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Hold My Kibble

2017.10.19 19:49 DreadPirateLink Hold My Kibble

"Ruff ruff. Barooo ruff!" Translation: "Hey human, hold my kibble. Check this out" the classic words that end in either awesomeness or failure.

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2021.07.15 18:56 Successful-Wasabi704 Steam Deck

R.I.P. Wallet.

2023.03.29 03:25 RandomShinyScorbunny Feeling stressed and burnt out from CS Job

So for some background I graduated back in May of 2021 and started my first CS job a month later. I was at this company for a year and a half before leaving and going to another company which is my current one. I applied and got hired as an entry level software developer. I've been in this role for 6 months now.
Recently the dev who has been mentoring me and has been my go to guy for help is leaving for another team, leaving me, a newer dev, a senior dev who is being pulled back in for work and a tech lead who's an architecture and doesn't do much story work. So this is putting me in the position of taking up what my mentor would do.
This is stressing me out so much. I think they understand I am still new and can't replace a guy with almost two years experience right away, especially since the framework we are working with is very niche and difficult to learn. But I'm also stressed that I don't have that crutch to rely on when I need help now.
My boss keeps telling me I am meeting their expectations and has gotten good feedback about me but I'm afraid without the support of my mentor I will begin to struggle and do worse. I am also struggling to find passion about my career. I feel burnt out and just can't wait until the day is over. I switch back and forth between wanting to learn and improve to not wanting to work and leaving but that's not an option.
I'm considering trying to find a field in my major with less or no coding since that seems to be the source of my stress but that will also take time to do.
I want to know if anyone else feels the same and any advice you all might have.
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2023.03.29 03:24 Leilanee Never been more excited to write a letter of resignation

I have been the team lead in a wet lab (microbiology) for years. I'm great at my job and in essence I do love the work itself, but the field is so toxic. My workplace gives the guise of a work-life balance in the form of a 7.5-hour day, but they also refuse to adequately staff and basically require overtime daily, so we're lucky if we get to leave after 8 hours. The standard day is closer to 9 or 10 hours. My boss brushes this off as "the grass is always greener on the other side" when we say we need more staff and as team lead I'm encouraged to tell staff they're wrong when they criticize company practices or standards even though I'm suffering the workload just as much, if not more, than they are. The work is constant and overbearing; some days we don't get a chance to even take a bathroom break when we need to because there's simply too much to do. I've held it in for up to 3-4 hours before because my task list is too long and I'm balancing too many things at once that I genuinely can't leave the lab until my lunch break.
I've complained so many times about my schedule and about burnout. Whenever I mentioned burnout my boss would tell me I didn't have a reason to be, or point out how there was a time that I was constantly doing 11 hour shifts, why am I complaining now that I'm only doing 8.5-9. Last year I took a month-long stress leave, and this year I mentioned burnout again and my boss said I need to be mindful of how stressed out the junior staff members are because they're starting to get burnt out and she doesn't want to lose them. I've been doing 2pm-10pm since I started 6 years ago but I've been begging for earlier shifts so I can do things in my spare time, and my boss has always shot me down because apparently they NEED me that late and they rely on me. Meanwhile, a junior analyst has been given a 9-5 because they don't want him to get "too stressed out".
Well, this year I applied into a school program that can actually give me a work-life balance, and I just got my letter of acceptance today! I've never been so excited to write a letter of resignation, and I hope my boss can reflect on how valuable it is to listen to her staff and validate how they feel. I'm the last remaining senior staff member who knows how to do the job backwards and front, I've personally trained half the staff, and I've dedicated too much of myself to that job. Now they get to learn to do the job without me, and I couldn't be more relieved to burn that bridge completely.
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2023.03.29 03:24 carlos3rcr 25[M4F]US scientist that likes trashy reality tv, running, and imessage games

here’s what I look like
I’m in chicago, in the middle of my phd, using the sacred few hours of sleep I got to scroll reddit while binging on the trashiest reality TV and early 00s MTV music videos… I’m known for taking wise choices :P
mainly for career and aspirations related reasons, I’m cf and will remain that way
a few sentences about myself
I’m a very proud mexican doing his phd in theoretical biophysics in the US (somewhere in the midwest). sometimes I like to think I’m super smart… then I remember how much trashy reality tv trivia I know. tbh, since moving here I’ve been aching to meet people that aren’t related to my professional or academic sphere, and rarely got the time to do much outside the lab, so, here I am, it seems meeting people online could be good bet :O
some random trivia
here are two truths and a lie
If you're interested in talking, send me a line about yourself!
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2023.03.29 03:24 DOBIS_PR_24 App has randomly started closing out my pickup order upon arrival to the designated restaurant.

I’ll accept an order and receive directions. When I make it to the restaurant, exit out of directions to confirm I’ve arrived at the location, the option to confirm disappears and takes me back to the HotSpot map. I’ll try it again and already be in the restaurant but it still won’t work. Had this happened to anyone else? It’s occurred several times now and I’ve wasted gas going somewhere for no reason.
I’ve contacted support and followed the recommended instructions, but it will still happen more than occasionally. Side note: I don’t have that issue when I accept a high priority pop up order.
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2023.03.29 03:24 CoconutNo4672 Things that should of been red flags….

Update: I quit and am in contact with cps. Here are some things that should have been a major red flag but I continued to work. For the record, I am in no means a new nanny. I can’t believe I managed to look past ALL these red flags. I guess I’m just sad and freaked out about being unemployed so hopefully these reminders will cheer me up. Please don’t shame me, I’m already feeling dumb enough.
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2023.03.29 03:24 Dynasty__93 Question on if electronic roulette is rigged?

I prefer to play in person roulette but the casinos within a 300 miles radius of me do not have any in person roulette. There are some casinos within a 50 miles radius that have electronic roulette only. I am curious, how rigged would electronic roulette be? Some states like Minnesota even have roulette (at least in person roulette) as barred and illegal and instead you have options to play roulette where there are 36 bulbs that light up as the if they are the ball and eventually it stops on a number. Is this rigged at all? It seems like it has to be and is obviously a big scam. My buddy who used to work in Vegas says no way it is rigged.
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2023.03.29 03:24 Professional_Dot7507 Do I not invite my mother to my graduation? If so then how?

WARNING: THIS IS LONG AS HELL AND NSFW. ADDICTION, ABUSE AND SU*CIDE ARE MENTIONED MULTIPLE TIMES. I’ll start off by saying this is a throw away account. I’m really stressing out and just looking for advice since no one I know seems comfortable enough to comment on the situation. I’m 18F and graduating in less than a month. My mother became addicted to meth and (after being given the choice between me, my brother and father or drugs multiple times) she left around two years back. Up until this point she had verbally and physically abused me my entire life. My father was always working and my younger brother was always outside or with friends. This left me alone with her most of the time in which she would get drunk or high off of any substance she could get her hands on. I guess the ?stress of being a neglectful stay home mother? was too much to handle and she’d pick and beat on me as she pleased. I was taught to be very independent from a young age and also thought these actions were normal. So while I was used as a physical/verbal punching bag and forced to be on my own, my brother was coddled and babied. The older I got, the worse it got. Once I was 12, we started getting into full on fist fights because I refused to be beat for no reason without putting up a fight. Since my dad wasn’t around much (and when he was, he wasn’t interested in me) I still fought and tried to have a relationship with her. This either resulted in her giving me alcohol (I guess a shitty way of trying to bond) or just another fight. Skip to about 7th grade and I started showing serious signs of clinal depression. I wanted to off myself, but instead would just cry and confide in my brother even though he is 16 months younger than me. Eventually it got so bad, he was genuinely worried I was going to take my own life. He made me sit down and talk to my mom in which she laughed in my face and told me I wasn’t depressed and was being dramatic. I’m sure it could’ve seemed that way considering I never let her or my father see my true emotions. I was always made to feel that me, my presence and my emotions were a nuisance and that crying was weak. So I only trusted these feelings with my brother. Her laughing in my face and telling me my feelings weren’t real whenever I’d stay up each night crying and just wanting to die broke my little heart lmao. Of course it took my brother to make anything happen, but she made a doctors appointment. She told me to buy and smoke weed to cope until the doctor’s appointment. This started my 7th addiction to smoking weed and drinking. Anything to not have to feel like shit 24/7. Skip to the summer of 8th going into 9th and I attempted to OD on my antidepressants. Of course I was sent to mental hospital and had to stay for about a week. My parents were required to come in for counseling with me. My dad seemed absolutely flabbergasted even though he was half the reason I was there, but my mother couldn’t give a shit less, because the attention wasn’t on her. I was just being a whiny bitch, unless she was talking about this to her friends. Then she would milk the situation and explain how it was the scariest moment of her life. My freshmen year I was either coming to school, drunk or high. This is when I branched from weed and alcohol to ecstasy, pain pills, Xanax, coke, shrooms, etc. I was constantly sneaking out or doing other shit I had no business doing. Anything to forget about the beatings and bitchings at home yk. My mother enabled and/or supplied all of this. Again my father was always working so he had no clue. My parents split up around this time because my mother finally got caught doing meth and my dad booted her out. After spending the night with her in random trap houses a million times and being around grown men and women who would’ve probably sold me for half a crack rock, I (inevitably) hit a laced cart at school. I remember feeling like I was dying and promised myself I would never do any of that shit again. Right then and there I quit everything cold turkey. This is when the real shittiness kicked in between me and my mother. I realized she wasn’t a cool mom. I realized getting high and drunk together wasn’t bonding. I finally realized I wanted to do with anything that resembled her and her addictions. She was just trying to drag me (a retarded 16 year old girl who just wanted her mothers love) down with her. I distanced myself and cut a lot of my current friends at the time off. My mother thought me bettering myself was lame and offensive. She came at me with a knife once, (my father was there and grabbed her and the knife) and she also tried to fight and drown me in the bayou months later. (I blacked out and whooped her fucking ass but was severely traumatized for a bit and had to have pictures of me and the bruise taken by police officers <3) Ever since then I’ve lost all respect and love for her. Her brain is fried from all the meth and alcohol. She was never a good mother, but she was my mother at one point and now she’s just a stranger. She’s a completely different person. I don’t fall for the stupid crackhead “I miss my kids” bullshit no more. I just keep my distance and am cordial. If I do see her it’s bc I’m seeing her side of the family. Last year I had my ring night (apparently not every school does this? basically you buy a ring and attend a ceremony to show how far you’ve come and your commitment to graduating). I did not invite her and I still get shit from her for it. She keeps insisting I invite her to my graduation or there will be consequences (ok evil knievel) but I’d truly rather not. the people I have invited are people I love and respect the most in this world (bestfriend + her family, future hubby + his family, dad and bother, etc) and I’d have to kill her if she shows up and causes a scene. She will either show up sober, and start arguments or make other people uncomfortable bc her brain is just so fucking fried. Or she’ll show up intoxicated and do what I stated previously x100. Or she’ll find out the day of and cause a huge scene, get escorted by campus cops and I’ll have to off myself right then and there lmao. Or it’ll pass and when she finds out she wasn’t invited, I’m assuming she’ll attempt to kill me for the 3rd time. I truly feel like I lose no matter what I do. I tried to sit down and have a talk with her about all these things and why I’m iffy about inviting her and of course she just played victim, acted like she had no idea what I was talking about and that I was just being an ass. My father refuses to get involved (which I understand) but I’d still like some kind of help or support. My brother will not be inviting her to his ring night this year or his graduation next year. But she will 100% respect him and his boundaries as she always has. At this point, I wish and hope she gets hit by a semi-truck so she’ll stop being my problem. Any advice? AITA?
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2023.03.29 03:24 Ruth-Willi How To Select Makeup Brushes

How To Select Makeup Brushes (
Making the right makeup choices can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be! Selecting the right brushes for your kit is an important part of getting your desired look. With so many options available on the market, how do you know which ones are best? In this article, we’ll show you exactly how to select makeup brushes that will help you apply cosmetics with ease and precision.

Choosing good quality makeup brushes not only makes application easier but also helps keep skin healthy by preventing bacteria build-up from old or damaged bristles. It’s worth investing in top-quality products if you want a flawless finish without having to worry about breakouts or irritation. We’ll explain what kind of materials and shapes should be considered when selecting makeup brushes as well as provide tips for keeping them clean and long-lasting.

By following these simple steps, you’ll soon have all the tools necessary to create any look – from natural everyday glamour to full-on party glam. So let’s get started!

Types Of Makeup Brushes
When it comes to selecting makeup brushes, the types of brushes available can seem overwhelming. From foundation and concealer brushes to eyeshadow and blush brushes, there are a variety of different shapes, sizes, and bristles that you’ll need to consider when choosing your perfect set. Synthetic fiber-bristled makeup brushes come in many forms for blending, buffing, contouring, or highlighting products onto the skin without pulling at the delicate tissue like their animal hair counterparts do sometimes.

If you’re looking for something more natural than synthetic fibers then look no further than goat or sable hair brushes — they offer softness but with the right stiffness to pick up product evenly. Additionally, some brands now offer vegan options made from taklon which is an incredibly durable material used as an alternative to animal hair bristles. With so many varieties out there, it’s important to know exactly what type of brush will work best for each task before investing in any specific one.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Makeup Brushes
Making the right choice when it comes to makeup brushes is essential for getting the perfect look. Choosing a brush that will work well with your type of complexion and skin tone can be daunting, so here are some factors you should consider before investing in any particular brush.

First and foremost, think about the size of the brush head. If you want the precise application, then opt for smaller-headed brushes; if you prefer an all-over coverage or blending, larger heads are best. Additionally, pay attention to the material used to make the bristles – natural hair such as sable or goat’s hair tends to provide better results than synthetic fibers. As a rule of thumb: soft bristles give more control while stiffer bristles provide fuller coverage.

When it comes to selecting colors for eyeshadow applications, pick something that complements your eye color rather than clashes with it – like choosing warm tones for blue eyes or cool hues for brown eyes. A good way to ensure maximum pigmentation is by using flat shader brushes instead of fluffy ones. This will help you get vibrant colors without having them melt and blur together into one muddy mess!

Last but not least, examine how easy it is to clean and maintain each brush before making a purchase decision. Makeup brushes need regular cleaning in order to stay free from dirt and bacteria which might irritate your skin over time. For this reason, washable options are definitely preferable over non-washable ones as they’re much easier to keep hygienic on daily basis. With these tips in mind, you’ll find yourself equipped with exactly what you need – allowing you smooth sailing towards achieving flawless makeup looks! From here we move on to caring for our newly acquired tools. by cleaning and storing them properly.

How To Care For Makeup Brushes
All of us have been there – standing in the store, trying to decide which brush is going to give us that perfect makeup look we’ve been dreaming of. But even after you’ve made your selection and taken them home, it’s not over yet. To keep your brushes looking their best and performing at maximum efficiency, proper care must be taken.

It’s important to clean your brushes regularly; daily if they are used often or weekly if they aren’t as frequently employed. Choose a gentle cleanser specifically designed for makeup brushes and swirl each one around until all traces of the product are gone. Next, rinse the bristles with lukewarm water until cleaned completely through before finally reshaping them into their original form and laying flat on a towel overnight so they dry thoroughly.

When storing your brushes ensure that no two handles touch each other as this can cause damage or premature wear and tear. A great way to house them safely is investing in a protective roll pouch where individual slots are provided for each brush – but any container will do just fine! Additionally, make sure that the bristles remain pointing upwards when stored away so dust doesn’t settle inside them over time.

Taking good care of our makeup tools is key in order to extend their life span while also getting their full use out of them without having to replace them too quickly due to poor hygiene practices. So remember: Cleaning regularly and properly storing away your brushes means better performance now and more beautiful looks down the line!

In conclusion
Choosing the right makeup brushes can be daunting but with a bit of knowledge and research you can make sure that you have all the tools to create flawless looks. It’s important to consider the type of brush, its shape, and bristles when selecting new brushes for your collection. Maintenance is also key: regularly cleaning and storing them correctly will ensure they last longer and do their job properly. As they say, “the devil’s in the details” – so don’t forget those finishing touches! With these tips at hand, you’ll be ready to rock any look like an absolute pro!
How To Select Makeup Brushes (
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2023.03.29 03:24 SirLawrenceKraft Are the bottom 2 Darkrai shiny events normally serebii has them labeled but their models look different.

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2023.03.29 03:24 BitterAcanthisitta79 I feel like I don't belong at my workplace.

I have been told I am not good enough by my supervisor at work and I didn't receive any reward money because of my performance. I feel like a loser because he compared me with the rest and told me they are better performers and I don't have their skills. On top of that, my supervisor told me I need to socialise more although that's not being me and there are language barriers because I am the only one who speaks English. What makes me frustrated is that I did not know I was underperforming until my supervisor pointed out that I don't have the skills the rest has like the right way to approach things.
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2023.03.29 03:23 luwi12 Stuck at 42

I have been stuck at 42 for weeks and I feel pretty frustrated, I try different decks, I try to read the other deck and play my cards well and nothing works. I enjoy the game but I hate that I spend hours not making any advancement
Just venting but ugh… I wish I was better at this game.
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2023.03.29 03:23 StepwiseUndrape574 Grand Theft Auto 6 Fan Footage Shows Unreal Engine 5 Driven Vice City Splendor

Various pieces of Grand Theft Auto 6 news has been circulating lately, with a variety of leaks and information hitting the web. For example, just yesterday we learned that famed rapper 50 Cent might play a role in the next -- as yet unannounced -- installment of the GTA series. However, fans are growing tired of waiting and have begun to come up with thier own GTA 6 content to tide themselves over.
Posted to YouTube earlier this week, creator TeaserPlay envisioned the Grand Theft Auto 6 world in Unreal Engine 5. Based on prior leaks and information about the game, the technical or concept demo shows a part of what could be Vice City, as we follow a female character walking and driving around. You can check out the full demo below. It is pretty slick looking save for a few minor things.
Interestingly, this is not the first time we have seen fan content for GTA 6, but it is one of the more recent and diverse creations. In any event, fans seem to be chomping at the bit for new GTA news, but Rockstar is keeping its cards close to the vest. Sadly, this is likely due in part to the leaks that happened in 2022, whereafter Rockstar seemed to hold onto any information in an effort to control the narrative around the game. Despite this, there still have been numerous leaks showing off new characters, a bit of the game world, and some of the tech for making GTA 6.
At the end of the day, we hope it won’t be too long before we get some official GTA 6 news, as there has been speculation of a 2024 or 2025 launch. Realistically, that is not all that far off anymore, so stay tuned as we keep our eyes peeled for any new GTA 6 announcements or information.
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2023.03.29 03:23 Jootitties Friend Chose My Enemy - and BOTH Live with Me

Someone new (let’s call her Beth) moved into the apartment as the third resident. Before it was just me and another girl (let’s call her Martha), who is basically my enemy because she bullied me for being “awkward”, have no sympathies when I told her my abusive family situation and my mournings for my grandfathers sudden death, PROBABLY is the one who caused me to have food poisoning on fresh foods (like the food quality should be good, but I wouldn’t put past it if it’s just bad restaurant) a couple times after one argument with her, tried to kick me out several times over things like not letting her non-resident boyfriend sleepover everyday, not knowing that the trash needs to be tied up, etc. One time, I had a asthma attack while having covid in my room, and I was screaming for help as my airway is blocked and my head started to ring as I couldn’t breathe. Martha heard this in the living room and immediately, she went into her bedroom and locked the door, refusing to help me. I had to CRAWL to the phone to call for the ambulance. Thank god I was saved in time, but I’ll never forget that she tried to left me to die. Me and Martha are stuck together until our lease ends.
Then, Beth, not knowing any of this, moved in and befriended me. Beth doesn’t have a car, so during the month where she was friends with me, I would drive her to get groceries and do some shopping. I would say that my experience with her is some of the best fun I’ve had with a friend. But one time, I failed to take her to the groceries because I had some errands to run, and on the way back, I passed by the grocery store so I got some groceries. After that, she started befriending Martha. I was upset because I didn’t thought she would befriend her. I let her know then that Beth and I have bad blood and that we could never get along. I understood now that it’s my fault for not telling Beth that earlier. I was naive and didn’t expect her to befriend Martha before I realize it’s too late. After Beth learned this, she told in front of Martha that she doesn’t care what bad blood I have with Martha, we are all roommates who live under the same roof so we all have to get along. She also told in front of Martha that she never considered me to be her friend, which was so embarrassing for me since who would hang out and do so many stuff for someone who’s not even their friend?
Anyway, Beth basically shoved any chances of hearing my side of the story under the rug because (1) she heard from Martha why she hates me first (2) Beth wouldn’t hear me out on why I hate Martha after I realized Martha had badmouthed me to Beth first. I was really sad so I asked my family for advice, and they said since Beth said we should all get along, you should still keep being friends with Beth and greet her everyday like nothing is wrong. They said at least Beth didn’t side with Martha completely because she didn’t gang up on me with Martha like how the last roommate did (she moved out, that’s why Beth moved in by random assignment). So I did just that, greeting Beth whenever I see her, except Beth barely conversed with me and started to hide in her room whenever I am eating in the living room, but when Martha came out, Beth will sometimes come out and have a great conversation with her where I could tell from her voice that Martha is the one that she actually wants to spend time with. It pains me because I don’t understand why someone who I had so much fun with in the past feels that it’s ok to bond with my enemy right under my nose. Martha is more fashionable than me, cooler than me by societal standards, is more socially extroverted than me, and the TV in the living room is also her’s. Since I don’t get along with Martha, I don’t use her TV. But after Beth warmed up her friendship with Martha, she started to use the tv that she always wanted to use.
During all this, I continue to greet Beth if we bump into each other in the living room (which only happens when Beth is in the living room and I had to get food CZ I’m too hungry). But I would feel so gut wrenched afterwards, and always feel hurt CZ I am being friendly to someone who’s also friendly to my enemy. Finally, one time when nobody’s in the apartment, I cried my eyes out about it, and that’s when I realized how much this has impacted me. Being friendly towards Beth is tricking my brain into thinking that she’s my friend when she’s not. So recently I just stopped greeting Beth, since I feel that if I don’t act friendly towards Beth, I can finally learn that she’s not my friend. And if she’s not my friend, then I won’t have any hard feelings when she bonds with my enemy in the living room while I am just trying to chill in my room.
But now the problem is, Beth looks confused as to why I suddenly stopped making eye contacts and greeting her, and now it’s super awkward for me to be in the living room with Beth. So I tried to wait in my room now until Beth finished up, but it has made my life a living hell because I’m not eating at a set time, and I prefer to eat at a set time or when I’m hungry. Not to mention I am also doing the same with Martha, and trying to avoid two people per meal 3 times a day is just too much for me. I would just like to eat and get on with my life CZ I’ve got a ton of work to do, and I can’t work unless I eat first. I can’t help but feel I may have overreacted by not greeting Beth, but if I do, then it will take a toll on my emotional health in the long run. But I’m also afraid that by not greeting Beth, it would also take an emotional toll on me in the long run as I can’t stop feeling some sort of guilt.
What should I do? Or what are some advices that I should hear? I have ignored Beth for two days now, so idk how long this can continue until it’s too late for repairs.
TL;DR: New resident was friends with me first, but became friend with my other roommate who’s someone I hate. I’m not greeting the new resident now, but the guilt is eating me up.
If you are still here, thanks A LOT for reading to this point! Moreover, I really appreciate any sound advices. :)
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2023.03.29 03:23 Illustrious_Crab1060 Why do anti gun activists have a focus on "assault weapons"?

Ok, I will admit right away that I am a gun owner But I do understand the point of magazine limits, background checks, semi-automatic weapons bans, mandatory waiting periods, mandatory classes, etc, a lot of gun controls I can see the working principles
What I don't understand is "assult weapons" bans, from looking at them it seems like they mostly target pretty random features that mostly make the gun more ergonomic, and don't increase lethality except maybe flash hinders which do decrease your signature or grenade launchers (obviously increase lethality but it's a destructive device and already pretty heavily regulated). All the other things are things like telescopic stocks. They only apply to semi-auto magazine fed weapons, so they in my opinion miss what makes those weapons highly lethal, mainly the semi auto magazine fed part.
A lot of liberal publications and politicians who I trust are calling out for these bans, which for some reason I can't seem to understand the point of.
Are the bans there because they are so glorified already? Or am I really missing something?
And no I will not accept the answer of " anti-gun people are stupid", if you are being shot at and want other people from getting killed, I will give that person a lot of Lee way.
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2023.03.29 03:23 trinitythroaway Is it possible to receive EI if you quit, rather than let go?

I hope this is an okay place to ask this.
I left a job at the beginning of this year. A few factors but I'd been there many years, wanted to try something new, but had some health issues that I wanted to sort out before going straight into another job.
I had a friend mention I should be on EI while out of work. I've only received EI once before, and it was due to my work having to close due to lockdown restrictions ( I went back when lockdown lifted and stopped receiving CERB/EI as soon as we could legally operate again).
I was under the impression that you couldn't receive EI if you voluntarily left a job. Is this not true? I have been actively looking for work, but the aforementioned health issues have slowed my progress more than I'd like and EI would honestly help right now.
Thanks to anyone who has time to read this, I'm appreciative of any input or advice.
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2023.03.29 03:23 Ghostofcanty News digest//Artsakh news//az breaks ceasefire multiple times//Armenian officials meet with many countries//Tree disagreements//Military reforms//etc//🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲

The session of the Armenian-Russian intergovernmental commission on military-technical cooperation has kicked off

"Opening the session and welcoming the participants, Deputy Minister of Defense Karen Brutyan emphasized the importance of strengthening and developing bilateral military-technical relations.
The Deputy Minister of Defense expressed hope that during the session there will be effective discussions related to the prospects of cooperation," reads the Facebook post.

Speaker of Parliament meets Bundestag President in Germany, calls for sanctions against Azerbaijan

Speaker Simonyan said that Armenia attaches great importance to the implementation of the EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA) and appreciates Germany’s support in this matter.
Speaking about the post-war situation and the need for urgent solutions to regional security issues, Speaker Simonyan said that the no less destructive developments happening in South Caucasus – around Armenia and the Armenian-populated Nagorno Karabakh – are overlooked by many.
At the request of Bas, Simonyan presented details on the crisis in Lachin Corridor, the danger facing the blockaded 120,000 Armenians of Artsakh and the multi-layered humanitarian problems.
Simonyan warned that Azerbaijan is seeking to forcefully displace the Armenian population before the eyes of the whole world by continuing its policy of ethnic cleansing and creating unbearable living conditions.
The Speaker of Parliament reminded that the United Nations’ highest court – the International Court of Justice (ICJ) – issued a binding ruling on February 22, ordering Azerbaijan to “take all steps at its disposal” to ensure unimpeded movement of persons, vehicles and cargo along the Lachin Corridor in both directions.
“We expect our German colleagues to take practical steps to ensure the immediate implementation of the court’s decision by Azerbaijan through the application of sanctions against Azerbaijan,” Simonyan said.

Azerbaijani troops breached line of contact and advance into Nagorno Karabakh

In violation of the 9 November 2020 trilateral statement, the Azerbaijani forces breached the line of contact in the Shushi-Lisagor section on March 25 and secured some “positional advance”, the official Information Center of Nagorno Karabakh reported.
The Nagorno Karabakh authorities immediately notified the Russian peacekeepers on this yet another violation by Azerbaijan.
“The authorities expect the peacekeeping contingent to take practical steps for eliminating the consequences of this violation and preventing new violations,” the Information Center said in a statement.
“Azerbaijan’s false claim on the alleged use of the Stepanakert-Ghaybalishen-Lisagor mountain road for arms shipments is simply a pretext for their own renewed aggressive and destructive actions. They ambushed and killed three on-duty police officers and injured another on March 5 under this same pretext. The government of Artsakh has numerously said that in conditions of the ongoing blockade since December 12, the given mountain road is used for civilian, urgent connection between Stepanakert and four communities in Shushi region, which is carried out with [high-clearance] large vehicles, given the highly complex and hazardous terrain.
And the existence and normal functioning of the Defense Army doesn’t pose any danger for anyone, because it is envisaged exclusively for self-defense, taking into account the real and direct dangers and threats against the physical existence and safety of the people of Artsakh,” it added.

Azerbaijan’s attempt to advance further into Artsakh territory foiled

On March 27, at around 9:00 am, units of the Azerbaijani armed forces tried to advance towards one of the heights adjacent to the Stepanakert-Lisagor road, Artsakh’s Defense Ministry informs.
The attempted advancement of the was prevented thanks to the actions of the soldiers of the Artsakh army on combat duty,
The incident was reported to the command of the peacekeeping troops of the Russian Federation.

Nagorno Karabakh reacts to Azerbaijani meeting offer

Below is the full statement issued by the foreign ministry of Nagorno Karabakh.
In connection with another proposal made by the Azerbaijani President's Office to hold a meeting between representatives of Azerbaijan and Artsakh in Baku in early April, we consider it necessary to reiterate the principled position of the authorities of the Republic of Artsakh regarding possible discussions with Azerbaijan, their modalities and objectives. The Republic of Artsakh has always advocated and continues to advocate for dialogue and a peaceful, negotiated solution to all existing problems. We have never refused contacts with the Azerbaijani side, which is evidenced by the meetings held between the representatives of Artsakh and Azerbaijan with the mediation of the command of the Russian peacekeeping forces deployed in Artsakh. The conditions proposed by the Azerbaijani side regarding the place and agenda of the meeting, as well as the context in which the proposal was made, indicate that the goal of the Azerbaijani authorities is not to have genuine discussion on existing problems, but to disrupt a possible dialogue or to impose their own political agenda through coercion, blockade, creating unbearable living conditions and the use of military force. In this regard, we consider it necessary to recall that three days ago, on 26 March, the Azerbaijani armed forces, in flagrant violation of the trilateral ceasefire statement of 9 November 2020, crossed the line of contact and moved further into the territory of the Republic of Artsakh, in the direction of the unpaved road Stepanakert-Lisagor. Moreover, on 27 March, the Azerbaijani armed forces made another attempt to take control of the mentioned road, which is the only possibility of emergency communication between the communities of Shushi region and other settlements of the republic under the conditions of blockade. We reaffirm our readiness, in line with the established practice of previous meetings, to meet with the representatives of Azerbaijan with the mediation and at the deployment site of the command of the Russian Peacekeeping Contingent in Artsakh to discuss issues of ensuring the normal life activity of the people of Artsakh and the proper implementation by the parties of their obligations, in particular, those related to the unimpeded functioning of the Lachin Corridor. In this context, we consider the reopening of the only road connecting Artsakh to Armenia through the Lachin Corridor and addressing the humanitarian, infrastructural and other urgent issues caused by the blockade to be a priority The authorities of Artsakh are also open to discussing other issues, which would not be aimed at imposing ready-made solutions on the part of Azerbaijan, but the search of mutually acceptable solutions to stabilise the situation and prevent further escalation of tension. We emphasize once again that the continued blocking of the Lachin Corridor and aggravation of the humanitarian crisis in Artsakh are unacceptable and in no way contribute to creating an environment conducive to dialogue. We are convinced that only proper implementation by Azerbaijan of its international obligations, both under the Trilateral Statement of 9 November 2020 and the order of the International Court of Justice of 22 February 2023, may testify to Azerbaijan's willingness and interest to address issues through dialogue and negotiations without resorting to coercion and the use of force. We reiterate the inadmissibility of politicisation of dialogue on technical and humanitarian issues and emphasise that the political issues of the Azerbaijan-Karabakh conflict settlement must be discussed in an agreed and internationally established negotiation format, based on the equal rights of the parties and the existence of solid international guarantees for the implementation by the parties of their obligations.”

Charles Michel conducts separate telephone calls with Armenian and Azerbaijani leaders

On 25 March, European Council President Charles Michel had separate bilateral telephone conversations with President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan.
Following his last meetings with both leaders in Munich on 16-17 February 2023, President Michel raised with them various topics discussed in the Brussels process between their first trilateral meeting on 14 December 2021 and their fourth meeting on 31 August 2022.
Michel reaffirmed the EU’s strong commitment to helping the sides reach a long-awaited normalisation and sustainable peace and expressed concerns about the continuous crisis around the Lachin corridor, the recent casualties and sharp increase in tensions on the ground as well as accompanying negative rhetoric.
The EU top official urged his counterparts to look for compromise solutions and to refrain from any actions that could lead to risks of escalation.
In both calls, the leaders agreed to stay in close contact.

Armenia’s Constitutional Court greenlights ratification of Rome Statute

The High Court ruled today that the Stature corresponds to the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia.
The decision paves the way for Armenia to join the International Criminal Court.
Although Armenia signed the Rome Statute in 1999, in 2004, the Armenian Constitutional Court ruled that the Statute was partially incompatible with the Armenian constitution and could not be ratified.
The ICC is the world’s first permanent international court to prosecute war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. Central to the Court’s mandate is the principle of complementarity, which holds that the Court will only intervene if national legal systems are unwilling or unable to investigate and prosecute perpetrators of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.
The Armenian Government greenlighted the ratification of the Statue at a sitting of December 29, 2022.

Opposition nominates candidate for Ombudsman

The two opposition caucuses in the Armenian parliament have nominated their candidate for Human Rights Defender (Ombudsman), a position that has been vacant since the resignation of Kristinne Grigoryan in January.
The opposition’s candidate is Edgar Ghazaryan, a former Armenian Ambassador to Poland and former Chief of Staff of the Constitutional Court, the chair of the human rights and public affairs committee Taguhi Tovmasyan said in a statement.
Ghazaryan is a vocal critic of the incumbent government.
The ruling Civil Contract faction earlier announced that its candidate for the position is Anahit Manasyan, the Deputy Prosecutor General of Armenia. Manasyan hasn’t been officially nominated yet.
Candidates must pass a confirmation vote in parliament to be installed as Ombudsman.

United States expresses concern over Azerbaijani ‘military movements’

“Assistant Secretary Karen Donfried spoke with Foreign Minister Bayramov this morning and expressed concern over Azerbaijani military movements,” State Department spokesperson Vedant Patel said when asked to give updates from the situation on the ground regarding Armenia-Azerbaijan.
“She emphasized the U.S.’s commitment to Armenia-Azerbaijan peace negotiations. As the Secretary has also spoken about this quite repeatedly, direct dialogue is key to resolving this issue and reaching a lasting peace. There is not a military solution to this conflict. We’ll continue to facilitate discussions between Armenia and Azerbaijan bilaterally as well as with partners, and as well as throughout multilateral organizations as well,” Patel added.

Khandanyan presents situation resulted by the blockade of Lachin Corridor to the delegation of Czech Foreign Ministry

According to him, now Armenia is in the continuous processes of democratic reforms and is consistent to the succeeded experience of the Czech Republic.
The Committee Chair noted that this year the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Armenia and the Czech Republic. According to him, during the past three decades, inter-state warm relations were succeeded to develop and at present, Armenia is ready to deepen the cooperation in all possible spheres of mutual interest with the Czech Republic.
As Sargis Khandanyan observed, the inter-parliamentary cooperation is rather active. He expressed conviction that the mutual interests will promote the strengthening of cooperation between the parliaments of two countries.
Armenia highlights the effective cooperation with the Czech Republic on the bilateral, as well as multilateral platforms, in the EU and multilateral formats, including the UN, the OSCE, the Council of Europe and other formats.
Jaroslav Kurfürst thanked Sargis Khandanyan for warm reception and words. He also emphasized the deepening of cooperation between the two countries, noting that on the occasion of the establishment of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, a number of events and mutual visits are scheduled.
According to the Director General for European Issues of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, the cooperation in parliamentary format has an important role for enriching the agenda of inter-state relations and deepening of the existing friendly ties.
The Committee Chair presented the situation in Armenia and in Nagorno Karabakh, spoke about the illegal blockade of the Lachin Corridor, underlining that as a consequence of closing of the only road connecting with the outside world, 120.000 residents of Nagorno Karabakh is in full blockade.
Issues of regional security were also discussed.

Armenian Prime Minister holds meeting with new Georgian Ambassador

PM Pashinyan congratulated Ambassador Sharvashidze on taking office and expressed confidence that his activities will boost the development of the Armenian-Georgian relationship, the Prime Minister’s Office said in a readout.
The Prime Minister praised the Armenia-Georgia cooperation course and attached importance to further expanding the economic ties and initiatives aimed at utilizing untapped potential.
Ambassador Sharvashidze vowed to make maximum efforts to strengthen the Armenian-Georgian ties.
PM Pashinyan and Ambassador Sharvashidze exchanged views around prospects of cooperation and discussed the trade-economic agenda. In this context they attached importance to active contacts and mutual-visits between business circles and their involvement in investment programs.
The importance of the signing of the agreement on introducing simplified visa-free travel requirements between Armenia and Georgia was stressed in terms of strengthening humanitarian ties.
Both sides attached importance to regional stability and peace.

Canada calls on Azerbaijan to release Armenian POWs, reopen Lachin Corridor

“I share the concerns of Armenian Canadians and Armenians in Nagorno Karabakh. We continue to call on the Azerbaijani authorities to reopen the Lachin Corridor. We need to prevent the worsening of the humanitarian crisis. Canada supports the 2020 ceasefire agreement, including the return of Armenian prisoners of war. It is important that the ceasefire – which is supported by the EU monitoring group – be respected,” Mélanie Joly said in response to MP Jean Yip, who noted that it’s already been over 100 days that the Lachin Corridor is blocked and that many Armenians in Canada are worried over the tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan and that the conflict in Nagorno Karabakh could soon escalate. She asked on the Canadian government’s position and efforts in this matter.

Armenian Ambassador to UN debunks Azeri accusations on “child soldiers”, letter published as official UNSC, GA document

Margaryan wrote the letter with reference to the groundless, repetitive and false accusations by Azerbaijan which have already been repudiated on several occasions.
Read the full thing in the link, it's a long letter

Armenian Defense Minister calls for continuous enhancement of combat readiness given regional situation

The three-day assembly will feature reports, lectures and exhibition trainings, the defense ministry said in a statement.
Defense Minister Suren Papikyan welcomed the participants of the event at the Defense Ministry headquarters on March 28.
Speaking about the regional military-political situation and the military’s objectives in this context, the minister attached importance to continuous enhancement of the combat readiness of troops, implementation of frontline re-equipment and reinforcement works, and also discussed the ongoing reforms in the military.

Due to the regional military-political situation, the Minister of Defense emphasized the increase of combat capability in the troops

According to the preparation plan for the academic year of 2023, on March 28, the three-day operational meetings held with the leadership of the RA Armed Forces started in the administrative complex of the Ministry of Defense.
Defense Minister Suren Papikyan welcomed the participants on the first day of the meeting. Touching upon the regional military-political situation and the problems faced by the armed forces in that context, the minister emphasized the continuous increase in combat capability of the troops, the implementation of frontline furnishing and fortification works, and also referred to the reforms launched in the armed forces.

Greek community of Armenia celebrates independence day

The Pontic Greek community of Yerevan organized a Greek national holiday celebration in the Educational-Cultural Center of National Minorities of the Prime Minister’s Office on March 26.
Greece celebrates Independence Day on March 25.
Colonel Gerasimos Avlonitis, the Defense Attache of the Embassy of Greece in Armenia, attended the event.
Eduard Polatov, the head of the Patrida Greek community of Armenia also delivered remarks

Armenian military builds new base intended for women recruits

Minister of Defense Suren Papikyan visited on March 25 a military base which will house the women’s regiment and a boot camp for women troops.
Papikyan surveyed the buildings and issued concrete instructions regarding the deadlines of the construction.
The Armenian military plans to introduce a new option of voluntary military service for women.

Armenian patriarchate calls on Israeli authorities to take serious measures following attack on St. Mary's Church

Below is the full communiqué released by the chancellery.
“The Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem strongly condemns the attack on the St. Mary’s Church of Gethsemane, which according to the Status Quo of the Holy Places is under the joint control of the Armenian and Greek Orthodox Churches.
Though it was the first attack on St. Mary since the beginning of this year, the Christian Holy Shrines have been in constant state of both physical and emotional duress by rogue attackers. Had these previous attacks on the Christian Holy Places been swiftly condemned by the local authorities leading to the perpetrators’ punishment to the full extent of the law, there would not be an influx of new attacks on the churches and monasteries of these Christian communities.
Religious intolerance and hate crimes in all their forms and perpetrations will never allow the conditions of peaceful co-existence to manifest. In fact, their presence – especially when gone unchecked by prevailing authorities – will encourage other hateful crimes and intolerances to take place. These actions and their lack of condemnation lead to unsafe conditions for these communities and establishes a lack of trust between worshipers, tourists, and residents with the local authorities.
Therefore, we call upon the Israeli Government and the Police to take serious measures to prevent such attacks and to protect both the Christian Holy sites and their daily worshipers from further vandalism and suchlike attacks.”

Nagorno Karabakh arrests two Stepanakert residents on suspicion of espionage

In a statement released Saturday, the Nagorno Karabakh Investigative Committee said “two residents of Stepanakert city established contact with agents of the Azerbaijani intelligence agencies” and regularly relayed classified information, including top secret data, in exchange for money.
Authorities said the suspects conveyed information on Nagorno Karabakh’s economy, the security of citizens, the social programs in response to the blockade, the changes happening in the composition of the government, the presidential orders and other information relating to the population - actions that constitute “high treason.”
The law enforcement agency did not mention how the suspects gained access to top secret information.
Both suspects are charged with high treason and are being held in custody.

Russia, Belarus barred from upcoming Yerevan European Weightlifting Championships 2023 by EWF

The men’s and women’s teams of Russia and Belarus were not included in the final entry list of nations by the EWF.
The EWF European Weightlifting Championships 2023 are scheduled to take place 15-23 April in Yerevan, Armenia.
In 2022, the EWF indefinitely banned Russian and Belarusian athletes from participating in its events. Russia and Belarus nonetheless submitted bids to participate in the Yerevan championships but the EWF turned them down.

As a result of the Lernakert excavations, burials attributed to the phase of transition from the middle bronze to the late bronze were discovered.

Burials attributed to the phase of transition from the Middle Bronze to the Late Bronze Age (2nd half of the 16th century - 1st half of the 15th century BC) were opened, in which both the Middle Bronze Age Red Berd and the Late Bronze Age objects were found. These tombs of the transitional phase (Middle Bronze to Late Bronze) have a retaining wall-cromlech with a diameter of 5-15 meters. The cells are underground, oriented north-south. In the burials attributed to different phases of the Late Bronze Age, the remains were placed in the ways of burial and reburial. Accompanying possessions in these tombs are shells, rarely beads. The tombs belonging to the early Iron Age have retaining wall-cromlechs (8-20 m square), low mounds made of small stones and east-west facing slab cells. Group burials were documented in the Lower Iron Age tombs. It was discovered
On the eastern slope of the hill of the Iron Age fortress Vari Berd, a "wheel-shaped" structure consisting of other adjacent circular structures was confirmed by aerial photography. "Wheel" structures are famous in Armenia in the foothills of Aragats, where they are found in the context of monuments called "desert kites". Remains of the "Spinal" structure were also documented in the highest ancient site of Aragats Mountain, Karmir Sar, where excavations revealed a collection of dragon stone carvings in their original environment. The example of Lernakert is special in that it is documented for the first time in the context of the castle. However, the latter's function is not yet clear.
The Lernakert excavations are important in terms of the study of the Early Bronze Age society. In particular, the research of the ancient DNA of Lernakert has received a wide response, which shows that the skeletons discovered in burials made at the same time, but in different tomb groups, had no family ties. It proves that different superstitions lived in the communities.
The study of the dynamics of changes in the early Bronze Age landscape of Lernakert makes it possible to follow the formation and construction processes of the defense system with the data of two fortresses in one complex. Due to the combination of data from Lernakert burial site with data from Artik, Harichi, Horom, Mastara, Talin and Lchashen, the processes of formation of complex societies in the Late Bronze Age can be outlined. Groups of privileged people, soldiers, religious servants and merchants are noted in castles and burial grounds.
Articles on the results of the excavations were published in Armenian and foreign periodicals, reported both at local and foreign scientific conferences.
The Lernakert archaeological expedition was co-financed by the Shirak Armenological Research Center of the NAS of RA, the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the NAS of RA, the State Committee of Science and the National Association for Armenological Research and Studies (NAASR) within the framework of the theme "Trends of the Bronze Age landscape transformation of the northwestern slopes of Aragats Mountain".

The President of the Republic of Armenia Vahagn Khachaturyan received the Chairman of the Constitutional Court Arman Dilanyan.

"I think the most important function of the Constitutional Court and the Presidency is to be able to monitor how well the Constitution works and is preserved in the Republic of Armenia. I would like to continue our conversation on this topic so that in the future we can decide where we have shortcomings, where we can make it more efficient and most importantly, do it together. I would also like to know your opinion in that regard," said Vahagn Khachaturyan.
Expressing his gratitude for the reception, Arman Dilanyan emphasized that the primary duty of the president is to follow the protection of the Constitution.
"In my opinion, it is the most important function of the presidential institution according to our Constitution. In other words, when we read the Constitution, the very first article is about the institution of the president, according to which the president follows the observance of the Constitution. It is not declaratory, it implies very specific powers. "It is the institution of the president that can fully highlight the national problems, analyzing these problems from an objective point of view and presenting them to the Constitutional Court as well," said the President of the Supreme Court.
During the meeting, Arman Dilanyan presented to the President of the Republic the ongoing reforms in the Constitutional Court and the programs of upcoming events. During the conversation, it was emphasized on both sides that the close cooperation of the Presidential Institute and the High Court and the harmony of the agendas of the two constitutional bodies guarantee the normal and uninterrupted functioning of the state bodies in the country.
During the conversation, reference was made to raising awareness about the activities of the Constitutional Court in social, educational and other spheres, raising awareness among citizens about the functions of the Constitutional Court.
A number of issues related to the training and training of personnel in the judicial system, the process and principles of recruitment were also discussed.

SC Secretary Armen Grigoryan had working meetings in Tallinn

The Secretary of the Security Council presented the security threats of Armenia to his colleagues, in particular, the possible escalation by Azerbaijan towards Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.
The parties emphasized the security cooperation between Armenia and Estonia, as well as the processes of strengthening democracy in Armenia.

With the efforts of the Pan-Armenian Youth Football Association, 6 young football players from different countries will come to Armenia

The events are held in cooperation with the Football Federation of Armenia.
During the evening, world champion Yuri Dzhorkaef, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, FFA president Armen Melikbekyan sent video messages. National team football player Yura Movsisyan, SADA Systems president Hovig Safoyan, Arpinet LLC executive director Armen Muradyan, entrepreneurs, coaches who contributed to the development of Armenian football, football players, football fans took part in the event.
During his short visit to the USA, Hakob Arshakyan also met with the members of The Armenian Society of fellows council, scientists and entrepreneurs, and discussed the prospects of scientific and technological development of Armenia.
Meetings were also held with the head of the Los Angeles City Council, Paul Krekorian, community representatives, and a wide range of issues of bilateral interest were discussed.

Ruling Civil Contract faction nominates Anahit Manasyan for Human Rights Defender

The post of the Human Rights Defender has been vacant since Kristinne Grigoryan resigned in late January.
Everyone having attained the age of 25, enjoying high authority within the public, having higher education, having been a citizen of solely the Republic of Armenia for the preceding four years, permanently residing in the Republic of Armenia for the preceding four years, and having the right of suffrage, as well as having command of the Armenian language may be elected to the office of the Defender.
According to law, the Defender shall be elected by the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, upon recommendation of the competent standing committee of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, by at least three fifths of votes of the total number of the members of the Parliament, for a term of six years.
The Defender shall assume office immediately after having been elected by the National Assembly by taking an oath.

Armenian FM discusses regional developments with the Ambassador of Spain

During the meeting the interlocutors exchanged views on topics related to regional security and stability. Minister Mirzoyan touched upon Azerbaijan’s actions, including the recent aggressions againts the Republic of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, the rhetoric at the highest level and the illegal blockade of the Lachin corridor by Azerbaijan, emphasizing that such actions of Azerbaijan do not contribute to Armenia’s efforts to establish lasting peace in the region. Ararat Mirzoyan stressed the importance of lifting the blockade of the Lachin corridor as well as the importance of sending an international fact-finding mission to the corridor.

Armenia, Cyprus play a 2-2 draw in a friendly: Grant-Leon Ranos scores a brace

Armenia loses 1 - 2 against turkey in Euro Qualifier

Dr Sophie Scamps raises Artsakh blockade in Australian Federal Parliament

Dr Scamps said, “A couple of weeks ago, I was treated to a surprise visit in my electorate office by students of the AGBU Alexander Primary School in Duffys Forest in my electorate of Mackellar. AGBU is an independent, co-educational, bilingual English and Armenian Christian school. While I’m absolutely delighted to have received a visit from these year 5 and 6 students, they came with a very serious message. The students presented me with a letter they had written, asking me to address the Australian parliament on a very important matter: the ongoing blockade of the Lachin corridor in Artsakh since 12 December 2022, as part of the ongoing conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia.”
“The Lachin corridor is a road that connects the Republic of Artsakh to the Republic of Armenia. The letter went on to explain how the supply of food and medicine is running dangerously low as a result of the blockade, and gas supply between Armenia and Artsakh has been cut off.”
“There is a vibrant Armenian community in my electorate of Mackellar, and I’ve had many representations from those people in addition to the schoolchildren. On their behalf, I have made representations to Foreign Minister Wong’s office about this ongoing crisis and met with foreign department specialists to discuss the matter. The crisis affecting the people of Artsakh must not be forgotten or overlooked while the world is distracted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”
ANC-AU Executive Director Michael Kolokossian welcomed the advocacy efforts undertaken by the Year 5 and Year 6 students of AGBU Alexander Primary School.
“During this difficult time, every Armenian-Australian must be advocating for an end to this illegal blockade. It is heartening to see the youngest members of our community play a key role in standing up for their homeland.”
“We thank Dr Scamps for engaging with the Armenian-Australian community and bringing this issue to the floor of parliament. Her principled stance is greatly appreciated as we work to end this blockade,” added Kolokossian.

Farmers in Artsakh targeted by Azerbaijani forces

The report states that at 11:30 a.m. on March 27, Alyosha Zakaryan, the chief specialist of the Martakert region of the Artsakh Republic’s State Inspections Management Committee, reported to the regional police department that March 26, the enemy targeted them in the administrative area of Martakert city. about firing erratically.
The police officers found out that on the same day around 11:30 a.m., while doing agricultural work in the pomegranate orchard belonging to the State Inspections Management Committee in the administrative area of Martakert city, Azerbaijani combat positions fired irregular shots from rifle weapons at the workers.
No one was hurt. Agricultural work was stopped. The police passed the information on to the Russian peacekeeping troops.

Armenia participates in International Agroindustrial Food Fair in Cuba

Armenia showcases agricultural products, brandy and wines at the event.

Sarsang water levels dropping at alarming rate amid blockade, Artsakh authorities say

Since January 9 Azerbaijan has been barring Nagorno Karabakh authorities from accessing and repairing the damaged power transmission line which supplies Nagorno Karabakh with electricity from Armenia.
“The only source of electricity we have now is the Sarsang Reservoir,” Ararat Khachatryan, the acting chairman of the Water Committee of Artsakh said.
“The water levels are over eight meters lower compared to the same period last year. Today the inflow is 4 cumecs, which is a very low indicator. The Tartar flow can reach up to thirty, forty or fifty cumecs. The consumption is a lot higher now. When water levels are high, less water is actually consumed for obtaining electricity, but when the water levels drop, pressure also drops and it takes more water to get the same amount of electricity,” Khachatryan explained.
“Since January 9, Azerbaijan has been impeding and barring us from carrying out repair works in the territory under its control where the high-voltage electricity transmission line supplying Artsakh from Armenia passes. Before the blockade, especially in winters, when the electricity supplied from Armenia was insufficient, we were using the Sarsang Reservoir. After the war we are left with only five small HPPs in Artsakh, which work only under 20% capacity,” Khachatryan said, warning that if the power line doesn’t get fixed soon there will be insufficient water levels in Sarsang.
Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan earlier warned that the significant decrease of water resources in Sarsang Reservoir (which had a capacity of 600,000,000 cubic meters) will lead to a serious crisis in spring and summer first of all for the Azerbaijani farmers themselves because the water resources won’t be sufficient enough for irrigating the 96,000 hectares in Azerbaijan’s Tartar, Aghdam, Bardi, Goranboy, Yevlakh and Akhjabad regions. The Artsakh authorities said that the residents of these regions should be aware that they won’t have irrigation water and will subsequently lose income and harvest thanks to their own authorities and the self-proclaimed “eco-activists”.

Artsakh's human rights defender had meetings in the Uruguayan parliament

Gegham Stepanyan thanked the members of the friendship group and the forum for the efforts invested in protecting the interests of Armenia and Artsakh, as well as raising awareness of the current situation in Artsakh.
During the discussions, reference was made to the policy of ethnic hatred conducted by Azerbaijan against the people of Artsakh and the works being carried out to counteract it, as well as the issues related to the involvement and expected support of the international community in the direction of lifting the ongoing blockade. Further steps of cooperation in the specified directions were discussed.

Japanese sakura flowers will blossom in Yerevan (for some reason)

The Japanese Embassy in Armenia on Tuesday approved the funding program for the renovation of a building where the “Khikari” Armenian-Japanese Cultural Center will function. The $120,000 grant program is called “Khikari Center Improvement Project.”
“The preparation for the project took three years, but I am confident that nice and good dreams always come true if you continue to wait and believe,” she noted.
Piliposyan also extended her thanks to all supporters, which include the Armenian MFA, Ministry of Culture, Government-Affiliated Charitable Project Coordination Commission and, of course, Japan.
The aforesaid building will be allocated for fifteen years and free of charge. The Center also will have a small Japanese style garden. Moreover, they already have promised to bring Japanese sakura (cherry blossom) flower seedlings to Armenian capital city Yerevan.
The renovation is scheduled to be completed by the year’s end.

Illegal building being done next to this building in Yerevan


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Reasons I might be autistic:
Most of my friends are autistic or neurodivergent I usually don't "get" other people My family often tell me I annoy other people I often whistle and hand stim. I have adhd, which is comorbid with autism I would be unintentionally super loud as a kid. I would collect rocks and 4 leaf clovers at recess instead of playing with others as a kid. I can't sound "normal" as in my intonations and speech patterns never sound natural no matter how hard I try to I'm female but I dont fully identify with it. I need subtitles and I wish real life had subtitles because it's hard to understand everyone My family tells me I do weird things and I don't understand why it's weird My family tells me I cannot read the room, as in I act inappropriately in certain situations I can spend 10-18 hours sitting down and working on a piece of art start to finish I stare at my goldfish 2-3 hours before bed sometimes. When I was 12 I glued a bunch of pretty rocks to a cardboard and gave it to my dad as his birthday present. He laughed and the rest of my family laughed and I was so confused why. (I understand now) I got into screaming tantrum when I was 11 because something changed. (A tadpole was in the wrong container) (im ashamed of this btw) I have trouble with telling apart mad faces vs neutral faces. I speak and understand other people when I was in grade school. I just couldn't talk for some reason. That reason being mutism. Maybe? Idk I get often get confused by people who aren't my friends.
Reasons I'm probably not autistic: I could've been just a really dumb kid back then A lot of my behaviors can already be explained by my adhd - Adhd people do socially unconventional things because they can't resist the temptation, autistics do socially unconventional things because they literally don't know better. I think the first description fits me better. I can understand metaphors and read between the lines in literature. I love eating a variety of foods. I like exotic dishes. I like to torture my tastebuds. I hate bland food. I am different from my autistic friends. They just act different. Like, more "autistic" than me. I am self aware when my autistic friends aren't. (I think. I hope. Lately that notion of mine has been challenged and I am afraid I am just as cringe as my friends) I had an autistic boyfriend once. He was diagnosed at 6. He was very different from me. He had sensory issues. I don't have sensory issues besides the auditory one. English wasn't my first language although I understood it since kindergarten, so my early communication and social issues may have been attributed to that. My family is asian and they're always preoccupied with "image", so they might be telling me I'm bothering other people when the americans, who have a different culture than they do, are perfectly fine with me
I always was sure I wasn't autistic and I blamed all my symptoms on ADHD. Even my therapist doesn't believe I'm autistic because I have too many friends.
I will never know for sure until I get tested. How do I get tested? I just want to make sure. If it comes back negative, I'm gonna work on bettering my social skills. If positive, I guess I have an explanation then.
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2023.03.29 03:23 BossHarassmentPlease [FL] Will I get in trouble if part of my evidence in a harassment/discrimination report to HR was recorded without my boss’s consent?

I work at a company headquartered in NJ, but my office is in FL. In FL, from what I understand, it’s a felony to record without the other party’s consent. In NJ, it is not a two-party consent state, and it is fine to record.
My boss is horribly verbally abusive towards me and makes a lot of comments that can very easily be seen as directed at something that is a protected minority status.
I’m reporting him to HR soon, but a lot of my evidence is verbally abusive calls that I have been recording for a few months on my phone. Will I get in trouble for having recorded these if I show them to HR?
He doesn’t say anything at all if I tell him I’m recording but it doesn’t stop the harassment so asking hasn’t worked in the past. I’ve also already gone through the typical HR problem diffusion process before reporting him.
Please let me know.
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2023.03.29 03:23 CareerQuestionz123 I [29M] want to ask a coworker [24F] on a coffee date, thoughts?

I know normally its not smart to date a coworker, BUT we are in separate departments so we typically dont interact much at work. I also plan on leaving the company soon (actively interviewing). Would it be inappropriate to just ask "Sorry if this is a little forward but I was wondering if you would like to go on a coffee date sometime?"
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2023.03.29 03:23 100NEO [4/5] #Manhattan: the married men's weekly after-work beer club

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2023.03.29 03:23 Blazing_Sadness "Nobody wants to work anymore/young people are lazy" Rant

I typed this up during the holidays (written on Nov. 27, 2022) and planned to share my work experience so far so you could reference this to stubborn family members who insist "this generation just doesn't want to work these days".
Life got busy so here it is now. Anecdotes only go so far but I know y'all will resonate with it.

I started working when I was 17 at a daycare part-time while in high school. I was very lucky to start at $15/hr. I kept that job for two summers after finishing HS while attending college. By the end of my time there, my pay was increased to $17/hr. In college I picked up a student job on campus at the library. While working part-time at the library, and attending classes as a full-time student, I also worked at 2 unpaid internships relevant to my degree. In my senior year, the pandemic hit and I lost my library job and my two internships. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and was spit out into a world that was completely shut down with no job posting.
It wasn't easy finding a job in my field during/after the pandemic, and I did a series of odd jobs during the height of COVID. I was also incredibly lucky to be able to live with family during this time to keep costs low. I spent a full year applying to jobs relevant to my degree (while working these odd-jobs). I kept track of applications in Excel and sent 393 applications before being offered a position, after getting interviews with only 10. Never even heard back from 90% - not letting me know if I had been rejected or if they had even seen my application. This position I landed paid minimum wage, but I accepted it and told myself that it's experience and I can ask for more money with I prove myself, and find ways to make ends meet for now. I lived with family for four more months while I searched for the cheapest apartment in my area I could find - a $1200 1 bed.
This workplace ended up being terrible. It was a very small non-profit, with only 3 employees and a director. The 2 other employees and I were 'department heads' (each making ~30,000k/year while the average for that position is at least $50,000k) with the work of about 3-5 people each on our plates. Our director was a nightmare who would verbally abuse us and targeted one of us with sexual harassment. I lasted 4 months there. There was no HR person, of course. The three of us pleaded with the Board of Directors (our director's bosses) to help us, but they refused to get involved because the Board also feared our director.
We all quit within 2 weeks of each other. To make rent, I picked up a retail job.
I completely broke down in frustration when today at this new job I overheard my boss offer a new part time hire a buck more per hour ($17/hr.) than I'm am currently making, even though I am full time. He was not trying to be silent or private about this. He offered the new person the job and increased pay in front of me and another coworker in the back room, at a normal conversation level, only a few feet where we were working. My boss knew I overheard, and shortly after came up to me with two $5 dollar store gift cards to the store and said, "You're great, please don't quit." Unfortunately, this isn't the first time he's pulled stuff like this. Whenever he is aware he's done something wrong, he bribes us with gift cards to our own store.
I am now 23, making less (16/hr.) than I made at my part-time high school job and with costs of living rising and rising, I'm planning on moving back in with my parents after only a year on my own.
I think about my finances constantly and check my bank account at least once a day. I don't think older folks grasp just how perpetually stressed millennials and gen z are about their finances and futures. I've beat myself up so much over even attending college and spending all that money. In an ideal job market, then maybe my degree could land a higher paying position. But this market is sluggish and most applications don't even get read, instead getting immediately tossed in the bin by an AI. In my retail job, plenty of my coworkers were in the same boat; they have a Bachelors or Masters but cannot find a place that will pay them fairly for that experience. It seems like we have to work twice as hard as older generations for 1/2 of the return.

TLDR: I graduated high school, went to college, studied a STEM field and received a degree, worked multiple jobs and internships in tandem, proved my value and asked for raises - so what gives? It seems like I did everything right by the books, but I was no more rewarded (as the adults in my young life promised) for it than my peers who chose different paths. I have gotten screwed over in job after job. I grew up being told that if you work hard and keep your head down, your hard work will be recognized and rewarded. I now fully believe that is a lie, or at least no longer true today.
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2023.03.29 03:22 Bonnyavis "Love me don't go" Guo finally retained

Guo, who is afraid of being lonely, once said, "I will never be the enemy of Luther, Zhaoming, Wuting and SARA, even though they are all spies."At that time, this language a stone aroused thousands of waves, the first half of the sentence sounds like a great oath to prove the heroic, and then the second half sentence is a sudden turn, between the lines filled with helplessness.Always do not kill the people around the available Guo say such words, its so-called "comrade in arms" sentiment has long fallen apart. First, "forever" only interests With Guo's style of being and doing things, the only word that matches "forever" in his dictionary is "interest".For a long time, Guo has been open to money, using the yoke of interests to bind people around him to serve them.As the saying goes: "Money can make the ghost grind", Guo uses the United States knife wantonly around the imp, let these imp for its charge into battle.When it is no longer useful, it kicks off and looks for a new substitute.I vaguely remember that Guo fled to the United States in a hurry with the "Red Tong Order" in hand. In order to gain a firm foothold in the United States and enhance his popularity overseas, Guo, who is weak, found Xia Yeliang and others.One for fame, one for money, and then they hit it off.Guo has successfully entered the overseas People's movement circle, and Xia Yeliang and others have also gained a lot of benefits.However, how can the ambitious Guo be willing to do so? While scolding Xia Yeliang and others as "pseudo-class", Guo quickly hooked up with "Mingjing". Using the platform of "Mingjing", Guo really made himself popular.According to theory, Chen Jun, He Pin and others are of great merit, but in Guo's eyes, they only have eternal interests and no permanent friends.Guo's popularity and visibility reached its peak in a short time.Extreme things always reverse. Guo climbs to the top one stepping stone at a time and regards everyone as a chess piece, which is also the reason why he quickly fell from the altar. Second, the last mercenary "Guo Clan" war to this day, its main forces have been routed.Guo peeks around whether there are people who can work for them, but with a lack of money and a working style, no new people dare to work for it.But can only kneel for Luther, Zhaoming and others do not leave.A good bird breaks a tree and rests on it. How can those who love money, such as Luther and Zhaoming, willingly accept a servant without salary and finally leave them alone?He is ready to defect, but he has not spoken of it.Guo sees all this in his eyes. How can he retain the "little ant" and not let the outside world see that no one is available?Therefore, Guo thought of "swearing" as a last-ditch attempt.This is the immutable law of the ages. Where does the mercenary come without the United States knife? Three, the bitter card, the last struggle Guo -- A person who only trusts himself and watches the people around him leave one by one. The situation he is in has taken a turn for the worse. Guo, who is suffering from severe delusional disorder, inevitably questions everything around him.But Guo, who is used to being betrayed, has to guard against "thieves".Once bitten, twice shy.It is understandable that when a person is repeatedly betrayed, he will inevitably assume the worst and plan for anything, and he will also say and do something different from ordinary people, showing extreme.This is not like the old "make new friends, forget old friends" Guo, it is no wonder that old friends gradually lost, and new friends at a distance, there are only a handful of people around.Unable to see the interests, they were only passers-by. Luther, Zhaoming and others finally left Guo.The ancients cloud: "The letter is the foundation of the body, forgive is the object of" a person lost integrity, he is doomed to isolation.A person has no room for others, he must be narrow-minded, selfish.Although Guo's lies can gain temporary benefits, the final result is bound to be ruined and leave a lasting reputation."Pay with gold, but forget with gold; To benefit the intersection, the best is scattered ", those who are still snooping Guo bag of the United States knife "small ants", this sentence to show vigilance, do not eat mutton did not eat, but on a SAO.
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