Make a layer transparent in procreate

Split Depth GIFS

2013.11.04 19:52 ConsiderablyMediocre Split Depth GIFS

A place to share many of the Split-Depth GIFS, you know the ones with the 3D effect by using white lines.

2019.08.26 12:02 drniteen Keratoconustreatment

Keratoconus is a progressive disease of the outer transparent layer of the eyeball (cornea) affecting young adults mostly in their twenties. It is characterized by progressive thinning of the normally round cornea causing it to bulge forward & assume a cone like shape. This irregularity in the cornea results in the formation of a distorted image of objects on the retina & gives rise to blurred vision.

2021.05.06 22:03 CryptoWorkerz GoChainCommunity

$GO is the native token to the GoChain protocol. By investing in $GO you are holding the 'Gas' token for the network. Imagine getting in on ETH or BNB or even BTC when it was at less than 1$. Benefits: Ecofriendly, Fast, Cheap, Layer 100% Ethereum compatibility, Sustainable, Scalable and designed for the future.

2023.03.29 01:40 725KL Anyone else feel like the ACC could fall apart soon?

The ACC had a down year, that's putting it nicely. Yes, Miami made the Final Four but not many other teams made a lot of noise. Duke did impress somewhat with a stellar second half, but really that was it. Virginia crumbled late, UNC had a down year, and then there were some slightly above average?average teams (NC State, Clemson, maybe Wake Forest and Virginia Tech.) Other than that, the conference is at a lowpoint I feel like.
While maybe a hot take, I feel like the ACC is going to struggle in the upcoming years. A lot of average teams trying to make noise. Duke will probably be fine, UNC will bounce back, Virginia will be good, and Miami is on the come up. Same with Pitt. But the conference is still weaker than before. In 2018-19, there were 5 teams who were 4 seeds or higher. All five made the second weekend and there were three 1 seeds. Now, I just don't see that happening in the near future.
The hotter take I have is that I feel like the ACC could disband. I could see Clemson, Florida State, and maybe a couple others joining the SEC. I could see Louisville, maybe Virginia Tech joining the Big 12. I also wonder if a new Big East-ACC super basketball conference could happen (wishful thinking tbh). Imagine Duke, UNC, and Virginia in this Big East-ACC super conference. Maybe Pitt, Syracuse, and BC get to reunite with the old Big East members. Let's face it guys, we need rivalries like UConn-Syracuse again.
Overall, this is probably overthinking. The ACC will probably be fine, I just don't see its path like I do with the other Power 5 NCAA schools. The Big 10 is expanding, the SEC is a goliath, and the Big 12 is making some competitive moves. And the Pac 12 seems to have some expansion options.
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2023.03.29 01:40 Ok_Pie6735 I (16f) need advice about my mother Idk what I did wrong

My mom and I just go into a disagreement and it’s making me question if I’m going to be able to live with her for the next upcoming years of my life. This all started because she was telling me about her day and she mentioned a boy that’s gay and she talked about how loudly he spoke on the phone in the lunchroom and that he was airing dirty laundry in public and that’s messy , I started to defend him because somewhere in the mix she called him the ex slur( I’m bisexual) she knows and idk whenever she uses that word it makes me feel shitty but I started to defend him by saying that they were in his business and should’ve left him alone , she started to get angry and started to degrade me she called me a slut and I told her that I’m not a slut she said that I am what she says I am so ig I’m a slut now( I’ve literally never had sex) , she goes on to say this so why we don’t get along and that I can never shut and that I always want to debate and that I’m naive because I’m always defending people I told her that that’s not true and I always defend people because she’ll meet one bad person and group a whole bunch of people together just because she met one gay man that was sassy and loud? She said all gay men are like that and that they are messy then she took all the body lotion and body srub out the bathroom and told me that I can’t use it she then said that I’ll be just like my sisters ( my sisters and her fight a lot and stay away from her we also fight but I agree with everything she says so I won’t be involved and so she won’t be mad at me it’s very hard to be around her when she’s mad at you)she said that I shouldn’t talk to her anymore and to stay away from her all that because I was trying to defend him she also said wouldn’t pay to get my hair done and implied that I was a failure and played victim because I have to go to alternative school first two years of high-school I was depressed and tried to kms so yeah and this year I’ve been putting school on the back burner so I failed some classes my mental health has be soo good before this argument I knew in my heart wouldn’t survive if I kept shutting down and having depressive episodes tbh idc I don’t want anything from her bc she always does this she’ll say that she get me something or pay for something but take it back when she’s upset idk it’s just to much for me I keep just swallowing the things she says bc I promised myself I wouldn’t cry about it anymore bc it would always lead to some type of panic attack some worse than others also because she would come into my room while I was crying and tell me to stop crying bc it isn’t a big deal and that im being dramatic she also says I don’t take care of my dog and tbh that’s semi true but not really I tried my Best I think we should give him up because this is just another things she can hold over my head and i think it’ll be better for him , I overheard her telling my nana what happened and she told her complete bs it doesn’t matter if I try to go talk to my nana no matter what she says that she’ll stand by her daughter so she’ll never take mine or my sisters side so idrc what she thinks anymore , how can I move out being here kills me all my self love and confidence flies out the window when my mom talks about me I don’t think my mental health can take it , I’m ready to give up on our relationship she’s amazing on her good days but the bad days out number the good I’ll take any advice
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2023.03.29 01:39 Internal-Debt1870 A subreddit for finding things when googling isn't helpful?

So in my case, to make what I'm asking for as clear as possible, I'm looking for a creator on Tiktok whose username I cannot recall. I could describe their content and hopefully someone could help me find them again.
I guess tipofmytongue is the closest to what I mean, but I get it's specific to movies/songs etc? Is there anything similar but with a wider range of topics?
Thank you!
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2023.03.29 01:39 sbennett21 Artists should be classified as a hate group

First Hitler, now Hale? Clearly and obviously, there is something about artists that makes them willing to kill. What other explanation is there? Here are two examples of people who have done terrible things and they each have this in common, clearly that's the link! We need to protect the world from artists and classify them as a hate group. Nothing short of anti-artist sentiment and legislation will protect us.
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2023.03.29 01:36 Rackhir98 Usps lost my package

Usps lost my package
Last month ordered some old dungeons and dragon books off eBay and usps lost my package and couldn't find it today a unclaimed package company listed the exact items for 40 dollars more then what I paid.
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2023.03.29 01:35 narcissa20 She uses modesty not for Jesus but for sex. Is like a sex game for her and Jordan

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2023.03.29 01:35 CWHoule 7 Guys vs Halal Bear

In this scenario, we want to make a bear halal by killing it the propre way, which means cutting its throath in a single swipe with a knife. To do this, the bear has to not be injured before killing it, only stunned or restrained. That means no weapons can be used.
Round 1: 7 guys vs the bear, fighting without any objects until the bear is killed.
If that isn't enough, how many people would we need to beat the bear?
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2023.03.29 01:31 Sans_does_terraria Theory: Madeline is stupid

In the chapter complete screens, you see that their world is indeed a three dimensional space. This means that Madeline only travels on the x and y axis' and theoretically could make the climb easier if she also used the z axis to her advantage.
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2023.03.29 01:29 C4Charkey Intactivism, Adult Circumcision, and the Complexities of Personal Choice

As a dedicated intactivist, my primary goal is advocating for an individual's right to make informed decisions about their own body. When it comes to adult circumcision – particularly when performed for non-medical or religious reasons – understanding why some choose this path can be challenging and demands nuanced consideration. Circumcision has always been performed for the purpose of restricting pleasure and dulling sensitivity, but that fact is all but censored from the mainstream.
In the past, I always advocated for consensual elective circumcision, without fully considering how deeply ingrained societal beliefs could influence this decision. However, having the opportunity developed a deep understanding and appreciation of my own foreskin's value has led me to question why anyone would knowingly opt for such an outcome.
It is important to recognize that much of the medical establishment's support for routine infant circumcision stems from 19th-century physicians who recommended it primarily as a treatment for preventing masturbation and controlling sexual urges – nothing based on sound scientific evidence or genuine health benefits. This understanding raises questions about why anyone would choose such an intentionally damaging procedure voluntarily knowing these origins.
Adding another layer of complexity are individual preferences related to kinks and fetishes associated with circumcision—some individuals find cut genitals more aesthetically pleasing or erotic due in part because they have internalized societal expectations associated with altered anatomies despite objective evidence suggesting otherwise (i.e., collateral damage like prominent scarring).
We can acknowledge these desires without shaming those who possess them, while also emphasizing that fetishes should not dictate medical decisions for others or perpetuate harmful practices infringing on an individual’s bodily autonomy. Consequently, those who choose circumcision under the influence of these factors may unknowingly sacrifice experiencing sex at its fullest potential—an idea rarely discussed in societies where genital cutting is normalized.
Furthermore, discussions regarding significant functional differences between circumcised and intact penises are rare occurrences in mainstream conversations. It becomes vital then to dispel misconceptions about foreskin being merely a redundant flap of skin since it significantly contributes toward heightened sexual pleasure during intercourse—something every man deserves access to without feeling pressured into unnecessary surgical intervention.
One challenge in addressing genital autonomy lies in dismantling derogatory language ingrained within our vernacular, such as "uncircumcised" or "uncut." Both terms reinforce notions that natural healthy penises are flawed structures requiring modification through invasive procedures. The "Cut cocks are cleaner" argument often serves as justification for while lacking depth or genuine curiosity surrounding its implications—a narrative we must challenge through education and open conversation.
Ensuring accurate information related to risk factors and harms associated with life-altering decisions like circumcision remains readily available helps empower everyone make informed choices should they wish—a crucial step towards fostering healthier relationships between individuals and their bodies irrespective of preconceived ideals regarding physical appearance/functionality imposed by society at large.
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2023.03.29 01:27 Nuunu__ Day 15 - Grateful

Thanks for all of your support here! It's been a HUGE help reading all of your stories and getting advice from you guys.
Never thought I would reach this day. I'm still not where I want to be, but I'll get there. One step at a time. I still deal with anxiety on/off, but my appetite is slowly coming back and I feel more rested than I ever did when I was smoking.
I started smoking when I was 17, almost 18, and I'm 28 now (birthday in september). I can't wait to meet myself, if that makes any sense. Just wanted to thank you all.
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2023.03.29 01:26 lostinthetrash4ever Evil - where does it come from?

I was watching the documentary about the satanisist killings of fall river (MGM documentary very new)
So it turned out Robin lied about there being a satan sect
Yet. Having been in situations like her and those women.
I know some men, are just evil. Like theyre not human.
Is Satan just a metaphor to make sense of Evil? Are some humans born evil? Do ppl not understand they hurt others or they like it even
What drives people to commit violence and rape?
Can we call those acts demonic? Satanic? Are they inspired by satan whispers ? Like theyre not human anymore
Or is that too simplyfying of human nature
Is the idea of human good a lie
And we all can be evil
Because everyone agree certain acts are wrong
Yet some ppl do it
As if the other human doesnt matter
Humanity ?
Many criminals have more humanity then some guys who go free to do what they want and get away w
Where do we place evil? In this world
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2023.03.29 01:24 throwRAkittymeowmeow Should I (f21) cut my dad (m51) off?

I have had a very complex relationship with my Dad for the last 8 years or so because of his relationship with my mom. When I was in middle school he was caught having an affair with a coworker and they filed for divorce. During this time, he began drinking excessively and was taking large amounts of benadryl at the same time. I have always believed that this is part due to his guilt over the affair, and after about 6 months he convinced my mother to forgive him.
I wish I could say that he improved when he came back to live with us, but his alcoholism and drug abuse only escalated. The affair never ended and whenever he would blackout, he would get into violent fights with my mom. Some of the physical fights were started by my mother, but he is 6’1 and she is 5’2 so there is no competition. I never was hit by him, but the verbal abuse was not great either.
I am now attending university and my parents are finally going through with the divorce. My dad got caught for having an affair with the same coworker again, but this time he was fired for it. He had to move away from my hometown, and unfortunately he chose to move to the city my university is in. He has been improving the last few months and has been much kinder to me and taking me out to very nice dinners. He never brings up my mom or anything about their current divorce, but I am extremely close to my mom and hear about it through her. Even though he’s been treating me right, he’s been totally uncooperative and making the divorce difficult for my mom. It has gotten to the point that they are going to court soon to argue in front of a judge.
I have talked to my mom about feeling uncomfortable with him taking me out to fancy dinners, when I know he’s being so cruel to her. Despite this, she’s still been encouraging me to see him because she thinks I will regret not having a relationship with my father in the future. I have conflicting feelings about him because he seems to be trying to improve our relationship, but has he really changed if he’s still treating my mom this way?
These thoughts have led me to seriously consider fully cutting him off. Some consequences of that may be that he will no longer pay tuition for my university, but I am currently a junior and close to graduation. Although I would take a significant hit financially, I pay for all of my other bills already and have been saving money the last several years. I need advice, because honestly I’ve been struggling with this decision for months. I fear his reaction and the consequences that come with it, but I love mother and we have bonded through the trauma he put us through.
TLDR: Should i cut my previously abusive dad off, even though he is trying to improve our relationship, for the way he is treating my mom?
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2023.03.29 01:23 HANsELit 24yo, is it too late for me to go to live out my college fantasy of being "one of the freshmen"?

I graduated highschool like 6 years ago. I was strongly against the idea of going to college all throughout my teen years. I had a change of heart recently; I fell in love with one college campus over the course of a few visits/tours
I’m suddenly feeling regret and fear of missing out.
I feel like I never matured past highschool. I feel like I skipped out on an important phase of my life and I’m really starting to feel the negative effects of it. I'm 24 years old but don’t feel a day past 15. I have trouble relating to people my age, I’m having trouble finding work and making money. I don’t feel like an adult at all. I really think college is what I need in my life right now, for a number of reasons
I have this fantasy of living out the whole movie-esque, cliche, college experience (living in a dorm, eating at the dining hall, going to school events, hanging with the cool kids, partying, getting into all sorts of shenanigans, meeting other young people, making friends, exploring the campus, falling in love, etc)
I know that anyone of any age can attend college (I’ve heard countless stories about people in their 40s+ going back to school and finishing their degrees). That’s not the part I'm concerned about
I want to go to college while I'm still like “one of the kids” or whatever. I don’t want to be the weird old guy
Almost all of my friends are already beyond the college era of their lives. Most of them have either graduated, dropped out, or went straight into the workforce after highschool. I feel like if I go to college now, I’ll be playing catchup. I’m worried that I may have already missed the boat. I’ll feel like I’d just be live-action-roleplaying a college student at this point
My question is do u think it’s too late for me to live out my college fantasy? Is it too late for me to go be one of the freshmen? Am I already too old? Like honestly.
For reference, I’m 24 but I definitely look a little bit younger. If I decided to go through with this, I’d probably be 25 by the time it fully came to fruition
This post is specifically talking about the social aspect of college (living in a dorm, eating at the dining hall, going to school events, hanging with the cool kids, etc). NOT the academic aspect.
Nothing discussed here will affect my decision to go to school. Ultimately, college is about my future, learning, and getting my degree. Nothing will change my mind on that. I’m purely looking for social advice here. So please no comments like "you should be more focused on classes, studying, etc". I've already taken that into account, I AM focused on those things, they are the main priority. Just not the subject of this post
TLDR: 24 years old. Suddenly feeling regretful about not going to college right after highschool. I’d like to make up for it now but am worried that I may be too old to live out my youthful, college freshman fantasy (living in a dorm, eating at the dining hall, going to school events, hanging with the cool kids, partying, getting into all sorts of shenanigans, meeting other young people, making friends, exploring the campus, falling in love, etc). I don’t want to be the weird old guy. Is it too late? Did I miss the boat? Be honest please, because if the answer is yes then I think I need to hear it so I can adjust my mentality
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2023.03.29 01:22 ansi09 Jupiter Aggregator Launched Jupiter V2 With A Major Upgrade To Their Routing Engine

Jupiter Aggregator Launched Jupiter V2 With A Major Upgrade To Their Routing Engine
1/ We're excited to announce Jupiter v2 - a major upgrade to our routing engine! Rewritten in Rust to tap on the speed of Solana, it now offers advanced routing across 20+ liquidity venues for better pricing on large & small trades.
Give it a spin here:
2/ This engine was made possible by the introduction of major composability improvements in Solana last year, including Versioned Transaction, where more complex txns such as multiple hops and split trades can be executed together within one atomic txn.

3/ Our quote and pricing API will similarly undergo major upgrades, allowing integrators to seamlessly adopt the new engine for better quoting and more accurate/deeper real-time price data.

4/ In addition, there are a few other significant improvements, including:
  1. Dynamic Priority Fees
  2. Safety Improvements
  3. New Design and Navigation
Let’s dive in!

5/ Dynamic Priority Fees: With v2, we're introducing dynamic priority fees, where the program determines the added txn priority fee needed for a successful trade. The feature, when turned on, will run in the background, reducing the chances of failed txns during congestion.
6/ Safety Improvements: Your safety and security are our top priority. By default, we show only community-validated tokens and added safeguards against trades where the price impact or price warning exceeds 15%.
7/ New Design and Navigation: We’ll introduce a refreshed brand with an even better user experience at Jupiter. We are committed to collaborating closely with the community, sharing design ideas and gathering feedback throughout the process to make this happen!
8/ We'll be rolling out these enhancements incrementally and engaging the community along the way. Stay tuned for product updates and feature/design discussions in Discord. Your feedback and suggestions will help shape our products and features for v2!

9/ With Jupiter v2, we progress towards building the most powerful trading engine in DeFi and a platform to replace the need to use CEXes. Keeping to the key JUP Promise of Best Price, Best Token Selection and Best UX!
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2023.03.29 01:18 ctoxyz Negative Value as a Constant

core functions being 100% ignored resulting in products that literally are the opposite of the goal
Boing 737MAX - 1 critical thing - dont crash (crashes + auto-points down) Chrome History - click here to open tabs - it deletes the history ref shown + does not open anything
gets old.
run a google search.. what is the result?
SEOd BS everrrrrrrrrrywhere. the mandate of ensuring things had SUBSTANTANTIVE CONTENT... yeah.. WORD SALAD - ANYONE can make something complicated - brevity = genius
....and Google effectively SPAMMED the INTERNET by making ENDLESS STREAMS of BS.. when seeking data.. you get 95% NOISE
nice value
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2023.03.29 01:18 hoosehouse Just paying it forward part deux (4 of 4)

Just paying it forward part deux (4 of 4)
So I saw the guy who inspired me to post part deux, posted again today with another free $200 in gift cards. What a sicko.. I love you apes. I’d post his name here but I think it’s against the rules, so we’ll just call him redacted. He a legend as are the many of you who contribute daily. To those, I am forever thankful. I have and will continue donating to the community projects as they come up because you guys rock.
Here’s to hoping that another ape can make it a trilogy and throw another $100 in gift cards out while we all explore Gmerica tomorrow.
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2023.03.29 01:16 MountainTrekkie Help with noisy new furnace

I had a trane high efficiency furnace installed a couple of months ago. The compressor (I think that's what it's called? The one that kicks on before the blower) motor is very noisy to me, making a high pitched humming noise when its running When the blower kicks in, it mutes the sound a bit, but before, and sometimes after, there's this whining hum that's honestly driving me to distraction. It's caused sleep deprevation. It wakes me up through prescription sleeping medication. My husband can't hear it at all. I wish that I was losing my hearing like that lol. I've had three seperate HVAC technicians come in to look at it, all have said it's the normal running noise of the motor. I have a small house, the furnace is in the middle of the basement and can't be closeted in any more than it is due to the placement of load bearing walls and a brick chimney. I can hear it everywhere in the house, upstairs and in the basement. Is there anything I can do to dampen the noise? Could I use noise dampening material on the outside of the furnace, or is that unsafe? I've experimented, if I smother the area where the noisy motor is with a pillow, the noise decreases to a near acceptable level. Any other suggestions that I can try? I'd like to be able to sleep through the night again.
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2023.03.29 01:13 Background-Jury-2719 i don’t know what’s happening

i hit my head yesterday at around 2pm, it wasn’t that hard and it was in the back of it but it was enough to make it hurt for a couple seconds. then afterwards i was having really bad anxiety and it just went away for the rest of the day. ever since 11am today i’ve been feeling really weird, my head and eyes have slightly been hurting (it comes and goes) and i feel kinda dizzy but that worsens when i get really anxious which is happening rn. i don’t want a concussion, i don’t want to go to the doctor or the ER and i don’t want to tu* or die. does this sound like a concussion????
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2023.03.29 01:13 Kxrrasami BWI5 Probably one of the worst sortation buildings ever

I work at BWI5 and I’m quite frankly looking for a new job. Our site leader has change and ever since then the building has been on a downward spiral. New area managers that don’t know anything that’s going on in any area which just confuses us because one tells us to do this and then another comes around and says no do this instead, the absurd amount of changes that happen twice a week. I come back from my days off to us (work in outbound) having to do something different that makes no sense compared to what we did before. Not to forget these new changes has made a lot of PA’s and Area managers quit or transfer to a new building. I have a feeling this building won’t last very long if it keeps going this route. Anyone else who works at sortation center’s building is just terrible?
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2023.03.29 01:10 heiscursed This is a practice run of my “Dear Jane letter”.

Dear Jane,
The past few months since you begged for me to come back and be your man again have been brutal. Our spark seemed to had returned but as of recently it’s gone out completely and I feel just as hurt as I did when we first split up. The way you choose to speak and behave towards me only shows that you haven’t changed at all, you are approaching the exact same boundaries I set expecting a different result, you’re emotionally abusive and unstable, you’re a liar and a bully and You are somehow able to retract your love but at the same time you won’t let me go, so I think this time around I see it’s best I don’t make you let me go but I see myself out of this relationship. I don’t want to be your friend, everything that comes with being in a relationship with me is going along with me, no makes games, no more story telling, no more updates, no more jokes, nothing. I really loved you and I knew that you would be a difficult woman to handle in the first place but it’s clear that my affections and care mean nothing to you so I’m not going to waste my breath anymore. Best of luck to you.
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2023.03.29 01:10 richieedoodlee Heyyy its me again :)

You probably saw me yesterday make a post saying how hyped I was for this port to the PC and I was so excited to play the game for my first time after waiting for years. (That post blew up randomly thank you guys btw)
i think imma just buy a used ps4 at this point...

1st off: I HAVE ABOVE-MINIMUM SPECS FOR THIS GAME!!! I wasn't expecting it to be great, I thought maybe medium graphics would be the go-to. I load in and I saw it wanted me to use low settings and my VRAM was like 2000mbs over usage bro. I thought it was gonna be alright and it was no big deal. I load in, everything is laggy asssss hellllll. I mean the game still ran good at 60fps and I didnt crash at all like other people were, but the quality kept getting worse and worse as I was playing and It literally became unplayable so I just hopped off. Just for relativity, I play red dead 2 at high and ultra settings and it's absolutely beautiful and baffling.
2nd: Got home at around 4-ish, and didnt start playing until about 6:15 or smth like that. (Yes, I did only get like 50 minutes of gaming before I just had to straight up hop off.) Honestly the waiting for 2 hours I didnt mind because I was doing a lot of other stuff and playing some other games to keep me busy but I definitely understand how people got angry about that. It still kinda upset me but I remained hopeful.
I'm hoping patch updates will be released VERRRRYYY soon to fix this.

Moral of the story: Iron galaxy sucks.

I think I already know the answers, but what're your guys opinions on this port?
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2023.03.29 01:09 NickShininger Why I’m bullish on ATOS (Atossa Therapeutics) and you should be too.

Listen up, apparently a lot of people give this stock crap because they got burned after it shot up to all time highs in 2021. However, this is why I see ATOS as an exciting investment into the future.
First, the company has over $100 million in cash with NO debt which is rare for a small cap pharma stock. It is currently trading below cash value ($.66 at the time this was written). They have a cash burn rate of approximately $5 million per quarter which allows them to continue operations without raising additional capital for years into the future.
The exciting part is that they have 3 separate Phase 2 trials going for their Z-Endoxifen. As a bit of background, Endoxifen is currently a part of Tamoxifen that is used to prevent and treat ER+ HER2 breast cancer. They recently had a separate Phase 2 trial cancelled early because results were so overwhelmingly positive. Endoxifen has the chance to replace Tamoxifen as the primary prevention and treatment drug for breast cancer as it has currently showed little to no side effects and a higher efficacy during the window of opportunity for prevention in both preclinical, phase 1 trials, and the phase 2 trial mentioned above.
The phase 2 trials they have ongoing is one in Sweden and two in the United States, with one recently being announced that it is being conducted with Quantum Leap Healthcare’s I-Spy trial focusing on advancing breast cancer research and bringing cancer drugs to market. Additionally, ATOS carries two patents now for Endoxifen so any other company that would want to use the drug would have to go to them first.
Lastly, ATOS recently bought 19% of Dynamic Cell Therapies which is a CAR-T focused, clinical trial company that addresses difficult-to-treat cancers. This will further help ATOS grow their pipeline and look into other opportunities for cancer treatment if needed.
The most exciting thing is that the CEO has stated multiple times that they plan on looking to be bought out after positive phase 2 trial results. Given the previous success with Endoxifen in earlier trials, I am confident that these Phase 2 trials will produce positive data and big pharma will be interested. The CEO already has 7 other FDA approved products on the market as well. The stock has been beaten down like many other bios as Phase 2 trials are ongoing and I believe it is a great opportunity to get in. GLTA.
Disclaimer: \This is not FA. For full transparency, my current position is 8600 shares at a .73 average.*
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