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2023.06.06 03:53 boradbuilds MBA M1 16GB RAM + PC Build + 43 Inch 4k LG TV

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2023.06.06 03:52 Extra_fighter369 Isn't it bi too much

Isn't it bi too much
Really Mihoyo
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2023.06.06 03:50 odkevin Ownership of contents after closing on property?

My wife and I bought my in laws farm and butcher shop. We closed July 17 2022 (almost a year ago) there is shared space outlined in the contract, but the butcher shop is not included in shared space, it's solely ours. We operated last year as a business processing wild game and plan to continue to do so. My in laws have started selling some of the equipment in the shop, and have gone so far as to give us an itemized list with prices if we wanted to buy the equipment.
My question is, is there a statute of limitations for how long they have (had) to remove their belongings before my wife and I have any legal claim? Nearly a year later and they've not moved much of anything out, to the point that we can't move anything in.
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2023.06.06 03:50 Artic-Flamingo PJ's Spark

PJ has been contemplative lately – quiet and withdrawn – he seems to have lost his spark. I found him today on the odd side of the barn, sitting on the post fence looking out over the pasture. It’s a beautiful view, but PJ never had time for it before.
It would be easy to assume that he’s growing more reflective as he begins to step away from the boy inside, but that’s not it. I know him. PJ is a lot like me. He’s had an awful lot to manage. I think quite a lot of that is coming to a head now, as part of his word resolves and another part begins.
He’ a complex kid, but he’s not complicated – there’s a difference. His curious mind has always been eager to see everything there is to see and yet he’s had a way of simplifying the data. He categorizes his world with great care, storing it in manner that makes sense to him. And until the worst night, things made sense to him.
Zach is altogether different. He too is eager, but he is immensely more patient than his brother. Just like his mother, he wants to know why, while PJ only needs to know how. I think that says a lot. Zach is less convinced, less consenting to the world that is, where PJ has historically trusted it. The result is that Zach is a realist, where PJ is a dreamer. Dreamers are harder to fix.
Still, the wonderful thing with PJ is that he possesses unbridled optimism and so his processing will always favor the light. It could be that, for all that’s happened, and for the first time, he’s lost a bit of his light and maybe he doesn’t know what to do. I need to help him find it.
Zach’s world has been continuously active lately; he’s got a lot going on. Celebrations and milestones abound these days, and although Zach had rather cope quietly, it’s hard to let some of these things pass that way. Even PJ would never allow that. Still, and although PJ is purely happy for his brother, it’s not hard to see that he’s been second-chair for a while now and that needs to change.
I had a long talk with Zach tonight where my intent was to assure his understanding that I will be carving out time for his brother alone more and more. Zach’s only response was to rattle off a list of things that PJ would want to do and told me to start tonight. “He needs to be number one now.” He said. Zach sees what I see and he’s been concerned. So “whatever it takes” is his position, and I expected it would be.
I booked this weekend for us – just me and PeeJ – a fairly spectacular array of events that might just blow his mind. He needs to laugh and be excited again. I’ve decided that we’ll drive, rather than fly – PJ loves road trips, and we’ll do every stupid thing along the way. He’ll have my undivided attention.
I’ve been there for PJ through all this mess the very best that I could be, but he’s also been there for me. He’s always been there for me. I need his company just as much as he needs mine – I need his spirit to set me right, because it always does. I think we need each other right now.
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2023.06.06 03:49 boradbuilds Wanted to share my new bedroom setup!

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2023.06.06 03:48 Meezy98 Learned a lot by just browsing through this sub. I'm happy with how it came out, but I felt a review was warranted as I've failed to even land an interview in the past. I'm attempting to move onto another position in the same realm as my current role and am willing to learn any tech stack required

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2023.06.06 03:48 RPGrandPa Question: Undermountain

Alright so in my "Classic D&D" homebrewed setting, we just finished out last campaign so this time I want to run a Mega Dungeon. Sure other dungeons exist that are more MEGA than Undermountain but Undermountain is kinda like the OG dungeon crawl.
I currently have the following . . .
1) The Ruins of Undermountain
2) The Ruins of Undermountain II
3) Undermountain Stardock
4) Undermountain: Maddgoth's Castle
5) Undermountain: The Lost Level

Questions . . .
1) Do more old school addons exist for Undermountain? If so, could someone list the ones I don't have?
2) Out of everything from classic D&D that is Undermountain what order are these supposed to be in?
3) If I remember correctly, this mega dungeon has a lot of empty rooms, am I remembering right?
4) With everything out for the classic edition of Undermountain, how high level does this thing take characters to?
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2023.06.06 03:48 chohls [WTS]/[WTT] Gold, World Silver Lots, German, Canadian, 1oz Bars, Proofs, Unique Art Bars

Good evening, folks. I've got a good one for you tonight! Lots of fun stuff on offer. I'm looking to make some trades on these, but a lil cash never hurt nobody.
PROOF: https://imgur.com/a/mpctuie
Looking to trade for Libertads, Brittanias, 90% Constitutional, 92.5% Canadian Silver, as well as LMU gold and sovereigns. But let me know what you've got, I'm open to any offers for trades and reasonable offers on price.
As always, I accept Zelle, PPFF, and Venmo for payment. Zelle is vastly prefered. Add $6 for shipping, $10 if over 12 oz. Shipping to Continental US only. Insurance can be added per request.
Now that being said, let's get to the goods!
1 x 2022 Niue Czech Lion 1/4 oz Gold (Cracked Capsule, coin is fine) $575 (Ebay comps @ 650+)
1 x Mexico 1955 Cinco Pesos $260
20 x 2 Reichsmarks $200 (Selling as a lot, all AU+ in airtites, will ship in a tube)
5 x 5 Reichsmarks $140 for the lot
1 x 1957 Proof Set in Plastic Holder $33
Canadian Commemorative Lot: 9x 50% Silver Dollars (4 Bison Skull, 3 Universidade-Edmonton, 1 National Parks, 1 Trans-Canada Railway), 1x 80% Half Dollar $180 ($170 w/o 50 cents)
26x 1 oz APMEX Bars $702 ($27 each)
1 x 2019 2oz Reverse Proof Libertad (Mintage 2500) (NOTE: I'm really only interested in trades for a 1oz reverse proof on this one)
Holy Lot: 1x 2022 Samoa 1oz Light of Christ, 1x 2021 1/2 oz Samoa Alpha and Omega $60
2 x Franklin Mint Sterling Silver Art Bars (1x 1933 Duesenberg, 1 x 1934 Chrysler) These bars are each 1000 grain .925 silver, which works out to right about 4.167 ozt total, or 3.85 ASW. Asking $120 for the pair
1 x 1oz Silver Shield Empty Enemy Vaults in Capsule $30
$1.55 Canadian 80% Silver lot $30 (I can throw in the 50 cents from the other lot for $40)
Swiss Silver Lot (1 x 1963 Red Cross 5 Francs, 3 x 90% Silver Expositione Nationale Suisse Lausanne Medals.) More info here: https://en.numista.com/catalogue/exonumia64194.html Asking $100
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2023.06.06 03:48 Upset-Gain-7281 Airbnb gift cards

Hey guys! I received a lot of Amazon cards for graduation (literally $3k worth) and I was really excited at first so redeemed $450 instantly to my account. It’s been redeemed since January.
I’ve had one stay for $1000 dollars and received a 5 star rating as guest with review from 2021 and then I spent $900 in 2022 and I needed to cancel because the listing wasn’t as described after messaging more with the host and the host said there was a no refund policy. They said I’m best off to contact my bank so i did and they refunded me. Airbnb emailed me confirming the dispute and that it would now be in my banks hands. it says I cannot post the image in the my post but if you’d like to see it I can send it - its been over a year and my account is in perfect standing but I just want to make sure that redeeming these gift cards to my balance won’t result in me losing them somehow? Like I don’t want to randomly wake up and have a locked account or something, I’ve never broke any rules on the app so my husband says in his opinion I shouldn’t be worried about anything.
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2023.06.06 03:47 Joe_SanDiego Six months straight of increases in sales price for the San Diego market

Six months straight of increases in sales price for the San Diego market
I decided to put a 10 year perspective here. I think it adds context.
You are seeing median sales price and active listings posted. Percent of ask received is still a little above 100 percent. Median sales price is creeping towards the all-time high, despite a nearly doubled interest rate.
Synopsis: Supply outstrips demand and keeps prices bouyant.
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2023.06.06 03:45 Mister_Way The Higher Self and the Enneagram

The higher self – this is an ancient concept, and it is found throughout human spirituality, religion, philosophy, and culture. But, what is it, and more importantly, “why are you talking about it in enneagram?”
The higher self is not something that you have to imagine; you can easily observe it in yourself. The higher self is most easily described first in relation to the lower selves, as they are far more immediately accessible, and together they comprise the higher self. You know them well, and talk about them regularly.
You might say, “I was thinking…” referring to the thoughts you were having. But, aren’t you your thoughts? What is this “I” that was having a thought? It is the higher self, observing the lower self known as “the Head.”
Alternatively, perhaps you will say “I was hungry.” Who is it, exactly that experiences hunger? It is the higher self, who observes hunger, and all the senses and sensations, which are the “thoughts” of the lower self known as “the Gut.”
And, of course, you might say “I felt [an emotion],” which is the higher self experiencing the lower self known as “the Heart.”
Each of these lower selves is a processing center designed to serve the higher self, which is supposed to be making intelligent decisions by examining all of their various outputs and weighing them appropriately in an integrated, intentional examination.
Each of these three lower selves has three modes it can operate under:
The Heart center has three settings. It can be set to any of these modes of processing:
2 - What should be felt
3 - What others feel
4 - What you feel
The Head center has three settings. It can be set to any of these modes of processing:
5 - What you think
6 - What should be thought
7 - What others think
The gut center has three settings. It can be set to any of these modes of processing.
8 - What you want to do
9 - What others want to do
1 - What should be done
The higher self can turn any of these on at any time, but the higher self tends to fall asleep and allow things to run on autopilot. This is why the first step to achieving any kind of growth is increasing the proportion of the time that you are self-aware, particularly in moments of stress, instead of acting on auto-pilot. Only when the higher self is active can you do anything but what you’ll always automatically do.
What is it that you always automatically do? It’s not a simple list of things, although it can sometimes appear to be that way if your situation remains consistent over a long period. But, what is happening is that while the higher self sleeps, one of the lower selves takes up position as the de facto “higher self,” and it just dominates all of your processing and experience at the expense of the rest of the lower selves.
The lower selves have the potential to work in an integrated way, all together in harmony, under the direction of the higher self, but they don’t just automatically do so as a natural part of human development. In the ordinary course of human development, the higher self does not recognize its responsibility, and simply watches as the lower selves compete for attention and control, with one center taking over broadly, and each center being dominated by one of its three modes.(this is the reason for tritype being a thing).
The de facto “higher self” cannot adequately replace the true higher self. When the de facto “higher self” tries to consider the inputs from the other lower selves, it cannot help but bias itself against them and in favor of its own output, particularly with regard to the other two in its own center. It also lacks the authority to command the other centers to allocate appropriate distributions of resources to each of their three functions, so it gets skewed inputs from the others, in addition to already being biased in evaluating them.
The degree to which the higher self has abdicated to the de facto “higher self” is measured on the scale of the “levels of health.” The more power and control the de facto “higher self” has been given, the greater the compulsive bias toward that mode the person displays in their being. This is why the less healthy a person is, the more unreasonably “their type” they become, whereas the healthier a person becomes, the more balanced and reasonable they become. It is also why in unhealthy states, a person can behave erratically, as lower selves wrest control for short periods when their concerns have been ignored for too long. It so happens that each type tends to cause a crisis for the lower self which is its “direction of disintegration,” and its wings, such that these are what will most likely be which one takes over when the core type’s lower self is screwing up too much as de facto “higher self.” They don’t do a better job taken alone, but they can, with a little luck, balance out a lot of the extremes and often can maintain a chaotic, disjointed, sometimes self-sabotaging equilibrium.
In contrast, at the highest levels of integration, all of the lower selves are being engaged and considered appropriately and cohesively, so all of the types begin to resemble each other – it is the return to the essence that all humans share – all of the potentials and possibilities of each personality type united within a single individual. When a person has fully integrated, they no longer have any type at all. They are all of the types simultaneously, with the right one in conscious focus at every appropriate moment. Such levels of integration appear godlike to us ordinary people, and indeed, centuries pass between individuals who appear to have achieved them, and their influence is felt throughout the intervening years, and far beyond.
But, though it is unrealistic that we all aspire to be as gods among men, for us mere mortals, this at least provides the path of growth and development which will take us toward those paragons of humanity. It makes it possible to comprehend how it is that such great people as have existed share a species with the rest of us, and how we can become more like them.
What are we to do? Know thyself, not once, not sometimes, but always. Do not fall into auto-pilot, but be present in every moment, choosing always deliberately and with awareness what you are processing and doing. This comes first. From there, all possibilities become potentials, and any potential you choose may become reality. This is the purpose of the enneagram: not mere classification, not mere self-knowledge, but ascension to one’s full potential – the potential we all share, each with our own classified path to find our way to. Learning about the enneagram is about awakening the higher self, developing the soul.
Your higher self is asleep, parked in your “core type.” As it wakes up more and more frequently, you become increasingly free to experience all of the other types that are part of your essential humanity, and to engage them properly with their place in your life, and more importantly, you will be capable of higher levels of processing that are unavailable to the individual lower selves. The higher self is greater than the sum of its parts, as it can provide an integrated consideration of all aspects of all things. This cognitive superpower is the birthright of all people, theoretically free to be claimed by any who will seek it persistently.
But– there’s the catch-22. Until you already sought out your birthright, which grants true persistence, how will you do anything with true persistence, such as seek it out? The lower selves forget the higher purposes, so if the higher self is sleeping, who will be awake to awaken it to the task of awakening?
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2023.06.06 03:43 Ecstatic_Set_2931 [70112-LA, US][WTT/WTS] Trade/sell list: Biblios, star wars imperial assault, mansions of madness 1st edition small boxes set, castles of burgundy, castles of mad king ludwig, 7 wonders 1st edition, twilight struggle, splendor, terra mystica, nemesis space cats W:List at bottom of post

Looking to sell or trade some games trade and sell list below, wants are at the very bottom. Can ship at buyers expense. Feel my prices are off let me know and we can try to work something out. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
Tradelist/sell list:
Can look through trades list and my game collection to find trades or buys if not listed below, can use with link below:
Castles of mad king ludwig w/ secrets expansion-base played once, secrets is unpunched but the contents are in the main game box - 50
-Clue office (NIS) - 20
-Terra mystica (open never played) - 50
-Nemesis space cats expansion (NIS) -20
-Star wars imperial assault (NIS) - 80
-Biblios (played once) - 65
-Splendor (played once) -30
-Castles of burgundy (open box, never played) - 20
-7 wonders 1st edition w/ leaders and cities expansions (played once) - 60
-Twilight struggle (NIS, deluxe edition) - 45
-Mansions of Madness 1st edition sealed boxes
The Laboratory - 60
The Yellow Sign - 60
House of Fears - 55
‘Til Death Do Us Part - 20
The Silver Tablet - 30
Season of the Witch - 25
all of them - 225

Want in trade:
Too many bones base game
7 wonders 2nd edition base game
moonrakers base or infinity box
arcadia quest base
gloomhaven solo scenarios and forgotten circles
spirit island feather and flame
cthulu death may die
Any of the scythe expansions
Anachrony exosuits expansion
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2023.06.06 03:40 Dull-Refrigerator-33 Is everyone's Razer Blade backlight still working?

EDIT: I mean LOGO backlight. Mine is set to static / breathing still does not work.
I have a 2022 Advanced and at some point the backlight stopped working. Anyone else experiencing this? I re-installed Synapse and all the drivers are up to date.. BIOS too. Wondering if it is a bug in the firmware or if it's a hardware issue?
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How does 5 minutes sound?
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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at Genkicourses.site 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.06 03:39 Crusader_Exodus The Chimera - A fic about an OC with a strange Changer Power

Hello! Crusader Exodus here putting out a plug for for the serial I'm writing currently set in the Parahumans universe:
The Chimera
Here's the synopsis, and I'll go into additional detail afterwards:
Morgan Rivera is a member of the Wards ENE, an organization for minorswho wish to use their superpowers for good. She's a native to BrocktonBay, a somewhat infamous city in the New England states area, which isknown for its fairly high density of capes on all sides: good, neutral,evil, governmental, corporate and independent. Growing up in BrocktonBay is a challenge for anyone, with the presence of Neo-Nazi superheros,cape-powered gangs, and murderous psychopaths both with and withoutpowers. Joining the good guys seems like the logical thing to do: Shegoes to a good school, her family doesn't struggle with the povertyclutching the city, she's popular and the benefits are great. Life wouldbe good, great even, if it weren't for one thorn in her side: her shapeshifting power. She's versatile, adaptive, intelligent, good-lookingand pretty damn good with PR. If only she could beat anyone remotelydangerous and get herself off her number one position on the "Worst HeroN.A." list.
The story is set roughly about a year before the events of Worm. There's some familiar faces present in the start of the story, but there's also a good roster of all original heroes, villains and settings that will be introduced over time and will wind up being the more everyday faces than some of the usual go-to characters in the wormfic sphere. I've been writing it with the intention of the story running as a parallel to Worm & Ward, and for the most part, it will be following along canon. I fully admit that I'm not the best at writing WildBow's characters, but I try and do my homework. I make some pretty bold decisions in the first arc, and recognize that the story won't be for everyone. Morgan's relationship with her power is somewhat divergent from the relation that most capes have with their respective powers, but I'd like to think that it is not without precedent: there simply isn't many sentient powers that we get to see in the story.
Please read the AO3 tags. I keep them updated as the story progresses.

Things this story is:

Things this story is not:

I'm posting updates at least weekly, I have a pretty large chapter backlog to work through so posting will be faster than normal initially. I'd like to settle down and post at least a chapter or two a week in the future.
I love questions, comments, concerns, criticisms or just generally talking about the story and characters, so fire away!
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2023.06.06 03:39 wyatt392 Confused on what laptop I am trying to find

So I am new to laptops and what is good for a laptop and I am looking through reviews on laptops for college. I came across this laptop on Amazon that is, “HP 2022 Newest Touch-Screen Laptops for College Student & Business, 15.6 inch HD Computer, Intel 11th Core i5-1135G7, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Fast Charge, HDMI, Webcam, Wi-Fi, Windows 11” now this does not show a actual hp laptop name and I can only find it on Amazon it is being sold by lioneye and I can’t find anything exactly like it on the official hp website. I am fairly confused and want to make sure I have a decent laptop for college that runs good that isn’t super high price either. This laptop that was listed was at a price of $749 I don’t want to go above $850. Any advice is highly appreciated.
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2023.06.06 03:38 progrocktv Mp3tag for Plex .mp4 video files field compatibility

I'm in the process of tagging some personal videos in Mp3tag for Plex. I've got Mp3tag set up pretty well so the metadata is showing up in my Plex screen (Title, Sort Title, etc) and I'm trying to figure out which other Mp3tag fields work with Plex and what their counterparts are. For example I know Mp3tag uses "PODCASTDESC" which shows up in Plex's "Summary" field but are there any others that work as well? As anyone put together a list of corresponding fields?
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2023.06.06 03:38 RevolutionaryDrag585 How to make number of friends invisible in groups

How to make number of friends invisible in groups
I’m in a bunch of Facebook groups and I set my friend list private. However, when I click on my profile through a group, it shows the number of friends I have. Is there any way to make it private from group members? Thanks!!
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2023.06.06 03:38 ItIsTimeToTakeaBreak [WTS/WTT] Trijicon Credo 1-6 SFP, Red BDC Segmented, with Aero Precision Ultralight Mount - $850

Timestamp: https://i.imgur.com/J8CaqR6.jpg
Group Photo and SN info
Additional Images
Changing direction on my current setup, want to shave some weight on this build.
Comes with everything in the box, plus the Aero mount. No stripped screws, no cross threads. Everything is in good condition. LED illumination is very bright on max setting. Crisp glass and reticle.
Selling for $850 shipped PPFF only.
Trades I’m looking for:
Non-magnified optics, A2 complete uppers, pistol RDS, or whatever you might want to offer that would be equal in value. Worst I can say is no!
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2023.06.06 03:35 rebel_zen Promotional Sales - Higher % taken than what I have setup

Is anyone else having this issue? I set ALL my listings (112+) at promotional sales 2% and then when a sale is made, ebay is taking the "suggested ad rate" percentage, rather than the 2% it is set to? How do I solve this issue? This has happened on a large number of orders, and I keep having to contact ebay for the problem and to have them refund me the difference. Maybe there is a trick I am not knowing about?
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