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2023.03.31 06:04 formysexstuff My GF and I are looking to dip our toes a bit, but feeling a bit overwhelmed, intimidated, and confused I guess? About certain things. Can someone talk some sense to us?

While this post may be a bit long, I appreciate it advance anyone who takes the time to read it for an anxious person like me, and even a quick comment goes a long way. Apologies in advance as many of these "concerns" are probably just over-thinking and just need a straight answer - - but this community has been very helpful in the past so figured I'd post here for y'all's honest replies.
First off, we are a young couple. Mid-20's and from downtown Chicago. We are both fairly attractive, good builds and not overweight. She is bi, and while I am not interested in sexual contact/penetration with another man, I'm not freaked out by the mere sight of another penis or seeing a man's naked body near mine, etc. As of now, we're looking to start experiencing other people/couples in the means of a FFM threesome, parallel play, or even just a hangout/drinking that involves some easy games that maybe involve kissing, etc.
My question/concern #1 has to do with our age. As a young and (at the risk of sounding egotistical) attractive couple, are we more "in demand"? Will it be hard to find young people/couples like us who are interested in these kinds of things...is that community of people more older? We would be probably most/only comfortable with other females/couples in their 20's, earlv 30's like us. Is that an immediate barrier that we drop?
2 is just, what's the best way to jump in? Other than having a conversation deciding yeah we wanna get freaky with another person (s), what's a good first concrete step to take? I often see people just saying "go to a sex club" with no other help offered, but idk, that seems pretty intense for newbies like us just trying to dip their toe and start to try something. Sometimes people suggest apps...but which fit our needs for a young couple in Chicago?
3 is just safety. Can meeting up with other people like this be dangerous for sex trafficking, etc.? Is there anything to know other than just general "be smart" ideas? Thanks in advance to any kind stranger who takes a second to respond. All the best.
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2023.03.31 06:04 Ford9863 [Out of Time] Part 4

We settled into a small, messy office near the end of the hall. An oversized whiteboard hung on the wall to the left, its surface boasting a blue tint from poor cleaning. Sticky notes lined its borders. The handwriting was too small and messy for me to make out from this distance.
I sat in a large, creaky office chair. The seat itself had enough cushion that it might have once been comfortable but had since been worn into an uneven, lumpy mess. The lone desk in the room was pushed against the back wall, drawers facing out. Mari pulled a similarly worn chair from its spot and turned it to face me. Rose remained standing, leaning against the wall to the right.
“So, you really had no idea what you are?” Rose said, eyeing me with crossed arms. The more I stared at her, the more I could see the resemblance between them. Her stare held a similar weight to it.
I shook my head. “Still, uh, coming to terms with it.” Or was I just too overwhelmed to fight it? I could scarcely tell anymore.
Mari waved a hand through the air, leaning back in her chair. “I don’t think we need to go through all that again,” she said. Her gaze shifted to me. “I want you to understand what we do and why we do it, David. It’s important that you have all the information here.”
“Alright,” I said, resting my elbows on the chair’s uneven arm rests. “Who are you?”
“Well, you already know my name, so I can skip that part. And you know I’m from the future. I must warn you that I’m not certain how your systems will react to hearing things about the time you came from—so please, if you begin to feel odd in any way, let me know.”
I lifted a few fingers from the armrest and gave a subtle wave. “I’ll be fine.”
Her gaze hardened. “It’s not a concern born of courtesy, David. It is very important that we monitor your well being during this.”
I blinked, an odd static tickling the back of my ears. Then I nodded. “Okay.”
She took a deep breath and said, “The future is not entirely bright. There is good in it, don’t get me wrong—but we have no shortage of evil. Does the name Halley mean anything to you?”
A sharp pulse split my head at the mention of the name. It was gone as soon as it started, but it was strong. For a moment I thought I’d suppressed any reaction, but Mari must have seen something I hadn’t meant to show. Her eyes narrowed, waiting for my response.
“It doesn’t sound familiar,” I said, “but it stirs something in my head.”
Rose stepped away from the wall far too eagerly, causing me to flinch. She didn’t seem to notice. Before I could protest, she had stepped close to my side and was eyeing my head closely.
“What kind of reaction?” Rose asked, running a finger through my hair.
I pulled away from her touch, looking up at her with a harsh stare. “A pulse,” I said. “Just a quick flash of pain, over before it really started.”
Rose gave a soft ‘I’m sorry’ gesture with her hands and took a step back.
“But you don’t connect that name to anything in particular,” Mari said, now leaning forward with her chin resting on interlocked fingers.
I shook my head. “No. Who is it?”
“An evil man,” she said, leaning back. “But we can talk more about him later.” She spun in the chair and reached for the bottom drawer of the desk, pulling a thin manilla folder from within. I hadn’t yet formed my question before the file landed in my lap.
“Take a look,” she said.
I opened it folder, unexpectedly nervous at what I might see within. The first page contained a photo of a woman. Her features were unremarkable; nothing about her sparked any sort of recognition in my mind. Her hair was somewhat messy. The half-defeated stare in her eyes suggested the photograph was taken after something particularly draining. If I were to guess, I’d say it was her license photo.
My finger ran along the edge of the photo, lifting it from the pages behind. As I turned it over, my eyes darted around a page with all sorts of information. She was forty-two. Two kids, both under twelve. A workplace was listed, but I didn’t recognize it. Her last known residence was a city a few miles from here.
And then my eyes fell to the bottom of the page where a title block read: ‘Charges Brought by Council’. The list that followed made little sense. Dissention, obstruction of council business, defamation, possession of inflammatory material.
“What is all this?” I asked, looking up from the page.
Mari waved her fingers, gesturing for me to continue. I turned the page and found medical records—a few x-rays and a long list of injuries. She’d broken her left collarbone, her jaw, and fractured several ribs.
“A car accident,” Mari said before I had a chance to ask.
I turned the page once more and lost my desire to continue. It described the accident scene in detail—a police report, as far as I could tell—including the mention of one deceased passenger. An eight-year-old male. “Why are you showing me this?”
“Because it was not an accident,” she said. “Her name is Priya. She worked at the state building. One of the council members became lax about his corruption and she couldn’t just ignore it the way others do. So she went to the media. Anonymously, of course. But nothing is ever truly anonymous when you’re trying to expose someone in power.”
I handed the file back. “So they tried to have her killed?”
Mari nodded. “They drug her name through the mud and painted her as some sort of criminal looking for a payout. She backed down pretty quickly, actually. She was even willing to issue a retraction to her accusations. But they wanted to send a message. After the accident, they said she was on drugs. Blamed her son’s death on her.”
“Jesus,” I said, my eyes falling to the ground.
“They weren’t going to stop,” she continued. “They wanted her dead. So we brought her here.”
My eyes flicked up at that. “Here?”
“This is a safe place. Her story is one of many. Anyone that gets too close—hell, anyone that even draws the slightest ire from the council—becomes a target. There’s nowhere for them to hide. Not in their time, anyway.”
“So they just make a new life here? In the past?”
She shook her head. “No one can leave this building. It’s too dangerous. Not just for the sake of keeping them hidden—but because there’s no telling how it might affect the future.”
“So they’re just… stuck?”
“Not all of them,” Rose chimed in. “In some cases, Mari manages to clear their name. They can return home and live a normal life. Others…”
“Others never leave the hotel,” Mari finished.
I remained quiet for a moment, letting the information settle into my mind. A day ago I was parking cars at a casino, living my life in ignorance of my true nature. Today I sat in the basement of a hotel full of time-traveling refugees. It made my head hurt.
My hand rose to my temples. My head really hurt. More than it had any reason to. The wall to my left flashed, the whiteboard swirling with different colors.
“What’s wrong?” Rose asked, stepping closer.
I clenched my eyes shut and buried my face in my palms.
“My head is pounding,” I said, “and the wall is changing colors. I can’t—”
The world spun and I found myself on the ground, the cold tile against my skin as I writhed in pain. My vision faded at its edges, my eyelids twitching uncontrollably. I heard distant footsteps, talking, maybe yelling—it was all growing faint.
And then something snapped around my wrist and everything returned to normal. I lifted myself from the floor and looked at Rose, who stood over me with an outstretched hand. I took it and climbed to my feet.
“What is this?” I asked, looking at the silver bracelet she’d clapped to my wrist. A green light flashed against my skin.
“Something to divert the electrical surges,” she said. “I was really hoping you wouldn’t need it yet.”
One brow raised. “Yet?”
She avoided my gaze, so I turned to Mari. “What’s she talking about?”
Mari sighed. “You need to understand that we had no other choice. The knowledge you have is our greatest weapon against the council.”
I shook my head, suddenly feeling unsafe. “What knowledge? I don’t remember anything. What’s going on with me? What did you do?”
She lifted a hand in the air defensively. “I told you, androids aren’t built for time travel. The vault your mind created shielded you from the worst of the damage but prying it open is not without consequences.”
I stepped back, only stopping when my back hit the wall. “What consequences? What the hell are you talking about?”
“Your mind can’t fully process what it means to exist in a different time,” Rose said. “Those digital walls aren’t just keeping your secrets—they are holding up everything that makes you function. Uncovering the truth is going to tear you apart.”
A warmth spread across my chest, running down my left arm. My eyes fell to the bracelet. It glowed brightly for a few seconds, then calmed.
“Then why—”
“Because you have information that can bring the council down for good,” Mari said.
“How do you know? I don’t even know!”
“I was supposed to meet with a contact,” she explained. “Three months ago. My contact said they had access to an android. But when the meeting came, no one showed. My contact dried up. I assumed they were caught and killed.”
“What could I possibly know that could help you?” My mind spun with questions. Her description of this council left little room for me to believe they could be dismantled by information alone.
“I don’t know,” she said, “but that’s what we need to find out. And it starts with finding out how exactly you got here.”
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2023.03.31 06:04 Apprehensive_Cow5139 commingeling funds?

One of my clients "a" is a parent company that owns 75% stock of company "b" Separate bank accounts. Sometimes "a" will accidentally send a wire transfer to "b" account to pay "a" bills. So I have to transfer the funds to the correct bank account. At what point does this become illegal or incompetence? It's exaushsting to get an 823,865.63 wire transfer from "a" into the "b" account and have to figure out what it us for? Seems fishy to me
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2023.03.31 06:03 SnooPineapples7777 How to curb your anger?

I’ve just kinda started getting into this game, my friends are rapidly getting better at this game while I feel like I’ve hit a wall, every time I lose I just get upset and frustrated, and it peaked tonight when I got so angry I uninstalled and nearly cried out of pure frustration. I truly want to get better but I just can’t play this game with how angry it truly makes me.
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2023.03.31 06:02 tossaway16180339 Struggling with not telling husband about pregnancy.

I was originally going to post this in AITA because I wanted maximum punishment, but I didn't realize they had a rule against violence in the comment. So I'm posting here to just get some opinions.
I'm going to try to add as much detail as possible without identifying info, but on mobile so near with the typos.
I'm currently in the second trimester of my pregnancy. The night I found out I was pregnant my husband physically assaulted me (obv. not for that). He gets very jealous and thought I was cheating, he just doesn't handle it well when he can't monitor my comings and goings, but Jesus I'm too focused right now on raising my children and keeping the house together the thought of adding another manchild into my life is laughable. My husband travels for work and I work from home as a tax preparer (so been busy) and we have not seen each other except maybe a few weeks in between once the protective order expired.
Husband keeps saying he wants to do better, but we have a long history of emotional abuse. This was the first time he laid his hands on me and it has reasonably shaken me. I've never considered myself someone to just take the abuse for so long, but as anyone in my position knows there are so many variables including other children in the home.
I told him he had one chance to fix this. Get the help he needed. That we were never going back to the way things were because it's not who I am and chalk up my short term doormat status to having an infant during Covid etc.
On his last trip I discovered he planted recording devices around the home, and a gps tracker on my car, and opened a storage unit where he put a bunch of his stuff in there. He keeps turning the blame for the deterioration of our marriage on me lying to him, despite me calmly and consistently explaining that the lying started when I was constantly protecting myself from his abusive behaviors. He would literally yell and call me names just because I spent too long on an errand, so yeah, I'd lie about where all I went and how long it took etc. Bt I have never lied about anything out of malice.
Well I had planned to tell him and do a cute gender reveal thing with him when he got back from his latest trip, but he continues to threaten to leave and just isn't stable and secure so I keep changing my mind to not telling him. But fuck if he wasn't a dolt he could probably start seeing it. I can't physically hide it much longer. Just glad for the late spring so I can keep wearing hoodies.
I guess I just keep thinking to myself, if he really is just an abusive asshole with no intention of getting help, why complicate the situation more atm. I'm trying to give him space to start counseling in earnest (he's gone to a couple sessions) and see how he does more to help me out with the household labor, before giving him an out.
I believe if I told him the following options might occur, one or all in order.
1) Continue to accuse me of cheating as we don't have sex often, but hey, NYE counts and it only takes once apparently.
2) Use it as an excuse to guilt me into "letting him back in" emotionally/intimately as he's currently been staying in the guest room when home for short stints between work.
3) Using it as an excuse to not get help because he can refocus his efforts on preparing for another child instead of working on himself.
4) He's going to tell a lot of people I don't want knowing that I'm pregnant because he can't keep his mouth shut to others about our issues and it could affect my job.
I just want him to focus on not being abusive. He admits to me that he treats me worse than a dog and doesn't want to do that anymore, but it's been such a short time to see if he's going to actually make any changes.
I'd rather be alone than with an abuser.
I'm struggling though because another part of me says, dude, you can't just not tell someone you're going to have their baby. He's going to notice sooner rather than later, and is his anger over that worse than the alternative.
Please be gentle Reddit. I have a lot on my shoulders and I'm trying to do what is best for my children and my mental health too.
And for those who just say leave him, I'm literally just there. I am angry and will never tolerate his treatment again. So it's likely going to end in divorce anyway because a leopard doesn't change its spots. Just doing my due diligence for my children's sake.
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2023.03.31 06:01 emperorkrek Genuine discussion about Widowmaker

I 'm probably cope-posting, owcirclejerk go nuts
The more I play this game the more frustrating I find Widowmaker as a hero, I'm no game dev obviously but to me it seems there's just no way to balance her properly as in higher tiers she has near infinite value to instakill any squishie from an unchallengable range, but in low ranks with less competent players she's often hailed one of the worst heroes. With a lack of a second tank to go harass her dealing with a competent Widowmaker often just feels like "Do not go anywhere she is or even could be looking" otherwise you risk instant, un-counterable death as most characters - the only reliable way I can think to counter her is to have a *better* Widow on your own team.
Her presence in the match is nearly always frustrating for at least one team. A bad widow is basically useless and her team will beg her to swap but playing against a good one is wildly unfun due to one-shot kills and being forced to play hide and seek with her all match. When Overwatch released she wasn't nearly as oppressive but the whole scope of the game has changed - people have had almost 7 years to mechanically improve at the game so her skill floor has raised substantially for a LOT of players, exponentially as you climb through the ranks. Personally I feel that I'm playing Widow nearly every other match, and being support main (yes I know, victim complex etc etc) it's genuinely something that is sucking the fun out of playing for me as there's hardly ever anything I can do about her. This game to me has always been about matchups and counterplay, it's a very intricate dance of abilities and movement etc to out-play your opponents. Widowmaker basically shits all over that because unless you get lucky and match a bad widow, your options are to basically spend the entire match hiding from her or pray that your DPS can out-Widow theirs - and if neither of those work, enjoy being instantly sent back to spawn from across the map
I'm sure that a lot of people will just say "get better" or "skill issue" or something like that, but I genuinely want to know how others feel about her as a hero, she feels wildly out of place to me but a rework seems impossible due to how integral being a sniper is to her character. Making her unable to one-shot would destroy her pickrates and have her performing even worse in lower ranks. Improving her in any way would make her even more oppressive and prevalent in higher ranks. She just seems to be a walking catch-22 to me
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2023.03.31 06:01 oomo-oomo Will the Sweeney revival tour?

I saw Sweeney Todd yesterday. It was my first Broadway show and it was incredible and I already want to see it 10 more times because it's my all time favorite musical. Problem is I live on the opposite side of the country so that is very not feasible for me!
Since I'm so new to Broadway and how shows run - how likely is it that Sweeney will tour? I know recent revivals like Funny Girl, Company, and Into the Woods toured/will tour. I luckily live near a major city that often gets tours so I may have another chance to see Sweeney again if it does tour, but just how likely will that be?
ETA: I also know that the current Broadway cast won't follow but I don't care about that haha
Thank you!
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2023.03.31 06:00 DrewCease A-Pihp on a lab screened drug test

After two weeks of my own research, and trying to find an exact answer, I’m going to finally post this seemingly rather common inquiry of mine here.
My probation recently enacted a thing where they no longer test in-house, and all urinary analysis get sent straight to a lab for screened results. My research tells me that the metabolites in only certain more well known cathinones are detectable as coming up for anything. I guess my question is will it count as a positive result if it shows a positive hit on a similar cathinone metabolite? As far as a-pihp in particular it seems they just now identified the metabolites in urine for it as recently as last year. Does a gas chromatography test compare metabolites to a pre-existing bank, or only compared to control metabolites that they actually test an individual for?
More importantly, does anyone have any experience with using undetectable RC stims on probation? My friend used a-Pihp for a couple years on it but this was strictly evading the cup tests in-house, and didn’t need to be sent to a lab.
Thanks in advance for any input you guys may have here on this!
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2023.03.31 05:59 prettywannapancake How to address Parental Preference Gone Mad

Hi all, I'm hoping to get some constructive feedback/advice for an issue we're having. The daughter in question is almost 4, not yet diagnosed but we suspect ASD, verbal but not really conversational.
I'm a stay-at-home mum and we have always dealt with parental preferences and me being the default parent with both of our kids (oldest is 8). Our youngest has actually always had a great relationship with her dad though; I think going into lockdown just before she turned 1 really helped solidify their relationship at a critical time.
However, the last month or so she has become possessive to a point that it is just becoming unmanageable. She wants to be attached to me as much as possible, doesn't want anyone else to come near me, and screams at her father or sister for talking to me. If her dad tries to pick her up, more often than not we'll end up with a full meltdown that only stops when she's in my arms and can press her face into my neck.
Earlier today, she was calmly eating a snack at the table with her dad and I, and he told her he loved her and she immediately started screaming and sobbing. Last night she was having a hard time and from the other room he said, "Oh bubby!" in a sympathetic way and she immediately ran to me screaming "NO! I'M *YOUR* BUBBY!"
We tried doing some fun one-on-one time with each of the kids last weekend where she started out with me and then we switched halfway through and she had time with her dad and that went fine, but didn't help anything once we got back home. Hubs has suggested me going away for a weekend which, don't get me wrong, sounds amazing, but I just don't want to cause trauma and make things worse. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas.
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2023.03.31 05:59 Negative_Speedforce Constant stabbing pain (19 AFAB)

First of all, I'm AFAB, 19, and I'm 6' and somewhere between 200 and 250 lbs (I don't usually weigh myself for mental health reasons). The physical conditions I have are anemia and asthma, and mental conditions are ADHD, C-PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and Autism. I don't take any meds except an iron supplement. There is absolutely no possibility I could be pregnant, as I am a lesbian. I have never taken drugs, smoked, or drank alcohol.
I should also include that I was fairly thin (>150 lbs) until the pandemic, and this problem has been bothering me since I was 7 or 8.
Since I was a small child, I have been dealing with a near-constant stabbing pain in most of my joints, my muscles, and sometimes just in the middle of random bones. Sometimes it takes the form of shooting pains, but mostly it's just a stabbing ache. Most of the time, I am around a 4 on the pain scale, and I have learned how to ignore it, but sometimes, it flares up and becomes about a 6.5.
The most severe pain is in my right scapula, my ankles and knees, and right along my clavicle. Occasionally, the pain in my left leg is so severe that I walk with my foot facing inward.
I am currently living in a high-control religious environment, which makes it very difficult to go out and see a doctor, but I am just wondering if this is something that is normal or if I should see a doctor about this.
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2023.03.31 05:59 TowerPrestigious5389 How important is the first job after graduating?

I got my first job working for the university as a software developer.
Although it is well known and prestigious (at least in my country), I am worried because my first job is in academia, not in industry. Would my first career negatively affect when I try to move to better companies in the industry after approx 2 years? My primary goal is to increase TC bc salary is slightly below average.
Of course by grinding LC and interview questions, but I am just worried a bit bc no one near me ever worked in the academia or public sector as a software developer.
Thank you in advance for any comments.
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2023.03.31 05:59 Kleinito I need help.

My account was limited for 180 days and it had 800 usd balance. The limitations period expired on Wednesday. I called the paypal service number to assist me with the mpesa widthrawals but it was successful. Later that day, I contacted my university friend to help me out with the withdrawals, I shared the logins credentials with him and left him to give a trial.
An hour later, my paypal ballance was zero, my friend contacted me and said he did not make any widthrawals. I tried navigating in my paypal account to get more details, the money was redirected to equity bank. And the only equity bank linked to my account are my personal equity credentials. But now it's passed 36 hours and I have not received any money in my equity bank account.
I called the bank yesterday for a follow up, and told me to contact them today if the money does not reflect by today.
Is it possible that I was scammed? Can someone link a different bank credentials to my paypal account and send payment to their bank? Any help? Advice.
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2023.03.31 05:58 Sea_Preparation_2514 Is it worth talking to her anymore?

I don't know how to start. I'll start saying there's a girl I really like, Lily, but I don't know if I should keep talking to her. Everything started when I asked my friend from high school, let's call him Jay, if he knew some girl. He said she already has a boyfriend. The next day he thought of introducing me to a different girl who is single. This surprised me because she was a girl who I had been interested in since I saw her when I did the college admission test. The exam was online and everyone in the Google Meet video call had to turn their camera on. I saw her and thought she was cute, that's all. The exam was last June. Back to when Jay introduced me to her: he first told me to talk to her. Then he proceeded to introduce each other. Jay was talking with her and other friend who I'll call Emma. I was just there without speaking a word, so Lily didn't really notice me. I was trying to find a way to talk to her, but I wasn't sure how. Two weeks later I saw her sitting all alone, and I thought of a good way to talking to her so I did. I asked her if she knew where Jay and Emma were, since Emma usually drops me near home. She's a bit shy. We talked until her brother picked her up and left. Two days later I talked to her again. I told her I talked to Emma but I would have to stay at school to return a book from the library. I asked her to come with me and she did. We started talking every now and she would wave to me whenever we bumped into each other. Things were going well and I fell for her. I stay with her sometimes just to talk before her brother picks her up, because I find no other way to talk to her, but this can be a mistake. I don't have conversations with her if it's not like this. Since I started talking to her I noticed her friends started acting really weird, so this made me think she talked to them about me.
Last Monday I told Lily she looks very nice wearing her hair loose. She got flushed and started wearing it that way, which I thought was a clear sign that she likes me too.I was with Jay, Emma, Lily and her friend yesterday. I, as an introvert, was just standing there. Her friend asked me why I wasn't speaking. I didn't really answer and Lily said: "Because he doesn't want to". After that he asked if I have a girlfriend, but I was so nervous that I didn't answer. I sat somewhere near and started reading my book. She tied her hair and I thought it could've been because I was standing apart where I wasn't paying attention to her, but I realized later that this could mean nothing. What got me is that she stared at me slightly flirtatiously.
I bumped into her today, however, her hair was tied and she wasn't hanging with her friends like she usually does but with a guy who I actually know. He's James. I and Jay were classmates with him, so we all know each other well. Lily probably had absolutely no idea I know James, but she must've realized it when I talked to him. Later I was talking to Emma and planning to join her in her class because I had a free class and nothing to do. This was an excuse to see Lily. However, when we were arriving at the building where she had class, we saw James. Emma knows James a bit, and she mentioned him. I was gonna tell Emma that I saw Lily and James walking together when we saw Lily exiting the building. Emma screamed so hard that Lily asked what was the matter. I said hi, and she approached us, but she could probably tell what was going on. I told Emma that I saw them walking together when we entered the building. I asked her to look at them cautiosly to know if Lily exited the building just to talk to him, and Emma said they were talking. Emma knew I was jealous but told me Lily and James could be just friends. I entered the classroom with Emma and later Lily entered too. At the end of the class Lily said goodbye and left with her friends. I was with Jay and Emma. James was still sitting outside the building, which made me feel kind of concerned. Jay and Lily approached James. I was talking with Emma about James and Lily. Lily's friends were staring at us with a terrifying look. The guy told Emma something about me, but I didn't hear clearly. I and Emma sat with Lily's friends while Jay and Lily were talking to James. Jay left them alone and came with me and Emma. Lily's friends left, and Lily and James walked away together. It made me feel like shit because I've never been able to talk to her when she's with her friends and she just goes and talks to James. I asked Jay if Lily and James know each other. He said he doesn't know, but later mentioned James started to talk to Lily suddenly.
I don't understand any of this. Why do they know each other? Could they like each other? I told all of this to a friend of mine, and he told me they could be family, but I don't think so. I'll tell her I know James just to get to know if she likes him. The reason I'm upset is because she has never talked to me first, I've always been the one who starts conversations. I've wondered if she doesn't either because she wants me to talk to her, she's too shy, or she just doesn't want to talk. I've been more talkative with her than I usually am with other people, but it could be that we don't know each other that well. The thing is, she talks to James just like that. Advice on this is greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.31 05:57 OhioToDC I (38m) feel like my purpose in life is to provide happiness for my wife (40f) and other loved ones. Even and especially at the expense of my own happiness.

TLDR: I feel consumed by everyone else in my life, especially my wife. I’m not given time or space to be my own person or find my own happiness. What the hell can I do other than run away?
It’s been an incredibly difficult 18 months. My parents are in very poor health. I had to move in with them for 6 months last year to help them with serious medical issues. My wife was very understanding and we got through the immediate effects. But I am at a breaking point. I need time to just be me. However, it’s impossible to find. And it started long before my parents’ health emergencies.
I’m told to find time for myself, to do the things I like, that I deserve or need it. but when it’s time for it, either circumstances prevent me or I’m asked not to for some dumb reason or another from my wife. Or made to feel guilty for having my own desires, hobbies, feelings, sense of self.
We’re currently on vacation near a national park. I freaking love hiking. My wife knows that and we’ve “hiked” (she calls it hiking, I call it walking on a flat paved path and stopping every 40 ft for pictures) together many times. But she cannot keep up with me. So despite what she says, “go on a hike alone, I’ll be fine just staying in for the morning”, I feel made to feel guilty for doing anything for myself. Today, when I was actually going to hike by myself (at the insistence of my therapist and the first time ever while on vacation), the trailheads were inexplicably closed. Wouldn’t have been a problem except for the fact that the morning plans changed last minute, she came with me and that resulted in us being 2-3 hours behind my schThis isn’t my wife’s fault. I don’t blame her for it, but it’s now the fifth time in six vacations I was unable to do the one flipping thing I really really wanted to do. This feels like a recurring theme in my life. I call it “the universe conspiring against me.”
Everything I do, I do for my wife and my family. Every vacation, every weekend getaway, every planned get-together with buddies falls on me to plan and to do so around the others’ likes and wants. At no point has anyone in my life in the last 15 years ever done anything for me other than buy a gift I have to beg for, or allowed me the space to be myself.
I feel like I’m just a vehicle for the happiness of others and that I don’t deserve nor should I need my own happiness. This feeling sucks and I want to run away. I resent my wife for her constant recurring nightmares of me cheating on her and leaving her, yet her refusing to fix our own dead bedroom. I resent her also making me feel bad or shitty for masturbating when she won’t have sex for weeks, sometimes months on end. I resent her inability to actually let me have my own life, I resent her paranoia that results in cameras everywhere in our tiny 2 bedroom apartment. I resent that I have to feel like I should just suck it all up and make everyone else in my life happy.
I’ve told younger friends and co-workers “don’t get fat, don’t get married, and don’t tell my wife I said that.”
I should have taken my own advice. Can anyone help me please?
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2023.03.31 05:57 Radiant_Procedure914 Need suggestions to stay in Oregon coastal town/city with Decent view and Wi-FI

Hello everyone,
I am looking for a good hotel/Airbnb anywhere near Florence - New port beach. I need your help in deciding which location should I stay which will have decent price view and wifi connection.
P.s Planning to work, I know It sucks to work during staycation in such a beautiful place but that’s life, hence need a good wifi.
This will be my first road trip along the Oregon coast from Seattle so I am pretty excited. I hope my fellow redditors would help me choosing a good place.
Budget 125-175$ per night. Location preferably near to Florence/New port beach or anywhere between them.
Preference Safety > View > Wifi > location > Price
So far I found Inn at New port but it’s bit over the budget.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.31 05:57 Kleinito paypal scam.

My account was limited for 180 days and it had 800 usd balance. The limitations period expired on Wednesday. I called the paypal service number to assist me with the mpesa widthrawals but it was successful. Later that day, I contacted my university friend to help me out with the withdrawals, I shared the logins credentials with him and left him to give a trial.
An hour later, my paypal ballance was zero, my friend contacted me and said he did not make any widthrawals. I tried navigating in my paypal account to get more details, the money was redirected to equity bank. And the only equity bank linked to my account are my personal equity credentials. But now it's passed 36 hours and I have not received any money in my equity bank account.
I called the bank yesterday for a follow up, and told me to contact them today if the money does not reflect by today.
Is it possible that I was scammed? Can someone link a different bank credentials to my paypal account and send payment to their bank? Any help? Advice.
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2023.03.31 05:56 scrubhaven_ Wide Smiles and the Perfect Fit

Wide Smiles and the Perfect Fit
Seeing that wide smile is what lets us know you found your collection 😁!! Don't settle if it ain't the fit you want, try out our wide variety and we are sure you will find what you are looking for 🔍.
Visit us at https://www.scrubhaven.com/pages/best-scrub-store-near-me
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2023.03.31 05:56 moonlitway Help - Purchase of a Sponsor Unit in NYC - More than 5% variance in sq.ft revealed and Sponsor Refused to Refund Deposit if I Cancel the Purchase

Hello everyone, I recently went under contract for a 1B1B small condo (around 500 sqft) in Brooklyn. Per the filed offering plan, if the variance of the sqft is more than 5%, I have the right to cancel and get a full refund for the deposit. The appraisal report (which was ordered by the bank) came back recently - the sqft per the appraiser's meansurement is about 70 sqft less than the figure shown in the offering plan and this is more than 5% off. I'm disappointed to see this as my offer price was based on the sqft in the offering plan (subject to a 5% variance).
Given the large variance, I'd like to cancel the purchase and get my refund back. The sponsor, however, rejected the appraisal and said it's not accurate and will not refund my deposit if I cancel the purchase. I reached out to the appraisal company and the appraiser confirmed he measured the entire unit to get the result. In addition, the appraiser mentioned that the sponsor's representatitive was at the scence when the measurement took place.
I pointed out the discrepancy in sqft to the sponsor's listing agent and the agent suggested the difference is normal becuase of a differnece in measurement methodology. However, I emailed to them and showed that even if we consider the difference in measuring from exterior wall vs interior wall, the math still doesn't work and the variance is larger than usual. The listing agent then stopped reponding to me and the sponsor attorney is very firm on retaining my deposit even if I cancel the purchase.
Note that I only have a mortgage contingency and I will be able to get the loan amount. The deposit is more than $40k.
My attorney is suggesting getting a second appraisal. Really appreciate your suggestions here on how to get back my deposit as soon as possible as it has become an increasingly pain to deal with this situation, thanks!!!
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2023.03.31 05:56 Belatorius Preparing for the worse, hail damage to car, 90% sure it'll be deemed as totaled. More than likely car shopping afterwards

Last week my poor little 2015 kia rio LX was damaged with hail as a tornado passed near by while at work. Cracked windshield, broken tail lights, and dents everywhere. Like someone took a ball peen hammer to it. My car's apparently only worth about 8k at top price but in my state a car can be deemed a lost if repairs exceed 75% of its worth. If my car is valued at $6500, then a repair bill of $4500+ would total it, $6000 if valued at $8000. Coworkers had their trucks "totaled" for less. I wish I didn't notify the insurance company since its a good car and taking the salvaged title sounds like a nightmare. In my state you can't drive the car with a salvaged title until the car is in it's previous condition before the incident. Then it has to pass inspection and it would be classified as rebuild. I work nights so it sounds like I'd be without a car for a while, while forking over $$$ for repairs.
In a nutshell i'm eyeing for a new car, just in case. Normally Id go used but pricing for used cars with 120,000+ miles are hitting the $9000-$13,000 mark and it makes me rather iffy. I drive 80+ miles round trip 15 times a month so it seems like a gamble.
Credit score is around 777-780. 60k in savings and I make about 65k a year, no debt. I also donate plasma for an extra $200-400 as play money/bills. Depending on the pay out for the car (if totaled of course) I would add on to what ever to make it an even $10000 as a down payment. I have my eye on a 2023 Toyota corolla LE for 24k, hoping to talk them down to 22k and insurance quoted me $104 for coverage. Im wondering if shelling out a little more for a comfortable ride would be worth while. A sports car sounds fun but i lean more towards point A to point B type of guy. I'm looking at toyota cause Id like to drive the car into the ground with decent mpg. I am much more well off than when i bought the Kia and I still managed to pay it off after 24 months vs the 60 month loan. Thoughts and opinion?
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2023.03.31 05:54 BadDongOne This is some bullshit, right? Two contracts because it's the end of the month?? Chicago IL, 2020 Mazda3 with 8K miles.

First up, I walked away because it smelled bad to me.
Here's the deal.Found a low miles car I wanted listed online with a dealer about an hour away at a fair price. Called them on earlier today, spoke to someone who's name I wrote down, asked if they could basically get me a run down of the window sticker with all the fee's and taxes and title and paperwork charges, etc, and email me that so I know what I'm looking at and there's no surprises. No one gets back to me via email about this, shouldn't be hard to do but whatever I guess maybe this is a weird request I'm a first time buyer what do I know.
Turns out my boss knows a guy at another dealer in the network, they talk, friend of boss talks to friend at dealer with the car and asks them to put eyes on it for anything egregiously wrong with it, they come back with it looks good and suggested a particular salesperson they know to talk to about it, cool. I call, ask for that person, he's busy, another salesperson will take care of me. We talk some, I let them know I'm an hour hour maybe more with city traffic but I'll see if I can get off work early to go see it tonight. I was able to get out early, called them and let them know I'd be there in about an hour give or take because ya know city traffic.
Red flag #1. They called at exactly 1 hour as we were pulling in to check if we were still coming to see it. Ok, little bit pushy but what do I know?
Car is out front, it looks great, has a loose window trim on one rear door, a large scratch on the front bumper that's highly visible, through clear and into one color layer or maybe deeper but not into plastic. Two scratches to metal on the C pillar, one small scratch to metal on the trunk. I give the car a thorough inspect and besides those issues it's in great shape. Sales person and my partner are chatting it up while I'm looking it over (used car inspections are part of my job), my partner is usually very shy and this person is very nice and friendly and I looked forward to working out a deal with them.
Red flag #2. Car has a unadvertised $1600 CPO fee on it.
Again, I'm new to buying cars but I didn't think a CPO car would have paint defects like that? I let it slide as we talk about my down payment and hash out some monthly payment numbers. Sales person wants to sell me the car, it seems, maybe they're a good actor. I explain that I can put some down on my credit card to hold the car, I have X in my checking, Y in a saving account with a different bank, and Z is tied in an investment savings account that will take approx 7 business days to wire the funds. They start in about it's the end of the month and they need to have all sales finished before the end of the month and can't carry a sale over from one month to the next like that.
Red flag #3. The end of the month bullshit.
I lay out how much I can have and when I can have it by. $XXXX down to hold the car on my credit card right now. $YYYY is in checking and I can bring a cashier check as soon as tomorrow. The rest which is approximately the other 50% of the down payment is going to take a few days to move across accounts and I can't do anything about that, end of the month or not I can't make banks move funds any faster. She talks to the sales manager and comes back with 'ok we'll just do two contracts'
Redflag #4. The two contracts bullshit.
So what she proposes is I put down a very large amount right now on my credit card (“do you know your credit limit?” I actually do not, I don’t ever charge a lot on it and pay it off in full each month). I repeat that this is how my money is laid out, this is the time frame, I can put some down on the credit card to hold the car, I can even bring 25% of it tomorrow or probably 50% on Monday, but the rest is not liquid for approximately 7 business days. She goes back to the sales manager, comes back with the two contracts thing, she goes back again, comes back and says she’s just going to bring him over because something must be getting lost in translation. Ok.
Redflag #5. Brad the sales manager joins in and I walk.
Brad, who’s name is actually Brad, comes over, we introduce each other and shake hands. I explain, again and very clearly, here’s how my money is laid out. Again he goes into the two contracts and explains more clearly now that they want me to sign a sales contract to take the car home tonight, so they’re protected if I never come back with the down payment in full. I counter with how about I give you money and you keep the car and I bring you the rest of the money then I sign a sales contract and take the car. He’s not listening and repeats that end of the month line and what if I don’t come back. I explain again that he would have both the car and a large amount of my money, he again fails to listen so I move on. About that CPO fee, it wasn’t advertised and the car doesn’t look very CPO. For what they’re asking with the CPO fee I’m basically at a new car price with less warranty and worse finance rate. Brad counters with ‘Ok well just go buy a new car, I’m here to move numbers. I sell Mazda’s inside a Honda dealership, I moved 10 million last year, if you want new go buy new but you can’t find any new in this trim anywhere”. I disagreed and told him that another dealer was getting a new one in this trim next week and maybe I should go talk to them. “Well they’re some podunk dealer, over in nowhere land, I’m here moving metal”
I walked, told him I’m very sorry but I have to put this on ice and go look at that new car. Maybe if it’s still there and he’s willing to actually work out a deal I’ll be in touch. On the way home I talked to my boss and told him my appraisal of the situation in a brief set of words. Sales person was great, Brad was a dick. He said he’d pass it on to his friend at the other dealer. At this point unless they’re willing to sell me this car at their asking price without the CPO fee I’m not interested and the more I think on it I’m not even sure I’m willing to do that because Brad was a dick, they were very pushy about “end of the month”, and that two contract thing stunk of bullshit so bad I had to take a shower when I got home. Thanks for letting me vent, as a first time buyer I feel like I’m at a big disadvantage. I was pretty sure I was buying a car tonight and this was my first experience at a car dealer ship.
Is this level of shit normal? Are they all like this? I know some level of BS is to always be expected in sales.
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2023.03.31 05:54 Disconnect_Against_U Not sure how much longer I can hold on...

Nearly 18 years ago, I was born premature with a bleeding brain. My parents had no choice but to force me into the bitter cold; otherwise, I'd earn a one time visit from the Grim Reaper within a few days' time. One might say I was lucky to have made it out alive, even with intense medical assistance. Needles, needles, needles...tape, tape, tape...tubes, tubes, tubes...was all I ever knew. My weight, as the hideous, red thing I was, had been calculated to be well under one pound. Professionals doubted the possibility that I'd live longer than a week. Today, I see in every picture of me in my mom's arms, my small, wrinkly body was so red it was visually on the verge of exploding. Today, I absolutely wouldn't call myself lucky. My resent for life had started when I started third grade. My mom and I had been invited to a pool party...and I would have drowned if it weren't for my mom. I was hospitalized and diagnosed with Cerebrial Ataxia. Numerous blood draws, needles, a muscle biopsy, and an extremely painful spinal tap ensued. My resistance to pain meant nothing against the needles that would send electrical signals through my thigh, making it jerk with the push of a single button. I had lost strength in the left side of my body and most muscle function in the right. My recovery period lasted approximately 3 years with regular checkups and physical therapy. Just as I thought my nightmare was over, I was met with the last two years of middle school and beginning of high school. To discuss the nonstop pressure, my racist teachers and the obsession with successfully committing suicide still causes me unease to this day; I sincerely hope you understand. I'd cry to my mom every single day, begging her to pull me out of that hellhole; long story short, she cared more about the fact that I couldn't get a good job if I got the help I needed...because it would be put on my record. Being hospitalized sounded like a much better option at the time. Of course, my nightmare continues to this day. One recent night, my dad and grandmother were on the phone while I did my chores. They discussed simple things, things they'd most likely forget as soon as the call ended. It wasn't until my dad asked me to place aluminum foil over our supper that I noticed they were talking about...me. She asked when I was gonna "leave the nest" and even said that she was concerned for my future because I haven't even gotten my driver's license. They can't afford a practice car for me, and the vehicles we have are used daily for necessary work, but it's still my fault, right? With visible apprehension, my dad stepped outside to finish the conversation. My eyes began to sting as my face grew hot. I made way to my room and closed my door, immediately letting the dam break behind my eyes.
I tried to do better, for I attend online school and I'd been slacking a bit because I'm not motivated. I was proud of myself for being able to finish some schoolwork, but my mom wasn't. "I'm not surprised but you could have been finished with high school by now if you had always felt motivated," she said. I don't feel like explaining right now (I might later) because I haven't had this shitty of a day in a long time. I have to travel to my grandma's house every day; basically, I tried to convince my mom that I'd feel better if I stayed at home because of my mental state. There's so much toxicity at that place that it's taking a toll on me. She proceeded to get hostile with me. "Don't act like you have a mental problem just because you want to stay at home." I then shut up...because she'll never understand the root of the problem. We've been over this so many times that I've lost count.
I have accidental scratches on my forearm (my real self-harm scars are on my thighs and hips). She saw them, tapped me hard enough to count as a hit, and asked me if I was "punishing myself." She knows, but she doesn't do anything about it...I'm done presenting my problems and being yelled at for being "ungrateful." I truly despise my parents, and I ABSOLUTELY NEED to get as far away from them as possible, or else I might just end it all...Two things that are stopping me are my beautiful parakeets, Pixel and Juniper. I'd have to find a better home for them because my dad's an alcoholic and I don't trust them to care for my babies. I just need someone to help me before I can't be helped...before it's too late...please...
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2023.03.31 05:53 iflostreturntoaussie new friend potentially stalked me at work

TW stalking
I've reclused myself (outside of my bf and work at a library) for the last 4 years, and started therapy to work on my C-PTSD. one of the recent things we've been working on is making a friend. i had bumped into an old coworker (let's call her D) and we made plans to hang out. the first hang-out went well, but only lasted about 30 minutes. we made plans to hang out again, right after my work shift. she knew where and when i was working, since we would be hanging out right after
near the end of my shift, i got that weird gut feeling i was being watched. i tried to shake it off. my bf (who i work with) asked me how long i would be hanging out with D that night. I told him it probably wouldn't be long. and he was like "I hope it will be long!" and I said in kind of a sassy tone "last time she said she had plans in less than an hour." then I looked up, and I made eye contact with this girl I had never seen before. i felt startled because she was staring right at me, and she looked oddly angry. the girl walked into a shelf and started furtively texting, occasionally peeking out and making eye contact with me. i got paranoid "what if D sent her, and now she's reporting back to D what I said about our last hang-out being short?" I pulled my bf aside and told him that I was getting a weird vibe from the girl in the shelves and I was gonna work in the back for a bit to avoid her. he kept an eye on her, and saw that she didn't look at any books but left soon after I disappeared
that night, D and I hung out for awhile, and we recently hung out again. D said that she wants to introduce me to her best friend R sometime. i didn't think much of it at the time. but today, R showed up in my mutual friend suggestions on facebook. and I recognized her as the same girl who was at my workplace. it initially triggered a panic attack. i feel like the fragile sense of safety I was building up, and this new friendship, all came crashing down. then I was trying to figure out if I should ask D about it. i don't think I should. I don't know how much I'm overreacting due to stalking being a part of my trauma. like D probably just told her friend that I was a potential new friend, and her friend wanted to look out for her by checking me out. but I just feel my privacy violated that it happened
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