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2023.06.04 00:29 L3GIT_CHIMP The Good Guys MC is giving me a brain ananeurysm

I'm finishing book four of the good guys and Montana is just the most infuriatingly dumb mc I've ever had the displeasure to see a world through. I mean, I can get some forgetfulness but how can he be so inept still with going about in this world. Like I feel so amazed Nikolai hasn't had a brain anyerism from the shear stupidity from him. He is still "bumbling like a toddler" even with his position. Am I the only one that is feeling this is just a struggle to get through, and does it get any better(without spoiler of course).
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2023.06.04 00:29 Mantis_Toboggan_666 Help. Newbie question! Do you harvest all at once?

I have a few that seem ready but a bunch that are still stiff to the touch and small. Do I pick the big ones and give the others a few more days?
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2023.06.04 00:29 RomanceWriterAsmr (M4A, A4A) (Comfort, Romantic) Werewolf Reveal Audio Script

(((This was my first script! So I’m pretty proud of it! Anyone is allowed to use it! Just credit using my Reddit name, Monetizing welcome)))
(Door opening sound)
Hey babe..? You're still here? I uh thought you were going back home hours ago
Oh no it's not that I'm not happy to see you, i didn't expect you to stick around while I was out shopping is all
Why do you look so distracted? It's like you've seen a ghost or something (Nervous chuckle)
Hm? You uh w-went to the basement? Because you swore you heard something down there?
So..You saw all the rope and uh.. Dog toys down there..
(Frantically) Wait, hold on! Why do you have your phone out?!
You think...I'm abusing animals...
Babe that's not what all that stuff is for I promise!
(Sighs) Though it does look extremely suspicious doesn't it..
.A-alright fine.. I guess you do have a right to be concerned, Everything points to me hurting animals after all.. Especially those dog toys..
But babe please hear me out! I uh well.. You know how you're always reading those overly comedic werewolf mangas when you're super bored?
I'd always get a bit offended at them.. But that's for good reason, since well I am one..
No! I promise I'm not lying about this! Why do you think I never go out with you at night during a full moon? Or I always order meat every single time we go out to eat, you always pressure me to eat my vegetables to..
And do not get me started on when you kept playing with that dog whistle at the store!
Uh..y-yeah it definitely all makes sense now doesn't it?
You can just set the phone down because I swear to you I would never hurt you okay? Please?
Hm? Why the ropes? Well,,, I usually tie myself up during a full moon, that's all,
Once i'm you know.. I just get worried I'm going to hurt someone is all,
I've accidentally chased down other animals before when the change first happened..
The dog toys? They uh,, they are just to keep me distracted, okay?
I mean gnawing on something really helps when I'm stressed and frightened.. It's why you never got your pencils back the same way when you gave them to me
Yeah I could just use meat.. But do you know how disgusting your breath smells after eating raw or cooked meats and not brushing your teeth after? It's absolutely disgusting!
Uh are you sure you want me to sit down beside you after you heard all of this? Shouldn't you be running out of here and screaming?
O-oh... You're not doing that because you love me.. Okay, i understand..
(Shifting sounds)
You know it is a full moon tonight, you'll have to leave soon so I can get ready
No no.. I'm not kicking you out, I just don't want you getting afraid when it happens, that's all
Y-you aren't afraid and you want to stay? Come on babe you seriously have to b-
Wait.. you seriously aren't joking? I mean.. I guess you'll be fine if you stay upstairs while it's happening, that way you can't get too afraid..
Wh-what?! You want to stay BESIDE me? Woah woah woah, That is a bit too much,
I mean, Yeah my wolf form won't hurt you or anything but I don't think you'd be comfortable just sitting there and taking care of me afterwards!
It's like pet sitting, I am completely relentless as a wolf and the toys should be distracting enough!
A puppy? Are you joking? How on earth do I remind you of a puppy?
Because..I'm harmless...
(Sighs) Alright alright.. Just uh stay there while I get the rope alright? We can sit on the couch toge-
(Clears throat) You need to let go of me so I can go get it you know..
Huh? What do you mean you don't want me tying myself up anymore?
There's no need?
Since you'll be watching me the whole time?
Okay.. I can see this is really upsetting you, Just please don't cry okay?
You can stay right here with me while it happens,
it's just.. Kinda strange how you aren't afraid at all..
Hm? No no I promise you aren't a bother,
It'll be nice having someone there when it happens, usually it's very very lonely..
I suppose we have a little bit of time before it happens so why don't you get into something a bit more comfy?
Yes yes, I promise I won't go anywhere,
I'll be right here when you come back okay?
(Door shutting)
(To self) I just hope you won't get too afraid when you come back,
this is going to be one long night
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2023.06.04 00:29 5PointTakedown I had a very weird experience at a bar last night where a very drunk woman basically dragged me around and tried to basically 'introduce' me to everyone and try to get me to ask them out. Should I even go back or am I going to be known now?

Tl;DR Had an "argument" (she was laughing the whole time, we both were, it was pretty funny) about whether I should be trying to flirt with people in a bar and then I said I never dated before or anything which got her shocked and said "okay someone here finds you attractive" and grabbed my hand and started dragging me around (30M) to every table. I'm pretty sure I'm known as the local creep now but I'm not sure. I was about 4 drinks in, which is a lot for me, when this happened so I'm not sure if everything is totally correct.
There's a bar I like to go to near my house. I go there myself and when it closes (around 2) I bring my dog by and all the staff form a conga line to pet him and give him bacon while he very happily lays there getting pet. I'm decent friends with the bartenders I think I have a few of their numbers.
One of the bartenders is is an absolute magnet for women, over the course of last night there were like 4 women who threw themselves at him. I just like to sit there and see what happens because it's hilarious. I'm very...not talkative so I just watch. Sometimes the bartender attempts to introduce people to me but you can tell they're only kind of receptive, they're there to talk to him they have absolutely no desire to talk to me.
At near the end of the night there was one woman who was getting a lot of interest from a lot of guys (she was trying to talk to the bartender and they really liked each other obviously) so I asked her if that was annoying and she said kind of. I think I described it as "There was like a conga line of dudes one after the other trying to talk to you" and that made her laugh. And it really was a literal conga line for like an hour or two while she tried to talk to the bartender. But that she also kind of expects it and I said yeah I'm not about to hit on anyone here look at me. She replied it was about confidence, and I replied "I don't think so I think if I was as confident as [bartender name] and came up to you I'd get a very very different response" and she laughed (very drunk) and said very true and then I made the mistake of saying I never dated or done anything like that, nobody finds me attractive.
She started laughing grabbed my hand (and I'm pretty sure that's why I didn't stop her, that's never happened before) and basically dragged me around to everyone who was still in the bar at the time (it gets super crowded but they start clearing people out so there was like probably 10 groups in there like 40-60 people only) and basically dragged me over to random women and said "HEY THIS IS MY FRIEND [name] DO YOU WANT TO TALK TO HIM" and then when they said no (or basically indicated no by body language) off we went to the next while I just kind of was dragged along behind her.
Once we had gone through literally everyone (I think?) we went back to our seats and she flirted with [bartender] a bit more and was weirdly cheery, I'm not really sure how she did that tbh, and said it's okay we'll help you, we'll figure this out are you hanging out with [bartender] we can all hang out and figure it out here's my number and she gave me her phone and I texted her so that's cool I guess...
But at the same time I feel humiliated being dragged around like that to random women who didn't want to talk to me . I'm not sure if it's going to give me a reputation in the bar or anything because I like sitting there on fridays and reading, I don't want people to like think I'm that creepy.
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2023.06.04 00:29 malin22 I really this guy should I ask him out?

I really like this guy who’s part of my friend group. I’ve liked him since September and he always shows signs that he likes me too. He flirts with me and he’s asked me out a couple times. He still always flirts with me and comments heart emojis on my pictures but recently I called him an asshole in a joking way and he took it seriously and then deleted me on snapchat. I apologized for it and we talked it out and we are fine now.
The thing is I want to ask him out. We’ve been out a couple times but that was back in December and since then he hasn’t asked me out but he still flirts with me and stuff. But he does show signs that he wants to ask me out but I think he’s a bit shy. So Idk if I should do so? especially since I called him an asshole he might think i’m trying too hard. Or maybe he doesn’t even like me anymore after I called him that. I also haven’t seen him in a week or so as we usually see each other when we hangout with the rest of our friends so it might be kinda random. He also did tell me previously that he doesn’t want a relationship at the moment and neither do I but I just want to spend some time with him one on one without the rest of our friend group. What should I do?
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2023.06.04 00:29 FewHistorian6108 I'm high as hell and there's a lot going on

(NT:- This is gonna be a long ass read because I'm getting everything off my chest and stuff✨)
So ever since the 27 of last month it feels like my life has been spiraling out of control. I missed an important deadline in regards to my pending student admission. I haven't even applied to the school yet either because earlier on I was diagnosed with BPD, Depression and a long standing inferiority complex. I can't ever bring myself to do anything for myself nowadays, its like I've fallen into a slump and I don't want to try anymore. I've grown content with being a disappointment and a lazy bum. It's like I never have the energy to do anything for myself and the people that genuinely matter. Like family, and those few close friends of mine. I don't help out at home and I spend most of my time hanging out with people that'll never get me anywhere because they spend time daydreaming and never actually getting anything done. I constantly chase delusions and never actually face reality for what it is. I'm stuck with rose tinted glasses and I can't take them off.
Literally a few days back my great granny passed away and she was a strong and dependable person. She raised all 3 generations by herself when we were growing up. She was a mother who was so open and understanding. I never felt judged or ostracized for being myself. I constantly get disapproving stares and my mood is constantly shifting as it takes a heavy toll on my self image. But just being in her very presence alone was comforting, you can feel the warmth radiating off of her like the sun. She burned bright, but she burnt out. I watched her fall sick and decay without ever offering a hand to help out. I didn't visit her, I didn't call, I literally could not be bothered with being around her. It's like I'd just forgotten about her. Now she's gone and stuff and I can't cry because I've told lies I have to keep hidden because I don't like it when people shy away from me when they realize I'm boring. I feel like an NPC. It's like a hollowness you know?
I lied to my Grandmother about submitting my school related documents she needs to get me assistance because I didn't want to disappoint her. I don't believe I want to go back either, I'm not dedicating time to getting all of it done and I have another deadline. The phone I used to use broke and it contained all of the necessary files to apply. I've been smoking a lot more frequently, I feel like I've been self sabotaging a lot more frequently. It's like I don't do anything for myself, its always about the other person. Never has it been about me. I feel like a fucking narcissist for wanting attention and I'm fighting for dear life not to delete all of this. It's like every one else wants to drive me in their direction and I have to carry all of their burdens. I can barely breath and I don't know how to just do things for myself. My day to day life is fueled by mood swings and hormones instead of logic and rationality. Everything I do always spirals out of control and there are mishaps everywhere. I want to let people in but I don't know how. I can't just open up without feeling like I've already disappointed the person I'm telling my life too. Then some how I end up mixing lies with truth. Its a remix everyday but I still get my facts straight. I'm just so tired. Estoy cansada. But I know imma forget all about this and not change after I sober up. I have appearances to keep and smiles to fake. Thank you for reading this whatever it is. Bye.
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2023.06.04 00:28 sketchy_ppl Buying HD 800s with no returns. How much do you trust an in-person demo session?

Following up to a thread I made a few days ago, and doing lots of additional research, I think I decided I want to go with the HD 800s.
My options are i) local store with no returns after opening, but good price ($1,999 CAD), or ii) direct from Sennheiser with 30-day return policy ($2,159 CAD). I've also seen some threads about Sennheiser shipping from the USA and Canadian customers getting hit with customs fees.
So my question... I can go into a local store and demo the headphones before purchasing, but how accurate will that listening session be? I'd bring my own amp (FiiO K5 Pro), but it's still a completely different environment w/ possible outside noise, unknown amounts of wear on the ear pads, and a limited timeframe to demo.
What would you guys do? Extra $160 to buy from Sennheiser direct worth the return policy? Just demo and buy local with no returns? Wait it out for the next sale from Sennheiser (I think I JUST missed one, which is why local retailers are still willing to do it for $1,999).
In other thoughts, if anyone in Toronto/GTA wants to lend me a pair of HD 800s to demo for a week, let me know 🙃
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2023.06.04 00:28 KrampusIsOnReddit Can’t join friends hardcore game anymore.

Hi everyone! Been enjoying the game very much so far! However when I logged on this morning to play with my buddy on our hardcore characters, the option to join or invite is greyed out for both of us and it has a message that says “Different character types cannot play together. make sure all players have hardcore characters.” But just last night we were playing no problem. Would this be related to the log in problems people are having?
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2023.06.04 00:28 Bright-Patient-239 Regarding the future of the tournament past round 4 and the timing of round 4:

Future of the tournament: I have been mixed on the idea of continuing past round 4 due to the fear of you all growing bored of it, but at the same time, that fear has been rivaled by the thrill of seeing everyone come together at the polls and voting for the fighter they want to win
Round 4 and it's timing: due to it being the potentially last round, I've been struggling to find an appropriate time frame for it as I don't want you all to miss it because of poor timing on my end.
So with both of these issues intact, I've decided to place it on a poll for you all to vote on, after all this is something for the community and not just me to decide, by the way, feel free to leave suggestions/ideas that aren't included in the poll, and be sure to upvote those suggestions that you agree with, please!
View Poll
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2023.06.04 00:28 Notanothermuppet NEWB ALERT - GTA Online - PS5

Hey all, been playing these games since the 2nd one, love em, the online looks cool as shit, however when I started it they gave me some strange looking guy and I never changed the appearnace, and I still cannot, the option to change appearance is greyed out, plus when I play Story Mode, the online character appears at the bottom, I guess its a quick way to switch over?
Im just stuck, telling me to go to the PC and do stuff but I go to it, sit down, and there is nothing really to do? I want to just delete it and start fresh but will that delete the Story Mode?
Thanks all, I really love it wanna get online, but I have zero idea of what is going on, between the white goofy guy with the tuxedo and top hat they gave me, and the strange set up of everything I cant figure out what to do? I think its glitched, makes zero sense, I have no idea what Im doing wrong?
Thanks again to anyone who can just give me a kick in the ass.
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2023.06.04 00:28 fitguy232 24 [M4F/MF/FF] #Arizona, can travel. 6'1 white PhD and athlete with elite genetics

By elite genetics I mean that I am a physically and mentally gifted (it has nothing to do with my race haha). I am in Arizona but able to travel cross country if need be. Physical stats: 6'1, 188 pounds, hazel eyes, dark hair, 6 pack, 7.5+ inch cock. A little about me: I am working on my PhD. I was a pretty serious athlete (semi-pro) but decided to focus on school instead. I'm looking for anything as long as it involves breeding. I'm willing to do AI, natural, no contact, or even see if a long term relationship with kids could work. If interested, comment or DM and I can provide photos of myself. Hope to hear from you. Also willing to help out couples. This post may be up for a while, if it is still up I will respond to comments and DMs.
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2023.06.04 00:28 AerieValuable Found a tick, removed it 2 days later.

So I went hiking in a high risk area for Lyme, found a tick two days later and removed it. Then I went in for a lab test, came back negative and the doctor gave me 200mg of doxycycline. I am still having symptoms, and I even told the doctor of the symptoms I'm having. It's been a week since I got bit, 5 days since I removed the tick. What should I do to get antibiotics as soon as possible?
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2023.06.04 00:28 itsStan7 Asus ROG Advantage Edition G513QY shuts down while gaming and rendering.

I have Asus ROG Advantage Edition G513QY gaming laptop, Mostly I use it for 3D modelling (SketchUp, Rhino, Blender), AutoCAD and rendering (Lumion , Enscape). What's happening is when I click the render button in Lumion, after 5-6 seconds of rendering the laptop shuts down or I would say it crashes and won't even restart but it works fine when I do cycle rendering in Blender even if it takes 2 hours to render animation. 4 - 5 days ago I installed Assassin's Creed origins, with this also it's the same problem, funny thing is whenever I die in the game, right at that time the laptop crashes, what I've noticed is whenever I put the game mode on Turbo it crashes very soon but with Performance and Windows mode it goes long but eventually crashes after some time. Say about 4 to 5 crashes in a 3 hour game now. I got the fans cleaned even updated the RAM from 16GB to 24GB. It's still crashing. It's a persistent problem, has been facing it every now and then since I got it in 2021. I didn't go to the Asus service centre as they just reset the system and hand it back to you (my past experience at Nehru Place Asus service centre, New Delhi)
Specs: AMD Ryzen 9 AMD Radeon 6800m
Is it due to over heating or AMD graphics driver's fault(according to some YouTube videos) I have no clue but one thing I know very clearly by now, ITS VERY FRUSTRATING, Feels like throwing it away, but can't, Elon Musk is not my dad, Please help
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2023.06.04 00:27 CindyBLUUWho What the heck was 800 Cherry St like?

So I noticed the strange nature of this block when driving past recently. It looks like now the land is used as parking spaces that are leased out, but the structure doesn't seem to be in use. From what I can find, it used to be a Bank One location, which was bought out by Chase in 2004. Seems to have a huge amount of drive through lanes, and you can still see a sign for "Commercial Deposits" one one part of the building. Each side also has 4 big glass window booths. Compared to other drive-through banks, it seems massive - was it in heavy use prior to being shuttered?
The structure itself looks like a parallelogram which fascinates me, since it's not a design choice you see often. It has blinds in the windows so I can't tell if it is in use or not, but it seems like it could be. Anyone know if there is another business inside these days?
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2023.06.04 00:27 EarthAngelx0 Pain medication advice

Hi Drs, I am a 27 year old female and I was diagnosed and hospitalized with a submassive Pulmonary Embolism with Infarction in my right lung nearly two weeks ago. I have since been released but My question is regarding my pain medication my Dr. Prescribed. I was prescribed tramadol as well as Percocet due to my very bad pain from the infarction. I’ve been taking the tramadol since that’s what I was started on in the hospital and it seemed to work well.
I just finished my last Tramadol a lil more than 24 hrs ago and was wondering if it was safe to take one of the percocets as I am obviously still in pain. I’m not sure if should wait a bit more than 24 hours for it to clear out of my system. My Dr did advise I could alternate after about a day after finishing the T but I am looking for second opinions as I’m a bit scared to go for it. I know opioid mixing can be serious. Thank you in advance for any and all advice.
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2023.06.04 00:27 izukaneki [Jujutsu Kaisen] People still want Yuta to be the MC?

I understand that Yuji hasn't felt like the protagonist in a while. I also get that every single time a shounen brings up a character with any writing potential at all, all of a sudden everyone wants them to have actually been the MC all along (I call this Rock Lee syndrome, but that's a rant for another day). That said, the fixation with Yuta has always felt kinda weird, especially post-culling games, because I genuinely do not believe that there has ever been a character who the author fully believes that their arc is over and done with than Yuta Okkotsu.
He had a good run with 0, where he completed his character development, and every subsequent appearance has just driven home how little there is to do with this guy. There was a hint of promise when he agrees to hunt Itadori, but it was immediately dashed when they reveal that "nah, he's actually cool with him, Gojo fan #1". Since then, he's been the most bland shell in a manga that specializes in that field. He gets one fight, from which all the hype was just that we finally get to see what new powers he has, as well as a domain expansion that we don't get to see. He doesn't react to anything, he isn't an active part of the story, he doesn't have to grow or change because he already did that, so all that's left is for him to be dead weight on a manga that's full to the brim with dead weight.
Even though it was a drag to figure out what Hakari's power was and how it worked, the Kashimo fight was still exciting because both characters are high energy and fun to read, so it allowed for a hype reading weekly. But because Yuta has to stay cool and stoic throughout, we get a weak fight where all the energy is carried by a villain-of-the-week who was so irrelevant, he died soon after the fight just to powerscale Sukuna. It would have been better if he never showed up again and then pulled up for the final battle, because other than that he's just taking up panel time that could have been used for actual character intera- ah who am I kidding, it's JJK we're talking about.
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2023.06.04 00:27 HeavyHauler83 Unable to Delete Large Porn Collection

Hello all. I have a rather large porn collection on my computer that I can't bring myself to get rid of. A good chunk of it is old videos of me and my wife together, as well. I don't look at it a whole heck of a lot, so it doesn't serve much of a purpose. And god forbid my laptop ever get stolen and/or broken into, I'd be in for a total shit storm. I know the easy answer is just get rid of it. But that's like telling a life long smoker to just quit smoking cigarettes. Or an obese person to just not eat as much. Much easier said than done. Any thoughts or recommendations?
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2023.06.04 00:27 shsgrizzly Be Warned Amway pyramid has landed In IF

Just thought I'd warn people of the Amway pyramid (the biggest MLM pyramid scheme) that I came across in IF,as I almost fell for their trap as they had my attention when they said passive income only to mention amway the second meeting. And I was like NOPE and got out of there. This is a bit long post but here's my short experience with an amway recruiter and the research I found when looking up amway and peoples experiences according to Reddit.
My main reason for warning people is Multi level marketing prey young people or on those that are vulnerable and i was an easy target to as I had high hopes of a a passive income since I have a disability only to be disappointed.
You either come across these people at public places like grocery stores who will strike up a conversation with you or by Friends or family who they already roped in
They claim hardly any money is need to get started and tout it as your very own passive income business that you can do at your own pace whenever you have time and that you can even keep your job at the same time.to entice you they mention it includes a business education and a welcoming community of like minded people. Which may be true but I didn't bother getting that far.
I'll do my best to explain the amway concept that being you either recruit friends, family or, stranger to join you or you sell amway products to those people which you get a commission from. They preferably want you to recruit people who will then also recruit others all while selling the same wide range of products.you the whole time will be getting a commission from all of it. and the people above you will also get a commission from what you make as well. If I didn't explain it well a quick Google search will hopefully clear this up or just looking at a picture of the Amway structure.
They call it network marketing which is the same as multi level marketing. It's essentially a legal pyramid scheme. As I mentioned they said really not much money is needed to start which is semi true in the beginning with The basic starting pack is $100 and then there's the monthly fee for the online educational membership portal with videos. But the longer you stay there the more money you will need to spend most importantly the stock you must buy from amway of the products you plan to sell. Now I didn't get far enough to the point I spent money with them.
but before I ultimately made my decision I did look into the cost acociated with pursuing this and came across the amway Reddit where people post their experience and how they regret spending thousands on pursuing amway. Which includes product stock monthly membership,podcasts,books, seminars you travel to, conventions every couple of months and the gas you spend to attend meetings multiple times a month. and one guy spent 13k to find the post All you have to do is search Google type in "Amway expenses redit" people break down how much they spent with really nothing to show for it other than they are out of money.
Also there's an 1979 ftc rulling that Amway isn't an illegal pyramid scheme but it's still a pyramid scheme even if it's considered legal. Also the statistics don't lie 99% of people loose money from MLMs according to a 2011 ftc report Consumer Awareness Institute The Case (for and) against Multi-level Marketing By Jon M. Taylor, MBA, Ph.D. And other statistics you can find with a quick Google search Only 25% are successful make money And the 2021 Amway official income disclosures show most make less than you make if you worked at McDonald's Then there are also the different tiers of amway.
My experience
Here's how it went recruiter struck up a conversation with friend at store, selling the lie of passive income,my friend reached out to me a 2 weeks ago under the same lie. for the first meeting I met with the recruiter who then said they were only looking for a select few people and was very vague when I asked questions,I was given very little info and was basically told me to read the book business of the 21st century by Kim Kiyosaki and Robert Kiyosaki and if I enjoyed it we would go from there. I really enjoyed the book and was excited for a passive income job. Second meet was two weeks ago and he layed out the concept of amway selling products and referring others. I was even invited to a formal board meeting with other recruits. That I had planned to attend but all it took was one google search looking up amway to come across that it was a controversial pyramid scheme.
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2023.06.04 00:27 GamerzGGame Some drugs on the basemental drugs mod arent here.

I tried first getting them from build mode, They werent there. I tried then buying them on the dark web. They were displayed on the dark web but when i got it on the mail half of the drugs werent there. And i invited a friend over on ayacuhasha or something but they are just standing still now.

How do i fix this?
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2023.06.04 00:27 CornManBringsCorn Is there any way to cure rigor mortis?

Is there any way to cure rigor mortis?
So I attempted to re-attach a person's lower body. It mostly works; the legs have blood pressure, consciousness, oxygen, and integrity. Still registers as dead, obviously. I'm fine with them being loose but attached. But that's the thing, they aren't loose. The legs are stuck in rigor mortis and it's really annoying.
Human in question
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2023.06.04 00:27 PvrpleHaze01 Does it break your heart when your partner say goodnight ?

I've been with my partner for 4 years, we are long distance but see each other every school break.
And we talk everyday all day by messages, but everytime they go to sleep and says " goodnight " it breaks my heart a little and I feel abandoned and sad. 🥲
I know they'll be back tomorrow but I need to know they are still here. :(
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2023.06.04 00:27 PokingDogSnouts [32/m] Is anyone also in need of company through the rough waters of life? Three favorites of mine are the Beach Boys, The Sound of Magic, and the Zelda series. [Friendship] [Relationship]

Just putting major interests down, in hopes of connecting with somebody similar. I love to sing and play music, primarily from the sixties, but anything lovely and meaningful will do. The era best exemplifies the open-heartedness I wish more people would embrace. Though, I know how tough it can be. To trust, and have it trodden on and torn apart. But, I know it doesn’t mean there aren’t better people in the world. Here’s a song recorded just for anyone reading my post.
I’m still grappling with long-COVID after 2+ years. My favorite show I’ve seen this year is The Sound of Magic. Its soundtrack is incredibly beautiful in that lush, dreamlike vein that all the original Disney films were made in—Pinocchio, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I love the medium of games, from its primitive origins in titles like Breakout and Defender, to Yoshi’s Island and Banjo-Kazooie, all the way up to the present-day. It’d be nice to come across somebody who shares any of these things in common. It’d be especially nice to play games with somebody, whether on Switch or PS4! And, of course, anything you would like to share with me, that hopefully has the same spirit, would be more than welcome! Anyway, thanks for reading… Hope it reaches somebody, out there.
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