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This subreddit is for all of those recruiters and candidates who really don't get it. Post your horror stories and show us those "amazing" job offers!

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The unofficial subreddit for the YouTuber and Twitch streamer Ranboo! Rest in peace, Technoblade. We'll all miss you.

2011.01.19 09:02 airmandan First World Problems: Lost the remote, now begins the arduous trek to the TV to switch it manually.

First World Problems. If it's a problem you can only have if you have money we'll feel bad for you. Then we'll feel guilty for having enough money to have the same problem.

2023.06.08 01:33 AdInteresting414 Don’t convince your friend’s pokémon that he’s ill intentioned

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2023.06.08 01:33 BlackberryAgile193 I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to change my legal sex because of my countries laws.

I live in Australia, which most would think is a haven for trans people (in the cities at least), but it’s laws regarding legal sex change are almost designed to make it impossible.
In order to change it on your birth certificate, you need to have SRS. Which is understandable in and of itself, until you realise there is ONE surgeon in Australia who does male phalloplasty, and unlike other countries, our insurances don’t cover bottom surgery. At best they’ll cover the hospital stay. I will need to somehow come up with over $200k up front (which is JUST the surgeon fee) in the midst of the one of the worst housing crises our country has ever seen.
The media salary in Australia is $79,000- but unlike America, our income taxes are MUCH higher, so take home is about $62,000. With that I have to pay for all necessities in my life, save up for a house and somehow still have enough for SRS.
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2023.06.08 01:33 bluescreen_life Wih Gavrikov signed 2x5.875, thoughts on Severson/Gravy?

Anyone think this changes Damon's or Gravy's position or how they are thinking about how this might go? I'm thinking it brings market reality in perspective a little. Gavrikov is also around their ages (28). It also fits with the trend that some sub-30yr players are pushing for short deals with the cap supposed to be changing soon.
Hypothetically if we had to sign one or both of them what would you be comfortable with? Id take either one at that same deal to be honest. I don't think there's a chance in hell we re-sign both and will trade ones rights within the next couple of weeks.
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2023.06.08 01:32 Mythical_Rabbit 33 [M4F] Washington/Anywhere - looking for a romantic friendship.

Up until recently I had a friend who was also a lover. It was a great thing and my wife, my friend and I were all on the level in our little ENM setup. Now I’m interested in finding someone else who might be into that type of relationship.
I know that may just seem like a friends with benefits thing but we were really friends more than anything. Make no mistake though we had fun 🤩 and we’re still friends.
So that’s the pitch, a friendship with a side of romance. No pressure, all fun. Distance is fine.
About me: I’m 33; I raise chickens; I garden; I’m in law school; I love motorcycles; and recently started learning piano. I like reading for fun as well as to learn. Cannabis is my vice.
About you: you tell me. I like cowgirls, witches, soccer moms, book worms, esoteric painters, and more. As long as you are friendly we’re going to get along well.
Reach out!
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2023.06.08 01:32 Suspicious_Tune_5884 Is this job for me?

So I am the type of person that gets hyper fixated on things for a short time. I’ll get obsessed with something and I put all my time, effort and energy into it.
I have wanted to do this career since I was in high school but just recently came back to it (I am now 20).
I became obsessed with researching, reading Reddit, watching YouTube videos, joining Facebook groups, applying to every open position I come across etc.
I still have yet to hear back from anyone (which I was getting super down on) but now the glamour and excitement is starting to wear off and I am taking a step back and wondering if this is really a good career choice for me…
My personality might not be the greatest for this LIFESTYLE. I know I am extremely good in costumer service (so not worried for that), but what worries me is the way you have to live(especially in the beginning) of this job.
I love routine and structure and thrive off that. I have always been this way and not much of a free spirit at all. I don’t like change and like predictability. I also love working out and eating healthy and taking care of myself making sure I always tick the boxes off my to do list. I pretty much do the same thing everyday and enjoy that. The thought of not having a consistent schedule and routine freaks me out. But also part of me thinks I could get used to it and it could actually be really good for me getting out of my comfort zone.
I also struggle with extremely controlling OCD. I can also tend to be a germaphobe as well, so gross hotels freak me out.
What do you guys think? I think the job sounds great, but I don’t know if I would truly thrive and enjoy it. Traveling is fun, but doing it alone also sounds like it could be depressing.
I just don’t want to be romanticizing things in my head.
Would love to hear your thoughts. Especially if you came into this career being a rigid control freak. Were you able to adapt?
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2023.06.08 01:32 SeniorAd4122 Can we have a real discussion about the power of toxicity?

Now I know that people are going to be very defensive but hear me out. This is genuine concern, but probably nothing new, as we’ve heard it before… “Why do good girls like bad guys?”
Now I have heard women confessing to this more and more. If we look at some posts here, you’ll see a lot of “my boyfriend is cheating, talking to another woman etc” also with a lot of “I left a good guy” posts.
The discussion I want to have is whether you agree as a woman that toxic traits are inherently desirable in a man. As a man, have you come to this realization? Do you believe this is false?
I believe there has to be some truth to it, and it makes me really sad because I find myself really wanting to lean into these things if it’s what I need to do to create the opportunity to connect with someone, but it’s not my natural self, which I think is also important. You can’t pretend to be toxic. Only authentically is it effective.
We get a lot of this alpha male content on social feeds and I hate pretty much all of it, but I have a feeling women are the ones who actually like it. Even if they love to hate it. I’ve heard women say “All the guys I dated are toxic..” and it’s like, what’s that all about? Are nice men simply weak and undateable without being attractive? Can we be real about this and not idealistic. I know it could all be BS, but I am hearing women in my own family admit this, and I observe and yes I am envious of these men as well but I don’t believe they could enjoy a connection the way a genuinely nice person can.
I’ve sometimes felt in the past that dates would accuse me of cheating, almost as if they really wanted me to be. I’ve heard women justify their partners cheating with “he was just being a man”
So does this all basically sound stupid to you, or like the truth? Whats your take on it. Do I need to be toxic as hell to find love?
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2023.06.08 01:32 GrowClean_SmokeGreen Conflicted

Im a white male and have grown up as an extremely loose Christian, I was christened, my sister was christened both my brothers were christened. By extremely loose I mean that we haven’t properly followed any teachings of Jesus, we are just free to act as we please. Recently tho I have been very involved with Muslim belief but I’m very afraid that if I was to convert then I’d never see my brother again (he died a year ago, as a very, very loose Christian but a Christian none the less). So basically from this I just want insights into the afterlife’s on both sides of the argument. Thank you for understanding
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2023.06.08 01:32 melodicstory I am a cishet woman. My husband carries almost all of the mental load. I would like to change.

The patriarchal effect of mental load seems to be reversed in our house. My husband has to consistently remind me to take/refill my pills, pick up my clothes off the floor, empty the dishwasher. I miss doctor's appointments because I forget. Several times I would have been a day late with my monthly birth control (Nuvaring) if he hadn't reminded me. One summer we were separated for internships, and I simply slept in the same bed as my laundry, with a single blanket in a lumpy pile in the middle that I would crawl under at night like a stray dog. It's just how I exist. He was gone for a week last month and I simply lived with an amount of clutter and dirty dishes he wouldn't have been able to stand, happy as a clam, then frenzy-cleaned before he got home.
I want to be better for him. I don't want to have to be reminded to unpack the suitcase that's been in the corner of the bedroom for two weeks--but it quickly fades into the background and I forget it's there. I want to be responsible with my healthcare. I want to be responsible with my money. I want to stop being the clutterbug of the house.
It's not like I do nothing--I'm the more prolific cook, I'm very particular about the cleanliness of our floors (I like being able to walk around barefoot) and the surfaces in our bathroom. I'm also our resident travel agent, arranging flights/hotels/rental cars etc. We do laundry together. But I'm reading all these posts about women carrying the entire mental load of a household and I think "oh, that's him. He does all that." It kind of makes me feel like a child.
Are there any other women like me? Is there any advice we can share?
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2023.06.08 01:32 hmansloth How would you feel if the show did some flashback episodes of Scratch’s life back when he was living?

Sure we have no background of it now but just say that the show eventually reveals his past life and how he was as a person. But if that happened how would you feel if the show decided to do a We Bare Bears and have some slice of life episodes focused on Scratch’s life when he was alive? How would it work and would you enjoy seeing Scratch’s backstory on screen?
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2023.06.08 01:32 Vuyfield Should OneUI join the protest about Reddit's API changes?

Dear moderators, this might sound like a request, but it would be cool to make a voting poll on whether this subreddit is willing to join the protest or not. This might affect a lot of users on this subreddit and probably you, the moderators as well!
Again, if you don't want to join the protest, please delete that post.
For those who don't know what is happening, On May 31, 2023, Reddit announced that their API that is essential for third-party apps (like Apollo, RiF, Sync, etc) and useful bots is no longer going to be free, but to a price that is outrageous to pay in order to run them.
That move is basically killing those 3rd-party apps and they WANT you to use their official Reddit app which of course most of you might say that it is VERY bad.
So what now?
A lot of popular subreddit (including Samsung!) are joining the protest on the 12 and 13 June. They will be going dark to protest this policy. Some will return after 48 hours: others will go away permanently since many moderators aren't able to put in the work they do with the poor tools available through the official app. This subreddit might be small, but if many small ones join, together we form a big subreddit!
more info here
View Poll
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2023.06.08 01:31 Little_Permission502 25 [M4F] self made billionaire falls for a shy sub off the street, a nobody

Hello roleplayers, I am back I've been taking a break from things because life gets crazy sometimes, let's face it. I have been role-playing for a long time, and have plenty of experience doing so. I like to reply in more than a paragraph at a time. And in an ideal partner, I would like her to do the same but it isn't required. I have a scenario and plot in my mind I thought of today that I would like to write with a partner, this can be long term or short. We can talk about that. With my character I will provide a reference picture for you to go off of. I do have kinks and limits myself and we can chat about that as well before we actually start the roleplay, and I'll keep yours in mind too.
The scenario I have, I'm a self made billionaire with a multi-company startup that made me my money. Most of my days I have a driver, and go to an office to sit in boring meetings with my staff. I kept to myself a lot, quiet. I notice I would want someone to spend some time with, and have physical pursuits with. I end up walking the streets with a guard not far behind and run into you, and you can't take your eyes off of me. You look like you might be trying to get a bite to eat, and I offer "would you like to get something to eat, my treat?" And we go get a good meal and talk. I tell you I'd like to take you out on a date to see if we can build a connection with each other, and that I'd have my driver get you at your place the next evening to meet at the date location, but I end up having him bring you to my penthouse instead in the city. We spend a night there together and I cook you dinner, you're intimidated with who I am in society, how much money I have, what I could provide you. You fill your head with thoughts of what I might want from you. After dinner, we go for a walk in the gardens, and talk about things that I'm looking for. It's the perfect opportunity for you to have the financial freedom you want and the life you wanted, but in exchange for someone to please me, be my sub, and to eventually, if the plot goes as far, as to give me a family.
All characters are 18+
If you'd be interested in this plot I use kik messenger.
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2023.06.08 01:31 donatos_box Want to live with partner but parents disagree. Why does living have to cost so much???

So my partner (27) and I (24) are in the process of moving 13 hours away. Where we are moving to is 30% more expensive and rent is about $1800 for a modest one bedroom apartment near our jobs. We are relocating for job opportunities and without doing all the boring math for you, with our income individually we will both have about $15k (optimistically) left over a year (after taxes, 401k, rent, utilities, and health insurance, and debt payments) for food, gas, basic car expenses, medical expenses, pets, savings, and fun activities to support ourselves individually. However, if we live together, that number jumps to about $40k when splitting costs and allows us to put more aside for savings.
The issue is my parents do NOT believe in living together before marriage. Normally this wouldn’t matter since it’s our lives and we are financially independent adults, but my partner would like to ask my dad for my hand in marriage when we are ready to marry and my dad will say no if we are living together. I also have always had a great relationship with my parents so I don’t want to hurt that. I also want them to respect my partner and I, which they wouldn’t if we live together.
So why can’t we just get married asap and then move in together? Well.. we could but my dad will not give his blessing yet since he has not had time to get to know my partner. Also, you only get married once (ideally) and I would like to have at least some time to plan our wedding and find the perfect dress and give my guests enough notice. Nothing too crazy, but I do want some sort of idk “gathering”. We are moving in august which does not give us time to plan a wedding. Also, we don’t have the finances to do all of that yet. Living together would give us time and money to save for a wedding we want.
I just wish we could live together without the pressure of being married so that we can save up for our future and ideal wedding. Which is not possible in this political climate, even though our combined income is about 90k. We just can’t have THAT much money going out the window trying to pay for rent and utilities in two separate places.
It’s so freaking expensive to live now a days and we don’t even have kids to support. Just ourselves and our dog. It’s tough and it’s scary and it sucks.
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2023.06.08 01:31 GrilledCheezus1219 How bad is melatonin?

I don’t mean like would you or wouldn’t you, but like, what is the honest to goodness risk? We’re in Canada where kids melatonin doesn’t even exist, but we can be a bit risk averse. My 4 and 5 year olds def need sleep studies, they’re mouth breathers, they snore, etc. until I can get them in though, how bad is it to give them melatonin without a prescription? The sleep deprivation is destroying us.
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2023.06.08 01:31 Decent-Raspberry8194 Recovery need to be repaired

Recovery need to be repaired
So I just bought my new laptop yesterday and this time I just woke up it suddenly won't start, I'm stuck at this screen and I don't know how to fix this.
I searched the web for any fix and it says I need usb or disc but I don't have any. Anyone can help me?
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2023.06.08 01:31 Typical_Ad1605 Moving to West LA for grad school - Help?

Hi! I am moving to LA to attend grad school at UCLA and would really appreciate some help with the process. First, what areas would you recommend? Here are some hopefully helpful things I’m looking for - 2 bedroom with a $3.5k budget, quiet (I care more about getting a good night sleep than pretty much anything else. If there are areas to avoid this would also be useful to know), would like to be 20 minutes max from UCLA, and safe. A few walkable things nearby would be a plus but that wouldn’t trump any of the other items.
Secondly, does anyone have advice on how to go about actually securing an apartment when you are not local? I would really prefer to not rent sight unseen, but will I generally miss out on a place if it takes me a week to make arrangements to visit? I am a bit at a loss on how to make sure a place is nice but also not be too late to the game from out of state. Thanks in advance, any help is much appreciated!
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2023.06.08 01:31 Wild_Reception2038 28F- Looking for someone can give me a some new movie and anime recommendations

Hi!! i'm. a Brazilian Girl living here in the US. looking for a cool guy to chat with. someone who's down to nerd out with movies and anime as much as we want. feel free chat me your anime suggestions, it can be a movie or anime series i can be as talkative as you like as long your down to it lol
my personal fave movies are LoTR ready player 1 and sweeney todd
anime: Overlord Guilty crown and Code Geass
Hmu if your interested
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2023.06.08 01:31 writerstuk Life and Death Times

Review of Poplar Hill
“Another branch snapped on the tree outside as a sense of doom overcame her.” (Pg. 30 Poplar Hill)
The narrator speaks the mind of Catherine (“Kitty”) Stevenson, and the image could stand for her life. So begins a book with two timelines – one of the Nova Scotia of 1998/99, where Kitty lies gravely ill in Shiretown Nursing Home; and one on 1930s Germany, to which she travels into the Nazi hornet’s nest.
This is a tale of intrigue, deceit, danger, espionage, and living on the edge. One would think the contemporary times would serve as relief to all of that stress. However, in the hands of author, Steven Ramey Glines, the end of Kitty’s life is fraught with its own perils and moments of harrowing decision.
The tension between life and death seems always present with Kitty. Born into great wealth, she never feels entitled, probably due to the fact that her father, founder of United Coal Company, lost his fortune in the Great Depression. The family, forced to move into the caretaker’s cottage at their liquidated mansion, develops a sense that nothing is permanent. Kitty says, “The Depression and the War colored the rest of our lives, my whole generation. Prosperity and austerity are measured against the Depression and security against our experience in or, in my case, just before the war.” As her mother did before her, Kitty had been sent off to convent school for a childhood of withholding and discipline. But it is in the travelling there that her life attitude had come through, as she had to contain all her belongings in one valise. Later, when she packs for Germany, she takes a steamer trunk in posh fashion, but when she has to flee, she does so with only that one valise. That piece of luggage – the title of a chapter - is a bellwether of her life of plenty or sacrifice.
Kitty is a woman of class, although that means nothing to her. Her son, Jimmy (whom she insists on calling James) says of her, “Mom can tell the difference between a real Gucci bag and a Chinese knockoff but is perfectly content to use something she found at a thrift shop.” Notwithstanding, she never feels above or below anyone. She can fit into any situation and make it look so effortless, Jimmy explains. Her real test was shaking hands with Hitler. She’s in Munich, as are other young Americans, to spend her father’s money which is trapped in Germany. The Nazis will not allow it to be taken out of the country in any form, so Kitty and her circle of friends live it up with parties and endless liquor. This is also Kitty’s chance to attend voice school, which she could not at home.
Yet it’s not a story of spoiled rich kids whooping it up in a dictatorship; as we shall see this bunch – cell, really - take it upon themselves to be impromptu journalists and, indeed, spies for America, which is not yet at war. Reporting what they see on the streets during Kristallnacht, they are able to sell their reports to the news outlets and earn some of their keep.
The duality between hedonism and hardship turns into a travelling show, as the group actually escape the pressures of impending war by going on vacations in the midst of diplomatic breakdowns, such as setting out for Austria the day before the Anschluss. Foolhardiness? Probably, but that’s youth! Or else, it’s their way of cheating death, as Kitty proclaims in general, adding that the fall of 1938 was the most exhilarating time of her life.
A woman of great intelligence and courage, she also exhibits calculated nerve (and impudence) in appearing at a U.S. embassy party with likenesses of the Polish, French, and British flags sewn on the bum of her dress. Most nervy of all is that she assists in aiding a Jewish family in either surviving or getting out. Her resolve will come to a shocking conclusion with a great revelation at the end of the book.
You would think her departure on the very last passenger ship out of Germany in August, 1939 would cap the story, but the later chapters of her life test Kitty as much. Diagnosed with diabetes, causing two heart attacks, and finally organ failure, she must face survival and mortality yet again.
Glines interweaves the two storylines masterfully. For example, though Shiretown is a quiet provincial nursing home, there are moments there recalling the war. Her friend, Vince, lights a match by her oxygen tank – perhaps emblematic of the tinderbox of world war. And just at the point Kitty tells of the invasion of Czechoslovakia and therefore her inability to return to Germany, Shiretown closes due to a blizzard. In the same vein, James pushes the point that we wants his dying mother’s stocks early. Could that evoke the Nazis confiscating property? And Kitty thinks Heaven is a garden, recalling her sickly delirium in which she thought geraniums spoke to her. The reader will find that in Munich she determined whether the U.S. Consulate would stay open depending on whether its flowerpots remained. Flowers mean life, and singing means life. All she ever wanted to do was to sing like an angel, and Glines implies the day she does make it to Heaven may give her that chance that she never had in the Munch Opera.
Kitty lives by the idea of ‘L’Appel du Vide,’ the idea of going to edge of cliff and having the urge to jump, so you run away. She says she looks over the cliff at the end of her life but has no choice but to jump. The circumstances are beyond her control. What is not is her voice. The author states, “So long as she could tell stories, she didn’t need to look into the abyss.” With her resolve and powers of influence that voice saved lives, including her own, in war, and later shapes the town of Pictou to carry out an unusual request for Kitty and to afford her the dignity of a final story.
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2023.06.08 01:31 GalaxyECosplay This reunion

The show was filmed 2 years ago. Who are we to say that Vanessa hasn't changed and hasn't taken steps to not repeat toxic behaviors.
The way Yoly & Lexi eyed her as she was speaking her truths makes me wanna gag. It's mean girl behavior. You ain't gotta be friends, but some respect would be nice.
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2023.06.08 01:31 hjh208 Hiring for a Motion Designer / MGA / Video Editor to join our award-winning studio.

Hi, we're currently hiring for a full time Motion Designer / Video Editor to join our global design and marketing studio at Flight3 (flight3.xyz), the web3 & innovation arm of Flight Story.
Previously we were Zebu Digital (Crypto A.M.'s 2022 Startup of the Year). We also run Zebu Live, the UK's Leading Web3 conference (zebulive.xyz)
We're looking for a passionate, creative storyteller with strong motion graphics and video editing skills to enter a dynamic team of creatives who work with some of the most exciting projects across web3 and web2. We're passionate about bringing brands to life, and we have a lot of fun while we do it!
You can read more about the job here: Check out this job at Flight3: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3625903876
(note this listing is in Cape Town, but we are open to the right candidate to be fully remote, so long as they are in a workable timezone. We have hubs in London, Cape Town, Manila and Lisbon.)
Please DM me if you are interested with links to portfolios/showreels/cvs, and I will provide contact details to take the convo forward.
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2023.06.08 01:31 SlimPerceptions My iPhone was just stolen, help!

My iPhone was just stolen out of my hand, and for some reason the thieves dropped it one block away which we soon found.
Is there any way that an iPhone can be cloned within 5 minutes, or be accessed in any way? Could something have been installed?
We have no idea why they dropped it. What should I do and what should i be aware of? Thank you so much for any help.
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2023.06.08 01:31 International-Ad1486 Introduction to Technical Writing (Long)

What is Technical Writing?
Google “Technical Writing” and you’ll find a wide variety of answers. Most responses mention technology and writing (duh).
However, this is one of the most confusing job titles. Most tech writers do just as much collecting, synthesizing, and editing (especially editing!).
And most of this “writing” is not technical, strictly speaking. In fact, there are areas like “Policies and Procedures” (a.k.a. “P&P”) that don’t usually touch on technical subject matter.
Tech writing is more about translating technical or complex information into simpler, layperson’s terms. I like to think of the role as a “Complexity Translator.” Drop this into an interview: “I like to think of myself as translating complexity.”
"Egoless Writing"
What does great technical writing look like?
Great technical writing is when you can simply scan or read something and just get it. It feels effortless. Your eyes glide. You don’t stumble over a word, phrase, or graphic. It all makes sense because it’s seamless and whole.
The writer remains unseen. It is “egoless” writing.
I’ll bet you can immediately think of three of your favorite fiction and non-fiction authors, whether novelists or journalists. But can you name one technical writer?
The most brilliant technical writer in the world, the Mozart of tech writers, will never be a household name. This recalls Rodney Dangerfield...
The Shadow of Rodney Dangerfield
The comedian Rodney Dangerfield (RIP, Dec. 2004) is both a cultural (U.S.) and a generational reference (yes, showing my age). He speaks very quickly and most of his jokes are for adults only*.
His signature expression is: “I tell you I don’t get no respect!”
Time and again new technical writers join a team and expect to be an equal partner with their team members, whether developers, project managers, or department managers. However, even when they’re prepared and engaged, they might find themselves feeling excluded, neglected, or treated as an accessory.
There are different reasons for this, but sometimes the reason is an inaccurate impression that we’re going to be a leading light, with our name on the marquee with the others. Sadly, in 22 years, I’ve never seen it happen.
Technical Writers are a “support” function. We support team members and hope to be treated fairly and respectfully. But equal billing? We need to leave that for our personal life. Otherwise, we’re in danger (no pun intended) of inheriting the shadow of Rodney Dangerfield. We might even begin resenting our work and colleagues.
Don’t get into this work to become a famous technical writer. It’s unlikely to happen.
*Audio clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42GXJiY0m_0
Opportunities and Benefits
So you might not get famous, but there is some really good news.
● Technical writing is a growing field according to US Government data and currently:
+ Abundant opportunities exist. You can work full-time, part-time, contract, or freelance.
+ You can be a generalist or a specialist, working for software, pharmaceutical, or finance companies (and many others).
● COVID-19 has accelerated the Work From Home (WFH) trend. This gives you greater flexibility in your work schedule and it opens up markets you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.
● Software companies in regions like Asia and Eastern Europe are booming.
- Bobby Kennedy
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2023.06.08 01:31 MooseSpider A couple of questions

  1. If it wasn't for the financial issues, would Messi had joined us? I'm not sure if that's the only reason he didn't join us tbh. Part of me thinks that, even if we didn't have our financial issues and didn't keep Messi waiting that he might have still rejected us considering that that he seems to want him and his family to be away from the spotlight for a bit. But I'm curious to see what you guys think...
  2. Can we still sign Messi in a couple of years? I know this is far-fetched, but we've seen it with Zlatan where he returns to Europe after playing in the MLS for a couple years. Especially since Messi will be much less expensive and our financial situation will be better in a couple years time.
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