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Where I plan to start to teaching the First aid course I did an Interest check for,

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Welcome to EconomicHistory! Economic history is the study of economic phenomena in the past. This is a subreddit for any journal articles, news articles, discussions, questions, or other media pertaining to this discipline. If you are looking to become more familiar with key topics in economic history, please consider reviewing our Reading List!

2023.03.31 05:11 Euroleagueboi Rage Quit

For starters, I have obviously rage quit before. I don’t scum, I just close the game out and walk away because of how mad I am in the moment and then come back later and just instant result until I lose.
This one though, this was different.
I’m on season 9 with Celtic, and obviously the goal here is European glory. We’ve won the title 8 times in a row and will win a ninth, one away from the record which I’m almost sure we’ll get.
Europe has been a different story though, and in past FM’s I’ve been able to regularly make deep European runs.
FM15 - Won Europa and made UCL final with Swansea
FM19 - Made two UCL finals with Spartak and another with Schalke
Now we’re on FM21, and I’ve gotten to the quarters in Europa once and have only made the knockouts of UCL 3 times - more details on the third one shortly - and have lost in the first knockout both times.
Last season, we drew Juve, and won the first leg 2-0. We then went to Turin and lost 4-0. My team played one of the worst FM matches I’ve ever seen.
This season, we drew Inter who we lost to in the last 16 like 4 seasons ago.
Drew first leg 1-1 at home so not expecting to go through really but still, set up my tactic, adjust based on scout reports and who I know their key players are, the usual.
Side note: Dyche managed Celtic before me and left for Wolves, now manages Hibernian. He injured two of my starters a week before this match. Football terrorist.
30 seconds into the match, we give away a pen. 23mins later, give away another pen. Down 2-0 at HT.
3mins into the second half, Inter’s ST casually has the ball at the halfway line, nothing really happening, and my CB TWO FOOTS HIM OUT OF NOWHERE FOR A STRAIGHT RED.
Man, I couldn’t. Two seasons in a row we just turn in 0/10 performance? I know big away European matches are tough for young teams, I can accept the loss, but just two terrible games man I raged and shut it down.
Not really looking for advice or anything - but of course open to it - I mainly just wanted to get this off my chest.
I love this game but god this has been painful.
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2023.03.31 05:11 toogoodtobetrue99 "death on the nile" Egypt after the great infection.

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2023.03.31 05:08 Lairdwalker1 Pulled this the other day 1 of 1 ?

Pulled this the other day 1 of 1 ?
Anyone open to trades / purchase ?
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2023.03.31 05:08 mialg Increase Your Penis Girth: 5 Essential Exercises

Increase Your Penis Girth: 5 Essential Exercises
In this day and age, men are looking for ways to increase the size and girth of their penis. You've seen the commercials and heard the jokes, and it's no secret that having a large penis is a symbol of masculinity and power.
But before you consider drastic measures to enlarge your penis, there are some proven exercises you can do to increase penis girth naturally. While there's no scientific evidence that these exercises will permanently increase your penis girth, there's plenty of anecdotal evidence from men who swear by them.
In this article, we'll tell you about 5 essential exercises for increasing your penis girth. These exercises don't require any special equipment or a hefty financial investment; all you need is determination and a desire to see real results. So get ready—let's dive in!

What Is Penis Girth and Why Increase It?

When it comes to penis size, length is often the first thing that comes to mind. But don’t forget about girth—it can be just as important for your sexual satisfaction and pleasure. So what is girth, exactly? Simply put, it’s how thick your penis is when erect.
So why increase your penis girth? A thicker penis increases friction which can lead to more satisfying sex for both partners. It can also improve the sensation when penetrating and increase pleasure through the added bulk. Plus, a larger girth can stand up better and last longer during sex.
While there’s no proven way to increase the size of your penis, there are a few exercises you can do to help increase girth. Keep reading to find out which exercises may help you see an increase in girth!

Jelqing: The Most Popular Exercise for Penis Girth

Jelqing is probably the most popular and well-known exercise for penis girth. Although it's considered an ancient practice, it's still widely used by men today— and you can do it too!
Essentially, jelqing is a penis stretching technique that increases both length and girth. It's done by using your thumb and index finger to form an “OK” sign around the base of the shaft. You then slide down to the head of the penis and gradually remove your hand in a milking motion, lasting for two to three seconds. You repeat this for up to 15 minutes per session, twice per day for best results.
Although there are variations on the jelqing exercise, all variations can be done easily at home or even on the go. Plus, according to some studies, this particular exercise can also help increase blood flow—which helps reduce risk factors associated with erectile dysfunction.

Stretching Exercises: Achieving Length and Girth

Stretching exercises are a great way to improve both your penis length and girth. You can use stretching exercises to make your penis naturally longer and wider, with just a few simple techniques. Here are the five essential stretching exercises you should be doing to gradually increase your penis girth:
  • The Jelqing Exercise: This is a tried-and-true exercise that involves stroking your semi-erect penis from the base to the head using an “OK” sign with your index finger and thumb.
  • The Penis Squeeze Exercise: This exercise involves squeezing the head of your semi-erect penis inwardly for a few seconds at a time, to increase blood flow, resulting in bigger girth.
  • The Kegel Exercise: Kegel exercises involve contracting and releasing the muscles in your pelvic floor, which can help strengthen them over time, resulting in better erections, improved ejaculation control, and increased penis size.
  • The Penis Shrink Wrap Exercise: This exercise involves wrapping paper or tape around the circumference of your flaccid or erect penis and leaving it there for a few minutes at a time to increase blood flow, resulting in bigger girth over time.
  • The Hanging Weight Exercise: This exercise involves hanging weights from the head of your flaccid penis several times each day for several minutes at a time to stretch it out over time, resulting in a bigger girth when you’re erect or flaccid.
By consistently following these five stretching exercises for optimal results, you’ll soon be able to achieve both

Kegels and Squeezes to Increase Girth

If you want to increase your penis girth, Kegels and squeezes are two essential exercises. Both work by increasing the amount of blood flowing to your penis, but with different movements.
Kegels are simple: all you have to do is tighten your pelvic muscles as if you were trying to stop the flow of urine. Hold them for a few seconds, then relax and repeat 10-15 times. This exercise helps strengthen your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle, which can help lengthen your penis and make it wider during an erection.
Squeezes involve using your fingers and thumb around the base of your penis while it’s in a semi-erect state. Hold the squeeze for 10-15 seconds, then release and repeat 10 times. You can also do squeezes with a partner for added control, or hold onto a towel with both hands at the base of your penis to apply extra pressure when squeezing. Doing this regularly will not only increase blood flow but will also help build up tissue in the penis over time, making it wider long-term.

Combining Exercise Routines for Optimal Results

It's not enough just to do one exercise for penis girth—for the best results, you should combine your workout routine. Here are some essential exercises that you can do in combination for maximum gains in penis girth:
Kegels are a popular exercise that helps increase the strength of both your pelvic floor muscles and the PC muscles, which control ejaculation and urination. To perform Kegels, contract your PC muscles in a series of pulses, holding each contraction for 10 seconds at a time. Repeat as you feel comfortable building up to longer holds as time goes on.
Jelqing is another popular exercise that's been around for centuries. It involves milking your penis using your thumb and index finger to create a circular motion along the length of the shaft. This helps to increase blood flow and stimulate tissue expansion while strengthening the PC and pelvic floor muscles. Start with 30 reps, building up to 100 reps over time if it feels comfortable.
Stretching is an important part of any workout routine and helps increase penis girth by expanding tissue, promoting circulation, and improving flexibility. To perform stretching exercises for penis girth, take both hands and apply gentle pressure on either side of the penis head, starting from the base and then moving up to just below the head before switching sides and repeating. Do this for 10 reps or until you feel the tension build up in your penis shaft.
Squeezing can help improve penile girth by increasing blood flow and stimulating tissue expansion—it's also great for strengthening PC muscles! Start by squeezing at

Tips for Safer Gains With Penis Girth Exercises

So you want to increase your penis girth with exercises? Well, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure you're doing it safely.
Warm Up Before Exercise
You should always warm up before you exercise your penis, just like any other muscle. It's best to start with warm water exercise and move on to light stretching before getting into the more intense exercises, like jelqing. This will help prevent injuries that can occur from straining cold muscles.
Stay Hydrated & Stop If You Feel Pain
Just like any other exercise routine, it's important to stay hydrated while doing the exercises, and be sure to take breaks if it starts to feel too intense or painful. Overworking your muscles can lead to injury and can even cause permanent damage when it comes to penis exercises.
Don't Push Yourself Too Hard
It's important not to push yourself too hard—listen to your body and don't try and do too much at once. Adding just five extra minutes each day is enough for improvement without risking injury or exhaustion.
If you want to gain girth safely, start slowly and gradually increase the intensity of your exercises as your body adapts and gets used to the activity. With dedication, discipline, and consistency in mind—you'll be on your way toward achieving bigger gains!

Suggested Read:

75% of Men don't do the penis exercises correctly resulting in little or no growth. Guarantee success with this "HANDS ON" video series demonstrating different penis enlargement exercises... Click here for instant access.


All in all, there are a few different exercises for penis girth you can do to increase your girth. However, it’s important to take your time and start with the basics. Focus on your breath, consistently do more reps and sets, and use a program that is tailored to your goals. With a little dedication and practice, you can soon have a thicker penis that will make your partner fall in love with you all over again.
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2023.03.31 05:06 Original_Ad_1103 Risk of eye stroke in TRT usage?

Retinal vein occlusion happens when the vessels in the retina in the back of the eye become blocked, leading to retina tissue death that leads to permanent vision loss.
How much does the use of anabolic steroids / testosterone use increase the risk of CRVO/ vein occlusion? Would it be generally safe for replacement therapy in older men and necessitate the need to inform them of those particular complications? What about for muscle gain in young men?
Found this paper, One study compared 2 groups and found that the incidence in the testosterone group was 0.3% compared to 0.2% in the non-controlled.
This other study comparing testosterone users to a matched control group showed that there were more risk of retinal artery occlusion, but actually not for retinal vein occlusion…
Also found that Testosterone replacement therapy has been associated with elevating the hemotocrit. An elevated hematocrit has been associated with retinal vein occlusions.
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2023.03.31 05:04 StepwiseUndrape574 Tips on modding gta online

I've been a long time console player and have just recently bought the game for steam, I'm just wondering a couple of things.
Is the cheat engine money hack where you take a car and change the value still a viable way of getting money? If so is it safe providing I don't give myself ridiculous amounts.
Also are there any safe hacks to level up your character quickly, just want to hit player level 200 to get all the unlockables associated with player level.
Any other tips or tricks are greatly appreciated.
May be worth mentioning I'm not planning on joining any online games, this is just for me and my gf in private sessions so we can just fuck about without the money grind.
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2023.03.31 05:04 TheSocraticGadfly The house that Thurman Munson built

Via Firefox's Pocket app, this old Esquire piece on the Captain and his spot at the heart of the Bronx Zoo was part of several it had rounded up for opening day.
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2023.03.31 05:04 HipsterDoofus31 [TOMT] Film about young couple to be married in Italy and falls apart. 2010s.

I remember the couple found a nice quaint house in Italy to have the wedding. May have been a different European country., but thought Italy. Could have been France.
The groom turns out to be gay and they don’t get married. He gets caught hooking up with one of the help for the wedding.
A bigger storyline was I believe the mother of the daughter was trying to get her groove back and had was getting with an older good looking man herself. I thought the older man was Pierce Brosnan but I checked his filmography and couldn’t find it so I don’t think it was him.
I believe it was a foreign film, not in English.
It was not My Big Gay Italian wedding or my big fat Greek wedding.
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2023.03.31 05:04 ic3curious (US) "criminal enterprise" requirements/definition for racketeering

Hi, I can't find anything concrete on what is considering a criminal enterprise in relation to racketeering. It seems RICO was passed to take down larger organizations, but can it apply to a single criminal?
"An "enterprise" is defined as including any individual, partnership, corporation, association, or other legal entity, and any union or group of individuals associated in fact although not a legal entity. 18 U.S.C.A. § 1961(4) (West 1984)" (
Would an individual acting alone committing multiple acts of mail or wire fraud for a couple of years be considered an enterprise? Or would that individual need at least one partner?
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2023.03.31 05:03 ashi_jain25 Best HealthCare Treatment You Should Give to Your Fish

Aquariums have long been a popular addition to many homes. An aquarium provides entertainment, delight, and a calming atmosphere in the home. Currently, a lot of people keep aquariums in their homes, whether they are large or tiny. Although owning a lovely aquarium is always alluring, the backend labor may be somewhat tiresome.
For your aquariums, there are much different fish available on the market. Some are more delicate and may need more care, while others require less upkeep. So, it is strongly recommended to discuss their needs. To maintain the health of your fish, you must have the necessary medications and materials. Let us discuss some of the best healthcare treatments you can give to your Pet Supplies.

1. Malachite Green F Aquatic Remedies Disease Control Medicine

Your aquarium's fish could contract various bacterial or fungi infections. Malachite Green F Aquatic Remedies Disease Control Medication combats fungi, fin rot parasites, white spot disease, and fish swabbing wounds.
This medication has both disease prevention and quarantine use. Any aquatic creatures housed in aquariums can safely utilize this medication. The medication is packaged in a 100-gram container made by Anand Enterprises and costs Rs. 160 per bottle.

2. API FIN & Body Cure Freshwater Fish Powder Medication

To cure bacterial fish infections, use API FIN & Body Cure Freshwater Fish Powder Medicine. The medication is most effective when used to treat bacterial illnesses such as body slime, eye clouds, tail and fin rot, open red sores, gill disease, and hemorrhaging of internal organs, muscles, and skin in fish. In the case of bacterial illnesses, use it exclusively for freshwater aquariums.
To finish the course of therapy, four doses are needed. The medication may cause a little discoloration of the water, which can be remedied with API BIO CHEM ZORB or activated charcoal. The powder form of the medication costs Rs. 1300 for every 45 gm bottle. About 100 gallons of water can be treated by the kit.

3. Aquanature Aquarium Salt for Fresh Water Aquaria

Freshwater Aquarium Salt by Aquanature, The fish's gills improve in an aquarium, facilitating easier breathing. This medication supplies electrolytes, crucial for fish to reach their peak vigour and coloration. Regular medication keeps the electrolytes in the water because they are lost when the water changes.
Use this medication each time the aquarium's water is changed. Always read the directions before using anything because it can impact the aquarium's living plants. The medication costs Rs. 269 a bottle and is made from sea salt that has been evaporated. The drug is packaged in a 1 kg bottle.

4. DR FISH Aquarium Pharmacists Green O Green Malachite Green

A broad-spectrum medication called the DR FISH Aquarium Pharmacy Green O Green Malachite Green treats external parasites like fungus and protozoa in ornamental fish. The medication securely adheres to the parasites' cytoplasmic structure, impairing its normal operation. It costs Rs. 175 a bottle and can be used for both freshwater and marine fish. A 124-gram bottle of the medication is provided to customers. You can get these medicines at better discount rates from sites alternative to eBay.
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2023.03.31 04:59 gringorios Thank you jack-o-saurus for calling out these frauds. They are neither socerers nor do they offer anything remotely associated with Carlos or Don Juan. Dan is proof of this as are the moderators here. Just look at their posts and their egos. Yes, check their egos. That is just one give away...

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2023.03.31 04:55 pahlou Categorizing the standards for each BMET position.

Hey I am currently an intern for crothall healthcare doing biomedical engineering technician work on a various amount of equipment with an inventory sitting at 3000+ device for me and my boss (unit director) to solely maintain as we are the only 2 employees in the bio med department. By the time I graduate I will have acquired and associates in engineering technology, a certification as an advanced manufacturing technician, and 2 year of apprentice experience whilst shadowing a director. Where would I fall in terms of BMET 1- BMET 3? Would I be able to be a traveling biomed straight out of school if not how long until it would be feasible? And lastly what kind of salary would you be demanding if receiving everything I am getting out of school/work program
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2023.03.31 04:55 futureanalytica How is a Machine Learning model deployed?

How is a Machine Learning model deployed?
How is a Machine Learning model deployed?
What’s Machine Learning Model Deployment?
ML model deployment is the activity of putting a whole ML model into a current situation where it tends to be utilized for its cognizant reason. Models can be posted in a wide scope of environmental factors, and they are continually co-picked with applications through a Programming interface so they can be placed by end clients.
While sending is the third phase of the information shrewdness lifecycle (make due, create, fix and cover), each part of a model’s creation is completed considering organization.
Models are ordinarily evolved in a landscape with exactly pre-arranged informational indexes, where they are prepared and attempted. Most extreme models made during the movement stage don’t meet asked objects. Various models breeze through their assessment and those that truly do depict an extensive venture of assets. So, deploying a machine learning model into a unique territory can have a lot of arranging for the plan to find success.
How can FutureAnalytica’s no-code artificial intelligence platform help businesses maximize their revenues?
Services provided by FutureAnalytica help automate the time-consuming and repetitive process of building machine learning models. Maintain model quality by enabling data scientists, analysts, and developers to build scalable, efficient, and high-performing machine learning models. All ideas for models are automatically generated by our AI platform. Business leaders, data engineers, data scientists, and more can take action on data in these analytics. The platform shows which model is best for deployment. Forecasts and predictions based on user data are provided by FutureAnalytica in batches and in real time. It can process real-time data and generate AI predictions that end users can connect to applications used by various media channels
Phases of deploying ML Models
Plan To execute the ML Model — Before an ML model can be positioned, it should be prepared. This includes closing a calculation, setting its boundaries and preparing it on set, sifted information. This whole errand is finished in a preparation territory, which is for the most part a stage planned explicitly for disquisition, with devices and assets requested for preliminary. At the point when a model is gathered, it’s moved to an item landscape where assets are rearranged and controlled for protected and successful execution.
While this development work is being finished, the sending group can examine the organization territory to conclude what sort of activity will puncture the machine learning model when it’s settled, what assets it will require (including GPU/computer chip assets and memory) and how it will be taken care of information.
Approve the ML Model- When a model has been prepared and tried, its outcomes have been considered effective; it should be approved to guarantee that its one-time run achievement was not an irregularity. Proof remembers testing the model for a new informational index and comparing the outcomes to its unique preparation. In most extreme cases, a few disparate models are prepared, however a couple are sufficiently effective to be approved. Of those that are approved, generally just the best model is positioned.
Approval likewise incorporates assessing the preparation confirmation guarantee that the methodology was agreeable for the affiliation and that the information used compares to the states of end clients. Significant of this approval is continually for nonsupervisory consistence or hierarchical administration capabilities, which may, for delineation, authorization what information can be utilized and the way that it should be recovered, kept and demonstrated.
Emplace the ML Model- The activity of deployment of ml models requires a few particular way or lead, some of which will be done simultaneously.
To start with, the model should be moved into its posted landscape, where it approaches the jump assets it needs as well as the information source that it can draw its information from.
Substitute, the model should be co-selected into a cycle. This can incorporate, for outline, making it open from an end client’s PC drawing in a Programming interface or coordinating it into programming straightforwardly being utilized toward the end client.
Third, individuals who will utilize the model should be prepared in how to start it access its information and decipher its undertaking.
Screen the ML Model-The screen phase of the information science lifecycle starts solely after the fruitful organization of a model. Model observing guarantees that the model is working appropriately and that its projects are powerful. Obviously, in addition to the machine learning model should be filled in, explicitly during the early runs. The sending team requirements to guarantee that the supporting programming and assets are achieving as requested, and that the end clients have been fairly prepared. Quite a few issues can emerge after sending Assets may not be palatable, the information feed may not be as expected associated or clients may not be applying their tasks accurately.
When your team has decided that the model and its supporting assets are performing appropriately, covering actually should be preceded, however extreme of this can be mechanized until a test emerges.
Models are typically developed in an environment with carefully prepared datasets that are trained and tested. Most of the models created in the development phase are not operational. Few models pass the test, and others require a significant investment of resources. Therefore, migrating models to a dynamic environment can require careful planning and preparation for a successful project.
With our no-code platform, you can make powerful and interactive visualizations of the highest quality. A platform with the highest accuracy that is extremely user-friendly and highly effective. However, if you like our blog please visit our website to avail the services we provide .If you have any query or want to schedule a demo with us mail us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
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2023.03.31 04:54 aditaAminvip The European Cricket League: Reintroducing Cricket to Europe

The European Cricket League: Reintroducing Cricket to Europe
The European Cricket League is evidence of cricket's expanding appeal across Europe. It has contributed in elevating cricket standards throughout the continent, fostering diversity and inclusion, and raising sports awareness. It is anticipated to grow in importance and prominence on the European sporting calendar with plans to expand the league in the next years. The European Cricket League will surely be crucial to the future of cricket as the sport gains popularity throughout the world.
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2023.03.31 04:53 Bellaaaaaaa1101 My boyfriend got another girl pregnant and she's already seven months along.

We were in a long-distance relationship, and yesterday he suddenly messaged me saying we should break up. I thought he was joking when he said he had someone else, but as we continued chatting, I found out it was true and that the girl was already seven months pregnant. Hearing this news really devastated me. At first, I didn't believe it until I saw the pregnancy checkup report myself.
We met in July last year and I left around the 20-somethingth of the month. If the girl is really seven months pregnant, it means they must have started their relationship less than a month after I left. He said he only met the girl yesterday afternoon when he noticed her belly was big, and that's when they found out about the pregnancy. I asked him if the girl didn't notice anything unusual about her body after being pregnant for seven months, and he said she claimed not to have felt anything. I don't believe her at all. How could someone not feel any changes in their body after being pregnant for seven months?
I asked him if he was sure the child was his, and he said the girl told him it was his, but they hadn't done any paternity tests because they hadn't checked before. He kept this from me for seven months. We met again during last year's National Day, about two months after I left. After we slept together, he slept with another girl and then came back to me again. We even spent over ten days together in February this year.
I feel really disgusted and angry. I asked him why he didn't tell me earlier, and he said he was afraid of losing me. Now, I'm really averse to anything related to relationships or love, and even words or things associated with boyfriends or love make me feel sick. Even the sound of airplanes passing overhead makes me nauseous because it reminds me of the times I excitedly took flights to see him. I can't sleep well and have nightmares all the time. I can't eat anything, even a single bite is hard to swallow.
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2023.03.31 04:50 Lalalagem Why do I still feel so worthless, unimportant and insignificant?

So I (26F) was in a long distance relationship with a very narcissistic guy (26M) for around 2 years which I left 8 months ago.
Even though it was long distance I think it was one of the most intense relationships I ever had and in which I invested my whole heart and emotions.
From the beginning I started wondering whether the person I associated with was mentally healthy. He raged at me if he ever felt even slightly criticized or if I had a different opinion than him. We had a lot of breakups in which I always chased him and tried to get his validation and love back. Over time, he developed a very controlling, paranoid and judgmental personality towards me. He had deep-seated insecurities and fear and he started micromanaging my whole life from my clothes to the activities I could do the friends I could visit or the places I could go. He banned the gym or certain clothes, and even the idea of me studying triggered him. He would tell me I want to do my master's degree to fill my ego and it goes against God. He made terrible accusations towards me that were never true about me cheating on him or hiding things when, let's say, he saw a new follower on my social media, or my phone got muted for less than two seconds. The worst thing is that no matter what I did for him he never felt content enough and he always pushed for more sacrifices from me.
By the end I felt drained, I had migraines and weight gain,I felt controlled, I felt he had set double standards for me and himself, I felt voiceless, I felt my integrity was constantly questioned. He made me think I was selfish, stubborn or unloving if I ever tried to set a boundary and said "I'm not going to cave this time". He would take an innocent comment from me and twist it in his mind and say I had double intentions when saying that and creating drama and chaos. There was no way to compromise with him, it was always his way or the highway. By the end of the relationship every time I tried to leave he would start self harming (by punching his own face and bruising it) and crying hopelessly.
When I finally left him after 2 years I was devastated. I poured so many emotions and feelings and sacrifices to make this relationship work and I realized that he would never value it. When I say that I was devastated I mean that I literally spent months in bed unable to get up and crippled by pain. I was going through a terrible depression that made me even think of suicide sometimes. I couldn't function. It all worsened because he started dating a new girl in two days. He rubbed her in my face in all possible ways: he said that God rewarded him with a good relationship and that meant that I was probably bad and that he was innocent, he said that this new girl was much more loving and patient than I was and that I was a resentful b**** who would be miserable her whole life. He started saying he had feelings for her and that he loved her and that we probably were incompatible. Then he tried to come back to me and restore the relationship with me without leaving the girl he was dating. Then he even said that we could try to make it work once he was back in his country and that we were a better match. It was such a mindfuck it further made me sink into a deeper depression. I was also dumb and didn't block him in time. I finally cut him off. He literally killed me spiritually and emotionally.
Now, after 8 months, I still feel a deep feeling of worthlessness in me. I feel completely insignificant. I feel so so small. Now he goes around, posting happy pictures with his new girl, his mother posts things such as "if you love someone you don't abandon them" probably alluding me, and I'm still numb, some days still ruminating, I have been unable to connect to another man, let alone fall in love again, and I still sometimes think I was the problem. The fact I was so forgettable and easily replaceable killed me. Yes, I was the one leaving, but I didn't want to leave, he made the relationship a living hell for me. Some nights I still have nightmares about him. Some days I feel God is just punishing me. Some days I feel he's happy with the new girl and she is fulfilling him in some magic way I couldn't.
Is this normal? Or am I sinking into a deep unresolved depression?
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2023.03.31 04:49 SKub000 A Maine Encounter

For some context Im 38 and now an Army Veteran trying to work as a local carpenter In Maine, the state where I have almost always lived. Ive had two encounters with the creature i will soon tell you about, one that occured when i was a teenager and actually one a couple years ago. The house I am currently living in is my fathers since he now has multiple heart conditions and would have lived alone. Me and my sister grew up in this house which is in eastern Maine, living here as a child always felt a little off as if something was not right in a way... its hard to describe. The house is surrounded by woods on almost all sides and sits on a dead end road with 6 or 7 houses down the way, we own at the momment 70 acres of dense forest that is littered with ATV trails and walking trails. Ive been out on these trails over a hundred times probably just clearing them for neighbors who we let use them and just trying to mantain it and every time im out there i feel like im being stalked. In this area me nor my father have never seen a bear, wolf or mountain lion nothing really above the size of a bob cat . As a teen I liked dressing up in millitay gear and going out to play "war" and games similar, normally id go out with my friends Sid and Marvin two guys who lived down the road. Sid was an older dude around 18 who smoked and did average "tough guy" shit. Marv, (Who I still am friends with today, we even served together until he was discharged) was more on my level we were both pretty timid young guys who didnt really associate with most people and just enjoyed being out in the woods and chilling. Anyway one day we had gone out around 3pm on a chilliy winter evening to go play as we did most days, we all grabbed our gear which was stuff that Sids dad who was a veitnam vet had givin him and then Sid had shared with us. This included medical kits, an ammo box, grenade pouches and he even gave Sid an old handgun (without the magazine or ammuntion) but Sids dad still didnt allow him to take it out of the house. So after a while of walking down one of the paths we come to one of our favourite spots which is sort of like a clearing full of boulders and moss, at the time though it was covered in knee deep snow. Normally my mother would not have let us go out this far but she wasent there to say "no" since she was in New Hampshire for the holdiays. We had been out there for quite a while throwing snowballs and pretending they were grenades and blasting at each other with our sticks, none of us ever excepted defeat of course in average boy fashion we would just say shit making up excuses and yelling. It was about 5ish when we were starting to gather our stuff cause it was begining to get dark, as im scooping up my stuff Marv goes in a confused and worsome tone "hey boys, what the hell is that thing" he draws our attention to a tall completly black creature standing on two legs, its arms dangling by its sides and dragging through the snow. From our angle 50 or 60 meters away we couldnt see its face but is was just walking away from us. I remember a wierd tightness in my chest after realizing that i had no idea what we were looking at Marv said something along the lines of "You guys are seein what im seein right?" but neither of us responded until a second later Sid yelled out something smart like "hey hairball" when the creature stopped. My chest grew even tighter and it felt like my body was frozen after I saw its abrupt stop. "Sid you dumbass" I whispered as it slowy turned towards us, its face had no facial features but it looked to be plain flesh... no nose, eyes or mouth. "Holy shit..." someone said. It stared at us for a couple minutes before one of us suggested the bright idea of leaving. We crept away as the sun was now really low, one of us almost constantly looking back until we got out of sight then we bolted back to my house where we imiditaly hid inside collapsing onto the living room floor. We were silent for a momment before I brokee out laughing, the other joined in and after a second Sid went "Ok, ok guys but what the fuck did we just see..." We tried rationalizing but I think we all knew that we had seen something that didnt belong. The guys ended up staying the night at my place that night, we stayed up late drinking hot choclate and everynow and then stepping onto the front poarch to see if it may have followed us. After a couple days the creature mostly disapeared from my mind and the minds of Sid and Marv. We still got together and hung out having adventures in the woods, i never told my parents about this thing that we saw cause they probably would have belived me and I didnt want to go through alll the trouble of explaining it to them over and over. Neither did i tell my sister becuase frankley she wouldnt care and I wouldnt recive any feedback so it was pointless. Us three also never really brought the creature up again it was like an unspoken agreement that was instilled in all our minds that didnt want us mentioning it. So yeah this 2nd encounter traspired in roughly the same area about a mile or 2 from it 3 years ago, remeber im now 38. I had just been honorably dischared and been home with my father for no more than a month picking up odd jobs mostly in auto and house repairs both being skills i learned from my time over seas. I belive it was a summer evening when i decided to head out on the trails and take a look around, after all i havent been out there for ages and expected the trails to be overgrown so i took with me some basic "brush clearing" equipment such as a hatchet, an old matchete and some other stuff and then set out. Sid had recently moved to Vermont and Marv had been medically discharged a while ago and left with a leg disability making it hard to walk (Although he refuses to use his wheelchair) or i would have asked him to join me. I had made it a half a mile into the main path moving and cutting up the suspected limbs branches and over grown grass as best as possible hoping to come back tomorrow with a weed wacker to do some more work. As i got deeper the feeling of being watched had returned, the same feeling i got as a teenager when i was out there. And i began noticing that the dense growth was getting thinner and more and more of limbs began looking smashed or pushed out of the way and the tall grass and overgrowth was no longer in the way, infact the trail became almost cleared and looked like it used to. I was shocked that somebody cared enough to come out here and clear all this but as i thought on it more i rememberd that the enterance hadent been groomed so how did they get in, I did notice any other paths on my in. MMM. Then I began looking close at the cround noticing foot or paw prints i had never seen before I corunched down to gain a better look. The print had three pointy toes each about 6 inches long, they were spaced about 3 feet apart as well in sets of two. I didnt recognize these and decided to just follow them a little further to check it out. And only a qaurter of a mile later I see this creature my 2nd and so far last time, it was walking from the side of the path at a slow pace not acknowledging my presance not yet at least. It slowly crossed the path and continued into the woods and after a minute I walked up to the area where he had entered at and there it was strolling or creeping into the woods still not noticing me. I could hear his arms dragging across the forest floor and his fur coat still looked silky black, yet i wanted to see its face again but not to the point where i would risk being spotted. So i slowly reached for my phone only to realize that it was in the front pocket of my backpack as i didnt want to loose it while working. I pulled the bag from my shoulders and placed it infront of me and began unzipping the pocket but as i did the creature stopped as he had done last time. "Oh Lord Jesus" I thought as I froze and my chest tightened... And it began to turn, enventually Its fleshy face began staring back at me. I tightened the grip on the hatchet i had in hand and now that i think about it that probably wouldnt have done much to the 8 foot bohemoth now that i think about it. We both starred mostionless for what felt like hours, in reality i had no idea how long we had been there but after a while of praying I stood up with my legs feeling numb. And trying to repeat last time I backed away until it was out of sight and then took off as fast as I could go, as i was running I was sure I heard a violent scream from behind but I wasent gonna turn to look and to be honest I could have been my imagination or maybe a fox. So yeah im posting this here becuase Marv and my girlfriend want to hear some more feedback or maybe answers on what the hell is living on my property. Long story short I havent been back in those woods for 3 years and dont plan on it either. I know this may sound over exagerated or fake like something from a childrens book but I know what I saw and Marvin knows what he saw. And I may never forget this.
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2023.03.31 04:48 notbot301 Mac1 re-review. It's bone dry 🤬's actually acceptable 😊

Mac1 re-review. It's bone dry 🤬's actually acceptable 😊
I decided the Mac1 deserves a re-review because despite the extreme and completely unnecessary level of dryness, it actually does vape because of the high ratio of resin content to bud material.
So despite it being so dry it actually does meet my minimum expectations for MC or any cannabis actually, because it produces thick tasty vapor and has good effects.
I should be clear though it's only just barely scrapping by getting a pass. The mac1 WAS 🔥then they cured it in a very dry environment to remove as much moisture as possible, so now it's AVERAGE bud. Don't get me wrong it is very nice and the best MC I've seen yet, but wow do I wish I could try it with about 3-4% more moisture in the bud. We'll get there eventually and this will keep me happy enough for now.
Is it worth £11.50 a gram NOPE!!! But I'd be quite satisfied and happy if I was paying la sage prices for it but I'll have to make do with half of what my normal prescription would be, should be fine during summer anyway hopefully.
Seriously this under 10% moisture nonsense needs to be sorted out. Actually I believe it's not so much the moisture levels that the issue, I think it's the microbial and fungal levels are very strict. So I've got no idea where to even begin, I believe it's an EU regulation🤷‍♂️.
I guess this is a non irradiated issue. I've seen 2 lab reports from isando and legendary Larry I think it was, both are irradiated but they both had a moisture level of 12% and total terps of around 3% I think it was which is absolutely fine, they should in theory also meet my minimum expectations for cannabis. The next strain I try will be the isando assuming I can get access to it.
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2023.03.31 04:47 DeepElephant954 thoughts 🤔

The US supplied the Allies in WWII and got paid in gold. After the war, countries linked their currencies to the US dollar, which was linked to gold. The Gold Standard ended completely in 1971, but the US dollar’s reserve status remained. Today more than 61% of all foreign bank reserves are denominated in US dollars. Nearly 40% of the world’s debt is in US dollars. Reserve currency status has both benefits and drawbacks. The benefits are lower exchange rate risk and greater buying power, and the drawbacks are artificially low-interest rates that can spur asset bubbles. Since 1450 there have been six major world reserve currency periods. Portugal (1450–1530), Spain (1530–1640), Netherlands (1640–1720), France (1720–1815), Great Britain (1815–1920), and the United States from 1921 to today. If you notice the average currency span is 94 years. The US dollar presently has been the world’s reserve currency for roughly 99 years. France held the world reserve currency from 1720–1815
The Dutch East India company went bankrupt in the late 18th century. This was mainly due to the War against the British Empire in Asia. After the tulip mania bubble, France became a republic and invaded the Netherlands. France conquered the Netherlands and issued the dominant trade currency of the time. The paper money of the French Revolution was the Assignat. The Assignat originated in 1789 shortly after the start of the Revolution when France was threatened with insurmountable debt, starvation, and revolt in the countryside. According to the American Numismatic Association,
“the Assignats successfully stimulated the economy, but the shortage of circulating money for small transactions and the government need for still more money encouraged the Assembly to first lower, then eliminate the interest rate on the notes while simultaneously re-issuing instead of destroying them once they returned to the treasury. Coinage of all denominations had disappeared from circulation creating a crisis in small transactions that the National Assembly attempted to resolve through issuing more Assignats, first in 5 livre denominations in May 1791. By this time, Assignats had begun to depreciate (in July 1791, they were worth 87% of their face value) as the government began to issue more and more of the notes (with over 1.3 billion livres issued from May to December 1791 alone!), but necessity forced the continued issue and use of the notes. In January of 1792 low-value Assignats were issued in denominations of 10, 15, 25, and 50 sous to relieve the coin shortage and to replace the local paper issues that had become prevalent over the previous year.”
Hmmm very interesting. One of the main reasons for failed France’s world currency status was the devaluation of paper currency.
reserve currency from 1815–1920
The rise of the British East India Company issued in the dominant British currency of the time. British companies were the leaders in the industry and British insurers became the main insurers of trade globally. The 1920s for the UK was a period of depression, deflation, and a steady decline in the UK’s former economic pre-eminence. After the post-war boom of 1919–20 ended, UK unemployment rose sharply to over 10% and stayed high until the Second World War. According to
“A big feature of the UK economy in the 1920s was a desire to maintain the value of Sterling at its pre-war level of $4.86. This was partly a political move – the feeling a strong Pound was a key feature of Britain’s past economic success. During the war, Sterling had held its value relatively well – thanks to American loans. But, with the ending of the war and drying up of US loans, the Sterling started to slide. Because US inflation was very low, this meant that the UK was effectively aiming for deflation. The attempt to keep the Pound in an overvalued fixed exchange rate was a key factor in contributing to deflation and lower economic growth. UK failed to make a significant impact on the national debt as a % of GDP. This has interesting parallels today (i.e. EU austerity) because the UK experience shows that cutting spending during a deflationary recession (combined with tight monetary policy and fixed exchange rate) can be counterproductive to reducing debt burdens. Very high debt levels, which were not solved by deflationary fiscal policy.”
Hmm very interesting. History says, simply put, manipulation of monetary policy and the increase in the cost of debt does not work. The US has held the world reserve currency from 1921 to today
The Federal Reserve System is the central banking system of the United States of America. It was created on December 23, 1913. The US has enjoyed world reserve currency status a little after World War I. The US dollar Gold Standard was partially torn down by Executive Order 6102 requiring all persons to deliver on or before May 1, 1933, all but a small amount of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates owned by them to the Federal Reserve in exchange for $20.67 per troy ounce. The government was giving themselves control to increase the money supply. The debasement of the paper dollar had gained steam. WW I and World War II kept the US as a manufacturing power relevant. After the Vietnam War, the US economy needed a boost. President Richard Nixon took the US off the Gold Standard completely in 1971. The US was now taking the steps to become a financially backed system based on money creation and debt. US debt in 1980 was about $800 billion. When Obama took over it was about $10 trillion. Now we are at $28 trillion and counting. Joe Biden and Janet Yellen will have the printing presses working overtime for years to come if the political situation plays out that way. The government is taking more control over our lives. Our financial freedoms are disappearing. The US dollar’s value is eroding and the printing will continue at exponential levels. History tells us that debt, currency devaluation, rampant speculation, and government control ends very badly. The US dollar dominance is running on fumes. Many are not willing to bet their entire nest egg on the paper market and the banking system casino.
Gold is set for the biggest annual advance in a decade, with gains this month aided by the dollar’s decline to the lowest point since April 2018. The yellow metal gained roughly 25% this year against the greenback. Gold reflects the lost purchasing power in the US dollar. Physical gold preserves wealth. The risk today is more than ever. We are in the mother of all asset bubbles. This bubble over the last few decades is due to debt. This credit expansion is historical and exponential. Corporate debt, government debt, and consumer debt is at all-time highs. Money supply expansion works for a little while until it doesn’t. No one is talking about the wrecked monetary system we have and what has caused it. Central bank stimulus and money creation is the only event we now are looking forward to. Vaccine rollout is an embarrassment and not realistic.
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2023.03.31 04:47 Prior_Night5255 Does Video Archives have an Avary problem

The two friends have dropped this show into conversation a few times recently and I’m very curious what their thoughts are in more detail, but maybe I can carve out a space to say what I think and see what others think.
I’ve listened to all but the most recent episodes of Video Archives. I had to call a conscious uncoupling from this one. As far as Quentin Tarantino goes I followed a similar trajectory to a lot of film folks I know, where Tarantino started as my hands down GOAT and has receded and become more complicated to me as I’ve aged. But undoubtedly he’s a kind of genius and has made some of the most rousing and influential cinema in the history of the form.He also has a passion for, and proximity to, film history that means when he talks, even if his way of expressing himself can be dizzying, he’s worth listening to. A podcast is a natural progression for his whole deal.
What I’m going lazily lump together as “hang out” style podcasts that include, among many others Blank Check and Video Archives, are sort of like the porn of actually hanging out and interacting with friends, IE: they get you there but it’s obviously not quite the same. Listening to Griffin and David and Ben is top of my list because their friendship and camaraderie feel the most aligned with my tastes/humouexperiences. Conversely I let go of Last Podcast on the Left after a while because I didn’t personally love hanging out with those guys much, (no shade to them, they’re doing fine) and something like How Did this Get Made I can’t hang all the time but love in small doses. I’m a normal human being with real friends, and I feel like many of you know what I’m getting at. I am in no way a parasocial menace with a whole One Hour Photo-ass wall at home with string connecting your Richards Lawson to your Ehrlichs David as well as to other known Blank Check associates.
Anyway Video Archives. The experience of listening to Video Archives is, appropriately, akin to the experience of listening to two old dudes who used to work together at a video store pontificating and waxing rhapsodic about the glory days and obscure genre offerings like “Ernest Borgnine and Telly Sevalas are Hammer Cops” or what-have-you. This is with the mighty big caveat that one of these dudes is a once-in-a-generation transformative figure in independent and American film. And the other is, well, Roger Avary.
Im not trying to be mean, which mean people say all the time, but really I bear Avary no ill will. His imprint on American film is undeniable, it’s inscribed on an Oscar for Petes sake. And as anyone who has experienced the man speaking will understand, Tarantino needs a foil, someone or something off which he can bounce the rapid fire pinballs of his brain.
But when Avary goes hard and goes deep into one of his theories or dissections of “Telly Sevalas and Yaphet Kotto in Hammer Priest” I find myself fighting the urge to drift or fast forward. The experience of listening to Tarantino talk about movies is intriguing specifically because he’s Quentin Tarantino. Whatever I or anyone thinks about Tarantino, he has a singular vision, and all those stray pinballs of Hollywood lore and ephemera and work with great actors old and new add up to some vibrant and thought provoking listening.
..I watched Rules of Attraction many times as a teenager. There were parts that really made an imprint. And lots of other parts. I watched it over and over thinking “I like this. I definitely should be liking this. It has all the cool provocative things I usually like- but i don’t like it, why don’t I like it” AKA the “Boondocks Saints Paradox”.. So even though a very similar energy to Tarantino’s is coming from Avary it isn’t holding the same water for me.
I also hesitate to go hard on Gala Avary because she’s quite young and is just a baby left in the woods, taken in and raised on blaxploitation VHS and Robert Blake by two middle aged gen x lunatics, but let’s just say she is NO Ben Hosley. She bursts into episodes like the Kool Aid man saying things like “this is my third favourite Pam Grier movie” or “I made ALL my friends watch reruns of Barretta” or other normal things twenty-somethings say in the year 2023.
There’s also one episode where I swear to God four straight days of audio is devoted to Gala Avary interviewing her dad about all the colourful characters who came into the video store and I started to feel like I was stuck beside them on a very long bus trip.
Any Blankies listen to Video Archives and agree or disagree with these sizzling takes?
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2023.03.31 04:43 elba-neon-chart-over Rate my DIY robbing screen!

A recent surge in the european wasp population and visible robbing from one of my weaker hives spurred me to make a robbing screen yesterday. Based on a few examples online I came up with this.
Here's a drawing of the screen which I sent to my laser cutter and cut from 6mm clear acrylic.
The top panel has 3 entrances, two of which I've taped closed for the moment. 24h later there still appears to be a decent number of bees trying to access the front entrance (bottom left), not sure if these are trying to rob the hive or are just a bit lost. I noticed a wasp stuck in the clear chamber, so the wasps are still figuring out how to enter. Also there appear to be about 15 dead bees stacked up on the inside right side of the screen, I guess it's a bit hard for the bees to move dead bees out the top, maybe I should add a small exit on the bottom right of the screen?
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2023.03.31 04:40 drmlnd824 [H] Best of Boomer Shooters, Ampersat, Weaving Tides, Praey for the Gods, Labyrinthine, and more [W] Wants list, OFFERS

Open to all offers. No paypal. My region is NA.

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