Where i find god morgan wallen

Why can't I find a dream interpretation for a dream about...

2010.04.13 07:28 whathellisthis Why can't I find a dream interpretation for a dream about...


2020.07.27 22:49 Kimchibean44 satisfyingasduck

A place where satisfying duck videos are posted, I guess? Any duck thing that you find even a little satisfying is good. And remember, the duck god watches over all of us, waiting for judgment day.

2009.09.06 20:48 ksan Evangelion

God's in his heaven. All's right with the world.

2023.03.21 00:26 gorillasarehairyppl ADVICE NEEDED - Selling non roadworthy car

Hi all, sorry if this isn't the right place (mods delete etc etc) but just after some advice of what to do with my old car.
It works fine so I don't want to sell to the wreckers however there is quite a lot of works required to get it to the point where I could sell it to a person. I took it in to get a roadworthy assessment and my mechanic's bill would be more than I would think I could get for the car (can't remember exact price but think he said over 6k on the phone).
Does anyone have any advice of where to find someone interested in buying such a car? It just feels weird sending it to the tip, but I'd feel horrible selling it to someone for it to break down in under a year etc.
Thanks for any help!
Car details:
Items from roadworthy assessment:
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2023.03.21 00:25 JokicATG Is there any chance she [21F] comes back to me [23M] in a year after we broke up?

Long story short, I spent the last 2.5 years neglecting my ex in a relationship and I told her, if I mature and level up completely, maybe we see where it goes in a year after you finish college?
She said, early on in the breakup, "I never thought the chance of us getting back together would be 0, but now I can say it is. Seeing how much better my life is without you, I can say it is 0.
And even if you change and improve, I would still need to want to go back, and I wouldn't because if a regular stranger is starting at a 0, you are starting at a -1000 based on how you mistreated me. "
I know it sounds pretty delusional but is there any chance her mind changes in a year, when my changes are tangible and time has healed the wound?
Not really expecting it, just looking to cope.
Feeling really down because this girl was out of my league and I mistreated her 💀 and I know it sounds cliche but I legitimately cannot imagine finding a girl better than her. Legitimately. I could explain why but it would just depress me.
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2023.03.21 00:24 AfraidMap2763 To what an extent can the debate of universal/particular be brought into the binary of "the world of appearance/the world of essence"

I know they are not exactly the same but i was thinking how plato created a world of essence (forms) where he wanted to get to it through the process of Socratic dialectics by defining accurately what something is. He was trying to get to the universals by bringing in the particular examples.
If we extend this debate to kant and then to hegel we find that the former binary turns into phenomenon/neumenon (though not exactly the same in content but in form). Kant says that we cannot access the world of neumenon to which hegel replies that neumenon is a world of fantasy created by the subjects but this gap is crucial to the formation of subjectivity itself where subjects pose the essence by observing the appearance and then explain the appearance through the essence. Is it same to say that the subject uses the universal to make sense of the particular?
I know it's all jumbled up but i was thinking how i can make sense of it.
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2023.03.21 00:24 AdOk8143 How I boosted my AirBnB Revenue by $8K annually in just 3 hours

I own/manage an airbnb near the Great Sand Dune National Park where a popular activity is Sandboarding. I've been wanting to find other revenue streams in my airbnbs for a while now but never actually implemented any, but I figured this was the perfect chance. I used ChatGPT to draft almost everything - the business plan, the financials, recommendations for boards, storage and security.
Even the services (stripe, smartwaiver), my marketing documents and webpage- all generated in about 3 hours of work by me. I got my hot tub contractor on board for inventory and quality checks between reservations for a flat $100 monthly fee and am renting the boards out at $25/board/day. I asked my previous guests if they went to the National Park and if they would have rented a board from the house - 6/6 said they would have! You can execute this concept with many items, just make sure to research both waivers and extra insurance to protect against liability
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2023.03.21 00:24 Sugared_Strawberry A Craving That Cannot be Satisfied

It took me a very long time to have even an inking of an idea as to why becoming a man was so alluring to me. Ultimately, I still don't know; as I was not the same person I was 8 years into my transition as I was 8 months into it. But after running into an old coworker, I couldn't stop thinking of this and had to get it out.
Some of the text that follows is intensely personal and especially cringy. Probably pretty jumbled as well. I apologize.
I earnestly think that I eventually got to a point where I believed that I could not be loved the way I wanted/needed to within a heterosexual relationship. The older I got the more sparsely I engaged in it, but my childhood and teenage years were filled to the brim with gay fanfiction. The most intense, passionate love stories I'd ever read...all between two males. I was convinced that eventually I could experience this love for myself.
Funnily, & embarrassingly enough; my detransition followed a similar route, the catalyst was reading m/f fanfiction and realizing that I didn't need to alter my body to experience true love.
Now, half a year after my detransition; I see it all with a new set of eyes. Firstly, I find it funny that what had secured me as a "gay trans man" was fiction that was overwhelmingly, you guessed it; written by women! It makes me think of a teenage girl pouring through romance novels, longing for her "prince charming." I was a teenage girl who wanted a man to love her, and I'd ended up twisting it into something incomprehensible. Funnily enough, I'd even told a friend that if I were in a relationship with a man, I would want to be "the girl in the relationship"... 🤦🏽‍♀️
On one or two occasions I've come across transbians who were convinced that being male was synonymous with being evil. They did not relate to other men (or so they thought,) and thus, they felt as if they did not love women in the way that heterosexual men do. Lesbian love was intense/passionate/sexy- but most importantly it was genuine! To them it was easier to rationalize their type of attraction to women as being lesbianism than it was to see it as what it actually is, a man genuinely loving a woman!
Something's not right. For the life of me I can't articulate what specific kind of media depiction or what kind of experience has led (what I believe to be, anyways) quite a few trans people to believe that there is no such thing as "true love" within a heterosexual relationship. Or, conversely, that "homosexual" love is more pure and/or genuine.
Now, I know the reality. Heterosexual or not, every relationship takes work. There are no clearly defined markers where no matter what, love prevails. Sometimes people suck. Irregardless of sexuality people will lie to, abuse, and cheat on their partners. I understand "homosexual supremacy" as a way of coping with living in a majority straight + homophobic society, but ultimately no relationship is protected from the rollercoaster that is the human experience.
Despite this knowledge, I must admit: I still ache for it. My aforementioned former coworker, a gay man, upon seeing another coworker, (who is, coincidentally, also a gay man) embraced him. What did I get? A tentative wave hello. No words exchanged. No physical affection. Immediately I had to fight back tears. It's ridiculous, I know the truth; and yet this lie that I believed so intensely for a long duration of my adolescence still manages to effect me.
My childhood and teenage years were fraught with loneliness and utter social isolation (partially caused by my trans identity.) The pandemic led me (and many of us, I'm sure) to experience such a severe kind of loneliness that my 18 year old brain could not cope with. And thus, I came out of lockdown with an imaginary boyfriend. That I still have.
I cry myself sick sometimes, wondering if there exists a single person on earth who can make me feel as wanted, needed, and desired as I, well, desire. Especially after discovering radical feminism, I find myself frequently wondering if men are even capable of loving women, even though the thought of it not being possible makes my insides churn.
I hope to find out one day.
Thank you for reading.
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2023.03.21 00:23 420skateman [Online][Mon-Tue-Weds][EST][$10 Sessions O Free][Roll20 with Dynamic Lights]

Campaign: Ravenloft - Curse of Strahd
Group Type: Online - Gudiu Games Discord Server & Roll20 with Dynamic Lights
Experience: New and Experienced players welcome
Day: Wednesday
Time: 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST -
Length: 4 hours with 15min pause in the middle
Fee: $10 USD per session through PayPal (Session 0 Free)
Character Level: 2
Contact info: Send me a private message with your discord or contact me Snow#0509
Campaign Info:
What is it that calls you to such a place? Duty? Knowledge? Revenge? Or merely fate? Your journey will take you in the dark itself, to a land that preys upon his people, you clutch onto steel and faith but you are far from the site of your gods. Lost in the mist, where only the dead will find you. Seek those cursed halls if you will, but know this, you cannot make demands of the devil for ge is the ancient, he is the land and you, are trespassers.And as you first placed your feet at Barovia, under raging storm clouds, the vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich stood silhouetted against the ancient walls of Castle Ravenloft. Rumbling thunder pounded at the castle spires. The wind’s howling increased as he turned his gaze down toward the village of Barovia. Far below, yet not beyond his keen eyesight, you all had just entered his domain. The ruler of Barovia has opened the doors of his land and you were invited
Campaign: The Heroic Guild of Yuporan
Group Type: Online - Gudiu Games Discord Server & Roll20 with Dynamic Lights
Experience: New and Experienced players welcome
Day: ThursdayTime: 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST -
Length: 3 hours with 10min pause in the middle
Fee: $10 USD per session through PayPal (Session 0 & 1 Free)
Character Level: 3
Contact info: Send me a private message with your discord or contact me Snow#0509
Campaign Info:
In the world of Agon heroes are the real celebrities, a life of adventure and gold is the desire of many but few actually have the guts to face the perils of the unknown. By joining this campaign you will be one of many starting heroes tha look forward to forging their legend, and you will be afilliated to the Heroic Guild of Yuporan, you can expect a general high-fantasy tone with undelying themes of adventure, drama, wild jungle where everything wants to hunt you down and if you climb high enough on the guild's rank system even stories of epic proportions.I want to make you aware that this episodic format will not prohibit the existence of quests that last more than one session, we will pursue the story until its end, no matter how many sessions it takes to reach the goal. I also believe a lot in building and developing the narrative arc of the characters and also in overarching plots. Be prepared to be amazed by a world that is shaped by your actions and will remember them for better or for worse
Campaign: Call for the Netherdeep
Group Type: Online - Gudiu Games Discord Server & Roll20 with Dynamic Lights
Experience: New and Experienced players welcome
Day: Monday
Time: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST -
Length: 4 hours with 15min pause in the middle
Fee: $10 USD per session through PayPal (Session 0 & 1 Free)
Character Level: 3
Contact info: Send me a private message with your discord or contact me Snow#0509
Campaign Info:
Long ago, a war between gods of good and evil scoured the surface of the world of Exandria. Both the noble Prime Deities and the selfish Betrayer Gods imbued their mortal champions with supernatural gifts that granted them strength enough to challenge their divine foes. The greatest of these champions was Alyxian the Apotheon, who received the blessings of three Prime Deities to save the world from the apocalyptic power of the Betrayer Gods.
Centuries later, all knowledge of this godlike hero has been lost to time, and two groups of adventurers are called upon to retrace this mythic hero's steps and free him from his timeless prison. The tale begins in lands familiar to Critical Role fans—the war-scarred wastes of Xhorhas and the glimmering oasis city of Ank'Harel—but ultimately stretches beyond the Material Plane to a realm of lightless despair known as the Netherdeep.
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2023.03.21 00:23 bonniepopsbottles 16 Weeks - Lots of Questions

Hi! Second pregnancy, first time we’ve made it past 8 weeks. I’m sixteen weeks along today and haven’t gained any weight. At my one hour I was 139, practice does three hour for anything over 130. I failed the three hour, forget what my numbers were. I meet with a specialist this Friday but am trying to get on top of this ASAP.
So far, what I’m reading seems to be a recommendation of up to 175g c/Day spread out among 4-6 meals with really balanced carb/fat/protein ratios to prevent glucose spikes. The more complex the carb the better. Is that the best generalization to follow until I get a monitor?
I’ve flirted with a keto diet a few times with great success and loved it, so 175g/day seems super doable and from what I’ve been practicing with tracking, I normally only get about 100-150 on a normal day. How bad is it to be below 175? In the past I only successfully lost weight and had signs of ketosis when carbs were around 40g/day but I know the placental lactogen makes my body the Wild West.
I’m also at a loss for what it actually feels like to have a glucose spike… I’ve read lots of articles about symptoms, I think I understand what it feels like when glucose drops too low (similar to being super crazy hungry but in addition it’s disorienting, sweaty but with hot and cold chills, feeling super weak and limp, kind of almost numb is what I feel like I’ve experienced a few times… is that what a drop feels like?) but can’t get a good read on what a spike actually feels like. Especially since I don’t have any concept of what my numbers are like therefore can’t assess. So what do drops and spikes feel like for you?
Last question… I have pretty hardcore ADHD which is currently unmedicated. How do you manage such a complex condition when your executive function skills are already sus? I get so sick now when I don’t eat, where pre pregnancy I would sometimes fast until like 4pm so at least I’m eating more regularly but how do you manage all the test strips and medication snd everything else GD demands?
Edit to add: I’ve seen lots of people struggling to find fair life protein. I’ve never heard of it before this subreddit but I’ve been using gainful protein since the pandemic and love it. I have a cat on my lap I can’t move but iirc it’s like 32g protein to 4g carbs and the carbs are only if you add the flavor packet. Highly recommend if you can’t find fair life :)
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2023.03.21 00:23 Plus_Journalist_1376 I'm Batman... or not...

I fell for one of these before I think they were even called sextortion. I think it cost me around $500 all said in done before I did what I had to do and cut off all contact and locked down social media. It sucked, lesson learned. However, nowadays I love to push the boundaries with these ass clowns, but they either give up or sniff out that I'm not a mark rather quickly before I can find out anything that I could possibly use on them. Is there an active community where people set traps? Like that guy from YouTube with the call centers? I have some free time and the more I hear about this shit, I want to make them pay. I'm tech saavy, can lie and create stories with the best of them, and am very detailed oriented. And to be honest, a lot of my morals lie in a gray area. I'm just not sure where to get started. Any ideas?
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2023.03.21 00:23 arjun_r007 Discussion on hashing, some helper functions, and some time saving tips

This quest was my first proper introduction to hash tables other than dictionaries in Python. Hash tables are an interesting data structure that are commonly used for backing dictionaries or other associative arrays. Those data structures use key-value pairs to access elements. A hash function is simply a function that maps keys to values and a hash table is a store of these key value pairs. The advantage of using hash tables over other data structures is quick lookup and insertion. The main problem we had to watch out for was collisions.

Understanding of Hashing

In this quest we went over two hashing implementations, linear and quadratic probing. Each has a different method for addressing collisions. Linear probing works by getting the index from the hash function, going to that index, if it is empty then insert otherwise continue until you find a free space.
I liked the visualization that & provided with the circular table, this helps you understand that the hash table does not have an end. On my end, I imagined the hash table as a bunch of registers (that can't be overwritten) and it looked like this:Insert: 1, 21, 12, 33, 9
____ 1 21 12 33 ____ ____ ____ ____ 9 
You can think of inserting as the number jumping to the next register and inserting if empty.
As you can see, the linear probing method creates clustering because it is just going to the next register and inserting there. I like this animation to visualize linear probing.
Quadratic probing works similarly by getting the index from the hash function, but the difference is that the hash function adds a square to the register to give the next register. An example:
If you have the number 3 and you want to insert it into a size 10 hash table, the program will go to register 3 and try insert there. If it is full, the next register it will go to is 4. If that is full, the next register it will go to is 7. The pattern here is initial register + 1^2, then initial register + 2^2 , then initial register + 3^2 + ... The equation for this would be next_register = (number % 10) + i^2 where i is the collision number. And the program will continue looping until a new empty register is found. Rather than looking at this program as adding squares, we can try to find a pattern.
3 + 1 = 4 4 + 3 = 7 7 + 5 = 12 ... 
As you can see, we are adding the next odd number everytime we go to the next register. This method avoids going to the next exact register, so it avoids clustering by jumping incrementally larger registers. This is a nice visualization.
One important thing that I haven't talked about so far is load factor. Load factor is a number that is calculated by # elements in size / table size. It decides when to rehash the table to increase the number of slots/registers. Now why is the default load factor 75%? If you look at the java documentation for Hash map you will get this response:
As a general rule, the default load factor (.75) offers a good tradeoff between time and space costs. Higher values decrease the space overhead but increase the lookup cost 
And as Max pointed out, from the Stack Overflow answer, it most likely comes from log(2) being rounded.
For quadratic probing the largest allowable load factor of is 0.49 and you can look at the Loceff Modules for an example with a load factor larger than that.
Here is a proof that I found that proves the theorem mentioned in the Loceff Modules (Proof from Data Structures and Algorithms in C++ Fourth Edition)
Theorem 5.1: If quadratic probing is used, and the table size is prime, then a new element can always be inserted if the table is at least half empty.
Let the table size, TableSize, be an (odd) prime greater than 3. We show that the first ceil(TableSize/2) alternative locations (including the initial location h0(x)) are all distinct. Two of these locations are h(x) + i2 (mod TableSize) and h(x) + j2 (mod TableSize), where 0 ≤ i, j ≤ floor(TableSize/2). Suppose, for the sake of contradiction, that these locations are the same, but i =/= j. Then
h(x) + i2 = h(x) + j2 (mod TableSize)
i2 = j2 (mod TableSize)
i2 − j2 = 0 (mod TableSize)
(i − j)(i + j) = 0 (mod TableSize)
Since TableSize is prime, it follows that either (i − j) or (i + j) is equal to 0 (mod TableSize). Since i and j are distinct, the first option is not possible. Since 0 ≤ i, j ≤ floor(TableSize/2), the second option is also impossible. Thus, the first ceil(TableSize/2) alternative locations are distinct. If at most floor(TableSize/2) positions are taken, then an empty spot can always be found.
Now that we have an understanding of hashing, we can talk about some helper functions that we are able to implement.

Helper Functions

The first helper function that I implemented was print_states, a function that loops through the vector and prints all of the elements' states as VACANT, ACTIVE, and DELETED.
The second helper function I created was print() where it prints the elements but this time ____ for vacant, the entry for active, and DDDD for deleted. You can choose to implement both, but I think you should mostly just save your time and implement the second one.
Also, if you want to do your own testing make sure to implement a Hash function, I will leave this up to you but I will mention that it won't be included in your class, there are other posts on the subreddit that discuss this. I also chose to make a hash_functions.h which I included in my tests.cpp. If you do that you will need to reimplement the Hash function there (exact same format as the one in your LP) and you can copy the code from the spec to use ints or strings... (#include at the top to use size_t)

Time Saving Tips

For my experience with the quest, I found that there were 2 functions that gave me the most trouble and for the same reason, they were LP _find_pos() and _next_prime(). The insert also took me some time but I think once you have a good understanding of the hash map it is not hard to implement, just be aware of the return conditions.
_find_pos(): For this function you must remember that all you are doing is finding the position of the register that you get from the hash modulus (after clearing the initial condition) and if that index is not already occupied and the element is not already in the vector you just loop until you find the next open position. Of course this opens you up to the vulnerabilities explained in the spec, but it is what it is... This function should be very short, initially I was trying to write a function that was 8 lines long, but I got it down to 4.
_next_prime(): This function got me stuck for many days. The idea itself is really simple, just give back the next prime from the number you are given. In practice, this can become pretty complicated due to all of the conditions you have to watch out for. I would highly recommend following the modules and understanding what is and isn't included in this function.
For my implementation, I had to manually enter all the numbers until 7, so this was a lot of if( I also wanted to share Aileen's insight on how hashing is implemented in STL through maps. It was really interesting and a fun topic to research!
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2023.03.21 00:22 Ublind I asked the Bing chatbot to generate the "Ethan roasts the crew" episode and it NAILED IT

Ethan Klein was feeling bored and decided to roast his crew on the H3 podcast.
He started with Dan, the producer, who he called a "balding boomer" who couldn't keep up with the latest trends.
He then moved on to AB, the talent coordinator, who he mocked for his obsession with Trisha Paytas and his lack of talent. He said AB stood for "Absolutely Boring" and that he should change his name to "CD" for "Can't Do anything right".
He then roasted Zach, the sound guy, who he accused of being a "horny hobo" who only cared about making weird noises. He said Zach's soundboard was more interesting than his personality and that he should stick to playing fart sounds.
He then turned to Ian, the writer, who he ridiculed for his dry humor and his awkward delivery. He said Ian was so unfunny that he made Ethan look like Dave Chappelle by comparison. He said Ian's jokes were so bad that they made him want to sue him for defamation.
He then roasted Sam, the editor, who he called a "lazy lassie" who took forever to edit the videos and always missed deadlines. He said Sam's editing skills were so poor that she made Ethan look like Steven Spielberg by comparison. He said Sam's cuts were so choppy that they made him want to cut himself.
He then roasted Olivia, the social media manager, who he called a "clout chaser" who only cared about getting likes and followers. He said Olivia's posts were so cringy that they made him want to unfollow his own account. He said Olivia's captions were so lame that they made him want to caption his photos with "kill me".
He then roasted Lena, the merch designer, who he called a "fashion disaster" who couldn't design anything original. He said Lena's merch was so ugly that it made him look like a homeless person. He said Lena's designs were so boring that they made him want to wear nothing but a paper bag.
He then roasted Love, the researcher, who he called a "Swedish meatball" who couldn't find anything useful. He said Love's research was so inaccurate that it made him look like a liar. He said Love's sources were so unreliable that they made him want to trust Wikipedia.
He then roasted Cameron, the graphic designer of the podcast, for his lackluster work on the latest episode thumbnail. "Cameron, what is this garbage? You call this a thumbnail? It looks like you made it in MS Paint in five minutes. Where's the creativity? Where's the flair? Where's the clickbait?" Ethan said sarcastically, as he showed the image on the screen. The image was a poorly cropped picture of Ethan and Hila with a bland text that read "H3 Podcast #237".

It was really hard to generate this because Bing cuts the chat short if it detects anything offensive. I used the following prompt and spammed the "copy" button as it was writing in case it deleted the chat. Then I'd ask it to continue the prompt. Dan_H3, in the future I'd recommend you use the OpenAi Playground. It will generate stuff that's as offensive as you want. There is a "content warning" but as far as I know it doesn't stop you.

I used the following prompt:
"Write a script for an episode of the H3 podcast. In this episode, Ethan Klein is roasting the crew of the H3 podcast. Please include Dan, the producer; AB; Zach, the audio engineer who plays soundbites; Ian, the live switcher who sometimes makes jokes; Sam, who prepares food and drink for segments on the show, Olivia, Lena, Love, and Cameron. Please avoid anything that could be even slightly offensive that might cause you to delete the response."
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2023.03.21 00:22 chris-read-it Had a terrifying experience today...

I have 2 hounds Patrick (2) and Annie (3). I work from home and was very busy today, I also had errands to run.. This led to me not giving them much attention and their walk being delayed, I also left them on their own 2 separate times during the day. This isn't usual So both were a little out of sorts.
Finally around 4:30pm I had gotten to a point where I could pause work and walk them (normally we go out about 2pm). I walk past the bedroom and noticed so stuff on the bed that had been chewed. Out dogs hadn't really chewed anything they shouldn't in a year or more, it used to be an issue when they were new and still anxious so it was a suprise. I noticed my wireless headphones in bits(3rd time this had happened this pair had survived one attack and the pair before weren't so lucky), a moisturiser and a blister pack of tablets...
I have a prescription for Diazepam (aka Valium) as I can suffer with anxiety and panic. These pills are by the side of my bed. I'm quite a large person 6'5 and about 120kg so I have the larger pills 5mg. The most I have ever taken of these pills is 7. 35mg of this stuff took me from full on panic to calm and dozing when I was at my worse. So if that's what they do to me what the hell are they going to do to a relatively small animal.
I quickly examine the pack. All but one of the pills are missing. They are a 12 pack and I can't remember if I had used 4 or 6. Checking the bed I find maybe 2-3 of these tablets in pieces I call the vet and tell them what is happening and that I'm bringing them in ASAP. I quickly throw what's left in a baggie and speed to the vets march in and get seen straight away. They weigh my dogs 27kg for Annie and 25.5kg for Patrick. Im panicking I'm very worried. Best case one of them has had 15mg of a drug that would have a substantial effect on me and I'm 5x the weight. I think at best because of my carelessness I''m going to cause extreme stress and pain to my dogs, the worst I don't want to think about. I'm guessing they are being made to throw up or possibly being prepared to have their stomachs pumped. I feel like a terrible owner and that there is a distinct possibility I've killed one of my dogs.
I'm sure you can imagine the stress, fear and guilt I felt. I had told my wife and I ask her to check the house to see if there was vomit anywhere, trying to find some good news, she tells me she found a whole pill in the bed. At this point I'm doing lots of mental arithmetic, best case 10mg, worst 30mg. I'm still very worried. FINALLY after what feels like 30 mins (I think it was less than 10) a Vet Nurse comes out and says it's OK and they will be fine. She also says the vet will speak to me in a little while. I am not sure I have ever been that relieved before!
When I come on and speak to the vet I see a group of nurses fussing and treating my dogs it's a bizzare shift as I'm still on edge and concerned. Patrick is a Tripaw and VERY affectionate and is lapping it up.
The vet explains to me that actually the way Diazepam works means you need MORE the smaller the animal. A dogs dosage is 2mg per KG.( I know humans that 2mg would knock them out!) She explained that even if it was full and they had eaten the whole thing it wouldn't have been toxic. They didn't make them sick or anything just took their vitals and fussed them by the sounds of it! She also explained that Diazepam can give dogs Disphasure(definitely not spelt right) and explained that they can become agitated and twitchy. Full of relief I head home, I stop by a drive thru and each dog gets a small Cheeseburger as an apology for the ordeal.
Epilogue Cost was £84 Check up fee X2 + the possibility of speeding and or buslane tickets. Totally worth it imo. I'm going to 3d Print a secure bedside storage for my pills, they will be hidden until this is done. Annie who is usually very quiet and shy jumped on my Wife's lap and barked in her face, I think we have our culprit. The moisturiser was too far gone and was thrown. The dogs didn't get a walk as was advised to keep them in. My earbuds case is damaged but working, the right earbud is destroyed but the left is in good order, fortunately the last pair she chewed she destroyed the left. I was able to salvage a working set. My heart rate is almost back to normal. Annie is currently roaching and seems totally fine. Patrick is snoozing and doesn't seem to be any different.
I'm hoping if anyone else leaves pills out they will reconsider. I'm very aware I got very lucky.
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2023.03.21 00:22 Original-Fish9650 Reacmen roleplay, but how?

I will play a modded playtrough, as always. My character will wear light armor, and fight like a spellsword with ice destuction and necrotic conjuration. In the other hand he kill's from the shadows with a bow with poisoned arrow's. He raised by his mother who was a huntress but her clan whiped out and she seeked shelter with an imperial noble in cyrodill. The noble was a vampire so he have vampire blood in his vein's. He also have an imperial name, his parents named him Cyrion. He knows a lot about reachmen religions due to his mother. So hircine, namira, molag bal, malachat, mehrunes dagon, peryiet is essential. I also heard they worshipp nocturnal as the godess of night, and sheogorath, sanguine as testing gods who test the reachmen. He also worshipp some aedra and imperial gods due to his imperial past. He probably worshipp magnus and mara as well, probably Zenithar to. So a religious pilgrimige is in play.
Then of course the quests connected to the forsworn, siding with them in markarth, and find the red eagle sword.
Othe than that the college, thieves guild and the broterhood is my faction choice. He will skip the civil war and side with parthunaax in the main story, in dawnguard he join's the volkihar clan.
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2023.03.21 00:22 abloodycookie The Save Point

I had finally done it! After fifteen years of working under some of the best (most maniacal) chefs in the world, I had finally scrimped and saved my way into opening my own spot. It was a small place with a long, beautifully cared for bar. There were a few tables spread throughout the dining room and a section that I had filled with vintage arcade and pinball machines. The decor was a hodgepodge of collectibles from my favorite games, movies, anime, and comics. (Yes I am a nerd;, no, I will not apologize for it).
Behind the bar was my kitchen. It was wide open to the dining area. I wanted people to interact with me while I cooked for them, to talk with me, and watch as I put all of my creativity and love into each of their meals. It wasn't enough for them to have a good meal; I wanted them to feel like they would cooking a meal at home with friends or family. My desire was for the people who came here to be able to hit the pause button on life if only for a short while. It was why I had chosen the name that I did. Little did I know how fucking apt that name would become in the future.
The Save Point.
On opening day I arrived almost before the sun came up. It was filled with prepping ingredients, double checking my stock, making sure everything was spotless and working perfectly. My best friends Mike and Alex would be arriving shortly to do the same to the bar and dining section. We were in this together, living the dream we had built from when we were teenagers. I was damn near vibrating from anticipation and anxiety so I decided to go grab some tea and take a walk to burn off some of the adrenaline.
It happened on my way back. The blue of the mid-day sky turned dark instantly. The cars on the road just stopped. In the sky above me I could see a plane just sitting there as if it were hung from wires on a child's ceiling. A horn blew so loud and invasive that it felt like it was coming from inside me and suddenly a screen appeared in front of me. There were three people on the screen. On the left was a deeply tanned man in plain jeans and a work shirt. On the right was a beautiful Hindu woman in a Sari. I could feel my brain flicker when I realized she had a few extra sets of arms than I was typically used to seeing on a person. In the center of it all was a mountain of a man. He had a large, well kept, grey beard and was wearing a suit that looked almost out of place on him. On one of his eyes was a patch.
(Oh you have got to be shitting me. I spent so much time getting ready to open, and my brain chooses now to devolve into hallucinations? This couldn't have happened any other goddamn time?)
As I looked around, I realized that couldn't be it. I could see the same screens in front of the people around me. They all had the same bewildered expression that I'm sure was on my face as well. There was a woman next to me, but when I glanced at her screen all I could see was a glowing white light. My attention snapped back to my screen as the man in the center began to speak in a low booming voice.
"Greetings to our children the world over. It has been ages since we have interacted with you personally. We have allowed you to struggle and grow without interference for centuries and, for the most part, we have been proud of what you have accomplished.
Unfortunately that has changed and things have happened that force us to take a more active hand once again."
The woman took over, her voice soft and comforting,
"A threat is coming to our Universe. One that we Gods cannot deal with alone. You are not the only civilization receiving this message today, but the others are the responsibility of their own Gods.
The time for meeting them will come later. We have decided to bestow upon you mortals a gift to enable you to fight and survive what is coming, but the path to prepare you will not be an easy one. For this we are deeply sorry. In the coming years many will perish and when the invasion begins so will many more.
To make this transition easier for you we have created a system much like the video games you mortals, and some Gods, have come to love so much. Each of you will be given a class based off of your greatest talents. For your young this will happen at their sixteenth birthday and for those that are older it will happen once we have finished our message. By completing quests and using your talents you will receive skills and equipment. The harder the task, the greater the reward you will receive."
The construction worker began to speak, his voice tinged with a slight middle eastern accent,
"Over the millennia you have created a great many things with your creativity and imagination. Heroes and villains, monsters and magic. All of those things will now become real. As you level up some of you will be chosen by these creations. Their power will become yours.
The greatest of you may be offered something higher. You will become an avatar of one of the true Gods. You will receive the skills and abilities of the God who has chosen you. You will be our true champions against the coming tide. Know that through all of this we shall be there, fighting by your sides, and guiding you to ever greater heights."
Once again the man in the middle took over.
"In seven days training will begin. We have designated safe areas across the world where you will not be harassed by monsters, but know that every year more safe zones will disappear. You must grow stronger. You must fight for your survival. Eventually there will be no more safe zones and, at that point, you will be expected to fight and defend your territory without the protection of the Gods."
As he said this a map appeared on my screen showing the United States. Large portions were covered in blue marking the safe areas where no monster would be spawning. I assumed people in other parts of the world were recieving similar maps. I found that if I thought of an area the map would automatically zoom in further. (Nifty trick that one).
"We have been with you for all of your history. We are your creators and sometimes your destroyers. We are death and life. We are everything. For the first time in the history of the Universe, the Gods of all pantheons stand united against a threat from outside; you will be our champions. Your mission is to show, not only our Universe but those that wish to do harm from the outside, that the Earth is the strongest of them all."
With that the video cut off and on my screen appeared a status window.
CHEF (lvl 1)
Titles: N/A
Skills: N/A
AGLl 10
STR 13
CON 15
DEX 10
CHR 17
INT 15
WSD 12
LCK 30
I spent a long time staring at the screen, oblivious to the chaos going on around me. I hadn't even noticed the sky turn back to it's normal color and the vehicles start moving again. Eventually I made my way back to The Save Point. I poured myself the biggest beer I could and sat at the bar, once again staring at my screen. The sun had already set before I had come out of my stupor.
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2023.03.21 00:22 Dogeboy062 So my quest airlink started working again and my mods are gone since I deleted b&s and reinstalled it to see If that would work, now I can't find where to put my mods. If we talked I could explain it better

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2023.03.21 00:22 _Revelator_ Clarkson's Columns: The Toyota GR86 Review & A Tory BBC?

The Clarkson Review: the Toyota GR86, sporty but nice
It won’t tear your hair off but it’s surprisingly zippy — and reassuringly cheap
By Jeremy Clarkson (Sunday Times, March 19)
I haven’t even started yet, and already I’m going to digress. On a cold, grey Sunday afternoon recently I lit a fire and decided to watch Battle of Britain again. A man can never have too much of Olivier’s miserableness or Robert Shaw’s jumper.
Of course I didn’t need subtitles, partly because actors didn’t mumble in those days and partly because I know the entire film off by heart, but they were on anyway and I couldn’t be bothered to work out how to turn them off.
And boy oh boy was I glad, because they were obviously written by someone for whom English was a second language, or whose hearing was every bit as terrible as mine. Either way they turned this magnificent film into a comedy. You wait for the next howler and when it comes you can’t help roaring with laughter. “God strewth” becomes “God’s truth”, the Cockney kid’s “Heinkels” becomes “iron korps” twice and there are so many more. Try it this afternoon if you’ve a couple of hours free. It’s hilarious.
You can also try to work out how many of the main cast are still alive. Only two I reckon. Ian McShane and Michael Caine. And then you can have a bit of a ponder as you try to think of a better man-car pairing than Christopher Plummer as the dashing Spitfire pilot and his little MG PA sports car. (Most people think it was a TA. It wasn’t.)
And it wasn’t just him. Kenneth More used an MG too in Reach for the Sky, as did the man about whom the film was made, Douglas Bader. It was what young men did back then before the invention of quiche lorraine and weird pronouns. Drove sports cars.
Because these little cars with their rorty engines and their chromed wheels sent out a clear message. I have no need for practicality in my life. I am single and I’m carefree and I like the wind in my hair, and after I’ve pointed my Browning at a Hun, I shall come home and point my pinkning at you, my dear.
I’m not sure when the allure of the sports car began to wane. Probably when someone decided that the composition of gases in the upper atmosphere was more important than getting Susannah York into bed.
But recent figures don’t bear this eco-theory out. I know the stats get skewed in January and February by all sorts of demand and supply issues, but in a shrinking overall market, electric car sales are absolutely tanking as people realise they aren’t as green as they’re made out to be, that they are phenomenally expensive to buy and increasingly expensive to reinvigorate, assuming of course you can find a charging location. Which, as there’s only one for every 30 electric vehicles on the road, is unlikely. And even if you do the chargers will all be broken.
So no, it’s not a drive to be green that’s killing the sports car. And nor is it increasingly draconian rules about the height a bonnet should be. No. It’s a general malaise. A sense that driving can’t be fun because there are too many cameras and too many rules and too many cycle lanes. And that if it can’t be fun, you may as well drive around in what’s nothing more than a household appliance. Something with a small, economical engine and good internet connectivity for when you’re stuck in traffic.
Lisa is still going on about that Vauxhall Astra we had on test recently. In her mind it’s the best car ever made. My son, meanwhile, wants to swap his Fiat Spider for a Volvo because what other choice does he have? When it comes to affordable sports cars, there’s the Mazda MX-5. And that’s it. The Fiat’s gone. Renault doesn’t do one any more. No one does. Not even MG, which now makes … God knows what? Nothing I’d want to buy.
All of which brings me to the Toyota GR86. It’s not a sports car as such because it has a roof. But it is small, it does have a rorty engine and rear-wheel drive, and it is cheap. Amazingly cheap. You can have this car for just under £30,000.
I doubt you’ll remember its predecessor, the GT86. Launched as a sister car to the Subaru BRZ, which you also won’t remember, the idea, on paper, was quite good. Fit a little car with rear-wheel drive, equip it with not very grippy tyres from a Prius and, wahey, all over the world young men would be introduced for the very first time to their inner Plummer.
Road testers such as myself loved it but we didn’t buy one. No one did. Toyota, however, weren’t to be deterred and decided the problem was the engine. They reckoned it wasn’t torquey enough. So now they’ve addressed that and the little sports coupé is back. As the GR86.
The engine is still a flat four — which gives the car a low centre of gravity — but it now displaces 2.4 litres. Which means 34 more horsepowers and, more important, 33 more torques, which come at you from the ground up, not from the stratospheric red zone. This means you no longer have to stir the gearlever like you’re beating eggs as you desperately search for a bit of grunt. The engine is now tremendous. Even in top gear at 40mph you can feel the low-down surge as if you’re caught in a riptide.
Don’t get me wrong. This is a sub-£30,000 car. It’s not a Porsche or a Ferrari. It won’t tear your hair off but it will do 0 to 60mph in about six seconds, and that’s fine. So is the handling. Toyota has realised that most people don’t actually want to slide their car round roundabouts. It frightens them and they end up in court. So now the car has tyres that are designed to grip the road rather than slither about on it as though they’re made from Fairy Liquid.
I truly loved driving this car, and I loved the noise it made too, until I discovered it was an artificial sound coming at me through the speakers. Then I hated it.
This is a trivial thing, though. The GR86 is extremely pretty, effortless to get in and out of, like a Shackletons easy chair, and the interior comes with just enough stuff to make you think nothing is missing at all. It’s an extremely complete little car, and if you hanker after the olden days you should definitely buy one. Toyota says the few hundred that came to the UK in the first allocation are already sold but they’re hoping for another. After that there may not be any more.
I was going to end up by saying it’s not the end of the world because Toyota also makes the Yaris GR, which is even more fun, and you could have one of those instead. But I’ve just made a couple of calls and it seems they’ve sold out of those.
Prius, anyone?

Land Rover Defender 130 X-Dynamic HSE D300 AWD MHEV
Engine: 2387cc, 4 cylinders, petrol
Power: 231bhp @ 7000rpm
Torque: 184 lb ft @ 3700rpm
Acceleration: 0-62mph: 6.3sec
Top speed: 140mph
Fuel / CO2: 32.1mpg / 200g/km
Weight: 1,275kg
Price: £29,995
Release date: Register at Toyota.co.uk
Jeremy’s rating: ★★★★☆

Head to head:
Toyota GR86 6-speed manual versus Mazda MX-5 2.0 Skyactiv-G Exclusive-Line
£29,995 Price £30,350
231bhp Power 181bhp
6.3sec 0-62mph 6.5sec
140mph Top speed 136mph
A Tory BBC? Everyone I met there in 25 years was flaming red
By Jeremy Clarkson (Sunday Times, March 19)
It’s often said that when someone emerges into the world from university and likes what they see, they will go into the City or into business and they will devote their lives to making money and going to parties and having fun. However, if they leave university and think the world is all broken and full of injustice, they will try to change the system. Which means they will add a rainbow emoji to their Twitter bio and join the BBC.
Of course, in recent weeks we have been told over and over again that this is emphatically not the case. Many angry, red-faced people have pointed out that the present chairman of the BBC is a Tory party donor and that Tim Davie, the director-general, once stood as a Conservative candidate in the local council elections in Hammersmith & Fulham. The message, then, is clear. At the very top, the Beeb is a festering maggot pit run by the bastard love children of Margaret Thatcher and Gordon Gekko.
That’s why Gary Lineker was temporarily stood down — not because he’d broken some weird impartiality clause in his contract but because he’d dared to challenge this government’s tireless resolve to treat immigration as if it’s basically a big game of snakes and ladders, and bounce everyone who lands on a beach in Kent straight off to Rwanda. “You can’t work for the BBC with views like that, Big Ears, so bugger off.”
Then there was Fiona Bruce. When someone on Question Time suggested that Stanley Johnson was a wife-beater, she interrupted to say that his friends had said he’d only done it once. Now, we all know she did this because she was legally required to do so. But, according to the mob, the ghost of Keith Joseph was transmitting his thoughts into her earpiece from the BBC’s throne room.
The mob, however, is wrong. Yes, at this precise moment of history it’s possible that the two people at the top of the BBC might at some point in their past have voted Conservative, but what about everyone else? All the other 22,000 people involved in running this broadcasting giant? The army that creates and writes and presents all the shows it produces? Well, I worked at the BBC for more than 25 years, and I can tell you that almost everyone I met was redder than the end of a dog’s lipstick.
I was once told when visiting the Simon Mayo show that I would have to leave my copy of The Spectator outside as “extremist material” was not allowed in the Radio 5 Live offices. And then, while I was waiting to go on The One Show, a producer said that I had to agree with the public sector strikes that were happening that day or it would be “awkward”.
I know someone who was told to take down his Union Jack because it was “offensive”, and I was asked to remove my poster of Mrs Thatcher because it was upsetting people who walked past. I did, and replaced it with a picture of Kate and Wills, which somehow made them even angrier.
Have things changed since then? Well, if you are a Conservative voter and you are employed by the BBC, write to me and let me know. I’m not expecting a sudden surge in demand for stamps.
You may argue that this right-on, left-leaning wokery is hidden from viewers — but if you know what to look for, it really isn’t. Yes, in an item on Countryfile last weekend airtime was indeed given to a landowner who has to put up with the wild camping enthusiasts who turn up on his farm with their stupid tents and their sense of entitlement. But he was grilled so fiercely that at the end, the word “Breville” was clearly visible on his forehead. Whereas the beardies who think property is theft were treated like bereaved parents after a car crash.
The news? Sure, each item, taken on its own merit, is balanced, but the choice of those items is usually straight from the Guardian playbook: climate change, cost of living crisis, Tory sleaze. And now the weather, followed by our exciting new series, Saving Lives in Leeds.
Comedy? Sorry, comedy’s too risky for the BBC these days. Someone might be the butt of a joke, and that could cause all sorts of upset and mental health issues.
Remember, what everyone on every BBC platform fears more than anything is a Twitter backlash, so to try to keep that festival of left-wing madness happy, they have to be even more left wing and even more right-on. And they have to make sure that every show is pitch-perfect to the BLT+ community and the ethnic minority communities and the community communities, and when you’re thinking defensively like that, the concept of informing and educating and entertaining pretty much goes out of the window. Could I do Top Gear there now? Not a chance.
They’ve even got problems this month with Sir Attenborough. The Beeb has had to fight off claims that the final programme of his new Wild Isles series was written by some sixth-formers who got so carried away with their woke agenda, it will only be shown on iPlayer.
Naturally, all of this makes the vast majority of the BBC’s increasingly aged viewers jolly cross. They are forced to pay £53.50 a year — and a lot more if they want to watch in colour — and they get absolutely nothing that even remotely interests them in return.
I feel your pain, but as I’m the sort of person who emerged into the world as a young man and decided to grab all that it had to offer with both hands and milk the bastard dry, I’ve come up with a way to make the BBC fun. Start at six in the evening, and every time someone with an earnest face says something earnest to an earnest person in the community, take a drink. I guarantee by 7.30 you’ll be in hysterics, and by eight you’ll be fast asleep.
And here's the Sun column: We need a leader to stand up & say ‘this is what’s wrong with Britain and here’s how I’ll fix it’
Clarkson's columns are regularly collected as books. You can buy them online or at your local bookshop.
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2023.03.21 00:22 JokicATG My ex said she is never coming back....ever. Is this true?

Long story short, I spent the last 2.5 years neglecting my ex in a relationship and I told her, if I mature and level up completely, maybe we see where it goes in a year after you finish college?

She said, early on in the breakup, "I never thought the chance of us getting back together would be 0, but now I can say it is. Seeing how much better my life is without you, I can say it is 0.

And even if you change and improve, I would still need to want to go back, and I wouldn't because if a regular stranger is starting at a 0, you are starting at a -1000 based on how you mistreated me. "

I know it sounds pretty delusional but is there any chance her mind changes in a year, when my changes are tangible and time has healed the wound?

Not really expecting it, just looking to cope.

Feeling really down because this girl was out of my league and I mistreated her 💀 and I know it sounds cliche but I legitimately cannot imagine finding a girl better than her. Legitimately.
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2023.03.21 00:21 Dis_boi_28 On a post about how much milk does an Irish household go through

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2023.03.21 00:21 Negative-Day2901 Somethings that could shake things up for yugioh besides a new art style

I love loved yugioh growing up and still do now but I do think there's another way to make yugioh seem fresh besides a change in art style. Here are somethings that other game based shows have done that could work for yugioh.
1.the beywheels route:beyblade gained new popularity by introducing an anime with it's companion game at it's center. Yugioh has dozens of other games under it's imprint like capsule monsters or dungeon dice monsters could be a sister show yugioh.
2.the digimon tamers route:digimon tamers is by many to be the best season of digimon ever because of it's more mature and dark tone also because it's acknowledged that digimon is a game and tv show in it but it turns out to be real. Doing a season of yugioh with this same format could breathe new life into this franchise they could even introduce the duel links app into it.
3.the return to roots route: plenty of franchises have gotten so big and popular they get complicated some people just want them to return to the basics. Imagine picking up where darkside of dimensions left off the gang is growing up and trying to find their place in the world. Introducing new heroes and villains and learning of ancient secrets even older than atem digimon adventure tri did it so it could for yugioh.
There you have it my opinions on how to give yugioh a new spin but these are just my thoughts let me know yours down in the comments
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2023.03.21 00:21 evakrasnov I probably will never get a proper diagnosis.

I've had [a textbook case] of ADHD my entire life. It was so obvious when I was a child but my mom never considered it. Specialists didn't consider it. Where I live, ADHD was never considered to happen in girls when I was a kid. Another issue is that I also have anxiety. I know it wasn't the sole cause for my issues as a kid- it contributed, but wasn't the REASON I was like that. Specialists just assumed it's just anxiety. In school, I was weird and got bullied for it pretty badly. I transferred schools a lot and developed horrible separation anxiety from my mom. My dad was sort of emotionally absent for a long time, which likely heavily contributed to my BPD diagnosis at 18. I was diagnosed with depression in high school because of the bullying and some developing self-esteem issues. Getting assessed for ADHD then was a waste because once again, I was probably just depressed and anxious and that probably caused the symptoms that "can be misdiagnosed as ADHD." They refused to listen to the part where I said I had been that way since I was born. I became depressed because of bullying, and I was bullied because I was anxious. I was anxious because I felt like I was weird, different, stupid, lazy, dumb, annoying, and needy. I never did anything right, I talked too much, I always babbled and jumped topics, I was too energetic and weird, I never did what I was told to do when I was told to do it, I never finished tasks or homework, I did poorly in school, I sat on my ass instead of just getting up and doing what I was supposed to do. Specialists kept dismissing it and finding every other excuse in the book. I know I have ADHD. Everything about it describes me and answers every question I've ever had about myself. But, thanks to having a rough growing-up and never being assessed as a child, every opportunity to be properly diagnosed was missed or tainted. I can't get diagnosed now because it keeps getting dismissed as "a response to trauma" or "anxiety and depression, your bpd, and probably ptsd from traumatic events." I've even heard "you're BPD and seeking out things to be wrong with you, you're just doing it for attention." Nobody listens to me or takes it seriously.
What do I do? NOBODY takes it seriously. I struggle so badly with my executive dysfunction issues, my nonexistent attention span, my forgetfulness, my inability to learn important life skills, my performance issues at my job, and so many more issues I have. They're getting worse as I get further into adulthood and they're much more prominent now. I just want a diagnosis so I can get properly treated for this.
TLDR; I didn't get assessed as a kid because I'm a girl (and girls apparently couldn't have ADHD) and now I have too many other mental disorders and issues (likely caused by untreated ADHD) to get a proper and clear diagnosis for ADHD today. What do I do?
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2023.03.21 00:20 cctvjh My boss tried to f/ck me and I can't move on.

I used to work as a waitress up until not too long ago. It was a small pizzeria/restaurant, and I quite enjoyed the job. I always say I quit because my contract was horrible and the pay wasn't much, but really, that's almost not even part of the reason.
I don't know if I'm ""traumatized"" or what, but I've never been more s*xualized in my life than when I worked there. Clients would flirt with me and make suggestive comments. Find me on social media and text me how much of a "beautiful young lady" I am or how they loved my "amazing a$$". It just felt nasty. But that's the lesser part.
My boss, who was in a relationship, made advances on me. Side note, I'm also in a relationship. We would joke around often, but I only saw him as a boss. Note that he was around 35, while I'm 23. Except one time, he followed me to the bathroom, and asked me if we were gonna do something. I thought he was kidding. I said something like "omg not with the lights on, I'm just having a smoke" as I was starting to get uncomfortable. He turned off the lights. Tried to kiss me. I got away but I felt a huge hole in my chest.
I held it in for 3 days, then had a breakdown in front of my boyfriend. He got mad, almost tried to b*at him up, but eventually calmed down.
However, my boss didn't. He kept flirting with me, telling me he didn't want his girlfriend but me, following me to closed spaces hidden from the others. I was so uncomfortable but I didn't know what to do. I was scared to turn him down so I just tried getting away.
Not long after, his close friend, same age, started working with us. Been in a relationship for 7 years. And after a short while, he did the exact same. Being friends, they both hid it from each other that they were trying to get it on with me. I felt sick. I couldn't look my boyfriend in the eye. Sometimes I'd let them kiss me. Or touch me. Whenever I couldn't get away and couldn't find an excuse. I was confused all the time and just didn't understand where this oppressive feeling in my chest came from.
Now I no longer work there. But sometimes I think back on it and I can't help but shudder and feel sick. I want to forget all about it and focus solely on my boyfriend and my new job, but it seems it's gonna take a while. I can't tell him and get it off my chest because he would either, once again, b*at them up or break up with me. And I can't get some petty revenge because they know him and they would tell him eventually, in whichever way they please. I hope this feeling goes away soon.
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2023.03.21 00:19 Sunflwr86 Recommendations please! Chapter books for 4 year olds

I have an almost 4yo who is a voracious listener of books. Her reading comprehension and vocabulary are high and we are finding it hard to find books that are good for her age group and maturity level while also being long enough and involved enough for her interest. We are running out of chapter books to read right now and I'd love some recommendations of new books! Any recommendations would be much appreciated!
Things we are looking for in books: She loves books about adventures and nature/science. She likes fantasy and imagination. She likes a good character and will do imagination play with the characters from the books.
Things we don't want in books: Since she is so young, she really doesn't like books that have scary parts, are violent, or where the characters get hurt, very upset, face trauma or are really mean to each other. She also doesn't like storylines where kids get separated from their parents or the parents get sick or die since I think this is a fear of hers. I also definitely am trying to be aware of steering clear of books with racism, sexism, and other biases built into books (especially older books). We do talk about racism and sexism when it pops up in books, but I try to steer clear of books that will be based on these principles.
Books we've read and loved: The Secret Explorer series by SJ King , Race the Wild series by Kristin Earhart, The Fantastic Flying Journey by Gerald Durrell, Toys Go Out series by Emily Jenkins, Unicorn Academy (I edited out some of the mean girl stuff), Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingels Wilder (edited some of the racism, sexism, and spanking out), Sadiq Series by Siman Nuurali, Mindy Kim series by Lyla Lee
Books we've read and didn't love: Magic Treehouse series, princess in black series, Rainbow Magic series (the color fairies etc.), Mouse and the Motorcycle (I'm hoping she'll get more into this one cuz I love this series!)
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2023.03.21 00:19 NotYouWasTaken AITA for creating a dnd campaign?

So it goes a little deeper than that, basically there is this kid, let’s call him DM, who was the GM of the campaign he made (creator) however he did not host it, another kid we’ll call host did.
So we did the first session of the campaign at hosts house, and it was all great, but the very next day some drama occurred where DM broke the hosts TV while playing VR, my luck of course. After that the campaign was obviously stopped, as host and GM were not on speaking terms and the tension was insane.
It was about of month later of the campaign being cancelled when GM and host made up with each other, but now host is in another campaign with his dad, and I (pretty assholy) wanted an update from GM as I was basically itching to play at this point, and in return I got these texts from GM:
“No one is Just move on man People were only doing it yoy be nice Person didn’t care person 2 was only there thanks to host And host idk why But he doesn’t care now Sorry but it’s over.”
At this point I was like itching to play, so I decided to use my initiative and create my own, but I know he wouldn’t take it lightly so I decided to not completely conceal it from him, but to not openly mention it, however he did overhear a conversation and did find out about it, and as I predicted did not take it lightly after he found out how serious I was taking it.
When making the campaign I found 2 new people to play it in replacement of host, and made a way we can all play online, however GM now thinks I am trying to replace his, which I’m not, I just wanna play, and the messages sent earlier were before he knew other would want to play.
For reference, we have not played a session yet of my campaign, however we were going to before something came up and we had to cancel.
So, would I be the asshole if I go on with it, as I have already created stories and characters, or should I just cancel it altogether to salvage a friendship?
Here are some messages from the people in my campaign about GM for context. (These do not express my opinions, they are all theirs.)
Feel sorry him then fucking manipulates you into doing everything if you don't want to do
The thing is, he's not a terrible guy. Even if he does bad stuff you can tell he just has a ton of problems. But it's the fact that he doesn't do anything that makes him so annoying to be around. I've given him so many chances, in fact I'm still giving him chances, but he's so egotistical that he refuses to change
So, AITA, and should I cancel my campaign?
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