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Subreddit for TXT (투모로우바이투게더 ) boy group under BigHit Music, who debuted in 4 March 2019.

2019.05.11 15:51 RokanPohan ShittyYAFiction

You're not like other kids your age. Maybe you're the only one willing to stand up to the Regyme. Maybe you're inexplicably incredible at fighting because your dad was the last of the Crimson Fists. Maybe you have an horrific but extremely romanticised illness. Maybe you're unconventionally pretty in the most conventional way imaginable. Maybe you're just a self-involved prick. Regardless, this is your story.

2015.11.07 03:00 F-Tip for free memers

any type of memes go. anytime. anywhere.

2023.04.01 23:03 MasnaKnedla Pork Belly Cooking Time

I'll be doing this dish in a slowcooker tomorrow and I'm not sure about the cooking time. How long should the braising part take on low/high?
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2023.04.01 23:02 JudTheBudd How to get my fellow associate to avoid being fired?

So, I know it's sounds impossible but hear me out. My friend C is a part-time lot guy. Works hard and does whatever necessary to get things done. He currently lives with his parents and let's just say, they aren't the greatest. Well, today while waking up for his shift, his father tells him to callout tomorrow (Sunday) because they are going on a surprise trip. C only has 4 occurences but for some reason is on his final? He has no NC-NS's and only has those 4 because he was like a minute or two late. He told his father this and his father got pissed at him because he wasn't going to call out. Now he is currently being forced to go on this trip. I really don't want him to get terminated because I feel like this isn't fair to him or the rest of the lot because we are kinda short staffed in our busiest season of the year. What can I do to get our managers to recognize this?
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2023.04.01 22:55 xXxcringemasterxXx today was hard

i felt so bad all day. my hip hurts, my foot, my knee... the camp today was way too hard for me and i got beaten and my hip nerve just screwed me over. i know the physical pain is made worse with mental pain and i was feeling like, not fitting in into that crowd. i could tell people were disappointed when paired up with me. There was apparently one or two other days of lessons that many of them had taken in preparation with the coach.
breakfast was well and satisfying even tho that fucking app says its too many carbs. oat meal lovers, unite!!! I stand by that meal. For lunch i had pad thai, it was really tasty and i didnt feel bad since id gotten some exercise in and i knew i wouldnt be able to snack until dinner time. High satisfaction. I had a cookie for snack and just tried to sit the seminar out without freaking out. the girl who busted my lip came up again to apologise while i was sitting alone. i have nothing against those people, most of them are kind and normal people, i just dont know anyone there and theyre the kind of people who make me remind me im autistic. Girls who can come to a practice with a full face of make up and hair style that stays intact during the whole thing. That are smart and nice. Then when i have energy i need to reserve it for only one thing at a time. I feel parhetic in comparison.
One of the boys there, I've seen him before at these camps/seminars, he looks exactly like a bully from my middle school. I bet the boy is his little brother. Striking image. Gives me a real bad feeling.
Dad hurt his calf and had to chill also. him and other sensei tried to comfort me but i didnt really feel better, tho i appriciated it. That crowd is elite elite and basically im a beginner, it was a mismatch, ill go tomorrow but only for taking notes and my dads sake, the anxiety is making my joints hurt so bad.
For dinner was... bowl of fish and some celery. Not that good but better than nothing. I think my mom is orthorexic. She didnt have dinner tonight. im tired of tryign to argue with her. When she picked me up after not having seen me for two weeks from my boyfriends place, it took her a total of three minutes before she had to rant to me about how she shovves normal amounts food in her face and stuffs herself and has no control. I wanted to fall into the ground. Our vacation was pretty hard with the way she soeaks and eats. "we really deserved this meal after a long day of walking so much". I know food is mot something moral that is to be earned. It still feels bad.
Thought id lost my sleeping pills but found them. Thank fucking god, cried like a baby tho.
I dont want to continue with life rn, i just suck right now. Thinking of starting MMA, maybe that type if fighting will be nicer on my hips.
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2023.04.01 22:54 Avery214 How long till you could drink again ??

Was 15 days vape free and sadly after drinking for the first time in months last night I ended up relapsing and buying a disposable vape I'm currently still hitting it now but gonna start over again tomorrow . Was proud of those 2 weeks I had clean and am disappointed in myself . But realize drinking is my biggest trigger . Alcohol & Nicotine go hand in hand ..
How long did it take y'all to be able to enjoy a few beers without the urge to vape or light up and cigarette ??
Maybe il just never drink again and that's not a bad thing..
Any comments or input is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work 🚭
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2023.04.01 22:47 throwaway28390830912 AITA for not going to by brother's birthday party?

Using a throwaway account since I have friends/family on Reddit. I (40M) have been invited to my brother's (32) birthday. I found out today that one of his friends whom I have sworn I will no long be around will be attending the same party. The guy is a blatant racist, misogynist, and drunk who likes to share his vulgar opinions with others despite being told not to. About a decade ago and the third or fourth time being subject to his verbal nonsense, I said I would no longer be around him and that was that. My brother assures me he has grown out of his previous behavior and that his wife and new kid have helped calm him down. AIBTA by refusing to attend the birthday party tomorrow where this guy is in attendance? I have offered to meet before or after, or to even head to the party after he has left. I can kind of tell my wife things ITA, but she hasn't met the guy in question yet. My brother says he respects my decision, but I want some perspective on whether or not AIBTA. Thanks!
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2023.04.01 22:45 SvagSomJag i’m so embarrassed that i have an eating disorder

you’re telling me i’m scared of eating? that numbers dictate my entire life? that i have been chasing a certain unrealistic weight for years? you’re telling me that i am consumed by my body and how it will look today, tomorrow, in a year if i keep binging or keep restricting? that my body size dictates my feelings of worthiness to exist? that i can’t stop this stupid out of control thing and still keep doing it despite nothing ever getting better?
i hate restricting. i hate binging. i hate purging. i hate exercising this much. i hate the thoughts, obsessions and how much i care about food and my body.
i can turn it off for a while. i am great at hiding my disorder these days and i can put on a show guilt free for a week while living with my family. but i always return because eating like a normal person for a week makes me gain a stupidly small amount of weight, but an amount i cannot handle. it’s not about that 0.something of a kg, it’s about multiplying that 52 times and that’s what i will weigh a year from now if i keep this up.
i could lose to my lw, just give me a few months. i know i am capable of it, but i know i won’t be able to maintain it. i know the road there will be miserable. i know i will never get better unless i let go of the idea that i can be the smallest i have ever been without killing myself on my way there.
it’s all just so stupid. i know everything i need to do to recover. i know that nothing will get better unless i make it better. but i also know everything i need to do to get back to my lowest. and embarrassingly enough i cannot for the life of me decide which way to go, because i can be miserable as hell but skinny, or potentially happy (???) but have less control over my body. and the latter is terrifying to the point that i cannot rationalize ever letting myself gain weight even if it would mean i would be free from all of this.
truly honestly deeply, it’s embarrassing.
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2023.04.01 22:45 TheLohanz [Oklahoma] Will selling my old video games on eBay count against my weekly claims?

I was laid off 2 weeks ago and I'm preparing to file for my first unemployment check tomorrow following my one-week waiting period. To keep myself busy over the past 14 days, I've been going through my old collection of video games and cleaning them up to prepare to sell them online. I'm not expecting to make a crazy amount (maybe $1,000ish?) and I was wondering if that would come back to bite me now that eBay is required to send out a 1099k after making $600 in a year, which used to be $20,000. All of the items that I plan to sell are items that I have duplicates of and have had for quite a long time. I kind of need the money but I don't want it to take away from my weekly unemployment claims or make me incidentally commit unemployment fraud.
I know people have asked this in the past but, once again, the amount of money earned to receive a 1099k has been drastically reduced starting this year and I wasn't sure if that was going to impact it.
Thanks for the help!
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2023.04.01 22:43 Elena_Edie Hey guys, I'm super nervous because I have my very first interview tomorrow! Any tips or advice you can give me to help me nail it? Thanks in advance!

Hey guys! So I'm doing an interview with a local podcast/radio show tomorrow to chat about my music. It's gonna be my first time and I'm pretty nervous, but excited at the same time. Any seasoned interviewees out there have any tips or advice for me? I'd really appreciate it! Wish me luck, fam!
Update: Yo, I just finished the interview and it was lit! Thanks to everyone who gave me some pointers, they really helped. Shoutout to anyone who tuned in to listen too!
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2023.04.01 22:42 blkpepr How long do the effects of laxatives last??

It's been years since I've taken dulcalax and I don't remember the liquid shits lasting past 24 hours!
The cramping is over but I've had the runs about 10 times already
Do ya'll think I'm safe to carry on with my plans tomorrow?
Should I now take something like pepto or immodium?
Side note: I forgot how fucking painful dulcalax is. Also I don't remember them giving me heart palpitations before. EDs really do hit different in your 30s
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2023.04.01 22:38 Mahoganychicken I test drove this today and not sure how I felt...

I test drove this today and not sure how I felt...
So today marked the start of my search for a new car. I am currently driving a 2010 fiesta 1.25l 3dr 59bhp - a real boring car. Since buying it I have got a better job and and now looking for an upgrade.
I found this Mazda3 near me for £7995. It's the fastback edition with the 2.2l SKYACTIV-D engine. 148bhp, around 65mpg. FSH from main dealer, will have a new MOT. Some minor body work damage but nothing I can't get touched up.
Test driving this was the first time I've ever test driven a car (this will be my third car - whatever I buy), and I'm not entirely sure how to feel. It was 100% the best car I have ever driven, but my driving experience is limited to a 2005 VW Polo 1.4, my current car, a 2017 VW Polo, a Fiat 500, and a Ford Transit. I knew before going into it that it would be the best car I have ever driven. I came out of it slightly disappointed - I'm not sure what I was expecting. I have been in the back of some nice cars that really throw you into the back of your seat, I think that's what I wanted. It was torque-y, far more than my Fiesta. It wasn't anything mindblowing though.
On the drive back I decided that I wouldn't buy it, but it's been on my mind all day and the more I think about it, the more I think I'm going to buy it. I only really pushed it a tiny bit in third gear, once I get more comfortable with it, I will be able to extract a bit more uumph out of it.
Looking around on the market, there is nothing that comes close to this car in terms of age, power, looks. It seems like my best option.
Is it normal to feel this way after testing a car? Should I immediately know that I want to buy it? Should it be love at first sight? Am I just talking myself into it? I am seriously considering going back tomorrow to put a deposit down.
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2023.04.01 22:37 restorativegrowth WP is leaving tomorrow for a month and it’s the same place he betrayed me with two different women three years ago…

Hi, I’ve been a part of this sub for a while, contributed via comments, but this is my first post. Sorry if this is long but there’s been betrayal for 17 years of our 18 year marriage. I’ll try and condense it as much as I can. Both of us are committed to reconciling and coming out the other side together.
Three years ago my husband cheated on me over one week with two different women (slept with both of them twice) while he was out of state for four months for work. These were the last betrayals which makes a total of 5 physical betrayals. There have been numerous other types of betrayals starting a few months after we were married in 2005.
I found out about one of the women right after it happened (she started interacting with me on social media) but only found out about the second one (who was actually the first woman he slept with) a year ago when he came clean about every betrayal he’s committed. We’ve been reconciling for the past year and for the most part it’s going well. This is the most committed he’s ever been and it’s evidenced by many positive changes. Of course there’s been a few hiccups here and there but he’s been supportive and committed to the process. I’ve never felt this supported, cared for, validated, or valued. I’m still having a hard time reconciling a few things but I feel that’s appropriate seeing as there’s so many betrayals.
Tomorrow he’s returning to the location he betrayed me with those two women. He has no choice as it’s for work (absolutely non-negotiable) and he’ll be there for a month. As you can imagine, I’m freaking out. My emotions are all over. I’ve been vacillating between fear (which presents as anger), crying, isolating, dissociating, etc. I don’t know how I’m going to survive the next month. I want to believe him when he says he would never betray me like that again but it’s hard for me not to doubt him since I’ve heard it before. My stress response is showing up as “flee” but I also crave being wrapped in his arms.
I don’t know what I’m looking for. Maybe just validation, solidarity, or feeling like I’m not holding this alone. All I know is that I don’t want to go to sleep tonight as he leaves at 3:30AM to catch his plane. Thanks for reading.
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2023.04.01 22:37 Open_Ordinary_6914 I relapsed . No more mistakes

I lost on the first day . I think that my mistake was that I believed that this challenge was too easy for me and I kept watching porn. I will start again tomorrow and this time there will be complete discipline. There will be daily exercise, cold showers, walk , lifting weights, reading, less screen time . Every muscle in my body should be tight. This bullshit abuse on my body is going for too long . I have to take my life in my own hands . My motto from tomorrow will be If I wanna win a lottery I have to make the money to buy ticket .
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2023.04.01 22:36 SeRealMF Display time of an event that is not today

If I create an event that takes place tomorrow at 3pm TickTick won't show the time until I click on it. The preview only shows "Tomorrow". This is only happening on the Windows app version, not on the iOS version.
Windows version:
iOS version:
The list is sorted by due date. I am using the current versions.
Does somebody know how to fix that?
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2023.04.01 22:34 code_matter I have a 6s Lipo with a dead cell. Make the most of it ?

Hey flyers! I have a messed up 6s Lipo. I used to use it to power my Goggles. It is now showing up as a 5S on my charger and my voltage reader.
I'm wondering if I can still charge it (5s) and still use it for my goggles ? I know best option would be to remove the dead cell, but I don't have the time right now and going to fly tomorrow. Thanks big time!
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2023.04.01 22:34 el_bandit0 Are there any discounted tickets available at this time of the year? Looking to go tomorrow with a friend

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2023.04.01 22:34 roprotheproyt The sunset is a beautiful time

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2023.04.01 22:34 hlyeb ChatGPT response when asked "Write the plot from start to finish for a sequel for the 2011 movie Drive, starring Ryan Gosling."

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2023.04.01 22:32 Rizzo205 I really like this person and Don't know what to do

TLDR: how do I ask out someone I kinda know know?
Hi so im 17(m) and I have accidentally fallen head over heels for this person after seeing them a few times and texting back and forth, and for once I actually want to prosue these feeling instead of sitting on them till they find someone or we move into the friend zone too far or whatever, even if they don't like me that way I will be kicking myself forever if I don't try to prosue this. I'm seeing them tomorrow for a trip out and about to try and get to know them a bit better before I actually do anything but I am like freaking out about it cause I don't want to be crazy or dorky or anxious or whatever my feelings look like right now. And I'm also trying not to hype myself up too much just in case they only want me as a friend. Having said that if stuff goes well how do I ask them on a date?
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2023.04.01 22:30 ik_wuz Imagine a typical work day with james.

He spent his entire day trying to drill holes in his walls or taping up lights to his ceiling.
Then he looks at the time and its 5.40. James freaks out and says holy shit its after working hours.
Slobwave calls him asking for the video footage and james responds its after 5.40. So they should call him tomorrow.
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2023.04.01 22:29 ConsiderationOwn6793 I wanna vent out ! Pls help me find ways to overcome

Me and my boyfriend has been together for almost 2 years and we cook together eat together, we do everything together. We even manage our work and breaks so that we get to spend time together. He had a plan to go for truck driving since a year cause he has good driving skills and he loves travelling so he wanna make money and settle fast. Tomorrow he’s gonna start his new job as truck driver and he will be away for 5 days in a week. We are located in canada, I’m worried about the relationship going long distance, how i would be missing him also I wrok from home.
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2023.04.01 22:29 Remarkable-Quote-479 Positive Ovulation Test

Hi everyone!! 👋
So, I have my IUI scheduled for tomorrow (Sunday) morning at 8:40am.
On Thursday, my largest follicle was 16.6mm and my Lining was 7.7 mm. This was my 3rd ultrasound this cycle, so my provider was pretty confident that follicle would hit 18mm by yesterday in time for me to do the trigger shot at 8:40pm (36 hours before my IUI). So I triggered at 8:40pm like I was told.
I've been doing the ovulation strip tests twice a day since day 3 of my cycle. This morning at around 9am, the line was significantly darker than yesterday, but still lighter than the control line. I just took another one at about 1pm, and the line is much darker than the control. So, that tells me this is my LH surg, right?
It is going to be too late to inseminate tomorrow morning?? I called my clinic, but I think they closed at noon so I just left a message. I'm so nervous 😭
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2023.04.01 22:26 Cheesewiz43 Not sure about living as of now

Ima start this off and say I’m not suicidal, I mean sure I hate it here and would rather be anywhere else in life but here, but I don’t wanna die, if that makes sense.
I’m almost 17f and am in a running start program (I attend a college for classes to finish high school and earn college credits) and am doing overall pretty good. Life is fine but not great. Life is bad but not horrible. Everything is just fine. Nothing huge has happened except my brother moved to another state and he’s doing terribly mentally and physically and he’s just doing awful. Mom has been sick for some time, seems to improve but then she gets hit with something else and bam, 3 new medications. She’s dying and I’m accepting that. She’s living and I’m accepting that. Best friend got a boyfriend and I’m a second choice. Old best friends don’t share interest in me as much, but it’s better than being a shadow while hanging out with my best friend. She complains about money, but won’t do anything to fix it, even with real life advice I I’ve given. Starting to live by that “cant help people who don’t want to be helped” mentality. Everything is just fine.
I’ve been on antidepressants for over 2 years now, same high dose for about a year. Sure they work but they aren’t great, I just don’t want to have to go through leaning off this one and trying a new one that might just make things worse. Graduated therapy a year ago by lying bc I hated my therapist, my other three all passed me on. One quit without telling me and he was awesome, made me excited to go to therapy. Still feel like shit every day, cant get more than 5 hours of sleep, I will feel better and then remember I’m only functioning at a decent rate because of medication that can regulate my shitty brain chemistry.
I work the highest amount of hours a minor can work legally every week, while also attending college at 16, and a zero hour at my high school, I have no time for myself anymore and I feel like a zombie. It’s to the point where my older siblings contacted my parents about me. People at work won’t stop commenting about my body, old men sexualizing me weekly, how I’d look great pregnant bc I look like ‘that one chick from the hunger games’ and she looked great pregnant.
Birthdays this month, I don’t want to get any older I wish I was 6 again when my family was healthy and happy and together and I didn’t have to worry about if tomorrow will be just a shitty as today was. Birthdays just remind me I’m getting closer to the point in life I have been dreading. Im at the age I used to dream about and if 13 year old me saw that this is what it’s like I probably would have jumped off a cliff.
I’m just ranting at this point, but if this is my life rn and I have to go to school and then work for the rest of my life to pay off student loans and then maybe be happy, I don’t want it. Especially with the world we live in right now, probably the most unappealing thing ever.
But in two months I’ll be in Hawaii, that’s about the only thing to look forward to.
Please relate to this or at least assure me it won’t be like this forever, because I told myself that 2 years ago and it just has only gone downhill. Thanks
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