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Tentacles n' Vodka comics.

2023.03.24 06:20 mrbleeh Tentacles n' Vodka comics.

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2023.03.24 05:48 winningrove Deciding on G70 route (3.3t awd)

TLDR; Looking to see the pros and cons of a g70 3.3t awd vs an audi s5 sportback or BMW m340i xdrive. See questions below for main asks. Thank you!
So, funny enough I currently own a 2013 genesis coupe 2.0t r-spec. Have about 110k on it, has been very reliable but cosmetically it has had many issues and been a pain. Otherwise love it, has been an amazing car but with 0 luxury features and small space. That being said, I am within the year wanting to get an upgrade, but am looking for an AWD luxury sports sedan (Family holding, while still getting my share of thrill). I am down to three options: Audi S5 Sportback, BMW m340i xdrive, or G70 3.3t awd (Prestige). I have a few things I wanted the opinion of some owners within the community so hoped that you kind people could help!
1.) Buying new versus used, I know they would depreciate quicker than other high end luxury sedans. Are the benefits worth it if I am aiming to have this for a LONG time to buy new? 55k-60k is a hard max budget wise and I specifically want the top trim/features. I'm looking used if going for the other two but buying the right car new would be sweet even a CPO would be cool too which I hear is a good route as well here but would that be worth it either?
2.) Considering this is lower priced within its class of competitors I've heard many concerns on the quality and reliability of the car (obviously not the engine but in the other technology and systems). Anything major that's worth considering or are they mostly unlucky or reckless folks with these issues? I have seen some complaints that are more yellow flags than red but do make me question if this is the "cheaper option" and in the future make me regret not going for something higher priced initially.
3.) Performance wise I know that it won't dissapoint as it has impressive numbers and reviews. But how does it hold compared to the good ol fashioned German engineering? Does it at least hold its own? Also I do know modding is a possibility but how available at this time considering this is still a somewhat newer make?
4.) Maintenence, how is it compared to the well known German money pits? Just curious if you can do the basics (oil, brakes, etc) on your own, and not blow as much as I would on the other cars for any other maintenance.
5.) Are the dealers that bad? The biggest thing I hear is countless stories about them having bad customer service.
Sorry for the long post, thanks for those who have read it all and any input provided! Plan to test drive one soon either way, I'm in northern VA at this time so any recommendations on the best dealership appreciated!
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2023.03.24 05:36 robot-hamster Can I take parts off and put them back on repeatedly?

What I mean is like doing stuff like taking my whole suspension out and putting it back multiple times without replacing anything just for the sake of learning and building muscle memory and confidence in doing the tasks.
I’m asking because I want to buy this old Honda civic (not my daily driver) and learn how to work on it on my free time. I’m wondering if it will be harmful to the parts or impractical or something.
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2023.03.24 05:33 Ninisan I'm really interested in this 2007 accord. KBB is valuing it between 4-6k. Does this offer look safe?

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2023.03.24 05:28 Radiant-Rooster-9337 2017 Honda Civic Ex-T

Hello, just looking to get advice on routine maintenance at certain mileages and recommendations for mods to help car run best it can. Had regular maintenance up till now and it’s at 46K miles. Thanks!
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2023.03.24 05:21 lpiosd I Went Back In Yamagata And...

I Went Back In Yamagata And...
Well I've Done It... 1:00:754 (I Didn't Use Slider Throttle)
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2023.03.24 04:32 lolpolice88 Moe mai ra e te rangatira, beautiful, dauntless Georgina Beyer (Te Āti Awa, Ngāti Mutunga, Ngāti Raukawa, and Ngāti Porou). Staunch intelligent Rights fighter, world's first Trans MP

Saturday 25th March, 10.30am, Albert Square, Auckland & Sunday 26th March 1.30pm, Civic Square, Wellington there are defences for Trans rights against a 'Penny Patero' a British Right Wing Neo Nazi Grifter. Our Labour MP's have capitulated to hate that incites murder, by letting this vile bitch in, hoping to catch a fantasy middle ground vote and use Patero to drive votes to their allied Parties in Parliament - when what we all wanted was the guts Jacinda had and no more playing games with murderous, scumbag altwhite supremacist, incel, neonazi, right wing vermin. Kia ora Jacinda for not grasping for power and potentially turning in to a Helen Clarke who fucked all Maori over with the Foreshore Pakeha theft for her dead British Queen & her race & reinvaded Tuhoe under an American War of Terror environment hoping to win racist coloniser votes. Fuck National, ACT, TPU, the colonial church cults, altwhite scum and any cunt who supports them. Lets hope decent journos dont platform them like they did those colonial canadian scum. We all know the dying talkback radio scum will. Labour needs to grow some guts and deal to these right wing terrorist networks who forced theirs & our best leader out, the right wingers already fought dirty and scored violent hits. You have the power, grow some guts. Maori Party & Greens are standing strong but we all shouldn't have to waste our time fighting the obvious. Get organised to vote & advocate for better & throw these bigots in the bin. These shitty trolls dont care about women, else they'd be in America fighting for womens rights or elsewhere, they're part of a global right wing hate movement clawing away at power through media & digital means, which needs more than local performative gestures and offloading on to others. Ian Mucks, Peter File, Fuckerberg are all getting the data and power without a fight, given a chance for a clean break everyone flocked back for attention just like they wanted and Peter File is about to fuck the NHS good. It's the plan they have for all of us. Jacinda ought to be a beginning to a more confident and articulate step up past the drama of shit throwing right wing noise and on to a wider aim.

Matangireia S2 Episode 2: Georgina Beyer RNZ
Georgina Beyer knows all about breaking barriers – becoming the first transgender MP in the world. But what is her biggest regret as a Māori MP in Parliament?
“A disaster, an absolute nightmare… it was one of the largest proposed confiscations from Māori, in modern times”.
The former Labour Party MP describes the fallout over the Foreshore and Seabed legislation to Matangireia presenter Scott Campbell.
Beyer never shies away from the painful path she took to becoming one of New Zealand’s most trailblazing politicians.
Beyer’s list of achievements are extensive – a drag queen, a sex worker, an actor, an activist, a Mayor, and a MP.
In fact, when elected in 1999, she was the world’s first transgender Member of Parliament, becoming known for her bold and colourful exterior.
But her story is one of pain, adversity, and fear – and it’s also one of courage and bravery.
Beyer was born George. Her biological father was a policeman who was sent to jail, leaving her mother to fend for herself and two young children.
Raised by her grandparents, until her mother remarried, she describes life in the Beyer household as “mildly well-off”. Her stepfather Colin was a barrister and solicitor.
From around four years old, Beyer started to secretly express her feminine side through theatre, dressing up and acting.
“If I was caught or discovered, or anything like that, it would be dealt with physical punishment, corporal punishment – beatings, hidings, things like that, to beat it out of me.”
At 16 years old, George became Georgina, but the abuse followed her from home to the streets.
As a sex worker, she was confronted daily with physical and verbal abuse from members of the public.
“It drove me to suicide… to attempt suicide on three times, in my young life,” Beyer said, “I had been pack-raped in Sydney in 1979, which was a terrifying, horrifying experience, and the law didn’t defend me.”
Georgina Beyer as a child Photo: Supplied / Georgina Beyer
After working in a gay night club in Auckland, she moved from the glitzy lights of Karangahape Road to conservative back blocks of the Wairarapa.
It was in Carterton Beyer’s career in politics began.
Working as a part-time radio announcer (alongside Paul Henry, who she later beat in the 1999 General Election), she decided to run for council.
She missed out, but she tried again, and again. Eventually becoming a councillor and, in 1995, the Mayor of Carterton.
“I’m the Mayor, okay, where’s the handbook on this job?” she said, “There isn’t any, but I now was in this position and I thrived in it, absolutely thrived in it.”
Being eloquent and not afraid to speak her mind, Parliament beckoned next.
Standing for the Labour Party in 1999, Beyer won the safe blue seat of Wairarapa with a majority of 3,033 votes. She was the first transgender woman elected to office.
However, in 2004, she faced one of the toughest challenges of her life. To choose her party, or her people.
“Oh, a disaster, an absolute nightmare”.
The Government, under Helen Clark, had just announced the Foreshore and Seabed legislation, effectively removing Māori claims to ownership over beaches and waterways.
The news came as a shock to the Labour Party’s Māori caucus.
“We were all quite taken aback that an announcement had been made, with no consultation with anyone in the Māori caucus.
“At the end of day, it was one of the largest proposed confiscations from Māori in modern times”.
One by one, the Māori caucus “fell into line”. The last three to do so were Beyer, Nanaia Mahuta, and Tariana Turia.
Beyer didn’t hold a Māori constituency and felt she had no mandate from Māori to speak up strongly on their behalf like the rest of her Māori colleagues.
“I was just so torn, but actually I didn’t have to be steeped in tikanga Māori to understand that this was wrong, wrong, wrong.
“I vowed and declared from that time on that I would never be torn between who and what I am as far as my heritage is concerned, and political expediency”.
So, what did she think of the former Prime Minister Helen Clark?
“I was never very close to Helen, at all, really,” Beyer said.
"I was not within her inner, outer, or extra-outer circle, really. I was just a cannon fodder backbench MP”.
She became further isolated when she asked to abstain from the vote.
“I can almost pinpoint my beginning of the end of my political career in Parliament on that Foreshore and Seabed thing. I felt defeated and I felt impotent.”
But that wasn’t the end.
She stayed for another two years traveling to Parliaments across the world to talk on gender issues.
Reflecting on her story today, she’s proud of the road she’s taken.
“You can’t live in your victim-hood all the time, you can’t wallow in it, you gotta learn from it. Move on and change it and change what created that."
“And I hope I’ve been able to do a bit of that”.
In 2018, Alex Casey spoke to Georgina Beyer, the world’s first transgender mayor and MP, about her extraordinary life.
This interview contains references to sexual assault and suicide, please take care.
Sex work and politics are pretty much the same trade, according to Georgina Beyer at least. During her time as an MP, she would strut through the halls of parliament, calling her comrades to arms by asking them if they were all ready to “get out on the streets and sell their butts”. They didn’t seem to fancy that comparison very much. “Look, honey, you’re soliciting yourself either way,” she told me over the phone, chuckling. “One’s just for votes, the other for money. One advertises on billboards, the other advertises in the back pages of The Dominion Post.
If there was anyone who could speak to the overlap of these very specific sets of skills, it’s Beyer. The world’s first transgender mayor who went on to be the world’s first elected transgender member of parliament, as well as a former sex worker, screen actress, and kidney transplant survivor, she’s lived a thousand lives to get to where she is today – right now, she is in the Wellington suburb of Kilbirnie, on the phone to me, an ex-Wairarapa kid who grew up under her groundbreaking reign back in the late 90s.
I asked her how things have changed for the LGBTQIA+ community in her lifetime. “When I started transitioning, I quickly realised that it was a cruel world for people like us. I had to go down avenues I would never have considered.” Unable to get a ‘real’ job, or any benefits outside of claiming a “psychosexual disorder” for the sickness benefit, she felt like she had no choice but to join the sex industry. “It was a brutal time, but there was a strange camaraderie in that nobody else would support us, not even our government institutions.”
One night in Sydney in 1979, Beyer was sexually assaulted by a group of men. “People asked me why I didn’t report it to the police. As if the law was going to protect me? A Māori tranny prostitute? Yeah, right.” Following the traumatic attack, Georgina found herself depressed and near suicide for months. “Once I got out the other end, it gave me a real fire in my belly. That shouldn’t have happened to me. That shouldn’t happen to anyone without being taken seriously.” She swore that she would try and change attitudes by example, which meant living a proud, public life as a trans woman.
It was the goal of visibility that drove Georgina to pursue a pre-politics acting career, including the 1985 film Jewel’s Darl, where she played a trans prostitute. “For the time, that was quite unusual, to look at people like us not as caricatures, but real people with real lives.” Although she burned all of her old belongings the night she transitioned, Georgina didn’t completely erase what she calls “the other parts of me”. “Men tend to forget that I can still access the same psyche as them. If they want to come down hard with the firm, staunch, brow-beating thing, well, I can play that game too, baby.”
Decades after her time working in the sex industry, Georgina found herself campaigning for prostitution reform in parliament. Given her own experience, she was shocked at some of the misconceptions held by the public around sex work. “They thought it was all deviants and not their husbands, their brothers, their uncles – it’s ordinary people.” As, unsurprisingly, the only former sex worker in the house, her speech to the chamber changed the minds of three MPs, passing the legislation that would decriminalise sex work. “It was the thinnest bloody margin you could have, but we got there in the end.”
So how in the flaming hell did a conservative, white, scarecrow-festival-hosting, mid-90s Wairarapa vote to become one of the wokest places in the world? “I think I was just a breath of fresh air. What people responded to was honesty, being straight up, being approachable – I would go to everything from a bloody party in a woolshed to judging sheep races out at Castle Point.” Carterton became known for something more than daffodils, and the more traditional locals slowly learned to “look beyond the end of their noses.”
When she made the decision to run for Labour in the Wairarapa in 1999, Beyer didn’t actually think she had a chance in hell of winning. She wasn’t being humble – nobody else did either. Although she had been the mayor of Carterton for five years, the Wairarapa was a National Party stronghold, and her opposing candidate was a plucky, popular radio host by the name of Paul Henry. He questioned her ability to be “serious person” because she was trans. “I thought I’d just have some fun and kick a few butts” Georgina recalled. “Bugger me! Look what happened!”
Georgina won with a 3000+ vote majority, making Paul Henry officially kicked in the butt and making her, officially, a “serious” public figure. Local attitudes had evolved, best summarised by the elderly farmer who had previously voted National all his life. “This year I’m voting for Georgina Beyer,” he was quoted in her documentary Georgie Girl, “because she’s a damn good chap.” Did she mind the misgendering? “If that was the only way a conservative 80 year-old farmer was be able to absorb and accept me, then I’m happy with that. That’s still progress.”
Although she has regrets from her eight years in parliament – her stance on foreshore and seabed was a “mistake” that marked “the beginning of the end” of her political career – Beyer stands by her contribution to the Civil Union bill and prostitution reform. “You have to remember: law is easy to change, attitudes throughout a country are not. It takes generations and role models to show the nation that we’re not the horrible, demented, crazy people they might think we are.” The work is far from done yet, with Beyer’s latest focus on applying to the Waitangi Tribunal to get Takatāpui included in the Human Rights Act.
I asked Beyer if she still encountered prejudice in her life, or the hangover of trans-exclusionary attitudes from fellow women. “People still regard the gender thing as being relatively recent in our modern history, but we’ve been around for millennia. Fa’afafine. Takatāpui. When you have words in languages to include us, that should send a message that this didn’t happen last week.” What about the TERF mindset that still lingers in some modern day feminists, that reckons trans women aren’t real women? “It’s an old, lazy argument. Don’t worry about us encroaching on your world. We’re just trying to improve our lot in this life, just like the women’s movement did for you.”
To anyone, young or old, who might currently be questioning their own gender identity, her expert advice is to access professional information as soon as possible, and to seek out like-minded groups of people in the community. “You are going to need people to give you moral support, who think the same as you and know what you are going through. Don’t be afraid, there are far too many young trans people who are dying through suicide because they feel like this world isn’t built for them anymore.” Georgina paused for a moment as her voice cracked.
“It is, baby. It is.”
Although she has now retired from the political sphere, Beyer remains inspired by young LGBTQIA+ activists continuing the fight for access to healthcare, work and education. She admits that she never thought trans and gender issues would ever be taken seriously in her lifetime, and quickly slipped back into that same, rousing cadence that made her speeches so famous in the chamber. “I have spent the better part of my life trying to make things better for this generation. My faith now lies with this younger generation to stand on my shoulders, just as I stood on the shoulders of those who went before me. I’ve done my bit to move the needle, now it’s your turn.”
As for everyone else? “They need to just shut up and let us get on with being who we are.”
Where to find support
OutLine NZ – Freephone 0800 OUTLINE (0800 688 5463)
Rainbow Youth – Phone (09)3764155
InsideOUT – Phone 027 331 4507
Gender Minorities Aotearoa
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2023.03.24 04:08 DinoRaccoon1885 2022 Honda Civic Type-R [3168x2376]

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2023.03.24 03:58 augustsavedme Anyone use a third brake light with a missing bolt? Wondering if the fitment is still okay.

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2023.03.24 03:58 _The_Crow_ Honda LB Works NSX-R In Depth - Season 176

Greetings, Reddit Ensemble!
The current's season Prestige Cup cars are the Honda LB Works NSX-R (Purple and Gold Star). They were initially introduced in season 163 (September 15, 2022 - September 29, 2022) (OTA Update 4.0.x) as Crew Season (Top 10 Crews) and Milestone (20M Crew RP milestone) Prize cars.
Both cars will need between 2 and 4 stage 6s in order to beat the Cup or you can get thru the Cup with all stage 6s, uncommon (green) and almost all rare (blue) fusions fitted. Don't forget to claim your free Prestige Cup crates in Rare Imports, but before doing so, claim the stage 6 from Race #28, to avoid duplicates.
The Honda LB Works NSX-R is an amazing tier 4 car, that will serve you well in live racing and in the Tempe5t challenges, but for Tempe5t, you will need to completely max the car. It's not only part, but is the fastest car for the current Championship ShowDown.
Honda NSX:
In 1984, Honda commissioned the Italian car styling house Pininfarina to design the concept car HP-X (Honda Pininfarina eXperimental), which had a C20A 2.0 L V6 engine in a mid-mounted configuration. After Honda committed to a sports car project, the company management informed the engineers working on the project that the new car would have to be as fast as anything coming from Italy and Germany. The HP-X concept car evolved into a prototype known as NS-X, which stood for "New", "Sportscar" "eXperimental".
Honda settled on a non-VTEC, 3.0-liter double overhead camshaft 24-valve V6 engine selected for the production model. This engine generated a maximum power output of about 250 hp (186 kW; 253 PS) and 282 N⋅m (208 lb⋅ft) of torque, with a redline of 7,300 rpm. However, at the same time, Honda was working on its revolutionary VTEC variable valve timing system, with plans to release it on the company's home-market 4-cylinder Integra. Honda's then-president Tadashi Kume, himself a highly skilled and respected engine designer, questioned the NS-X designers' logic in foregoing the VTEC system for Honda's new flagship sports car, while it was being used on the lower-market Integra. As a result, the engine was redesigned very late in the development process "to achieve the desired levels of performance and durability"; Honda designed a new cylinder block with 6-bolt main caps and larger cylinder heads to contain the complex VTEC mechanism. Innovative connecting rods made from a titanium alloy were used to lower reciprocating weight, while increasing overall rod-strength—something which increased the engine's maximum rpm by 700, resulting in a final redline of 8,000 rpm. A consequence of this last-minute engine change was that the new C30A engine was too large to fit in the NS-X's engine bay, which had been carefully sized for the smaller heads of the non-VTEC DOHC 3.0 liter engine. As a result, the engineers were forced to tilt the entire engine backward approximately 5 degrees- a characteristic that continued all the way to the NSX's final production in 2005.
The exterior design had been specifically researched by Uehara after studying the 360-degree visibility inside an F-16 fighter jet's cockpit. Thematically, the F-16 came into play in the exterior design as well as establishing the conceptual goals of the NSX. In the F-16 and other high performance aircraft such as unlimited hydroplanes along with open-wheel race cars, the cockpit is located far forward and in front of the power plant. This "cab-forward" layout was chosen to optimize visibility while the long tail design enhanced high speed directional stability. The NSX was designed to showcase several automotive technologies, many derived from Honda's F1 motor-sports program.
The NSX was the first production car to feature an all-aluminium semi-monocoque, incorporating a revolutionary extruded aluminium alloy frame and suspension components. The use of aluminium saved nearly 200 kg (441 lb) of weight over the use of steel in the body alone, while the aluminium suspension arms saved an additional 20 kg (44 lb); a suspension compliance pivot helped maintain wheel alignment changes at a near zero value throughout the suspension cycle. Other notable features included an independent, 4-channel anti-lock brake system; an electric power steering system; Honda's proprietary VTEC variable valve timing system and in 1995, the first electronic throttle control fitted in Honda production car.
With a robust motorsports division, Honda had significant development resources at its disposal and made extensive use of them. Respected Japanese Formula One driver Satoru Nakajima, for example, was involved with Honda in the NSX's early on-track development at Suzuka race circuit, where he performed many endurance distance duties related to chassis tuning. Brazilian Formula One World Champion Ayrton Senna, who won many races in Formula One with Honda before his death in 1994, was considered Honda's main innovator in convincing the company to stiffen the NSX's chassis further after initially testing the car at Honda's Suzuka GP circuit in Japan. Senna further helped refine the original NSX's suspension tuning and handling by spending a whole day test driving prototypes and reporting his findings to Honda engineers after each of the day's five testing sessions. Senna also tested the NSX at the Nürburgring and other race tracks. As a result of Senna's input, Honda took the NS-X prototype to the Nürburgring to tune the chassis stiffness. Over the course of several months, the chassis was refined in a painstaking process: Nakajima would drive a lap on the circuit and then discuss with the Honda engineers where he felt flex in the chassis. The engineers would hand-weld aluminum braces in the area they believed would fix the issue and send the driver back out to confirm. This process was repeated over and over, with the data results sent directly to Honda headquarters in Japan, where it was fed into a Cray supercomputer and translated into reinforcements in the production aluminum monocoque. As a result of this process, the NS-X chassis stiffness increased by over 50% with only a small increase in weight. The suspension development program was similarly far-ranging and took place at the Tochigi Proving Grounds, the Suzuka circuit, the 179-turn Nürburgring Course in Germany, HPCC, and Honda's newest test track in Takasu, Hokkaido. Honda automobile dealer Bobby Rahal (two-time CART PPG Cup and 1986 Indianapolis 500 champion) also participated in the car's development.
Honda NSX-R:
Honda decided in 1992 to produce a version of the NSX specifically modified for superior track performance at the expense of customary creature comforts. Thus, the NSX Type R (or NSX-R) was born. Honda chose to use its moniker of Type R to designate the NSX-R's race-oriented capabilities.
Honda engineers started with a base NSX coupé and embarked on an aggressive program of weight reduction. Sound deadening, the audio system, spare tyre, air conditioning system and traction control along with some of the electrical equipment were removed. The power leather seats were replaced with lightweight carbon-kevlar racing seats made by Recaro for Honda. However, electric windows and fore/aft electric seat adjusters were retained. The stock forged alloy wheels were replaced with lighter forged aluminium wheels produced by Enkei, which reduced the car's unsprung weight. The standard leather shift knob was replaced with a sculpted titanium piece. Overall, Honda managed to reduce approximately 120 kg (265 lb) of weight as compared to the standard NSX, resulting in the NSX-R's final weight of 1,230 kg (2,712 lb).
Due to its mid-engine layout and rear-end link travel, was susceptible to a sudden oversteer condition during certain cornering maneuvers. While this condition rarely occurred during normal driving conditions, it was much more prevalent on race tracks where speeds were much higher. To address the problem and improve the NSX-R's cornering stability at the limit, Honda added one aluminium bracket under the front battery tray and added one bracket in front of the front radiator to add more chassis rigidity replacing the entire suspension system with a more track oriented unit, featuring a stiffer front sway bar, stiffer suspension bushings, stiffer coil springs and stiffer dampers.
The standard NSX has a somewhat rearward bias in its spring and bar rates, where the rear was relatively quite stiff versus the front. This means that the lateral load transfer distribution, or the amount of load that is transferred across the front axle versus the rear while cornering, is rather rear biased. This can make the car quite lively and easy to rotate at low speed, but during high speed cornering, this effect becomes more pronounced and could be a handful to manage. To reduce the tendency to oversteer, Honda fitted softer rear tyres on the NSX. For the NSX-R, Honda reversed the spring bias, placing stiffer springs on the front suspension along with stiffer front sway bar. This shifted the load transfer stiffness balance farther forward, resulting in more rear grip at the expense of front grip; this had the effect of decreasing the oversteer tendency of the car, making it much more stable while cornering at high speeds. Overall, the NSX-R utilises a much stiffer front sway bar along with stiffer springs than the standard NSX (21.0 mm x 2.6 mm front sway bar: front 3.0 kg/mm, rear 4.0 kg/mm for the NSX versus front 8.0 kg/mm, rear 5.7 kg/mm for the NSX-R).
Honda also increased the final drive ratio to a 4.235:1 in place of the 4.06:1, which resulted in faster gear changes. This change improved acceleration, which was 4.9 seconds to 60 mph, at the expense of top speed, which was 168 mph, and a higher locking limited-slip differential was installed. Also, the NSX-R's 3.0-litre engine had a blueprinted and balanced crankshaft assembly which is exactly the same labour-intensive high precision process done for Honda racing car engines built by highly qualified engine technicians.
Beginning in late November 1992, Honda produced a limited number of 483 NSX-R variants exclusively for the Japanese domestic market (JDM). Factory optional equipment such as air conditioning, Bose stereo system, carbon fibre interior trim on the centre console as well as the doors and larger wheels painted in Championship White (16-inches at the front and 17-inches at the rear) were available for a hefty premium. Production of the NSX-R ended in September 1995.
You can win Race #28 with the gold starred Honda NSX-R on full fused stage 5s with the following tune:
  • NOS - 121/3.6
  • FD - 3.58
  • Tires - 0/100
For the shift pattern, use the WR one, which you will find below.
Note, in order to beat the Cup, you need to find the slower possible opponent, being Marshall with the Maserati MC12 Stradale (black).
Prestige Cup Thresholds (Gold Star):
  • Speed Trap (Race #4) - 139 mph (223 km/h)
  • Speed Trap (Race #10) - 159 mph (255 km/h)
  • Speed Trap (Race #16) - 170 mph (273 km/h)
  • Speed Trap (Race #22) - 187 mph (300 km/h)
  • Sprint 0-100 mph (0-161 km/h) (Race #7): 6.755
  • Sprint 0-100 mph (0-161 km/h) (Race #13): 5.959
  • Sprint 0-100 mph (0-161 km/h) (Race #19): 5.231
  • Stage 6 Race (Race #28): 12.673 (Marshall with Maserati MC12 Stradale (black)
  • Final Race (Race #30): 11.766 (Tows with Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport (Purple Star))
Full fused stage 5 tunes, stage 6 effects and maxed tunes, and shift patterns:
Honda LB Works NSX-R (Gold Star)
  • Full S5s - dynos at 12.837 with the following tune:
    • NOS - 121/3.6
    • FD - 3.56
    • Tires - 0/100
Part Dyno (sec) Improvement (sec)
Transmission 12.118 -0.719
Body 12.293 -0.544
Tires 12.404 -0.433
Engine 12.546 -0.291
Turbo 12.562 -0.275
Nitrous 12.624 -0.213
Intake 12.643 -0.194
Use the WR shift pattern, no matter your tune and parts combination, it should do the job.
Honda LB Works NSX-R (5 Gold Star Car, Tier 4) Maxed Tune and Shift Pattern:
  • PP - 673
  • Evo - 1828
  • NOS - 188/4.3
  • FD - 2.72
  • Tires - 0/100
  • Dyno: 10.053
  • Test Run: 9.757
  • Shift Pattern (Perfect launch, instant shift to 2nd (at 4 mph (6 km/h)), early shift into 3rd at 2800 RPM and NOS, rest deep shifts at 9200 RPM)
You can win Race #28 with the purple starred Honda NSX-R on full fused stage 5s with the tune below.
Prestige Cup Thresholds (Purple Star):
  • Speed Trap (Race #4) - 139 mph (223 km/h)
  • Speed Trap (Race #10) - 159 mph (255 km/h)
  • Speed Trap (Race #16) - 170 mph (273 km/h)
  • Speed Trap (Race #22) - 189 mph (304 km/h)
  • Sprint 0-100 mph (0-161 km/h) (Race #7): 6.755
  • Sprint 0-100 mph (0-161 km/h) (Race #13): 5.959
  • Sprint 0-100 mph (0-161 km/h) (Race #19): 5.229
  • Stage 6 Race (Race #28): 12.504 (Daniel with Audi Vorsteiner R8 VRS (Purple Star))
  • Final Race (Race #30): 11.651 (David with Italdesign Zerouno (Purple Star))
Full fused stage 5 tunes, stage 6 effects and maxed tunes, and shift patterns:
Honda LB Works NSX-R (Top 10) (Purple Star)
  • Full S5s - dynos at 12.615 with the following tune:
    • NOS - 121/3.6
    • FD - 3.56
    • Tires - 0/100
Part Dyno (sec) Improvement (sec)
Transmission 12.067 -0.548
Body 12.079 -0.536
Tires 12.191 -0.424
Engine 12.334 -0.281
Turbo 12.352 -0.263
Nitrous 12.420 -0.195
Intake 12.429 -0.186
Use the WR shift pattern, no matter your tune and parts combination, it should do the job.
Honda LB Works NSX-R (Top 10) (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 4) Maxed Tune and Shift Pattern:
  • PP - 673
  • Evo - 1852
  • NOS - 188/4.3
  • FD - 2.69
  • Tires - 0/100
  • Dyno: 10.005
  • Test Run: 9.710
  • Shift Pattern (Perfect launch, instant shift to 2nd at 4 mph (6 km/h), early shift into 3rd at 2200 RPM and NOS, rest deep shifts at 9200 RPM)
I've created a Ko-fi, because I don't want to limit the information that I provide with a pay wall. I'm thankful for all your support thru the years. I'll be more than happy if you can support me even further. Here's the link - click/press (Now you can use also Apple Pay and Google Pay).
Thank you for your support and time!
Happy racing and stay safe!
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2023.03.24 03:46 CommitedSuperSlide Some guy basically said he hid the other godzillas 🧍🏾‍♀️

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2023.03.24 03:40 Quick-Wall Did my dad totally mess up my credit?

So I’ve never gotten into credit cards and building credit because I know myself and I wasn’t mature enough and would do something wrong. There was definitely some fear too so I just didn’t get involved in building credit until about a year ago.
Now that I’ve built up what I thought was a decent standing at 750, I decided it was time to buy a car. Was going for a new Honda civic because they are cheap and I should be able to get monthly payment that I’m more than comfortable with.. yadda yadda
All was going smooth until my credit union did the credit check and they denied me any loans because of an $18,000 credit card debt.
Turns out my dad added me as a name on his card like years ago when I was still a minor, so it’s saying that’s all my debt as well and it has lowered my score and presumably gotten my loan denied. Now my score is 650
I confronted him about it because I had no idea I was even on the card. He said he forgot so he took my name off and said it should be fine. Is that true? How long until it is fine do you think? He was on time with the payments he said and I think that’s why my score isn’t lower.
TLDR: Am I likely to get approved for the loan now that my name is off of a card that was never really mine?
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2023.03.24 03:28 Brndn_420 Wheel fitment for 98 Honda civic ex

Hey all got a question about some wheel fitment. I’m looking for some wheels to put on my 98 civic ex. I am looking at early 2000s Honda civic si ep3 wheels. 4x100 15 inch wheels to put on my 98. Will I have any fitment issues? Not sure abt the offsets for either wheels. Will it stick past fender, rub, clear rotor and caliper, or have any rough riding issues? Or will I be fine? Hoping someone here has those wheels on their 96-00 and can give me some insight.. thank you for looking, any info helps.
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2023.03.24 02:36 AT0MLFRS Sister took car to shop, they forgot to put axle nut back on..

Long story short my sister took her car to a local repair shop to replace the front lower control arms for a decent price.. she drove it home and was hearing noise coming from the front tire, and assumed it was her brakes (she is close to needing new brakes/rotors). She bought new brakes and rotors and when her husband took the front tire off, they saw that the axle nut wasn't there, and the only thing holding the entire assembly to the car was a single caliper bolt. Obviously the shop is going to have to make this right, but after doing for probably 20-30 miles on this, is there anything additional that could have happend that she needs them (or another shop) to look for? To make sure they didn't somehow cause more damage we might not be seeing.
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2023.03.24 02:32 snmdyxtra 1986 civic Honda hatchback with custom interior

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2023.03.24 02:11 Doombawkz Tier list (with some comprehensive information)

Tier list (with some comprehensive information)
Hello! It's a pleasure to see and meet you all!
Below is a tier list, as you can see! I'd like to go through and explain my thoughts, but for the sake of the tl;dr: This is obviously an opinion piece derived from feedback and experience, so don't take this as gospel. I encourage open and civil discussion on things you agree or don't agree with. Characters are not ordered within their tiers, unless otherwise stated consider most of them to be generally on even ground. Most of the commentary will be below, but just to give a quick breakdown of what each tier is gauged on:

Dan tier - Dan is the man. This tier is not debatable, unless they add another Dan, then... maybe.
S tier - These are characters who, by and large, allow you to punch furthest above your weight class. Their existence increases your chances of success, and even if it breaks affinity advantage they're worthwhile to bring into a fight. Progression-necessities.
A tier - Strong characters whom either have an impactful and relevant niche, provide immense value in a PvP or PvE setting, or provide some highly coveted value that warrants their placement above others in their affinity. In general, these are safe picks you can easily justify placing into a composition.
B tier - Good characters who provide some form of interesting value, but are held back either by bugs or the existence of a more optimal option for their given role. That isn't to say you can't slot them, but you should consider these to be closer to "problem solvers" than characters that you'd bring to just any fight. Not bad by any means, all can be slotted and perform, but won't earn a spot over an A tier unless they're there for a very specific function.
C tier - Characters who have some form of value, but that value is overshadowed by their higher tiered counterparts. Functionally, these characters can provide one interesting aspect of their kit, but unlike the B tiers, those facets rarely operate as a complete means of negating an issue or as an enabler for a viable composition set. You can build around them and they'll work fine, but they're characters you *need to build around* to get the most value out of. Fine for punching laterally or down, but not great for punching up.
D tier - Characters who have a niche that just isn't going to warrant the investment into the team given other options on offer. You can slot them, but doing so over an option above them is typically going to be a suboptimal move. Usable, but at the end of the day, you'll usually be better off not.
Food tier - Delicious treats for your characters. Some B tier folks do have general usage, but the ones in here can be safely converted into upgrade fodder.
Unreleased Tier - What it says on the tin. When the characters release and data is available, they may be integrated in. Note fashion characters aren't on the list on account of not being a placable frame, but Fashion Sakura is in B tier and Fashion Blanka is probably in A. Charming Dudley is listed in B tier despite not being shown here.
Now for the long part-
Dan Tier
- Dan
Dan deserves it. Trust me.

S tier
- M. Bison
M. Bison is infamous for his ability to operate as an infinite health sponge, allowing you to utilize him as the ultimate in tanking technology. Paired with that health is a surprisingly large reservoir of damage output between his fighting spirit bonus and car bonus. Debatably the best character in the game (aside from Dan) as of this lists creation.

- Beast Zangief
The fastest character around in a game where the first hit meter bonus is huge, a decent healthpool, and an AoE stun that can let you gut the opponent damage by denying them combos and supers. Add in a good car bonus and a strong response to control, and you have a character who can let you punch far above your usual abilities. A strong all around character to consider, and a strong support as well.

- Rose
Debatably the strongest healer in the game, with access to strong debuff and buff effects in the form of silence and the tarot. While not as impactful as the likes of B. Gief and Bison in terms of raw cheese potential, her late game power cannot be denied. An easy slot into any team, especially with her master bonus allowing you to complete your affinity bonuses.

A tier
- MH Ken
The newest character on the scene as of this writing, MH Ken is undeniably the highest DPS in the game. His attacks come out for free, allowing you to craft your combo structure around him, and his DoT effect is hefty when paired with his car bonus and fighting spirit, causing an auto-fail for the opponent and a myriad of debuffs to go with it. Arguably you could put him into S or A, his large health pool makes him a sturdy option to turn to, but his lack of utility outside of raw damage and curse leaves some wanting. Consider him the A+ of the tier.

- Abel
While he may come off as underwhelming at first, an immunity shield can't be overstated as an incredibly strong mechanic to have access to. The ability to outright deny certain hits from the opponent can itself become a win condition, and his assist bonus is also strong as back-up. Pair into this his ability to stun and pass shields around and you have a character who can enable a team to become far more durable than it has any right to be.

- Adon
Adon is a reasonably strong character with an unreasonably strong mechanic: Hatred Mark. Thanks to his fighting spirit, this mark allows your entire team to crit harder and deal more damage to marked targets, which can allow you to quickly dismantle enemies who fall even slightly out of position. Of course a single passive does not a character make, and Adon has access to more value from his car bonus. Grave Injury, when applied to an opponent, will not only reduce their attack by a percentage, but also cause them to take true damage in retaliation whenever they attack with a super or combo. This can lend Adon a bit more use as a debuffer or support which is great when paired with his great damage output. As a final note, his Thousand Jaguars (combo 1) lasts a while, meaning you have a slightly larger window to time your follow-up in regards to your opponent.

- Zangief
Huge health, fantastic passive with percentage damage reduction to flame, thunder, and soul damage (which is very practical given the usual meta teams), an absolutely absurd Car 6 bonus to shut down passives along with giving him free healing while armored every 16 hits (and some characters hit a lot), taunt just removing a chunk of the opponents crit and effect accuracy, access to stun, access to true damage, access to super armor and the ability to give it to others, the character brings a ton to the table. His main downfall is that Bison exists.

- Chun Li
Fast, high damage, huge battery building potential, grants allies speed, debuffs the enemy with damage resist down, she's the ideal offensive character to pack into a wind-affinity composition. Her pairing with B. Gief (and his ability to give damage reduction back from the bonus speed) is fantastic, her pairing with MH Ken is great for more combo opportunities, there's really no one she doesn't provide a benefit for in some way.

- Dhalsim
While his combo 1 and car bonus leave a lot to be desired, no one can question the sheer output and magnitude of his combo 3 and his super. Burn debuff (and his ability to build up his own damage through tower), gigantic reach, short activation window allowing for combo weaving easily, all packed into a ranged backliner who can adjust position via super trigger to dodge certain attacks (like Viper Seismic). Probably the single strongest fire character in the game, at least in terms of raw damage. Outside of MH Ken's free swings, his AoE DPS is almost peerless.

- E. Honda
Good bulky body, a fantastic car bonus and spirit bonus, soft enrage mode at low health, percentage damage negation for his team via sharing buff, and "the wall". The character is a bulky powerhouse who, much like Zangief, is solely hurt by the existence of Bison as an option. Debatably the best non-bison tank in the game, one should never underestimate the capability of this character to hang on by a thread and keep coming back for more, or the ability for his combo 3 wall to completely decimate certain compositions.

- Elena
Outside of Rose, far and away the best healer on offer. Good buffs for offense or defense, and a very impactful fighter spirit providing constant buffs to speed and attack while also healing her allies. Her car bonus allows you to start with a nice defense boost and meter advantage, and paired with fast chant can allow you to circumvent first hit bonus in some content. The only thing keeping her out of S tier is that Rose exists and just does it better overall thanks to tarot, but like Ken this could be considered an A+ character.

- Juri
Big damage, fantastic effects in defense ignoring and the clutch potential of her 3. Automatic engine activation is massive, her only real issue is she is made of paper and her range is typically limited to the first 2 in line. If she were a bit more sturdy I feel like she would be an easy S, but her tendency to die to heavy collateral damage and Bison existing as a front man to soak the hit I feel bring her down slightly in viability. Like Elena and Ken, you can consider her an A+ since beyond those small issues, her damage and effects can more than carry the weight.

- C. Viper
The backrow slayer, her ability to snipe people out behind bison easily gives her a lot of leeway in terms of ranking, but she takes it a step further with a super powerful car 6 effect and her massive combo 3. Her ability to apply the ever-useful shock and burn debuffs are very handy, and she even has a big potential strike in the form of Detonation on her combo 2. All in all, an offensive and targeted response to backline can absolutely cook any team who relies heavily on their frontline.

- Gen
In spite of needing a doctorate to understand his effects and a bug that is preventing his clone from acting properly, Gen is still a massive threat with access to strong damage and interrupt effects. His master affinity lets you maximize your bonuses, and the existence of his clone can sometimes cause targeting issues for certain enemy attacks. His value might not be apparent upfront, but after usage, you'll quickly find that he is a threat even with some of his kit being non-functional. If we assume his clone works properly, it wouldn't be hard to imagine an S tier argument for him, but for now he's in A.

B tier

- Blanka
A reasonably tanky individual with access to some of the better combo options in his 1 and 2, and the clumping potential in his super is a very powerful tool to have. His output can be high, his biggest issue is that he needs to maintain electrified to keep that output. This isn't per se difficult, but does cause his kit to become a bit one-dimensional. He just lacks the consistency and sheer power of those in the tier above him.

- Cammy
Cammy is a character defined by her damage, and in this regard she's one of the best. Spin knuckle displacement can allow you to hit a bit combo 3 on a mid-line character, she's reasonably fast, her bonus attacks can be devastating, she just lacks anything else. If you need raw power, she's a fine choice, but then so are a lot of characters. In this way, she falls short to the meter building power of Chun Li or the backline sniping C. Viper.

- Cody
But isn't Cody a B-grade unit? Yes, but he has access to one of the most cheese-creating features in the game: A free super. At that, the super is really good: Targets beyond backline, displaces the target, can stun and interrupt, and the cost (minus combo damage for 6 seconds) is easily worked around by just slow-rolling your supers. Mind you, he's only good insofar as your ability to win a fight with only 3 characters, but given some of the absurd output the A and S tiers have, that's not a hard bar to fill when you're chaining together 2-3 super combo chains in a row.

- Decapre
Strong execute damage, a great assist bonus, and her guardian mark can make soul damage teams pop like no other. Her biggest issue is that for her to maximize her potential, you really have to build with her in mind, but when you do she's almost second to none in terms of what she can enable. Paired with the likes of MH Ken and Bison, Guardian Mark and her execute effects can really make the team feel like a proper burst and drop comp. Beyond that, she's pretty good but not someone you can bring to any team.

- Dee Jay
Late game with the right assist, Dee Jay can be an absolute wall of a unit, soaking hits and dishing out stuns like a madman, but therein lies his issue: To utilize him to his maximum potential, he does need you to invest the support space for him to use. This can create some teambuilding issues where your support might've been better served elsewhere, and as such, Dee Jay might not find a spot on a team where you don't have that support to spare. That being said, if you can spare the support and put someone like Abel in his corner, Dee Jay can become a tank that can rival the likes of Honda and Gief.

- Guile
Strong AoE damage, good damage penetration through Saber, a super strong combo 3 and access to armor break are the defining factors of Guile. His main issue comes in the form of his combo 3 having a limited reach that you need to build around (and generally doing less than a lot of other characters combo 3s), and that outside of armor break he really doesn't provide much else for his team. Even with the benefit of his fighting spirit adding a ton of juice to his combo 3, he still comes out a bit lacking compared to the likes of Sim, Ken, Viper, or Juri.

- Hugo
Mr. Potato is a huge wall of health and regeneration, and to his credit, with the right build around he becomes a real menace to break down, but on his own he's just an average tank with some reasonably high niche potential in healing comps. Much like Dee Jay, with the right support in tow he becomes a lot harder to bring down, but that in itself creates issues. You could find worse tanks, but not many.

- Mad Ryu
Sacrilege, but I feel due to his current bugs and almost non-existent fighter spirit effects (sans his assist), he's nowhere near as potent as he used to be. Don't get me wrong, his damage is still absolutely absurd, easily the highest in this tier and competing with some of the best in the next, but his health burning (from max hp instead of current) and the shield seeming to amplify his damage taken hold him back a lot. Without heal support, he burns himself out quickly and falls to collateral damage easily. If fixed, he would probably be an easy A tier character, but until then...

- Makoto
A decently strong tank with good grouping abilities, a great passive in Qi focus, and the rare ability to get a guaranteed stun (albeit on a gate). All things considered, she's a character that you could argue is above anyone else in B tier, but the matter is "Is she as good as the tanks in A tier". I feel like defense bonuses are a lot weaker end game than flat percentage damage reduction, grouping isn't uncommon with the likes of B gief around, and while her stun is nice it's something gated on a low percentage chance to stack to get to the point where she might be able to snag the front and mid (and the animation stun doesn't come out until the end, much harder to utilize for interruptions than B Giefs spin). You can consider her B+ easily, I just don't see her on the level of shutting down passives or projectiles.

- Poison
Good access to debuffs in the form of shock and silence, decent damage, and an interesting passive effect enhancing her abilities against enemies based on gender. She's an all around solid pick, though if you want shock you can go with Viper, and for silence you have Rose. She's all of it in one package, but the overall power level is a fair bit lower than her contenders. For the trade off of the 100% chance, you're losing out on either a better super effect or a better combo 3. Her biggest problem is the same of a lot of other B tiers: Good, but there's someone better. If you want shock to always occur, though, she's the one to call.

- Guy
Like Viper, he's really good at slapping the backline, and like Mad Ryu, he's really good at capitalizing on kills. He's just not better than either of them at either of those things. He's solid, fast, and his fighting spirit can really maximize damage output. Putting him in an assist position is also a viable option. Like Makoto, he's a B+ character, standing above those around him for packaging naturally powerful effects together. He just doesn't provide the slaughterhouse potential of Viper, and thus has to contend for that position.

- Charming Dudley
A better version of regular Dudley, mainly due to his niche as a heal denial unit. Thanks to his fighting spirit, he absorbs 20% of the healing done to those characters, giving him some decent value against Rose and Elena comps which are somewhat common. His damage output is surprising, with him being able to fire off his super as soon as the battle starts and his combo 2 being deceptively damaging. His ability to spread Black Rose to enemies along with his 6 car bonus also means your entire team gets a decently hefty boost while also getting 75% of that healing he's stealing.
C tier

- Dudley
An interesting concept of a dodge tank and his super and combo 1 are decent, he synergizes with Grave Injury and can apply it but realistically doesn't get much value out of it like Adon does aside from upping his admittedly above average damage. He's alright in an interruption focused comp as a combo 1 stun for B. Gief, but he's admittedly worse in this role than someone like Honda who can provide the same thing. He's fine, just he's only fine in a game where every slot matters.

- Combat Guile
An interesting AoE fighter with good debuff removal effects, however most of his kit is tied to these and none of them are guaranteed. If that wasn't enough, his car bonus is basically just some flat attack and health stats and his fighting spirit is a middling amount of attack and health with a decent 30 to give his combo 3 a 20% chance per hit to purge something. When looking at all of this, it's not hard to see where other characters might be better suited to his role. He's a purger when such a thing isn't incredibly valuable, though if it becomes more valuable then naturally his stock will rise.

- Fei Long
Great in a fire composition, except "great" is a hard sell given you are restricting yourself from the best units in the game arguably. He does have a guaranteed stun on the frontline if they're a burning opponent, which is nice. He can apply burns and his fighting spirit helps to improve burn damage, his assist is actually very strong on a Dhalsim composition, and the bonus damage from his passive stacks up... But only if you're willing to functionally only run fire characters, which is arguably one of the weakest affinities. Still, Fei could somewhat be useful in something like a Bison/VipeSim composition where you just don't have Bison doing anything, and as a result I'd say he's a C+ character. His output just doesn't match the likes of Adon who would be a better use of that slot, or B. Gief who would be a better character overall to bring in any composition where Fei would fit.

- Ken
Another B grade unit with some form of utility thanks to his AoE aura. While he obviously doesn't exist late game like Cody might in some niche capacity, I'd be remiss not to mention him as probably the strongest B grade unit overall. If rented as a mercenary, his scaling is surprisingly good for his grade. Still, consider him a C- unit overall, and if you feel they belong in D or food then that's fair as well.

- Mayor Cody
S tier in terms of drip, but in terms of capability he falls short on almost all regards. His damage is ok but not great, all of his effects are done better by someone else, he would fall to D tier if not for his amazing assist giving the character a flat attack increase against the opponents highest attack unit. This can be especially deadly on characters who use executes or bypass frontlines like Viper or Guy. If you *had* to use him, he can be passable as a burn provider and hinder has some potential behind it.

- T. Hawk
Like Combat Guile, T. Hawk is a character who does a great job of dispelling effects when that isn't something that is highly valued in the game presently. Of course, also unlike Combat Guile, he does have some genuine utility in his effect resistance buff thanks to its ability to shut down stun attempts. He just doesn't provide enough as a tank to contend with those in the tier above, but he has a special place in my heart against Beast Gief opponents.

D tier
- Sakura
A healer who can last for a surprisingly long time in her role, she's immediately discardable once you get Elena and Rose. Not much else to say on her aside from that for the most part, like Ken her mercenary scales decently well so it's something to consider if for some reason you just lack other options.

- Yang / Yun
These two have the issue that part of their kit is tied with the other being there, and it's not an insignificant part of their kit. This means to use both characters to their best effectiveness, you're devoting two team slots, and arguably neither of them can contend with most options in this regard. Why would you ever use them when you could bring almost any other pair of characters. Between the two of them, Yang is superior by a large margin and could be a C or B tier on his own if he didn't make you saddle yourself with Yun to get his full kit online.


There you have it! As mentioned before, I welcome open and constructive discussion over it. Obviously there will be some folks who disagree with placements, but hopefully I did an alright job describing my justification on why each character are where they are. I feel like while Tier Lists themselves are a mostly pointless endeavor in a changing game, they incite some of the best discussion on balance and allow for people to display their character knowledge on what someone else may have missed or not considered.

Thanks for reading!
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2023.03.24 02:07 aperry410 Carplay on Sony screen is not connecting in my Honda Civic (just installed today) How to fix??

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2023.03.24 02:02 Specialist_Laugh8374 MK8 MT - auto brake hold on a hill?

What's the deal with the brakes staying on when taking off on a hill? I've stalled out a couple of times on a hill from the brakes staying on after you take your foot off the brake. I didn't see anything in the menus about disabling this. Anyone run into this?
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2023.03.24 02:02 GetReady4Action Which CarPlay unit for 2008 with JBL system?

Hey guys, just totaled my 2013 Honda Civic because some jackass wanted to text and drive and decided to hit me while I was crossing a four way stop. Starting next January I'll be student teaching and will have no money coming in for six months while I finish student teaching and get through summer break so I sadly can't go out and get locked into a loan right now. Luckily my dad has offered to sell me his 2008 Rav 4 for a great price since the market is so shit, god bless that man. It's a 2008 with the JBL system, would anybody have any info on a good CarPlay unit with a backup camera? I'm by no means a car guy so forgive my ignorance in advance, but after a bit of research I see that the Ravs with the JBL systems need special parts I believe? If anybody could shoot me some links I would greatly appreciate it, thanks in advance and excited to be a part of the club!
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2023.03.24 02:01 naibataonga Advice for finding a reliable preowned vehicle

Hi Everyone,
I am in the market to buy my first car. I am going for Japanese brands and looking for reliability and if possible a bit of performance, although my options are limited. This is the list of good options I accumulated from the Facebook marketplace in the Montreal region. Please give me some advice on what priority to go visit these sellers.
I have attached an image of the excel sheet I made as well as the pdf and excel file if the image pixelates on zooming.PDF and excel
Thanks in advance and have a great day/night ahead.
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2023.03.24 01:58 octaneveins Absolute JDM beauties ❤️🇯🇵🏯

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2023.03.24 01:42 Aggressive_Wind9501 My 2019 Honda Civic Sport 2 liter sedan makes a whistle noise that’s louder in Sport mode. It’s loudest when I’m driving slow and decelerating like down shifting with the paddle shifters. I don’t really hear it at higher rpms. It does it even when the air conditioner is off.

Actually it’s more like a quiet whine. The transmission fluid was replaced at the dealer but it still makes this sound.
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