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2023.06.01 23:42 ShortHedgeFundATM Thanks Gamestop!!

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2023.06.01 23:42 Slowenbrau These Two Issues keep me from Purchasing any Cosmetics or Weapon Skins

Shop rotations and weapon crafting.
I expected both of these issues to be fixed before fatshark promised to start releasing items again, or at least the first issue specific to the shop and having rotations. It's not even that I completely refuse to purchase these items until these issues are fixed, but that these issues directly keep me from interacting with the shop in any positive way.
Why would I pay for cosmetics in the shop when they are constantly and arbitrarily rotating in and out? If I want multiple cosmetics from different purchases in the shop, and they aren't in the same batch of rotations, then I'm not buying them when either are open, only both/all. And why would I even act out on FOMO when there's the possibilty I already missed what I want forever, or don't even know the full possible lineup of cosmetics?
I'm sure there's tons of cosmetics I'd be willing to pay for that are already implemented in the game, and there are definitely some within the game files. But I'm not going to purchase any without having full confidence that what I'm getting in the current list is what I actually want, or what I want to purchase alongside it will ever show in the shop.
In the same vein, why would I ever pay for a weapon skin when it's already hard enough to get weapons in a good state in the first place? "Wow look at this weapon skin. Too bad whenever I try to roll a weapon for it I barely get any 370+, and when I do I get the worst perks and blessings, with the whole ordeal being a waste of dockets/plasteel with no real progress made". I'm not crafting past the bare minimum, thus I'm not using many weapons, thus I'm not paying for reskins of a shitty axe that I don't even have a weapon to put on.
The balance descrepencies are already a harsh enough reason not to purchase weapon skins, but needing to "grind" for the best possible, hell just a decent roll of a weapon with no assurance of progression, and with hundreds of thousands of materials wasted, then yeah I'm not buying weapon skins.
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2023.06.01 23:42 Agreeable-Sugar-4491 Emergency: How do I overcome my size problem?

This is my first time posting here.
Unfortunately I’m 25m virgin, short, obese, and brown. I recently graduated but I don’t start my job until next month, so I’m poor. I also have low testosterone.
The biggest issue with having low testosterone is that it means my package is way smaller than average. Not just a little smaller, but a lot. How can I find a wife when I won’t be a me to please her? I don’t have game or rizz or anything like that.
All this is so devastating to me. I’ve missed out on all the fun stories in life, like pregnancy scares or cheating on your gf. What can I do?
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2023.06.01 23:42 crowruin 27/M/Southern California - Looking for long-term friends to play Overwatch, Path of Exile and Last Epoch Also into Anime, Tech, Cybersecurity, True crime, K-pop/Khiphop and various movies/shows

Hi my name is Humberto and I am very excited for the 2nd cour of Bleach
It airs 1 day before my birthday (July 9th) I also have JJK S2 3 days before my birthday!
Also here is a preview of an OST that is coming for the Bleacn 2nd cour! (Composer of the Bleach anime)
I am also into Video games, Cybersecurity, Technology, K-pop, K-hiphop, K-rap, K-rnb, alt rock, rock, rap, True crime, Korean/Japanese movies and various other movies/shows.
I speak English/Spanish
I am shy/quiet at first but If I get comfortable I will be messaging a lot
I use Discord as my main communication
Reddit chat feature never works for me just letting you know If I miss your message I am sorry! It's because I use RES (Reddit Enhancement Suite)
Here is more info on my interests:
I play video games on PC and right now my main 2 are Path of Exile and Last Epoch
DO NOT HESITATE to reach out if you play Path of Exile or Last Epoch!
I also play Overwatch and main Ana, Baptiste, Zen
Other games I have played - Torchlight Infinite, Diablo 2 (not the remaster),Genshin Impact (AR36), Deep Rock Galactic, Killing Floor 2, Old School Runescape and more on Steam
Anime - Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer, Bleach, Dragon ball Z/Super, Attack on titan, One Punch Man, Clannad (I cried), Magic Knight Rayearth, Kite, Perfect Blue, Sword Art Online, School days, Akame Ga Kill, Elfen Lied.
Music - Here is my playlist but the standouts right now are: BIBI, LEEBADA, Ailee and Hoody
I am still waiting on a full album from DEAN 😅
I am also into various kinds of movies and would like to find a movie/anime watching buddy here are the notable ones I have seen
Drive, Baby Driver, Whiplash, Upgrade, The Raid Redemption, The Raid 2, The place beyond the pines, Coherence, Another Earth, Sound of my Voice, I saw the Devil, The man from Nowhere, The Guest, Audition, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, Dragon ball Super Broly.
There is most likely more I am forgetting though haha
For shows I am waiting on Invincible S2 and The Boys S4
I am also into True crime like: Coffeehouse Crime, Dire Trip, Horror Stories, Twisted Minds and I also like shows like Court cam and Web of lies
I also have a personal server using DietPi as the OS running on an N2+ the first app I installed was Pi-hole (network wide adblocker) of course
I also setup an image for Docker that automatically claims the games Epic gives out for free!
If you have a similar setup definitely DM!
My only requirements are:
22-30 and from North America
Feel free to look through my posts/comments If you are curious of my interests!
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2023.06.01 23:42 HlTMAN209 [USA-CA] [H] New Nintendo 2DS XL, PlayStation 3/4 Games Lot [W] PayPal FF

Hello, selling off some items. Prices include shipping.
New Nintendo 2DS XL Turquoise in excellent condition. No scratches on shell or screens. It is nearly complete in box as it is just missing the stylus. Has sealed AR Cards and manual. 260 shipped.
PlayStation 3 and 4 games lol asking 40 shipped for the below.
Shenmue 3 Steelbook and standard case with game (PS4)
Ni No Kuni 2 Steelbook with game (PS4)
Black Ops 3 (PS3)
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Collection (PS3)
Burnout Paradise (PS3)
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2023.06.01 23:41 McBigBoi Random application/games crashes

Around 4 months ago I installed Apex Legends on my PC and game would crash every single time with nvwgf2umx.dll error in event viewer. At that time time I tried most recommended solutions but couldn't solve the issue + cs:go started crashing at launch with 50% probability nvd3dum.dll error in event viewer, usually PC restart would solve the issue with CS.
After some time I gave up troubleshooting this since rest of my games and system were running fine. 2 weeks ago while casually using my computer, discord stopped opening after restarting my PC I realized 50% of applications wouldn't start or would randomly crash + I was getting errors whenever I tried to install something new.
I did a lot of troubleshooting and decided to reinstall windows which did not help at all. After multiple windows reinstallations + changing PSU and MOBO I managed to get my system to kinda work, however Apex is not launching. Other games usually crash with random errors after installation TWICE (after that they work without crashes) I get random application crashes sometimes and the only stuff I am able to consistently reproduce is Apex Legends crashing at launch during loading screen almost at exact same time + google chrome crash or STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error while analyzing chess games on or I don't know if Apex crashes are related to other system instability but since this error is the most reproducible I used it as sign for all the troubleshooting I've done.
Gigabyte 790 Gaming X AX (Previously ASUS Prime Z790) (XMP#1 Profile)
3080ti FE
Intel i9-13900K (with MSI Mag Coreliquid 240r V2)
2x 16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5 CMH32GX5M2B5600Z36K (have tried 2 different sets of RAM)
ASUS ROG STRIX 1000W GOLD (Previously Corsair rm850x)
Samsung SSD 980 PRO 1TB NVME
Samsung SSD 850 EVO mSATA 1TB (SSD)
I have tried the following things:
Clean GPU driver Installation (latest drivers drivers, old drivers)
Running Apex through integrated graphics card
Uninstalling GPU drivers and disconnecting GPU from the system to run through integrated graphics card
Using only 1 stick of ram in different slots
Using other set of ram
Changed Motherboard
Changed PSU
Repaired game files
Running Apex after windows 11 clean install with only steam and apex installed on PC
Windows 11 reinstallation with full format on two different SSDs + on a separate SSD which was never connected to system before (with 2 current drives disconnected)
Windwos 10 clean installation
Reseated CPU, reapplied thermal paste, all pins are in perfect condition
Turned off hardware acceleration
Reset Default Bios settings
CMos reset bios
Bios is updated
sfc scannow and DISM over CMD
Intel chipset and every other driver are up-to-date
Disabling E-cores in BIOS
Undervolting CPU through XTU
Scanned system with malwarebytes and norton power eraser (found some adware in chrome from extensions)
And a lot of other stuff
One more thing to mention since I reinstalled windows so many times my system behaves different, few times it wouldn't install first try, few times after installation system wouldn't let me to install GPU drivers, sometimes chrome or other apps and 2 times system would just have rare crashes like now. But PC is working, and I can play games with no problems.
Here are the latest logs of apex and chrome error:
- EventData
AppName R5Apex.exe
AppTimeStamp 6450442d
ModuleName R5Apex.exe
ModuleTimeStamp 6450442d
ExceptionCode c0000005
FaultingOffset 0000000000399428
ProcessId 0x17a4
ProcessCreationTime 0x1d98663b4d74869
AppPath C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Apex Legends\R5Apex.exe
ModulePath C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Apex Legends\R5Apex.exe
IntegratorReportId 5569c256-e0ff-4daf-a529-2b8d12026556
- EventData
AppName chrome.exe
AppVersion 113.0.5672.93
AppTimeStamp 64556213
ModuleName unknown
ModuleTimeStamp 00000000
ExceptionCode c0000005
FaultingOffset 0000000000000001
ProcessId 0x420
ProcessCreationTime 0x1d9874f59062029
AppPath C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
ModulePath unknown
IntegratorReportId dea82b06-1563-47d0-a67e-5d5d09ea0bfc
TL:DR Random application errors on computer with only reproducible thing is Apex Legends crash, I'm suspecting it is CPU related since I tried solutions with all other hardware.
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2023.06.01 23:41 ad7d Over Turned Into Arc Welder

Hi all,
A friend of mine recently had this happen to their oven: (the video is not my friend's, but the same thing occurred, and they had to pull the breaker to make it stop).
The comments on the video were interesting, and explained this can happen when the un-switched 120v leg of the heating element shorts to ground. I am in the middle of buying a house (our first house, yay), and in the middle of researching how to prioritize improvements, one of which is upgrading the electrical panel with CAFCI breakers, another of which is upgrading the range.
I'm a pretty curious person, and this brought up several questions, which I've had trouble finding answers to in spite of a lot of googling:
- It seems like oven coils wearing out and failing like this is a semi-common occurrence, judging from the YouTube comments, and another couple reddit threads. Why would the switch mechanism in an oven not be a double pole switch? Is there an actual reason that only one 120v leg is switched, or is this just laziness by the manufacturers?
- Would newer ranges be required to have a double pole switch for this? I have been unable to find _anything_ about electrical standards for ranges. Maybe I'm missing something but this seems like a no-brainer requirement, and I am curious if only older ranges are likely to have a single switched leg.
- Would a GFCI breaker in this scenario have tripped? This seems like yes since it is a ground fault, but it is grounding back to the plug.... and there is no neutral, so I am unfamiliar with how GFCI protection works in this scenario. If not, what about an AFCI breaker? Although, it does not appear that 50 amp two pole AFCI breakers actually exist right now, and perhaps there is a good reason for that.
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2023.06.01 23:41 avauntgaurd40050 worried about hours and LOR

Hi all I am an athletic training master's student with a BS in rehabilitation science. I am preparing to apply to DPT schools this summefall to start in the fall of 2024.
I currently have 0 hours and no LOR from a PT... This is the only thing I'm missing.
I have called (25+) / walked in/ interviewed (5) with many different clinics and hospitals even SNH to ask about observations/ volunteering/ part-time rehab or PT aid/tech jobs.
However, due to not being able to work as much once the fall semester starts bc of my AT clinical's, I have been told I won't be hired due to my long-term availability (despite some postings claiming to need a "casual part-time employee"). I can only work about 3 days a week once September hits since I will be doing about 25hrs a week/ class through AT.
Even in observations and volunteering with clinics, in patient, or SNH settings I have gotten hesitant okay's but then no follow-up/straight-up ignored. I am getting extremely desperate and starting to think I will have to take a gap year to work as a PT aide full-time before I'll even be able to apply since I won't have hours or a LOR. The schools I am looking to apply to recommend 100 hrs.
(SNH seemed like they were really open to letting me observe but I haven't heard back- in a week (they told me their PT was on break until this Wednesday due to memorial day)).

- Undergrad GPA 3.6, prereq GPA 3.5
- AT clinical hours 1000+, already know basic msk eval, joint mobs, therex, etc (working with D1, D3, and HS athletes).
- Good LOR from Prof, AT clinical preceptor and Store manager at my retail store (see below)
- Shift supervisor since 2020 till today (3 ish years) at a retail store (which I am willing to quit for a PT aid job.
- EMT cert, CPR cert
- worked for a year at a major hospital system as a HUC in the ER during my sophomore year
- part of AT club, track club, and ethnic club at university
- worked 3 other part-time jobs since senior year of HS
- Volunteer at Church and urban clean-up crew

If I only got 50 ish hours and maybe barely a LOR from a PT are my chances of getting in severely hindered?
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2023.06.01 23:41 33thealchemist33 I hope this helps…

I hope this helps…
I’m not sure how to start this off, bare with me as I try my best;
I am not sure if you remember me saying this- but I once told you “I don’t think I could ever be mad at you” I meant(mean) that. At the time I said it I didn’t really understand why , it just came out , it felt natural and sincere.
As I’m deep into my healing journey - I am learning why saying that felt so natural to me. I would like to let my guard down and be vulnerable with you right now. Please treat my heart gently as I lay this all out for you. I know this separation has not been easy for me; not sure how it’s effecting you. I don’t ask how you’re doing that much these days… your answers have always been short - despite me knowing there is deeper meaning behind them. I don’t know if I will ever learn why; if you will ever let your guard down for me. If you decide not too… I want you to understand that I understand why. I don’t hold it against you and I still- and will always love you unconditionally. I hope you feel the truth in my words. But as you know by now- we are the same. I often tell you I’m doing great. Which is very much true. I’m healing. I’m learning my worth. I’m setting boundaries and sticking to them. I want you to know; I am doing this for me. I deserve to heal. However , I am also doing it for you. I know that healing myself is also healing you; we both deserve that. Despite your thoughts telling you otherwise. Please don’t take offense to me detaching to do this. We both know it has to be done. I would be lying if I said that the memories we have shared - and the emotions attached to the memories; they are still with me. Often times hitting me like an arrow to the chest. They take my breath away, setting fire to my chest, it gives me peace and keeps me going. It is what is fueling me to keep going forward no matter what. I also want you to understand; all the positive and wonderful thoughts and the way you perceive me… that is who you truly are as well. I’ve always known you in that light- I see your true self even though you may not be certain of who you are; you must always remember - we are the same soul. I knew the moment my eyes met yours. It’s a dream I’m been having since before I met you in the 3D. Then I saw you for the first time and thought “here we go” I played it off as a mere physical attraction- because trying to explain this to anyone would have me taking a grippy sock vacation. Lol Regardless of what happens in this lifetime. I beg of you to understand; I love you unconditionally- and will continue holding space for you. NO MATTER WHAT.❣️
⭐️ My wishes:⭐️ -To be your last -Your person you run to with any good or bad thought, problem, experience. -to be your warm blanket when your cold; and your cool breeze when you’re hot. (Which you’ve always been hot to me) ;) - I want to sing with you in the car and hold your hand. -I want to cook for and with you - I want to protect you from anything or anyone that ever comes close to causing you pain or sadness. - I want to wipe away your tears when you’re sad ; and your boogers when you’re sick. - I want to be your best friend an greatest lover - I want to kiss every inch of your body. I want to make you reach climax so hard your entire body trembles and you can’t walk and then I want to do it again and again until you can no longer handle it. When I’m finally feeling you’ve been satisfied enough… I will bring you cold water and a snack. Then I will hold you and caress your hair till you sleep peacefully. - I want to be your forever; I will never grow tired of you, I will never cheat on you, I will never leave your side. I will never make you feel alone or unworthy of anything less than the perfect love I have for you… and I will remind you and reassure you of this as many times as it takes to rid you of past hurts. - I want you and only you; in this life and the next. -I want our kids and the world to see what true love looks like.
You are my person. Please don’t ever forget this. Please don’t let the bad days/ thoughts win. I love you. I miss you. I’ll see you later 😉 🩵🩷🔐
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2023.06.01 23:41 SKRS421 Team-killed over a player title...twice, same match

I was TK'd twice in the same match, Ground RB, by two players in the same squad. one kept calling me nixon for some reason, like "i see nixon respawned" and such. of which i had no idea they were referring to me until the second TK and the responses they gave. justification was that it was a "cringe title" that's all they could give as a reason.
two players in a 3-person squad decided to teamkill in the latter half of the match. managed to spawn twice into an AM-1, I was doing well with the hellcat this match. decided to grind some battlepass missions, half way through two of them: crazy bravado & fortune's favorite. was at least able to get progress for one of them with a proffessional award. but that's the easy one. the strike aircraft mission gets tedious if you have a string of bad matches. this battle has utterly tanked my mood/patience for war thunder's nonsense again.
The title in question: "one in a phillion" when phlydaily gave it out for his million subscribers milestone a while back.
But the question I have, when did people care so much about user titles? I've been teamkilled over the dumbest or silliest of things over the years, including because of accidents from both sides, but this is a new one. also is this some secret joke they had, why would they relate nixon to phlydaily? (they still haven't explained this bit to me)
It feels like i have to stop playing after a month of playing, find something more enjoyable for a few months, then come back when a new event has a unique/fun vehicle i'm untrigued by. or when an update drops with something i found interesting. In this case, I came back for the Andryusha rocket artillery truck since I missed the Katyusha the first time around. fun little vehicle, not very useful/practical I guess, but novel and enjoyable to use.
guess it's turned into a bit of a vent post at this point too it seems (summer heat isn't helping things either, reducing usual tolerances for shitty internet people)
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2023.06.01 23:41 LamarcusAldrige1234 Trying to make sense of the scheduling announcements so far for the first 3 Saturdays of the college football season

Week 1
Late Night SHSU @ BYU ID ST @ SDSU

Late Night CC @ UCLA N. AZ @ AZ
- This is just the Saturday schedule. It does not include the multitude of games scheduled on that Thursday, Friday, Sunday, or Monday.
- Some of the biggest games being broadcast outside of Saturday include: Nebraska @ Minnesota, Florida @ Utah, Kent State @ UCF, Louisville vs. Georgia Tech, Northwestern @ Rutgers, Oregon State @ San Jose State, LSU vs. Florida State, and Clemson @ Duke
- There are more streaming only games now than ever before. Every SEC team going forward has to have 1 game on ESPN+, and Peacock has the exclusive rights to 8 Big 10 home games plus 1 Notre Dame game a season.
- The first Saturday sees streaming exclusive games like: ECU @ Michigan, Mercer @ Ole Miss, UNI @ Iowa State, Colgate @ Syracuse, West Carolina @ Arkansas, UT Martin @ Georgia, Southeast Missouri @ Kansas State, Eastern Kentucky @ Cincinnati, Texas State @ Baylor, and Central Arkansas @ Oklahoma State.
- A big reason why so many of these games are going to streaming in Week 1 is that ESPN2 will only be broadcasting the US Open during this weekend.
- CBS is going to have an insane schedule this year. They are balancing the SEC's #1 games for the final season with 7 Big 10 games across the season, as well as the Mountain West's #1 games as well. This in-between year might create a big of confusion and less consistency in 2023 as to what games are where.
Week 2
Late Night STAN @ USC OK ST @ AZ ST

- Streaming exclusive games this week include: Delaware @ Penn State, Holy Cross @ Boston College, SC State @ Georgia Tech, Eastern Kentucky @ Kentucky, SMU @ Oklahoma, Duquesne @ West Virginia, Lafayette @ Duke, Middle Tennessee @ Missouri, Grambling State @ LSU, Furman @ South Carolina, Nicholls State @ TCU, Southern Utah @ BYU, and Austin Peay @ Tennessee
- ESPN's late afternoon Saturday window is booked by the Women's US Open Final
- There are still a few games which do not have times set including: Illinois @ Kansas, Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh, Western Michigan @ Syracuse and Houston @ Rice. You would assume a few of those end up in the open ESPN2/ESPNU slots. There is also a slot reserved for a game on ESPN Friday Night that has yet to be filled.
Week 3

Late Night COL ST @ COL UTEP @ AZ
- Streaming exclusive games this week include: Washington @ Michigan State, LIU @ Baylor, South Alabama @ Oklahoma State, Tarleton State @ Texas Tech, Samford @ Auburn, Miami (Ohio) @ Cincinnati, and Villanova @ UCF.
- The only game which has yet to have a time announced is VMI @ NC State, which likely could fill in the early window on ACC Network.
- Wyoming @ Texas is being broadcast on the Longhorn Network
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2023.06.01 23:40 Transmaniacon89 Allen Edmonds Patton Boot Seconds

Allen Edmonds Patton Boot Seconds
I picked up a pair of Allen Edmond Patton Seconds from ShoeBank during the recent sale, just got them in and they seem in good condition to my eye! I don’t see any scuffs or damage, just a bit of stitching that sticks up at one spot that is hard to even notice.
The boots themselves are very comfortable and the CXL leather feels nice and supple compared to my other boots from AE/Redwing. I like that they are weatherproof and have the Dainite sole as I will primarily be wearing these to work with some chinos and a button down.
Good experience overall and $270 seems like a solid deal for these boots. Let me know if there are any issues you see with them that my untrained eye doesn’t catch!
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2023.06.01 23:40 InterSlayer The Red Tide - Builder PoV

First video after the Fortification Update for Planetside 2.
This build is on Esamir, kitty corner to Rime Analytics. The VS base consists of a Command Center + Rebirth Center, fully enclosed by gapless walls that can fit within the Command Center Fortress shield. The sound bug is on full display, as is some frame rate hitching with dual fortress shields deployed, and probably about 80-100 players.
The TR and VS have been entrenched at Rime before and during most of the Alert, with VS holding Rime and TR fortified and holding Untapped Reservoir. Eventually, NC takes the Eisa Tech Plant, and join the party by setting up their own base in the ruins between Eisa and Saero.
The clip starts as VS has lost Rime to the TR, and the Red Wave approaches. While the base survives 2 indirect OS's, it could not hold against the Red Tide. Since I had to run mods, I wasn't able to enjoy or view much of the action, though it can be inferred from sounds of battle and minimap dots.
Video ends with a final OS to congratulate the TR on their hard fought victory as they destroy the last VS spawn in the Rebirth Center.
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2023.06.01 23:39 Parad0xMentality Help with party composition!

Hey friends! In preparation for release day I’m trying to nail down what classes I should roll with given the hugely restrictive size of only 4 member’s. I had a few clarifying questions if anyone is more knowledgeable and can help me spot any pitfalls I’m making.
My general layout is thus: I need a tank or front liner, lockpick/stealth, support(in/out of combat), and finally an arcane caster.
Looking at it this way it seems for lockpick I’m stuck with either rogue or ranger. I like rogues in tabletop but in game I find them kind of dry so it looks like I’ll grab a ranger here. One down.
Tank wise I really like paladins and barbarians are shockingly fun in EA. Unfortunately I like the theme of paladin better for a first play through plus he can work as a face. Paladin locked.
Arcane I can go any way with really. I enjoy them all equally, I think I might run mage just to be able to write all the spells I find.
The last slot is where I’m really torn. I think I’m leaning either bard/Druid/cleric and really I can go either way here. I think I might save bard for future play through a as I wasn’t too impressed with them in EA. But for Druid/cleric I’m lost. Druid seems more versatile, shapeshifting, control spells, healing spells, etc. I can’t really think of much that a cleric brings. Granted their high level spells are more “potent” but they seem very niche. Can anyone give me some pro/cons between these two?
Anyway I’d love any input or something I’m totally missing here.
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2023.06.01 23:39 Uztftw Fictional Cell

So, I have no coding experience at all, but I came up with an idea for a game. It's basically about cancer zombies. This may sound wired, but I'll explain everything. In this world, cancer has mutated with rabies and created an extremely dangerous virus that turns its victims into creatures called "Cells". I might change their name, but it's what I'm going for right now.They are dangerous and bizzare creatures, that have retained the knowledge to use weapons. There are u types of cells.
  1. Normal Cell. The most basic, and common type of Cell. They can use melee and ranged weapons, and are about as intelligent as a normal human being.
  2. Scale Cell. This Cell has a lot of scales on its face, that act as armor. They are slightly more intelligent then normal Cells, giving them a small chance to dodge a attack. They're slightly less common then normal Cells but can still be found pretty much anywhere.
  3. Animalistic Cell. These are Cells that have their intelligence heavily suppressed by their instincts, resulting in them moving very fast, and attacking in animalistic fashion. This also results in them usually going into combat unarmed, or giving up their weapons after a short amount of time. They also have additional limbs and oppendeges, such as having 4 arms instead of 2, for example. They're not too rare, but not too common.
  4. Soilder Cells. These are Cells that used to be military personnel before succumbing to the virus. They have higher chances if dodging attacks, and can sometimes roll or sidestep. If they are enraged, which is triggered after taking a high amount of damage, they will act similar to Animalistic Cells, but still be able to use weapons. Often found in rundown military bases.
  5. Spitter Cells. These are Cells that have giant mouths that are constantly open, and they spit highly dangerous liquid at the player that can kill them instantly. They often make burping sounds. They are usually found in radioactive areas.
  6. Big Cells. These cells are tall, let's say around 4 meters high. Their big hands do not allow them to use ranged weapons effectively, but they make up for that by being able to use their surroundings as melee weapons and throw objects. With their high intelligence, it's only a matter of time until they make their own guns. They are usually found in cities and forests.
  7. Jugger-Cells. These are Cells that have a natural armor on their bodies, making them practically bulletproof. They are usually armed with some type of shield, and prefer melee over ranged. Are usually found in cities, and other highly populated areas.
That's all I have for now, I'll do my best to improve and make this concept unique and original. Thanks for reading! Feedback and suggestions are welcome.
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2023.06.01 23:39 Brave-Ship Online Event - Hive Talks with Maruf Yusuf - CEO of Halal Ad

Online Event - Hive Talks with Maruf Yusuf - CEO of Halal Ad
The Hive is partnering up with Maruf Yusuf, an award-winning Muslim serial entrepreneur. Brother Maruf has spent the last decade in Marketing and entrepreneurship, helping more than 100+ muslim business succeed and thriving in our economy.
What is The Hive? Simply put, it's a Muslim career accelerator program, designed to help you unlock your potential and strengthen our community :)
At the Hive Talks, he is here to share his journey, answer any questions and provide a pathway to success in career & Deen. Don't miss out on this transformative event with one of the most accomplished Muslim entrepreneurs of our time.
Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a professional looking to advance your career, or someone seeking success in various aspects of life, this event is for you! This is your chance to interact with Br. Maruf, ask insightful questions and learn the pathway to success and excellence.
Date: 15th June at 7pm EST (Online through Zoom) Cost: Free Register: Hive Talks x Maruf Yusuf
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2023.06.01 23:39 fiddleleaf-fig Crippling burnout from moving / mess

As the title mentions I am experiencing burnout. I reckon I have been for some time now.
My partner and I ( both audhd ) moved into our first home together and it’s been really hard to unpack. It took us an entire month to move due to my partner’s ADHD and my wanting to try their way of moving. Learning and whatnot. My partner came with a lot of stuff- I don’t like things ( I do, but they need their own homes- my partner also wants things to have a home ) there’s a room with stuff just thrown into it like border line hoarder. I cannot organize and move things without the help of my partner and they struggle with organizing so it’s just a loop of trying, his overwhelm, failing and literally closing the door. Now I can’t even try- I gave up.
We started at the end of April and it’s now June 1st. I’m heavily impacted by disorganization and I’ve given up completely. I’ve not cleaned since moving in. I’ve not done anything I enjoy- it’s like I can’t because the space isn’t right for enjoyment. I feel like lead and I can hardly communicate- it takes everything I have. I’m not trying to be dramatic when I say this- it’s like waiting to die but it just won’t happen. I’m numb.
I don’t drink water ( trying for various health problems ) or eat ( why cook it’s just more mess ) Everything hurts differently( I’ve seen my doctors they don’t know why ) chest pains are bad. Cognitive decline is hitting, dissociating is worse, loops and noise cancelling headphones aren’t doing anything. Forcing myself through it is more damaging. I can hardly have a conversation with my partner at this point because any topic makes me want to cry or scream.
I was really excited to move- but it’s quickly become my hell. I don’t wish to come home when I / we go out because there’s mess to come back to that will never be gone. Everything I dreamt of happening and doing in my home is gone. I’ve put in a lot in the beginning but there’s nothing to show for it and now I can’t get out of bed.
I’m not sure what to do. Logically, get outside, water, eat. I’m trying, I am. It’s this GD house that I cannot manage any longer and don’t wish to wake up to. I can’t even start on one box or one thing because I have a full on panic attack about it. My therapist wants me to delegate tasks and get the house done in a week. I’m exhausted and that’s even more responsibility I can’t handle. My partner isn’t nearly as bothered by house things- he’s burnt out as well but he doesn’t require the same environmental space as I do to function. He has a space to decompress in. He’s tried to make me space and I really appreciate it. But the sparkle is gone and I just feel dead.
What do you think? Or reckon I should do? Edit: I hope I’m not the only one who gets this way about environmental needs, I feel like I sound insane talking about it. 😭
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2023.06.01 23:39 nameless22 Fellow support players: Why do prefer to play support classes and roles?

Roughly speaking you can divide players into three camps: those who like to do damage, those who like to support, and those who will do whatever the group needs. For this purpose, I'm talking classes that aren't part DPS (so it includes HB, HAM, Heal Scourge). This can be for either PVE or competitive modes.
I find myself generally playing support (heals plus quick/alac) for raids, strikes and fractals way more often than DPS, probably 80% of the time (and of the remainder, half is boon-dps). I also run Heal Scrapper for WVW but not exclusively. When I tag, it's easier to pick a healer so it's one less role I need to seek out (even have separate builds for my HB for tanking where needed). When I don't tag, usually LFG's are begging for them so it is an easy "in" to the group. I also find that I lack good manual dexterity on mouse-and-keyboard for top DPS, so I find acting as a healer tends to allow me higher group utility. For WVW, it's more based on my mood and partially convenience: scrapper is my preferred roamer, so switching to healer for zerg play is easy enough.
What are your motivations for picking support over damage?
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2023.06.01 23:39 HomerFlanderz As predicted mages are completely busted this patch

With the well deserved nerfing of ghost blade assassins are no longer keeping mages in check. Just look at this data so far.
Deathcap needs hotfix nerfed. And maybe more AP item nerfs and or direct nerfs to certain champs. Yasuo as well you can't think that 55% win rates for Karthus Yasuo and Seraphine are OK.
Mages burst damage is way too high right now and it's leading to very unbalanced and more importantly unfun gameplay.
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2023.06.01 23:39 Stressednotrelaxed Kinda in a panic, worried I could be evicted now?

PLEASE any insight would be appreciated, I just want to know, if I can be evicted here or, if I handled this right, and kinda looking for reassurance or something I did the right thing
Info: Own my own double wide Trailer, In Ohio, Montgomery County
Backstory: 182 Days ago exactly, I was double charged for Rent, under the guise of " Payment missing from tenant ledger ". My rent manager, wrote me an email verifying there was an issue with my account and assured me it would be taken care of. I told him I'd pay the full amount, if they'd credit me or pay me back, and he said over text, it would be a credit to my account. & I said okay. I text him in april, and we talked in person countless times, only to always hear " I'll talk to them about it ". Etc.
Well today I just paid my lot fee, AGAIN, with no refund, or credit, and I kinda lost my head... and I wrote an email back to him,
The thing is... this guy is dirty as they come, and I'm worried he'll try to evict me over this... Can he?
Here's what the letter says ( although names and info hidden for obvious reasons )
( My name and contact info was here ) 6/1/2023
to (Company name) Rental Managers Name A, and Name B
.Subject: Request for Explanation and Refund
Dear (Company name )
I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to request an explanation regarding the delay in receiving a refund of $315, which I am owed as a repayment for an overpayment made on 2/4/2023 As a responsible tenant, I have always made timely payments and adhered to the terms of the lease agreement. It has been nearly 118 days
since I notified you about the overpayment and requested the refund, and I have yet to receive any response or the repayment. As proof, I have responded to the initial email verifying the issue with my account at the time. I kindly request that you provide me with a detailed explanation for the delay and the reason behind the non-issuance of the refund. I believe it is crucial for both parties to maintain open and transparent communication in resolving this matter promptly. I have tried to talk to you in person about this, or over the phone, but that has really got me nowhere, and I've been very patient, I've worked with you, but it has been 118 days... this is totally unreasonable. I would appreciate it if you could provide me with a written response. Additionally, I expect the refund of $315, or a credit be issued to me in my rental account.If there are any concerns or additional information required from my end, please do not hesitate to contact me via the provided email address, as I feel it would be a better way to keep track of our dialog. Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to a prompt resolution.Sincerely, ( My name )
That's what I sent, I kinda blacked out... out of frustration, and stuff... and I'm scared I'm going to be evicted now
Also more stuff: my plumbing has been messed up since October of last year! It's their responsibility because it is trees roots under the ground
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2023.06.01 23:38 Chickpeasoup4theS0ul Big mechanic bill- trade in car?

I was royally screwed when I bought my car 5 years ago and had no idea. I just thought if my payments were manageable it didn’t matter about interest rate or cost. NOW I know that was so dumb.
I have a 2017 Nissan Versa. Scratches and some top foam stains (don’t leave a Dr. Pepper can in your car in Texas, y’all.) almost 60k miles. Purchased with 303.
It died yesterday because of electronic issues and for parts etc it’s $2,400 to fix and $2k+++ fixes in the near future.
I have a $4.5k pay off, it was like $13k with a hefty interest rate when I first bought it and it was like a 7 year loan.
It is tbh, junk. BUT I was really looking forward to having it paid off for a few years and having $300 a month back in my budget.
Should I buy a new (used) car?
I have ~4K in CC debt I’m paying off and have made huge strides on, $16k student loans. Savings will be wiped once I pay for this car fix.
Take home is $3.8k monthly, rent is $1500. Just raised my credit score to 683. Have been doing major debt pay off since Jan. It’s only low because of a missed student loan payment and a missed electric payment that WAS NOT ME (But they are not convinced, it is impossible that it was me but whatever.)
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2023.06.01 23:38 Lowerthanapplbttmj I guess

I have to let you go in my heart. You already have and I can’t keep sitting here missing you. I’ve been keeping myself busy, I’ve been trying to find ways to continuously build a life that I’m proud of, but I wanted to share that with you. I wanted you to be by my side. I think of you whenever I … literally do anything fun or feel at peace. I’m sorry for how everything ended…. sometimes I wonder if you even miss me and I don’t know if i want to know the answer. All I know is that it’s been months now and it’s still just as hard to be without you than the first day. I have to try to move forward and I have to try to let you go. I have to, but I don’t want to. I never have.
I guess non of this matters. I wish I could split on demand and not have any feelings anymore. Maybe after I get out of here, maybe after I move things will change but for now, I miss you. I still love you even if you don’t.
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