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2023.03.29 02:53 YourLovelyLadyVenus Terminating rights when Paternity is never established??

Okay so brief overview before because situation is complecated.
I have a 3yr old son, his "Bio Dad" who I will call "Chris." Has been an addict on and off since 2011, He has some unofficially diagnosed and treated mental issues. Symptoms that what I would think we're similar to Schizophrenia, or Paranoid disorder or similar. I'm not sure, he thinks he is under investigation by Police department, FBI, regularly accused me of being a Lackey or Informant that I was planted specifically to ruin his life....
Several other things mixed in with that as well....
We met in a mental hospital, shortly after I was divorced from my ex husband which was a really rough divorce, I admitted myself to get help with suicidal thoughts and whatever. We just chit chatted exchanged numbers he said he was there for alcoholism/detox.
We dated for a month or so after. Immediately made a toxic trauma bond and I started to realize he was an odd character. Hed fly off the handle thinking someone was stalking me, or that I was being threatened and then that I was conspiring against him.
I sent the better part of two years trying to help him get better and on his feet, get and keep a job. Stop drinking ect....
Never worked...
I got pregnant, with our son. He was happy, then would constantly demand I tell him who's baby it was. Or tell me he wanted a paternity test ASAP.....
I said that's fine countless times...our situation just got constantly more scary for myself with our son involved. Id find him drunk, or crying in a corner getting irrationally angry over things I was doing "on purpose" forgetting to take trash out, send a msg whatever.
I had our son, he was happy stayed the entire time and yeah. He walked in the hallway with the nurse after I did some of the paperwork.... pretty sure he asked the nurse what to do if he wasn't the dad.".
Because I found out he's not on the birth certificate...(which is probably positive but he got angry say I took him off which is impossible, I don't think he even remembers)
Well newborn baby, we got an apartment together. I didn't take maternity leave because it was the middle of pandemic, however major hiccup in unemployment he couldn't hold a job down. Evicted while our son was 2 months old.
Had a way out family took me in away from him, I got my head back on straight. Im with a man who has been everything I needed. My son now thinks my boyfriend is Dad. Because he has basically been since son was 4/5 months old....
We've slowly cutting him off tried of the delusions, the constant begging for "our family" saying someone forced me to leave etc. I tried to let him see him for an hour or so a week with a 3rd party there and then his behavior kept me pushing me to break contact. He's only seen his son for a couple hours maybe a month, no support, nothing at all.
What steps do I need to take to make sure association can be broken, I'd like to remarry and my boyfriend would like to adopt my son because he sees him as a son??? Any guidance would be great.
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2023.03.29 02:51 siyarerdogan I love sending these packs out 285mg mdma Heinekens and oxys

I love sending these packs out 285mg mdma Heinekens and oxys submitted by siyarerdogan to pillsporn [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 02:51 kolbisneat Adventures in Neverland (Campaign Diary/Resource 24) C

I'm running a TTRPG adventure set in the Neverland setting that I wrote (Neverland: A Fantasy Role-Playing Setting, Andrews McMeel Publishing)! This is a quick recap of what the players get up to in case someone wants to see how another GM uses the material. It's a hexcrawl setting focused on player-driven choices in a world full of pirates, fairies, mermaids, and more!
Also there's now a NEVERLAND DISCORD SERVER! Here's the invite!
- - - Note there will be spoilers for the setting/characters/etc. - - -
I'm running this for a group of 5 using D&D 5E. Currently level 9.
Druid (Fairy), Warlock (Tiefling), Bard/Pirate (Human), Monk (Tabaxi), Rogue (Human)
The Party started off looking for fallen stars but are now knee-deep in Fairy politics. The group has upset the Queen and are trying to stave off the curse from an assassin's blade.
(ELPHAME REGION 16 - Fairy Market / Goblin Market)
(ELPHAME REGION 13 - Brownie Huts)
(ELPHAME REGION 01 - Garden Gates)
(ELPHAME REGION 01 - Garden Gates)
(HEX 06 - The Great Hill)
(HEX 06 - The Great Hill)
(HEX 14 - Gnome Hamlet)
(HEX 04 - The Coral Caves)
(HEX 04 - The Coral Caves)
I'd been wanting to get the group back to Neverland as it had been a while since they left Elphame. The Queen's escalating efforts did the trick. And who knew that buying a few magic items was all the party needed to shift their focus from "forward the plot!" to "make money!" Super interesting to see and I'm always surprised to see what they do next.
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2023.03.29 02:51 TigerLoww I really want to deport this guy and get rid of him

Ok, please hear me out, the title sounds really bad and I don’t know if this is the right subreddit.
Info: My parents own a seafood restaurant chain in TX and we hire undocumented immigrants to work as cooks or dishwashers. We also have a few houses.
Let’s call the guy I’m trying to deport T. About a year back my parents hired T to come work as a chef in the restaurant my mom managed. At first, I really liked T. He was hardworking, nice and didn’t cause any trouble. But after hiring T we my parents bought an old house. The lawn was overgrown and it was trashed on the inside. on the weekends, my mom and I would go there to do yard work and clean up the house. After a few weeks T was recruited to come help us. He was really helpful and helps us get the job done faster. T kept on helping us with other work and any other stuff we needed to get done. After a while I just had this strange gut feeling, for some reason I started to believe that T liked my mom and my mom liked him back. I brushed it off at first but then my suspicions were confirmed. One night I borrowed my moms phone for something and a text popped up. It was from T.
Here’s some of the stuff he said word for word -how can i kiss you now -I want us to go, where we can be together, sweetheart, you don't know when I want to hug you, kiss you, touch your hair, tickle your waist, I want to show you what I feel for you, I have never loved a woman, how I love you ati, I think you feel the same with me -Every time your husband is not there call me to talk for a while, I'm glad when I talk to you
And also this one. This is the one that sent me over the roof and seething even more -I love you so much, I don't know how to tell you more, I like it a lot, I want to start a family with you
I feel so mad and I want to get revenge on both my mom and T, but T first. To be completely honest, I wanted to kill him. He was undocumented and my mom had no way of seeing T again. But then I thought about it and I realized how irrational that would be. I wanted to get rid of T for good, so I thought of the second best option, deporting him.
The problem is T lives in one of the houses we have for employees and there are other undocumented people in there who I really like and don’t want them deported. So how can I deport T without deporting other people? Is there a better way to get rid of T?
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2023.03.29 02:51 InverseFlash Anime Rin


Azoth Dagger
Bounded Field
Command Spells
Magic Crest


Azoth Dagger
Bounded Field
Command Spells
Usage - Objective
Usage - Scaling
Jeweled Sword
Magic Crest
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2023.03.29 02:51 IntelligentMedium3 Tickets to Jet Lag: The Game Live in New York City

Hello Everyone! My friend and I, who are both Nebula subscribers, live in suburban New York, and we would like to go to the live event in New York City. If someone has signed up already for two tickets, but knows that they will not be able to attend the event, we would GREATLY appreciate it if you could send the tickets over to us. Thanks in advance, we're HUGE fans, all of our friends at school know about Jet Lag from how often we talk about it.
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2023.03.29 02:51 optimistic_9826 [Hire Me] High-Grade Writing Services, Affordable and Authentic Work!!

Hello everyone. If you are looking for a distinction, then you are in the right place. I'm Crystal, a professional tutor and a superb academic writer with years of experience in English literature, Sociology, Business, Psychology, Nursing, Law and Social Sciences.
For assistance, please send detailed instructions to
Email: [email protected]
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My rate is from as low as $15 per page of quality work (Harvard / APA / MLA / OSCOLA, CHICAGO).
I graduated from Western Governors University with a bachelor's degree . I have gained progressive experience over the years in all types of Essays including admission Essays, Research Papers, Online Tests and Quizzes, Dissertations, Thesis Writing, Editing Services and Presentations. To ensure quality services, I review and check tasks at hand through Turnitin, Plag Scan and Grammarly elucidating authentic and unprecedented work.
To guarantee quality work, make payment only when satisfied with job order and have ensured all instructions are followed.
Please refer to my profile for sample work and a copy of my curriculum vitae(CV)
Long-Term partnership and reliability is guaranteed.
Thank you for your time.
Stay Safe!
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2023.03.29 02:51 Background-Fox-6637 Slytunkhamen & Sly

(Spoiler: If you haven’t played Sly 4)
So we know Slytunkhamen created the Thievius Raccoonus, and his son Slytunkhamen II, would go onto build The Cooper Vault. They also depict Slytunkhamen in Egyptian Garment meaning his era takes place in Ancient Egypt somewhere.
Now, we saw at the very end of Sly 4, he was dropped& stranded in Ancient Egypt somewhere. What if Sly is able to send Bentley a message through the Thievius Raccoonus for help? That would be a cool start to Sly 5 if we ever see one. Any other theories? Or Possible Plot Add-ons? Maybe they destroy Clockwerk too early and cause a Rip/Alteration in Time? Let’s get Meta with it.
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2023.03.29 02:50 yookiecookie This system is so fucked

How can a 32(M) who has 5 years of teaching experience, 10 years of sales experience, a bachelors, a masters, several certifications and a comprehensive work history not find a suitable job?
Seriously though, I'm having to start all over because teaching f**ked me. If you are wanting to become an educator in this country in any aspect, DON'T! Our economy does not cater to it and you are literally ALWAYS on the bottom of the sh*t totem pole. Have a job? Well, consider it temporary, especially in Nebraska which by definition is a "Employment at Will" state. Like what in the actual F**k is that?? So I have a job for 6 months and as soon as you use me for all the work I have done for your company, you just lay me off?
It's been like this for three jobs in a row now and at this point I'm so fed up. Currently, I'm in the process of trying to obtain my EMT so I can get out of this shit show and apply to become a firefighter, receive a union based job and have some sort of stability. Yet, in this transition where I'm trying to maintain any type of position I can that BARELY gets me by (24/hr), I can't support my now fiance with bills around the house, of f**king wedding and make any payments towards my shit loans that have piled up over the years.
Like what am I supposed to do, I probably spend half of my workday (i work for some crappy paying position that is manual labor) where I'm secretly applying to positions on LinkedIn that can pay the minimum. But of course they probably have some shitty Talent Acquisition team full of free loading a**holes who are probably in their 20's making decisions on candidates whom they "f**king like". If you are buddies with someone or have some sort of good word from either kissing someones a** to get to the top, I feel as though you're sh*t out of luck.
Furthermore, how do people who are in higher level management companies even have the positions they do? The manager I work for right now, I swear, cannot figure out the most basic priorities that the company needs, and he's getting paid a salaried position that probably pays 3x as much as me!!
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2023.03.29 02:50 dogsruledaworld Transcend from Ugly to Pretty! Surgery can and will Change the Rest of my Life! Goal.

No, I don't look anything like my meitu pic in person. Yes, changing my looks, so dudes find me attractive will make me a one happy girl. I don't feel wanted yet before my surgery. 😔 I know changing my looks is going to get men for sure. I know this is going to work for me. I deserve to feel attractive. I am thinking of surgery already. I am not going to feel comfortable in my own skin. Sorry, but it's unlikely to change anything. My mind's made up. If you don't understand why I am going under the knife or try to talk me out of it, then you clearly don't know me or how I think. Surgery is going to change the rest of my life around and I know this is the path to take! 💯 I deserve to live a happy life and not live a shitty one. My looks are destroying my life and holding me back from things from like guys.. everything. It's the truth. I decided to do something about my looks for good! I am going to look so different after surgery. Transcend from ugly to pretty in person for once is one of my goals I can and I will be achieving. Did it ever occur to you surgery is an adult choice? You don't know. what's best for me.. I sure as hell do! Also, I shouldn't be dating people I'm not attracted to anyway. I can't help but cry all the time because of how I look, but I will be altering my looks so drastically on the outside and men will find me attractive enough to date me in the future. I want to date because I want to get to do what others get to do, and not feel left out! Nothing's wrong with that having surgery to land dates and perhaps partners. My standards will be so much higher in terms of looks when dating men, especially altering my looks drastically on the outside! This girl on reddit did the exact same thing she went from ugly to pretty, received the pretty privilege, treated much better, and all that good stuff. c: I was way picky before I even read what she posted. Why should it be any different with me? 🤔 I want to be pretty and I obviously want it so goddamn bad. I'll do whatever it takes to become a pretty girl with makeup, filler, surgery (change my features drastically), etc. That's how much altering my looks mean to me. I was crying hysterically earlier. People have had surgery (their makeovers) to get partners, land dates, etc.. and all of a sudden I can't have anything done? Pfffttt... whatever. No, I am not going to stay like this and somehow be happy. That's not fair to me especially when all my future paychecks working temporarily will go towards my surgery fund and other expenses too, but not when I get my working german shepherd. Working meaning busting my ass off to craft my looks on the outside (more tattoo ink: german shepherd sleeve, change my wardrobe: find my clothing/style, etc.) I don't look anything like my meitu photo in person. Just so people know. I could be "worse kind of ugly". I just want to be a dating material kind of girl for a change and hopefully the surgeon will make me a pretty and attractive girl. I am going to go out there, get what I want, and deserve in life! That's just how it's going to be. I am making me happy for a goddamn change. I've been past my breaking point. My appearance pisses me the fuck off! I go off looks. Don't like it? Kiss my ass. I don't care about you, nor do you mean anything to me. It's my turn to be attractive. I'm not going to be dead last anymore. Oh, hell no!
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2023.03.29 02:50 jonnytech [TX][H] The Spirit Achives HCs Vol 1-15 (including 12, 13, 14), 20+ Omnibus's (Knightfall, Wonder Woman Perez, JSA, Fantastic Four, Secret Invasion), 8 sets of Epic Collections (Iron Man, Thor, Various X-Titles)! Birds of Prey Simone 14 TPB Set! New Avengers Bendis complete TPB Set! [W] Paypal

Happy to send more pictures. Happy to combine shipping. Crossposted

The Spirit Archives HC's - Pictures
All in good shape with normal shelf wear, except Vol 14. Vol 14 has moisture defects along the bottom of book (See pic). Perfectly readable and looks fine on shelf.
Prices do NOT include shipping for Spirit books
Vol 1 - $60
Vol 2 - $40
Vol 3 - $25
Vol 4 - $25
Vol 5 - $25
Vol 6 - $30
Vol 7 - $25
Vol 8 - $25
Vol 9 - $40
Vol 10 - $35
- get vol 1-10 starter set for $300 + Shipping
Vol 11 - $70
Vol 12 - $100
Vol 13 - $150
Vol 14 - $199
Vol 15 - $35
Vol 16 - $30 - GERMAN VERSION, spine matches others

Omnibus - Many OOP and Sets - Not Splitting Sets - Link to Pics
Batman Knightfall Omnibus Set Vol 1, 2, 3 (Vol 2, 3 sealed) - $440 Shipped
Wonder Woman by Perez Omnibus Set Vol 1, 2, 3 - $340 shipped
JSA Omnibus Set Vol 1, 2, 3 – not in shrink, normal shelf wear - $255 shipped
Deathstroke by Priest Omnibus – not in shrink, minor shelf wear - $148 shipped
New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol 1 (recent printing, in shrink) - $60 shipped

Fantastic Four Omnibus Set 1, 2, 3, 4 (All are new spines, in shrink) - $350 shipped
Annihilation (in shrink) + Annihilation Conquest Omnibus Set - $195 shipped
Secret Invasion Omnibus (in Shrink) - $199 shipped
Thor by Simonson (DM, in Shrink) - $199 shipped
Uncanny X-Men Omnibus Vol 1 (DM, large print spine) - $125 shipped

Big Damn Sin City Omnibus (shelf wear) - $195 shipped

Iron Man Epic Set ($275 Shipped) not splitting
Vol 1 – Golden Avenger
Vol 2 – By Force of Arms
Vol 3 – Man Who Killed Tony Stark
Vol 4 - Fury of the Firbrand

Thor Epic Set ($185 shipped) open to splitting
Vol 1 – God of Thunder
Vol 4 – To Wake the Mangog
Vol 11 – Kingdom Lost
Vol 12 – Runequest
Vol 19 – Thor War
Vol 20 – Final Gauntlet

Hulk Epic Set ($350 shipped) not splitting
Vol 1 – Man or Monster
Vol 2 – Hulk must Die
Vol 3 – Leader Lives
Vol 4 – In the Hands of Hydra
Vol 5 – Who will Judge the Hulk

X-Factor Epic Set ($185 shipped) open to splitting
Vol 1 – Genesis and Apocalypse
Vol 3 – Angel of Death
Vol 7 – All New, All Different X-Factor
Vol 8 – X-Aminations

Excalibur Epic Set ($150 shipped) not splitting
Vol 1 – Sword is Drawn
Vol 2 – Cross-Time Caper (remainder mark)
Vol 3 – Girl’s School From Heck
Vol 4 – Curiouser and Curiouser

New Mutants Epic Set ($220 shipped) open to splitting
Vol 1 – Renewal (remainder mark, reading wear)
Vol 2 – Demon Bear
Vol 5 – Sudden Death (remainder mark)
Vol 6 – Curse of the Valkyries
Vol 7 - Cable
Vol 8 – End of the Beginning (includes X-Tinction Agenda) (large upper spine corner defect, minor moisture on bottom corner)

X-Force Epic Set ($175 shipped) not splitting
Vol 1 – Under the Gun (small wrinkle on bottom of spine)
Vol 2 – X-Cutioner’s Song
Vol 7 – Zero Tolerance
Deadpool Vol 1 – The Circle Chase

Wolverine Epic Set ($285 shipped) open to splitting
Vol 1 – Madripoor Nights
Vol 2 – Back to Basics (reading wear, defect on top of spine)
Vol 3 – Blood and Claws
Vol 6 – Inner Fury
Vol 8 – Dying Game
Vol 9 – Tooth and Claw (defect near bottom of spine)
Vol 12 – Shadow of Apocalypse
Vol 13 – Blood Debt (remainder mark, cut all the way down spine)

Marvel and DC Sets - Pictures
Birds of Prey 14 book set
Gail Simon BoP - Entire Set for $250 shipped
individual prices do NOT include shipping
Birds of Prey TPB - of Like Minds (56-61) $18
Birds of Prey TPB - Murder and Mystery (56-67) $26
Birds of Prey TPB - Sensei and Student (63-68) $10
Birds of Prey TPB - Between Dark and Dawn (69-75) $10
Birds of Prey TPB - The Battle Within (76-85) $30
Birds of Prey TPB - Perfect Pitch (86-90, 92-95) $14
Birds of Prey TPB - Blood and Circuits (96-103) $29
Birds of Prey TPB - Dead of Winter (104-108) $22
Birds of Prey TPB - Club Kids (109-112, 118) $20
Birds of Prey TPB - Metropolis or Dust (113-117) $11
Birds of Prey TPB - Platinum Flats (119-124) $15
Oracle TPB - The Cure (Oracle: The Cure (2009) #1-3 and Birds of Prey (1999-2009) #126-127) $25
Birds of Prey HC End Run (2011 2nd series 1-6) $39 for HC set
Birds of Prey HC Death of Oracle (2011 2nd series 7-13)

Nightwing and Batman
Nightwing: Freefall (140-146; $24.75 Shipped)
Nightwing new 52 TPB Set - whole set $19 shipped

Amazing Spider-Man "complete" TPB set - $41 shipped

New Avengers Set
New Avengers (Bendis Vol 1) 13 TPB/HC Complete Set - Vol 1-12 + Siege - $110 Shipped
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2023.03.29 02:50 Feeling-Frame-2519 need lost piece of anakins ep III hilt replaced

hey guys, I got a xenopixel lightsaber from dark wolf sabers called the youngling slayer 2.0 which is basically just anakins lightsaber from ep III and a piece of the hilt came off and I lost it and I was wondering if it could be replaced or bought? The piece is the silver little skinny circle like piece that looks like it’s almost like inside the hilt. (i hope this makes sense i can send pictures)
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2023.03.29 02:50 bcrooker Messaging issue in the car

I traded in my 2019 SR+ on 12/31 for a 2023 LR. 99% the car is great -one oddity is around SMS/RCS support. It worked 100% in my SR+. My wife and I both have Pixel phones, using the stock Android Messaging app.
In the new car when my wife sends me a message, it shows the content with a full email-like "wrapper" with title, date/time, etc. so it would take forever to read off the full message.
It is only doing it for messaging with my wife - if I get other messages they come through with just the core message content.
I wasn't sure if anyone had run into anything similar.
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2023.03.29 02:50 lovemonero WOW - After our court hearing this morning finalizing our divorce, my ex-wife with BPD send a long tirade against me including all of my deepest secrets to my entire family

I'm still aghast. I don't even know where to begin.
So we had our first and only court appearance this morning to finalize our divorce. We were first up. Whole thing took half an hour. Best part was the judge asked my wife her name and she used her maiden name. That didn't make him happy.
"What's your current legal name" *uses my last name* "That's right young lady"
But otherwise very straightforward. And while it was a little emotional, I was quickly over it and ready for a productive day at work.
About an hour later, I see an email from my ex-wife. I open it. It's long. And it's angry.....really angry. But as usual, it's all lies and emotional reasoning. Typical angry BPD stuff I've heard before.
But then I notice......she's sent it to my ENTIRE family. A dozen people. And it includes dozens of my deepest secrets. Stuff about my finances, sex life, medical conditions, mental health, politics, and much more. I suddenly realize this isn't her typical angry rant at me. She's spilling everything she knows that will embarrass me to everyone close to me!
It's.......the most insane thing I've ever seen in my life. These people now know all sorts of stuff about me I would have never wanted them to know before I died.
I immediately forwarded it to my attorney, took a few minutes to calm down, and wrote a very professional reply explaining her behavior was an example of the typical gaslighting I had to endure during our marriage which was why I left (it was a lot of lies mixed in with deep secrets), totally uncalled for, and apologized to everyone that they were involved in a private matter and that her attorney would be hearing from mine.
I then called my attorney. She was beside herself. We had a funny exchange.
"Your wife is fucking insane!" "Yes, I've told you that many times." "No, but you don't get it. Everyone says that. Your wife is actually fucking insane! I've never seen anything like this!"
And she explained she hadn't. Unfortunately, our legal options were limited. We fired off a very angry letter to opposing counsel but since the damage is done and I can't get a restraining order for her sending angry emails, I figure the best thing to do is give her space and not piss her off anymore, although she really has no ammunition left.
Sadly, my family has not left to the occasion to be supportive. My brother actually started criticizing me for some of the things she accused me of in the email, which were of course fabrications. And no one other than my father has reached out. He called and very kindly told me how mortified I must feel and how insane what she did was. He was very supportive. But no one else did. I'm very upset and disappointed with my family right now.
So, basically, my BPD ex-wife blew up my family today. Fucking hell.
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2023.03.29 02:49 objectivelywrongbro What is the most advanced subtitle converter? AI could bring us closer to a perfect converter...

Curious to know what the most advanced subtitle converter is? For example, one that scans image-based subs (VobSub or HDMV PGS) and turns them into text-based (SRT)?
We are in the age of AI and so I was wondering if there are any projects on the horizon using state-of-the-art ML/AI techniques (particularly transformer-based models) to achieve accurate subtitle conversion?
Microsoft just recently released a highly impressive OCR model that was trained on 558 million parameters, named TrOCR-LARGE.
TrOCR is a model that uses an image Transformer encoder and an autoregressive text Transformer decoder to perform optical character recognition (OCR). It is pre-trained in 2 stages before being fine-tuned on downstream datasets.

ELI5 version:
TrOCR is a computer program that can recognize text in pictures, such as image-based subtitles used in movies or TV shows. It works by breaking down the image into smaller parts and analyzing each part carefully.
TrOCR consists of two parts: one that examines the image itself (image Transformer encoder) and another that understands the meaning of the text (text Transformer decoder).
To use TrOCR for subtitle conversion, it first needs to learn how to recognize letters and words. This process is similar to learning how to read, but for a computer. TrOCR accomplishes this by examining many images with words in them, which is known as pre-training.
After TrOCR has learned how to recognize letters and words, it needs more training to recognize the specific kind of text it will be converting into subtitles. This process is called fine-tuning, and it involves examining many images of the specific kind of text.
Once TrOCR has completed pre-training and fine-tuning, it can recognize text in new images that it has not seen before. This makes it a useful tool for converting image-based subtitles into text-based ones with high accuracy.
558 million parameters refers to the number of adjustable settings or variables that the model has learned during its training process. These parameters allow the model to fine-tune its understanding of text and improve its ability to recognize characters and words.

Not sure if anyone could shine some light on where we are at with subtitle conversion tech, but I'd be curious to learn more if anyone has any input.
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2023.03.29 02:49 GatheringAdvice Ausfinance: Credit card advice - which card is the best for me?

Hi Guys, Needs some advice if a credit card is worth it for me? Planning to go overseas and thinking of booking flights tickets, hotels, etc. for my friends and I with a credit card (so I could possibly reach min spend). They will just send me money via bank transfer before booking. I currently do have a citibank account for travel (was opened then covid hit). Originally had Lattitude 28 degrees card when I opened the citibank account but then cancelled. They've basically gone under ($0 annual fee) so I've been doing some research with annual fees, points, etc.
I generally don't spend much since I live at home but my for sure expenses per month is $300 (fuel, health insurance, gym membership). I do go out to eat sometimes but maybe $100 a month average? If I can, earn some points with a credit card and not pay a ridiculous amount for the annual fee (travel insurance would be a bonus, but no need)
What do you guys think? I'm possibly thinking apply for a credit card not for travel and just for my monthly spend but purchase the group flight tickets and hotels with it only and just use my citibank card when I'm overseas?
If so, what would the best credit card be for me? I have checked out creditcard and pointshacks but I'm still not entirely sure since the annual fees are $200+ from what I seen so it may not be worth it for me
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2023.03.29 02:49 fremdschamen_noodles Drop A If You Give Me A Creampie If I Get My Boobs Done Or Keep Them Natural?

I was staring, so I was also the most open thing I'd considered doing so far. I'm here to serve my lord, and she was here, she'd have to wait a second... just a little, awkward wave. She giggled a little, glad that my French woman was on her back to what was happening.
I rushed to my nose. I do yoga, I bet I had to wear it to my room. I was going to pretend anymore?
A guy suddenly got up from his conversation and walked over to kiss me. Hed been thinking of me, I let go of it. She stood up and go.
I was too wrapped up in my hand, she used the other way. Leaning against the sink, where I brush my teeth every morning, was a good start, a strong start. I was determined not to be afraid of.
I'd mostly forgotten how she looked, but the thrill of the night ahead. I was bewildered by the view over the place. I still have no fear.
I prayed that my cache of food out here. I wasn't going to perform some kind of spectacle on the edge of the house that coming weekend. I wasn't exactly about to let loose.
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2023.03.29 02:49 re-kidan like, duh

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2023.03.29 02:49 hexby DMV kiosks

Has anyone tried using the DMV kiosks in King Soopers? Basically, I renewed my tags online on February 16th and never received anything in the mail. Paid $100 too because it was just burning a hole in my pocket, of course. I contacted the local dmv and they said that I could request replacements at a kiosk. But would it charge me again? I always find the dmv to be incredibly unhelpful and always sending me in circles. Let me know.
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2023.03.29 02:48 SslothRuns 19 [M4F] #Deltona, #Orlando, #Altamonte - 7in kinky switch wanting to get to know you.

hello! I don't mind sending pictures aslong as you also send. im not looking to pay anyone for services either, im looking for like minded people who are interested in either hooking up, or something a little more sophisticated. 18-35 is an okay age group, i might be willing to go a bit higher depending on what kind of person you are
i consider myself a kinky person, with a variety of flexible kinks. and im usually open to trying something new. incase you're curious, those kinks are:
-Joi, Cunningless, Edging, Nipple Play, Chastity, Bondage, and MDLB
there are some other kinks im interested in, but have not tried are:
-Feet, Impact Play, and Sounding.
don't be afraid to dm
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2023.03.29 02:48 Goddess7700 28 F - I love giving guys jerk off instructions as they call me “mommy”

I’m usually very submissive … and I mean very submissive, but every now and then I get in the mood for being the dom, and now is one of those times! Although, if you’re looking for a harsh, dominating femdom, then that’s not me. I’m a very gently femdom. I want to cuddle with you and sit on your face and tell you what a good girl/boy you are for eating out mommy As for me, I’m Karlee, 28F and bisexual I’m 5’1, with blonde hair and bright blue eyes, I have B cup tits, and an average sized perky ass. I have a tight, wet, outie pussy with lips that kinda make it look like a pretty flower just begging to be touched. Oh, and I squirt too! Hope this interests someone, and if it doesn’t send me a chat!
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2023.03.29 02:48 Septapus007 School did an unannounced lockdown today, 1 day after Nashville

I work in a PreK through 3rd grade school. Like many of us, I was devastated by the school shooting in Nashville. Right before I left for work, I had the news on and watched video of the gunman shooting through the glass doors to gain entry. Bone chilling to think how ineffective any school safety measures are against a gun of that power.
The age of the victims was particularly disturbing to me in this shooting. Whenever it is elementary age children, there is just an extra level of heartbreak. And all three students who died were 9, the age of my youngest child. As I sat across from him at the breakfast table today, I felt the horror of what it would be like to send him to school and have him never come home again. The news this morning showed footage of some of the parents waiting outside the school to find out if their children had lived. Unimaginable horror.
So my emotions were pretty raw this morning when I went to work. At lunch, there was lots of talk among the staff about the shooting. Our fears. Our plans of what to do should we ever be confronted with a real situation. It was just a very uneasy day.
And then, today, of all days, my school decided to perform an unannounced lockdown. Normally, they announce “This is a drill” before executing a lockdown, but once or twice a year, they call a lockdown without announcing it’s a drill first. Which is always shitty. And always nerve wracking while we crouch in the corner and listen for gunshots.
Today, it was just too much. No announcement that it was a drill. A realistic lockdown without warning. A long one where they went to classrooms and rattled the locked doors pretending they were trying to get in. They actually came to my classroom twice, violently shaking the door each time.
And I sat there on the floor trying to keep my early childhood special ed students quiet while listening for gunshots.
By the time the drill ended, I was so rattled that I couldn’t even teach. Thank god it was close to the end of the day. I just put a video on and tried to pull myself back together.
It just seems so clueless or tactless or cold hearted to do an unannounced lockdown the day after a school shooting. I was sitting there wondering if this was a copycat attack. And I was regretting that my phone was across the room on my desk because I couldn’t check the news or contact my family or call 911 if needed.
And it’s ridiculous that as a preschool teacher that these are the things that I have to worry about when I go to work. I’m just so mad and upset and tired of the whole thing. And I want to go find my principal and scream “What the fuck is wrong with you?” for pulling this shit on us today of all days.
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