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BLACKPINK / 블랙핑크 (stylized as BLΛƆKPIИK) is a four-member K-pop girl group by YG Entertainment, consisting of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. The group debuted on August 8th, 2016. BLACKPINK is represented by Interscope and Universal Music Group outside of Asia. Second subreddit: BeulPing

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2023.06.04 00:09 Sleepy_Glacier June calendar!

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2023.06.04 00:08 onestoic First-hand experience Ongoing DCS symptoms ~1 year after last dive

Hi everyone, I wanted to share my personal experience with DCS and ask if anyone knows of similar cases and/or has any kind of advice for me. Before you suggest I go see a medical professional: I’m in constant exchange with several dive doctors; however, given that it’s quite a fragmented field, I thought posting here might be worth a shot. In any case: take care of yourself, especially while diving!
A brief summary of my case: - I was doing my Open Water Diver on the Philippines in May 2022; despite conservative diving within all limits, I experienced Type 1-2 DCS symptoms after the 3rd/last day of diving (numbness of my left arm, strong fatigue, nausea, rash all over my back). I didn't associate these symptoms with DCS and only went to a dive doctor after roughly a week. This is when I underwent 2 consecutive treatments in a hyperbaric chamber for the first time (2.5h each, ~18m). After that, the symptoms were gone, and the doctor advised me to pause diving for a month. - In July 2022, I went for my Advanced Open Water Diver - again adhering to all limits and diving extra conservatively; yet I still experienced mild DCS symptoms after the 3rd/last day of diving (tingling in my left hand, mild rash, light tiredness/confusion). I had already left the dive center by this time, so I went to a hospital the next day and got treated with pure oxygen for 90min. The symptoms went away for a few hours yet reappeared the day after, so I went to a local dive doctor and underwent 1 treatment in the hyperbaric chamber (2.5h, ~18m). As a result, the symptoms disappeared, yet reappeared after ~5-7 days in the form of deep joint pain and increased tiredness all day round. - I was flying back home a week later, consulting a dive doctor right upon arrival. She insisted on me getting my heart checked before I could be treated in the chamber again; as part of this check-up, a PFO was found, likely explaining the DCS symptoms despite the conservative diving. My dive doctor said that the existence of the PFO would increase the risk of a further chamber treatment due to possible emboli, which is why I haven't undergone treatment immediately afterwards. - To tackle the problem, I underwent surgery at the beginning of September 2022 as part of which my PFO was closed. 4 months after the surgery, in January 2023, I took another 10 sessions in the hyperbaric chamber here in Sweden (1.5h each, ~18m). At first, it seemed as if the therapy would help - I felt much better right after each session. However, once I started doing sports again a couple of days after the treatment ended, my symptoms came back at almost the same level.
As of now, I feel increased tiredness frequently throughout the day, as well as joint pain (mostly in my hips and knees) every other hour. I also still experience a feeling of tingling/numbness in my left wrist every now and then, as well as a twitch in my left shouldechest region. During the week, my symptoms are somewhat bearable - my work keeps me very concentrated and I manage not to focus too much on them. However, during the weekends there’s barely a day where I’m not completely worn out or feel stronger pain in the mentioned areas. One of the dive doctors speculated that the second incident of DCS triggered an inflammatory disease where several regions of cells are undergoing hypoxia, similar to arthritis or osteonecrosis, explaining the joint pain. He believes my tiredness would come from the increased energy my immune system would expend to cope with this disease.
I thought I'd reach out to you, share my story and kindly ask you for your advice if anyone ha any. Have you experienced/heard of similar incidents in the past? All input is appreciated.
Thanks a lot & cheers!
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2023.06.04 00:08 Angeleyez-423 It’s been A DAY sher-fam. It’s OVER! Off tomorrow lol 😂

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2023.06.04 00:08 Oppai19 Baby mouse under car

Baby mouse under car
Found this little mouse under my car, idk how long it’s been there and can’t find a nest nearby. Seems to be 10-14 days old and idk how long it’s been under the car. Would like some advice to keep it alive.
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2023.06.04 00:06 ImJecht Forgot to post. Wtf do I even do with this thing

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2023.06.04 00:06 sparklingcharade Will side effects get worse as dosage increases?

I started on 10 mg and managed to stay on it for 3 weeks but the morning panic attacks, dry heaving and suicidal thoughts kept getting worse.
I stopped taking it right away (5 days ago)after going to the ER to see the crisis nurse. When I followed up with my doctor he said that this is common and increased my dosage to 20 mg (10 mg twice a day) and gave me Klonopin for 2 weeks and will follow up with me then.
I am scared to take it again but hopefully the Klonopin will help get me through it this time and maybe the increased dose will be better? I’m worried about my health. I lost weight in such a short time from throwing up and no appetite.
Anyone experience this? I know a lot of people say it can take up to 8 weeks I just don’t know how I would make it that long.
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2023.06.04 00:06 DEADLYANT New to attempting to keep shrimp... if a shrimp I added yesterday is dead with a white ring around it...

Is it safe to assume the water it came from was lacking nutrients and that's why the molt apparently failed? Or should I be doing something different?
Temp is at 75
Ph is around 6.8
No ammonia, nitrites, nitrates
GH and KH are around 10
TDS is at 346
From what I have been reading these parameters should be good for these little guys. I just want to make sure I'm able to have a thriving tank. A failed molt that happened day one in my mind would be sure to my water but you guys in this community have been doing this way longer than I have.
Thanks for any help and advice!
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2023.06.04 00:06 unrealfeedz Thoughts on E7

Thoughts on E7
So for me getting the E7 is like a huge upgrade from my plastic lifetime table that was bending due to the monitor weight and also the arms.
I got the top and legs in around 3 days which was fast. Assembly was simple although it was odd to try use pre drilled holes since you can't really aline them. Also there were too many in my opinion
I had issues with some bending on the cable tray but sipport was amazing and quick to reassure me another piece of replacement.
After all this, how's using the desk? Bamboo top is pretty, sturdy and huge (55x28). The legs are really heavy and study when going from sitting to even standing. The wobble i have from monitors is due the arms I have so it's okay. I'm still learning the controls but seriously amazed at the price and quality you get.
Warranty: 10/10 (15 years) Support: 10/10 Quality: 9/10 (1 point less because of bent) Sturdiness: 10/10 Shipping: 8/10 (I don't like fedex when handling packages, luckily the flexispot team has an AMAZING foam design for shipping top AND the legs)
To finish, I wanna add that I'm happy to keep this and definitely will enjoy it.
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2023.06.04 00:06 RainbowSupernova8196 Hell's Kitchen Season 12, Episode 4

Recap of last episode
Theme Song Plays
Deliberations: The Blue Team, especially Tyrone, are still shocked about Don's elimination. The Red Team are extra motivated after winning service. Akira does a prayer thanking God for her performance. The Blue Team does a "We're Not Worthy!" for Giancarlo for his performance.
Challenge: Chef James calls the chefs downstairs and Gordon reveals the next challenge, but first, with the Blue Team outnumbered 8 to 6, Gordon switches Trish to the Blue Team. The challenge is revealed to be an Attention To Detail Challenge, this time involving lobster. One member from each team will have to properly prepare 10 lobsters, and any lobster that isn't properly prepared will not score. As the Red Team won service the night before, the would go first.
Red Team:
Akira- 7/10
Bella- 6/10
Lauryn - 4/10
Maddie- 10/10
Candace- 3/10
Martina- 9/10
Kelsie- 8/10
Final Score: 47/70
Blue Team:
Giancarlo- 7/10
James- 8/10
Dylan- 5/10
Bryce- 8/10
Glenn- 4/10
Tyrone- 7/10
Trish- 9/10
Final Score: 48/70. Blue Team wins.
Reward: The Blue Team are treated to a day at the spa.
Punishment: The Red Team are forced to clean the dorms and drink lobster smoothies.
Before service: Gordon announces that guests will be dining in the Chef's Tables. Legendary comedian Carol Burnett would be dining in the Red Team's kitchen, while the Blue Team would be serving Jack Nicholson.
During service: The Red Team gets off to a slow start, but no severe mistakes were made, besides burnt scallops from Akira. They made it to entrées 29 minutes in. The Blue Team would serve 0 appetizers for the first 30 minutes, and 10 minutes into entrées, they would get kicked out of the kitchen. The Red Team would struggle as well, with Akira burning fish twice, and Maddie absolutely lost. The Red Team would also get kicked out again. Gordon would apologize to Carol and Jack for the horrendous service. Both teams were declared losers.
Nominations: The Red Team, with Bella as the announcer, chose Maddie for her lack of confidence, lack of teamwork, and how she was lost during service, and Lauryn for being a supposed weak link. The Blue Team, with Glenn as the announcer, nominated Dylan for raw steaks, and Trish for lack of improvement. Gordon calls up Trish, and Lauryn, but sends both back in line. He calls up Bryce, and tells him to give up his jacket, but gives him a red Jacket, switching him to the Red Team. He then calls up Martina, and switches her to the Blue Team to even up the teams again. Nobody is eliminated, but Gordon reminds the chefs not to get excited.
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2023.06.04 00:05 Away_Mortgage3117 Another failed dropper on his knees, please help.

educational_info: dropper, Boards - 84 percent, JEE - 84 percentile
Wrote comedk but only scored 75 marks which I'm pretty sure won't fetch a college. VIT 50k rank so didn't apply for counselling, SRM Manipal and BITS are all too expensive ( nearly 20lakhs for 4 years). I got CSE in LPU with 30% scholarship so the total fees amounts to 10-12 lakhs for 4 years including hostel and mess which is affordable. I didn't look for reviews online that much, only talked to some people studying there and came to the conclusion that it is okayish college, and maybe I can make my way up by slogging day and night. But recently I checked the reviews and my whole world is falling apart. I didn't know it was basically the same as the likes of Amity and Sharda. It's 3 A.M and I'm totally clueless. Are there any options? Worth Filling JOSAA counselling? Delhi quota if that helps. Literally anything would do, I'm okay with ECE if I get it in a better college.
My family is obviously disappointed and now they just want me to at least go to a college and do something there so they are okay with sending me to LPU, but I can't take it anymore. I'm sorry if this sounds like a rant but please help. Yes I know beggars can't be choosers but still.
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2023.06.04 00:04 Maleficent_Wheel1519 Morphine at the ER

Hello, I’ve just been to the ER for severe abdominal pain due to a pre existing condition of the colon, and was given 4mg morphine. nubain is my preferred medicine, takes away almost all of the pain completely and usually what i receive and i’ve gotten morphine before and it didn’t help with the pain, however they were out of nubain so morphine was my only option. i felt no effects from the morphine, even after an hour. i didn’t even feel high or tired, and my pain was exactly the same. i asked for more, or a different medication but the doctor said that 4mg was the usual adult dose so it should’ve worked, and denied giving me more morphine or a different medicine. tylenol, ibuprofen, and toradol do nothing at all for the pain, and i had at 3 at home before to ensure they wouldn’t try to give me one of those meds instead of an actual pain medicine. I’m wondering if this is normal for doctors to do, if 4mg really is the max dose, and if others have gone through the same thing. I left in the same exact situation that I was in when I first got there and it’s extremely frustrating since my pain is still at an 8-10. (54.5 kg F) Also does anyone know why it may not work? I don’t normally take any opioids or drugs other than weed or kratom for chronic pain but the last dose of kratom was a day and a half ago so should be well out of my system (I’m a beginner and only took a very low dose)
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2023.06.04 00:04 yellobaber Came across this today. Probably fake but wanted to see if anyone knew anything about this

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2023.06.04 00:04 PoppiesRN My stepmother won’t let me see my dad’s will

My father (71M) is recently deceased (May 2023) and, a few days ago, I (25F) asked my stepmother (55F) if I could see their will. She said that she is currently “looking for it” but doesn’t know exactly where it is. I asked if maybe the lawyers’ office they drafted it with would have an original that we could submit to probate or even just a copy that we could view. She then stated that when she couldn’t find her deceased father’s (102M) will she had tried to contact the lawyers’ office he used but that they didn’t have an original or even a copy of his. Just to note her father had his will drafted probably late 80’s to early 90’s and my father had his drafted less then 10 years ago.
I dropped this issue assuming she would be able to locate it quickly. However, when I brought the issue up again today by asking if she had the contact info of the lawyers’ office they used just to check and see on the off chance they might have a copy, she got really upset. She accused me of trying to “go around the will.” Then she said that, “yes, the lawyers’ should have a copy,” but that the will was hers and my father’s and that she wasn’t going to give me the contact information for the lawyer they used. She again stated that she would “try and find me a copy” that I could see.
I was wondering if I was even entitled to see a copy as she claimed that it was HERS and my father’s. I don’t want to contest the will, if he left her everything then she can have everything. However, from past conversations I’ve had with my father, it sounds like he had left some things to myself and my brother (23M). I just don’t really know what to do right now, and I don’t want to make her more angry than she already seems to be.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.06.04 00:04 MrRad07 AITA? I got fired from Subway today.

I clock on at 8:29 after accidentally forgetting for a bit. This is not an issue. Me and a coworker get everything done to open, so after 10 am we open the doors. I switch off and on the line, doing lobby checks and work in the kitchen while customers aren't here. I, alone finish dishes off three consecutive times, and the lobby is always fairly kept, as well as the line. I hadn't taken a single break except a very fast breakfast break after we got all opening requirements finished.
Then, the assistant manager pops on. I had been working a few months longer than her, but I was part-time, so I wasn't a fit for Assistant Manager. That's acceptable, but what was unfortunate was that she was extremely rude to those around her. She was also slow, she barely did anything except stay on prep work for the day, and she got on me about everything. Essentially, arrogant and incompetent. This is rather sad, because there isn't any possible way to replace her.
I worked a morning shift of 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, so at about 2:19 I clock off for the day, after serving a final customer and tidying up the lobby a bit. The assistant manager starts screaming at me because in her head, "you should stay clocked on until your pickup is here to get you out of here." I tell her that I have the right to clock off at 2:00 pm, (Not my exact words, but I wasn't rude or a dick about it) and she scoffs and walks back inside.
The manager drives over and beckons me. The assistant manager hands a sheet of paper to the manager, and she reads it out: "Lobby trash not taken out, tables not wiped down, floor not swept, dishes not done, and more." As previously stated, I had, in fact, finished the dishes three times in a row. There were so little that I felt comfortable leaving them for nightshift. The manager, herself, stated that the lobby trash was taken out several times; she saw it on cameras. I will say that I didn't sweep the dirt on the floor into the bucket after I isolated it all. That's my bad. I did, in fact, wipe down the tables immaculately. That's what distracted me from throwing the dirt on the floor into the garbage.
What's ironic is that the assistant manager did barely anything except socialize with some of the coworkers, and still took two 10 minute breaks. I also don't know what "and more" was, but it probably was a blatant lie, or I left it to nightshift because it was a rather small task. So, I give these arguments to the manager, and the assistant manager speaks up saying that she hadn't seen me do it. I told her, admittedly in a harsh tone, that just because she hadn't seen it doesn't mean I hadn't done it. So, the manager goes on a tirade about respecting those above you in position, and there's an awkward silence for a moment. Then, I tell her I'm not going to respect someone who blatantly lies about my work, and also does quite a lot less work than me.
The manager tells me to walk out the door, and that I'm fired. Am I the asshole?
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2023.06.04 00:04 colourcodedcandy How busy do the “fun” places get during the day in Cambridge? Where can I dog/people watch?

Just moved out here this week from 2 years in Philly. Cambridge/Boston is so far the smallest city I’ve lived in (or rather will live in).
It’s beautiful, but I’ve been walking around East Cambridge/Inman/Central the past couple days and noticed there isn’t as much foot traffic even on weekend afternoons compared to some of the other cities. I was wondering if this is common or just a factor of weird weather the past couple days?
Of course there seem to be some great restaurants etc, but is there a busy place I can spend an afternoon walking around/window shopping/sitting and reading and dog/people-watching in Cambridge? For those who’ve been, my favorite thing to do in Philly during good weather was to walk on Walnut St and read in Rittenhouse Square. Or even the many squares and parks in NYC. It’s sunny, busy yet calm enough to sit and read, and I have access to everything within a block or two. Happy to hop on over across the river to Boston but thought I’d ask here first.
Edit: doesn’t have to be a park! Open to anything
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2023.06.04 00:04 ObaliskArt Jerm type beat

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2023.06.04 00:03 Old_Passage_5670 Pulled this guy!!

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2023.06.04 00:03 spookswitchhat My roommate is becoming controlling and unbearable to live with

i currently live with my ex, we moved into our current apartment last year whilst together and split earlier this year, the split was a mutual agreement due to constant arguments. our lease is only up in november and neither of us can afford to pay the fee for terminating early if we both decide to terminate the lease, so we agreed to stay until the end. but recently, he has become incredibly controlling and aggressive and i’m finding it unbearable to continue living here, i feel stuck and need some advice on what to do.
we’ve had numerous occasions in the past couple of months where little problems have progressed into me being yelled at and me having to stay at friends houses just to get away, but i can’t afford to keep travelling around to get away from him, and i feel guilty always crashing with other people.
a few months ago he told me i wasn’t allowed to have any guests over until we move out in november as he ‘didn’t want anyone around’, this included my friends, partner etc. he stated this was to do with his mental health which was understandable and i would have been okay with this for a brief period of time whilst he sorted things out for himself, but until november felt like a stretch so i tried to come to an agreement with him to allow me to at least be able to invite people over every now and again, as it felt rather isolating for me, and i didn’t have the money to keep going out to see people or getting ubers to their houses. i followed with this idea for about a month and asked about it again to which he had come around a little and allowed it occasionally.
a couple of nights ago i had my current partner over to discuss some things, we’d recently taken a little break and i wanted to talk things through. he’d come over at about 10pm, with the intention that he would stay the night and leave with me on my way to work in the morning. we’d been in my room talking and my roommate leaves the apartment. 30 minutes later i’m met with a flood of text messages from him stating my partner has 10 minutes to leave ‘his’ apartment, how if my roommate comes back and my partner is still there he will ‘kick the fuck off’. he believed my partner and i were having sex at the time and this infuriated him, which i could somewhat understand if we were, but the way in which he spoke to me either way was not okay. i also mentioned that we both paid for the apartment equally and that it was my apartment too, we were in my room and in my space out of the way.
i argued that my partner was only staying for the night, how we were in my room out of the way and wouldn’t even be interacting with my roommate, and how he’d stated weeks earlier that my partner was okay to stay over ‘as long as we kept the noise down’. it was at this point he began to tell me that i was only doing this because i ‘had no consideration for other people’, i was ‘disgusting’ and then threatened to come into my room and ‘ask my partner nicely to leave’ and if he didn’t he would call the police.
understandably i was confused and stressed, and by this point in time it was nearing midnight and i had an opening shift at work the next morning, so i left with my partner to stay at his house for the night just for some quiet.
i understand that my ex has had issues with his anger and has problems of his own, and i have tried to cater as much as possible and stay out of the way, but i do also have a share in this apartment and have my own life too.
it’s been a couple of weeks since this happened and i’m honestly so uncomfortable staying here any longer but i don’t know what to do, if there’s any way to sort anything with the lease so i can leave. it’s been a couple of days since i first started writing this so i’m currently staying with my partner just to be out of the way.
need some advice if anyone has any, it would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.04 00:03 Extension_Storm6985 Cushings?

I am looking for advice and guidance from others going through the similar heartache of navigating the process of being diagnosed with Cushings. I am a 33 year old female that has had health issues and cushings related symptoms for about 9 years
These include:
  1. Gaining over 90 pounds with weight centralized in stomach, shoulders, and upper back despite being physically active
  2. Round face
  3. Pronounced buffalo hump
  4. Easy bruising
  5. Extreme fatigue
  6. Bright purple stretch marks across abdomen and breasts (the stretch marks have changed and dulled in color over time)
  7. Skin changes
  8. Anxiety, Depression, Brain Fog
  9. High Pulse and Blood Pressure
  10. Back and Joint pain
My primary doctor sent in blood tests and the results were as follows:
Cortisol AM – 8.4
ACTH, PLASMA – 24 pg/ml
White Blood Cell Count: 11.1 Thousand/ul (HIGH)
Absolute Neutrophils: 8603 Cells/uL (HIGH)
I was then sent to an endocrinologist who told me I had all of the clinical symptoms of cushings but that he could not tell anything from my one cortisol level reading because it fluctuates throughout the day (At this point he had not yet received the ACTH results but those came back at 24 pg/ml.)
He wanted to do a 1 mg dexamethasone suppression test., and CBC Blood Test with diff/ plt
The results were as follows:
Cortisol AM- 1.4 mcg/dl
White Blood Cell Count- 16.1 Thousand/uL (VERY HIGH)
Platelet Count 415 thousand/ul (HIGH)
Absolute Neutrophils- 13,218 cells/ul (VERY HIGH)
I am still waiting on the Doctor to call me about the results but online it is saying that Cortisol readings under 1.8 after dexamethasone would be normal. I have so many very specific symptoms – is it possible to have cushings despite the cortisol reading after a dose of dexamethasone? Does my previous ACTH reading mean anything? Also, would Cushing’s cause the abnormal cbc blood test readings with VERY HIGH WBC and Neutrophils?
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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2023.06.04 00:03 Redmist2033 After 10 days in NICS Holding, I can finally say, this gun fucks.

After 10 days in NICS Holding, I can finally say, this gun fucks.
Paired with a 1-10x tango sight, this rifle is so fun to shoot. Can't wait to sight it in.
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2023.06.04 00:03 letmetrythis Where are you hosting your nodeJS apps? Shared hosting is almost moving me towards Laravel..

Hi everyone!
I'm enjoying JS, and I love making full-stack apps with React in FE and NodeJS/Express in BE, but when I'm moving towards production-level build, I run into an issue where to host it. I'm currently using shared hosting for my own website and for a few others, and they even support NodeJS apps (with v14, but still), but I've noticed that the app gets shut down every day after 1 AM. It will boot back up (after 10 seconds) if I hit an endpoint from any browser after that, but that's not really usable, especially for production. I've asked the Admins of the hosting I'm on, sadly they didn't have any idea why that happens, and I can't really have an app that boots up only if someone pings it..
So, what alternative option do you guys use? I've noticed DigitalOcean being mentioned quite a lot so it might be my next option, but I'd really love to hear some alternatives, on the lower budget side if possible.
I've also started thinking about learning Laravel, since I know that shared hosting supports PHP and that there wouldn't be any problems that currently happen with NodeJS, but I can't say I'm really rooting for that option.
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2023.06.04 00:02 SandwichesANDMilk_ Gaining way too many hours because coworkers are getting cut

Contrary to all of my coworkers getting all of their hours cut, I'm being scheduled for way more than I'm comfortable with working for health reasons. I started working at Walmart as a personal shopper about a month ago and it's been pretty good. When I applied I did open schedule but I specifically said 3-4 days a week only. I have been working 32 hours a week 10-7 and that's perfect for me since this is just a summer job to save up a little money to get a car in a year or two. Well I checked my schedule the other day and found that in 2 weeks I'm scheduled for 40 hours doing 8-5 which is far too much for my body to handle. I don't really need this job so I'm not afraid to quit but I'd like to continue working for the summer so I can get some money saved up.
Any of yall have any tips on how to approach my TL and what I can do to make things less of an issue for me? Also my heart goes out to all of ya'll getting your hours cut, shit sucks and hopefully they'll stop with this bullshit or can find somewhere better.
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