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2023.04.01 22:33 missmarleee 2019 F-150 XL Remote Start

I bought my truck in 2019 used (barely 6k miles on it) and I was told it didn’t have remote start, and I figured that anyways because I have the basic key fob without the little 2x button. However, the other day, after almost 4 years of owning it, my toddler and I were walking away from it, and she pushed the unlock button. As I struggled it away from her trying to push lock I think I hit it a few times and it suddenly started. I nearly shit myself. How could be so dumb to not know I had it this whole time. Unfortunately we can’t get it to do it again and I think my husband thinks I’m crazy and doesn’t believe me that it started😂 we have watched a bunch of YouTube videos with same key fob and year and they all say just push lock 3 times and it starts , but we can’t get it to do it again. It is started to feel like I am crazy and just imagined it happening the first time. Does anyone know anything about this? Is it maybe a faulty remote start that just sporadically works? If it started once then it clearly has the capability right?
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2023.04.01 22:33 Goldenstate2000 ‘Staying stopped’

Not preaching. Without a recovery program, community, and helping other addicts. I don’t know how one can stay clean (& sober if you’re an alcoholic) for years & years without a program.
Yes, relapse is part of addiction & recovery, but the escalator only goes down into a hell existence or worse, the end.
One has to want to go to any length. One day at a time. ✌️
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2023.04.01 22:32 Cardiologist365 Day 4 I can’t get gambling out of my head right now

Day 4 without a bet and I’ve been searching for a GA meeting that’s ongoing right now but there are none and I don’t have a sponsor. I am so weak right now I cant stop thinking about my recent loss and I want to deposit just as much to win it back. I feel sick honestly, I have been thinking about what casino I’m going to play on and how much I’m going to deposit all while searching for a GA meeting to join right now. I feel like a fiend.
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2023.04.01 22:32 complexorum I'm so fucking tired of my ex being obsessed with me!

I was on a relationship with this guy, that lasted two years and 4 months. He wanted to break up because he said he wasn't in love anymore and was doubting on that for 4 months, so I hadn't any more choices than respect him, but then he told me that we could be friends. He didn't wanted to tell me without like a break to process that information, so I was less comfortable with him being a friend of mine even if I did try to be just that: friends. Some months later, I wanted to spend time with him, so I met him and we walked around the city, everything was good except he only was seeing his friend as a fucking therapist, because he was venting all the time about how much "these people hated him because he was just a missunderstood guy". (Spoiler: he was just pissed with a friend of mine because she didn't wanted to be friends with him)
Then, he was talking more again with me just to try to hace a FWB relationship, thing that I absolutely misunderstood because wasn't clear and I tought he was going to come back on the relationship we hade. We hooked up and then we just decided to ghost me. I was sick of him being an narcissistic dude so I just decided to be away from him for once and for all, did this letter to him to tell him that I didn't want to be a friend with someone who just wanted to have a free psychologist because he couln't handle his petty shit and not having a good time talking or doing something just like a normal guy.
Since the fucking letter, he just only copies me EVERYTHING that I say/do/retweet because. I decided to move away, but then if I was on a group with someone, HE WAS TOO. That happened 4 times. He was almost everywhere that I was because he didn't move on. Some of his friends left him alone, because I had proof of him talking fake shit, so then he took upon trying to make a (pretty stupid but alarming) revenge on me. He tried almost every month since November evering my telegram account, just so I could see the SMS of his tries. He tried to be closer to some friends of mine that he didn't even know following them on every account they had. He was just so intrusive to all of them and now he's moving to the center. Last time I've warned him to stop this madness was December, and it was a pretty big text to make sure I didn't left any of his stupid actions around. On February somebody took a screenshot of him talking fake shit about me to just difame me, and I was pretty pissed at that point. He is still doing this stuff to this day and I just want to move on, but he simply can't. I just want to live my life and go on, because I couldn't care less about him or his life. I just want him to stop for fucking once and act like an adult. He's fucking 19. I'm so tired.
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2023.04.01 22:31 VoiceofRedditMkI Efficient way to offload video recorded on your phone?

I'm honestly surprised there are no other posts like this on this sub, maybe there's a better sub?...
I'll get to the real world implications and problems which is what I want advice on but first I want to demonstrate/sanity check that this is indeed technically possible and how it COULD be done.
I have a few spare terabytes on my computer now + can record for days on my phone if need be with its storage + an sd card reader that reads at about 88Mb/s.

Current basic plan:# (This sounds very simple but it also causes a lot of weekly labour hours and problems...)

80Megabytes per minute recording usage on my phone (could be less in dark or unchanging envoironments etc. - sd cards can be 1tb now meaning I can at minimum record for - 960gb/(0.08gb*60minutes) = 200 hours?!? That's a straight week or two weeks of waking hours! I there are phones that are able to use <10mbps video please do tell me that's the least my phone will record on. And I would like to stretch the terabyte sd card and then my hard drive storage the furthest I possibly can so transfer can also not take hours each week while being less frequent than each week? Perhaps custom phone apps or phone operating systems allow this or there are developer options? I'm not too into phones, only PCs so I wouldn't be aware of anything that might be obvious to you.
Get sd card to 512gb or 1tb for £30-100 for storage that is FAST enough but not nessesarily DURABLE enough, I cannot seem to find good reveiws on these drives whatsoever let alone durability?
Transfer whenever I do my laundry or something. Hit record again when I am done with laundry.

Problems:## Listed going from more technical to more social

Micro sd write endurace and power on time - even western digitals purple and sandisks "maxendurance sd cards only exist in 512gb and 256gb respectively and at least twice as expensive and 256gb for 120,000 hours of write endurance could allow the card to go for a decade but if you have to plug it in every 50 hours to transfer the data back it wouldn't last long if it was always writing to max capacity. Additionally even survalence drives probably aren't supposed to be in such high quality
Storage/quality - yes I can record a week with h.264 at around 10mbps but I would need to compress it when it got to my laptop, I image that's something I could automate, perhaps i could program a batch file or something to do it whenever something arrive in x folder to compress it using y, no idea how to do the y side of thing though. But even if I could compress it in such a way where it doesn't cause hours of labour for me to check its going smoothly every week and very little downtime, once compressed am I what gonna put it to 1mbps from 10? 1080p for everything in your feild of vision is already not good enough, if I didn't realise I was being robbed etc. at the time or some situation like there where very small details matter then is the persons face even going to be close enough at 10mbps to recognise them? Then what I compress to 1mpbs and later realise I need to edit them export then compress again and its even worse. Even then, let's run the numbers. I currently have 2 8tb HDDs in raid 0 planning to upgrade to 24tb raid 5 with 8tb redundancy so 8tb/(0.00125GB360024*365) = 0.203 max quality, <1 = I cannot store that even ignoring all my backups and other data. Divide by 10 for min quality, multiply by 3 for max storage. If I manage to compress by ten times footage for a year would take up 1/2.03 of the 8tb I have, no backups. Half of everything for 1 year of shittiest quality footage, definately gonna need to be able to stop recording at night. Good news is the hard drives only have to be written to once a week and will be filled up at most ten times by whats being written to them. However, I have to account for 3 things in reality. 1) Allll my backups for computing use. 2) Allll the ARCHIVED video compressed for storage ~4tb per year. 3) All the video PRE archiving that is just transfered right to my computer each week. So even if I do this every 4 weeks after a year I will be filling it up every 4 weeks when the last week of footage goes in IF I compress everything that often. Realistically I will soon need more than 4TB just for backups so this isn't acceptable. Do I compress each week then? Even there its always using the 1TB transfer + 10% If such a large file can even be compressed using video software this MUST be automated such that when I unplug my phone after transfer it will compress what I stored and ONLY what I stored and then delete it but I must ALSO be able to trust the compressed footage is good enough on it's own... I guess I could find some way to record in lower quality in the first place which would also allow me to record more overall? But then what if I do need to catch a small detail in frame?
Editing - I will enevitably accidentally record at night or something or I eventually want to get around to deleting all my old footage how the heck do I a) KNOW what footage I need and b) how do I save ONLY what I need? Do I take my 5-6tb of footage put a little guassian blur here, cut this out and wait until the heat death of the universe for it to try and export then crash for me to realise the software isn't compatable. Or so I take all that footage I've gotten by that point and take a glance at each day to try and remember if there was anything significant, I know for sure there are gonna be significant days I look at and dismiss not just because I won't make the connection from what I see sometimes but because, do I carry a diary with me to write down notable moments? Not only will I forget to even if I realise how significant something is at the time after going through a hundred days the signicance of any individual one won't hit me... and oh yeah it'd be weeks at least since they'd actually happened. But also half the point of this is that I don't realise how significant this is most of the time. It'd be after the fact I'd think OH SHOOT, that person was lying to me or ripped me off, mislead me or that info was important if only I could remember etc.
Quality - Where's the phone gonna point? Is the audio quality going to be acceptable
Reliability - Your sd breaks - you lose your week if you were depending on a recording you're screwed + the storage requirement is so high backups are unlikely to happen + break downs are more likely with such high useage + Potentially wear on phone camera and storage that is not designed for constant usage. Even if the phone camera is sold state which I assume it is the sd card would surely heat up quite a lot after a full weeks running at full pelt. Additionally burn in even from an indicator in the corner that recording is happenig is not great if not the camera screen would be burning in constantly on OLED, are there settings or phones that allow me to change this? Some micro sd cards CLAIM to be waterproof, western digital claims all their sandisk micro sd cards "are NOW" of 13/09/22 waterproof for 72hours under 1m of water and other sd cards seem to give the same values for things like temperature protection but I don't know any reveiw sites looking to verify this? ( )
How the heck do I use my phone for other things when doing this? So far as I'm aware most phones will stay on recording but even then it uses resources and there is usually an onscreen indicator that it is recording.
If the phone runs out of power or otherwise fails how do I make sure I don't just lose a full days recording? I'm a bit embarressed to admit I don't actually know if the video file is saved until it's been stopped and saved? I know I can open some that aren't fully downloaded etc. but I'd need to test this I guess?
Errr, how do I carry it around? Like when I'm in exercise clothes or take my clothes off I don't care to film - those circumstances don't require it but if I am at a store or a bouncer is getting aggressive or I'm blackout drunk, how do I make sure it's idiot proof enough so that I won't break it
How do I transfer a terrabyte on the weekly? Yes I can record it but it'd also take about the same amount of time to transfer back, I have actually transfered large files with these things and was surprisd to learn they could transfer 88Mb/s consistently with large video files... but that's still over 3 hours of data transfer.
Even in places I want to record for safety I don't always want it to be known that I am recording and android phones I know of either have to be on the camera screen or will fade out the screen with a timer, which means it would always be known if I even accidentally pull my phone out... will I have to constantly explain all the reasons why I do this, like do I explain to a sales person at a store, oh I'm recording you because I don't trust you or to a person at work I am holding them to account and the law TECHNICALLY states if there is no expectation of privacy as other poeople are around... etc. or that well i have been burnt in the past by not being able to domonstrate the truth with proof so... blah blah blah.
Recording in situations where others expect privacy - I can't go back and erase each and every moment I cross into private property? Or is there a way I can quickly edit MASSIVE files - so far as I'm aware most video editing software requires export of full files to edit them even with tiny changes? Is that an inherent limitation of how the files work? And even then having recorded in the first place is problematic, which will enevitably happen I just won't realise the transition all the time and am I what supposed to realise I've crosssed an imaginary boundary mid deep conversation and whip my phone out and not tell them why? Or interupt the conversation to explain, oh I was respecting the covnersation by stopping recording, drop that bombshell on them and expect them to trust I'm not continuing to record.


1) Find a phone that can either a) transfer directly via a usb 3.0 port from it's sd card but since that'd take atleast 3 hours with ZERO interuption, preferably b) when I eventually get my next phone it would have 2 micro sd card slots, if there are even any phones I'd use that could do that, take one sd card out, continue recording on the other - only problem is I'd need to be able to tell the phone specifically which sd card to record to.
1.5) (1) causes a problem where I am choosing between simply just plugging in my phone and whipping out a sim key or pin to dig out an sd card - either a) my phone is stuck at my computer for hours or b) I am fiddling with an sd card and have to likely keep remembering to reselect which card it is, check I didn't record to internal storage etc. etc. a) could be automated very nicely and is just plugging something in eventually but limits what I physically can do and b) is very involved but means once I've manually done all the work things should be fine.
2) Every say month or two I will compress the video from the files I am putting on my computer each week.
?3?) If there is some kind of phone based "RAID 0" or RAID 5 type thing where my phone could consistently offload some data to a different drive to make sure when I record something I can definately rely on it being recorded and me being able to use it in a court of law or to remember that fact that thing I was told its paramount I remember or that thing in a lecture I forgot about, as long as I can remember roughly when I learnt it or experienced its there - only problem is putting such strain on my phone and storage devices cannot be good. Even if I somehow get a "RAID 0" or RAID 5 system its likely to fail on both my storage systems because the stress on them both would be so high.
4) Survalence micro sd?/hard drives?!? The hard drives are probably not as much of a worry because they're just in my server and it hasn't failed just from power on time? And the writes will be infrequent. But microsd cards to my knowledge are made from the bad flash left over after nvme and SATA ssds have taken the cream of the crop? And hence you're mostly getting the worst perfoming overheating and also probably a tonne of qlc drives which aren't supposed to be written to more than 50 times always getting down to 10% capacity and god forbid 0%/a few megabytes or a gigabyte if I do my laundry a day late or wake up earlier that week than I accounted for or the videos take up more stoage because of more detail envoironements that week for instance.
What are the problems I've missed/ways I could streamline this?
5 questions I have for anyone whos read thus far (don't answer all you poor thing):
1) Do I need to look at something other than a phone to be doing this? I would REALLY prefer this be a phone so it's not a big deal I just have it on me - it records things.
2) Are there any sites that give details or test things like durability and throughput on SD cards? Maybe a dp-review type site as I guess this is in that vein?
3) Are there any phones that are ideal for this? E.g. large sensor area, reliable, could fit in a sewn pocket, 2 micro sd slots, usb 3? That's a lot of specific things so I'm not sure.
4) What settings, operating systems or software for the phone might I consider if I decide to pull the trigger on this.
5) What automation steps and setup/devices do you reccommend having to make this realistic.
Thanks a million in advance for your input! If the plan starts having fewer holes so I decide I could reasonably do this I will


This is probably not worth it for all the extra work and even the backups one could use the files for but maybe in future when the tech is a bit better I can look back at this post and unshelve it if we get say 4tb extremely durable drives I'd only have to half fill up that can offload all the footage quickly and reliably with some camera/smartphone hybrid that I can actuall sew into my pocket qutie discretely.

## My Homework before proceeding:

1) Test process with current hardware to a) check for issues and b) improve process and c) find what I actually need to buy.
2) Test failures on purpose e.g. power downs, perhaps water damage on my current sd card? It's only an older sandisk though. idk how to test power down without just draining the battery or clicking the power button though? This gives the phone a chance to account for it, even if I wasted an old phone that still works it'd still be a different device but I guess I could know the SD card is CAPABLE of holding the video after the phone abruptly stops but that'd be a big waste of a perfectly good device, however it might be the only way to test these scenarios, if I am vulnerable to someone just taking my phone and breaking it and I can't save the last few seconds I'm in trouble, those situations are disproportionately likely to need recording e.g. litterally showing what happened when my phone broke or how I fell, seeing on video myself collapsing for instance could be quite valuable.
3) Sew into my clothes a subtle way of keeping my phone.
4) Find a phone that'd not only fit but has good enough hardware to do this if I eventually decide this is worth upgrading for.
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2023.04.01 22:31 doublevr Any Investors around? SexLikeReal is looking for $20M

Got some really amazing investment opportunity to grow business. Something really easy to comprehend, almost instant delivery, no development involved. You will love once you hear it.
Fast ROI. Private business. Profitable from day 1, not a single investment $ received.
You will be impressed how well the books are kept and the company is managed. Best in class in everything we do.
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We are:
Ultimately working on multiuser interactive experience where people can hang out as avatars connected via all kinds of haptics.
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2023.04.01 22:31 rillahightower “How can I tell him about us without speaking about it with you all first? And I am sorry if this makes you feel awkward, aunty. I wanted to surprise you all with it,” added Neetu, stroking her dad.

“How can I tell him about us without speaking about it with you all first? And I am sorry if this makes you feel awkward, aunty. I wanted to surprise you all with it,” added Neetu, stroking her dad.
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2023.04.01 22:31 junior_sysadmin [General] My spawn bag colonization seems to have stalled.

I don't recall exactly when I inoculated this bag but it's probably been at least three weeks, and I haven't seen any movement on the growth of the mycelium past where it is now. I suspect it may have to do with lack of air, but I'm not sure how to allow more air into it without puncturing the bag, which I'm hesitant to do. Anyone know what to do here?
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2023.04.01 22:31 SunriseButterfly Can't tell apart OCD and actual values

Think I'm mostly looking for advice here on how to handle this issue. Values and morality has always been very important to me, but lately I'm struggling with my OCD clouding what I actually value and being unable to determine what that even is. It's getting in the way of making everyday decisions because I don't know what I truly find best?
It's best explained with an example. It will be a little silly, but it's a recent event that's not heavy in any way and pretty straightforward. I'm not looking for reassurance on this event, it's just to give a good image of what happens in my brain.
Example: I had salmon packaged in plastic that had gone bad. Where I live, usually you separate plastic trash for recycling. I find this very important for environmental reasons, so I considered to separate the plastic and salmon. However, it'd mean throwing the salmon away without packaging in the normal thrash bin in my home, which would no doubt start to smell horribly. So logically, it'd be best to keep it wrapped. Yet I became indecisive. Felt morally wrong to not get the plastic recycled just for my own convenience, that it was selfish of me and that if everyone did that, we'd never make progress towards a better environment. Yet logically, I tried to argue that it's okay to make the convenient choice sometimes and the entire world doesn't rest on my shoulders. This became a spiral. Realized it was probably OCD talking and separating the two could be a compulsion, so chose to do what scared me most, which was throwing it away packaged. But... then I felt I had acted against my values. What if I felt opposed to doing it not because of OCD but because of actual values? Or because of both? Because I do think we should do all we can to help the environment and change starts with yourself.
How to best handle these situations and not get stuck on decisions? And how to determine what is an actual value and what is OCD? Because as great as exposure is, I don't think it's meant that you should go do the things you find morally bad either. Yet if it's just a compulsion, I'm reinforcing the OCD by following it. Anyone got any insights?
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2023.04.01 22:30 doublevr Any Investors around? SexLikeReal is looking for $20M investment

Got some really amazing investment opportunity to grow business. Something really easy to comprehend, almost instant delivery, no development involved. You will love once you hear it.
Fast ROI. Private business. Profitable from day 1, not a single investment $ received.
You will be impressed how well the books are kept and the company is managed. Best in class in everything we do.
Mail [email protected]
We are:
Ultimately working on multiuser interactive experience where people can hang out as avatars connected via all kinds of haptics.
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2023.04.01 22:30 ThrowRA1234575291 Boyfriend has hickey on neck (25M and 24M)

So I moved out of state and my boyfriend has been planning to move with me in a few months when his lease is up. Last week though he sent me a pic and I noticed a hickey on his neck. It’s bruised and in the shape of a mouth. He proceeds to send me another picture where it’s less noticeable but still has the outline of a bruise or love mark. He claims it was the lighting and that he could have got bit or bruised up from work. However the differing pictures just makes it seem like he’s using makeup. He adamantly denies it. Early on in our relationship he did lie to me about deleting his tinder account after I deleted mine and even confessed that he did chat with someone but it didn’t go anywhere. I brought that up in the context of the hickey and of course he was livid claiming I was hurting his progress of learning to be more truthful. He still denies and will tell me how much he loves me forever and that he can’t live without me and send me videos of him crying. Which worries me and not only that is typical liar schtick to have emotional response to prevent me from reacting or pressing harder for more truth. He also has a background doing theater so he knows how to act. I still know it’s a hickey and the he’s seeing someone not just because of the mark but the pattern of lying on the subject and just the general gut feeling. He still professes his love to me constantly tho and will cry on the spot if I bring it up. I don’t know what to do. I told him if he did cheat he should tell me so that we can move on and I assured him I would react or dump him and that I’d have a serious conversation and that we could try to move past it. He still denied it. I’m at a loss for words. I just want him to admit it but I’m also tired of asking. I mean for clarification I saw the mark in a similar spot twice in the span of three weeks since I moved out of state. I love this man but I’m drained and so tired of being treated with emotional abuse and likely lies. Any advice?
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2023.04.01 22:30 AutoModerator [Get] Allie Bjerk – Tiny Offer Lab

[Get] Allie Bjerk – Tiny Offer Lab
Download the course here:
[Get] Allie Bjerk – Tiny Offer Lab

What You Get:


The Tiny Offer Idea Generation Process

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Nail Product Creation

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2023.04.01 22:30 AutoModerator [Get] Matthew Neer – Broadcast Mentor Download Course

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2023.04.01 22:30 GasLitSpectre I am looking to try a cheap key well keyboard

I am looking to try a cheap key well keyboard
Do these exist, and if so are there any recommendations?
I am completely okay with a cheap 50$ membrane based keyboard, I just want to test it, and see how I like it, I currently can buy a very low profile and cheap wireless keyboard for 20$ I was hoping I could find a cheap "well" keyboard to start with and then decide if I want to commit the big bucks.
My reasoning is I actually use 2 keyboards already, and tilt my keyboard at such an angle that my thumb can use these keys: [Right alt]/[Right ctrl]/[/]/[*]/[**]/[Right Shift]/[Left Arrow]
The [*] [**] keys are removed allowing me to press [/] and [shift] more easily with my thumb, and to be honest I don't see any thumb cluster keyboard that comes close to my set up, if the 2 keys I removed where low profile I would have 7 total keys , but 5 is plenty.
Red/orang is my thumb buttons, anything without a color, just simply does not get used. I use my right hand for my mouse, and my left pinky rest on [J], my left index on [I].... left pointer on [P].
Quick demo of my keyboard layout
Ignore the "highlights" on the edges, I have a legend I stole this from that I use when learning new games, as I remap all the key binds to this layout.
That being said, I still have a tendency to type with only 2 of 3 fingers, despite how active my fingers are while gaming, so I wanted to try a "well" keyboard because I can't really commit to a "split keyboard" with thumb-clusters due to the potential of just remapping the keys to fit what I am use to which comes with thumb clusters that I know I can use very easily. (If it is not clear from the layout, I have elegantly big hands)
TLDR: Because of my hand size, and already finding thumb cluster arrangements that work for me, I would like to try cheaper "keyboard well" layouts in hopes of finding something comfortable enough to be worth swapping to. I would like to make that decision without spending hundreds of dollars trying different keyboard wells, not to mention waiting on certain keyboards to have stock.
Thanks in advance for any "cheaper" keyboard-well keyboard recommendations.
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2023.04.01 22:30 AutoModerator [Get] Justin Welsh – The Operating System-Grow & Monetize

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2023.04.01 22:30 AutoModerator [Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course

[Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course
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I could go on, but by now you should know whether or not learning to write better, faster, and original-er is worth it to you.
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2023.04.01 22:30 sincerelyy02 collection of safety advice pt 2

PART TWO (it wouldn’t let me post all of it together.)
look up self defense if you can’t take classes, at least do a bit of research into how to get out of certain holds. there is a lot of information out there. yes, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to overpower them, but you can have better technique. knowing where the grip is the weakest and how to break out of someone’s grip is worth the time spent.
use whatever is around you if you have anything on you, if there’s anything that can be repurposed as a weapon. people usually get tunnel vision and can’t focus on their surroundings. use anything you have to your advantage.
if you have a weapon train with it. if you get blitzed there’s not really any time to grab your weapon. train so you can get it out as efficiently as possible from as many positions as possible. always be looking for any opening to use it if your attacker has already grabbed you.
learn the laws of your state or country i know the gun/self defense weapon tips won’t work for everyone. some don’t want to go that route, some legally can’t. again, just be prepared with whatever method you choose. if you can use a weapon and you want to, be aware of the laws that go with it.
stop convincing yourself there is no hope and that you’re helpless. i honestly saw one woman compare women to men like ducklings to gorillas. yes, on average men have more muscle mass than women. that does not mean there is no possible way to fight back. but that also doesn’t mean to try and fight muscle vs muscle. take self defense classes. maneuvering out of their reach, using their strength against them, and learning the best areas to inflict damage can be very useful. learn how to deescalate a confrontation, this is honestly more useful than any self defense tip. however, not every situation can be handled like that. strategies for getting out of certain holds are available online. you are psyching yourself out when you convince yourself there is no way you’ll win and that will be the thing that results in you getting hurt. even if it completely fails, you were unable to observe your surroundings, you were unable to keep a safe distance, you were unable to run, and you were unable to fight back, keep your wits about you. it’s very likely they get off to seeing women scared and defenseless. try your best to remain level headed and collected. there is always something you can do to help yourself, even if it’s just not giving the criminal the reaction they want. fight back every step of the way, and always be looking for any slip up they might make.
get over the societal conditioning causing you to people please. you are conditioned to be as docile as possible because it’s better for everyone else. you have to be okay with being perceived as rude if it secures your safety.
please remember your biggest threat is not a stranger. it’s the people who know you. do not let your guard down. i really don’t know how to say this without causing unnecessary paranoia, so just trust your intuition.
be wary of who you give your social media to. this is from someone else’s experience, but i’ve heard a lot of people received harassment from men who create new profiles to message women who had blocked their old ones. the second they know your permanent profile, they can continue to create new accounts to harass you and there’s not much you can do.
if you do give it out, keep the account private. other people can spread that information around to let other people find you. and while some do keep it private, i also wouldn’t broadcast your name and face. people will private their account but have their face as the profile picture and their name in the headline. people can see that even if you don’t accept their request.
do not post photos when you are still at a location, or about the event you’re about to go to. if someone is stalking you, they’re able to find out where you are or where you will be. wait until you get home to post the details.
don’t post your house either. that one shouldn’t need an explanation.
and finally, - domestic violence comes after these warning signs (also from gift of fear.) intuitive feelings you’re at risk. accelerated pace at beginning of relationship. resolves conflict with intimidation bullying and violence. verbally abusive. breaks or strikes things in anger uses alcohol or drugs with adverse effects
i just want to specify again, in no way am i expecting anyone to try and follow every tip. you could do nothing to guarantee your safety and it’s still not your fault. i only went overboard with all these tips because it helps me feel safer and i thought it might help others as well.
it is vital to know how you would react in a situation. catcalling, harassment, someone taking photos of you, someone following you, if someone escalates to physical contact, etc.. you need to know how you’re going to react. it’ll reduce the likelihood of you freezing up. read stories from other people about how they handled certain situations and implement those if they work for you. some people might choose to completely avoid, some might choose to stand their ground, just be prepared with how you want to react. each situation will require a slightly different approach.
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2023.04.01 22:30 Yaamiyop CRA Home based contract at ICON + transitioning into a data management role

Hi guys. Currently working as a CRA at ICON plc (I’m homebased in Europe) and figured out that working as a CRA was eventually not for me (heavy workloads, 8/9 Dos per month is too much, dealing with the sites/sponsor complaints, everything relies on your metrics and so on) anyway, my goal now is transitioning into a DM role - as I have always been confortable with dealing with heavy data. However, as I am homebased - I have to complete a whole year in the company before giving my termination notice without repaying all the homebased materials (furniture and minor hardware) that ICON paid for me. The notice period is fixed at four months. I have started on July of last year. If I give it now, that would mean I will leave the company on August. I would have completed 1 year and a month (July22 to August23) However I was wondering if I had to complete a whole year BEFORE giving the notice period so If I had to give it on July23 ?
To summarize, I am not sure if the contract termination takes part at the date the termination notice is given (so that would mean I have not completed a year of employment and in this case would have to reimburse all the homebased fees that ICON paid for) of if it takes part at the end date of the termination notice.
Any advise would be much appreciated! Thank you 🙏🏼 Besides, I would also be interested in hearing testimonials from former CRAs who have transitioned into roles in data management: in CRO or elsewhere. How's it going ? has the workload decreased? What training did it require? Was the training paid for by a company? is there any pressure? I would like to limit my contacts with sponsors, accounts to be rendered in meetings etc. so actually I am still hesitating as to whether train myself more in the field of programming, which seems calmer and less pressured.
Thanks again 😊
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2023.04.01 22:29 armando8778 Subprime people are though!

I’m at an indie lot. We don’t do BHPH but so many subprime people feel entitled to in house financing. I’m not sure what makes them think we’re going to sell them a 25k truck without a credit check and in house.
Sometimes we jump through so many hoops and educate them on why a higher down helps them. We’ve done miracles to get their rate down to 17% instead of the initial 24% (lots of lender fees) and they still call us insane when the “real dealers” are offering 0% APR.
I’ve seen too many credit reports with (no exaggeration) 40+ inquiries from people who initially refused to get a credit check from us because it would “hurt them”.
My respects go out to the BHPHs near me who ARE financing $20k+ vehicles with no credit checks. You may be setting the bar really low but at least your providing vehicles to the 300s.
How often do you guys deal with customers like this? It feels like 80% of our walk ins can’t get approved for even 20 bucks. We’re relying solely on our online advertising for the quality customers.
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2023.04.01 22:29 Kamilozo234 Question regarding P ranking War.

How do you defeat the respawning tank that is normally behind a stupid rat on lap 2 without losing the combo? I had a really good run and it seemed like im gonna get the P rank, but then i stumbled upon the tank, and without the shotgun he attacked me resulting in me losing the combo. Do those tanks get scared when running at mach 3 or do you need to PARRY the attack?
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2023.04.01 22:29 Bulky-Ad7852 Resources I used that helped me get into Vanderbilt as a FGLI student

Matriculate: Matriculate is a free college-advising program specifically targeted towards high achieving, low-income students. Once you apply, they will match you with a college student attending a elite university who will help you through the entire process.
I got matched with an Emory student and he helped me apply for financial aid, scholarships, fly-in programs, reviewed my essays, and was there for me throughout the entire process. I can confidently say that I would've never gotten into the schools I did without him because he helped me sift through so many horrible essay drafts before I was able to write "the one."
Funny enough, I discovered the program because another Redditor posted about it so I hope this post does the same for other students.
Questbridge College Prep Scholars: I applied as a junior and was able to get in! Through CPS, you're able to apply for full scholarships to summer programs hosted by Yale, UChicago, Emory, etc..
CPS scholars also get invited to a National College Admissions conference, where scholars get to meet 1 on 1 with admission officers from partner schools! I did it when everything was online but I believe they're doing it in person this year!!
College Prep Scholars also get entered into a raffle where you get a chance to have your essay personally reviewed. I didn't end up getting this opportunity but becoming a finalist in of itself is indicative of how competitive your application is. CPS scholars also have a higher chance of becoming Questbridge NCM finalists during their senior year!
You're also able to apply for their Quest for Excellence award. Nominees receive a $1,000 scholarship that they're able to put towards college visits, college supplies, or even a college computer. I ended up using my award to purchase a Macbook.
Pioneer Academics: Speaking of summer programs, I was nominated for and received a full scholarship to Pioneer Academics through CPS! Pioneer Academics is an online summer research program that connects you with a college professor from an elite university. Through this program, you're grouped into a small cohort and attend your professor's lectures as a group. You later go on to write your own research paper that your professor helps you with and they will go over it with you in one on one meetings.
There's also a writing center where you can send your paper to. Within a couple of days, they'll send you your paper back with grammar corrections and overall feedback.
If you're interested in publishing your paper, your professor will help you through that process as well.
However, the most important aspect of the program is the professor evaluation! At the end of the program, your professor will essentially write a LOR that includes their assessment of your paper as well as you as a student. You can submit this evaluation to colleges as an additional LOR. This is one of the components that I believe helped me be admitted to Vanderbilt along with a handful of other selective schools.
I forgot to mention but because the program is accredited, you also receive college credit for whichever course you're assigned to (on your application you indicate which niche you're interested in researching)
All students can apply to this program (even intls) and for students with high need, the program will waive your tuition and cover your costs-- Although this is something that they don't heavily advertise.
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2023.04.01 22:29 queercheer Do I need to see a Doctor or a therapist? Weird mix of symptoms, a few slightly off tests, unsure if I should be trying to see a specialist or if I'm just worrying.

28F In the last few months I've dealt with blood in my stool, wetting myself, bad mood swings, heart rate spiking, visual disturbances, exercise intolerance/fatigue, getting very hot and sweaty, getting very cold, dizziness and etachian tube dysfunction/allergies and other small stuff.
My TSH is raised above 4, which is new, and my urine had raised protein, lucocyte and nitrite. Other tests (lab urine culture, celiac, diabetes, t4, b12) are normal.
Is there anything I should be trying on my own that could help?Are these problems connected, psychogenic or a bit unlucky right now? If I want extra testing or something other than my GP I'd probably have to pay out of pocket so couldn't see multiple people. Should I just wait and see how it progresses? Can my TSH even be causing symptoms at this stage?
My GP doesnt seem concerned, says everything is fine, but is keeping an eye on my tsh (but said currently it isnt a problem, they only treat above 10 ), gave me iron (my ferritin is 24 but thinks it could get low on my period, previously my iron stores didnt recover on supplements but I'm giving it a go) and let me ask for a bladder physio referral. Offered a OAB drug but I'm unsure if I should try it when I dont even know if that's the cause.
Optitional Extra info*
28F Current meds: mirtazapine 15mg, cetirizine once daily, sertraline 50 mg, combined pill, elvanse 30 mg most days, occasional paracetamol. Supplements calcium, iron, and multivitamin. My mirtazapine has been lowered from 30 to 15, this happened about a week after my mood and executive dysfunction was already worsened. Dx anxiety, depression, ADHD, osteopenia/osteoporosis, allergies (don't know what to). History of athena, eczema, tonsilitis and minor stuff.
Most of these symptoms I've been free of or has been better for about 3 years. I was diagnosed with an FND by a psychologist, previously mistakenly treated for a neuro condition. Mentally I was doing better the last 3/4 months, since starting elvanse, but that's around when a lot of these other symptoms started. At the start of the march my mood swings and executive functioning worsened.
Family: I have members of my immediate family with reccurring bladder and kidney infections. I have a couple of extended family members with autoimmune hyperthyroidism. My mother has various neurological conditions with congenital causes.
Symptoms in the last 3 months/since the start of the year:
HR weirdness (recently returned issue, spikes high even though my resting has lowered. Can be quite unpleasant. Past negative ECGs) **see below for details
Diarrhoea/loose BMs with blood (has cleared up now, assumed to be medication side effect?) I've had GI issues years back, sometimes resulting in accidents but was doing fine again until recently. Not had treatment. Raised TSH but subclinical/borderline (new issue as all my previous tsh checks were normal) Depression relapse, also just general emotion dysregulation Allergy symptoms breaking through meds (ETD and hives) Urinary incontinence worsened, had leaking for the last 10 years but had full accidents recently (positive pee stick with but negative lab culture, took abx for 3 days not retested since) Symptoms that were problems years ago, got better and are now back: Fatigue and sleep problems again Temperature hot or cold easily (sweating and flushing or goosebumps. Could feel one extreme and put on a jumper just to go to the other. Was pointed out in hospital years back as it varied from 35.5 to 37.5 ) Visual disturbances again sometimes (seeing trails, glowing, flashes, pulsing at edge of vision, etc), Dizziness even on days without the etd sometimes accompanied by a feeling of the room spinning, Occasional vision blacking out or seeing stars. For years have had issues with headaches, various pains (probably psychogenic but back, hips and feet mostly), hair thinning and white marks on my nails.
**HR- Sometimes it spike a lot while moving, but mostly I exercise without it happening. Happens more in the middle of the day. Years ago had POTS like symptoms and random tachycardia, mostly stopped with lifestyle changes (drinking more, eating more, eating salt, staying cool,etc). Had ECGs back then that were fine. Cardiologist didn't want to do more testing back then. The random tachycardia sometimes doesnt have a trigger I can identify. Yesterday it was ~170 cycling very slow, but got way higher cycling fast (no elvanse), today was 160s walking slow (but elvanse). Elvanse increases my HR by maybe 10-20. A few days back I could run at 140 and cycle at 110 so it's hard to predict. If it gets above 180 or 190 my eyes and head hurt. It can come with seeing stars, getting flushed and sweaty, afterwards I can feel exhausted. I try to check my hr when I'm feeling bad so I can try resting or drinking more. Last summer it occassionally would go up to 120 while lying down relaxing. Some days it's fine. I dont feel anxious usually unless it won't stop, when I am very anxious my hr doesnt go up much if at all.
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