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2023.06.03 12:15 ECE_Upskill Prototype Demonstration of a 32-bit RISC-V Softcore with FreeRTOS

This is a prototype demonstration for the "Smart Garden Assistant with Real-time Monitoring and Security", showcasing the capabilities of a RISC-V core with FreeRTOS. The RISC-V softcore is implemented on a CMOD S7 FPGA board. The core runs the application which includes the following tasks:
  1. Monitoring plant temperature and humidity using the HygroPMOD module, with results displayed on a 1602 LCD module.
  2. Transmitting temperature and humidity data to the HC-05 Bluetooth module for display in the associated mobile app.
  3. Utilizing the HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor to detect objects near the plant and activate a buzzer if an object is detected within a 10 cm range. The alert can be silenced using the 'Stop Alert' button in the mobile app.
  4. Assessing soil moisture via the Capacitive Moisture Sensor module. When moisture is found to be insufficient, the sensor activates a motor water pump through a 1-channel relay. The water pump can also be manually activated via the 'Water the Plants' button in the mobile app.
The project repository and the details about the paper can be found here.
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2023.06.03 12:15 jaykelvindean111 23f [f4m] if Daddy is active for weekend vibes and some head suck. I want my weekend honey like my pussy rn 🤤🤤🤤🍆🍆🚬💦💦 please if you can't afford me don't DM 👌👌

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2023.06.03 12:13 akutagawabae provigil and alcohol

I recently started taking provigil for narcolepsy and I haven’t drank on it yet. Does anyone have any experiences with this? I am also on Prozac and seroquel but have had no issues with drinking while on them, and obviously I know it’s recommended not to. I am not a heavy drinker, but I am still young and at the age where on the weekends all my friends want to go out and I enjoy doing so. I am hesitant with starting this new medication because I have heard of some people blacking out after like 3 drinks on certain medications and was wondering if anyone has this happened to them on provigil.
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2023.06.03 12:12 Gamer-Ben Introducing Crossroads: Myth - A Web3 Browser-Based Strategy Game

Introducing Crossroads: Myth - A Web3 Browser-Based Strategy Game
Hey NFT Gaming fam!
Ben here, from the indie trio team building Crossroads: Myth, an upcoming browser-based game. Set in the fantastical world of Mythenia, players embark on strategic adventures, manage resources, form alliances, and uncover captivating lore. We recently came out of stealth to get active on our socials, and are now sharing updates too on Reddit (we've only previously posted in the Tezos subreddit).
Current Stage: We're currently in the early stages of building Crossroads: Myth on the Tezos blockchain and would love for you to join us on this exciting journey. Your input and support are invaluable!
Gameplay Synopsis: In Crossroads: Myth, you'll first have the opportunity to choose from three unique races: humans, elves, or dwarves, each with distinctive advantages/disadvantages suiting different play styles. Engage in various activities such as recruiting units to form a squad, hire mercenaries, completing quests, as well as acquiring/upgrading lands to generate resources.
Blockchain Integration: All in-game assets, including units, lands, items, and resources, exist on the blockchain as NFTs or Fungible Tokens, enabling free trading among players.
Tokenomics: We've crafted a sustainable, rewarding experience with player-focused tokenomics. More details are available on our website, and stay tuned for our upcoming litepaper.

The many Lands of Crossroads: Myth (left to right) — humans, elves and dwarves.
Community & Cooperation: While you can play solo as an individual, plenty of opportunities open up when you collaborate with others. Emphasizing teamwork, players can form or join guilds, share resources to reach a common goal, and collaborate on strategies to tackle challenging quests together.
We're eager to share our unique, immersive Web3 browser-based game with you all, and we hope you're as excited as we are! Join us on our journey:
Landing Page: (Connect button is not live currently)
Looking forward to hearing from those keen to chat and learn more about this game.
Ben :)
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2023.06.03 12:12 spanakopita555 Help! My girlfriend has HPV

So your girlfriend went for a routine doctor's appointment and then you found out it was something called a smear test and they tested for HPV. Wtf - your girlfriend has an STD?!!!
You should read the sticky post here to educate yourself fully, but to present a more concise primer, here are a few things in particular that you should know:
(NB: for ease, have written men and women but please assume people with penises and people with cervixes if you are trans, nb or other. I've also based this mainly on positive smear results rather than warts, because this is a more common incident that we see on this board) .
Having HPV is extremely normal:
- 80% of people will get genital HPV by the age of 45, and after a few sexual partners, your chance is close to 100%.
- Most infections happen within the first few years of sex life, so prevalence in late teens to early 20s is very high - almost half of women of this age will have an active high risk infection right now. For all types of HPV it may be as high as 70% for college-aged women. Note that the figures are probably similar for men.
Most people don't know they have it:
- Most HPV infections are symptomless,
- In most places, cervical smears are only done after a certain age and may only be tested for HPV after a certain age, too (e.g. 25+). This is because it's simply assumed that younger people will have HPV and it will probably go away with no problems. Cervical smears with HPV tests are designed to find those persistent cases that don't clear up, and can therefore pose a potential danger.
HPV can hang around for a while and recur later in life:
- Most infections clear up within a couple of years, but some last longer.
- A small % can come back even after immune suppression
- Therefore, even if you've been in a monogamous relationship for some time, it's still not weird for HPV to come up
Do I have HPV too?
If you've been having regular sex (genital or oral contact), even with condoms (which only mitigate but don't prevent HPV transmission), there's a good chance you share the infection. Maybe it came from her, maybe it came from you. Where it came from is both impossible to know and not very important.
(I've not seen data on dental dams but we know that female/female couples often share infections, too).
You should probably assume that you either have her strain now, or may have already immune suppressed it.
How can I have an STD? I've never had one before
STD panels only test for a small number of possible infections, and even if you have been practising 'safe' sex, it's still very possible and indeed probable to have something (look up the prevalence of HSV, for example). With HPV in the mix, there is a very high chance that you have had, have or will have 'an STD' in future.
In the modern world, because of the aftermath of the AIDs crisis, and our increased scientific knowledge, mixed with toxic purity culture, there is so much stigma around STDs. But HPV is something that's pretty much impossible to avoid - even virgins have a small chance of getting it, and with one lifetime partner the chance is somewhere between 20 and 70%.
If you are stigmatising your gf and/or yourself, just stop. HPV is not something you can ever fully prevent, unless you were to live life in a polythene bubble. No sex is truly safe, but we take the risk because, when consensual, it's a good, fun, natural part of a healthy adult life.
P.S. don't use the word 'clean' - nobody is 'dirty' for living their life, and that includes you!
Should I get tested?
If you have a cervix, you don't need to rush to get a test outside of your regular smear schedule. In fact, they may not allow you to do this. This is because smear tests are a cancer-screening tool, not an STD test. As there's nothing one can do about an HPV infection and most just go away, it's not considered clinically relevant to constantly test for it. Cervical smears are done on a schedule because they want to find those infections that stick around, so the person can be monitored and potentially treated if it becomes necessary.
If you have a penis, in most places, testing is not commonly done. This is because it's both unreliable in commonly used methods, and clinically not very useful.
Will I get warts?
If your girlfriend has been tested via a smear, it's likely that her infection is high risk. This is because most smear tests don't bother looking for the non-oncogenic strains. If you're not sure, she should clarify with her doctor. Most warts are caused by low-risk strains. While high-risk strains can cause warts, this is not hugely common so you should not expect to develop them (although it's perfectly possible to have more than one kind at a time, and in different parts of the genitals).
Can we still have sex?
Yes, regular partners can keep having sex, because you will share the infection already. You may wish to use condoms, which are shown to lower the viral load shared between you and therefore make it easier for the body to deal with the infection.
Can we still have oral sex?
If you're both unvaccinated, there is a risk that you share HPV16. This is the riskiest strain for oral cancer, so you might want to use protection or abstain from oral in that instance to lower the viral load in the mouth. However, if you weigh up the risk and feel that it is low enough to feel comfortable proceeding (e.g. she is vaccinated, or you know she has a strain other than 16) then sure, go ahead.
Should I get vaccinated?
Imo, yes. Gardasil 9 protects you against 9 of the most prevalent and riskiest strains, including 7 cancer-causing types and the 2 that cause 90% of genital warts. Although it's not proven to help a current infection, there's some limited evidence to suggest it *may* help regress more advanced abnormalities and support male bodies to produce antibodies against the included strains. Additionally, it gives you future protection against the included types (and you're unlikely to have had all 9).
Men can get vaccinated, too, and it's licensed up to age 45. You should search for ways to get it in your location - it may be free in some cases (e.g. in the UK, if you have sex with men, or in countries with health insurance if covered by your provider), or you may need to pay.
Am I going to get cancer?
Although high risk strains of HPV can cause cancer, that doesn't mean they will. Relative to the numbers of cases, cancer is not a likely outcome.
Cervical cancer remains the greatest risk of persistent HPV (those infections that hang around for a long time) but keeping up with screening means that anything dangerous is likely to be caught in time and can be treated.
Oral cancer rates are rising and it's the greatest risk for men. That said, only 1% of oral HPV infections become cancerous. At the moment, there's no screening programme, because it's not a useful way to identify those infections that could persist and become dangerous.
The best thing to do at the moment is to go to the dentist regularly and ask them to check you out.
Penile, anal, vulval and vaginal cancers are not very common. You may be able to get an anal smear test, but it's not available everywhere. Otherwise, you should try not to obsessively think about this - many, many things in life give us a risk of cancer and we tend not to worry about them. Just keep a gentle eye on your health and do all the things you already know you should be doing to live a happy and healthy life.
Do I need to go on a crazy health programme?
No. There is some evidence that stopping smoking can help prevent HPV cancers, but you already know that smoking kills so why are you still doing it?! There's currently no data out there on weed or vaping, so you can make your own call on those ones.
Exercise, sleep, eating vegetables - all good things for your health and life. But most people's bodies just deal with HPV naturally anyway, and there's no proven routine or single thing you can do to absolutely guarantee anything.
If it makes you feel better to do something, and you feel like making a change in your life, however, maybe this is your wakeup call.
What about my future in dating?
As above: most HPV infections go within a few months to a couple of years, and almost everyone will have a past or current infection. If you are seeking new partners imminently (i.e. in the next few months), you may want to discuss it with them (e.g. check if they're vaccinated), but beyond this, unless you have a cervix and get a positive test result at your next smear, there's no obligation - it's really up to you (there is a lot of nuance here and different people will have different strong feelings on the matter).
What can I do to support my girlfriend?
Thanks for asking the most important question.
Your girlfriend might be worried, confused or upset. Many doctors are pretty rubbish at dealing with HPV-related stuff. Share any information you learn and make sure you approach HPV together in a non-judgemental way.
Ask if she wants you to accompany her to appointments, and afterwards, make her a nice hot drink, get her a blanket, bring her cookies, kiss the top of her head, you know - all the lovely partner things you can do to make her feel safe and loved.
Some people might feel weird about sex after diagnosis so please be understanding and keep communicating how you both feel. Acting entitled and pissy because someone won't do xyz thing with you is jerk behaviour and if that's your attitude, fuck right off.
Sex is not the only part of a relationship and if you need to pause on some things for a short while, nobody is going to die. Sex toys and masturbation are absolutely a thing.
If you are privileged enough to have a partner and a healthy, happy relationship, that is more important than an infection that almost everyone will get in their lifetime. Lots of us with HPV don't have this luxury, so don't be a fool about this - thanks.
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2023.06.03 12:12 Finn-Hoss Buy CloudLinux License Cheap CloudLinux License

Buy CloudLinux License Cheap CloudLinux License
Buy CloudLinux License Cheap CloudLinux License
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Cheap CloudLinux License
CloudLinux is the leading platform for multitenancy that you can operate using a CloudLinux license. It improves server stability, density, and security by isolating each tenant hosting account on shared hosting and giving them allocated server resources. This creates an environment that feels more like a virtual server than a shared hosting account. CloudLinux reduces operating costs and increases profitability. So for shared hosting, it’s important to implement and use CloudLinux through a CloudLinux license, this will prevent any users from affecting your server and bringing it down.
Benefits of Having a CloudLinux License
In addition to the above, there are several other benefits of using a cheap CloudLinux license on the website’s hosting; these benefits may include.
Ease of Conversion
It is quite easy to convert from other operating systems to CloudLinux once you have a cheap CloudLinux license. Converting from RHEL or CentOS does not take time to complete. You can easily buy your cheap CloudLinux license from any ordering platform, such as Navicosoft, and get to enjoy great security updates and patches.
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Stability Features
The realization of private virtual space is one of the most important reason/benefit and features of a cheap CloudLinux license. In the private virtual space, your own bubbles protect your website against the activities of other hosted servers trying to slow or clash your server. With this stability feature, your website will deliver fewer error messages to people trying to access your page, thereby creating higher volume of traffic.
What Does a CloudLinux License Offer You?
Ensure that no website on your shared server will ever bring you down: a CloudLinux license will isolate tenants in “cages” to increase security, prevent them from affecting each other and making the server secure. So users only have access to safe files and their own processes.
Shield your servers from performance spikes and DDOS attacks and prevent slowdowns and downtimes.
Make your server profitable maximize the profitability of your servers by increasing density, giving customers more choices, upselling customers to higher plans without having to move to another server, and reducing support costs.
Increase your profit by offering more resources to your shared hosting customers.
Providing lightweight virtual environment (LVE): Limit all CPU, IO, memory resources, numbers of processes, and concurrent connections per each user or per packages for resellers. With LVE Manager, you can.
Create and apply default package limitations
Find abusers; this will help you to take the appropriate actions
View usage history report per account
Limit usage for specific hosting account
This content was originally published by Navicosoft.
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2023.06.03 12:11 rClipsBot Nothing happened this weekend !LED !IM !Smile !Nexus

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2023.06.03 12:11 Any_Engineering Medical Schools in New York: A Comprehensive Guide to Pursuing a Medical Career in the Empire State

New York, the bustling metropolis known for its iconic skyline and vibrant culture, is also home to renowned medical institutions that attract aspiring healthcare professionals from around the world. If you're passionate about medicine and dream of making a difference in people's lives, New York offers a plethora of opportunities. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the various medical schools in New York, shedding light on their programs, admission requirements, and career prospects. Let's embark on this journey to discover the path to your medical career in the Empire State.

Medical Schools in New York

New York boasts a rich selection of prestigious medical schools that provide exceptional education and training. These institutions prepare aspiring doctors to excel in their careers and contribute to the field of medicine. Here are some of the top medical schools in New York:
  1. Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons:
  1. Weill Cornell Medicine:
  1. New York University Grossman School of Medicine:
  1. Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai:
  1. SUNY Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are the admission requirements for medical schools in New York? To gain admission to medical schools in New York, aspiring students must typically demonstrate academic excellence, competitive MCAT scores, strong letters of recommendation, and a passion for medicine. Additionally, involvement in extracurricular activities, research, and community service can enhance an applicant's chances of acceptance.
  2. How competitive is the admission process for medical schools in New York? Admission to medical schools in New York is highly competitive due to the reputation and quality of education these institutions offer. It's crucial for prospective students to showcase exceptional academic achievements, a well-rounded profile, and a genuine passion for medicine.
  3. What financial aid options are available for medical students in New York? Medical schools in New York provide various financial aid options, including scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study programs. Prospective students should explore the financial aid packages offered by individual institutions and explore external funding opportunities.
  4. Are there any specific programs for underrepresented minority students in New York's medical schools? Many medical schools in New York actively promote diversity and inclusion in their student body. They offer programs and initiatives aimed at supporting underrepresented minority students, providing mentorship, networking opportunities, and resources to ensure their success in medical education.
  5. Can international students apply to medical schools in New York? Yes, international students can apply to medical schools in New York. However, they must fulfill additional requirements, such as providing proof of English language proficiency and obtaining the necessary visas or immigration documentation.
  6. What are the career prospects for medical school graduates in New York? Medical school graduates in New York have abundant career prospects. They can pursue residencies and fellowships in top-tier hospitals, engage in cutting-edge research, work in private practices, or contribute to public health initiatives. The diverse healthcare landscape of New York provides ample opportunities for graduates to make a meaningful impact.


Embarking on a medical career in New York opens doors to exceptional education, clinical experiences, and career prospects. The top medical schools in New York, including Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, Weill Cornell Medicine, New York University Grossman School of Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and SUNY Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine, offer aspiring students a chance to realize their dreams of becoming healthcare professionals. By pursuing medical education in New York, you can join the ranks of distinguished medical professionals who shape the future of healthcare. So, seize the opportunity, pursue your passion, and make a lasting impact on the lives of others.
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2023.06.03 12:11 sjhill Meadows Festival on this weekend!

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2023.06.03 12:11 ThrowwayTuna 29 [M4F] Early Sat Calls...

Hello! Weekend ulit, looking for people na makakausap on anything this early evening. Sana call lang sana kasi quite lazy on typing today, dahil kakagaling lang on 5 long works recently.
About me: friendly, employed person, introvert at 80% and single.
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2023.06.03 12:10 Enigma_1107 I feel like I am wasting time when I go with friends

I like to do work and volunteering when I am free. Being occupied gives me a feel that I am being productive. Although it gets stressed at times and I do need break at times, I would prefer doing it alone or spend brief time with my friends. I can spend any amount of time talking deep and long over any topic with one person at a time. But in instances where my friends take me out or call me do some 'fun' activities with group, I feel disconnected almost as soon as the hanging out starts. I am not sure whether it is because I don't have a complete control over when I get to leave or because of boring repetitive talks about sex, career, meaningless chitchats, someone's ex, etc., Even though I try not to show it off that it is boring or I feel unproductive, somehow my facial expressions gives away. In those cases even if someone asks if I am alright, I feel obliged to say 'Yes, I am' instead of 'Why am I here in this boring conversation and wasting my time?'.
Instances like this happen over and over in my life but I have no clue in pointing it out how to correct this uneasy feeling. Can someone help out?
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2023.06.03 12:09 not-irredeemable When will this ever end?

I'm glad in a way that I became depressed because it proves that there is a self to come home to if I can work through this stuff. A self that went on strike and refused to be used for pointless, stressful achievement anymore.
I hate having this disease. It gets everywhere. No activity is left innocent and fun and enjoyable. It's a monster that takes over everything. I cannot just enjoy playing the guitar, I must become Hendrix yesterday. I can't just enjoy reading a new book, I have to read all the books and have all the knowledge of everything. It's insanity. Every innocent activity becomes dragged into this vortex of "I must prove that I am worthy". When does it end?
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2023.06.03 12:08 The_Liamster03 20 [M4F] #Brighton, UK. I’m a virgin but I really want to get a woman and become a father

This is going to be a long post but here I go anyway. My name is Liam and I’ve never been in a romantic relationship before. I’ll be honest and say I’m not that good looking but I am mature for my age and well endowed. To describe my appearance, I’m white, 5’5, skinny, blue eyes and have black hair. I’ll be happy to share pictures in chat if anyone is curious. I’m very shy and introverted but I do try my best to have a conversation. I’ve been told I’m funny and have a nice personality as well. I’ll admit I’m not a fit or active person but I am healthy with no medical history. I don’t do drugs but I occasionally drink. Anyway on to the important part, I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately and I want a woman to take my virginity and make me creampie her. The thought of my sperm fertilising her egg makes me go crazy. I get so horny and cum in huge loads, it’s a shame to waste them when I can empty my balls deep inside a pussy. I’d love to meet a woman who is also a virgin but that’s probably wishful thinking. This probably isn’t normal but I wonder if anyone else felt the same at my age, it’s just hard to explain. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had sex before and I’m so desperate to lose my virginity but it could also be the fact I want to get a woman pregnant. Breeding is not just a kink, a fetish or even an urge, it’s so much more than that to me. To conceive a child and bring life into this world is such a special thing. It is a gift that I want to give and to make a woman happy if she’s always wanted mother. It’s only human nature to want to breed as all other species do. Sex isn’t just for pleasure, it’s also for romance and in a strictly biological sense, to procreate. On a completely non sexual note, I’ve always wanted to be father and I had long hoped that to become true one day. I have a large family, my siblings and cousins all have children of their own and I want to be a dad one day. Part of me also wants to carry on my bloodline, to know that I’ll have a child who will look up to me as a role model, to love, nurture, care and create memories with them and have a special bond with them. I want to have a legacy when I die and pass my genes onto a new generation. I believe that love is something that isn’t found but is made with each other. I hope to get married to my soulmate one day and live together as a family. This would be my dream but of course I’ll be happy with whatever the future holds for me. I know I’m only young but my mind is set on trying to make this possible. Hopefully I’ll meet a woman one day who feels the same way. If any woman wants to talk me about this, please DM me as I’d love to hear your opinion on this matter and maybe even help you get pregnant. I’m sure arrangements can be made and I’ll be happy to just be a donor and have a NSA situation if that’s what’s wanted. I don’t want to pay for any services offered but will try my best to accommodate your needs. It could be a simple hookup, friends with benefits or perhaps even a relationship. With regards to childcare, I can provide financial support and you could have sole custody or we could raise the child together as a family, that would be your choice and I’m happy with either. Keep in mind this may be subject to change in the long term depending on circumstances. I would like us to talk on here first and get to know each other as I’ll actually be quite nervous because it’s my first time. Perhaps we could go on and have coffee before getting down to business. Anyway I’ve rambled on for long enough and I’m sorry for the paragraph I’ve written. I’ve probably repeated myself or forgot something but that doesn’t matter now. I’ve been wanting to get this off my chest for quite some time and I’m happy to have spoken my heart as well as my mind. Thank you to whoever managed to read all of this :)
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2023.06.03 12:08 ROCKnROADKILL I don't know what I'm doing.

This is going to be long, please bear with me.
I'm 20. I'm in a really wierd spot in my life and I hear it'd like that for everyone in their twenties or around this point in life. ⚠️ Also this contains some talk about drugs and abuse so be warned please ⚠️
I had a lot wierd situations I encountered growing up that I didn't know how to deal with. I've been told I did exceptionally well but I don't think I did. I know this sounds stupid but where I was going to school at the time, there weren't a lot of just plain Americans there. It was a catholic school with kids from all over the world: Vietnam, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Mexico, Argentina, you name it. All very rooted in their cultures. When I got to 3rd grade I was just screwed. Kids would hang out with exclusively people from their cultures and I was the only person there who didn't have that so I had literally nobody to play with or talk to. My family is also split between really anti catholic and religious and i was going to catholic school at the time so it was tense... My grades started slipping and my father, whom I was extremely close to, moved away for reasons I still can't quite figure out. My mother had this roommate at the time who would always have these strippers, drugs, and wierd sex stuff constantly in myproximity and it made me super uncomfortable.the same woman would tutor me because I struggled in school and she would scream in frustration that i didnt understand. She and her sisters would Call me stupid because i couldnt divide decimals and such. The place we were living in belinged to her family and they hated black people so they just hated us. I transferred to a school In a suburb north of my city and lived outside the attendance boundary so whenever people asked me where I lived I had to lie. A girl got expelled for living outside the attendance boundary I remember. I met great friends there but they could never come to my house and they never really could know much about me. And they were rich and I was really struggling with my mom so it was just hard to find activities we could do together without having to pay a whole bunch of money for it. I helped my mom at work a lot doing pop up shops selling clothes at festivals and doing community work in education speaking on panels and doing workshops with college students and professors (im about 9-12 atp). Anyway, fast foward to high school and it's just chaos. People constantly doing xans in class smoking in the bathrooms. I've been told I'm really smart and talented in many things, but I was kind of bad at socializing with people my age because I was so used to talking with adults. But this place had no value for that. The school sucked. Eventually I transferred to an amazing school that I absolutely loved, but I had to move in with my estranged father. It was hell. He was physically and psychologically more Abusive to me in that time than anything I could comprehend at that point. When the pandemic shut down my school, my dad made me drop out to help him pay bills. Eventually I ran away back to my mother because I had nowhere to go. I packed everything I could, and left. It was February and it was freezing. I wasn't sure I would make it. At this point in my life the person I'm closest to is my grandfather. My family believes he is schizophrenic but he instilled an appreciation for music and art that was very therapeutic to me at the time. So when I ran, I ran to him. Fast foward to when I turned 19 and i don't know exactly what happened but things got really REALLY bad. I got a job which was good, but I was missing a lot of skills people my age need to have. My mother ended up losing the sight in her left eye and nobody would hire her because she's a liability and lacks credentials for most jobs. I started getting into psychedelics which kind of disturbed my mood's continuity. And then at work one day this guy gave me oxy that had fent in it and pressured me to do it in the bathroom even though i said i just wanted to see about it later (note: this was legit the dumbest shit i ever did.) I started having a really bad overdose. I kept vomitting and vomitting and felt like my whole body was shutting down. I dont know how i made it through that. I never touched that crap again after. The high was amazing and felt so euphoric but it felt like it was killing me at the same time. So at this point I started taking on the bills and providing for her. She got odd jobs here and there and helped however she could and honestly I believe she did more than I did, but my aunt is also living with us and literally lives here rent free doing NOTHING except taking care of her parents while simultaneously living off their social security and pensions.Pays no bills. Fast foward to now and my grandfather has stage IV prostate, bone, and lung cancers. He's been in so much excruciating pain and I don't know what to do. I'm currently getting my GED, working, and trying to pursue my dreams in the arts and honestly, the whole situation I'm in feels like my fault. I don't know how I'm going to do anything with my music/art or take care of my family. Every day I feel so scared and trapped and anxious. I genuinely feel like everyone around me just hates me, I know they don't, it's just this anxious paranoia I have. I feel like I have actually had a really good quality of life but I just didn't maximize on my opportunities out of selfishness. I try to get put there and do things and somedays I feel really great but something will just send me spiraling for no reason. I legit feel like I'm losing my mind every day and I don't want to talk to anyone about it. I do, but nobody can say anything to fix this. Plus everyone around me is going through shit. I don't want to feel like this.
TLDR: Daddy issues money issues drug issues life issues. Pervasive fear dominating my social life and I think I'm losing my mind. Thanks for hearing me out.
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2023.06.03 12:06 oldmandad1 Engineering CPD Hours

Hi, I’ve still got 3 semesters left (third year right now) till I graduate and am looking for ways to fill in the 210 hours for my CPD. I’ve seen the student teams available on Monash’s website but not many of them seem to be software (my major) related. Are there any other teams/activities I should look out for?
And yes I am trying for an internship so this is as a failsafe. Thanks.
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2023.06.03 12:06 travel-notes-oliver Belfast City Center Beer Bike Tour

Belfast City Center Beer Bike Tour
Belfast is an energetic and bustling city. Its lively culture can be found through music, food and other forms of cultural offerings.
Political murals found throughout the city serve as visual records of its turbulent past. Some serve as memorials while others remind of religious and political divisions in the area.
Tours provide an insider's look into Northern Ireland's past and present. Expert guides relay tales with candor, expertise, and wit.

Self-guided art galleries

Belfast's turbulent history is well-documented, yet today its cityscape offers visitors a vibrant experience. New hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, and attractions keep springing up like mushrooms all over town; its commitment to peace can be seen everywhere you look; while visitors from all corners of the globe come here seeking refuge and optimism from its embracement.
Belfast is a relatively compact city that can easily be navigated on foot or bicycle, and boasts an efficient public transit system. A sightseeing hop-on/hop-off bus tour offers visitors the perfect way to see its highlights at their own pace; buses can be booked online or by phone from Belfast City Hall.
Alternately, you could take a guided walking tour through the city with an experienced local guide. This tour entails exploring street art as well as political murals - and your guide will offer insightful commentary about each one!
The Ulster Museum is another must-visit on any trip to Belfast. Boasting everything from fine art to archaeology and even tropical climate plants in its Palm House conservatory, this museum will delight anyone interested in nature while giving you a great opportunity to socialize.

Doing a walking tour

Walking tours offer a fantastic way to get acquainted with Belfast. There are multiple tours available that feature various sights and activities; these could range from tours that highlight live music venues and historic pubs, to those focused on history (Titanic Museum or Crumlin Road Gaol for example).
As another option, hop-on, hop-off bus tours offer an ideal way to see a city while listening to live commentary onboard. They are especially beneficial when travelling solo as you can hop off at any point to explore any particular sight more thoroughly.
Those interested in TV shows and movies can take a tour that explores filming locations in Belfast. From Line of Duty to Game of Thrones, there will undoubtedly be an experience tailored to meet your interests.
Visit a market to browse for local goods, souvenirs and artisan foods. St George's Market is one of the area's most beloved markets with over 300 stalls offering food and drink - such as Yellowman honeycomb - which makes for an exciting shopping experience!

Joining a Meetup group

Belfast is an ideal city for cycling with its flat paved roads and stunning scenery. Its charming streets and friendly locals make the city the ideal spot for discovering it by bike. Additionally, Belfast provides many guided tours that cover various aspects of culture and history for an engaging learning experience about this unique place.
Join a guided walking tour with a local to gain an overview of the city and its highlights. This tour is ideal for travelers seeking an easy introduction to Hillsborough Castle & Gardens, Crumlin Road Gaol and other major sites. Meet your guide at any centrally-located hotel or cruise ship port and view these major sites together with your guide.
For fans of Game of Thrones series, take an excursion that shows you all of Belfast's filming locations for this famous series. Here, you will visit iconic spots such as Cushendun Caves where Melisandre gave birth and Larrybane where Brienne of Tarth defeated Ser Loras as well as Dark Hedges which appeared in Dragonstone episode.
Take a Belfast and Glens of Antrim tour for a day trip that includes visiting the Giant's Causeway - this unique collection of rock formations was once used as a link between Ireland and Scotland!

Joining a book club

Belfast may have experienced turmoil throughout its history, yet today its city offers numerous attractions that are worth seeing. These include "peace walls" separating Catholic and Protestant neighborhoods; an expansive Titanic Belfast exhibition; St George's Market offering local artisan food products and souvenirs; or taking a walking tour with a local guide for an unforgettable experience.
ToursByLocals provides an intimate Belfast experience when booking a private tour through them. Your friendly guide can tailor it specifically to your interests, making sure not to miss any major sites along the way. In doing so, you will learn more of Belfast's story as well as its cultural aspects behind famous sites.
Start exploring Belfast by bike to see some of its iconic sites like Belfast Waterfront Hall and St Anne's Cathedral - this is an ideal way to familiarise yourself with its history, people, and architecture. Or join a Meetup group dedicated to reading such as Belfast Girly Book Club; reading together is guaranteed over an extended period.
Try something local by enjoying an Irish stew or snacking on some yellowman honeycomb - both are beloved treats of Irish cuisine!
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2023.06.03 12:05 AnaWolfbay1412 Health Benefits of Teas & Tisanes *insert pic 2

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2023.06.03 12:05 fru1tl00p Exploring Films with Destined Meetings: A Compilation Generated by OpenAI's ChatGPT

“Greetings, film enthusiasts! I wanted to share with you an intriguing list of films that revolve around the theme of destined meetings. This compilation was generated with the help of OpenAI's ChatGPT, an AI language model trained on a wide array of texts, including movies, books, and more.
The concept of destined meetings has always captivated storytellers, weaving tales of serendipity, interconnectedness, and the mysterious ways in which paths cross. Inspired by films like "Cloud Atlas," "The Fountain," and "Babel," I turned to ChatGPT to expand the list and uncover more cinematic gems that explore similar narratives.”
  1. "Cloud Atlas" (2012)
  2. "The Fountain" (2006)
  3. "Babel" (2006)
  4. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" (2004)
  5. "Predestination" (2014)
  6. "Interstellar" (2014)
  7. "Arrival" (2016)
  8. "The Time Traveler's Wife" (2009)
  9. "Donnie Darko" (2001)
  10. "12 Monkeys" (1995)
  11. "The Matrix" (1999)
  12. "Vanilla Sky" (2001)
  13. "Memento" (2000)
  14. "Mulholland Drive" (2001)
  15. "Timecrimes" (2007)
  16. "Synecdoche, New York" (2008)
  17. "The Lake House" (2006)
  18. "Mr. Nobody" (2009)
  19. "Inception" (2010)
  20. "The Butterfly Effect" (2004)
  21. "Source Code" (2011)
  22. "The Adjustment Bureau" (2011)
  23. "Run Lola Run" (1998)
  24. "Coherence" (2013)
  25. "Triangle" (2009)
  26. "The Zero Theorem" (2013)
  27. "The Tree of Life" (2011)
  28. "Melancholia" (2011)
  29. "Another Earth" (2011)
  30. "The Lovely Bones" (2009)
  31. "Waking Life" (2001)
  32. "Frequency" (2000)
  33. "The Jacket" (2005)
There are two films that preceded my conversation with ChatGPT. Good luck guessing them! The above list is sorted by ChatGPT in order of their perceived relevance to the first 3. Hope somebody finds this list useful. There’s probably more films you could add to this list but I’ve kept it as it was originally generated.
The title of this post, the text in quotations and the list were generated by OpenAI’s ChatGPT.
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2023.06.03 12:04 PuzzleheadedLaw6571 Drive Safe: Friendly Reminder for locals and snowbirds/tourists returning to/visiting our state

Summer is coming although it might not feel like it weather wise this weekend; traffic and construction are on the rise. There are new traffic patterns in a lot of areas. I live in southern Maine, on the York/Kittery line, but have family in the BangoPortland areas. My spouse and I have many friends throughout Portland and the respective suburbs of that area so we visit frequently.
I’ve lived in southern Maine for 7 years now. 7 summers of Route 1 back ups. Crowded parking lots. But this summer traffic accidents and dangerous driving—from what I’ve seen, have been much more prevalent. In the past couple of weeks I’ve witnessed:
-Someone almost get taken out at a crosswalk in the Kittery outlets. (Right by KTP, I had just grabbed Starbucks). Driver was clearly distracted.
-Head on collision on Route 236 near Eliot where an older gentleman had to be pulled out of his car and administered CPR (I was 6 cars back from the actual accident and had just picked my daughter up from daycare).
-A construction truck who was very much in a hurry just blow through a stop sign almost causing an accident on the back roads in Cape Neddick near Ogunquit.
-I got stuck in the Route 1 traffic near the York/Kittery line after a fatal car accident had occurred 15 minutes earlier involving a woman with a medical emergency.
-A younger kid backing out of a parking spot and hitting another car at the Nubble Light House. (The kid felt horrible and it clearly scared him. The New Yorker was pissed, no one was hurt thankfully).
Either I’ve been at the wrong place at the wrong time a lot this year, or something is up. I commute to Massachusetts for work three times a week, so I see accidents everyday, just not usually in Maine, and not so many involving medical emergencies.
Buckle up and stay safe!!
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2023.06.03 12:03 Slight-Wishbone8319 Combat question

My group has played two sessions of Mausritter so far with a third coming up this weekend. We really like it, but I'd like to make sure I'm running combat correctly. It feels like combat ends so quickly due to enemies failing str saves and becoming incapacitated that it seems a bit trivial.
During our first session the party dealt with rats, and most of the fights went something like, 4 points of damage wipes out rats HP and a point of str. Rat fails str save and he's down, despite having plenty more str. Maybe I was just rolling poorly, but it sure seemed like those ratss got wiped out fast.
Next session they run across a centipede. He's got more HP, but three mice manage to knock it all out in the first round. The centipede did get off a pretty good shot against one mouse, but then comes mice turn again and their archer does a couple of str damage. The centipede rolls bad, fails his save, and is incapacitated. It was pretty anticlimactic.
Still, this feels like RAW unless I'm missing something. Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.06.03 12:03 Nightshade_Coven What to do

This may be better posted in emotionalsupport but I feel this is more accurate to the topic.
Firstly let me caveat a few things: 1) fully aware I might just be overthinking this 2) my f31 SO has trauma from her past 3) I’ve spent the last 2.5 years being “ok” with not having sex because that’s was what was needed. 4) my sex drive is linked with how active I am 5) I need to be more active for my mental health
So, we recently (two weeks agosish) has sex after a long period of none, then last weekend we also had a rather fun long session. I just don’t enjoy mastibation that much and have almost completely lost interest in porn. 3 nights ago I had two wet dreams and today I woke up to another.
I am horning as fuck and am at a loss for how to deal with this. I kissed her forehead before sleep last night and she immediately called me out for not asking. And then brought it up this morning after I built up the courage to ask if she was horny. This completely killed my emotional hornyniss and I’m left in a familiar place of:
I want to be sexual, I don’t care if it’s penetrative, I’d happily go down on her for several organisms and then cum on her.
My question to the all knowing masses is two fold: How do or how could I personally handle my experience of this in a healthy way, and;
How can I support my SP better?
I sometimes feel like sex is used as a weapon by her, or the treat of not having it used as a weapon. And then I think how childish that makes me, and how she has every right not to be in the mood or feel what ever she is feeling.
At the same time… I’m really not getting my needs met, I’m doing everything I feel I can including sacrificing my own sleep needs and the progress is… noticeable, slow but noticeable.
Alright, bracing myself. And thanks in advance.
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2023.06.03 12:03 Carmen-Huang Organic fertilizer pellet making equipment production line

Organic fertilizer pellet making equipment production line
Richi Equipment is a professional manufacturer of organic fertilizer pellet making maker. The products are made from fresh hen and also pig manure and do not consist of any chemical ingredients. Nevertheless, chickens and also pigs have bad digestion capability and also can just take in 25% of the nutrients.
The other 75% of the nutrients are eliminated with the feces, to ensure that the dry product contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, amino acids, protein and also various other active ingredients. Poultry manure clothes dryer not just develops economic advantages for enterprises, yet likewise makes wonderful contributions to human environmental protection projects.
1. What's organic plant food?
What's organic plant food made by natural plant food pellet making equipment as well as natural plant food assembly line?
Organic plant foods are rich in organic matter, which can supply nutrients for crop growth, and can likewise feed and also boost dirt. There are lots of type of organic fertilizers, the raw materials are very wide, as well as the fertilizers are likewise ever-changing.
It gives the nutrients needed for crop development, and also the nutrients are thorough. It consists of 16 kinds of nutrients required for the growth of plants, and also contains other aspects that are beneficial to the growth of plants, which can comprehensively promote the development of crops, and also the nutrients are released equally and also for a long time.
The nutrients consisted of in natural plant food are greater than It exists in organic form and also can be released gradually to supply nutrients to plants for a long period of time. The application of organic fertilizer can enhance the soil framework and enhance soil fertility.
Organic fertilizer made by organic plant food pellet making maker can raise the soil water holding capability, which can usually be enhanced by around 10 times. It additionally has great drain, so it can reduce the difference in between dirt dry skin and also wetness, as well as the root environment of plants will certainly not be way too much. also large or too small.
Related post: manure making machine
2. Advantages of organic fertilizer pellet making machine:
Compared with all-natural load granulation devices (such as rotating disc organic plant food pellet making granulator, drum natural plant food pellet making maker), it has a concentrated fragment size distribution and is simple to control.
High performance as well as much easier to meet the demands of large manufacturing.
The round bits have no intense angle after granulation, so the pulverization price is extremely reduced.
3. Functions of RICHI natural fertilizer pellet making machine:
The granules generated by RICHI natural plant food pellet making device are round. The natural content can be as high as 100,000 to attain pure natural granulation. Making the most of the reality that organic particles can decorate and grow with each other under a particular pressure, no binder is required throughout granulation.
The granules are firm and also can be screened after granulation, lowering drying out energy usage. The organic matter after fermentation does not need to be dried out, and also the wetness material of the raw product can be 20-40%.
Related post: organic fertilizer production line
4. Application scope of natural fertilizer pellet making equipment:
The natural plant food pellet making equipment is preferred by the majority of individuals, as well as the inner rotating natural fertilizer pellet mill is widely used in the granulation of natural plant foods. Due to the high granulation price, stable procedure, durable equipment and also lengthy life span, it is chosen as the ideal item by the bulk of users.
The stirring tooth natural fertilizer pellet making equipment is suitable for natural fertilizer basic materials such as livestock as well as poultry manure, composting fertilizer, eco-friendly manure, sea plant food, cake fertilizer, peat and soil fertilizer. The qualified granulation price of this device is as high as 90 or more.
Adjust to a range of various formulas, the compressive toughness of organic plant food is more than that of discs and drums, the portion of huge spheres is lower than 15%, and the uniformity of fragment size can be readjusted according to customer needs with the stepless speed law function of the maker.
This organic fertilizer pellet making equipment is more suitable for direct granulation of natural plant food after fermentation, which conserves the drying process as well as substantially lowers the manufacturing cost.
5. Functioning principle of organic plant food making maker:
Using the mechanical mixing force of high-speed turning and the resulting wind resistant force, the fine powder material can be constantly combined, granulated, spheroidized and compressed in the device, so regarding accomplish the function of granulation. The particle shape from the natural fertilizer pellet making machine is spherical, the sphericity is higher than or equal to 0.7, the fragment size is typically between 0.3 and also 3 mm, as well as the granulation price is higher than or equal to 80%. The greater, the smaller sized the particles, as well as vice versa.
6. Organic fertilizer granulator production line
It is produced by non-drying as well as regular temperature level process, single molding, and also the outcome is 1-1 .5 t/h and 1.5-3th/ h. The equipment has reduced financial investment, quick effect and also good economic benefits.
The complete set of natural plant food pellet making device has a portable procedure design, scientific as well as reasonable, and advanced innovation. Power saving and also consumption reduction, no discharge of three wastes, secure operation, trustworthy operation as well as practical upkeep.
The raw material has wide flexibility and also appropriates for granulation of different raw materials such as compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical sector, feed, etc. The product has a high granulation price. It can generate various concentrations as well as various types of substance plant foods (including natural fertilizers, inorganic plant foods, organic fertilizers, magnetic fertilizers, etc).
In particular, the granulation of rare as well as ammonium bicarbonate series substance fertilizers loads the residential gap as well as rates at the domestic level.
The natural fertilizer pellet making machine assembly line is created and made according to the needs of compound plant food plants and also fertilizer distributors, with an output of 10,000 to 100,000 bunches.
It embraces the procedure of direct feeding from the hoisting container as well as direct unloading of the mixer, which virtually achieves the goal of "zero" blanking. The major organic fertilizer pellet making equipment takes on onward as well as reverse procedure, as well as the material is mixed as well as output with a special interior screw system and also a distinct three-dimensional structure.
( 1) Functions of organic fertilizer pellet making maker plant:
① Totally automatic. The organic plant food pellet making equipment assembly line is composed of 3 parts: automated batching system, blending system as well as quantitative product packaging machine. It is regulated by computer system as well as fully automated manufacturing. Greatly lowers the number of staff and also minimizes labor strength.
② High accuracy. The batching system is computer-controlled, digital evaluating, and strictly manages the proportioning. For different ingredients, the mistake after digital quantitative product packaging is less than one thousandth.
③ The outcome is big. The style outcome of the organic fertilizer pellet making device production line is 8T to 30T per hour, as well as there are 3 specifications to pick from. This fully addresses the opposition of natural plant foods because of the strong seasonal concentration of materials.
④ New innovation.
The blending system embraces a drum type non-destructive mixer and also a barrel type feeder, which not only does not harm the original fragment form of the material, yet also avoids the segregation of the finished product after mixing; set batch blending, high blending harmony. The blade of the mixer is distinctively developed, the blending is uniform, and the product is fed as well as discharged quickly. Effectively boost item quality and market competitiveness.
In view of the moist climate, relatively little manufacturing workshop as well as high labor cost, XYPF-B series (ground feeding technique) production line tools, the batching system is set up under the barrel, the organic plant food pellet making equipment production line is compact, as well as the flooring area is small, and it is straight on the ground. product, the labor intensity is reasonably small. The one-of-a-kind barrel-type training tool decreases the get in touch with between the product as well as the air, as well as prevents the moisture absorption of the product throughout the manufacturing process.
XYPF- collection anti-corrosion design adopts different special anti-corrosion actions, which considerably extends the service life of the equipment, and also is especially ideal for use in wet and moist locations.
The organic fertilizer pellet making equipment production line does not have any type of dead edges, as well as it is convenient and straightforward to clean up after closure.

⑤ Easy to manage. The primary control area of the natural fertilizer pellet making maker assembly line can monitor the running status of each element equipment. The high-speed 485 or 232 communication user interface is convenient for connecting with printers and computers. It can store 20 type of formulas, and also truly understand the innovation of manufacturing monitoring.
⑥ Solid flexibility. The organic plant food pellet making device plant appropriates for all kinds of extreme field atmospheres, including towering areas and also humid areas.
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