari25ffr15c Fixer
Ari25ffr15r Fixer
Ari25ffr25 Fixer
Ari25ffr25 Handmade x2
Ari25ffr90 Fixer
Ari50c15c Fixer
Ari50c25 Fixer x2
Ari50c1p Aligned auto enclave w/ reflex & stock
Ari50c25 Lever action
AriE15r Railway
B50c15c 10mm SMG
B50vhc15c Handmade
B50vhc15c Railway
B50vhc25 Fixer
B50c15c Railway
B50c25 Railway
B50c50b Fixer x2
B50L15r Tesla
B25dwa15r Handmade
B25ffr15c Handmade
B25ffr15r Fixer
B25ffr15r Tesla
B25ffr15r Aligned auto enclave w/ reflex & stock
B25ffr50b Handmade
B25ffr90 Fixer
B50c1p Fixer
B50vhc15r Fixer
BE25 Hunting rifle
Ber50c25 Hunting rifle
Exe50vhc25 Tommy gun
Exe50c15c Gauss rifle
Exe50c15r Fixer x3
Exe50vhc25 Fixer
Ext25ffr15r Handmade
F25ffr15r Tesla
F50c15c Assault rifle
F50vhc15c Fixer
F50vhc25 Lever action
GS50c25 Fixer
Gour2525 Aligned flamer enclave w/ reflex & stock
Gour50c25 Railway
GourE15r Fixer
GSE25 10mm SMG
GSE25 Fixer x2
GSE25 Railway
H25ffr15r Hunting rifle
H25ffr15r Tesla
H25ffr15r Fixer
H25ffr25 Handmade
H50c25 Fixer
HE15r Hunting rifle
HE25 Railway
I25ffr15r Assault rifle
I25ffr15r Railway
I25ffr90 Tesla
I50c25 Fixer x2
I50L15r Tesla
IE15r Tommy gun
IE25 10mm SMG
IE25 Railway
Jug25ffr15c Fixer
Jug25ffr15r Tesla
Jug2525 Tesla
Jug50c15r Handmade
Jug50c25 Black powder rifle
Jug50c25 Fixer
JugE25 Tommy gun
J25ffr15c Railway
J25ffr15r Black powder rifle (legacy)
J50c25 Fixer
J50c25 Handmade
J50c25 Railway
J50vhc25 Fixer
JE15r Fixer
JE25 Combat rifle
JE25 Fixer
J25ffr15r Assault rifle
J2525 Handmade
Med25ffr15r Railway
Med25ffr15r Tesla
Med50vhc25 Fixer
MU25ffr15c Fixer
MU25ffr15r Fixer
MU25ffr15r Handmade
MU25ffr15r Railway
MU25ffr15r Tesla
MU50c90 Handmade
MUE15c Tommy gun
MS25ffr15r Tesla
MS50c25 Railway
MSE15r Fixer
MSE15r Railway
MSE25 Railway
N25ffr15r Fixer
Q25ffr90 Fixer
Q50c 2* Railway
Q50c25 Combat Rifle
Q50c25 Hunting rifle
Q50c15c Assault Rifle
Q50c15c Railway
Q50c15r Handmade x2
Q50c1p Handmade
Q50c50b Railway x2
Q50c50b Handmade
QE90 Handmade
Q50L25 Fixer
Q50L25 Radium rifle
QE15c Assault rifle
QE15c Fixer
QE15r Assault rifle
QE15r Assault rifle
QE 2* Radium
QE250 Fixer
QE50b Fixer
QFFRGhost Fixer
Q50c15r Fixer
Q50c15r Gauss rifle
Q50c15r Railway
Q25ffr15r Handmade
Q25ffr25 Stabilized auto enclave w/ reflex & stock
Q25ffr50b Aligned auto enclave w/ reflex & stock
Stalk25ffr15r Fixer x2
Sup50c15r Fixer
Sup50c15c Railway
Tro25ffr15r Handmade
Tro25ffr25 SMG
Tro50c15r Fixer
Tro50c25 Railway
TroE25 Fixer
TS50vhc25 Railway
TSE15r Fixer
TSE15c Fixer
TSE15c Handmade
TSE15c Railway
TSE15r black powder rifle
TSE25 Lever action
TS25ffr15r Tesla x2
TS25ffr90 Fixer
TS2525 Fixer
TS50c25 Black powder rifle
TS50c25 Handmade x2
V50c15r Fixer
VE1p Fixer
VE15r Fixer
VE15r Lever action
VE90 Railway
V25ffr15c Assault rifle
V25ffr15r Assault rifle
V25ffr15r Fixer
V25ffr90 Gauss Rifle
V25ffr90 Lever action
V50vhc25 Aligned auto enclave w/ reflex & stock
V50vhc15r Handmade
V50c25 Gauss rifle
V50c25 Handmande
V50c25 Railway
V50c15r Assault rifle
VE15r Handmade
VEGhost Handmade
Z25ffr15c Fixer
Z25ffr15r Tesla
A25ffr90 LMG
AA50c15r Harpoon
AA50c25 Pepper shaker
AA50L15r Pepper shaker
AAbashFMS Minigun
AAE250 Gatling gun
AAE90 Gatling gun
AAE15r Minigun
AA25ffr15r LMG
AA25ffr90 50. Cal x2
AA25ffr90 AGL
Ari25d15r Ultracite gatling laser
Ari25d90 Mingun
Ari25ffr90 Minigun
Ari25ffr90 Pepper shaker
Ari25ffr15r 50. Cal
Ari25ffr15r Cryolator
Ari25ffr15r LMG
Ari25ffr15r Minigun
Ari25ffr15r Ultracite gatling laser
AriE15r Gatling gun
AriE15r LMG
AriE15r Minigun x2
AssE90 Minigun
B25ffr15r Cryolator
B25ffr90 Gatling laser
B25dwa15r 50. Cal
B25dwa15r Pepper shaker
B50L15r Pepper shaker
B50vhc25 Broadsider
BE 50. Cal 2*
BE Minigun 2*
BE15r Minigun
Ber25ffr90 Gatling plasma
Ber25ffr90 Pepper shaker
BerE15r 50cal
ExeE15r Minigun
ExeFfr90 Gatling plasma
Exe25ffr90 Minigun
Exe50c25 Pepper shaker
Ext25ffr15r 50. Cal
F25d90 Minigun
F25ffr15r Cryolator
FFfr50b Gatling plasma
Fffr250 LMG
FFfr90 Gatling plasma
Gour50L15r M79
GourE15r LMG
GourE90 Minigun
IE15r 50. Cal
I25ffr15r Gatling laser
I25ffr15r Gatling plasma
I25ffr15r Pepper shaker
I25ffr90 Gating laser
J25d15r Gatling plasma
Jug25ffr15r Gatling Laser
JugE15r Gatling gun
Med25ffr15r Gatling plasma
MS25ffr15r Cryolator
MS25ffr15r Pepper shaker
MU25ffr15r Gatling plasma
Mu25ffr90 Flamer
MU25ffr15r LMG
Noc25ffr15r Cryolator
Q25ffr90 Minigun
Q Minigun 1*
Q25ffr25 Cryolator x2
Q25ffr90 50. Cal
St25ffr15r 50. Cal
Sup25ffr90 Minigun
Sup25ffr90 Pepper shaker
SupE15r Minigun
Tro25ffr15r 50. Cal
Tro50vhc25 M79
TS50vhc1p Fat man
TS50vhc1a M79
TS50vhc15r Missile launcher
TS50vhc25 M79
TS25dwa Fatman 2*
TS25ffr15r Flamer x2
TS25ffr15r Gatling laser
TS25ffr15r Minigun
TS50L25 M79
TS25ffr90 M79 (Legacy)
TS25d90 Pepper shaker
TSE15r Minigun
TSE90 Gatling gun
TSE90 Minigun
Vbash 2* Minigun
VE250 Gatling gun
V25ffr15r Cryolator
V50L15r Pepper shaker
Vffr 2* Gatling laser
Z25ffr15r Gatling gun
B50c25 Pump action
Gour25ffr15r Combat shotgun x2
IE25 Double Barrel
Q25ffr15r Double Barrel
Q50c15c Double Barrel
QE25 Double Barrel
QE250 Combat shotgun
TSE25 Pump action
V50c15r Combat shotgun
VE25 Combat shotgun
A25ffr15r Pipe pistol
AA2525 Assaultron Head
AA25ffr15c 10mm pistol
AA25ffr15c Plasma pistol
AA25ffr15r Laser pistol
AA50c25 44. Revolver
AA50c25 Pipe pistol
AAE15c Western revolver
AriE15r Pipe pistol
AriE25 Western revolver
Ari25ffr15r Pipe pistol
Ari25ffr25 Pipe pistol
Ari25ffr15r Single action revolver
Ari50c25 Western revolver
Ari50c250 Single action revolver
B25dwa90 Thirst zapper
B25ffr15c .44 revolver
B25ffr15r Alien Blaster
B50c25 .44 revolver
B50c25 Thirst zapper
B50vhc25 Plasma pistol
B50vhc25 Ultracite laser pistol
BAP25 10mm
Ber25ffr25r Laser pistol
Exe25ffr15c Laser pistol
Exe25ffr15r Western revolver
Exe50c25r 10mm pistol
Ext50c25 Plasma pistol
ExtE25 Pipe revolver
F25ffr15r Plasma pistol
FE15r .44 revolver
GS25ffr15r Pipe revolver
GS25ffr25 Pipe revolver
GSE25 10mm Pistol
Gour25ffr15r Laser pistol
Gour25ffr15r Single action Revolver
Gour25ffr90 10mm pistol
GS25ffr15r 10mm pistol
H25d15r Laser pistol
I25ffr15c 10mm pistol
IE25 10mm pistol
J25ffr15c .44 revolver
J25ffr15c Pipe pistol
J2525 Pipe revolver
J50c25 Western revolver
J50vhc15r Plasma pistol
Jug50c25 10mm pistol
Med50c25 10mm pistol
Med50c25 Plasma pistol
MS25ffr15r Plasma pistol
MU25ffr15r Laser pistol
MU50c25 Pipe pistol
MU50c25 Plasma pistol
MU50vhc25 Pipe revolver
N50c15r Ultracite laser pistol
Noc50c25 Alien blaster
Noc50c25 Ultracite laser pistol
Q25ffr25 Alien Blaster
Q25ffr25 Western revolver
Q50c25 Alien Blaster
Q50c25 Pipe pistol
Q50c25 pipe revolver
QE15r Pipe bolt action pistol
QE90 Pipe pistol
St25ffr15r 10mm pistol
StE15c 10mm pistol
SupE15r Pipe pistol
SupE25 Bolt Action Pipe
Tro25ffr15r Pipe Revolver
Tro25ffr25 Alien Blaster
TS25ffr15r Alien Blaster
TS25ffr15r Aligned auto enclave pistol w/ reflex
TS50vhc15r Pipe pistol
TSE15r 10mm pistol
V25dwa50b Thirst zapper
V50vhc25 Alien Blaster
VE15r 10mm pistol
VE15r Pipe pistol
VE1a Western revolver
VE25 Single action revolver
Z50c15r Laser pistol
~Bows/Crossbows/Compound Bows~
AA50c15c Crossbow
AA50c25 Compound bow
AA50c25 Crossbow
AA50c90 Crossbow
AA50vhcFMS Compound Bow
Ari50c25 Crossbow
F50c25 Compound bow
GS50c25 Compound Bow
MS50c25 Bow
V50c25 Bow
AA40PA25 Chainsaw
AA40PA50b Chainsaw
AASSS Pool Cue
Ari40PA1s Chainsaw
Ari40PA40PA Ripper
AriSS25 Baseball bat
AriSS25 Drill
Ass40PA1s Chainsaw
Ber40PA1s Chainsaw
BerSS25 Drill
BerSS90 Tenderiser
B2525 DCG
B25dws1s Chainsaw
B40PA40PA Buzz blade
B40PA40PA Chainsaw
B40PA50b Chainsaw x2
B40PA90 Chainsaw
BSS25 Power fist
BSSS Guitar sword
BSS90 War Drum
ExeSSS Knuckles
Ext40PA1s Chainsaw
FSS25 Ripper
GourSSS Grognak’s axe
GS40PA1s Chainsaw
GSSS90 Chainsaw
GSSSS Assaultron blade
GSSSS Combat knife
H40PA1s Chainsaw
I40PA1s Buzz blade
I40PA1s Chainsaw
I40PA50b Chainsaw
JSSS Assaultron blade
JSSS Super sledge
Jug40PA1S Chainsaw
MSSSS Multi purpose axe
MU40PA1S Chainsaw
MU40PA1s Drill
MUSS90 Chainsaw
MUSSS Baseball bat
Noc40PA1s Chainsaw
SupSSS Revolutionary sword
TroSSS Walking cane
V40PA1s Buzz blade
V40PA1s Ripper
V50L1s Chainsaw
VSSS Fire axe
VSS50b Chainsaw
~Power Armour~
Ari7%Sent Ultracite Left arm
Ari7%FDC T-45 Left leg
Ari7%FDC X-01 Torso
Ari7%WWR T-45 Right leg
AriAPCav T-45 Right leg
AriAPCav T-45 Torso
AriAPFDC T-45 Torso
Ass7%Cav X-01 Right leg
Ass7%Sent Raider PA Right leg
AssAPFDC Excavator Torso
Autostim7%AWR Ultracite Left arm
AutoStim7%WWR Excavator Left arm
AutoStim7%FDC T-45 Left leg
AutostimAPJWR T-45 Torso
AutostimAPSent Raider PA Left arm
BolAPCav T-45 Left leg
BolAPSent Ultracite Right leg
BolAPAWR Raider PA Torso
BolAPFDC Raider PA Right leg
Bol7%AWR Ultracite Torso
Bol7%Cav Raider PA Right leg
Bol7%FDC Raider PA Right arm
Bol7%Sent Raider PA Right leg
Bol7%Sent T-45 Left leg
BolAPFDC T-45 Right arm
BolAPSent T-60 Right arm
BolAPWWR T-45 Left leg
ChamAPSent T-45 Right leg
ChamAPWWR T-51b Left leg
ChamAPWWR Ultracite Left leg
Cham7%Sent Excavator Left leg
Cham7%Sent Raider PA Left arm
Cham7%Sent Ultracite left leg
Cham7%Cav T-45 Right arm
Cloak7%Cav Raider PA Right leg
CloakAPFDC Ultracite Left arm
CloakAPSent Raider PA Left leg
CloakAPSent X-01 Right leg
ExtAPWWR X-01 Torso
HAPCav T-45 Left arm
HAPSent Raider PA Right leg
GS7%WWR Raider PA Right leg
MS7%FDC T-45 Right arm
MS7%WWR Ultracite Right leg
MU7%WWR Raider PA Left arm
MUAPFDC Raider PA Right leg
MUAPSent T-45 Right arm
MUAPWWR Ultracite Left leg
Noc7%Cav Ultracite Right leg
Noc7%Sent T-45 Left leg
NocAPAWR Raider PA Left arm
NocAPAWR Raider PA Left leg
NocAPFDC T-45 Left leg
NocAPFDC T-51b Right arm
NocAPFDC T-60 Torso
NocAPWWR Raider PA Right arm
OEAPCav Raider PA Right arm
OEAPCav Raider PA Left leg
OEAPFDC T-45 Left leg
OEAPSent T-45 Torso
OEAPSent T-51b Right leg
OEAPWWR Raider PA Right leg
OE1strFDC Raider PA Right arm
OE1strSent T-45 Left arm
OE1strWWR Excavator Right arm
OE1strWWR T-45 Left arm
OE7%FDC Raider PA Right leg
OE7%WWR T-60 Left arm
TroAPWWR Raider PA Left leg
TroAPWWR Raider PA Right arm
Van1strSent X-01 Right arm
Van7%FDC Ultracite Right leg
Van7%WWR Raider PA Torso
VanAPCav Raider PA Torso
VanAPFDC T-51b Right arm
VanAPJWR T-51b Left arm
VanAPSent T-45 Right arm
VanAPWWR T-45 Right leg
Z7%Sent T-45 Left arm
ZAPFDC T-45 Right arm
Ari1strCav FSA Left arm
Ari7%Cav Marine Right arm
Ari7%Cav Wood Left arm
Ari1strWWR USA Right leg
AriAPCav USA Right arm
AriAPFDC Trapper Chest piece
AriAPSent Wood Left arm
AriAPSneak Heavy combat chest
AriAPWWR Heavy metal Chest piece
Ass7%FDC Marine Right leg
Ass7%WWR Robot Right arm
Ass7%Sneak Sturdy robot Right arm
Autostim1intSent USA Right leg
Autostim7%FDC USA Right leg
AutostimAPWWR Heavy raider Left leg
BolAPAWR USA Right arm
BolAPCav FSA Left leg
BolAPCav Trapper Left leg
BolAPFDC FSA Right leg
BolAPFDC Heavy Raider Left leg
BolAPJWR Marine Right leg
BolAPSneak FSA Right arm
BolAPSneak USA Right arm
BolAPSneak USA Right leg
BolAPWWR Marine Right arm
Bol1strFDC USA Right arm
Bol1strSneak Wood Right arm
Bol7%Cav FSA Right leg
Bol7%FDC FSA Chest piece
Bol7%FDC FSA Left arm
Bol7%FDC Trapper Left leg
Bol7%WWR FSA Chest piece
Bol7%WWR Raider Right arm
Bol7%Sneak USA Chest piece
Cham7%Cav Sturdy combat chest
Cloak7%FDC FSA Right leg
Cham7%JWR USA Right leg
Cloak7%WWR Marine Right leg
ChamAPCav Combat Chest piece
ChamAPCav Heavy combat Chest piece
ChamAPFDC FSA Right leg
CloakAPCav Sturdy robot Right arm
ChamAPSent Trapper chest
ChamAPSneak Trapper Left leg
CloakAPFDC Marine Left leg
CloakAPSent Marine chest
Ext1intFDC USA Left arm
Ext1strFDC USA Right leg
ExtAPJWR USA Left arm
Ext7%AWR FSA Chest piece
ExtAPCav Sturdy Raider Right leg
ExtAPWWR FSA Chest piece
GSAPFDC Marine Right arm
GS1strFDC Marine Left arm
GS7%Sneak Leather left leg
GS7%WWR Heavy robot Right arm
GSAPCav Wood Right arm
GSAPSent Combat Left leg
H1strCav Wood Chest piece
H7%Cav Metal Right arm
H7%Sneak Wood Right arm
HAPSent Leather Right arm
H7%Sneak FSA Right arm
LS1intSent Heavy Raider Left arm
LS1strSent Heavy Combat Left arm
LS1strAWR Trapper Right arm
LS7%Cav Metal Chest piece
LS7%Sneak Heavy Raider Right leg
LS7%Sneak Marine Right arm
LSAPSneak Trapper Right leg
OE1intCav FSA Right arm
OE1intFDC Heavy metal Right arm
OE1intSneak Marine Right arm
OE1strAWR USA Left leg
OE1strSent Trapper Left leg
OE1strWWR Sturdy robot Right leg
OE25PSneak FSA Right arm
OE7%AWR Wood Right arm
OE7%FDC FSA Right arm
OE7%FDC Marine Right leg
OE7%Sent Metal Left arm
OE7%Sent Trapper Right leg
OE7%Sneak Heavy metal left arm
OE7%Sneak Heavy robot Chest piece
OE7%Sneak Trapper Right arm
OE7%WWR Marine Left arm
OEAPAWR Marine Right arm
OEAPCav Sturdy Raider Right arm
OEAPCav Trapper chest piece
OEAPFDC Sturdy leather Right leg
OEAPJunk Metal Left leg
OEAPJunk Raider left leg
OEAPSent Metal Left arm
OEAPWWR Sturdy raider Right leg
MU7%AWR Trapper Right leg
MU7%Sneak USA Right leg
MUAPSent USA Left leg
MS1strSent FSA Chest piece
MU1strSent Wood Left arm
MS7%WWR Wood Right arm
MSAPSent Wood Right arm
Noc7%Cav Heavy leather Right arm
Noc7%FDC Heavy metal left leg
NocAPSent Wood Left leg
Reg7%Sent Heavy Robot Right leg
Reg7%WWR Combat right leg
Reg7%WWR Wood Left arm
RegAPCav Trapper Chest piece
RegAPSent FSA Left leg
RegAPWWR Marine Right leg
RegAPWWR Trapper Right arm
Tro1strFDC FSA Left arm
Tro7%Sent Heavy metal Left arm
TroAPFDC Heavy leather Chest piece
TroAPFDC Marine Left arm
TroAPJWR Trapper Left arm
TroAPSneak Wood Left arm
Uny1int 2* Heavy Leather Right leg
Uny1intBlock Left leg
Uny1intFall Trapper Left arm
Uny1intSneak Heavy Raider Left arm
Uny1luckSneak Marine Right leg
Uny1strFDC Marine Chest piece
Uny1strSneak FSA Chest piece
Uny1strSneak Marine Right leg
Uny1strSneak Wood Right leg Level 25
Uny1strWWR Marine Right leg
Uny25radSneak Heavy Combat Right leg
Uny25radSneak Trapper Chest piece
Uny7%Cav Leather chest piece LEVEL 1
Uny7%Cav Robot Left leg
Uny7%FDC FSA Left arm
Uny7%JWR FSA Chest piece
Uny7%Sent Trapper Right arm
UnyAPFDC Heavy leather Right arm
UnyAPFDC Trapper Left arm
UnyAPJWR Wood Right arm
UnyAPSneak FSA Chest piece
UnyAPSneak USA Right leg
Van1strSent USA Chest piece
Van7%FDC FSA Chest
Van7%FDC FSA Right arm
Van7%FDC Wood left leg
Van7%JWR FSA Chest piece
Van7%WWR USA Right arm
Van1lckWWR USA Left arm
VanAPFDC Heavy robot Chest piece
VanAPSneak FSA Right arm
VANAPWWR Leather right arm
VanAPWWR Sturdy Robot Right leg
W1strSent Marine Left arm
W7%Sent Heavy metal Right leg
W7%Sneak Trapper Right arm
WAPSent Sturdy metal chest piece
WAPSent Leather right leg
WAPSneak Heavy Robot left leg
WAPSneak Marine chest piece
WAPSneak USA Left arm
WAPSneak Wood right arm
Z1strCav Heavy metal left arm
Z7%AWR FSA Left arm
Z7%Cav Heavy combat Left arm
Z7%FDC Marine Right arm
Z7%HTD Marine Left arm
Z7%HTD USA Left arm
ZAPAWR Sturdy Metal left leg
ZAPCav Wood Left leg
ZAPFDC wood left arm
ZAPSent Heavy combat chest piece
ZAPSneak Sturdy robot Right leg
ZAPWWR Marine left leg
ZAPWWR wood left leg
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2023.05.30 22:42 janzend looking for a little help with a part lookup on 2007 Passat 2.0 BPY - coolant hose

The hose coming out of the bottom of the tee for part 6 in the diagram had a clip come loose, so it leaned against the back of the radiator fan until the fan housing rubbed a hole in it. I just don't see where the hose itself is listed in this diagram. Anyone more familiar with the naming or breakdown of these able to help me out with a part #? otherwise I hope its printed on the hose.
submitted by janzend to Volkswagen [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 22:39 19thholebound Sump Pump Replacement

So we bought a house a few years ago that has a basement (first-time homeowners), and just started having issues with the sump pump. Unsure when it was last replaced but some paperwork we have around the house allows us to guess around 2016. Not bad, could probably go a few more years, but if we have to replace it that's totally fine.
Starting last week, we started hearing a loud clunking sound from the sump pump in the basement and it sounded like it was trying to clear water over and over but there wasn't any water to rid of. With it connected to a battery, we unplugged everything, removed the negative and positive off the battery to get it to stop. Plugged everything back in after the water rose a bit overnight and it all started working properly again.
Of course, we call out for service to get it looked at, knowing we are probably best to just get it all replaced and fitted properly. Totally prepped for the payment, etc., and of course, they give you 4 options of varying degrees by replacing just the sump pump and PVC pipes, then everything including the battery and backup system. Total estimate at max was $3500.
Looked up prices of everything estimated for and total of all parts would be about $1000. My father-in-law has done this multiple times in his basement and can easily do it himself in a few weeks. Problem solved there.
Question - how do we feel about particular brands for sump pumps? Is there one suggested over another? We currently have Basement Watchdog (from Home Depot). Family saying that our house (which sits just above a pond) likely sits on a high floor for water (sorry, not super handy), if that makes sense why it clears water 3-4 times a day without rain?
Here's what they provided we should replace with and said it is top of the line option:
Pro 2400 pump and control
1/3HP primary pump
two 1 1/2" MIP's
2 quiet check valves
VFC2 switch & control
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2023.05.30 22:29 johny_hobo Precision Scientific Vacuum Pump

Got two old pumps from nearby university (only one shown). Plan to inspect, repair, and return to service. Not sure of condition inside yet but considered effectively scrapped by chemistry department. Looks like Precision Scientific was acquired in the 80s and might have ultimately ended up as part of Thermo Fisher. Anyone ever resuscitated similar vacuum pumps or have any generic advice before I get started?
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2023.05.30 22:14 PankakeMixaMF Condo repair legal advice needed - thank you all in advance!

Hi, I live in a 5 unit condo.
I bought the place in 2020. I live on the 2nd floor (unit 2), all of our units have their HVAC condenser on the roof. Prior to when I bought my unit, the previous owner replaced the roof top condenser with a new heat pump.
Lately, the 5th floor neighbor who is also the condo trustee has been complaining to me - he claims that when my condenser was installed, the installer 'sliced' the rubber roof, and now it's leaking. To have it repaired, it would require me to have my HVAC unit disconnected and moved temporarily.
I contacted the HVAC installer, and also the previous owner: both denied that claim. However, the previous owner did say that when another unit's condenser was moved (unit 3), their installed cause the initial roof damage.
The roof is considered part of the building envelope. I need some advise on how to proceed and what am I responsible for. In my opinion, since the leak is part of the building envelope, the entire HOA needs to pay for the following: - disconnect my HVAC equipment, and move it
- Repair the roof
Reconnect my HVAC equipment
Otherwise since the other unit damaged the roof initially, the other unit should pay for everything. What am I liable for here? Some advise will be really appreciated. My feeling is the condo trustee is trying to ping it on me to pay for everything since it's my unit, even though I had nothing to do with causing the initial leak in the first place.
Thanks a lot in advance!
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2023.05.30 22:04 Syenadi "Energy Audit" Before or After New Attic Insulation?

TLDR: We may or may not be able to get a heat pump. We are going to upgrade our attic insulation regardless. Does it make sense to get an "energy audit" done (as part of heat pump sizing and estimate) before we get attic insulation upgraded?
More detailed version:
We have a single level rural home of ~1200 square feet built in 1973. It was built during a period in which county level building codes were seemingly viewed as suggestions vs requirements ;-) The attic is poorly insulated and the crawl space is not insulated at all. We want to find out if we can get a whole house ducted heat pump system for our home or if we need to stick with a gas furnace. (Complications include inside utility space limitations and suitability of our current ductwork and of course $.)
We want to get the current attic insulation replaced either way.
The attic insulation is a mish mash of not much blown in fiberglass insulation that is in vague dusty drifts that leaves bare some of the ceiling drywall and a few thick fiberglass bats placed at seemingly random locations. We know that the attic insulation is a key weak point in keeping our home warm or cool and would like to have the old insulation removed and then replaced with LOTS of new blown in fiberglass insulation.
Our upgrade plans are to vastly improve the attic insulation, and then get bids on a ducted whole house heat pump, ideally to replace the current gas furnace entirely.
We contacted the only highly reviewed local HVAC folks who do insulation and duct projects AND who seem to have a clue about what a heat pump is to have them do an estimate on removing the old insulation and replacing it with new.
We would like the old insulation removed in order to have the current ductwork evaluated for heat pump suitability, to install soffit vent insulation riser baffles to keep the vents from being blocked by new fiberglass, and to potentially have some of the wiring in the attic that looks a bit like a macrame explosion checked out and tidied up by an electrician before replacing the old insulation with new.
The front desk scheduler for the HVAC company we interacted with strongly encouraged us to do what they refer to as an "energy audit" ($99) as part of having an estimate done for the attic insulation work since they would want to do that before doing an estimate for a heat pump. They were unable to tell us if or how that audit related to a Manual J, S, D, or T but were quite enthusiastic about their using some way cool infrared guns.
Since we are definitely going to have the attic insulation replaced regardless of whether we get a heat pump or not, we asked if it made sense to do that "audit" before the attic insulation is upgraded. She insisted that it could be done accurately with the insulation as is now even though that does not represent what the insulation level would be in the future.
Does that make sense or not?
I don't mind paying the money (they deserve at least that for crawling around in our attic ;-) but it seems silly to potentially do it both before and after our attic insulation upgrade.
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2023.05.30 21:57 thehoodchef24 Seal/Clean New Construction Basement

Recently moved into a new construction home. Basement is 1/2 finished, however the unfinished parts are pretty dusty as well as have a "smell" (not bad but I want to seal the concrete slab in the unfinished area. However, I don't know if there is a recommended wait time before sealing, with new construction homes? Builder told me I shouldn't do anything for at least the first year, but I'm assuming that is because of the warranty and they won't fix/repair anything they didn't do during the building process.
2nd unfinished area has sump pump and ejector pump along with all other utilities. Is there anything I should be aware of if I attempt to seal around these pits?
Also, any pointers on what I should use to seal the basement floor with, would be appreciated!
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2023.05.30 21:54 Meandphill My 2019 WRX build is done... For now

My 2019 WRX build is done... For now
Alright so here is an update on my 2019 WRX Base. It was ETuned by Drunkmann Tuning and made 300 HP in Dallas Texas on Dotson Tunings Mustang Dyno on 93 pump gas
-Whiteline grip series 1 springs and sway bars setup (I love it so far but am still playing with the adjustability. I will probably put it to the stiffest option and leave it there. I also discovered my front passenger strut was blown when swapping my springs so it's not entirely as it should be)
-TSW Sebring wheels 18x9.5. +40 offset
-Subaru STI short throw shifter with Perrin shift stop and bushings
-Cobb accessport
-Cobb Big SF intake
-Cobb air oil separator (I called COBB for a replacement Y connector and was directed to AIG who sent me a replacement piece, The Cobb representative told me that it was mostly developed by AIG and Cobb paid for the rights to put their name on it. They are the exact same kit so that solves that. Both representatives were very easy to work with as well)
-Grimmspeed 3 port boost control solenoid
-NGK Spark plugs (I was advised against the One Step Colder plugs by Drunkmann for the FA engine)
-Grimmspeed TMIC
-Grimmspeed Charge Pipe
-Grimmspeed GESI V2 catted J Pipe
-Grimmspeed upgraded BPV (the audio between the two is very different, the stock one gives off a single blow off while the Grimmspeed gives the flutter)
-Grimmspeed Pitch stop mount
-Grimmspeed aluminum Turbo inlet
-Perrin turbo sump restrictor
Tomei UEL headers unwrapped. (I know of the decreases in efficiency and HP these have compared to aftermarket equal length headers. I opted for the sound for now since it's not a power build. When this engine gives up I will go for 500 hp and I will upgrade the block and internals and go Equal length headers but not until then)
All parts were installed by me in my friends garage. ETuning was very easy and was made easier by Drunkmann and his videos on YouTube. My Etune was done in a few revisions and only took 2 days. Very quick turn around by Drunkmann even when he was traveling. 10/10 would recommend.
Side note: has anyone had their AC compressor seize up on them? I took my car to a shop for an alignment and to see what was up with the AC since the summer is here and they hit me with a $2300 bill to repair the system citing the AC compressor being seized as the main problem. I find it hard to believe. I'm taking it to the dealership next week to get a second opinion and see about the possibility of warranty work since it's still under 36k miles. I know it's a long shot since of all of the above work done to it
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2023.05.30 21:51 ensluck 🐻 Explaining the NFT bear market

🐻 Explaining the NFT bear market

Your cheat sheet on... NFT bear market

NFT space may seem like a jigsaw puzzle. NFT Cheats is a series of newsletters that helps you put the pieces together.
NFT Cheats by Rarible is a newsletter that explores the very pillars the NFT space stands on. Think of those as the NFT World-bearing turtles (or Apes).
It’s called NFT Cheats because each newsletter is designed as a cheat sheet that brings you up to speed on a given niche within the NFT space.
NFT bear market is the third subject in the series. The previous issues covered Historical NFTs and NFT Security. To put together a cheat sheet on today’s topic, we talked to wale.swoosh, researcher-in-residence at Azuki and a self-described ‘Director of Threads’ on NFT Twitter.
Wale got into NFTs in early 2021 after hearing about them on Gary Vee’s Instagram. He joined Twitter a few months after that to become a better trader as he realized that NFT Twitter plays a big role in that. Wale quickly fell in love with the community, and started sharing his own thoughts on the timeline, quickly becoming one of the most popular NFT content writers known for his in-depth threads.
DO NOT treat any of the information below as financial advice, and do your own research (DYOR) before buying into any asset.
The interview has been edited and condensed, meaning the content below is attributed to the guest expert, but shouldn’t be treated as a direct quote.

What does a bear market mean for NFTs?

A bear market in Web3 is usually marked by a general flattening of interest in the space. Fewer new people join, and some people who were in Web3 leave.
That leads to a crash in prices, teams stop developing, and the sentiment in the space is generally bad because everyone is fighting for the crumbs of a shrinking pie.
If you look at it historically, bear markets are always caused by an external macro influence. We’ve had several bear markets in crypto since the industry emerged, and this seems to be the first major bear market for NFTs specifically since they hit the mainstream in 2021.
The current bear market started around Q2 2022, and of course we just can’t know when it will end exactly. But I'm positive that it will be followed by a bull cycle.
During this bear market, we’ve seen projects shed around 70-90% of their floor prices. At this point, it might be hard to believe that certain NFTs were trading at 3-10x their current floor price.
Moonbirds' historical floor price, as shown by
There are several reasons behind that grand fall. First, a lot of people have simply left the space. According to recent numbers, there are around 7,000 active traders left. When you have a few thousand people creating and trading maybe millions of NFTs… the supply/demand ratio gets crazy. When the demand is low, the floor price will follow.
Projects themselves also play a role in this. Without naming any specific ones, we have many teams that have made major strategic mistakes in recent months. In fact, I don't think there are blue chips anymore in the space, outside of the top 3-4 most successful collections.
Then we had ETH volatility, the memecoin season, Blur experimenting with some trading mechanics — all of that have also not been good for the floor prices across the board.
The most important thing for the NFT space at the moment is to get more people in, because when you have 7k traders, it's really hard to run a successful project. Right now, holders are basically playing hot potato with each other. As to how we might onboard more people — that's a whole other topic.

NFTs are dead. Long live NFTs!

People who say NFTs are dead are partly right.
Most projects are indeed dead or are in the process of dying. 99% of them won't come out of this bear market because they just don't have what it takes. Those who will come out, however, will come out stronger.
Having said that, NFTs as a technology will never ever die because it brings so much innovation to areas like gaming and digital ownership, for example.

Metas, or why there's always a "shiny thing" in NFTs

To better understand the nature of the NFT market, it's useful to understand the role metas play in it.
Meta is a certain pattern that we see emerge (most of the time suddenly) and disappear (that also tends to happen quite quickly) in the NFT space.
A meta can last anywhere from a few days to months. A good example would be the open edition meta we saw a few months ago started by Jack Butcher’s Checks. Once it became clear that Checks are doing good, we saw all those other projects doing open editions, mostly following the same pattern/concept…
At the time, the majority of the content on the NFT Twitter timeline was about open editions. Initially, when a new meta emerges, it starts to generate/feed off hype— everyone wants to be a part of this new exciting thing, and ultimately make some money from it (be it trading, engagement farming, or both).
It’s hard to put a finger on what exactly makes a meta pop off, but once it gets going, it spreads fast.
Wale's thread on metas (click on the pic to read)
You have to realize that sooner or later, every meta always disappears. The people who are invested in it often think (or want you to think) that it’s here forever, but in reality there's always the next shiny thing a few weeks later that people will go chasing after, forgetting about the one that preceded it.
That being said, the OG projects that start metas—like Checks, for example—often keep at least some of their relevance, while most other unoriginal projects who were just trying to copy them vanish.
Besides metas, there’s also culture. Culture is a more fundamental kind of thing. Sometimes it's hard to differentiate: is this new thing more transitory and based on short-term attention, or is it here to actually stay, setting a new standard for the space for years to come?
There weren’t many events that actually revolutionized the industry, like what Yuga Labs did when they airdropped the serums for the MAYC collection, the distribution trick many projects adapted later on. But those usually come around in a more subtle manner.
So normally when every week you have people saying “oh, that's the new thing, it will change the space forever for years to come” and are super vocal about it, it’s almost never the case.
The attention span in this space is incredibly short, and people tend to put most of their attention into things that are ‘meta’ at the moment.
Will traditional brands kick off the next bull?
There are a few examples of traditional brands doing a good job with their web3 initiatives, Gucci and Adidas specifically come to mind. But you and I would probably have a hard time naming 10 successful web2 companies who came into the web3 space, so we haven't seen that unfold just yet.
When it comes to getting new people into NFTs, major brands could be one way to do it — when people see a trusted brand, they might want to get involved, as they’re more likely to trust a brand they already know.
It’s a two-way street: when more people in general will get interested in NFTs, web2 brands will likely have an easier time onboarding people as well.
It also depends on which audience the specific brand wants to address. When you want to get into the hardcore NFT community, you better understand web3 culture and be part of it so your activation doesn't feel forced—the infamous Pepsi and Budweiser exchange on Twitter became a meme for a reason. But at the same time, as more legacy brands will come in, the focus might shift away from the core NFT community to retail users.
And when more retail comes in and NFT becomes more adopted as a technology, it is likely that the end user won’t realize that they are interacting with the blockchain or even that they’re buying an NFT. It will be more subtle, and the majority of retail users probably won't be creating wallets and trading NFTs on OpenSea/BluRarible per se.
Nike’s .swoosh is another good example of a web2 x web3 crossover—when you sign up there, you don't even know that you are minting an NFT. I think that's a good approach to bringing more people in, because right now the blockchain infrastructure is still very complicated for new people.
At the moment, if you know nothing about web3, blockchain or crypto in general, the learning curve is just too steep: you have to go through the process of creating your own wallet and writing down a 24-word seed phrase, buying and swapping tokens, sometimes bridging—all that just to get an NFT you want. So in regards to mainstream adoption, it will be crucial to build platforms, infrastructure and tools that will be intuitive even for people who are not crypto NFT natives.
Is it a good time to enter the NFT space?
It's a good time to take your time.
Let’s be honest: If you’re coming into the NFT space right now, there's a very high chance that you will immediately leave. The bear market vibes are really difficult to handle for a newcomer.
When you go on NFT Twitter these days, there’s so much toxicity, shilling and hate going on… It's really terrible. Then you have short term metas where some people make money and tweet about it nonstop while the silent majority loses money. Of course if you're a newcomer and most of your timeline is talking about how this thing is pumping and they’ve already made 100x on it, you’ll want to join in. The meta will then move on, and most likely you’ll lose money. I think that's driving a lot of people away from our space.
But a bear market is actually a great opportunity to learn about NFTs. For me, the ideal way to start in the NFT space is to make a Twitter account, and get involved in NFT Twitter by following some trusted people and just spending time reading their takes, maybe participating in some discussion. And then when you feel comfortable about what you know and feel like you can make informed decisions, then maybe start buying your first NFT or minting your first NFTs (always with the money you can afford to lose).
Rarible Bear Pass, the free open edition mint that generated 683.5k copies
As for choosing which projects to join, I recommend looking at the team behind it. That’s what it is all about in Web 3. When you have a team that's emerged into the space and is actually building for the community, that's a massive green flag. Invest in people you personally believe in. To me, the team is way more important than the art/roadmap because if you don't have a team that's able to execute, you can have the best roadmap but the project won't be successful.
But please remember that in web3 it can all change within weeks or even days. This space is moving extremely fast, and that hasn’t changed even during the bear market.
And if you're already in the NFT space, it’s a good time to build. When you have a project is a good time to build in silence so you are ready for the next bull market—and I am positive that it will happen.
5 people to follow to learn more about the NFT market ️
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2023.05.30 21:42 Orphandestroyer98 Proceed with Caution (Ch 8)

Memory transcript subject: Chris, Human Hunter in training Date: [standardized human time] October 28th, 2136
I found the class for my first hour. I entered the classroom and saw the Kolshian teacher from earlier. My first class was an ecology class or something.
“Ah Chris your seat is right over there” the Kolshian pointed his tentacle to one of the chairs next to a Green Krakotl.
“Alright class this paw we shall be learning about your home planets background of animals and overall life” Oh so just like a review of the history of a planet.
“Who’s going first?” The Kolshian teacher scanned the crowd of students. None of them raised there hands so I just went ahead.
“Ah Chris here’s a pad so you can show images on the big screen, go ahead when you are ready” I readied myself to speak and looked at the class. A couple of people were snickering.
“Alright so I guess at the beginning of Earth when there was only microscopic specs in the water which soon became bigger creatures. Soon enough the Cambrien period started which was caused by the global warming of the planet causing mass amounts of Oxygen to be pumped into the sky” I stopped to take a breath and take a sip of cherry Pepsi.
“Because of this many animal groups were shown for the first time like the backbone species which would soon evolve into everything on land” I showed a picture of a jawless fish with spine.
“Another animal that appeared were the Trilobites which would stay for a long time and wouldn’t go extinct for a very long time. Soon however the Cambrian period would come to an end with Cambrian mass extinction where the planet cooled down and killed a decent amount of the water life” alright what was next? Oh yeah that’s right!
“Next was the Ordovician period where some of the modern marine lifeforms appeared like squids kinda like that Kolshian” I pointed at one of the purple squid froglike creatures in the room.
“This is also the time where plants and invertebrates made it onto land, another creature that appeared during this time was the apex predator the sea scorpion” I showed a picture of the creatures of that time along with the sea scorpion.
“Soon enough in the next period the fish evolved like crazy which introduced the first sharks and on land there were giant fungus and the first land creatures millipedes” I showed picture of the creatures.
“Soon enough the fungus got replaced with trees and the first vertebrates came onto land and vertebrates took flight and new apex predators in the sea like the dunk a giant fish with an armored head and self sharpening jaw bones as teeth” I showed the class the picture of the dunk they were amazed by the size and deadliness of the creature.
“Soon there were so many trees there was a lot of oxygen which made bugs absolutely massive such as the meganura. A giant dragonfly the size of a football and arthroplura a giant millipede. And during this time the amphibians went crazy and made a very important evolutionary step in eggs. This would then lead to the evolution of the reptiles and mammals” jeez there is still a decent amount to go over.
“Then began the Permian period which saw the beginning of the two major groups the synapsids and the sauropsids which included the first aquatic reptiles. The trilobites were still there until the Permian mass extinction which wiped out 96% of all life on Earth” the class silenced at that. I mean Jesus that much life lost yet we’re still here is something.
“Soon began after that the age of the dinosaurs. During this time more species came to be like the first crocodiles and turtles” I showed the class a picture of a giant ancient crocodile which amazed some of them.
“Then began the Jurassic period where the first big dinosaurs started to arrive like the predatory hunter the allosaurus that used to hunt the stegosaurus a giant armored herbivore that whipped their tails at enemies” a couple of the Harchens were focused on the allosaurus and it’s similarities to them.
“Also during this time was when birds started to evolve away from the dinosaurs and fly”
“After this came the Cretaceous period with creatures like the horned herbivorous triceratops and the mighty carnivorous Trex” on the screen showed a giant Trex with a dead triceratops in its jaws by the neck. The class stared with much interest.
“There was also the largest carnivorous dinosaur the spinosaurus which could swim really fast and the giant pterosaurs took over the sky’s with some having a 40 foot wingspan like the size of a car or a bus!” I could tell most of the class by now was interested in the presentation.
“During this time grass, flowers and bees appeared by evolving from wasps and another thing that appeared were snakes limbless reptiles who slither around and the crocodiles became humongous” I showed them a picture of the absolutely massive crocodiles
“Yet during this time the mammals were still small because of the giant dinosaurs” here comes the kicker.
“However all good things most come to an end when suddenly a giant meteor from outer space hit the planet having such a massive impact on the planet which made dirt go way up into the sky blocking out the suns light which made plants die” the students were surprised and some were in fright because of this.
“There were giant flaming debris coming down from the sky and volcanoes were erupting. This lead to the dust staying in the sky for a long time which caused 75% of all life to go extinct and most of the bug dinosaurs went extinct because of it” I took another drink of cherry Pepsi.
“Soon after this came the Paleocene epoch and all the animal groups were going crazy and soon came the early primates. Many groups were also going for the title of the apex predator such as the titanoboa the giant snake the size of a bus or the terror birds from the avian dinosaurs which would dominate their landscape for the next 60 million years and if one were in this room you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them and a Krakotl” I pointed at the one green Krakotl in the crowd while flipping through the photos.
“Soon came the time when the first cats and dogs arrived and the whales went back into the ocean evolving into marine mammels. Another creature is the ancestor to the great apes such as gorillas and humans”
“Next came the Eocene epoch where the terror birds were still dominant in their part of the world. There were also elephants and bone crushing dogs which could crush my leg with a single bite” some of the classmates laughed at that part obviously wanting to do the same to me.
“And then after that came the Pliocene epoch in which North and South America formed a Land bridge in which their two groups of animals met for the first time which wound up making the terror birds extinct in the end. Some animals of this time included the woolly mammoths that looked like that Mazic over there” I pointed at the woolly elephant like predator.
“However mammoths didn’t eat meat instead they ate plants. Another animal was giant ground sloth which used its size to reach trees and eat the leaves off of them. There was also gigantopithecus the largest ape to ever live on Earth. Speaking of apes the first human species the Homo-erectus appeared” I took another sip of my cherry Pepsi. Almost done with this.
“Now for the Ice Age. At the start of this age the planet got really cold in which the first Homosapiens appeared and found the other human species the Neanderthals. When the two met they breaded together and the only one left was the Homosapiens. It should also be mentioned that we domesticated dogs and that after this age many of the species died such as the mammoths who we hunted into extinction” the Mazics were a bit taken back by that. Probably not understanding how something so small could wipe out a species that large.
“Soon enough we got here to where we are today. Any questions?” I looked around the class. I saw a Tillfish raise one of their claws.
“So humans hunted the mammoths into extinction. How did they hunt and have their been any other creatures you hunted into extinction?” I thought for a moment how did ancient humans hunt again?
“So last time I checked we followed our prey continuously until they got tired and collapsed so we could just go ahead and kill them” the class was a bit confused on that one.
“But now I think we just use guns to shoot the prey from a distance” after this I answered a couple more questions until the Kolshian teacher came up to me.
“Alright wonderful presentation Chris how about you have a seat” I nodded and went back to my desk.
The rest of the class went by quickly and smoothly. Next class was some math one. Surprised these guys even have math.
Damn I am hungry.
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2023.05.30 21:36 saraisthename Did I mess up? Words of encouragement/opinion/advice please.

I had my second child February 9. From the get-go she was exceptional with her latch and breastfeeding seemed to be working for the two of us wonderfully which is totally the opposite from my first (premie/NICU baby). At around 1 month, I started to supplement lightly with formula by mixing it in with my breastmilk (3/4 breastmilk, 1/4 formula). She was gaining weight while exclusively breastfeeding but not as much as the doctor recommends each day (rec. 30g/day, she was gaining 20-25g/day). She was back to her birth weight (slightly above) by our 1 week appointment though. I introduced the bottle so I could easily mix milk and formula. Combo feeding has been great! I began to prefer pumping/bottles/combo so that I would have a good estimate to how much she was eating each day. Breast or bottle, milk, formula alone or mixed, she's a champ and I am very lucky. I nurse her at night or if I am out so I don't need to worry about bottles. I have a small freezer supply which I use when she won't be in my care (with my MIL or my own mom).
Over the last few days I have had an overwhelming urge to move to just formula. I guess I have started to get busy with my son (3.5 yr) and daughter, going back to the gym for my own mental health, keeping up with the house work etc. that pumping and all that goes along with it (time/cleaning of parts) was becoming a daunting task and I was dreading it. Also, I would tend to get stressed out if I wasn't able to pump right at the 3-3.5 hour mark. Sometimes I would go 4 almost 5 hrs before I could pump again. My daughter doesn't eat every 3 hours in the night anymore and I would also go about 4-5 hrs before needing to nurse again. I wasn't noticing any major fluctuation with my supply but I know how important it is to make sure I fully empty and stay consistent. My goal with breast milk is 6 months and will have made it to 4 months on the 9th. Since my "I should move to formula" feeling/decision, I have slowly started to increase the length of time between emptying my breasts to about 5-6 hrs. I didn't want to stop cold turkey for fear of the engorgement/clogged ducts/change in my decision lol.. In Ontario, we are still dealing with a bit of a shortage with formula also.
I nursed my daughter at 6 am this morning and just emptied with my hand pump at 2:30 pm. I got 3 oz. between the both breasts. I have decided (or is it guilt) that I don't want to give up on breastfeeding and that sometimes things are "hard" or time consuming and I just have to pick my hard. I love that I can provide milk for my daughter. I didn't think that I would have another child after my son. So to have my daughter and also have such an easy time with my milk/breastfeeding, why should I allow myself to give up so soon because of a few overwhelming days? If I start pumping every 3 hrs again, will I get my supply back? Did I mess things up? Do you think I should just start nursing and slow down on the pumping/bottles? I just really liked knowing how much she was getting! Gah! I'm in my head. I apologize in advance for the word vomit and I thank each of you for reading.
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2023.05.30 21:34 Reeks_Geeks 94 3000GT sitting in garage for over 7 years, Help a couple of noobs figure it out....

94 3000GT sitting in garage for over 7 years, Help a couple of noobs figure it out....

My buddy and I have been working on this 94 3000GT for many years on and off. But only seriously tried fixing it. It was driven into the garage over 6 years ago fine and hasn't gone anywhere since.
Hey ya'll. I've run out of places to go for help. So here it goes!
  1. Car runs on starter fluid but won't stay on.
  2. Replaced fuel pump, fuel line, fuel filter. Since we assumed it won't stay on without fuel.
  3. Found after market security harness. Ripped it all out and attempted to reconnect original security plugs.
  4. Car cranks nicely but won't start.
  5. We tried 2 scanner tools but they don't seem to detect the car. Tried using a Topdoc Phoenix Smart and Innova 7111. There's power at the DLC.
  6. Lastly, we believe it's either a security issue, computer issue or fuel injectors. But to have all fuel injectors not working seems unlikely.
Any help with this project is appreciated. I'm no mechanic but my friend is, he's just not familiar with mitsubishis
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2023.05.30 21:31 CapnCook67 Can anyone identify this fitting?

Can anyone identify this fitting?
It’s some kind of flex fitting, the pump and filter pipes don’t line up perfectly and it will require a complete redo to fix that (they’re cemented in). We plan to tear the pool out next winter and have a new one built anyway, so I’m just trying to repair this leak for now. I don’t think this pillow thing is part of the spears fitting but maybe I just haven’t been searching the right terms. The pipe goes from 1.5” out of the pump, to 2” above the pillow. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
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2023.05.30 21:30 SBSGFX EZ-DEBUG CPU white LED

So I recently upgraded my CPU, Mobo, Case, and Ram from my old system. The plan was to let my friend of mine who is starting to get into pc gaming use my old parts so I finished building my new rig and then built his. I reused my old case, CPU, CPU Cooler, and Ram (All this was already installed on the old case as I was using it up until 2 days ago,). I put in my old 980 GPU and my old Corsair RMX650 and his SSD and go to test the system and I get stuck on a solid white CPU LED. The ram RGB lights up, all the fans spin, but the PC wont go back this CPU LED. The system wont shut off either until I hold down the power button. I know none of these parts are faulty as I was just playing Forza 5 on them 2 days ago. I have tried just about everything I have read and have no idea what the issue could be at this point
List of troubleshooting:
Reslotted CPU (3/4 times)
Reapplied new thermal paste
Changed AIO power from CPU pump to CPU Fan header
Checked CPU and mobo for bent pins
Checked Mobo for any problems
Reslotted all ram (5/6 times)
Tried 1 stick of ram
Bios update via flash drive
Changed from LL120 Corsair fans to standard fans
Tried booting with no SSD
Tried booting with no graphics card
Tried all PCI slots with graphics card
Changed from a RMX650 power supply to RMX850
CMOS Clear w/ battery out for 5 minutes
CMOS Clear with jumping JBAT1 on mobo
Rebuilt the whole PC again
Tried different SATA ports
I looked over just about everything I can possibly think of or read and I am out of ideas of what could be going on. I know all the parts work as I used them 2 days ago and even tested the GPU in my new rig. The specs are below, I would really appreciate any help as he doesn't have any money to spend at the moment on new parts and he really wants to start gaming on PC.
i7- I7700k CPU
MSI Z270 Tomahawk Artic edition Mobo
64 GB 3000 MHz DDR4 Trident Z RAM
Geforce GTX 980 (reference card)
Deepcool AIO
Samsung 970 EVO SSD
Corsair 220t RGB Airflow
Corsair RMX850 PSU
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2023.05.30 21:05 franklyrebekah Repairman disregarded my input in a way that felt like he doesn't respect women

So, my partner and I have been living in our apartment in Brooklyn for a little over a year now. We had to leave our old apartment because the landlord wanted to sell the building empty and the housing market here in NYC is bonkers. Super competitive, very expensive. Anyway, our new apartment doesn't have an in-unit washedryer like the one we left but there is free laundry in the basement. All good - this is still a huge win in NYC. Only problem is about 2 months ago the washer decided that sometimes it just....doesn't want to drain. So, we all told the landlord. Long story short he ordered a new washer, it wouldn't fit down the stairs and so he decided rather than getting something slightly smaller (which all the tenants are cool with) he would get it fixed. Fine. Weeks go by and finally a guy comes to assess the damage. I hear him in the hallway on the phone with our landlord and figure I would go out and just let him know what's happening with the washer since the landlord has never actually dealt with it, just had it halfway explained to him via email. I go down into the basement and let him know that based off what's happening and the sound the machine makes it seems as though the pump is overheating. The dude won't even make eye contact with me and just condescendingly said "the timer is broken." I knew he was the expert so I politely asked him if he thought the timer was what was causing the pump to make the strange noises and he just scoffed, said "TIMER" and left. I heard him speaking to my landlord on the phone and his demeanor was entirely different. It really felt as though he was disregarding me because I'm a woman.
Anyway, fast forward a few weeks the 3 separate parts to fix the broken timer come in. New repairman comes to fix the washer. I am a little suspect that this will work but like I said, I'm no expert. Repairman switches the parts for the timer, says everything is working fine, leaves. Upstairs neighbor goes downstairs to do laundry and wouldn't you believe it, the damn washer doesn't drain.
I know I'm just operating off suspicion but I have been disregarded by men so many times in my life and I am SO frustrated. I wasn't trying to tell this guy how to do his job at all, I was just giving him a little context for what I was noticing with the washer in case it was relevant but he completely blew me off and now we still don't have a functioning washing machine. I honestly think that if my partner or one of the other men in the building had been around, this would have gone very differently. I know this is trivial compared to a lot of the other things people post about on this thread but UGH why are so many men like this?
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2023.05.30 20:59 brynets Buying advice

Buying advice
I’m gonna see this car soon. Anything I should look out for?
It’s a 330i xDrive with Comfort and Dynamic package. It has 87k miles, priced at $12k (in Sweden).
I’ve asked if the normal N53 stuff is changed, aka Injectors, fuel pump and spark plugs. But it’s not.
It did have an incident where it slided into a pole, but everything got repaired at a BMW workshop and it looked like on pictures it was only the headlight, bit of the hood and front that took damage.
Seller seems like a BMW enthusiast and have done all the maintanance etc, gonna ask for more papers though.
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2023.05.30 20:56 _the_silence_ Bent seat track protector - 2011

Bent seat track protector - 2011
My 2011 is due for some TLC on the interior. One of the 2nd row seat track protector strips is bent. Part 72129-08030-B0 (diagram attached). Dealer quoted me $77 for a new one and I can't find one used on eBay. Nothing in the local junk yards.
Has anyone had experience bending this straight? I'm thinking a heat gun might help? It seems mostly plastic but think it might have thin metal in the middle?
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2023.05.30 20:54 madwanker69 Playoff Parity: Comparing 2018 to 2023

The discussion of parity in the NBA and more specifically, the NBA playoffs, has come full circle.
A few years ago, during the end of the Cavs/Warriors rivalry, I remember one of the biggest talking points when it came to the NBA playoffs was “the same teams win every year.” A lot of people thought it was boring to see the same finals matchup 4 times In a row. By the 2018 finals, most people had lost interest in the Cavs Warriors matchup
During the past 3 seasons, we’ve had 3 different teams from both conferences make the finals. Now, it seems that the main talking points are centered around ratings, and that many casual fans aren’t very interested in the 2023 NBA finals because there aren’t any “media superstars” like there have been previously (Curry, Lebron etc.)
I know this is in part because of the two teams that are playing in the finals, but I remember a lot of apathy around the NBA finals the previous two years as well.
My questions are:
  1. Going forward, would you prefer to see the dynasty driven eras of the NBA like Cavs/Warriors or the more diverse selection of true championship contenders we have currently?
  2. Which of the two do you think is better for the overall growth of NBA?
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