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2023.04.01 21:13 DZtactical OpenVPN on Asus RT-AC86U, code 97 error

In the UK and have a VirginMedia Hub5 (OEM Sagemcom). I have am Asus RT-AC86U connected to it as a secondary router that I want to run IPvanish VPN on that I can set to the US and have my Roku stream from US sources that are otherwise unavailable here.
Went into router setp and set it up for OpenVN client. Followed all instructions, installed .ovpn and crt files, double checked login and password, but it won't connect. Checking the system log I get "write udp: address family not supported by protocol (code=97)"
What's going on and how do I configure this to work?
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2023.04.01 21:08 gvscharan0923 Account recovery of Facebook from the authentication of facebook

At first,twenty days before some one logged in in my account when I tried to login it showed as some one logged in ,so I put a email to change the unknown email as it was not mine and it got removed from my account.Then I tried to login back with my email and I also changed pass word but the real problem before I put the two factor authentication for my Facebook account.As it was logged out by all devices.i couldn't get the codes to fill the otp that will come in Facebook account.So I can't login into my Facebook account. I tried to upload my ID they asked in another way to confirm that it's you?.But it is showing no match I tried several times till now. But I can't get the account.So guys can you please give me suggestions to get back account.It would be a lot of help.
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2023.04.01 21:07 The_Big_Cheese1984 Virtual Desktop Troubleshooting

I just got virtual desktop to play Half Life: Alyx via my roommates pc, but there are a couple of problems. The only internet I could connect both of them to is my university's guest wifi, which needless to say caused sickening stuttering. For some reason I am unable to connect my oculus to the university's secure wifi, but if I could the stuttering may be slightly better. When trying that internet however an advanced wifi login screen pops up and I have no idea how to fill out the things it is asking for and get past it. I also have a 10 ft. cable that I could use but I don't know if, or how, I could use the cable to play HL:A with virtual desktop.
In short:
1) Is there any way to get past an advanced wifi login screen when connecting the oculus to wifi? 2) If possible, how would I be able to play Half Life: Alyx with a (not official oculus link) usb to usbc cable through virtual desktop? 3) What other ways (that are not super invasive/demanding as I am using my roommates pc) could I play HL:A with a link cord to my quest 2?
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2023.04.01 21:06 DZtactical OpenVPN on Asus RT-AC68U code 97 error

In the UK and have a VirginMedia Hub5 (OEM Sagemcom). I have am Asus RT-AC86U connected to it as a secondary router that I want to run IPvanish VPN on that I can set to the US and have my Roku stream from US sources that are otherwise unavailable here.
Followed all instructions, installed .ovpn and crt files, double checked login and password, but it won't connect. Checking the system log I get "write udp: address family not supported by protocol (code=97)"
What's going on and how do I configure this to work?
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2023.04.01 21:04 DZtactical openvpn client on asus rt-ac68u code=97 error

In the UK and have a VirginMedia Hub5 (OEM Sagemcom). I have am Asus RT-AC86U connected to it as a secondary router that I want to run IPvanish VPN on that I can set to the US and have my Roku stream from US sources that are otherwise unavailable here.
Followed all instructions, installed .ovpn and crt files, double checked login and password, but it won't connect. Checking the system log I get "write udp: address family not supported by protocol (code=97)"
What's going on and how do I configure this to work?
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2023.04.01 21:04 BenENewman78 Login failed - socket error

Login failed. Reported failure reason: socket error. Please change your login settings in the Options tab and try reconnecting:

I am not sure what I am doing wrong with this new computer set up, everything worked last week with my old computer. Tried everything I could find online, but nothing allows me to connect.

I used to have a program that went through the entire operating system to delete any associated files, anyone know of an app like that for windows 11?
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2023.04.01 20:54 Embarrassed_Humor_92 Step by step guide to stream from PC to LG TV (LG CX OLED55)

I have written down the below steps to assist anyone struggling to stream games to an LG TV as I did. As you may know, there is no Steam Link app for LG TVs yet and after some search I concluded that probably the most efficient way to play Steam games to my TV (which is in a different room from my pc), is through Moonlight and the following procedure:
***The below mentioned links and procedure are working on win11x64 with an amd cpu, nvidia 40xx gpu and LGTV CX as of 31/3/23, with all Windows and webOS updates installed up to this date. It worked for me, it may not work for you, follow the below at your own risk, I am not a programmer or developer and I have not looked into the process for other hardware or software.**\*
To the mods: I have searched and have not found something like this but if I missed it I am sorry and please close/delete my post.
General idea is that Moonlight must be installed on both PC and TV (which are on the same network) for the stream to work. Installing the app on PC is simple, the "complex" part is to install it on your LG TV:

  1. Dev mode must be enabled on tv. To do that:
    Create a dev account on LG Developer website:
    Download the official dev app from LG store on your TV.
    Open the dev app and login with dev account.
    Turn on wired (or wireless) connection.
    Turn on Key Server.
    Extend session time (was already on in my case). You will have to renew the session from time to time.
    Write down IP of TV. (Prefer wired IP if available).

  1. Download and install on PC "WebOs Dev Manager".
    From go to the bottom of the page and choose the .msi file corresponding to your OS (e.g. "webOS.Dev.Manager_1.10.1_x64_en-US.msi" for Windows x64).
    Open it and: Add device-> Choose a Name
    Host address=IP of TV from step 1. (wired or wireless)
    Authentication method=Official Dev mode
    Passphrase=Passphrase on TV in dev mode app.
    Click Add.
    If all goes smoothly your TV should be successfully added. If not, make sure that your PC and TV are on the same network.
    Install Moonlight app from "Apps". App is installed on TV.

  1. Download and install Moonlight app on PC and follow the basic instructions mentioned on the website's Setup-Guide. (reg. nvidia shield, Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling, etc).
If your gpu is amd the procedure has some differences, I have not looked into it.
Setup guide:
Open Moonlight app.
  1. Open Moonlight app on TV.
    Start session
    Input code from TV to prompt on PC (it will be an nvidia shield window if you gpu is nvidia-follow the corresponding process on
    the moonlight website if your gpu is amd or other).
    Steam should appear on your TV.
    Open a game and enjoy.
    Important: In-Game resolution should be the same as the resolution chosen in Moonlight TV app (even if your monitor is not 4K but say 1440p like mine, you should choose 4k in game settings in your monitor). For further troubleshooting and optimizations please see the official FAQ and troubleshoot page.
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2023.04.01 20:53 DEM97_ You can see my hidden Ripkas teeth on the login screen

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2023.04.01 20:53 gravy_Graves Unable to login on mobile

Just downloaded the game on my phone and attempted to login using my trainer account and keep getting "username and/or password incorrect. You have X of 5 login attempts remaining"
I am able to use the same username and password to play on my PC and can log into my trainer account through the Pokemon site on my phone. Even making a new trainer account with a different email hasn't worked.
Any suggestions?
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2023.04.01 20:45 thapapawan Waves support wants me to get on a update plan for my license recovery or wait till next year. :(

I reached out to waves support because my laptop with my version 13 licenses activated was stolen from my car. So got my new laptop and need to install my stuff but on the Licenses section (under disconnected devices tab) I see my mac HD and licenses but its greyed out and its written "Recoverable from Feb 03 next year".
So explained my situation and all I got is this copy/paste like reply. So looks like I need to satisfy their conditions and need to be covered by update plan for "higher management" to approve a second recovery or wait till next year. Crazy!!!

""""Thank you for contacting Waves Tech Support.
Looking at your Waves account I can see that your V13 Licenses are activated on a computer named Macintosh HD (C491*********)
They were previously activated to a computer named Macintosh HD (3C7*******). If you have access to Macintosh HD (3C7********), login to Waves Central on that computer and your recovery option will reset automatically.
If not, Waves offer a once-per-year per license Recovery option for situations when licenses are lost, stolen, or damaged by faulty USB flash drives or computers.
Please note that per our company policy, Higher Management will need to approve a second recovery. The following conditions must be met for them to examine a case:
  1. Each license must be covered by the Waves Update Plan to qualify for a second recovery, licenses not covered by the Waves Update Plan are not eligible for a second recovery request.
  2. You will need to provide the reason for the first recovery that took place on 02/03/2023
  3. If you bought a new computer or repaired an old one, we will need proof of purchase or repair. Attach a receipt or invoice to your reply.
For your convenience, I can tell you that looking at your Waves account I can see that your licenses are not currently covered by the Waves Update Plan. Once the licenses are covered by the Waves Update Plan since a newer version of the licenses now exists, you will be able to update them to our latest V14 and by doing so you will gain access to them immediately (without waiting for approval).
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2023.04.01 20:36 everton992000 Please help.

I'm absolutely not an idiot, but I for the life of me cannot get into the Asus Router app. We just had an ISP come out yesterday and get everything set up and I unfortunately wasn't home when this was done. I've tried Admin/Admin for login pass and literally everything else I can think of, but nothing is working. I keep getting the 5 minute locked out message. When I try to go to on my phone/computer the page won't even load. I'm at a complete loss. If I do a factory reset will my internet still be set up, or will I have to get on the phone with the ISP to reset everything? Does anyone know where you can check what your current usepass are?
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2023.04.01 20:31 MissTummyacheGirly Long journey to diagnosis, pretty frustrated & traumatized, I have so many questions and don't even know where to begin...

Hi Gastroparesis! I've been lurking for a little while and finally decided to join because no one else in my life really understands what I'm going through and I'm really struggling with adapting. Really sorry in advance for the long post, but I feel like so far I haven't been able to connect with the right set(s) of ears to really feel heard and understood. **TW** I do mention my history with disordered eating/ED's in my second to last question at the end...
It's been a year and four months long (and counting) journey and I'm a little overwhelmed by the simultaneous lack of and plethora of information I've been getting. After reading a few of the posts on here I decided hey maybe joining a community of people who actually have firsthand experience might help, ya know?
It all started really I guess a little over a year ago (January '22) when I got COVID, bad, and had all the violent GI symptoms that were common with the strain that was going around at the time and I really thought nothing of it because I figured it is what it is. It took me many months to get my normal appetite back -- I think it might have been June or July before I really felt like I could even kinda eat "like normal" but noticed my bowels were just never quite the same and I was always, always super full and a little nauseated or heartburn-y after eating. I still just chalked it up to something I ate, or whatever. Before COVID I ate a mostly balanced diet, hadn't been drinking super heavily since the very beginning of the pandemic (very quickly realized what a bad habit it was and cut my alcohol intake to maybe 3-4 drinks a month), and all of my annual physical labwork was always perfectly normal according to my charts.
In mid-late Novembeearly December '22 I started experiencing worse and worse heartburn and nausea after eating, until finally the night of the 6th I was in so much pain and throwing up Pedialyte that I went to the ER, where my labs came back showing my lipase levels in the 1700's. I was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and admitted, NPO, IV fluids only, and the admitting doc promised I'd get an MRI/MRCP and Ultrasound to rule out gallbladder issues. The next morning and following days, well, different story. I was assigned a hospitalist who was so convinced that she had to be right about a VERY unproven hunch she had that my pancreatitis was caused by my Wellbutrin, which I had been on for a while at this point, and had been tolerating extremely well, that she refused to approve an order for both the MRI/MRCP and the Ultrasound and started demanding that I have a Psych consult to switch my meds cold turkey. The GI PA who came in to see me was just as useless; she ordered an upper endoscopy to rule out an ulcer and said nothing about US or MRI. I ultimately won the battle with the hospitalist to refuse the Psych consult, stay on my meds, and get the Ultrasound the fourth day I was in the hospital, which of course showed nothing gallbladder or inflamation wise. At my follow up three weeks later with the GI (at the private practice the hospital contracts with, also something no one told me, and I didn't get a choice in the matter) they basically just shrugged and relented about ordering the MRI with MRCP, but told me "I don't really know what we're going to find at this point". Oh, and the first hospitalist's theory about the Wellbutrin? Basically 100% debunked by my primary care doc, two other docs I'm friends with (both residents in Internal Med), and a family friend who is an NP.
I should also add that I live 2.5 hours away from my entire family and support system, in an area where there really aren't choices for specialty care or really healthcare in general, and I had no one with me in the hospital or at appointments who could help me advocate for myself, especially when I was really sick and out of it.
I never really regained an appetite after coming home from the hospital, felt constantly nauseous and tired, and had extreme upper abdominal pain and very watery diarrhea any time I tried eating anything -- even eggs, white rice, that kinda stuff.
I had two more ER visits at the same hospital when things got really bad and I was even throwing up clear Pedialyte, a friend took me both times because we thought for sure it was a pancreatitis attack but both times my lipase levels came back completely normal. The final straw was in February when even the IV meds and fluids did nothing for my symptoms, ER tried to discharge me, and when we demanded a second opinion from the doc she yelled at me and said "this is the ER, what do you expect us to do". I'm still waiting on an apology from that hospital; their response has so far been that "the standard of care was appropriate in your case". So I guess the standard of care nowadays is to yell at patients.
The night after that horrible ER visit we finally went to the large teaching hospital in the same system as the smaller local hospital and my primary care doc. After a 7 hour wait in the waiting room, we finally got to see the doc who was much nicer about explaining that all they could do was treat my symptoms, but that if I was still sick after the first round of meds I should have been kept a few more hours for observation or even admitted, especially since I was not able to keep anything down. He even took great care to explain why Zofran wasn't helping me and was giving me violent headaches, and gave me Compazine, and Tylenol on top of the Torodol which also, did basically nothing for me. He also recommended that I follow up with one of the GI specialists at that hospital.
I was very lucky when I called (and kept pushing) to make an appointment and was able to get one within a few weeks (2/24). The GI doc I ended up seeing has listed that he specializes in pancreas stuff so I figured I would be in good hands. At that appointment with him he not only validated that my previous care had been extremely bad and (on the DL) basically in so many words called some of the prior docs lazy, he ordered an endoscopic ultrasound to really rule out gallbladder issues (apparently you can have sludge that isn't visible on CT/MRI/regular US?) and also remarked that the symptoms I had been having even before my first attack of acute pancreatitis sounded an awful lot like Gastroparesis and that his suspicion was that that actually was what was happening. It was the first time anyone had even considered anything like it and he ordered a gastric emptying study as well.
Getting the appointments for the tests was an absolute nightmare, the hospital system wanted to try and tell me the earliest they could do either of them was Mid May or Early June and I said absolutely not, not way, I can't eat anything and I can't live like this for that long. They put a message back to my doc and he said yep, these are urgent, and I managed to get appointments for within the month. Being pushy persistent fortunately is one of my strong suits when I have all my wits about me!
I had my EUS/ERCP on 3/13 and as my new GI suspected, it came back not showing anything. He gave me the gastroparesis diet handouts and told me that once I could, you know, tolerate anything besides just Pedialyte/Gatorade/Sprite/broth (and by this point I could only sometimes tolerate the occasional ice cream/Cream of Wheat), that I should strictly stick to it until we had the results of the Gastric Emptying study and we'd go from there.
My Gastric Emptying was on 3/22. Finishing the breakfast they gave me (good old eggs & toast) was a super struggle and my stomach hurt the entire time, I was extremely nauseous but gritted my teeth thru it because I had fought really hard to get this appointment and I didn't want to have to wait for another one to start over again. Within 20 minutes of leaving the hospital I was able to login to my patient portal and see the results: Delayed Gastric Emptying. At 2 hours i was at about 30% (normal is 40% or more) and at 4 hours I was at around 70% (normal is 90% or more). I confirmed with my GI doc's nurse that I need to stay on the GP diet and be seen by the "Motility Clinic"...but I have to wait for them to call me and they're scheduling out into the summer months at this point. One of my biggest gripes is the way the healthcare system I'm in functions...everything is "you have to wait for us to call you". There isn't another healthcare system in my area that has as many or even the kind of specialists I need (I also see a neurologist for chronic migraines that are very, very well controlled) and anywhere else is 2+ hours away, which is just unrealistic for me to do especially if I were to have a problem and needed to get to the hospital.
I'm so relieved that I finally got into the right hands with a doc who actually considered the possibility of this and was able to rule it out and has a plan(ish) for moving forward, but I'm also so angry and traumatized that I was dismissed so many times and for so long. I see a therapist about it regularly, but I still have so much anger at the docs who mistreated me and the healthcare system in general. Things shouldn't have to be this way. This entire experience has been so exhausting and frustrating and traumatizing and disempowering and...ugh. I can't even think of any more words to describe. that we know it's GP I have the diet guidelines, I have Compazine tablets for nausea, I have the Sea Bands, I have "safe" flavors of Gatorade and Pedialyte and Ensure that I can tolerate...but what TF else do I do??? My boss has been super nice about letting me work from home, I only really have to go in for meetings and one or two other days a week but I struggle to make it through the day without feeling absolutely wiped out. I'm 32 years old and I can't go for a walk, can't do errands by myself because I feel dizzy and exhausted, and I'm in bed by like 7:30 PM every single night and usually have to take a nap at some point in the day too. I guess my questions right off the bat are:
1) How do you guys get enough calories/nutrients/etc. in a day? All my GI said was "strict Gastroparesis diet" and right now I know what I'm getting by on isn't nearly enough. Last weekend I kinda graduated to peanut butter toast but only one piece and then for the rest of the day I need to be liquids only because I'm so f***ing full.
2) What do y'all do in terms of regulating your BM's? Right now I fluctuate between watery diarrhea and week-long constipation and I'm terrified of taking anything because I don't want to mess my tummy up any worse than it already is.
3) Ditto for heartburn -- I notice that I get it when I have anything that's not a clear liquid like Ensure, peanut butter, crackers, toast, ice cream (I know it's not really on the GP diet and I "should" only have low-fat, but sometimes the Favorite Day brand Cotton Candy ice cream from Target is all I can stomach mentally).
4) Anyone here have any kind of history with ED's and find that this is a complete mindf***? I'm talking to my therapist about it a little, but since she's not super experienced in treating them she can only do so much and also, I feel like no one really grasps how upsetting it is to experience this simultaneous lack of control while also feeling a supreme sense of control over what's going into one's body.
5) Did anyone else here have any experiences with pancreatitis on top of their GP? COVID? My GI is pretty convinced that this is probably a post-viral Long Covid case, but the pancreatitis attack still remains a complete mystery. As of right now we're considering it idiopathic (i.e., no known cause), but I have a feeling that somehow it's all related.
Thank you so much to the mods and whoever decided to start this little community in the first place. I really look forward to learning a lot from all of you and connecting and, with a grain of salt, can't wait to see what's next...
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Last night i bought premium, and after that I tried to change my email. When I changed it i got logged out of the account and now I can’t log in again. I’ve tried to fix reset the password multiple times, but it keeps saying " Your login details are incorrect ".
I just bought premium and wanted to grind in my vacation. I wrote to support 24 hours ago but no answer. Anyone knows a fix? :D
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2023.04.01 20:25 klousGT 3009, then 40014 finally log in to LIVE.

After nearly a month of not being able to login to LIVE I was finally able to. Everything seemed to be working great, so I got my ship from Area18 loaded it up with all my gear and head to Benjini Point. Arrived at the station and request docking permissions, approached to land. Door open I was just about to enter the hangar when 30k.
Log back in and my ship is gone, along with everything I own. FUCKING HELL!!
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2023.04.01 20:13 shabs_95 Switch to Natwest but both accounts still working

Hi guys. I had a query about switching, I switched my current metro account to NatWest, and got my details to login yo my account. My balance is zero in my NatWest account and my metro account is still functioning, is there anything else I should do?
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2023.04.01 20:07 MrJoaq3 [D] Someone is trying to buy my #1 knife using which I trust, but also he wants me to use never heard of that site def a scam

Ive gotten a couple ppl trying to buy my knife on it's actually currently listed there rn for 3k
The person I'm selling it too wants me to login with my steam account on a website called To show him some more information on the skin or someshit
I won't login to this website obv.
Anyone heard of the website or anything, Here's the link to my csdeals. Profile if someone wants to buy it 🤷. Idk how reddit works sorry if I did something I shouldn't
I know is legit. I think is not What do y'all think
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2023.04.01 20:05 Velocityg4 Adding Hulu to Disneyplus account

Last month my accounts got all messed up. Somehow I was being billed for Disneyplus by itself. But I also had a Disneyplus, Hulu and ESPN bundle purchased through Hulu. All using the same e-mail.
Anyways, two months ago I was forced to unify my passwords. So, they all have the same password now.
On to last month. I pay Disneyplus yearly to save some money. Autopay went through. For some reason it only billed me this time for Disneyplus and nothing else. So, I lost access to Hulu.
I've finally decided to fix the situation and get Hulu back. This time I want it all billed through Disneyplus and not get double billed.
Here's the problem. When I login to my Disneyplus account. I can't find any options to upgrade to the bundle. My only options are Disneyplus Basic or Premium. How can I get a bundle again? I've followed online instructions to go to my account page in Disneyplus. But there are no links anywhere for the bundle under subscription.
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2023.04.01 20:04 Milkammy I need some help

Hi guys! Idk if this post is appropriate to the subreddit. But I wanted to know some things.Context: My friend got banned after a trade he made with an ED seller that was farming ED using hacks, he's not the only one who got banned, everyone who traded with this "seller" was banned. (this is on EU)For clarification, we know ED selling is against the game's policy and he didn't buy ED from the guy, he just borrowed ED to pay on later.
Now onto the questions: Has anyone gone through this? Is un-banning his acc possible? How does he approach his ban? It was specifically stated ED buying in the e-mail from gameforge. Does anyone know if there's a way to prove he didn't buy ED?
We were farming just dandy on today's EXP/DROP event when he said he'd relog onto the game, but when he tried to login again, he couldn't. I would appreciate some insight so I can pass to him.
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2023.04.01 19:53 veryken I never knew all these decades what I was missing in my login views — Recent Activities!

Having opened a brokerage account at Fidelity recently, I'm enjoying their online features, controls, views. And it's such a stark contrast to TD Ameritrade. Namely, an Activity & Orders page!
OMG, I never knew it's so useful, informative, attractive, fun, all those good things. For example, today just wanted to glance at what happened at end of month because PDF statements are not yet available. I'm completely on the ball in my Fidelity account.
TD Ameritrade is like a retarded cripple dinosaur.
Are you listening, TD Ameritrade? Hope the merger improves it.
Anybody know how it compares to Schwab's desktop access and views?
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2023.04.01 19:48 BothRequirement2826 CANNOT access my Express Entry application (3 days left!)

I went through the complete Express Entry application upon receiving my ITA, getting all documents and uploading them.
Today I attempted to make payment upon submission of my completed PR profile, but it was not letting me submit my OTP (one time password) because nothing happened when I clicked 'Next'. I tried exiting the page to make the payment again, but now I no longer have the option to even access my application!
I can login and see my page, but the column 'Action' under 'Continue an Application you haven't submitted' is completely blank - I can't access my PR profile or application at all!
This is very worrisome given how little time I have left (3 days!) - I just submitted a help ticket, but has anyone else had this problem? Any possible solutions? (I've already tried multiple browsers)
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2023.04.01 19:44 ApolloMk2 Web server is not reachable allll the time

Web server is not reachable allll the time
Coming back to runescape after 15 years and wanted to setup accounts for my kids, but the website/server seems to hate my internet connection. I assume this is not normal and there's not a massive Jagex outage this week? From nearly all 5 of my computers, I get this error 90% of the time when trying to login or create a new account. Not using a VPN or anything weird. Just frontier fios internet in Indiana. Don't have issues with any other sites/games..
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2023.04.01 19:43 Lmao-sama Disney+ doesn't recognize my email when I try to login

I recently got a Disney+ account and I wanted to watch on my PS4, but for some reason when it asks for my email it says that they don't recognize it. Both my phone and PC don't have this issue, and I even managed to log in to Disney+ through the PS4 browser (but it's really laggy). Would you happen to know any fixes for this?
Extra note: the main screen of the app says that Disney+ isn't available in my region but it is, and the log in button is still there so it is quite confusing.
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