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Cat Training: Tricks and Treats

2013.01.22 06:44 llieaay Cat Training: Tricks and Treats

Cat behaviour, cat tricks, cat training. Cats!

2015.06.03 06:16 Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is an officially recognized disability in Sweden (this is not recognized as an illness because no diagnosis exists for this condition).” Professor Johansson gave the example of a head ache “ how can one measure the pain or prove the existence of a head ache?” Sweden ranks in the top 10 in the world for healthcare. Magnetic Flux poses the largest threat to individuals with EMHS.

2023.05.30 22:49 dodgerdaisy14 Anyone recognize this caterpillar? He's hanging near my hosts. Google lens told me he's an eggplant 🍆🤔

Anyone recognize this caterpillar? He's hanging near my hosts. Google lens told me he's an eggplant 🍆🤔 submitted by dodgerdaisy14 to whatsthisbug [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 22:48 Leo_Knight_98 Tymna Kodama

Hi! I'm trying to build a Tymna Kodama deck. I didn't set a budget, since I'll be getting the cards I need as I can (I may also proxy it to test before actually buying anything). This deck is meant to control the early with stax pieces such as Rule of Law, Drannith Magistrate, etc; as I draw cards through Tymna mainly. After that it's turn to cast Kodama, and combo off Restoration Angel and Felidar Guardian, with Sidisi to find Acererak and win this way (Acererak would bounce itself as I wouldn't complete the Tomb of Anihilation, and the blinks between Felidar and Restoration would give me nearly infinite Kodama triggers). Another way of winning is through Protean lines, assembling one with a creature like Corpse Knight and the infinite blinks from before. Those are two examples but for sure there are more.
I've already built the base of the deck, however, I need to finish fine tuning it. I didn't get to play it before (I may pretty soon though). I don't expect a particular meta since I'll play in different groups. In one of them they're more likely to play either stax or turbo decks, with some Kinnan thrown in there. In another one they play from Krarkashima to Rocco pod or even Old Stickyfingers. This is the decklist:
Thank you all!
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2023.05.30 22:48 TheKnightsofLiz Had a fantastic scheduled ride and a non-existent one attempting to return

I'm new to using uber and was planning on using it during an upcoming trip, so we took one to the mall yesterday. Scheduled it the night before, it got picked up by a driver in 15 minutes or less, great. That ride was fantastic. Now, when we went to leave the mall, we tried to get a ride for an hour and had to give up and call my in-laws for a ride home. I tried different classes of vehicles to no avail. We live on the edge of the metro area, but only about 11 minutes' drive from this mall. Is this why no driver would pick up our request? I confirmed the car type and price and then the app showed me nearby drivers near our pin, but that was it. I didn't do anything wrong with the app, did I? When it got to the map screen there were no other options to select. Any insight into this would be appreciated. Best I can figure is that no driver wanted to take us home because they likely wouldn't find a pickup near our house and have to backtrack to the busier area we were in. ?
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2023.05.30 22:47 marmalah Does volunteering help with getting a foot in the door?

If I were to volunteer at a wildlife refuge near me, would that help with being able to get my foot in the door? I have experience already in my field so I was mostly wondering if “volunteer at FWS” being on my resume would help me stand out more. Or does it not really matter?
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2023.05.30 22:47 TheExhaustedOne_ So I just tried to kill myself and somehow failed? Wtf am I supposed to do now?

It was suppose to be an airtight plan, quick, easy and painless, I removed the catalytic converters, ran and airtight hose from the exhaust into the sunroof, took a bunch of sleeping pills and turned the car on. I sat there for nearly 4 hours with my throat and eyes stinging, 4 hours and that should've been enough to kill me yet neither the carbon monoxide or sleeping pills even knocked me out, how on earth did I even manage to fail at my own suicide? Wtf kind of sick joke is this? I must of been Hitler in my past life. And it's just great because I honestly believed I'd die, so now I am sitting here with a failed attempt and no plan on what to do now, do I just go back to planning? Maybe benzos this time? Starve myself to death Or try again? It's just not fair.
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2023.05.30 22:47 dbj_franklin_nz Success with Dutasteride for hair loss and oily and itchy scalp

I'll briefly explain my hair loss and treatment timeline, then explain the conclusion my hair surgery and treatment clinic in New Zealand came to, as I'm curious about others thoughts on their summary.
Early 20's - Began noticing some thinning to the sides of my front hairline, and crown. Slight itching
By Mid 20's thinning got slightly more aggressive, however I also started getting a very oily and itchy scalp, but only in the locations on the scalp I was thinning, not all over. This was the first time I started to suspect that the scalp oil/itch and hair loss must be related, otherwise why would the oil/itch only be in the same spots and not everywhere like normal dandruff.
I kept the itchy scalp at bay using anti-dandruff shampoos, was still oily though. this was the way that it was for the next 13 or so years till my late 30's when I said enough was enough and looked into medical treatment again. I had looked at finasteride in my mid 20's but got scared off by the side effects, even though in hindsight the % of people who experience them is less than 5%, and I could have stopped taking it if I did get sides. Again in hindsight there was nothing to lose, shame I didn't think about it harder at the time. Anyway...
So I got prescribed finasteride 1mg from my doctor and began taking it. 3 months later there was no improvement to my hair quality (wasn't surprised as I knew it takes 9-12 months of follicle shedding/regrowth cycles to start seeing results. however, the itchy/oily scalp hadn't stopped either and because it was isolated to my thinning areas, I began to suspect finasteride was doing nothing, or wasn't strong enough.
I stumbled across dutasteride after reading about its higher potency due to the multiple 5-AR enzymes it targets and its much longer metabolic half life (5 weeks for dutasteride vs 6-8 hours for finasteride). So after approaching my doctor for an off label use prescription, I began taking 0.5mg daily. 2 weeks later, my scalp itch completely disappeared! 6 months or so later my hair quality had improved so much it looked as good at it did in my mid 20s!
I kept this dosage for the next 5 years until one day I went to fill a prescription and dutasteride had been discontinued in New Zealand, and began to panic. I reluctantly went back to my doctor and asked if he could prescribe me 5mg daily dose of finasteride as a substitute, which he gave me. However after 2 months off dutasteride and taking the elevated 5mg daily dose of finasteride, the scalp itch returned with a vengeance, and a few months after that my hair began to thin again. Eventually I contacted a hair clinic with surgeons who had offices in Australia and New Zealand. They said they could prescribe me dutasteride in Australia and have an Australian pharmacy send it to me in New Zealand. Perfectly legal so long as its personal use and no more than 3 months supply. Fine by me. So I'm back on dutasteride, scalp itch has gone again and now I'm just waiting for my hair to recover.
Conclusion from the hair clinic - They said normally dutasteride works for some people because their DHT overproduction is so high that finasteride can't keep up with it because of its short half life in your, so dutasteride stays longer in your system and builds up to give better suppression. In my case however they said the cause was probably different, and the scalp itch/oil was the giveaway.
The clinics summary was that DHT is produced in the scalp from hair follicle via the type 2 variant of the 5AR enzyme, and from the sebaceous glands via the type 1 variant of the 5AR enzyme. Overproduction of DHT in the sebaceous glands causes hyperactivity in the gland causing it to become inflamed and overproduce scalp oil. The scalp oil is a superfood for the dandruff fungus (which explains the itch). The scalp oil is apparently loaded with DHT and makes its way into the hair follicle via the oil. So their conclusion was that most likely in my case, dutasteride worked so well not necessarily because of how long it lasts in the system, but because it blocks both type 1 and 2 enzymes and therefore the DHT produced in the hair follicle as well as the sebaceous gland, whereas finasteride can only target DHT in the follicle. They said that with my condition, I could have taken 10x the daily dose of finasteride and it wouldn't likely have helped, because the cause was likely coming from the sebaceous gland over producing DHT and not the follicle. Again, this conclusion was strongly indicated by the accompanying scalp irritation and oil production which also ceased once I started on dutasteride.
So, to anyone out there who not only has hair loss in specific areas of the scalp, but also has itchy oily hair in the same areas, it's entirely possible that you could be better off on dutasteride. My suggestion aside from speaking to a professional is to try finasteride first for a few months, and if the scalp itch doesn't go away it could be time to switch gears to dutasteride and see if it helps. But try finasteride first as it's nowhere near as potent and therefore much safer.
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2023.05.30 22:47 Electrical-Mouse2804 Honestly I'm at my wits end, there just doesn't seem to be a silver lining.

I (21F) just am so overwhelmed and I have a wonderful boyfriend and some nice friends but they come from a different world. I just need a space out of them to vent.
Anyways life has been a tad unconventional for me. Addict bio dad out of the picture by age 3, chaotic and abusive young mom, hardly any familial ties out of my mother and paternal grandparents past age 6. Became a primary caretaker for my significantly younger siblings one of whom has behavioral problems (adored them both though dearly). Started working at 14 and contributed to family finances/my schooling. Household became abusive in pretty much all the ways.
16 had a mental break and was hospitalized and institutionalized for about 6-7 months total. That's it's own can of worms. Left home at 16 after being back for a month due to a horrible event, ran away and moved in w/ paternal grandparents. Vaguely homeless for a bit at 17, then hospitalized and institutionalized myself at age 18. Horrible experience at the first center, abusive relationship, drug use got worse, clinical abuse blah blah. Finally made the decision for a higher level of care hours away in a smaller facility.
Whole life changed for the better, finally everything was clicking. Went to a sober living after and finally got an apartment with some folks. Sadly this was in SoCal and my roomies were older (30's) and were ready for a new chapter. I couldn't afford rent with no help and had to move in with a coworker and share a bed with her little sister. Finally it was time to let them get on with their lives and I felt guilty enough needing so much help.
Back with paternal grandparents who moved ~2 hours away from where I grew up. I sleep on a twin air mattress in their small office with no door. I appreciate it obviously but it is not ideal and we are not compatible housemates. I sustained a pretty decent injury that required surgery and got to stay in my uncle and his wife's guest room. (Grandparents stay in a small in-law unit in the back) however there is pushback on this even as I'm still healing.
I am constantly scrambling and trying to find anywhere to live. Obviously I would prefer a studio or single room apartment but they are so outrageously priced. $1,600 seems to be the LOW end. There are hardly any rooms for rent even and the one I just almost had rejected me as one housemate's gf was uncomfortable a girl (me) was wanting to move in. My grandmother picked up a job again to help me with half my rent so I can go to school full time finally.
All I want is to focus on school, I come from a family that isn't highly educated. That mostly came from poverty/low-income lifestyle's. I am (not to toot my horn much) quite intelligent and love to learn and have attainable dreams. I haven't had the time to just be my age. And when I do act my age I am ridiculed because I don't have that luxury. And tbh this is true, I don't.
I appreciate the help I am getting. But unfortunately it's just not seeming to be working. I have no financial support other than myself (and eventual help with half my rent ofc) I cannot physically work until July/August. I am on disability pay and nobody is willing to teach me to drive so I'm just stuck. I am so scared and stressed and it is overwhelming me. I haven't had to take my anxiety meds in months but have had to nearly daily the past few weeks. (They are as needed, all safe no worries!)
I also am just so lonely. My boyfriend is wonderful and listens and helps as much as he can. But I'm new here in this town. I don't have a strong support circle. I cannot only rely on him and thankfully I AM in therapy, at least the weeks I can afford it lol.
Anyways I don't know what I'm looking for, it just feels nice to put it out there. If there is any advice I'd appreciate it. I am trying my best. For school I enrolled in FAFSA, got approved for that as well as 2 state grants. I applied for out EOPS program last week. I start school for the first time in over a year in 2 weeks. So I suppose that IS a silver lining. And my boyfriend and dog also are. I shouldn't say there isn't any, and I'm lucky to have my grandparents. I just am scared and feel utterly small.
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2023.05.30 22:46 treenation Have we talked about the siblings each representing a stage of grief

Kendall is denial obviously
Shiv is bargaining, trading away family relationships, back with Tom despite everything, bargaining away her soul to be near the CEO
And Roman - he’s the only one that went through the entire grieving process after their dad died. He wailed and screamed at the funeral, went out and got beat the fuck up, went to his moms to process. In the final scene between the three of them, he says it’s all bullshit, it’s over. Then he sits with his legs crossed and just says “Ok. Ok.”
So he’s acceptance. He made it through the entire grieving process and can go be ok now.
Just something that occurred to me.
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2023.05.30 22:46 RadioMelon It's hard to hold on

My health is bad. Real bad.
Mental and physical.
I nearly had a stroke today because I found out my bank account was overdrawn. My head and my chest hurt like crazy, but eventually went back to normal. I can already tell that I'm probably not going to make it through this year.
I'm out of money. My power bill is due very soon. If I disappear, that's why. I don't know if and when I'll be able to afford to live properly again. I'm screwed.
It sucks, you know? I only found out the thing I wanted most in life was to be some kind of software developer. I realized that just in the past few years. I grew up thinking I wanted to be something dramatic like a "game developer" only to realize that was just the younger me being attracted to games specifically.
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2023.05.30 22:45 Aromatic-Jeweler7311 Setting boundaries and consistency across spaces

I’m struggling a little bit with what to do around setting boundaries and maintaining consistency across faces. I have a 16 month old girl who is very typical toddler behavior. I pretty much let her have free reign of the house while I’m supervising her. We have a very small house and it’s all been pretty well baby proofed. Of course, we set boundaries along the way and she doesn’t have access to everything— for example, sometimes she’ll want to grab a knife that I’m cooking with and obviously I have to say no, or she’ll try to climb the TV stand, and I have to remind her not to.
What I’m struggling with is how to consistently set boundaries on things that are allowed at home but not allowed outside. I’ll give two examples:
1) at our house, we allow her to climb on the furniture. Specifically, the couch backs up against a picture window that doesn’t open, and she likes to be able to climb and look out of it. She knows how to get on and off safely, and we never allow her to do it unless one of us are sitting next to her. We were at a neighbors house the other day, and she started climbing all over their couch. It really freaked Neighbor out because she was afraid of her falling, and also she got her shoes all over it. I obviously put a stop to it pretty quick, but my baby seemed confused and upset and my neighbor seemed a little perturbed that she started climbing on the couch in the first place.
2) like most toddlers I’ve encountered, she loves to pull things off shelves and put them back. We practice this a lot at home, where she’ll methodically pull things out and then help me put them back. We were at a coffee shop the other day, and she walked over to a shelf about 3 feet away from me and started pulling some dish towels that were on display off the rack. After maybe 30 seconds I walked over and help her start putting them away. But I was getting tons of dirty looks from a few other people in the shop. I initially didn’t think it was a big deal because she wasn’t disturbing anyone and of course I knew I was going to put them away. She tantrumed a bit but I did our “all done” ritual (a sign and a song) and was able to redirect her.
So I guess my questions are, in the scenarios above, if she’s displaying behavior like that at home and out, do I need to put a stop to it at home so that she learns not to do those things? Is it too confusing for her to have access to things at home that she doesn’t get out? I just feel like I’m giving her a lot of freedom, which of course I like, but I also know that boundaries are super important and can help a child thrive.
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2023.05.30 22:45 StudyUseful5681 Outdoor Dining is Crumbling

Looks like the Bee saw my earlier post.
They call attention to the fact that, for the most part, people enjoyed outdoor dining during the pandemic. Today, the program that's supposed to make outdoor dining permanent is crumbling.
How does Reddit feel about this? Personally, I'm dismayed that the Al Fresco program is inefficient, and I consider it a failure. The only thing it has accomplished is removing parklets and outdoor dining from the grid. Summer is here, and I would really love to enjoy dining on R street, or in the pop-up near Beast and Bounty. And who doesn't love the Rind's parklet? While I understand the need to change it to be ADA compliant and what not, its unfortunate that the Al Fresco program is prohibitively expensive to allow for the Rind to retro-fit their parklet. From the article:
"Yet $20,000 won’t cover retrofitting all patios to meet city codes. That’s one reason The Rind is removing its L Street patio, owner Sara Arbabian said, along with the strain it put on her small restaurant’s kitchen staff. To be compliant with the city’s new requirements, The Rind’s lifted wood patio needed a ramp or wheelchair lift, better drainage and to ensure that their structure didn’t stress the roots of a large tree that sat in the center. It’d cost $30,000-$40,00 to renovate on top of sunk costs".
The article mentions that some restaurants have managed to make the Al Fresco program work for them, but these restaurants seem like exceptions to the rule. At this point in the year, it's mind-boggling to me that we are still this far behind and no new parklets have been completed. Of the 85 restaurants that applied for the initial temporary grants, only one of them has applied for the formal program. This makes me think that the new program is prohibitively expensive.
Serious reform is needed here IMO. Open to your thoughts as well. Going to paste the article in the comments.
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2023.05.30 22:45 Dawndolly Extremely drunk alcoholic mom, keeps me trapped in my room.

Today I woke up around noon, she was chugging beers at the kitchen table, and staring at the wall in silence. That’s a good sign of when I can tell that she’s fully dissociated from reality and the day is going to be hellish. I got some water, went back to my room, and started getting ready for the day.
Since I have been back in my room, she has punched my door, body slammed into it, kicked walls, thrown around furniture, and all while screaming pretty vicious threats against my safety and well being. It’s not always like this, sometimes it’s manageable, but I understand that’s how abusers get people to stay, by leaving breadcrumbs of “normalcy”.
I have nobody to stay with, I don’t have a car, and when she’s standing in front of my bedroom door body slamming it, all I can do is wait until 9pm until she’s sleeping. I have no way out of the house except my window. My mom effectively takes away my entire day from me. This has been going on honestly since my senior year of highschool, almost 7 years ago at this point.
I was a high honor, very responsible student, my entire life. Until senior year of highschool, because my mom began trapping me in my room. I lost any sense of normal, couldn’t do any homework and was sent to a detentionary school because of my sudden “missing attendance”. I was then given a GED and my life has been pretty messed up since then. (I was such a high honor student, that because of my test grades I wasn’t even given a full GED test, I just had to write a small essay, and got 100%)
It’s pretty much the same routine, she is drunk 75-90% of the entire week. She has small moments, or reasons why she won’t be belligerently drunk, and I cling to those moments of “calm”. But honestly I’m not doing well. I can’t do anything on a regular schedule. I couldn’t even keep up a part-time retail job, because I would come home to her blacked out drunk and threatening my life. That would lead to me not sleeping or eating out of fear. And the next day after, or sometimes week, would be even harder because of missing sleep.
I don’t think I will be able to move out anytime soon if I’m being realistic about my savings and credit score. But I really want a normal life. I’ve made a few online friends recently and they’re 3-5 years younger than me, and so much further ahead. Some have graduated college, they live on their own, they have full time federal jobs. I can’t even leave my bedroom when I want. I hope someone on here understands what I go through, I am new here to this subreddit.
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2023.05.30 22:44 timtomtomasticles Free Antique Upright Piano

Free Antique Upright Piano
Mathushek antique piano available for the cost of moving it from my place in Oceanside.
Based on my research it appears to be from between 1890-1920 and is pretty dang rare! It needs some restoration and tuning, but still plays. Approx 2-3 keys have busted hammers that need replacing, everything else looks and works as intended. I scooped it pretty cheap from a furniture finishing guy back in the day, but my current job has me moving pretty frequently and I can't afford to keep moving this thing every 1-2 years from place to place.
Let me know if you'd be interested in taking this off my hands. Would need a small team to move it, as it is quite heavy! Dm/reply if you're interested. Need to get it out this week if possible.
Thank you in advance!
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2023.05.30 22:44 Legal-Dealer9588 I (21M) am interested in my coworker (23F)

I work for a retail store and I’ve seen a girl that works in another department that I found pretty. I saw her once inside the store and we had a 5-second stare-down then we smiled and that was that. A few days later I saw her in the parking lot, we had the same stare-down but I ended up say hi and smiling and she did the same (I kinda saw her staring at me first but she didn’t break it when I noticed). That same day I saw her near the pizza stand where I was talking with one of my friends, she came out of nowhere and asked me if I liked her pizza. I panic a lot when Im in the heat of the moment so I just said Im not sure Im about to try it. I know, Stupid.
A few weeks later I was working inside the freezer and she needed stuff from inside, but she couldn’t get it because I was using the Pallet Jack (basically a thing to move pallets around. I brought her stuff where she needed them and left for lunch. When I came back she was done moving her stuff from the pallet into the float (which is a big cart for retail workers to put boxes on) I asked her if she needed help and she said until 2 seconds later she she said she may need help. (Nobody really helps other departments because every department have their own managers, I was just being generous there). I helped her and then went on to do my thing. 20 minutes later I needed the float she was using so I went to her and asked her for it and she said I can take it. However, she followed that by saying “You can have all the floats” in a flirty way. Later on that day I saw her at the door when I was leaving and she asked me if I was leaving and it was still early. I told her I came at 4 and she said get some sleep.
A day later, I saw her again, at the door, this time she saw me carrying a bag with cauliflower and eggplant in it, she asked what it was for and I told her Im from the middle east so Im making middle eastern food, she said she loved the middle east (or middle Eastern I can’t remember ffs) and that was that.
Last Sunday I went on a 15-minute break and I didnt realize she saw me from the window behind me until later on I saw her outside when she was leaving. She approached and asked why Im still outside and if I needed a ride (nobody in my life ever asked me that) i said I don’t leave just yet and I had a little bit left.
Yesterday, nothing major happened I helped her like last time and she did the same but when I was leaving she didn’t say bye or anything even though she saw me.
Today, I found out she wants to transfer to another store in 3-4 months.
My friends think I should ask her out for coffee or something but Im unsure.
Ps; the reason I put (23F?) is because Idk her exact age but I know for sure she’s older than 20. She just looks 23 in my eyes lol.
TLDR: I work at a retail store and I had a few encounters with a girl from another department. We exchanged smiles and greetings, had a conversation about pizza, helped each other with work tasks, and had a brief interaction outside the store. However, the girl mentioned she plans to transfer to another store in a few months.
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2023.05.30 22:44 Shitelark Completed a Century in fixed gear 36x11

Last week I was very nervous about doing well in the Ride London 100 miles event 6 months post covid, and posted here about it. Lots of you were supportive and said just go out and enjoy it... Well I did, and it turned out to be eventful.
I was in London for a long weekend so on the Saturday before the sportive I took the train to Dorking to ride up Box Hill with fresh legs. It was on the old London-Surrey course and I had only ever done it with 60 miles of riding in my legs. Suffice to say I did well for myself and moved up some 30,000 places on Strava and got into the top 25%, making over 100PBs (too many segments there.) However on the way back into London I heard a deathly clunk when changing gear. My gear cable had snapped inside the shifter. This is the third time, on this bike over the last 6 years, so it was not unprecedented, but at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of the country with internal routing! I was stuck in my smallest ring at the back and limped home.
So in a weird way having done Box Hill I had accomplished something and all pressure was off for Sunday, I could blame the bike, turn around half way or just abandon if things weren't working out, I would go for a ride and see what happened. I tried going into 52x11 on some downhills but the gear was still massive and I dropped the chain and had to stop and manually shift it so wasting more time than it gained me so I ended up riding the whole 100miles in 36x11 gear fixie style.
So I set off and spun my legs and surfed as many drafts as possible. I spun and spun, and coasted downhill when I hit 44kph. I did get left behind by groups when it started to go uphill and there was a few grinds, but mostly the course was flat which is what I needed. Two people, both silver bearded gents spotted what was going on as I grinded up hill then surged forward and asked if it could be repaired. About 40 miles in I knew I was going all the way around, but there was a force stop of 20 minutes for unclear reasons (a police car did pass us, so protesters or pins/tack on the road?) At this point I was on 32.2kph exactly on course for 5h. But then I would have used some of that time for myself and had to stop to pee and stretch my back later on (not enough training!)
It did turn out to be the most fun I've ever had on a sportive, and at one point I turned downhill onto a dual carriageway; hooting out loud (when no one was near,) and said "How are you doing this!"
So in the end I approximate I would have a 5h25m for 100miles after taking off some of the force stop time. Time giggery-pockery doesn't beat my best time from 2019 of 5h07, but a sub 5h ride is possible on this course for me, and given the mechanical issue it was a pretty crazy ride. Thanks all for any positive comments last week.
Original post:
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2023.05.30 22:43 TimelyExcuse5055 My AirPod Pros showing up on other people’s devices

Hi all,
I’m just wondering if there’s anything I can do to stop my AirPods from constantly showing up on other people’s iPhones when I use them. Every time I open my case to take the AirPods out my roommates get pop ups on their phones telling them that they have AirPods near by. Sometimes when I’ve been using them at work and I haven’t touched the case it’ll give my coworker a notification that they have been traveling with my AirPods for a while and that they can see my location. I’ve never had any other device besides my phone connect to them and I don’t think the AirPods give anybody else the chance to, which confuses me more as to why they even pop up for others. Is there any way to stop this from happening? What can I do to fix this?
Thanks, and sorry for any formatting issues, I’m posting from mobile.
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2023.05.30 22:43 spectre15 I have no clue how anybody enjoys this shithole of a game. The amount of stacked clans makes it impossible to have any sort of fun

Over the last 2 or so days, me and a friend got our base set up and got stacked to the brim with guns we found from care packages and whatnot. It was going great. We were in a secluded area and rarely found players. Then all of a sudden some guy who lives near us hired one of those 5 man clans who were stacked to the brim with Thompsons, hasmats, and infinite ammo to come wreck our shit.
They came out of fucking nowhere and killed us instantly. Then when I followed them back to their base, the millisecond the heard me, they went naked with a water pipe and started lobbing grenades over their high wooden walls like pussies. Genuinely don’t understand why anybody likes this game. I feel like it’s only fun when you play with 7 man zergs.
It quite literally does not matter how much progress you make solo or in small groups because you’ll just get all of it stolen by 5+ man zergs who got to where you’re at in under 24 hours.
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2023.05.30 22:43 FantasyWriter1987 Any recommendations for "Game of Thrones style political intrigue and warfare"?

I saw this in an OP I came across yesterday:
"Most of the fantasy novels I am aware of now are about Game of Thrones style political intrigue and warfare"
And well, if anyone has done this well I'd love to get the name of their series! Massive bonus if they use third person limited. It's very difficult for me to get into a story if the author is constantly telling me what is happening, telling me what a character is feeling.
I've been looking (maybe not hard enough) for another ASOIAF ever since I first read it in 2011. One thing that makes it so difficult to read anything else is in ASOIAF you feel like you're right there in the scene in the character's head. Another is I'm much more into low magic than high magic. I'd like to expand that but it would probably have to be done a certain way for me to enjoy it. I just can't get into a book that has emotion spryn popping up every 15 seconds.
Has anyone else written a huge medieval fantasy series with a rotating cast of POVs that have their own voice instead of them all sounding basically the same?
I'm sure that nobody has copied exactly what GRRM has done with ASOIAF, but if there is anyone anywhere near the ballpark I'd love to check out their series!
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2023.05.30 22:43 leverage26 Male looking for housing in July or august willing to take your sublease ($600-$800)

Looking for housing near campus, CS major, male, pretty social. Would move in optimally in July, sublease length for at least 6 months to a year. Please send me offers.
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2023.05.30 22:42 Morgoth98 I feel the game punishes me for bad luck at every turn

Just now, the game crashed just seconds before the completion of a particularly hard and potentially rewarding Damnation mission. Once I restarted, the mission was over and I could not rejoin: Over half an hour spent for no reward.
The RNG in rolling for weapons is frustrating and demotivating. My friends had more luck than me, so they have weapons that not only work but are also something to be proud of. I don't.
After over 200 hours, I do have some weapons with 350+ stats (in a good distribution) and both of the "correct" meta blessings at Tier III (through reblessing), maybe even with one of the "correct" perks (through rerolling). But hunting for specific Tier IV blessings is such a massive time-sink that it is nearly impossible for me and I just have not been lucky.
The gameplay is fun. I want to play more and progress. But it feels I have hit a brick wall of being constantly punished for trying to progress. The game takes literally tenths of thousands of Plasteel from me (a whole week's worth of grind) and gives me nothing in return. There isn't even a higher chance for me to get something good next time. That's not how probabilities work. The RNG just decided that I get no ingame-reward for playing another 20 hours, except for "a sense of pride and accomplishment".
And the only remedy the game offers me is to... play more. Invest more hours. Many more hours.
An unfortunate disconnect denies you the reward for a hard mission? Do it all again, hope you get a reward this time.
Just spent 10k Plasteel and didn't get a good weapon for it? Earn 10k Plasteel again and try again.
It really feels like hostile design and it feels unfair. There is no clear way to progress to the things I want. No amount of Plasteel will ever guarantee me anything. If I am not lucky I may never see the right combination of high Tier blessings on my favourite weapons.
This is really disheartening. For me, the game had the potential to be my refuge after a long day at work. But when I play it, I am just simulating what it's like for my time to be exploited for little to no reward. I already have a job for that.
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2023.05.30 22:41 DaddyDersch When will tech join the sell off? 5-30-23 SPY/ ES Futures, QQQ, VIX, 10YR Yield/ DXY Daily Market Analysis

When will tech join the sell off? 5-30-23 SPY/ ES Futures, QQQ, VIX, 10YR Yield/ DXY Daily Market Analysis
Its actually really interesting the fact that some of these big tech companies are rallying 3-6% intraday while SPY continues to struggle… they literally are just passing the buck around until the hat finally breaks.
We once again find ourselves in a familiar situation… a NYSE and S&p500 lead sell off into power hour without the support of tech.. followed by a coordinated TECH and VIX sell off EOD to prevent the full sell off potential… we have yet to truly see a day where tech leads the sell off and we have also yet to see a sell off that is allowed to continue into EOD.
Honestly what I hate the most is that you cant really say this rally is fake because well its actually happening right in front of our eyes… but what we can say is that this rally isn’t as strong and isn’t as sustainable as some want us to believe.
So now something I found EXTREMELY interesting and you know ill be first to admit that when it comes to stuff like this im very uneducated and just don’t understand the interworkings… but something one of the speakers said today is that basically due to the expected revenue in June that the actual debt limit and “running out of money” in June was overblown and incorrect in timing… I found that interesting…
Now the whole thing that really matters here is that my understanding is that the vote for this debt ceiling will happen tomorrow (I tried to find a time and couldn’t find any officially listed)… however, as of right now IF these people stick to what they are saying then we actually will end up with a default. The last “official” default date I heard was june 5th. So theyd have 4 days to basically scramble and get it done… popcorn event Thursday and Friday?
We did not establish a new supply today, however, we did set ourselves up put a new daily supply in tomorrow… In doing that we actually would take our 419.5 and 418.78 supplies and would put our new upside resistance and supply at 422.08.
Now we are in extremely weekly momentum so one could expect a bounce off the supply and push higher which would then establish a new demand somewhere in this 417-419 area. However, IF the debt ceiling news shakes the market enough we could see a bigger push down to 414.55 demand or even 410.2 demand (support) to retest that support first.
When we look at the daily honestly this pattern of breaking out and rejecting the upside reminds me a lot of April 4th/18th and May 1st/ 19th. This structure actually looks pretty identical to May 18th and 19th. If so then we should see a rejection and actually see a retrace back to at least the daily 8 if not 20ema.
That gives us a price target of 414.5 to 416.8 for our retrace…
Now in the off chance that we continue to move higher and hold this black bull channel (which support is at 420.3 which means spy has to open green and hold green all day tomorrow)… if we hold that then our upside target is 425.78.
SPY Daily Levels Supply- 418.78 -> 419.5 -> 429.68 Demand- 414.55 -> 410.2 Support- 420.2 -> 418.6 -> 417 -> 415.3 Resistance- 422.1 -> 425.1
On Futures it’s the same thing we did not make a new supply and actually the daily DMI on futures shows a little bit more upside to go.
Looking at this until a new supply (resistance) is officially put in this likely is a backtest and bounce off the 4209/4215 supply. However, if a red day is put in tomorrow we likely turn 4240 into a new supply which would take our 4209/4215 and that would then target a breakdown to 4156 and possible 4128 on a bigger sell off.
Futures remains in its black bull channel which has a much more generous support at 4180 for tomorrow and resistance at 4261. A retest of the daily 8ema would give us a bounce near 4200 again tomorrow.
Futures Daily Levels Supply- 4209 -> 4215 -> 4312 Demand- 4156 -> 4128 Support- 4215 -> 4189 -> 4156 Resistance- 4240 -> 4260
Now on QQQ I actually really am looking for a retrace tomorrow… the daily DMI has hit overbought, and we are nearing a new supply being put in… we did come up and take our 351.57 demand today also.
If we put a new supply in tomorrow at 352.68 then our targets would be 347.11 and potentially 337.6 if we see a bigger drop.
However, there is a case to be made here if this keeps running that we reach 357.09 and 361.7 demand to take that demand out before we retrace.
Honestly, from a technical stand point QQQ is so over extended it needs a pullback if bulls want any hope at 350-360s…
The red bull support sits at 350.7 and resistance at 360 for tomorrow.
Now on the VIX we came within a few pennies of hitting that key 16.92 support before we bounced… for a while today we attempted to and intended to break back over 17.97 and hold it. However, the EOD push up on SPY was met and led by a nice VIX drop… this doji here on VIX could with the potential SPY rejection signal a nice upside VIX and downside SPY move tomorrow.
Today was also an anomaly in that the VIX and SPY both closed green today…
Now one thing that is very interesting to me here is the fact that DXY broke its almost month long bull channel support. However, it is holding that key 103.865 support. But with momentum to the upside breaking on DXY that actually could favor upside on SPY… the one interesting thing really is the fact that DXY rallied WITH SPY over the last month…
The 10YR has the same trend in that it officially broke its uptrend with a rejection off of 3.813%... the key support to watch will be 3.693%.. now with the DXY I cant really wrap my head around why SPY would rally with it and drop with it… but on 10YR one could say that the 10YR rallying with SPY would be people going RISKY on and then a rejection here would be people going risk off.
This weekend I spent almost a whole half day going through all of my trades over the last month and identifying what was working and what wasn’t working the best… I came out super excited for my discovery and I did a lot of cleaning up of my charts… in doing that I actually was able to secure a massive win today… put in my full weekly profits today… “Mondays” have been extremely great to me so for the last month or so…
I actually really enjoyed trading today… as you can see there was some struggle in the morning as I kept bitting the recovery that never came (my own fault) and then mid day I struggled with the fake breakdown/ recovery and timing the breakdown… I definitely got stop loss hunted a few times today but overall a great day of trading mentally and results wise too.
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2023.05.30 22:40 Autismus____Maximus DADA first class: Ominis?

It's just me or did I just saw that when Hecat was dragging the tables after MC learns Levioso, Ominis almost falls on the floor? It happened so fast and didn't notice on previous playthroughs, but there was a blonde Slytherin resting on a table and I think he was Ominis. Poor thing, the teacher dragging the furniture without he can't even notice haha.
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