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2014.03.19 20:38 mspaintninja Kill Tony

KillTony is a subreddit dedicated to the discussion of the podcast Kill Tony Hosted by Tony Hinchcliffe and Brian Redban, recorded live from the Comedy Mothership in Austin, Texas!

2008.06.09 18:46 Shoes? Shoes!!!

Shoes are so much more than a covering for a foot. Shoes are art and creativity. Shoes are distinction and class. Shoes can be an accessory or a lifestyle. Let's talk shoes!

2017.03.23 18:51 Hasnep i lik the bred

Poems based on this one about a cow licking bread by Poem_for_your_sprog: my name is Cow, and wen its nite, or wen the moon is shiyning brite, and all the men haf gon to bed - i stay up late. i lik the bred.

2023.06.01 23:41 BPeace1136 [Recruiting][A3][EST/PST][18+] 1st Recon Battalion Realism Unit. A Friendly, Fun, and Realistic Milsim. 4 Years of Realism!

[Recruiting][A3][EST/PST][18+] 1st Recon Battalion Realism Unit. A Friendly, Fun, and Realistic Milsim. 4 Years of Realism!
Who Are We?
The 1st Recon Battalion Realism Unit is the successor unit of the 1st Marine Detachment Team, a unit focused on realism while providing exciting and enjoyable missions to the players. We focus on providing story-tailored campaigns and open-ended missions so that the members craft their ending through their performance and the choices they make.
What Makes Our Unit Different?
-Our consistency to remain loyal and transparent to the players, many unit changes are prompted through members' input.-Our leadership is hard-working. Our staff teams and NCOs are chosen based on their performance and how they stand out amongst the rest of the unit members.-We remain vigilant against stagnation, and are constantly working towards projecting ourselves as a professional unit that members are proud to be part of.-Everyone is community oriented. Sometimes weekly operations aren't enough, and players are constantly interacting with one another outside of operations, not only in Arma, but in other games outside of milsim as well.
What Are Our Operations Like?
Our operations embody realistic missions that a Marine Corps Force Recon unit would conduct. Some of them are based on real-life conflicts, others may be fictional, but the missions themselves revolve around Direct Action Raids, COIN operations, Amphibious Warfare against both conventional and non-conventional entities, and other types of operations that may change depending on the story of the campaign itself.
Unit Features And Information
• Well explained, realistic campaign with a dynamic storyline
• Established leadership structure with a clear chain of command
•Modern tactics and procedures that add an aura of realism to the unit
• A transparent command where the unit is consulted on major decisions
• Dedicated Arma 3 and Teamspeak Servers
• Operations on every Saturday at 9:00 PM EST, with training and meetings scattered throughout the week
• You must be 18 or older
• You must have a legal copy of Arma 3, though no DLC is required • You must have a working microphone • You must be proficient in English • You must be willing to be mature and dedicated to the unit
How do I join?:Simply join our discord and a recruiter will contact you. Thanks for your time, and I hope you consider joining the 1st!
As well, take a look a video of one of our more recent operations!
Video Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ax6jauzbnmipg6/Operation%20Encore%20Week%209%20Final%20Cut.mp4?dl=0
Discord: https://discord.gg/1streconbat
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2023.06.01 23:41 33thealchemist33 I hope this helps…

I hope this helps…
I’m not sure how to start this off, bare with me as I try my best;
I am not sure if you remember me saying this- but I once told you “I don’t think I could ever be mad at you” I meant(mean) that. At the time I said it I didn’t really understand why , it just came out , it felt natural and sincere.
As I’m deep into my healing journey - I am learning why saying that felt so natural to me. I would like to let my guard down and be vulnerable with you right now. Please treat my heart gently as I lay this all out for you. I know this separation has not been easy for me; not sure how it’s effecting you. I don’t ask how you’re doing that much these days… your answers have always been short - despite me knowing there is deeper meaning behind them. I don’t know if I will ever learn why; if you will ever let your guard down for me. If you decide not too… I want you to understand that I understand why. I don’t hold it against you and I still- and will always love you unconditionally. I hope you feel the truth in my words. But as you know by now- we are the same. I often tell you I’m doing great. Which is very much true. I’m healing. I’m learning my worth. I’m setting boundaries and sticking to them. I want you to know; I am doing this for me. I deserve to heal. However , I am also doing it for you. I know that healing myself is also healing you; we both deserve that. Despite your thoughts telling you otherwise. Please don’t take offense to me detaching to do this. We both know it has to be done. I would be lying if I said that the memories we have shared - and the emotions attached to the memories; they are still with me. Often times hitting me like an arrow to the chest. They take my breath away, setting fire to my chest, it gives me peace and keeps me going. It is what is fueling me to keep going forward no matter what. I also want you to understand; all the positive and wonderful thoughts and the way you perceive me… that is who you truly are as well. I’ve always known you in that light- I see your true self even though you may not be certain of who you are; you must always remember - we are the same soul. I knew the moment my eyes met yours. It’s a dream I’m been having since before I met you in the 3D. Then I saw you for the first time and thought “here we go” I played it off as a mere physical attraction- because trying to explain this to anyone would have me taking a grippy sock vacation. Lol Regardless of what happens in this lifetime. I beg of you to understand; I love you unconditionally- and will continue holding space for you. NO MATTER WHAT.❣️
⭐️ My wishes:⭐️ -To be your last -Your person you run to with any good or bad thought, problem, experience. -to be your warm blanket when your cold; and your cool breeze when you’re hot. (Which you’ve always been hot to me) ;) - I want to sing with you in the car and hold your hand. -I want to cook for and with you - I want to protect you from anything or anyone that ever comes close to causing you pain or sadness. - I want to wipe away your tears when you’re sad ; and your boogers when you’re sick. - I want to be your best friend an greatest lover - I want to kiss every inch of your body. I want to make you reach climax so hard your entire body trembles and you can’t walk and then I want to do it again and again until you can no longer handle it. When I’m finally feeling you’ve been satisfied enough… I will bring you cold water and a snack. Then I will hold you and caress your hair till you sleep peacefully. - I want to be your forever; I will never grow tired of you, I will never cheat on you, I will never leave your side. I will never make you feel alone or unworthy of anything less than the perfect love I have for you… and I will remind you and reassure you of this as many times as it takes to rid you of past hurts. - I want you and only you; in this life and the next. -I want our kids and the world to see what true love looks like.
You are my person. Please don’t ever forget this. Please don’t let the bad days/ thoughts win. I love you. I miss you. I’ll see you later 😉 🩵🩷🔐
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2023.06.01 23:40 salatishere Is it appropriate to return to Ukraine after the war?

I am a 17-years-old ukrainian boy. Tommorow my future will get a new stage. I hope so. Two of the most respectfull and the best universities are going to accept/decline my application.
Since 24th February, when I understood that I will not have a chance to study in Ukraine, till last month I started discussing about my life abroad. Honestly, I don't know what happened with me, maybe it is just a hard period in my life and got depressed(I hope it is not so).
I picked really important studies in two of the universities in the Hague. Security Studies.
I really think that it will be needed in future for my country, but I think that there are some drawbacks in our system that can't give me grow up as it will be in the same Netherlands, or England.
Citizens of different young countries that had war, crysis, anti-constitutional coup in the past, can you give me some advices? You know, maybe I will be depreciated if i will come back to Ukraine when I finish my education programme.
Now about Security Service of Ukraine(SBU in orig.), as I mentioned before it has a "system" inside it, also corruption. Will it be rationally if I will try to become like SSU agent in the future? It was my aim on that period of my life when I thought about my future job.
I understand that maybe I still a child, as it was when war started. But is it suitable to try make my country with all this "troubles and drawbacks" better? Because there is no reason to come back to my hometown when I will finish my education in one of the european universities. Actually, I don't have friends, girlfriend, the last one is not important so, however it can be a boost for my come back.
Will one small person with knowledge be able to overcome a big machine with corruption and the system?
You can also ask your questions, Thank you for your attention
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2023.06.01 23:40 Menasgotz Shocking new research on the origin of Christianity

I'm sharing the results of my research over the past three years, in which I discovered several astonishing things:
In Josephus Flavius' famous 1st century publication 'War of the Jews', he does not merely refer to Jesus' story, but it turns out he has described the story of his own capture and life within it, so as to be a well hidden - yet incredibly detailed - parody of Jesus' capture and life. The upshot is that those who have suspected Josephus Flavius was merely a pen name, are demonstrably correct - and the evidence for this is not only concrete, tangible and strong, but also easy to understand and trivial to fact-check.
Contrary to popular belief, 'War of the Jews' does not merely have a modest number of reference's to Jesus' story (that some have hypothesized might have been added in a later century), but rather is riddled with so many parallels with Jesus' story that if you removed them, there wouldn't be much left. Incredibly, these parallels were carefully positioned so that if you plot their locations in a chart (i.e. the 24 chapters of the Gospel of Luke versus the nearly 700 paragraphs of War of the Jews), they are arranged in lines, and the lines spell out the letters A, P, T, V and S.
There is much more too. I have identified why these letters were chosen, what the objective and strategy of the authors was, what the goal of creating Christianity was (and it turns out that promoting belief in Jesus wasn't the end goal), and a simple, coherent explanation for all of the above. A lot of this is explained on my website, www.NakedGodsPlay.com where I have also posted the evidence to support these claims.
However much much more is explained in my book 'Naked Gods Play', available on Amazon.
If this of interest please comment, and please share on other groups and platforms.
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2023.06.01 23:40 HOMO_FOMO_69 NIO's share price has been crushed for ages, but it looks like the competition is catching up

We all hate on Nio because of the share price, but it looks like their overvalued competitors are coming back to reality...
Lucid dropped 17% today and Nio held strong... For a long time Lucid had 2b-5b market cap above Nio which everyone said was because Nio is Chinese
Rivian is down 90% and looking like it will get worse if it loses it's NASDAQ spot. Rivian IPO'd with a $100+ billion market cap... which they got because Nio was near 100b and they said Rivian is American so should be worth more.
Lordstown (RIDE) is down 90% for the year - IMO largely due to the fact that their upcoming truck has a range of a measly 174 miles which means no one will buy.
When NIO was $70, these other names were massively overvalued.
RIDE was over $400 and is now $3
LCID was $50 and is now $6
RIVN was $100 and is now $14
WKHS was $40 and is now less than $1
PSNY was $13 and is now $3
These companies were all riding the coattails of NIO, which is the only EV maker with a VIABLE product. I believe what we're seeing now, is the natural "prove it" moment for these companies and they're all failing to deliver. There were too many EV makers in the market and the survival of the fittest is playing out.
A few of these companies have good products (Rivian), but they can't manage their expenses and are losing money hand over fist. Nio may need to improve it's delivery numbers, but it's well equipped to outlast these competitors by a long shot. Lucid, Polestar, Lordstown, Faraday Future, Workhorse will all fade into dust and much of those investment dollars will be reallocated to NIO. I believe this is the bottom and from here on Nio will rise from the ashes of the fallen.
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2023.06.01 23:40 AutoModerator Dirty Talk 101 (Stirling Cooper Course)

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2023.06.01 23:40 xxSeptemberDreamsxx What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift - Noi Noi (2013)

I don’t see anyone talking about it here. My favorite was “David’s elf and leftovers”. My uncle gave me this album when I was eighteen. It was my favorite Taylor album and the only one I owned. It’s not as good now because she was so close to the microphone and her voice sounded different but I loved this album so much at that time. Favorites and thoughts?
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2023.06.01 23:40 nmcch Financial aid

Hello, I couldn’t find a subreddit for Columbia GS and nobody seems to want to answer the phone at the financial aid office. Anyways, I am a veteran and have supported myself financially without my parents help. Will my aid be based off what my parents assets and income that is reported on the css profile? Just doesn’t make any sense because you have to report your parents income if you’re younger than 35 and there are a lot of independents out there.
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2023.06.01 23:39 aileenpnz My husband loves all the nappy traits I hate/ the things you do for love...

So I found out for my first bub, that I hate pocket diapers and Velcro fastening. Stuffing can get stuffed! All I could afford back then was manmade fibres so we had a lot of compression leaks and the Velcro nappies I had then, scratched baby so l abhorred them but I loved how cloth cut out the nappy rash and learnt that even living in a high rainfall zone without a dryer, you can still do cloth...
So fastforward a few years, early widowhood, remarriage, to next baby. Knowing what I knew, I went into cloth slowly. Hired, tried only the other stuff, no pockets, no AIO's & went for a variety of wipe-down covers, knowing that babies come in different shapes and sizes and for inserts chose a variety of lay-in trifolds or prefolds and snaps, all natural fibres... And we started drying all washing under cover or inside so it doesn't blow away or get half dry then soaked in the rain.
Eventually I spent a couple of thousand dollars for new nappies to do f/t cloth, expecting to use them for a couple of babies seeing as life gave me a 2nd chance at the dream of starting a family with an older wiser hubby, a proven good dad, who's less likely to do something rash & find out that he's not made of iron in a sudden but final way... But with this come other things, like arthritic hands and a wish that my careful curation of what works best for me was simpler! He goes on as if flats were simpler... Extra folding, and more laundry... I am the eldest of my family, I remember it, I know they weren't simpler, which is why I didn't go there either... I was trying to be kind to myself. For me flats are for changing baby on or brilliant burp cloths. But Dad's stepping up more with the nappy changing now we have toddler and baby. It's a pity he didn't work out on the last baby that he just wants something like a disposable, that washes... I got half Velcro then for him, but with the variety of insert options I have, he still grumbles that it's too complicated. The snap-in's that we have that we both like, could be a compromise but aren't as absorbent, hence my mixing it up...
On baby 3 now and I was happily planning to move towards using Woolies any time a cover died in the wash... But I guess it's better to go for hubby's wish of (...I can't believe that I am saying this, but you do what you need to do for support from your significant other)... getting some all in ones. There, I said it. I have purposefully avoided them because the combined deterrents of price and living in a rainforest zone... but gotta support dad's needs too, but I have no idea where to start and am not willing to spend another fortune experimenting!
So recommendations and reasons you love them please!
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2023.06.01 23:39 Sonny1x Why the hell are the servers clustered?

If you live in Gauteng (Most populated region of South Africa) you have roughly 200 ping (to i assume London).
However, since you're clustered with servers 20ms+ away you're going to get over 220ms+ and kicked from servers within the same cluster rendering EU West and North completely unusable.
What the fuck were they thinking? If we could just select the servers we could actually play on we could avoid the dead as fuck Africa server. We could also play with, you know, our friends?..
Please don't queue us into servers we will get kicked from when we might as well could've been loaded into London or whatever is giving us 200ms instead of 220 where the limit seems to be.
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2023.06.01 23:39 Uztftw Fictional Cell

So, I have no coding experience at all, but I came up with an idea for a game. It's basically about cancer zombies. This may sound wired, but I'll explain everything. In this world, cancer has mutated with rabies and created an extremely dangerous virus that turns its victims into creatures called "Cells". I might change their name, but it's what I'm going for right now.They are dangerous and bizzare creatures, that have retained the knowledge to use weapons. There are u types of cells.
  1. Normal Cell. The most basic, and common type of Cell. They can use melee and ranged weapons, and are about as intelligent as a normal human being.
  2. Scale Cell. This Cell has a lot of scales on its face, that act as armor. They are slightly more intelligent then normal Cells, giving them a small chance to dodge a attack. They're slightly less common then normal Cells but can still be found pretty much anywhere.
  3. Animalistic Cell. These are Cells that have their intelligence heavily suppressed by their instincts, resulting in them moving very fast, and attacking in animalistic fashion. This also results in them usually going into combat unarmed, or giving up their weapons after a short amount of time. They also have additional limbs and oppendeges, such as having 4 arms instead of 2, for example. They're not too rare, but not too common.
  4. Soilder Cells. These are Cells that used to be military personnel before succumbing to the virus. They have higher chances if dodging attacks, and can sometimes roll or sidestep. If they are enraged, which is triggered after taking a high amount of damage, they will act similar to Animalistic Cells, but still be able to use weapons. Often found in rundown military bases.
  5. Spitter Cells. These are Cells that have giant mouths that are constantly open, and they spit highly dangerous liquid at the player that can kill them instantly. They often make burping sounds. They are usually found in radioactive areas.
  6. Big Cells. These cells are tall, let's say around 4 meters high. Their big hands do not allow them to use ranged weapons effectively, but they make up for that by being able to use their surroundings as melee weapons and throw objects. With their high intelligence, it's only a matter of time until they make their own guns. They are usually found in cities and forests.
  7. Jugger-Cells. These are Cells that have a natural armor on their bodies, making them practically bulletproof. They are usually armed with some type of shield, and prefer melee over ranged. Are usually found in cities, and other highly populated areas.
That's all I have for now, I'll do my best to improve and make this concept unique and original. Thanks for reading! Feedback and suggestions are welcome.
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2023.06.01 23:39 snidnfjdnfjdnfj LPT: Feeling overwhelmed by a long to-do list? Prioritize your tasks by asking yourself, 'What's the one thing that, if done, would make everything else easier or unnecessary?' Focus on that task first, and watch your productivity soar!

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2023.06.01 23:39 Grouchy_Implement_89 What are your guys Thoughts on Bionicle the game design of gali?

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2023.06.01 23:39 Breezybreeze1 23 [M4F] #UK - Are you the submissive little girl looking for an escape from the reality

You know what? I'm not in the mood to call you sweetheart or sweetie or good girl . I’m in the mood to call you my bitch , my whore and my fuck toy. I'm not in the mood for you to playfully look back and smile when i spank you. I’m in the mood to hear you screaming and moaning. Your ass being spanked as my cock throbs harder with each thrust. I’m not in the mood to have you crawling over to me and kneeling. I’m in the mood to grab you by your hair and pull you to me and tell you what I’m about to do to you. I’m not in the mood to have your pretty face in my hands as you sensually suck my hard dick with your hot lips. I’m in the mood to hold your head with my both hands as I shove dick down your throat. Turning your pretty face into a gorgeous and sloppy mess. Not in the mood to feel your hands all over me. I’m in the mood to tie and restrain you having all three of your holes at my mercy. I won't slowly build and tease. I’m in the mood to fuck you and watch you struggling not to orgasm until i allow you. I’m not in the mood to fuck you slow. I’m in the mood to destroy all your holes. I’m in the mood to hear you beg for more. We don't have to talk about sexual stuff all the time if you're having a bad day I'll be here for you. I don't prefer chatting on reddit so I'll ask you to switch soon. If you have read this far send me a picture of yourself and tell me a fact about yourself. Have a wonderful day/night :)
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2023.06.01 23:39 StruggleInfinite Enjoyed my time in Barcelona , you can even compliment me or tell me what’s your fav europe country 😂

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2023.06.01 23:39 Different-Comfort218 25 [F4M] #SoMa - My roommate is gone till Saturday and I want to get fucked

I'm 25 F and yeah basically what the title says. I finally have my place to myself and I just want to have some fun. Not looking for anything ongoing. I'm on the curvy side so if you're not into that then that's cool but no need to message me to talk shit.
I'm not super experienced but I'm a quick learner and open to experimenting. I like a guy whose a bit more on the dominant side and is able to take control.
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2023.06.01 23:39 EE-12345 I found out some things about my bf M/25 and I’m F/25…

I met my bf (25M) in Dec 2019 I’m (25F) when we were both 21. We got into a relationship after one month, but I found out he had a long term, but long distance on and off relationship before we got in a relationship, but three weeks after we started talking when I was staying at his. I forgave him for not telling me as I thought we were made for each other. I made him call her and tell her and he decided he wanted to be with me. We were a long distance relationship from Jan 2020. I didn’t know until November 2020, but three weeks after we got in a relationship in January he went on a car journey with someone he had previously known and told her he would leave me for her, something which he told me was only so he could get driven to McDonald’s as he was working away in somewhere he used to live and had no car. He said he liked her before he moved away, but didn’t when he saw her again then. I talked to this girl and she said he never tried to kiss/get with her at all and nothing happened, they just talked. They had also never done anything together before we met. I also found out he saw a different ex and slept with her before we got in a relationship over Christmas, but when he was talking to me (I’d only met him once at this point, but he was love bombing me and arranging to see me still after Christmas- which would be the second time I met him). He stopped speaking to her to see me. But even worse, we’d moved in together in September 2020, been together for six months and found out in November too he’d arranged to meet a girl off a dating website and was saying sexual things to in august and it looked like they only didn’t meet because she stopped replying. He’d been asking her if she would still meet him, and when she didn’t reply until almost the time they were meant to meet, he left his house and came to see me. (Six hour drive). He said he was waiting at his that day to see if he was needed in work the next day, but I’m not sure if this was true. He did leave after someone came into his room (this could’ve been to tell him if he was needed or not in work). But he’d had another offer from another girl a week before but didn’t see her (not sure if this is because he simply didn’t have the time as he was going away the next day). He only ever messaged these girls on this site when he was away with work. He said the girls at the start was because he didn’t know if it would be serious with me, but also he was deciding about me and wanted to test the relationship. But the girls from the dating website was because he was insecure, and wanted validation from other girls because I could’ve just been staying with him because he was nice to me. I know he had self confidence issues because of the people in his job. He said he was never going to meet them, and messaged another one in September asking to see her, when he knew he was going to be moving in with me so I don’t think he actually had the time, and I think he knew that. It was planned I was coming to see him when he had finished working away, immediately after he got home. Since then, we’ve been living together and he’s not done anything wrong since I found out. He’s matured so much and now out of his toxic job. I know right now he wouldn’t cheat on me. Im not sure whether I know everything. He only told me when I said I could get all his old messages back and when I found an email to the dating website. I’m not sure I believe that was actually the reason he went on those sites. Im not sure if I believe he wouldn’t have actually met her. He never used tinder, only sites that didn’t use his name but had pictures of him on there. He said he wanted to make himself feel better and I would never find out, and he’d be content with how he felt with himself when he came home to me. But also, I keep thinking about it and we’re so perfect now but it’s made me develop relationship OCD and anxiety and depression. Im not sure how I can get over it as I’m thinking about it three years on. He says he will propose to me one day. I currently live with him and his family, after we moved out of our house to save money. What advice would you give? Thank you!!
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2023.06.01 23:39 Confident_Opposite43 What the fuck is the joke? (Martin Mcloughlin)

rewatching the series and in episode s2 e11 junior is at the doctors and gets his tag put back on by a guy named Martin
then the nurse persists his full name and they find it funny that hes called Martin Mcloughlin, Junior asks “Whats the fucking joke” and no one answers, so… Whats is the fucking joke?
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2023.06.01 23:39 nanigashinanashi Streak 23: Books for Pride Month

June is Pride Month, which commemorates the anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, and also the month as a celebration and recognition of LGBTQ+ communities. Therefore, I read an article about books for Pride Month 2023.
Within the article, I found three books that I haven't read but have watched their movie: "Call Me by Your Name," "The Price of Salt," and "Boy Erased." I actually have the book "Call Me by Your Name," but I haven't read it yet. Additionally, I noticed that the book "Less" is also on the list, which surprised me as I didn't know it had LGBT themes.
Speaking of LGBT books, I coincidentally start reading Red, White & Royal Blue these days. I also have some LGBT books on hand, but I haven't had a chance to read them yet.
  1. Loveless
  2. Ace: What Asexuality Reveals About Desire Society, and the Meaning of Sex
  3. Pink Is for Boys
  4. Our Subway Baby
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2023.06.01 23:39 vetdrk How and when to create a sleep routine for newborn?

My little one is 8 weeks old now and I’m going to try and establish a bedtime routine, or at least sleep associations. We’ve been having some difficulties with sleep, as he hasn’t been wanting to sleep on his back since birth, so my husband and I have been taking shifts holding him chest-to-chest over night.
His tongue tie was treated today actually, so we’re hoping that this helps with the sleep issues he’s experiencing (shallow latch, causing lots of air swallowing, leading to super uncomfortable gassiness especially over night), in conjunction with chiropractic care. Although I do know that many babies do just want to be held, so based on the what other people have said, we are mentally preparing to continue contact sleeping with him until 3-4 months.
He’s been going to bed at around 10/10:30, but eventually I’d like to get him down at 8pm. He always needs to be rocked or nursed to sleep, although I’d really like to not reinforce nursing to sleep.
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2023.06.01 23:39 Brave-Ship Online Event - Hive Talks with Maruf Yusuf - CEO of Halal Ad

Online Event - Hive Talks with Maruf Yusuf - CEO of Halal Ad
The Hive is partnering up with Maruf Yusuf, an award-winning Muslim serial entrepreneur. Brother Maruf has spent the last decade in Marketing and entrepreneurship, helping more than 100+ muslim business succeed and thriving in our economy.
What is The Hive? Simply put, it's a Muslim career accelerator program, designed to help you unlock your potential and strengthen our community :)
At the Hive Talks, he is here to share his journey, answer any questions and provide a pathway to success in career & Deen. Don't miss out on this transformative event with one of the most accomplished Muslim entrepreneurs of our time.
Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a professional looking to advance your career, or someone seeking success in various aspects of life, this event is for you! This is your chance to interact with Br. Maruf, ask insightful questions and learn the pathway to success and excellence.
Date: 15th June at 7pm EST (Online through Zoom) Cost: Free Register: Hive Talks x Maruf Yusuf
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