Recent deaths in clarksdale ms


2019.12.27 15:27 JJandTyleeRyan

There are two missing Idaho children, Joshua "JJ" Vallow and Tylee Ryan. The children are missing from Rexburg and were last seen in September, 2019.

2022.06.01 17:54 Yalpski cargo200

Updates any time a Russian senior officer is confirmed killed in Ukraine. Notable or interesting deaths of other individuals may be reported as well. ⚠️WE RECOMMEND YOU SORT BY NEW FOR THE MOST RECENT CARGO.⚠️

2012.09.09 20:05 taciturnbob Black Mirror

Black Mirror on Netflix

2023.05.30 23:58 CokeZ3ro Highlighting Random Falcons until the Season Starts: C.J. Goodwin

Charaun Jareé "C. J." Goodwin was born on February 4th, 1990, in Wheeling, West Virginia. He attended Linsly High School in Wheeling, where he began to play football as a Wide Receiver. He also competed in track and basketball.
After high school, Goodwin attended Bethany College where he played basketball for 2 seasons. After his sophomore year, Goodwin transferred to Fairmont State University. C.J. would join the football team after urging from his father. Goodwin would put up a modest performance, 24 receptions, 440 yards, and 4 TDs. Despite being offered a scholarship from Fairmont, Goodwin would follow recently fired HC Mike Lopez to California University of Pennsylvania. Goodwin would finish the season with 11 receptions, 126 yards, and 1 TD; with most of his action spent on special teams.
Goodwin would enter the 2014 NFL Draft. He was a virtually unknown prospect due to him playing at two NCAA Division II schools and he was thought to be a raw player, but also had good size and measurables to play wide receiver. After going undrafted and not receiving any interest as an undrafted free agent immediately after the draft, Goodwin finally received a tryout with the Pittsburgh Steelers after Mel Blount urged them to give him an opportunity. He had attended the same high school as Blount's son and worked for Blount as a farmhand for seven years. In August he was released and added to the Steelers’ practice squad. On August 31, 2015, Goodwin was waived by the Steelers.
On Nov. 3rd, 2015, Goodwin was signed to the Falcons practice squad; and signed a reserve/futures contract on Jan. 5th, 2016. During the 2016 training camp, Goodwin converted from a Wide Receiver to Cornerback. That season, Goodwin would play 14 games with 1 start. He finished with 7 defensive tackles, 2 passes defended, and 10 special teams tackles, including 2 tackles in the SB. In 2017 Goodwin played in 12 games. He finished with 5 defensive tackles and 3 special teams tackles. He was waived on December 14, 2017.
Throughout 2018, Goodwin would bounce between the Cardinals, Giants, 49ers, and Bengals.
On October 9th, 2018, Goodwin was signed by the Cowboys off the Bengals practice squad. He would play as a gunner on special teams. In 2019, Goodwin played a full season for the first time in his career, finishing with 2 defensive tackles and 10 special teams tackles (lead team). Goodwin would re-sign with the Cowboys in 2020. In a week 2 game against the Falcons, Goodwin recovered an onside kick with 2 minutes remaining. Goodwin would re-sign with the Cowboys in 2021, and again in 2023.
Goodwin founded the PeGa Foundation to honor his late father after his passing. The PeGa Foundation is a nonprofit mentoring organization based out of his hometown in Wheeling, West Virginia. Off the field, he spends most of his free time mentoring youth of PeGa and volunteering his time by speaking to schools and youth groups across the country.
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2023.05.30 23:57 Real_DexstaR How should I follow up from here?

Hey all, I’ve been silently gathering valuable information from you all on here, thanks a lot for the help. Had been awaiting a rating on a recent claim to share with and learn more about from you guys. It was filed by me on April 12th, 2023 and closed today as a 30% sinusitis. I’ve been having a terrible time with an ear infection for Almost 2 years now. I always choose to use the VA healthcare system even though I have top health insurance elsewhere. My doc at the VA decided my case was SR. I didn’t know what to file as and used his words “chronic ear infection”. Since I’ve filed and started researching I’ve stumbled upon this forum and it has been helpful.. VERY VERY MUCH SO. Now my decision letter states that I was awarded sinusitis as I earlier expressed, but denied my tinnitus (again) and confirmed bilateral hearing loss by a va clinic’s audiologist exam. I’ve had tinnitus since I was in services I worked on the flight deck on board an aircraft carrier. I was also awarded 10% for vertigo in 2013. Lately since my ear infections the tinnitus had worsened. So sinusitis was confirmed even though I never filed for it (grateful) and I was denied for the ear infections as “chronic nonsupprurative Otitis media/ otitis externa” no mention of hearing loss or tinnitus, even though it was in my statement when I filed my claim. How should I proceed.. Thanks in advance..
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2023.05.30 23:57 SneedsFeedAndSeed54 Botting in Air RB. Major Issue.

Botting in Air RB. Major Issue.
Hello, a little bit of back story before I go into this. I’ve been playing the game on and off since release. I’ve taken long breaks, I recently came back and have been enthusiastically grinding out the US Air and Ground trees. I’ve noticed a worrying trend, which is that bot accounts seem extremely common, and unfortunately are getting MORE common as I play.
Using today as an example, I played about 20 games, I noticed 3 definite bots during my gameplay. I wasn’t looking for them, I just happened to notice because of how they were flying in game, and then confirmed my suspicions based off of their player stats.
What I’ve observed, is that in air RB, there is a not insignificant number of bots programmed to fly a premium plane, bomb a single base, and either fly into base AA, or fly straight towards the edge of the map, and fly until they run out of fuel or the game ends. These players make no attempt to flare, they don’t change trajectory, they don’t respond in chat, and they are clearly NOT just noobs in prems.
This player in particular was in an F4S, bombed one base, flew directly into base AA and died. The only reason I noticed was because he was the last player alive on the enemy team. His account has almost 1400 games with the F4S, minimal kills, almost no survived games, although it does appear that at some point a real human was playing on it.
This is a MAJOR issue. I noticed 3, I’m sure I didn’t notice many more in just 20 games. To put it into perspective, that’s 1300 games that the one player ruined for their team, by not being a real player. The WR reflects that, as I’m sure as the F4S, he was his teams top BR’d plane for many of those games.
There is currently no option to report these bot players to Gaijin. I recently left a game (EFT) after years of playing it because of the developers inability to combat cheating. It would be a real shame if this game goes that route, and from what I can see, the cheating epidemic is only getting worse.
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2023.05.30 23:57 Open4busimiss Ballooned up after quitting alcohol and nicotine within a couple days

35M, 170lbs, 5’10”
Meds: Bupropion 75mg/day, Zoloft 100mg/day
Alcohol, nicotine vape, marijuana
I recently had a relapse with alcohol after nearly two years of sobriety (1 Liter+ a day of vodka for a few weeks). I started taking bupropion a few days before I relapsed (did not know the risks of mixing with alcohol) and recently decided enough was enough and tapered myself off the alcohol over the course of 5 days. I am on day 4 of zero alcohol and my withdrawals have passed other than the intense dreams and sweating in the night. I feel mostly fine and one of the side effects of the 5 day taper was that I felt so awful I did not want nicotine or marijuana at all. I’m 4 days clean from all substances other than the prescriptions above. I intend on staying this way and am back to attending daily AA meetings and speaking with my therapist twice a week.
My question is, is it common to puff up like a balloon after rather rapid alcohol and nicotine cessation? I’ve been running daily for the last few days, eating healthy, and hydrating. Is it all water weight or could it be something more serious?
I am unable to see my doctor until end of next week, otherwise I would just wait and speak with him. My concerns are kidney failure and less importantly (but still important to me) how bad I look right now. I look like I’ve gained another 10 lbs in a week and I can tell my coworkers are talking behind my back.
Any thoughts or advice are greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.30 23:56 not3yearsyet Which course is better for me?

Currently a software developer (3yrs) in Toronto and enjoying my job. For my recent interests in cyber security, I would like to learn about that and am considering post graduate course. Just for the knowledge of interest for now but if I could enjoy the program more than my current job, I am also thinking about changing my career to the field.

I see these 2 part-time programs.
Cyber security - fully online (better for me because I am working), cheaper program fee.
Cybersecurity and Threat Management - partially online. double price of the first one.
I prefer the first one because it is online. But I feel like the second one has better courses because it costs more.

Which course do you all think is better for me?
Thank you in advance!
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2023.05.30 23:56 Majestic_Trash_2132 AITA for not saying nice story bro?

I’m visiting my hometown for a wedding. I went to a bar with my old friends, and there was a guy I knew from high and then college. Mark (35). He married his high school sweetheart Jane but was divorced within two years while Jane was still presuming her computer science degree. I’ve known Jane professionally since that, and she’s been working in software development. She also has a Master’s degree in Degree in something like coding operations. I saw her recently at a Zoom meeting for Alumni, giving a breakdown of AI technology from her office in Berlin.
Back to Mark. I don’t know what he does, but he started saying how his ex-wife Jane stole all his ideas and made her rich. He said he dropped out of college because it wasn’t for him. The truth was he flunked out of the program. I remember seeing him and Jane arguing around that time on campus.
I countered Mark by saying? Jane stole your ideas? I went on to get a Master’s Degree. Made notable Alumni and host zoom meetings on AI technology because she stole all of your ideas?
Mark gets angry and starts yelling at me and cussing me out, saying I know nothing about the situation. He goes home after that. My friend told me that I could have just said, “Cool story, bro,” instead of questioning him and attacking him.
I told my friend they are enabling this guy because he regularly rants about his ex-wife for stealing his ideas almost 20 years later. They should get him to therapy instead. I was called an elitist asshole and left the bar later. I’ve got multiple texts on violating the bro code, but the dude needs therapy.
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2023.05.30 23:56 thestrangerrd Should I rebuy games on PC if I didn't play them yet on console?

I've almost always been a Playstation gamer, but I recently got more into my PC. I know PC is higher regarded in terms of having keyboard/mouse, better graphics, easily mod, etc.
I've been really wanting to play Red Dead 2 and Outer Wilds and I think the experience will be enhanced on PC, especially because it feels more up close and personal than on TV. I already have both on PS5, but I've only played about 5-7 hours of each (not very much). Do you think I should still rebuy it on PC? Would it be worth it or should I just play them on PS5 since I already have them? I'm just afraid I'll keep feeling like I wasted my money buying the console version if I buy the PC one.
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2023.05.30 23:56 TheLucky_Legend Has Wakes powers grown from being stuck in The Dark Place?

After watching the recent trailer for Alan Wake 2 (admittedly a couple dozen times) there's one thing I haven't seen many people mention. How did Wake write Alex Casey into existence?
Based on lore and other people's theories/ comments the power of Cauldron Lake doesn't allow you to create new things but instead manipulate already existing people and objects. Due to Wake being stuck in The Dark Place for over a decade now is it possible his powers have potentially evolved which was slightly implied in the AWE DLC for Control?
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2023.05.30 23:56 geodude885 The uncomfortable reality of competitive overwatch

Absolutely, I can make those changes. Here's the revised version:
This is something I've been quietly observing over the past 6 months in the Overwatch community, and I'm surprised it hasn't attracted more attention. I'm not sure why, perhaps there are more of these individuals than I initially thought. Maybe I'm the minority in this. Maybe it has become so normalized that people have become desensitized. However, it's making the game almost unplayable for those who choose to play honestly and fairly. If you're a regular in NA competitive matches, you probably already know what I'm talking about. For those who are not, you might think I'm talking about hacks, macros, or lag switches. No, this is much worse than all of those.
It all started around Christmas time in a typical King's Row match. I was getting outplayed by a low-level Mercy player who insisted they weren't smurfing. I was taken aback because they were playing incredibly well. Quick reaction time, hitting every heal and damage boost, even when I would use a my most complex rein combo (a recently removed exploit allowing a basically unreadable attack). These were extremely difficult for even the best players to counter. Naturally, I accused them of being a Smurf given their low level of 96. They swore they weren’t, so I asked, “how are you doing this?” They replied, “I’m cracked bro.” “Yeah, yeah, but actually if you're not a Smurf, how?” thinking they might be using some sort of auto counter program. They said, “No bro, I’m literally smoking crack right now.” At the time, I thought this was just a typical gamer joking around. However, in retrospect, this was just the beginning.
Several weeks later, I was browsing through low viewer Twitch channels. I stumbled upon someone somewhat known in the Overwatch competitive scene, who I won't name for obvious reasons. They were just doing typical Overwatch streamer activities, but every 10 minutes or so, they would turn their camera off for a short period. I was somewhat confused but assumed they were smoking marijuana. After about 30 minutes, I assume they forgot to turn their camera off because I saw what they were really doing. Smoking crack. You might say, oh, maybe it was just a marijuana pipe. No, I know my way around different types of pipes, seeing as my uncle Ron would consistently have me working at his tobacco shop when I was 9. Once they realized they didn’t turn their camera off, you could tell they felt embarrassed, but tried to play it off like they didn’t do anything. They were playing incredibly well during the course of this stream, dying maybe once or twice in 40+ fights. I didn’t think about this too much after, there are degenerate drug addicts in every game.
Now this is where I started to notice this was a problem. A while later, I was in a voice call in the Overwatch training discord with several very good players. They were helping me out, giving me tips, and overall we were having a good time. 20 minutes in, one of them said, “crack time?” And the others replied, “crack time.” Somewhat confused, I looked at my 4th monitor to see their webcams, and they were legitimately smoking crack. I asked, “are you guys really smoking crack?” One replied, “you have to if you want to be good at this game.” I was shocked and left the call after this.
Since then, I have noticed more top-level Overwatch streamers smoking it. As well as seeing “crack time” typed in the chat often. This is something a casual console player who is not as involved in the discord
would never even notice. However, it is starting to become rampant in the community. I love this game and try very hard to become better because the mechanics feel so good to me. Yet every day I continue to struggle, and with every passing day, I come a little closer to picking up the pipe.
This is the uncomfortable reality of Overwatch competitive servers. It's a problem that needs to be addressed, not just for the health of the game, but for the well-being of the players involved.
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2023.05.30 23:56 Treoya Can you guess what state I'm from?

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2023.05.30 23:56 Then_Marionberry_259 MAY 30, 2023 CCW.V CANADA SILVER COBALT PROVIDES BI-WEEKLY STATUS REPORT


Coquitlam, BC - TheNewswire

May 30, 2023 - Canada Silver Cobalt Works Inc. (TSXV:CCW) (OTC:CCWOF) (Frankfurt:4T9B) (the “ Company ” or “ Canada Silver Cobalt ”) is providing this bi-weekly default status report in accordance with National Policy 12-203 - Management Cease Trade Orders (“NP 12-203”). In its May 3, 2023 news release (the “Notice”), the Company announced a delay in the filing of
its audited financial statements and management's discussion and analysis for the financial year ended December 31, 2022 (collectively, the "Annual Documents"). The Company announced that it would not file the Annual Documents by the prescribed legal deadline of May 1, 2023 due to the fact that the Company had to make the necessary arrangements with its auditors to complete the audit of its annual financial statements. The Company is working diligently with its auditors to complete the annual financial statements, with the goal of filing the Annual Documents on or before June 5, 2023.
A management cease trade order was granted by the British Columbia Securities Commission (the “BCSC”) on May 2, 2023 (the “MCTO”). The MCTO prohibits the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of the Company from trading in securities of the Company until the Company files the Annual Documents and the BCSC revokes the MCTO. The issuance of the MCTO does not affect the ability of persons other than the CEO and CFO to trade in the Company's securities.
Pursuant to NP 12-203, the Company must file bi-weekly status reports in the form of further news releases during the period from the Notice until the MCTO is revoked. The Company reports that since the Notice: (i) there have been no material changes regarding the information contained in the Notice that have not been disclosed in a bi-weekly default status report or in a news release referenced therein; (ii) there have been no failures by the Company in fulfilling its stated intentions with respect to satisfying the provisions of the alternative information guidelines under NP 12-203; and (iii) there has not been any specified default subsequent to the defaults announced in the Notice. There is no other material information concerning the affairs of the Company that has not been generally disclosed.
About Canada Silver Cobalt Works Inc.
Canada Silver Cobalt Works Inc. recently discovered a major high-grade silver vein system at Castle East located 1.5 km from its 100%-owned, past-producing Castle Mine near Gowganda in the prolific and world-class silver-cobalt mining district of Northern Ontario. The Company has completed a 60,000 m drill program aimed at expanding the size of the deposit with an update to the resource estimate underway.
In May 2020, based on a small initial drill program, the Company published the region’s first 43-101 resource estimate that contained a total of 7.56 million ounces of silver in Inferred resources, comprising very high-grade silver (8,582 grams per tonne un-cut or 250.2 oz/ton) in 27,400 tonnes of material from two sections (1A and 1B) of the Castle East Robinson Zone, beginning at a vertical depth of approximately 400 meters. Note that mineral resources that are not mineral reserves do not have demonstrated economic viability. Please refer to Canada Silver Cobalt Works Press Release May 28, 2020, for the resource estimate. Report reference: Rachidi, M. 2020, NI 43-101 Technical Report Mineral Resource Estimate for Castle East, Robinson Zone, Ontario, Canada, with an effective date of May 28, 2020, and a signature date of July 13, 2020.
The Company also has: (1) 14 battery metals properties in Northern Quebec where it has recently completed an almost 15,000-metre drill program on the Graal property and an airborne VTEM geophysical survey is being conducted at its Lowney-Lac Edouard property; and (2) the prospective 1,000-hectare Eby-Otto gold property close to Agnico Eagle’s high-grade Macassa Mine near Kirkland Lake, Ontario where it is exploring in 2022.
Canada Silver Cobalt’s flagship silver-cobalt Castle mine and 78 sq. km Castle Property feature strong exploration upside for silver, cobalt, nickel, gold, and copper. With underground access at the fully-owned Castle Mine, an exceptional high-grade silver discovery at Castle East, a pilot plant to produce cobalt-rich gravity concentrates, a processing facility (TTL Laboratories) in the town of Cobalt, and a proprietary hydrometallurgical process known as Re-2Ox (for the creation of technical-grade cobalt sulphate as well as nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) formulations), Canada Silver Cobalt is strategically positioned to become a Canadian leader in the silver-cobalt space. More information at
“Frank J. Basa”
Frank J. Basa, P. Eng.
Chief Executive Officer
For further information, contact:
Frank J. Basa, P.Eng.
Chief Executive Officer
Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Service Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.
Copyright (c) 2023 TheNewswire - All rights reserved.
Universal Site Links
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2023.05.30 23:55 Sterax_ First try in Breakcore

I decided to try my hand at breakcore, before that I wrote in the following genres:
Always knew about the Breakcore genre, but recently got into this music. I tried to write a demo after a break in music for about a year. At the end, I like the result, but the question is, can it be called bereakcore, or is it more like some kind of atmospheric d&b.
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2023.05.30 23:55 titchue-box What is insulin resistance and how does it affect you personally?

I plan to do my own research, but i’m a little confused about it because i previously assumed it was only an issue for people with pcos who gain weight really easily. since i’ve been diagnosed (12ish, 22 now) my weight has always been stable, increasing during puberty and as i’ve grown but fluctuating like 5 poinds back and forth in my early adulthood. i’ve recently heard someone say that insulin resistance can affect you with pcos regardless of weight gain status or presence of diabetes. I haven’t learned much from my doctor so i’m beginning my journey of learning more about my condition now, and would be grateful to hear any advice, insight, or knowledge you have about insulin resistance without weight gain!
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2023.05.30 23:55 conklin09gt First American Uranium has new funding and potential Uranium extraction sites URM

First American Uranium has new funding and potential Uranium extraction sites URM

First American Uranium URM URM.c

Uranium future..
Our friends at Equity Guru posted this article recently outlining uranium's use case
  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine underscored European nations’ dependence on Russian gas and commodities leading to an increased demand for national energy security
  • Uranium demand due to 60 new reactors under construction and 100 more approved\
  • Price target for uranium? BofA estimates the price of uranium will hit $75 per pound by Q3 2024**, current price is $40**

New funding for URM

  • $400,000 of new funding to accelerate projects in Red Basin and Silver Lake
More info head to the URM slide deck:
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2023.05.30 23:55 kzzebrbr MS Diets

I’m based in the UK so please let me know if this is the wrong sub!
Hello, my Mum is currently going through diagnosis for MS, this is just a formality at this point as it is clear that she has it.
She is overweight and, as her carer, I want to help her lose weight to improve her symptoms and general health & quality of life. I found this article about diets & MS and wondered if anyone had any experience specifically with paleo, Swank or the Overcoming MS Diet?
I’d love some advice / to hear some personal experience of any of these diets to help me make a decision of which is the best to try!
Many thanks from a daughter trying to help!
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2023.05.30 23:54 ChoccyMooJuice What do you need from your partner in order to feel loved?

Mom checking in here, I hope that’s okay. My partner has recently been rather down. We have a young toddler and both work shifts. Unsurprisingly, quality time together is hard to find.
I want to do something for him, to show him how loved he is. I think I’ve forgotten how to do that well since having a baby. What little (or big) things does your partner do for you that make you feel loved?
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2023.05.30 23:54 conklin09gt First American Uranium has new funding and potential Uranium extraction sites URM

First American Uranium has new funding and potential Uranium extraction sites URM

First American Uranium URM URM.c

Uranium future..
Our friends at Equity Guru posted this article recently outlining uranium's use case
  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine underscored European nations’ dependence on Russian gas and commodities leading to an increased demand for national energy security
  • Uranium demand due to 60 new reactors under construction and 100 more approved\
  • Price target for uranium? BofA estimates the price of uranium will hit $75 per pound by Q3 2024**, current price is $40**

New funding for URM

  • $400,000 of new funding to accelerate projects in Red Basin and Silver Lake
More info head to the URM slide deck:
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2023.05.30 23:54 etherealsmear My first time saying this

I’m drunk right now for starters, and despite that fact, I WANT to get sober. Even know in my inebriated state, I WANT to do better for myself and my future. But sometimes, I just want to die. And to me, the only sober people who GET sober are those who want to live. Not getting sober leads to death. But in a sense, that’s what i wantED, when my use was at its greatest. So in my own head, if using was what lead to death, then by all means, give that to me especially when it feels this good. But I have dreams that I want to accomplish. There’s a whole lot of “buts”, and that fact alone makes me believe that I truly DO want the best for myself. I do. I know I have too much trauma and anger to get through. I know my pathway to sobriety revolves around doing things differently, but how do you do so when you’re constantly around the things that make you drink?! And what makes me drink IS MY FAMILY, but you can see how I can’t escape them. Even now, I’m fighting that urge to get another drink and just switching it for water. That small fact makes me happy cuz I know I don’t want to get even more wasted, and that water is helping me. Knowing I’m helping myself in even in the smallest way is making me so proud right now. Some part of me acknowledges I want to get sober. But i’m so angry and the things that make me angry are shit I’m still surrounded in on a daily basis. How the FUCK did y’all get over this hurdle?! I’ve heard the saying “you can’t sober in the same environment that made you drink” but some of us have no fucking choice. I absolutely cannot be homeless right now. What did y’all do to forget this hatred?! This anger and revenge. What things did y’all do that made this all BETTER FFS :(?? Cuz I absolutely cannot act on this anger AGAIN or I’ll end up with even worse charges. Just anything please.
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2023.05.30 23:54 Key-Resolve-3073 Opinion: recent developments in the story detract from Luffy's story

This might be a bit controversial here. I love OP and I always will, but I can't help but feel that the story is taking a turn where I'm starting to distance myself a little bit. I liked the idea of Luffy just being a silly little rubber man who's one day going to become the King of the Pirates. I was cool with the D. stuff initially as well. However, if you think about it, Luffy has a LOT of things going for him.

I would like someone to change my perspective a little. What I love about Luffy is how good of a leader he is, he wins over the hearts of everyone (just like what Mihawk said during Marineford), but this is also something that I'm starting to feel iffy about because of all the Joyboy stuff.
I understand that being a D. and having an OP devil fruit / skills is not everything, bc there are other people like Blackbeard who are the exact opposite so they will have to face down each other at the end, but...
Furthermore, I don't know how relevant this is but before I got into One Piece I was big into Naruto, and even though I saw it coming, I fucking hated Naruto being the son of the 4th and the child of a Namikaze/Uzumaki in the end. Made his arc less impactful imo. I don't want the same thing to happen in OP.
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2023.05.30 23:54 Responsible_Cut_3167 Bots punching vehicles?

I had a bot attack the car I drove in a recent game. Hysterically, he did so with his bare hands. I’ve never seen this before and I’ve played for several years. Is this a common experience in PUBG?
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2023.05.30 23:54 heavy-minium Player writes instructions in natural language that are executed in a turn-based game

Hi folks,
most of you probably have heard about the recent AI Chatbot craze. I just finished reading a technical paper that sparked an unrelated idea on how to implement something midly novel.
So here's what I thought: What about a game executing actions triggered by written natural language instructions?
  1. The players schedule actions on their unit(s) in a turn-based game by writing one or more instructions in natural language each round.
  2. Players have a constrained movement modality, for example a 2D/3D grid, or alternate paths, which makes it easier to reliably navigate via instructions. Movement is not affected by physics and alternative collision checks must be used (for example grid-based collisions)
  3. There can be a speech mode for accessibility and players who dislike typing.
We can fully ignore the technical part here in this discussion, I can do all of it myself end-to-end, and finding time is actually my more pressing issue. Please note that while I mentioned "Chatbot" at the beginning, there's no chatting here - it's merely about interpreting a user's instructions to control a character or units in an environment. One could of course add such functionality on top, but that's not my point with this post.
The fun part here for the player is creativity, experimentation and novelty. The negative part is that the game cannot be free or cheap due to operating expenses. There's also a high margin of error and instructions would fail spectacularly at least 2% of the time, maybe up to 30%. But maybe that can work with as "Spectacular Failure Enjoyment", which might however limit the potential themes for such a game.
There are some limitations in terms of game design. For example you should not try to make reward or progress conditions (or any significant conditions) that are dependent on what the player writes as instructions, because the player could "jailbreak" (or cheat?!) the game rules.
Due to operating expenses, I have a constraint on the size of the instructions - they shall be no longer than a tweet.
The backend merely executes game logic and queries databases, and mainly calls an API (OpenAI) behind the scenes, so there's a significant latency of at least 0.5-10 sec for the first on-screen feedback when streaming the output and interpreting the first chunk. That might feel unacceptable for a player, even if the game is turned-based.
To overcome this, one could tweaks the design so that something happens between the user submitting his instructions and the instructions being executed. For a turn-based game, that could be an NPC not controlled by the player or an enemy taking action first - or really just about anything you can put inbetween to hide latency.
I want to explore that idea a little, starting with some creative discussion on the game design part.
What do you think of the high-level premise? Which design patterns do you think might play well here? Does the abstract idea sound roughly workable for a game? Any wild ideas that connect to this? What do you think about potential winning conditions for such a game?
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2023.05.30 23:54 washabee14 Curious if anyone’s worked here

Hello there! Recently in my location it has been announced that there will be a new Hell’s Kitchen restaurant opening soon and there has been some job openings posted and I was curious to know if anyone has ever worked in any locations in any positions, server, host, food runner, server assistant? What’s it like?
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