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Kevin's Last Lie

2023.06.08 00:42 HaZalaf Kevin's Last Lie

Author's Note: This story is long. I'm sorry. It really deserves to be told exactly as it happened and therefore, I am forced into murdering brevity. I hope that in time you'll forgive me.
I'm going to tell y'all another stupid story. I should warn you that this one isn't really a comedy, despite being set in a RadioShack.
A few months after Cocaine-Kevin took off for Brazil in pursuit of true love, we got a new transfer employee. We came to call him 'Aikedo-Kevin' (I'm adding the -Kevin because this is a subreddit about Kevins.)
We called him 'Aikedo' because we met him before the final act of the following chain of events took place and afterwards we just didn't have the motivation to attach anything else to him.
When I replay what happened in my head, it astounds me that this took place at all. I mean, we had our fair share of Kevins at RadioShack. There was Cocaine-Kevin, (whom you've previously met.) Crazy-Kevin, 'TP' Kevin, Kevin the Customer, and Kevin the Destroyer. Every one of these people occupy space in my brain for various reasons, but out of all these Kevins, Aikedo-Kevin is the most memorable. And not for the reason you'd most expect.
As if he represented the cosmic opposite to the Kevin he was replacing, this new Kevin came across as competent. He was older and well-kept. He didn't smell at all like sun-dried squirrel and rather than being cartoonishly fat, he was worryingly thin. He looked surprisingly normal for a RadioShack employee; completely trustworthy, certainly like the guy you'd confidently go to to get your Questions Answered.
Looking at him, I would never have believed in a million years that he would be the most profligate serial liar that I've ever had the misfortune to meet.
I know that I should start this tale at the beginning; with the story of how he got his name, but I really don't have the space, so instead we'll just rollercoaster through this cascade of events much like I did originally.
Almost from the moment Kevin showed up, things got real weird, real fast. He lasted for about six months with us, but they were unforgettable. It started with Kevin telling us that he was a 'triple-stripe; dragon-class' black belt in aikedo. Then he told us that he met Kiss back in the 70's and they invited him back to their hotel to party. Then the lies got egregious. He was late because there was a riot at Publix. Someone else ate the food that I had clearly marked and labelled in the back fridge. His dad was in the CIA and helped plan Vietnam with Henry Kissinger. He didn't know why the drawer was short $5.34. He was allergic to fruit. The list was long and got progressively weirder as the weeks went by, but it was generally innocuous; innocent.
But then he fucked up. He told a lie about NASA. Guys, this was a RadioShack. We were all nerds of various stripes, with varying areas of scientific interest and knowledge. There was NO possibility in any universe that one could just traipse into my RadioShack and successfully lie about NASA. Especially this particular lie. There was even less of a possibility that upon hearing such a lie spoken, any of us RadioShack employees would let it go unchallenged.
Ok, now that all the foreshadowing is out of the way, let me get down to the meat. I mean, that's why you're still here, right?
This chain of events spanned three days and it began in the way these things always do; somewhat accidentally.
It was a normal Florida afternoon for everyone who didn't work at my store. As usual, I came in on second (closing) shift. I was taking over from Kevin, who'd just returned from his vacation. The drawer was missing $5.34. Again? Wtf? He 'fixed' it while I was in the back re-counting it. Okay. $5.34? This is so weird. I have to report this shit.
While waiting for his wife to pick him up, Kevin told me that he and his family had had a blast in Cape Canaveral. That he was able to take his son into the 'anti-gravity chamber' at NASA. He went into great detail about how they 'flew around in the tunnel.'
Now, y'all... I'm not an idiot. I very well know how NASA trains their astronauts in Zero-G. Fuck it, I'll bite.
"Uh, Kevin, they use planes to simulate zero-gravity. What are you talking about?"
He shook his head conspiratorially and said, "No, they have secret pods. There's two. One in Huntsville, Alabama, and one at Cape Canaveral. It's top-secret. I have a friend."
I stood there transfixed as Kevin embellished his experiences at NASA a bit more, making sure I knew how cool it was that his kids got to meet all the astronauts and how big the pod really was (almost as big as the Pentagon) until his wife finally showed up and they left.
I think I took a minute before going back inside. I had to call Frank (our store manager) to report the drawer discrepancy. And if I'm being honest, I also wanted to inform him of NASA's Pentagon-sized secret. We were all getting sick of Kevin's fibs, but nobody had really said anything to him yet and I knew Frank was a huge NASA fan. Repeating to him what Kevin had said was tantamount to lighting off firecrackers at a funeral, and at that age, I just wanted to watch the world burn.
Frank answered on the first ring, as I knew he would if the store was calling him.
"Heeeyyyyy, Frank. So. My drawer was short $5.34 again. Kevin somehow fixed it. He also went to the, uh, secret anti-gravity pod at NASA while he was at Cape Canaveral."
Frank laughed. There was a long pause. Then he snarled.
"What? Your drawer was short?! I'm DONE with this!" Frank hung up. I looked down at the phone. Dang. Frank is a terrible force for truth in the universe. I knew this from painful personal experience.
I got a call at 5 am to come in early; that Kevin couldn't open. Whatever. More money for me. I rolled out of bed.
When I got there, Frank was behind the counter pacing and literally purple. I've never seen a human being that color before. He looked like an engorged eggplant preparing for a Kanly duel.
I was putting my stuff away in the back when Frank stomped in behind me. He was hollering about gravity and idiots and I realized immediately that Kevin was in major, major trouble.
A frission tickled its way through my central nervous system. Fear or anticipation? Uncertain. Frank could be terrifying. Alternately, Frank could be compassionate. Frank was a real street-dude; a living tragedy-to-triumph, rags-to-riches kind of guy. He was also a VERY understanding boss. He basically only had three rules: 'Don't fuckin' steal,' 'Don't bring your personal fuckery to the store,' and, most importantly, 'Don't EVER fuckin' LIE to me.'
Those are exact quotes and he lived up to them. I know this. And now you all know this too. Kevin should have known this, but Kevin lived life on the edge.
In the backroom, I squared my shoulders and pretended to be uninterested while watching Frank's face pulse with incandescent rage.
"What's up?" I ventured, trying to hide my curiosity.
Frank exploded like something you shouldn't microwave. His purple face rippled as he tried to roll his eyes and snort simultaneously. He looked for all the world like an indignant water buffalo. Which is funny really. See, big game hunters will tell you that despite looking slow and stupid, the water buffalo is one of the most dangerous animals on Earth. African buffalo will lay traps. They will actually double back to lie in wait to hunt their hunter. And, much like the animal he resembled, Frank too was dangerous and known for his traps.
He smiled at me ferally.
"Kevin called out this morning. Apparently his cousin the St. Petersburg cop got shot last night in a drug raid."
"What does that have to do with NASA?" I said stupidly.
Frank stared at me like I was the only Red Gal in the Blue Man Group.
"I busted Kevin last night for theft." Frank said slowly, with that owlish look he saved for especially thick customers.
Okaaaay "But, what does tha-" I stopped, the light bulb over my head starting to flicker.
"Oh." I said.
Frank was still staring at me, perhaps waiting for my brain to finish its loading sequence. Accurately concluding that I was operating somewhat below dial-up speed, he sighed impatiently and continued.
"My wife called the hospital just now. They don't have anyone by the name of (Kevin's cousin's name) on file there. She called two other hospitals just to be sure."
I just looked at him blankly. "Waaaait. what?!" My mental bulb finally snapped on and flared brightly. Oh shiiit. My brain is furiously connecting dots. Did he lie to get un-caught for thieving? Is that a even a thing? Wtf?
Frank nodded grimly and picked up the phone. He dialed Kevin's number.
Unfortunately for this story, I had a customer walk in right then and therefore didn't hear what was said. Customers can be the most annoying things in the world sometimes. This one probably wasn't, but I don't remember because all I could think about was Kevin's career suicide. It seemed like an eternity passed before I was able to rejoin Frank in his investigation.
In the time I was away, Frank had learned two things: the first thing being that no cops had been shot according to the news, (which Kevin countered by claiming that the news wouldn't report a cop being shot in an on-going investigation,) and the second thing being that no hospital in the tri-county area had admitted anyone matching his cousin's name, (which Kevin dismissed by saying that secrecy was standard operating procedure in a 'Full Blackout' situation and that it's all put in place to protect a wounded cop's identity.
It was a testament to Frank's determination that he was able to do all this so quickly. Especially since this all happened back in the 90's before the sum of human knowledge was only a smartphone click away.
This inanity went on for my entire shift. Frank sending his wife to check out hospitals while he alternately called the local newspapers, TV stations, and Kevin.
Frank was terrifying in his pursuit of truth and I have to admit, it was a thing of beauty to watch him put his case together. Perry Mason be damned; Frank was on an investigative roll. But no matter what he learned, when he called Kevin, Kevin had an answer to it. A detailed answer. He went into specifics about how the bullet (9mm) hit his cousin's vest and richocheted off of a rib. He explained how it was a 'cartel case,' and everything has to be kept hush-hush. It was quite entertaining, if schadenfreude is your thing. It's not mine. I can't really explain how uncomfortable the whole thing made me feel. Like chewing on cotton. There's no way Kevin keeps his job. Kevin has the survival skills of a suicide bomber and the critical thinking skills of a cabbage. It was plain as day that Kevin was a drowning man grasping desperately for an anchor.
Finally, my shift ended and I went home mentally exhausted on Kevin's behalf.
As I left, I could see Frank behind the counter, still on the phone, hyper-focused, and absolutely intent upon some mission objective that I apparently wasn't cleared for. He told me just to be ready to close the next day.
I woke up haunted with the strange certain knowledge that disaster was nigh. Maybe it was the same instinct that allows animals to sense an earthquake before it strikes. I really don't know. I felt both uncomfortable and giddy as I readied myself for work.
When I pulled into the RadioShack, I saw that Frank's Jeep was there. So was Frank's wife's SUV. Kevin's car was nowhere to be seen.
Oh boy... this was not a good sign. I parked and went in. Immediately I could see Frank, his wife, and the employee who had opened huddled furtively together behind the counter. No customers in sight.
Excellent, I thought. Maybe I'll finally get some Answers. This IS a RadioShack, after all, right?
As I counted in my drawer, the preliminary results of Frank's investigation poured out: allegedly Kevin had been taking money from the drawer to get McDonalds for lunch. The amount ($5.34) matched perfectly with the meal Kevin was observed eating each day that he worked. No one knew why he did this. He very obviously brought his lunch in from home every morning.
Frank was a-twitter with anticipatory fury as he spoke. After the conversation he'd had with Frank the previous night, Kevin had slyly switched shifts with another employee to avoid having to open and therefore face Frank. Which, of course, had jacked Frank's temper over from red to plaid. Kevin daring to dodge him like this was simply the last straw, and he had decided he was going to fire Kevin. ...Except, despite trying all morning, he hadn't managed to actually reach Kevin to give him the news.
Frank being Frank, this had in no way deterred him. He had simply looked in Kevin's employee file and called the emergency contact. By the time I walked in, the proverbial shit had hit the fan and was well on its ballistic arc towards us in the form of Kevin's wife.
Yall. It's really important for this story that you have a mental picture of Kevin's wife. Essential, even.
Do y'all remember that 90's song 'All Star' by that band Smashmouth? Remember the lead singer? If you don't, it's okay. Just picture Guy Fieri instead. Now picture Guy Fieri/the Smashmouth dude dressed up as Xena: Warrior Princess. That's what she looked like. She was enormous. Not necessarily fat, but big. I bet she could crush a watermelon with her thighs, easy. (That's really a thing, by the way. You should probably Google it. Fuck it, here ya go )
Anyway, 'Xena' was surprised to hear that Kevin wasn't at work. She was even more stunned by what Frank had to say.
At roughly the same time this phone conversation was taking place at the RadioShack, another, weirder conversation was taking place in person across town. Out of exasperation, and to out-manuever Kevin completely, Frank had finally just sent his wife down to the police station...
...which went something like this: she walked in, and asked if any cops had been shot recently. I imagine there was a pregnant pause at the reception desk while it was hurriedly determined whether or not she was a threat or a crazy person. She asked again and was told that no, no one had been shot recently. She then asked to speak with Officer (Kevin's Cousin's Name) and lo and behold! he happened to be walking by at that exact moment, un-wounded, ambulatory, and utterly confused as to why anybody thought he'd been shot in the first place.
Perched behind the counter in the RadioShack, listening to Frank and his wife list the steps they had taken and the results of taking said steps, I actually felt kind of bad for Kevin. I mean, why would he do this?
Why would anyone make up such a ridiculous lie? What did he have to gain? And most mysteriously, why was he stealing to buy lunch when he brought his own lunch in? The whole thing was steeped in bizarre absurdity and I was beginning to lose perspective of the situation when the door-chime dinged and Kevin walked contritely into the store, followed by his strapping virago of a wife.
Y'all. Holy shit. I don't think that I will be able to properly describe what followed but I will do my best.
When I was a kid, there was a cartoon I saw once. Maybe it was part of a Disney movie, maybe a Bugs Bunny short, I don't really remember. But in it, a ginormous nanny-type woman drags a teensy man into a room by his ear to force him to apologize for something.
That's almost exactly what happened. Xena frog-marched Kevin into the RadioShack and made him apologize for stealing. She literally made him hand over an envelope with $600 in it. (The amount Frank calculated Kevin had stolen over six months.) And then she berated him for breaking the diet she had set for him.
I'm going to say that again. He broke the diet she had set for him. This ... veritable Amazon of a woman had set a caloric limit for this dude who was already so skinny that he could likely crawl through the holes in a chain-link fence. All of a sudden, it all made sense. All of it. Kevin was emasculated, hence the lies. Kevin was desperate and fucking starving, so he stole to feed himself. I was wrestling with my new-found understanding of all things Kevin when she told us the envelope was all of his 'allowance' money. At this point, I was entirely speechless. I could only gape witlessly at her.
Stealing a glance back at Frank, I could tell he was going through the very same emotional turmoil as I was.
In the uncomfortable silence, Kevin handed over his keys and mumbled something about it being great working with us and then they left.
With the possible exception of the first time I saw the cemetary scene in Steel Magnolias, I have never gone from one emotional extreme to the other so quickly. Where I had been affronted by his actions only minutes earlier, now I felt unimaginable regret and I could tell Frank felt the same way. Frank had held back from revealing that he'd had his wife visit the police station and he never even brought it up. He looked deflated; all the energy and momentum of the chase gone, replaced by utter shock and remorse.
Y'all, I bet you thought this story was going to have a happy ending. Or at least a funny one. I'm sorry to disappoint you. No happy ending here, just a cloudy moral lesson.
Kevin was fired and we never saw him again, though I insisted that Frank's wife go back down to the police station and tell Kevin's cousin everything we'd seen and heard. I felt that I owed him that much, being responsible for the initial phone call that had set everything in motion.
Yes, Frank and I learned much and more that day. That experience changed something in me. I'd like to think I'm a better person now.
Oh, I still laugh at Kevins, but I don't assume anything anymore. Oh, no. I've learned that everyone has a truth to tell, even if it comes swaddled in lies.
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2023.06.08 00:41 folsom_prison2309 Anyone want some fancy dinner to take home?

So like, I had my parents over for dinner but they, uh, had to leave before they could eat.
I cooked everything myself today though, and there’s like, WAY too much DELICIOUS food for me and Grandpa Marshall. Like really, I think I fucking knocked it out of the PARK with this one which is why it SUCKS ASS for my parents that they didn’t want to try it.
I have steak Mr. Rawling taught me to make (I totally gave up on the bourguignon, I can’t cook something I can’t PRONOUNCE) scalloped potatoes, asparagus, bread rolls, and a fruit tart Hannah taught me to make. They’re, like, all just sitting on the table so if you just knock on the door, I’ll let you in and you can help yourself to a plate. You can, like, even stick around if you want.
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2023.06.08 00:28 dg8882 late night bike parking near north station?

So I'm planning to attend a few events this summer at big night live, and the events seem to end around 1-2am. The T is already closed down at this time, and ubelyft is almost as pricey as just driving my car and paying for a garage nearby, so does anyone have any good bike parking options?
The only "secure" area im aware of is in the north station garage, but it closes at 1am and I'm assuming my bike would be locked in. I'm thinking of trying the rack near the Federal building next door, but I don't like that it's still exposed to anyone on the street.
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2023.06.08 00:26 Dekwon1 Body Shop about to Finish Repairs but Short $1700 from Insurance, What do I do?

My car got hit in the parking lot behind my house in September by a DoorDasher. It took until mid-March to determine who would pay for the repairs because of DoorDash having their own insurance. Long story short, I got my car into a repair shop on May 3rd while having the insurance of the person who hit me (Allstate) pay. The body shop estimated the repairs to be $5500 and Allstate only gave me $3500 when doing the initial over-the-phone quote. The repair manager told me that the repairs would take about a month and that they have a hard time dealing with Allstate because "they don't like paying".
The body shop started the repair without having all of the money required (I don't know if this is normal but I find this weird). Once they tore the car down they set a final estimate of $7500. Quite a jump so I was interested to see how this played out, especially after hearing about a week or two before the above quote.
Got an email today that they are putting the car back together just about a month later and it should be done next week. Great news except for the fact that they are short $1700... So the repair is about to be done, they've already received at least two supplements from Allstate, but I can't get my car until it's paid in full. I asked what they are going to do to get the money and he said that they will send a final bill to Allstate in hopes of getting the $1700. Sounds like a stretch to me. So I proceeded to ask, what if Allstate simply won't pay more or it takes forever to get the extra money? He said that I can pay the $1700 and go after them for it. Now I'm not the smartest, but if the body shop themself can't get the money, how am I supposed to?
Some side notes, this was my preferred shop and I've done some reading on here and saw that since I picked it this happens because of the shop being an ass or whatever. You don't need to spell that all out. However, Allstate offered to repair it here when they gave me the over-the-phone estimate. I don't know if I filled something out saying this was my preferred and that's why they put it but I feel like if they don't want to deal with this shop they wouldn't have done that.
So now I come to you and ask, what should I do here? Wait it out and assume it'll be okay or what? I was already screwed dealing with insurance for months because of DoorDash and now this is just the saga that never ends.
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2023.06.07 23:59 Few_Ad9113 Trash bags

Trash bags
Watched the passenger of this van open the door and just throw their trash in the Geneva St Food Basics parking lot. The passenger was in her mid to late teens and old enough to know better. Then her mom (I assume) came out of the grocery store so I asked her to have her daughter pick up the Mcd's garbage that she just littered everywhere, to which the response was that's not fucking ours. To which I replied I just watched her throw it out, you donkeys should be ashamed of yourselves.
Hope your friends and neighbours see this!! Filthy pigs
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2023.06.07 23:57 DDoubleBlinDD Everyone's a Catgirl! Ch. 219: Sapphire of the Emperor

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The Port of Meow. Tristan thought he wouldn’t be surprised by the world’s naming conventions after he’d heard terms like ‘Myana,’ and ‘Onyans,’ but this one struck him as funny. Maybe it was the lack of sleep from their conditions on the boat. Every time one of the girls said it, he laughed.
“There are so many people,” Destiny murmured as they entered the port city. “And all the buildings are so close together!”
Lara inhaled a deep breath. “Wind brings so many flavors with her. I have never smelled so many spices.” She pointed at one building, then the next, then a third. “Earth is the ruler here. Each one of these structures begins and ends with him.”
It really was incredible. The strips of buildings carried a spirit of older Chinese architecture, using a bilateral symmetry that stemmed from one focal structure into secondary components on either side—like wings on a giant bird. He was fascinated in middle school by Asian and Middle-Eastern design, and to see it dominating an entire island in a completely different world was mind-boggling.
Such an intricate, elegant city. Called the Port of Meow.
Tristan laughed.
Destiny gently touched his forehead with the back of her hand. “Tristan? Are you feeling alright?”
“Yes, sorry. I’m fine. Just tired.” Her skin felt cool against his. “I guess I did laugh at a weird time, huh?”
Destiny chewed her lip. “It isn’t just that. You’re very pale.”
Lara bent her knees and looked into his face. “My sister is correct, Young Master. I would advise we find a place to rest.”
A sure hand clapped him on his shoulder. Matt was suddenly beside him, his Party at his side. “Ready to get something to eat?”
Tristan’s chest tightened, and he licked his lips. He suddenly felt very dizzy. “C-could you show us where to stay? I’m not feeling well.”
Cannoli danced to his side, her hands deep inside her [Cat Pack]. “Poor Tristan! I may have a potion! Let me look!”
“That’s sweet of you, Cannoli, but we’ll take care of him,” Destiny said, favoring Tristan with a worried glance. “If we need anything, I’ll let you know.”
“The Spider Lily’s this way.” Ravyn grabbed Matt’s arm and tugged him away from Tristan. “Don’t crowd Tristan. He looks like he’s about to faint.”
Thanks, Ravyn.
Destiny hooked her arm through Tristan’s, and Lara copied on his opposite side. They made their way through the crowds together, drawing the eyes of almost every catgirl they passed.
The port was bustling with activity. Sailors and merchants loaded boats on the multitude of docks while vendors in tents hawked last-minute travel supplies and whatever ‘San Specials’ were. In the sprawling wings on either side of the center building, there were small restaurants, shops, an armorer, and a tailor. Excited murmurs and laughter echoed from all angles, making it hard to hear one another as they fought through the throngs.
It was nothing like Venicia.
It turned out the Spider Lily was the center building. An expansive inn lit by dozens of paper lanterns, with metal gates forged by geometric patterns. Opaque windows mirrored the gates’ rectangular motif, flecked with golden embellishments and pieces of colored glass.
Ravyn led them inside. Incense burned on a polished podium, and they were greeted by a pair of young women in high-collared dresses, their dark hair tied away from their faces.
“Welcome to the Spider Lily,” the woman in red said, bowing deeply. “You are Cailu’s companions, are you not?”
Ravyn made a sound between choking and gagging.
“You could say that,” Matt replied before Tristan could say anything. He nudged Ravyn with his elbow and offered a wry smile.
“Very good. I am Ayu, and this is Nalee. Your rooms will be free for the duration of your stay,” Ayu, the woman in blue, announced, copying her companion’s bow. “There are two suites on the second floor; one for each of you.”
Tristan exchanged a confused glance with Matt.
“Just two?” Keke asked first.
“Yes, miss. You will find four beds in each suite, as well as a full-service washroom. Is this not to your liking?” Nalee tilted her head to the side. “Perhaps we can find something more suitable?”
“No, that’s perfect. Thank you very much,” Tristan said with a wave of his hand. “It’s more than enough.”
“Excellent, sir. We have stationed Kaori and Ratu on the floor as well. They will retrieve anything you require. Food, drinks, travel necessities, you need only say the word, and they will bring it to you,” Ayu continued. “Should they fail to meet your needs, Nalee and I will both see this rectified.”
“Pardon me, miss, but how will charges for these items be collected?” Ceres asked.
“Cailu has assured us that he will settle your tab,” Nalee said. “It is not yours to bear.”
Tristan heard Cannoli mutter to Keke, “We can order anything?
Keke nodded.
Cannoli took Buttons from her shoulder and looked at him excitedly. “We can get you so many peanuts!
Ravyn cackled. That was the laugh of a girl with dad’s metal credit card in her wallet.
“We will not cause Sir Cailu to regret this generosity,” Ceres replied with a deep bow and pointed glare at Ravyn. “It is a great kindness, and we thank you.”
“I just need some water,” Tristan said, leaning his head against Lara’s shoulder.
Destiny raised her hand. “Can we please get our key? We would like to go up now.”
“Of course, miss.” Nalee retrieved a key on a delicate chain from behind the podium and handed it to Destiny. “Please enjoy your stay.”
“Why don’t we head off to the Golden Dragon first?” Matt suggested to his Party. “We can come back and check on them after.”
Ravyn gawked. “Did you not hear what the lady just said?”
“I did. And I’m with Ceres on this one. Come on.” Matt waved his group outside.
Keke laughed as they filtered through the door.
“Let us go upstairs,” Lara said, squeezing Tristan’s arm.
“Yeah. Good idea.”
Destiny and Lara guided him up the two flights to the second floor, and Tristan’s vertigo grew worse. It was like a combination of seasickness and stepping off the teacup ride at an amusement park. The world would just not stop moving.
“Hello, sir. My name is Kaori.” A green-haired girl bowed in the hallway of the second floor.
“And I’m Ratu. Just let us know if you need anything at all.” A head of short blonde hair ducked deep with her bow.
“Thank you both,” Tristan replied, unsure if he had the energy for proper introductions.
Destiny unlocked the door to their room and pushed it open. The dark hallway gave way to a room of colorful screens and vibrant tapestries. The single room was bigger than the apartment Tristan grew up in—each bed could fit three people without an issue.
As soon as they were inside, Destiny knelt to help Tristan take off his boots.
“Y-you don’t have to do that,” Tristan said, embarrassment burning into his face.
“I want to,” Destiny said, continuing to untie the laces.
Lara moved to one of the beds, turning down the blankets with expert precision. The sheets fell with perfect symmetry, the rectangles laying parallel to the headboard. She smoothed the bottom layer and stepped back, looking expectantly at Tristan.
“Girls—” he began.
“Please. Let us use all of this etiquette training.” Destiny laughed, sliding the second boot from Tristan’s foot. “We can’t let Kaori and Ratu show us up.”
“Alright,” he relented. “Just this once.”
Destiny took his hand and led him to the bed.
He stared at the freshly pressed white sheet for a long time. “Will you two join me?”
Destiny’s eyes widened, and she hissed in a tiny breath.
Lara took his hand in both of hers, her airy voice taking on a tone of concern. “Young master, your current physical state will not allow you to perform—”
“That’s not what I mean,” he cut her off, a little harsher than he meant to. “I’m sorry. What I meant was… I just want to be close to you right now.”
“Of course, Tristan,” Destiny replied softly. “Here, lie down.”
They situated him in the middle of the bed, making sure his feet were under the blankets and tucking him to the waist. Lara was the first to slide under the covers, wiggling her way to Tristan’s right side. He hooked an arm around her waist and pulled her close until her head rested on his shoulder.
“You are very warm,” she noted.
“And you’re very soft.” Tristan chuckled. “Destiny?”
Destiny turned multiple shades of red. She held her hands tightly clasped in front of her apron, her gaze never resting on one place. “I-I’m sorry. Is this really okay?”
“Yes,” he said, holding a hand out toward her. “Please?”
Destiny nodded and lifted the covers with care. One leg pressed beneath, then the other. She shifted forward, taking Tristan’s hand and letting him guide her to his side. With a slow exhale, she relaxed against him, trapping his left thigh between her legs.
“You’re soft, too,” Destiny whispered, wrapping her tail around his ankle.
“And you’re wonderful,” Tristan murmured. “Both of you are.” He yawned and closed his eyes, already feeling the warm descent into sleep.
On a foreign island, in a stranger’s bed, Tristan felt more at home than he ever had in Nyarlea.

Destiny Pro Tip: I can't wait to try the food! And we can eat it in our room like a picnic! Oh! Shhh, he's sleeping.
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Let's hang on Discord!
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2023.06.07 23:53 CashDealsTooday What kind of repairs does a dilapidated home in Bedford Park,IL usually need?

What kind of repairs does a dilapidated home in Bedford Park,IL usually need?
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2023.06.07 23:46 afflictedspeck I (29M) am considering ending the relationship with my (27F) girlfriend of 1.5 years after her roommate (25F) threatened me and we got into a huge fight

I would really appreciate some help here. I’m at a loss on what to do. Apologies for the really long post, TLDR below.
TLDR; I’m considering ending a relationship of 1.5 years with my girlfriend after her roommate and I got into several fights this past weekend over moving a couch into their apartment. Her roommate prohibited me from stepping foot inside ever again, threatened to call the cops on me, threatened to lawyer up, and accused me of aggravating her. She might have also punctured one of my car’s tires as it was flat the following day in their parking lot. My girlfriend has continuously said she understands the situation and will be coming to my place going forward, but I’m afraid of what might happen in the future since she shares her location with her roommate, have been friends for 17 years, have a matching tattoo together, and the roommate has shown to be a very explosive and volatile person. Her roommate has also been convicted in the past for assault and I’m afraid of what she might do. I feel like I don’t fully know my girlfriend and don’t know how to move forward. Should I leave the relationship or continue to fight?
A bit of a background
My girlfriend, let’s call her Ana, and I have been together for 1.5 years. We met through a cousin of mine at an outing back in December 2021 and started dating right away. Ana is caring, loyal, and has always listened to what I have to say. Our relationship has gone through some challenges, but nothing we have not talked through and somewhat agreed on - we see life differently to some extent when it comes to matters like politics and religion but have always sat down to talk through and resolve those issues. My parents did not get a good impression of Ana when I introduced them to each other, but she has worked hard to do so ever since. When we met I also asked her to go back to school to keep pursuing her degree, which she had stopped years ago, but listened to me and is currently on her second semester. It is important to note that Ana (and Betty, shortly introduced) was in a religion for 22 years that prohibited her from making friends outside of it. She left 5 years ago and had to cut all communication with her family.
While together, in June last year, I bought an apartment and moved about 1.5 hours north of her to be closer to my job. Ever since that happened we have had this sort of long distance relationship where we only see each other on the weekends - every other weekend Ana comes to visit me, staying overnight, while I do the same the weekends she does not.
Ana was living in an apartment by herself up until two months ago, when her lease was over and the landlord increased her rent by 30% or so. She had to go somewhere and asked if we could live together, to which I declined as I did not think we were ready - moving in together has been something I’ve refused to do because of a very sour experience with an ex-girlfriend. Since that was not an option, Ana decided to move into a new apartment with one of her best friends, Betty, who I barely knew. They decided to move about 30 minutes closer to me. Betty promised Ana she would take care of her, to some extent, by paying more than half of the rent and covering the security deposit. Ana does not make much money and has racked up some credit card debt which she is managing now, so the arrangement made her financially happy. It’s sort of important to note, however, that with the new arrangement Ana is paying about the same monthly rent. I helped her move out and into the new place with two other friends.
Betty and Ana have known each other for 17 or so years. They have traveled together and even during our relationship Ana, during the weekdays, has visited Betty overnight to watch movies and whatnot, without me there. At the start of our relationship Ana refused presenting me to Betty several times despite my insistence, because Betty had had serious fallouts with two of Ana’s friends and she was afraid I might not like her. Before meeting Betty I had a sense I would not like her when I noticed that Ana, when Betty texted, was afraid of not replying right away, which I thought was odd. I confronted her but she always ignored what I was saying. Other friends of Ana’s had also noticed the same. I ended up meeting Betty six months or so after Ana and I started dating, which was right after Betty’s ex broke up with her after almost five years of a verbal- and physically abusive relationship. Betty, I recently found out, has even been to jail before due to explosive episodes that have ended in physical aggression, and is currently trying to expunge her records. She was also adopted as a kid and her adoptive father has beat her for years in different occasions. Betty and I only hung out then, when we met for the first time, and one other time two months after, for her birthday. I never had any sort of altercation with her, but noticed she always had some fight with someone, always talking down on people and blaming others for her tragedies. Something that took me by surprise last year was when my girlfriend and Betty went one day to a tattoo parlor and got the same exact tattoo in the forearm as a sign of their friendship. Up until then my girlfriend only had two other tattoos that were very small - one by her ankle and another one by her ribcage. This one that she got with Betty is the only truly visible one. That day I remember being extremely surprised when she showed it to me, seeing how she had not even mentioned she was going to get a tattoo, but comes home with the biggest one she has had, and on the forearm.
Fast forward to Saturday: Betty and I lose it with each other
Moving forward to last weekend, I visited Ana at her apartment for only the second time in the last two months after she moved in. I drove over Saturday early in the morning and was greeted by my girlfriend making breakfast for me and her roommate. We all ate and Betty asked to spend the day with us, since she needed to go to the library to study for an exam, which my girlfriend and I had planned on doing, so that she could study for one of her classes. They also made me aware of a couch one of Betty’s friends was giving her for free, and Betty asked for my help to pick it up later. The day went well at the library (4 or so hours) but started to shift when we went out for late lunch after - Betty asked for spicy wings at a local bar and threw a fit when the wings came with not sauce, calling the manager of the place and insulting the cooks and staff. After that ordeal we went to UHAUL to rent a truck for the couch. Like idiots, we ended up breaking what we thought was the ignition key (it wasn’t, just an attached key for the back doors) inside the car’s key hole. This sent Betty screaming and insulting me, out of the blue, calling me an idiot and other words I cannot recall. I yelled back at her which only escalated the situation. UHAUL management stepped in and they got us a pickup truck at no additional cost. We live in a big city in South Florida. I drove with Ana in the middle seat and Betty on the passenger side for about 40 minutes to pick up the couch. It is 10PM on the dot when we get to the community where Betty’s friend lives. A security guard, as I parked the truck, approached us to say the HOA does not allow trucks at that time. Betty starts insulting him several times as I drive away and parked about half a block from the community, at a plaza right next to it. We proceeded, for the next two hours, to carry out the couch from a second floor to the first, moving it over a 5 feet wall (with me jumping over) to avoid going around the community, then walking with it for half a block and than putting it on the bed of the pickup truck. All in 90 degree humid weather.
As I am sweating and huffing while fastening the couch on the bed of the truck by myself, with Betty and Ana talking by the side of the truck, I notice Betty looks tired and miserable, to which I asked jokingly “why the long face?”. Betty proceeds to tell me I am not being funny with that question and starts to yell at Ana, saying how she is useless, how she herself (Betty) had to do everything regarding the couch and no one helped her, how “her man” (meaning me) was not able to afford a couch for her, and other stuff I cannot remember. She called me an idiot, and called me slick, and said I was not funny with my stupid jokes, and kept yelling I was not helpful. I started to yell back at her saying how it had been six hours since we had been helping her. I also, at that point, lost it all and said “where are your friends right now to help you? Holy shit, I am literally on the bed of this truck fastening your couch and you are so ungrateful”. I was yelling as she was yelling back, and in that moment the yelling match turned something like the following:
Betty - “you are so fucking useless, IT’S ALWAYS ME GETTING SHIT DONE, no help from anyone, ALWAYS ME”
Me - “what the fuck are you talking about? We are LITERALLY helping you right now, what the fuck”
Ana - “guys please stop, can’t we all just get along, please?”
Betty - “Bro you are not funny man, who the fuck said you are? I am so tired of your shit, your stupid comments and jokes throughout the day”
Me - “where the fuck are your friends to help you? You are so fucking ungrateful; you jump from dick to dick and will never find love, you have no fucking friends”
Betty - “WHAT THE FUCK. Your bitch is a whore man, she doesn’t even wear condoms. A fucking whore and a fucking submissive bitch, that’s why you are with her”
Ana - “guys please stop”
Me - “Don’t you fucking dare talk about Ana that way, be fucking respectful”
Betty - “A fucking whore is what she is, and submissive, and worthless”
At that point we are yelling at each other and Betty starts saying that I am assaulting her, and threatens to call the cops. She grabs her phone to make a call and I start filming with mine, making it very clear that at no point have I put my hands on her or planning to, at all. She starts yelling at me for recording her and bring up her lawyers and the cops, and how recording her without her consent is illegal. We are calling each other names and I continue to film. She is also in disbelief at how my girlfriend is “not defending HER”. In reality Ana was trying to stay out of it.
Needless to say, the way back to their apartment with the couch was extremely uncomfortable. It was very quiet for the first 20 minutes until Ana asked us why we can’t just get along, which made Betty go off again, yelling at how I am slick, worthless, and so many names I cannot remember. Betty said she does not want me to step foot in HER house, and continued to say she would break the lease and have my girlfriend’s stuff out of her place. When we got to the apartment I let them carry the couch inside and asked my girlfriend to bring my stuff (a backpack and a duffle bag) out of the apartment. I did not want to step foot inside for my own safety. Betty does not have a gun but I am sure she would have used it if she did, either to threaten or God knows what. As I was leaning on the frame of the door Betty asked if I would come in, to which I said no, and she also slammed the door on my face and prevented Ana from opening it, positioning herself in front of the door and yelling that “if she steps foot outside she would kick her out” to which I kept yelling that Ana is also in the lease. When Betty opened the door I told her I would call the cops if she tried one more time to hold Ana hostage inside. She went off again and threatened to lawyer up and kick Ana out. After much yelling and cries from Betty, I ended up stepping inside, closing the door behind me, and talking to them both to de-escalate the situation.
At this point it is 2AM and after much yelling I apologize to my girlfriend’s roommate for stepping over the line when I basically called her a whore. I was a total piece of shit in that regard and sincerely felt like apologizing. Betty did not apologize but she said I could stay over. She said she will forget about the whole situation and that all she needed was to cry and get over what I had said. She went to the balcony to smoke weed and I left the apartment to basically cry out of frustration. Ana followed me and after 30 minutes or so talking outside I told her I had to leave. I did not feel safe sleeping over and did not know if I could ever feel safe again in that space. I walked over to my car and drove home for an hour. I went to bed at 3:30AM and woke up at 6:50AM, took a shower, and headed back to my girlfriend’s apartment complex to return the truck which we had to do by 9AM.
Sunday: flat tire and location sharing
It’s now Sunday morning. I get to my girlfriend’s apartment at 8:15AM, where I leave my car parked, and with her on the passenger seat drive over to the UHAUL, which is about 20 minutes away, to return the truck. Everything is done on time and after getting my girlfriend’s car from the UHAUL parking lot we stop at a diner to have breakfast. We get back to her apartment at around 10:20AM and by 10:25AM we are driving over to my place, each of us in separate cars. About 10 minutes after leaving I get a flat tire notification on my car’s dashboard and pull over at a near gas station to see what was going on. The car had gone from 35PSI in one of the rear tires all the way to 15, and kept going down. I end up driving the car over to a TiresPlus close by, which later confirmed the flat tire was due to a hole on the outside which “had been caused by an object that went in and out, more than likely a screwdriver or a knife”. Needless to say I had to pay ~$200 for a new tire.
I told Ana there is no way this was coincidence and that I suspected Betty had done something to that tire. She said she did not think it could have been the case since there is no way Betty knew where I parked. I did not think that logic made sense since Betty knows exactly what car I drive and she was in the apartment, in her room, when Ana and I left earlier to return the truck. She basically had two hours to do anything. On top of that, I found out that Ana actively shares her location with Betty via iMessage, and vice versa. Ana and I also have that sort of arrangement. They have been doing it for years.
Ana and I spent the Sunday sleeping at my apartment pretty much. I could not get the situation out of my head and barely slept, but being together made me feel better. We talked about the future extensively and Ana promised me that she will cut all communication with Betty once the lease is over, but currently there is nothing she can do. She also brought up living together again, and the following day also told me how she was looking into jobs that are close to my place.
Monday: going on a break with Ana
Ana went to work on Monday morning (5AM) from my house and I worked from home. I did not get anything done thinking about the whole situation and later in the afternoon Ana and I continued to talk about it. Later at night, as Ana was sending me text messages on how she was cleaning the house, Betty was also posting on social media about it. I told the whole story to my best friend who seemed mortified about the situation and asked me to be careful. Monday night I sent Ana a long message explaining that I need some time to think about our relationship. I said that I could not trust her judgement and was afraid for what might happen if she still hangs with this crazy person not now, but in the future as we think of a life together. Will she be at our wedding? At her birthday parties? Will she be involved in our lives? Even though she has told me she will not, I know that Ana has been well aware of how Betty is but nothing has changed in their friendship these past 17 years. It has only become stronger.
Ana was very hurt from my message and called me right away. After a one hour conversation where she pushed me to decide on breaking up or continue the relationship she hung up when I told her to please give me until Friday. She does not understand how it is that I am re-thinking our relationship if it is that I love her. I do care so much about her, but have not been able to move past what happened and the fear that she might introduce me to similarly dangerous people or environments, be it with Betty or with someone else, is severely impacting my ability to think there is a future here. To keep the story short this is the third time Ana has tried to, or has introduced me to, people or situations that pose a danger to me and her. I also have not been able to get out of my head how it is that she is friends with this person, Betty, who is so visibly crazy and with whom she has a matching tattoo, years of friendship, experiences, etc.
Tuesday: Ana’s early morning call and social media login attempt
At 7:30AM of Tuesday, as I was getting ready for work, Ana called me to tell me she was sorry for blocking me on social media and on iMessage. By doing that I no longer have access to her location. I was not aware since she had done that at night, after I had asked for some time. She told me she “did not want me to think the posts from her story were directed toward me”. She also told me that “she wanted to have some sort of control seeing how I was having her wait for a decision and felt lost”. She also confessed she could not sleep and had gotten to work very early, thinking through everything in her car at her workplace parking lot. Ana begged me, crying and barely able to talk, to please consider our relationship. We haven't talked since after she hung up.
After Ana hung up I noticed an unread message on my phone of a login attempt into my Instagram that took place at 1:15AM that morning. That has never happened before and my mind instantly went to Betty. At this point I might be overthinking, however, influenced by the events that transpired.
I am in a situation where I have to decide whether to have Ana move in with me, live with the fact that she is with a psycho for the next ten months, or simply leave it all behind despite how much I care about her. I don’t know if I am ignoring some red flags and that’s really the reason why I needed the time and am seeking some help on here. I don’t know if I am in the wrong and would like some clarification because I truly feel so lost. Ana has done so much for me in the sense that she listens and I know she loves me, but I am just afraid of her judgement and what she might bring into the relationship in the future. I also feel like I don’t know her like I thought.
Should I leave the relationship or continue to fight? Would sincerely, wholeheartedly appreciate some advice.
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2023.06.07 23:33 Darogaserik I’m just really frustrated right now and I am having a hard time not letting it get to me.

For context my “mother” is a meth addict. She used to lock herself into her bedroom for days and leave my brothers and I to fend for ourselves. There were times that my oldest brother (he would have been 7 at the time) dug through the kitchen trash to try and feed us.
When she was around, she gave us dried packs of ramen to crush up and eat. I couldn’t eat it as a toddler and my brothers would fill the bag up with water so it would be soft. Eventually we were taken in by my Nana who got emergency custody of us. We lived with her as a real family that ate at the table, went to the park, and had tooth brushes. We eventually were given back to my “mom” at the age of 5 who did NOT have her shit together and a lot of really bad things happened after. I don’t want to go into it too much but it was life altering for me.
I left as soon as I could, fast forward to me having my daughter. She wanted to meet her grandchild. She and my brothers swore she was clean, I was skeptical. We visited a bit with no real red flags until we began seeing signs. She locked herself in her bedroom again while she was watching my brothers kids, toddlers at the time they were wandering around alone when I went to visit and her bedroom door was locked.
I tried to talk to her asked her if this was the life she really wanted and she told me I was a “Stupid judgemental bitch.” Okay. No contact with her again. When relatives began opening up to mom because she swore she was clean I told them the truth. She wasn’t. Some believed me, some didn’t and she stole from them. Basically anything that wasn’t nailed down to the floor. My uncle walked into his kitchen to find his microwave gone for an example.
This was years ago, and last week she began messaging everyone I know to tell them I lied and want to make her look bad. Out of the blue, I haven’t spoken to her in years. Now I am getting call after call from employers and landlords. She listed me as a reference. After all that and the random talking crap about me. The only world she lives in is her own. I am just so frustrated she has never been a mom, never will be, she has always treated me like absolute crap and now she expects me to give her a good reference? I’m not. I am so frustrated I’ve cried a lot today and I know it shouldn’t bother me so much but it does.
Internet parents, I really need a hug right now.
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2023.06.07 23:32 No-Werewolf-8092 A Level 3 sex offender and convicted murderer moved onto my next door street. How can I be safest?

TW: sexual violence against women
Like the title says, a level 3 sex offender just moved in on the street perpendicular to me. His record has him raping two women in 1980 and 1996, killing the first woman. He was in prison after the first offense and re-offended upon release. Since 2001, he has been institutionalized as a “psychopathic person.”
I (31F) live alone with my large but friendly dog, lock the windows and doors, carry mace, and moved my car from alley to street parking.
How else can I be safe without letting fear run?
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2023.06.07 23:29 SkittishReflections I was Trapped in a Nightmare I'm Certain isn't Mine

When you're rich enough, you get perks you can only dream of. Literally. But somehow, my paradise turned into hell.
And now I'm paranoid.
Have you ever had a dream so amazing, you wished you could relive it? Explore it? Relish it? Well, when you're rich enough, you don't have to wish. It's a reality thanks to dream banks. You may have heard of them and their pricy services, which include recording, saving, and projecting dreams.
For example, if you'd like a dream recorded, you can book one of their luxurious suites for the night, where the dream techs will fit you with a special helmet, offer you a sleep-friendly snack, and leave you to rest. The next morning, they'll replay the recorded dream for you via the helmet and ask if you want to shell out the extra bucks to save it. If you don't, they'll delete it and you can pay to book for another time to try again.
If you do decide to save it, you must select an item within the dream that will act as the exit key. (This will come in handy during projections.) While still wearing the helmet, you must touch the item, and the dream techs will label those electric signals as the key.
Afterwards, everything is saved under your name, and you can now relive your dream at any time by booking a suite for three, five, or eight hours. Unlike recordings, during projections, you don't have to wait for sleep to come. After you enjoy a snack of your choice, the helmet is fitted and you're immediately transported to your dream, where you have free will and can enjoy it at your leisure. And if you ever need to leave early, this is when you touch the key, which will shut down the helmet right away.
In my case, the key is the stegosaurus leather rug I have hanging on the wall of my throne room. I never have a reason to touch it otherwise, making it a perfect key. I've also never had to touch it. Experiencing life as an all-powerful, worshipped being who lives on my own planet and hunts dinosaurs in my spare time, I relished my dream to the last second.
Yes, the fees are exorbitant, but at the time, I felt it was worth it. The techs were skilled, the system was sleek, and the dreams were private. Each could only be unlocked by the unique brainwaves of the dreamer.
Or so I thought.
My literal nightmare began when I booked a five-hour projection on a rainy Tuesday afternoon. After taking a sip of champagne to wash down the cranberry brie bites, I settled into the cool silk sheets with a smile. My usual dream tech smiled back as she fastened my helmet, and the last thing I heard was her wishing me pleasant dreams before I was plunged into darkness.
I waited for the split-second adjustment from reality to the dream world, and my confusion grew when I didn't find myself on my throne surrounded by fawning gods and goddesses.
Instead, I found myself in the middle of an endless street. Alone. There were no cars, no life, not even wind. Towering street lamps lined the sidewalk as far as I could see, arcing over the road and tinting everything an eerie red. Behind them, identical buildings stood side by side, silent, their dark, narrow windows hollow.
My pulse spiking, I whipped around. The other direction was just as endless. Uneasy confusion prickled beneath my skin. This had to be someone else's dream. The techs must have made a mistake. I didn't know how it was possible, but there was no other explanation.
My unease piqued as my situation sank in. I was in a stranger's dream and I didn't know the key. I was stuck here until my five hours ran out. Or until the techs realized their mistake. I was ready to rip them a new one once I was out, but until then, I had no choice but to wait.
I studied my surroundings with a frown before I walked over to the curb and sat down, and that was when I noticed I couldn't feel anything. I also noticed I was naked. It didn't matter. There was no one here, and none of this was real anyway.
Time passed, and I tried to distract myself from my nettled offense by humming, but no sound came out. Sitting up, I took a deep breath and screamed. Not even a squeak was heard. I slapped my hand against the ground. Nothing. This place was like a black hole of the senses.
Sighing, I lay down on my back and stared at the red light above me, wondering if I could fall asleep in a dream. I tried, but the more I wished to escape this silent, crimson prison, the more it seemed to come into focus. Soon, the utter lack of noise and movement grew from slightly unnerving to completely intolerable.
There was no way I could wait. I'd go insane. I had to get out of here. I had to find the key.
Jumping up, I ran to the nearest building and wrenched open the door, and a pitch black void greeted me. I gasped, and gasped again as it felt like my very breath was being suctioned out of my lungs. Panicking, silent wheezes rattled in my chest as I struggled to yank myself out of the vacuum, jerking my limbs and bucking my body until I toppled over backwards on the sidewalk.
Gulping in fitful breaths, I scrambled to my feet and ran down the road without looking back, my wide eyes scanning the horizon for salvation. I just wanted out of here, but the hellish path stretched on forever, making me feel like I was running in place as every identical building and street lamp mocked me. Even my silent stomping and mute panting served to draw insanity closer.
And then, a person showed up.
There, in the distance.
With my hope spurred, I raced towards them, desperate. I didn't care who they were. I needed to break this monotony.
As I got closer, hope morphed to confusion, and then to despair. The person was me. It was a mirror, propped up across the entire street.
Sweat-soaked, I slowed down to a jog before I stopped right in front of my reflection. It was me alright, naked, exhausted, and frustrated. But the eyes, something was off about the eyes. With an anxious frown, I stepped closer, staring into them, and they stared back …
… until they glanced behind me.
I gasped and jumped away, and so did my reflection … before it glanced over my shoulder again.
A chill trickled down my spine. My reflection had nothing behind it but the empty street, so I gulped and turned around, and my mouth fell open in a silent scream as a lovecraftian behemoth barrelled its way towards me. With its slick shell gleaming red beneath the lights, it slammed down one spiny tentacle after the other as its five mouths bared their dripping, concentric fangs.
Drenched in undiluted horror, tremors gripped my body as I stumbled away until my back was against the mirror. I knew death was a foolproof key in a dream, but I didn't know if this creature would kill me right away or leave me to suffer in agony until my five hours were up.
With it only inches away, I squeezed my eyes shut and pressed myself into the mirror, and my stomach flipped as I fell backwards. I opened my mouth to gasp, but there was nothing for me to draw in. Floating in an airless void, I flailed and thrashed, my wild eyes scanning the darkness for answers as I began to spin around.
Although death would free me, one of my greatest fears was suffocating. On one of my weightless rotations, a red, glass cube passed me by, and I grabbed it, hoping it was a breathing device. I brought it close to my face, and I gawked at what it held within.
Surrounded by identical buildings and red street lamps while a lovecraftian behemoth tore me apart.
Horrified, I threw the cube as far as I could and increased my efforts to escape this void. Yet all the flailing and thrashing was for naught as the darkness revealed no end. My eyesight began to go red as my lungs spasmed, and I clawed at my throat as my pulse stuttered in my chest.
The red kept growing and growing until it engulfed my entire vision, and I gave up. There was nothing to do but face my fears and die. With my straining heart lumbering, I let myself go limp as I stared at the red and waited.
And waited.
And waited.
I wasn't dying.
In fact, I could breathe just fine.
Frowning, I opened my eyes, and intense unease spread through my core. Above me, a red moon had taken up the entire sky, each one of its craters crystal clear, like eyes watching me. I turned my head away, and I realized I was in a park, laying down on the grass. Sitting up, I blinked in surprise at the pond right beside me, its opaque water reflecting the moon's red light. Ducks were swimming in a circle across its surface, their movements smooth with nary a splash.
Trees surrounded us, so dense I couldn't tell when one began and the other ended. It was mind-numbingly quiet here as well, and I still couldn't feel anything or make any noise, but at least the ducks were moving. This place seemed more tolerable than the last, and I was willing to wait out my five hours here. I hoped at least an hour had passed already, but with dreams, one never knew. All I knew was that I was too exhausted to search for the key. And too scared. I didn't know whose dream this was, but they had to be masochistic if they saved this nightmare.
Curling up beside the pond, I worked on calming myself down as I watched the ducks swim in their systematic circle over and over and over. I tried counting the rotations the way one would count sheep, but that still didn't lull me to sleep. I wished I'd chosen the three-hour projection, but at least I hadn't chosen the eight-hour one.
Distorted circus music crackled around me and I jolted up, my heart ricocheting in my chest. There was finally sound, but the last thing I wanted to hear was a cliche horror movie soundtrack. Gulping, I looked around. The music was coming from the trees, and my stomach dropped when I spied a shadow behind one of them. Then another. And another. They emerged into the crimson moonlight, and my blood turned to ice.
I whipped around, trembling to the rhythm of my frantic pulse. They were surrounding me. Dozens of them. As classic as any clown could be. Colorful clothes, big shoes, silly hair, exaggerated makeup. I wasn't scared of clowns, as long as they were where they belonged. And they didn't belong here, staring at me with empty eyes and toothy grins.
I tried to convince myself that they weren't dangerous since they didn't have weapons and didn't seem monstrous, but when they took a step closer in unison, I jumped back, nearly falling into the pond. The ducks remained oblivious, still swimming in their circle. The distorted circus music got louder, and my hair stood on end when I saw the grass ripple in front of each clown. They were sending something my way through the ground.
Panicking, I jumped into the pond, and I screamed as I sank right in. There was no bottom. There was no water either. The pond was filled with red, translucent spheres, each the size of a tennis ball. Still able to breathe, I began swimming through the spheres with clumsy breast strokes, just hoping I could end up as far away from the clowns as possible.
After swimming for what felt like enough time, I tried to swim up, until I realized I had no idea which direction I was facing. Remember a trick for those stuck in avalanches, I spat, but my glob of saliva just hovered in front of me. Before panic could set in, I noticed what looked like an office desk floating amidst the spheres in the distance. After blinking a few times to make sure it was really there, I swam towards it, desperate for any change in my situation.
It was an office desk, a wooden one with carved borders and locked drawers. Tucked beneath it was a stool, and the moment I pulled it out and set it under my ass, an office replaced the red spheres.
I grunted as gravity returned, and I looked around in bewilderment at the cluttered bookshelves and grimy floors. Dust was floating everywhere, highlighted by the red light filtering in through the blinds behind me. I jumped as a clock hanging on the wall chimed. Its glass was too dirty for me to tell the time, but I was glad I could hear. I coughed at the dust. And I could make noise. I dusted my hands. And I could feel. I could even smell, which I now wished I couldn't as I wrinkled my nose at the faint stench of rot.
After failing to read the spines of some of the books on the shelves, I studied the shadowy corners of the room. A slack-jawed skeleton hung in the far end, and a faded poster with anatomical diagrams curled off a cupboard. This had to be a doctor's office. Was the creator of this dream a doctor?
A silhouette slid in front of the frosted glass door, and I gulped as the knob began to turn. A hand reached in, gripping the edge one finger at a time, and my heart dropped as I knew this horror cliche was only going to be followed by another. Having no time to think, I slid off the stool and crouched beneath the desk, my hand over my mouth as cobwebs clung to me.
Praying spiders wouldn't swarm me, I peeked through a small slit in the wood, and I froze when an emaciated nurse walked in the room. Layers upon layers of blood coated her scrubs, so much so that I couldn't even tell what color they originally were. She had no shoes. No feet either. Just ankle stubs, and my stomach turned as I heard bone clunk against the tiles.
A surgical mask covered her face, as bloodstained as her scrubs, and grimy lab goggles obscured her eyes. I was grateful, because judging by the pus leaking out of her scabbed, balding scalp, I didn't want to know what her face looked like. The closer she got, the stronger the stench of rot became, and I struggled to keep myself from retching.
She stopped halfway into the room, and I gawked at her hands. They were transforming. Her fingers elongating into razor-edged blades. She then began to hunch over, and I cringed as her spine cracked and popped until she was as bent as a candy cane, her face staring at her pelvis.
As if that wasn't unsettling enough, her head creaked as it spun around 180 degrees, now facing the front, upside down. Right after, her arms shot to the ground, and I watched with increasing dread as she bent them at the elbows and wrists so they flanked her head like distorted T-Rex arms.
She spread her fingers out and took a few more steps towards me, and I held my breath, hoping she couldn't hear my rabid heart or smell my fear. Her ankle bones clicked and clacked against the tiles as she made her way around the desk, and I cowered as my frantic eyes searched for a weapon. I found none, but I did spy a brass button beside my head.
With her legs now an arms distance away, I had nothing to lose as I jammed my thumb into the button. The back of the desk flung open, and I scrambled to my feet and dashed out from my hiding place, screaming in response to the nurse screeching behind me. Bursting through the door, I held up my fists and began punching like a maniac in fearful anticipation of a horde of nurses swarming me.
Except I was no longer in a hospital. I was in an outdoor parking lot. Alone. And judging by the roiling red clouds, a storm was brewing. After a second to collect my bearings, I dove into the closest car, thankful it was unlocked. The moment I slammed the door shut, lightning blinded me as thunder cracked and the downpour began. Sighing in relief, I tried to shake away my adrenaline, but the bloodshot eyes in my rearview mirror reignited my panic.
Before I could react, a belt snapped over my neck, pinning my head back against the headrest. With a frightened wheeze, I clawed at the leather, and I flinched as hot, heavy breath wafted across my ear. Gagging at the putrid smell, I reached over, desperate to scratch my strangler's face or poke their eyes out.
I felt their hair and tried to pull it, but my fingers refused to hold on. I tried again and again, but the strands just kept slipping out of my weak grip. Shifting focus, I tried to claw at their eyes, but it felt as though I was moving through molasses as my hand slid down their face. Even when I felt a wet, bulbous eye, I didn't have enough strength to do anything.
My frustration clashed with my terror and I tried to punch them, but my arm swung back in slow motion and merely prodded a stubbly cheek. Tears welled in my eyes as I writhed and gasped, my strangler's laugh adding insult to injury. Despite knowing death will set me free, fear and self-preservation rummaged through my mind, searching for a solution. And they found one.
Hoping I had enough grip and energy, I reached down and found the reclining lever. Wrapping my fingers around it tight, I jerked it up and heaved my body back, and I gulped in a deep breath as I fell backwards, the belt now slack. Not at all prepared to face my attacker, I slipped out from beneath the belt, flung open the door, and zoomed out into the storm.
Sheets of rain obscured my vision, but not enough for me to see that the keys were left inside a red convertible. After making sure no one was hiding in the back, I jumped in, started the engine, and took off, the wheels squealing through the puddles. A sole street curled down a hill, and I took it, adrenaline pumping in waves through my quivering body.
This rush was a confusing mixture of exhilaration and apprehension. I wanted out, but I wasn't giving up. I made it this far, and I was going to survive every cliche this masochist dreamed up. Spiders? Snakes? Zombies? Bring it on. And afterwards, I was going to detail every single trial and tribulation I went through as I sued the dream bank for all the trauma they caused me.
Up ahead, the road curved, and I gasped as it ended in a cliff. I slammed the breaks, but they didn't do anything. Breaking out in a cold sweat, I slammed them again and again as I yanked the hand break as far as it would go. The car refused to slow down, and I cursed myself for not anticipating this cliche. In a move of desperation, I swerved, but it wasn't enough as the car careened over the edge and took me with it.
My heart hung in my throat as I hung on to the steering wheel, my knuckles white, my screams frozen in my lungs, the raindrops like needles. An endless body of water spread below me, and I knew sharks were my next challenge. I screwed my eyes shut as I awaited the inevitable plunge …
… and I gasped as a gentle hand woke me up.
I sat up, my pyjamas plastered to my damp skin, the silk sheets soaked. The tech gave me a sympathetic smile and asked me if I wanted to review the dream or if I wanted to delete it right away, since she could sense it was a nightmare.
I stared at her in furious disbelief as I yelled and cursed, accusing them of misconduct, and she gave me a confused frown. She said I had booked a recording session, not a projection one. After I called her a liar, management got involved, and they showed me my file with proof that I'd booked and paid for a recording session.
I told them they must have mistakenly charged me for a recording session, but I was one hundred percent sure I went through a projection session. I asked for five hours on a Tuesday afternoon. Not eight hours on a Tuesday evening. I had champagne and cranberry brie bites, not chamomile and honey-glazed almonds.
Their concern increased as they told me I was wrong. They said it was Wednesday, I'd slept the entire night, and they had my recorded dream to prove it. I demanded to skim through it, and they obliged. There it was, every scene of that nightmare. But it wasn't mine. It couldn't be. Could it? I hated scary movies. I also rarely had nightmares unless it involved me going broke. Why would I dream of an amalgamation of every horror cliche?
For a second, I was afraid I was still in the dream. This nightmarish scenario would fit right in with the others, taking it to Inception levels. But everything seemed real. I could hear, feel, and speak. No one was growing tentacles or blades. Nothing smelled pungent. Nothing glowed red.
I groaned and buried my face in my hands, confused and uncomfortable. I didn't know what the truth was anymore. One tech reminded me it was impossible for dreams to be projected to anyone but their creator. Another tech gently touched my shoulder and suggested I see a doctor if I continued to get spells of confusion like this. Not knowing how to reply, I paid them to save the nightmare before I got dressed and left.
Back home, I talked to family and friends, nothing seemed suspicious. Nothing seemed ready to kill me. I'm typing here on Reddit, and I'm sure I'll get replies. I'm out of the dream. I'm certain of it. But that leaves two other options.
Either I really did book a recording session and had my own nightmare, in which case I should take the tech's advice and see a doctor because my memory doesn't add up …
… or something sinister is going on at the dream banks, and they're using their clients as guinea pigs. Perhaps they're planning on branching out and creating a mental house of horrors where clients can get a near-realistic experience without fear of death. But why wouldn't they ask for volunteers instead of traumatizing loyal customers?
So I have to ask, have any of you experienced something similar? I know the odds of finding another multimillionaire who frequents dream banks is slim on Reddit, but even one other account can help my case.
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2023.06.07 23:23 sweetheart-16 at the ripe age of sixteen, my job has made me aggressively suicidal

TW: sui ideation, brief mentions of abuse, etc
Hi. I have struggled with mental health issues for most of my life following several events such as sexual assaults, being orphaned, foster care, child abuse, etc. as a result I have many disorders and issues that impact my daily life. for the most part I have been able to get through these issues as long as I am accommodated and comfortable. until I started working.
My job is not hard. I work in an amusement park doing retail at our gift shops. I spend most of my shifts blowing bubbles depending on where I’m stationed at, or standing in a half-empty shop. All I have to do is cashier, for around 25-35 hours a week, 12/hr, from 4pm-11pm. It has still managed to completely drain every part of me.
I spend my free time before work dreading work. I get anxiety so horrible that it presents physically and I get nauseated and sickly for several hours straight all the way up until I clock in. I am usually so tired from my night before that I spend my mornings just marinating in fear and a sad excuse for sleep. Every night I get home and either pass out, cry, or stay awake all night to compensate for my lack of free time.
When my job is not busy, I am standing around alone for 6-8 hours. Usually this would be heaven for me, but combined with my uptick in suicidal ideation and whatnot it has been nothing but horrible. I am alone for hours spiraling with my thoughts; I have no one to talk to, I have nobody around me. We have a no phone rule so I cannot reach out to anybody when I feel this way. I suffer from severe OCD so my mind will torment me by giving me intrusive thoughts of past trauma on a loop for hours. Fucking hours. No distractions. Only one fifteen minute break. No ways to cope. Nothing to keep me busy besides recleaning the same 5 items every ten minutes. It’s horrible.
When my job is busy, I have to mask all of my emotions to speak to every customer to the best of my ability. I get stared down for not being fast enough while counting change or folding clothes correctly while the line is out the door and I’m rushing as hard as I can. I have to keep up fake, superficial, meaningless conversations just to manipulate people into buying more things so I don’t get sent home early and lose money. Often times I am nonverbal and unable to communicate but have to force myself to regardless. It is awful.
And then, finally, after eight hours of that, I go home and wake up and do it all over again, for what? $500 biweekly? I can barely afford to treat myself with that, and then I have to imagine a future where I have to SURVIVE off of that. My coworkers work are grown ass adults working doubles from two jobs daily and are still barely getting by. And I’m just supposed to grow into and accept that? What kind of fucking future is that? And god forbid I complain because then everyone just tells me that’s the way life is. Well it shouldn’t be. And if it is why would I want to live it. I don’t indulge in my hobbies anymore. I don’t mentally find them interesting. I don’t talk to my boyfriend. I can’t spend time with my friends.
I’m sorry this post is very jumbled, I’m about to clock in and out my phone away. Let’s hope I make it!
ETA: I can’t afford therapy nor the doctor nor medication, please don’t recommend me any. due to my living circumstances I don’t have easy access to any of those things anyway. :(
ETA 2: AHAHAHA I got laid off for a week because a customer scammed me and my register was $30 short <3
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2023.06.07 23:18 Longjumping_Ad9391 **Duplex for rent- Charming and secluded-Redwood City on border of Atherton**

Duplex 1 BR 1BA, 630 square feet. Interior just completely remodeled, will be first tenant to enjoy! New windows, doors, cabinets, floors and all new finishes throughout.
Quietly located on the Oakwood Oval in Redwood City. Near the Atherton border in the heart of the Redwood Oaks neighborhood.
Bright and large living room. Large windows with pool and backyard views. Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring, Ceiling Fan, Recessed Lighting.
Eat in Kitchen with ample storage and pantry. Vintage / Modern feel with tile flooring, brick accent wall and vintage hood. Under counter lighting. Built in Microwave. Brand new appliances include (all stainless): -Gas Cooktop with griddle. -Gas Oven with rotisserie. -French Door Refrigerator with ice maker. -Dishwasher / Garbage disposal Quartz counter tops Marble herringbone mosaic tile backsplash Designer light fixtures
Beamed Ceiling bedroom with attached full bath and walk in closet. Luxury modern texture carpeting with tile flooring in bathroom and closet. Bedroom has 3 mirrored pocket doors. Bathroom has tiled shower, Quartz vanity top and skylight.
Shared detached Laundry Room with new front loading washer and gas dryer. Laundry Room includes shared storage.
Additional storage space available.
Rent includes all utilities.
Off street parking.
Huge shared backyard with 40,000 gallon pool. Plenty of room for gardening, gathering and relaxing.
Minimum 12 month lease @ $3695per month.
Please message with inquiries. Thank you!
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2023.06.07 23:16 sweetheart-16 at the ripe age of sixteen, working has made me aggressively suicidal

TW: sui ideation, brief mentions of abuse, etc
Hi. I have struggled with mental health issues for most of my life following several events such as sexual assaults, being orphaned, foster care, child abuse, etc. as a result I have many disorders and issues that impact my daily life. for the most part I have been able to get through these issues as long as I am accommodated and comfortable. until I started working.
My job is not hard. I work in an amusement park doing retail at our gift shops. I spend most of my shifts blowing bubbles depending on where I’m stationed at, or standing in a half-empty shop. All I have to do is cashier, for around 25-35 hours a week, 12/hr, from 4pm-11pm. It has still managed to completely drain every part of me.
I spend my free time before work dreading work. I get anxiety so horrible that it presents physically and I get nauseated and sickly for several hours straight all the way up until I clock in. I am usually so tired from my night before that I spend my mornings just marinating in fear and a sad excuse for sleep. Every night I get home and either pass out, cry, or stay awake all night to compensate for my lack of free time.
When my job is not busy, I am standing around alone for 6-8 hours. Usually this would be heaven for me, but combined with my uptick in suicidal ideation and whatnot it has been nothing but horrible. I am alone for hours spiraling with my thoughts; I have no one to talk to, I have nobody around me. We have a no phone rule so I cannot reach out to anybody when I feel this way. I suffer from severe OCD so my mind will torment me by giving me intrusive thoughts of past trauma on a loop for hours. Fucking hours. No distractions. Only one fifteen minute break. No ways to cope. Nothing to keep me busy besides recleaning the same 5 items every ten minutes. It’s horrible.
When my job is busy, I have to mask all of my emotions to speak to every customer to the best of my ability. I get stared down for not being fast enough while counting change or folding clothes correctly while the line is out the door and I’m rushing as hard as I can. I have to keep up fake, superficial, meaningless conversations just to manipulate people into buying more things so I don’t get sent home early and lose money. Often times I am nonverbal and unable to communicate but have to force myself to regardless. It is awful.
And then, finally, after eight hours of that, I go home and wake up and do it all over again, for what? $500 biweekly? I can barely afford to treat myself with that, and then I have to imagine a future where I have to SURVIVE off of that. My coworkers work are grown ass adults working doubles from two jobs daily and are still barely getting by. And I’m just supposed to grow into and accept that? What kind of fucking future is that? And god forbid I complain because then everyone just tells me that’s the way life is. Well it shouldn’t be. And if it is why would I want to live it. I don’t indulge in my hobbies anymore. I don’t mentally find them interesting. I don’t talk to my boyfriend. I can’t spend time with my friends.
I’m sorry this post is very jumbled, I’m about to clock in and out my phone away. Let’s hope I make it!
ETA: I can’t afford therapy nor the doctor nor medication, please don’t recommend me any. due to my living circumstances I don’t have easy access to any of those things anyway. :(
ETA 2: AHAHAHA I got laid off for a week because a customer scammed me and my register was $30 short <3
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2023.06.07 23:06 ajanon14 Is my frame damaged? Someone backing out of a parking spot backed into my car. Jolted my car pretty hard & both of my passenger doors are dented in where they connect. Just want to know what everyone thinks as i’m waiting on insurance claims.

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2023.06.07 23:05 missamerica59 Birthday No Show

A brief recap, I had been NC with my JNM for just over a year due to her unsafe behavior over the years and constant boundary stomping. She has been a "party girl" most of her life with dangerous boyfriends but still thought that she would be helping raise my kids (like her Mom helped raise me cause she was only a teenager and single, I was in my 20s and stable when I had my first). Shit hit the fan when she realised she wouldn't be helping raising my kids and wouldn't be seeing them regularly (I'm busy I don't have time for weekly visits). The bot should link my stories below if you want more backstory (or lols).
Recently I decided to go VVVLC with my JNM after she took responsibility for everything and accepted my boundaries were justified. I only saw her about 3 times over a couple of months, at close family birthdays and events.
Just recently it was her birthday and I agreed to go to the zoo with JNM, my sibling, grandparents, myself and my kids. We all met out the front of the zoo, but we're still waiting for JNM. No biggie, she's always late. We wait out front at a park for 20min, still no sign so we text and call her (no answer) and say we are going inside and to call us when she's here.
Another 25min goes by and by now she's 45min late to her own birthday. By now we were starting to get a bit worried so my grandfather goes to my Mom's house to check on her. Her car is there, he bangs on all her doors and windows but no answer.
It's now over an hour since she was meant to arrive, and I'm starting to guess that she has had an early birthday party night, and taken something for fun that has put her to sleep (this is not irregular and is the main reason I don't spend time with heshe isn't allowed at my house).
We do our own thing at the zoo with no word from JNM. I then drop my sibling off at home, they luckily have their own key. I don't go in to my JNMs house as a rule, so I left my grandparents and sibling there and rung them asking what had happened to JNM.
My grandmother, who is a huge rugsweeper, tries to tell me she slept in, slept through all her alarms and phone calls, she's been really tired lately. I say "yeah I'm sure that's what it is" and grandmother tries to rugsweep. I end the conversation with if she wants to be nieve and believe that she can. I've experienced more, so I don't believe that, I think she took something (she has done loads in the past- party girl remember).
I go home and tell SO- he's not surprised he knows how unreliable my JNM is, though we find it surprising that she missed seeing the kids as she was constantly arguing to see them before.
Finally I get a message from JNM that she slept through all her alarms because she had started horemone replacement therapy and had spent the rest of the night crying that she missed seeing us. I did look into her claim and HRT can cause a sedative affect, but bare in mind whatever she took would have been the night before, we were meeting at 1pm the next day- I don't believe it's due to HRT (has anyone used and can cofrim?) but I didn't even engage with her because I don't do excuses from her anymore.
I'm not calling her out on her lie because I don't care. I didn't miss out on seeing her, she missed out and she knows it. I don't want to go back to NC as I've missed attending family events, but I'm definitely not putting in the effort to do something with her again and it just enforces that ive done the right thing by not allowing my kids around her without me present. She's shown her party girl behavior is more important than her family and sadly this likely won't be the first or last time.
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2023.06.07 22:46 Pre_Paid-Burner_Acct My is250 was side swiped overnight, and I’m looking for suggestions

My is250 was side swiped overnight, and I’m looking for suggestions
My is250 was side swiped while parked in the middle of the night.
In the middle of the night someone hit my car & took off. I love this car, it’s a 08 with 130k & never gave me any problems
Here’s my issue, I was able to get it in for one estimate at a shop so far.
They’re saying the total repair will be around $7,100
My insurance is claiming the value of the car at $6,500- meaning it would be total loss
Like I said I’ve only been able to get one estimate scheduled & have 2 more the next two days.
Instead of me having to give up the car I’m trying to brainstorm and think about what if I just had them fix that panel above the rear wheel and the doors at a later date?
Idk I’m just completely shocked and this came out of nowhere
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2023.06.07 22:45 Frequent_Brick4608 Superhero Horror Stories Vol 1.

I run almost Exclusively superhero games and I don't see a lot of posts on this sub about them. So I figured I would post a couple in different posts and see if they get any traction then post more. I've been running superhero games for a long time so i have a lot if there is an interest.

We'll Start with Steve Galaxy and Grimsby:
I ran a game in a city called "Northrock" which had been separated from the rest of the world by a massive black dome which, when studied, was revealed to be made of magic, psionic energy, and a circuity layer too. Northrock had a small cast of heroes in it, most of them spent their time trying to keep the infrastructure of the city running and the people alive and as a result the villains in the city were more or less unchallenged as they divided up the city.
The players took on the role of heroes who were in the city when the dome came down or grew up here and have risen to the challenge, meaning they were more or less the only heroes really active.

a quick note: All dice in my games are rolled by the players out in the open. I never roll dice and offer players a chance to roll attacks against themselves or pass it to another player. i inform the players of the bonuses before they roll. this includes when i roll dice to see which character gets attacked, a player rolls the die and the attack is assigned according to that.

there were something like six players but only three are really important to the story:
Steve Galaxy: escaped from a containment facility in the city, wearing his space suit (containment suit). has the ability to turn into the void of space and a list of space themed power
Grimsby the Ratman: a mutant rat (like ninja turtle style mutant animal) powers include super hearing and super speed (255 mph) and a pretty capable hand to hand combatant.
Hex: A witch who decided to be a superhero, unique in that she has been placed inside the dome from outside by her mentor who wanted to figure out what created this powerful magic. Hex is a returning character to the superhero games.

all of my players had been playing with me for years at this point, some people brought in characters they had played in prior games and some made new ones. its important to remember that I have been playing with these people for years now.

So this game lasted a long time so I'm not going to tell it in its entirety, just the parts about Galaxy and Grimsby.

The trouble all started when the players defeated a wizard supervillain who had taken control of part of the city. they realized they had created a power vacuum and needed to solve that quickly. Through a combination of their powers and quick thinking the convinced the people in this part of the city that the supervillain had passed off stewardship of this district to Steve Galaxy. Galaxy was thrilled with this idea and Grimsby decided to sell Galaxy as a sort of deific savior which only made Galaxy more into the idea.
They soon realized they couldn't sustain this and needed to move the people somewhere safer, as they didn't have the power needed to stop the forces of a neighboring supervillain's tribe from coming in and killing their people. so they visited another supervillain, Glimmer, who stylized himself as a sort of kingpin type villain. Glimmer, seeing dollar signs at a new influx of people agreed and the players more or less saw him as the lesser of many evils. Galaxy suddenly realized he was giving up a lot of power in the form of influence and control over these people and their worship. He asks Glimmer, "what do we get for all these people we're giving you?" Glimmer is a little confused, he was ready to deal with superheroes and before he can ready a response Grimsby draws a knife and gets ready to kill Glimmer. Galaxy is quick an uses gravity to pin Grimsby to a wall and demands payment for the lives he's trading. (worth noting that Hex was not present, most of the other players weren't actually in the room, but Hex was in the city looking for another solution) Glimmer thinks quickly and offers Galaxy an absolute clubhouse of a nice place in his part of the city.
Later, the heroes gather together to begin a migration of the civilians, telling them to gather their things. they realize they will need help and Hex flies over the city, looking for other heroes. She is able to find a hero she's worked closely with most of her life, a vigilante known as Slayer, and his team. She tells Slayer what the plan is and he is horrified by the trading of human lives for a house. He informs her that he and his team, mostly unpowered people, will take watch over that part of the city. Hex is ecstatic, this appeals to her and most of the other people at the table. Galaxy and Grimsby's players are noticeably worried by this.
Hex's player radio's the rest of the team with these exact words, "Don't move the civilians. I found a friend, his name is Slayer, we can trust him. He is going to help us."
Grimsby's player asks what they know about Slayer. I informed them that Slayer and his team of non-powered crime fighters are something of boogiemen to the criminal world, villains fear Slayer because they think he might kill them. I also inform them that, as they are superheroes, they KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt that Slayer and his team have never killed anyone. Slayers "confirmed" kills are people who were put into a witness protection program.

Galaxy's player turns to Grimsby's player and says "do you want to trail of tears this shit?" Grimsby's player agrees, "let's trail of tears this shit." they then proceed to tell the civilians that Slayer is coming to kill them and they need to leave now. they cause a panic and a stampede. Slayer and his team arrive and Slayer himself heads to the hospital with most of his team and the other PC superheroes to stop a raid on it that Glimmer had launched in the chaos.
One of Slayer's men, Copperhead arrives on a motorcycle to stop the stampede. Galaxy halts the stampede to hear out the man confronting him. Copperhead tells Galaxy that these people need to be taken back to their homes and stop before anyone gets hurt. Galaxy declares that he wont do that, the words he used were "their lives belong to me, i'll do what i want with them." Copperhead draws a sub machine gun and aims it at Galaxy who is currently flying well above the crowd. Now in the system we're using a mag dump can do a lot of damage, Galaxy's player knows this and realizes that if the NPC rolls really well then he could lose control of his powers for a few seconds. Galaxy lowers himself into the crowd of people and the player smirks at me from across the table. he declares "i'm their god now." Copperhead is a good guy, he's not going to fire his weapon into a crowd and risk hitting someone who's not Galaxy. he puts his weapon away and gets onto his motorcycle, parting with a warning that Galaxy needs to stop this madness. Galaxy's response if to wait for Copperhead's motorcycle to get up to speed and try to use gravity to take it out from under Copperhead, hoping to kill him. He misses and Copperhead gets away. Galaxy's player takes a few seconds and starts to reason out at the table that maybe this isn't the best course of action. Grimsby takes this as a sign that Galaxy is wavering and draws his weapon, firing it into the ground to cause a panic and begin the stampede again, ultimately this act kills 76 people in the stampede.
Slayer receives the report and in anger storms off, getting ahead of the stampede. I ask Galaxy's player to roll a d20, someone is firing at him. he demands to know from where. i explain that he can't hear the shot. Grimsby's player chimes in, declaring he has super hearing and wants to know where the gunshot came from. I inform them that i'll tell them after the hit is determined. Galaxy takes a single point of damage as a round bounces off him and directly into Grimsby's leg. i explain that the sound of the gun came from under a nearby bridge. while they are confused and spend several rounds of combat talking Slayer, from incredibly far away with a silenced weapon (not like, a normal silencer, one made by someone as smart as tony stark), has fired several more rounds, bouncing them off Galaxy and into Grimsby. The duo reach the bridge and find a gun rigged with a device to remotely pull the trigger and fire a blank. Grimsby's player accuses me of cheating and declares they could never beat Slayer because the man who's only "super" ability is to be an extreme marksman and have a handful of toys is basically god. I ask him if he wants to continue to play and invite him to leave if he isn't happy. He picks a random direction and tells me that he's going to move at full speed in that direction looking for slayer. i roll some dice and it turns out his random direction is directly at Slayer, hiding in a nearby treeline. When Grimsby arrives he encounters Slayer and unfortunately for him, loses initiative. Looking at Slayer's kit I realize that he's got no tools to end this without basically killing Grimsby so his only option is a tranque gun. Slayer mag dumps this tranqu gun and knocks out Grimsby with enough to knock out a herd of elephants.
Galaxy's player hears this and informs me that he's going to be going after Grimsby. Hex's player and the rest of Slayer's team have arrived and are hot on Galaxy's heels. As they all start to move into the woods i tell Grimsby's player, "you come to, it seems your biology burnt through the tranquilizers, it seems Slayer has bound your wounds on your legs. and your claws are cuffed behind your back" in game Slayer informs Grimsby that he's not the best medic, its best not to struggle or fight, he might open his wounds. Grimsby's player is not happy about this, he openly declares that he feels Slayer "god modded". Galaxy arrives and remains in the air while the rest of the team discusses how to move forward. Galaxy's player asks how close everyone is. I inform him that everyone is kind of standing in a cluster. Grimsby's player asks if he is strong enough to break out of his cuffs. He's not but i tell him he can burst them at any time because he's being kind of a baby about his bad decisions and i wanna throw him a bone. Grimsby breaks the cuffs and takes his flashbang grenade out and drops it at his own feet. i ask him if he does anything else at all, like look away from the grenade. he tells me that he does not. I offer to him that he shouldn't do that because with his super hearing he's likely to damage his ears permanently. He insists and drops his grenade. stunning everyone, including himself. The player then informs me he wants to run to a nearby manhole. I inform him that he doesn't really know where that is because he's blinded himself. The player again accuses me of cheating and declares that he is only blind, the hole hasn't changed places. I shrug and tell him that he made the decision to blind himself, he should wait until it wares off. he says "no fuck that! i run" i tell him he's going to start to bleed out from his open wounds. He accuses me of lying as Slayer patched the wounds. he is informed that Slayer does not have first aid and he was warned about this. i tell the party that the blinding is starting to clear and Galaxy decides this is the moment to kill everyone. he starts to fire bolts of "void" at people and the party returns fire, making sure that his arms no longer work. everyone makes called shots on his arms, turning the bones in his arms more or less to powder. its not enough for Galaxy to fall out of his void form and he tries another attack, one where he wont need to aim. He creates an area around the other heroes of vacuum. He declares this should kill the other heroes because they cant survive in space, he starts to gloat in character about how easy it was to kill them. I look up the power in the book and show him that this takes two minutes of exposure to knock people out with this power and five minutes to kill them. Galaxy decides to flee. Hex has had enough and takes Slayer on her broom, flying after Galaxy. Slayer fires his gun and deals enough damage to knock Galaxy out of his void form, causing him to lose the power of flight and fall to the ground. he declares he wants to use a tractor beam to lower himself to the ground. his arms are broken but his tractor beam WAS a different power, so by the rules, this is allowed and i give it to him... if he can roll a 20 because he cant move his arms to aim. against all odds he manages a 20, landing safely in the wooded park. Hex takes Slayer with her into the woods and they use Slayer's "god modded" tracking... to follow a very obvious trail of blood from Galaxy. Galaxy points out that he has an illusion power too, and he wants to use that to hide. i ask him what he wants to turn into and he declares he wants to take on the appearance of a hooker. this gives everyone pause and i ask him if he's sure, if maybe he wants to turn into a tree? He says no, he wants to turn into a hooker, he has a plan. Slayer and Hex catch up to him and Hex sounds more disappointed than anything when she says "you could have been anything." while preparing her sleep spell. Galaxy says, "i guess i know when i'm beat..." and Hex launches her spell which Galaxy tries to dodge before saying "BUT THAT SHOULDN'T STOP ME FROM TRYING!" He fails to dodge and falls unconscious.
Back with the rest of the group Grimsby tries to take one of the NPCs weapons while declaring he's going to kill all of them. This fails and he says he's going to run for the sewer. Well... he is faster than anyone there and he is pretty strong, he opens the grate and jumps into the sewers, bleeding profusely. The remaining PC heroes and the NPCs all rush for the sewer. I explain that i'm not rolling it out, His character is easily tracked and slowed, they are going to get tracked down and beaten by a large number of heroes.

astoundingly the story doesn't end here. I play out the two of them in the holding cells the police have.
Galaxy and Grimsby have both been healed and are placed in cells that are made to hold superhumans. Grimsby is a quiet prisoner and the slide on his cell is left open to allow him to speak to the guards. Galaxy acts like a child. one of the guards is reading a bible and he insults the guard and his god, until the guard closes the slide on his door. later, at feeding time, the slide is opened and galaxy reaches an arm through to try and fire void blasts at the guards, so he doesn't get fed. Grimsby is given a meal and inside the apple is a message from Glimmer, telling him to wait, he's going to break him out. Galaxy does not get this message. So he uses toilet water and the cold aspect of his powers to make an ice knife. The guards bring one of the NPC heroes who's been working on the infrastructure and they tell him, "we're going to put a device on you to strip your powers. its going to have a bomb on it, a shaped charge that will blow a hole in your chest if you tamper with it" Galaxy's player tells me he is going to attack the second the door is open. initiative is rolled, openly and in front of everyone and Galaxy loses, which prompts Grimsby's player to accuse me of cheating again. Galaxy is pinned down and the device is put on his chest. his powers leave him and he is left in his cell. he then informs me that he hid his ice knife in his toilet. he did not, he never said this but i let it slide. he says he wants to remove the device with the knife. I ask him if he's sure and if he wants to cut the straps. i tell him, in no uncertain terms, that this will kill him. There is no roll to avoid it, he doesn't have the tools or the tech background to remove it safely and he has no resistances or special abilities to stand up to a shaped charge on his chest. he confirms he want to try to remove it and I inform him of the result. to which both Galaxy's and Grimsby's players accuse me of cheating and say there should have been a chance.

neither of these players are with my group anymore and i haven't spoken to them in years. i ended up recycling Galaxy and using him as a villain in another game i ran.
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2023.06.07 22:44 sippelben11 (Selling) Digital HD Codes

I’ll accept PayPal or Venmo. They will all work on Vudu with the exception of ones marked iTunes. If you buy two I’ll knock a buck off.
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2023.06.07 22:38 Known-Development561 Looking for Wrigley Field Tix (6/9 or 6/10)?

Anyone have tix for either night @ Wrigley this weekend? I live in Lincoln Park so can transact in person preferably :)
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2023.06.07 22:37 Available_Ad3057 Haha subi gang things

Haha subi gang things
Was doing some door dashing and noticed a VA parked outside the restaurant.. as soon as I parked, another VA pulled behind the VA I parked next to and have a wave.. haha I was excited like a dummy 🤣🤣 (ps ignore the “babe”.. I sent this to my girl first lol)
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