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R4R Just for HTX!

2012.06.21 08:57 Zeld4 R4R Just for HTX!

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2011.08.18 22:36 misnamed ArtPorn: Art that is Awesome Enough to Share

High quality images of SFW art meant for appreciating, and sharing.

2012.03.06 22:29 zzyzzyxx Absolute Territory

*Zettai Ryouiki*, ("Absolute Territory"), is the tiny strip of visible thigh between longsocks/tights/thighhighs, and a skirt/dress/shorts.

2023.05.30 23:59 raiyanyahya Stay Ahead of the Curve with Kuration: Your One-Stop-Shop for Startups, Tech, and Digital Media Insights.

Hey everyone, If you're like me, you're always looking for the best resources to stay updated in the fast-paced world of startups, tech, and digital media. Kuration is a free daily newsletter that provides insights into startups, tech, and digital media. It's like having a personal assistant who sifts through all the noise to bring you the most relevant and exciting news. The best part? It promises to save you 200+ hours of catching up every month! Join the community of 1,000+ elite entrepreneurs who are already benefiting from this service. Readers have found it incredibly useful and thought some of you might as well. Check it out and let me know what you think!
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2023.05.30 23:58 pbjtime88 [WTS/WTT] FCD Black Single Dimple EPC and A2 Grip

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/ggyL873
Selling/trading as a package. Both are new/unused.
$65 shipped. EPC black single dimple and generic A2 grip (black; includes mounting hardware).
Interested trade:
• Scalarworks 1.57 height Leap/01 T2 mount with low to no salt. Cash can be added on my end depending on condition.
PayPal F&F NO NOTES. If you require a different payment method, please check with me before calling dibs.
Trade takes priority over purchase. Dibs > PM and = purchase at posted price. Please do not call dibs and then ask to negotiate after, or go silent.
Comment, then follow up with a PM. NO CHATS, NO CHATS, NO CHATS
PM and payment to be made within 30 minutes of dibs, or I will move on.
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2023.05.30 23:56 magentastic my hair is developing new texture and i have no clue where to start

my hair is developing new texture and i have no clue where to start
hi all! i (22f) have noticed that my hair is starting to develop something along the lines of waves… maybe… you tell me!
i am AWFUL at keeping up with my hair, i’ll just use whatever shampoo i find that doesn’t have too much artifical stuff going on and call it a day, and i rarely use conditioner (not bc i don’t want to!)
i think (??) it might be on the thicker side, but i don’t know anything about porosity and such
scrunching it after a shower seems to make whatever shape there is a little more pronounced, and i’ve tried some of my moms curl products which definitely also have an effect but it does tend to wear off
but sometimes it’ll dry almost completely straight… so idk what to think
i have chronic pain and am really apprehensive about trying to work in any wave pattern, as it seems like many methods are quite physically straining
but it that even relevant? would you consider my hair to have the potential?
i’ve attached a photo of my hair when wet, then dry afterwards (a few hours before bed) and 24 hours after (tired headphone photo) where it has flattened
  • an overly glam representation of my hair with some sort curling aid (a diffuser after washing and the kevin murphy beach spray i believe… maybe mousse)
where should i start? SHOULD i start?
thank you for reading ! love scrolling through the forum and admiring all your progress and beautiful hair <3
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2023.05.30 23:55 raiyanyahya Stay Ahead of the Curve with Kuration: Your One-Stop-Shop for Startups, Tech, and Digital Media Insights.

Hey everyone, If you're like me, you're always looking for the best resources to stay updated in the fast-paced world of startups, tech, and digital media. Kuration is a free daily newsletter that provides insights into startups, tech, and digital media. It's like having a personal assistant who sifts through all the noise to bring you the most relevant and exciting news. The best part? It promises to save you 200+ hours of catching up every month! Join the community of 1,000+ elite entrepreneurs who are already benefiting from this service. Readers have found it incredibly useful and thought some of you might as well. Check it out and let me know what you think!
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2023.05.30 23:54 WelpOopsOhno Construction? in complex + less than 24 hour notice that I need to relocate

Hello there! (Sorry for the long post and I hope these questions qualify for this subreddit). If I choose the option of a makeshift stair from the two options given to me this morning, and they can't do that now, do I still have the option for them to put me up in a hotel? And how much notice are they legally required to give me before I have to leave? Does the landlord showing up at my door and making an offer he can't or doesn't keep constitute as a notice that I need to relocate? I'm in New York State.
Here are all of the details just in case they're important: I am in a new apartment (~2 months). There is a hired company here doing work to replace things that violate a code. I rented under the knowledge that my apartment was newly renovated (the apartments being in the process of being renovated is why the complex's buildings were no longer condemned), that the balconies of all the buildings would be replaced in a few days (it's been over a month and they just started today), and I was under the expectation that I would be living in my apartment during the process of the upstairs deck being replaced. The property management company (we'll call them B) has office hours that end at 4pm. They're the company that manages the landlord's (we'll call him A) properties. We'll call my housing program case manager C.
Reasons I didn't want to relocate to a hotel (that were also explained to the landlord and the property management company): I have 1 cat and of course his litter supplies, food, pet fountain, and litterbox. I'm on food stamps and most of my food is currently refrigerated and needs to be cooked prior to eating it. I'm low on food stamps because I won't receive next month's allotment for a few more days, and I'm expected to have relocated by tomorrow morning and will not be returning for a few days until the work is finished.
  1. @ 11am - 12pm: at some point A knocks on my door and explains the city said they're overdue and they have to fix the code violations, and that's why it's noisy, becqusw th balconies are going to be replaced. A says they can either put me up in a hotel or try to make a makeshift stair for me while the deck is being renovated, because of safety reasons. I choose the makeshift stairs.
  2. @ 3:08pm: the property management company (B) calls me and says that because I don't want to move to a hotel, I can move in to another apartment for a few days, but I have to leave today. I ask if I can bring my cat, cat supplies and litterbox, if I can bring my food, and is the other apartment clean. B says yes to all of that and explicitly tells me "it will be clean before you move in".
  3. cont'd I say that sounds great but I can't agree to anything without speaking with my housing program case manager (C) first. B says okay and they can contact C for me. I say okay if they want. B hangs up. I send C a text about their incoming phone call.
  4. @ 3:37pm: C calls me back (she missed the call from B) after seeing my text. I explain things as best I can but I'm interrupted by a call from B, so I merge the two calls. We're not in a three way conference call: B, C, and myself.
  5. cont'd B tries explaining the situation to C. Nowhere in any of these conversations has B mentioned what hotel I would be going to and talked over C while C was asking. B says that I can move into another apartment for a few days, but I would have to do so tomorrow morning. C asks if I will have any access to my apartment during this time. B says no. C asks when I have to be out. B says I have to be out by tomorrow morning.
  6. @ 3:43pm C excuses herself to find something out and hangs up. B also hangs up. I try to call B to clarify something that was said - that the entire 2nd floor needed to be renovated - because I was told before moving in to my apartment that my apartment was already renovated. I also want to know what hotel I would put up in. So I try to call B multiple times but there is no answer except voicemail.
  7. @ 3:48pm C calls me back and says she had made a call to find out if there was any transitional housing space available, but the answer is no. Me moving into another apartment for a few days is nixed due to known bedbug concerns from an apartment in the same building as the one I was offered. C wants to know what hotel the landlord would be putting me/the others up in. I tell her I don't know and I can't get ahold of B.
  8. @ 3:50pm C hangs up and tries to call B. After, she calls me back and says she also couldn't get ahold of B so she left a voicemail and sent an email. Neither of us know what to do with me at this point. I say I'll ask the on-site maintenance guy for the landlord's phone number. I don't know if my friends who I stayed with in March/early April would be willing to take me back in with my cat, because they already have 6 cats, and they just lost a rescue cat they were really close to, but I'll ask them.
  9. @ 4:03pm I text the maintenance guy asking for the landlord's phone number. He asks me what's going on. I detail the situation of the phone calls. He says the company should have notified me a week ago. I say they did not. (B didn't even try to call me! I don't erase anything from my phone logs and I checked for any missed calls from them. Other than today, the last call I had from B was on the 17th because they wanted to make sure I was going to pay my rent, but I had turned the money order in already and I had the receipt from it. I also have pictures of the money order and also pictures of the receipt after turning the money order in, but I didn't mention that part. I also checked my mail on Saturday evening/night for my electric bill but my mailbox was empty.)
  10. @ 4:38pm The maintenance guy texts me that he tried to call the company, no answer. So he also tried to call the landlord, no answer.
There is 1 actual hotel that I know of in my city. Nearby to where I live are three motels, two of them are well known for being seedyrowdy/unclean, and the other one chose not to renew my lease last February. All three of the motels usually have DSS tenants and all three of them are interchangeably called hotels and motels.
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2023.05.30 23:53 Public_Veterinarian4 Looking for unity devs to collaborate om building VRJAM

Hi guys
VRJAM is an immersive live events platform thats been used to create real time immersive events for some amazing clients and content creators including Twitch and Red Bull over the last 3 years.
With a small in-house team we published an MVP white label product in 2019 that created instant traction with clients in the conference and business events vertical.
After 3 more years of hard work we finally launched the beta of our public live events platform, marketplace and nft solution last month.
These products have been designed to help game developers and studios add value to their games and communities using web3 / immersive tech.
Next week we begin rolling out these solutions which will empower game developers monetize in-game content from avatars to game worlds.
We're looking for 2 experienced unity devs with slills in multilayer game dev, ux / ui and also 1 technical artist with 10 to 15 hours per week available to work on continuing to develop the platform for specific use cases in the gaming vertical and who are happy to be remunerated via a mix of cash and equity.
This work will focus on adding a range of gameplay features that will expand the platform to be both an MMO game and an immersive live events platform.
More on us here:
Feel free to message me on Telegram (@VRJAM) w any queries or reply here
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2023.05.30 23:51 EZmoneyenergy Should I make serving my career?

This is kind of a last resort post for me. My parents have never been exactly supportive of me serving. They have always encouraged me to use serving as a temporary job through college until I can get a “real job with a degree.” I am 19 and work at a local burger chain restaurant. On a busy night, (3-4 hours for a shift), I can bring in anywhere from $200-$250. Ultimately, I make $3-4k a month, after taxes. I live at my parents home with my boyfriend so this isn’t a problem with dual income. However, after being stuck at this chain for three years, I’m starting to realize I’d like to advance to fine dining: somewhere with higher check volumes and a much more challenging work environment. Right now, not only does my job require a large tip out to FOH/BOH, but also over an hour of side work to open. After doing some research into labor laws for Washington state I’ve realized this isn’t too right… I have an associates degree and am pursuing a bachelors. As I’ve gotten older, I have also realized, maybe college isn’t for me. I throughly enjoy the restaurant industry so far. I love engaging with guests, building connections with regulars and making life long friends from the job. I have been seriously looking into making serving my career. Right now I’m under 21, but I would love to also dip my toes into bartending as well. Maybe that would be a better career path? Every year I become more knowledgeable on spirits. Servers, give me some guidance? With unsupportive parents that heavily push college, I’m nervous about making this decision to choose to “just be a waitress” forever.
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2023.05.30 23:51 thisisharis Feeling all alone in this world, no one to turn to. Not technically depressed but super anxious most of the time, LONELY and most of all SUPER SAD! Any suggestions?! (backstory included)

Hi guys,
This is my first time writing about this or even speaking about this so here it goes:
Backstory: Male 30 Years Old, Pakistani, Born/Raised in Chicago, but spent a few years in Pakistan as well (around 5 years) so I'm pretty in tune with my culture and even religion (aka going to the mosque, dressing appropriately etc.). I ended up going to college at 18 in Michigan (fam ended up moving back to Pakistan around that time) so it was just me. I still visited almost every summer but only for a month or so.
In college, I was pretty popular (kinda) played div 1 soccer, amateur boxing, was in a fraternity, knew ALOT of people and it was an awesome experience overall. After grad I moved back to Chicago for work (work in finance) and life was also great at the time. I did start getting a bit anxious here and there, but it wasn't much since I was super busy normally with work, going to the office, friends, the city life overall. It usually crept up when I had too much caffeine haha but I NEVER felt how I feel now (will go into it below) and sometimes I even WELCOMED anxiety since it helped me put things in perspective, motivated me or whatever.
Anyways, fast forward to around 2020 and my parents decided to move back to the States... RIGHT before the pandemic started. They ended up moving to Michigan this time since they were kind of over the city life. When they moved in around Jan/Feb, I was still working in Chicago but I still saw them every other weekend (only a 4 hour drive). Come March/April and we were basically able to WFH indefinitely. So instead of paying 3/4K in rent per month, I thought of all the money I could save, and decided to move in with my parents instead (since I could WFH) and Airbnb my place out (which is what I did).
Now, after moving to Michigan. Of course I know some people in the State since I went to undergrad here, but due to COVID i wasn't really meeting up with people. Fast forward a few months, I started getting a bit more into Islam thankfully and the company I was keeping wasn't the 'best' per se. None of my friends were Muslim (or desi) for that matter, but also NONE of my friends ever forced me to drink, offered me drinks or anything of that sort either. They all knew I was Muslim and didn't do that stuff, but we just kicked it in general like normal people do (minus the drug/alc. for me). Anyways, a few years after graduation a lot of my friends just spread out (TX, NY, Canada etc.) and we started growing apart (kinda). Like they would hit me up, we would chop it up and all but it wasn't any 'deep' conversations or sharing feelings etc. During COVID we talked on and off but everyone kinda started drifting away (people getting married, moving away, etc.). Fast forward to today, I literally don't talk to anyone and feel like there is absolutely NO ONE I can share my feelings with, discuss things with, talk to about my day, life, future or ANYTHING at all. For SURE I can still call/text my friends, and sometimes they would hit me up too but it's all surface level convos and nothing deep. I just feel like I don't have any TRUE friends in that sense. Like I'm their friend, they know I'm there for them, and while they would be there for me too if something crazy happened (just as an example if I needed money or something) BUT the aspect of not being close enough or feeling close enough has left me super SUPER alone. I would meet up with one or two people on and off now that COVID is pretty much over, and WHILE I am with them everything is chill. I don't even feel sad, anxious or anything of that sort. Like those thoughts don't even come to mind. It's legit driving me insane!!
Secondly, when I moved to Michigan to be closer to family - the thing is I'm not super close with my parents. Like I know they love me, care for me and all that good stuff, but I just can't FOR THE LIFE OF ME talk to them about anything deep or share my feelings or emotions or ANYTHING of that sort. Like EVER. I have tried but nothing comes out, IDK I feel so stranger like around them. Maybe it's the pandemic talking, feeling alone, having no friends, social life piling up and then being at home with them almost 24/7 while I WFH etc. could be adding to it (I'm sure it is) but even still I just feel SUPER SAD because of it. Like I'd leave the house to get some work done from a coffee shop but will dread coming back home.
I feel SUPER SAD, like I have NO ONE to talk to on a deeper level, NO ONE I can share my feelings with, NO ONE I can turn to or anything of that sort. I have started praying and will start doing adhkar from the 1st of June, hoping to make this the most productive summer iA.
But wanted some advice, suggestions and help from people on here on what I can do, should do? This can be anything, where to go to make friends, meet people (and please don't say the mosque, because it's normally only older people where I am and it's creepy AF tbh to walk up to people my age and be like 'hey wanna be friends?'). I do go to the gym and stuff, but again I have 'acquaintances' but no FRIENDS.
Anyways, I feel super sad, feel like crying and feel SUPER alone. Any help would be appreciated!
PS: I tried therapy a few times, not for me. Don't like taking meds since some days are just fine but then others are super bad and plus it's not depression as per the doctor (appetite is there, still enjoy watching movies, working out, studying, doing really well at work etc.)... it's just that I AM SADDDDD, ALL ALONE and don't have anyone to talk to ))))))):::
PPS: I work in finance, make good money and am DEFINITELY exploring the option of shaadi now that I'm financiall secure mA. But that's not something that would happen right away, so apart from that anything else would also help in the mean time please.
PPPS: things might not flow but just put everything out there, so if you're confused or have any clarifying questions I'd be happy to answer.
JazakAllah! Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.30 23:51 dovejpg Desperately need a reading/discussion group...

Hi all,
I'm a first year interpol PhD student in the UK (Wales specifically), in a small university with an even smaller community of fellow PhD folk. One of my biggest problems I've encountered is I'm struggling to develop my ideas/thinking because there is virtually no other PhD people whose research focus is near mine, so I have no one to bounce ideas off of or to feed me inspiration. My supervisors are fine, but I'm too intimidated by them and would feel more comfortable in a group of people of a similar level/age group (I'm 24).
Don't get me wrong, I love the community I have here and everyone is so interesting to listen to, but if I start talking about my ideas, people just politely nod because they (naturally) don't really know what I'm on about.
My question is, how would I go about finding people who do similar research to me so we can discuss (online or via Zoom/Teams or whatever) what we know, what we're reading etc.?! My research (broadly) concerns US-China relations, post-Western theory, and also theory of knowledge (Eurocentrism in IR and such).
Any advice much appreciated!
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2023.05.30 23:50 Bloo_17 Unemployed but still young.

Hi all, I really just want to kind of vent or I guess put this here
Kind of long too so good luck.
I'm sure my situation is different then most of you but here it goes.
I'm currently 19 and I just finished HS in 2022, i started working in retail/fast-food/warehouses since i was 16. Starting in February i landed a great Professional-type job and this job helped me figure out what i wanted to do, and from there it was my intro to accounting,
However I was contracted through an agency and my employment lasted about 4 months. Through my agency I took some courses and received an Accounts Receivable/Payable certification from the University of Phoenix in a partner program with my previous company
With that being said, in those 4 months, i was a top performer, doubling the quota and always having perfect attendance, working overtime, coming in early, staying later, literally whatever they needed. But that's because i genuinely enjoyed working there and i wanted a career.
My management team eventually notified me that they put in a letter of recommendation for me to upper management, and they asked me to send them my resume, i said "How" and they said i need to apply on their website.... go to check later and there is no listings. They said I just need to wait, and so i waited, but then my contract ended. The letter of recommendation applies for any position within the company apparently. However so far it's done nothing for me.
We were rated on an average per hour. I doubled the average of other associates there as well.
Even with my accounting certification and similar job experience, i am still getting turned down from numerous jobs in the accounting field. I am honestly scared to have to go back to retail/fastfood/warehouses. This has lead me to sign up for classes in fall for a 1 year Bookkeeping certification and hopefully that will help me but i don't know.
My management team also left me with no reference either.

I'm not in any financial risk because i live with my parents, but i strive to be independent and make something out of myself, but not only that to make my parents proud, and it is so, so disappointing to see that im having a hard time finding employment now, Its only been about 3 weeks going on 4, but i really thought i would find a job within a week,
I've had 3 interviews so far and none of them have lead to anything/ i'm still waiting on responses but i'm pretty sure it wont be anything.
I feel like my dad is so disappointed in me, even though i know he's not because he said hes not since I've talked to him, but i can't help but feel like he is slowly getting more irritated that I'm not working
Not only that but i can't stand just being at home with my thoughts, i started going to the gym just to get out of the house, but i can't even have fun without feeling like my dad is judging me.
And idk, i asked my manager at my previous warehouse job for my position back this morning and he said that he'll look, but not much else for a response yet.

I don't know what else to say really, thanks for reading.
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2023.05.30 23:50 cellobluas Relapsing - Frustrated and ashamed

Possible TW: pulling pubic hair
Hey all,
I’m struggling with this relapse into much more frequent pulling, and don’t feel very hopeful right now about getting back to a more comfortable place.
After I generally had things under control for the past several months, I’m currently nearly constantly fighting the urge to pull my pubic hair, and losing hours of time when I can’t fight the urge.
It’s really remarkable how trich can go from being so far out of your mind, to a constant open tab in your brain.
I hate the feeling of wanting to stop but not being able to. I hate worrying that I’ll get ingrowns, irritation, or infection. I hate having to confront my trich every time I sit down to use the toilet. I hate wishing that I could handle stress in my life in a more “normal” way, and wishing that I felt comfortable talking about it with my partner or close friends.
Since the main area that I pull is my pubic hair, the summer months always tend to be more difficult with shorts/swimsuits/etc. It’s embarrassing that I’ve convinced myself that I’m “allowed” to pull at my bikini line because right now I can’t afford a professional wax (which I know tends to be much more triggering somehow anyways and hasn’t been a great solution for me in the past).
I also have performances coming up, and the briefs part of one of my costumes is cut quite high up on the legs/crotch. Logically, I know that if I pull too much I’ll irritate my skin, and irritation will be WAY more visible than tiny hairs that the audience won’t even be able to see. (Along with the pain/actual health issue of damaged/irritated skin in the pubic area).
I’m so frustrated by how much real estate this is taking up inside my head. And I feel so annoyed by the intersection of “it’s normal/faijustified to want to manage my pubic hair due to this costume” and “I don’t trust myself right now to manage my pubic hair without getting out of control”.
Thanks for reading if you’ve made it this far.
Good luck to anyone else who struggles more this time of year, and to anyone else is also a performer who struggles with trich before performances.
I’m very grateful for this page and this community of support.
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2023.05.30 23:50 empty_bones13 I’m addicted

So a few months ago in December I was in a really bad mood and so my friend, let’s call him T, invited me over to his place for some drinks and video games. My partner at the time had recently split with me and I was getting used to being alone for the first time in a long time.
He had some other friends over and one of them is a drug user, who knows everything there is to know about that type of thing. Let’s call him P. I had never met him before then and didn’t know much about that world. I smoked a bit of weed in high school but that was it.
My friend T is a stoner but that’s it. None of the people in our friend group did anything big. It was just this one person who I had never met before.
None of us were sober that night, I was drinking pretty heavily and P was high. My friend T told me he paid for an Uber for me and I was very thankful, but later on after everyone was inebriated he revealed he hadn’t actually planned on doing it. I called another friend but no one was available, so I decided to walk myself home. I live in a part of our city near where P lives, so we agreed to walk back together for safety reasons (I’m a short gay guy, and I was pretty drunk).
On the way back P ends up stopping somewhere and buying some drugs. I didn’t know what kind at the time. I wait with him for the person to bring it to him, and it was the first time I ever saw that sort of interaction, so I was scared. The guy said I was too drunk to be an undercover cop. The night gets fuzzy so I’m trying to get it all down.
Once P had what he had purchased, we made it to my place, and he asked to crash on my couch. I reluctantly agreed, but I was embarrassed by the mess that was my place.
He didn’t mind, and so we had one last round of beers and watched the end of a Harry Potter movie on tv, and that’s the last I remember. I woke up on the couch with him on the floor in front of me.
I was a little hungover but other than that it was a normal morning. I took a shower and by the time I was out he was gone. It was a little after ten so I made breakfast and tried to calm down.
I found a bag of powder he left on the floor near where he slept. It was a light brown and there was only a little bit there. I picked it up and planned on calling him to tell him. I went to work at one and got home after ten.
When I got home I found the bag because I had forgotten. I was in a pretty shit mood and my curiosity got the better of me. I’ve seen movies so the things I did that night were honestly embarrassing. I took a plastic straw from my kitchen and cut off the end. I dumped the powder onto my counter and lined it up using a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card. I thought long and hard, but I guess not enough, because I snorted it using the fucking end of the straw, and sat down at the table, cradling my head.
At first I felt nothing. I sat there for what must’ve been fifteen minutes just surprised. And then I stood up.
I think the moment I stood up was potentially the greatest moment of my life, when it hit me all at once, and I just stood in awe, complete euphoria, the greatest peace, I can’t even describe it. I had no pain, no worry, no sorrow, only pleasure. I laid down on the couch and soaked it all up. It was the greatest feeling ever.
I fell asleep not long after and honestly I hate myself for it. I should’ve stayed awake to appreciate and savor every second. The best feeling in my life and I slept through it.
I felt fine waking up but I called P to tell him what I did. I was preparing to pay him however much he wanted, but when we talked he wasn’t concerned about money. He was concerned about my health. Said it was fucking heroin, and how stupid I was for just snorting a powder I found on my floor, and especially not for telling him I was doing it. He basically yelled at me because he said I could’ve overdosed since I’m not used to it. I asked him if he had any more and he lost his shit at me, telling me I was ruining my life and shit. I was just in shock, because my friend T never seemed like the type to associate with a heroin junkie, and it wasn’t what I was preparing for. I don’t know what I had been thinking it was. Something more tame.
P refused to help me out and after talking to another friend I decided I wasn’t going to try to get high again, because I was afraid I’d hurt myself.
About a week and a half later I was babysitting my niece while my sister and her wife were out overnight. After my niece was in bed I was making myself a place to sleep and found a safe in the linen closet. I didn’t think. I just started to try to open it. And it was their wedding anniversary so it was easy to get into it. Inside they had a bunch of stuff, but I ignored the cash (like an idiot) and found a pill bottle of OxyContin, with my sister in law’s name on it. I opened it to nineteen pills, and took them all. I locked the safe back up with the pill bottle, now empty, still inside.
I hate the fact that I did this. But since it’s anonymous here, I’m telling the truth. One place I don’t have to lie.
The next day I snorted two pills and saw stars. It wasn’t quite as amazing as the first time with heroin, but it was pretty fucking spectacular. But I knew I only had a small amount so I focused on getting heroin.
I went back to the spot where P got heroin that night. I stood out in the snow for a few hours, checking my phone and playing stupid, before giving up. But my feet still hurt from it.
I called P and asked to meet him for lunch. Maybe he suspected something because he brought T along as well. We went to a nice restaurant where it was impossible for me to casually ask where to find heroin around. But I had become completely obsessive. It was the only thing that mattered to me anymore.
So I just asked. In front of T and the entire restaurant. “How do I contact that man we met” or something as cryptic and pathetic as that.
P gave me a phone number and I finally felt relieved.
I’ve been texting this man, call him L, for months now. I never had guessed how expensive it would be. I’m on top of it, like I don’t think my boss or my sister suspects anything. I’m managing to pay for it but I don’t have money for much else. I had to stop drinking coffee in the mornings and shit like that.
Looking back it’s actually so insane how this happened. I know it’s crazy. I had a moral code that I believed in that I threw out the window just to chase that feeling I had in December. That one goddamn feeling where they only thing that mattered was the pleasure.
I know it’s a problem but I can’t tell anyone in my real life because I know how scared they’d be. It sounds worse than it is. You hear heroin and you think the worst but I think I have it under control. I’m just disgusted with myself for lying and stealing.
Am I crazy, though? For thinking I can do this? Because it really feels like I can. It honestly feels like fate that I found it that night. It’s the only thing that makes me feel okay. The only thing. And if it kills me in the long run I guess I don’t really care because it gave me new life.
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2023.05.30 23:50 Think_Wolf_6279 as a whimsical and peculiar little joke, I drugged my family.

So, i have these weed edibles, 50 mg. theyre red gummies. i was bored one day, and was like oh my dude, i should definitely prank someone. I went in the kitchen and blended up 24 edibles with water. I then had this bizarre sludge, i wasnt sure what to do with it. I looked in the oven and realized my mother was baking a cake. I poured the sludge in the cake and gave it a quick stir. I then waited for the cake to be done. my mother called me and my brother down, asking if we wanted a slice of the cake. I decided it would be fun to get plastered so i took a nice slice and ate it. my mother ate 3 slices and my brother had 2 slices. an hour had passed and i thought maybe the edibles didnt work, but then i started feeling the effects. dude, i put wayyy to much!! i was absolutely fucking obliterated, and i had only one slice! i decided to check on my mother. she was laying in bed, petting the family cat, while humming a weird song and staring into space. her eyes were so fucking red! i tried to talk to her but all she did was mumble! i then went in my brothers room, and he was absolutely laughing his ass off at something on his phone. i checked what was on his phone, and it was just a text message that he had sent to his friend that said “greetings”. i asked him what was so funny because he was crying laughing , and he just kept repeating the word “greetings” and everytime he did he laughed even harder. since i was high also, it made me laugh a lot as well. we laughed for like ten minutes straight. i still think its a pretty funny word! also, my brother was only 12 and he had obviously never smoked, so it hit him like a truck! my mother smoked occasionaly but it still hit her hard. i woke up the next day and my mother started screaminng at me telling me she knew i did something to the cake because it tasted weird and that she was extremely high. i got grounded for months, but it was such a good memory that it was worth it!
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2023.05.30 23:49 KieranGecko123 DO NOT GO TO THIS WEBSITE

I don’t have much time. I know it’s already too late for me, but I need to get this warning out before others suffer the same fate as me. About three weeks ago, I was browsing the web and stumbled upon a rabbit hole that led me to the darkest corners of the internet. You know how it goes, curiosity getting the better of me. Somehow I wound up entering the deep web. Yes. That deep web. Like in that Red Room story. Ironically enough, the website I found was very similar to that story, just with a different name.
It started when I decided to just type a single character into the Google search bar and scroll through all the results. It was around 1 AM and I was bored and couldn’t sleep. While browsing, I saw a website with its name written in binary.
‘0100000101110011011010000110010101110011’ or ‘Ashes’. Again, I beg you. Do not go looking for this site. Otherwise, you will mostly end up in the same boat.
Anyways thinking it was some underground ARG, it piqued my morbid curiosity, and against my better judgment, I decided to dig deeper.
I clicked on it and the webpage loaded, revealing a live feed from a dimly lit room. In the top right corner, there was an ominous-looking symbol. Much like in the Red Room story, the feed displayed shit that I know I can’t say here. In the most basic terms, there was extreme torture and sexual assault. Pretty disgusting shit. The captors were all wearing creepy theatre masks. There was audio too and I was thankful that I had headphones on. I still hear their screams echoing in my head. But as if the horror on the screen wasn't enough, it got worse. Suddenly, my computer started glitching. Pop-ups flooded my screen, files began to disappear, and a creepy message appeared in white text on a black screen saying, "You shouldn't have come here."
My computer had been hacked. Panicking in a desperate attempt to save myself, I frantically tried to shut down my system, but it was too late. The screen went black, and I was left in the darkness of my bedroom. Days passed and I was paranoid as a motherfucker. Every shadow seemed to hide an unseen threat, and every stranger on the street appeared suspicious. And then, one night, a knock came at my door. It was in the rhythm of ‘Shave and a Haircut’. I peered through the peephole, but darkness stared back at me. Cautiously, I opened the door, only to find a package waiting on my doorstep. My heart raced as I tore it open, revealing a DVD, a photo, and a note that read, "The broadcast continues." The photo was of my window, which was very disturbing. Even more so was the ominous figure on the far left.
Fear mingled with morbid curiosity as I played the video, and I really fucking regret it. It was webcam footage of myself, taken when I had first clicked that website. The video continued, showing the captors mocking me, taunting me with their sadistic laughter. They knew who I was and they wanted to make sure I knew it too. They were all in masks too, so it was hard to make out their faces. It’s been a week since then.
Half an hour ago, I heard the same knock on my door. Same rhythm and everything. This time, I heard them shout from the other side, “Little pig, little pig, let me in!”. You get the idea. I didn’t even bother to check the door because fuck that! Instead, I called the cops and am hiding in my closet. The cops said they’ll be here soon, but I’m not confident. The police station is at least another half hour away. If this is the end for me, I have to warn you.
Stay away from 0100000101110011011010000110010101110011.com
This is the photo that was in the package.
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2023.05.30 23:48 Public_Veterinarian4 Looking for unity devs to collaborate on building VRJAM

Hi guys
VRJAM is an immersive live events platform thats been used to create real time immersive events for some amazing clients and content creators including Twitch and Red Bull over the last 3 years.
With a small in-house team we published an MVP white label product in 2019 that created instant traction with clients in the conference and business events vertical.
After 3 years of hard work we finally launched the beta of our public live events platform, marketplace and nft solution last month..
Next week we begin rolling out these solutions which will empower game developers monetize in-game content from avatars to game worlds.
We're looking for 2 experienced unity devs with slills in multilayer game dev, ux / ui and also 1 technical artist with 10 to 15 hours per week available to work on continuing to develop the platform for specific use cases in the gaming vertical and who are happy to be remunerated via a mix of cash and equity.
This work will focus on adding a range of gameplay features that will expand the platform to be both an MMO game and an immersive live events platform rolled into 1.
More on us here:
Feel free to message me on Telegram (@VRJAM) w any queries or reply here
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2023.05.30 23:48 HttpsSick I was caught stealing and I'm scared to think that they have prove of my identity

this happened like an hour ago, I started to steal in office depot since I couldn't afford to pay for art supplied for my college, one time I got copies and they gave me a ticket, and I notice that if you walk out with the ticket in your hand they would stop you, so everytime I need some materials I would get any copies for like 50 cents and walk out with hundreds of dollars because art stuff is expensive, even with two works I'm not able to pay it.
but today I had to get my ID copies so I got them and when I was walking out with some markers, sketch books and inks, a lady stop me and ask for my ticket, I gave her the ticket of the copies and she looked confused, so I told her that she probably could talk with the guy and ask if he really checked the items, but she would leave my side, and told me not to move while calling other people, I, in fact, moved, and flee out of there leaving everything, I didn't steal anything this time.
But I'm worried about copying my ID, i don't know if they able to check the things that they copy and see my information, I'm so scared tbh. I'm feeling really bad and stupid.
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2023.05.30 23:47 HistoryHomos While you guys are waiting for a new ep check out this ep of my podcast doing a 2 hour deep dive on the FBI declassified files on The Finders

While you guys are waiting for a new ep check out this ep of my podcast doing a 2 hour deep dive on the FBI declassified files on The Finders
In February 1987 Tallahassee Police responded to a call concerning a 2 well dressed men with 6 filthy unkempt children in a beat up van in Myers Park which led to a media circus and a criminal investigation spanning multiple continents in relation to a mysterious group of New Agers called The Finders with supposed links to US intelligence and a penchant for Satanic ritual abuse of children. Within a few weeks the suspects were released and the case was being dismissed wildly by the media as another instance of moral panic characteristic of 1980s America.
In 2019 the FBI released over 1000 pages of documents related to the case as well as a 1993 DOJ inquiry into what role the US Intelligence community had in covering the case up. We present to you nearly 2 hours of totally original research driven analysis of these events in what is likely the most complete dive into this sordid story. Don't forget to join our Telegram channel at T.me/historyhomos and to join our group chat at T.me/historyhomoschat The video version of the show is available on Youtube, bitchute, odysee. For weekly premium episodes or to contribute to the show subscribe to our channel at www.rokfin.com/historyhomos Any questions comments concerns or T-shirt/sticker requests can be leveled at [email protected] Later homos
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2023.05.30 23:46 LMT2303 AITA For Ending A 23 Year Friendship With My Best Friend?

AITA For Ending A 23 Year Friendship With My Best Friend?
I, 36 F, and my friend 39 M have been friends for 23 years. We started being friends by the time I was 14 and a freshman and he was 16 and a junior in high school. Even though we have had our little spats over the years, we never had any major hardships. He comes from out of state to visit with me anywhere from 2 to 4 times a year. Most of our visits are pleasant and we enjoy each other’s company. To me, my best friend is like a part of my family. He knows my family and my children even call him “Uncle”; and I am well acquainted with his family, especially his mom. We have arguments and disagreements like any other set of friends do and we usually get past them. This past weekend, he came up to visit me and my family for Memorial Day weekend.. for the first few hours of his arrival on Friday, everything went great and seemed normal. Then, we had to run to the store to grab some things to prepare for the weekend. I noticed he was on his phone and wanted to sit in the gardening section. I thought it was kind of odd but I didn’t pay much attention to it. After 45 minutes, he started to get aggravated and argumentative and I took it as it was a “bad conversation” and let him blow off steam. After he got himself pulled together, we got checked out and went to my house. Everything on Friday seemed to be okay. Saturday comes around and we went to the flea market and the outlet mall. While I was intrigued about everything I was looking at, he had himself glued to his phone watching the nascar races. I was starting to get annoyed because I had to constantly speak over his phone to get his attention. I even got upset when he took his hands off the steering wheel and was watching his race on his phone. Never mind that his car has an auto pilot setting on it, but it still made me extremely nervous with my 2 children, 16 F and 14 M, in the car. He got mad at me and berated me in front of my children. I didn’t speak the rest of the way home. We also had other company over that evening and he was argumentative with my company for the sake of arguing. My husband, 51 M, had to step in and diffuse the situation before it got any worse. My friend eventually got upset and went to bed. Sunday was the absolute worst! He started again by watching his nascar races on his phone while I was doing things around the house to make sure that chores were done. I did walk outside several times just to get away from the noise. He finally came outside where I was at one point and asked me why I was ignoring him. I told him politely that I wasn’t ignoring but that I was raised with manners to keep from interrupting people when they are doing something… he then proceeded to call me crazy and a dumbass and that I was the one ignoring him. I was upset at this point and told him that he didn’t need to be on his phone while he was visiting someone else’s home. He stormed back in and I thought the situation was handled. Later on that evening, my husband was cooking out on the grill and we had at least 10 people at our home. My friend then proceeded to argue, yet again, with our company and my 14 year old son. It got to a point to where my 16 year old autistic daughter said to my friend “this is what you’re doing; this is what I want you to do” while even using the hand gesture. As a parent, I probably should have corrected her. However, everyone at the table busted out laughing except for him. I was hoping that would eventually just shut him up. After a couple of our guests left, he started up another argument and this time, it was with my 14 year old son. He called my child a dumbass and other brutal remarks. My son called him a political slur and this send my friend over the edge. My son was angry with him and told him to quit arguing with a child like he was a child. My husband, yet again, stepped in and diffused the situation where my friend went inside. My son and his friend pitched a tent in the yard so they didn’t have to sleep under the same roof as my friend. When my husband, daughter and I started to go inside, my friend was walking out with some of his things and let me know he was putting his stuff in the car. I didn’t think anything of it and went to bed. Monday morning rolls around and I was fixing coffee for everyone when my friend came screaming at me saying that everyone was being rude to him, yelling at him, ignoring him and acting like a bunch of assholes to him. I told him that I had not had my coffee yet and now was not the time… for Christ’s sake it was only 8:30! Later on that morning, my son did try to apologize for saying what he said and arguing with him. My friend berated him and told my son he had no right to act the way he did. My son merely defended himself as well as he should have. Eventually, everything died down and my daughter and I had made his birthday cake. After we made it, we packed it up so he could leave to go back home. After the way he disrespected my home, my family and my company, I am wondering if I can get past this with a new set of boundaries. My mind and soul tells me to chalk this up and throw it in the trash for the dumpster fire that it is. Am I the asshole for throwing away a 23 year friendship with my best friend?
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2023.05.30 23:45 BuyWonderful How to spell tomato.

This morning, you asked me how to spell tomato.
I was busy, far too busy to be questioned by a 4 year old on the spelling of a fruit.
I mumbled something about a time and a place, and you slunk off, disappointed but not unhappy.. Or so I thought, I mean maybe you were upset.. I never actually asked you.
On the way to school you were telling me about a play you’re going to be in. I can’t remember what character you were going to be, because I was too distracted with getting you dropped off, myself to work on time.
Work was so busy. It always is. I didn’t get a chance to check my phone until after lunch. By then, the school had been trying to reach me for 4 hours.
I am out the door, without a word to anyone. My boss sees me leaving, and asks what’s wrong.
“My daughter.” I say, breathless. “She’s hurt, badly. They don’t think she is going to make it.”
The principal is waiting at the hospital, a solem but horrified expression on her aged face. You had died before I arrived. I was late when you needed me, I was not even on time for your death.
The principal explained, you had a sports carnival, and of course, I’d forgotten your bag. And instead of asking the teachers to phone me, like you had known your mother wouldn’t answer, you took it upon yourself to walk home and get it.
The truck driver never saw you until it was too late. He did not stop to see if you were okay, because he was drunk. He did not want to get into trouble, so instead, he left you, all alone.
I can’t forgive myself.
But I can’t forgive him either.
I am currently with the truck driver, we have been downstairs, in my basement for the last few hours.
Cops have us surrounded, threatening to break the door down at anytime. I relish them coming in, I relish being free, with you again.
I’ve been here slowly making out each letter,
I carve carefully, and slowly, into his skin, over and over again.
Mummy is so sorry. See you soon baby girl.
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2023.05.30 23:44 dr721 Looking for a non-Amex no FTF card

Looking to get a new credit card, specifically a non-Amex with no FTF. I currently use my Citi card for almost everything. I have the Amex Delta card because my family, partner, and I almost exclusively fly Delta when it's available and I have good standing with them. I don't use the card for much other than the benefits like priority boarding, free checked bag, and companion pass (which I have so far always been able to redeem for > than the annual fee of the card). However, I have been traveling more recently, including outside of the US and have had trouble using a the Amex (preferred when abroad due to lack of FTF) due to lack of acceptance. I'm hoping to add a new card that would give me no FTF and is not an Amex. I don't plan to cancel either of these cards. However, I am more of a simple CC user and prefer not having to balance a lot of rotating rewards to maximize benefit, so I would love for whatever card I add to not add a tremendous amount of complication in order to make it worthwhile.
Current cards:
Citi Double Cash $10,500 limit, ~2014
American Express Delta Platinum $12,300 limit, ~2021
FICO Score: 800
Oldest account age: 9 years
Chase 5/24 status: none
Income: $80,000 Average monthly spend and categories are frankly pretty variable because my partner and I go back and forth between who pays for things. Biggest reward-eligible spend categories are definitely food (dining & groceries) plus travel (flights, hotels/Airbnb, rideshare, public transit). Otherwise it's largely 'other.' Rough averages are:
dining $600 groceries: $400 gas: $0 travel: $400 other: $1000
Open to Business Cards: e.g. No What's the purpose of your next card? Non-Amex with no FTF Do you have any cards you've been looking at? CSP Are you OK with category spending or do you want a general spending card? Open to either, but ultimately do prefer simplicity rather than churning
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2023.05.30 23:43 Greedy_Wolverine4184 My Kindergartener Started Methylyphenidate today...the pressure, the resistance..the give in.

The fall of 2022 a K5 teacher suggested our daughter be checked for ADHD- we did and received an official diagnosis. Then came the eval with the school physchologist to have a 504 plan put in place. With all the adjustments, per the teacher nothing was helping in class and we were struggling at home too but not as much as the teacher who have 19 kids in her class with no teachers aide. In the class there is so much to get my child worked up.

The pressure started with the school counselor who before even doing her own eval told me to get her on meds asap and said she didnt need to wait for a consultation with a psychologist/psychiatrist as suggested by the nurology dept of the childrens hospital (my daughter has NF1) . She kept sending me emails asking me about medicating our child. Is that normal? Then it was the school teacher. Whose daily messages about my child not focusing, walking around, jumping, talking over her during group time, etc.. became longer and longer. Then my mother-in law pushed it too. Said our daughter was alot to deal with when she came to visit since she has a hard time sitting still.
Both my husband and I had our reservations about it. We wanted to wait for behavior therapy and see if the 504 plan helped. However, we can see the teacher doesnt have time to implement more 1-on-1 sessions as the plan suggests.

So I finally go the an annual check up and the doctor prescribed methlyphenidate 5ml. once every morning for the next 2 to 3 weeks to see how she does. I know folks with ADHD as adults- none who take meds and didnt as kids. I however, don't know anyone with children who have ADHD/ADD on meds.
Our concern was becoming a zombie- my husband expressed thats what happened to his first child back in the early 2000s. Plus the possible side affect of insomina or trouble falling asleep. She already has that issue. The doctor prescribed clonidine, which lowers her blood pressure, to help her feel sleepier but she still wakes up through out the nigh and have a lot of teeth grinding.

As you can tell we finally gave in and gave her the first dose this morning. Within 30 mins I could tell she was behaving more calmly than she normly would. Plus the ability to have a conversation in sequence improved significantly (we have been in speech therapy for 2 years for this issue). The teacher reported back every hour-clearly with excitement. She said tremendous improvement.
My daughter worked on all her assignments independently, colored within the lines, cut the paper out way better than she did before, never left her seat-standing up only once.

My daughter said she didnt have a head ache just her tummy felt funny after taking the meds.

Since I know its only a short dose it wore off around midday. The child that came home was the one Im use to. It's so odd to see a difference. Its like she was trapped.

What are your experiences. Feel free to share your input on my situation. I just wanted to share and hear about others to help me grow as a parent to best support her in finding ways to manage her ADHD that reinforces that there's nothing wrong with her personally -she just have different super powers, ya know?
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2023.05.30 23:41 RichAf26 A pretty good month

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