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2023.03.29 00:08 XaNNy0 First time hitting master with 100% playrate on irelia

i call myself a true otp - 100% playrate on irelia
im confident in mid - coinflip top
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2023.03.28 18:50 chocopouet Flash on D vs F; the final stats

As I know this is a very "controversial" subject in the community, I wanted to shared those stats: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/stats/flash-d-vs-f
So, interesting things to notice: - Platinum players are the ones were D and F are almost used at the same rate. But the further you go from platinum (lower rank or higher rank), the more D for Flash is used
- except in Korea, where F for Flash wins by a lot, most regions have very close D vs F, or D wins by a lot.
- In Korea, the highest the ranking go, the most players use flash on D (but it's still overwhelmingly on F)
Any opinion on this ? Tbh I really thought that most people would use F for Flash
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2023.03.27 14:19 ThebritishPoro Fimbulwinter has been forgotten as an item, nobody buys it.

Fimbulwinter is a fairly new item but it seems to have already been forgotten. I can't think of a single champion that actively buys Fimbulwinter as a core item, and even when there was one it was only because Seraphs was terrible so Ryze was forced to buy Fimbulwinter instead.
I feel like the item could definitely do with a buff to make it at least somewhat viable. As it stands I can't see it ever being picked up by anyone. Even champions like Gragas or Maokai that you'd expect to have great synergy with the item completely ignore it, even when they build full tank.
According to Leagueofgraphs the item only has a 0.3% pick rate, the 5th lowest of any completed item in the game. https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/items
I'm not sure what they could do to it to make it worth buying, but as a start I'd love to see the shield proc without consuming your mana. It feels kinda weird that you'd want to buy tear on a tank to make sure you don't go OOM but then your item is actively making you go OOM.
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2023.03.27 01:48 NunuBrokenPlzNerf ✔ Jungle coaching Affordable and friendly :)

Hi! My name is Zippen. I hit GrandMaster this season, I have also been rank 1 Nunu world a few times. I mainly focus on jungle, but depending on your elo I might be able to help you out in other lanes as well. My coaching is mainly about fixing your macro play and bad habits. I also talk about mental and how you can improve just by thinking differently. A typical coaching session with me is about 1 hour, usually we can fit in both a small VOD review and a live game. If this sounds interesting or if you have any other questions, hit me up on Discord or Reddit :)
Account im playing on right now: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/summoneeune/ψNunuψ
Discord: Zippen#4536
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2023.03.27 01:29 mvision2021 How did this happen? Twitch 322 kills in Ranked Flex

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2023.03.26 16:32 Ragaga I wish existing systems would be fleshed out some more instead of constantly adding new ones.

Hey there! Not gonna linger on introductions but here's what you need to know:
My reason for making this post is due to a sentiment that has surfaced over past months (even years) which I just wanted to speak out on. I think it's pretty easily agreed upon nowadays that Riot Games has a lot of work to do if they wanna support their casual fan base some more as they have recently put all their focus into ranked play. I will quickly say that I love the idea of Quick Play which was recently announced and I am looking forward to it but I wish to use this post to highlight other misused or seemingly forgotten Riot systems around LoL.
Honestly at this point I've seen a lot of friends come and go and while I still have people I play with nowadays basically all of my Season 2-10(?) friends have left the game permanently. It's normal for players to move on obviously especially after a long time but I feel like Riot could be doing a much better at player retention through simple usage of systems that already exist.
  1. Clash
Clash is one of the most criminally underused systems in the game and the fact Riot gives this mode barely any support is absolutely shameful.
The fact that only 1.9% of players on EUW have ever won a Clash Bracket (according to Clash Challenges) is incredibly sad imo because it has to be one of the best feeling I've ever felt playing this game in years.
I absolutely adore this system and managed to get my first 3-0 just yesterday where my team and I managed to score our first bracket win. I can't describe the joy we all felt when we won and we literally screamed at the top of our lungs. Sadly this mode is a great concept but has been completely abandoned by Riot (aside from ARAM Clash last year I guess?). There's several issues that currently plagues the mode and which I wish Riot would investigate:
  • Out of 3 days of competition, we've had technical issues in every single clash tournaments
May it be people not getting into drafts and getting 0 notifications of being stuck in loading or people never being able to exit draft and head into loading screen, we've had several issues with different players on every single day of Clash we played. Just last night we were forced to lose 2 bans in our finals because our team captain (me) was never loaded into draft. I had to restart my client twice to get into draft and was put at a disadvantage cause we couldn't ban out the OTPs from the enemy team. Last week we also had 3/5 of our players who at least once got stuck in draft and couldn't load into the game for a good minute or two.
The technical issues around Clash more than 3 years after its original release are absolutely shameful and inexcusable. The fact that Riot has basically given up on fixing their issues and instead put their resources into other projects is just really sad.
  • Smurfing and match making around rank discrepancy are still issues
In our experience, almost all clash brackets in low tiers are won by the team that has the most skilled smurf or the better Diamond/Plat player.
While this is a tough pill to swallow I think that Riot needs to add rank limitations to Clash and the fact that Diamond players can queue with Silver players (rough example) is simply not viable because it will mean that match making will often or always be messed up. The silver players that play against a Diamond player will always find it to be bullshit and will always be (justifiably) mad to lose against someone that has a rank so much greater than theirs. There needs to be limitations like in soloq if you want an actual fun and fair game mode.
Smurfing is also an issue and it has been proved that SMS Verification does nothing to deter smurfs from joining in Clash tournaments. There needs to be more limitations put into this mode. I honestly think that there should be a level requirement outside of rank and that players should be asked to be at minimum level 50 or so. Obviously this doesn't fix everything and people can still probably buy accounts and get past that requirement but something needs to be changed here. I'm not pretending to be the smartest person alive but I feel like such a huge company should be able to figure out fixes?
Another idea would be to tie Clash to honor level to prevent smurfs from joining in.
  • Rewards are frustrating and the 1st-8th place system is counter-intuitive
I also wanna group the issue of teams leaving mid-way under this point because I think it is one of the major reasons why teams leave.
At the moment, there is almost no reason to keep on playing if you lose your first game. Our team has never quit despite several lower bracket runs but I can definitely understand people who do. The issue is that a team that goes 1-2 while winning their first game can get 4th while a team that goes 2-1 in the lower bracket gets 5th and a team that goes 1-2 in the lower bracket can be 7th place.
Seeding in the bracket feels completely random and with the smurfing/rank discrepancy issues this just makes everything even more sour and distasteful for teams that end up losing to them.
Rewards should not be tied to bracket results but rather win results. I think that rewards should simply be divided into 4 tiers (3-0, 2-1, 1-2, 0-3) instead of "bracket placements" since those are basically meaningless.
I have thought of other formats are well that Riot could use but I think that 8-teams brackets with 3 games are actually a really good sweet spot. Upping the number of matches to 4 would not be great for casual players as most of them don't have the time to play that much matches in a row. I've thought of instead changing things into a swiss format as well but I feel like that would take away the hype of actually winning a bracket which is infinitely better than topping a group stage.
  • Several features need improvement
As a side note, the Clash FAQ is good at answering a lot of questions but I wanted to note how comically outdated with screenshots of old ranks and pre-rework Aatrox lmao
Things are for sure functional but it's clear that Riot is not interested in changes or upgrading the experience. The Free Agents additions last year were amazing and I would love for Riot to put in more work around these features as well! Still though I think a few things would need to be changed:
1. Scouting enemies is quite hard and the info displayed in the client are often wrong or misleading
Riot has already killed out online match histories so I wish they would just cave in and actually let us easily click a button to see a team's multi-opgg profile or something of the sort since this is 99% of the time a better way to scout than using in-client services
2. The "Best CC Score" stat in post-Clash summaries is still written as "Coming Soon" 3 years after the mode's release.
There's also several improvements that could be made like adding dmg graphs and stuff of the sort. Those stats do not quite highlight achievements of players and could get improved upon a lot.
3. The tier system is super frustrating and unclear.
Since last year I have jumped all the way from Tier 4 to Tier 2 back down to Tier 3 several times for no clear reasons (since I don't even play ranked. Fun fact, I did not win a single clash tournament in the period where I moved from Tier 4 to 2 nor did I play ranked). Riot should honestly just completely get rid of this system and remove "tier based" bonus VP rewards. The fact that you are giving more rewards to high elo players than to casual low elo players makes no sense in a mode which is designed to highlight teamplay. I can understand for soloq ofc and high elo people should always be rewarded but the fact this exists here makes no sense to me.
Everyone should just be matched based on their ranks/MMR (also read above my suggestions on putting in rank limitations for rosters so teams are more evenly matched)
4. Rewards are unclear and could be streamlined like the "new" event pass or the ranked milestones
Instead of having weird and unclear VP points and badly designed orbs players should compete for a year-long pass just like ranked has nowadays on top of daily orbs. I've asked all my friends and most of them have no clue what they are playing for and what even is the points besides getting cool banners and bragging rights. Everything could use a large clarity pass.
A conclusion on Clash: The mode is insanely fun and is an amazing concept (hot take, Clash is better than the old Team Ranked mode in its ideal state) but needs several improvements and Riot are in fact not listening or not willing to put in resources to fix these issues. This is one of the biggest reasons why I am making this thread even though I have more to say about other systems down below.
2. Challenges
Challenges were one of the most hyped features to be announced last year and were one of the most awaited things to come out of 2022 within my group of friends and while that feature has lived up to expectations in several ways it has also failed in several others.
  • There simply isn't enough base challenges
This is especially a case for ARAM where challenges are incredibly repetitive and not super fun. Challenges are also HEAVILY skewed in a way that DPS characters are highlighted above tanks / supports. While playing a front line is something I like to do and is often very necessary for a good team comp it feels quite bad that there are absolutely no challenges based around crowd control or tanking damage in ARAMs. There's also little challenges aimed at supports besides the kill participation one (which is not even that easy to get).
I also want to note that the "win without dying" and "win under 10 minutes" challenges are incredibly frustrating because they are either super reliant on the enemy team completely giving up and forfeiting or on you to actively play worse and negatively impact your team. ARAM is a game mode in which YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DIE! Putting challenges which are locked behind not dying will literally reduce your chances at winning if you tunnel too hard into them (Yes I know you can still execute but let's be honest it's really hard to execute with hexgates nowadays unless you get a perfect timing or something akin to a TF ult to yeet yourself into the enemy base).
This also applies to Summoner's Rift and while Riot has added a few challenges since release I think that they could definitely keep on adding more and keep people coming back.
  • There are several opportunities for Challenges to tie in to other systems but Riot is using none of them.
This is something I feel strongly about and I think is quite weird considering that Challenges offer a unique opportunity to elevate other systems that Riot are using as well but somehow isn't being used.
1. Events
We literally already have a "Legacy"/ time-limited challenges tab. How come we don't have Challenges which are based around event thematic or rotating game-modes (especially with the new summer event/game mode coming). I'm not one to advocate for FOMO and stuff but I feel like this is still an incredibly huge missed opportunity where Riot could give players special quests for titles and badges of honor. People could compete for rare achievements just like back in 2014 with the perfect Ascension challenge and stuff of that sort! There is a huge opportunity for Riot to use challenges and appeal to their casual audiences who care about this kind of stuff.
2. Champion Mastery
While there is a weird overlap with Eternals (also a forgotten system), Challenges have a huge potential to highlight one's mastery on a champion and it has been suggested several times in the past. Riot could easily give out titles like "Amumu OTP" or something alike. This is also a thing which could be explored for unique mastery summoner icons or things of the sort.
  • A lot of the challenges are bugged and/or unclear
I've lost track of the amount of time I've been awarded progress on challenges like assist streak on support despite clearly not meeting requirements or the amount of time I was given the 90%+ KP while being around 70-80%~. There are several challenges which simply do not work very well and seem to be wrongly coded. There are also a lot of issues with some challenges and the % of players having them. For example with the ARAM DPS Challenge. While I was in GM I was told I was 0.1% / sometime the % was not even shown while now that I'm in chall it says I'm top 0.5%? The player share is absolutely unclear and makes very little sense overall.
  • There still exists performance issues and clicking the Challenges tab will actively crash your client.
Not much to say there I guess but I also lost track of the amount of time where my client legit just exploded because I browsed my challenges and hovered over challenges.
  • Some challenges are heavily unbalanced
I'm mainly looking at the Clash challenges here which are especially egregious. You can check the numbers here: https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Challenges_(League_of_Legends)
It's quite obvious that some challenges are not made to ever be completed. For example the Clash Champion requires you to win 40 freaking brackets just to reach gold??? There are 1.9% of people that won ONE bracket in EUW. How is this achievable? There are also other challenges which feel like they were just done in 5 mins and were not clearly thought about like having clash logos owned by the entire team? This is super unclear and teams very rarely end up sticking together as 5 as casual players and high elo players alike all have obligations and jobs. The Dream Team challenge is also completely unrealistic and I'd be curious to see what the percentages are like there as well. I feel like that challenge should definitely just be changed to the amount of time you play with the same teammate (and you can get more progress for each additional recurring teammates).
  • Most challenges are not actual challenges. They are grind fests
While grinding challenges are fun, most of them are only based around grinding several hundred if not thousand of games. There are very little challenges which you can actively work for. Most of them are things that you will just earn by playing normally and it's hard to really display a true achievement.
3. Eternals & Champ. Mastery
This is not gonna be a long category but I quickly wanna touch upon Eternals. This system was first released around 2019-2020 and was met with huge backlash as it was put behind a paywall. Now I will admit that I bought both pass 1 and 2 on sale since I personally have some money to spare due to a stable job and due to my love for the game but I wanna admit that these features feel super cheap for what they are and should not be paywalled or should be improved massively to warrant their current price tag. There are so little ways to actually show off Eternals and overall the system just feels redundant nowadays when Challenges are around. This system was completely forgotten until last year when they released Series 2 out of the blue (which I assume probably did not sell well). This system also has great potential to highlight cool stats and achievements which players can get but feels like once again just an after thought in a sea of systems. There could be a much better connection with Challenges & Champion Mastery.
One other system I quickly want to touch upon is Champion Mastery. While Mastery 6 and 7 are cool, there are absolutely no way to distinguish someone who has 30-40k mastery points to someone that has 500k-1 million. There is also a lot of things that Riot could do there like adding new milestones and changing how things work. Having to use champion shards and blue essence instead of actually grinding out the points to get M6/M7 feels really weird overall? Why should my mastery be dictated by what I have in my loot instead of my actual veterancy on the champions?
4. Profile Customization and player identity
This ties in to everything above as well but one thing I also just overall would like to see Riot work on is how you can customize your profile. Right now everything feels really bare-bone and it really feels cheap that you can't chose which Eternals to display for example (even though I have both passes I'm forced to display most takedowns for some reason cause I play ARAM a bunch? I can't even show off what I bought lol). The Clash banners and cups are cool but take up way too much space when most people don't even play these modes. Having both also feels weird and I feel like those two could be combined together for example. There should also be ways for you to display your Challenges in a better manner and show off your rare accomplishments with player acquisition %. The fact that you can only put 3 on your profile sucks.. Why the hell do I have to link my "leagueofgraphs" profile to show off challenges to my friends lol?
5. Honor System
Let's be honest. The honor system is nothing but a grind fest as well. There are no clear ways to view your progress and no "feel good" moments. Even when you get 4 honors in a game you gain basically nothing? Unless you are toxic and get honor locked this system means nothing and someone who is Honor 3 at the end of the season can very much be as nice if not nicer than someone that is honor 5 but simply played less games over the year. At least they are looking to add more rewards like that Malzahar skin we got (which was cool af!) but progression still feels absolutely unclear and impossible to follow.
I feel like if I took longer I could probably think of some other things as well but quite frankly I already spent 2h writing up this post and I think this should already be enough said.
If you made it that far thanks for reading me :)
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2023.03.25 13:55 victooryy 70wr to 53wr definelity i dont deserve it, i want to leave Nocturne...

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2023.03.24 13:18 memphistwk Looking at my stats, any tips where to improve? ( Silver I / BR Server )

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2023.03.24 02:49 Brawph Surrendering at 20 every game is faster than average SP gain!

Surrendering at 20 every game is faster than average SP gain!
So let's assume a person is hardstuck Iron - Silver, no hope of getting Gold (top ~35%) but they still want their 1600 SP Skin! How much time will it take if they win, lose, average 50/50, or surrender every game?
It turns out, doing 267 games that take 20 minutes (let alone 15 minutes) and give 6 points... is faster than 200 games with a 50% winrate and average game length (30-32 minutes depending how much less you surrender than average).
Flex Queue Consideration: Since you get split points from Flex Queue, a group of 5 players could SPEEDRUN to 1600 points by doing nothing but 15 minute surrenders for 66 hours! (This seems like a bad time, but maybe this is what peak performance looks like? Riot? Is this intended?)
Now, I'm NOT saying you should early surrender every game (that probably wouldn't be fun)... but it looks like the points-per-loss vs. points-per-win is skewed towards faster games (even losses) for grinding SP. (Maybe encouraging risky play or early game champions for SP grind?)
(That said, there's a non-negligible amount of time in queue and pick-ban that would be added with additional games... but even 5 minutes of queue and 5 minutes of pick-ban for the extra 67 games is only 11 hours more, still faster than average even for 20 minute surrenders. (Even Faster pick-ban with a 5-stack Flex-queue speedrun though!))
( Game duration data from https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/stats/game-durations )
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2023.03.23 12:18 unendlichsexy Why am i stuck in Silver?

Hello guys, im playing since season 5 and since almost 3 Years im playing Jungle only and otp Nocturne. I still cant climb, i know its pathetic but i want help, so ill swallow my pride.
On Season start i always climb very fast from Bronze1/Silver4 to Gold 4, but then im always stuck. If i have a lucky streak i reach Gold3/2 but fast back to 4. And this season im stuck at Silver2/1 and i dont know why. I have so many play hours, played so many champs, so many roles, so many guides and my true elo is silver? Im mentally very stable player, i dont get toxic, dont use chat and im good in ignoring toxicity. If my Mates troll and steal my camps or whatever they can do to grief me, im still calm and still try to let them kill and buffs to get their mood backup.
But every Game feels like im doing well, i try to focus hard, i get many Kills, im ahead in CS and try to avoid hard losing Lanes and focus in winning Lanes. Drakes have a high prioritie for me, cause i think Drakes win games.
But in my Games the enemy Jungler always picks something cheesy like Yi or Shaco, runs around and just get Kills for free. I mean in silver is Yi pre lvl 6 running around make double kills. I steal his camps, i use the time, i gank opposite side meanwhile but no chance. Enemy Junglers always get 5/0, 7/0, 10/1 within the first 10 minutes i cant handle it. Im not good enough to carry no matter what. Im not good enough to play against winning jungler and 2/3 winning lanes and get drakes.
So what i can i do? I want to improve. I want to increase my winrate so i can slowly but steady climb.
But maybe im blind, what do i not see? Is there anyone who want to coach me or give me some general advice? would be amazing!
My Profile: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/de/summoneeuw/o+kumpelblase+o#championsData-all-queues
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2023.03.23 05:59 Astral_Diarrhea I finally reached masters as a garen one-trick. Leagueofgraphs also thinks I'm the n1 Garen of the server (LAS). Thank you so much for the tips guys!

Couldn't have done it without you guy's help!
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2023.03.23 02:50 i3rendinho Should I be more proactive?

Should I be more proactive?
Usually when I play Ezreal I give a lot of pressure at the beginning of the game and only after collecting from the opponent's mistakes I start to farm more and put pressure on the lane. This generally leaves me well behind in gold per minute compared to other shooters.
Should I be more aggressive in the beginning?

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2023.03.22 20:06 KingHanfeng Getting Closer... Road to Reclaiming Rank 1 Kled global on Leagueofgraphs.com

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2023.03.22 16:21 Inmonic The Correct Crit Viego Build

I’ve been sitting on this build for a few weeks now, and I genuinely think it’s Viego’s only good damage build. I got it from someone who was the #1 Viego in the world about a week ago, and it has made games substantially easier. Here’s that guy’s account. https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/summoneeune/SKEWDY+ON+YT
The build is:
  1. Early rush sheen + serrated dirk
  2. Finish Essence Reaver
  3. Infinity Edge
  4. Blood Thirster or LDR
  5. Turn the dirk into something. I typically go prowler’s claw, collector, or eclipse, but any dirk item is fine.
Runes are standard, although you should definitely take overheal. You’ll understand after you see 10k-30k damage blocked in a single game. Also take green jungle item for an even larger shield. Jungle item + overheal + bloodthirster is just broken.
The play style is just like any other crit build, although you spike way earlier. Power farm to sheen + dirk and you’ll feel stronger than if you have any full mythic, and you’ll be getting that strength much sooner.
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2023.03.22 14:03 NunuBrokenPlzNerf ✔ Jungle coaching Affordable and friendly :)

Hi! My name is Zippen. I hit GrandMaster this season, I have also been rank 1 Nunu world a few times. I mainly focus on jungle, but depending on your elo I might be able to help you out in other lanes as well. My coaching is mainly about fixing your macro play and bad habits. I also talk about mental and how you can improve just by thinking differently. A typical coaching session with me is about 1 hour, usually we can fit in both a small VOD review and a live game. If this sounds interesting or if you have any other questions, hit me up on Discord or Reddit :)
Account im playing on right now: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/summoneeune/ψNunuψ
Discord: Zippen#4536
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2023.03.22 03:06 trashwatermelon I'm having trouble with my performance and training.

I seem to some trouble with my mid lanning phase and last hitting and trying to win my games overall.
(Maining fizz and ahri)
I've lost lots of games with those two and won only two games in rank. Now please bare with my performance as I thought that trying to get better in norms in not working and that me playing rank will help me perform better or help me improve in some ways. It's honestly not working for me, guides don't work, I mean yeah they do but each games my brain has an "Off mode" until I realize how bad I messed up on certain decision idk how to explain it.
I think I need someone to sit down and explain it to me personally like in-game help. I would say coaching, but I need someone really help me out because I'm stuck in performances, and I can't seem to move forward.
What should I do?
Here's my profile for more info.
My soul is music (NA) - LeagueOfGraphs
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2023.03.22 02:27 Syrymyn Just Hit Silver OTP Kindred!

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2023.03.21 22:44 JustaEverDayAnonGuy What?

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2023.03.21 08:17 touki-lewis What are you tips for TF in ranked

Hello, I'm currently in placement matches in soloQ and I'm plat2 in flex, mostly with tf Here are my opgg https://www.op.gg/summoners/euw/Touki%20Tuto And my league of graphs : https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/fsummoneeuw/Touki+tuto
I played two games in pure solo yesterday and I still think about theses two games that I lost, hence the post. I think I played well most of the time on those game, even when bot or top was dying I try to encourage them and tank them. But after some time the team can't keep up, I tilt a bit and engage some skirmish when I shouldn't and we end up loosing.
I have less problem in flex because I play with my friends and I know they listen to my calls, or at least can react to me saying I can gank in a second
What are your tips for soloQ, I love playing tf but I feel like I can't do anything in solo ?
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2023.03.19 00:44 Bartschatten Fleetmo Support to Diamond - Completed!

Fleetmo Support to Diamond - Completed!
I just made it to Diamond (EUW) with my Fleetmo Support Build, which I posted a while ago.
I haven't reached Diamond since Season 9, so I'm pretty happy about it, especially because it certainly isn't a meta pick and naturally I had to face adversity in my own team. :D
Definetely gotta work on my KDA tho, as I am still dying too much. Let's see how far we can get this season!

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2023.03.17 21:00 KarlFranzer Rank 1 Swain NA AMA

Rank 1 Swain NA AMA
Hello everyone I am an ex Vlad OTP that has been picking and playing swain more seriously for the past few months. Recently I hit masters and achieved rank 1 Swain NA on League of graphs (lol) mostly playing swain. Feel free to ask me anything.
For my runes and build 90% of games I run
Conqueror - Triumph, Legend Tenacity, Last Stand - Mana flow, Gathering storm
Liandries - zhonya - into situational magic pen item (Morello, abysmal mask, void, shadow flame) Sorcerer shoes everygame
Tune into my Stream later today and most weekends!
Also keep in mind my rank 1 swainisn't meant to be taken as 100% fact, I am fully aware league of graphs ranking are extremely cheesy and not to be taken seriously. There are we better and experienced Swain players than me.
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2023.03.17 13:09 LegenDDasH In this match, Taric dealt 1,202,566,272 damage. This is how.

I was just browsing League of Graphs right now and came across this game where the Taric seems to have dealt 1,202,566,272 damage. The game doesn't seem to have been fabricated, is a normal length, and was played just a month ago so I searched up a little bit to find this video. This was apparently a Rell bug that could infinitely stack armor which, when combined with Taric's recursive armor stacking on W. So, that combined with Aftershock procs and Thornmail, anyone who is near Taric disintigrates instantly with hilariously high damage numbers. Pretty funny but sucks that it ruined a ranked game.
P.S. This was fixed in 13.4.
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