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2021.09.27 14:00 EsotericN1nja EscapingPrisonPlanet

This community explores the possibility that Earth could be a prison planet and that we're all unknowingly stuck in a reincarnation cycle, since there is plenty of evidence indicating that this could be the truth. Evidence suggests that after physical death, human souls are memory wiped and sent back to Earth to live another physical life, for reasons that do not benefit us. Earth may not be a "cosmic school" like it has been theorized, but a prison planet camouflaged as a "cosmic school".

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dead fucking server

2023.06.08 00:05 snarkapotamus7 MD11Q4 brought me back to a period of my life that I nearly forgot...

Any other Unus Annus fans out there getting nostalgic after answering yesterday's questions?
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2023.06.08 00:05 Iounic Betta help plzzzzzz

I am trying to establish a tank so that I can eventually get a betta. My impulsive a** got one before and it died and I cried for days knowing I wasn’t nearly as prepared as I should have been to care for one.
I’ve got a heater, thermometer, GOOD filter, 3.5 gallons with every intention of monitoring parameters!, rinsed tf out of my gravel!, got a coconut cave for it (ok go ahead and tell me these finicky bois really can’t do coconut. I’m just waiting for the next weird surprise!!), and I’m currently on the step of adding plants.
Can I take up half the tank with plants? It seems appropriate from the looks of betta habitat google images but i know they need space so how much of the tank do I need to leave for them excluding plants?
Ty in advance
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2023.06.08 00:05 screaminggoat03 I'm going to be honest with you all

Your person isn't here posting letters of regret. Neither is mine. Because they don't regret anything they did. They aren't good people. But you know what? We all are. We are good people and they are not. And that's ok, read the letters of those that actually care, feed your soul with their stories and goodness, feel connected. Then go find THESE PEOPLE who are good and loving and decent. Fuck those assholes who are cold and terrible. I for one am grossed out by myself wishing for my husband to come back! He doesn't get to have me back! I'm a gorgeous, intelligent, funny, goofy, successful, and loving woman and he doesn't deserve me! Join me please in stopping this madness. These are bad people! I know it's hard to accept especially for those of us who spent more than a decade with them (me included) but he was always a bad person. And I knew it. And I tried to draw the good out of him. But it wasn't going to happen and eventually he cracked because he was suppressing the shit person he was inside all along. He cracked and crumbled through the years and I tried and tried. But the truth is some people are shits. Cheers to finding good people in our lives!
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2023.06.08 00:04 Putrid-Huckleberry42 What guest star do you wish to be on Bluey in the future? Me personally I would love Daniel Ricciardo as he has a personality that would suit someone in the Blueyverse

Bluey is no stranger to having guest stars on their show. The best guest star that appeared on Bluey for me is Meghan Washington who plays calypso Bluey’s teacher. For me personally I would love to see someone like Daniel Ricciardo because he is very big in Australia and it would be a crime if he wasn’t featured on the show sometime in the near future.
But now I would like to hear from you guys, which guest star would you like to appear on Bluey in the near future?
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2023.06.08 00:04 Lets-go-there Am I the asshole AITA #AITA

Hey guys, I need some advice. This is a throw away account and will probably be deleted later. I’m going to give some background context before getting to the main part so bare with me.
I have and at this stage am a swimming teacher and have been for 10 years. I’m also studying in the health industry. I have been working at the company I am employed at for the last 5years. I am also a carer for my parents.
Yesterday I was pulled into the office to have a meeting with 2 managers after being away on placement for a month. I’ve literally been back for 4 shifts. In the past one of the managers and I haven’t seen eye to eye but I’ve been calm on my part. I was pulled in because of a comment I made to my supervisor. The comment I made was for verbatim ‘There’s been a little bit of regression in the class, their kicks haven’t been worked on.’ The teacher who was given my shifts heard this when I was talking to my supervisor. She has been a teacher for two months. She then logged a complaint with the manager over it. For context we had families put their classes on hold, threaten to quit and cancel classes because the teaching given over that month was (and I quote from the supervisors that told me) ‘not up to or near the standard that they want, are used to or you give.’
I was also pulled up about asking the pool deck if they thought that a child had been moved up too early, because I thought they had. For context this child is 2 levels above where they should be. I’m not the only teacher to do this and as instructors we often ask each other their thoughts because we want a second opinion. I’m pretty strict with my move ups, so often ask for a second opinion. I am also one of the teachers that trains a fair few of then new instructors, I have no issue with that. I’m also often asked by the manager whom is not a swimming instructor and other pool decks my thoughts on other teachers and where their weaknesses are. Whenever I’m asked I point out to them on the lesson plans, what is and isn’t going right and what needs to be worked on. It is often followed by me saying that ‘they probably need a bit more training.’ Everyone does because when you feel like there’s nothing left to learn, you shouldn’t be in this industry.
All of this was brought up in a meeting. I said if someone has an issue with what I have said, approach me about it and we can have a conversation and I’ll actively go out of my way to apologise and not do the same thing twice. I was then told I was intimidating to some of the new teachers. This may be the case but I’m confident in what I do and the people whom I’ve been told are intimidated by me are also the ones whom have never had a conversation outside of the pool with me. I stated this to the managers.
I know that one of these managers has had it out for me since I stood up to her after she called me on the phone abusing me after I sent a text telling her that I was underpaid. We had a meeting after that (that I recorded) with her stating that she was out of line, shouldn’t have yelled at me and needs to stop saying to other staff that I’m intimidating and a bit of a bitch. There have also been multiple occasions where the supervisor and managers have agreed that children have been moved up too early and there isn’t much consistency between the teachers and move ups from other supervisors. There have also been multiple occasions where the manager has said to other staff while the teacher is not present that quote ‘they are a bad teacher. They are a sh!t teacher.’ Which other staff have also said on multiple occasions about different teachers, but nothing has ever come from it.
I have been stood down while they get letters from the two people these situations involve on grounds of bullying. I know that they are trying to sack me, I’ve seen them do this kind of thing before. My question is, am I the bully and the asshole?
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2023.06.08 00:04 noctifery How to cycle ginkgo and other herbs?

Can anyone explain to me the theory and practice of “cycling” supplements? I’m suffering from SSRI induced sexual dysfunction. I tried taking ginkgo biloba (120 mg per day) and it works amazingly well but then stops after 4-5 days and I crash. After some break it works again and then a crash. Is there a way to keep this more consistent? Or what is a good cycle?
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2023.06.08 00:03 0bzCalc Differences Between NT and Regular Ultrasounds

I'm 11 weeks with a seemingly healthy singleton pregnancy via IVF and I have received normal NIPT results (negative for Trisomy 21, 18, and 13). I have weekly regular (vaginal) ultrasounds as part of standard follow up care to IVF, which have all been perfect up until this point and will continue through at least week 12.
I have an optional NT scan scheduled for about a week from now, my doctors seem pretty lukewarm on them. My concern is that NT scans have a "false positive" (yes, I know, it's a screening tool not a diagnostic) of 5%, which is pretty whopping, especially when you consider the weeks of stress and risks of an amniocentesis that this would cause me. Even though my NIPT is all healthy and NIPT is by far more accurate, I've been through a lot with this pregnancy and my mind would not be able to let a 5th percentile, or even a 10th percentile, measurement go.
Given all that, the only reason I am considering the NT ultrasound is that it can diagnose other physical issues, e.g., hygromas, severe neural tube defects, missing organs. But then again, most expecting parents do not get nearly as many ultrasounds as we do, and the NT could be the only one they get between 8 and 20 weeks. So, I'm not sure if the NT is better at detecting these issues than a regular ultrasound (in which case I'd like to take it) or if it is just the only ultrasound that most people get to take at that time (in which case I'd like to skip it). I'll also ask my doctor but, but in medicine opinions vary so widely that I'm also curious about you folks' experience and research on the subject.
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2023.06.08 00:02 Classic-Sherbet-375 Is there a trick to knowing which stores will have the best SAS deals?

It’s been a few years since I really shopped the sale. Usually I don’t even know it’s going on and just happen to stop in the store during but this time I’ve been more up to date. I already ordered a few things online during the early access but I didn’t know that sale items can very from store to store. I’d like to get a few more things (especially candles and men’s fragrances) but I hate paying the shipping every order. For like $7 that could be another item I get instead.
I have several stores near me. A few are in malls and a few stand alone stores. The thing is I’m 9 months pregnant and due next week so I really only leave the house when necessary for drs appointments or groceries. I have a couple last minute errands to run so I thought I’d stop in a store to see what I can find but I know that I won’t have it in me to go from store to store especially after running errands. I also know I probably won’t want to go after the baby is born so this is like my only chance.
So I’m just wondering if anyone knows of any tricks to maximize my choice of store or if I just pick a store and hope for the best? I’ll probably only hit up one of them so hopefully I can find something good!
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2023.06.08 00:02 Exciting_Fact4744 2 month post session 2 red ink removal on fresh tattoo!

So just over 2 months now post session 2 and it's been nearly 11 months since starting the process on a 2 month old tattoo! I'm going to leave it a couple more months and get another session on it, and probably won't need many more! Let me know your thoughts on the process :))
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2023.06.08 00:01 pickled_ferret Cannot get any interviews as a software developer

I have a bachelor's in Computer science and 18 months of professional experience (plus four years of unrelated work experience as an elementary teacher). I had a role for 16 months with Perl and JS mostly but got laid off. Then I worked for 3 months with NodeJS and Java but my contract got terminated because they replaced me with a very senior Java developer. I do not want to look for more Perl work. I really want to get more Java or NodeJS experience since those have a much better outlook.
When I got laid off from my last job, I must have applied to 200 places and got 0 interviews. My contract job just came from someone who found me on LinkedIn. Now I am sending out many more resumes and getting no interviews. I really don't know what else to do at this point and I don't feel like it is a good use of my time and energy to continue to apply to this jobs that seem to basically have a lottery ticket chance of getting.
I don't even care about good pay; I just want more experience in a modern tech stack. I would literally work for minimum wage if I had to in order to get more foot in the door to get more professional programming experience in Java or NodeJs (or Python, C#, GoLang or anything else in demand). Should I join something like Pathrise? I will happily sacrifice some of my paycheck for a higher chance at getting a job.
I feel like I am just out of options. I can't get a single interview to save my life.
I also want to know how much this is just a transitional difficulty due to all the big tech layoffs. And is that just a routine business cycle phase? Can I expect it will get easier later on to get an interview?
Also articles like [this]( make me more worried. Is this supposed to be a good market? Is it just bad for people in IT?
Any advice would be great; I am really just devoid of hope at the moment.
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2023.06.08 00:01 DreamCuddlerThrwaway I had a dream about her, I don't know what to do

Hey all, what I'm about to get into here is a really pathetic and sad dream I had last night. Our school year just ended, and I'll won't see her until next year, our senior year. I've liked this girl since 7th grade, but I've never had the will to talk to her in a meaningful way. We don't talk much, but she's pretty, funny, and just makes me happy whenever she's near. I hate summer breaks because they reset my social skill tree to zero, while also alienating me from those I want to talk to more. But this time around I'm really sad cus now I'm not able to interact with her anymore. The sad thing is, i draw on social media where she follows me, and there wil ne days that i just draw whatever i thonk she'd like. Bottom line, I really like this girl, but we don't and can't talk. Then tonight rolls around, and I have this really vivid dream about her. She's really caring and cuddly in this dream, and she acts and talks exactly how I see her in real life. It just felt so real, and I was so happy, then I woke up. I woke up crying, I'm so sad that we can't be together in real life. I'm pretty sure she has a boyfriend, and I doubt I'd me at the top of her list if she didn't. The sad thing is that I keep trying to trick myself into believing she feels the same way. I keep thinking about how she'll start small talk with me when she doesn't need to, how she'd compliment my outfits, how she'd walk close to me when she didnt need to. But in reality I know I'm just overthunking. I hate that I didn't talk to her more this year, since we'll probably not be in any classes together next year. I just want to hug her, talk to her, and just be able to not view her as a higher being. I wish I could contact her in a way that isn't creepy or out of nowhere. I wish I didn't sound and act so pathetic when she's on my mind. It's just sad that I'll likely never have a chance with her, and even if I did, high school ends next year. After senior year, there's little chance of us ever talking or even seeing each other again. I just wish I could stop time and talk to her, and be with her, forever. But I also wish I could just accept the circumstances and move on. I wish both weren't both equally impossible. Thank you for reading.
TL;DR: Dreamt about a long-term crush, wished we could just be together before and after senior year.
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2023.06.08 00:01 Substantial_Creme420 what happened to my CoF

so me and my friend completed a FoF today and on completion i opened the vault to find all the loot except the CoF and CoL. did a hacker find them selves a way in or did something other occur? there was an enemy near by who fought us before leaving so maybe they stole it. ????
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2023.06.08 00:01 Souls_Demonator Logos for sale on fiverr

Logos for sale on fiverr
Hi i am soul and I sell professional logos on fiverr they could have detaild backgrounds or custom characters if you are interested please contact me on fiverr at @soulgamerx the prices are relatively low and I wish you like my logos
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2023.06.08 00:00 DrizzlyEarth175 Anyone else completely unaffected by caffeine?

Ever since my symptoms started appearing more and more, I've noticed that caffeine does virtually nothing to me, regardless of dose or tolerance. And even weirder, I can consume caffeine daily for weeks, months at a time, and then not consume it for a period of time and have zero withdrawal symptoms.
Could this have something to do with my brain's difficulty with regulating my sleep/wake cycles? Cuz I know caffeine works primarily as an adenosine antagonist, and adenosine has to do with regulating how tired you get, so maybe my brain has an issue with that neurotransmitter that causes caffeine to be ineffective?
Thing is, caffeine used to work on me. Quite well actually. I could slam a coffee before work and be zooming for hours. Other stimulants work on me, like amphetamine or cocaine, but not caffeine for some reason.
Anyone else experienced this?
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2023.06.08 00:00 Post_Mormon AITA for only staying the weekend of my sister's wedding?

Some context. I (24F) have been married to my husband (27M) since 2018 and we have a daughter (3F), and one on the way. We have lived in Idaho mostly since we got married. My family, including my mom, older sister, older brother, and step dad, all live in Texas. We spent the summer of COVID living with my family down in Texas to save on expenses, and then moved to Utah. We moved back to Idaho, near my in laws, last August. My sister is getting married in less than 2 weeks and then she and her fiance will be moving to Utah for his grad school.
We try to visit my family when we have the time and money to travel down. We choose to drive since we'd rather handle our toddler on the road than on a cramped plane, and overall, it costs less for us to drive than to fly, since it would cost us over $1000 for all 3 of us to get round trip tickets. We will be driving down for the wedding and plan to arrive late Thursday night, before the wedding on Saturday and rehearsal dinner Friday. I am the maid of honor and am happy to be. We plan to leave Monday morning after the wedding, since it will take us about 2 and a half days to drive back and my husband only has so many days he can take off of work every year, and we like to use them for other things throughout the year as well, and he will be taking 6 days already with our current travel plans.
My mom has always complained to me about how much we visit my husband's family, since it's always been a lot easier to take a weekend trip to see them for holidays and special occasions since they only lived maximum 5 hours away, and now we live in the same city as them, and seems to resent the good relationship I have with my mil in particular. We try to plan Christmas so that we rotate between my in-laws and my family, but since we're coming for the wedding, we won't be able to afford Christmas too, on top of not wanting to travel with a newborn, since I'm due in September, which has greatly upset my mom. She has been complaining about it to me whenever she can for months ever since we booked our non refundable hotel stay and told her about our travel plans.
I just got a video message from her crying and talking about how upset she is about how we decided to only stay for 3 days in Texas, and because she's going to be so busy with the wedding she won't be able to spend any time with us or our daughter, and that she offered to let us stay in their camper, since their other 2 bedrooms are occupied by my sister and my brother, and we booked a hotel to have our own space and a comfortable bed to sleep on since I'm about 5 months pregnant.
I do feel for my mom and understand it's hard for her to be so far away from me and my family and not be able to see us as often as my in-laws, but I also get frustrated when she constantly complains about how short and far apart our visits are, even when we're in the middle of a visit she complains.
So aita for only staying for 3 days for the wedding?
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2023.06.08 00:00 wickedlittleworld I need advice

So I have been taking care of my family since I was 16. Dropped out early so I could work, have been taking care of my disabled mom and my younger sister. I'm 24 now. My mom has a lot of chronic pain but could probably have a job but hates customer service. My sister has a job that pays decent but doesn't really contribute. I used to work 70 hour weeks to pay for everything and was doing it all myself. Now, I work 40 hours a week and have been blessed with a better job so I don't have to work myself to death. The only problem is I'm unable to save up or spend any money for myself because I am always putting my money and effort into the house. Even though I make nearly 19 dollars an hour and my sister makes quite a bit as well, I am always very low on money because I am paying for two adults, three if you count my sister's boyfriend who stays with us without contributing anything. I am very frustrated. I am 24 and I have no life outside my family. Whenever I say no to anything in particular it's a big issue, and my boundaries aren't respected. I'm trying to find a way out but I'm having difficulty and I'm not sure where to begin. For a little more context, we were very poor before I managed to punch my way into middle class, and with all the finacial responsibility it's been paycheck to paycheck. I've used public transportation, and because of that I still don't know how to drive which is a problem. I also haven't been able to build any credit. I grew up in the foster care system, and while I have built a strong work ethic, I haven't had many people to guide me and feel like I'm lacking the skills to go on my own. Whenever I ask for things to be more fair around the house my mom says things like, oh well I guess we can re-home the cats and says that maybe her sister will take her in so she won't be homeless and very backhanded passive aggressive manipulation and to be honest I am exhausted. I'm not sure what to do but I need to do something. I feel like I'm 24 and have done nothing but slave away for people who take advantage of me. I want to have fun and see the world. Any advice?
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2023.06.08 00:00 taspenwall Hello Debian my name is Tom

I've been really into Linux for a few months while I recover from surgery. I started with Ubuntu and loved it, but I wanted to broaden my horizons and flex my Linux muscles. I got a new low-power 11" laptop and installed Arch on it, but I was still running Ubuntu on my bigger laptop. On Arch I was running btrfs and using snapper to manage snapshots, which is awesome. Then I decided to re-install Ubuntu with btrfs, but because it was a laptop it needed to be encrypted. The Ubuntu installer only lets you do one or the other. I figured out a hacky way to get it done with the legacy installer, but lo and behold my installation was buggy. I started thinking about finding a new distribution for my big laptop. I wanted something in the Debain family. I don't really care for POPos and am not a fan of cinnamon so Mint was out. I'm comfortable with systemd so no MX. Then it occrued to me what about Debain? The big draw back for me about Debian was that it had a slow relsease cycle. Then I fit came to me. How about Debain testing, it's kind of like a rolling release, right? I don't mind a little lack of stability, after all I'm really into Linux at the moment so fixing something broken is just part of the hobby and gives me something to do. When I was trying to do encrypted/btrfs Ubunutu I learned about debootstrap, and how it works like an Arch install... I didn't even try the Debian installer and went for it yesterday. I used debootstrap and I set it up just like I like it encrypted on btrfs. The install went well. I've been installing packages like madman to get everything I need installed. I'm happy to have ditched the Ubuntu, and their snaps applications. I'm really digging Debian, and my system seems pretty solid and I got to build it the way I wanted. A lot of it just makes sense to me. And so far everything has been straightforward and easy. I still have Ubuntu on my Rasberry Pi server and my vps running Ubuntu so I haven't left it all behind just yet. Debain feel like a good fit for me at the momment. I'm really enjoying it.
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2023.06.08 00:00 FappidyDat [H] TF2 Keys & PayPal [W] Pixel Pride

I pay with the following:
TF2 & PayPal
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2023.06.07 23:59 highdeserttrash Protesting a friend's funeral because the Christian reverend is too inclusive... how Christ-like.

My FIL recently died of lung cancer. He was more of a dad to me than my own for the past 15 years, and a truly lovely soul. He was raised in the Baptist church down in Texas, but turned away from that, and had his own very unique belief system that involved Jesus, aliens, and reincarnation. He was brilliant, open-minded, and empathetic to people of all colors, orientations and creeds. Plenty of shitheads assumed this gun-toting, white, hetero, proud veteran boomer shared their hateful Fox news beliefs, but they were dead wrong. He loved watching Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid, and absolutely despised Trump, Tucker Carlson, all of that shit.
After he died, we were sort of at a loss trying to choose someone to lead his memorial service. We eventually decided on a lovely reverend from a non-denominational Christian church he had attended with friends several times in recent years. He took comfort in her sermons, and the church is openly inclusive of LGBT people and supportive of racial justice. We wanted to avoid a repeat of the nightmare Southern Baptist service given for our mom, which bizarrely focused more on gay people burning in hell than her life.
Well, we just got a text message from dad's good friend/neighbor informing us that he will not be attending the service because he can't tolerate the reverend/church due to his "Christian beliefs." What a fucking loser. Protesting a funeral for not being hateful enough is sad enough but this holier-than-thou prick felt the need to bother us with this bullshit while we're overwhelmed and grieving. I'm glad Dad died before this guy showed his true colors, because he would have been so disappointed. I was raised by my Evangelical mom and read enough of the Bible to know Jesus would also think this guy is a dick.
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2023.06.07 23:59 XxBlueScixX need help with lag

my fps is really low and it sometimes is better but i dont know what is making it better same place and it either is really laggy like 9/10 times or perfectly fine
ive tried switching to gpu i think but it doesnt seem to help and i have a good pc and around 6 gigabytes of ram allocated and the main mods are create for forge, addons for create, and botania. the lag is very bad when near any build from any of those mods and everyone else with worse pcs then me arent lagging at all. please help
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2023.06.07 23:59 baconbladerunner Known Alt-Tab key bindings bug?

Is there a known bug that happens intermittently when you alt-tab your in-game key binds reset to an older version even though in the controls menu it shows the ones you'd expect? This has happened to me a few times and makes it near impossible to play. Is there a local file I can update to keep it from changing?
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2023.06.07 23:59 Mu0nNeutrino June 6th, 2944 [One-shot]

All of the preparations were complete. Every ship was in position. Every fighter and dropship was fueled and prepped for launch. Every missile, drone, torpedo, and mine, every plasma round and grav-charge and lasing cartridge, every mech and infantry rifle, all of the myriad pieces of ordinance that fed an interstellar war machine were loaded and ready. And every being, of whatever species, that made up the heart and soul of that war machine was prepared to face the fire in his, her, or their own way. The complex operation had been dissected to the finest detail and every piece examined for flaws one last time. All that remained was to see whether tomorrow would bring victory or defeat - and how many of them wouldn't be there to see it.
As the immense briefing hall cleared for the final time before battle, two figures remained standing at the rail of the large holotank that dominated the hall's center. One was tall and gangly, thin-limbed but built with a raptor's grace. The other was shorter but bulkier, their construction seeming to forgo grace in favor of stout muscle and a certain bullheaded tenacity.
The Ja'kee First Pinionmistress examined her human counterpart from the corner of one elongated eye. The featherless primates were hard to read, but she felt that she had gained enough familiarity with their oddly mobile facial expressions to make a reasonable guess. Usually, at least. But tonight the human High Admiral's expression was inscrutable. At first glance he appeared merely contemplative as he gazed into the depths of the holotank, but she noticed that his eyes were focused beyond it, and there was something else in the set of his features that she couldn't place. Worry? Maybe, but for some reason that didn't feel quite right.
Not that worry wouldn't be amply justified here, she thought as she looked back at the sea of lines and dots in the holotank. The scale of this conflict was unprecedented in the known history of interstellar warfare, and none of the allied races had ever contemplated such a massive and audacious assault. Her own wings trembled momentarily at the thought of the many, many ways in which everything could go wrong.
But there was no choice. The few spy and scouting reports that made it out of the great black hole that the vicious Xeotasi had turned their vast conquered territory into were horrific enough to turn any sapient's stomachs. For the sake of all of the souls still captive in that expanse, they had to go on the offensive, and every day of the unavoidable delay that had been needed to make that offensive a reality burned at her with the knowledge of the innocent lives being lost. But she, and every other being present, was all too aware of the potential cost.
Her eyes traced the lines of the mere five thin hyperlanes that threaded the dark mass of the Albion Gulf. The star-poor volume of the gulf was very sparse in the massive stars that anchored the hyperlanes that interstellar travel relied on, and the natural choke point of the paltry few hyperlanes that crossed it had already been pivotal in this war once. It was there that the allied species had finally been able to string a thick enough net to stop the onslaught of the xeotasi fleets, four standard rotations ago. In the wake of that check both sides had built up massive defenses on their side of the divide, and the fighting (and major forces) had moved on to other theaters. After all, as the allies had proven, it was nigh-suicidal to attack across the gulf. Or she devoutly hoped that the xeotasi still thought so, anyway.
Yet if any role in the coming assault actually bordered on suicidal, it was that of the humans. She glanced once more at the human admiral, his expression still stoic as ever, yet still with that same indefinable edge of... something. Over the endless rotations of planning and preparation that had gone into this operation a curiosity had begun growing in her, but she had repressed it. It was simply not the sort of thing one asked about. But now, on the eve of battle, she decided to give it voice. If not now, then when?
"Admiral." The odd alien word came easily to her after so much use.
He glanced up at her. "Yes, Pinionmistress?" They had known each other for almost five rotations now, but in deference to ja'kee custom he used her title in this, their domain of warriors. Even after this long, his gruff, low voice still sounded odd in contrast to her own people's fluting tones.
"I have been wondering..." she trailed off. It still felt awkward to ask, and her crest feathers flattened in an involuntary display of self-consciousness, but she powered through. "Why do you all do it?"
"Why do we do what?" Behind the serious expression she thought there just might have been a bit of a twinkle in his eye as he responded. He was as familiar with ja'kee by now as she was with humans, after all.
"This." She gestured at the tank with a spread of pinion feathers. "This whole insane plan. Why do you put yourselves so... fully into everything? Especially the advance force? You have to know that nobody would have blamed you if you'd held back, asked for a more equal distribution of forces."
Any twinkle was definitely gone now. The humans had taken hideous losses during the more chaotic early days of the war. Their fleets had fought more desperately than any, falling back from system to system as the xeotasi advance had ground onward in a seemingly endless tide of steel and hate. They left behind a trail of broken starships and blood as they'd held out longer than anyone dreamed possible, buying time for the evacuation of what pathetically few civilians could be saved. All of the allied races had paid dearly for those rescued souls, but the humans had borne by far the brunt of it, and the others knew they owed them a debt that could never be repaid.
Yet if the humans were aware of that, they showed no sign of it. Even as they rebuilt, they refused to accept any withdrawal of what remained of their forces from the front line. And when the need to strike back, somehow, at any cost had become brutally apparent, it was the humans who had come up with the insane plan that just might have made it possible, and it was the humans who had assigned themselves the most dangerous role in that plan. And she wanted to know why. What drove them?
"Well, someone's gotta do it." The statement could have been humorous if it hadn't been delivered in such a serious tone. "I could say it was because it was our idea," he continued. "Or because we're the ones best suited to it. But mostly" - he looked her dead in the eye - "it's because fuck those bastards."
She surprised herself with a brief trill of laughter, bursting out before she could suppress it. Could humans never stay serious for more than a moment? She saw him give a quick grin of his own at getting her to laugh, but his expression quickly became serious once more.
"I agree they deserve it," she replied, still trying to make her crest feathers settle down, "though perhaps I wouldn't put it quite that way. But..." Her feathers quickly fell again. "You still didn't have to volunteer yourselves for the entire advance fleet. We would have gladly taken a part in that for you." And, the unspoken thought continued, you wouldn't have to sacrifice yourselves again for us.
She knew he could hear the unspoken continuation as well as she did. Only the humans would have considered using the 'short range' fold-drive to have an advanced force cross something like the gulf without using the hyperlanes. Even with the ludicrously stripped-down and overpowered ships the humans had built the trip would take an entire rotation (it would have been five for anyone else), and the drive radiation meant the crews had to make the trip in shielded hibernation pods. Not that they could have made the trip normally anyway since the ships had sacrificed everything else for speed, stealth, and firepower to such an extent that they couldn't even carry more than a couple weeks' life support. Or much in the way of defenses.
Of course, the xeotasi's scanners could normally still detect the drive wakes in time to give warning. But only humans would have considered dropping to real space a half-rotation out and coasting the rest of the way completely blind to avoid that. And only the humans would have thought to do all of that to slip an advance force behind enemy lines specifically to mount a perfectly timed sneak attack, alone, against some of the heaviest defenses in known space, solely to cause as much confusion as possible so that the main allied fleets could make the jump into those defenses without catastrophic losses.
It was a brilliant plan. It was also an insane one. And the humans had insisted on the advance forces being their responsibility. She'd objected back when the idea had first been proposed, but the humans had been unmovable. One of them had commented that they were 'used to Airborne operations', which had confused her but made the rest of the humans laugh. She'd resolved to try to track down whatever that was a reference to, but somehow had never quite gotten around to it. Maybe if she had done so before, she might not have had to ask now, but she supposed late was better than never.
"We know." There was no longer any humor in his voice or manner. "And we appreciate it. But this is just something we have to do."
"But not alone, surely?" she argued. It didn't seem right.
"We're not alone," he replied, and she could see the gratitude for that in his face. "Your dreadnought will be going in right next to mine in the main assault tomorrow, after all. We'd never be able to do it without you." In a breach of all discipline and custom he reached out one hand, and briefly rested it on her outermost wing-finger where she gripped the holotank's rail. Somehow, she found she didn't mind.
"It's just..." He hesitated. She held her peace, giving him space as he obviously struggled to put his thoughts into speech.
"For starters, this is our crazy plan." One corner of his mouth briefly quirked upwards in a parody of a smile, and she felt a distant flicker of amusement. There was that human irreverence again. "We came up with it, so how could we ask anyone else to take that riskiest spot for us?"
"But it's not just that. Even if it hadn't been our idea, it's our job to stand in the way. To take those risks so that nobody else has to." His gaze had gone distant. "We owe it to you, and to ourselves."
He paused for a moment before continuing in a hard voice. "There's some things you just have to fight with everything you've got. We couldn't call ourselves human if we didn't. We've seen this sort of darkness, this... evil, before. Not so bad, thank God, but we have. There've been some ugly times in our past. Things we're not proud of. Things we never want to see anyone else have to deal with."
"But we decided a long time ago that when you see something like this, you stop it, no matter what." His voice was hammered iron, and his eyes flashed. "It took a while, but we finally got ourselves together - most of us anyway - and put our foot down and said no. It might have taken a few tries to get it to stick, but eventually it did, and we will be damned if we stand by and watch it happen again!"
He took a deep breath and turned away, staring into the holotank once more and leaning on its rail, and a long pause passed before he spoke again.
"And we've done this before." His voice was quiet now, almost pensive. "How could we stand up in front of our ancestors and tell them that we couldn't make the same sacrifices they did? 'The eyes of the world are upon us.' We will not be found wanting."
He gave a sigh. "I just hope this works out as well as the original did."
She stood in silence, blinking as his words seemed to echo in her ears. It was an uncharacteristic outburst from the normally reserved human. Her wing rose almost of its own accord, hovering above his back as she felt the urge to comfort him as he had done for her. But the ironclad force of custom ran too deep, and she lowered it again, not without a feeling of regret.
Not knowing what else to do, she gave a sound of agreement as she turned to follow his gaze into the tank, wishing as she had rarely wished for anything before that she knew what he was referring to. She supposed she had known intellectually that human history was, of course, just as rich as that of her own species, but it had never really come to her attention before. But this... this was something worth understanding.
It was an ancient teaching that sometimes, as the wheel turned, there came events that were more than mere history. They were a crucible, the vessel in which a people's identity was forged, to be hammered out on the anvil of destiny. They came only rarely, but she already knew that this war would be one of those times for all of them, just like the Gates of Jar'ka'han had been for her people before they ever left their homeworld to join the heavens.
And, of course, the humans had their own, of which she knew nothing. She felt strangely bereft at the thought. She needed to know, to understand the trials that drove such resolution. To share the emotion, instead of being on the outside looking in.
She vowed to repair the gap in her knowledge as soon as possible. Assuming she survived.
Her eyes traced once more the five hyperlanes crossing the gulf, terminating at the five xeotasi-held systems that were their objectives. Spread in a ragged line across a hundred light-years of space, they were labeled in human script. The sight was a familiar one from endless planning sessions and briefings, and given the humans' inexplicable obsession with nonsensical code names she hadn't given their renaming of those systems a second thought. But now... now she wondered.
Five targets. Five beacons in the endless black. Five portals that would lead to liberation, or to eternity. Five aeries on which their assault would break like the gods' own hammer - or be broken. And five brief, cryptic tags attached to those dots of light.
A day late, but hopefully not a dollar short. The inspiration only came to me last night. This anniversary hits harder than it used to.
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