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2023.03.24 06:17 batboi48 Made a mushroom hat for ren faire!

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2023.03.24 06:15 regensbot Corona Regensburg: Infektionen: 76.706; Zuwachs: 9; Inzidenz: 59,9; Todesfälle (gesamt): 215. (Stand 24.03.2023, 00:00 Uhr)


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Altersgruppe Fälle Inzidenz
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Alle 1.057 8,02
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2023.03.24 06:13 Pristine_Impress_265 This is my week's pulls 🥹

Recently started collecting and this is my 1st full page in le binder✨️
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2023.03.24 06:13 Truelink64 Opinions on the movie

I just wanted to make this post in general for everyone here to share their opinion on the movie. The good, the bad and the ugly, just say what's on your mind I guess.
I personally really enjoyed the movie in terms of the story, the dialogue and the visuals. However, I do think it falls off in terms of the expectations of realism set especially by JW1 and 2. Like sure we know as an audience not everything they do is ever completely realistic in terms of our world's physics and such, but when it comes to weapon reloads and all that they kinda dropped the ball on this one.
P.S.: R.I.P. Lance Reddick, you absolute chad of a man. You will be missed.
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2023.03.24 06:13 Beatlesislwyn The interviewer from the “why are you gae” meme’s reaction to Uganda’s LGBT+ ban

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2023.03.24 06:11 nerdyog15 🥶😭 Nightly vent thread 😭🥶 Thursday Mar23

Good evening /fantasybball! Drink up 🥃 if your players are hurting tonight!
Rank Player Time FG FT 3PT REB AST STL BLK TO PTS dx score
1 RJ Barrett 29:45 3-12 🥶 4-6 0 2 3 0 0 5 🥶 10 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶
2 P.J. Washington 34:43 7-20 🥶 2-3 2 2 2 1 0 3 18 0️⃣
3 Luguentz Dort 29:50 1-11 🥶 0-0 1 6 2 2 🔥 0 1 3 0️⃣
4 Herbert Jones 28:34 1-5 0-0 0 3 2 1 0 0 2
5 Gordon Hayward 30:33 5-12 1-2 1 3 6 1 0 2 12
6 Bryce McGowens 25:10 2-5 4-5 0 1 6 0 1 1 8 ★★
7 JT Thor 27:11 3-5 1-2 2 3 0 1 2 4 9 ★★
8 Josh Hart 29:16 3-7 0-0 1 5 2 1 0 1 7 ★★
9 Markelle Fultz 34:14 4-11 2-2 0 1 8 1 1 3 10 ★★
10 Wendell Carter Jr. 30:44 7-13 0-1 2 8 0 0 0 0 16 ★★
**25+ min to qualify.
🥃 Better luck next time fellas.
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2023.03.24 06:11 nerdyog15 TOP 10 Player Appreciation & Anything Goes Discussion 🔥🚀 Kawhi Leonard night 🚀🔥 Thursday Mar23

Good evening /fantasybball! 🍻 if your players are feeling 🔥🔥🔥 tonight!
Rank Player Time FG FT 3PT REB AST STL BLK TO PTS dx score
1 Kawhi Leonard 34:30 13-15 🔥🚀 3-4 3 6 6 4 🔥🚀 0 2 32 🔥 ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
2 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander 26:51 10-15 🔥 9-9 🔥🚀 1 4 3 1 3 🔥 2 30 ★★★★★★★★★★★
3 Quentin Grimes 38:24 10-18 0-0 5 🔥 5 6 3 🔥🚀 0 0 25 ★★★★★★★★★★★
4 Evan Mobley 39:58 11-18 4-6 0 16 🔥 3 1 4 🔥🚀 0 26 ★★★★★★★★★★
5 Brandon Ingram 34:09 10-23 9-9 🔥🚀 1 11 10 1 0 0 30 ★★★★★★★★★
6 Trey Murphy III 33:11 7-14 1-1 4 🔥 2 1 4 🔥🚀 0 2 19 ★★★★★★★★
7 Mikal Bridges 34:03 11-19 8-8 🔥 2 6 1 0 0 1 32 🔥 ★★★★★★★★
8 Spencer Dinwiddie 42:07 9-15 5-6 2 4 12 🔥 1 0 2 25 ★★★★★★★★
9 Immanuel Quickley 41:47 7-17 9-10 2 5 7 2 🔥 1 3 25 ★★★★★★★
10 Nicolas Batum 18:37 4-6 0-0 4 🔥 2 3 2 🔥 0 0 12 ★★★★★★★
How are players ranked?
Stats are ranked SYSTEMATICALLY based on 9cat H2H performance.
Why is my player not on the list?
First, this does not mean your player performed poorly, it just means there were other players with more BALANCED performance. In 9cat, efficiency and scarcity matters a lot.
🍻 Cheers.
Visit hoopdx to see the full list.
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2023.03.24 06:10 favgameisundertale r/relationshipadvice sings Ironic

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2023.03.24 06:10 obrerosdelmundo “Your belly button smell like an old earring back”

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2023.03.24 06:09 throwaway294677 I was told to ask here.

Bought this as a brand new unit from an individual and I'm concerned that it MIGHT be a really good fake or airsoft replica. The thing that throws me off is through my research, the P/N for a peq-15 is ATP-000-A18, and THIS is ATP-100-A17? I can't find any info on that P/N through the Google machine except for some kid on AR-15.com that bought the same P/N in 2013 and everyone told him it was fake or airsoft peq.
That said, it came with a full kit and you'll see 3rd to last pic is of the quick reference guide it came with, and the title of the product ATPIAL - STANDARD POWER is the same when you go to the L3 website and on the page you learn about the peq is a pdf download with the SAME name and STANDARD POWER. (Last 2 pics)
So what gives? Real? Fake? Anyone know if this P/N is a correct designation for a real peq-15? Are the labels correct?
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2023.03.24 06:09 Arinsuistoodamncute You guys should not be satisfied with the hackers that has been banned and thats why

tl;dr: Thats why bandai just banned some obvious hackers and not all hackers at all. We deserve more than that and report buttons are stupid.
I'm here to explain why bandai didn't do the least it could have done to fight hackers, explaining some things that aren't clear to anyone who doesn't study or work in the area of ​​data or networks. I will try to use a vocabulary that is easy to understand even if you are not from the area.
Topic 1: How to combat/prevent hackers
Part 1: Prevention:
There is a very basic method of preventing hacking and this is usually an inbound resource. It consists of creating a series of scripts that are called if the client (the player's game) tries to send some data that was predefined in the script. To allude, first, I'll create a hypothetical skill to serve as a reference:

Zoro (red attacker)OnigiriSkill 1: Deals 500 damage. 30 seconds cd.
Having this information in hand, we know that the aforementioned skill has a 30 second cd. Leaving aside mechanics present in the game that allow us to decrease the skill's cd (not to dwell too long on the topic), we could make a script like this:

if client Zoro_r_a(skill_1) cd is < than 30 then
keep data at !possible_hackers.db

in this example, if a player used a hack that reduced the time of the skill itself, the record would be automatically saved in a database that could be consulted later. It would make the player automatically banned, the game crash, etc... etc... the possibilities are there.

This method has a advantage and a disadvantage:
  1. Cost benefit: The script is automating much of the work. Once done, it becomes cheap. The script is automating much of the work. Once done, it becomes cheap and makes fighting against hackers viable.
  1. The creation of the script becomes more and more complex according to the complexity and number of mechanics involved. If the game undergoes recurring updates, the script will also need to be updated with new variables and functions.
Can you imagine a company paying around 50 or more employees just to analyze player reports? Knowing that many of these reports are false negatives? Sounds unproductive and money wasted, right? Because of this, practically all serious game companies use this script example I mentioned. The only problem with this system is that, although it is cheaper to keep updating the script than to pay a bunch of employees to analyze reports... the programmers involved in the script will need to do the job properly so as not to end up banning someone unfairly, which can generate minor headaches (there was a recent case in league of legends where there was a script that sought to identify if someone was gaining more HP than normal and, if it was true, the person was banned. It turns out that the game released an item that made that and the company did not update the rate of the function variable. Result: A player was banned, unfairly, automatically by the system and this demonstrated Riot's incompetence and inattention in the media, it got bad).
But anyway, we are talking about one piece bounty rush here... and I have bad news: This type of system cannot be implemented in the current OPBR. Do you know why? Well, the game uses p2p (peer-to-peer) technology to host matches. This means that when the 8 players are paired, their devices become the match server itself. All information that happens in the match is stored, at the same time, in all devices. Has it ever seemed to you that the game's connection is a little fragile and, for any little thing, it already knocks you out of the game? Well, basically, that's why.
Including, it is precisely for this same reason that hackers manage to change the time of their abilities and their scope as well. The information is not on bandai's server.
> hey, but the data can be sent to bandai servers after the match endsIt's possible. As its possible to manipulate that data as well. Also, since our phones are the match server... of course, it is possible to have data encrypted, to meansure that it will not be manipulated such as range data and skill cd... but bandai isnt doing the basics that is ENCRYPTING THE SKILL AND RANGE DATA.
Part 2: Combat
This is the part I wanted to get to.
Did you know that one of the fastest growing areas in technology today is data modeling and analysis? So it is. While the area is growing and expanding, it's not new. Data analysis has always been used by games in their famous "ban waves". Unlike the script I mentioned, which automatically tries to find redflags and throws them to a database... The ban waves can be done by analyzing the data of matches saved in that database I mentioned back there, bringing a report ( if desired) to the operator and, after that, press the red ban wave button.
Combat needs the preventiong part to work so: F.
Topic 3: Report buttons
In short, nowadays it is much more practical, cheaper, efficient, with less chance of making mistakes, running a script that takes care of hackers than paying someone to analyze alleged hacker reports.
These days, report buttons work more to combat toxicity in games that use chat, and also to give the player the satisfaction of hitting "report!" on the colleague he doesn't like or on the supposed hacker, it was cheaper to answer support tickets.
So that's it, the support button here would only serve to make you more comfortable and resigned to the situation. You would be being cheated. Report buttons are USELESS AND SERVED TO UNDERESTIMATE YOUR INTELLIGENCE. IT CHARGES FOR A GAME WITH AN ANTI-HACK SYSTEM THAT WORKS, WITH A REAL SERVER, AND NOT FOR A BUTTON THAT WON'T HELP US AT ALL.
I decided to come and write this wall of text here because I'm following the case and I see that many do not understand how these things work. I love OPBR and I don't want it to be destroyed by hackers. We already had a breakthrough and to achieve more we need to be well informed.
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2023.03.24 06:09 Podongos taken from chezzkids archive.neocities.org/uhoh's audio

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2023.03.24 06:08 Guilty_Chemical_8192 56% Off BLACK+DECKER Orbital Sander, 5 Inch, 2.0 Amp, 12000 OPM, Corded, 1 Sandpaper Sheet and Dust Bag Included (BDERO100) rV

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2023.03.24 06:08 Nagikri How do I move the selected hair part into a new group, OR edit its clumping separetly from the rest (This is a repost the first time didn't get help)

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2023.03.24 06:08 ExquisiteKeiran QOTW 2023W12: Mason, Taylor, Shelton, and their respective adaptations

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2023.03.24 06:08 Ok_Drummer3176 Don’t know much about this card but dam this art is fire

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2023.03.24 06:07 Lemon_Patch Trading! Willing to take downgrades for high tiers but prefer upgrades! Some IAS will be in comments:)!

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2023.03.24 06:07 Lemon_Patch trading all! Willing to take downgrades for high tiers but I prefer upgrades! Some IAS will be in comments!

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2023.03.24 06:06 Lotso2004 Some Interesting Tag Details I Noticed

Figured I'd get some of these details down in case anyone else was wondering like I was. I've been looking at categories and there's a few things that I found interesting that others might too:
Those are the things I've noticed. Did I miss anything? I think the highlight of this is it's very possible that we get a Fundamental Forces unit with a Blessing of the Crystals Leader Skill for our anniversary. Odds are it'll be Elena since all colors of crystal have characters attached to them, however, I would also bet on a Morgana NV this anniversary (Dark Katana Morgana that's a DPS with some support, and also SLB?). I'd already bet on this being the finale to the FF arc anyways. Other than that I can't help but think that Ibara intentionally only covered one category and not CoW so that we're motivated to pull for JP units as until we get a CoW-specific Leader Skill those still have value.
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2023.03.24 06:06 Nebosh_Ecg_2022 CCTV Services

𝗖𝗼𝘀𝗺𝗼𝘀 𝗧𝗿𝗮𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗖𝗼𝗺𝗽𝗮𝗻𝘆 (𝗖𝗧𝗖) A Complete Home & Business Security Solution 𝗪𝗲 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝘃𝗶𝗱𝗲𝘀 : CCTV & IP Cameras, Access Control & Alarm Systems, EPABX & Intercom Systems, Time Attendance, DVR & NVR Systems, Networking & Wireless Systems, Door Access Control Systems, Burglar Systems, Biometric Systems, Home & Business Automation, Installation & Maintenance Contact Us: Mob: +919655111155 +919361165584 +919025920200 Email: [email protected] Address: No.2/1728, Islam Nagar, R.K.Pet, Thiruvallur (Dt), Tamil Nadu - 631 303. #cctvindonesia #CCTVSecurity #cctvinstaller #ramadan2023 #Ramadan #DVRSecuritySystem #NVR #DoorAccessControl #Cctvmaintenance #ipcamera #IPCameraCCTV #home_and_business #ipcamerasystem #IPCameraCCTV #TimeAttendance #installationservices #maintenanceservice #worldwide #ramdanoffer #Cctvservice #indoorcctv #outdoorcctv #ramadan2023 #biometricsystem #securityservices #burglarsystem
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2023.03.24 06:06 folieajess Day 7

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2023.03.24 06:05 Elendel_Daily_Bot [brandonsanderson] On the Wired Article

Cosmeregirl wrote:

I've honestly spent the entire day pretty upset about this. You don't go as a guest to someone's home, and then write about them this way. It's just not ok.
That being said, I'll respect the request to stop being quite so pissed off (or will try).
He wrote about prose and story and questioned why people love all these books so much. I feel like I'm missing so many reasons, but here's some of the major ones.
1) I had some major stuff happen a good 15 years ago now. I never cried over it or dealt with it until Rhythm of War, when the writing hit just right and I finally let myself feel those emotions I'd bottled up.
2) Strength before weakness. No one wants to take a kid for bloodwork. I was majorly stressing about going today, and I looked up and saw that bracelet staring at me from across the room, somewhere I never usually put it. It was exactly what I needed, when I needed it. Wore it all day.
3) I never would have made the jump to guitar without being inspired by the cosmere. I would have stayed on the ukulele. Now I'm learning new finger picking styles and after so much practice, finally just starting to get that elusive F chord. I never thought I'd get this far, ever.
4) It's literally the only book series I've ever gotten my husband to read. Ever. Literally.
5) These books have followed me all my life. I read them in highschool in the worst year of my life. I read them in college and in our first apartment, while working my first adult job and pregnant with my kids. They're part of my life at this point.
There's so many more, I can't even begin to list them all. And I've seen so many other stories on here as well, about people overcoming so many different difficulties, finding hope and being inspired to grow.
So thank you, so much, for being a part of all of our lives and inspiring us all to grow and be something more.

Brandon commented:

Hey. It's been a long day for me, but I remembered this comment in specific and wanted to get back to it, and make sure I replied.
I appreciate you writing it up, and thinking of me. But really, I'm sorry the day was so rough for you. For a variety of reasons, it sounds like!
All we can do is keep taking that next step. Glad to be on this journey with all of you wonderful people.
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