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Forced tip claiming

2023.03.31 06:07 jeremyhaffen Forced tip claiming

I work at a fast casual restaurant and have been working there for over ten years now. The restaurant utilizes a tip tracker system and servers are forced to declare more tips at the end of the quarter if this system says you haven't declared enough. Managers realize it is inaccurate and never enforced it until now as corporate has mandated it. A manager tonight asked me to declare rhousands more than I actually made based on this system and threatened to suspend or fire me if I didn't. Let me outline how this system works.
All charged tips lead to a "tip percentage" that is then applied to your aggregate sales for the quarter, including cash sales. The assumption is that cash tips are the same percentage as credit card tips. If nothing is left on a credit card slip, it doesn't lower the tip percentage as it is assumed a cash tip was received. Tip percentage is then taken out of this percentage but only the minumum amount and that percentage times your sales is how much you are expected to claim. Corporate dictates that they can't tell us how much to tip out and it is up to us but give us a guideline. The problem here is that many of is tip our coworkers waaayyy more than the guideline, or minumum, as it is embarrassingly low. In fact, it is frowned upon by my coworkers to tip just the bare minumum. So to summarize, the tip calculator ignores any time we are stiffed and also ignores any amount over the minumum that we may tip our coworkers. As for cash tips, we have a period late at night that is affectionately called the "charity hours" as it is mostly teenagers and such that do not tip or tip very little. They also happen to tip in cash more but this does nothing to affect the equation used.
For this past quarter, my credit card tip percentage was calculated as 22 percent so that is applied for my entire aggregate sales minus tip out and that is what I'm expected to claim.. I am a great server and always do my best, but to be blunt there is a bus stop outside my restaurant. We do not have affluent clientele. There is no way in hell I even come close to 22 percent on a regular basis when (cash sales are included) before tipping out, we only make money by high volume.
Anyone have any experience with this or have any idea how to hold handle this? I don't want to just quit after working here over a decade. Thanks in advance
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2023.03.31 06:06 mmgazer boyfriend ignores me

weve been together for more than a year now, were a great match and hes a great boyfriend! just to point out im on bc and have major mood swings now. i started sleeping over in january due to my age. he never invites me anywhere, never makes any plans. im okay with me doing them most of the time. i always come over on friday and leave on saturday/sunday (mostly saturday because he works). i always plan my whole week ahead, i plan when im gonna study etc. i was supposed to come over today (friday) and he literally told me at 8pm yesterday that hes ill and he has to go to uni (its diffirent in poland, he basically is on a free uni on a topic that he isnt even interested in, he had never been on it and he only applied because of alimony). i got really pissed because he also never replies to me… even besides going to work, when hes at home he wont reply to me for a few hours even when its something important. i dont mind if its something that isnt really meaningful but when i asked him why cant i come over he didnt reply to me for 3hours and then he asked if i just want to meet up. idk what to do now, he knows i hate it when he does everything last minute. am i in the wrong for getting mad at this? i can only see him once a week and i always come over.
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2023.03.31 06:06 ninja_cart Life is all about Second Chances: S. Sushil Kumar

Life is all about Second Chances: S. Sushil Kumar
“Ninjacart has been my home of second opportunities. Ninjacart was just five days old when I joined in 2015, with a team of only ten people. As the first HR executive, my roles and responsibilities weren’t just confined to hiring but also learning and working for other verticals like payroll, procurement, and so on. After a year of rigorous learning and understanding my potential, I went ahead to explore opportunities in other sectors. While everything was going well, something still felt missing. I decided to come back to Ninjacart, but I wasn’t sure if I would be hired back. Thanks to Ninjacart’s inclusive culture, I was welcomed back with wide-open arms, and that’s how I got back to Ninjacart, my second home.” Learn More-
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2023.03.31 06:05 thegravityqueen Current Customer Question

What is your rate with Brightspeed? I live in Eastern Texas and my home phone is bundled with 8MBPS internet for $90 before fees, taxes, ect...
What is the price in your area?
Is Brightspeed your only option?
Optimum is available for me, my friend ten houses down has it and gets 300+ MBPS. I can get much more from it for the same price.
Why is it that Brightspeed can't offer anything close to that?
Do they like to be predatory in areas where they're the only service so you HAVE to pay them?
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2023.03.31 06:05 crispydancer In Five Years: Rebecca Serle RANT

This book has put me off any Rebecca Serle books ever. I truly don’t care how good one claims another of her books to be I will not be reading it.
Firstly, the first few chapters of this book are interesting enough to make you want to continue some more. But after that it’s BORING BORING BORING throughout the middle. By then end of this book I was absolutely disgusted and felt like a fool for ever wasting my valuable time to read it.
Dannie Kohan. You are a nasty human being. A terrible friend and all around just an ungrateful little shit. I mean the same day your BEST FRIEND dies of cancer you hook up with the guy she was engaged to all because of some fucking dreams. What you needed was a sleep therapist. All you do is complain about your fiancé who is a sweetheart and be two faces to your friends. She literally fucked her friends man before the body was even cold and blamed it on grief like no!! that’s jealous nasty nasty jealousy.
Bella literally was so supportive and was even building a home for you in her last days with cancer and rooting on your relationship. Meanwhile your over here hitting on her fiancé while she’s DYING and still claiming to be her best friend. BFFR now.
The way this story unraveled was absolute nonsense. I’ve concluded that the purpose of this book was to provide high end restaurants recs in NYC.
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2023.03.31 06:04 hjnsv Confusing dream about mystery woman. Please help

Last night I had a rather confusing dream. For some context: I have always considered myself a straight woman but last night I had a dream in which I fell in love with a female friend
This was not a friend that I know in real life but just a dream woman that I understood to be a close friend. This woman and I went out to eat somewhere, and then went to her house for a sleepover (this was all in a platonic friendly way). For the duration of our shared dinner and while at her house I felt drawn to this woman, she was extremely vibrant and and fun to be around. Once we arrived at her home we hung out to together, laughing and chatting while getting ready to sleep. Once we laid down, she straight out asked me if I liked her. In my dream I was completely startled as it all felt very real. I literally felt like my heart stopped beating for a moment. After a long pause I confessed that I did in fact like her. She was ecstatic about it, she jumped up and hugged me. We spent time discussing our future together, planning basically our whole lives. For some reason she lived in London and she literally decided to move to the US just so that we could be together. In my dream I was over the moon with everything that was happening. Anyways, after all of this I finally woke up.
In all, it was a lovely dream and I woke up feeling happy but it left me completely confused. I have never had a crush on a woman before so this is kind of out of the blue for me. Could this dream mean I may not be straight? All day I’ve been stressing over what this could mean. It’s left me totally confused about my own identity so any advice on interpretation would be extremely helpful.
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2023.03.31 06:04 Friendly_Violinist_9 Extreme social anxiety at the gym

I’ve been experiencing extreme anxiety when going to the gym. I’ve always had really bad anxiety since a concussion and it’s been something i’ve been working on constantly, recently getting better sleep, eating right and long term working out 6 days a week for the past 2 years.
I have been going to the gym now since highschool and i’m in very good shape for my age. However despite this I get really anxious especially when I see people or girls staring at me. I know i’m attractive, tall and dress well as I get compliments often , I have my friends tell me I have nothing to be anxious about and have even had girls approach and talk to me at the gym before. but i’m unable to get it through my head and am constantly looking at myself thinking something is wrong.
almost every time I go to the gym I am extremely anxious to the point where my face becomes numb, it becomes hard to speak and breathe which is why I usually go later. but the absolute worst part is the tightening in my neck and back making all my movements seem awkward. I just wish i could be normal like everyone else and socialize
I feel like at this point my anxiety comes from thinking there’s something wrong with me even though I know there is nothing wrong with me I can’t seem to convince myself in the moment. I am completely fine at home or around friends and on days where I feel confident for no reason I can actually have a good time and talk to people at the gym, however this only happens once a month if i’m lucky and when it does it is short lived.
Has anyone on here overcome extreme social anxiety? I am determined to feel okay again as i’ve felt this way for years now. I used to be on medication and it worked for two months before stopping. It was so depressing to live anxiety free and then have it ripped away only to have to go through this hell again.
I think the solution is exposure therapy. I originally thought if I got jacked and improved my looks my anxiety would go away but after years of work on myself this is not true. going to the gym is one thing but it doesn’t matter if I don’t talk to anyone while i’m there
should I make an effort to talk to more people especially girls which seem to trigger my anxiety the most? is it okay to go up and say hi to a girl i don’t know at the gym? I have a bunch of friends in college but they are all male. my anxiety is barely noticeable around other guys.
I have the ability to speak to a therapist is this a good idea?
please give me some advice or personal experience thank you
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2023.03.31 06:02 Happytequila Alright folks, need a little help again with accommodations for the flightless guys, when I’m also dealing with 2 female budgies

Alright folks, need a little help again with accommodations for the flightless guys, when I’m also dealing with 2 female budgies
Alright you guys. I am queen of putting in loads of time, effort, thought, and money (that I REALLY don’t have to spare as much as I make it seem like I do 😅) into an idea and making something decent….then realizing it could be BETTER and ripping it apart and redoing it. It’s truly a curse. No, I’m serious. It is a curse, I hate it. But thanks to adhd, anxiety, anxiety-based ocd-like symptoms, ANNNNND being stuck at home for the foreseeable future (horse stomped on my toe at work three months ago, and it won’t heal 🙃) I really can’t help myself. I have nothing else to do but stare at my work and see how it could be better.
So that lower cage for Helmet and Stubs (flightless budgies). I just made it. I hate it.
It’s too small, the cages are awful (just so many defects when they arrived but I tried to make do since they fit in the space) I just got another cage that will only be 2” longer, but will be a whole 5” deeper (height is the same) which I think will be MUCH better. Current cage is too shallow to be able to design the layout well for the handicapped guys to get around without running into each other, and I can imagine the shallow depth really makes them feel extra vulnerable since they can’t really retreat backward far. 5” may not sound like much difference but it’ll make a load more options for cage layout.
Well, now the wheels are turning. Though, I guess the wheels never really stop.
I’m building this new cage, which needs modification because I can never just make due with what is available as is (uggghhhhh) and now I’m thinking….what if I make a higher “roosting box” up to the right of the cage, so these two budgies can get up higher to sleep or when they’re scared, without making anywhere for them to be able to fall a long distance?
So if you see my white lines in the photo (the cage pictured is the current one and not the new one, but new one will still fit lengthwise in that space) I have this idea of building a wood box a bit higher than their cage between the wall and the stand/big cage, and then building an angled ramp up to it. I’d put a couple of perches inside and make it big enough for them to each find space without conflict. So it would probably be maybe 12 wide, 18 deep, and 12-18 tall. The angled ramp up to it would have wood sides to prevent climbing up to the main cage (where Helmet will climb on top of and leap off 🤦🏼‍♀️) but a stainless steel mesh bottom, so they can climb into the roosting box and I can put a tray underneath for poop.
I’m hoping that having the ramp and bottom of the roosting box be angled mesh, it would deter my females from getting too comfy in there thinking it was a nesting spot. My 6 flighted birds from the main cage already enjoy having fun in the disabled bird cage during free time, so they will likely be exploring that “roosting box”. I figure the angled mesh bottom will still help keep the disabled ones safe if they were to fall, as it wouldn’t be too far down from a perch and they would, at worst, roll down the angled mesh and fall a max of 16 inches down into their cage.
I also thought I could make the front of the box metal mesh as well since my birds REALLY prefer having nightlights in the room.
Thoughts? Do you thing a higher box that is simply decked out with a couple perches would be a good idea for the flightless guys? Will the angled mesh floor and open mesh front be adequate to prevent the females from getting any hormonal ideas? Do you think this plan will be safe for the boys that cannot fly? Will the two disabled males get hormonal having this space? I do take other measures to ensure hormones stay down, like controlling the lights of the cages and whole room consistently with smart plugs and have not had much issue with my females so far. They are actually sweetest two birds of the flock and even seek each other out to sit and rest together and watch the dumbass boys do dumbass things lol.
The one has even fascinated me with how she watches out for Helmet and makes sure he’s okay and keeps him company. She even has learned how to signal me if he had fallen from the main cage (he used to live with the flighted guys) so I would return to their room and help him back into the cage. Some how, she seems to have even convinced her protective mate, Reptar, to also be very nice to Helmet and help care for him. Helmet doesn’t even seem to return any affection, and that female seems to not mind, and not even show any interest in him as a potential mate. She REALLY fascinates me daily with what seems like extremely high intelligence, way above the average budgie. She shows so many signs of empathy and deep understanding of the way things work and how the other budgies are feeling/if they just need a friend.
Sorry I tend to ramble about things I’m really fascinated by! Lil Mama is just crazy crazy intelligent, BUT, I also don’t want to inspire her to lay eggs!! As always, thank you!
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2023.03.31 06:02 LYIN2YOURSELF Where The Lights Flicker

A week ago, my stepbrother was found dead. The coroners can’t find a cause, It was like his heart just… stopped. He was much older than me, so we didn’t talk much. My mom was always checking in with him, calling, texting, one of those moms.
That’s how she knew something was wrong. After two days of not answering her calls and ignoring her texts, she started to worry, so she drove over to his house which he hadn’t even owned for a month. And there she found him slumped over on the floor in his dining room, not breathing.
Sorry if I seem a bit detached, but as I mentioned, I never really knew him that well. After the funeral, we were advised to clear out all his stuff, which there wasn’t much of since he hadn’t even fully moved in yet. We brought over a few boxes and loaded his clothes and other belongings in them. We dropped them off in the storage unit we own and drove back to get the last of his things, and that trip was when I found his journal.
I decided to keep it without telling my parents since reading the journal could probably give me a little more insight into who he was. So when we got back home, I went up to my room and started reading. What I found in that book is the reason I’m copying it down here. I can’t explain it, and after showing it to my parents, they can’t explain it either.
Whether I believe what he said was true and not some psychotic episode doesn’t matter now. I’m only here to write what I found. I have the journal with me here, so I’m Copying down what he wrote word for word. Here goes.
January 5, 2023
Finally, I’m here. After a lot of paperwork, I’ve finally moved into this house. Well, I only have a bed, my toiletries, and this book to keep me company, so as of the moment, not much. I’ll manage though. I’ll try to update this thing every night, but forgive me if I don’t, moving’s a lot of work. Anyway, I’m too tired to write any longer, so I’m clocking out.
[This was his first entry, but it doesn’t get interesting for a bit. I’ll skip ahead a bit when the first few odd things start.]
January 11, 2023
Ugh. I spent all day trying to fix the stupid light in the basement. It kept flickering on and off no matter if the switch was set to on or off. I spent all day looking up tutorials on how to fix it, but nothing worked. I’m too burnt out (pun not intended) to do anymore. I’m going to sleep.
January 12, 2023
Well, the basement light is fixed, but now the light in the kitchen is flickering. Same drill as yesterday. No luck. Maybe this is why that guy offered me such a low price for this place. I’m just going to ignore it and focus on moving more stuff in.
[That’s what he did for the next few days, and the next entry where it’s mentioned again is on January 16]
January 16, 2023
Ok, I thought this electricity problem was over, but now it’s expanded to every room. The living room light will flicker, then it’ll move to the kitchen, then the dining room, and back to the living room. It’s getting on my nerves. I’m calling an electrician to come check this out.
January 17, 2023
I was lucky he could come out today, but apparently business hasn’t been heavy, so he came out and inspected the lights. He tried everything I did, but no luck. He said he’d never seen anything like it. He checked the circuit breaker, troubleshooted, turned things off and on, but no luck. I’m not about to move out of this place just because of a few lights.
[Again he kept ignoring the lights, but after a few days, something new happened.]
January 24, 2023
I keep finding things knocked over or moved. I left my cup of coffee on the counter, and when I came back it was on top of the fridge. I heard a crash in my kitchen and found a glass bowl my mom gave me as a housewarming gift shattered on the floor. What the fuck is happening?
January 25, 2023
I’m moving out. I’m packing up my things and getting the FUCK out. I saw something. I’m not sleeping here another goddamn night. Ok, ok, Let me explain. I was going down to my kitchen to get some water and…
Something was there. I only saw it in flickers, since the flickering lights were obscuring it half the time, but I know what I saw.
It was hanging from the ceiling. It had all these dark threads that looked like hair, but they came out the back of this.. mask it was wearing. The mask looked like an aged human skull, but there were sunken, bloodshot eyes in the sockets.
I think it saw me too, because when we locked eyes, its tendrils whipped out and smashed the light, plunging the kitchen into darkness. I ran upstairs to my room, and here I am writing this. Now that I’ve written all this down, I’m taking my stuff and driving back over to my parent’s house.
[This is the last entry.]
To get to his garage, he had to pass through the kitchen, so whatever was there probably got him. I’ve shown this to the police, and they don’t know what to make of it. I showed this to my parents, and they think he suffered some mental breakdown before he died which only made them even more depressed.
So that’s why I’m writing this here. I want more opinions on what really happened to my stepbrother. But I also want people to know what happened to me. What I mean by that is, ever since we left my stepbrother’s house,
the light in our living room won't stop flickering
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2023.03.31 06:02 Emergency-Rich-26 About Coco Shoes -

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2023.03.31 05:59 pegpegpegpeg Waiting for health care? Click here to DIY your procedure!

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2023.03.31 05:54 BadDongOne This is some bullshit, right? Two contracts because it's the end of the month?? Chicago IL, 2020 Mazda3 with 8K miles.

First up, I walked away because it smelled bad to me.
Here's the deal.Found a low miles car I wanted listed online with a dealer about an hour away at a fair price. Called them on earlier today, spoke to someone who's name I wrote down, asked if they could basically get me a run down of the window sticker with all the fee's and taxes and title and paperwork charges, etc, and email me that so I know what I'm looking at and there's no surprises. No one gets back to me via email about this, shouldn't be hard to do but whatever I guess maybe this is a weird request I'm a first time buyer what do I know.
Turns out my boss knows a guy at another dealer in the network, they talk, friend of boss talks to friend at dealer with the car and asks them to put eyes on it for anything egregiously wrong with it, they come back with it looks good and suggested a particular salesperson they know to talk to about it, cool. I call, ask for that person, he's busy, another salesperson will take care of me. We talk some, I let them know I'm an hour hour maybe more with city traffic but I'll see if I can get off work early to go see it tonight. I was able to get out early, called them and let them know I'd be there in about an hour give or take because ya know city traffic.
Red flag #1. They called at exactly 1 hour as we were pulling in to check if we were still coming to see it. Ok, little bit pushy but what do I know?
Car is out front, it looks great, has a loose window trim on one rear door, a large scratch on the front bumper that's highly visible, through clear and into one color layer or maybe deeper but not into plastic. Two scratches to metal on the C pillar, one small scratch to metal on the trunk. I give the car a thorough inspect and besides those issues it's in great shape. Sales person and my partner are chatting it up while I'm looking it over (used car inspections are part of my job), my partner is usually very shy and this person is very nice and friendly and I looked forward to working out a deal with them.
Red flag #2. Car has a unadvertised $1600 CPO fee on it.
Again, I'm new to buying cars but I didn't think a CPO car would have paint defects like that? I let it slide as we talk about my down payment and hash out some monthly payment numbers. Sales person wants to sell me the car, it seems, maybe they're a good actor. I explain that I can put some down on my credit card to hold the car, I have X in my checking, Y in a saving account with a different bank, and Z is tied in an investment savings account that will take approx 7 business days to wire the funds. They start in about it's the end of the month and they need to have all sales finished before the end of the month and can't carry a sale over from one month to the next like that.
Red flag #3. The end of the month bullshit.
I lay out how much I can have and when I can have it by. $XXXX down to hold the car on my credit card right now. $YYYY is in checking and I can bring a cashier check as soon as tomorrow. The rest which is approximately the other 50% of the down payment is going to take a few days to move across accounts and I can't do anything about that, end of the month or not I can't make banks move funds any faster. She talks to the sales manager and comes back with 'ok we'll just do two contracts'
Redflag #4. The two contracts bullshit.
So what she proposes is I put down a very large amount right now on my credit card (“do you know your credit limit?” I actually do not, I don’t ever charge a lot on it and pay it off in full each month). I repeat that this is how my money is laid out, this is the time frame, I can put some down on the credit card to hold the car, I can even bring 25% of it tomorrow or probably 50% on Monday, but the rest is not liquid for approximately 7 business days. She goes back to the sales manager, comes back with the two contracts thing, she goes back again, comes back and says she’s just going to bring him over because something must be getting lost in translation. Ok.
Redflag #5. Brad the sales manager joins in and I walk.
Brad, who’s name is actually Brad, comes over, we introduce each other and shake hands. I explain, again and very clearly, here’s how my money is laid out. Again he goes into the two contracts and explains more clearly now that they want me to sign a sales contract to take the car home tonight, so they’re protected if I never come back with the down payment in full. I counter with how about I give you money and you keep the car and I bring you the rest of the money then I sign a sales contract and take the car. He’s not listening and repeats that end of the month line and what if I don’t come back. I explain again that he would have both the car and a large amount of my money, he again fails to listen so I move on. About that CPO fee, it wasn’t advertised and the car doesn’t look very CPO. For what they’re asking with the CPO fee I’m basically at a new car price with less warranty and worse finance rate. Brad counters with ‘Ok well just go buy a new car, I’m here to move numbers. I sell Mazda’s inside a Honda dealership, I moved 10 million last year, if you want new go buy new but you can’t find any new in this trim anywhere”. I disagreed and told him that another dealer was getting a new one in this trim next week and maybe I should go talk to them. “Well they’re some podunk dealer, over in nowhere land, I’m here moving metal”
I walked, told him I’m very sorry but I have to put this on ice and go look at that new car. Maybe if it’s still there and he’s willing to actually work out a deal I’ll be in touch. On the way home I talked to my boss and told him my appraisal of the situation in a brief set of words. Sales person was great, Brad was a dick. He said he’d pass it on to his friend at the other dealer. At this point unless they’re willing to sell me this car at their asking price without the CPO fee I’m not interested and the more I think on it I’m not even sure I’m willing to do that because Brad was a dick, they were very pushy about “end of the month”, and that two contract thing stunk of bullshit so bad I had to take a shower when I got home. Thanks for letting me vent, as a first time buyer I feel like I’m at a big disadvantage. I was pretty sure I was buying a car tonight and this was my first experience at a car dealer ship.
Is this level of shit normal? Are they all like this? I know some level of BS is to always be expected in sales.
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2023.03.31 05:47 bumbumbooo Is it poisonous if my cat smells the hyacinth flower?

Two days ago, I got one purple Hyacinth and one white primula acaulis to put in my room. I placed them on top of my desk. However, I just read somewhere that both of these plants, mainly the hyacinth bulb are poisonous to cats if ingested, but I can’t find anything on inhaling. I don’t want to take the risk, so I will return them asap. I know I should’ve researched before buying, but I didn’t think twice, and it was on sale.
I’m wondering whether anyone knows if it’s poisonous if my cat smelled the hyacinth from a distance, like just being in my room and not directly. I’m apprehensive he might have gotten sick, although he seems fine right now eating, but maybe it’s not showing yet?
Also, what plants do you guys have at home that are safe for your cat? :)
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2023.03.31 05:46 hey_itsthatguy9 Fluffy Dog "Rescue" truly is a scam

I saw a post on here (at I believe it was milwaukee, I apologize if it wasn't, though I feel like this needs to be emphasized and shared regardless) that now appears to have been deleted before I was able to add a comment with my own horrible experience about the sham that is Fluffy Dog "Rescue" (FDR). To whomever that was who posted it, I want you to know that you certainly are not alone in your experience.

We adopted a dog from FDR years ago. Unfortunately, after a few months it unfortunately wasn't going to work out with that dog due to an incident that deeply affected us and made us realize that we couldn't keep the dog. Making the decision to give up the dog was truly painful and one that we agonized over for days after the incident, but we knew we had to make it. Please believe me when I say that we wanted to make it work out, but it just wasn't going to happen no matter how much we wanted it to. Unfortunately, due to the contract we signed at adoption, we needed to return our dog to the FDR directly. We sent Lori Marcheck (the owner and founder of FDR) a very sad, sincere, and detailed email about how hard it was for us to make the decision and tried to do our best to ensure the dog would be taken care of. The response from Lori was so heartless, cruel, and so horrific: basically she didn't care about us and said (and I am literally quoting her email) "Welcome to rescue dog. [...] I am sorry that [dog name] will need to go through the stress of being rehomed again. Let's hope she makes it." What a cruel response with absolutely no regard for us; basically, this is what you should expect from us, oh well. We were incredibly close to breaking the adoption contract and giving up our dog to a different local shelter so that it would not go back to Lori; we didn't want return the dog to Lori so much that we even tried to bargain a return of dog to the foster home directly because we at least knew the foster provided a good home (and we certainly didn't feel the same about what Lori would do).
After that incident and reflecting upon all of the warning signs that we then were able to see (looking back at prior correspondences with Lori), I realized that we should have done more research into FDR. Oh did I find some interesting things...
Lori estimates that she has "rescued" over (5000 dogs)[] since 2005, which multiplied by the adoption fee we paid ($450) means she has received over $2.25 MILLION in sales/revenue. It appears that there may even be an additional(?) $75 fee which is non-refundable, this may or may not be additional sales/revenue Lori would receive. And as far as I can tell, Lori and FDR uses volunteers at their facility (which is just a warehouse with kennels stacked on top of each other) and as fosters. Furthermore, they utilize (transport groups)[] that volunteer to move dogs from southern states to FDR. Additionally, in our experience, FDR provided the absolute minimal number of vaccines and medication for the dog we adopted as possible, enough to legally allow them to cross state lines to come to Wisconsin; the vet that we took our dog to was SHOCKED at the limited/poor documentation and minimal vaccines given to the dog before we adopted them. Finally, they frequently ask for (donations)[] to support the dogs, meaning that even those basic expenses like food are provided via donations. Clearly, FDR has minimal expenses in total (the website even claims they ("are entirely volunteer run")[]), likely only paying for a minimal amount of dog food and other basic expenses required at their facility.
Finally, from what I was able to find, prior to FDR having their own facility at 647 Industrial Ct., they were registered at (W295 N8427 Camp Whitcomb Rd)[] which appears to be a very wealthy residential house. I unfortunately can't find it, but I don't believe they had a facility until at least 2020, which points to solely using foster households for the dogs they rescued for 15+ years (whom they would not have paid) since they had their personal(?) residence listed on legal documents for FDR's location.

In addition to my own experiences, this is the same "rescue" that (discriminated against a 70-year old women)[] and said she should adopt a dog who was 3+ instead of the 1 year old dog she wanted. Did Lori/FDR really expect that a 70+ year old women would die within those 2 years of a dog's life?!

Finally, I want to emphasize the point that all of the fosters and volunteers seem like absolutely wonderful individuals looking to do the right thing to help; our experience with the foster could not have been better, she was a wonderful individual. However, Lori Marcheck appears to be an absolute fraud and appears to be using this "rescue" as a way to make money from people who want to foster and adopt vulnerable dogs.
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2023.03.31 05:45 TrainingDrive1956 Sleep Conversations

Does anyone hear snippets of conversations while falling asleep? Obviously everyone (I think) makes up situations in their head as they're going to sleep like they're watching a movie, but I've noticed on days where I am more overstimulated this happens. For example, today I was in the hospital visiting someone, so it was very overstimulating. I get home and lay down, and the situation is vaguely like two people in a hospital having a conversation but nothing they're saying is making sense. The sentences are just random English words thrown together like "cat apple blanket horse? Dog water sniff cake." and stuff like that.
It's not that I'm over tired or anything, but literally only happens on days where I've been overstimulated more than normal. I'd like it to stop having it since it's uncanny and kinda scary, lol.
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2023.03.31 05:44 throwawaymom-65 I've been letting the grief of losing my daughter drown my son

Yesterday my son came home and told me “ I wanted to help you out so I asked my teacher about bringing cupcakes to school and she said I could on Friday.” I asked him “cupcakes for what?” As soon as I said that, I remembered. I’ve been so disconnected that I forgot his fucking birthday. I told him I can’t buy cupcakes but I’ll make him a birthday cake. But since it’s not store bought we can't take it to school. He looks at me and says “my birthday is the same day every year, you keep forgetting about my stuff. I might as well be gone too”. The last part stung because my daughter passed away 3 years ago and nothing has been the same.
Before I could say anything he said “I know, I know, you will “make it up to me”. I just want to have my special day on my birthday not later because it doesn’t count”. I couldn't get mad at his attitude because he is right. We haven’t celebrated holidays on the actual day, either we couldn't afford to celebrate or it was too difficult without his sister. His feelings and anger are valid. So I asked him what he wanted for his birthday.
He has been watching this trend on tiktok where a parent tells their kid they will buy them whatever they can fit into a cart. He told me that is what he wants for his birthday and for me to record it so he could show his friends. He told me he made up rules so he isn’t greedy.He said it will be a basket, not a cart. No technology or electronics. Nothing that requires batteries or needs plugged in. (His words not mine).
When I asked him what he thinks he would put in the basket he said a new shirt, tech deck stuff, pokemon cards, and a new catchers mitt “if it’ll fit”. Not roblox, not a cell phone, not a video game. Hearing that made me feel incredibly guilty and sad because despite the hell we have been through he still wants “kid stuff”. So I decided I would sell the only thing of value which is the ring that has my daughter's ashes.
I’m in this struggle of choosing between earthside & heaven. I know it should be a no-brainer. The living breathing kid takes priority. Losing one child should have me going above and beyond for my son because tomorrow isn’t promised. That isn't just a cliche phrase people say, I have proof it happens even when you think it wouldn’t. Except when I dropped my ring off to get cleaned, I couldn't leave the parking lot. Real fear like I was leaving her. No, I'm not having a psychotic break, I know she is gone. A worker even came out to tell me that they wouldn't be done for a few hours because they had customers in front of me but I said I'll just wait.
Once I got it back I went to the pawn shop. They offer loans and this is the only way I can quickly get cash. I can’t do plasma, I just had to replace my water heater, and I forgot my son's birthday was coming up so I didn’t plan ahead. Yes, I’m a broke POS drowning in grief. Still. After 3 years I’m still in shambles.
I asked the owner of the pawn shop what would happen to the ring if I couldn’t pay. He said he would put it in the case for sale but not mention anything about the ashes. This took me off guard and suddenly made this exchange sound so wrong. I get it, not many people want to wear something with human ashes but to not disclose it makes me feel like my girl somehow doesn’t matter and will be forgotten. Completely irrational, I know. So I told him I would think about it. I don't think I'd be able to leave the ring at the pawn shop.
I think the same feelings I had at the jewelers would happen again and I don't want to feel like that again.
TL:DR; Life is a complete mess since losing my daughter but it isn’t a good enough reason to keep putting my son on pause. If we celebrate his birthday later I know the world isn’t going to end but I worry it will feel like it is to him.
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2023.03.31 05:42 myninten-mythos [H]SWSH Event,BDSP Manaphy Egg event,Gen7 Event[W]PayPal(USD Only)

I want to sell various events. Have a good trade.

① Gen 7 Event
IGN: MYTHOS(UM) FC: 0705-8785-8985
  1. No save manager etc was used.
  2. Video proof or picture proof
  3. The old event(Mainly Gen7) is the name I used to use in the past. "1.にんてん" or"2.にんてん(MYTHOS) or "3.(this is only a small part of the event)philvpham10 and にんてん"
  4. Please let us know 1-3 "Nature" that you want first, so that we can make an SR. Unclaimed Event only
  5. The trade method is as follows.
1.)Gen 7 trade (Available until the end of 3ds network service in the future) 2.)Pokemon Bank→HOME moving key(Available until the end of 3ds network service in the future) 3.)Pokemon HOME or SWSH
Note: The glare is terrible because the photo was taken outside.
2018 USUM event hoenn Sinnoh Unova Kalos Alola
SWSH/PoGo/bdsp/LGPE Event
  1. gen8 event :It's constantly being updated, but it's also on sale.(video proof)
  2. No save manager etc was used.
  3. ALL video proof!!
  4. If you are interested in characteristic, please ask in the comments. (if not listed in the spreadsheet)
SWSH Link→ spreadsheets
Event Pokémon that have already been added to the list are negotiable.
BDSP event
  1. No save manager etc was used.
x3 jpn / x1 CHT/ x1 CHS/
jpn: Quirky、
Note:Payment method:Please in currency USD Only (Not JPY)
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“But how could you not know? After all, you are you, who else would know what you are feeling? You are the only one who knows your emotions.”
“While I may be afraid that doesn’t change what I do, what we do! We stand up, we face the fear, we take the pain and we endure the witless and the weak because we chose to stand up. They may not know us and they may not like us, guess what? People like that we don’t need in our lives,” I bark as people start to cheer me on,” The change has already started; it’s been going for almost a year now. And the fist is change and the fist will come down. If you look down on me you will see a demon there to drag you through the fire, if you look up to me you will see a hand there to pull you out of the darkness. And if you look me in the eye you’ll see a man. Scared, flawed but standing up and we will not stop! This is our time, this is our year!”
Billy looked at her and she did look like she was going to be out for a while. She took two Vicadin and she couldn’t weigh more than 100 pounds. Yep, she was probably done for the day.
"That's because you're a fuckboy." She answered bluntly. "Plus you'd get arrested if you tried anything with me." She casually picked up the book again.
“Well get them out, we want to see” Ashley said
“Bend over” I whispered softly in her ear. I saw her look behind at me as she slowly bent over and direct an eerily naughty smile at me. As Charlie wasn’t wearing any tights, fucking her up skirt wouldn’t be a problem in the slightest. I slowly lowered her panties down to knee level and as she knew what was coming she began to exercise her clit. I dropped my pants and boxers, remembering to rub my cock. Charlie now began to lean against the shower wall and gradually stopped massaging her clit.
I just held her, and watched her, gently stroking her hair from her face, until I realised I was sitting in a puddle of water and she should probably be in bed right now.
“Don’t you think your boyfriend might be pissed off?”
The driver pulled up at the hotel and let Kim and Lee out, Lee paid the £7.50 the ride cost and went to find Kim again.
Hope you liked it. I will probably post more chapters if I get enough pm’s for the story. Remember to clean your keyboards though.
"Im on the pill, and I already have spermicide up there."
“Of course, just as long as everyone behaves.”
"I love the way you're looking at me baby." She whispered in my ear.
"Come on Aaron, I usually lock the door when I shower. Did you seriously think I FORGOT to close the door? I left it open on purpose! I hoped you would come up and watch me, and I saw the door slightly more open than I had left it, so I put on a show for you."
“Boys like staring at girls’ chests right? Are mine interesting to look at?”
“That’s not even funny Jules.” I spit out. “What room is she in?” I demanded turning away to find the nurse or a doctor, someone, anyone who could tell me where Michelle was. “Jim! She’s gone… I’m so sorry.” She tried again.
She struggles to breath, "Yes, always!" she pants, "Always!"
"Yes, of course." The glass shook in Candy's hand, so she steadied it with the other and drank the Kathryn Hall Cabernet Sauvignon as if it were water. The bourbon in her empty stomach was already being processed and sent through her bloodstream. Maybe a superb drunken stupor was better than the truth? Candy pushed the empty glass forward, and Sally refilled it with a smile.
“I have to ask this up front; are you two sure about doing this? It’s a very serious step, your lives will become as one, for good and bad; are you absolutely sure on the matter?” she asked.
“Not meaning to say it’s not good to see you again.” I clarified to Carson as he booted up his Xbox.
She stopped and opened her eyes, looking at us both, more ashamed than I could ever remember seeing Abby. "Please don't think I'm gross," Izzy said. She turned the chair away from us and bent down to her purse and fiddled there for a moment. She turned back towards us, leaned back and spread her legs again. I saw she had something smeared across all her fingers of her left hand and down nearly to her palm. It seemed gooey, and she held her hand up to keep it from running. She reached down and smeared some onto her pussy.
"Something else is getting hard too."
“Don’t worry about it” I said yawning “Let’s go to sleep”
I saw Jodie's car in the driveway, I sneak in and place the tablet in her dresser, and I sit on the bed just in my jocks.
Chapter 5 of 29
Dear Journal,
With her climax complete, Ruth lay on the ground, feeling her body all over. God, I hope it’s that good with James. Mmmmmmmh. He is so sweet. He’s going to be the first boy ever to touch me, and I so want him to do it. Friday night will be nice, but we’re going to be alone in his house on Saturday night. God, he’s wonderful.
“Have I displeased you, Master?” Lumiosa asked Matt, tears starting to form.
Now that I was older and could look at it more objectively, the way our parents raised us was actually kind of genius. We had a safe environment to make all the mistakes we wanted, and they'd only help us if we really needed it. And thanks to them teaching us how to do everything from re-wire a plug, to clean and bandage an open wound, we usually didn't need it.
caused them to hang away below her. I could see her smooth tan skin curving away from the backs of
I reached up to squish her toned ass, overwhelmed by how smooth her skin was. She began moaning as it sounded like she reached up to grab her own heavy tits, her fingers rubbing against the silk gently as if she were teasing her own nipples.
“Still reminiscing?” she asks.
"I want to try it."
“You’re an ass” she said with a grin on her face.
“Say, who the hell is this woman . . . some kind of wall street whiz-kid or something? You said she wanted to raise a family here . . . how old is she, like 30?” Johnson was suddenly very inquisitive.
"I am doing fine, what can I do for you Detective?"
“ Mmmm you make it feel good, you make your mama feel real good, sweetie.”
“Aww, poor baby, come here.” I made myself comfortable on her bed and dragged her to me. She was completely limp, I assumed she was playing it up, but it was still funny. She sighed contentedly, putting her head on my chest and draping an arm over my stomach from my left side. Her bare breasts squashed against my side and her legs entwined with my left one, the heat from between her legs warming my thigh. With my good hand I reached across my chest and began gently stroking her hair until she was practically purring. I looked over at the clock; it was only six. But where was her family? Ben could be anywhere, but her mother and father both worked normal days and should have been home by now.
the one that cums first anyway, has to french the 2nd and
"I know you think I have no morals, but I do draw the line somewhere."
The next night, Jacqui called me into her bedroom to watch a movie. While picking out a movie, she then told me that she had to tell me something about Danny; she had fucker her uncle! Our uncle! I couldn’t believe it.
Irina's eyes began to glow, and she informed Mike that she was holding the wolf down telepathically, but
i closed my eyes and opened them again stuggling with wether or not i wanted to look through the crack and see what was about to happen. Ali however was fixated on watching. I am not sure if i could have pulled her away from the door if i tried.
What more could I do… I leaned forward and planted my lips around her clit and started sucking like mad. I tongued her pussy, going in and out. I began rubbing my face up and down her wetness, completely soaking my nose, mouth and chin I rubbed my nose along her slit and continued to suck her clit as my mouth reached it, faster and faster. Our juices were leaking out of her and running down along her butt hole. Where I then reached up and started to push my finger in. As I did she started bucking her pussy harder up and off the bed.
"Lucky." She said.
Assassination is a term derived from "Hashish", a drug similar to marijuana, which was used by Hasan-Dan-Sabah to induce motivation in his followers, who were assigned to carry out political and other murders, usually at the cost of their lives. I use it here to describe the planned killing of a person who is not under the legal jurisdiction of the killer, who is not physically in the hands of the killer, selected by a resistance organization for death, and whose death provides positive advantages to that organization.
"Let's eat naked." She said. After they ate she helped him clear the table grabbing at his swaying cock every time he was close enough.
"You're so fucking nasty," Charlie cooed. "You're a cum-eating, ass-fucking nasty slut who can't get enough of my cock."
I shrugged my shoulders. "You were sad. Your heart said you wanted Grandfather. I found him and brought him here." For a moment I was afraid I had done something wrong. I didn't have to read her mind to know that she was thrilled I could bring her the gift of her living father. She clutched me to her chest in earnest and squeezed. She reached out and grabbed her father and pulled him close too. It was the first time I was ever in the presence of indescribable joy. It was overwhelming for my ten year old senses. But I knew I wanted that feeling again.
Brianna and I walk in and a lot of female cousins that she had were ogling me big time. I looked down at Brianna and she and I laughed a little.
"Nothing happened," she rolls her eyes, "are we done?"
“I guess others have it worse. I don’t know. I live in the city part of this area, shootings and stuff daily. Nobody cares what I do or if I make it home alive, so I’ve sort of learned to keep to myself. Grew up like this, never having anybody to turn to or trust. Always scared.”
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She would pinch or squeeze sensitive parts of Bobby to make her jump and squeal with the pain. It would appear she was the dominant one and in charge but I finally decided Bobby was really in charge. She like to be hurt and made to do things that were degrading but I felt she was really in command which helped to relieve some of my apprehension about being around Miss Phillips.
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Healer Tanner assured Ginny that her son was going to be fine. He was responding well to medical spells and potions, though it would be at least a week before he could go home.
She grinned triumphantly and kissed me despite my mouthful of pasta.
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“I think that I’ve had my lunch!” Hermione gave a wink and a lusty smile. They laughed as they left the bathroom and were smiling as they sat opposite Harry and Ginny.
of it, then leaned back on the commode and spread her legs.
After they’d passed Lizzie and I giggled quietly, still holding each other tight. Lizzie snapped forward and gave me a quick peck on the lips. “Come on Will, its stopped raining, we’d better get home, its soon dark.”
I again sat there in silence thinking there was no way I could do that.
‘Hey you;)’ I read the message on my phone as I was leaving work two days later.
“How strong are your hands? It’s a simple question. Well at least I know you have at least one strong hand with all those lonely nights. Come give me a foot massage.”
Chris nodded. "Sleeping on the couch again."
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“Just tell her you were in the bath and I was in bed because I'm going there now” I told Kim.
"Yes my darling, We should." I smiled down at her.
“Did you see me again?”
"Damned! What the.... why are they coming..."
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But mostly, right now, I had to make this story come true for ME. Right now it was the ONLY thing I could think about.
Finally my door opened. Through barely open eyes I could see my sister in her towel.
movies. OK fine I said. She
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“I gave her a ride home, that’s all that happened” and that’s all he would say.
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"Jon, did you just pee on me?" Tiffany asked loudly. Looking up, she could see slight tears forming in the corners of his eyes. He was beyond embarrassed. She examined his face with the loving expression of an older sister realizing she had to be the responsible one. Like her, he was skinny but his face was less round and his hair was light brown and straight instead of curly. He was also taller; lankier. She had no doubt that beneath his shirt his chest was hairless. He looked like an innocent child to her for the first time in a long time; no longer the spoiled younger brother who cried whenever he was even slightly inconvenienced by her.
The rest of the day dragged on, and the 2:30 bell finally ended the torture of the day. As soon as Nani and I were out the door I started the conversation while we walked to my car. “Isn’t a note a little cliché nowadays?” She chuckled, but she seemed a bit more conservative than her usual, outgoing-self. “You okay, girl? You seem a little, off right now.” I asked, tossing my arm around my shoulder as we walked outside the main building and towards my car. “I don’t wanna talk about it here…” she whispered. “…ill tell you when we get to my place.”
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