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Youtuber Extraodinaire Still. The Ladd of oh he didn't do what I wanted him to.

2017.01.10 04:22 gmantsang Youtuber Extraodinaire Still. The Ladd of oh he didn't do what I wanted him to.

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LeagueConnect is a gathering place for people who love League of Legends, a place where you can make friends, find people to play with, or talk about the game.

2019.12.11 21:12 impossibleconv Booknooks

Mini worlds created within your bookshelf!

2023.06.07 10:51 rsblk Difference between Ampharos 2 and 34?

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2023.06.07 10:45 DaveR007 Configure Custom Torrent Providers - What to put in the "Search element" field?

Because TorrentLeech has now added cloudflare medusa can't connect to the .org url. So I'm setting up a custom torrent provider but I don't what to put in the "Search element" field.
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2023.06.07 10:43 godfroy_bern Using HomePod and Music

It seems that Music cannot use HomePod mini without glitches. E,g., I get several times per day "Cannot connect" to my HomePod mini even if the music is being played through it.
Really frustrating.... Am I the only one to experience this?
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2023.06.07 10:43 Elderberry02 Vent - Getting transferred to DBS criminal applications team instead of sensitive applications team

Just a bit of a vent, my DBS has been stuck for several weeks now, I called this morning to ask what's happened and I kid you not, they say it's been back with them for a over a week but I need to go through the transgender cases team to get it completed.. A WEEK!!! i can't work because of this as I'm waiting for it to get printed, so I am annoyed that I wasn't at least called...
So anyway I call up the DBS number to try and get to the transgender cases dept, and the man who answered my call straight up connected my call to the criminal convictions DBS number. This is just perfect, a glimpse of what's to come.
TL;DR: I called DBS and said I was transgender and needed to speak to sensitive cases team, end up getting transferred to the criminal convictions team.
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2023.06.07 10:42 FalseCogs Will, soul, manifesting, and retrocausality

There are some areas where I remain confused about conscious wavefunction collapse or other models of personal agent causation. And there are some concerns I have about the moral sensibility of certain assumptions.

Definition of terms

Agent scope, or delineation of will

Imagine a balloon filled with air. Consider each part -- the rubber and the air -- as two separate entities. Each on its own has certain will. And these wills oppose. Yet when taken together as one composite entity, new will emerges. This may be written as follows, where brackets denote material or causal set, acting as an agent:
In the same style, we may consider undue influence:

Role and function of soul

We may thus assume that if bodies have souls, then the will as expressed by the body is that of [soul + body], or [soul + animal instinct + conditioning]. With this in mind, what is the nature or will of [soul]? What aspect or portion of will derives from the soul? What does it want on its own, independent from the body and the body's natural inclinations?
Many people have claimed that only humans have souls. Seemingly the main differences in terms of will between humans and other animals are that:
  1. Humans are usually of higher intelligence, able to devise more complex instrumental plans;
  2. Humans are often obsessed with social hierarchy and other symbolic pursuits;
What difference, or portion of difference, does the soul provide?

Many worlds and quantum collapse

One seemingly popular proposition is that the soul is connected or synonymous with consciousness, and that consciousness effectively chooses which of many worlds one ends up in by controlling quantum wavefunction collapse. About this proposition I have some questions:

Sensibility of assumed manifest

There is a phenomenon known as the just world hypothesis, where people assume that good things happen to good people, and bad things happen to bad people. As a corollary, the presence of good fortune may be taken to indicate good character, and vice versa for bad fortune. But is this belief sound? Do chaos and chance not play a part in one's fortune? Are there not immoral behaviours that result in personal gain at the expense of others?
The idea that one's personal soul or consciousness chooses the world seems similar to the just world hypothesis. If one could manifest the future this way, or perhaps even manifest the present through retrocausality, then surely one is morally responsible for the hand one receives -- or so the assumption of conscious manifest may go.
This type of reasoning may be the result of magical thinking, or loose inference, mixed with the desire to feel in control over random events. For example, one may surmise, "I received this hand, and I want this hand, therefore [retroinference] I received this hand because I want it". Yet when the wanted state of affairs fails to manifest, one may deflect with "I didn't really want it that much" (rewriting the past) or may blame its failure on outside interference. Moreover, this style of attribution can easily be applied to other people, particularly those with lesser fortune -- "they didn't care enough" or "their soul wasn't worthy".
Those in positions of power have historically used very similar logic in the form of divine decree, predestination, or similar -- where their position was ordained from above, thus legitimising any fortune, and offloading blame for any resulting harm.
When conscious manifesting and the just world hypothesis are embraced, moral reflection becomes unnecessary. Harm and failure can easily be dismissed by lack of care, or by divine desert -- "you can't disprove these positions, so there's nothing wrong with hurting people, as long as I benefit".
Those who stand to gain from past luck or future exploitive intent have plenty of reason to deny the role of randomness, or the harm in exploitation. But there is at least one argument that may be made. This is to compare the long-term viability and success of systems based on opposing sets of causal assumption. One key, however, is to adjust for inter-group exploitation and interference. For example, it would be fallacious to conclude that morality is undesirable since the more exploitive entity -- at the expense of the more honest entity -- had greater gains. The very nature of morality, after all, is about group happiness -- the more inclusive and reliable, the better. Yet operating under the just world hypothesis and the assumption of conscious manifest is among the most selfish, status-quo-maintaining things to do.
With that said, obviously it can be challenging, or even infeasible, to falsify a negative -- such as to prove there are not individual souls. But is it better to operate under selfish assumptions, or is it better to have compassion? Do groups that believe in souls and conscious manifesting do better, or do groups that believe in soulless causation do better? Which makes a happier world?
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2023.06.07 10:41 Nyamburajane Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Before I list the best vacuum cleaners that you can rely on, let me first give my insights on how to go about choosing one:
Take a pen and a book and have this down, you might the info while purchasing. Or lets make work easier, if you have no time to write down, you can check this guide where I have narrowed down for you the best robot vacuums you can rely on.
I use the Roborock vacuum, It has done excellent work for me for quite sometime now and i cant complain. I am in the process of testing the iRobot vacuum.
Meanwhile, lets see what to expect in a reliable robot Vac.
1.Cleaning Performance
One important aspect to evaluate is the cleaning performance of a robot vacuum. Look for models with strong suction power and effective brush systems that can efficiently remove dust, dirt, and debris from various floor surfaces.
2.Navigation and Mapping
Advanced robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with sensors and intelligent mapping technology. These features enable the robot to navigate efficiently around obstacles, avoid falls or collisions, and create a map of the cleaning area. Mapping capabilities often contribute to better cleaning coverage and the ability to schedule specific cleaning zones.
3.Battery Life and Recharge Ability
Since robot vacuums operate autonomously, it's essential to consider the battery life and the ability to recharge. Look for models with longer battery life, as it ensures that the vacuum can complete cleaning tasks without interruption. Additionally, some advanced robots have the ability to recharge automatically and resume cleaning from where they left off.
4.Control and Connectivity
Many robot vacuum cleaners can be controlled and monitored through smartphone apps or voice assistants. This will allow you to start or schedule cleaning sessions remotely, adjust settings, and receive cleaning reports or notifications. Connectivity options vary, so it's worth checking compatibility with the preferred smart home ecosystem.
5.Price and Budget
Robot vacuum cleaners come in a range of prices, so it's important to consider the budget. Higher-priced models generally offer more advanced features and better performance, but it's crucial to find the right balance between features and price based on individual needs and preferences.
Those are some of the major features you can consider while planning to get a new vac. Something i almost forget to mention, rob vacs are compatible with both hardwood floors and carpet too.
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2023.06.07 10:41 augustl Reconciling my innate skepticism with faith in miracles

Hi folks!
I'm an avid Lord of Spirits listener. In one episode, one of the hosts (both of which are ordained orthodox priests) has the following to say:
Yeah. So that’s what relics are, everybody! It’s… I wanted to relay a little anecdote, actually, kind of connected to all that. So I mentioned in the beginning about venerating the hand of St. Mary Magdalene. Occasionally people ask me, “Are you sure that it was warm?” or whatever. Well, number one, I was kissing a whole series of relics, and there was a clear temperature difference when we came to kissing her hand. It is, it’s warm, just as the hand of any human woman is warm, and the skin is flexible. I mean, the skin’s still on; it’s an incorrupt relic. I mean, it’s a 2,000-year-old relic, but it’s incorrupt: the skin is flexible; the hand is warm.
My inner skeptic can't quite reconcile this one... I fully trust the sincerity of what he's saying here, and it's not a criticism of him in any way. My only issue is that I'm (too?) familiar with the effects confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance in human beings.
I've done tests myself (I'm a bit of an audiophile...) where I was absolutely sure I could detect a difference between two high end audio amplifiers with my senses. One of the amplifiers clearly had the better sound quality. But later in a double blind experiment setting was not able to discern any differences whatsoever, so it was just an illusion because of my preconceived notions and biases.
If there is an objective and measurable miracle present in our world like this, why wouldn't one want to at least attempt to verify it scientifically? Obviously, God can do anything, so maybe the warmth of the ~2000 year old relic is not measurable in a materialistic way, it's only something humans can feel spiritually. If nothing else, you could get $1M USD from the James Randy foundation for the first verified miracle, and use it for philanthropy :)
Sorry for rambling... I don't really have a specific question. Curious to hear your thoughts on what I perceive as two incompatible world views on my part :)
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2023.06.07 10:34 anty_tac ILPT Request: Does death through electricity seem likely as an accident for insurance payout?

Hypothetically, if I have a life insurance and would want my partner to get this money, would dying by an electric shock during work on the house be approved as a claim? I imagine it can't be stuff like working on the breaker but is an open connection outside that the previous owners jerry rigged applicable?
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2023.06.07 10:33 bobtheblob6 Does the RTL8821CU WiFi dongle work with an OP5 running Android 12?

I've seen it mentioned as having plug and play compatibility, and it's even mentioned in the official manual, but I cannot get this thing to connect to wifi or blutooth. I can get it to show a list of available networks, but if I try to connect to one it just attempts to connect for a bit and then fails. Blutooth doesn't seem to work at all.
Has anyone had any luck with this setup, or is there another USB dongle someone has had success with? If I can't get a USB adapter to work I'll try the m.2 wifi/blutooth one they offer (if someone has played around with the m.2 one I'd like to hear about it as well!)
Thanks in advance for any insight!
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2023.06.07 10:32 RepresentativeDrop90 Need help regarding my overly ambitious planned applications

Hello there! I'm a 4th-year International student. I want to get a more nuanced view of the colleges, as fees and acceptance rates are just numbers, I can't ascertain too much.
I would like anyone to advise wHether my normals would be dreams or safeties in my case. I currently have a 3.7 GPA, several internships under my belt with good connections (to set up well-done LORs) and a TOEFL of 109 right now, I have not given my GRE as of yet. Right now my list would be:-
  1. Dream: UCSD, EPFL, Imperial College of London
  2. Normal: Purdue, Institut de polytechnique paris, UTA, UCL, TUM, UIUC
  3. Safety: UM-Ann Arbour, Kings College London, (any suggestions?)
I know there are many normal types, so I am thinking of reducing them. Honestly, any suggestions would be helpful !, I've kind of hit a brick wall.
Cheers y'all
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2023.06.07 10:31 win_milk Is getting the Mac Pro 2013 (Trashcan) a dumb idea?

Hi! I've already asked this in some other communities, but I wanted more insight... and where else to turn to than Reddit for that purpose!

So I am looking to buy a Mac Pro 2013 spec-ed up to the following for $545
- 12 Core Xeon
- 64 GB RAM
- D700 Dual Graphics
- 256 GB Storage will upgrade if I do get this

The purpose is as follows:
- Bootcamp for mild gaming (currently using MBP 2018 w/ 560X, would like a bit more juice)
- Self-Hosting for NextCloud, Seafile, Redis, Nginx, etc. (will either use VM or docker)
- Daily usage (I'm a Uni student who might get into Grad School soon)
- R-Studio
- Light video editing
- And also because it's just so darn pretty!

Here are the advantages (that I've thought of):
- Looks good on my desk (I've always wanted one just for the design lol)
- Multiple cores and high RAM will allow seamless operation of dockers/VMs
- Storage, RAM may be upgraded if necessary
- It's supposed to be powerful enough for my needs
- (I hope) bootcamp gaming would be better than my current MBP

And here are the disadvantages that others (myself included) have pointed out:
- Obsolete macOS support
- Low single-core performance for R-Studio and similar programs
- Just go for the M1/M2
- Electricity bill
- Graphics are unreliable
- If you want a server, go for a dedicated server
- Gaming sucks on Xeon
- Xeon in the 2013 Mac Pro is too old and is pretty much obsolete
- Overheating issues

Suddenly the Mac Pro 2013 doesn't seem like such a good option anymore.

I've already thought of some alternatives, such as
- Getting the 2012 Mac mini, expanding internal RAM and storage, and linking it to a eGPU?
but that's gonna cost nearly the same
- Getting a M1/M2?
Efficiency and performance is way out of the blue compared to the Trashcan. But they're pricier and I can't make any upgrades.

Any thoughts on this would be so greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.07 10:23 AccordingMight8069 I, an EMT/Paramedic, am now working on rhino conservation. The future will persist.

I, an EMT/Paramedic, am now working on rhino conservation. The future will persist.
"I'm Johanna Decker from Germany and I'm an EMT /Paramedic. My passion is wildlife conservation, nature, traveling, and taking photos. Dedicated to rhino conservation."

Licensed by ​​Johanna
A Rhino Conservation Seed As A Child.
Once upon a time in Germany, there lived a spirited and unconventional girl named Johanna Decker. From a young age, Johanna was drawn to the wonders of nature and wildlife, eschewing dolls for muddy adventures and outdoor exploration. She possessed a deep love for animals and an insatiable curiosity about the natural world.

Licensed by Johanna​​
After Work Rhino Conservation

"I came to the rescue service by accident and turned my passion into a profession. I love my job, even if it's not always easy."

As she grew older, Johanna's passion for helping others and her desire to make a difference led her on an unexpected path towards rhino conservation. Despite her childhood dreams of becoming a veterinarian or a police officer, Johanna found herself dedicated to the emergency protection of endangered rhinos. Her role as an EMT/Paramedic became a stepping stone that transformed her passion for wildlife into a lifelong mission to rhino conservation.

Licensed by Johanna
​​She said: I've been doing this job for 8 years now and it fills me up every day. It makes me happy to be able to help people in difficult situations. It is not always easy to deal with an emergency situation, but at the end of the day you go home with a good feeling.
Johanna discovered that the medical field exemplified the swift and unpredictable nature of life itself. To maintain a healthy work-life balance and give her all to her challenging profession as an EMT, she dedicated her free time to activities that nourished her body and soul, especially rhino conservation. Protecting endangered rhinos, exploring nature, traveling to wildlife habitats, and capturing the beauty of rhinos through photography became her outlets, allowing her to recharge and return to her job with a lifelong passion for rhino conservation.

First emergency

"One of my first real emergencies in the emergency services was giving birth. We have been called to action, the message was severe abdominal pain. When we arrived on site, we found a very distraught man who brought us into the living room to his wife who was lying on the floor. It turned out pretty quickly that she was in labor. Then everything happened very quickly. The amniotic sac had already burst and we could already see the child's head. That's why we decided to have the child on site. Everything went well and since the father was too excited, I was allowed to cut the umbilical cord. Operations like this make the job the people are so grateful for our work."

Licensed by Johanna​​
Johanna not only talks to us about the emergency she encountered in her first job as an EMT, but also shares how the plight of these magnificent rhinos ignited her lifelong dedication to rhino conservation.
She refused to stand idly by while these ancient creatures, who had roamed the earth for millions of years, teetered on the brink of extinction due to the senseless demand for their horns. Be sure of rhino conservation. Rhinos were being slaughtered for their horns, their mothers cruelly taken from them, all for a substance as mundane as keratin—the same material found in our nails and hair. To protect these endangered rhinos, Johanna embarked on a mission to raise awareness about rhino conservation and stop rampant poaching threatening their survival.
"What touched my soul the most was my work with orphan rhinos. These animals lost their mothers to us humans, they had to experience incredible things. All the trauma and suffering, the physical and emotional pain. And yet they allow us as humans to give them the bottle and they trust us again. That's an incredible feeling.So I had to rhino conservation"
With an unwavering determination to protect rhinos, Johanna embarked on a lifelong mission to raise awareness about the rhino poaching crisis and advance rhino conservation. She traveled to Africa, connecting with local communities, interviewing people, and supporting rhino conservation efforts by various organizations. In her encounters with orphaned rhinos, victims of the poaching epidemic, Johanna witnessed both their immense suffering and their remarkable capacity to trust humans once again with the right care and protection. It was a profound experience that evoked a whirlwind of emotions within her—pain, sadness, anger at the cruelty of poachers, but also awe, joy, and happiness from protecting and bonding with these endangered rhinos.

A Love Affair With Rhino Conservation

"My love for rhinos and Africa started very early. My first lamp as a baby was in the shape of a rhino. Since my grandfather lived in Namibia, I was there for the first time when I was 10 years old. And fell in love with the country. I then also volunteered several times in animal sanctuaries. However, the rhinos never really let go of me. It can't be that an animal that has roamed our planet for millions of years is on the brink of extinction just because of its horns. That's why rhino conservation is so imminent."

Licensed by Johanna​​
Johanna worked as a volunteer in a rhino orphanage. It's just amazing, it's not an easy job. She said: You sweat, you get blisters on your hands from shoveling crap, you get up early and you work all day. But when she thinks of rhino conservation, it's worth the effort.
It is a psychological and physical strain, the suffering, the trauma that each of these animals had to go through. Each of these babies is a little miracle in their own way. Every rhino counts. And volunteering is much more than just preparing milk for baby animals. For Johanna, it is her small part to contribute to the preservation of the species. The real heroes for me are the women and men in the APUs who risk their lives day and night. She spoke to the local people and started getting first aid kits for them as they are really needed in the bush. This includes the 10 RHINO RESCUE IFAK Trauma Kit donated by Rhino Rescue. In the worst case, gunshot wounds occur and these wildlife heroes have to be taken care of.This will greatly help the rhino conservation cause.

Licensed by Johanna​​
Unfortunately, in the fight against rhino poaching, a human life does not count for much when measured against the immense profits from rhino horn. On the black market, a single kilogram of rhino horn fetches between 60,000 and 80,000 US dollars due to the unfounded belief in its medicinal properties. That's more than the price of gold or cocaine. To advance rhino conservation and stop this deadly trade threatening their survival, Johanna will not cease her lifelong efforts to raise awareness about rhino poaching, preserve these endangered species, and protect their natural habitats. We urgently need to draw more global attention to this poaching crisis and support organizations dedicated to rhino conservation all over the world.The cause of rhino conservation requires a concerted effort by all.

Rhino Conservation is a Mission

As her lifelong dedication to rhino conservation deepened, Johanna volunteered at a rhino orphanage, witnessing firsthand the immense physical and emotional toll from poaching that these endangered animals endured. Each baby rhino, rescued and orphaned victim of poaching, that she encountered was a testament to resilience in the face of such cruelty, a small miracle in its own right that reignited her drive to stop this deadly trade. Filled with a profound sense of responsibility to protect rhinos, Johanna saw her role in preserving these majestic but threatened creatures as more than just preparing milk bottles. Also, we need to call everyone together rhino conservation. It was her way of contributing to the survival of this species on the brink of extinction, raising awareness about the poaching crisis that endangered their very existence, and ensuring that future generations would still have the opportunity to witness rhinos roaming free in their native habitats. Based on this, rhino conservation is also performed.

Licensed by Johanna

Meet Rhino Rescue with Rhino Conservation

"I was very grateful when I received the Rhino Rescue products and brought them to Namibia. I know that the guys in the APU are now optimally equipped for emergencies and that gives me a very good feeling. This is a great help for rhino conservation.I hope they never need to use it, but when are they ready for it? It will help a lot."
Licensed by Johanna
For rhino conservation efforts.
Amidst her lifelong dedication to rhino conservation, Johanna never forgot her roots as an EMT/Paramedic. She admired the immense bravery and unwavering commitment of the rangers in the Anti-Poaching Units (APUs), who risked their lives daily to protect endangered rhinos and combat poaching. Johanna was deeply inspired by their passion and fighting spirit in rhino conservation, and she felt profound gratitude for their tireless work on the frontline.
The story of Johanna Decker is a powerful testament to following one's passion for rhino conservation and taking action against this poaching crisis threatening their survival. Rhino conservation also requires a concerted effort. Her journey from a nature-loving child to a passionate wildlife advocate and paramedic exemplifies the transformative impact that individuals can have on protecting rhinos from extinction. Through her lifelong dedication and tireless efforts in raising awareness, Johanna strives to ensure that future generations will still have the opportunity to witness rhinos, these majestic but endangered species, roaming freely in their natural habitats.

And so, Johanna's story continues, as she fearlessly ventures into the unknown, armed with her camera, her compassion, and a determination to protect the precious treasures of our natural world. Continue Rhino conservation career.

Licensed by Johanna
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2023.06.07 10:20 PeculiarSasha Dreaming of Anubis and Kali

Dreaming of Anubis and Kali
To preface this post, let me first point out that I normally don't dream/ don't remember my dreams - I'm honestly not sure which it is, and I'm not sure if it makes any difference. Normally, I work with Hekate, who until about 2 months ago, I felt a deep connection with. After an unfortunate incident, that connection faltered, but I've been calling out to her again recently in an attempt to reconnect. For a while, I couldn't feel anything, but within the last 2 weeks, besides very vaguely and distantly seeing Hekate in my dreams, I have also dreamt of Anubis and Kali a good bit more prominently, though I can't remember much beyond both of them appearing individually.
Can anybody help me figure out what that could mean, if anything? My best guess is the connection to death/the realm of the dead, I also feel like Kali's connection to rebirth might play a role of some sort, but beyond that I'm lost..
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2023.06.07 10:15 ItsTooMuchAndTooHard Anxiety is spiking with GAD, MDD, HF Autism, Aphantasia, Family and Anhedonia

Been a mess for a long time now, but my brother got just retrenched and his family now has to move in with me. Just wife and one child.
I have GAD and Major Depressive, with Aphantasia and High Functioning Autism, anhedonia (reduced ability to feel pleasure), and life has been nothing but stress and panic for years (If not for life) now.
With Aphantasia I feel like I have very little emotional connection to people. Nothing to remind me of good or happy times as I just cannot remember them with any visual imagery and its just facts.
Always thought I was psycho for my numbness to people and life but only found out about Aphantasia very late in life.
Seeing a shrink but the costs are too much and the medications are pilling up. Benzo's seem to be the only thing that work, and I know of the side effects and the withdrawal possibilities.
Ritalin, GABA's, Mood Stabilisers, sleeping aids etc. Jesus its a deep hole and I can't feel like life is worth anything.
Having no real memories of anything that made me happy, its like living in the moment, with no history of emotions and constant stress. Its detachment to my own life and I cannot see how medication and give me attachment to my own life when my mind cannot process what was good or bad. Its like a reset every morning, weekends are a blur and then its work and stress. Everything is vague and like reading a novel, a description of events but no feeling.
Cancer robbed me of my best friend and I miss her, but I cannot mourn for long (Aphantasia) and I have to create thoughts to trigger sadness to just feel the loss. Covid stole my step dad and he was the first real father figure that meant anything to me, but again my family asks, "Did you mourn?"
I did, for a week, and then its out of sight and mind. To miss them I have to make myself sad and them think of them. Otherwise its nothing.
I've got no solutions, nothing I can imagine that will change this.
Please, please, please any thoughts on how to move forward?
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2023.06.07 10:13 twoeggbreakfast Electric ⚡

I get electrocuted on a daily basis.
These shocks are comparable to building up static electricity on the way down a plastic slide, and when you touch the side to get off you hear a loud pop and you feel like you had a rubber band snap on your skin.
This has happened for years. I don't understand it neither does my husband but he witnesses and experiences it too, so he knows (and I know) I'm not making it up. I think I will keep adding to this post as a way to start documenting it.
It's mostly a nuisance because it's painful. It's crappy to get hurt a little bit everyday, and it sucks even more when it's coming from my lips.


Daily - When I kiss my husband about 75% of the time there is a shock. Sometimes we both feel it, and other times only one of us feels it (but we both still hear it). It hurts and sometimes we try to break up the strength of it by touching our arms or hands or shoulders before our lips touch and it still fucking happens. We have also been hugging, then we lean back from each other--still embracing--and when our lips touch we get shocked. We were already touching!!
Daily - After I turn off my car engine I open the door, step onto the ground and stand up, and when I close my door I get zapped.
6/6/23 - We have a volcano vaporizer. I took off my sweater, threw it on the chair behind me, and touched the plastic button to turn it on. I got zapped, so bad there was an audible POP and it hurt.
6/5/23 - My dog needed to go outside, so I opened the sliding screen door and got a painful shock from touching the metal frame.
Grocery Shopping - Sometimes I take one hand off the shopping cart and when I put it back I get zapped. Every time I go to dairy aisle I touch the handle of the glass door with my elbow, to take the brunt of the shock, and it only sometimes prevents a second shock when I grab the handle with my hand (these ones are always really loud and painful). New lows were reached in the fall of 2022, when I got a static shock from touching a banana. A few weeks later I touched an apple and got a small zap. It was really weird for it to happen with organic matter.
2019(can't recall the date) - Our front door has the traditional wooden door plus a screen door, but the kind of screen door that is completely metal. I came home and I was going to unlock the screen but when my key was 5mm away from the knob there was a flash of light like lightening; connecting my key to the keyhole.
4/13/2023 - I had ironed something in my son's room and when I went to unplug the iron there was a flash of light between the plug in my hands and the outlet. This one was actually caught on Nest camera.

Variables Ruled Out

  1. My hair: I thought maybe my hair swinging back and forth on my back could be doing something. But it doesn't matter how I style it or how short it is.
  2. My shoes: The zaps have happened in every type of shoe; sandals, sneakers, crocs, thongs, boots, socks, bare feet.
  3. Time of year: I thought there might be a difference during the rainy season when we're more likely to have thunder and lightening. Maybe the static charge in the air or something? But no, the season doesn't seem to make a difference.
  4. My clothes: Maybe the type of fabric I'm wearing---nope.
  5. My phone: Having a device on me doesn't affect it.

My Devices All Malfunction in Unexplainable Ways---Is This Related?

(ran out of time)
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2023.06.07 10:12 Moonshine_Queen_392 Close to giving up on dating

I am a functioning single adult, as in I am able to do my own thing. I have good female friends, who have their own lives and are struggling in their own ways. While I am not unhappy single, every now and then I will daydream about having a partner, a friend more than anything, who will want to form a deeper connection with me and add to my life in a positive way. However, most guys I've dated managed to achieve the complete opposite. From defective communication (aka I haven't replied to your text in 4 days cause I was busy), to hiding kids and an ex, to telling me how to wear my hair while him being unable to cut his cracked toenail for an entire month and getting upset when I mentioned it, I just don't want to be bothered with men. Not to mention the constant obsessing over unwanted pregnancies and ridiculous grooming standards which have nothing to do with personal hygiene that do not apply to them. Dating apps are a shit show full of travel and adrenaline junkies, wine connoisseurs and fancy-restaurant people I can't keep up with (what the hell do these people do for a living?). My last chat was with a guy who told me that he does not give a crap about the way he looks because he is too above superficial things like physical appearance, which is the opposite messed up side of the spectrum.
Long story short, are there any decent guys left and if so, where do you find them? Is anyone in a relationship with a man actually happy? I am open to meeting someone nice, but I am not gonna ruin my peace of mind for some smug dude who will shit on me the first moment he can and also I am sooo sick of trying.
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2023.06.07 10:11 APPOLLEXER I can't seem to make any purchases in jwa

I can't seem to make any purchases in jwa
My jwa seems to have glitched even after an account transfer and I can't see the prices and also cannot connect my Google play account to the store even though it's connected to my account. How do I fix this?
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2023.06.07 10:10 Brukenet Problem with StarTech SATA PCIe card

I had a PCI SATA card that worked fine, but it wouldn't handle any drives over 6 TB. I asked around and was advised that a card with an ASM 1164 chip would handle larger drives, up to 20 TB.
I picked up a StarTech SATA PCIe card with an ASM 1164 chip. I put it in one of the two PCIe slots in my motherboard (there's an Nvidia 1660 Super in the other PCIe slot).
When I use lsblk I can't see the connected drive (it's an 18 TB drive).
When I use lspci I can see the card.
I have edited GRUB to blacklist pata_acpi because I've seen several posts elsewhere that claim pata_acpi can take access of the drive before ahci module. I updated GRUB after making my edits, restarted, and no change.
I'm using Debian 11 on a board running an AMD Ryzen 7 5800x.
Anyone have any thoughts ? I would appreciate any help at this point.
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2023.06.07 10:04 bagpussnz9 Why is spotify unavailable in AA - every single day I need to reboot

Every day I have to reboot my phone for spotify to show up in android auto.
Spotify is still working - I can say PLAY and it plays quite happily - it just cant connect to the interface.
When I reboot the phone (if I can be bothered), then it shows up fine.
Any ideas? (Kia Niro EV with AA wireless dongle)
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2023.06.07 10:01 eggsbaconandmore Terminus Inn

We were able to spend the night in the closest hotel, a dinky little inn that had a very disinterested hostess. She just gave us a key and waved us upstairs. Doesn’t money mean anything to them? All of us were too tired to argue, though, so we crawled into bed and fell asleep.
I woke up with the sun shining in my face. I sighed with relief. Okay, maybe it was all a bad dream? Did I have a weird trip from something some asshole put in my drink? When I pulled out my phone, I noticed with a lurch it was 11:59, but I calmed myself down. Noon, then. I hadn’t put my phone on 24-hour time but 12-hour. It was right before noon. I fished my charger out of my handbag (never leave without it!) and looked out the window.
Our room overlooked the town square. It had a memorial, a statue of some explorer - complete with coonskin cap - that stared out into the distance. The clock tower was across from us, still stuck at 11:59, but at least it seems the chiming had been given a rest. I couldn't see the bus terminal, as it was behind the clock tower, but I could see the edge of town from here - we were in a small valley with steep hills all around us, coated in pine trees.
I sighed and scrolled on my phone. I still couldn't see why I had wifi while the others didn't. The network was called TERMINUS - the same name as on the sign on the bus terminal - and it was free to connect to. I could scroll through news sites and wikipedia, but when I tried to message other friends, the messages didn't go through. I could only assume they couldn't send me anything either.
Caroline and the others slowly stirred awake. "Ugh, meggs, what's goin on..."
I turned around. "We're in... Terminus, I guess." I tried looking it up on google maps, but didn't get any results.
"So far from home... What do they have for breakfast?"
I shrugged, smiling. "We'll have to see. You up for getting up?/"
"No... my head..."
I nodded and waited for the boys to wake up as well. All three had a hangover, but Collin's and Caroline's were truly massive. Charlie was fit enough to get out of bed and get ready to explore the inn, at least. I kept the key of the door with me and told both of them to stay inside - not that they were going anywhere.
The hallways of the inn were bland. It wasn't big - one hallway on each floor with about five or six doors and a staircase on one end. The wallpaper was probably supposed to be a calming vanilla with a daisy motif, but it just ended up looking old and yellowed. The doors were exactly the same cream color save for the silver number on the door. Ours was 25 - second floor, fifth room. I noticed it also had a chip near the lock.
Charlie and I made our way to the staircase. The uncomfortable silence was only broken by our creaking footsteps over the carpeted floor.
I chuckled awkwardly. "Last night was... something, huh?"
"Hah, yeah..."
Creaky steps. "How are you holding up? I know you didn't sign up for this... I mean, none of us did."
"What are you talking about? We just took the wrong bus and ended up in the wrong town. I'm sure we can catch a different bus at the bus terminal and go home."
I nodded. "Y-yeah..." My smile felt a little forced, even for me. "Yeah! You're right."
It was quiet the rest of the way down. I didn't mean to sound so insincere.
"There sure are a lot of stairs." Charlie joked. "We were only on the second floor, right?"
"Yeah, we should be-"
We landed on the ground floor. Before us were two doors - both the same bland vanilla as the room's doors.
"Which way to the reception?"
"Er..." I hadn't actually paid attention when we got up, as I was herding three tired drunk people up to a room. Not that I'm naturally good at directions, either. "Let's try the right door."
Behind the door on the right was another hallway with three more doors. Charlie blinked. "This makes no sense. This door-" he pointed to the door on his immediate left "-would just lead us to the hallway to the left door." He opened the door, but when he stepped through, he was in an empty room, lit by a single lightbulb. The same inoffensive vanilla wallpaper lined this room.
He quietly closed the door. "Where the fuck are we."
I didn't answer. I know I must have looked ridiculous, my mouth just open and closing like a fish. I mean, come on, this is physically impossible! "Maybe it's an optical illusion or something? The room looks bigger than it really is because... it's empty, or the light, or..."
"Right." Charlie didn't seem convinced. "Let's keep going straight, then. This building can't go on forever." He walked down the hallway to the last door. I meekly followed him through the door. This time the room had another two doors, and to the left, a staircase leading up.
I blinked. "Are we... back to where we started?"
Charlie yelled in frustration and barreled down the rightmost door. After a little bit, I heard running footsteps coming up behind me, and with a slam, he opened that door. "What the FUCK! I WENT in a STRAIGHT LINE!" He started kicking the walls while swearing, damaging the daisies on the wallpaper.
I chuckled quietly in disbelief. "Ha. This makes me think of Portal. Or Stanley's Parable."
Charlie stopped kicking. "What?"
"Y-yeah! In Stanley's Parable, you're a character in a story narrated by The Narrator. You can - you can choose to go along with him or go against him, but he can also go against you. It's - it's about the illusion of choice."
Charlie still didn't understand. "I don't - I'm not a game nerd. You make no sense."
"We don't... have a choice. Not really. This place will not give us one. So we have to let this place pick for us."
I fished through my pockets. I came across a coin - it wasn't there in my pocket before, but I didn't question it. "Heads for left, tails for right."
It landed on tails. I reached out for the rightmost door, and we both went through.
We stood in the restaurant-part of the inn. Breakfast was still laid out, but no-one else was there. No-one else was eating. I went towards the lady behind the counter. "Hey, uh, we'd... we'd like to pay for our rooms. And breakfast."
The lady stared at us as if we were crazy. "What are ya talkin' about? You already paid."
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2023.06.07 10:00 pinoyakvinny Wiring help please

TL;DR I'm installing a new exhaust fan requiring a 2 function switch but my current setup is on a switch loop and I'm not sure how to rewire.
Long post:
I know I'm in way over my head. I thought I could figure it out. But I'm needing clarification.
I'm replacing my bathroom exhaust fan with a unit from Costco. It's a fan/light combo with a humidity sensor. When I was looking at the wiring, I see two separate sets. One with 4 wires (white, green, gray, black) and the other is the (white, black, green). That's easy enough to comprehend.
My confusion is coming from the attic junction box. My old setup only had an exhaust fan and a separate light fixture. I also have another light fixture above my mirror. The exhaust fan is standard wiring. When I opened that junction box, I see that there are two sets of black wires. I figured out that one of the black wire is directly from power source. My stupid self didn't write down the wiring diagram. Lesson learned. From what I remember, only a single black wire was connected to this powered cable. I don't remember where that one is going to. The other black wires are all attached to each other. All the white wires are attached to each other. All th ground wires are attato each other. I opened up my light switch and found that the cable coming from the attic to the light switch box has the white wire disconnected. From my understanding, this is a switch loop setup. There is also a 12/2 romex running down from this switch. I'm assuming this goes to an outlet that is nearby.
With my new installation, I'm putting in a 2 function switch. I ran a 12/3 cable as per instruction. Per instruction, I assumed that the romex from the bottom of my original light switch was power. I found it's not when I figured out I had a switch loop setup. My 2 function switch has two load terminals on one side and 2 common terminals on the other that are still bridged.
I'm assuming I'll still need to run a switch loop setup but i can't figure out how to do that. Is there any other way to run these cables? I'm thinking of just extending the powered circuit to the switch and set it up that way per the instructions.
Apologies for the long text. It's my first time posting as well and if this is kot the right place, please let me know. Thank you!
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2023.06.07 09:56 banned-practice I just found out my old text RPG forum is gone and my heart is breaking

I'm a grown ass adult and I'm crying because I just discovered my old text RPG forum is gone, and no one, not even the closest members of my family can understand the hurt I'm feeling. It's the burning in the back of the throat, and the clenching of a part of your heart you didn't know was there, unless you've really lost something. I don't think I'll ever be again who I used to be, and now my only record of that last, dimly lit, long ago part is gone, like the memory of the haze of a summer afternoon when you were a kid. This forum was my last gasp before the plunge of depression and adulthood. I guess there's no coming up for air.
It's hard to put into words what this RPG forum meant to me.... I honed my writing and character development skills; I weathered a shitty college experience; I made my first real online friends. My only real online friends. I grew up on this forum. I tasted popularity for the first and only time, and I felt like I really could fulfill a dream of writing characters people were invested in. I recieved my first piece of fan art for a character. I learned how to diplomatically settle grievances, and lead without power going to my head. I learned what it felt like to be respected, even looked up to. I learned what it was like to be an adult when a younger friend came to me for help with important life advice they couldn't discuss with their parents. Now it's all gone.
I always wanted to go back and maybe archive as much of it as I could. I mean, I created or used early versions of characters that are now the main characters of my novels on there. Even though I never wanted anyone to find it, and judge me on my undoubtedly flawed and embarrassing writing, I wanted it to still exist as a special little time capsule for us. I left a part of me there so long ago; my young and hopeful self, and it was partially that which I wanted to rediscover; I wanted to find cringe, and comedic interactions, and to find those hidden gems I didn't remember writing, and to meet again those long lost characters, written by my friends, and speak their names again like so many mummies waiting to be nourished in the afterlife.
And primarily, I wanted to reconnect with a handful of people that made life worth living back then. I want to know what became of them.... I've always wondered if they even remember me the way I remember them. I wonder if they moved on, like I guess I never have. Because another thing I learned on there towards the end was that I was depressed, and it was depression that made me start to pull away, as my friends lives moved forward and mine didn't. As I realized I had nothing new to say. They were all going off to college too towards the end, and posting was becoming scarce. I think some of them had connected elsewhere by then, but I never did, and I regret it so much now.
My last message was asking them to private message me if they ever wandered through the forum again, because I wanted to keep in touch, knowing full well that that meeting place wouldn't last forever. This was years after the RPG had withered away, but the site was still kicking. Last time I was there, it was starting to get spammed by bots and no one was cleaning it up. I never checked back in myself after that last post. Every year I've thought about stopping back in, but it was one thing after another. I forgot my password. I lost the link after my old laptop died. I forgot the forum name.
Most of all, it was the feeling that I still had nothing new to say, and surely they would have changed and grown out of this silly old game, and maybe I was just pathetic to even be thinking about it so much. That I was pathetic for it meaning so much to me, and missing it so much still more than a decade later. Year after year I told myself, I need to get back there before it's too late, but it wasn't until tonight that randomly, utterly out of the blue, the forum name came back to me, and then I found my old log-in info, and even a link in the backup of my old laptop. I clicked that link with an eagerness and apprehension I hadn't felt since I was refreshing that RPG back in the day, when it was electric with drama and humor and OOC. Only to find a generic error page. A dry, uncaring placeholder for one of a billion forgotten sites where lives once played out in all their naivety, creativity, and eager exploration of who we were. They say the internet is forever, but its a lie. It'll all be less than dust when goes, like it never existed.
It's honestly so heart-breaking, because for so many years I thought, yeah, I'll track that link down, figure out my log in, just to see if anyone came back and updated. Did that marriage work out? Did that trip to Korea go well? What have we all grown up to be? Now I'll never know what became of them. I'll never find them again.
I wanted to send them my novel when it's published, like I always said I would. I wanted to know if they recognized the traces of my main character from the RPG in the main character of my novel. I wanted to finally have something worth sharing, and share in all honesty of who I really am, and who I was. To share it in all pride, in all maturation and lingering immaturity, and in all comraderie. We were a little cabal, a club so special and exclusive because it was and then it wasn't and there's no going back in time to join. If I am really honest with myself... I haven't actually had any real friends since, and I'll always regret pulling away from them, even if it wasn't really in my control. Depression is a bitch like that. I'll always regret it, even if they wouldn't have wanted anything to do with me anymore nowadays anyway. Always. Even if it makes me pathetic. I doubt anyone will even see this much less read it, but that's probably for the better anyway.
Skiltch, Cheesy, Miss F, Dejanor..... I miss you guys.
Maybe you'll come across my book someday and feel a little glimmer of something, a tiny trace of recognition you can't put your finger on, and wonder for a little space without making the connection, and never again. I guess, truthfully, it's an image in my mind I can hold onto, because I don't have anything else left of it. I can never go back, and can I never put any of this to rest. No archive. No catharsis. No reunion.
~ Star
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