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2023.04.01 22:12 MagicalForestSeeker Is there any harm leaving a cyst I've had for a long time?

I'm 24 and I have a penny sized cyst in my left breast and I can't remember exactly what age it appeared but I know I was in middle school at the time. I first noticed it when I felt a sharp pain and aching where it was and then I felt the hard lump.
My parents took me to get it checked out and the doctor said it was benign (non-cancerous) and she told me to put a heating pad on it for 15 minutes 3 times a day for a couple weeks and after I did that the pain and aching stopped. The doctor said we could surgically remove it but my parents had no health insurance and couldn't afford the surgery so it's still been there all these years.
I haven't had any breast exams done since but I guess now that I'm getting older I'm wondering if I should get it taken out or if there's no harm leaving it since I've already had it most of my life.
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2023.04.01 22:08 Certain-Tax5001 suddenly having bouts of really bad upper back pain (18F)

I've had random periods of intense back pain in the last month or two months. It feels like it's in my upper back, maybe my spine. I've never had trouble with this before, and nothing about my meds/routine has changed lately. It'll be so bad that I can't sleep, or I wake up every 30 mins during the night if I'm lucky enough to fall asleep. I take daily antidepressants, loratadine for allergies, and hydroxyzine + melatonin at night. I've taken all of these daily for over a year (since winter 2021). I don't do any drugs and I barely ever smoke cigs. My stomach is pretty sensitive and I am definitely allergic to lactose/dairy. At first, I thought it may be just a severe reaction to eating an ice cream sandwich, but I think the pain lasted too long to be allergy related. I'm not sure if these things make a difference, but I've found that ice packs work a lot better than heating pads, and ibuprofen didn't do much but I got some Advil or Aleve (not sure which one lmao) that's specifically for back pain and it helped more. This has happened 3/4 times, and the longest the pain has lasted is up to 3 days. I don't work out or lift weights. I do walk around a lot at college with my backpack on, which could aggravate my back pain but I definitely don't think it's causing it. Plus, I'm in my second semester of college and this just now started happening. My menstrual cycle doesn't seem to affect it because it's happened at many different times during my cycle. I've tried to give as much relevant information as I could come up with in this post. Thank you in advance to anyone who responds, I appreciate any help I can get because I don't want to go to the doctor unless it's entirely necessary (I'm American so the healthcare system's a pain lol).
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2023.04.01 21:54 TotallyaNinja Terran Activities Do's and Don'ts 1/?

This will briefly introduce Terran's hobbies, recreational activities, and actions, both as a guide and warning with a short story for better context. If a Human offers an activity as a “bonding” moment please reference these documents if it is safe for your species or personal well-being.
The first activity will be Sky Diving. Not Flying, Gliding, "Moon-Walk", Grav-Shift ParkouFree-running, or any activity not explicitly defined but denotes aerial activity. Sky Swimming will be mentioned in tandem briefly.
Risk: Death, Permanent Debilitation, Mental & Physical Trauma.
Species who can survive: Terrans*.
*No species can survive a fall from orbit. Terrans arguments and safety measures allow a modicum of success but critical failures still occur leading to severe injury.
Any other species would die of air pressure, lack of breathable air, high velocity, abrupt change in velocity, and stress. Vesha can potentially survive if they are in peak condition, are provided with respiratory aid, and have Grav-Shift harnesses monitored by at least a grade-IV VI companion.
This activity was traditionally conducted from around 4000 [Terran Unit: Meters] or 10000 [Terran Unit: Feet] with a polymer substance typically Nylon, Kevlar, or a blend of several fabrics woven into a parachute. A parachute being a material canopy deployed from a portable container to break ones fall in this context.
This act would be more accurately called break falling. As the act itself entirely encompasses the usage of assistance to reach high altitudes to leap off into freefall and with the usage of parachutes to safely slow and land.
Historically humans could not survive a drop any higher than 30 Meters on their cradle planet. Current Terrans can survive far more.
Those unfamiliar with Terrans may be asking why they would willingly subject themselves to such an activity. The answer may differ per individual but the "rush" of it can cause joy as it is a thrill to them.
Some more wild members of their society are dubbed Adrenaline Junkies. Adrenaline being one of the few natural chemicals that entail them to accomplish the more absurd acts you have heard. High stress situations will cause a release of it.
Of note is that whilst not all species can naturally produce Adrenaline, not all than can do enjoy it. Nor do all Terrans enjoy stress as such it is ill advised to actively stress them out.
Addendum: Icarus Peaks
With the public opening of Icarus Peaks, those with any understanding of Terran history may be laughing, face-palming, or a mixture of both, many Terrans will be surely attracted to the "unique" opportunity. This facility will be mentioned heavily in this document and as such, some context will be provided.
Icarus Peaks is founded and created by a Terran trailblazer. Residing in the Helios system on the planet Rol'Percep. This system is notably marked on the now famous Nike Trail a collection of systems, planets, and locations for any and all recreational activities.
Rol'Percep has a naturally high oxygen atmosphere with a lower than standard gravity. Nearly a 3rd of Terran's and about 3/4ths the galactic standard. The terrain is notably rolling hills, valleys, and plains. Except for one extremely dense mountain range with some peaks going so far as breaching the local stratosphere.
Icarus Peaks as they are now called is the term for this mountain range and the facility constructed upon it. From free gliding, mountain climbing, hiking, and more. The facility offers a large variety of activities and luxuries. One such activity at the highest point is the subject of this article and story.
Thanks to the state-of-the-art medical facilities and staff, not one death has been confirmed although severe injury has been reported due to accidents. Notably of Terran, Veshan, or other crucible world species ignoring standard safety precautions.
Whilst the facility maintains strict safety regulations, should one waiver the safeties of their own volition the facility will take no action to impede one on their venture unless another individual is at risk of harm.
With this context, the following will be a story concerning the risks of Sky Diving. It should be noted as mentioned earlier the individuals within the story chose to waive the safeties and willingly took this action of their own volition against Icarus Peaks' precautionary advice.
The following is created from recordings and interviews using Simulacra, as such all rights...
Loading... Sky_Diving_Veshan:
In an economy class suite, 3 friends are making plans for their final day before heading back home. They had strived to do as much as they could during their short break and had been successful so far in hitting every major event checkbox available to them. The last one unmarked was the joke suggestion of sky diving from the namesake Icarus peaks. From the stratosphere to sea level with nothing but a gravchute.
"I'm just saying. [Michael] is Vesha, they are tougher than we are." The first spoke, A young Terran female with fire in her eyes. Short for a Terran at 155 cm she only matched her companions in height and musculature. Her hair was dyed a variety of blues tied into a short ponytail as to not interrupt her action filled lifestyle. Her energetic nature barely contained within her small frame.
"Yea he's tough but not flexible or as reactive. Who knows what will happen in freefall. He might snap in two from the deployment. Think for a second Rosa, the staff advises any and all non-Terrans to not even attempt it for a reason." The second Terran replied from the bed. Fully exhausted from their day's adventure. Holding on to lucidity in hopes of keeping their Veshan friend alive from Rosa's antics.
By far the tallest of the group at 200 cm but the least physically active of the group. Auburn hair swept back and trimmed short for his escapades, often being dragged by Rosa and more recently [Michael] on more tiresome adventures. Preferring hikes, stargazing, and more sensible activities at a moderate pace. He was lean but found incapable of keeping up with his peers.
"If there is no precedent for Vesha to sky dive... why can't I be the first?" [Michael] asks with an innocent tone. Scrolling through his holo-pad looking for information concerning Vesha and attempts at sky diving with little results. Like most Vesha [Michael] was androgynous to Terran aesthetics. Their sexual dimorphism only in genitalia and psychology.
A shorter Veshan at about 180 cm he had the common light green skin much of his race did. Toned and well defined musculature supported his body similar to humans aside from their 4 arms. Whilst Terrans can carry a larger range of motion due to ball joints. They simply developed more limbs with a certain range of motion to carry out tasks.
"See Chen? He's thinking big. We can record the whole thing! It'll be a galactic first! They got good medical staff too. We can just tell them before hand. [Michael] will survive no problem." A quick ping confirming that in fact a dedicated medical facility was near by for any and all that attempted to do anything related to the name sake mountain.
"Yea this is a losing battle. [Michael] I suggest you update your will. I'm gonna try to get at least 6 hours before this. G'night." Promptly passing out shortly after their statement.
[Michael] following the suggestion updates his will, contacts the medical facility concerning the plans for the next day, and heads to sleep. Rosa heads out to get in one last late night workout before finally going to sleep.
The trio finally meet up next day to an unexpected knock on their door. Opening it to find a fellow crucible-world species staff member awaiting them. A member of the Lyisu race, similar to the Terran centipede as multi segmented arthropods. Hard chitin exoskeleton with calcium plates granting them toughness beyond measure. Their fully functioning appendages grant them swiftness unbecoming of their size. These combined allow them to do great in difficult terrain. Often found employed in some form of search and rescue.
"Oh. Hello?" Rosa reflexively squirms at the sight of the Lyisu before chiding herself internally. Before she could get out another statement attempting to disguise her earlier involuntary revulsion the individual before her spoke first.
"No need for apologies. I have done my research concerning my Terran counterpart. You're fear is justified so long as you do not continue insult. Your fluster and attempt at apology is more than enough. Moving on to official business. I go by [Marigold] and am here on behalf of Icarus Peaks in case of emergency. As you all have signed the waiver abolishing us of responsibility, the higher ups have deemed it still fit for some semblance of care on our end, if that is all right with you."
"Yes please. I couldn't convince them out of it and I was gonna ask if it was possible to get someone on standby anyway. This works out great." Chen spoke from behind Rosa, still half asleep whilst the other two had been up for an hour discussing plans.
"Alright sleepy beauty. Meet us in the lobby in 15 minutes. If you're late by a second we heading up without you. Toodle-doo." With that, the trio grabbed their equipment and headed for the lobby whilst Chen dragged himself out of bed.
The short trip from the central hub to the peak was a surprise to the trio. As whilst the hub and central facility was at the base of the name sake peak it shot off in many branches and extensions. Taking a dedicated vehicle equivalent to a hot air balloon but with anti grav generators amongst other modifications.
"Is the recording going?" Rosa ever terrible with technology inquires to [Michael] who promptly rewinds the recording to her stuffing her face during breakfast. Rosa's face flushes red and misses a swipe for the recording device.
"You'll have to do better than that... Hey Chen? How well is this gonna be able to travel with us during free fall?"
"The device you carry is a Hunter model recording device. It was built with flight, tracking, and more for active goers who wish to record quality videos without hassle or skill. It should be able to keep up quite well with the endeavor." Came from the voice above causing once again Rosa to jump as the individual snaked downwards towards them.
"Perfect! I can't wait for this! I haven't gone sky diving since I was in Andromeda." Rosa nearly halfway out of the lift enjoying the view. [Marigold] unsubtly shifting himself closer for quick action should the need arise. Chen mouthing a silent thank you to them, whether they registered it didn't show... or at least Chen couldn't tell by Lyisu standards.

Before [Marigold] could speak or gesture, Rosa leaps off the lift upon arriving at the dock. With an exaggerated inhale looks over the cliff and waiting for the camera to pan to her.
"I'm on top of the world!" Echoed off throughout the range with Chen face palming behind her.
"Safeties are all checked, medical is prepared at the base and the halfway point, and weather has and always will be all clear. Shall we make history?" [Michael] like many of his race fearless to a fault felt a tinge of dread spiking through his body. To die was natural, to journey with companions as wonderful as his was an honor, and for him to bring renown to his clan in such a way would not be the worst way to go.
As he prepared himself mentally he saw out of the corner of his eye a blue streak blur past him. A scream short followed as it leapt off the mountain. Connecting the dots and the simple fact there was only one individual stupid and impulsive enough up here allowed him the courage to follow. Seeing Chen trailing shortly ahead of him attempting to catch up to their reckless friend.
"CANNOOONNNN BAAAAAALL." Could be heard off the cliff face. [Marigold] actually dumbfounded quickly rectified to com the medical teams below of the first departure. Chen gave a quick nod to [Michael] before taking the leap himself.
"Ancestors above watch over me. May I join you in your halls or claim glory by my own grasp." A small prayer. A deep breath. Deafening wind blowing past.
As [Michael] opened his eyes the world before him was a blur as the mountain zipped by him as he angled himself away from the base. An attempt to move was made but Chen's words quickly ran through his head as he felt his limbs couldn't resist pressure.
Panic fully ran through him as he struggled in his own harness. The VI alerted him it was in control subtly guiding him to the designated landing zone. A fact missed by [Michael] in his flailing only stopped when [Marigold] dropped in from above and wrapping him.
"Hello? I am using low band emergency frequency. I have you. You are safe. Your VI is fully functioning. You will hurt yourself if you continue to flail around. Take a deep breath. I'm restraining you for your own safety right now."
"Everything alright?" A familiar voice. Opening his eyes [Michael] sees Chen having slowed his descent to match the two. "The halfway point is about 1300 meters down. We can check out there if you don't want to keep going."
As the world zips by [Michael] sees his friend with nothing but concern on his face for him. Not the wind bellowing by, not the risk of harm, nor the humongous arthropod clinging to him. His companions concern for him and his enjoyment of their activity over his own.
Peering behind him struggling to keep up was the hunter camera drone taking the appearance of a diving falcon found on Terra Sol. His failure and panic already recorded. Whilst his companions would surely remove it at his request. He would always remember this.
Closing his eyes he thought of his two companions. Rosa the wild, a maelstrom of energy and activity. She never speaks of fear but fears deeply loneliness and boredom. Chen the steady, a kind breeze that cares and moves at his own pace. He speaks of worries often but gathers the courage to continue onward in face of it.
Two brave souls who allowed him to traverse the stars with them. Seeking adventure in face of fear and risk. [Michael] gathered himself. A soft pat on the hard chitin of the gentle guide.
The grip released slowly, he saw his companion hovering close. Rosa below having finally realized the situation and slowing her descent to match. The drone falling in closer.
"[Michael]?" A soft hand gripped his shoulders. Locking their shoulders so they stay connected like divers did before. Rosa entered the frequency range just below cursing as she struggled to slow herself more. Attempting to get closer faster to comfort him.
A laugh rang out through the frequency.
"I am blessed with a great life. A wonderous journey, blessed experiences, and more. But none would be possible without my companions. I am bolstered by the two of you and I apologize for my lapse. The view is beautiful and I would be honored to complete the descent with you two."
A kind smile and brief nod and the two plummeted down in silence to catch up to Rosa. [Marigold] slithered downward at a distance keeping the drone company. The scene of the three friends in a linked circle falling together stored forevermore.
As clouds zipped by and the view panned further and closer. They laughed and cheered in unison the joy overtaking the fear of [Michaels] joints locking up. The wind was nothing but an orchestra to the songs of friendship they sung in their descent.
With the ground nearing closer and the VI alerted them of their proximity they activated their grav chutes and the journey was completed as they fluttered to the ground. Medical was waiting and ran a check over on all of them but focusing heavily on [Michael].
The trio are safe and continue their journey to this day. [Michael] survived with several injuries including dislocating every arm he had. His recording and medical data allowed for the first of many Vesha to attempt such acts with proper assistance.
Injuries are consistent across their species. Terrans survive with little to no ailments. Lyisu are tough by nature though in failure of equipment will not cause death but debilitating injuries. Vesha often find themselves with issues concerning their joints after such an activity.
As such this activity is rated unsafe for standard participation. Do such Terran activities at your own risk.
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Thanks for reading as always! This is a continuation of my Surviving For Fun series. I guess I'll keep the name SFF as the nickname for this canon? I think a more light hearted series is nice.
Sorry for the delay, when reddit returned after going down I was hit by the draft bug. Should be fixed and gone now though. Back to weekly updates!
Hope you all enjoyed.
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2023.04.01 21:52 iamtheflood Voyageur Legendary Hunter sketch

Voyageur Legendary Hunter sketch
Did a quick sketch of what a Voyageur might look like as a Hunt Showdown legendary.
The timeline works, after losing their trading license in the late 1800s they travel south to the bayou to operate independently in a more… adventurous trade.
I took liberties, and I’m sure the hunt team would, but I cant help think they’d knock it out of the park. More skins, a canoe paddle? They’d get wild with it - and it would be awesome.
What do ya think? Let’s get a Voyageur in hunt!
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2023.04.01 21:35 Liefx Why did a security update change my UI to be huge?

Also who thought this was a good idea. The padding on folders is literally half my screen now.
Is this a bug? How do I change it back? I can't believe someone actually made a design decision to do this.
Chrome used to be reachable with my thumb. it's double the size it was before.
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2023.04.01 21:32 PC3ngineNEC Analog Four MKII sequencer long notes, how to programm?

Hi All,
i recently bought an Analog Four MKII, earlier this evening i fiddled around on a sound which sounds as played in reverse. As i was happy with the result, i went into sequencer edit mode and placed ONE NOTE TRIG at the first step.
I then hit play to hear the result, but no sound gets produced.
Could this be that the attack of the sound is to slow, so that's the reason no sound is produced? Like the sequencer should hold the note down longer? (think like PAD sounds which needs to held a key down)
If i understand things correctly i (sorry i'm bad at music theory) this should be done with a TIE between 2 Notes as we have 16th's on the sequencer and we can't change the note length of a step, to like for example represent/play a quarter note. So for a quarter note it should be a tie between 1st and 4th step.
I went through the manual but i can't find any informations about TIE's. How is this done?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.04.01 21:32 cogburn My first rifle. Arms too long? Stock too short?

My first rifle. Arms too long? Stock too short?
I don't have any gun shops around me that carry DD to try them out. I found a deal. So, I ended up ordering this M4A1 then had it shipped to my FFL, and hoped for the best. Picked it up today and the gun looks great. I can't wait to put some sights on it and take it out for some practice. I love how solid it feels.
However, I think the stock feels short. I could swap out the pad on the end for the thicker one but that's still a little lacking. I should've seen it coming, but it didnt occur to me that my 6'6" wingspan would be too much for an adjustable stock.
Wondering what options I have.
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2023.04.01 21:16 AbjectBasket7 Dev on Windows

I've been trying to start some game development on Windows and I'm not getting very far.
SBCL and Emacs windows builds work fine but many libraries need to invoke GCC and FFI.
I got GCC working via msys2 but it only seems to work properly from within a cygwin environment.
Eventually I got Roswell to compile (instructions on website are useless for Windows. Had to do my own digging) from within cygwin/msys but it then expected Unix style paths and environment so I needed to run Emacs from msys too.
I got Emacs working but it can't download any packages. It hangs verifying signatures.pgp or something like that
I ignored Emacs and tried to ql:quickload some libraries using Roswell's SBCL in msys to see if GCC was more successful and sketch still failed but with a different error.
trivial-gamekit (possibly abandoned, no updates or issues closed since 2021. Why is it on the awesome list, in fact lots of 'awsome' libraries seem to be abandoned. Game engines that haven't been updated since 2017 are not awesome.) just hangs when you try to quickload it.
The awesome list should have the last commit date next to the library. Obviously it doesn't matter if Alexandria hasn't been updated recently but a games engine is going to need ongoing work, especially when bugs are still being raised.
Padding the awesome list with abandoned or broken libraries isn't helping anyone.
Sdl2 works on Windows but is quite low level.
CL-Ncurses fails to build and seems to be abandoned.
I know CL has a very small community and probably a tiny minority of that use Windows so I should probably give up and develop on Linux but Windows is the main OS used by gamers.
Is it possible to develop with CL on Windows if you need GCC for packages?
Maybe I'll just write a AAA text adventure :D
End of venting.
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2023.04.01 21:10 Nerdy_Squid748 I honestly can't enjoy this game anymore

Matchmaking sucks where you get paired with the worst players of Master Rank while the opposing team is somehow in sync with each other where they take both goals 4 mins into the match.
Standard is infested with the worst players in general and bots who somehow do worse and better than these same players. The icing on the cake was when my bot game, we (I) took out the entire team, but for some fucking reason the damn bots just ran around in circles untill the opposing team respawned. The opposing team took us all out and then they took ray. The only non bot team mate just ran around the pad and did nothing. This shit fucking sucks and I just can't deal with it anymore. I'm done.
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2023.04.01 21:08 ChikadeeBomb 3ds Screw with No Head- how to remove the screw?

I am unfortunately stuck. I have been trying to fix the 3ds xl's circle pad, and to do so, you need to switch it out
I removed the shell of the 3ds and most of the screws, except for one on the hinge. The one on the hinge was stripped. I tried getting it out and I even tried asking someone else to get it out, but the tools couldn't catch on it.
Tried to use the super glue method, and it ended up breaking the head to some degree. Not sure if it's entirely broken or if it's broken off a bit, because I don't see the head anymore.
Now the body of the screw is stuck in the hinge of the 3ds xl and i can't figure out how to remove it.
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2023.04.01 20:47 jojos6894 Ender 3 s1pro can't finish a print

Ender 3 s1pro can't finish a print
Can't get a good first layer, ender 3 s1 pro. Was trying to print a few ariculated prints and the nozzle always kicks them out of bed, and now even this one isn't working...
I have recalbirated the sonic pad, screws, probe, auto lvl, yet the prints keep failing.. I've added 2 more pics of the dragon bust
I was trying to print and at some point the print just shifted.. Please help
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2023.04.01 20:38 TheLoneGoon Boxing with piercings?

Hello guys, i used to do a bit of boxing about 6 years ago and i want to get back into it. Problem is, i now have 4 piercings and an earring. The earring is no problem, i can just take it out and put back whenever i want but i have 3 helix piercings and one tragus piercing. They have all healed and dont hurt while moving them but they do occasionally hurt when they get caught on something. I cant really remove them by myself and even if i did, i wouldnt be able to put them back myself. I am an amateur, and i just want to do some sparring with some of my friends, so we would be wearing boxing helmets but i dont think the cushions on those helmets would really protect against say, a right hook to the head. I should also mention that all the piercings and the earring i mentioned are on my right ear. Is there a way i could make a padded cup or something similar to protect my piercings or do i have to remove them?
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2023.04.01 20:23 Designer-Data3110 It was so much fun sketching something out of The #berserkmanga . Can't believe I did it. #kentaromiura has created one of the most beautiful and dark stories of all time. It's been an honor to try and mimic his work on a paper.

It was so much fun sketching something out of The #berserkmanga . Can't believe I did it. #kentaromiura has created one of the most beautiful and dark stories of all time. It's been an honor to try and mimic his work on a paper. submitted by Designer-Data3110 to Berserk [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 20:08 Pannenkoekjesman Removing rubber from Powerplay and using with a deskpad

Removing rubber from Powerplay and using with a deskpad
Hello there! I removed the rubber from my Powerplay mat and have been using it with my own deskpad for a couple weeks now. This is sort of a guide to anyone considering attempting a similar surgery on their own Powerplay.


While the risk of the disassembly as I performed it was pretty minimal, this will obviously void your warranty. If you do this, go slowly around the ribbon, Lightspeed receiver (what I call the rectangle on top) and coil. If you can't afford or don't want to pay for a new mat, do not do this. I also recommend reading this post fully before attempting anything yourself to find out if this is a good project for you. Also, spilling anything now will much more likely enter the Lightspeed receiver or rust away the contacts between the ribbon and coil, and you can't easily clean those areas out without further disassembly.
I also did not do a full teardown. I was not brave enough to remove the plastic support for the charging coil and ribbon cable (see images 3 and 4). This plastic support consists of two pieces (see image 4); the bottom piece is thinner than the top, but I don't know exactly how much. I'd estimate about 0.3 to 0.4mm could have been shaved off the current 1.05mm height (also see image 5) by removing the bottom plastic piece. This would however have come at a much greater risk of damaging the fragile ribbon cable or even the coil itself. If I glued the Powerplay mat to this deskpad, this risk could probably be mostly mitigated, but I don't want to run the risk of damage during further disassembly, and don't mind the current thickness of the mat.


The ribbon cable area lives on top of the bottom plastic piece (see image 3), so when applying any pressure with your finger, you can easily feel this. This is because the ribbon is thinner than the coil PCB itself which the top plastic piece is designed for (so the transition from the plastic to the coil can't be easily felt). While using a mouse, I can't notice the recessed area all, as it is not nearly wide enough for a mouse to dip into this area. At the same time the ribbon has a bit of bounciness, so with the right lighting, you can see it stick up a bit (when no pressure is applied). This last point may be reduced/mitigated by gluing the ribbon to the bottom plastic piece.
I'm also not a professional gamer that needs a giant mousepad, so I don't move my mouse off the Powerplay mat. This mod is mostly just for visuals, so for me it works really well. If you do want to move your mouse off the mat, you can definitely still feel the bump. If this bothers you, either don't do the mod, or try minimizing the feeling by buying a thicker mousepad and disassembling the Powerplay further, like described above.


The deskpad is a Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma in black. I'm not a pro in mousepads, but I like this one, as it's not too small or too big and it's comfortable for my wrists while typing. It also doesn't move around too much and it matches the depth of the Powerplay nicely in my opinion (about 23mm from the bottom edge of the Powerplay plastic to the bottom edge of the black cloth of the deskpad).
According to the internet the pad is about 3mm thick. It's worth pointing out that the thinner the deskpad, the more visible the Powerplay will become. The black color is quite important for a good visual effect I think. I don't have a white deskpad to verify my theory, but with how visible the height difference is with a camera looking from above (see image 2), I think a white pad would really highlight the height difference between the mat and the Powerplay area and ribbon.
Before the Powerplay mat, I used a Mercury white (gray) version of this same mat for over a year. It's quite nice, though I don't like the Razer Synapse splash screen, so I removed the software, and the RGB still works exactly as it should.
The RGB can't sync to the Powerplay mat as far as I know. Disabling the Powerplay RGB or maybe trying to use some Razer RGB designer software to try and match the speed and starting color may fix this for you, but I did not try, as it does not bother me enough to put in any effort into changing it.


There is A LOT of glue holding the rubber to the plastic support and even a bit on the coil itself. Removing the rubber is not difficult at all, but removing the glue is. It is not strictly necessary, but I did do it. I did not want my desk and the bottom of my deskpad to get ruined by sticky glue leftovers and it reduces the height of the pad by about 0.2mm (from ~1.25mm to ~1.05mm) as a bonus, so I removed all of it. The white stuff in images 3 and 4 is glue, but it's the glue holding the bottom and top pieces of plastic together, and I left this support structure intact. I removed the rubber in a couple minutes, but the glue took about 5 hours of scrubbing.
The coil is glued to the bottom plastic piece, and also to the top rubber piece, though not very strongly. The ribbon was either not glued or very minimally to the plastic on bottom and definitely not to the rubber on top.
For removing the rubber, you can just start pulling from a corner. Take it slower when around the coil and very slowly around the ribbon. Because the ribbon wasn't glued to the top rubber (in my case), the risks when removing the rubber is not as big as you might think, but I would still not risk any having seeped in from the factory and destroying it during the rubber removal process, so go very slowly. Don't be afraid to use force to remove the rubber, but try to avoid bending the coil too much, and again, use very minimal force around the ribbon.
There are probably better ways to remove the glue, but I used just over a roll of toilet paper and about three-quarters of a small can of WD-40 to achieve this. Spraying an area with a bit of WD-40 and waiting for a bit, then removing the glue by using toilet paper in a circular motion did the trick for me. While the aesthetics don't really matter all that much when it's underneath a different mat, this method made no deep scratches, while my earlier attempt with an iFixit metal spudger made permanent deep scratches.

Final remarks

Despite all the downsides and effort, I would highly recommend this mod (as long as the downsides don't bother you personally). Just be careful and it'll be fine.
I've been using it for a few weeks now, and the charging works perfectly fine. I tested discharging my G Pro X Superlight to <70%, and the Powerplay mat charged it right back to >80% within a very normal-feeling time. I haven't noticed anything unusual about its functionality, and I've quite enjoyed using a deskpad again.
I hope you were able to learn something from this! While I've tried to be exhaustive in this post, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them and I'll answer them as best I can!

This is off-topic, but if you are experiencing the bug where using the Powerplay wakes up your PC from sleep, hibernation or a black screen on Windows without moving the mouse, disable USB Selective Suspend in settings (look it up if you want to know more). This still wakes up your PC when moving the mouse and I've noticed nothing else go wrong.
1. Powerplay underneath Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma in black. The height difference is unnoticeable to the eye with a black deskpad if the lighting is right. With bright lighting it is visible, though not distracting to me.
2. Powerplay underneath deskpad, from above. With a camera or with a not-black deskpad, you can easily see the height difference on the left of the Powerplay area and the ribbon cable. The bottom edge is not really visible, despite it being about 23mm from the bottom black edge of the deskpad, indicating that the lighting conditions (brightness and angle) significantly affect the visibility of imperfections in the surface.
3. Powerplay mat without rubber or mouse-/deskpad from above.
4. Powerplay mat on desk. With good eyesight, you can also make out the seam between the top and bottom pieces of plastic in the support structure.
5. Width of main portion (~1.05mm)
6. Width of slightly thicker portion underneath Lightspeed receiver (~1.77mm)
7. Width of Lightspeed receiver for reference (~10.70mm)
submitted by Pannenkoekjesman to LogitechG [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 19:39 Fluffy-Hedgehog-69 2 Kindle pads for an education solution

2 Kindle pads for an education solution
Since Kindle Scribe is born, I'm obsessed by an idea. Appear two Kindles to create the perfect education tool :
A specific app is needed to appear the two pads, the best of two screen technology.
Not heavier or more expansive than a classic notebook.
With a kickstand, Folio must be able to link the 2 pads as a notebook. Scribe can be used to take notes, or as a keyboard or a graphic pad. Notes can be colorized on the other screen
Folio must be designed to take the Scribe to read a book, the Fire to take photos or movies and replace it quickly (magnets ?).
submitted by Fluffy-Hedgehog-69 to u/Fluffy-Hedgehog-69 [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 19:31 Comfortable_Cash_162 Help, dell technician diagnosing/fixing heatsink.

So i have a dell g15 5521 (3070ti and i9-12900H) the CPU hits 98c with about a average of 85-88 and just going up from there frequently during gaming and i've seen it hit 100c and throttle with HWINFO and presumably the GPU is probably overheating as well. I've had this laptop for less than a year and cleaned out the dust, use a cooling pad and have a AC and desk fan to regulate cool air, i can't undervolt this machine and I see artifacts occasionally.I am worried because the dell customer support up until now has been a joke, they ran me in circles with fixes i've already tried such as updating bios, switching powerplan from balanced to battery saver (because they suggested my laptop can't handle the game i am playing, escape from tarkov) when i get over 120 fps but the temperatures are not sustainable, 5 minutes into the game temps are spiking, first they said my OS was corrupted having me reset my entire pc losing most of my saves and files in the process, they keep telling me they understand my issue but than have me run or do trivial things unrelated to the issue at hand. So now they are sending a technician and this time they are saying my heat sink is faulty, is that possible? I've seen and read so many nightmares about dell technicians making things worse.
So can anyone try to summarize possibly what could be wrong with my laptop and what I should do once a technician sees my device to insure he understands the system he is operating and honestly just get my laptop to run like its going to die within the year, also I do have the accidental damage warranty i would say its been maybe 3=4 months since i've had the laptop
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2023.04.01 19:28 Stewsticles Recent Job Opportunity Help

Hey all.
A company recently contacted me for a remote senior copywriting position, and need some advice or help regarding the situation.
Part of this feels like a scam, but upon more research, I feel like it might not be. As I am searching for jobs on several sites, it is a bit difficult to keep track of who or where I applied to. I recognize this could be my fault.
A company recently contacted me about a position, and it seems amazing. It is just about everything that I have been searching for. I receive an email from the HR department to set up an interview and then am transferred to a recruiter. He sent me an invite on Microsoft Teams and quickly went into a "digital interview." Generic questions and stuff like that. Tells me that after about 30 minutes of chatting, things are going well, and would like to move on to a quick homework assignment of writing a sample blog post.
What strikes me as odd is that this is moving a bit quickly and I can't find this dude on LinkedIn. It also strikes me as odd that they are requiring me to shell out a couple of thousand dollars worth of cash to equip myself with a new Mac, iPad, and some fancy headphones. That is all before the software requirements.
They haven't asked for any real personal information asides from my name and location.
Pretty much torn as I am trying really hard to find work, but don't want to get burned by some scammers.
My question is: real offer or bullshit? Is there anything I should ask them that will tell me if this is real or a scam?
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2023.04.01 19:23 PowerZox I copied these things from a circuit footprint but now I can't delete them (The option isn't there)

I copied these things from a circuit footprint but now I can't delete them (The option isn't there) submitted by PowerZox to Fusion360 [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 19:07 __CleverLever__ Anxious about my niece at my wedding

Okay, I want it known that I love my nieces to the moon and back. I don't have kids myself (by choice) but I would do any thing for them.
That being said, I struggle with my youngest niece (14yo) and I feel recent events have brought things to a head and I'm feeling anxious about my wedding coming up in July.
She has been diagnosed with ADHD. She has recently been on a tangent of My Body, My Choice and stopped taking all her medications. I don't if this was a result but one weekend recently she had my sister's credit card, (with permission to spend a specific amount) niece spent over double what was agreed upon with her mom so as a result, the following weekend niece is out with friends and her mom is saying no to her for literally the first time in her life. Niece is finally experiencing repercussions of her actions. Niece doesn't like this, neither does friend, so friend calls the police/cps and says my niece is being a side. Long story short, niece stayed with my parents for two nights and then went back home saying sorry (I think, I was not kept in the loop by anyone, found out after the fact and as of yet don't know anything new/further just that everything is "back to normal"). My youngest niece also has a penchant for acting out when she's forced to do something she doesn't want to do. Family dinner at grandma and grandpas but she doesn't want to go? Doesn't associate with any one and starts asking to go home as soon as she is done eating (to which she eats like four bites [literally] and says she's not hungry) and continues to hang off my sister and interrupting any conversation until they leave. Out at mall shopping? She gets over stimulated and wants to go and whines and acts out until she gets what she wants. This has been a pattern her whole life. I'm trying to be empathetic to the fact that she has ADHD but I'm firmly of the belief that boundaries are important with kids with this diagnosis and she has had none. At four her parents wouldn't take her iPad away because she would scream and her dad was complaining about it I just asked him who the adult was here? Please forgive me if I'm ignorant here, and please help advise me if you can, I feel horrible. But this is a wedding drama sub so onto the drama:
My fiance and I are planning on a Vegas wedding. The caveat is those who can come are welcome, those who can't are able to watch online. We are fine either way as it is a big expense for a lot of people, travel is dicy these days, and it's really short notice.
Well my sister is coming and bringing her daughters. I'm happy to have them there but I am worried about my youngest niece as they will be there for two days prior to us arriving and three days for the wedding. I am getting anxious about he becoming over stimulated and acting out in one of the many ways she does. I'm not sure how to handle a few things. I was my sister MOH and as much as I want her to be mine, if my niece is not wanting to be there my sister is going to have to be with her as only my sister can comfort her. I am worried I'll offend my sister if I DONT have her as my MOH and I worry if I "proactively deal with this" by having my mom or girlfriend be my MOH.
This is why we were going to Vegas because I have an anxiety disorder and don't like being the center of attention and struggle with dealing with family dynamics on a regular day.
I'm also not wanting my niece to come dress shopping with us for these same reasons. I'm worried she will suddenly not want to be there (which always happenes and has happened even on trips. Even our trip to Mexico!) and the experience (which in already anxious about) will be ruined.
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2023.04.01 19:05 c130 Concepts export format doesn't work to transfer sketches from Android - iPad

I've just paid for Pro essentials on Android, in addition to Windows & iPad, because I thought this would allow me to create notes & drawings on my phone and use the native Concepts export format to copy them onto my other devices (since sync still doesn't exist). But I can't open the exported files on my iPad and as far as I can tell this is a limitation you are aware of but isn't clearly stated in the app or website. It's not obvious before purchase that iOS uses ".concept" and Android/Windows use ".concepts" and these aren't cross compatible.
I've now spent nearly £40 on this app because I love the iPad version so much, however the Windows version is glitchy, it's really unclear that the native filetype on different platforms is not compatible with itself, and honestly I'm really annoyed about having paid the £12.50 fee 3 times even though on 2 of the 3 I only wanted to use the marquee tool and export things to finish on my iPad.
Is there any way to edit drawings across platforms without losing line style information?
And can I get a refund on the Android app?
submitted by c130 to ConceptsApp [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 19:00 Galaxy_the_nightwing The Strays: 4 Abandoned 3/3

[Its been a while. I had a good long spurt of writers block for this part along with college work and tests. Anyways: Warnings for: blood, impaling, abandonment, betrayal, major wounds, and death. Tell me if I forgot anything]
First Previous Next
Starclaws was interrupted from continuing his story by Foxglove's eerily calm voice. "Pardon my intrusion, dear, but I have a question." Starclaws looked back at her and hummed to prompt her. She calmly climbed off of the hammock and stood infront of Starclaws. She cleared her throat before lunging at the nightwing, grabbing his shoulders in an iron grip and roaring into his face.
"YOU ALMOST KILLED YOURSELF!?" The nightwing took a second to gather himself from the sudden shout right in his face then replied. "Not intentionally!" "THAT ISNT ANY BETTER!" "STOP YELLING! ITS NOT LIKE I WANTED TO!"
Foxglove took a few steps back and huffed out a harsh breath to try and calm herself down. "We are talking about this later." She growled at him and he nodded reluctantly. "I know." Foxglove huffed again and crawled back into the hammock, the grey-ish icewing wrapped a wing around her to try and help her calm.
Once she was settled Starclaws slowly resumed working on his axe and continued the story. " when I woke up"
The nightwing came back to consciousness slowly and groggily. It took him a few minutes to gain the energy just to open his eyes. He blinked at the room around him, attempting to lift his head but only gaining a violent shock of pain down his neck when he tried. He whimpered at the pain and tried to curl into himself but that only caused more pain to spark along his scales.
"Oh. Oh! Oh, no! No, no! Calm down, friend. Moving will only make it worse. Just lay flat and relax. The pain will go away in a bit." He didn't know the voice but it was so calming and gentle he did as he was told. After a few minutes of pain that made his entire body throb, it dulled into a low but constant ache.
He was just starting to relax more when he shivered, causing the pain to flare up again. The voice from before was back. "You poor thing. Don't worry. I have something here that should help." He heard the sound of a lid popping open. "Clear warning, though: This will sting a bit at first." He felt a small pressure on the aching scales of his lower back, making him yelp from the pain.
"I know, I know. It hurts. Just bear with me for a bit longer. You'll feel better in a bit, then we can sort out your shivering." For a few long agonizing minutes, the dragon put somthing on his aching scales that slowly numbed them. Soon the dragon moved in front of him and gently lifted his head to work on the top of his eyeridges.
He saw a pale pink-purple drake with their ears lowered sympathetically. "Wh-..." He attempted to croak out, making the dragon's ears perk up and small flaps behind them on his jaw opening a tad. Scarredscales thinks he saw the drake's scales brighten in color a bit too. Scarredscales worked his jaw a bit before retrying. "Wh-who...are you?"
The purple dragon smiled at him and gently put his head back down. As his head was set down he caught glimpse of the dragon wearing dried-leather gloves, that were so worn they had a red-ish color to them. "Im Lilac, friend. Are your shivers from pain or cold?" He took a minute to think about that. Then he struggles out a reply. "'M always cold." It came out more of a pitiful whine than he wanted it to. Lilac hummed and wilted a bit in sympathy then walked out of his view. He could hear that the dragon was still in the room and shifting around a few things, though.
It took a few minutes until a thin cloth was gently draped over his back. The pained nightwing flinched and whined at the small spark of pain just that light pressure created in his aching scales. Lilac apologized with another sympathetic paling of his scales.
It took multiple months for Scarredscales to be able to move around without crippling pain. Then another few months before he barely felt any pain anymore. Within that time Lilac had been helping him out by telling him a variety of different ways to prevent his scales getting that bad and ways to help them heal if they did.
Over the months of his stay, the two had gotten close. It wasnt too deep of a friendship since both of them refused to let down their walls for the other, but it was a friendship nevertheless. Scarredscales told the purple rainwing some of his life as a dragonet, and in return the rainwing told him about the potions he brews and wards he peices together. Both of which he sells to be able to live comfortably and continue brewing.
"Hey, 'scales?" The white drake lifted his head from the scroll about potions he was reading at his name. "Yeah, Li?" The light purple drake smiled at him. "Im going out to the market. Do you wanna come this time?" Scarredscales hesitated. It would be easy to get lost or be abandoned again there, but it has been a while since he's stretched his wings.
Before he could answer, Lilac spoke up again. "If you're concerned about your scales, I sew some clothes for you to cover some of your more sensitive areas." Lilac grabbed cloth from a chest and handed it over to the nightwing.
"Sadly I couldn't find anything to cover your wings without impeding their movement and I know you don't like cloaks so that'll have to do." Scarredscales gave him a smile anyways. "Thank you." Lilac returned his smile and he left the room to finish getting ready to leave. Scarredscales put on the clothes then spotted a loop of chain on the long strip of cloth that was supposed to be wrapped around his tail.
"Hey, Li?" He called out. The rainwing called back from a few rooms over. "Yeah?" "What's this chain?" "Oh, yeah!" The rainwing trotted into the room again. "I nearly forgot!" The rainwing grabbed the chain and hooked his wing around Scarredscales', pulling him into another room, one he hadn't been allowed in before. The rainwing then gave him the chain and opened a set of double doors along the wall.
"You can pick an amulet for your necklace! Each one has a ward of some kind on it that will activate once the necklace is put on and will...." He hesitated, trying to find the best wording. "It'll kinda bond with you, I guess. It won't activate for anyone else, I mean. Anyways, just check the labels for what amulet has what ward. I'll be back to grab you before I leave!" The rainwing then left the room again.
The white nightwing stared at all the amulets for a while, picking what ones he liked and sorting through them by what ward they held, putting back the ones he didn't think would suit him. Slowly he got frustrated after looking through nearly all of the amulets and not finding one that he liked both the design of and the ward with it. Eventually he huffed out a puff of the smoke building in his flame-sack from his growing irritation.
Thats when a glint in the corner of his eye caught his attention. Looking over he saw another amulet sitting in a stand on a desk a few steps away. It was made of a stone that looked similar to a slitted dragon's eye with a bright icey blue coloring to it fading more towards a deep ocean color the farther away from the 'pupil' it got (Blue Cat's Eye gemstone). There were tools and leftover herbs and semi-magical plants around it like it was still being worked on or just finished. With the open ink pot and partially written on label sitting infront of it, he guessed it was the latter. His curiosity peaked, he padded over to read what was written.
In looping easily legible writing there was the usual format for a protection ward he had seen on others.
Protection against: loneliness (+ long-term effects of such), physical, emotional, and mental harm
Drawbacks: ward bonds permanently with user and is made with-
The label stopped there, Lilac probably having needed to get up and do something before he could finish. He weighed the thought of taking this one. Lilac has told him that most of the things he uses to create wards always have some kind of side effect or drawback, but on the other talon, whatever it is will probably be worth it for that much protection.
He weighed the decision a bit but eventually decided to take the amulet. He slipped it onto the loop of chain right before Lilac poked his head into he room. "Ready to go?" He chirped out. Scarredscales smiled at him and nodded. The rainwing retreated from the doorway as the white nightwing slipped the chain over his head, tucking it under his new shirt, and followed behind him.
The two exited the rainwing's den and flew the short distance to the nearest town. The two wandered around for a while, mostly just Scarredscales following Lilac around as he did his business. After a while Lilac turned to Scarredscales. "I just have to talk to one of my business partners and then we can go. You can wait here in the shade if you want. I know the sun is probably getting to you."
The white nightwing hesitated but nodded and wandered to a nearby shaded storefront. He passively watched the dragons around him for a while. Eventually he nearly jumped out of his scales when an almost echoey voice spoke up from beside him. "What are you so nervous for?" Scarredscales whipped his head to the side to meet the blank, almost bored, eyes of a white dragonet just slightly smaller than him.
"Uh, I....what?" The spikey dragonet raised an eyeridge at the stuttered answer. "You know: nervous. You do know what nervousness is, right?" The heavily sarcastic remark caught him off guard and he took a second or two to reply. "Well, friend left to go talk to someone and I....uh..........don't do very well being alone in crowds..." The dragonet's voice was laced with even more sarcasm, if that's even possible, when it replied. "Clearly."
Before he could retort, the spikey dragonet spoke up again. "Im just going to go out on the ice here and guess you haven't done this before." "What do you mean?" The dragonet gave him an expression like it didn't belive he could have gotten any more oblivious and was just proven wrong. "Take a goooood loooong look at me."
It was that moment he realized he could see the street through the dragonet and the dragons around him were giving him looks like he was crazy. He started anxiously glancing around, making the dragonet sigh after a minute or two and reluctantly rise to its claws. "C'mon. Lets get somewhere we can talk." As soon as it said that it rose in the air like it was flying but its wings were still loosely folded on its sides. It looked around for a second before floating off down the street a bit.
Scarredscales hesitated but soon followed with his head down. Every glance from the dragons he passed or slight graze of a wing or tail on his scales from the packed streets made his internal panic grow. The dragonet brought both of them away from the public and between two buildings. It then turned to him and seemed to be caught off guard for a second, nearly bored expression slipping for a second into concern.
Scarredscales was confused about that. Why were they concerned. The ghostly dragonet floated toward him a bit more. "Hey. You're ok. Everything's fine." He only just noticed the near-violent tremors shaking his body and the quick, rattling breaths passing through his lungs. Oh. He's having an episode. Been a while since he's had one of these. Of course he had to have one now. He was just getting better then this comes back to bite him in the tail.
He was broken from the beginning of his spiraling thoughts by an echoey voice. "Hey, hey. No, no, no. None of that. I know what you're thinking. Don't focus on that. Instead focus ooonn....uh....what...tell me what you can see." Huh? Scarredscales blinked and glanced around a bit. What did they- oh. He stared at the ghostly rabbit sitting at his claws. "Its....uh...a rabbit. Floppy ears....wide eyes......looks fluffy..." He slowly spoke through the dark thoughts swirling through his head. Movement at the corner of his eye drew his gaze to a very round and puffy bird perched on a bit of scrap near the wall. "Oh, I've....I think I've seen one of those before..." he tried to remember where or when but it was a bit hard to sort through the thick fog in his mind. " looked a bit different....I think..."
His head tilted as his eyes squinted at the puffy bird. "It had ears....I think.......and....had a darker color.....grey maybe? It's......its eyes weren't as big but....I think it's face was just as flat." The fog cleared a bit at the memory and he found it a bit easier to think. His gaze moved away from the bird and watched a fox trot around him, nose to the ground. "Thats Right?......I like the color of them....kinda a warm redish-brown."
He watched as the fox paused its trot and stared at the ground, head tilting and ears shifting at some sound. He flinched when the fox suddenly lept into the air and faceplanted into the ground, ghostly piles pushed up next to it as it wiggled with its tail stuck in the air. Taken off guard, Scarredscales busted out laughing. Folding in on himself from the strength of his rolling belly laugh.
After a minute of catching his breath he was able to speak, the fog of his dark thoughts having left with barely a trace. "What....what in the three moons was that!?" He decended into another round of laughter, making his current ghostly companion crack a small smile at his mirth. They made the ghostly animals dissapear with a small flick of their wrist. "You ok now, whitey?" With his laughter slowly tapering off he gave the dragonet a look, the light of laughter in his eyes giving away his amusement at the nickname.
"Speak for yourself, spikey. You look like the dragon version of a pinecone" The floating dragonet smirked a tad, feeling the pull of the spellwork keeping together their form urging them to continue the teasing. Not that they wouldn't have anyways. Even without the spellwork allowing them to monitor this dragon's emotional and mental state, it was clear the kid needed the banter.
"Well, excuuuuse me. This is the peak of fashion, thank you very much." They brushed a paw over their neck spikes, pushing them against their scales for a second before using the not-muscles of their ghostly form to fluff them up a bit like a bird with it's feathers. Scarredscales laughed again. "You look like a hedgehog!" The dragonet smirked and lowered to 'stand' on the ground.
"I prefer.....'porcupine'." With that they extended their neck spikes all the way to make them stick up fully and puffed up their sharp scales to only further the effect. The nightwing could barely keep on his feet with how much he was laughing. He only started to plead for mercy when the ghost started strutting up and down the alley like they were on a runway for a fashion show.
"No, please. Stop. Stop. I'm gonna pass out! Please, have mercy! I can't breathe!" Chuckling, the dragonet stopped their strut and floated back into the air, shaking their head and neck to let their spines and scales settle back down against their not-body. Scarredscales took a few minutes to gain his breath back.
The two continued on like that for hours. Eventually they moved to wander the streets of the slowly emptying town. The ghost making sarcastic remarks here and there and causing the nightwing to struggle not to bust out laughing. The longer they wandered and bantered, the more Scarredscales relaxed. He even forgot about his rainwing friend for a good bit. When Scarredscales was studying the items of a stall towards the end of the day, he didn't notice the glance his ghostly companion threw down the street. A purple rainwing with worn-scarlet gloves appeared to meet their eyes and started trying to shove their way over.
"Hey, cloud-face. I think I saw a weapon-cart go that way. Didn't you say you wanted to find something?" The Nightwing nodded without looking, trying to make it seem like he just thought of something, and chirped out a happy bye to the shop owner as he walked in the direction his ghost friend pointed to. The floating icewing threw a glare behind the leaving nightwing, gaining one back from the purple rainwing down the street. A small troop of armored guards walked over to flank the rainwing right when Scarredscales glanced back and spotted said drake.
He perked up and was about to happily call out a greeting to his friend when the rainwing said something that neither of the two could hear. The guards immediately locked their gazes onto the nightwing and took off in his direction. Scarredscales was gripped with fear, unable to move, at the snarls of the larger dragons barreling towards him. His icewing friend broke him out of his frozen state.
"MOVE!" He felt a large pressure shove him to the side, away from the guards, and he needed no further prompting to bolt down the street. His smaller size and tan-ish clothing helped him blend into the streets and passing dragons but the guards were larger and were given the right-of-way by the dragons they passed. As he ran, the nightwing's ghostly friend shouted directions to him for what turns to take and where to run, him following not even a second later within the same stride.
"There! Hide there!" The brightly scaled nightwing slipped into a group of icewings, keeping the majority of the group between him and the turn the guards would take. Not even a second after he merged into the group, the guards whipped around the corner and locked their eyes onto a icewing dragonet with similarly colored clothes as him. They yelled at the dragonet, making them panic and bolt down the street, guards hot on their heels. A few spread their wings and took to the air as they all turned a corner.
Scarredscales took a few minutes to make sure they were gone before slipping away from the group of white dragons and into a small dark alley. He curled up at the very end, pulling up a dark cloth to cover his bright scales as he did. Only then did he let the panic and confusion wash over him.
"What.....why...? I thought we were friends. Why would Lilac do that? Why would he tell guards to chase me?" His ghostly friend floated over to sit infront of him. "You're the first Nightwing many dragons have seen in a very long time. Not only that, but your scales are strangely colored as well. If someone is in the right circles, you can be alot of money." Scarredscales whimpered at the explaination and curled in tighter to himself, draping the cloth completely over himself as childish shield. His ghostly companion seemed unsure on what to do and eventually sighed, deciding to just let him work through this himself. Ignoring the unhappy thrum through their being, they turned away from the whimpering drake to keep watch.
It would take many weeks for that fact to fully sink in and a little over a year of meeting, bonding, building friendships, eventual betrayal, and abandonment from countless dragons in countless ways for him to fully accept it. Eventually he gave up trying to build friendships or find somewhere he felt safe. Giving up the dream that spurred him to leave his own tribe in the first place was a hard hit. It took many days for him to pull himself out of the depressive ditch it threw him into.
Despite the work he made, when he got the news of the nightwings fleeing to the rainforest and being allowed to settle there, all his progress nearly slipped through his claws. It was only by the support of his ghostly friend that allowed him to keep his grasp on the edge of that pit. But as the saying goes: 'time heals all wounds'. It was very slow going with many regressions and worrying teetering on the lip, but he eventually pulled himself away from the drop and became himself again.
Over the years him and his ghostly guardian, that he named 'Blast' because of the large open hole in one side of the ghost's chest that went straight through to the other side. Apparently that was the wound that killed them, not that they could remember what made the large wound. The two grew incredibly close. Blast was Scarredscales' only friend and he didn't mind in the slightest, anymore anyways. They were close enough that they considered each other siblings, despite the obvious differences like tribe and, you know, life.
Two years after that news and one after he heard the rumors of the goings-on on Pantala (said continent finally starting to settle in the new tribes/territories/trade routes/governments/etc, etc) he was walking around a cute little town called 'Estuary', built on boardwalks over a large lake-river on the edge of the ice-sand-sky border. If the continent were a dragon, the town would be around the continent's wing-shoulder.
"This place is nice. If I were alive, I wouldn't mind settling down here." Scarredscales hummed as he glanced over the weres of a stall he was passing, smiling and nodding politely at the stall-owner as he moved on. Continuing his casual wandering down the market streets, he glanced over the crowd. Flicking an ear and twitching the end of his tail in the opposite direction, he silently commented to his friend. It gained an eye roll from his friend as they flipped around in the air to float on their back.
"I know you would, but we both know why we can't." Turning his head and lifting his muzzle slightly to take a few short sniffs of the air, shifting his wings' placement against his sides as he did, he drew a dramatic gasp from his friend as they whipped their head around to stare at him.
"Well, I never! How could you even suggest I would leave you! You wouldn't last a day!" Letting a small smirk twitch one side of his mouth he let himself glance at his friend for a split second before rising to stand upright on his talons and gave someone room to pass infront of him without breaking his stride, flicking his claws to get some spare moisture from them. Or at least that's what it looked like to anyone else. For his ghostly companion, this motion was the greatest offense, causing them to flip around to face their bound companion.
"How dare you! I'll have you know I am not short! You just shot up like an undercurrent!" Scarredscales snorted softly at the response and smiled to himself as he dropped back down to all fours, ducking his head and wings to slip under a large crate being carried by two burly mudwings. This apparently only further teased the now pouting spirit tailing him. He didn't get a reaction to the tease other than pouty grumbles of 'I am not small' and 'stupid nightwing size genetics' along with a few 'why did I have to be bound to him'.
Scarredscales snickered under his breath but let up on the teasing as he scanned the crowd again. He continued his mindless wandering, floating over to stalls when something caught his eye but mostly just letting himself relax in the cool air of the eternal-fall-weather the town stays in. Him and Blast chat back and forth, gossiping, trash talking, and making fun of the crowd around them without anyone even noticing.
Unfortunately, Scarredscales grew a bit too relaxed. He forgot about the real reason he was mindlessly walking circles around the crowded market and accidentally distracted Blast from keeping an eye out. He was reminded of it when he was yanked into an alleyway and painfully slammed against a wall. He didn't think. He immediately lashed out at his attacker with a snarl, drawing an enraged one from said dragon.
The dragon wasn't alone though, there were quite a few in the group and more making their way over from the crowded street. The group blocked his way out of the alley, keeping him from the relative safety of the crowd. Wings twitching at his sides, Blast answered his question. "Nope. There's a good number of them waiting on the rooftops and circling the market from the air. We are well and truly trapped." Dang.
Well if he's going to die, he'll put up one hell of a fight. Rising up, he reached to the handle on his back and grabbed the battleaxe held there. Holding it in both claws, he set his stance and glared that the group. To their credit, the group did hesitate for a second. A few looked to one of the dragons in the front of the group before pulling out thier own weapons. So apparently they aren't all idiots, just led by them.
"Five o'clock, topside." Blast warns him. Whipping around and slashing at the dragon jumping from the roof attempting to attack him from behind, he kicks off the fight. Time becomes irrelevant. It's just a constant stream of attacking, blocking, dodging, and countering. His mind clears of any thought not about the fight around him. The only thing that registers through said blankness is the warnings and orders of Blast and the occasional shoves, nudges, and shifting of his limbs from said ghost to help him dodge as many attacks as possible.
However helpful that blankness was, it ended up to be what allowed something as unassuming as a thrown stone statuette from a stall nearby the alleyway to hit his face and throw him off. Now knocked off guard, he was easily subdued and pinned to the ground. Though, he still fought fang and claw against them to make doing so as hard as possible. To keep him pinned and effectively vulnerable, three of the group had to put all their weight on him.
When the apparent leader stepped close to his pinned form he glared up at them with a snarl slipping past the claws clamping his muzzle to the ground. One eye was closed from the deep cut gushing blood that had been gouged under it from the statue. He felt the dragon who's weight was pressed against his head and neck shift a bit. Then the leader pointed their blade at the newly revealed junction at his jaw and neck in silent threat.
He only stilled because moving would cause the point to draw blood. He glared up at the leader of the group as they started to monolog. He tuned them out, shifting his gaze to just past the dragon to look at Blast. The two shared a glance, feeling like entire paragraphs passed between the two at the speed of light. They had only connected eyes for a second before Blast's attention was drawn from farther down the alley. The ghost quickly sped down that direction and out of Scarredscales' sight. He only tuned back into what the leader was saying when he felt the blade against his neck press further into his scales.
"-more for you if you were dead rather than alive. What do you think boys? Sell him off whole or kill him and sell his peices?" The group hummed with many excited voices chiming in. The leader listened to them for a second before rising a wing to quiet them and turning back to the pinned nightwing with a smirk.
"Looks like peices it is." They drew back the blade to ready the killing blow, making Scarredscales snarl and struggle one last time, closing his eyes to not see the blow coming. The leader ignored his struggles and brought down the blade only for it to halt a few tiny centimeters from his scales. The group, that had been cheering them on, went dead silent. Everything stilled for a few blissful seconds until Scarredscales opened his eyes to glance at the leader at a choked cough.
His eyes were met with the dragon's shocked expression, a trickle of blood falling from the side of their mouth. Trailing his eyes lower he spotted the problem. An incredibly sharp point, that he couldn't identify the weapon of, had been stabbed straight through the dragon's chest. Even past the light armour it wore that deflected most stabs, though slices were a bit more effective. A drop of blood traveled down the point to the tip then hesitated there before taking the leap and landing on Scarredscales' pearly snout.
Almost as if that drop was the signal, the blade was raised and easily lifted the leader from the ground. Then both were whipped to the side to make the body slide off the blade and slam into the wall of the alley. Following the blade as it retreated, the entire group saw that it wasn't a blade, but a spike (or maybe a stinger?) connected to the end of an absolutely colossal dragon's tail. Just by the size of the dragon's tail he knew that it was bigger than even the biggest mudwing he had ever met.
Scarredscales' eyes slowly trailed up the tail, taking note of how there wasn't a single scale or spike on the dragon's body that didn't have a scar of some kind. As his eyes trailed up to the dragon's hip and hindlegs he noticed how it's scales completely wrapped around it's legs like natural armour. The only place that wasn't scaled was it's underbelly and wing-leather but even the skin of those looked incredibly thick and tough, like sun-baked leather. His eyes trailed farther, pausing at the sight of two wings connected to a single one of it's shoulders.
As his eyes trailed even higher, getting close to their limit of his vision in the position he was pinned in, he took note of how many scars were concentrated around this dragon's chest and throat. Multiple scars crossing over each other and making a vast spiderweb of lines and marks. There was more scars than clear scales on the dragon's neck. When his eyes couldn't go any farther up, he took note of a old wound along the side of it's neck just under it's jaw that didn't look like any of the other scars.
Before he could really study the scar, the dragon growled. At the sound Scarredscales felt like a hatchling again. Like he was being disciplined for doing something wrong by a dragon so much larger, older, and stronger that his only hope was to freeze and make himself small and weak looking in hope the punishment lessens. He could feel the ground itself tremble at the silent threat like nature herself was scared of this dragon.
The group of dragons around scarredscales stared in silent fear at this titan of a dragon. The dragon pinning his hips and tail shifted it's weight and the growl stuttered to a stop. It felt like the entire world held its breath for the split second the dragon turned it's head to stare at the unfortunate dragon that moved.
Then all hell broke loose.
With a roar that shook the very air, the dragon lunged towards him. Scarredscales couldn't help the squeak of fear that escaped him as he tenced and closed his eyes, preparing for the dragon's titanic weight to slam into him and squish him like a bug. The hit never came though, quite the opposite actually. The weights pressing him to the ground suddenly dissapeared.
With the newfound freedom to move, he scrambled away from the panicing group of dragons. Standing farther into the alleyway Scarredscales turned to watch the fight. It wasn't actually much of a fight, though. Watching the fight was like watching rats attack a wolf. The titanic dragon was swatting its attackers away like flies. It didn't even move from the spot it landed in from the first lunge. It just stood there and let the dragons come to it.
Scarredscales did see that some of the dragons tried to flee. The ones that did were quickly caught with some kind of string around their throats that snapped their necks without any hesitation. His eye caught on Blast as they reappeared infront of him.
"Eight o'clock, big guy." He whipped around teeth bared just in time to see a dragon be interrupted mid-lunge by being stabbed through the head from under it's jaw. He stared as the body went limp and crumpled to the ground, only being held up by the spike through it's head. The spike shook the body off it and let it fall completely to the ground. Looking down the spike, that he thinks is a deformed wing of some kind, his gaze connected with the calm expression of a dragon just barely smaller than his own size. One of it's eyes had three scars covering it and one over it's muzzle.
He couldn't identify what tribe it was or even if it was a hybrid. As he sized up the small dragon in front of him, he came to the realization it was doing the same with him. The two stared at each other for a second before Scarredscales was snapped out of it by a deep rumble of a near-growl behind him. He whipped around and stared in terror at the giant dragon behind him.
It stood there calmly, between him and the absolute bloodbath behind it. It's claws, tail spike/blade/stinger, and muzzle were splattered with still dripping blood. Even the thick, slightly curved, third horn between it's eyeridges was dripping blood from impaling a few dragons with it. It's four eyes had a calm expression but bore into him like his very being was on display for the dragon's viewing. The sight terrified him more than he has ever felt before.
Apparently it had finished its fight. It said something but he didn't hear it, ears run I no with fear. It glanced at the other dragon and the two exchanged a few words before the large dragon tried to get him to understand what it was saying multiple times, getting more and more annoyed at each repeat. Both dragon's head snapped towards the enterance of the alley at a shout. Scarredscales' ears cleared just in time to hear the deep rumbling voice of the titanic dragon infront of him mutter to itself.
"We don't have time for this." It turned to face him and snapped it's head towards him, bloodied jaws parting as it did. He was only able to fearfully yelp and scramble a few steps back before it's jaws clamped firmly, but not painfully, on the back of his neck. He was then lifted from the ground like a dragonet with their parent. Instinctively he curled up and froze stiffly to keep his weight from shifting too much.
The giant dragon then lunged at it's small companion and clamped it's claws around it's sides as the giant dragon took to the air with a powerful flap of it's four massive wings. Scarredscales watched from his frozen state as town guards swarmed the alley and a good number broke off the group to fly after them. The dragon carrying him seemed to spot the guards tailing them as well since it silently growled. With the fact he was being held like a dragonet, the feeling of the growl vibrating his neck and head was quite the strange sensation.
The dragon banked around and lashed out at the group with it's tail-blade, hind claws, and forhead-horn until the majority of the group were either dead or too wounded to continue after them. Then it turned and continued fleeing. Scarredscales, who was now thoroughly splattered with blood, shared a glance with Blast as he was involuntarily taken away from the town.
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2023.04.01 18:54 United-Wafer114 Find My Device - no ping option?

Hi, I noticed it only now. In earlier versions of the system (before iOS 16), it was possible to play the device sound of people who belonged to our family and shared their location. Now I can only check where my child's/wife's phone is, but I can't play a sound or lock the device remotely...
I must admit that once I caught a thief in this way, when my wife lost her phone in a shopping mall, and it turned out that a pickpocket took it. Thanks to playing the sound from my phone, he threw the phone about 50 meters away from me in a panic (spigen case saved it from crashing haha). I mean - he was 50 metered away, not that he threw the phone at that distance :D
So now the only thing I can do is to watch where phone is or give my phone to my wife to log into iCloud website and remotely lock phone or play sound? No, no - 2FA. She would not even log into her account, because of message and OTP will show in her iPad at home ;/
Am I missing something? Is this option to wipe/play sound of other devices our family had is no longer available?
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