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2016.08.11 03:40 IM TOO OLD FOR JAIL!

Do you have a video, gif, or article about stupid old people using their age as a pass to get what they want? Post it here!

2011.09.27 19:07 BlankTV BlankTV - Dangerous Music for Dangerous People

BlankTV is the Net's largest independent music video channel covering punk, ska, metal, alt-rock, alt-country, hip hop and EDM.

2023.06.07 13:53 Jhonjournalist According to the World Bank, Kenya’s Economy Would Rise Somewhat This Year

According to the World Bank, Kenya’s Economy Would Rise Somewhat This Year

According to a forecast released by the World Bank on Wednesday, Kenya’s economy will grow at a slightly faster clip this year because of a recovery in the vital agriculture sector. In its most recent biannual Kenya Economic Update report, the bank forecast that the nation’s GDP will expand by 5.0% in 2023, up from 4.8% in 2018.
Several farming areas recently experienced ample rainfall following a two-year catastrophic drought, which might boost output and reduce inflationary pressure.

Kenya’s Economy

The World Bank listed several dangers to the growth outlook, such as any new global shocks that would weaken demand for exports. According to the report’s authors, Kenya should be able to manage the mounting public debt obligations that have strained the nation’s finances.
Even if there is still a high chance of suffering from the debt, it is still manageable, according to Naomi Mathenge, a senior economist at the bank and one of the report’s authors.
  • World Bank predicts Kenya’s economy to grow 5.0% in 2023.
  • World Bank warns Kenya to manage debt repayments amid growth risks.
  • Kenya’s additional taxes may reduce consumption and attract green investments.
She continued by saying that since taking office in September, President William Ruto’s government has reduced the growth of the nation’s debt and searched for less expensive financing options from bilateral and multilateral lenders.
The World Bank forecasts a slight decline in overall public debt, from 67.4% of GDP at the end of 2022 to 64.8% at the end of this year. Ruto’s administration has proposed many tax increases that have drawn criticism to raise income.
The higher taxes, in Mathenge’s opinion, might result in lower consumption. Kenya may be able to turn the threat of climate change into an opportunity by luring green investments from international businesses that seek to reduce the carbon footprint in their supply chains, according to the World Bank’s assessment.
The bank asserted that it had more opportunities to trade its carbon credits because it produces less than 1% of the yearly global emissions of greenhouse gases.
Learn More:
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2023.06.07 13:53 bildVI The Extraordinary Investigation (London Standard, 25 Jan 1833)

tl;dr one thing is not like the other things, we can't think of any better explanation so it must be god punishing them for their existence
Yesterday evening, at 8 o’clock, Mr. Higgs and the inquest jury reassembled at the sign of the Coach and Horses, Flood-street, Dean’s-yard, Westminster, to inquire into the death of a person known by the name of Eliza Edwards, aged 24 [she was actually probably around 44].
On the arrival of the coroner a most tremendous rush was made to gain admittance into the jury room by crowds of persons who had assembled outside, principally consisting of medical students. The crowd was so great that it was at last found necessary to send for the police authorities to keep order, as the witnesses could not gain admittance.
Previous to the meeting of the jury, a number of medical gentlemen viewed the body of the deceased. The first witness sworn was Mr. Alfred Taylor, of 35, Great Marlborough-street, surgeon. He stated that he had examined the body of the deceased, and it was the same that he had seen in the dissecting-room at Guy’s Hospital. On opening the stomach he found it perfectly healthy ; the liver was much diseased, and presented that appearance seen in persons addicted to drinking, commonly called a drunkard’s liver. The death was occasioned from disease of the lungs. The deceased was a perfect man.
A person here stepped forward, and said that from what he had seen in the newspapers, and understanding that the deceased came from Dublin, he was satisfied that he knew the party. About 12 or 13 years ago the deceased sometimes passed for a man and sometimes a woman. She had lately performed on the stage in the country in the principal tragic characters.
Juror — Did you know her sister?
Witness — I never knew that the deceased had a sister.
Another gentleman stepped forward and said that he believed he knew the party, and the father was a gunsmith in Dublin. The room was ordered to be cleared of strangers, but from the great crowd this was found impossible, and the jury retired to an adjoining room, and after a few minutes’ consultation, the following verdict was returned:— That the deceased died by the visitation of God, and in returning this verdict, the jury are compelled to express their horror at the unnatural conduct the deceased had evidently indulged in, and strongly recommended to the proper authorities that some means may be adopted in the disposal of the body which will mark the ignominy of the crime.
Text copied from this source
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2023.06.07 13:50 regulate91x What test should I use?

Hi all, I am doing some stats for an audit for work off my own back, however, I haven’t done any stats for 10+ years and I can’t really remember anything.
I have the data in excel collated etc.
I have 4 groups let’s call them A, B, C, D. I also have some demographics such as age, sex, and 4 others let’s call them W, X, Y, Z.
I would like to see if there is any significance in the 4 groups between the demographics.
So for example how likely is it that a male is going to be in group A compared to female and is that statistically significant? Run these for each group and each demographic.
I would like the outcome of the statistics to show if there are any demographic groups that are more likely to be in each ABCD group. Ultimately giving a predictive value of if you are female you are more likely to be in group A B C D.
There are 327 sets of data (people).
I THINK I need linear regression? If anyone could confirm or correct me, that would be great!
Thank you so much for your help!
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2023.06.07 13:49 mlmappfactory MLM Based E-commerce Business

MLM Based E-commerce Business
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MLM Based E-commerce Business

E-commerce is the fastest growing business model in which transactions are done via online and it is one of the most advanced model for doing business. It allows individuals and firms buy and sell all types of products and services via the internet on any device like computers, tablets, or smartphones. Almost all business organisations and companies use their e-commerce platform nowadays because of its advantages such as quick buying/selling procedure, 24/7 buying/selling option, low costs, easy management and more reachability to customers. E-commerce is one of the most successful concepts for running a successful business in the 21st century. However, just like any other customer-oriented business model, this one also needs to be flawless for the end-users. By working with an e-commerce development company, it is possible for you to make this particular venture entirely successful. This type of service provider helps you get over all the problems that the entrepreneurs in this field usually face. Moreover, any entrepreneur can launch their business and make it a go-to choice for its target customers easily.
MLM App Factory is one such company that gives you a perfect e-commerce platform that could ensure the success of your venture without any difficulties. Our developers have mastered all the programs that are used for creating e-commerce websites and apps. We are a company that can be trusted by any startup or entrepreneur because we have been empowering small businesses with powerful and cost-effective applications. With our help, your e-commerce business could attain the top position in its slot effortlessly.
E-commerce MLM Software
Just like in any other business, e-commerce plays a very important role in the MLM business industry. It is having such a big impact on Multi-Level Marketing companies as they have benefited and gained success by integrating e-commerce into their business. Various trade activities like product purchase, product shipping, product management, etc., can be easily done with e-commerce.
Using e-commerce in MLM software will have some other advantages like it provides tools and features which helps in monitoring and storing transaction details, product purchase history, along with various reports which will assist an MLM business to move forward with no headaches. E-commerce improves MLM businesses to a whole new level as it allows them in getting a wider reach for their product or services while attracting new customers.
MLM business with an e-commerce platform makes it a great deal for increasing your product sales and profitability. Using e-commerce system in MLM business is the best winning combination in the MLM industry.
There is always a great demand for this combination as it can market your products worldwide which makes fast growth in your MLM business.
Ecommerce Forum
The E-commerce Forum is a place for marketing, promoting and selling the product. This forum aids in reaching more customers globally. E-commerce system in MLM software involve functions such as product management, wallet management, membership management, easy communication with customers, storing all data, generating reports, etc. E-commerce platform can be easily integrated into CRM, ERP, email marketing, payment gateways, social media, etc.
· Magento
· BigCommerce
· Opencart
· Shopify
· Squarespace
· WordPress
· Volusion
· Demandware
· Big Cartel
Open Cart is a free shopping cart system for online merchants. It is an open-source and PHP-based system. Open Cart offers all the standard online store functions like running your online store, add/manage products, sell products, process customers’ orders and manage the product shipping. It provides best security and no.of features which make the buying/selling very easy.
Magento is another popular open-source e-commerce platform which is used by thousands of retailers and brands. It provides flexible shopping cart system with customization option. Some features of Magento are product management, inventory management, order management, better search option, marketing tools and international support.
Features of E-commerce MLM Software
· Customization of products and services
· Supports Multiple Currencies
· Provides Information pages
· Automatic Image resize
· Sales Report
· Cart Layout
· Allow shipping from different countries
· Customize as per customer request
· Discount Coupon
· Shopping history
· 15+ Payment Gateways
Advantages of Ecommerce MLM Software
  1. For quicker delivery of the product, MLM software reduced lead times for payment and revenue in advertising.
  2. The ability to deal with intricate features, item diversifies and client information without making the situation uncontrollable. Improve connections with dealing associates.
  3. To improve long-term connections, it enhances communication between dealing associates.
  4. The nearer you are to your client and the more you work with them to change from normal company methods to the best practice of e-commerce. The Internet has the potential to flourish your company into broader regional places earnings, sales, and incentive of each member considering the hierarchy.
  5. E-Commerce MLM Software calculates the earnings, sales, and incentive of each member considering the hierarchy.
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2023.06.07 13:45 Hellscaperiot yeah idk

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2023.06.07 13:44 Cascadeur_official App2Top Interview: Eugene Dyabin talks about the future of Cascadeur and neural networks

App2Top Interview: Eugene Dyabin talks about the future of Cascadeur and neural networks
In this recent interview with game development magazine, Cascadeur creator Eugen Dyabin tells about his further plans, the challenges that Nekki's animation tool is currently facing, and, most importantly, its integration with neural networks. We publish a part of the original interview in our blog.
Alexander Semenov, Editor-in-Chief of App2Top - Eugene, hello! Look, since December, I wanted to talk to the Cascadeur team on the topic of graphical neural networks. By the way, how do you feel about them in general?
Eugen Dyabin
Eugene Dyabin, founder and chief producer of Cascadeur - We treat them with great interest and even use them in our own development. Speaking globally, I do not share the panic about the sudden technological revolution with the disappearance of many professions. The advent of cameras has not reduced the number of artists, and the advent of cameras with auto-tuning in each phone has not reduced the number of professional photographers and operators, although it has changed their work.In addition, these new neural networks have many problems and limitations. If you try to put them into practice, it greatly cools the first impression. Let's see how fast the progress will be.
In December, Cascadeur had an official worldwide release after a year of beta. What challenges did you face as a service after that?
Eugene - The release led to a large influx of users, which significantly increased the load on our support team. There were a lot of questions, but the number of Pro subscribers remained the same for now, and it's not so easy to scale them - they need to be well-versed in the program and technical details.
That's why we're working on a comprehensive FAQ to speed up support overall - but also to prioritize support for Pro users: in the future, when they buy a license, they will immediately receive a link to a closed channel with direct contact to the development team. In general, we are optimizing the support process right now.
It was also the first time we encountered the fact that some companies need to buy 40 licenses at once, for example. So we needed to finish this feature urgently. Also, it turned out that 20% of our users are students or employees in education, so now we also need to speed up the process of issuing educational licenses.
You're probably collecting feedback. Based on it, what are users usually missing in Cascadeur today?
Eugene - Users are missing thousands of little things, and it's impossible to do everything at once. So we have to prioritize those features that we think are most requested or most important. There are regular but complex requests like facial animations or blendshapes that need to be done sooner or later, but so far, we just don't have enough human resources.
As for our main theme - physics - many users expect ragdoll, collisions and interaction with the environment. Our AI AutoPhysics specializes in correcting dynamic balance in movements, correcting trajectory and rotation in jumps, and adding secondary movement - an by that greatly improves the quality of animation and speeds up work on it. So far, though, there isn't the possiblity to push off walls, climb ledges, or interact with other characters. But we are actively working on that as well.
Some users have complained about the awkwardness of using the character's fingers, because you have to rotate each finger limb individually. But with the 2023.1 updates, we'll be adding automatic finger positioning - a smart rig that makes it very easy to control fingers with multiple controllers.
When I saw what the Stable Diffusion - ControlNet - Blender bundle was capable of, I immediately thought of Cascadeur. Unlike Blender, it is focused on posing, and I am sure that its entry threshold is less than that of Blender (and it is definitely more convenient than the basic functionality of ControlNet). In this regard, the question is: is it worth waiting for SD support in Cascadeur?
Eugene - We immediately thought of it too! And not only we. However, only we have the most convenient tool for controlling the pose of the figure, suitable for beginners and amateurs. We just need to add a neural rendering based on Stable Diffusion, which will turn a 3D model into a finished 2D image in any style. We're already working on that.
We've always wanted to reach a wider audience, but the problem with Cascadeur is that it doesn't provide a finished end product; it's just a link in the production chain. But Neurorendering can remove that barrier for a broad audience, especially in the mobile version of Cascadeur. You download the mobile app, set a relatively natural pose with AutoPosing, choose the camera angle, upload an image of a character, and get that character in the pose you want from the angle you want. This gives much more creative control over the outcome than is possible with a text description. So far we're only talking about images, but one day we'll get to videos, and that's when Cascadeur's advantages will be in full effect.
The first neural networks capable of making videos are already appearing. In two or three years and, most likely, we will see the first full-fledged short films. But, will they be built on the principle of text-to-animation or on the principle of text+animation-to-animation, where an animated mockup will also act as a promt?
Eugene - So far, I am skeptical that in the near future neural networks will be able to generate high-quality 3d animation without relying on physical simulations. We consider text-to-animation as a primary draft that we can clean, correct poses and physics – and get high-quality animation that the user can edit using our tools. I can't imagine how, without additional control, you can get the necessary result from the text alone, except in the most trivial cases.
If you add video neuro rendering to this, which will become possible sooner or later, then the tool turns out to be quite magical. You describe the idea in your own words, get a realistic enough version, edit it and at the output, you have a ready-made video with the right character in any style. But so far, this is all a concept, and implementation is still far away.
Cascadeur itself was built on the basis of neural networks.In other words, you have been in this topic for a long time. However, have you used them only as part of training your service? Or have you experimented with it somewhere (in other areas)?
Eugene - First of all, I want to note that so far, there are more physics in Cascadeur than neural networks, and this is the main difference from most of the solutions we know for generating animation. We started using neural networks a few years ago and achieved the greatest success in the AutoPosing tool, which helps to make a natural pose with the least amount of user actions.
If we talk about our company Nekki as a whole, neural networks have been used in other projects for different tasks. As an example, I can name the bots in Shadow Fight 4: Arena. They have been trained with real player battle recordings and are able to control different characters using their special techniques and tactics characteristic of these characters.
Many animations in Cascadeur are done like this: a video clip is loaded into the program as a template, according to which the animator reproduces key frames. How realistic is it within the framework of your service to implement a model that will be ready to make a draft animation based on video alone? Are you working in this direction?
Eugene - Yes, we are working on it - it's something like a video mocap. Already in the version 2023.1 of Cascadeur there will be the first alpha version of this feature. It is not yet possible to achieve perfect quality, but as a reference animation draft, in which there are at least key poses and timings, this can save a lot of time. We will further develop and optimize this feature. It works slowly on the client computer, so in the long run, we need to transfer it to the server – then we will be less limited by the user's hardware performance.
Back to business: now people are saying that investors want to invest like crazy in AI. Have you had that experience? What are these investors waiting for? And do they understand that they are essentially competing with Microsoft, Google and Adobe in this space?
Eugene - I think there is no competition here with such giants. Large companies invest in the technology itself, and small companies and startups try to use this technology in different areas. Even we don't develop our neural rendering or video mockup from scratch but use available libraries and models that we configure and retrain for our tasks. I have the impression that investment in such projects will now increase sharply. Cascadeur's development is fully funded by Nekki, but we are also open to proposals.
By the way, did you expect such attention to neural networks that they received after the popularization of MJ, SD and ChatGPT?
Eugene- A few years ago, we already understood that the future lies in neural networks and their implementation in various tools, so we began to recruit data scientists and engage in research and development of our tools in order to be ready for the coming revolution. But the successes of Midjourney and ChatGPT still surprised us and gave us new hopes and ideas like neural rendering, text-to-animation and others.
Are you ready to make a prediction? What can be expected in the context of AI technologies, including your own, at least until the end of the year
Eugene - I think that the world and the market will not change as quickly as many people fear, but most importantly, investments will change, which reflects the belief in a certain future... In the coming year, I expect to see the emergence of intelligent search and a change in the approach to tutorials - soon, people will be able to receive personalized help and instructions for their tasks. Generative networks will help to prototype and try different ideas faster, but in most cases, they will not be able to produce the final result.
As far as we're concerned, we think of AI as an assistant that speeds up the work of an animator who knows what he wants. Motion detection based on reference, autoposing, autophysics, neurorendering - all of these are primarily designed to shorten the time between the idea and the result, but at every stage, the animator has full control and can make any changes. I think that by the end of the year, we will already be able to introduce new AI features.
And two technical questions: when I familiarized myself with the limitations of the free version, I found that the user can only export models with "300 images and 120 joints". For those who are not familiar with the animation, explain how much is it?
Eugene - The idea behind the restrictions is to allow amateurs and indie developers to use Cascadeur for free without sacrificing important features.300 frames at 30 frames per second is 10 seconds. That's more than enough for game animations, but not enough for long cutscenes. Also, 120 points is enough for almost any character, but not enough for multiple characters or for very fancy characters. .
When can we expect Godot support?
Eugene - We will do that after we add support for glTF format and USD format. We are already working on this.Took from
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2023.06.07 13:44 Snoo_65075 My first tower I c

So I'll pay the bills link below. It's my first tower build. I play pc games, skyrim, dragon age, fortnite, etc. I do some c++ and Java programming. I also go to school... again. How does this look to everyone? Any problems I've missed. It looks like all will fit well. Any advice would be great. I know the ram is probably over kill, but I'd rather have more than 'just enough'.
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2023.06.07 13:41 Coderedgular [price check] bud Orr sniper 1

[price check] bud Orr sniper 1
Sniper 1 with sniper 2 bolt/back block. Working condition. Serial number 653. In great shape for the age. Friend gave it to me and told me to give him what I think it’s worth and I’m having trouble coming up with value. Needs air line replaced and general clean up/o-rings but other than that it is in amazing shape. Has original sniper 1 back block and bolt and barrel as well.
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2023.06.07 13:41 Ok-Cry-3303 Renpho Scale is almost half off today on Amazon!

I hear everyone rave about this scale so this seems like a great time to snag it! $17.99 for the 11" black one. Other colors are not as high of a discount.
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2023.06.07 13:32 Square_Employer1670 Audible

My first post so sorry if i’m doing it wrong, but I just wanted to share that audible is having an 85% discount on all titles right now and if you’re like me not so well off on money right now is the perfect time to purchase the series for a good 30ish bucks!!! sorry if i’m not paying full price and by doing so i’m not supporting the great turtle fully but this is what I can do at the moment, once I join the airforce and make more stable income I will upgrade my patreon to Lance<3
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2023.06.07 13:29 AffectKey4900 Advice/tips on helping an 88 year old loved one with dementia who is starting to show signs of aggression/paranoia?

Here’s a little about him: - He’s 88 - Former boxer in his younger days (still remembers his training and is still very strong for his age) - Stroke/heart attack survivor - Life goal is to make it to 90
I love him to death. He is a very sweet gentleman. I fear he may start/(is starting) viewing me as “enemy.” Been caregiver (grocery store runs, doctor appointments, and more) for over a year.
I’ve never dealt with someone with dementia. My parents nor grandparents had it so this is new territory for me. I want to ensure he’s happy but also safe. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.07 13:24 WDMagazine As a man over 30, what are your biggest fashion challenges?

As a man over 30, what are your biggest fashion challenges?
Is it finding the perfect fit, staying on-trend without feeling out of place, or mastering the art of age-appropriate style? Please share your unique fashion challenges. It would be great to hear from you. Thanks
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2023.06.07 13:24 sybr-munin Cre germline deletion detection

Hello mouse people! I have a Cre line that is prone to develop germline deletions in the female parent. I have all the necessary tools and strategies to avoid this from happening in the future (only male cre+ breeding against "virgin" flox mice, and genotyping of the wild type, flox and deleted allele). I have two flox lines and with one everything works fine. With the other unfortunately we had a breeding bottle-neck and one occasion of germline deletion. So now in our active breedings the male is del/flox and as I see it there should be a 50/50 chance to pass on the germline deletion. This we can actually see because we can detect the deletion in about 50% of Cre-negative offspring. In the Cre+ offspring we unfortunately can't discriminate between germline and specific deletions because the target cells can be found in the toe/ear clips. Any ideas whether we have a chance to discriminate specific versus germline deletion? I thought of trying to genotype blood and hope I can't detect the deletion there and ideally use a genuine flox/flox mouse for the next breeding. If there would be any way to use the old toe clips to achieve this, that would be great (qPCR on the DNA?)
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2023.06.07 13:24 0livepit Some advice from my gyno for BV that FINALLY got me back to a good place

Note: I am not a doctor, I am no expert on the hooha barring my own. This is just advice I got that changed the game for me, and may be helpful to someone else!--I had bv for an embarrassingly long time. Nothing I did would get it gone and keep it gone. Finally, I had an appointment with my gyno who explained a few things to me. This subreddit has been such a help and I want to share what I learned with y'all:
Hope this helps!
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2023.06.07 13:23 33Technologies Tips for Creating a Seamless Mobile-Friendly Website

Tips for Creating a Seamless Mobile-Friendly Website
In today's digital age, having a mobile-friendly website is crucial to stay ahead of the competition. With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, it's important to create a website that not only looks great but also functions flawlessly on all devices.
Here are some tips for the best mobile-friendly website development:
1. Use a Responsive Design: A responsive design automatically adjusts to the size of the screen it's viewed on, providing an optimal experience for the user. This means that your website will look great and be easy to navigate on any device.
2. Keep it Simple: Avoid cluttering your website with too much information or unnecessary features. Keep the layout clean and easy to understand, with a focus on user experience.
3. Optimize Images: Large images can slow down your website and negatively impact the user experience. Make sure to optimize all images for the web, compressing them without sacrificing quality.
4. Test on Multiple Devices: To ensure your website looks and functions properly on all devices, test it on various smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
5. Focus on Page Speed: A fast-loading website is crucial for both user experience and search engine optimization. Make sure your website loads quickly by optimizing images, reducing HTTP requests, and using a Content Delivery Network (CDN).
Responsive websites are good for SEO because they provide a better user experience, leading to longer time spent on your website, lower bounce rates, and higher engagement. Google also favors mobile-friendly websites, making them more likely to appear higher in search engine rankings.
At 33technologies, we provide the best mobile-friendly website development in Brisbane and Brendale. Our team of expert developers uses the latest technology and design principles to create websites that look great and function flawlessly on all devices. We offer a range of web development services, including custom website design, eCommerce development, and website maintenance. Our goal is to help businesses of all sizes succeed online by creating websites that not only look great but also provide a seamless user experience. If you're looking for top-quality website development in Brisbane, look no further than 33technologies.
In conclusion, having a mobile-friendly website is essential for any business that wants to succeed in today's digital age. By using responsive design, optimizing images, testing on multiple devices, focusing on page speed, and working with expert developers like those at 33technologies, you can create a website that not only looks great but also functions flawlessly on all devices, providing a seamless user experience for your customers.
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2023.06.07 13:16 GronakHD First time in my 3.9khrs seeing NAPLES get the BI

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2023.06.07 13:15 JaycesReddit A majority of our alters are friends

We've done a headcount of 9. The host has been gone for a few weeks, and our "mother figure" of the system has done a great job of keeping everyone calm and safe and happy (thank you Celeste if you see this!). With that, we all know each other pretty well, and get along great. Yeah, there are differences because of age gaps, but theres no one who talks behind others backs. Even the (kind of) meaner alters will listen and keep the body healthy for when the host gets back.
-Malachi🌙 (previously sage)
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2023.06.07 13:14 NewYork-CityAdvisor 🗽📜 New York City: Unveiling the Tapestry of History 🌆🌟

🗽📜 New York City: Unveiling the Tapestry of History 🌆🌟

New York City, often referred to as the "Big Apple" or simply "NYC," has a rich and captivating history that spans centuries. From its early beginnings as a Dutch colony to becoming one of the world's most influential cities, New York has played a significant role in shaping American culture, economics, and social progress. Let's explore the fascinating history of the city:
  1. Early Settlement and Colonial Era: New York City traces its origins back to the early 17th century when the Dutch established a trading post called New Amsterdam in 1624. It served as a vital hub for fur trade and attracted settlers from various European countries. In 1664, the English seized control and renamed it New York.
  2. American Revolution: During the American Revolution (1775-1783), New York City was a strategic center and a battleground. It served as the British military and political base in North America until its evacuation in 1783. The city played a crucial role in shaping early American independence and was briefly the capital of the United States in the 1780s.
  3. 19th Century Expansion: The 19th century marked a period of tremendous growth for New York City. The completion of the Erie Canal in 1825 connected New York City to the Great Lakes region, facilitating trade and transforming it into a major port. The city's population exploded as immigrants flocked to its shores, seeking economic opportunities and contributing to its diverse cultural fabric.
  4. Industrialization and Immigration: New York City experienced rapid industrialization during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Industries such as manufacturing, finance, and commerce flourished, making New York a global economic powerhouse. Waves of immigrants arrived, primarily from Europe, seeking the American Dream. Neighborhoods like Chinatown, Little Italy, and Harlem became vibrant cultural enclaves.
  5. The Gilded Age and Progressive Era: The late 19th century and early 20th century saw the rise of the Gilded Age, characterized by immense wealth and stark social inequality. The city's skyline transformed with iconic structures like the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and Empire State Building. The Progressive Era brought reforms to improve living conditions, labor rights, and political corruption.
  6. 20th Century and Beyond: In the 20th century, New York City became a global center for finance, culture, and the arts. It witnessed significant events such as the construction of skyscrapers, the roaring 1920s, the Great Depression, World War II, and the post-war boom. The city faced challenges like urban decay, social unrest, and the 9/11 terrorist attacks but demonstrated resilience and a spirit of unity.
Today, New York City remains a bustling metropolis and a melting pot of cultures. It is home to iconic landmarks like Times Square, Central Park, Broadway, and Wall Street. The city's neighborhoods offer diverse culinary experiences, museums, galleries, and world-class universities. New York City continues to shape global trends in art, fashion, finance, technology, and more.
Exploring the history of New York City is like stepping into a time machine, witnessing the city's transformation from humble beginnings to its status as a global icon. Its vibrant history serves as a testament to the indomitable spirit of its residents and the enduring allure of the "City That Never Sleeps." 🗽🌆 #NewYorkCityHistory #BigAppleChronicles
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2023.06.07 13:07 LookstoTheMoon1 Marina

Oh, Marina. One of the many crushes of the 2010s. While I was not too big on her, I would think of her once or twice a week but not gush about her. But when I got Splatoon 3, played and finished the story mode, played many turf wars, heard music from the game, participated in a few Splatfests, and saw the love and appreciation fans have for Splatoon online (mostly Twitter), something snapped inside my psyche, I now understood why fans love this franchise, and with that revelation, this crush of mine for Marina grew. It grew so much that I needed to know more about her by reading her page in the Splatoon Wikia, and after doing so, I appreciate Marina even more.
She is the last thing I think of when going to bed, the first thing I think of when waking up; I would think about her during the day, and my mind on Marina distracted me from college work (I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing, but I manage to finish what work I can for the day). For any song/music (mainly techno or electronic ones) that sounds similar to the Splatoon soundtracks, I envision Marina making the music or dancing to the beat to her heart’s content. Since October last year, my mind couldn’t stop thinking about Marina.
Now, I must and will confess the sins I’ve been keeping to myself. I did not like Splatoon. The day the first game came out, I disowned it and the second one because I thought they were another dumb battle royale-like game (similar to Fortnite, even though that game didn’t exist in 2015, I know); I thought the Inklings looked ugly and thought the game would be irksome with its music, characters, art, etc. I remember getting annoyed when YTPs (Youtube Poops) would have audio and visuals from the games and see any video game Youtube channel mention or even make a video about Splatoon. Heck, I got really mad when Inkling Kids joined Smash Ulitmate. However, I did not despise it, and the only one thing that made me not outright reject the series from my life, and that thing is the only thing I thought of when I heard “Splatoon,” and that thing was Marina. She was the string that kept Splatoon from snapping off from my consciousness, the one pro that made me think that Splatoon may not be bad as I viewed it to be. If she was a completely different character, I might have continued my aversion to the series to this day. Thus, I gave the series a chance and got Splatoon 3, and now, I see why many people have loved this game series for seven years. And I really need something like Splatoon as part of my life; playing Splatoon 3 Turf War battles and looking at the love and appreciation for the series on Twitter gives me a dose of dopamine that makes me feel like a teen again. I apologize to any friend(s) who are Splatoon fans who thought I was a fan all this time. The other sin I must confess (which isn’t surprising) is that I am a man of lust, and with that lust, I have affection for other female characters. Since 14, my mind has been filled with libidinal thoughts of hundreds, maybe thousands, of female characters that exist, both characters from the media and ones created by online artists (even Marina was one of them). But none clicked with me fully; none gave me these positive feelings. Sure, these feminine figures have great qualities about them, but they did not impact me emotionally (yes, Marina was one of them too). But that was until that “snapped” moment in my psyche when playing Splatoon 3 happened, and Marina soon became the one to give me these positive emotions. I guess I needed to play one of the games to better understand Marina’s character.
Marina’s tentacle hair forms the most lavish curves, as if they are ocean waves and waterfalls, and possess colors similar to my two/three favorite colors: green and purple or black. Her smile is like an upside-down sunrise that shines on the world whenever she appears onscreen. Her voice, laugh, and singing is angelic and serene like the waves of the seven seas (her singing echoes in my mind). Her timidness/shyness, combined with her gentle demeanor, intellect, and occasional sass, makes her adorable, sweet, and supreme. And her eyes; good heavens, her eyes. It is like looking into pink galaxies surrounded by seafoam-colored space, and in those galaxies, I can see stars shining bright, suns burning, and planets rotating, all brimming with life within such heavenly eyes. Sometimes, with many Marina artworks I come across, I would gaze upon the art pieces and start tearing up with joy because it is like witnessing the secret eighth wonder of the world (looking upon the majesty and beauty of such a site), and because of how lucky I am to be alive to observe such a modern, man-made goddess. Viewing any work of art focusing on Marina fills my heart and soul with a sense of happiness. I would gasp with glee whenever I discover a new piece of art starring Marina. I love her so much I have collected over 300+ art pieces of her and placed them into an SD card, filling up six folders, so I can enjoy her glamorous sight without the need for the internet.
I am an utter fool. I am such an idiot! I am an idiot who failed to show this great appreciation for Marina back when she made her debut in Splatoon 2; but my ignorant opposition to the Splatoon series overpowered me, preventing me from doing such action. This neglect prevented me from doing that because if I did, people would think I was a fan; at that time, I didn’t want to be seen as one when the only thing I liked about the series was Marina. Now granted, even if I was infatuated with Splatoon from the start, I would not have been able to play games 1 and 2 due to not having money to buy a Wii U and or Switch, nor would my parents have gotten me said consoles and games (not even for my birthdays or Christmas); so can you and I blame me for not playing the games? I already explained my reasoning for why I did not make any interactivity with the series, and stating that I played and enjoyed Splatoon 3 may make me a hypocrite, and if it does, I apologize for this hypocrisy. I was an early boomer bloomer, alright? I was being a boomer despite being close to the demographic age the games were attracting. Keeping this secret admiration for Splatoon since getting Splatoon 3 made me feel guilty/awkward/embarrassed showing love and respect for Splatoon on the internet, hence why I haven’t liked any Splatoon material on Twitter and other sites, but instead, I put them in my bookmarks. And despite my avoidance of Splatoon, I did not express my past distaste for it; because if I did, I would have been ridiculed for speaking some blasphemy with no evidence to make my remarks valid. But after all this, after starting to enjoy Splatoon, I feel like an old man, too old to be liking and showing appreciation for something aimed at children and teens, hence my whole “feel guilty/awkward/embarrassed showing love and respect” remark. I know that there are people older than me, or close to my age showing their fascination for things aimed towards a younger audience, but my negative mind makes me think that -I- shouldn’t like things for children/teens. But I try to keep that negative thought out by saying, “who is to say you are never too old to like things for little kids and teens, right”? And now that I got this whole secret off of my chest, I love Splatoon! I can now like and share Splatoon appreciation from my bookmarks and into the public eye.
Marina makes me happy and rids me of any worries I have. She is the little vision and voice in my mind that tells me that it will be a good day. Since this admiration for her, playing Turf Wars in Splatoon 3 and losing does not make me angry. Instead, it makes me smile, laugh, and strive for more time to have fun with other players with the same passion. Sure, I may get annoyed when losing multiple times, but its more so me being killed a lot and not getting a lot of fun from the 3 minutes when being killed 5 to 10 times. I’ve been thinking about buying an Amiibo figure and plushie of Marina these past few months, but I feel like that’s overkill for someone who is finally admitting their love for a character 5 years after her debut. Speaking of which, I know a few friends know about my love for Marina, but not the majority of my friends and people that follow/watch me on my social media accounts. And loving Marina (or any character for that matter) is not new and unique, but for someone like me who disliked the series she came from and avoided it for seven years, it feels like I become lost in time, and I just need to express this love for Marina from all the years I missed out. This great admiration for her since October 2022 has taken my mind off the infinity amount of female characters that exist and lessened my temptation for lustful artworks, which in honesty, I have sluggardly been growing tired of the internet’s eroticism for characters through art and animation. I do not get the same enjoyment when looking at said art and animation of multiple characters, so I figured I could just focus that enjoyment on one female character via Marina.
It warms my heart to see new artwork of Marina. If I could, I would commission an abundance of artists to create art starring Marina, no matter the price, as a way to 1. see Marina in designs and art styles that I, while having the imagination, do not have the creativity and capability to produce such ideas into masterpieces, and 2. so there could be more appreciation for her (not to say there has not been so much appreciation for Marina over the years, but hey, you can never have too much art of your favorite character). I myself have created art of Marina to show that appreciation, but I despise myself for not capturing her perfection, and I envy artists who could make such miracles and those who manage to craft their vision of such a marvel as Marina. And yet, I continued creating many artworks of her because I adore this madam of music. I know she is not real, but my affection for her is. If there is an afterlife, and if man can create their own afterlife, I wish for mine to be in the (now) peaceful world of Splatoon, where I am an 18-year-old Inkling, now together with Marina in her Splatoon 2 prime, so I can spent my life after death life with this phenomenal woman. Oh, Marina. Too pure for this harsh world. Such a shining star of the cruel night called life. Godspeed you, black empress, wherever you are in Splatoon.
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2023.06.07 13:07 please_stop42 Toddler aggression - what’s normal and where do I go from here?

I love our toddler (M, 21 mo.) immensely. He’s bright, curious, energetic, and so funny. Like most kids his age, he’s been going through your typical toddler tantrums. I pride myself on usually responding appropriately, with empathy and consistent boundaries. But, for the past 2 months he’s been showing a lot of aggression towards other children his age. For reference, he is not in school yet (will start a part time program in the fall), but he’s frequently around different adults (husband, grandparents, sitters), and we take him to age appropriate activities and/or the park or library daily. He’s an only child for the moment.
Typically these interactions happen while playing on playground equipment in close proximity with other children or while they are [attempting] to share toys. When we anticipate that he might slap, hit, grab, or pull hair, we can usually step in and redirect - “hey buddy let’s be gentle” or “why don’t you give them a high five?” When he does get aggressive, we rapidly pull him off, pull him away (if it was pretty rough), and correct the action. If it’s bad, or if it continues, we remind him of the correction and remove him from the situation entirely, meaning we’ll leave the park, library, or other fun space.
It used to be that the interactions were rare, but now it happens almost every time he comes in contact with another child. If they were fighting over a toy, I could maybe understand the cause, but it usually happens when he’s just sharing a space with another kid - like he doesn’t want them near him while he’s enjoying himself, and he just gets frustrated? The last thing we want to do is sequester him and keep him from learning to socialize, but we also don’t want him to hurt other children. A lot of parents have been understanding, but some aren’t and give us the look like “can’t you control this menace or not leave the house?!”
He is a great kid, truly. And he’s really communicative, so I don’t understand where this is coming from and how I’m supposed to parent going forward. Like I said I don’t want to hurt anyone, and I don’t want to alienate potential friends for him or us. Any advice? How normal is this and if not, from whom do I seek professional help?
Edit to add: I never see any other kids his age acting this way which is what has me feeling self-conscious, like we’re the only ones and we don’t know how to parent.
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2023.06.07 13:04 Various-Cheetah2288 what do I do with 10 grand 19 years d

For context i’ve been in about a year and am 19, i have about 20 thousand of untouched money that is my emergency fund/ when i get out and want to travel, im sitting on 10K from blackjack runs and my enlistment bonus, I am completely unsure what to do with this 10 grand, I’ve looked elsewhere and have been told pay for school, but that’s not necessary for us, I’ve been told to keep it in an emergency fund, but i already have a hefty one for my age. I believe I am young and need to make more risky decisions with my money while i have time. I am looking for some advice as to what i should do with it, Im not going to buy a car or blow it, more of ways to make money with money, kinda at a lost because i’ve never had this much money to work with, any and all advice would be greatly appreciated :)
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2023.06.07 13:02 ThatGuy0verTher I have big crush on Gwen Stacy and I don't know how I should feel about this??

I recently saw the newest animated spiderverse movie. It's a great movie where the characters have grown from the last movie both age wise but also as a person, and they use a lot of screentime to tell each person's story.
One of the main characters is Gwen Stacy or Spider-Gwen. I love her character. She’s playful, but also serious, confident, calm, smart and composed. She at least used to play the drums for a rock band, and as a lover of rock music that's also something that made me like her.
I'm not usually the guy to "Simp '' on people or fictional characters, but I gotta see her personality throughout the movie and I really like her personality, and she would be around the same age at least in this movie.
This is my first fictional crush, but I have more feelings for her than I have had for any other crush I've had in real life. I've respectfully rejected a couple of girls from my school because I don't feel like we have any similarities, but when I see Gwen she has almost all if not all the traits I would have wished for a dream GF .
She's so beautiful, looks wise and as a person, but i gotta keep reminding myself that she's not real. I've read somewhere that your brain can't differentiate between a real and made up character so it feels so real. I would totally have asked her out if she was real, but she's not and I have sometimes gotten physically unwell, a feeling of emptiness, stomach aches and nausea just thinking that I could never meet her. Not talk to her even as a friend.
It's only been a few days since i saw the movie so this will probably wear off sooner or later but it still annoys me. I'm usually a pretty logical thinking guy, but I still can't help thinking/wishing she would just appear like the scene with the portal in Miles bedroom.
This has become a war between my mind and my unconsciousness.
I think This movie and this character is somewhat of a metaphor for what I want in life. I'm not that happy with where i Live. I on an island kinda "isolated" from the world outside. (With about 200 years of inbreeding and stuff) Somewhat because of that a I feel like a big chunk of my classmates who have lived here for generation often act dumb or stupid and often really immature annoying to others. Alot of them also act really racist and have a big hatred to most things even vaguely foreign to them. This really annoys me on a daily basis. I don't think is is not my type of people.
I have a big friend group here. We go together well. We joke about a lot of stuff together but my friends aren't really any good having more meaningful or serious conversations.
So I wish to meet someone with a more urban lifestyle from a bigger town or city, someone who is smart, mature acting whilst also being funny and caring.
This is really F###n' with my brain I can't seem to think straight. I've had a dream of becoming spider-man and entering the spiderverse meeting a world with people similar to me.
What should I do? I want to get over this, I feel like I'm to a degree losing touch with reality just because I'm crushing on some fictional character.
Anyone got any tips to just forget about this and get this over quickly??!
If anyone actually read the whole this (or just parts of my text) Thanks :) I don't expect anyone to see this or comment on this. It just felt good writing it somewhere someone can read this since this is way to embarrasing for me to talk to anyone I know about.
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