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2023.03.20 21:09 MrRocha_VAwriter [For Hire] Virtual Assistant. Making it easier for you to run your business

Hey there!
I'm a virtual assistant with over a 2 years of experience. Are you feeling overwhelmed with tasks that get in the way of your goals as an entrepreneur? I'm here ready to take care of them while you focus on what matters.
It is my business to make it easier for you to be a business owner. Here are the things where I bring experience to the table.
Lead Generation
Lead Follow Up
Calendar Management
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Sales & Social Media Outreach
Basic Content Writing
Simple SEO research
Basic Copywriting
Basic Email Marketing (e.g., handling email lists on email marketing apps like Klaviyo)
Customer Support
Basic bookkeeping
My rate is $10/hour. Feel free to DM me or reach out to me in the following ways
my email address: [email protected].
Whatsapp: +55 27 98133‐2073
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2023.03.20 21:09 E63s_Buyer_in_NYC Michelin Tire Warranty Claims

I have a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tires which are under warranty for 30k from Michelin. I'm trying to submit a warranty claim. Has anyone had success filing claims like this? How does did it go? Was it successful? And do you have any advice for me?
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2023.03.20 21:08 MrRocha_VAwriter [For Hire] Virtual Assistant. Making it easier for you to run your business

Hey there!
I'm a virtual assistant with over a 2 years of experience. Are you feeling overwhelmed with tasks that get in the way of your goals as an entrepreneur? I'm here ready to take care of them while you focus on what matters.
It is my business to make it easier for you to be a business owner. Here are the things where I bring experience to the table.
Lead Generation
Lead Follow Up
Calendar Management
Email Management
Sales & Social Media Outreach
Basic Content Writing
Simple SEO research
Basic Copywriting
Basic Email Marketing (e.g., handling email lists on email marketing apps like Klaviyo)
Customer Support
Basic bookkeeping
My rate is $10/hour. Feel free to DM me or reach out to me in the following ways
my email address: [email protected].
Whatsapp: +55 27 98133‐2073
Discord: P_55#1068
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2023.03.20 21:08 E63s_Buyer_in_NYC Michelin Tire Warranty Claims

I have a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tires which are under warranty for 30k from Michelin. I'm trying to submit a warranty claim. Has anyone had success filing claims like this? How does did it go? Was it successful? And do you have any advice for me?
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2023.03.20 21:08 driftwood-and-waves Is it a rash? Is it an allergic reaction? Is it stress? Who knows!

Moms I'm so frustrated and upset for my daughter. She's 12, we moved at the end of last year so she started a new school with like 6 weeks to go. This is the first big move she can remember and the first time she's gone to a school where she knows nobody.
Mid last year she started licking her lips and they got all red around them, you know kind of like a clown lip. Got some PawPaw, and she stopped licking her lips and it started getting better It was almost gone and she got a cold and it came back again. And it hasn't left. We've tried PawPaw, Vitiman A, Anti-fungal cream, Doxicyclone (or however you spell it), anti- histimenes and QV lip balm (lip balm with a PawPaw like texture but a different base).
She's very good at just taking/doing all the things and just keeping on going, but she's 12, nearly 13. There's all the emotions and social anxiety that go with being that age and not really having close friends at the moment. And she just came to me sobbing this morning because she just wants it to go away. Everyone has met her with 'weird lips' and she is just done.
And tbh I don't blame her. We were referred to a Dermatologist but they were private and $300 for the initial appointment. Yeah no and insurance won't cover that and all the ongoing costs. We have another doctor's appointment on Friday (thank goodness she's still a child and is free) and I'm going to push for a referral through the public system for a specialist visit and that they take some sort of swab or scraping of around her lips cause I just don't know what else it could be.
It's dry and stiff and not red when she wakes up and then just gets red as she goes about her day. It's also itchy. We do have a cat with long hair that only lets our daughter pet her and she does hug her and smooth her face right up to her which I have mentioned before but the doctor has dismissed it as it didn't start as an allergic reaction, and has continued even as we have moved regions.
I know it's not life threatening or major I just feel upset for her, and was hoping the collective Mom wisdom may have some more ideas I can try/suggest to the doctor as we wait to be seen by a specialist.
(Not in America).
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2023.03.20 21:08 Schoonsy From zero to decent sales in six months: a reflection (and could use some advice for moving forward)

Hi all. I launched my niche YA fantasy series last year, and have made some good progress. I thought it would be useful for me to reflect on the process and also get some feedback about where I might go from here.
Sep 2022 - March 2023 Overview: Three YA fantasy novels in a series + a prequel published on KDP Units Ordered: 760 (ebook, paperback, and hardcover - mostly ebooks) KDP Royalties: Approx. $1400 Direct Ad Spend: Approx $1100
I spent the ~$1100 on advertising between Facebook and Amazon ads. I was losing money at first but I think I'm finally getting close to a profit zone this year. There are other expenses I've racked up like MailChimp and Squarespace and ISBNs.
The ROI is really difficult for me to calculate. For example Amazon ads says I spent $600+ lifetime on ads, but only made $80 of sales. But I know many people seem to have went on to buy book two and three or the prequel in the series. It makes it nearly impossible for me to figure out if those sales are coming from Amazon or Facebook ads, so I'm left wondering how to prioritize my ad spend.
Basically what I did was set up a series website (not much more than a landing page, used Squarespace and it was very simple) with a pop-up that says you can sign up with your e-mail address to get the first book for free. Then I used Facebook ads to direct people to the website, which was driving 100-200 e-mail signups per week when I was at peak spending. I figured it was a cost of about $.40-.50 per e-mail signup, which I think is pretty decent. Then I use a MailChimp automation to walk readers through the series.
I'm using really specific targeting to try to market to folks who have read similar authors/series that the books are inspired by. I also tried some e-mail blasts like Fussy Librarian which seemed to urge a spike in sales.
I guess I'm just not sure where to go from here. The margins seem razor thin, and I sort of feel like a crazy gambler sometimes, like "Oh, I'll just throw a little more money at advertising and maybe I'll make some more sales and see the results I want!"
Any advice for moving past this area of treading water, making decent sales but not really making a profit, to push things in the right direction?
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2023.03.20 21:08 gripother Andrew Tate - Make Money Webinar (High Quality)

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2023.03.20 21:07 SaitoHawkeye Hello...and Question on Non-standard Warranty

First off, I just joined the Type R family by purchasing a 2020 FK8 this weekend - I got to test drive it and immediately fell in love and knew it had to be mine. I negotiated what I think was a pretty good deal with the dealership because I was shopping around for a new Civic SI after deciding to retire my 2010 GTI, and this dealer was offering a moderately used Type R for the same price others were asking for a new SI.
However, it's a weird situation I've found myself in after purchasing...
The car in question is decently low-mileage and in basically pristine shape, 1 owner w/clean Carfax and inspection. It would have been Honda Certified - except the previous owner made some modifications to the vehicle, which is how I bought it. Mostly they're cosmetic (Carbon wing, lip, etc.) but there are a few that will affect the drivetrain, including an Eventuri carbon intake, cold air pipe, and an HKS blowoff valve.
I ended up deciding to take some of the warranty because the car is no longer under Honda warranty, performance cars have high part costs, and the dealer agreed to do all regular service with zero deductible for six years.
The sticking point is that the maintenance and service contract states that aftermarket parts are not covered; I was told verbally that as long as I went back to this dealer that would not be an issue and they would cover everything as they sold it to me. I got the dealer's owner to agree to it, but my wife is nervous so I drew up a quick agreement/contract and brought it to the dealership asking us both to sign it.
The owner really didn't like that and told me that if I don't trust his word he'll go ahead and cancel the contract. I just don't want it to be an issue in the future (for example if a mechanic says he can't service the engine under the extended warranty because of the existing parts), the owner leaves, something. Am I being obstinate by insisting on a written contract? Am I being scammed? Is it possible the owner is literally just offended and not trying to pull a fast one?
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2023.03.20 21:07 E63s_Buyer_in_NYC Michelin Tire Warranty Claims

I have a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tires which are under warranty for 30k from Michelin. I'm trying to submit a warranty claim. Has anyone had success filing claims like this? How does did it go? Was it successful? And do you have any advice for me?
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2023.03.20 21:07 shakozzz Wednesday: Free Stand-up Open Mic Show

Hi everyone, join us this Wednesday for Purple Comedy's free, weekly stand-up open mic event.
When: Doors open at 7 pm and show starts at 7:30
Where: The Cave (Nikolaistraße 9a) near Münchener Freiheit
Grab your free tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/purple-comedy-english-open-mic-night-tickets-570892754597
Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/fde5eHkoV
Stay up-to-date with the latest: https://www.instagram.com/purplecomedyshow
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2023.03.20 21:07 SalernoXbox Tarpon / Snook Fishing at night VS during the day?

My cousins and I are coming to Florida to experience the fisherman's dream. Where we're from all we have are our lakes for tournament fishing for bass, pike, and walleye. We have no idea what to expect but we just want to have an unforgettable experience.
We were looking at inshore vs offshore fishing and I was told from a few charter captains that inshore is more fun as you get more action with casting and retrieving. Considering we only booked a 4 hr trip, we decided on the Tarpon/Snook charter over the offshore charter - If anyone feels the offshore will be a better time please do share it with me, as we are newbies when it comes to ocean fishing.
My most important question is; should we do our charter first thing in the morning? Or at night? The captain told me that night fishing produces more action, while another captain told me bright and early in the mroning is the way to go. My uncle who has been deep sea fishing told me he would reccomend during the day to get the full experience, what do you guys think?
We're kind of going into this one blind, everywhere I research it all seems to look amazing, Florida fishing just looks so surreal. We will also be fishing the canals near the house, but we are so excited for this charter, and we want to have the very best experience possible. Unfortunately I don't think we can afford to do both inshore and offshore during this trip, so we want to pick whatever is best and come back in the near future to try the other

Thank you very much in advance for any advice or help :)
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2023.03.20 21:07 ProPatria92 [220306] Santander Performing Arts Center concert in Reading, PA. Thoughts/review on concert, Meet & Greet, venue switch, etc.

I did a detailed writeup on my very first concert experience last year which was seeing Dreamcatcher's Apocalypse: Save Us concert in Reading and I got a positive response so I wanted to do it again for this concert. Hopefully this will help future Insomnia going to their first Dreamcatcher concert that are anxious about what to expect. Writing all this down is also a nice way for me to look back on the experience in the future. This is gonna' be another long read, don't think I can just TL;DR it so feel free to skip around to specific sections if you like. If you want to check out my previous concert writeup you can find it here:
I don't think there is too much to say here, Ticketmaster is already garbage about scalping bots and they continue to show their incompetence with this fuck up. It caused myself a good amount of anxiety like everyone else. I decided to wait till the day of the concert to see if they'd send the extra email with my printable ticket. Well that never happened, so I was debating calling Ticketmaster or just risk trying to pick them up at Will Call. That's when I saw people suggesting to make a separate new Ticketmaster account to transfer my tickets to. Lo and behold, it worked! Seriously, shout out to those suggesting that and whoever figured it out, real life saver! The only silver lining was that my seating got bumped all the way up front (third row specifically) smack dab in the center. So I can't complain too much but it sucks to everyone that got bumped out to much worse seating.
Concert Prep
Since attending the last Dreamcatcher concert in July, which was my very first ever concert experience, I've since seen Kard in Atlanta and Pixy, AleXa, and Rolling Quartz at Otakon in D.C. Not a veteran by any means but I've got a bit more experience going now. I work night shifts during the week so my sleep schedule is usually trash trying to readjust to days over the weekend. I woke up on the day of the concert at 3am and began doing some prep work. Charging my lightstick and battery brick (for charging phones), getting my ticket sorted, checking where I want to park once I get there, etc. I bought some equipment to attach my phone to mongmonie so I can record parts of the concert while keeping another hand free if needed. My original plan was to use all my lightstick extensions and use it as a sort of monopod setup for recording the whole concert. A few things made me change my mind, the first was that I couldn't find a clear answer on if extensions would be allowed at the concert, then there was the fact that my seat got changed and I felt like I'd be blocking people's view with it (plus I'd have to break it down every time we had to sit). It would've been a more ideal setup in a PIT area in the corner where I wouldn't be blocking people. I had planned on using a completely separate phone to record the whole concert so I cleared up a bunch of memory on it, but in the process managed to brick my phone 😒. So I had to resort to using my primary phone. Anyway, I felt like I somehow spent 10hrs. doing concert prep, not sure how lol. It was time to finally head out. It's only an hour and a half drive for me, think I left the house around 2:30ish in the afternoon.
Arrival in Reading
I arrived in Reading around 4pm. Reading Parking Authority recently switched to gateless parking which I've never used before. I downloaded the ParkMobile app before I left. When I got there it only let me pay for a 30min. increment on the app, so I used that time to get a bite to eat since I hadn't eaten anything all morning. Once I got back to the parking garage I noticed the little kiosk where you can pay for the full day, so that's what I did. After that I walked down the street to the venue so I could grab my VVIP bracelet which only took less than 5 minutes since there wasn't a huge line for it at the time. I wanted to chill in the short line forming outside the venue and chat up some Insomnia but decided I should probably go back to my car and get some rest since I had been up since 3am (shoutout to the Insomnia with the same Seven Spirits hoodie that I had who said hi to me on the way back though). After getting a bit of rest I went to go line up at the venue, the weather was a really nice mild day (55℉/13℃) with thankfully no rain like last time! There were so many nice Insomnia handing out banners and freebies in line. One was handing photocards/polaroids and asked me my bias, said I couldn't choose so just give me a random one, when I opened it up it was a choccy milk Gahyeon polaroid! Even if it wasn't official I got so hyped seeing that, haha. Someone else was handing out some cute DC anime stickers, this time I specifically chose Dami since there were only two of those left (person behind me snatched the last one). I signed the Dreamcatcher Reason flag while in line, it's super unfortunate they couldn't end up giving it to the girls! The line started moving around 6pm and moved pretty quickly, I was in the doors past security by 6:15pm.
Santander Performing Arts Center Venue review
I grabbed a Blue Moon and waited in the merch line. This venue was pretty small so they only had one spot to setup the merch table. The line was super long and wrapped around the entire venue starting on the first floor and leading up to the merch table on the second floor. The line moved at a decent pace considering how much it zig-zag'd around the place, shout out to the staff that were straight up sprinting around the line making sure to keep it orderly and moving it around so people didn't have problems accessing the rest of the venue. I got my merch by 7pmish so I waited in line for maybe 40min. There isn't too much to say about the venue itself, you can pretty much see the whole lobby in that pic I posted while waiting in line. There were easy to find bathrooms on a level lower than the ground floor, there were big signs to point you in the direction of each seating section and staff were great about helping people find there correct seats. For some reason the staff here felt even more proactive with helping everyone than the Santander Arena (though everyone there was also very friendly and helpful). I got seated at 7:05pm and the first thing I noticed was how cramped the seating was. Sitting down my shoulders were touching the shoulders of the people sitting to both sides of me, I feel like plane seating didn't feel as cramped. Once I got seated, the Insomnia next to me noticed my camera setup to record the concert and we had a nice conversation about photography and the gear we each use. Also talked about the messed up ticket situation with the venue change. One of my goals was to talk to more Insomnia this time around so thank you to the dude that chatted me up as I'm terrible at starting conversations myself but once I'm in it I could talk forever, haha.
The Concert
Once again, I noticed everyone's fits being on point at the concert. So many people with cool outfits, custom clothes, some people were wearing outfits that matched certain Dreamcatcher stage outfits, etc. Shout out to the bunny costume guy hyping everyone up before the concert! One thing I might've messed up on was footwear, whenever standing and jumping I could feel my feet killing me. I'm used to standing all day at work in these shoes, so I think it was the jumping up and down that really did it for me, not as comfortable as the UltraBoosts I wore last concert. Anyway, it was easy enough to ignore since the concert was so awesome! I was practically front row, which I never thought I'd get a chance to do. I'm really short for a guy, so I always worried about not getting a good enough spot in the PIT to see over people. Most people in front of me were taller than me but it wasn't a huge issue for the most part. The members entered and the hype begun, seriously never thought I'd get to be this close to them! One of my slight complaints from the last concert was that I am a bit nearsighted and it was hard to make out the members faces from where I was seated (although I know them well enough to pick them out on their gait alone). Now it was like seeing them in glorious 8k, and they all looked gorgeous! The setlist was so good, finally #justiceforWHAT! Plus getting to see the 'YOU AND I' choreo complete with props and Dami's awesome staff spinning! Everyone sounded so good and I was surprised that the acoustics sounded really good in such a small place not really designed for the type of music being played. Even during the songs with choreo you could here each member through the backing track at least a few times here and there. Like last time, the members I noticed really punching through the backing track the most were Siyeon and Dami. You can tell Dami goes all in on her raps at these concerts, to the point of bending over like 70° in order to really belt them out with as much power as possible. Also, OH MY GOD 'Reason' went as hard as I hoped it would live. They are pushing their vocals so hard during that song and the "woah" chanting parts get everyone so hyped. It was a fantastic idea to have the encore be all three fan songs. Celebrating Dami's birthday was so fun! Sua announcing herself as Dami's B-day present and her just ignoring it was hilarious, also Sua giving Dami the rights to being the Queen™ of Dreamcatcher while celebrating her birthday had me dying. I don't remember what song it happened during but at one point I'm pretty sure Yoohyeon's timing was off in one of the choreos and she completely bumped into another member (think it might have been Gahyeon but I don't recall) it was really cute as she quickly brushed it off with a smile. I thought I had recorded this part but can't find it so now I'm gonna' have to check other fancams to make sure I'm not going crazy, lol. During the last goodbye talks, Gahyeon cried saying she wasn't feeling well and hoped that it didn't show in her performing (it didn't, she did great!) and other members were tearing up too. It honestly feels so heartwarming as a fan getting to see Dreamcatcher's sincerity in their faces and words up close and personal, I'm surprised I didn't cry myself. Jiu especially goes the extra mile with her genuine facial expressions that show gratitude on the deepest levels. Another thing I loved about Jiu was her crowd control abilities, especially when it came to getting everybody to wave their lightsticks in synchronicity. Speaking of the crowd, I was pretty disappointed by the shrieking banshees that yelled over the members when they were talking. It's honestly super rude and makes the fandom look bad, it sucks that there isn't much you can do about it but to try and tell people near you to be quiet. You could see Dami was visibly annoyed by it and continued to make a shushing gesture at the crowd while pointing at the member currently talking. It doesn't help that the members also enabled the behavior by responding to a few people yelling things to them so that lead to others trying to grab their attention, it seriously got out of hand. Other than that slightly souring the experience, I still had a wonderful time. I will end this section by mentioning the only member I have yet to talk about here and I will will simply leave it with this; Handong's orange hair omfg?! 👨🏼‍🍳💋
Meet & Greet, Hi-Touch + Group Photo
After the concert ended, everyone started to line up for the VIP and VVIP M&G event. They lined up the VIP first since they were just doing the hi-touch. The VVIP participants were all seated and wherever you sat was basically the order they were going to have you go in with each row of seats being a section for the group photos, this way anyone in groups that wanted to stick together for it could figure out their order beforehand. Staff was great at giving everyone instructions and getting everything in order as fast as possible. I was so exhausted after the concert with running on little sleep that I just about snoozed off while sitting and waiting my turn. A weird thing I noticed was that I was seated towards the back of the venue and the seating seemed to be spaced out a bit better than where I sat for the concert. Anyway, it was my sections turn for the hi-touch. I kind of knew it was going to go by too fast to even get out anything meaningful so I tried to to be anxious about what I was going to say. The line moved so fast that when I got to the members I barely got to say "hi [member's name]!" in fact I remember getting to Sua and I think Siyeon was right before her and I called her Shua by accident cuz' I was trying to nail saying She-yeon previously, I felt so stupid but it is what it is, I'm laughing at it now looking back on it 😂. I also remember Jiu was first in line and I realized I gave her a pretty hard high five and ended up toning it down with each member till I got to Dami last and barely touched her hand. It was over as fast as it started, it went exactly how I thought it would but still left me a little disappointed. That was made up for with the group photo. As I waited back in line for the group photo, and was slowly approaching the line seemed to stop for a bit longer than it was before. It seemed that there was a group way ahead that didn't want to be separated for the group photo so they were looking for a single person to fill in the last spot. I stepped up and volunteered so we could get the line moving again. The staff were appreciative since they were on a time crunch, the people in line were happy to not get separated, and I got to skip like 30 people so win-win for everyone. That wasn't the best part though. Since the members were also waiting for a minute or two they all had their direction focused on the last person waiting to come up the stairs and that was me! Jiu gave me a very warm and cheery "hi!" as she was closest and was who I was going to sit in front of, needless to say my heart melted and I gave her an equally ecstatic "hello!" right back. I was going to ask her to do like a heart or something with me but since they were waiting I didn't want to hold them up any longer and decided to just quickly get seated so they could take the photos. Photo only took a sec and they we got up to let the next group in. I was the last person in line so I kinda' got selfish and took my time saying a few things to the members as we left. I got to look each one in the eyes and tell them what a great performance they put on, how cool they are, etc. Also told Gahyeon to feel better, and Dami was last so I got to personally wish her a happy birthday as well! Honestly made the VVIP package super worth it. I grabbed my VVIP merch on the way out and left the venue feeling great. The temperature had dropped quite a bit but it honestly felt really nice having the cool air hit my face after being packed like sardines for over 2hrs. I don't remember what time everything ended exactly but I headed back to my car by around 10:30pm. The drive back was a bit stressful as I was exhausted and we had a freak blizzard come out of nowhere. I didn't see anything about snow on the weather forecast for the day so I was surprised, but it was manageable for me since I live in the area and drive an AWD Forester with winter tires.
Final Thoughts
I got so busy with work, then my router shit the bed, then the great Reddit outage happened, then was busy at work again. I've been meaning to post this much sooner, it's crazy that it's already been two weeks since the concert. I surprisingly didn't get the usual post-concert depression this time, I think it was because this concert felt waaaay shorter to me for some reason. I kind of equate it to the feeling you get after watching a movie for the second time, you know what to expect and what scenes are coming next so the movie feels much shorter on the second watch-through. Everything straight up just felt like a 5min. dream to me it went by so fast. So it's a little sad in that sense but I still felt a feeling of fulfillment overall. Also, I thankfully didn't catch COVID this time so pretty happy about that .I should mention that masks were encouraged but not required, even for hi-touch/group photos. I wore mine all concert and for the hi-touch, but took it off for the group photo so I could see my face in the pic. I talked about my seating position off to the side giving me this weird feeling of disconnect from the performances last time, and this time felt much better as I was front and center and got to make lots of eye contact with the members the whole concert. I have no real regrets this time around, but my goals for my next concert are to talk to even more people and I kind of want to do something to give back to the community like the kind Insomnia that hand out cool freebies at the concerts. Not sure what I'm going to come up with yet but can't wait to get the creative juices flowing. Also, since I talked about photography with the Insomnia sitting next to me, it got me thinking about getting a press pass to shoot a Dreamcatcher concert in the future. I don't know how difficult that would be as an amateur with no real professional portfolio to speak of but it would be amazing if possible! I have to head off to work now, I'll probably fix some formatting to make this more readable and add other tidbits I forgot to add once I get off work.
Thank you to Dreamcatcher, DCC staff, Santander Staff, and all the wonderful Insomnia for another great and memorable experience!!
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2023.03.20 21:07 E63s_Buyer_in_NYC Michelin Tire Warranty Claims

I have a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tires which are under warranty for 30k from Michelin. I'm trying to submit a warranty claim. Has anyone had success filing claims like this? How does did it go? Was it successful? And do you have any advice for me?
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2023.03.20 21:06 pugglesmagoojr An entry-level cold caller who realized he hates his life

Hey y’all,
I have been in the workforce for a little over 2 years now, and I am realizing that my “soft skills” (I.e. communication, listening, friendliness etc) are pretty much the only things I bring to the table as far as a successful salesman go. I hate selling. More specifically, I hate selling in conjunction with my companies guidelines, which requires me to spam my leads with an insane number of calls over a short period in order to “strike while the irons hot”. Look, I wouldn’t want to talk to me either. “Leads” is a very subjective term in my world as well, as I’m sure some of you who have downloaded tools from websites would attest to. I’m very middle of the pack as far as outputs go, and I’m sure my numbers would be better if I sucked it up and put my morality to the side.
Anyways, I am sick of feeling underutilized within my corporation and like a nuisance to prospective customers. I have finally realized that those “soft skills” I mentioned doesn’t destine me to a career in sales, and for sure not in the current capacity in which I’m selling.
My first question is personal: I have become interested in exploring a career in Event Services (where I can be relationship based and not sit behind a desk all day) and was wondering what tips/tricks I can use to find relevant opportunities.
Secondly, has anyone else in this sub come to the same conclusion about entry level sales (more specifically SaaS sales)? Where did you pivot to and what advice could you give me?
Thanks in advance to anyone who reaches out with guidance. I hate feeling the way I feel day in and day out and know deep down that I can find something where I feel like I matter and can make a positive impact in other peoples lives
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2023.03.20 21:05 Origami3arthquake The American Dream

After 15 years of struggling to make ends meet, I landed my dream job.
I'm not a ballerina or an astronaut or an international super spy. I'm just your run of the mill corporate drone who can now afford both rent and bread.
I've also never taken a real vacation because I could never afford to. In fact, in the past three years, I've never even taken a full day off. So, naturally, when a friend offered me the chance to join them on a two week adventure in another country, I was ecstatic. I'm finally in a position where I can afford a real vacation.
This past week, I was completely under the weather. It had been a slow week, so I decided to take a full day off Friday to recoup. I return to work on Monday to discover that, despite my approved vacation time and, despite my out of office message, I was in hot water for not answering an important email.
You see, there's no one to cover me when I'm away.
I have to be accessible at all times.
I have to be able to work at all times.
That's how I'm able to afford the nice vacation...by never being able to take one.
We used to use the phrase "sell your soul" to describe things like fame and fortune.
How things have changed.
Welcome to the new American Dream.
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2023.03.20 21:05 ThrowRA678678678 I (34M) am defeated. Defeated by my social anxiety, sensitivity, and jokes of “Rain Man” by my friend group (34M, 35M)

I have quietly struggled with my mental health most of my life. This includes severe depression with suicidal ideation (would never act on it) and anxiety with both generalized anxiety and social anxiety. I’ve had success with SSRIs but basically never told my friends/family. I come from a long line of mental illness.
A group of my best friends from a graduate school know me very well and always been caring and kind friends. They’ve helped me through some very difficult personal events (which are unrelated to this post), going above and beyond. I know they love me.
Something that has bothered me for years, however, is occasional jokes calling me Rain Man. I’m known by my friends to be very goofy, and with some questionable personal choices (usually in the context of partying, women, etc). Rain Man comments always come after someone brings up my high intelligence in spite of this, which has led to success in a career that rewards it.
I am also admittedly (and, undoubtedly perceived by my friends) socially awkward at times. I personally attribute this to my social anxiety which comes and goes. There was a time when I felt quite socially confident, but those days are long since passed. Perhaps in spite of my social anxiety, people often say I am charismatic, funny, and on a good day, the life of the party. I’ve been blessed with an abundance of friends my whole life. Unfortunately the occasional jokes (and underlying perception) of me being Rain Man have pushed me further down a path of self-doubt, avoidance and greater anxiety. I second-guess almost every conversation I have (particularly among this friend group), and I’ve stunted my ability to be my best self. Alcohol has helped as a crutch but I have found when I am hungover my social anxiety is so acute it’s worsened this perception among my friends. I’m sure some of my cringiest moments have happened while hungover.
I just don’t know what to do. I don’t believe it would be beneficial to bring this up with every single person (this joke spread around once it started), and I would so much rather just find a way to get thicker skin. I don’t even know if their comments matter - I might be crippled with social anxiety regardless. I’ve considered counseling or restarting SSRIs. If I do have mild Asperger’s (and that’s certainly a possibility) I also wish I could accept it. I personally believe I have good emotional skills and differ from people I know with mild autism, and that’s the feedback I get outside this friend group. It has felt hypocritical that some friends will act socially inappropriate yet don’t have this same label - which feels permanent.
Thanks in advance for any advice. Just looking for an outside perspective. It’s gotten to the point I’d rather socially withdraw from everyone - and I’m sure depression is likely also a factor.
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2023.03.20 21:05 Susan11II HMRC keep on sending letters saying that my friend still owes them tax but she settled everything with them a long time ago.

My friend was self-employed for a year and then she lost her job with a company she was providing services to. She told the HMRC that she is no longer employed and is on unemployment benefits and that she won't be able to do any self-assessment forms anymore as she didn't have any income. She also settled all her taxes at the time with HMRC and they even said it was all paid and that there is nothing anymore she will have to do. But HMRC keeps on sending her penalty letters of £60K nearly every year even though she told them hundred times that her account has been settled a long time ago and that she doesn't know where they are getting ridiculous amount calculations from as she never had that sort of income in her life. This is now becoming harassment. Can someone give me any advice on this?
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2023.03.20 21:05 EliRoth112 Every sleep position is uncomfortable, 18months running out of options

Hello sleep this is Eli,
I get about 2 hours of sleep a night, for 18months now. I've been looking under every rock for a solution but have only gotten worse. I feel 100% fine during the day, I can do almost every stretch and exercise with no trouble or pain. But after about 30minutes of laying down, the discomfort begins.
The problem is different depending on how I try to sleep. For instance, if I sleep on my side, my arm starts to go numb and the veins in my forehead pop out until I turn just my head toward the ceiling. If I try to sleep that way, my shoulder compresses and the back deltoid area starts to ache (this all happens on both sides).
If I try to sleep on my back, my traps get sore and it feels like the right side of my back is propped up more than the left. Also, saliva builds up in the back of my throat forcing me to swallow or eventually choke.
Stomach sleeping I avoided but eventually got desperate. This doesn't work either, as it's very hard to breathe, even with no pillow.
Current sleep habits: -always go to bed at 10pm, "wake up" 6:30am -I dont drink alcohol, caffeine, drugs, smoking (I am on adderall but quitting for a week made no difference) -I dont eat/drink or exercise after 7pm, I dont nap ever -I made my room completely free of noise and light
Things I've tried: -4 different chiropractors -3 different physical therapists -5 different pillows (2 inch think firm for back sleeping, 4 inch medium for side aka the distance from my head to the end of my shoulder) -pillow under knees or body pillow between knees and under arm -3 different mattresses soft/medium and firm -cortisone injection in shoulders -multiple prescription sleeping pills -asking chatgpt every question I could think of -xray and mri of shoulders, neck & spine (found nothing but mild 8% scoliosis in lumbar and cervical) -every youtube stretch and exercise I could find, some for months -recording myself to make my spine as straight as possible -corrected desk posture= aka feet flat on ground, 90degree elbows, eyes straight ahead, lumbar cushion (I used to sit at desk for 8 hours a day, for a decade)
My latest theory is some sort of muscle imbalance but every physical therapist looks at me like a deer in the headlights when I mention it and have found very little info on how to fix this myself. Also, my self diagnosis has been highly unreliable so far, so take that with a grain of salt. When the aches wake me up, I still can't tell if it's originating from the muscle or bone.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.20 21:05 alleg_inc Selling overwatch 2 accoun pink mercy 170 legendary skins

Howzit guys have a huge account for sale have: pink mercy 11 golden weapons 169 legendary skins 2100 legacy currency 3000 comp points Tons of highlight intros and emotes And gold 1 in open que
you're welcome to DM me on discord allegro#5054 And we can have a chat and I can show you the whole account PayPal only
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2023.03.20 21:04 _rawstrawb Small Town Haircuts: salon? vs barber??

calling all fellow small town dudes and fellow nosy opiniated individuals! i could use some input
like every first haircut post long-term breakup? it has probably too many expectations riding on it. but wanna give it my best shot
so, im non-binary transmasc and been on t for over 5 years now. instead of being read as the person of indeterminate gender very quickly nearing 30 that i am? i find im most often read as either a particularly gay and fashion concious teenage boy? or, slightly less often, a teenage transgirl. especially since the recent move from large progressive city to small town.
both reads are fine by me, "youth" has its advantages, and people generally pick up on my age after the 2nd or 3rd interaction lol. mostly added for the context.
now, my hair has grown out past my shoulders? for the first time in over a decade! and since i finally figured out how to care for my waves/curls?? ive realized i actually really like the look of the longer hair. ended up settling on a wolf cut. for the unaware, a wolf cut is just the new variation on a mullet. more layers. its easy upkeep, just trendy/classic enough, and unisex. perfect.
SO, my question is? would you recommend getting this type of cut done at a salon? or barber??
i know salons are usually better with longer cuts and layering? but i haven't been to one since 2011, after being burned by one too many "john & kate plus 8" type pixie cuts in a row, lol
the barber in town is like.. a shockingly hip place for somewhere so small? sandalwood beard cream, straight razors and craft beer kind of place. while my options for salon are a bit more strip mall looking? with not quuuite enough reviews or knowing anyone ~queer~ in area yet to ask, to want to take the risk without some consideration. i could maaaybe be persauded to go to a salon in the nearest mid-sized town? but would, in general, prefer to have my new regular place be local.
whadda think? what would you do in my shoes?
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2023.03.20 21:04 tomgo4bt GammaX Exchange — Upcoming Testnet Airdrop

GammaX Exchange — Upcoming Testnet Airdrop

What is GammaX Exchange?

GammaX Exchange is a decentralized orderbook-based derivatives exchange. We combine the speed, performance, and liquidity advantages of a centralized exchange with the governance, self-custody, and security of the blockchain.

GammaX solves the security and custody issues centralized exchanges face through audited smart contracts on StarkWare, while providing a fast and streamlined user-experience through our optimized off-chain order book, matching engine and intuitive UI.

GammaX also designs our tokenomics and rewards mechanisms from the ground up, creating a trading reward system that incentivizes real trading and retention while discouraging wash trading and pumping/dumping the value of our token.

GammaX is backed by StarkWare which is a Layer-2, STARK-based scaling solution. GammaX has also announced that they will first launch on StarkWare mainnet.

StarkWare have not even launched their testnet yet which means that we are still early to this and potentially could kill two birds with one stone

Earn rewards on Gammax and simultaneously qualify for a potential airdrop on StarkWare.

They collected a total of $4 million in a seed round from investsments by KyberDao, Genesis etc.

A week ago, GammaX announced their Learn-to-Earn program.

This program allows you to earn pre-token Gamma points while learning about how to become a better trader.

You can earn points by watching short (under 90 sec) videos and completing quizzes.

Since GammaX has not even launched their testnet yet, you are still early to this project and thus stand a good chance to earn some nice rewards.

How to get started?

1 . Go to the GammaX Exchange website : https://gammax.exchange/beta-teste?referral=AA3A9B
2 . Enter your details and MetaMask wallet id, and create an account


3 . Log in to your newly created account and start earning


Below are all the answers to each Quiz


That´s it for today guys. If you enjoyed this article, I would appreciate if you follow me .
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2023.03.20 21:04 whitejaguar [H] Steam gifts, collectors games and removed games [W] TF2 keys, Tether, Bulk offers

Have - Steam gifts (ROW, unrestricted, if you can't see the game in my inventory, it is still available, so add me for the trade)
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Zombie Driver HD Apocalypse Pack 1 TOD Ticket Gift
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