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Speculat(e/ing) 1. form a theory or conjecture about a subject without firm evidence. 2. invest in stocks, property, or other ventures in the hope of gain but with the risk of loss. This is Reddit's hub for discussing speculating(2) and not for discussing speculating(1) about Magic: the Gathering cards.

2023.06.07 23:50 TheTomBrody Diablo 4 Improvements and Complaints

I'm currently around level 70 and been playing world tier 4 since level 58. Here are some issues and improvements I thought could easily be made to significantly quell some of players demands without working systems entirely.
Account Progress
Altars and campaign progress can carry over between characters, but it's clear that even on one character, most hardcore arpg players are already annoyed at all the side content needed to gain full character power (Renown). Here's some possible changes that could alleviate this as well as give purpose to certain content that loses purpose by itself.
Things that should carry over permanent if chosen (similar to campaign UI box to skip after completion for alts)
  1. Map/Fog Reveal Progress
  2. Dungeon Completion (renown AND codex
Things that should give renown (even if at low amounts since they are repeatable)
  1. Mastery of Random Area Events
  2. Mastery of Cellar Events
    The above changes would remove tedious tasks from new characters every season while giving value to those random events and cellars. Also removes that "what possible side quest am I missing, I have to google it" feeling to areas by making a repeatable farm for renown until cap that feels manageable and engaging rather than a scavenger hunt.

Mounts and Travel
Simple, Mounts could easily be improved to feel better more often.

  1. Increase base mount speed (especially for towns that don't allow sprint)
  2. Decrease cooldown outside the PvP area to remount
  3. Allow Sprint to destroy objects in your path (such as barricades) or simply make barricades smaller to be able to path around them
World Tier 3 and 4 End Game Improvements
While there are certainly areas of the game that do feel very good to play after world tier 2, the entirety of the game is too inconsistent. Players want (at least at higher difficulties where their build is coming online) higher density and less backtracking. Most dungeons and events suffer from either lack of density or lack of rewards (some event/objective elites do not give rewards until the end via a chest which is only a fraction of how much killing you actually have done during the event.
An Example of a great dungeon is Blind Burrows, Very dense, Limited back tracking, a healthy amount of elites with the objective monsters giving full loot. There's also a few issues with helltide and world bosses that could be quickly and easily improved as well
  1. Review and increases certain monster families density (both general pack size and elite frequency)
  2. Open World and Dungeon Event monsters should drop full loot in addition to completion chest
  3. Vastly improve Hell-Tide elite frequency (More Akin To PvP Areas during this limited event)
  4. Mark Random World Event Areas From Vastly Further Distances in the Hell-Tide Area
  5. World Boss and Strong Hold Event Timers within the UI
Final Additional Thoughts on Trading
I fully understand the issues and stance against real-money-trading and botting in regards to the trading limits. However, by not including an item for item asynchronous trading system within the game ,or at the very least a way to list and search via some sort of official trading site that isn't the forums only inconveniences the normal and rule-abiding player base.
Players that are rulebreakers with RMT/Bots will STILL seek to do these things even with friction. The friction might slow them down a LITTLE, but it significantly hurts the normal economy and normal players by not having the system be easier.
Keep the specific item restrictions if you must, but find a way to improve the trade experience that doesn't involve searching through many, many forum posts.
There are some very fun and enjoyable content areas in the game currently. These suggestions hope to expand on the good areas of the game and make them more consistent, as well as alleviate some of the more tedious aspects that are already making certain things feel like a chore rather than a fun journey (most of which will be optional for the player to choose how much carries over and how they want to fill out their renown).
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2023.06.07 23:49 babykittykatsu I Just Pulled This From a Dollarstore Pack

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2023.06.07 23:48 spirytusrektus Bank sent me my credit card PIN code in an sms. Is this safe?

Hello csec_help,
Recently, due to the problems I was having with contactless payment, I requested the renewal of my credit card from the bank I have been a customer of for a long time. The bank sent me an SMS informing me that the card will soon be delivered and the pin code I could use. The pin code they sent is the pin code I set when I first became a customer.
My question and concern may be obvious, but how secure is this? Are there no international security standards and regulations for storing pin codes in the banking industry?
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2023.06.07 23:48 ziuq How to follow transfers?

I’ve watched epl casually for a few seasons now as an everton fan, but never looked into the business side of things. I think over the summer I’ll follow the transfer market, mainly interested in what Everton will do but tangentially interested in the epl as a whole as well. Problem is I don’t understand anything, so I’d appreciate advice about where to get educated on the subject.
Really basic things like for instance, a transfer fee is paid to the old club, not the player, right? I feel I have picked that up but I’m not 100%. Also, it seems players have some degree of control over where they go, which is different from US baseball which is the sport I’m more familiar with.
Any podcasts, YouTube videos/channels, articles or other resources would be appreciated. So far I have just followed a bunch of Twitter accounts related to Everton and epl in general so I get posts about transfer rumors in my feed, but obviously that doesn’t really provide the education I am looking for. Most YouTube videos I have found so far such as from Tifo seem to discuss the subject at a higher level, I need the real basics.
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2023.06.07 23:48 VegetableTube I extended the artwork on this Clefairy card! Hope you like it ~

I extended the artwork on this Clefairy card! Hope you like it ~
The original artwork in the card is done by sowsow and I used heavy body acrylic paint
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2023.06.07 23:48 caitlin_long always love a good reminder of why we're right on track

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2023.06.07 23:48 breitend Why Aomine isn't satisfied with any of the GoM as his rival

Disclaimer: I haven't read the manga, only just seen the anime and the movie. There is a strong possibility that I am wrong and there is some scene in the anime/movie that proves me wrong. If there is please let me know. Also I did my best to check the subreddit for other similar theories so I'll try not to repeat anything. Some minor spoilers below.
As I watched s3 of the anime it really started to bug me that Aomine was all "The only one who can beat me is me" when he hasn't even played the other GoM, espically Akashi who seems to be better than him. But I figured he just thought/knew he was better than each of them, being the ace and all. So for each of the GoM, here is why I think Aomine believed there weren't worthy of being his rival.
Kuroko: Obvious
Kise: Post s3, Kise is a great matchup for Aomine, but during middle school it was stated by someone (Kuroko or Kise maybe?) that Kise NEVER beat Aomine 1v1. So while Kise had potential, why would Aomine consider Kise his rival when (at the time) Kise was so obviously worse than him.
Murasakibara: I've seen people say Murasakibara would be a great matchup for Aomine but I disagree. As far as I remember, he doesn't have any special ball handling skills and unless he could somehow get past Aomine and to the paint (which I don't think he could do given Aomine's speed and agility), I think he would have a lot of trouble scoring in a 1v1. On the other hand, Aomine would be able to score from the outside if Murasakibara played back on defense and would blow right by him if he tried to play tight defense.
Midorima: Similar to Murasakibara, I think Aomine has the physical ability to outplay Midorima on offense and defense. Midorima is a great defender (shown when he easily beats Kagami 10 times in a row) but as far as I remember there was no indication he could hang with Aomine's speed or unorthadox scoring style. On defense, Aomine should have the jumping ability and agility to stay infront of Midorima to disrupt/block his shots.
Akashi: This is the part that is just a theory so I may be wrong. Akashi seems like the perfect matchup for Aomine with Emperor Eye being a good counter for all of Aomine's crazy handles and trick shots. Aomine should be fired up to play against someone who can both guard him and break his ankles but he isn't. Why? Aomine doesn't know about (or at least hasn't experienced) Emperor Eye.
Reasons why I think this could be the case:
  1. Akashi only developed Emperor Eye in the middle of their last season of middle school and Aomine wasn't at the practice (since he stopped going to practices because he was better than everyone).
  2. The first time we see Akashi use Emperor Eye in a game is roughly halfway through the Winter Cup semifinals against Shutoku when they are tied. There's no chance any of the middle school games with the GoM got to that point of being tied at half time so it's very unlikely Akashi ever used it in middle school. We know Rakuzan hadn't played any GoM up till that point in the Winter Cup and I don't think its a stretch to say Akashi wouldn't have had to use it having 3 Uncrowned Kings on his team and I believe Rakuzan was shown to have been blowing out every other team till Shutoku. So Aomine likely has never seen Emperor Eye in a game.
  3. At this point, Aomine wasn't really even friends with Kuroko or any of the GoM for that matter, the only person who may have told him about Emperor Eye is Momoi. But if Aomine knew about it, wouldn't he have challenged Akashi to a 1v1 to see if there was someone better than him? (This is sort of part 2 of the theory) If he did, Akashi would have refused to play him. Akashi is known for being a tactical genius and what is the benefit for Akashi showing off his most powerful move? He doesn't need Aomine to be motivated to win games and he already has the respect/loyalty of the rest of the GoM from when he beat Murasakibara in the 1v1 so he is still in control of the team. There's no point to playing Aomine so he simply wouldn't.

tl:dr: Aomine doesn't recognize any of the GoM as his rival because was better than all of them (outside of Akashi) coming out of middle school but didn't realize how good Akashi was since he was never at practice and Akashi plays his cards close to his chest.
Thanks for ready, lmk if I got anything incorrect!

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2023.06.07 23:48 AnalysisSubstantial1 Anyone like The Idol? I watched the first episode and I’m curious to see the next one! Wondering what other fans think.

In my opinion the acting could be stronger but so far I like the plot and the message behind it. To me, the show is trying to give an inside glimpse into the horrifying realities of being famous and living in Hollywood.
Which I feel falls in line with the theme of the After Hours album. After watching the show…I don’t think I would ever want to be a celebrity. It seems like such a lonely and invasive experience. It also shows how badly women are treated in Hollywood too. Jocelyn is not even a real person to her team it feels. She’s just a product they’re trying to sell and make money off of. That’s pretty damn depressing. Yes she lives in a big mansion with everything she could dream of, but how many people can she really trust and be vulnerable with? Definitely not Tedros💀💀💀He doesn’t have red flags, he IS the red flag😫🥴
I also feel like the hate towards the show is a bit out of hand :/ The fact that people were dragging the show before it came out based on what some critics said without watching it for themselves is weird.
Have I watched shows better than The Idol? Yes. But I don’t think it awful and insufferable. Not too crazy about it but I’m interested enough to want to see the next episode.
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2023.06.07 23:48 BigSad-O_O- Social isolation is killing me from the inside.

I’m hollow. I have no sense of community to rely on. My own brother doesn’t like me. Why was I destined for this life? Sure I’ve been working on myself for a long time, but why am I still sitting here with no real friends. I’m a good person, and I work so hard to do the right thing for other people and for myself, but it’s futile. This world is disgusting and I’m tired of living in it. No I’m not going to kill myself, I won’t put my mom through that pain, but it feels like I’m already dead. Is there something wrong with me? Is that why people don’t want to be my friend? Why don’t people care about me? I’m going to do mushrooms soon. I hope that will be the major thing that finally helps change my life.
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2023.06.07 23:47 r3crac RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike for Children 16 Inch [EU] for 217.99 USD without coupon (Best price in history: 220.99 USD) [EUROPE]

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Here is the link (Banggood): RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike for Children 16 Inch [EU]
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Price alerts and current coupons for RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike for Children 16 Inch are here
It's a real discount and real deal.
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2023.06.07 23:47 CyclonicThrift Cards that hinder the most-ahead player at the table but benefit the most-behind player

We were wondering about this Robin Hood "Take from the rich and give to the poor" style of card design the other day. Personally, I think cards designed this way would make games more enjoyable for everyone involved.
What got us talking about this, was [[Aura Shards]]. The card is really strong, especially in token decks, but tends to hit decks that rely on artifact ramp the hardest. E.g. you'll gladly get rid of a [[Bolas' Citadel]] or a [[Rhystic Study]], but sooner or later the good stuff is gone and you're gonna start removing the harmless stuff like mana rocks. That is the point where the BR player barely hanging on with 3 lands and 2 rocks in turn 7 is effectively pushed out of the game.
IMO commander games should be fun for every player. Every player should feel that their deck did what it was supposed to do and ideally, power and momentum should change multiple times between all players. For me the best games are the ones where all players have had the chance of almost winning at some point.
That being said, if [[Aura Shards]] was designed differently so that it was still able to remove the biggest problem artifacts/enchantments but at the same time prevent players with weaker board states from falling too far behind, I would enjoy playing it (and against it) more.
Anyway, that got me thinking about target removal in general. Do you know of any cards that are able to hinder the player that needs to be kept in check but at the same time benefit the player who is most behind? I think maybe cards like [[Visions of Duplicity]] might fit the bill, because you can literally help balancing two players out. What do you guys think? Any input is appreciated.
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2023.06.07 23:47 wutabeast1218 Rejected from Chase Freedom Unlimited ~ Advice to Move Forward (/apply for the Amazon Prime Credit Card?)

Hi all,
I posted a while back regarding recommendations for a new card for my move. I ended up deciding on applying for the Chase Freedom Unlimited but was rejected, to my sincerest surprise. I called the reconsideration line hoping that they would ultimately approve me. The reason was for too high of rent ($1850) with my income. I plead my case as respectfully and calmly as possible and felt like I tugged at their heartstrings well enough, especially as the people I spoke to seemed to be on my side, but unfortunately they stuck by their decision. I was hoping to ask your advice on my next move. Should I simply wait it out and stick with the cards I have until either my income increases or enough time passes that I feel more confident in applying for a different card? Can I call them again and ask if they would consider approving me for another Chase credit card, such as the Amazon Prime Credit Card? Is this even possible since I applied for the CFU? Any insight would be super helpful!
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2023.06.07 23:47 Tnh7194 Hair Botox

Have you heard of this in salon treatment?
It's very vague as there's no specific brand or ingredients so it's a bit confusing, but people love it... from what I can gather is just like any "hydrating" mask
Anyone got any real scientific facts?
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2023.06.07 23:47 radusibiu Need help please

Hello people and please excuse my English. It’s not my first language. I suffer from depression and anxiety. I am also in some sort of bad luck regarding my health. I was fine than all of a sudden appendicitis with peritonitis. Got better but gained weight. Started to lose weight i got gallstones. Had to remove gallbladder. I recovered and reached my ideal weight. Than torn meniscus happened. I couldn’t handle another surgery. Than i got laryngopharyngeal reflux with gastritis and difficulty swallowing. Had to eat strictly but after starting medication and diet i was bite by a tick. Got lyme and bartonella from the tick. I have to take now a lot of antibiotics to fight this infections. This isn’t helping my gastritis and LPR. All this health issues aren’t helping my mental state. I got all this health issues in the last 2 and a half years. My anxiety and depression started when i lost my grandparents. I can’t handle losing people i care and my mental health spiraled to not wanting to get out of my house anymore. What’s even worse is that my friends don’t believe depression and anxiety exist. I would like to talk to someone about how i feel but I always get the same message: you always think negative. You have to much spare time. Also because of my negative thinking i got all my health issues. Because i attract them. This is what I’m always told. And it is not fair. I am very down and i also need my friends. But they don’t believe anxiety is real. They keep saying i have to get outside more and to start to think positively and everything will go away. What can i tell them? What studies can i show them? What can i do? They are not bad people but are the kind of people that can surf any problem without consequences. So if they don’t suffer from anxiety nobody has anxiety. Sorry for the long post!
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2023.06.07 23:47 TriciaPaLynn Brent Mydland interview?

Saw the interview Al Franken did, and it got us thinking...
Is there a real interview of Brent Mydland somewhere out there that we can watch?
Ever grateful.
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2023.06.07 23:47 Additional-Two-2631 Since this the only way to get a bum to see what i said ILL TAKE IT TO FACEBOOK YOUR LITERALLY A BUM 😩😂✋

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2023.06.07 23:46 Legitimate_Ideal5485 This is my First Reddit Post Ever!

Hello-I am a 43 year old female. I had the first sign of HS at 8 years old, but not diagnosed until I was 21. In the student health clinic at my university of all places.
When I was first diagnosed, I was a severe case, under my arms, groin, and under my breasts. I tried everything recommended back then, and still had to have grafts under my arms and a large breast reduction. My groin was still a mess. I was afraid of surgery in that area, and never pursued it. To say that area is battered would be an understatement.
And then last summer, I started with flairs on my waist line on my right side. They’re quite painful. I was in a high level of stress for about 8 months (I lost my job, and had to move states to gain employment in my field). I was broke, depressed, and stressed about everything. When I moved to where I live now, I immediately established with a dermatologist. We tried some things. I we tried remicade, and now cosentyx. During it all, I was in some type flare. Nothing was working. The dermatologist would occasionally write me a prescription for pain medication. As a last resort, he said removing the diseased tissue is the only way to solve this. So, I agreed.
I had a large portion of my waistline remover, and the 10 inch incision about 1/2 inch below where my pants sit. Surgery was on 2/24/23. It was an out patient procedure. She basically made a flap and then sewed my skin together. Unfortunately, she did not remove ALL of the diseased tissue. And almost immediately the HS tunneled directly to the incision. It caused me to miss an additional week do work.
Since that time, I’ve had to wear a bandage in that area. I’ve been on antibiotics for months. It’s puffy and hard one day, but not the next. The only thing that is constant is the pain. I saw the surgeon every week for over a month. I had appointments with my PCP. I was having severe pain back in April and I went to ER (It was a Sunday afternoon). They did an ultrasound, and did not see any cyst or abscess underneath that area. It’s literally just the tunneling. Anyway, the dr gave me a pain pill in the ER and then sent me home with 10 more. Ok. I stretched them as long as I could. I was finally able to get in with my PCP the week before Memorial Day. During the visit, I told her that I’m in a debilitated state. I have to work from home about 90% of the time. My house is a mess. I haven’t been cooking. I’m pretty depressed. The dr and I (she is a family med resident) discussed my history, what has transpired since my surgery, my trip to the ER. We agreed that she would start me on Aleve and gave me 8 ultram for the severe days. To be clear, that was 8 for 14 days. Meanwhile, I was messaging her via the EMR. I told her I was still having pretty intense pain. I didn’t hear back for a couple of days. And then June 3 happened…
I woke up on Friday and my side was basically burning. It was hurting so badly. I called and tried to get in with my PCP, or another of her associates, but nothing was available. Well, I made the mistake of going to the ER. It was not busy. When I checked in my BP was 158/100. I was struggling. The ER Dr listened to me and stated that I needed a CT to make sure there isn’t anything that the US can’t see. I also had another US. And a bunch of blood work. They also gave me a shot of morphine. The surgical resident came down to see me. And then 2 hours later I was discharged. I got upset. I told them that I refused to leave until someone help me. Not give me drugs, but help me. Figure something out. I then asked for a patient advocate, and was told I had to call them. I was upset at that point. I regrettably yelled at the nurses, and for that I actually feel bad. The dr told me that my PCP has to help me. But she isn’t either. My pain was completely dismissed. I believe they called security because I saw one walking back that way. So? I left. I got in my car and just balled. I was mortified. Embarrassed. In pain. And no one cared to help even though I asked.
Forward to that evening. My PCP responded to my message. She wants to start me on Lyrica. I said yes, can I also have some more ultram for the acute pain. Today, I received a message from her stating that I need to speak to a behavioral pain specialist and that I may have complex region pain syndrome. I looked it up. It seems to be phantom pain. She also suggested that start on a course of narcan. To be clear, I signed a pain contract when she wrote me the ultram prescription. I do not take drugs for the sake of taking drugs. I’m in real pain, it isn’t fake or in my head, it’s the HS. I’m at my wits end. What do I do? I’ve been labeled a drug seeker for advocating for myself.
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2023.06.07 23:46 shibui_ What reasons are there for why there isn't better evidence?

With all the news happening, I see all the usual responses like, "why don't we have better pictures with all the nice phones we have now?" And people couldn't really keep this a secret if it was this big of deal or if there is real phenomenon happening it could just be man made, or it's just some anomaly that we don't understand yet.

What are some points that look around these ideas? Or is it really just some figment of our deceitful consciousness? I'm curious to hear opinions from the community. I know the next thing we have are peoples confessions, but could they all just be deceived too?
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2023.06.07 23:46 MerkabaZ I just had the scariest dream of my life

July 12, 2022
3:14 am
It started out nice. The very beginning is vague to me but I remember riding a bike? behind some goth girl. I threw a pencil at her and she halfway looked back. I threw my headphones case at her and she halfway looked back again. I said something like so you just not gonna talk to me. Then we start talking and getting to know each other.
I remember waving her parents bye and we took off. We went flying high like in a lucid dream. I felt like we were in Britain and we flew over to America but there wasn't a lot of distance in the flight. Me and the girl then were closer as individuals and we were chilling inside a watch tower. She starts talking to me about the Merkaba and the kundalini energy and spine on the back of playing cards. I can see crystals in the playing cards. This part felt like we were in some 1900's movie and I was watching in third person.
I had a phone and it died but then came back to life all the sudden and it started playing a video. The video was of some man saying "kill shaya kill shaya" (my name).
Then all of the sudden the mans eyes turn ugly white and demonic as he turns to the screen and jumps out and possesses the girl watching the video. She then turns towards me and starts biting chunks out of me. I was so startled and I woke up in sleep paralysis. A shadow came into my room from my window and crept towards me and got very close. I wasn't really scared I just kept on saying in my mind "I love you God" and then the sleep paralysis wore off. I got up and got some water and lit some palo santo. I looked at my oven clock and it said 3:33.
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2023.06.07 23:46 XxianteaxX This is not going over well. 😂

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2023.06.07 23:46 Invidat I think Emiya (Assassin) probably needs an animation update.

Throwing another servant into the ring of those that need animation help, Emiya is in a weird place as a servant that came after year one, so he has unique animations, but before they did stuff like add different animations depending on the order of the cards (at least for the most part).
His quick and art cards are near identical and I think his second quick attack literally just uses the art card animation. As mentioned, th attack animation kinda just repeats with little or no variation it you use two of the same cards. That and his noble phantasm, while cool, could use some minor sprucing up, nothing major though.
To give a comparison to a servant in a similar position, he is basically stuck in the same place that both Jeanne’s are stuck in. Where the animations are not that bad, but they are clearly dated and needs some love.
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2023.06.07 23:46 afflictedspeck I (29M) am considering ending the relationship with my (27F) girlfriend of 1.5 years after her roommate (25F) threatened me and we got into a huge fight

I would really appreciate some help here. I’m at a loss on what to do. Apologies for the really long post, TLDR below.
TLDR; I’m considering ending a relationship of 1.5 years with my girlfriend after her roommate and I got into several fights this past weekend over moving a couch into their apartment. Her roommate prohibited me from stepping foot inside ever again, threatened to call the cops on me, threatened to lawyer up, and accused me of aggravating her. She might have also punctured one of my car’s tires as it was flat the following day in their parking lot. My girlfriend has continuously said she understands the situation and will be coming to my place going forward, but I’m afraid of what might happen in the future since she shares her location with her roommate, have been friends for 17 years, have a matching tattoo together, and the roommate has shown to be a very explosive and volatile person. Her roommate has also been convicted in the past for assault and I’m afraid of what she might do. I feel like I don’t fully know my girlfriend and don’t know how to move forward. Should I leave the relationship or continue to fight?
A bit of a background
My girlfriend, let’s call her Ana, and I have been together for 1.5 years. We met through a cousin of mine at an outing back in December 2021 and started dating right away. Ana is caring, loyal, and has always listened to what I have to say. Our relationship has gone through some challenges, but nothing we have not talked through and somewhat agreed on - we see life differently to some extent when it comes to matters like politics and religion but have always sat down to talk through and resolve those issues. My parents did not get a good impression of Ana when I introduced them to each other, but she has worked hard to do so ever since. When we met I also asked her to go back to school to keep pursuing her degree, which she had stopped years ago, but listened to me and is currently on her second semester. It is important to note that Ana (and Betty, shortly introduced) was in a religion for 22 years that prohibited her from making friends outside of it. She left 5 years ago and had to cut all communication with her family.While together, in June last year, I bought an apartment and moved about 1.5 hours north of her to be closer to my job. Ever since that happened we have had this sort of long distance relationship where we only see each other on the weekends - every other weekend Ana comes to visit me, staying overnight, while I do the same the weekends she does not.Ana was living in an apartment by herself up until two months ago, when her lease was over and the landlord increased her rent by 30% or so. She had to go somewhere and asked if we could live together, to which I declined as I did not think we were ready - moving in together has been something I’ve refused to do because of a very sour experience with an ex-girlfriend. Since that was not an option, Ana decided to move into a new apartment with one of her best friends, Betty, who I barely knew. They decided to move about 30 minutes closer to me. Betty promised Ana she would take care of her, to some extent, by paying more than half of the rent and covering the security deposit. Ana does not make much money and has racked up some credit card debt which she is managing now, so the arrangement made her financially happy. It’s sort of important to note, however, that with the new arrangement Ana is paying about the same monthly rent. I helped her move out and into the new place with two other friends.Betty and Ana have known each other for 17 or so years. They have traveled together and even during our relationship Ana, during the weekdays, has visited Betty overnight to watch movies and whatnot, without me there. At the start of our relationship Ana refused presenting me to Betty several times despite my insistence, because Betty had had serious fallouts with two of Ana’s friends and she was afraid I might not like her. Before meeting Betty I had a sense I would not like her when I noticed that Ana, when Betty texted, was afraid of not replying right away, which I thought was odd. I confronted her but she always ignored what I was saying. Other friends of Ana’s had also noticed the same. I ended up meeting Betty six months or so after Ana and I started dating, which was right after Betty’s ex broke up with her after almost five years of a verbal- and physically abusive relationship. Betty, I recently found out, has even been to jail before due to explosive episodes that have ended in physical aggression, and is currently trying to expunge her records. She was also adopted as a kid and her adoptive father has beat her for years in different occasions. Betty and I only hung out then, when we met for the first time, and one other time two months after, for her birthday. I never had any sort of altercation with her, but noticed she always had some fight with someone, always talking down on people and blaming others for her tragedies. Something that took me by surprise last year was when my girlfriend and Betty went one day to a tattoo parlor and got the same exact tattoo in the forearm as a sign of their friendship. Up until then my girlfriend only had two other tattoos that were very small - one by her ankle and another one by her ribcage. This one that she got with Betty is the only truly visible one. That day I remember being extremely surprised when she showed it to me, seeing how she had not even mentioned she was going to get a tattoo, but comes home with the biggest one she has had, and on the forearm.Fast forward to Saturday: Betty and I lose it with each otherMoving forward to last weekend, I visited Ana at her apartment for only the second time in the last two months after she moved in. I drove over Saturday early in the morning and was greeted by my girlfriend making breakfast for me and her roommate. We all ate and Betty asked to spend the day with us, since she needed to go to the library to study for an exam, which my girlfriend and I had planned on doing, so that she could study for one of her classes. They also made me aware of a couch one of Betty’s friends was giving her for free, and Betty asked for my help to pick it up later. The day went well at the library (4 or so hours) but started to shift when we went out for late lunch after - Betty asked for spicy wings at a local bar and threw a fit when the wings came with not sauce, calling the manager of the place and insulting the cooks and staff. After that ordeal we went to UHAUL to rent a truck for the couch. Like idiots, we ended up breaking what we thought was the ignition key (it wasn’t, just an attached key for the back doors) inside the car’s key hole. This sent Betty screaming and insulting me, out of the blue, calling me an idiot and other words I cannot recall. I yelled back at her which only escalated the situation. UHAUL management stepped in and they got us a pickup truck at no additional cost. We live in a big city in South Florida. I drove with Ana in the middle seat and Betty on the passenger side for about 40 minutes to pick up the couch. It is 10PM on the dot when we get to the community where Betty’s friend lives. A security guard, as I parked the truck, approached us to say the HOA does not allow trucks at that time. Betty starts insulting him several times as I drive away and parked about half a block from the community, at a plaza right next to it. We proceeded, for the next two hours, to carry out the couch from a second floor to the first, moving it over a 5 feet wall (with me jumping over) to avoid going around the community, then walking with it for half a block and than putting it on the bed of the pickup truck. All in 90 degree humid weather.As I am sweating and huffing while fastening the couch on the bed of the truck by myself, with Betty and Ana talking by the side of the truck, I notice Betty looks tired and miserable, to which I asked jokingly “why the long face?”. Betty proceeds to tell me I am not being funny with that question and starts to yell at Ana, saying how she is useless, how she herself (Betty) had to do everything regarding the couch and no one helped her, how “her man” (meaning me) was not able to afford a couch for her, and other stuff I cannot remember. She called me an idiot, and called me slick, and said I was not funny with my stupid jokes, and kept yelling I was not helpful. I started to yell back at her saying how it had been six hours since we had been helping her. I also, at that point, lost it all and said “where are your friends right now to help you? Holy shit, I am literally on the bed of this truck fastening your couch and you are so ungrateful”. I was yelling as she was yelling back, and in that moment the yelling match turned something like the following:Betty - “you are so fucking useless, IT’S ALWAYS ME GETTING SHIT DONE, no help from anyone, ALWAYS ME”Me - “what the fuck are you talking about? We are LITERALLY helping you right now, what the fuck”Ana - “guys please stop, can’t we all just get along, please?”Betty - “Bro you are not funny man, who the fuck said you are? I am so tired of your shit, your stupid comments and jokes throughout the day”Me - “where the fuck are your friends to help you? You are so fucking ungrateful; you jump from dick to dick and will never find love, you have no fucking friends”Betty - “WHAT THE FUCK. Your bitch is a whore man, she doesn’t even wear condoms. A fucking whore and a fucking submissive bitch, that’s why you are with her”Ana - “guys please stop”Me - “Don’t you fucking dare talk about Ana that way, be fucking respectful”Betty - “A fucking whore is what she is, and submissive, and worthless”At that point we are yelling at each other and Betty starts saying that I am assaulting her, and threatens to call the cops. She grabs her phone to make a call and I start filming with mine, making it very clear that at no point have I put my hands on her or planning to, at all. She starts yelling at me for recording her and bring up her lawyers and the cops, and how recording her without her consent is illegal. We are calling each other names and I continue to film. She is also in disbelief at how my girlfriend is “not defending HER”. In reality Ana was trying to stay out of it.Needles to say, the way back to their apartment with the couch was extremely uncomfortable. It was very quiet for the first 20 minutes until Ana asked us why we can’t just get along, which made Betty go off again, yelling at how I am slick, worthless, and so many names I cannot remember. Betty said she does not want me to step foot in HER house, and continued to say she would break the lease and have my girlfriend’s stuff out of her place. When we got to the apartment I let them carry the couch inside and asked my girlfriend to bring my stuff (a backpack and a duffle bag) out of the apartment. I did not want to step foot inside for my own safety. Betty does not have a gun but I am sure she would have used it if she did, either to threaten or God knows what. As I was leaning on the frame of the door Betty asked if I would come in, to which I said no, and she also slammed the door on my face and prevented Ana from opening it, positioning herself in front of the door and yelling that “if she steps foot outside she would kick her out” to which I kept yelling that Ana is also in the lease. When Betty opened the door I told her I would call the cops if she tried one more time to hold Ana hostage inside. She went off again and threatened to lawyer up and kick Ana out. After much yelling and cries from Betty, I ended up stepping inside, closing the door behind me, and talking to them both to de-escalate the situation.At this point it is 2AM and after much yelling I apologize to my girlfriend’s roommate for stepping over the line when I basically called her a whore. I was a total piece of shit in that regard and sincerely felt like apologizing. Betty did not apologize but she said I could stay over. She said she will forget about the whole situation and that all she needed was to cry and get over what I had said. She went to the balcony to smoke weed and I left the apartment to basically cry out of frustration. Ana followed me and after 30 minutes or so talking outside I told her I had to leave. I did not feel safe sleeping over and did not know if I could ever feel safe again in that space. I walked over to my car and drove home for an hour. I went to bed at 3:30AM and woke up at 6:50AM, took a shower, and headed back to my girlfriend’s apartment complex to return the truck which we had to do by 9AM.Sunday: flat tire and location sharingIt’s now Sunday morning. I get to my girlfriend’s apartment at 8:15AM, where I leave my car parked, and with her on the passenger seat drive over to the UHAUL, which is about 20 minutes away, to return the truck. Everything is done on time and after getting my girlfriend’s car from the UHAUL parking lot we stop at a diner to have breakfast. We get back to her apartment at around 10:20AM and by 10:25AM we are driving over to my place, each of us in separate cars. About 10 minutes after leaving I get a flat tire notification on my car’s dashboard and pull over at a near gas station to see what was going on. The car had gone from 35PSI in one of the rear tires all the way to 15, and kept going down. I end up driving the car over to a TiresPlus close by, which later confirmed the flat tire was due to a hole on the outside which “had been caused by an object that went in and out, more than likely a screwdriver or a knife”. Needless to say I had to pay ~$200 for a new tire.I told Ana there is no way this was coincidence and that I suspected Betty had done something to that tire. She said she did not think it could have been the case since there is no way Betty knew where I parked. I did not think that logic made sense since Betty knows exactly what car I drive and she was in the apartment, in her room, when Ana and I left earlier to return the truck. She basically had two hours to do anything. On top of that, I found out that Ana actively shares her location with Betty via iMessage, and vice versa. Ana and I also have that sort of arrangement. They have been doing it for years.Ana and I spent the Sunday sleeping at my apartment pretty much. I could not get the situation out of my head and barely slept, but being together made me feel better. We talked about the future extensively and Ana promised me that she will cut all communication with Betty once the lease is over, but currently there is nothing she can do. She also brought up living together again, and the following day also told me how she was looking into jobs that are close to my place.Monday: going on a break with AnaAna went to work on Monday morning (5AM) from my house and I worked from home. I did not get anything done thinking about the whole situation and later in the afternoon Ana and I continued to talk about it. Later at night, as Ana was sending me text messages on how she was cleaning the house, Betty was also posting on social media about it. I told the whole story to my best friend who seemed mortified about the situation and asked me to be careful. Monday night I sent Ana a long message explaining that I need some time to think about our relationship. I said that I could not trust her judgement and was afraid for what might happen if she still hangs with this crazy person not now, but in the future as we think of a life together. Will she be at our wedding? At her birthday parties? Will she be involved in our lives? Even though she has told me she will not, I know that Ana has been well aware of how Betty is but nothing has changed in their friendship these past 17 years. It has only become stronger.Ana was very hurt from my message and called me right away. After a one hour conversation where she pushed me to decide on breaking up or continue the relationship she hung up when I told her to please give me until Friday. She does not understand how it is that I am re-thinking our relationship if it is that I love her. I do, and care so much about her, but have not been able to move past what happened and the fear that she might introduce me to similarly dangerous people or environments, be it with Betty or with someone else, is severely impacting my ability to think there is a future here. To keep the story short this is the third time Ana has tried to, or has introduced me to, people or situations that pose a danger to me and her. I also have not been able to get out of my head how it is that she is friends with this person, Betty, who is so visibly crazy and with whom she has a matching tattoo, years of friendship, experiences, etc.Tuesday: Ana’s early morning call and social media login attemptAt 7:30AM today, as I was getting ready for work, Ana called me to tell me she was sorry for blocking me on social media and on iMessage. By doing that I no longer have access to her location. I was not aware since she had done that at night, after I had asked for some time. She told me she “did not want me to think the posts from her story were directed toward me”. She also told me that “she wanted to have some sort of control seeing how I was having her wait for a decision and felt lost”. She also confessed she could not sleep and had gotten to work very early, thinking through everything in her car at her workplace parking lot. Ana begged me to please consider our relationship and after trying on the phone we hung up for the day, and have not talked since.I am in a situation where I have to decide whether to have Ana move in with me, live with the fact that she is with a psycho for the next ten months, or simply leave it all behind despite how much I care about her. I don’t know if I am ignoring some red flags and that’s really the reason why I needed the time and am seeking some help on here. I don’t know if I am in the wrong and would like some clarification because I truly feel so lost. Ana has done so much for me in the sense that she listens and I know she loves me, but I am just afraid of her judgement and what she might bring into the relationship in the future. I also feel like I don’t know her like I thought.Should I lie the relationship or continue to fight? Would sincerely, wholeheartedly appreciate some advice.
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