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2017.05.15 16:55 GregariousWolf Against Astroturfing and Media Manipulation

Against Astroturfing and Social Media Manipulation

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dead fucking server

2023.03.20 22:39 xxlibrarisingxx Ridgewood Skatepark - Open?

Wondering if Ridgewood skatepark is open/when it officially opens for the season? Even if there aren't obstacles, I'm a beginner so I'm just looking to skate around and get in some flatground.
Unfortunately, the only other park near me is Tenafly skatepark and it's empty. Ramapo is closed too.
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2023.03.20 22:38 GundamXXX New to platform - Roll questions

Hi all!
Im new to the platform and am using it due to using homebrew.
Now, Ive rolled a bunch in the tool and Ive received a LOT of Nat 20s. Me, and my party and DM, are wondering if I mightve ticked some setting with improved rolls? It just seems super weird
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2023.03.20 22:38 whagh Completely off SSRI for 2 months, consumed 2g Golden Teacher and felt nothing, am I immune to psilocybin? Will other psychedelics work? Really bummed out, to say the least.

So I tried 2g before while on SSRI, felt nothing. Then I did 6g over a couple of hours, doing 1g, then 2g, then 1g, then 2g, felt nothing, maybe a slight buzz but after the first 4g was so disappointed and annoyed that I smoked a joint, so hard to tell.
I chalked it up to being the SSRI and that it somehow just completely cancelled my psychedelic experience, as it is reported to do.
I've now been off SSRI for 2 months and ate another 2g's without really feeling anything. It's been about 3 hours now and I may feel just a slight calm in my body but that's about it, and it may as well be from the 2 hours I practically meditated while waiting for this to kick in (wore a night mask and had headphones listening to music, in an attempt to make me feel it more).
This and the last 6g trip I did this autumn while on SSRI were all from the same batch, but the guy I bought them from seems very legit and said he had a nice trip for 2g's.
I've tried therapy and as mentioned, SSRI, without it really doing anything for my mental health. I won't go into details about what I struggle with, but it's things relating to perspective and overthinking/rumination that from what I read of others experiences, would fit well into the therapeutic properties of psychedelics. Now I really wish I hadn't done so much research beforehand and reading the positive benefits others have gotten from this, as I now fear that's a tool I'm genetically deprived of, and I'm super disappointed.
I read others have similar experiences with psilocybin, but I wonder if LSD or DMT is also fucked for me. I really had no idea someone could just be immune to this stuff, really disappointing after having read so much about its potential benefits.
I did eat fairly close up to consumption, and I know golden teachers aren't the most potent shrooms, but when I'm at the point of feeling pretty much nothing from 2g's I don't have high hopes that even an heroic dose of a more potent mushroom on an empty stomach would give me any profound trip. Anyone who has had similar experiences, or know anything about this?
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2023.03.20 22:37 Striving_Slowly Non-Theravada temple

I'm not sure what to do, there are no Theravadian temples near me, only a zen temple and a vajrayana learning center. I've been to the zen temple before and quite liked the people there, as well as being around other Buddhists which is life giving as I've been a solo practicioner for several years.
While I love being there, I feel sometimes that it is pointless as we believe in substantially different things in some ways. I have to constantly remind myself not to let some teachings sink too deeply, which feels like a burden. Also, there is a sort of insurmountable disconnect between myself and my fellows there because we aren't playing the same game.
On the other hand, I have built up a formidable layer of conceite and arrogance around my Buddhist practice. Years of poor self training and accumulated blind spots have caused me to take parts of the practice and warp them in service of the ego in ways that I cannot even see when I am practicing alone. Being around others really shines a lot on the grasping I do towards Buddhism.
In short there are pros and cons.
I have not been able to decide if I should continue going or stay solo?
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2023.03.20 22:35 PartiallyCharged Early Access Sorcerer - Recap and Review

Howdy, folks. Long time Diablo-enjoyer here. I wanted to play just a couple hours of the D4 early access weekend so as not to burn out on the early game pre-release. Instead I became totally captivated by the sorcerer and spent most of Sunday digging through everything she has to offer. So now– hours later–I thought it might be fun to organize my thoughts and share them with you all.
Let’s get a few things out of the way first.
1) I played exclusively on world tier 2. I cannot comment on WT1.
2) I dabbled in the other two classes, but I only dug deep on sorcerer. Everything here is strictly in-class. I’m not making any assumptions or assertions about how sorc stacks up to rogue or barb.
3) I didn’t have time to get to absolutely everything. Someone has to clean up this house, you know! (It’s me. I’m the one that has to clean the house. The cats sure aren’t doing it.)
4) Obviously, everything here only applies to what’s available so far. There’s probably a skill I’m going to talk smack about which, with the right legendary aspect, full 50 point build, and perfect paragon board, turns out to be a certified ripper. That’s fine. We’ll get there when we get there. I maintain that it would be cool if stuff was good more or less from the time you can use it, though, and will be operating under that principle.
5) I will express negative opinions toward some aspects of the design in this, but I have deep and abiding respect for the designers of this game. Every game, for that matter. I dabble in design and even the baby card games for babies that I’ve worked on in my spare hours seem overwhelmingly difficult to make at times. People make games. Real people. I don’t ever want to forget that and, if you choose to comment, I ask you not to forget it either.
6) Furthermore, I have deep and abiding respect for you and your opinions. No kappa. I’m not here to yuck your yum or tell you you’re doing something wrong. If you’re having a good time, you’re winning the game and I salute you.
7) What this all adds up to, is that I have spent a lot of time playing, taking notes on, and thinking about this game and in particular this class this weekend. It’s led me to some moderately firm opinions. If you disagree, I think that’s great. I want you to disagree with me. Let’s talk it out. But please be chill and respectful. If something I say about the game angers you, I would ask that you not damage your mental health and mine taking it out here. Thank you, truly.
So, the sorcerer. Pretty nifty, huh?
The tl;dr is that I think the class is very cool, and the game is very cool, and I had a lot of fun.
There are definitely some things that stand out to me as not well balanced. A couple of skills seem to dominate the pack, and a few are outright stinkers. What I’m going to do is go through each skill individually, then fire off a few random thoughts.
And one more time for the back row: I liked this game and I liked this class. All criticism comes from a place of love, and for the desire to be as good for as many people as it possibly can. I wish to see the game elevated, not torn down.
On to the skills!


Sad to start on this note, but I think the sorcerer basics are woefully underdeveloped. Spark, Frost Bolt, and Fire Bolt practically feel like the same skill. All three of them are just little baby bolts of energy that don’t look or sound particularly interesting. And mechanically, the impact of their base damage as well as the upgrades are so minimal that most of the time I’d rather just be dodging while my mana recovers.
Arc Lash though? Arc Lash is where it’s at. The numbers are better–as they should be since it’s a close range skill–but they’re much better. Add it to the wide cleave and this is the beginning of a solid basic skill. Also it’s very visually distinct, I love the orchestra conductor animation with the lash whipping back and forth.
I realize it’s probably too late to make such a sweeping change, but the three bolts could actually, literally be the same skill–call it “Elemental Bolt”--and the upgrades could apply different elemental effects, making room for other, more interesting skills basics. (Yes this would break the current skill->improvement->specialization layout followed by all the other skills, I think that’s OK.)
In any case, the other major failing of the basics is that they don’t generate any mana by default. I would really like to feel a bit of a push/pull dynamic between Basic Spell/Big Spell. And right now, they generate no mana, or very meager mana with the right upgrades, in addition to outputting damage that feels insufficient and upgrade effects that feel marginal. I say bump their numbers (generously), and consider adding some base mana regen. Maybe 3-5? Make me feel like I have a reason to weave them into my attack patterns.


Overall this crop is much better. Thematically distinct, with solid visuals and good game feel. Numerically though, there are some stark disparities. Starting at the top and going counter-clockwise we have…
-Incinerate feels like the worst of the lot. Channeled spells are always tricky to get right; standing still is dangerous and, for me at least, less interesting than bobbing and weaving. I don’t think Incinerate threads the needle. The damage output and mana cost don’t justify the downside of planting my feet. Looks cool as hell though.
-Fireball is… it’s fireball, you know? It’s a classic, and it’s doing what I’d expect it to do here. Pretty middle of the pack in terms of numerical output, quality of life, and visual flair.
-Frozen Orb is functionally a very similar skill. It has more AoE, the utility of chill, and some razzle-dazzle to the animations. But the damage is so much lower than fireball that it feels lacking. I think it needs a damage bump. (But maybe I just look back too fondly upon my days as an Ice Queen in Diablo 2. xD)
-Ice Shards is the core skill I spent the least time with. I tried it in a couple different packages, but couldn’t find the use case. If I’m being honest, it kinda feels like a Basic after a couple of upgrades, not a Core. If you love this one I definitely want to hear from you.
-Chain Lightning, I’m pretty confident, makes the rest of these spells look like chumps. It is good at clear, good at single target, and the mobility it affords is unparalleled. You just fire it and go. Seriously, look at the numbers it does for the cost, and then remember that you press that button once and can’t miss, provided your cursor was on any monster, and you get to duck dive and dodge while it bounces hither and yon, smiting your foes. I don’t think it’s too strong though, I think it feels perfect. Just what I want from a Core. If the others could be brought up to this level. I’d be extremely happy. One complaint though… why doesn’t it look like chain lightning? ;__; Come on, gimme the classic forked lightning, baby! I miss it so much here.
-Charged Bolts: Another Core that probably looks better if it’s put more on par numerically with Chain Lightning. The shotgun spread of random projectiles is another classic, and being able to get bonus effects for dumping them into a single target at point blank range is pretty cool.


I think these skills are overall in a pretty good place.
-Flame Shield seems almost there. The burn numbers feel a touch low and the cooldown a touch high. It’s not a “true” defensive skill, more of a mixed use skill. And since at least one solid defensive cooldown seems pretty necessary, I’d like to see this one have a bit more muscle as an offensive skill, or a bit more defensive power added in somewhere. Maybe some bonus resistances? But then it starts to infringe on Ice Armor’s design space, so I’m not sure.
-Teleport is a staple for a reason, and this version is great. The upgrades are fine if you want them but they’re far from necessary. A true one point wonder, a classic for a reason. And I love the VFX. 10/10 no notes.
-Ice Armor is a solid defensive option for any build that’s cool (haha get it cool) with standing still and getting punched in the face. I still think that archetype is going to need more support than is currently available–whether through late/postgame stuff we haven’t seen or through some adjustments to skills like Incinerate–but I’m willing to bet this will feature in many such builds.
-Frost Nova is very, very good. Reasonable cooldown, good area. Making it inflict Vulnerable is great, and lengthening the Vulnerable duration against bosses who are immune to Freeze is a smart move. Relevant in all situations.


I’m just gonna say it up top; Hydra is here, everyone else can go home now. Details follow.
-Hydra is bananapants compared to the other two. The DPS value is good, both against groups and single targets. The damage to mana ratio is obscenely high. The upgrades are great, especially the one that gives a bonus head when healthy. That’s just 33% more damage, straight up, in almost every situation. Honestly this is the one sorcerer skill in the game that could get nerfed and probably still be good, I think.
-Ice Blades makes me so sad. I find it possible that in the late game/postgame, with enough cooldown reduction and ways to make enemies vulnerable, you could do a really cool thing where Ice Blades makes Ice Blades which make Ice Blades… until you have an Icy, Bladed army slicing up the whole map. It’s certainly the first thing I thought when I read the package over. But right now it’s verging on useless. It moves and attacks so slowly, for a pitiful amount of damage. Even if it turns out to be a build-around late game powerhouse, it needs help now.
-Lightning Spear feels like the actually appropriate power level for this group. Hydra clowns on it numerically, but that’s not Lightning Spear’s fault. My one complaint is that visually, it’s insufficiently distinct from Chain Lightning. I’m not 100% sure but I think they’re actually the same projectile! This look is fine for Lightning Spear, so to restate, please make chain lighting look like, you know. A chain of lightning. ___^


This is a flock of strange ducks to me. In essence, Meteor, Firewall, and Ball Lightning feel like Cores in disguise. They’re just nukes. Blizzard set my expectation that these skills would be utility-based supplemental damage dealers. Kinda like how Conjurations are longer-lasting, fire-and-forget, continuous damage dealers. But ¾ feel like Cores; repeatable nukes to spend most of your mana on. In a vacuum this is fine, my only real quibble is that you have to spend points passing through the cluster of Core skills. And in a world where this is true, I would like to see more options for passives to buy in the Core cluster for builds that evolve to use a Mastery instead of a Core as the bread and butter damage button. (Bread and Butter Damage Button is the name of my cottagecore heavy metal band, btw.) Now let’s look at each skill individually.
-Blizzard does what you want Blizzard to do. (The skill that is, not the development studio; I make no claims as to whether or not Blizzard Entertainment is doing what you, personally, want them to do. __). This is the epitome of “nailed it” for this skill group.
-Meteor, man. When I first read the description of Meteor in the Diablo 2 manual I lost my damn mind. Then I cast it, sat there for a minute and said to myself, wait, is that it? Then Diablo 3 gave me the Meteor I’d imagined so many years earlier. Several different kinds in fact! This meteor? It makes the cut. Sorry, that might feel like a tangent, but the A/V, the game feel, the fantasy of Meteor is of particular importance to me. From a usage perspective it seems to fill its own niche, so that’s great, and the numbers seem solid.
-Speaking of Diablo 2, y’all remember Firewall owning the world? Conceptually this skill has never been my favorite. It seems like it should be a defensive or zoning tool, but Diablo enemies have zero sense of self preservation and will happily charge to their death for even the slightest chance to stab you just one time. That’s fine though, I know lots of other people love Firewall as a primary damage dealer. I don’t however feel like the numbers are there. Enemies in this game move pretty fast and I never felt like I found a way to kite enemies effectively for the damage to come out at a reasonable speed, especially for the mana cost.
-Ball Lightning isn’t working for me on any level. It doesn’t move fast enough to reliably hit distant targets; it doesn’t move slowly enough to reliably multi-hit close targets. Also, it’s really infringing on Frozen Orb’s design space. It’s a primary damage dealer in the form of a slow orb that pierces all targets. I actually think this skill would feel a lot better if the basic usage became the immobile version that can proc from one of the legendary aspects. That’s getting close to Firewall’s turf though.


Two of these feel like Ultimates to me, one doesn’t. Can you guess which before reading? Try it! Or don’t that’s fine, too.
-Deep Freeze is very, very good. Almost like an upgraded, long-cooldown Frost Nova. Immunity, plus barrier and Chill/Freeze that persist after that, plus (modest) damage in a (huge!!) area. Powerful, versatile skill.
-Inferno also feels appropriate to call an ultimate. Unique VFX with real wow factor, and chunky damage on a long cooldown. Though I do think maybe the vacuum effect should be inherent and that upgrade replaced with something else. It doesn’t feel quite powerful enough without it.
-Unstable Currents leaves me pretty cold. For one, I usually wanna really feel my ultimate when I hit that button. For another, it seems like the lowest impact (and highest variance, thanks to the random spell cast) of the three, but also has the longest cooldown for some reason. I think it’s a really neat idea, But it’s not quite coming together for me, and I don’t know what I would suggest be done with it.


There are simply too many of these for me to have spent much time with most of them. But my game sense tells me that, most of the time, Fireball is going to be really hard to beat. Really, really hard. A huge percentage of this game is about clearing packs, and Fireball clears packs. It has limited utility against bosses, but it’s free to switch your Enchantment before a boss fight. At least for now? Maybe in postgame dungeons we’ll be locked in, like a D3 rift? But then again, we’ll get a second slot eventually, so I don’t know. Spending one skill point or getting a point in Fireball from an item right now feels as close to mandatory as anything for Sorcerer.


Here are a few brain droppings that didn’t fit into the above.
-Why isn’t Stun a searchable keyword in the sorcerer tree?
-Part of the reason I advocated for some inherent mana restoration from Basics is because mana recovery feels a bit too slow. Maybe more than a bit. There are a dozen different knobs that could tune this, from Basics feeling punchier and/or recovering mana, to base mana regen going up, to it being more common on gear, to base spell costs being lowered a touch… You get the idea. I wanna use my cool skills, let me use my cool skills, that’s all I’m sayin’. Probably in the late and postgame this will cease to be an issue, but I’d still like to fire off my main skill a bit more often.
-Please show me the number of points required to reach each tier of skill so I can more effectively pull and replace single points. For example, even after I have two points in Basics, I would like to see on screen somewhere–maybe off to the side, maybe on a tooltip–that it takes a total of two points invested before I can put points in Core skills. (Obviously this is more for stuff way further down the tree, that was just an easy example.)
-We won’t know until later in the game, but is there ever a reason to deliberately mix elements? I’m all for a good Only Lightning, Other Elements Need Not Apply sort of build, but I also like the way D3 had skills and gear that encouraged mixing and matching. Right now it looks like the more you can mono-focus the better, so I’m hoping gear and/or Paragon Boards will open up some builds that combine two or even three damage types.
That’s all I have for now! What do my Sorcerous Comrades think? Satisfied? Underwhelmed? Haha Hydra go brrrr? Counting the minutes until June, but until then, I'd love to hear from you.
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2023.03.20 22:35 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Updated Full Course)

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2023.03.20 22:34 Ghostacide Kadri Team of the Season?

Curious to see what you guys think about the possibility of Kadri getting a TotS card. I don’t remember exactly what happened during the fantasy event, but it sounds like his card kind of got screwed by starting so low, and had he started near where others started that were released later he could have been a 99 by now. Let me know your thoughts!
View Poll
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2023.03.20 22:34 Tea_void LOVE IS IMPORTANT

About love. Love is the source spring that every action of kindness pours from. Showing up, being there, validating, listening, hugging, kisses, affirmations, giving, showing interest, helping, providing, and caring, and forgiveness all pour from love.
I wish I could help you unlock that part of yourself. You are already capable. You have every tool you need already. Your belief in change. Mind over matter. Determination and thoughts. All you have to do is change your thought process, change your perception. Open your heart. I know the complexities and I can navigate the web of multifaceted concepts and points. I can show you.
Love is important. Believe me I know. I'm finding myself always wondering what I did wrong, why am I not good enough, what is so wrong with me that I can't be loved by the very people I love. It feels exactly the way I felt as a child, a teenager, and now an adult. And i see it happening simultaneously. Please find it in your heart.🙏
I didn't expect to have that conversation today. I was already planning on slowing pulling away because of two reasons, love being one of them. I'm in a dark place after the topic. But that's okay. Maybe it will help you understand the effects Fathers and protective figures have on their daughters. Understand how real it is. I'm a walking product of it. And you see me now, suffering the same exact way. Begging to be loved. It's pathetic isn't it?
Just... please don't be afraid to ask me anything you need, want to know, need me to do or tell you. I'm here to help. I want to help.
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2023.03.20 22:33 Travis798 Y'all are awesome!

Y'all are awesome!
Finally got my Peterson slender set this morning so that I could work on this thing, and with some advice given to me on my previous post, I got this thing open! Had to use a second tension tool to finish rotating it as I can out of room, but I got it!
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2023.03.20 22:33 ArtisticRaise1120 People who found healthier ways to deal with their ADHD partners - can you share?

TL;DR: I need to hear positive experiences of people who managed to find healthy and effective ways to deal with their ADHD partners.

Hello yall. Sorry for any mistypes or errors, English is not my native language.
My wife (37f n dx) and I (33m nt) have been together for 8 years and we have a son (2m). She has always behaved like yall probably know and for all our history together we have been fighting. She has always blamed her behaviours on something – her grief for her best friend’s death, then her mother’s cancer, then X Y and Z. I have always called her out and said she should bear responsibility for her actions, and for many reasons that y’all may know – guilt, the cycle of abusive relationships (she improves, then goes back to her old self) etc – I didn’t leave the relationship and chose to believe in her intentions and prospects of improvement, married her and had a son with her.
Recently she said she has found out she has ADHD and shared it with a psychiatrist, who said would treat her depression first before dwelving into the ADHD. I, a medical doctor myself, refused to focus on the diagnosis at first, I said that no matter what her inner tendencies are and if she believes she fits in the diagnosis or not, she doesn’t need to have it define her, and she can always move in the spectrum and choose to develop strategies to help her and I am more than willing to help because I myself have my own issues and put on strategies to cope with them. I said she needs to make the active choice of stopping scrolling social media endlessly and really put some limits on her cell phone usage, develop better sleep habits, exercise, accept me when I call her out for her behaviours.. then, after all that, we can discuss ADHD. Well, as you may know, as it happens when we deal with them, it fell into deaf ears. The self-diagnosis of ADHD was used as a card to excuse her behaviours and not an eye opening tool for self improvement.
Yesterday we completed another of those repetitive cycles of war in the house – she improves after the war – I give us another chance and open myself emotionally to her again - she gets too comfortable – she returns to her old ADHD self – I try to call her out, be gentle, communicate to her how I am feeling multiple times, and she doesn’t listen and doesn’t move an inch – I grow resentment and end up having bad behaviours myself, like scolding her, being rude to her, saying things in a harsh tone – she picks up one of these behaviours and fights it and makes it seem like I am a monster – we have a war.
I am getting to a point there the resentment is so strong and my emotions are so high and she is so interruptive and changes the focus so much to herself and refuses to much to let me express my feelings and hijacks the conversation so much that I am hitting myself during these wars. I am punching my own face so I can relieve this tension without hurting her or anything. I am typing this with tears in my eyes and embarrassment.
I arrived at this sub yesterday and it has really been eye opening. I can relate to many of the posts I have read here, and as much as it has been eye opening, it has been frightening because the takeaway from all I read is that the solution is leaving, and I am still in a state of denial. She is who she is, I am the one who chose to ignore her behaviors and stay, and I cant make my son, her and everyone pay for that bad choice, and I value my commitment strongly, stubbornly.. But I cant grow so much resentment like this.
Please, can anyone share positive experiences, what can I do to have a healthier relationship with her, considering worst case scenario of her not changing anything at all? I know I didnt give much details to help on the answer, but would love to hear from people who found their own solutions.
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2023.03.20 22:33 minimicropenis Mayo (AZ) vs. Kaiser

Hey friends! I posted this on premed but wanted to hear the opinions from current medical students as well, as I think y’all would have some great insight!!
Kaiser vs. Mayo Clinic (AZ)
Two of the schools I am seriously considering right now are Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine and Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine. I'm trying to weigh financials, location, and opportunities between these two schools, and would love others' insights/thoughts. I am interested in Internal Medicine/Primary Care, although I do want to keep my options open as I'm sure I could very easily change my mind.
Mayo (AZ):
Of note, I am also heavily considering UVA at the moment but don't have financial aid yet so I can't really make a super informed decision on that at the moment.
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2023.03.20 22:33 oblivionuntld Movie mix sounds good at the studio but terrible at the theater

I am working on the sound of an semi amateur movie. Its the first time i am doing audio for a movie and i have to admit a bit lost at the moment.I have quite some experience when it comes to mixing music and sound design and i know how to use the tools.
To explain the situation a director friend asked for help last moment.I went through doing dialogue editing and that took a lot of time since all of the recorded mics had notable problems.I added bgs and designed sfx.I then mixed everything along including the music. It was all a slow proccess but in the end it went well and the meetings were going well and everyone was happy.
The mix sounded good at my room with studio monitors.Same thing at the directors studio and at another studio that we do our meetings.The audio sounds reasonable through headphones and through my home cinema. I am targeting -24 lufs.
Now starts the disaster part.They had a viewing session on a theater the other day( that unfortunately i could not attend) and they told me that the sound was not very good and the dialogue was barely audible.The fact that it sounds good on monitors and all other sources till now makes me thing that i am missing something major when it comes to mixing for theater rooms.
I have to start thinking about what i am doing wrong and how to fix that. Things that come in mind is that i am not mixing at a reference level.Most of the time i am not monitoring at a high level and i now understand that this might be a possible reason.
I would appreciate any suggestion at possible causes and maybe anything that i could read to educate myself regarding mixing for theaters.I admit that i am inexperienced so please bear with me.
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2023.03.20 22:32 GrahovoRed Vstream - Real debrid

On Vstream app for amazon fire tv stick, and when i go into tools to enable real debrid as a source it only gives me the option of ‘enable/disable’ and ´token’. Most other apps i type my username and password, dont know what to do with ‘token’. Any help would be great.
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2023.03.20 22:32 pupped303 36m Taking loads, face down ass up now near city park. 6 loads in me already, come by and add urs now

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2023.03.20 22:32 ArunaLikathinas Why is it so common for Moroccan women to marry out to White European/American Christian men?

Out of all Middle Eastern/North African people, I have come across, it is usually Moroccan women who tend to marry out the most. I understand Morocco is one of the least religious countries in the world. But it does surprise me that it is so common for Moroccan women to marry out to White American/European Christian men. Why is it so common? White Western Christian women very rarely marry out and East and Southeast Asian women generally do marry but they don’t do it nowhere near as much as Moroccan women do.
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2023.03.20 22:32 Doots9160 Is console still waiting on the promotion update?

Been keeping an eye on it as since I moved platforms it would help catch me up to where I was. But there's been radio silence about it for nearly 2 weeks.
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2023.03.20 22:31 mozturkeri I don't know how to express my [18M] feelings to my platonic [18F]

My friend (she) and I met school at nearly 5 years ago. She witnessed my last relationship, saw all stuff that happened to me. Even I called her and talked about my ex, asked for advices.
After months I fell in love with her. I never told it. She thought we're just friends but it was not like that for me. A few weeks ago she said she don't want to stay friend with me. Then that night a huge earthquake happened at my country (Turkey, 7.7). She called me and said 'I did wrong things, we're good friends.'
And we have a meeting tomorrow morning. I don't know how to express my feelings to her. I don't know how to treat her. I don't have an idea what to do. Just need some help!
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2023.03.20 22:31 legalize-crack Bedrock world vanished right before I was about to hit the end.

Fully enchanted Diamond armor and tools, farmed all my librarians, just finished making all of my eyes of ender to open the portal. I saved to go grab some water, and the world was gone. This has happened to me a couple other times, but I was SO FAR and I’ve been playing casually solo in this world for weeks.
I looked online, and I am desperately hoping someone has better answers than I found. Playing on Xbox edition 1.19.
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2023.03.20 22:31 BarRecent3324 I (M21) most likely impregnated my partner (F23) and I fear the consequences of my actions.

I've never had to deal with something as serious as this in my whole life and currently both me and M ( my partner) are freaking out. I come from a south Asian background while M is polish. We are also co workers at work so this doesn't help the situation. We've been best friends for a while and last year we started hooking up together. Last Saturday as usual we were hooking up until the condom fell off and since we were really passionate at the time, none of us noticed until the deed was done. To make matters worse she is very near to her ovulation (if it already hasn't happened yet). She took a pill today since Sunday every pharmacy was closed. She showed many signs of ovulation today and we both are freaking out right now. I know her family will understand but I'm fearing how to break the news to my family is everything goes downhill. It's still too early to tell if she's pregnant or not but the chances of us becoming parents are kinda high. We both haven't graduated university and both do minimum wage jobs in London where inflation is rising rapidly. We don't even know how to provide for a baby and it feels like our future is about to crumble. It doesn't help that I come from a very strict religious background. I'd like some suggestions regarding how to help or get through this situation without crumbling down. I don't intend to abandon her or the baby if it comes to that.
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2023.03.20 22:31 itsjustausername Windows remap special characters

Hello, I just bought one of these keyboards and can't find an easy way of mapping special characters to the characters on the keyboard.
The classic example is the '@' sign being reversed with the double quote char ".
I just want to be able to look at my keyboard and know what character rather than try and remember them all, I have only just bought the keyboard and don't want to go on a hunt every time.
I am on Windows 11 UK keyboard layout and no key seems to have the pipe char , it's a big problem for me, I have to leave another keyboard plugged in just for that one character.
I realise this must be a highly asked topic but I cannot find easy answers, I have already downloaded three different mapping tools but they all seem to do either simple mapping or massive macros.
I just want SHIFT + 2 to output the character it says on the key.....
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2023.03.20 22:31 GrahovoRed VStream help?

On kodi Vstream app for amazon fire tv stick, and when i go into tools to enable real debrid as a source it only gives me the option of ‘enable/disable’ and ´token’. Most other apps i type my username and password, dont know what to do with ‘token’. Any help would be great.
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2023.03.20 22:30 DevAlexOne Arduino Bypass Error. **Arduino_Checkm8_A5_Flastool**

Arduino Bypass Error. **Arduino_Checkm8_A5_Flastool**
I try to Bypass my Ipad 1 Mini (A1432) , In windows 11 and i couldn't bypass it, in the tool "Arduino Checkm8 A5 Flash Tool V1.0" Said me (please wait flashing checkm8..ipad mini 1 A5_8942) And i never get the numbers, I try soldering the 3 poins of the Arduino Host Shield and i never got something
Am i doing something bad? HELP.
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