Earl klugh greatest hits

New Nordschleife server

2023.03.24 06:33 mehdir_94 New Nordschleife server

Hey guys, not sure if advertising servers is allowed but I couldn't find anything on it in the rules.
We opened a little Nordschleife server with some of the greatest hits when it comes to vehicles for you to choose. Obviously everything is free since we did not create the mods for the cars. Download links for cars in server description.
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2023.03.24 04:50 Adorable-Climate6915 Digital Codes for Sale

Looking to sell digital codes. This is a draft of a list, but I'll make a more formal post on the DigiCodeSell Thread

All codes are HD unless indicated by a (4K)
Payments through PayPal and Venmo (DM me)
Digital Codes List:
12 Years a Slave
13 Hours: Benghazi
1917 (HD/4K)
3 Days to Kill
47 Meters Down
47 Meters Down Uncaged
Addams Family 2
Aladdin (Live Action)
Alex Cross
Alice in Wonderland (Original)
Alita: Battle Angel (4K)
All Eyez on Me
All the Money in the World
Amazing Spiderman 2
American Assassin
American Hustle (SD)
Angry Birds 2 (4K)
A Simple Favor
Avengers Endgame
Avengers Infinity War
Batman 2021 (4K)
Bad Boys 4 Life
Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (4K)
Begin Again
The Big Short
Birds of Prey
Candyman (2021)
Captain America Winter Soldier
Captain Marvel (4K)
A Christmas Story 2
City of Lies
Crazy Stupid Love
Dawn of the Planey of the Apes
Deepwater Horizon
The Devil Inside
Dirty Dancing (30th Aniv Ed.)
Dirty Grandpa
Django Unchained
Doctor Strange
Dolphin Tale 2
Downton Abbey
Dragged Across Concrete
The Drop
Dune (4K)
Dying of the Light
Edge of Tomorrow
Edward Scissorhands
Ender’s Game
Ex Machina (4K/HD)
Expendables 2
Expendables 3
F9 The Fast Saga (4K)
Fast and Furious 6
Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw
The Fate of the Furious (4K)
Finding Dory
First Cow
First Man (4K)
Five Feet Apart
Ford v Ferrari (HD/4K)
Frozen 2 (4K)
The Gentlemen
Get Out
Ghost in the Shell (4K)
Girls Trip
Gone Girl
The Greatest Showman
The Green Knight
Guardians of the Galaxy
Hacksaw Ridge
The Hateful Eight
Hellboy (2019)
Hell or High Water
The Hitman’s Bodyguard
The Hitman’s Wife Bodyguard (HD/4K)
Hobbit: Unexpected Journey
Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies
Hotel Mumbai
Hotel Transylvania
How to Train Your Dragon 2
The Hunger Games
Hunger Games Mockingjay Pt 2
Hunter Killer
I Can Only Imagine
I, Frankenstein
Independence Day Resurgence
The Invisible Man
I Still Believe
Iron Man 3
Jigsaw (4K/HD)
John Wick
John Wick 2
John Wick 3 (4K)
Julie and Julia
Jupiter Ascending
King Richard
The Knick Season 1
Knives Out (4K/HD)
Lady Bird
La La Land
The Last Duel
Last Night in Soho
Les Misérables
Let Him Go
Licorice Pizza
Lion King (original)
Lion King (Live Action)
Logan Lucky
The Longest Ride
The Losers
The Lucky One
Mad Max: Fury Road
Manchester by the Sea
Man of Steel
Matrix Resurrections
The Mechanic: Resurrection
Me, Earl and the Dying Girl
MIB International (4K)
Men in Black 3 (4K)
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Extraordinary Children
Moana (4K/HD)
Mortal Kombat (2020) (4K)
My Little Pony: The Movie
News of the World
The Night Before
Nobody (4K)
Now You See Me
Now You See Me 2
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Patriots Day
Pitch Perfect
Pitch Perfect 2
Pride and Glory
Project X
Promising Young Woman
Queen and Slim
Ready Player One (HD/4K)
Requiem for a Dream (4K)
Rise of the Guardians
Rock Dog
Run All Night
The Rhythm Section
Saw (4K)
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
Schinder’s List
Scott Pilgrim vs the World (4K)
Scouts Guide to the Apocalypse
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
The Shape of Water
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Snow White and the Huntsman
Soul (4K/HD)
Spiderman No Way Home
Spiral: Book of Saw (4K/HD)
The Spectacular Now
Spiderman: Homecoming
Spiderman: Far From Home
The Spy Who Dumped Me
Star Trek: Beyond
Star Trek: Into Darkness
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Suicide Squad (2021)
Survive the Game
Tenet (4K/HD)
Terminator Salvation
Thor: The Dark World
Thor Ragnarok
Toy Story 4 (4K)
Transformers: Dark Knight (HD/4K)
The Trust
Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral
Uncut Gems
Under the Skin
Venom Let There be Carnage
While We’re Young
Why Him?
Wind River
The Witch
The Wolf of Wallstreet
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman 1984
Words on Bathroom Walls
Wreck it Ralph: Ralphs Breaks the Internet
X-Men Apocalypse
You Were Never Really Here
You’re Next
Zero Dark Thirty
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2023.03.24 04:44 Negative_Cut_8387 Those Who Dream

It is rumored in dark alcoves, hidden backrooms, and closed doors, that humans are more than they seem. Now, don't get me wrong, I've met my fair share of humans and they all seemed quite normal to me, barring the random Floridian. No, what I'm talking about is their ability to see into other dimensions. Seeing events that haven't happened or wont happen in their world. They write stories about dragons, cybernetic automatons, demons or aliens they have never met, and yet...
They don't even realize what they are doing and all of this is done while they sleep. To be sure, they do dream like us. Going over the days events to process all that happened. Purging any chemicals that have built up over the day. I've even been able to lucid dream on occasion, same as them.
What I'm talking about are those few that can peer into other dimensions and bring back ideas and technology that nobody would have or will have thought of in ours. They know that their dreamers are their greatest weapons against falling to boredom and stagnation. The stories and ideas that they just dream up and implement has changed their world so much in so little time. Little do they know how right they literally are.
There are even those that are able to look and see the outcome of multiple scenarios, and can accurately determine what is required of them to achieve the outcome they desire. Those guys tend to stay in Space Vegas though.
Hey Lewis, I had the strangest dream last night.
Yeah? What about?
It was back in the 21st century, and the world was on the brink of war. People were afraid of what will happen next.
Yeah, what's so weird about that? The 21st century was pretty shit according to history class.
Well, the weird part was when I saw this guy get on his computer, go to a website called Reddit/HFY and start typing out our conversation.
Oh yeah? Well, what am I going to say next?
Something about being hungry and wanting breakfast...
Wow, what a shitty writer. Well, I am hungry, lets go eat.
Yeah, alright.
Right, so most if not all of any stories I write on here are probably going to be short. Any ideas I come up with tend to hit me while I'm at work. So I can only hope that I remember the details when I get home.
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2023.03.24 03:37 montrealien I enjoyed this game, where's our The Mandalorian game?

I enjoyed this game, where's our The Mandalorian game? submitted by montrealien to gaming [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 03:21 Confident_Spell6022 Kid is worst character in One Piece!?

Tdlr at the bottom:
Kid's pirate career:-
(Luffy and BB even ignore inhuman pirates for laughing at their dream. Only true contenders for One Piece)
Didn't even know what adv haki was before ROOFTOP. Literally never fought a half decent haki user in his whole life. Didn't even bother to know about what Rayliegh used in Auction to save camie. (that's the first thing that came to Luffy's mind the moment he lost to Kaido and started prepping for rematch)
Literally nothing.
Hits a one in a million lottery, finds road ponyglyph on the shores of tottoland with Snack. (DIDN'T have to fight multiple commanders, 100k big mom battalion, Big Mom and sacrifice Pedro to get same thing)
Road Ponyglyph which is supposed to be kept in treasure repository of main castle of Big Mom, in whole cake island, the centere island of tottoland surrounded by 70+ more islands, in a sea filled with 1000s of snail radars to trace anyone inside the territory.
Kid doesn't have to do none of that he just gets it for free from Oda.
Kid didn't leave until the day Luffy came to Udon. And the moment he sees Luffy he dips out. (All just to find killer is being brought to same prison lmao)
Then gets tortured by Queen alongside Luffy and would have definitely died if Luffy wasn't there to save him.
This is after he was carried by his overpowered DF for his whole life. (he cud use gear 3 lvl attacks in Sabaody with no drawbacks or special 10 yrs training to master his df nerf. Didn't have to lose no lifespan. Didn't have to suffer no pain from his df. Wasn't turned into a dwarf for using his own df. Unlike Luffy)
And despite all this still couldn't even KO her. His strongest attack is called tickler. Needs Distraction from Luffy for Big Mom to not kill kid and law. multiple country sized NUKES and Super Volcanic Eruption caused by Luffy to finally take out Big Mom.
Shanks sees future and turns Kid into his little bitch, blitz one shot and likely killed. Only good char on the ship AGAIN tries to save Kid from harm like he always been doing, only to end up in same state as Kid.
Crew begs for mercy for their crewmates, lick shanks boots (all this embarassment is result of Kid's stupidity btw) and then submit Road Ponyglyphs.
All just to be hit with island destroying Hakoku Sovereignty by Dorry and Broggy and left to die by drowning like pitiful dogs.
Thus ending the most shameful pirate career of all in most befitting way.
Hoping mid dies there and we move on with Greater characters like Shanks Blackbeard (true rivals to throne) Dragon Aokiji Akainu Imu and etc to finally start the final saga without wasting any panels.
Tdlr for above points:-
Kids pirate carrer
Had the easiest route in paradise with no Warlords Admirals Cypher Pol assasins Gods and etc
Steamrolled paradise by bullying fodders with his overpowered devil fruit. (Fruit a contrast to Luffy's, gave him gear 3 lvl attacks with no DRAWBACKS. No special 10 yrs training to remove df nerf by creating a whole new fighting style. No lifespan reducing bs. No dwarf Effect mid fight for for using his own DF)
and gets a bounty higher than Luffy who been doing things beyond anyone's imagination. Taking out multiple Warlord, cp-9, raiding ennies lobby, and etc.
Never trained in his whole life or learned from his losses. Just same "more metal more stronk i win" and gets rewarded
Hid for 2 yrs in new world doing absolutely nothing. Never fought a half decent haki user to know what adv haki is before rooftop. Got lucky with wci road ponyglyph thanks to Oda
Was going after shanks again and ruining Killer's plan of allying with apoo and Hawkins. He wanted to solo Red Hairs. Didn't learn shit from last time.
Gets dogged by Kaido and put in prison only to again learn nothing. Gets carried in the raid and gifted equal awards for not even doing 2%. Wanted revenge on KAIDO and didn't bother about how he'd deal with Kaido's army and Yonko crew. Got lucky that Luffy was there with his crew and army.
gifted asspull df awakening for doin. 2% of what Luffy did. Free stat boost for doing absolutely nothing. (Gets more durable than pre wano gear 4 through plot asspull). Never tried to learn anything. Same "more metal more stronk i win". (on the other hand Luffy was analysing what Sentomaru and Rayliegh did 2 yrs ago)
Talks shit about how he wanna solo Kaido + Big Mom only to be clowned and change his Target to Big Mom.
Comes after Luffy's head because he thinks killing a Yonko makes you a Yonko. ( Has no clue about what clout, influence, Yonko crew, territories and notoriety means despite being in new world for 2 YRS.
Willingly sends his crew to death against crew, talks shit, is warned by his partner and learns nothing. Starts firing at Shanks fleet and starts calling them fodder. Given an opportunity to surrender but decides to kill 1000s of weanlings in shanks crew.
For the first time he finally suffers deserving consequences. Gets bitched. Blitz and One Shot. Crew begs for mercy. Partner gets caught in attempt of saving him. Submit Road Ponyglyphs and left to die by drowning. And then branded exterminated by narrator to make the L even more satisfying.
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2023.03.24 02:49 Lee_Akira [USA-TX] [H] Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc, Gal Guardians: Demon Purge, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Splatoon 3, Switch Games, PS5 Games [W] Switch Games, PS5 Games, My wanted list, Castlevania Order of Ecclesia, Atelier Trilogy, Steam Deck, Pokémon Games, Pokémon Sword/Shield+Expansion, GameBoy Micro

I’m mostly looking for stuff on my wanted list, but let me know what you have, I might be interested.

Stuff that I have:

PS Vita
Stuff that I want:
PS Vita
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2023.03.24 02:44 AutoModerator /r/SaGa_ReuniverSe Gacha Thread (2023/03/23)

/SaGa_ReuniverSe Gacha Thread (2023/03/23)

Welcome to the Lucky Thread!!!

Romancing Festival Gray Now Available!

The Romancing Festival Gray Summon includes a discounted 3-Rounds-Only Summon!
New Styles SS [Is It Me or the Blade?] Gray, SS [Don't Fear the Storm!] Hawke, SS [Gaining Nisa's Heart] Aisha, and SS [Let Your Heart Burn] Barbara are here!

In-game Notice

  • The availability period is subject to change.

Style Introduction

SS [Is It Me or the Blade?] Gray

Learnable Skills/Spells:
  • Moon Slash+
  • Elegant Petals
  • Iai: Frost Flash
Learnable Abilities:
  • G. Sword Guidance Ⅲ
  • Conviction
  • High Protect Tension
Skill [Iai: Frost Flash] G. Sword skill/Power: SSS/BP: 15 (Fully Awakened BP: 12) Attack/FaDirect/Fast/Row of Foes (Slash+Cold) Ranged attack. After attacking, the user enters an Energy Charge stance and starts the countdown (2 counts). The count will decrease by 1 by the end of each turn, and Elegant Ice Flower will be activated on the turn after the count turns 0.
Energy Charge skill: Elegant Ice Flower G. Sword skill/Attack/Power: SSSS/FaDirect/Fast/Row of Foes (Slash+Cold) Ranged attack. (Uses skill rank of Iai: Frost Flash).
Ability [G. Sword Guidance Ⅲ] When a surviving ally attacks with G. Sword, damage increases (large effect).
  • Energy Charge stance: A special stance that makes command selection unavailable for characters in a certain number of turns. Details can be checked by going to Home>Menu>Help>Battle>Energy Charge Stance.

SS [Don't Fear the Storm!] Hawke

Learnable Skills/Spells:
  • Slashing Blow
  • Militant Slash
  • Great Axe Flash
Learnable Abilities:
  • Active Treatment Ⅱ (STR)
  • Strengthened Attack Ⅱ
  • Fired Up Ⅶ
Skill [Militant Slash] Axe skill/Power: C/BP: 8 (Fully Awakened BP: 6) Attack/FaDirect/Fast/All Foes (Slash) All range attack. After attacking, the user enters a defensive counter stance (1 turn(s)).
Counterattack: Savage Slash Axe skill/Attack/Power: D/Direct/All Foes (Slash) All range attack. Increases all surviving allies' STR (small effect). (Uses skill rank of Militant Slash).
Skill [Great Axe Flash] Axe skill/Power: D/BP: 15 (Fully Awakened BP: 12) Attack/FaDirect/Row of Foes (Slash+Blunt) Ranged attack. Grants the user Morale Up (very large) (5 turn(s)). Dangerous Spin is then activated.
Dangerous Spin Axe skill/Attack/Power: SS/Direct/Row of Foes (Slash+Blunt) Ranged attack. (Uses skill rank of Great Axe Flash).
  • Defensive counter stance: Counterattacks after a direct enemy attack and takes reduced damage.
  • Morale Up: Increases attack damage (can't stack)
    • The effects of Morale Up can’t stack. The one with the greatest effect is applied.

SS [Gaining Nisa's Heart] Aisha

Learnable Skills/Spells:
  • Galloping Thrust
  • Earth Thrust
  • Earth Beating
Learnable Abilities:
  • Mother Nisa
  • Offensive Spirit Ⅰ
  • High Protect Tension
Skill [Galloping Thrust] S. Sword skill/Power: E/BP: 4 (Fully Awakened BP: 3) Attack/FaDirect/All Foes (Pierce+Slash) All range attack (1-2 time(s)). Attack will be interrupted when counterattacked. (Only the first attack will activate user's abilities.)
Spell [Earth Beating] Earth spell/Power: B/BP: 11 (Fully Awakened BP: 8) Attack/FaIndirect/All Foes (Blunt+Pierce) All range attack. When the attack hits, there is a chance to reduce target's AGI (medium effect). When the attack hits, inflicts stun on target (medium chance).
  • This Style can grasp skills and learn spells, but please note that skills cannot be grasped when using spells.

SS [Let Your Heart Burn] Barbara

Learnable Skills/Spells:
  • Warm-Up
  • Scattered Shadow
  • Alegrias Fascination
Learnable Abilities:
  • Ardent Spirit
  • Active Treatment Ⅱ (WIL)
  • Conviction
Skill [Warm-Up] Spear skill/Power: N/A/BP: 1 (Fully Awakened BP: 0) Support/Self Recovers the user's BP (+4).
Skill [Alegrias Fascination] Spear skill/Power: N/A/BP: 15 (Fully Awakened BP: 12) Support/Fast/All Allies Grants all surviving allies Defense Boost (medium effect/2 turn(s)), Guard Up (medium) (2 turn(s)), and increases all surviving allies' status ailments resistances (large effect).
  • Defense Boost: Takes reduced damage when attacked by enemies.
  • Guard Up: Reduces damage from enemy attacks (can't stack)
    • The effects of Guard Up can’t stack. The one with the greatest effect is applied.

[Exclusive Styles Are Back!] Romancing Festival Byunei Now Available!

The Romancing Festival Byunei Summon includes a discounted 3-Rounds-Only Summon! Also, the SS Styles available in this Summon will only be the following 5 SS Styles! Details can be checked by going to Summon>Summon Details>Summon Rates.
SS [I'll Leave This to You] Byunei, SS [Devouring Avalon] Real Queen, SS [Looking for Targets] Claudia, SS [Begone From My Sight] Rocbouquet, and SS [Now That's Zero Wielding!] Urpina are back!

In-game Notice

  • The availability period is subject to change.

Style Introduction

SS [I'll Leave This to You] Byunei

Learnable Skills/Spells:
  • Windfall
  • Heavens Breeze
  • Trinity Summon
Learns [Windfall], a delayed slash/blunt attack and wind spell that recovers own HP after attacking! Learns [Trinity Summon], an all range slash/shadow attack and wind spell that grants the user "Morale Up" (3 turns), and has a chance to reduce enemy's AGI, DEX, and/or INT when attack hits!
  • Morale Up: Increases attack damage (can't stack)
    • The effects of Morale Up can’t stack. The one with the greatest effect is applied.

SS [Devouring Avalon] Real Queen

Real Queen
Learnable Skills/Spells:
  • Defense Liquid
  • Scales Buster
  • Queen's Punisher
Grasps [Defense Liquid], an indirect blunt attack that costs 1 BP and grants the user "Guard Up" (2 turns) after attacking! Grasps [Queen's Punisher], an all range fast blunt attack that has a chance to inflict stun on the enemy when attack hits!
  • Guard Up: Reduces damage from enemy attacks (can't stack)
    • The effects of Guard Up can’t stack. The one with the greatest effect is applied.

SS [Looking for Targets] Claudia

Learnable Skills/Spells:
  • Healing Arrow
  • Heart Seeker
  • Flickering Lanterns
Grasps [Flickering Lanterns], an all range pierce/heat attack that has a chance to inflict charm on the enemy (4 turns) when attack hits! Learns [Recurring Regen (DEX)], an Ability that recovers own HP and increases own DEX when attacks hit!

SS [Begone From My Sight] Rocbouquet

Learnable Skills/Spells:
  • Dark Ice
  • Marine Ball
  • Black Sprite
Learns [Dark Ice], a shadow/cold attack and dark spell that costs 2 BP and has a chance to reduce enemy's AGI when attack hits! Learns [Black Sprite], an all range fast shadow/lightning attack and dark spell that has a chance to inflict charm on the enemy (4 turns) when attack hits!

SS [Now That's Zero Wielding!] Urpina

Learnable Skills/Spells:
  • Strike Slash
  • Nailed Bat Rampage
  • Radical Foul Play
Grasps [Nailed Bat Rampage], an all range slash/blunt attack! Grasps [Radical Foul Play], an SSS-power slash/blunt attack!

Use this thread to:
  • Share your gacha pulls(good or bad).
  • Brag about your luck :P
  • Discuss new banners.
  • Discuss new units and their gacha value.


1 - Please be kind and courteous to each other!
2 - Any Gacha post outside any of the Megathreads will be removed!
All summons posts on /SaGa_ReuniverSe should be limited to the Megathreads. If you notice that someone has made a post showing off their summon outside of this thread, please politely direct them here and report their post to the moderators.

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Here is how
If you have any criticism/advice regarding the subreddit please contact the mod team: message to the moderators.
We hope you enjoy your time here at SaGa_ReuniverSe and good luck!!
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2023.03.24 02:36 Possible-Pack9699 Breath of the Wild Pitch Meeting

Producer Guy(PG): So, you have a Zelda game for me?
Screenwriter Guy(SG): Yes sir I do. And this one's gonna be called Breath of the Wild and be a completely open world game.
PG: Amazing. So what happens in this thing?
SG: Well the game's gonna start with Link waking up from a hundred year coma with Zelda telling Link that her powers are dwindling and Calamity Ganon is about to rise once again.
PG: Again? What happened?
SG: Well you see 100 years ago the king of Hyrule feared the return of Ganon and enlisted four of Hyrule's greatest warriors to become champions to help fight Ganon should he return, along with unearthing these ancient mechanical robots called Guardians and Divine Beasts each piloted by the Champions.
PG: Oh really? So who are these champions?
SG: Well there's Urbosa of the Gerudo tribe, Mipha of the Zora tribe, Daruk of the Goron tribe, and Revali of the Rito tribe.
PG: Well I can't wait to see these guys in action.
SG: Actually not really all they're gonna do is just sit around and talk with one another and barely even get the chance to fight.
PG: Why?
SG: Well because Ganon corrupted the Guardians and Divine Beasts and killed the four champions and severely injured Link and the Master Sword which forced Zelda to seal Link in the Shrine of Resurrection for him to heal and placed the Master Sword in Korok Forest to heal and sealed Ganon in Hyrule Castle for a hundred years.
PG: ... What?
SG: So anyways, now that Link is awake again, he needs to traverse The Great Plateau which is a safe haven from the Guardians and reclaim his lost Sheikah Slate abilities.
PG: And what are these abilities?
SG: Well there's bombs, Magnesis which grabs metal objects, Stasis which holds items in place and can be hit to move them, and Cryonis which is useless.
PG: Well ok then.
SG: And after Link reclaims his Sheikah slate abilities, he meets up with the ghost of the former king of Hyrule who tells Link to defeat Ganon at all costs.
PG: Well it's gonna be hard for Link to defeat Ganon after having just woken up without proper items.
SG: ...
PG: Something wrong?
SG: No no, everything's good.
PG: I mean I was kind of hoping you would say your catchphrase after that. The one you say basically everytime.
SG: Well anyways, the King also tells Link to go find Impa in Kakariko village who was with Link 100 years ago.
PG: Wouldn't that make her like 120 years old, how is she still alive?
SG: She just is.
PG: Well ok then.
SG: So Impa tells Link about how Ganon took over Hyrule thanks to corrupting the 4 Divine Beasts that killed the Champions, so Link has to travel to each of the Divine Beasts and free them from Ganon's control, and also rescue the spirits of the Champions as well, on top of finding his missing memories scattered across Hyrule.
PG: Sounds like a lot to do.
SG: Oh just wait until I tell you about the sidequests and hundreds of Koroks to find.
PG: What?
SG: Nothing. So Link's able to travel to any Divine Beast he wants to but here's the order I wrote down.
PG: Ok.
SG: So first is Vah Naboris, Urbosa's Divine Beast, and Link has to speak with the leader but only girls are allowed inside.
PG: Well it's gonna be hard for Link to get in huh?
SG: No it's pretty simple, he justs wears women's clothes and that works.
PG: Aw dang it. Thought I had you there.
SG: So Link meets with the leader Riju, and she tells Link she'll help defeat the Divine Beast if he recovers her lost Thunder Helm that was stolen by the Yiga Clan. So Link breaks into their hideout, fights Master Koga, and gets the helmet back.
PG: Ok.
SG: So then Riju helps Link shoot the Beast's legs with bomb arrows allowing Link inside where he defeats Thunderblight Ganon and saves Urbora's spirit giving him Urbosa's Fury.
PG: Amazing.
SG: Then there's Vah Ruta, Mipha's Divine Beast, and Link meets up with Prince Sidon who was Mipha's younger brother.
PG: So is he super old like Impa?
SG: No he basically looks and acts like a 20 years old.
PG: Huh.
SG: So Link meets up with the king and Sidon tells him that Link can help them defeat Ruta, but they don't like Link all that much.
PG: And why's that?
SG: Well it turns out Mipha had a crush on Link but was too shy to actually tell him and you, she gets killed shortly after.
PG: Well it's gonna be hard for Link to convine them to...
SG: But they eventually come to terms and Link and Sidon face the Divine Beast and shoot shock arrows at it.
PG: Wow you're really testing me right now.
SG: And so yeah, Link defeats Waterblight Ganon, saves Mipha's spirit, and gets Mipha's Grace. So next up is Vah Rudania, Daruk's Divine Beast.
PG: And what's the deal with this beast?
SG: Well it and Goron village is located on Death Mountain and it's super hot up there like instantly set on fire hot.
PG: But let me guess the solution to the problem is super easy...
SG: But thankfully Link can drink fire res potions and get flameproof armor to protect him
PG: angry grunt
SG: So Link has to save Yunobo, one of Daruk's descendants who helps Link climb up Death Mountain to reach the Divine Beast by you know, shooting himself out of a cannon to launch at the thing.
PG: Oh launching yourself into the enemy is Tight!
SG: It sure is. And so Link gets inside the Divine Beast, defeats Fireblight Ganon and rescues Daruk's spirit, and gets Daruk's protection.
PG: Fantastic. And what about the last Divine Beast?
SG: Well this one's called Vah Medoh, Revali's Divine Beast. And Link has to find this Rito Warrior named Teba who's planning an assault on the beast but Link has to prove himself first.
PG: How so?
SG: By hitting several targets in one go but it's pretty simple if you have enough stamina.
PG: sighs
SG: So then the two fly up to the Beast and knock out it's shield generator allowing Link to get inside to fight Windblight Ganon, save Revali's spirit, and get Revali's Gale.
PG: Wow, ok. That sure was a lot you story right there.
SG: Oh you don't even know the half of it sir. But I'll save that for later.
PG: Oh god.
SG But before Link can go fight Ganon, he has to recover The Master Sword in Korok Forest now that it's healed up.
PG: ... were there any inconveniences?
SG: Well other than the fact Link needs at least 13 hearts to pull it out is one but other that it's all good. So now Link is ready to fight Ganon at Hyrule Castle.
PG: And what's the castle like?
SG: Oh it's super eerie sir. Just a ton of corruption and monsters everywhere but it's also brimming with awesome loot as well.
PG: Oh wow wow wow wow ... wow.
SG: And so Link meets Ganon at the top of the castle and the final battle against Calamity Ganon begins, but not before the Four Champions use the Divine Beasts to knock Ganon's health down to 50%, and then the battle begins.
PG: Amazing.
SG: And so yeah, Link kills Calamity and Dark Beast Ganon, Zelda is saved, and the spirits of the past are laid to rest with Link and Zelda looking forward to rebuild Hyrule.
PG: The place has been decimated for 100 years and no one's ever rebuilt anything?
SG: Not at all so it'll make for a sweet moment at the end. So what do you think?
PG: Well it sounds like a great game, and all those main story missions will really drive the players forward to see everything.
SG: Yeah. ... Except not really.
PG: What?
SG: Yeah you see everything I just told you after leaving the Great Plateau was completely optional and players can just go right to Ganon and beat the game in like an hour.
PG: Oh my god! An hour!?
SG: Yeah beating the game is actually Super Easy, Barely An Inconvenience.
PG: ............................. what?
SG: Actually now that I think about it, maybe the game could be beaten in half an hour sir.
PG: Half an hour?! Is that even possible?

Breath of the Wild Beaten in under 25 minutes by Player5
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2023.03.24 02:26 Exciting_Tennis_7646 My AIC collection. just got the LIVE (2000) album today. other than the dinosaur album (yes i’m after it) what other AIC cds would you recommend?

My AIC collection. just got the LIVE (2000) album today. other than the dinosaur album (yes i’m after it) what other AIC cds would you recommend? submitted by Exciting_Tennis_7646 to AliceInChains [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 02:16 BunchOfScribbleLines Scored at a little joint called Mary’s Collectibles and Consignment

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2023.03.24 02:04 plateofhokkienmee755 Duel of the Faiths.

It had been nearly a decade and a half since Lothane had seen the accursed banners of the Bladebraker clan fly, nearly a decade and a half since that fateful Ozarm'chadash, since his body had been broken. forced to watch as his fellow half orcs, his kin in all but blood, were brutally slaughtered.
He remembered sitting in that dark and wretched hole, not knowing whether the next orc to enter would be to inflict another round of torment, or his painful demise.
But by some wild twist of fate, Corins circle had saved him, accepted him. Giving him a second chance at life instead of dying in some brutal manner like his half orc comrades had, or dying slowly from continued sadistic torment, the next day after next, suffering only to suffer some more, like his mother had.
He knew her name now, Eilis, his memories hazily recalling that beautiful and caring women in Damerian Blue who had taken care of him as best she could. he felt the piece of blue cloth around his left tusk, then turned to the gathered Bladebreakers, was his father among them? that cruel orc he had never known? he shook his head, whatever had become of him, it didn't make a drop of difference to Lothane,
He turned to Rogier, "take care of the rest of the family if.... if this doesn't end up in my favor."
Rogier gave a solemn nod, "may the court be with you nephew, but should you fall today, rest assured that nothing will happen to Rogier and Eilis, I swear it. you and your kids are the last piece of Eilis I have left, and I'll be damned if her legacy dies today, go, and give that Bladebreaker bastard what his clan has had coming since the invasion of Castellyr! and whatever happens, know that your family is more than proud, your one of the greatest House SIlmuna has ever had! greater than I ever was."
Lothane nodded in return, the half orc wiped his tear-filled eyes, then turned to Arosha,
"If I fail, promise me you will fulfill her vision in my stead,"
Arosha nodded, before falling into prayer, her words asking Corin for her blessing,
Then Lothane turned to Marosh. "If I die, promise me you'll ensure a future for our kind."
the young king nodded, his face solemn, "on Corins name, I will carve us a prosperous home that all of Halann shall envy, no matter the cost." then the Kinda hearted young rulers face softened, his towering stature failing to obscure Marosh's true nature. "The half orcs will always have a home, and that home shall be Grombar."
Lothane continued, addressing each of his companions one last time, he reminisced about Eledas with Cecill ,the knights' eyes filled with tears at the memories as Lothane offered what comfort he could, he prayed alongside Dominic, smiled as Winston performed his latest song, asking the Halfling to send letters to the other members of the circle informing them of his passing should the duel end with his death,
then he turned to the other side of the clearing, where his opponent stood waiting,
Varok Bladebreaker was still as intimidating as Lothane remembered, the scarred and aged orc would have towered over most humans, the menacing orc sporting a wicked longswor.,
The chief sneered. "And so, the weakling returns, here to meet his end, like his mother, like his companions, like everyone who has stood in our way. like every half orc in Escann that has come before and come after. the Dookanson shall be avenged, today." the crowd of Bladebreakers cheered, pounding on their shields and armor, jeering and hollering at Lothane.
He noticed a group of Half orcs, their young faces eyeing him with curiosity, weariness, some nodded in respect, a brave few even cheered his name. Lothane gripped the hilt of his sword, there was no way in the Plane Of Darkness he would let them end up like the last group of Bladebreaker half orcs.
he turned to the sky above. "Praise be Corin, may her shield protect, and her sword strike true. if you're listening out there Corin, I hope I did you proud, I can never repay you for what you did at Castanoth, but I did the best I could. "
Then, he drew his sword, and Varok charged. his eyes filled with bloodlust, the orc chieftain eager to strike him down in, Lothane raised his blade ready to do battle in Corins name, and what a battle it was, Varoks blade struck like the force of a battering ram, Lothane barely managing to block the oncoming blow, the sword managing to slice deep into his arm before retracting, Varok struck again, Lothane parried, blocked, Parried, then blocked again.
For our shield protects, he sidestepped the next blow, then with a sudden burst of speed and grace, swung his blade with the force of a charging ox, and our swords strike true. Varok went stumbling back, his advance broken.
Lothane raised his blade, the shining sword gleaming as if he wielded Calindal itself, then brought it crashing down on Varok's weapon, it snapped in half, shards of metal flying across the dirt, Varok slammed backwards, his body hitting the ground with a thud.
Lothane advanced, his blade still held in both hands. and evil purged means a world saved.
Just as he was about to strike, he thought he saw out of the corner of his eyes, the glint of fiery red hair. His head snapped to the left, only to see it vanish alongside the glint of armor. Corin, praise the court- it really was her.
He turned back to Varok, tears streaming from his eyes, so she really has ascended, perhaps I shall join her up there someday. His body felt as if it was filled with fire, flowing with warmth and strength, he thought he could feel his wound grow smaller, he raised his blade high above his head, "once, I would have sold my soul to see you struck down, now-" he brought the blade down.

View Poll
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2023.03.24 01:45 GrungyAltyBoy10 Machina II/The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music’s overall score was 3.33. Why y’all have to be talking trash about the image quality? Hope this image is better for y’all. Today is Rotten Apples! RATE THE ALBUM COVER AND NOTHING ELSE!!! ?/5 ratings as well. .1,.2,.3,.4,.6,.7,.8 and .9s are accepted.

Machina II/The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music’s overall score was 3.33. Why y’all have to be talking trash about the image quality? Hope this image is better for y’all. Today is Rotten Apples! RATE THE ALBUM COVER AND NOTHING ELSE!!! ?/5 ratings as well. .1,.2,.3,.4,.6,.7,.8 and .9s are accepted. submitted by GrungyAltyBoy10 to SmashingPumpkins [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 01:08 DrElementalist I wish to share a story with you all

Based off of this post here: https://www.reddit.com/SonicEXE/comments/11ytfex/create_the_backstory_for_this_mf/
You find the original there, anyway
The thing about Sonic that everyone admires is his sheer determination to not die.
Even in the face of gods, he wouldn't have a care in the world. He won't die. He can't, he's Sonic the Hedgehog, the blue blur, hero of Mobius. You can't just kill a hero. It may be excoriatingly hard to defeat a god, or anything really, but he would do what it takes.
Eggman, decided however, decided that enough was enough. He summoned gods, Titans, enslaved planets, kidnapped animals and friends, everything. Except, of course, killing him outright. He came close to that too, so might as well go the full mile.
Sonic was hanging out in his usual spot, underneath his favorite tree, when a Motobug happened to roll up to him, a letter in it's mandibles. Sonic, on instinct, smashed the badnik, releasing a small Flicky, then read the letter, which said-
Come to the old base
I have a certain fox here waiting
You better step it up if you want to see him safe
Your pal, the Brilliant Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik
"He kidnapped Tails?!" Sonic exclaimed out loud. There was no time to lose. He raced towards Eggman's base, the one he had made back in the South Island Days, and went to save his buddy.
Now, Tails was fine. He wasn't able to reach Sonic because he was doing his own thing in an unknown location. But it was miles away from Eggman. The Doctor didn't even know where he was, he just knew Sonic would rush as fast as possible to him if he thought his best friend was in danger.
Anyway, Sonic ran through the facility, searching for the doctor and his twin tailed brother. He heard a voice calling for help. Tails! He looked around. He spotted an open doorway, which lead to a barren room. He decided to check in there, it was too suspicious to not go. He slowly walked up to it. Something didn't feel right. His senses were telling him to turn back, find another room.
He didn't listen.
Once he stepped into the room, the door slammed behind him. He jiggled the doorknob. Locked. Of course it was, he thought. He looked around his temporary prison. The walls had slits all throughout them, as if something thin could pop out at anytime. There was also a strange sound coming from them, the sounds of something spinning. Most likely machinery, Sonic thought.
An intercom stirred to life, then filled with the voice of the Mad Egg
"Ah, Sonic. So glad you could make it."
"Where is he Eggman?" Sonic demanded.
"Where's who?"
"You know who I'm here for, or is your age finally coming up to you?"
"Oh, OOH, you mean the fox boy. Well, sorry to say but that was a misunderstanding."
"You mean you tricked me," Sonic stated, unimpressed.
"Well, tricked is a strong word. It's the right word, but still-"
"Ugh, fine, let's get this overwith. Send in whatever robot you made this time, doc." Sonic got into a fighting position, ready to brawl.
"Now hold on, I think your assuming things." Eggman said, a menacing smile in his voice.
"Oh yeah, and what that might be?"
"That you can fight your own demise. Get a load of this." Eggman pressed a button, which was heard on the intercom. The whir from before got louder and louder until it was all Sonic could hear. Then he finally saw what made the deafening noise.
Buzz Saws. Loads of them. They all seemed to have a mind of their own, as they followed Sonic around the room.
"HOOO HO HO HO! THIS is what you get for giving me years of torment, rodent," Eggman growled with delight.
"Heh, looks like you finally cracked, Egghead," Sonic joked, but even he heard the nervousness in his voice.
"Poor choice of last words. In any case, this shall be our final goodbye. So long, old friend**."**
Eggman muted the intercom and the audio from the room. He was smart to do so.
Sonic dodged every spinning blade that tried to touch him, looking for a way out. He ducked, he swerved, he ran up the walls and over the arms of death, but in the process he found nothing. "I'll just hit the wall until it breaks, then I'll be able to escape!" he thought aloud, hopefully.
Then stumbled.
Eggman was fortunate to turn off the intercom, or else he would've gotten the full force of the unearthly scream that emanated from the hedgehogs mouth. It was so loud that even Tails might've heard from his plane miles away, miles in the air. The saws finally got him, and they sliced with a perceived delight.
Eggman watched in horror and fascination from his chair in the monitor room. After about 10 minutes, the rodent was nothing more than a bunch of parts, a fleshy scrapheap. Eggman shut down the machine with a press of another button, then fell still. He said nothing for a few minutes.
Then he whispered, so softly only he could hear himself.
"I did it."
He stood up and walked towards the screen, the thing that let him see his man made horror show.
"I did it."
He turned away from the monitor and started chuckling softly.
"I y did it."
His chuckle became a chortle.
"I actually did it!"
He laughed his maniacal laugh some more. If someone saw him then, they would think he heard the greatest joke alive rather than watch someone mangled by their own design.
He continued to laugh until he was gasping for air. He then sat back down into his chair.
"I can finally complete my dream," he exclaimed to no one, "There isn't anything that can stop me now! I'll tell the masses that there isn't anything they could do! AND THE HEADLINES! They will also say the same thing! Sonic is no more! EYAHAHAHAHAHOHOHOHOHOO!"
He ran out to start making plans. He would create the greatest robot in history, second only to his beloved Metal Sonic, now without a rival to beat, and finally have nothing stand in his way. Not G.U.N, not even the Resistance.
I said before that you can't just kill a hero.
Sonic's body started to move, the parts twitching and spazzing. You could call this the nerves still working for a bit after death, but then they started to move as if there was a body connected to them. They started to fuse with themselves, stitches appearing in the places where the hedgehog was sliced apart. I can't tell you where they came from. It could've been Sonic's Chaos Energy, it could've been leftover Dark Gaia energy, who knows. But eventually, every piece of the blue blur came together like a twisted jigsaw puzzle.
Then it opened it eyes
Sonic was dead. But his spirit and body lived on in a haunted state with only one goal in mind.
To kill the Mad Doctor. No matter what it takes
Also, I might've used the wrong flair for this
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2023.03.24 01:04 Repulsive-Handle-871 I Love Blink-182! Variants in the comments.

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2023.03.24 00:57 freezingman00 Is it possible to prove a 300 year old family legend? Anyone wanna help me try?

Is it possible to prove a 300 year old family legend? Anyone wanna help me try?
I want to prove that one of my ancestors Thomas Kearney (abt 1700 to 1764) was the son of an Irish noble. My search started with a comment made under one of my posts linking to a castle with my family name, castle. It peaked my interest and I decided to follow my family tree all the up to the earliest Kearney I could find, Thomas Kearney, and to my surprise there was a family legend that he was the son of an Irish earl. There were even some circumstantial facts like two other people with the last name Kearney showing up around the same time as Thomas, one of whom buys 600 acres of land. The documents I posted are basically all the information there is to know about him so I've hit a dead end. Is there somewhere else to look for information? Can I even prove the parentage of someone born 300 years ago? I'd appreciate any help you can give me! Even if you can't offer facts I'd appreciate some theorizing too.






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2023.03.24 00:36 KnightFuryProduction My First Weird Al Cassette

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2023.03.23 23:56 DrunkDeathClaw Greg Vaughn's first card in MLB the Show 23

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2023.03.23 23:41 YallBQ UFC YT posted this Marlon 'Chito' Vera Greatest Hits, Conveniently missing the Sean O’Malley KO…

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2023.03.23 22:57 hustler-snake Great Parry build

Lately I enjoyed this build .. it depend on parries to get the puffs .. blades cursed empress ability also luck to trigger one of greatest shield abilities (the elemental storm)
Its good build for 1-1 enemy fight / boss fights (boss rush trial)
every time u do a successful parry u need to trigger the triangle (flame whiplash) to make huge damage (after u parry by L1 u click L1 again to hit by shield then wait less than a second till u feel controller little vib then press triangle then R2 .. u know it’s successful once blades is fired up.
If u get used to this u will master parries and whiplash
Chest: Fortified Husk Cuirass
Wrist: Dragon scaled Bracers
Waist: Berserker waist guard
Enchantments: Vanheim, Asgard, Nifleheim (high stats / luck focus)
Axe: grip of the fallen
Blades: cursed empress handles
Spear: weightless recovery
Shield: Dauntless shield with rod of disruption
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2023.03.23 22:56 propheticperfumes 7 Extremely Belated Nui Cobalt Yule Reviews ⚗️💙🌲🕯️

Hello my budding snowdrops and crocuses! Yes, yes, I know, “K,” you sigh exasperatedly, “why are you posting a review on winter scents at the start of spring?” Well, I don’t know about you folks, but despite what my calendar says, the gray skies, rain/snow, and my purple feet are all telling me that it’s still winter, and I’m also still using my most heavy and warm cuddly scents, so yule scents it is!
Jokes aside, I’ve had to deal with insane migraines, work stress, an injured knee (I’ve had an open wound and a limp for the past few weeks!), and a whole host of other issues, which is why I must apologize again to Forest and Josh of Nui Cobalt Designs for the long wait, and of course thank them for this opportunity of receiving samples in exchange for reviews. Thank you for always being so kind and gracious about my delays.
Just a quick note before I begin for anyone unfamiliar with this brand: NCD is one of my absolute favorite perfume house for a variety of reasons. Their site is easy to navigate, they offer samples, their TAT is lightning fast, their collections stay up for months and return yearly so there’s not really any real FOMO, their customer service is always polite and prompt, and quite honestly, their scents just really work for me and my tastes in general, as you will see down below.
And without further ado, let’s get into these reviews!
Emerald Velvet 🌲💚
Description: A regal perfume for your most special celebrations. Douglas fir, white sandalwood, heliotrope, pale amber, sweet oud, and a trace of brisk green cardamom. Wear to invoke the Divine Feminine in her most benevolent aspect. Anoint green candles to curry Her favor pay Her homage.
On skin: My family has bought some Douglas fir trees to use as our Christmas tree in the past, so I feel confident in reporting that this is a pretty realistic Douglas fir scent! I don’t really get too much of the other notes here, I think they all contribute to this scent, except perhaps the ‘brisk green cardamom’ note, because I am getting something a bit bracing from this. It stays the same throughout wear.
Overall thoughts: I was really curious to try this scent, as I adore Cloak of Evergreens, which is another NCD wintergreen tree scent. Unlike CoE, which I find to be a very jammy evergreen scent, and sweetened by a tea note, this is actually quite fresh and brisk. As someone who loves cozy incense and tea scents, CoE remains the NCD evergreen scent of my heart, but if you’re looking for a more straightforward fir scent, this is the one for you!
Icicle Tiara ❄️👑
Description: A diamond-bright blend to remind you that you are royalty. Nui's inscrutable Cold accord casts a glistening frost over delicate white tea, fine linen, budding blue lotus, pale amber resin, frozen forest musk and sparkling vanilla sugar.
On skin: I’m finding it hard to describe this scent as it’s conjuring more of a vibe in my brain than actual words (in a good way!, but I’ll try my best. The cold accord definitely gives off the sense of a winter atmosphere, minty or menthol-y. There’s the white tea, which is brisk and almost lemon-y to me, and yet the other notes like linen, lotus, and amber contrast this to somehow give a more cozy vibe. I don’t get any vanilla or sugar in particular but I think they’re sweetening the more bracing cold aspects of the scent.
Overall thoughts: I feel like this is one of those very NCD-esque scents; well-blended, delicate, and elegant. When I said this was giving me vibes earlier, I of course meant it’s serving Snow Queen vibes! I actually wore this out to watch Frozen on broadway and it matched my blue winter dress perfectly! While I tend to favor more heavy incense blends in winter, I can tell this one will be a favorite to wear on nights out in the cold, especially when I want to channel my inner Elsa!
Making Snow Angels ☃️🍪
Description: The scent of joyful anticipation. Homemade sugar cookies fresh from the oven. Wear this toasty vanilla scent to awaken the spirit of play and frivolity.
On skin: Unfortunately, I’m sad to report that my skin chem did not cooperate with this scent, and it appeared as plastic play dough to my nose, as some cookie scents tend to do. I tried it a second time a few days later just to be sure, but yup, the same plastic-y scent remains throughout wear time.
Overall thoughts: It’s unfortunate that this isn’t playing nice with my skin chem, but at the very least I can take solace in knowing that another of their cookie scents, Crone’s Cottage (a lovely honeyed oatmeal cookie and tea perfume), remains as one of my top favorites! For other gourmand scents, I’d recommend something from their April Fool’s gourmand line.
Twinkling Fairy Lights ✨🧚🏻
Description: A dynamic variation on our Winter favorite to invoke the spirit of the season. Golden copal and lemon sugar soften into classic cathedral incense and fluffy whipped honey, then nestle into dry vanilla bean and smooth white amber. Wear to turn heads and inspire admiration.
On skin: If, unlike me, you’re wary of incense, then don’t be! This scent is not at all heavy; on the contrary it’s a very airy and light scent. I’m getting mainly sweet sugary lemon, fluffy honey, and just a hint of cozy incense. It smells almost like one of those classic vintage sugar crusted candies that you can only get at old-fashioned sweet stores. If you’re also wary about the honey note and have not had the pleasure of trying NCD’s whipped honey note yet, it’s another of my many favorite notes from this house; so delicate and light and yet still adding an almost nectar-like sweetness. This dries down to a snuggly lemon cloud.
Overall thoughts: A very light-hearted and cute scent! As compared to the original, I think this is definitely sweeter and, of course, more lemon-y and I they are different enough that I don’t think having both in a collection would be duplicates at all. I don’t tend to wear citrus scents often, but I would definitely make an exception for this honeyed take. If you’re looking for a cozy lemon scent, do give this a try. I do wish the copal and cathedral incense were a lot stronger in this, as I’m a huge incense fiend; I hope those aspects will come out with age!
Ultraviolet Fairy Lights 🎆🧚🏻
Description: A sophisticated twist on our Winter favorite to invoke the season’s enchantment. Imperial iris and sugared violet soften into tonka butter, honey, and liatrix, then nestle into Dominican blue amber. Wear to escape the routine and gain a fresh perspective.
On skin: I’m going to say right off the bat that I loved this scent from first sniff so much that I’m having difficulty describing this other than a mental spam of pink heart emojis. It’s also, surprise-surprise, very well blended. If I’m not mistaken, Fairy Lights was not used as an actual base for this scent, meaning there isn’t any actual incense notes in here, and yet, what I believe to be the Dominican blue amber base is making this extremely cozy and warm all the same. The iris and violet notes add a very regal floral vibe without being too powdery or vintage for my tastes. The honey adds a beautiful sweetness but the scent never veers on cloying. I’m not very familiar with liatrix as a note, but apparently it is similar to coumarin, so it may be contributing an almost vanilla-like sweetness that I am detecting. And to top it all off, the tonic butter gives this a ‘my skin but better’ quality that comes out in the drydown.
Overall thoughts: Oh goodness, if I thought I liked Fairy Lights and Twinkling Fairy Lights, I absolutely adore Ultraviolet Fairy Lights! I’ve been slathering this on during the cold nights to give myself a boost of cuddly sweetness. Even though it’s very warm and cozy and sweet, though, I feel that this is actually a very regal scent due to the iris. An absolute smash hit for me, if that wasn’t already obvious. Do yourself a favor and try this one if you are at all interested!
Under the Mistletoe 🌿🕯️
Description: A romantic melange of white winter rose, frozen vanilla, a mahogany mantle decked with holly, golden spiced rum, gilded magnolia, and flickering candlelight. Wear this potion to attract love and encourage kisses.
On skin: There’s an unexpectedly extremely sweet bubble-gum like opening to this scent, almost like taffy, but I’m not sure where it’s coming from by looking at the description. There’s also definitely that candied rose note here that’s present in the famous NCD Love scent as well, but combined with that bubblegum candy cloud it’s actually getting too sweet on my skin. Over time the sugariness calms down some, but I still don’t really get any particular wood or floral notes just that taffy scent!
Overall thoughts: Y’all, I really can’t figure out where this bubblegum is coming from! It’s really unfortunate, too, as I don’t tend to like bubblegum bubblegum scents, and this is a bit too saccharine for my tastes. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a scrubber by any means, but it’s not for me personally, and I definitely prefer the simple elegance of Love over this.
Winter Warmth 🫖🔥
Description: A cozy potion for comfort and soothing. Earl Grey Tea with brown sugar and oat milk, sprinkles of nutmeg, ginger root, and allspice with the gentle smolder of cedarwood and mahogany. Wear when you need some extra grounding and stability.
On skin: This is another very well-blended scent, but I do think it delivers on what it says on the tin. It’s a tea scent full of spice and warmth. It’s not spicy, but I do definitely get the ginger and nutmeg. I also don’t really particularly get any brown sugar and oat milk, though they might be making the scent ’smoother.’ The cedar does impart a wood-fire aspect, but it’s not going all pencil shavings on me like cedar is wont to do sometimes, thankfully. Definitely a warm perfume!
Overall thoughts: As I said, it’s very much as described, so if the scent notes appeal to you, I would definitely give this a shot. I personally wish the tea aspect was stronger just because I love NCD’s tea notes, but otherwise, no complaints from me! This would be a great scent for someone looking to imitate all the coziness of a fireplace in perfume form.
Even though there were a few misses, which is to be expected with something as subjective as perfume, I can’t complain at all about this haul considering the likes and loves (I’m looking at you Ultraviolet Fairy Lights!) I’ve found. Considering NCD excels at snugly and comforting scents, their winter collection is always bound to impress; I also know that the Yule scents will be going down soon on April 12th, so now is a good time to try any scents that have caught your eye before they retire for a bit. That being said, I cannot wait to try their more recent spring scents, in anticipation of that season finally hitting the skies where I am as well. As always, please take care of yourselves.
~ Godbless and Godspeed, K 💖
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2023.03.23 22:37 Secure-War-1845 Games that make you upset for missing out on ‘em

Video games are expensive, and not everyone can afford to be a two console family. Particularly being a Nintendo fanboy, you miss out on a lot of great third party titles.
I own a Switch and was doing research on how much it would cost to get a decent gaming PC, and being that I’m already an Apple fanboy and plan on getting a MacBook to edit video, it looks like there’s no practical way to get a gaming PC that would play Steam games for less than $500.
I’ve recently gotten very into the Fatal Frame series with the release of Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, and this has made me not only want to play the rest of the series but has gotten me very interested in playing in the overwhelming moody atmospheric PS2 greatest hit Silent Hill 2.
I’ve really developed a hard on for it, and it’s kind of upsetting that unless I want to drop a pretty penny I won’t be able to play the original or the remake.
Of course there’s emulation, but I only have an iPhone currently, and have never figured out how to get into the emulation scene before (besides playing rims of Earthbound and Metroid Fusion.
I also am upset being a Suda 51 fanboy. On missing out his delightfully weird and niche offbeat games like Killer 7 and Flower, Sun, and Rain.
That being said the library on the Switch has been incredible. I love the remasters that let me get into games I missed out on.
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2023.03.23 22:21 alex9834 Purdue Boilermakers men's basketball: A Legacy of Failure (REMAKE)

Never thought I would revisit you so soon, eh Purdue? You pathetic underachievers continue to give me excuses to mock you every March. Every time when it seems like you're about to end your agonizingly long Final Four drought, you punch your fans in the dick repeatedly by choking during the second weekend, or shitting your pants against a double digit seed in the first. It's like watching the Endless Eight episode saga of Haruhi Suzumiya...on repeat for DECADES.
Don't believe me? Take a look at this long laundry list of failure...
1969 NCAA Final Four - Thanks to head coach George King, and an all star roster led by Rick Mount, Herm Gilliam, and Bill Keller, you made the National Championship game your first year in the NCAA tournament. Though this may be a sign that you've peaked too early, as well as this being a sign that you're about to get destroyed, it's still admirable. Maybe you can shock the world...
1969 National Championship Game - Unfortunately, reality sets in and you get an H-bomb dropped on you by UCLA. Better luck next year I guess...
1970 - Or...just completely fall apart and miss the tournament.
1971 - Though you post another winning season, it's not good enough to get you into the tournament. Here's an NIT bid as a consolation prize.
1972 - Settle back into mediocrity with a .500 record as George King decides to fuck off and never return!
1973 - Your new head coach is Fred Schaus. You are still incredibly mediocre.
1974 - Holy cow, a 21-win season! Unfortunately, you don't come close to making the big dance. Have this NIT title as a consolation.
mid-1970s - And you are once again mediocre. Why am I not surprised.
1977 - Ah, you finally returned to the big dance once again. But then you lose a nailbiter to North Carolina.
1978 - And you once again fall back into mediocrity. Don't worry, the tournament will eventually expand and you'll be able to appear more frequently. Just give it a few more years.
1980 - Alright, you're finally a reasonable contender again with a 23-10 record. And that was thanks to head coach Lee Rose, as well as new star recruits like Joe Barry Carroll, Kevin Stallings, Keith Edmonson, Roosevelt Barnes, and Arnette Hallman. You're the 6th seed in the Mideast region, so go make some noise.
1980 NCAA Tournament - Now we're talking! After taking out huge foes like your in-state rival Indiana in the Sweet 16, and Duke in the Elite Eight, you return to the Final Four yet again. This may be the best shot you have so don't mess this up. Bring that National Championship trophy back home to Lafayette!
1980 NCAA Final Four - Unfortunately, they are then death starred by the UCLA empire. And not just ANY UCLA team - this was Larry Brown's UCLA team. You know, the one that committed 9 NCAA rules violations and were forced to vacate their appearance in the tournament. Fucking pathetic. I don't care if you won a 3rd place game, you're still dead to me. Well, hopefully this won't be your last Final Four appearance for a while...
1980 offseason - You make an excellent hire in Gene Keady as your head coach! Hopefully you can win a national title for him.
1983 - Coach Keady leads you back to the tournament once again, but unfortunately you get run over by Arkansas in the second round.
1984 - Lose in the second round again. This time to fucking Memphis.
1985 - Get ousted as the #6 seed in the big dance to fucking Auburn.
1986 - Lose as the #6 seed YET AGAIN in the first round. To fucking 11th-seeded LSU in double overtime.
1986 NCAA Final Four - That LSU team goes on to become the first double digit seed to make the Final Four. You get a trophy of herpes.
1987 - You're the #3 seed in the East region and you put up 104 points against Northeastern of all teams. Only to get blown the fuck out by Florida. Ya know, I'd like to see some actual deep runs for once...
1988 - Now we're talking! You're finally a national title contender again! You won the Big Ten with a 27-3 regular season record and you're the #2 team in the country! You're the #1 seed in the Midwest region, so go big or go home!
1988 NCAA Tournament - Unfortunately your deep run is to the Sweet 16, where you lose by three to Kansas State. The best season since you're 1969 Cinderella year...and you get turned into a laughingstock once again. Fucking hell, this is brutal. Who pays to watch this shit?!
1989 - The Boilers fall apart and miss the tournament once again but who gives a shit anymore?
1990 - Thanks to new stars like Matt Painter, Jimmy Oliver, and Steve Scheffler, you're the goddamn #2 seed in the Midwest region and are a favorite to make the Final Four. This HAS to be the year...you lost to 10th-seeded Texas in the SECOND ROUND?!! hits wall FUCKING GOD.
1991 - And then you decide to choke against fucking Temple in the first round.
1993 - Lose in the first round again. This time to goddamn Rhode Island.
1994 - You're finally a national title contender again with a dominant 26-4 regular season record thanks to new stars like Glenn Robinson and Cuonzo Martin. You won the Big Ten yet again and you're the #1 seed in the Southeast region. You even reach the Elite Eight too and have a good shot to make the Final Four! There appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel...
1994 NCAA Tournament, Elite Eight - Turns out that light was just a mirage and you get your Final Four dreams beaten to oblivion by Duke. Why does this shit always happen to you guys? I know it's the Empire, but fuck!
1995 - Get bested by fucking Memphis again in the second round as the #3 seed in the Midwest region!
1996 - You won the goddamn Big Ten again with a 25-5 regular season record and you're the #1 seed in the West region. Will this finally be the year?
1996 NCAA Tournament - YOU LOSE IN THE SECOND ROUND TO FUCKING GEORGIA? The hell is the matter with you?!
1997 - After getting revenge on Rhode Island in the first round, you get absolutely rekt by a Paul Pierce-led Kansas squad in the next. Eh, it happens to all of us sometimes, shut up and deal with it.
1998 - You're the #2 seed in the Midwest region yet again and you've returned the Sweet 16...only to lose to goddamn Stanford - a team that hadn't made it to the Elite Eight in over 45 years. Pathetic. Get lost.
1998 offseason - And now the NCAA has caught you cheating red-handed. You get put on two years probation for recruiting, ethics and benefits violations. Plus, team assistant Frank Kendrick decided to be a fucking idiot who illegally bribed star player Luther Clay and is fired from the team. Fucking idiots...
1999 - Your probation hasn't kicked in yet! Quick, go make another run to the Big Dance!
1999 NCAA Tournament - Even though you're the #10 seed in the East region due to losing the Big Ten tournament title to Michigan, you manage to pull off a minor string of first and second round upsets against Texas and Miami before being absolutely mauled by Temple again in the Sweet 16. Sucks, but it was a valiant effort. There's always next year...
2000 - You're in the big dance yet again just in time for the new millennium! As the #6 seed in the West region, you make another big run to the Elite Eight after ending Gonzaga’s foolish ambitions! And you're facing a fellow Big Ten foe in Wisconsin. This may be the last shot you have with this current core, so go take down those arrogant Badgers!
2000 NCAA Tournament, Elite Eight - Unfortunately, Wisconsin has the last laugh as they edge you out by 4 points and make their first Final Four in almost 60 years. Woof. At least things can't get any worse...right?
2001-02 - It does. You miss the tournament the next two years in the meantime, as your probation has finally kicked in. Eh, you were garbage, you weren't going to make the Big Dance anyway.
2003 - Probation is finally over and you make the tournament once again. As the #9 seed in the South region, you get revenge on LSU by blowing them the fuck out in the first round. Only a brick wall can stop you: it's name is Texas.
2005 - Gene Keady decides to hang it up after an abysmal 7-21 record. Too bad he couldn't get a ring, he was one helluva great coach.
2005 offseason - We need a new head coach to bring us back to relevance. This Matt Painter guy will do.
2007 - Coach Painter leads you back to the tournament, just so you can get stomped on by defending national champion Florida in the second round.
2008 - Lose in the second round again. We're losing to fucking Xavier now? Goddamn...
2009 - After winning the Big Ten Tournament, the Boilers finish the regular season with a 25-9 record, which is good enough for the #5 seed in West region. You make it all the way to the Sweet 16 before being put down by UConn. Could be worse I guess...
2010 - You win your first Big Ten regular season title in 14 years, and you're the #4 seed in the South region this year and you once again make it to the Sweet 16. But the Evil Empire known as Duke then slaughters you like pork. Old habits die hard, eh?
2011 - You managed to secure the #3 seed in the Southwest region with a 25-7 record, and you're favorites to make the Final Four. Now are you going to do something?
2011 - Nope, you lose to an 11th-seeded VCU team...who then go on to make the Final Four. Deja vu, ain't it?
2012 - Lose to Kansas in the Second Round yet again. Seriously, what is with all these Second Round losses?!
2013-14 - Miss the tournament the next two years in the meantime.
2015 - You're back in the tournament again as the 9th seed in the Midwest region. And you lose painfully to Cincinnati in the first round. In OT.
2016 - Issac Haas begins to come into his own as he leads the Boilers to the #5 seed in the Midwest region with a 26-8 record. But then...oh no...
2016 - You LOST TO FUCKING #12 LITTLE ROCK?!! IN DOUBLE OVERTIME?!! WHAT THE FUCK!! Can you NOT continue to waste talent, Boilers?
2017 - You once again win the Big Ten and grab the #4 seed in the Midwest region. You go back the Sweet 16 before you are put down by fucking Kansas again. The Jayhawks are still getting the best of you after all these years, eh?
2018- This time you're the #2 seed in the East region with a solid 28-6 regular season record. You once AGAIN make it to the Sweet 16, but then you lose to another Big 12 team called Texas Tech - a team that hadn't made it past the Sweet 16 in their existence. Fucking really? Eh, you've got promise though. Next year should be the year...hopefully.
2019 - Well, you managed to win a share of the Big Ten title. And even though you lost early in the Big Ten tournament, you clinched the #3 seed in the South region with a 23-9 record. Now don't disappoint me again.
2019 NCAA Tournament, Sweet 16 - Ugh, you're blowing a 17-point lead to Tennessee in the 2nd half? Just get it over with so I can get the liquor... ... wait...the Boilers...didn't...choke? They're playing in the Elite Eight against Virginia of all teams? My god, someone is shedding their choker label this year!
2019 NCAA Tournament, Elite Eight - Oh my god, you're doing it! You took the lead with less than 4 minutes left to play!
Here's Edwards for the lead...OH HE HIT THE WINDOW! On that glass!
Score: 69-67 Purdue, 1 minute remaining
Oh my god, this can't be real...hold me...
Score: 70-68 Purdue, 5 seconds remaining:
Okay, now you need one stop on defense, if he misses this shot you'll make the Final Four...
"Into the hands of Clark...got a chance to win here...up to front, it's Diakete, for the win-IT GOES!!!!! For the tie!! Diakete squares it at 70!!"
WHAT?! WHAT?!!! No...no no no no no...don't tell me this is happening again...can you at least stop them in OT?!
"Edwards...bad pass! And it's turned over with 1.8 seconds remaining..."
I have no words. The worst part is that it wasn't entirely their fault either. This is just...painful. Absolutely painful...I don't even want to think about next season at this point...
2020 - And COVID arrives to cancel out everyone's season. Eh you were garbage anyway this year, so it doesn't matter.
2021 - Now you're back as the #4 seed in the South region. Maybe this'll be the year...or they can get upset by North Texas in the first round...a team that hadn't won a tournament game in their history...Excuse me while I drink this bottle of Jack...
2022 - Things are once again looking good for the Boilers. They earn their first #1 ranking in the AP poll in school history, and while they don't keep it, they still manage to secure the 3rd seed in the South region with a 27-7 record, thanks to a new core led by Caleb Furst, Zach Edey, Jaden Ivey, Sasha Stefanovic, and Trevion Williams. You're heavy favorites to make the Final Four once again! But we've heard that line a million times...
2022 NCAA Tournament - Well, things seem to be going alright. The Boilers take out the Ivy League elitist scum from Yale in the opening round, and they get revenge on Texas in the second round with a solid 10-point win. So who are they playing next? giggles the 15-seeded SAINT PETER'S PEACOCKS?! Come on, they're not going to lose to a MAAC school, this should be a piece of cake!
2022 NCAA Tournament - Holy shit, they're losing to a MAAC school. But there's still a chance you say?
*"65-61...12 seconds left...Ivey has to hurry. Jumpshot...GOES!! And a 3!! 1-point game with 8 seconds to go!"
Okay, there's still a chance. If you play your cards right you get to return to the Elite Eight. Don't fuck this up...
"67-64, 4 seconds left. Ivy...for the tie-OFF THE RIM AND IT'S OVER!!! This miracle run continues for Saint Peter's!! The Peacocks make history!! The first 15 seed to the Elite Eight in NCAA Tournament lore!"
They lost...to a MAAC school. They lost to a MAAC school. A MAAC school.
2023 - sigh Glad I got that out of my system. For this season you add Fletcher Loyer and Braden Smith to your roster! They help you cruise through the regular season and you win both the Big Ten regular season and tournament championships with a 29-5 record! You even secure the top seed in the East region, the first time in decades that you've accomplished such a feat! And you're favorites to win it all and have been picked by virtually everyone to make the Final Four! But we're heard that a million times, haven't we? Now don't fuck this up. You're playing some nobody called Fairleigh Dickinson from the NEC in the opening round. This should be a cakewalk for you.
Literally a cakewalk.
2023 NCAA Tournament, First Round - Uh...what the fuck is going on? Why are you trailing?! What business do you have trailing?! No, seriously. Why are you losing to a 16 SEED?! Whatever, you're down 3 and should have a shot to win this anyway and move on. Get to work.
*"Looking for Edey, of course...knocked away! Great defense by Moore! He gets it back, Moore flies in, AND SCORES!! 5-point game!"
"..into the corner it goes, Loyer wide open-NAILS IT!!"
Score: 58-56
Good, now work your magic and move past this already. This has gone on long enough as is.
"Moore, straight away three...IT'S GOOOOOOOD!!!"
Score: 61-56
Oh my fucking god, WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME?!!!!
"Loyer has scored the last 7 points for the Boilermakers. Gets it done at the line with 58 seconds left. Down 3."
Score: 61-58
I swear, if you morons blow this thing...
"Loyer puts up a 3...no good! Rebound to Roberts! And he's fouled!!"
.................................................I have nothing to say to you. You were favored by 23.5 to win. The biggest upset in terms of point spread in tournament history. Do you realize what you've just done? This is quite possibly the GREATEST FAILURE IN THE HISTORY OF COLLEGE SPORTS!!!
"...and that will do it! 'buzzer sounds' FDU BELIEVE IT?!! For just the second time ever, A 16 BEATS A 1!!!"
cue Mortal Kombat music
Is Pecca Rinne still too good right now after 6 years?
After falling to the 68th and last ranked team overall in the NCAA tournament in the opening round, the Boilermakers slowly came to grips that total failure in big games was simply a part of their history, for both the team and Purdue sports.
This realization came too late to alter this event, however. This loss is now mocked and scorned by the College Basketball world.
Have a nice day.
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