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Mneumonese--The Language of Memory, Logic, and Agápe

2015.01.06 00:40 justonium Mneumonese--The Language of Memory, Logic, and Agápe

Mneumonese (etymologically mnemonically derived from "mnemonic", "von Neumann", and "-ese") is an a priori, oligosynthetic, philosophical, logical, psychological, self-referential, recursively defined, programmatic constructed language that is constructed completely out of mnemonics. Mne(u)monese is a philosophical language. Mnemonese is a language spoken by a society on a planet that had its information technology boom in the pre-writing age rather than at the creation of compupers. hyu

2023.06.07 14:53 LogicalPassenger76 It's been two months and the 'Expand Empire' cb is still broken

Ngl, usually paradox is on the ball, but this is just getting sad at this point. I assume it's a rather easy coding fix (correct me if a wrong), so why hasn't a hotfix gone out yet? They did it for the Chinese flood bug, but it isn't important enough to make the Emperor of the HRE playable again?
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2023.06.07 14:52 Wale-Taco This is my best in my 5G

This is my best in my 5G
The best she gave me was 30MPG. The tank before this I ran it nearly empty with 87E0 then filled with 92E10. I commute 170 miles everyday. Cruising at 3k RPM.
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2023.06.07 14:52 lucky232323 Environmental?

So I developed psoriasis at 28 (now 32) and no one in my family has it. My husband then started to develop it around age 29 (now 33). Our Toddler started developing skin issues around 18 months (now 23 months). Now our dog has psoriasis…
My question is, do you think our home is causing this? No one in mine or my husbands family has skin issues!! We moved into our home in 2017 (when I was 27)… all seemed to start occurring within 18 months (which is how old my daughter was when she developed it).
I just ordered a MOLD kit to test our air. When we moved in, a tornado hit our area the following week, this caused roof damage. It took 8 months to resolve with insurance (thanks American Family) and they said everything was fine but now I wonder if we are experiencing MOLD and this is what’s actually triggering everything.
I just find it really weird we are ALL getting this (even the DOG!)
Anyone having similar experiences? (And don’t try to sell me on this “it’s hereditary” BS.. I don’t personally believe that!)
Side Note: I’ve been doing the CANDIDA diet because I was tested for MOLD allergens and it came back positive. For Candida albicans. Which my doctor says I react to YEAST. So I’ve been doing this Candida diet and it is actually clearing up. Along with taking supplements and more probiotics.
I also have it down below (if you know what I’m saying) and steroids alone never helped. BUT I’ve been having success with using TUCKS cooling wipe pads every time I use the restroom, then applying Jock Itch cream and it’s been going away!!!! I’ve been doing it for 5 days straight and it’s nearly gone and it was BAD.
Hoping for input and hoping this info helps others :)
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2023.06.07 14:52 Common_Chapter_2503 asian.massage

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2023.06.07 14:51 thatguy147 Training advice: Border Collie goes crazy at busy roads

I was hoping to reach out to the community for advice on how to help our 6 month old border collie pup near busy roads.
We take him for walks in a big field near our house, that we have to cross a busy road to get to. This (UK) road is generally quite busy and cars drive about 30-35mph along it. As we get closer to the road he pulls quite a lot on the lead (the only time he will pull) and his attention for anything other than the cars on the road is non-existent, nothing will get his attention, high value treats, favourite toy, etc.
Initially, I thought he was just *afraid* of the cars, but now I believe he just wants to chase the cars / run into the road. My hope would be that after many walks he would become less interested over time, but I'm not sure this is the case and want to be a bit proactive in dealing with it. Our training instructor recommended taking him to areas with high traffic flow (e.g. supermarket car parks), but the cars generally drive quite slow in these areas.
We would be grateful for any advice or recommendations to help.
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2023.06.07 14:51 mysahomes Grab the deals on luxury homes for sale in San Antonio!

Grab the deals on luxury homes for sale in San Antonio!
Start your search for the best luxury home for sale in San Antonio today with Isabel Rodriguez. For the best luxury real estate agent near me contact us now!

Luxury homes for sale in San Antonio
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2023.06.07 14:50 kiplet1 [City of Roses] no. 27.2: “The first order of Business” – at This table – antique Punk bullshit – the Basics of Security

[City of Roses] no. 27.2: “The first order of Business” – at This table – antique Punk bullshit – the Basics of Security
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tends to crumble
“The first order of business,” says the man at the head of the table, “in any face time we take with potential occupancy partners, we need to assess how the anticipated anchor’s gonna impact their appraisal and availability approach.” It’s a long table, a slab of wood the color of pale flesh, polished to a striking gleam that’s broken here and there by a phone or a computer tablet laid before this person or that, until down at the very other end of it, a couple of comb-bound reports bristling with post-it flags, a spill of colorful diagrams, a worn redweld holding a couple of file folders upright, a small black notebook splayed open, the wispy scratch of a fountain pen, APPRAISAL written in ruddy black ink, AVAILABILITY , then three sharp underscores. “It’s not,” the man at the head of the table is saying, “that we anticipate an antagonism toward the anchor, on the part of any potential partners?” His flat grey suit’s a touch too big, the collar of his soft blue shirt’s undone, his sparse beard neatly trimmed. “But by anticipating,” he says, “their respective stances vis-à-vis their individualized brand engagement profiles which, let me assure you, we will be reviewing in a thorough manner before we, we take up any,” he’s trailing off, “tête-à-têtes,” blinking quizzically. The room about them’s walled in cool sheets of green-tinged glass on all four sides and more beyond refracting, reflecting, shimmering desk lamps and fluorescents, computer screens, heads popping up over cubicle walls, turning, following the figure swimming up through them, one glass door after another opening before her, “I,” says the man at the head of the table, “excuse me,” as the final glass door swings open, she’s sweeping into the room, Ysabel in her long white coat. “I tried to tell her,” someone’s saying, a receptionist maybe, bobbing in her wake, and “Do you mind,” says an older man, halfway down the table, a hand on his phone on the wood, but she’s glaring at the very other end of the table. “How dare you,” she says.
“Sorry, folks,” says Lymond, screwing the cap onto his fountain pen. “Think we might have the room a minute?”
“I, um,” says the man at the head of the table, “we just got started?”
“And we’ll get right back into it,” says Lymond. “I’m really looking forward to hearing more about this brand engagement. Now,” pushing back his chair, “if you don’t mind,” but already they’re filing out, shirts and blouses of dull green, milky blue, an intrepid puce, awkwardly around past Ysabel all in white. “Um,” says the man who’d been at the head of the table, in his flat grey suit.
“Thanks,” says Lymond, cheerfully. The green glass door swings shut. “How dare I?” he says, to Ysabel. “I’m the King. A certain latitude’s expected.”
“You could’ve gotten her killed,” says Ysabel.
“They’re watching, you know,” he says, tucking a report into the redweld. “Go on. Lean over the table. Slap me. That should be enough to undo all his sacrifice secured.”
She blinks at that, draws back. “Sacrifice,” she says.
“He thought of it as such,” says Lymond, stacking up those diagrams, tapping their edges against the wood. “Now. Slap me, or turn about, and go home.”
“Not until you explain yourself, brother.”
“Oh, Ys,” he says. “If you would play at this table,” he’s tucking the diagrams into a file folder, “you must pay attention.” A wince, as he sets the folder aside. “We find ourselves upon a crux: the duel between the Devil and the Huntsman redounded to our favor, yet the wound’s but freshly healed. Any sudden shift might tear it right back open.” His hands, folded together before him, a thumb pressed tight against a knuckle. “Is that what you would have?”
“I’ve seen the wound,” she says. “He nearly cut her through. The owr does what it can,” and she looks up from the tabletop to meet his eyes, one brown, one blue, both cold. “She sleeps. She’s been asleep since the Mason brought her home.” Leaning down now, both hands planted on the glossy wood. “I’m doing you a courtesy, by answering a question I assume you would eventually have asked?”
A bitter something of a smile. “How is Jo,” he says, “how Jo is, I know how is our Gallowglas: loyal, and effective. I trusted her to do what needed doing, and she went and got it done. Now,” over her sharp intake of breath, “I ask, once more. You know what is at stake. Do you mean to stand against any particular point of our plan?” Leaning in close. “Slap me,” he says. “Or go home.”
She steps back, she turns away. Before she can open the green glass door he says, “Take care, sister, where and when you might vent any further displeasures?” Looking down, at his folded hands. “Our tantrums are expensive.”
“You’ve no idea,” she says, “what could’ve spilled from her heart, had his stroke been a whit more true.”
She opens the door. He shifts his thumb. The thin line of a neat straight cut along the edge of his forefinger, sewn with tiny beads of dark red blood. He lifts it to his lips. “Um,” says someone, the man in the flat grey suit a touch too big, peering into the room. “Everything good?”
“Paper cut,” says Lymond, waving him in. “C’mon, let’s go. Take it from the top.”

Well and I don’t know, dim voices floating up through floorboards loosely laid across the joists, not what we discussed, poets and junkies, epic, like some, there’s a mirror, there’s no one in the mirror, there’s a crack in the glass of it jagged, chased and dappled, splotched with gold, a spangled haze, such a history, working together, that didn’t work, a drip-drip trickle from the faucet, puddles on gold-streaked marble about the sink, but there, it’s gonna be epic, dust gone dark to grey, to black, a lump of it mucked up under the mirror, with the shreds of a burst plastic baggie, this, or this, or this. There’s music, too, loud but languid, strummed guitars, a melodeon, but she’s sitting up in the dark, her head in her hands, and there is no mirror, no light, no sinks or water, no marble countertop, but there is the dust, spangled, glimmering in the milky cloud of her hair, and still the music.
“Well if we have to have a name,” says Gloria Monday.
“It’s something to put on a poster,” says the woman sitting on the nubbled pea-green couch, one hand braced on the curled handle of an orthopædic cane, a big brown scaley purse in her lap.
“Well if that’s all we want,” says Gloria, wrestling to one side a great stretched canvas, a twirling figure calligraphed in slashes of black, to reveal another propped behind it, the next wild scribble of dance. She steps back, behind a tiny silver camera atop a stolid tripod, stoops to peer through it. “We could call it the Lawn,” she says, snapping a picture. Straightening, she looks back and forth, from the painting, to the image of it, now on the enormous white-framed monitor behind her there on the worktable.
“As in get off the?” says the woman standing off to one side, her long black coat done up with brightly silver buttons, and a little grey snap-brim hat on her head.
“That’s not what we discussed,” says Anna in her houndstooth trousers, narrow black-rimmed glasses glaring in the light.
“The house,” says Gloria, taking hold of the canvas. “Run-down and falling apart and poets and junkies and twenty bedrooms to one bathroom and full of,” lifting, “epic,” hoisting it aside, “legend, and, and art,” to reveal the next. “The Lawn,” says Gloria Monday. Her feet are bare, laddered tights printed with overlapping gears, her vast white T-shirt says Robot Fightin’ Boots.
“I liked Weatherall’s,” says Anna. “If we’re going to change it.”
“Yeah, well,” says Gloria, stooping behind the camera again.
“Sounds like some Harry Potter shit,” says the woman in the long black coat.
“Jilting of,” says Gloria, snapping another picture. “Granny Weatherall? Been a while, since you been in high school?” The woman on the couch snorts up a laugh, sits up, hefting her cane. “How about,” she says, pointing the wide rubber foot of it out, toward the cavernous space beyond, “this building,” the boxes, equipment, the bulks of whatever it is under tarps shoved off to either side, stacked in the stalls that one by one march down the long high walls, “the history,” soaked in soft grey light depending from up under the rafters, the windows there scrubbed clean of filth, scraped clear of paint, “a name should honor that.”
“It was a warehouse for vegetables,” says Gloria.
“A farmers’ market,” says the woman on the couch, “built by Italian immigrants, working together. Cooperatively.”
“Snot Market,” says Gloria, “Grime Market, that didn’t work,” grabbing the next canvas, “Pus Market has a certain punch,” hauling it aside, “but Anna didn’t like any of those, and anyway it’s antique punk bullshit. Effluvial Plane I kinda liked, but that’s too, much, y’know?”
“How old are you?” says the woman all in black.
“Fuck you,” says Gloria. “That’s how old I am.”
“Gloria,” says Anna.
“No, fuck this,” snarls Gloria. “We got the space. We’re doing the thing. It’s gonna be epic. And you can either get on board, get your, people, involved,” the woman on the couch, clutching her purse, “you can write about it like you know what’s gonna happen,” the woman all in black, hands in her pockets, smirking, “or you can scramble to catch up after, like everyone else.”
“Ms. Thorpe, we must apologize,” says Anna, after a moment, but “No, no,” says the woman all in black, “tempers run hot and you let them out and that’s fine, and then you stop and you take a deep breath and you think. Maybe you do this, or maybe tomorrow you’re kicked out for squatting. You don’t – ”
“Hey, Anna!” says Gloria. “What’s the owner got to say, about us being here?”
“There are no objections,” says Anna, but Thorpe looks away, rolling her eyes. “I did my homework,” she says, lifting her little grey hat, “or I wouldn’t be here at all,” scratching her head, her dark hair short, swept back. “You’re Suzette Wilson, you’re Tom Wilson’s daughter, and I’m sorry for your loss, but the title to this pile is hardly as clear-cut as,” but Gloria’s saying, “This, this is my place,” as Thorpe says “that’s before we even get into the questions of insurance, and zoning, and inspections,” but Gloria’s shouting “S1! Last Thursday! The Teahouse! You think they waited around for fucking paperwork?”
Anna and the woman on the couch, watching them both, Gloria seething, Thorpe settling her hat on her head, “Well,” she’s saying, tucking her hands in the pockets of her coat, “S1 is street-legal now, yeah, and the Teahouse? That was in Sellwood? Long gone. And you have any idea how much the merchants on Alberta pay the city for extra cops?” A shrug, and that smirk warms to something more sympathetic. “You want to beg forgiveness instead of ask permission and I can respect that, but there’s this delicate balance. You gotta be big enough to get noticed, but you can’t be so big you get noticed, you know?” Looking out, over the cavernous space below. “And all this you want to do in a week.” Turning back, hands spread in a hapless shrug, a burble of sound, “I like you,” she says, “I do, I like the idea,” looking up. It sounds like someone’s singing up there.
Up there, up at the edge of the planks laid across the joists, up by the brief ladder bolted to the wall a couple of long bare legs kicked over and orange underpants, ee, ee-oh nor, the keening voice a grunt, doo da-da dee, doo da-da dee, down the ladder to the walkway up there, a wild mad cloud of white-gold hair, “and quickly was received, enthusiastically,” and Thorpe looks down, over at the paintings leaned, at the image on the enormous monitor. “Some say that it had more to do with her,” the singer’s making her way, hand on the railing, “improper sense of dress, than her talent, or her diligence,” opening a door up there, painted with letters that possibly once said Ranchers, or Gardeners, and closing it muffles her song. “I’m sorry,” says Anna, drawing back their attention. “It seems Marfisa forgot we were meeting this morning.”
“I’ve seen,” says Thorpe, “I’ve heard her, before.”
“Salt and Straw,” says the woman on the couch, but then, lifting a finger, “no, that’s the ice cream.”
“She kinda came with the place,” says Gloria. Up there a crash of water, flushing, that door opens, Marfisa’s stepping out, “Cartier Bresson!” she shouts. “Max Ernst, Paul Eluard, George Bataille,” as she’s making her way back along the wall above them. “Their misogyny really irritated her, but she wasn’t, she,” stopping, standing there, wavering a little, looking down at them. Absently scratching just beneath a breast, and sunlight flashing from the gold dust spangling her skin.
“I heard you play once,” says Thorpe, abruptly.
Her wide smile spreading, Marfisa tips back her white-gold head, “Lee, ee-oh nor!” she sings, reaching for the ladder. “Lee, ee-oh nor!” Climbing back up toward the makeshift floor above.
“Stone and Salt!” says the woman on the couch. “That was it.”

Ding the microwave, she opens the door of it, reaches in with a hot pad for a steaming pink mug that says Sophia & Dorothy & Blanche & Rose. In she dunks a purple octopus infuser, dandling its delicate chain a moment. Color blooms.
Out of the kitchen, across the living room, dark wood paneling, grey-green shag, shuff and snap of her slippers into a nook of a hall, too brightly lit. She nudges open a door left ajar, into a small dark room lit only by sunlight staining the edges of heavy curtains drawn, and almost entirely filled by a great wide bed. “I’ve brought tea,” she says, setting the mug on the nightstand in the corner. “Hey.” Sitting on the edge of the bed. “I called Reg,” she says, reaching along the margin of the thick dark comforter, and a gentle stroke for the blond head there, turned away. “Told him we’d need another week. He wasn’t happy, but hey. Fuck him.” Tucking a lock of her own hair, as blond, as straight, behind her ear. “Chrissie,” she says. “Chér.”
“I don’t want any tea.”
“Yeah, well,” says Ettie, and she gets to her feet with a sigh. “This would be why I stick with men. They can’t break your heart.”

The door swings open, for a moment all’s revealed, scarred floor and drifts of grit against the bar, peeling dimpled paint along the front of it and its cracked vinyl bumper, dust furring the bottles along the top shelf, the washed-out flyspecked neon lights, the bartender, spiky hair flared palely to a golden brown, hand up against the raw daylight, skinny arm festooned with shadowy tattoos, “Jacks?” says Jessie, blinking, but the light’s swallowed away as the door swings shut, and dimness closes about the warm neon, the sparkle of glass, the rattle of drums and a couple of jangled chords, bubbling bass, “Jackie?” says the bartender, his hair gone black. “Ah, naw. She ain’t here.”
“Oh,” says Jessie, in her puffy pink parka. “Sorry. I thought,” and she shakes her head, Americans were thus denied, someone’s singing, with the guitar and the drums, all right to travel to the other side. “She usually works mornings,” says Jessie. “Any idea when she’s in next?”
“No, see,” says the bartender, “I mean, she’s not here? Anymore?” Folding those skinny arms, leaning his elbows on the bar. “And we can’t be giving out people’s schedules, come on. Basic security.”
“I’m a friend,” says Jessie, and then, “I used to dance here? About a year, year and a half ago. Went by Rain?”
“If you’re a friend,” says the bartender, “I mean, she left, what, right after the holidays? Two, three months ago? So, I mean,” and he spreads his hands. “Want something to drink?”
“Where’d she go?” says Jessie.
“I don’t know, Eugene or something? But even if I did I couldn’t tell you, because, security, you know. Coffee? Anything?”
Betcha my life, there’d be no violence there, and she opens her mouth to speak but everything lights up again, washed out, as the door swings open, two women, raincoat, trench coat, gym bag and backpack, nodding to the bartender who waves hello as they head through empty tables past the empty little stage, toward the nondescript door back there. “How about Chilli,” says Jessie. “He back there?”
“He, naw, Chilli, we’re,” the bartender jumps as she walks away, “we’re under new management,” he calls after her, “so,” but there’s confusion by that nondescript door as it opens, those women stepping through around and past a man who’s stepping out, brown leather vest and rich red hair flopping from a widow’s peak, “I need you to,” the bartender’s saying. Jessie waves him off. “It’s Gaveston,” she says. “I know Gav.”
But Gaveston’s holding the door for someone else, a tall woman in a white track suit, short hair greenly yellow, and Jessie stops short, in the midst of the empty tables. “Chariot?” she says. The tall woman’s saying something to Gaveston, as she heads off past the little stage. “Iona?” says Jessie, and the tall woman looks over to see her there in pink. “Oh,” she says, stopped short. “Rain.”
“Is she here?” says Jessie. “The,” a cough, “the Princess? Uh, Queen? Ysabel?”
Iona’s shaking her head, “I’m merely here on her behalf,” she says, stepping away, but “Iona,” says Jessie, “Chariot, tell her, please,” and Iona stops, looks back. “Yes?” she says.
Jessie looks away. “Nothing,” she says. “Don’t tell her anything. Not even, that you saw me.”
“As you wish,” says Iona. Jessie’s still looking away, there among the empty tables. I’d want the giddy-up, the guitar jangles, I’d want to live it up, I’d want the pick-me-up, and the nondescript door back there’s now shut. The bartender isn’t behind the bar that flares, scoured once more by daylight as Iona opens the door outside. She steps through, the door swings shut, the darkness returns.

Nox Sea Raid say the letters punched in light across the screen. Choose Your Squad swooshes in below. A husky contralto says Set em up Sarge over the speakers, and the guy on the beanbag thumbs and clicks the controller in his lap, wheeling the view on the screen about a motley crew of centaurs, each stepping up to present arms as the focus settles fleetingly on them, uttering a catch-phrase, Rock an roll, rack em and pack em, they will fear my song, buzzbombs why’s it have to be buzzbombs, reportin for beauty! rock an rack em rock an pack em why’s it have to fear my rock an roll an reportin! “This is gonna suck,” says the guy on the beanbag, “I need more’n one tank for this.” Wrinkles about his eyes and gingery stubble along his jaw. “Whaddaya think,” he says, looking away from the screen, “would a Mixolydian,” but there’s nobody beside him, there’s a man headed away, over toward the grand dark staircase, dodging around a dark wood column, his sweater bulky, red, he’s looking up to the woman stopped there on the stairs, black trousers, a bowtie unclipped about her winged collar. “Long as he needs,” she’s saying, and “Oh,” says the guy on the beanbag, turning back to the screen, “Ellen’s home.” Clicking through the figures on the screen, rock an roll, reportin for beauty, they will fear, “The hell was he doing, wearing my shirt?” and the guy on the beanbag looks up again at that, the man in the red sweater a step or two up the stairs, and Ellen above him, maybe a shrug, “It looks better on him,” she’s saying, turning away. Why’s it have to be, says the centaur on the screen. Rack em!
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2023.06.07 14:50 Patatoxxo My chinchilla let me cuddle her today

I went to say hello to my chinchilla Luna this morning I've had her for 3 years she is friendly but like many chinchillas she is not cuddly.
She was shaking when I was petting her and felt a bit cold even though the room is 18 degrees I think she was also sleeping as I came up. So I picked her up and cuddled her near my neck and she stayed there for like 5 mins just cuddling then I she jumped back into her cage and then back to me settled in my neck again for 2 more mins before she started squirming so I put her back in.
She is behaving normally eats and drinks so idk I feel loved right now lol
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2023.06.07 14:50 SourcerBot UK to remove Chinese-made surveillance equipment from sensitive government sites

Here is the most important information, and related articles, from this article.
Published on 2023-06-07 at 08:01 and published by reuters. (1 minute)
Save 1 minute of reading with this summary:
LONDON, June 7 (Reuters) - Britain has committed to the removal of Chinese-made surveillance equipment from sensitive government sites as part of its latest plans to address national security concerns related to China. British lawmakers have previously called for a ban on the sale and use of security cameras made by Hikvision and Dahua, two partly state-owned Chinese firms, over privacy fears and concerns of the companies' products being linked to human rights abuses in China.
Keep reading with 3 related articles: The Mighty 790 KFGO KFGO (2023-06-07 at 08:01) UK to remove Chinese-made surveillance equipment from sensitive government sites The Register (2022-11-25 at 00:30) UK bans Chinese CCTV cameras on 'sensitive' government sites DAWN.COM (2023-02-10 at 01:54) Australia to remove Chinese-made cameras from defence sites
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2023.06.07 14:49 Foreign_Condition_11 AITA for prioritizing my Feelings over someone elses

Sorry for the language, Not a native speaker
Soo i really don't know where to start.. i think i might have fucked Up but im not Sure My Boyfriend and i haben been together for over 3 years. We dont really live together, we both have our seperate places but since the beginning we're Always together... I have slept maybe 3 nights in the Last 2 years in my Appartment alone. The last few months were some of the hardest of my lives, my grandma died, my grandpa died the year before, and because of my really challenging University where i have to leave for the week and i am only Home on the weekends, i am really Stressed out.. i would need therapy but Just Dont have the time for it and it would propably end my career.. recently i had my Finals.. It was a though time because i am really struggling at the Moment and the constant learning and Stress really took its toll on me. My Boyfriend knows This. So its now the Weekend before my Finals.. im freaking Out because i really want to just have it done and Not have to Take these again in a few months. A friend of him contacted him If she could live with him for some time. Until Then i was really trying to be Friends with her.. but my Boyfriend Sometimes acted weird when Something was about her. I Always diskliked that she needed so much confirmation. Everything she did she Always had to Show him.. especially when Its about Hobbys i do too i felt Bad because she Just hast sooo much more time than me.. and of course because of This she is better in me than Most of them.. i told my Boyfriend that and He doesnt understand how This Makes ne feel Bad in anyway. In the past they didnt sleep together but nearly did.. the Always liked the other one when the other one didnt Like them Back.. so they never got together or anything but both wanted to at some time. One time she nearly cheated on her Then Boyfriend with him.. So yes i am Acting Like a Jealous Girlfriend when its about her But their whole History together Just doesnt make me feel good. He still has some Kind of sweet Spot for her that i Just Dont Unterstand.. He gives her soo much and helped her all her Life and i Just Dont really See what she does for him.. but thats Not my Problem.. but its important for the Situation. She always moves in with her Boyfriends after a few Weeks.. Well when It didnt Work Out for her .. Who was there to Help her everytime.. my Boyfriend.. oh and because of her Bad experiences with moving in together He doesnt want to Love together with me.. so thats my First problem with This whole Thing.. With her Last Boyfriend she moved together after a few Weeks.. she Had her own Appartement (my Boyfriend helped her move) and she only lived there a couple of Weeks before moving to her current Boyfriend. Well now the Problem is that she isnt Sure If she still Loves him because she met another Guy at University who also has a Girlfriend btw... She fled the Appartement with her Boyfriend and lived a couple of days at the other Guys House.. now she asked my Boyfriend If she could stay at His place.. He asked me and i Said i had to think about it.. i was stupid and agreed and hoped that i didnt feel Bad with This Situation and that we could make it Work ( i am still in the middle of writing my Finals, so i am really Stressed out and my Depression ist Really coming Back) I wanted to Help her because i didnt know anything about the Situation.. i thought it was an emergency and Something Bad Happend.. the more i thought about it the more i felt Bad about This whole Thing.. i told my Boyfriend and He was really unhappy with it.. so i changed my Mind again and Said that we could try It and If i am Feeling Bad i have to Go Home and Hope its better there.. So the weekend between my Finals i really Had to study.. but because she wanted to come He Had to Clean His place and wanted to buy new furniture.. so thats what we did.. for time reasons it was stupid for me to help him buy furniiture.. but i thought He Had a plan and it wouldnt Take so Long .. it did.. At the store He told me that she was Back at her Boyfriends place.. and in This Moment i got Mad because i especially Said to him If it is a emergency she can come.. i thought she couldn't Go Home and Otherwise would have No place to sleep (she Has other Friends where she could stay and enough money to Go to a cheap Hotel or Something Like that) And i really didnt Like it that He didnt told me that.. because i am in This Situation too, i am probaply the one who is most unkomfortable in This Situation.. ( i dont know her that well, We meet 3 Times and we communicated a lil bit over WhatsApp.. so she Had my number and could have contacted me btw) She knew that This Situation Stressed me Out, because at First she wanted to come when i am still away and writing my Finals.. i was Not okay with that and He told her.. Well the Moment i thought it wasnt an emergency Situation amymore i told my Boyfriend how i feel and that i think shes Acting a Bit selfish, for me it Felt Like she wanted a vacation to Sort her Mind at my Boyfriends place. Oh btw His place is really small, Its one bedroom and the rest ist Open.. so we would Always have Seen eachother etc.. Its Really Not spacious or practical for 3 people at all. I told him how i felt and He started arguing about her and the Situation and so much more.. He then felt the need to cancel her stay with him. I didnt Ask him to, but He Said He Had the Feeling He Had to. And now Hes Mad at me because He thinks i am Jealous and Just Dont Like her.. He thinks that she did nothing wrong at all.. but she Had other Options and Chose what was the nicest for her.. she dindnt think one Bit about me and that Makes me sad because until now i thought she liked and respected me. I would have never acted that way and ask Someone wth a Girlfriend whos Stressed af at the Moment to Crash with him If it was'nt an emergency.. but the emergency Thing ist also a Problem.. my Boyfriend thinks that i can't decide If Its am emergency or Not.. thats true, because i was never told anything except that shes Back at Home.. so for me it Just isnt an emergency amymore if she Can be Back Home.. their Appartment btw Is double the Size of my Boyfriends Appartement, so they each have their own Space there. I dont know.. i Just feeel Like he Chose her Feelings over Mine the Moment He decided to let her stay with him.. at the end he decided for my Feelings.. but This ist the biggest Problem we Had in our whole Relationship and He ist so angry at me, that i am selfish and insecure etc and Just doesnt Unterstand why i dont want to have her Here to make a little vacation at His place But with her he Doesnt See any wrong.. she didnt even ask him If it was okay for me.. i Just feeel disrespected and sad because i thought she liked me. For me This is kinda selfish.. but i dont know.. i think i have Just Higher Standards about Not Being selfish than other people.
And now our Relationship is at the biggest Low, i didnt study enough for my Finals and couldn't concentrate at all because i constantly Had to think about This whole mess and Just Hope that i didnt screw them Up And i am Feeling really sorry for my Boyfriend that i Put him in This misery.. but isnt she also at fault because she asked him in the First place even though she knew about our living situation and in how much Stress He is in General (Hes Working His ass of and i am afraid He could get a burn Out.. He Just has it really hard at the Moment) And i am also really sorry for her because she couldn't rely on my Boyfriend Like she Always did in the past. But Overall i am Just fucking sorry for my Boyfriend.. He Just wants to Help and i as His Girlfriend Just couldn't Support him in This Moment as i wished i could .. But i also feel really Bad because He is so angry at me and doesnt understand what i mean Normally i am Always helping other people and in Overall i am a people pleased .. i want that everyone feels good.. i Just need harmony and Peace in my Life and i never prioritize my Feelings over the Feelings other people.. except in This Situation because i Just feeel so Stressed out and depressed that i am Just done
So am i the asshole for prioritizing my Feelings over Hers?
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2023.06.07 14:49 Business_Farmer_5176 Visiting New Zealand

Hi! Me and my girlfriend are planing on visiting New Zealand. I'd like to know some infos. What's the cheapest/best sim card i can buy? What's the equivalent of craigslist/olx in new zealand in case we need to buy smth ceap? Any ideas for what to visit near Auckland?
Tanks for any advices and tips.
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2023.06.07 14:48 numbah26 26 [M4F] Autobots Roll Out Oueheheheh

Anyone here near Cash and Carry sa makati? Im planning to watch Transformers there tagal ko na din kasi ina abangan ito and im looking for a companion or pweds din date. If G ka dm me lets introduce each other
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2023.06.07 14:48 cebalos999 How long does it take to get a smart meter?

I have registered my interest in a smart meter but haven’t heard anything back for nearly a week. I switched to octopus as it looked cheaper than my old provider (Scottish power) but I’m on economy 7 so either way I’m paying a fortune.
I was able to book an appointment with Scottish power for a smart meter within a week but didn’t bother as I knew I’d be switching, why is it taking octopus longer to get back to me?
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2023.06.07 14:47 feistylilly84 How do you manage your IBS?

I've had gastro issues for over 20 years. No doctor ever mentioned IBS or anything. It's only been in the last 8 years that I've asked if I have IBS. But of course, doctors said I don't. I was only officially diagnosed, last month. But, I've been taking some measures for a while to reduce my flare ups, and my new doctor told me about an OTC pill that helps. Below, is what I'm doing and it's working pretty well. But I'd love other suggestions, if y'all have any!
1st, I cut out all stimulants. Coffee, ADHD meds, caffinated tea, etc. I noticed anything that's a stimulant, makes my tummy verrrrry angry! 2nd, I cut out most lactose. I still eat cheese and sometimes ice cream. But if I use milk, creamer, or anything like that, it's either non dairy or lactose free. 3rd, I stopped drinking iced drinks. Nothing very cold. (Refrigerated drinks seem to be fine). I did this after watching Chinese dramas and kept seeing that the guys wouldn't let the girls have iced drinks because it would cause stomach cramps. So I looked it up and sure enough, it can! The reason why is still unclear, bit it's thought to be because the drink is TOO cold, so your stomach contracts in an effort to warm it up to body temp, and the contractions cause issues (like gas and bloating) later on. 4th, I started taking IBGuard. This stuff works pretty well! It's OTC and made with peppermint. (Be careful if you have acid reflux/GERD. Peppermint Han make that worse). My doctor said that peppermint has been found to help IBS symptoms. I don't take it as directed though. For me, that didn't work. I take 1 before bed and 1 in the morning when I wake up. I do this because my IBS usually flares up the the morning, sometimes before I even wake up (who needs an alarm when you have IBS??). This is working pretty well for me, most days. 5th, I started drinking spearmint tea before bed every night. This seems to help the IBGuard work better. Also, I have PCOS and spearmint helps with some PCOS symptoms. The PCOS is initially why I started drinking the tea, but then I noticed that it's helping control the IBS symptoms too! So, I drink it nightly. I was drinking it during the day, but found that it was making me sleepy, which can happen with spearmint tea. So, at night vefore bed is perfect for me! 6th, I give myself a "break" from the IBGuard and spearmint tea on the weekends (unless I have plans), so I can 'let it all out'! Lol. During the week, the cramping and bloating are more under control, but I feel like I never totally empty myself. So, this allows me to get everything our and start the new week feeling lighter. (Literally, I lose 3-5 lbs every time). 7th, per my doctor's recommendation, I eat fiber gummies every day. This help keep me "going", regularly. 8th, I've added magnesium, B12 and zinc to my daily regime. Theses are all thought to help with IBS symptoms and keeping you "regular", but there's really no evidence. But, hey, if it CAN help, I'll take it. Plus, these are all vitamins your body needs anyways. 9th, I eat within 2 hours of waking up. For some reason, my stomach doesn't like it when I miss breakfast. I can miss lunch or dinner, just fine. But breakfast is a MUST. If I don't eat within 2 hours of waking up, then I'm in a LOT of pain after I eat lunch.
I think that's all I've got for now.
Oh, I've recently learned that PCOS and IBS are linked! So If you have PCOS, you're very likely to have IBS too! YAAAAAY for having ovaries!
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2023.06.07 14:47 numbah26 26 [M4F] Autobots Roll Out!!

Anyone here near Cash and Carry sa makati? Im planning to watch Transformers there tagal ko na din kasi ina abangan ito and im looking for a companion or pweds din date. If G ka dm me lets introduce each other
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2023.06.07 14:45 Visible-Sundae-1787 Can someone help me with their Chinese number? So rn I'm trying a mobile legends Chinese version. Sadly my number is not working i need a Chinese number to login into game. Please anyone can help me?

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2023.06.07 14:45 TheArabianShark Rosacea?

I'm a 20 year old male. Ever since i can remember, i've had issues with my skin.
I can remember when i first started having issues with my skin and it was around grade 2-3 (age 7-8) and i started to notice a red itchy rash form under and around my nose, which we found to be seborrheic dermatitis, this never posed much problems.
As i started to go to high school, grade 7 (age 12-13), is where things with my skin drastically changed. I started to notice a burning/stinging/itching sensation that would occur every now and then, over my face/scalp and sometimes body, when i did exercise or if i was hot. This was debilitating and often resulted in me sitting out from exercise to find shade/have a cold showeor go somewhere with an air conditioner or fan, until the pain stoped. There were no physical symptoms, only the symptoms i felt, which made it very difficult for dermatologists to diagnose/help me. I also still suffered from seborrheic dermatitis with a dry/flaky/itchy scalp being the issue.
This was difficult for me but it was somewhat manageable. As i finished high school in 2020, i thought this would be something i would grow out of, as i did grow out of the the occasional pimple on my face and the acne on my back.
But was i wrong.
Around the start of June 2022, i became very sick with a long lasting cough and i was given antibiotics. I then started to notice redness of my face around August which my parents thought were an effect of the antibiotics.
I started to realise that this redness wasn't going away and it was actually becoming more severe. I became more persistently red and started to have these frequent episodes of aggressive flushing. I then began developing acne on my face later on. I also began flushing even around the people closest to me, like my parents and my best friend. I do remember before these symptoms came on, i always seemed to have hot/flushed skin, as well as i would be profusely sweating in social situations but nothing was ever physically visible.
I was then diagnosed with Rosacea by a dermatologist.
For the first few months i couldn't go outside. It was summer and when i'd usually be out playing sports and going to the beach with friends, i was at home inside my dark room with the air conditioner on. I physically couldn't be outside because of how my skin was reacting. This took a huge toll on my mental health.
I started my treatment with beta blockers and a more gentle skin care routine. After a few weeks of beta blockers, i found i was feeling dizzy and nauseous, so i was taken off them. I was then prescribed antibiotics for a few months which i found had not benefit. I then had 2 IPL laser treatment for the redness/flushing and saw a difference with my redness but it didn't help with my flushing. Now i am on isotretinoin and initially saw improvements with the acne but now seem to be in the purging phase.
Now nearly a year on from first showing symptoms and it doesn't seem like i will ever be normal again or be able to live my previous life, which is extremely tough as an athlete and also as someone who cares so much about how i look and present myself.
Is this rosacea? is this subtype of rosacea like neurogenic rosacea? or is this something else or a mix of different issues?
I am asking for help as it seems like i am at my last straw, i just want to live a normal life.
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2023.06.07 14:43 sunliu94 advice on me (21f) and my gf (21F) situation

this got deleted just now so here it is again.
me and my gf have been dating for almost 4 months. during the school year, we were both busy, especially her because she wanted to take her LSATS, which we both know is a huge deal. However, despite her busy schedule, we never had issues and still spent time tg nearly every day. we started long distance on May 22nd due to the summer ( i live about 3 hours from her). before LD, we have a convo and agreed to try it out, and that we would talk about any problems we had. we also discussed communication styles before and after LSAT and came to an agreement. For the past 3 weeks, LD hasnt been too bad, we texted everyday, facetimed every week, and nothing seemed to be going wrong. However, she did become a little more distant a few days prior to this event (i will get into it), still texted me everyday and not dry, just not as frequent. I called her on Sunday night to tell her ive been feeling this way, but that it was not something I wanted to make an issue bc i knew her LSAT was this week and i know she is stressed AF. We had a small talk, and when i asked her if she wanted to say anything, she hesitates, and says somehting along the lines of "i think i have something on my mind but it has to wait until after the LSAT." naturally, i freaked out a little. During our back and forth, here are the important details: 1) it is not a positive thing, 2) she wants to make sure the LSAT isnt messing with her, 3) it would require a long call, 4) she cant exactly put it to words. At that point, as an overthinker, I thought she was going to dump me. So i told her "if its what im thinking i would rather not get strung along." at the end, she said "you are not getting completely strung along..." and after that i kind of blanked out bc i just got so confused.
Im mostly just upset bc she spilled this information on me and then refused to talk about it. During the call, I asked her if she needed space this week to properly think, she said she didnt and that she would not mind me texting her still. however, I still thought it would be nice to give her at least a little space, so the day after the call, I gave her space the entire day, and at night i texted her how her day went, this is how the convo went:
me: "how was your day"
her: it was alright. how about you
me: honestly not too good, ive been worried about the convo from last night. but work went well.
her: thats nice.
Tell me if im being dramatic, but i thought her response was very cold. She never texts that dryly, and i know she knows that it was not a good response. My thinking is thats her way of putting her foot down and telling me she does not want to talk about it, however, I dont think me telling her the truth about my day was a bad thing, nor was i trying to get an info out of her. I just wanted to be vulnerable with her, plus i didnt want to LIE and say my day was great when I was a mess at work and at home. Its Wed now, and we still have about 2-3 days before she actually tells me whats going on. We did not text all day yesterday. At this point, Ive grew numb, and just told myself to prepare for the worst. But I wanted to know if i should still hold onto some hope.
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2023.06.07 14:42 Puzzleheaded_Row1212 Finally got a Interview but how do I dress?!

I finally got a interview at a dog care resort near me. The problem is I have bleached blonde hair and 13 peircings….. I am afraid they will reject me based on my look. I bought a black wig that cover my peircings but i feel like it looks silly. What do I do?
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2023.06.07 14:42 uwu334 Hi question for anyone who is on Slinda or anyone with pill experience idk if this is normal

Hi I’ve started slinda I’m on my second pack with only 6 active pills left
My doctor had told me to completely skip the green pills to skip my period to stop my period as they are thinking I have endometriosis and I have iron problems
And now I’ve just been having weird bleeding
From 18 of may to 23rd of may not even near the green pills I ended up having a period and not only that I was passing clots and what I think was uterine tissue it caused a lot of pain and only four days after stopping bleeding I’m bleeding again it’s not heavy it’s just spotting-light bleeding but it’s just annoying and I’ve never had this before and it’s just comical to me because the doctors wanted me not to bleed anymore
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2023.06.07 14:41 Blue_Mandala_ finding a chiropractor - everyone around me is a forever plan, but can i go there anyway? they wont purposefully take longer to fix me, right?

There is one FTCA chiropractor an hour away from me and doesnt take my insurance (which has terrible out of network coverage); all the ones near me are holistic and also sell essential oils and tinctures and whatever.
i was going to one and it was one of the sign up w/ scare tactic presentations. I needed a chiropractor at the time and it was fine and really helpful. Now i need one again and I'm looking into other options. but its not like they'd provide worse service right?
I mean, i'd have to ignore whatever they say and just come in as I decide i need it... which is probably not medically sound.
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2023.06.07 14:41 vasa002 Random meet up

Random meet up
Came to the very small parking lot to go home from the gym and this is what was waiting for me. Didn’t see nor know any owners of the other cars, it was completely random. The likeliness of 3 different generations, all the (nearly) same colour randomly lining up next to each other, it really made my day<3 (mine’s the Fk7 and civics are fairly uncommon here in Europe, so it makes it even more special)
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