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[S] [USA-GA] Panasonic GH5 with V-Log L, Metabones 0.64XL Speebooster EF to MFT adapter

2023.03.20 22:22 Own-Opposite1611 [S] [USA-GA] Panasonic GH5 with V-Log L, Metabones 0.64XL Speebooster EF to MFT adapter

This is a repost since my last post is almost a week old and no one will see the previous price drops I've already made for the camera. Timestamp is for today's date though.
Local trades ZIP: 30318
Got a Panasonic GH5 for sale with a Metabones XL 0.64 EF to MFT for sale. The camera is in very good condition with some very minor sensor dust. Nothing major. Everything works as it should. Getting rid of it as I have no need for it. I'm missing a spare charger for the battery but I'll charge it before shipping it out. Just make sure to have your own battery charger since I only have one dock to charge my S5 batteries and need it. No box.
The Metabones adapter is pretty scuffed but it works fine. The element is in great condition. I don't have any caps for it, but I'll wrap it up to protect it from dust as best as possible during shipping.
Thanks for any interests. Feel free to ask me any questions.
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2023.03.20 22:22 subredditsummarybot /r/Hockey's top highlights for the week of March 13 - March 19

Monday, March 13 - Sunday, March 19

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25,033 1,206 comments [Video] Fleury’s mic audio from last night attempted fight with Binnington.
9,746 1,636 comments [Video] Binnington throws a blocker blow to Hartman's head after letting in the 5th goal of the game, Fleury tries to join in on the fun. Binnington was assessed a 5 minute match penalty
3,454 307 comments [Video] Goligoski scores, mocks Binningtons attempt to fire up the crowd
2,897 717 comments [Video] Icing waived off, whistle not blown when the puck is covered. Sogaard lets up and Ellers pops it in.
2,858 614 comments [Video] McDavid drops the puck on Evander Kane's family gender reveal.
2,668 178 comments [Video] Zibanejad scores a one-timer off a backhand pass from Tarasenko
1,901 400 comments [Video] Calle Jarnkrok (Leafs) goes to the box for goalie interference on Pyotr Kochetkov (Hurricanes)
1,768 180 comments [Video] Marchand after Bruins traded for Hathaway and Bertuzzi: “I love everyone in the league, all the guys I hate are now on our team”
1,713 208 comments [Video] Scary scene at the Swedish womens final as Luleå defender Jenni Hiirikoski has a skate cut her throat. She was rushed to a hospital and is in stable condition. Luleå would end up winning the game after a 30 minute delay.
1,616 184 comments [Video] Linus Ullmark hand-feeds Jeremy Swayman a buffalo chicken wing during his post-game interview in Buffalo
1,307 98 comments [Video] Shesterkin scorpion kick save on Granlund
1,261 175 comments [Video] Jonas Johansson with a HUGE save to win the game for the Avs!
1,135 71 comments [Video] [CAR(5) - PHI(4)] It's a hat trick, overtime winning goal for Sebastian Aho
981 58 comments [Video] Necas ties the game with 0.3 seconds on the clock
953 90 comments [Video] All 6 first period goals by the Rangers against Nashville
953 125 comments [Video] Schenn and Ehlers scrap with some decent blows
879 96 comments [Video] Barb Underhill breaks down the skating of Erik Karlsson and Brent Burns on HNIC (2021)
828 213 comments [Video] Before being involved in the bigger scrap later in the game, Binnington was having some words with the Wild bench.
657 53 comments [Video] [Video] Clayton Keller becomes Arizona's first 30 goal scorer in 11 years
635 74 comments [Video] Players try to do impressions of their team's goal horn
584 34 comments [Video] Jonna Albers scores her second shorthanded goal in two games
521 108 comments [Video] Kassian attempts to kidnap Garland into the Coyotes bench
455 33 comments [Video] Surprised Washington didn't review this for offside.
454 21 comments [Video] Matt Boldy's hat trick goal against the Capitals 🎩🎩🎩
453 26 comments [Video] Patrick Kane assists on an Artemi Panarin goal for the first time since 2017
436 22 comments [Video] Shesterkin yeets Protas' stick after the whistle
424 53 comments [Video] [COL 4-MTL 0] Arturri Lehkonen Scores his first in Montreal since being traded to the Avs!
400 29 comments [Video] My Nephew's Goalie Helmet
395 58 comments [Video] Bergeron nets one 15 seconds in vs the Sabres
349 35 comments [Video] David Pastrnak ties his single-season career-high in goals (48) to make the game 5-0 Bruins

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10,538 129 comments [Image] Brian Burke “extremely disappointed” in James Reimer’s decision to not participate in Pride Night
4,952 297 comments [Image] Juraj Slafkovsky traveled to Slovakia for his high school final exams taking place this week
4,299 1,586 comments [Corey Masisak] James Reimer will not participate in warmups for the Sharks tonight, because it is Pride Night and the team is wearing jerseys that support the LGBTQIA+ community. Reimer informed David Quinn and his teammates a couple days ago. More on this to follow.
4,296 503 comments Liquor Authority moves to strip Madison Square Garden of liquor license
3,466 574 comments [JJ Watt] Safer? No. Cheaper? Yes. Biggest barrier to entry for hockey is the expense associated with it. Soccer is the world’s most popular sport in large part because all you need is a ball. Hockey equipment is expensive, kids constantly grow out of sizes, ice time is scarce, etc.
3,343 747 comments [Video] [Julia on Twitter] Footage of Carson Briere, Mercyhurst University Mens Hockey player and son of Flyers interim-GM Daniel Briere pushing someone's wheelchair down the stairs at a club on Saturday night.
2,800 141 comments [Image] Slater Koekkoek shares why he stepped away from hockey
2,634 294 comments Potential future part-owner of Ottawa Senators, Ryan Reynolds, sells company to T-Mobile for $1.35 Billion
2,425 192 comments [Tarik El-Bashir] John Carlson suffered a fractured skull and a severed temporal artery when he was struck by a slap shot on Dec. 23. Three long months later, the Caps’ No. 1 defenseman is nearing a return, perhaps as soon as next week.
2,330 397 comments [San Jose Sharks] During tonight's game, in lieu of our normal game content, we will be using this platform to offer information and facts about LGBTQIA+ topics...Hockey is not for everyone until everyone is comfortable playing, working, or being a fan of this incredible game.

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2,558 bsaures said Danny: Son our family now are the face of the Flyers Carson: say no more
1,455 RaymondLuxury-Yacht said > It could be last call for alcohol at The Garden. > > The State Liquor Authority has initiated proceedings that could strip Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall and the Beacon Theater of the...
1,151 mylefthandkilledme said Right on time for the playoffs
1,044 LordCaedus13 said maybe God saves, but Reimer sure doesn't
926 dogeman87 said McDavid is fucking nuts

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1,695 - 165 comments 1 Gold, 1 Stanley Cup [Legless Wonder] Hi im Sydney and it was my chair that was pushed down the stairs. I’m so thankful for all of Sullivan’s help in this situation and the kind comments I see on Julia’s post. I swear I really don’t wanna keep a cent of the donated money, I’d much rather give it to those who need it.
82 - 93 comments 1 Bravo Grande! [PGT] Post Game Thread: Buffalo Sabres at Toronto Maple Leafs - 13 Mar 2023
39 - 48 comments 1 Bravo! [PGT] Post Game Thread: Columbus Blue Jackets at San Jose Sharks - 14 Mar 2023
394 - 193 comments 1 All-Seeing Upvote [Mercyhurst University] Statement from Mercyhurst University on Carson Briere.
1,570 - 524 comments 1 All-Seeing Upvote [Connors] JUST IN to NBC Philadelphia - Statement from Flyers GM Danny Briere on video of son Carson accused of pushing girl’s wheelchair down steps at club, says he was “shocked” + calls it “inexcusable”… Carson says “I am deeply sorry” - Video originally posted by juliazukowski

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1 Gold 345 OlympicMuffins said H Y D R O C H L O R I C
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2023.03.20 22:22 SportsNerdist Best friend of almost 40 years

Just got unfriended and blocked by my best friend of almost 40 years. We were having discussions about all the issues back and forth. When I made a point he did not like or couldn't refute, i was super left liberal who is blind to the issue. He would always go back to 2 main issues...Trans "agenda" being pushed on kids/gender affirming care and it is not ok to be a straight white male. He is a good man and raised very Christian. i was not growing up and he always tried to get me to go to church. He is recently divorced and his POS ex took him for everything and I fear that is what sent him down the rabbit hole. He is now cant trust the government. Gun control is not needed. He is the typical protect the kids from trans and liberal agenda. I was never giving him my opinion and only giving him peer reviewed studies on numbers about these issues and he kept coming back to well everyone has their own opinion. He came off like he thinks being a part of LGBTQIA+ is a choice so shoving it down his throat will turn his kid. I am a journalist by nature and 2 degrees so I was going with just the facts. He has not spent any significant time with anyone from that community and I have and talked to them about their experience and their journey. He thinks people should only get gender affirming care when they turn 18 and can pay for it themselves. He is against teachers staying silent when a kid comes out to them. He supports Kevin McCarthy's Parents Rights BS. I told him coming out for anyone is a delicate subject and if you are the person that has a kid come out to you...you should feel honored that they trust you. He does not understand that some parents will toss their kids on the street if they come out or abuse them and there is a reason the kids come out to the teacher and it is because they trust the teacher will keep them safe. He only uses far right propaganda sites and videos and commonly retweets or re tiks MTG and those idiots. But, he says he is a democrat that the dems have not provided a seat for anymore since he is a straight white male. One thing...SO AM I a SWM. They found a seat for me because I learned to be empathetic and learn about other cultures and people instead of be like him and stay in or near our home town. We are from a very republican part of American and very conservative part of our state. I joke to my wife that I was born in the wrong state.
He also considers abortion the number one cause of death among kids. He wont even consider guns but I asked why can't we try to fix both. Let me clear the air...I mean provide birth control and I am 100% pro choice. I know it will never end.
The other thing he has said....he said he has talked to other people who have grown up with us say that I have changed and gotten more liberal and they were worried and confused on how I could be this way. Spoiler...I was always 100% pro choice on everything. I am a you live your life and I will live mine so as long as you dont try to hurt me or anyone, We are cool. This is the same man that said at my wedding that I was the bravest man he had ever met. Now since I disagree with him on topics...what happened and you have went liberal. News Flash Look at the numbers of veterans who vote for dems or who dont vote for republicans. Him saying that stung the most because caring for everyone is not a bad thing.
Him and I grew up in the same community and same values. We were each other's best man at our respective weddings. I should be hurt but I am more worried about his mental health. Right before his divorce his idol and mentor (Dad) died so he doesnt have that to guide him anymore. I am so worried about him. I am going to let him cool down and come back on his own terms. I am not going to try to go crawling back because I do not need that toxic attitude in my life. I still love him like a brother but he needs to figure things out before we can be social again. (Saddest part is he has not met my daughter yet and that hurts but she is not going to be exposed to that kind of hate.)
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2023.03.20 22:21 thegreyquincy [WTS] Spyderco PITS modded by me; WE Trogon (Brian Brown design)

Timestamp and Vids
Spyderco PITS - Multiple owners. I got this in rough shape. with multiple scratches on the scales and blade. I cerakoted the scales, polished the speedholes and anodized them purple, and stonewashed the blade to camouflage the scratches. Has a few imperfections in the cerakote and polishing, but aside from the one next to the pivot on the clip side they're hard to pick out. Blade could use a sharpen but I haven't had a chance to do it yet. Does not include box.
SV: $250
WE Trogon. Second owner, but in excellent shape. Only issue is a couple of light snails near the blade tip from opening boxes. Excellent Brian Brown design that has great ergos, action, and drops shut. Only carried a couple of times by me, mostly just flicked a bunch. Includes box and goodies aside from the cloth.
SV: $250
Take both for $475. No trades at this time please.
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2023.03.20 22:20 Ambitious_Dance4828 I realized I am still frustrated with my partner for ignoring my birthday

My birthday was one month after LO was born. We were having some kind of disagreement on that day (I honestly don’t remember about what), I just remember feeling down, since we were mad at each other, and spending the day taking care of our baby pretty much alone. I didn’t get a cake, a card, nothing. I don’t remember getting a “Happy birthday” from him but he might have said it in passing.
For a bit more context. We are currently living in his hometown, my family lives in another country so I have nobody here besides him and his family (which is basically just his mom and a cousin). When LO was born, my mom came to stay with us for a full month. She helped a lot, but our house is a bit small so it became crowded very soon with a new baby, my mom and his mom constantly visiting. Things got worse when my dad showed up as a surprise leaving us even less space in the house. My parents speak a language that my SO doesn’t understand, so he gets very overwhelmed by the costant noise and conversations around him that he can’t be a part of. My parents were sleeping on our couch so we had zero privacy or a space we could go to unwind when we felt stressed. That first month was actually very hard, in retrospect I would have advised my parents to have come at a later time. Because the stress of having a new born, being first time parents and hosting your in-laws for a full month became too much for us and specially for my partner.
To make matters worse, we are in a very difficult financial situation. I am only working part time and he is finishing graduate school. So our budget is extremely tight, we have been living in a constant state of stress over every penny for the past year. Because of that we agreed on not giving each other presents for christmas and birthdays until we are both able to get better jobs.
My parents came here in the spirit of vacation. They wanted to constantly explore the city and the surroundings since it was the first time they were visiting. So I had to become a tour guide on top of being a new parent, healing from the birth and mediating the relationship between my partner and my parents, besides functioning as an interpreter for the house and all the languages everybody was speaking. The whole month was hell, to be honest. My husband thought it wasn’t fair I had to entertain my parents all the time, my parents thought my husband was a grumpy ass because he was always moody and short-tempered about not being able to do anything without being judged by 3 grandparents all the time.
The day my parents finally left we were mentaly exhasted from everything and from all the little arguments and little uncomfortable situations from the past month. 2 days later was my birthday. Husband was still short-tempered about something that I don’t remember anymore, we were fighting, so we did nothing for my birthday. We couldn't go out and celebrate or buy anything because of our budget. I couldn’t do anything for myself because I was breastfeeding on demand on very little sleep. His mom, who is normally very sweet to me, came by to wish me a happy birthday but she quickly left because she had had an argument with my husband the day before and she didn’t want to be there around him. His cousin called to wish me a happy birthday but she was sick so she decided not to come by because of the baby. I have no friends here yet. It was honestly the worst birthday I had ever had. I kept expecting that he would suddenly bring me a cake or something but nothing happened. He didn’t even offer to make dinner. Before the baby was born we talked about my birthday and how we could make sushi so I could celebrate finally being able to eat raw fish again, but we ended up not buying anything special on the actual day. I remember going to bed crying. The next day we solved whatever it was that we were arguing about and he said that he was sorry for the shit birthday I had, but it was too late to have any celebrations, it wasn’t my birthday anymore.
He had his own birthday about a month BEFORE the baby was born and we also didn’t do anything. I normally bake a cake for him but this time I was on my third trimester and really not feeling too well, so his mom brought a cheesecake and we had afternoon tea with her. He never cared much about his own birthday, every year I am the one that makes a big deal out of it and does something for him. I normally design new cool cards or something like that. This time, however, I also didin’t do anything. I was too pregnant and too tired.
The day after my birthday, I made peace with the fact that I had a shit birthday but we have a new baby so things like this happen, our priority is the baby now. Also, I felt like it was a bit unfair of me to expect him to do something for my birthday when I didn’t do anything for his.
Fastforward to today, 3 months after my birthday. I thought I was over what happened but apparently I am not. We ate a piece of cheesecake, which reminded us of the cheesecake his mom made him for his birthday. He made a comment about how his birthday was very uneventful to which I said “well, at least you had one, I had nobody, no celebration not even cake”, he replied “oh, that sucks!”. He asked me why he had a cake and I didn’t have one. I said it was because he had his mom here to make him one, he replied that my mom was here a few days before my birthday, she could have left one in the fridge. I decided to leave the conversation there and have a bit of alone time now writing this post.
Our baby is going through the 4 month sleep regression fase right now, we are absolutely exhausted. I didn’t want to escalate our already bad moods with a memory of the past to bring it up to him one more time that I felt like shit on my birthday. So I decided to come here and vent to you guys. I am crying while writing this post. I don’t know if it is the hormones or being sleep deprived, but I feel very hurt thinking of my birthday. I decided that next year I will make my own cake, and I will never allow something like this to happen again. I will never leave it to other people to surprise me, I will always make sure I have cake on my birthday from now on.
I am sorry about the long post, I had to vent to somebody.
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2023.03.20 22:19 myboimelvinmole [USA-CA] [H] CIB and Factory Sealed PS1, PS2, PS3 Games, Some N64 & GBA Games, Skylanders Chase Figures, And A Few Misc. Collectibles [W] PayPal

Shipping is free for orders $75 and higher. Please let me know if you have any questions or want more photos of anything I'm happy to help!

$80 - Sealed Codename: Tenka
$15 - Sealed NBA Shootout 98 - Damaged, Case Broken
$170 - Sealed R4 Ridge Type Racer
$45 - Sealed Thunder Truck Rally
$45 - Blasto (Excellent Condition) - CIB
$40 - Final Doom - CIB
$60 - Omega Boost - CIB
$35 - Star Wars Jedi Power Battles - CIB w/ Cover Art (Red and Blue Lightsabers Clashing)
$15 - Star Wars Masters of Teras Kasi - CIB
$65 - The Super Dimension Fortress Macross Do You Remember Love - CIB
$60 - Um Jammer Lammy - CIB

PS2 - All In Excellent Condition, Any Defects Noted
$30 - Sealed Airblade
$20 - Sealed Alias
$20 - Sealed The Getaway Black Monday - Stickers on Seal
$75 - Sealed Jak 3 - Black label, Greatest Hits Sticker on Seal (Unique, haven't seen others like it)
$20 - Okami - CIB
$10 - Superman Shadow of Apokolips - CIB
$10 - Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness - CIB

PS3 - All CIB
$40 - Sealed Enchanted Arms
$8 - Beyond Two Souls Steelbook - sticker on slipcover
$8 - Call of Duty Black Ops
$15 - God of War Collection - stickers on case
$35 - Hyperdimension Neptunia
$30 - Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk 2 - sticker on case
$35 - Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory - sticker on case
$8 - Need for Speed Most Wanted Limited Edition
$5 - Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch
$8 - Prince of Persia
$45 - The Sly Collection - Sticker on Box

$20 - Turok the Dinosaur Hunter - Loose, very clean
$15 - Wave Race, Loose
$5 - WCW vs NWO World Tour - Loose, very minor staining on back label

GBA/GBC - All Labels Very Nice
$10 - Cartoon Network Block Party - w/ Manual
$45 - Kirby and the Amazing Mirror - Loose
$5 - Spongebob Squarepants and the Legend of the Lost Spatula - Loose
$20 - Lot of 5 GBA games: Backyard Sports, Pirates of the Caribbean, Polly Pocket Super Splash Island, Namco Museum, and Spider-Man 2

$20 - Sealed Assassin's Creed II Strategy Guide (Piggyback Interactive)
$25 - Darksiders II Death's Door Hardcover Graphic Novel (Rare)
$20 - Metal Gear Solid Sons of Liberty Volume Two Trade Paperback (IDW Comics, Rare - Out of Print), Sun Fading on Spine
$40 - Pokemon The Electric Tale of Pikachu #1-4 (Complete) Viz Comics
$235 - Lot of 150 Pokemon The Movie 2000 Non-Holo Cards (Near full set, missing 11 and 43)
$100 - Sonic R Retail Box (Rare) - Sega PC, No Disc, Small Tear on Box but Otherwise Good Condition
$20 - Street Fighter Legends Sakura Comic Lot - #1A, 1B, 2A, 2B
$5 - Street Fighter II #4B - Udon Comics
$20 - Street Fighter Eternal Challenge Art Book (Capcom)
$15 - Soul Calibur IV Strategy Guide (Not For Resale - Rare)

SKYLANDER FIGURES - NIB unless stated otherwise
$1200 for All Figures
$165 - Lightning Rod Metallic
$35 - Life Creation Crystal
$275 - Cynder (Clear) - OPEN BOX
$150 - Dinorang Silver - LOOSE
$165 - Stink Bomb - OPEN BOX
$40 - Hot Streak
$65 - Hot Dog
$300 - Bone Bash
$90 - Fright Rider
$160 - Eruptor Silver
$80 per - Blackout (x2)
$80 - Echo
$50 - Light Trap (Variant)
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2023.03.20 22:19 Administrative_Emu64 Might've just messed up my chance at a permanent role

So I've just started my new job today. It's a summer role in a heritage place possibly guiding and also visitor services.
But I had to tell my new head of department that 2 years ago I ripped nearly all the tendons off my right shoulder and no longer have one at the front.
After my op, my consultant said to build the muscles up, I should go swimming. But as I said to my new head of department, how am I meant to do that with not enough money to feed myself? So I have a lot of muscle wastage in that shoulder which is quite painful.
He said that he would monitor me and see how things went. I reminded him I had previous experience with the same company in a very similar position and wouldn't have applied if I didn't believe that I could do it.
But I'm now worried that I'm going to be under a magnifying glass from his comments.
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2023.03.20 22:19 Kaspersiansky AITA for being a picky eater and rejecting my granny’s world-famous liver and onions dish?

Okay, fellow Redditors, let me set the stage for you. I visit my granny, and she wants to cook me something special. I’m like, sweet, bring on the feast! But then she drops the bombshell: she’s preparing liver and onions for me. Now, y’all, I’m a picky eater. I can’t handle stuff that tastes weird or looks unappetizing. And liver and onions? No offense to my granny, but that’s a hard pass.
So, I politely tell her that I’m not a fan of liver and onions and ask if she can cook something else. But she’s all like, “But honey, this is my signature dish! It’s been a family tradition for generations! Everyone loves it!” Now, here’s where things get awkward. I’m not everyone. I’m me. And I don’t love liver and onions.
I try to explain to her that it’s nothing personal, and I’m grateful for her cooking for me, but she’s not having it. She accuses me of being ungrateful and disrespectful and wasting perfectly good food. She even starts crying, and I’m like, great, now I’ve made my granny cry. This is not how I wanted my visit to go.
But here’s the thing, Reddit. Am I really the a**hole for rejecting a dish that I don’t like? Should I force myself to eat something that I find revolting just to spare her feelings? Shouldn’t she be the one accommodating my dietary preferences instead of guilt-tripping me?
I don’t know, but I do know that I ended up eating a bowl of cereal for dinner that night while my granny sulked in her room. And that, my friends, is the sad tale of my picky eating habits. AITA?
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2023.03.20 22:19 rainierirainieri Voters Guide For Real People (Taken from Nextdoor)

Surprisingly good content on Nextdoor. The post:
Let's laugh at local politics.
"Unpolitically Correct Voters Guide for Real People"

*Much like Tucker Carlson's TV show, this post is for entertainment purposes only. (Side note: my lawyer is also Tucker Carlson's lawyer and he told me to say that so I can't be held accountable for being legally braindead)*
Wayne Williams - Do you love water restrictions? Do you love traffic? Do you love the establishment? Do you love puppet politicians? Then you'll love Wayne Williams. Directly in the pockets of developers, Williams is the choice for anyone who wants unregulated growth that will force those in charge of our water infrastructure to make difficult decisions when our supply reaches a critical point. In his defense, he may actually be a good guy but a ventriloquist dummy is only as good as the person with their hand up his ass.

John "Tigger" Tiegen - You know that family member that ruins every thanksgiving dinner with endless schizophrenic rants about the deep state? This is who they would vote for if they weren't so woke to know that the voting machines are being controlled by the spectre of Mao Zedong. But they know a workaround to ensure their candidate gets into office: drive around with flags flying from their truck. And obviously if that doesn't work then the back up is just claiming election fraud.

Kallan Rodebaugh - The only good candidate. Not tainted by any Facebook narratives. Doesn't attack his opponents. All campaign donations go to Springs Mission. He has way better hair than any other choices. Can lift more than any other choices.

Daryll Glenn - This is the only candidate who will end the COVID lockdowns that Obama has inflicted on this country. Okay, sure, they have ended, but he'll travel back in time and end them. And sure, Obama isn't in office, but anyone who likes Glenn knows that Obama is teamed up with George Soros and Bill Gates to implant 5g chips in the populace and control them. Glenn will also fight back against the controllers of the Jewish space lasers that have been the cause of wildfires. Voting for him gets you a coupon code for MyPillow, so that's awesome.

Yemi - You know that warm fuzzy feeling you got when you voted for Obama because of all the hope and change and what not, then under Obama we drone struck a Yemeni wedding and it and we all were just like, "yeah, I definitely believe that I'm a leftist by voting for that" and then you were all like "orange man put kids in cage, I'm voting against him" and then the new guy just got nicer kids for the cage and you were all like "yeah, that's awesome I definitely think I'm a leftist for that"? Remember? Pepperidge farm remembers. Well, you can revive that feeling of neoliberal fetishistic disavowal by voting for a guy whose business was involved in wage theft and ignored sexual harassment allegations. Thank God (who he has personally spoken with, so there might be some collusion there) his supporters are telling people he wasn't to blame for those incidents because I haven't seen any evidence of him addressing the issue and clearing the air.

Christopher Mitchell - Finally, a candidate who has briefly skimmed the cliff's notes of the Constitution and is running a campaign based on a 4th graders understanding of said Constitution. He claims he'll handle things objectively, which, one can very well infer from reading about him that his version of objectivity will hew so close to subjective that you'll question the definition of either term. Also, wtf is the cowboy revolution? Does that mean this guy owns a Ford f-150 that's never left concrete?

Andrew Dalby - The dude took out a $400,000 loan for his campaign and his largest expenditure, the largest single expenditure among any of the candidates, is a $275,000 transaction to Dark Money Advertising LLC. The joke writes itself folks. A true caricature of politics. And listen, as a straight white male, I'm just as excited as the next straight white male for the possibility of the ideals in Handmaids Tale being the law of the land, but dude, chill. Side note: When Yemi claims he talked to God he was actually talking to Dalby.

Lawrence Martinez - I feel like if I try to add any coherent thoughts to this guy's platform, people will accuse me of being involved with his campaign. Considering that incoherence has been the preference for the executive branch of our federal government since 2016, he should be the frontrunner. But it's very likely that reading this is the first time you've heard of him.

Sallie Clark - The "i WoN't vOtE fOr cArEeR PoLiTiCiAnS" crowd aren't voting for her, so that is one out of two good things going for her. Of the viable candidates, she's probably the best choice when it comes to the real issues Colorado Springs faces (the ones Wayne Williams will make worse). But, as evidenced by her attack ad on Williams (which, by principle I don't vote for candidates who run attack ads) which juxtaposed Williams as someone who would dare reach across the aisle in bipartisan fashion, she is representative of the plague that is American entertainment politics. In a race that is supposed to be non-partisan, she has assured us that she is a conservative republican who is fine with alienating an entire voting demographic. I also heard a rumor that she talks to Margaret Thatcher with a Ouija board but I can't prove that.

Jim Miller - Jim Miller will increase the distance that sex offenders can live from schools. Jim Miller will increase the distance that sex offenders can live from playgrounds. Jim Miller will increase the distance that sex offenders can live from Chuck E Cheese. That's pretty much the platform. Oh, he doesn't like potholes either. We can all get on board with that, right? Just deport the pedos to Teller county and fix the potholes? We should probably just vote for this guy.

Longinos - You know that joke, "How do you know if someone's vegan? Don't worry, they'll tell you." Well, that's how Longinos is with his military career. And just like any panhandler that makes a dubious claim about being a veteran on their cardboard sign, he knows it's a strategy that works in this setting. He also makes the noble claim that he is the candidate for "the people" while being adamantly against everything half of "the people" want. He'll get up to 3% of the vote, which will at least beat Tiegen so that's fun.

Strand - Again, this is probably the first time you've heard of him. I think at this point it's probably a waste of time to waste my breath on someone all of us just heard of today because of this post. (The joke is that you all should have heard of him but he's been pushed far aside in this election)
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2023.03.20 22:19 ThrowRA348832 my (20f) boyfriend (20m) is addicted to his computer

tldr: my boyfriend is addicted to his computer. i'm really bummed out by it and he's aware that it's an issue, but in practice he just brushes it off and continues to spend hours every single day at his desk. we've been together for 2+ years and live together.
the other day we were supposed to meet up after my shift to go on an evening date together, but he "got too into his video game" and ended up being not only quite late to see me, but also derailed our date plans because he genuinely forgot to eat dinner and was starving by the time we met. there's also been a handful of times that he'd come back from uni, sit down at his desk to "unwind", but then lose track of time for hours and end up not doing anything around the house until i came home from work. as soon as i step in the door, he gets up to greet me and realizes "oh, i should have done x, y and z but i got too caught up, sorry".
this is genuinely the only big issue i have in our relationship. in every other aspect of life he is a loving, caring, kind partner who i see myself spending my future with. he's voiced many times that in the future he will do his best to be an equal parent (we both want kids and hate the notion that mommy is usually the primary parent and daddy just "helps"), but i can't stop myself from suspecting that sooner or later he'll slip into this lazy dad stereotype and that this computer addiction will play a part in it. it's just the easy way out.
he's definitely aware that this is an issue and is unhealthy, but ultimately thinks that right now spending so much time in front of his computer isn't that big of a deal and in the future he'll "just change it". except i can already see how it negatively impacts our relationship and i'm worried that in the future it'll just take on a new, different form. so yeah, i just want some advice from a third party :(
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2023.03.20 22:18 PurpleOctopuseses Question about red-shouldered hawk field mark

I was driving and saw a red-shouldere hawk fly across the road in front of me, then land in a tree before being harassed by crows and flying away. It was clearly and definitely a red-shouldered hawk in adult plumage. However, when it first flew in front of me, I got the distinct impression of a white rump. I was pretty confused because I've always used a white rump as a definitive field mark of a northern harrier, and I've never noticed that on a red-shouldered before. Has anyone seen this before? It seems some locality morphs have white rumps as juveniles, could it be a near-adult just losing the last of its immature plumage?
I appreciate anyone's thoughts!
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2023.03.20 22:17 Plumpinfovore Suing Mortgage Company ~Is it worth it?

Hi internets ppls,
Summary. I have a mortgage. Up until Aug. 22' every payment was on auto pay for near 2 yrs. Prior Aug 22' I applied for my states mortgage assistance program due to being out of work for a few months due to covid. My app. was accepted. Beginning at end of Aug 22' payments from mortgage assistance program were sent to lender, however it was done sporadically so they did not receive payments for Nov+Dec and then received 3rd payment and final in end of Jan. Problem is my auto pay had been shut off unknown to me and for that I am responsible. However, discovered problem in Feb and immediately began making payments and asked to be removed from loss mitigation from lender. I also refused their trial period they offered in Feb of getting out of loss mitigation bc I said I'll just ante up what is owed INSTEAD OF EXTEND MORTGAGE 10 years! By mid March the account was back to $0 according to my calc. However, they are taking their sweet time and 45 days has gone by with no progress despite me spending hours emailing and speaking over the phone of returning to my autopay and leaving covid nonsense in the rearview mirror. They say I owe money because they have not deposited Jan' payment from mortgage-assistance provider until 3 days ago. They also have never deposited or accounted for my Aug payment from my checking that coincided with the same month's payment from mortgage-assistance provider. Instead, they reported me to credit bureaus at some point in last 60 days and now my credit score has TAKEN A NOSE DIVE AND I AM PISSED ABOUT IT. I also discovered according to the CARE's act they ARE NOT ALLOWED TO REPORT DELINQUENCIES unless account was delinquent prior being 'accommodated.' The lender is refusing to strike their report that tarnished my credit and replace it with the correct one. Question is who do I contact to sue them, is suing them worth it, and are these fees they are adding in even legal? Such as having to pay exta to pay mortgage while under the 'umbrella' of loss mitigation? I get this whole COVID emergency bill having treasury paying mortgages is new terrain, but to steam role me like this is outright negligence. I did report them to CFPB and asked them to fix my credit score. They have 15 days to do so but it sounds like they will not because according to them I was "not in forbearance." Whew. COVID fallout still causing issues.
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2023.03.20 22:17 GhostlyRaye Beware GothBB.com

I've been looking for a new black dress lately (I want to cosplay one of my OCs), and Google recommended me the perfect dress from a website called Goth BB. I'd never heard of the site until that moment. I visited the website and looked at said dress for about a minute (didn't buy it because it was $50). After that I just closed the tab, didn't do any more exploring on the website. However, I was plagued by ads for Goth BB nearly everywhere so I eventually returned to the site... and immediately started uncovering red flags.
The first, undoubtedly biggest, red flag is the location of the company. On the website Goth BB is listed as operating out of the UAE. Upon Googling the address listed it brings up an apartment complex in Dubai. On the company's Facebook page, however, it lists the business as operating directly out of China (specifically Hong Kong). The fact that the two locations don't match, and considering the countries in question are common among scammers, lead me to believe it was more than likely a scam. But just to make sure, I did some more digging.
Secondly, seemingly every review on Goth BB is fake. Take the dress 'Backless Chiffon Retro Dress' for example. It has six reviews, and it is rated at four stars. It is possible that three of those reviews are real, though I highly doubt it. The other three are very obviously immediately fake. One user's review just reads 'feedback'. A second just writes the name of the dress. The third review, from an account called Support Judge.me says 'test test' (and rated the product five stars). Additionally, the single review for the Plaid Wrinkle Slim Dress is from an account just called Customer, and their review is written with very poor grammasentence structure (probably done with a translator).
A third, somewhat smaller red flag is how the stock images look. They are very inconsistent from product to product. Most look like they've been ripped from genuine fashion sites (because they are). Some have pictures of people wearing products with a clearly photoshopped out background. Plus there's one hoodie on Goth BB that I've seen on a bajillion different Japanese fashion sites, so I know for sure that one is stolen. If I knew how, I'd reverse image search pictures from the site just to see how many products exactly are lifted from elsewhere.
In the end I'm sad I wasn't able to get the dress I fell in love with, but at the same time I'm glad I didn't get scammed out of $50. I'd like to do some deeper digging into the website (namely investigating the url- see when and where the domain name was registered) but I'm not sure how to do that. Stay safe y'all, and please do your research before you buy any clothes online.
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2023.03.20 22:17 a2tvande1ay I'm (32M) confused at what to do at this point with my gf (31F)

We have been dating just over 1 year and living together for 2 months now.
I tried to bring some issues to her and sometimes I think things will change for the better but I'm having serious doubts. She is very stubborn and often gets over emotional for irrational things. We have a good relationship, my family likes her a lot. Here are my key grievances and I need to know if I'm being rational and how to handle the situation.
The other week she got upset, like in tears because she felt overwhelmed because she had to sort the recycling. I told her not to worry about it and I'll do it because it's not a big deal. Then she went on about societies expectations because she is a woman she feels she has to cook and clean while having a full time job. I told her, I don't have these expectations, and I have never once pressured to do any of these things. I work from home and clean when I can, and 99% I make my own food and eat because she is vegan and I am not. She was also upset that I never make her dinner even though I make my own food because I don't like eating vegan. I am also working a very demanding job even though it's at home she has different expectations for what I do.
This felt like a weird over reaction and often times she does this and claims she feels overwhelmed (usually for different reasons) I honestly think it might be a chemical/nutrient imbalance because of her veganism. However she won't listen to me about that either. She is hard headed in what she believes and won't make any changes in that regards so I let her make her own choices even though it seems like she is suffering. (Constantly tired and moody, needs a lot of affection)
She also has a cat she refuses to get sprayed because her last cat "changed" when it was done. I feel for this poor cat. Her hormones are obviously fluctuating all the time, and can't have sex. I know there's benefits to being sprayed like less chance of canceinfection but she won't listen or change her mind on this subject either.
Another issue is she takes up so much room in bed and it feels like she doesn't respect me enough to give me a lot of room to sleep. She always has the heat cranked to the point where I have to turn off because it's uncomfortably hot. (Again, I think this might be a vegan or medical thing)
She also thinks crystals have magical properties and spends hundreds of dollars on them every month. It's her money, I don't care. But she's in debt and this seems foolish and a waste.
I'm really frustrated, here are a few examples and I'm not sure what to do. I'm trying not to give up too early, I don't want to give an ultimatum but I'm seriously lost at what to do.
I like to think I'm good at communicating and I very openly bring these things up but it never goes over well.
What do I do?
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2023.03.20 22:16 MarauderV8 Two more VOD reviews and a question for all of you.

Hey all,
I did two more VOD reviews today:
  1. Diamond 3 (Console) on Oasis (https://youtu.be/N76e6T_Rw4w) where I cover:
    • The significance of positioning near cover.
    • Getting value from orbs
    • How bad positioning and low-value orb usage affect Coalescence usage.
  2. Gold 5 on Dorado (https://youtu.be/3BmDglyKLCY) where I cover:
    • Using alternate paths to create value and why something might work at a certain rank but not in others.
    • What orb to use and when.
    • Coalescence theory, and when to use it to make space.
The question I have for you all in this sub:
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2023.03.20 22:15 dudestfup nmom tried to break no contact in person

i cut off my mom in january. she has been financially abusing me since i was 18, taking cards out with my social, racking up loads of debt, getting car loans in my name, trying to get a mortgage loan in my name, and basically live her life at the expense of fucking me over. i’m only 23. i’m finally fixing the situation. i’ve submitted a police report. i no longer live with nmom, but i’m living with HER mother. which is much better than being with my mom, but there’s still things that gets on my nerves.
so i’ve been dodging texts from nmom for nearly 3 months. this weekend, my mom comes over and quite literally knocks on my door, walks into my room and says “hey” waiting for me to reply. as soon as i heard her come in, i had shut the lights off, hid under a blanket, and put my airpods in to so badly flee my reality. so when she came in, it was a dark room, she didn’t see me, i didnt see her and i was able to ignore her easily. but i silently cried right after that. i felt like my boundaries are again violated and i can’t expect my grandma (her mom) to not have her over… especially when i don’t pay rent. but i’m just glad the situation was the way it was and i didn’t have to walk in and see her face. it makes me so nervous. i don’t think anyone in my family has a clue that i’m pressing charges, but i’m starting to really contemplate getting a legal no contact order because i felt like i was stomped on just feeling her energy. i felt powerless. but i should think of that when i move out of here, right?
yeah so i am contemplating if i should move out. i am between jobs and everything is dependent on how fast i receive an offer. but that is my goal, because i’m thinking i can’t even be in this environment since my grandmother enables my abuser and allows her in her space which is our shared space
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2023.03.20 22:15 SnakeTeef Looking for Puss in Boots standee

Trying my luck here...
I'm searching desperately for one of the little Puss in Boots standees. There was one at my theater that I was told I could have whenever we stopped showing the movie, but unfortunately some kids decided to vandalize him. I'm not sure where to find another but I'd really love to have one!
Very happy to pay for all shipping/transportation involved as well as a ton for the standee itself! Please just let me know! Thank you!
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2023.03.20 22:15 Quirky_Awareness7603 Any critiques on new routine?

Any critiques on new routine?
Starting a bulk in a week, it's not often possible for me to layout a 4 day plan as I work shifts, so I plan on alternating these. I will run nearly every day on top of this.
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2023.03.20 22:15 Rohanahan What career can I change to with 1.5 years recruitment experience?

I feel like I'm completely stuck and need help and guidance and had no idea where else to turn.
I've been doing recruitment for 1.5 years as the title says, near straight after university. Unfortunately I had to drop out of university due to mental health problems and I managed to over the course of a year or so coax my brain back to health and get employed doing recruitment in an industry I like.
I now want to change jobs as I've done quite well but it's really not for me and the new boss is terrible and making my life an absolute misery which is really mentally challenging me.
Unfortunately I clearly don't have a full degree (digital media related) and only the limited recruitment experience.
What can I look into doing??
I don't mind customer facing jobs as long as it's not constantly being fake friendly to try to get something out of someone. I hate the lack of authenticity in sales. It's completely against who I am as a person.
What potential career paths can I take?? I don't mind a lower starting salary if there are career prospects.
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2023.03.20 22:15 Totally_Toasted_Ravs My sister hasn’t talked to me in over a year and I don’t know how to cope.

All because I have said some pretty harsh things/truths/opinions rather than letting her talk and having my mouth shut to listen, it’s been since oct 2021 where she didn’t want me apart of her life. She has also shaved her head and blames me for it. Even though it was her doing, my words effected her that deeply to go that far. I only want what’s best for her but how do you cope when you can’t say anything or something like that will happen….I cried so many times. I have depressing dreams too. Anyways
Background: I’ve always wanted a little sister to be there for. I wanted to build her spirit up and let her be the best she can be and also because I didn’t have many friends. We adopted her in ‘02 from China and things were going well for her but getting bullied at grade/high school has changed her way of communicating her needs/wants, has counseling(that I nor my parents don’t like but she hasn’t gone to her in awhile because she doesn’t want the help atm)
She has a little bit of self awareness when she talks and has emotional maturity to work on so it’s been hard to talk to her or even joke with her without hurting her feelings to the point that she only talks about her issues and it has been hurting me so I went to therapy that suggested I create boundaries but I obviously should have not said anything instead of ignored her talking about her issues.
At this point of our lives, including my parents, when she’s in town from college, she doesn’t want me around, because she’s afraid of what she’ll do/say? I feel like my parents are the kids and my sister and I are the divorced parents.
My parents and her are the only ones that can help to change her perspective one day..I can’t come in contact with her or she’ll tell our parents and I get yelled at. Sometimes I cry because I’ve always wanted a big family and to help out. My dad nearly died last year and he’s the only one that listens to her. She calls him about 20x a day and even with that knowledge she wouldn’t want to try to make amends. I’m afraid she’s going to go down a dark path and she’ll blame me for it and also I’ll blame myself because I still hold all of this guilt and I’m aware of it yet I can’t find anything even therapy to help me out of this fullness of my life. I feel like I have failed and some relationships which are friends I failed being there for them which makes me feel like a shittier person.
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2023.03.20 22:15 Saint_Circa My Friend Went Missing Because Of Me . . .

“She’s a witch.”
“I think you said bitch wrong.”
It’s hard to laugh when you’re exhausted, but Marti was never not able to get one out of us. Between panted breaths we laughed. Tommy’s face growing red with anger and embarrassment at the joke at his expense.
“I’m serious!” He managed to blurt when the laughter finally died down enough to get a word in.
“So am I!”
Again, laughter erupted from the bottom of our thirteen year old hearts once more breaking the silence of the forest we were supposed to be hiding in if by chance the cops were actually called as a result of our impromptu prank just a few minutes prior.
Living in a small town meant a lot of boredom. Some kids had big problems like gang violence and drive-by shootings, drugs, and crippling poverty, and even though those problems existed for your typical small town Ohio kids, at least to some extent. Our biggest problem was always boredom.
As a matter of fact, every problem that every small town had ever had could probably be traced back to boredom in one way or another. Why is that guy doing heroin behind a Walmart? Because once upon a time he was sixteen and bored, so he stole some of grandmas pills. Why did the schools football teams locker building get burned down? Because some kid was bored and decided to ruin the football team’s stuff. Why are there a bunch of kids laughing in the middle of the forest just outside of town? Same reason, they were bored and decided to ding dong ditch the senile old lady down the street.
If I’d had known for half a second . . . If I’d even had a hint of foresight about how everything would’ve turned out for us then I’d have suggested something else. Anything else, but hindsight’s 20/20. Especially for young kids.
“Guys, I’m freakin serious. Okay?” Tommy doubled down. His fists now balled up. His voice breaking a little bit with the overwhelming irritability at the laughter. “Anyone who’s ever messed with Ms. Abernanthy has been cursed.”
“Come on man.” I said trying to diffuse Tommy’s anger a little bit. “There’s a lot of places in this world, beautiful places! Jamacia, Hawaii, Switzerland. All sorts of places a powerful witch could have a good ass life, and you think there’s one living in that little brown double wide on Sycamore street? In London Ohio?”
A few more chuckles amongst the group of friends before Tommy finally resigned his argument with an exasperated sigh. As we came around from our fits of laughter and jokes we began to realize that the sun was setting.
“Wow, what a surprise.” Charlie spoke up. “No one cares that their doorbell got rang! Looks like our outlaw days are done y’alls. Just in time for dinner too. Convenient full pardons are convenient!”
“No doubt.” I responded as the group made their way out of the forest and began to cut across the large meadow towards town. “Marti, you eating with us tonight? Dad says it’s fine.”
“Appreciate it dude, but mom says we’ve got plans tonight. We’ll steal your dads Marlboros some other time okay?”
More laughter as the friend group split ways and headed home . . .
Diiing Doong
At first when I heard the doorbell ring, I just sort of brushed it off. I’d thought that maybe it was just some part of a dream I’d been having or something. Even in my almost full sleep state I knew that no one in their right mind would be ringing our doorbell at three in the morning. As I adjusted my pillow and threw my head back down on it though I heard it again. Resonating throughout the otherwise silent house in a way that was almost maliciously haunting given the time of night.
Diing Doong
It hadn’t been my imagination. There was someone at the door. Before I could even get up however, I heard the gruff and commanding voice of my father as his heavy footsteps stammered groggily past my room.
“I swear to Christ if that’s one of your goofy friends.” He mumbled to himself as he staggered past my room in his barely lucid state.
Several moments later I heard the front door open. Followed by my father shouting in surprise as several loud bangs and clashes filled the house with a chaotic cacophony of sound.
I ran out as quickly as I could towards the front room of the house to see my fathers silhouette fumbling for the light switch. As he turned it on, and my eyes adjusted to the sudden flash of light. I could see that he was intently scanning the front room. His bright green eyes bouncing back and forth like a radar scanner. Laying on the ground around him was a broken ash tray and several books that must’ve gotten knocked off of the shelf they’d previously been resting on.
“What happened dad?”
Quickly he put his finger out in a sort of ‘stop talking’ gesture as his eyes remained transfixed on the room around him. After a few moments of nerve wracking silence, he finally responded.
“There’s a bat somewhere. Flew in when I opened the door.”
“Who rang the doorbell?”
As if remembering what it was the led us to the front room in the middle of the night in the first place my dad looked back over his shoulder to the wide open front door, and the dimly lit street beyond it. He peaked his head over the threshold and looked around for a moment before closing it.
“No one . . . Some kids ding dong ditching maybe. Crazy ass teenagers, when do you guys even sleep nowadays?”
I laughed quietly at dad’s remark before looking around the front room to try and spot the bat.
“You’d think it’d be freaking out or something you know? Like, fluttering around and trying to find a way out?”
“Yeah . . . You’d think.”
A thorough search of the front room gradually turned into a thorough search of the entire house, but aside from the fallen books and ash tray in the front room there was nothing amiss. Just another normal small-town house in its small town neighborhood. Finally after about an hour and a half of searching my dad threw his arms up in defeat.
“Screw it, guess he’s staying. I gotta get ready for work anyways. Go back to bed kid, we’ll find it tomorrow. No one ever got killed by a stray bat.”
Although I wasn’t necessarily comfortable with the idea of sharing a house with a wild animal for the night. I knew he was right. It was almost four thirty in the morning now, and I was tired. Besides, if it’s afraid then it’ll probably just hide, and they sleep during the day so it shouldn’t be a huge issue . . . Hopefully.
“Alright, night dad. Have a good day at work.”
“Yeah. . . .”
I had just slipped into that sort of half realm between awake and asleep when I was abruptly brought back to consciousness by the doorbell ringing again. The red digital illumination of my alarm clock read 6:33am. I sighed to myself in annoyance and frustration as I turned over on my back to prepare to pull myself out of bed once again to try and discover who was ringing our doorbell again, and that’s when I saw her.
Suspended from the ceiling upside down was the darkened shadow of a person. Long tangled hair draped low and messy, almost touching the floor. From within the tangled mess of hair were two bright yellow eyes that burned through me like fire. As I screamed and clambered my way to the headboard of my bed to try and pathetically create some distance between myself and this horrible thing in my room the figure reached its arms out in a sort of ‘crucifix’ posture. From the aurora of its terrible yellow eyes I could see a wide mouth full of sharp teeth. I screamed again at the top of my lungs as the room filled itself with the mind numbing sound of the doorbell coming from the figures wide open mouth.
As the deafening noise trembled every ounce of my being the figure contorted its way off of the ceiling and plopped onto my bed in an awful and grotesque fashion. Even in my panicked state I couldn’t understand how it could’ve moved the way it did without breaking its neck and spine.
I tried to make a jump from my bed to the door, but I wasn’t quick enough. I got to the edge of the bed before I felt a tremendous weight pin me back on to the mattress and hold me down. Sitting on my chest was the figure. Those horrible eyes burrowing into my soul. That wicked mouth hanging open as if it were going to swallow me whole.
She’s a witch.
The memory of Tommy’s voice echoed in my head.
I don’t know what came over me. I don’t know if it was just the fear, and Tommy being the only name on my mind in that moment. I don’t know if I’m just a selfish coward. I just . . . Don’t know, but as that god awful thing sat on top of me. As her mouth and those evil yellow eyes drew closer and closer to my face I shouted at the top of my fear fueled lungs.
Suddenly, with no warning, and no possible way of occurring. The weight was off of my chest, and the figure was gone.
I don’t know how I managed to fall back asleep, maybe it was just the adrenaline dump that knocked me out, but before I knew it I was waking up to the image of my sun filled room.
After a lot of talking to myself. I had barely managed to convince myself that last nights events were just the result of a horrible dream. I had read somewhere that waking up in the middle of the night and then going back to sleep could result in very lucid dreams. That, I decided. Was what caused that awful dream.
I felt an anchor drop into my stomach as the doorbell rang. Slowly I made my way to the front door and with a lot of hesitation finally managed to open it.
Standing at the other side of the door was Tommy’s mom. A look of obvious concern on her face.
“Did . . . Uhm, Did Tommy by chance come to your house last night? I’ve been to everyone’s house that he knows, and no one’s seen him. I don’t understand why he would just leave the house like that. Please. If you know something, please just tell me.”
They never found Tommy. Not even the faintest glimpse of a clue. Everyone eventually stopped looking for him after about a year. Everyone but his mom, she never stopped looking. She died last year. I heard she was staring expectantly at the hospital door the entire time. Waiting for her son to come walking through . . . The police say he either ran away, or was kidnapped and killed by some vagabond who had seen us in town the day prior.
I’m the only one who truly knows what happened to him, and I’ve never been able to tell anyone that It was all my fault.
Tommy was right.
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2023.03.20 22:15 No-Attention-1697 I cheat on my husband with my boss

This is clearly a throwaway account but I need to dump this information out without admitting it to my husband.
My husband and I have been together since 2013. And married since 2017. We have a son 3 M, that we are both crazy about. We have a house and 2 dogs. Life should be good? Right?
Back story: About 6 months my husband and I went with my family on vaca. It was like the second night in and I heard his phone ding in the middle of the night. Now I don't remember if it was a midnight pee break or the ding that woke me. But I found that he was messaging on a texting site. The messages and pictures to all these randos were extremely inappropriate and sexual. That's when it started. Now this was just the first time but not the last time he something of that nature. Its probably been at more than 5 times less than a dozen in our decade long relationship. I really don't remember. And I hated keeping track. I just know it hurt like hell each time.
Now here is where I am a shit person.... I did it back every time he did it to me. But he never found out. Why did I do that? As revenge? Keeping score to feel better without him knowing? I would flirt and sext for a small period of time then move on. It made me feel a little better.
As of a couple years ago I started struggling hard with depression and suicidal idealations. So I'm definitely going through some shit. (Not ever an excuse. I know. I know.) Just start therapy and still trying to find meds that help me. But I feel like I need to leave my husband to make me feel right again. The last time he he did anything hurtful was about 2 years ago. He begged and pleaded. And after 2 weeks I took him back. He treated amazingly for a couple months then we kinda slid back into the norm.
The norm being as a full grown man with stunted emotions, ADHD, and "the baby" of the family, he was very much in need of guidance. We have fight often about slitting chores and how he still has to maintain our vehicles (Which I am thank for). But he always makes it out that this is a daily thing to work on the cars or fix something broken in the house to get out of scrubbing the floor every week or so. So he would fly off the handle and we would get into it. As of lately we have been better at communicating but it's still hard to get over years of that.
My biggest mistakes... I went on a trip for work and ended up sleeping with my boss; Suave, witty, with a cheeky mischievous smile. I dont know a whole lot about him but from what i do know he is clearly going through some shit right now. I went to help out with work where he is helping twice. The second day I was there my boss made a joke about getting me a beer. (Which isn't the first time he has said this to me and others) so at the end of the day he told me he was locking up and I said "oh are you kicking me out?" And he thought... well you know. So he did. We drove to his hotel and I left my car there. And he took me to the bar he frequents. We are talking and laughing. I made a joke how I shouldn't have anymore because "three [beers] under the host" and he started laughing and said about shots. And Im thinking well shit. I've always thought he was cute. But I know I'm gonna chicken out and it won't happen. Well tipsy me climbed into his bed and took off my pants under the blanket and asked for sweats. He "bent down" to get the sweats out of his suit case and look at me. Aaaand I kissed him. And went, as he called it, "ham" when I started undressing him.
The sex. THE SEX. He is definitely into some kinky rough sex kinda shit. At times he kinda scared me a little. He was into handcuffs, choking, choke holds, making me choke on his dick, shoving his fingers down my throat until I vomited damn near fisting (at least that's how it felt 💁‍♀️) and slapping. It was intense. He left bruise all over me that I had for a week. And bruises on my neck from when he choked me until I blacked out. I would be a MESS eveytime after. That I would get dressed and leave while he was in the bathroom.
Over the 2 weeks I went there, we had slept together 4 times. I knew it was wrong. The last time we did.... it. The deed. He stayed with me at my hotel. We slept together. Him in nothing. And me in his shirt. He seemed mad every time I left him like he wanted to stay together. But I told him "it was bad enough I was having an affair" But that was the wrong word.. I dont have feelings for him. I would never want to be with him or leave my husband for him. But he was totally into the fact that I am married and his "little slut"
It ended when he said the assignment "couldn't be justified". And it been a month since that day. We haven't seen each other. Spoke a little about me going out there again. But thats it.
So now the cheating had stopped. I can't stop thinking about want to sleep with him again. Even though it was a mildly traumatic experience. I also feel extremely guilty about it. And a little confused because he was so aggressive but I kept going back to it. Like I kinda liked it.
I've been fickle about my relationship since he last had his moments of infidelity. But I'm not much better. And now I'm.... well much worse. And for that I kind of want to leave him. Partly because of guilt and that he deserves better but also I can't tell him why. I don't want to loose my job or have him deck my boss.
So this is my story. Answer any the questions. Am I the ASS-tronaut for this? How fucked up am I? How do I tell him without telling him who? Did I just break my best friends' heart and wreck my child's life?
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