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2023.03.20 23:12 homoscopticnsp F20 M20 What to do about my LDR partner not getting a job?

Hello, I am here to vent about my long distance relationship and I am honestly looking for a little unbiased guidance in what to do. So my 20m LD boyfriend has been breaking promises about him getting a job for nearly a year.
I 20f started dating my 20m boyfriend about a year and a half ago. At the time that we started dating he held a job stocking shelves in the same town I lived in. He held this job about 3 months into our relationship and then he quit it. For the next 2 months he lied to his dad (who he was living with) about still working there and at nights he would sneak over to a friend house and stay the night. I never encouraged him to lie to his father, but i saw it as not being my business on what he tells his father so i stayed out of it. Eventually his father found out one when he went to the place his son worked and tried to use his employee discount. This ensued in a large fight between the two and my boyfriend was told he needed to get a job or go back to school to continue staying with his dad. His stepmom shortly finds him new job after this conflict takes place. He worked there for about 2 weeks before he is fired. This job was different, he had insurance, PTO, and was working only part time and made 20 an hour. He was fired for not calling in sick when he was sick (totally reasonable imo) when this happened i tried to be there for him and this time to avoid a massive fight i suggested he tell his father what happened. Instead he ran away from his dads house to mooch off of a friend. The friend tells him that he can’t stay permanently so my boyfriend calls his mom in Oregon (about 6 hours from where I live) and she says that he can stay with her. Though it was hard, I understood that he could only live permanent up there without the “harsh rules” from his father. My boyfriend doesn’t own a car so his mom offers to get him a plane ticket to make the trip up to oregon, but he insists she drive 6 hours down to where we live and 6 hours back because it would be more comfortable for him. (red flag 1) she complies despite the fact she is low income and working full time. When he gets there he is given the bedroom she was sleeping in which forces his mother to sleep on the couch (red flag 2) So a little less then 6 months into our relationship and we are now long distance. I bring up the fact of a job and he tells me he needs a month to recover from the situation that he just went through, which at the time seemed reasonable to me and i don’t press any future. The next month I bring it up again and he says how his grandfather offered him a welding job that pays very well and all he needed to do was to go on an interview. He goes on the interview, nails it and is told to contact the boss and then they will start him off. He never calls the boss, at the time I was reminding him everyday to call the guy. But my boyfriend would ignore me and sleep until 9 at night, and then spend the night playing CSGO and League. It gets to the point where he’s needed to call this guy for a month and my boyfriend breaks down and blames his depression. Being someone who struggles with mental health issues I totally understand and I try to console him the best I can being 6 hours away. He tells me that he needs another month. I go along with it.
Meanwhile, during all of this I have been at a foodservice job and going to school full time. I was presented with a change in fields, either I can manage this pizza shop and work and work 40+ hours a week or work at the post office part time and instead have more time for school. I talk to him about this and we come up with a plan where I stay at the pizza shop to save up a bunch of money so we both can move in together while he gets a job in Oregon and saves up a bunch too. He promises me that he is ready and will get it for me this time. I manage to save up 500$ a check, and at the time of writhing this puts me at about 6000$ in my savings meaning that he made this promise to me approximately 24 weeks ago or 6 months. (and mind you it was a pinky promise)
During our LD part of the relationship I have traveled to see him three times, all three times paying for everything that either of us want to go do, eat, or wherever we stay while on our trips. He has also made it down to where I live twice, Both times his train ticket being paid for my his mom, grandparents, and father. And while he is down here, anything he needs is paid for my me, i grocery shop for him while he stays at my mothers house with me, i let him use my car while i work, with the gas that I pay for. He has shelved no expense. But he should have money to pay for some things because i was sending him 200$ a month for his own food because he always told me how his mom could never shop and he was always hungry. (because she was working full time and supporting 3 other people) Later of which I found out the money was going twords CSGO. of which i forgave him for. technically i gave him the money and he could do whatever he wanted with it so who am i to be mad at where it goes. Which of course during this time he would tell me he was searching for a job. During these 6 months my expenses would go to: 1000 for my saving, 200 to him, and 800 for my personal expenses, (school bills, car payment, insurance, phone bill, gas, and food) So again, i tried to be as helpful as I could and tried to give him the most comfortable circumstances to look for a job in.
So needless to say I am tired of supporting him at this point. I had cut off the cash supply, and this January around our one year anniversary I confessed I was tired to him and I told him he needed to get a job by April. (which gives him another 3 months to find a job). Now here we are, March 20th, 11 days away from April where he still doesn’t have a job.
Would I be an asshole for breaking up with him over this? I’m just tired of him lying to me about getting a job. I really feel like i’ve fought for this relationship while he’s done nothing and just taken advantage of the kindness from everyone around him. Would I be the asshole of I broke up with him over this? I’m just worried it really is a mental health thing and he will paint me to be the villain.
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2023.03.20 23:12 adamthekiwi99 exponential growth go brr

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2023.03.20 23:12 Great-Delivery967 [US] Just Left Court. Custody Finalized.

I just want to share my experience.
My Ex moved out July 2022. We were together 7 years and have 2 children. It has been hell. I have had the kids 80% of the time. Buy them everything they need. And do all the day to day care. She has manipulated, threatened, and taken the children many times. If I didn't play by her rules, she would threaten to take the kids.
January, I basically told her that I'm done with her shit. And I will be filing for custody. She responded by falsely accusing me of sexually assaulting our 2-year-old daughter. Called CPS, the whole thing. Took the children from my care with the police.
I hired a lawyer. I was told, in my state she has done nothing to lose custody. It would be 50/50. So, I had her over, told her to make a plan or I'll file what I think is best and she can reply to the courts if she doesn't agree. We made a rough verbal agreement and I sent to my lawyer.
I caught her on a good day, and she went and signed it with my lawyer. That was the end of January. Courts were backed up and it took 2 months to get to our Default Hearing. These last two months have been very difficult. She used the agreement to manipulate me nearly on a daily basis. Trying to get money, a ride, getting taken out to eat, etc. Well, today came and we had court. She agreed to everything at the hearing and I couldn't be more relieved.
It's over. And she has proven she only wants the kids around 20% of the time. So I foresee her not following the order (to my favor) very soon. Custody battles suck. I didn't want accusations and months/years of fighting and expenses to end up with a 50/50 agreement anyway.
Although my ex is a Narcissist and abused me for 7 years straight, this helped me respect her much more.
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2023.03.20 23:12 therattywoman This post but with an explanation of shit he’s done because people love calling the ones who blow up “abusers”

this post!!
I have actually posted that quite a while ago, more then 90 days ago. But i felt that me being so aggressive towards him needed a little explanation.
-he cheated on my mother and then guilted her into staying.
-he nearly killed me and my twin. Three separate times.
-he once shoved me into water and then left me in a pitch black room (didn’t get anymore food until tomorrow)
-SLAMMED my brother into a bed post. He used to be a wrestler and he did that to an eight year old.
-told me to “grow up” after I told him one of my fears.
-made fun of my mother with his hoe (she’s a red flag. Feeling bad for her dogs though).
-threw all my stuff out.
-abandoned us. Once again three separate times.
-acted like my half sister didn’t exist because she wasn’t “his”.
-was extremely transphobic.
-once forced me to eat a raspberry from a garden even though i said I didn’t want to. When I bit into it, there was a maggot. He didn’t believe me and I don’t eat raspberries anymore.
There’s a lot more, but anyone in the comments going “ToXiC ReD fLaG YoUr ThE AbUsEr”, you can suck my balls 💀. I was a child.
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2023.03.20 23:12 drencentheshds I am so frustrated with my relationship with my mother

My mother and I have had a very rough relationship for most of my life. When I was around 10 or so, she started drinking a lot and she quit her job that she had for over 10 years. Because I was the oldest child, that meant a lot of the responsibilities came to me with my younger siblings (there are 4 of them, 2 of them were literaly toddlers/babies). She had many spouts of working small jobs, which meant I'd have to babysit on the days we were over there (my parents are separated and myself and 2 other siblings would go to my dad's for half the week, the other two have different fathers). But then even when she wasn't working, her drinking got worse, and I'd still have to babysit. This went on until I was about 14, and CPS got involved and took us all from her. I'm 24 now, almost 25, and things have improved between my mother and I, but not much. She was barely around during my teen years. She had no place for me to stay when my dad and stepmother packed my things and kicked me out a month after graduating high-school, because of course, she was still drinking constantly.
Since then she doesn't drink as much now, so she is easier to have a relationship with. But she also expects me to just fully forgive her and trust her after all of those years I lost taking care of her children, going through my teen years with no support, and having to find other family to live with when I got kicked out at 18 with no driver's license or job. As I'm getting older, I'm realizing that not only is my mother an alcoholic, but she is a narcissist. And the more I'm learning about who she is, the more I realize, maybe I don't want a relationship with her at all. It's crazy because this is all I wanted when I was 15, 16, 17. I just wanted my mom like everyone else had theirs.
But some things have happened recently that have caused me to maybe think about cutting contact. I'll try to explain it without dragging it on too long, so I'm sorry if I fail at doing so:
About a month ago, I told her a movie was being re-released and I was really excited. We both really enjoy this movie, so she said we will have to make a plan to go see it. Well about 2 weeks ago, I visited 2 of my sisters, and they told me they went and saw the movie. All of them, with our mother, as a whole family (minus one siblings who lives in another state). But no one invited me. I was hurt by this, but not too badly, but I did decide to confront my mother about it, since I was the one who suggested we go in the first place.She immediately pushed all blame onto me and said she didn't invite me to come along because I'm "always busy." So you can't send a fucking text? How hard is that? Am I crazy for thinking that is out of line to ask my mom to at least try to invite me? If I was busy then oh well, but she could've at least tried.
So anyways she said that her and I could just go. I told her I didn't really want to and I wasn't feeling like it, because it really would've been fun to experience it with the whole family, and not just taking me because I was an afterthought. She gets mad and says that if I wanted to go so bad that I should've made plans well before they went. So once again, it's my fault that I wasn't invited, because I shouldve made the plan first??? She can't just apologize and say she should've just sent a quick text. Since that happened, I've been more distant because her reaction hurt my feelings, and I'm dealing with a lot of other stuff mentally. My mom has a tendency to text me literally every day sometimes (when she doesn't go back to her old ways and go on a drinking bender). I don't text anyone every day, and keeping up with the constant communication is very exhausting to me.
So a week has past since the movie debacle, and we're on to last Monday now. She texted me asking how I'm doing at around noon. I was very busy with work until around 4:30, and spent time decompressing and wasn't on my phone. Then at 6 pm, I get a knock on my apartment door. It's my mother. And she stopped by to make sure I was okay because I didn't answer at noon. Let me repeat that. My mother was so "worried" about her adult, nearly 25 year old daughter, not answering her for 6 hours. 6 hours!!! Not even a whole fucking day! And she knows I work. She knew I was busy that day.
So I get a bit defensive and she immediately gets mad and says I should appreciate that she cares about me enough to take the time to come to my house and check up on me. I simply tell her that I am an adult, and that I should be allowed not to text her every single day. I tried setting a boundary and saying that it is stressful for me to have to keep up with the constant communication. She literally just walked away while I was in the middle of a sentence and hasn't spoken to me since.
So here's one last bit of info. One of my sisters ended up being put into my grandparents care during the CPS stuff, and has stayed with them since. She lives in another state with them, so we don't get to see her very often. I have some past issues with my grandparents, my grandfather especially. Without getting into details, he made me very uncomfortable a few years ago while they were living in the same state as me. They were who I went to live with when I was kicked out of my dad's. I told my grandmother what he did to make me uncomfortable and she ignored me and chose not to believe me. I worry about my sister and have tried to get her taken out of their care in case my grandfather tries to be weird with her, but my hands are tied unfortunately.
So fast forward to this most recent weekend. I get a text from my grandmother saying they are in town, and they'd love to go to dinner. I made en excuse as to why I couldn't, because I have no interest in being in the same room as my grandparents, but of course I'd love to see my sister. They are here until next Saturday, so I still have time. But I didn't even know my sister would be in the state, because my mom failed to tell me.
So I texted one of my other sisters today to ask if they've seen her with our mom yet, or if there was a plan to. She replied "we all saw her yesterday and will probably see her again before she goes." I just started sobbing.
So my mom is so angry with me over me setting a boundary and asking for space last week when she showed up to my place, that she A) could not even give me a heads up my sister would be here and B) won't even tell me when they're seeing her so I don't have to put myself in an uncomfortable position by having to see my grandparents. She knows what my grandpa did and that I don't want a relationship with him or my grandmother. I don't even know if this is the right place for this post, but I am just so hurt and baffled. How can my mom not see that this all could've been avoided if she hadn't blamed me for her not inviting me to the movie, and then if she hadn't gotten so angry with me for setting what I believe to be a pretty normal boundary for an adult?
Any advice or kind words would be appreciated. I am super sad that this is happening. I think it may be time to cut off contact with her. I know it may seem so dramatic for me to end my relationship with her, but it's a long time coming. She always disrespects me and when I stand up for myself, she never apologizes and instead finds a way to make it my fault. I'm so tired of sitting here wondering why I deserve to be left out, especially when my siblings are alive and well mainly because of my raising them all those years, when I should've been allowed to be a kid and have fun. She treats the other kids so different than she treats me, and it hurts. I'm so tired of being my mothers punching bag. And I am more than tired of being punished by trying to live a normal and peaceful life after such a traumatic childhood. But then if she can't bully me, she starts texting the other 2 that are the next oldest when she's drunk, and I don't want that for them. They shouldn't have to deal with what I did. I want to protect them, but I also know with my mental health being as bad as it is, that I cannot carry the weight of my mother and all that comes with her forever. I'm just very lost and sad. Thank you to all who reads this and to anyone who may comment. I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to let me vent about this.
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2023.03.20 23:10 littlemissbisexual Does your child ever sob uncontrollably or get passive aggressive due to sensory issues?

I'm an ASD level 1 teen, I grew up with undiagnosed ASD and I vividly remember a school assembly's noise being just too much for me and I just started sobbing uncontrollably in elementary school. Nowadays I tend to get more passive aggressive due to sensory issues, not my proudest trait 😅
Sometimes I may even make a hissing sound or a grunt type thing if I'm really ticked, or I'll take a frustrated breath. Granted it's quiet enough that usually only I can hear it. Other times I just straight up wanna jump out the nearest window to get away from the noise haha. Don't even get me started on how much food I can't eat due to sensory issues. I can't wear most jackets either, for some reason they just tend to feel awful for me.
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2023.03.20 23:10 ThorTheTroll Might be in over my head? Please help!

So, just a quick background: I normally work as a shipscook which means three hot meals a day for between 9 and 17 people. No plating, no tickets, just put the food out and let people put whatever they want on their plate.

I've recently gotten into business for myself and hire myself out to make food for groups (think students on a class trip etc.) so it's usually the same as my job on a ship.

Yesterday I got asked to make dinner and dessert with individual plates for a group of 6 people which is easily managed since I know what I serve, every plate is the same and the food needs to be ready at the same time. Pretty similar to what I already do.
The company that hired me was very satisfied with my work and now wants me to work a weekend in a small restaurant they own that is rigged with two induction hotplates, an electric griddle and three deepfryers and asked me to make a small menu with what I got.
The menu I've come up with is with three different burgers and a fish and chips with mushy peas and a salad. They loved the idea.
And here comes my question: how the HECK do you work in a restaurant / grill alone in the kitchen, dealing with tickets and keeping track of fry times etc when working with several dishes at once? What traps may I fall into, what do I not do / what do I do? How do I make sure everything comes out consistently and on time? Do I do several tickets at once or do I do them one at a time?
Bear in mind, I have no formal education, I'm just passionate about making good food and so far I've done pretty well for myself.
Thanks in advance,
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2023.03.20 23:09 Robertsonforget Keep seeing y’all posting about JB so I checked to see where one was near me. I guess I can make it if I leave now. 🙃

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2023.03.20 23:09 TD217 On the hunt for good macarons

My 3yr old came to me the other day, asking if we have any macarons….I don’t know where he learned about them, or how he knows what they even are, but he’s got a powerful need for them. We picked up some at Whole Foods and they were…fine, but he was really underwhelmed. Anybody know of anywhere else to try that can top the Bezos Bakery?
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2023.03.20 23:09 adamthekiwi99 im going to lose my job before i get one smh my head

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2023.03.20 23:08 akshaynr How Rapid Neuro-Fascial Reset Therapy fixed my Plantar Fasciitis

Rapid Neuro Fascial Reset (Rapid NFR) worked wonders for me and fixed my PF practically instantly. I would like to share my experience in this community.
I was diagnosed with PF on my right foot in May of 2022. I had already gone to a physio and a chiro and got my insoles as well. I guess they helped marginally, but not really.
On a trip to Jasper National Park (Alberta) in August, I randomly went to see a massage therapist at the hotel we were staying at. I told her about my PF to which she asked if I was OK with her trying a new technique. At that point, I had already given up all hope, so figured why the heck not. She warned me that it was going to be a painful treatment. I told her to go ahead.
Holy cow! That treatment was painful as f***! I was almost in tears by the end - and I have a very high threshold for pain! I suppose the idea behind Rapid NFR is to stimulate the central nervous system, so the pain really is part of the treatment - can't do without it. At the end, the massage therapist said something along the lines of it is fixed or will be fixed by the next day. And I just rolled my eyes and thought "Yeah right!".
But it only took me a few hours to realize that the pain - all of it - was just gone - no matter what actions I did with my feet or legs! I am not making this up. I spoke to the massage therapist again. She just laughed and added that I would need 2-3 more sessions like this in the coming weeks and months to truly fix it once and for all.
Over the next few weeks, I hiked, ran, did a lot of squats, bare-foot jumping jacks, etc. - all good! I was feeling so good that I just decided that my PF was fixed and didn't bother to setup remaining sessions with a physio in Toronto (where I live). And much like the massage therapist had predicted, in about 3-4 weeks time, the pain returned. I duly went to see a physio in GTA who was RFNR certified. He did the same procedure - though not as painful - two more times over a month.
This was back in OctobeNovember 2022. I have not had any pain since then. I had been dreading a flare-up for the past several months, but this has not happened at all. I am still doing strengthening exercises for my feet and calf muscles. But I did get immediate relief from the second and third Rapid NFR sessions as well.
So, this is how I got my PF fixed - after I had completely given up any hope of fixing it. I see there are people in far more desperate situations here in this sub, so figured I would share this if it helps anyone else. You can find a Rapid NFR certified physio/massage therapist near where you live here. Note that this technique is very very new and was developed in Alberta, Canada. So it is a lot more widely available here in Canada than in the US. You can find more info on their website
Sorry for the long write-up but I wanted to give a sense of what this includes. I will happily answer any questions you guys may have.
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2023.03.20 23:08 sarah_pl0x My therapist had her baby... what now?

I've posted on here a few times over the past months about my therapist being pregnant. She told me back in September and I thought, wow, March is a long time from now! Well, here we are. I got an email from her supervisor today saying she had a baby girl. My T didn't want to know the sex of her baby but I had a feeling it was a girl, so I kept saying she and her. Her due date was March 10 but I haven't heard from her since before then, so I don't know when she actually gave birth... so I don't know how much time to plan in my head until I see her again.
She told me with the invention of Telehealth, she may do virtual at 8 weeks postpartum for a few clients (including myself) depending on how she's doing and how her baby is. But I don't know what 8 weeks will be. I see her for outpatient eating disorder treatment. I've been doing very well since about November so I think I will be ok with not seeing her for a few months... but I'm super scared and I don't know why. I also see a nutritionist that is a former coworker of hers (met them through the same ED treatment facility) and I have an appointment with her March 29. I always do virtual with her because she's about 45 mins away from me now. I haven't seen her since end of Octobeearly November last year because I really haven't needed to. But now she's all I have. This isn't a negative thing, I like her a lot. Her appointment times are 30 mins and I can talk to her about things that bother me as well. I originally told my therapist I was gonna go on a 10 week mental illness hiatus, but she shot that idea down. I'm trying my hardest to keep it together, but I'm sitting over here crying for some reason?
I know it's definitely due to transference. I have been seeing her nearly weekly for 3 years. I know it's only 2 months and time goes by so quickly. I'm so happy for her and her family (this is her second child). I don't even know what the point is of writing this except to get feelings out. Seeing the email from her supervisor confirming she'd given birth and the sex of her baby made this very real, I guess. She lets me freely text/email her. She told me she was going to turn off her work texting app but I can still send her what I want. I've been writing things out in a Word doc and plan on making her a stupid "Remember Me?" power point for when she gets back.
But damn my mind and heart are gonna miss her.
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2023.03.20 23:07 Fit_Ball_9174 I feel like if I’m not scruples at times, I may be feigning ignorance

For example, every now and then, I become scruples for a month, I belong to a Chaldean rite. Which is no where near as strict as some Roman rites. When I asked my priest to guide me with what constitutes a mortal sin.
He told me common ones are mastubation, porn, getting high, getting drunk, missing mass on Sunday And that if I don’t struggle with any of these, I should be fine, so I have a bad habit of going out of my way to find something that could get me into mortal sin.
After this, I plan on sticking to just listening to my priest advice and stop this bad habit of occasional scrupulously
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2023.03.20 23:07 Deepthinker289 Review/summary of early draft of MSON with the infamous plot of Junior touching Janice when she was a kid

A poster on this subreddit posted a link to an earlier draft of a the script for Many Saints of Newark. I initially thought it was joke when he posted a subplot of Junior molesting Janice when she was a kid. I had to read it myself.
Well, the script appears to be clearly legitimate. It doesn’t actually say who wrote it on the cover page and I know the final draft is credited to both Chase and Lawrence Konner. I’m assuming this draft was fully written by Chase before Konner came aboard but I’m not entirely sure.
In any event, if you were disappointed by the film (I was as well but don’t think it’s as terrible as most people think), then this draft with this Junior subplot will make the final version look like the script for Chinatown. I don’t know if the genius Chase “lost it” in the intervening years between 2007 and 2019 when I think this script was written but the Junior subplot is so off the rails melodramatic and ridiculous considering we never had any hint of this in the actual series. It also occurs nearly when the script is finished in an awkward tonal change.
So here are highlight (or lowlights) if anyone is interested.
Early on one of Juniors goomars tells Livia that Junior doesn’t like to have sex (shades of Ralphie) and only likes to give oral.
Towards the end of the script, a 16 year old Janice drops acid and goes Dickie’s house to speak to “Aunt Joanne” (Dickie’s wife) but she’s gone and only Dickie is there. She’s extremely upset and Dickie gets her to tell him that dropping acid led to a flashback of when she was 8 and Junior, playing Santa Clause, touched her. Junior then told her if she ever told anyone he would “SLIT HER THROAT” (seriously, this script has to be read to be believed). She also says she told Livia back then but Livia slapped her and told her she was imagining things.
Dickie then goes to see Junior and puts a gun to his head and tells him to admit what he did or he’ll tell Johnny Boy. Junior then admits that not only did he molest Janice but that there were “others” that he molested. Junior said he stopped doing it in his 20’s after seeing a priest. He also says that was why he never got married and is scared of actual intercourse (again, you have to read this yourself to believe it). Dickie says he won’t tell Johnny Boy because he’ll kill Junior and the family will be destroyed. He tells him he must go back to the priests and tells him to stay away from baby Christopher.
Junior does confession with a priest and donates children’s shoes to orphanages to try to make it right. However, he has a dream (and per the script the dream was actually going to be a scene) of Dickie whispering something in Johnny’s ear (obviously Juniors secret) and then Johnny shoving Junior in front of a subway train. Junior in fear for his life then contacts another gangster to hire the corrupt “cop” to kill Dickie. Dickie is then killed to keep his secret safe. The irony for me is that Junior’s motivation to kill Dickie actually makes a lot more sense than the thin reason in the actual final film.
At some point someone must have talked Chase out of this and they reconned to the rather stupid twist of Junior killing Dickie because he laughed at him about the fall. In any event Chase is a god to me and the Sopranos is the greatest film or television series in history as far as I’m concerned. That’s what makes this early draft so shocking. It’s like a movie of the week. So melodramatic and ridiculous and apparently meant to be shocking. I guess Chase got much older and lost his fastball but I just don’t understand his need to destroy the Junior character. There were no hints of this on the show and if anything Janice seemed to really respect
Anyway if anyone wants to read
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2023.03.20 23:07 magick_crafts_corner Two young red foxes found on my property

Two young red foxes found on my property
Hi there, I'm new on reddit so this is my first post. I feel sad about the fact that a lot of foxes are dying in my region. These 2 were found on my property near a water stream, but 5 days apart. I'm living in Switzerland, so we called the wildlife guard to ask about eventual dangerous sicknesses, and he said they wouldn't send any fox that died near a road for analysis because the service in charge of that (we are a small country) are drowning under avian flu cases and wolves attacks (they are back in the country in force after a long time).
The wildlife guard and another person I asked who is specialized in foxes told me that it's most probably canine distemper if they haven't been hit by a car.
This last month we found 4 foxes if I count all of them and most of them were young ones. I live about 100 meters away from a fox / European badger burrow so i statistically have more chances to find dead animals, but still. I wish the wildlife guards would care more about dying foxes and not consider them as pest 😕
So, now I have a lot of red foxes I'm gonna have to take care about after all the tissues are gone. I don't know how long it will take as all I found until now we're bones and not entire animals. Plus it's a pretty cold climate where I live, but spring is coming.
I think I'm gonna let them decompose above ground, but maybe I'm gonna put a plastic box with holes above them so no dogs or other foxes approach them and get sick. That's what I did for the first one but I wasn't planning on finding two others so, I don't have any boxes left and need to buy more.
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2023.03.20 23:07 adamthekiwi99 industrial revolution go brr

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2023.03.20 23:07 commonEraPractices A Collection of Short Stories (1)

This is a collection of short stories that have something to do with current events. Enjoy.

The Uneven Divide - Part 3

(Part 1 and 2 in first post of Collection)
“I see a city on a disk. Though all the powers of the world would like to watch it fall, it won’t. I look at it floating above it all. Above There’s political turmoil. Beyond the grip of local markets, this city spins around the globe. You make your business everyone’s, and in turn, everyone profits from your presence.”
I see a land so cold,” I continued. “That it smokes as if it’s on fire. Like the Mother Sphere pulls you up, the frost brings your people together. This inseparable unity warms each building by your people’s sheer attraction for the Lands of Over-There. What us foreigners see as a frigid barren disk of ill fortuity, where people live barred up inside out of necessity, it’s instead a fortress from anything cold, which hosts every fervent hearted opportunity.”
The lock beeped. The door crept open. She kicked her feet off. A skinny man with both our ages walked in. He was wearing a three-piece suit. This wasn’t uncommon, as each layer made the heating bill less hard to look at. His name and the chain on his matte black visitor’s badge were contrasted with gold.
They spoke in their language.
He said something like hi, how are you, what are you doing here?
She answered something along the lines of hi, I’m doing great, in a meeting, you?
He went on saying precisely “I’m doing twice well”—which is an interesting expression meaning; I was already doing well, but from the moment you asked about me, I started doing twice as well—then I think he said he was also here for a meeting, and “who is he?”
She told him my name, then his name to me. Whom I will refer to as Gotnaym of Over-There.
He greeted me, I presented myself with a customary nod. Which could’ve been considered curt in our culture.
Then it got too wordy for me to understand. They switched languages as he walked over to extend his hand.
Mid-shake, he said in perfect speech, “She tells me your consultancy in There is no circus. I might have some questions later, my son is investing abroad.”
Then he laughed. I tried my hardest to make my confusion pass off as surprise, all while making sure not to loosen my grip nor lose the tempo of the motion, as I smiled in what I hoped to have looked like an agreeing pose.
“He’s not interested in any clown ventures I hope, Mr. Gotnaym,” I said. “I’d be out of my league if he were.”
“That’s exactly why I’d hire you,” he explained. “Thankfully, we’re a line of miners, Mr. Consultant. Hard-working people, who bring along like-minded experts. There are no full-time artists on these disks, I’m afraid.”
I was ready to let go but he wasn’t as willing.
“It’s always a fine moment to meet someone glad to buy into their family,” I concluded. “But I might not be the right hire for advice on how you ought to spend your own money. I don’t know if she's told you my line of work?”
This made him laugh some more. He was still shaking my hand.
“She has, yes!” He looked at her after placing his free hand on my shoulder side. She was completely motionless. “Funny man,” he said in his mother tongue.
“Don’t let me interrupt you, Mr. Consultant. Please continue while we wait,” he said, finally releasing his grip to grab a seat by the backrest.
“While we wait?” I asked him.
“I just is inform,” she said. “Next meeting is push to soon. Temporary lockdown here. Please continuing, Mr. Consultant. You no leaving now.”
“Emergency?” I read in their eyes the impending dread they covered up with an interest in listening only, so they wouldn’t have to think.
“Gladly,” I said. “I guess I’ll find out soon. Thank you for giving me this time out of your day.” She had some relief mixed in with her emotions. The rest of her micro-expressions were of a combination I’ve never noticed twice. It was too particular to recreate in writing or in a film.
“Mr. Consultant talking how city infrastructure be one with immigration,” she explained. “I asking what he see in city.”
“Where was I?” I asked me.
“You were reporting how the cold brings us people together,” he told me.
Wondering if their door wasn’t soundproofed had flooded my head with blood, which drew along this fresh thought frenzy and the terrible idea that anyone could’ve heard us earlier.
“Right,” I said to start hushing my blushing. “The problem. Your city is nothing more than a cold flatland sprinkled with tall boxes where folks come and freeze to death. That’s what they see from below, down in There. When I booked my ticket, my friends argued about who would get what if I didn’t make it back.”
The suitedman sat down.
“To outsiders, to the frigid ones, these lands get people to ratify off on an early will. I mean—I signed a waiver just for the elevator ride… Too many who travel to your disks don’t come back home. Most get working visas. The deal is: you spend four months a year here, and that pays for six of vacation. The smart ones, like I’m sure your son is, do five years to invest in There’s Venus coin traps. Then they sit back and never visit again. They risk their days for the money. Not for your city, not for the people here. They say they come to live out the rest of their lives at the mines. Then if they’re lucky enough not to get shipped home as a popsicle, they go to their folk waving their phat wads of cash in the hands with the least fingers lost to the frostbite.”
“I asked the locals last night. Why would you sell everything for this? Leave your families, abandon your lifestyles—What pulled you in? They all gave me the same answer. The same one I have. The first time I came here, it only took me two days. Two days to fall in love.”
“You maybe fall in loving after no long enough, Mr. Consultant,” she said.
“Are you telling me you don’t feel the same?”
“I think,” Gotnaym interjected. Then he paused. Sort of like cutting someone off on the freeway only to slow down right after.
“I think what my colleague is trying to express here … is that all of this sounds a bit too poetic.”
He looked at her to see if she’d agree. Which, she did.
“I also think we’re both happy you really are loving the experience here, Mr. Consultant. But it takes more than feelings to move to a place like this. The ones who do immigrate are steadily emigrating in larger numbers. The workforce won’t meet the upcoming demand. We start terraforming the east perimeter straight after the election next quarter. That’s a projected two years to find enough workers, build and house multiple villages. Provided the right candidate wins.”
At that moment, I was glad to have mistakenly not skipped our philosophy professor’s class on The Ethics of Language. I got my dates mixed up and thought it was a mandatory attendance lab. She explained how Over-There’s main export was subject to ethical scrutiny. They extracted such a lucrative resource, that they could afford to import all else. From food to people. Two entirely different things, that they’d fail to source locally in any useful quantity. Therein laid the dilemma. Their dialect had evolved so as to not differentiate between workers or wheat in regard to imports. As for commodities in business, they began treating both as such on paper. Written words have real-world applications. That same export was also what their disk was made of. One giant mother-cluster of concentrated minerals.
“How long is a mine active on these disks?” I asked.
“About a half lifetime depending on the weather. You’re looking at the investment of the century, my Frozen-Nozen. Literally.”
This suddenly explained why I so easily passed off as a consultant. At least, that’s what I was thinking then. They were probably ready to pay everyone and their kids to get as many opinions on this as possible. I can’t believe I used to give mine out for free.
“Frozen-Nozen?” I asked.
“It’s a term for those who aren’t afraid of a bit of outdoor labour,” he said.
“I see. Couldn’t you just advertise that fact in There?” I pitched.
“I don’t get it.” He mimed a billboard with his hands. “Come up to Over-There, and freeze your nose off for a living wage.”
“That’s not what I meant, but really, why not? People are nomadic opportunists. They’ll move and let the frost nip at their nose if you promise them a round fiddy years of job stability. If they become permanent residents.”
“No one plans on spending fiddy years in a work village, Mr. Consultant. They’re built as temporary housing. They share a shower per unit.”
“Isn’t that an issue? People need a good quality of entertainment to stay someplace so dull when they can glance at other options. They’ll want something they can’t get anywhere else. Couple that with the appeal of privacy. Your child population levels are dropping? Intimacy widely increases from zero to one shower per household. I’d start hiring full-time artists to get some inspiration flowing. Let couples make their own entertainment. Get some comfier architecture. They'll make babies. Or get your engineers to make leisure versions of your military rovers. With enough room for two. Watch them hit wild speeds in the east bumpy lands around their camps.”
“How much would that cost?” He asked. To my relief, he then immediately reconsidered. “No, these plans are staying under permafrost. We want to attract workers, not activists.”
I must’ve looked confused.
“Much leaving people, because activist come Over-There and saying mine is kill nature. Much tourism satire is Come visit before disk is all holes,” she quoted.
“If it’s really destroying the ecosystems then I’m afraid there isn’t much—”
“What ecosystem?” He interrupted. “Nothing but people live here, Mr. Consultant. And we only cover 15% of our whole island. Most of us are all in this city. The claims are false.”
“Then why do enough of both your people and mine believe these activists?” I insisted. “Who I’ve never heard of, so they must all be online. Is complaining just something to do? How does that affect where people live?”
“Emotion of being … more purposeful than normal people,” she said. “Important maybe to many action people. But also, wireless community There having very addictivity.”
“Adictivity?” I asked. “I mean—or, what do you mean by addiction?”
She explained how our wireless communications in There were designed to get individuals to react before thinking.
Anyone reading this today won’t understand the complexity of the issue, so I’ll try to translate the way people like your great-great-grandparents used to communicate. I suggest you ask them about it if they’ve opted for resurrection therapy.
We had these sorts of primitive portable screens that were usually carried around in pockets. Pockets were these holes in our clothes that would hold stuff. When we mostly owned material items, we needed a method of having those things at our disposition. And because we only have two biological hands, most would prefer to walk about with lighter objects in all kinds of pouches. From books to babies, bags of fabrics were significant to us.
The most important pouch was the pocket. That’s the place where people put stuff they wanted to hold closest to their person. That’s because not having them nearby caused an immediate sense of emergency. Their money, their analog keys, their smokables (non digital drug consumable), the time of one day divided into 86,400 different times… Most would also keep their touch screens in their pockets.
We’d communicate through a revolutionary medium termed, “social media.” If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s because presently, that’s our only form of expression left. So we just call it talking.
Fun fact: in 1402, both words were banned if put together. For all generations coming after the criminalization of social media, to try and curb the addiction, so we could gain control over the technocratic overlords of the virtual space. Clearly, that didn’t work, but I won’t bore you with the details in this format for much longer.
To quickly finish this history lesson then, we nicknamed those screens “phones.” They were these physical things that you’d feel right on your skin. And you had to push around to type words or record either your organic image or sounds, or disproportionately more often, those of a cat. A real cat. They aren’t a digital invention! Then you’d post those representations in places called “the Internet.” The Internet would be referred to as the world today.
Humans had to mind-travel via their phones to access the world before. And they’d navigate through it by utilizing their biological hands like a bunch of Neanderthals. On Social Media in the Internet realm, other people would have to move their fingers around their screen to come look at what you posted. Can you imagine? It’s like if today, someone had to do something to hear you.
They would then react to what they saw. Kind of how people used to communicate what they thought through their body language. The only difference was that in the Old World, a public would react to a speaker on stage, and everyone went on their way afterwards. No longer under the influential energy of a cheering or booing crowd, they could think about the message. On the Internet, it would stay up, and we could keep reacting to it. Even years after something was said. The public reaction would get louder and louder and it was like it never stopped to calm down and reflect. Excitement is not a friend of thought.
As people posted more and more, they did less and less of anything else. The goal of the communication was only to react. Always as fast as possible. People started doing activities only so they could post. They lost the enjoyment of doing for the sake of doing. Everything became a reason to get a reaction out of others. Everyone became amateur stage performers. Professionals had to be trained in that regard. They had to learn how to handle themselves when their work would become a series of reactions to trigger a chain of reactions. The users of primitive Social Media never stood a chance.
It’s what she explained during our impromptu board meeting that afternoon. It’s what changed the way I saw the world as well. I watched as her theory turned out to be sufficiently accurate, and I caught myself wondering for a moment if she hadn’t had something to do with the unravelling of the events.
If you’re Neanderthal enough to remember the sound of genuine vocal chords, I invite you to imagine how she expressed it all to me in her riveting broken accent. It’s why I wrote it how she said it.
The year is 1282 again. It’s cold, the exit doors are locked down, I have an actual phone in my physical pocket…
She asked me to see mine. A ritual at the time. So I showed her. She didn’t look impressed, so I asked her to show me hers. It was nice. Real nice. So nice in fact, that I started feeling a bit shy and ended up subtly putting mine away as she explained.
“People addicted to making posting. More posting, more liking, more emotion of purposeful existing. But so many content, so much other people also looking for … valid of purposeful life, because now, day no with phone is like food no with taste. Is boring. Why eat? Why do anything? But problem happen when truth is people wanting. Because goal of social media is react, react, react. Chain reaction like nuclear. Have be fast. Social media not receive, think, maybe react if wise. Social media no survive this way, very boring if not in-person meeting for exchange serious ideas. No win Internet point for taking time, finding truth, telling people wrong too. No good feeling also, if thinking, no posting, no outside influence saying yes you living and you be valid person. So no react, no valid existence.”
She paused. We both glanced at one another to confirm what we had already decided. Neither of us were going to interrupt her train of ideas. I was impressed. Not by what she was saying, though. It wasn’t anything we didn’t know. It was more that she could almost speak our language when she carried herself in her flow.
“People define value by number of attention they getting. They getting attention by posting posting posting, reacting reacting reacting, and no thinking thinking then maybe posting after long. Thinking bad for business if business is price of reacting. Business need people pushing button not after long. Social media Model is job of push button. Worker build city, push button too you thinking. But building infrastructure, opportunity, thinking involved more than even writer, Mr. Consultant. Bad thinking kill in building city.”
It took me a second to break character. Then I remembered who I really was. Eventually I realized she had just insulted me. I gave a warm chuckle. This disrupted Gotnaym’s attention. She went on.
“Influencer is job of push button to getting more people pushing button before thinking. Influencer is good if follower push button with no thinking. Even in war business, reacting not always best strategy. Pushing … gun button?”
“Trigger,” he helped.
“Pushing trigger no thinking is not same like pushing trigger because quick thinking. Influencer like is … study with school only to becoming teacher after. But only attaining knowledge in reacting more. Not attaining quick thinking. Not same. This worrying functionary like Mr. Fore Gotnaym, because how control crowd online that only goal is react react react, no thinking? On Internet, better no thinking. More reacting, more people see their reacting first and reacting to it so more people also get reacting, more people only agree for attention, and more message get famous. More message famous, no worry if true, more people believe. More people believe, less people believe when truth happen. Look at phone, Mr. Consultant.”
I took it out of my pocket.
“Make posting,” she said. “I showing you.”
The suitedman visibly refrained himself from stopping me. I was two days behind on checking in with my Internet experiment, so I did what she asked. When I connected to Social Media, my feed was filled with alerts on posts. Something about disinformation and people fighting over the truth of the universe and if it was really the end for us. The media application wasn’t this agitated two days ago. Warnings on misinformation were mostly centred around past events, never regarding upcoming ones from what I had seen before.
“Is this why we’re in a lockdown?” I asked.
“Yes…” she reacted.
“So why does it say that it’s all a fabrication?”
The room fell dead quiet. Her bottom lip quivered and she turned around to burst in muffled sobs. She just broke down. It was surreal. The man stood up to whisper something. She nodded with her head down, so he walked towards me. Then past me and to the windows, making sure I followed him by spinning in my chair. My back ended up facing her.
“Under different circumstances, you wouldn’t be locked down with us, Mr. Tourist,” he said.
Uh-oh, I thought. This culture seemed to have developed a taste for cleverly employing names.
“But there’s no use in locking you up for espionage either, it looks like your people are willing to let you rot anyway.”
“What’s going on?” I asked. She sniffled and told us I could turn around now.
“Don’t worry kid. You’re either the best spy I’ve met and you can die with dignity, or you’re the worst ever, and you’re worth more to us as living propaganda if we make it out of this,” he said, patting my shoulder as he walked by.
“I didn’t get your answer,” I mumbled as I turned around. Then I understood that he was trying to make her laugh.
“Either you’re the best,” he repeated. “Because I haven’t heard even a single high-school rumour about you. Or you’re the worst, because you were really a shit consultant just then.”
She drew in a chopped breath, which she released in a soft chuckle of relief. I thought maybe this was a prank. But then why was she crying?
I asked her what was going on. She nodded at him and he told me he wasn’t joking. They really considered that I was a spy from There. This theory didn’t hold any water in the end. The umbrella company under which the most popular international platforms operated, had somehow been convinced to place a warning on the forecast of a natural disaster headed for the disks. The corporation happened to have all their servers in There’s jurisdiction. All the privately owned media companies followed suit just to try and survive.
Gotnaym explained how anyone with any scientific authority who had attempted to voice their doubts had immediately been shadowbanned. They injected their profiles with a fake number of views and likes, and used bots to make it look like there were people engaging with their content. As far as the whole globe was convinced, as far as the citizens of Over-There were concerned, this admonition had been discredited a month before the announcement of the disaster. The United OV Body sent out an emergency text message, an even more primitive form of communication, confirming the threat to their civilians, but it was in vain. The videos debunking the warning had timestamps dating too far back. And the Internet had already decided that it was all a hoax. Eighteen world leading scientists, all saying it was propaganda. The people in this city didn’t believe they were about to die.
How could I have missed this? Especially if I had checked everything everywhere online before buying my ticket?
Like a kid again, it slipped out.
He rubbed his thumb and two fingers together. Money.
“Environmental warfare is not a crime, Mr. Tourist. And you seem to be collateral damage to them.”
They showed me a video of myself reassuring the world that I was okay, and that no one on this disk believed any of the disinformation propagated by the unhinged astronomers. That Over-There’s authorities were perfectly aware that it was all a hoax. It was dated two hours before I set foot on the disk. On the plus side, I never did get over a hundred million views before. To most of the world, I was a hero, here to bring down the anti-science disinformation machine. They were looking at an AI-generated video of me. They even got my voice right. My family had liked my video. My dad had sent me a message saying he was proud.
I looked up and plunged my eyes in her frightened face. It stripped me forever of any good feelings. In one hour, I felt the lifelong dissatisfaction of a hard drug addict. That day, I lost my faith in reality. To this day, I cannot enjoy anything. Not after what happened. I feel too guilty.
“Shouldn’t technological warfare be a crime, though?” I said.
“You could call a stick with a pointy rock on its end a technological advancement.”
It was becoming trickier to think straight. How can you? When you’re about to take a final blow, and there’s nowhere to run, no strength to block. It was like getting pre-concussed.
“How long until it happens?”
“It might not. We’re waiting on people to show up here and determine if it can be avoided. So try to think of something else in the meantime,” he said.
We said nothing.
“There is one thing neither of you can avoid, though… So you might as well make your peace with it now,” he added.
“What it is?” She asked.
“Mr. Tourist is about to meet your father.” He said. Then he looked at me. “Or is it Mr. Consultant to him?”
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2023.03.20 23:07 4cam10 What Champions that were once popular are no longer popular?

Ever since Nidalee’s VO update, I’ve had a bit of a thought regarding champion popularity, the reason being is if this were only a few years back I get the impression there would be more discussion and/or hype even though Nid’s popularity was in a fair bit of decline then as well.
So the question I’d like to ask this Reddit is: What champions do you feel that were once popular that no longer are? And would it be possible for them to be popular once more?
Please note that what people might consider populaunpopular can be very subjective for that reason I don’t strictly think there’s a wrong opinion here, especially when in game and out of game popularity can be two different things.
Since Nidalee was the champ that gave me this idea, I’ll start off with her, my breakdown might be very long because I had a long time to think about this and hopefully, I don’t accidentally write an essay.
I’ll be going through The Rise, The fall and The future of Nidalee in my post.

The Rise of Nidalee

Pre rework Nidlee

Q, Flash. Best champ in the game.
Jokes aside, I heard Nidalee was an absolute terror on the rift before her rework this was a bit before my time playing league so I unfortunately never got to actually play Nidalee in this state, but I’m aware she was rather popular and somewhat toxic on the rift.
Even after the rework Nidalee was still rather popular and still played for many years after this, she’s a very fun champion despite the high mechanical skill required to play her.

Nidalees large amount of skins released early on

This is probably one of the biggest examples I can think of in terms of Nidalees popularity.
From Nidalee’s full release back In late 2009 to early 2013, Nidalee had received six skins, each skin released (With the exception being Headhunter as it was over a year between it and Bewitching) had released not even 12 months between each other, which by today's standards is crazy.
You don’t get that many skins unless the champion is rather popular. Even when there were significantly less champions in the game. Nidalee currently has thirteen skins in the game with one of those being the DWG skin an impressive feat for a champion that isn’t so popular anymore.

The Fanart of Nid throughout 2010 to 2016

The amount of fanart Nidalee got throughout the early 2010s was crazy, people that weren’t even fans of league or really familiar with league were drawing fan art of her and these days unless that character is someone like Ahri, that doesn’t really happen much.
Additionally, any sort of art contest that Riot ran during the early 2010s you can be sure you’ll see many Nidalee’s within that contest.
The reason I believe that Nidalee was so popular to make fan art of is simply because of her design it’s very simple, doesn’t have a lot of specific details even then you don’t need to be completely accurate as you can still make it look like Nidalee, as long as you’re good at human anatomy you can make a good Nidalee.
There’s also the fact that Nidalee happens to be a rather attractive woman wearing very little clothing, that might also have something to do with why she was so popular.
Unfortunately, most of the fanart of Nidalee from this era is stuck on DevientArt, a site not many people really use anymore and, in a way, kinda feels like a bit of the league fandom that has been lost to time as a result.

The Downfall

Merchandise and Nidalee within LoL media

Or lack thereof, recent years Nidalee hasn’t gotten much merchandise, I did try to research and it indeed does seem like Nidalee did get some collectable statues made of her both official and unofficial but considering what I’m about to mention in ‘Changing Society Taboos’ I doubt we’ll see much more of her. I did find a Head Hunter Nidalee statue but I’m unsure if it’s actually official or not.
The only official merchandise you can obtain of Nidalee these days is a Nidalee poster from the League website and I’m pretty sure I can get that for cheaper from unofficial storefronts.
And forgive me if I’m wrong, this is the first time I’ve really tried to look into League media, but I haven’t really found much of Nidalee being shown, I did find she made a short appearance during The Worlds 2015 video, but not much else beyond that I could really find.

The Jungle role and Nidalees role within it

The Jungle role I feel is one of the most stressful and flamed roles in the game, given that this is the only place that Nidalee is viable this no doubt had effects over her popularity over the years.
Especially when Nidalee is a champ that requires high mechanical skill and you don’t necessarily always get rewarded for it. There are better champions for Jungle that are easier to play and will cause you less stress.
Because Nids not great at the moment you might even get flamed by your teammates for attempting to pick her.
This years recent jungle changes don’t seem to help Nidalee much at all, although a recent patch that has somewhat buffed counter jungling has helped her a bit but it’s uncertain if this will truly help her in the long term.
There is some good news at least, she does at least see significant play in ARAM, probably helps that people just walk into Nids Spears on that game mode for some reason. You’re also not going to get flamed for picking her here, which is pretty nice I guess.

Nidalee in Pro play

I don’t want to try and speak for pros on what they believe is or isn’t strong but considering nearly every team that has tried to pull out the Nid has lost their games this year, I’m pretty confident in her not being good there either at the moment.
Then there was last year with DK vs Gen G, where despite Canyon massively gapping Peanut as Nid and the team getting all 15 tower plates they still lost the game. That does not mean it’s impossible to win with her, it just means there are better champs to pick.

Changing Society Taboos

Sex Appeal is something that has started becoming Taboo in video games and even modern culture over years, the problem is this was a big reason as to why she become so popular to begin with and still is a reason why so many female league champs are so popular. Still Nidalee is probably one of the champions most heavily defined by her sex appeal in the past.
Additionally Nidalee’s skins that change her skin tone have become another societal taboo, as it can be seen as ‘white-washing’ in a few ways.
I really wish I didn’t have to mention Nidalee’s sex appeal as I feel that would overtake all discussion regarding Nidalee but unfortunately it’s both a very important part of her character design and a big reason why she became so popular outside of gameplay. It’s not something you can particularly ignore unfortunately.

Nidalee’s future

I hate to be a downer but I don’t really see a path forward that would in anyway make Nidalee popular again, mainly because of the ‘Changing Society Taboos’ that I mentioned earlier.

Nidalee’s VO change

Despite the VO change, I doubt that those that disliked Nidalee based on her sex appeal to are going to pick her up now, especially when there was no ASU to replace Nidalees more lewd attire and her problems with not getting picked in game seem to have very little to do with her being sexy or not.
I believe the response to the VO change was rather mixed as well and I don’t particularly think it’ll make Nidalee more popular or even less controversial for that matter.
Considering she’s barely been involved in media prior to this point, I doubt she’s going to make much more of an appearance in anything league related.

Any potiential ASU

Considering how long it took us to even get a Skarner rework and even if Nidalee was next in line to get an ASU it would take ages, probably even longer than usual considering they have to make two models for Nidalee, One for her Human form and another for her Cougar form.
The ASU will be rather controversial because given the direction of Nidalee’s VO, a ASU will no change a lot of her skins overall aesthetic, which will definitely make some people mad as again and if the new skins don’t make the skintones all similar to that of base Nidalee that will make another group of people mad.
May some Deity protect whomever has the task of remaking the French Maid Nidalee skin, cause even with Nid’s decline in popularity redoing that skin and potientially less lewd will likely result in a shorter life expectancy.
Speaking of that, since it’s likely any ASU will have Nidalee’s old skins be heavily changed, it could present an issue to players that they’re getting a wildly different skin to the one that they bought. Not that this has stopped Riot in the past but it’s something to think about.


I spent a lot of time than I should’ve trying to explain why I believe Nidalee is not popular anymore. Please give me your opinions on which champions you believe aren’t popular anymore so it doesn’t feel like I wasted my time on nothing.
TLDR: I wrote a post talking about how Nidalee isn’t as popular as she used to be it’s possibly a bit too long and I want to know your opinion on what Champs have become unpopular over the years.
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2023.03.20 23:07 hell2r Sexually unsatisfied in an amazing relationship.

Hello everyone, me and my girlfriend are both 23 and have been dating for 2 years. I would like to start this post by saying that our relationship (outside the bedroom) is incredible. I feel so lucky to have her and appreciate so many things. Which is why being honest with myself sexually is so difficult as I am insanely happy otherwise.
Our relationship started with me always initiating anything sex related every time. I had no problem with this at the time but definitely did notice it early on. She would always be flirty with me on the phone and would send really hot photos to me all the time. It was awesome and I loved initiating sex.
However, as time went on these things slowly went away. I figured it was normal as the early stage excitement went away. After about a year it went from sex twice per day nearly to maybe once every few days. Again, wasn’t a problem for me. Another year goes by and now we have sex maybe once every 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I have noticed this is something that seriously negatively affects me. It’s not just the sex, there is almost no form of attraction being displayed and I feel like we’re just roommates at this points. It’s really hard for me to be a normal boyfriend around her and I have to consciously keep myself in check. I find myself holding sexual resentment because I feel unwanted. It’s pretty exhausting. The hard part is that it doesn’t seem to phase her and she simply doesn’t pick up on it. My brain just says why would I even want to initiate sex if there’s nothing for me to work with or anything being shown towards me?
And to be brutally honest, I am a very good looking man who takes very very good care of himself physically. My efforts and looks feel unappreciated and it kinda hurts.
What is the best way to approach this conversation with my girlfriend? Any advice is welcome. Thanks.
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2023.03.20 23:07 Wooden-Set-9853 36 [F4M] Florida/Looking for a serious relationship

I'm 36 from Florida. To be honest, I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking for. I love a relationship, but friendship is of course where it all starts, so I don't mind just getting to know each other a little bit and seeing where things go. Some of my favorite things to do are music, art, being near water, enjoying the good things in life.
I love to read non-fiction too. Mainly on topics such as AI, neuroscience, InfoSec, and cybercrime. (Don’t get me started on these topics, as I’ll speak for hours and you’ll soon regret it!) I'd love to get some more fiction recommendations though!
If possible, 35years old and above, because I believe that at that age, we should be able to establish a connection on an emotional level
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2023.03.20 23:07 shoyu_ginger 33[F4F] Looking for a bestie to add to everyday adventures and relaxation

Likes: casual hikes, laying out in the sun, people watching, good food, hidden gem hunting, games, horror, and true crime.
I do have a boyfriend; it would be nice if the two of you could get along well enough. That way, we can finally play all of the Jackbox games!!!!
Send me a message of you're interested ☺️
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