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2023.06.08 01:20 me_but_alt I think i hurt my friend and i don't know what to do.

Alright, a bit of context.
My (15M) friend Jill (15F) has been the best friend of another friend of mine, Ava (15F), for over 2 years now. I was in primary school with Ava for like 5 years, we never really talked a lot, but in highschool, i started seeing her walk around the hallways, then started taling to her again, and i kinda got a crush on her.
Now, Jill has been Ava's best friend in the time that i havent seen Ava, and she got really attached to her. For the first while, i started really hanging out with Ava a lot, like i'm talking on a daily basis. I thought this was good, since she was my crush and i was of course hoping that she liked me too.
While that was happening, one of my other friends, Emma (15F) reached out to me saying that she thought that maybe because i was hanging out with Ava so much, Jill might feel hurt. I kinda waved it off saying that she doesnt know for sure, and if Jill really felt that way, she would tell me herself.
Also, one of my other friends asked me if i liked Ava, and i said yes, but dont tell anyone, thinking that she was just having fun, seeing me and Ava interact, and wanted to know if her thoughts were correct.
It's one year later now. Everything is just kind of stable, me, Jill and Ava do a lot of stuff together, and we're all comfortable. My crush on Ava is kinda gone, i've learned that if we did start dating it would only affect my other friendships negatively, so i now just appreciate the good friends.
But, 2 weeks or so ago, Jill confessed to me that she thought she had feelings for Ava. I was fine with this, fully supportive. The problem was that we both didnt know how Ava felt, or if she was even into girls.
Now last week, another gay friend of mine, Layla (15F) (this is the last friend i swear), started getting all cuddly with Ava. Like how 10 year olds see love. Constantly trying to be anywhere near her, involving herself in all of Ava's conversations, and wanting to sit next to her at everything.
This really upset Jill, because she suspected that Layla had a crush on Ava too. I tried to distract Jill, help in every way i could, but she started distancing herself from Ava, because Layla interrupted all of their conversations.
Now today, i went to Ava's house, and in a casual conversation, she asked: do you happen to know why jill keeps ignoring me? I was kinda shocked and didnt know what to say, i ended up just saying that Jill is uncomfortable with how much Ava is hanging out with Layla. Of course i didnt say why, i cant reveal that Jill has a crush on Ava, that made this a really complicated situation.
After i left, i called Jill about the conversation with Ava, (don't worry, Ava gave me permission to) and said they really have to work it out together, it's all just one big misunderstanding.
Then later, me and Jill were texting, and we were talking about how she gets sad really quick when other people start hanging out with Ava like a LOT. Thats understandable. But she started talking about how she felt the same a year ago, when me and Ava were hanging out so much. And i just had to confess. It had been on my mind for too long, so for the sake of honesty, i told her about my past crush on Ava.
She said: "yeah. I know."
I was kinda shocked, but not really surprised. But then she said that really got her down in that time.
And Emma knew.
That is when everything clicked.
THAT IS WHY EMMA TOLD ME TO STOP HANGING OUT WITH AVA SO MUCH. that all came from Jill, who was too afraid to tell me. And the question i got from that other friend if i liked ava? Yeah, straight from Jill. And i said yes. And it hurt her. Bad.
Normally i'm pretty observant, but i was too stupid to see that i was really hurting Jill, and i feel so goddamn bad for that. Everyone knew. Emma literally tried to tell me. But i didnt listen.
Jill says it's fine, but it really doesnt feel fine. I know i hurt her. And that hurts me.
So, i never turned to reddit before. But i really need advice. How do i go on with jill, and how can i help fix Jill and Ava's relationship? I am in the best position to help them, because they won't talk to eacht other but only to me. So please reddit. Help me with this.
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2023.06.08 01:20 ilovecaptaincrunch Is my dog reactive or badly trained?

I got my little Clover during covid times when he was just a pup, he’s a Yorkie/Maltese mix. When it’s just my girlfriend and me he is the sweetest boy ever, sometimes he bites at my socks but other than that he’s wonderful when it’s just us.
At the dog park, he loves playing with other dogs (as we took him to the dog park every day during covid) and he’s pretty friendly with humans but doesn’t go out of his way to hangout with the humans, he’s more of a dogs dog.
The main problem comes when taking him on walks AND when people visit. As many are used to on this sub, he lunges and barks non stop at humans during walks (unless they have a dog he gets visibly excited to say hi).
My biggest issue right now is his behavior when someone visits my apartment. He will non stop bark and if they walk he will bite and shake their pants (he’s never bitten skin, but it’s still very worrisome). I’m about to go to grad school and will be roommates with my friends, i’ve explained his behavior to them and they are understanding but it still is really stressful. If someone is visiting for over a week, he eventually gets used to them and stops his bad behavior but I’m not sure what to do. I don’t know how to train this behavior as it involves a someone Clover doesn’t know entering my house.
Any advice?
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2023.06.08 01:20 ProfessorFrink1 Am I a sucker: Fisker Karma edition

Hey all! Let me start by saying that I'm an idiot. I know this. So if you're going to read all this just to tell me that I'm an idiot, I want you to know that I know! Now with that out of the way...
I bought a Fisker Karma. Nay, I bought two Fisker Karmas. I bought one sight unseen and shortly after that, the same seller stated that the guy that encouraged him to buy one also had one. Neither car was running. This is a common issue with the Fiskers. The 12v battery dies and the car needs a special Fisker computer to wake up. They were cheap and my hope was to fix both and sell one.
I paid to have the cars shipped cross country to San Francisco where one of the prominent Fisker techs is located. I gave him instructions: see if the cars are easily revived. If not, send me a list of what they need. This is November of 2022. He proceeds to tell me that one car is completely hopeless but that he thinks he can bring the other car back to life. He sends me a $6,000ish quote for the battery service. I green light this and we're off to the races.
There was an understanding that if, and only if, the car was viable and the battery was working as designed, that we would then perform a litany of other work. Some of this was stuff that you should do on a higher mileage car (control arm bushings, tie-rods) and other stuff is Fisker specific. The infotainment computers fail due to water intrusion. That's $3000. The heater pumps fail, the gear selector buttons, etc. They perform an entire cowl sealing that makes the car water proof because Fisker failed to do this from the factory. But here's the bottom line: I made it clear that if we didn't have a viable powertrain/ battery that no further work was to be carried out. I bet you can see where this is going.
Likewise, I relied on them wholly for telling me what needed to be repaired. The only problem I was already aware of was a defective blower motor (also water intrusion) which I replaced myself upon taking possession of the vehicle.
At this point they explain that the battery has been tested and is no longer displaying any codes. They ask if I want to do the remainder of the suggested service. This is about $6000 of additional work and includes replacing a door switch, tie rods, control arm bushings, the infotainment computer, sealing the cowl area, windshield wipers, a few broken under trays, etc. I gave them the go ahead and they perform the work. The car is done, my bill is paid and a few weeks after failing to find a shipper, I hop on a train to go get the car from San Francisco.
I'm leaving my hotel the next morning when the owner texts and tells me to get breakfast if I haven't already. The car has a check engine light and they want to figure out why. That's annoying but hey, it happens. I show up a few hours later and they explain that it has a cam correlation code. The cam phasers fail in the engines. It's an easy enough fix. It sucks that they didn't find that but my day's not ruined. What's odd is that my last Fisker had this exact problem and I know it takes at least two drive cycles for it to display the light and yet they tell me the light was never on. So that means the phaser decided to fail that day? Odd.
Then they tell me about the traction control light. It turns on the moment you start to drive. "It never came on for us" was the official response. I've put 1500 miles on the car now. It's come on literally every time but once. It came on for them too. I'm sure of it. They just missed it. But still, I'm assuming a wheel sensor or something like that needs to be replaced. Again not the end of the world.
So now I start driving the car back to LA and almost immediately I notice that I'm losing throttle response in EV mode. Now I'm not talking after driving hundreds of miles or having the car for a couple weeks. I'm saying this happened on my drive home. You hit the gas pedal and the car does nothing. You have to put it in sport mode which starts the engine and bypasses the battery and then it drives fine. I assume I'm doing something wrong because surely there can't be a major issue with this car I just paid $12,000 to one of the top techs in the country to work on.
I live with it for a few days and notice the problem only occurs in EV mode. That's not good. That means something with the battery most likely. This, combined with the fact that they missed the check engine light, traction control light and then I'm finding that the heater pump and the electric heater for EV mode heat are both dead, means they really put nearly no shakedown miles on this. They didn't verify it was a functioning car. They barely drove it after changing the bad battery modules and clearly didn't drive it more than once. Otherwise the check engine light would have popped up for the engine code. Indeed, I looked at the mileage and the car had something like 60 miles put on it in their possession. The all EV range of the Karma is 50 miles. That's one discharge and an additional 10 miles. I couldn't even discharge the battery the first time I drove it without it losing power.
So I call them. Now I'm not sure what to do. Because I'm really upset that they a.) missed a lot of issues and b.) barely put any shakedown miles on the vehicle. Clearly not enough to see that it still had issues.
So they tell me to check the coolant pumps. I do. They're running. So they tell me to bring it back to them. I do. They charge me another $1700 to replace a contactor in the battery and tell me that it's still having the issue. They say the traction control light hasn't come on for them but that they performed a steering angle reset procedure. I go to pick up the car yesterday, I move it 4 feet out of the spot and the traction control light comes on. I'm livid but swallowing my anger at this point.
I'm now $15,000+ in parts and labor into a car that doesn't work fully. The shop has offered effectively nothing other than a "we're sorry" for missing the stuff that they missed. There's no explanation for missing the battery issues other than that it didn't do it for them. Well of course it didn't. You didn't drive it enough.
I'm angry because so much of the work didn't need to be done if the battery didn't work. I didn't need the $1600 control arms or the $1000 tie rod ends. I didn't need the $3000 computer, the $665 gear selector switch, an oil change, under trays... any of it. I paid for another $7,000ish worth of work that absolutely did not need to be done if the battery was not viable. Not to mention all the stuff they missed beyond the battery. The heater pump and EV heater weren't noticed, the traction control light never mentioned to me, the check engine light, etc... Just a bunch of really obvious stuff here that was missed and I never even got the opportunity to say yes or no to have those things fixed.
And my struggle is that these guys are very kind. They are family business with exceptional reviews. But I feel as if they really took advantage of me here, just with a smile on their faces and a kind demeanor. Even the return trip where they were supposed to find the issue they missed the first time, they charged me $1700. If the part didn't fix the problem, I would have removed it and done the labor for free because I severely inconvenienced my customer in the first place. This wasn't even a consideration for them.
Am I nuts here?
FULL DISCLOSURE: This company let me purchase battery modules directly from the company they get them from at a large discount but they would not warranty them. That said, they are not stating that these modules are the cause of my existing failure. In fact, they are unable to say what my existing failure is at all. They're basically throwing parts at the car.
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2023.06.08 01:19 jameyiguess Options for seeing primary resource and cooldowns easier?

Hey, demon-blasters!
I'm having a lot of fun with the game, but I'm also finding it difficult to see the state of my primary resource and skill cooldowns while fighting. The resolution / screen space places them far away from my character, so it's really difficult for me to monitor. I'm wondering if there are any accessibility or regular options I'm missing for this?
So far, I've just been Hail Mary hammering on buttons, or casting core skills till I run out and simply can't anymore, but I think I'd be able to play a lot smarter if it were easier to see when skills are ready, or the current level of my energy/resource.
Like a floating icon of resource near the player char showing its level, and/or pings near your char when a skill is online again. I don't know, I'm not a designer, but I'm having trouble seeing the HUD while actually playing.
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2023.06.08 01:19 Spxczyy Anyone have any advice for me? Everyones opinion is valid.

So last night i had this crazy freestyle sessions, ive been watching all of juice wrlds freestyles and analizing every sentence and adding that value to my freestyles right, and on soundcloud ive been freestyling on juice wrld beats (all girls are the same) (lucid dreams) aswell as making covers on songs such as (bandit) (robbery). I make the thumbnails as my juice merch next to some posters i have as juice near my vinyls of all of the juice albums and i think it looks pretty cool. But when i go to sleep thinking about jarad higgins i lay down into my juice wrld bed sheets on my death race for love pillow and my juice wrld body pillow then covering my body with my fighting demons juice wrld blanket then looking at my jarad higgins sticker on the top of my celing, then i start to think of some epic rymes for my songs, i put on a little juice wrld type beat with my phone that has a juice wrld phonecase and a custom juice wrld glass back on my iphone and start to freestyle a little bit, i write down my epic juice wrld type rymes and start to doze off into a lucid dream. But during that lucid dream i become friends with juice wrld and he gives me $1m and i spend it with juice wrld at complex and i go over his amount only $1 beating him as having the most spent, then ally walks in and we all have a good time (making music) he then adds me as a feature to one of his songs and i absolutly carry juice on that song and he had to redo his verse lol, but then i wake up in the middle of the night and start thinking about my cat that i lost a few months before and start to get teary eyed. How can I move on and grieve my cat in the most healthy way that will help me control my sad feelings about mr whiskers :( Any help is good help! :)
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2023.06.08 01:19 Nikikopp love the new map, but the performance

i love reclaimed, it really feels like a battlefield map, problem is its very annoying to play for me because of the performance, in comparison to a 128 player Discarded match it uses nearly a GIGABYTE of extra vram, on average 7.6 gigs out of 8 on my rx 6600, strangely i do get an extra around 20 frames its just has a lot of stutter, never had this problem before on any map in bf2042, is there any way to help the performance, except for turning down settings, or do i gotta wait for a new patch?
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2023.06.08 01:19 lilmisstegan S7 E2 Doug and Ruth

This episode is honestly heartbreaking! Not many episodes of Hoarders brings me to tears but this one has had me crying all the way through. I haven’t even finished the episode yet so I’m hoping there’s some happy at the end of all this sadness.
Doug- his story is so tragic, at the prime of his life he nearly died and had a brain injury and his neighbour said when he got home instead of his family helping him they laughed at him. His dad was a drinker and eventually died of a drug overdose. His family showed up hours late to the cleanup and hadn’t seen his house in years which means he was left alone to deal with life while still suffering after his brain injury. Poor guy.
Ruth- absolutely heartbreaking! Lost her husband, lost her son and then her other son took his own life in the shower. When they showed the family portrait with the people who have died greyed out it was so sad realising half her family had died, you could hear the emotion in her voice and when her daughters spoke too and her wailing as she pulled her husbands pants off the dresser was awful, I could just feel everything she was feeling.
Really rough episode emotionally and I hope these people are in a better place now, this is one episode I really want to see a revisit for. I’m watching for the first time so crossing my fingers I see these beautiful faces again, happy and healthy!
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2023.06.08 01:19 8bitoverflow CS full-time SWE positions

Hey, hope everyone is doing well out there. The company I work for is looking for Computer Science majors who have graduated (or graduating in the near term) and interested in a full-time entry level software engineer position.
The company has been around for about 16 years and works mostly government contracts for agencies such as the DoD and Coast Guard. We are a smaller company with around 90 employees, many being SDSU & UCSD grads. We mostly make use of C/C++ and Java for the backend, React and Typescript for the frontend, Docker and Kubernetes for orchestration, Git for SCM, and the Atlassian stack for program management (Jira, Confluence, etc).
The SD offices are located in Point Loma and Kearny Mesa, with a good mix of in-office and work from home. Given the type of work, we are unable to sponsor H1B visas.
I've been with the company for quite awhile and can say the people, culture, and benefits are hard to beat. If any CS majors are interested shoot me a message, and if there are questions I'll answer what I can in the comments.
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2023.06.08 01:18 JustNoticedThat Update extravaganza!

Thought I’d update you on the progress on some of my edits.
WAR OF THE STARS HD - The upscaling is about 40% done, and the first hour is complete and ready to watch. There will be three different cuts: the regular upscale, a rebuilt edition using 4K77, and a mixture of both with my own additions.
BREAKING BAD: ONE YEAR LATER - Thought I’d finally share what this edit is about. I’ve been working on this since October, it’s basically the last two episodes of Breaking Bad, El Camino, and its deleted scenes combined into a feature length film with some flashbacks and additions here and there. It’s about 95% done, and just needs some finishing touches.
DAVID MORRELL’S FIRST BLOOD - About 95% done too. I’m working on re-upscaling the TV version scenes to please the FE.org overlords.
SQUID GAME: TV-TO-MOVIE EDIT - Also nearly finished. I’m working on trimming the whole thing down to a suitable length.
THE ATTACK OF THE MARS DEMONS - I’ve been obsessing over this for the past few days. It’s already about 30% done. It’s a grindhoused version of Doom (2005) and the godawful Doom: Annihilation (2019) combined into one movie. Expect gore, profanity, rescoring, and sex.
PULP FICTION: 4K ULTIMATE EDITION - This is gonna take a long time. I wouldn’t be hoping for a release any time soon, but my rough estimate would probably be around December. VFX is not my forte, and this edit requires quite a bit.
I thought I’d also share some ideas for future edits too:
BACK TO THE FUTURE: GRINDHOUSED - I’ll do this at some point, but it would be the original movie with swearing and extra violence courtesy of “Back To The Future: With Blood” and “Back To The Fucking Future” on YouTube.
BLADE RUNNER: TWILIGHT ZONE EDITION - Also will probably do this one for my Twilight Zone edit series (by the way, if you make a Twilight Zone edit, send me it, and I’ll add it to the series). The edit would feature some narration by both an AI Rod Serling and Harrison Ford from the original cut of the film.
I hope to get these out soon!
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2023.06.08 01:18 Lemonadeinitiative Deseret industries a real world metaphor of the church

I just made a donation at the church run thrift shop here in Mordor, and it was a real life representation of my “spiritual” experience in the church.
I pull up to the donation site, which is a chained off section in the parking lot, with lots of signs full of various rules, - “ no donations received after 6,” - “ please make two lanes” -“ we can’t take certain items”
Many of these rules are practical and logical. But the first sign that caused me to think about writing you all was about 3 car lengths from the end of the lane, and it said “stop, wait here.”
I was obedient and came to a complete stop. As soon as all the employees noticed what I have done they immediately began to impatiently wave me forward. Which is fine. It’s mildly annoying when you are the only car, but I’m sure on a Saturday afternoon this is also a useful and practical rule.
But then I pull forward to a plastic sandwich board sign with the traditional hexagonal stop sign on it. And I make another complete stop, next to the stop sign. I turn of my car and fully get out of the vehicle. Three employees approach me and say “ you need to pull forward.”
There is no signage beyond the stop sign. No indication to me where I should eventually stop my car, so I say, “ how much farther?”
A supervisor Can tell Im annoyed, and typically the employees in this area tend to be a little intellectually challenged, so I think the supervisor thought I was loosing patience with them, but I was very annoyed by the pharisaical signs and systems . But the supervisor answers my question.
“We typically have you pull up to this point.” And gestures to a point almost one full car length in front of me, where there is no sign or marking on the asphalt, or any other indication that a car “typically” stops there.
So my point is that just like in the donation line at the church thrift store, the church is filled with arbitrary rules, some may be practical all the time, and some rules are practical some of the time. Some rules benefit a majority of people, and some rules are clearly their to satisfy a very specific minority.
But ultimately the rules that matter to the organization are arbitrary and left up to whoever happens to be in charge that day. The real and valuable rules of the organization are not codified in a clear and accessible way that is consistent and easy to understand. They could execute those rules with clarity, but they don’t. Instead they just expect you to read their minds, or correctly guess what they expect from you, and when you don’t intuit the rules they shame you.
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2023.06.08 01:18 ThrowRA_xikiwag Is this "needing space" situation different? 32m,26f

I'll start with answering myself "probably not". I'm stubborn, but not stupid.
Anyway. My girlfriend of more than 3 years had a hell of a time for a couple of years. Too many arguments, too much personal stuff happening in our lives. Combined with her medical bipolar and my incessant "giving advice" attitude towards supporting and her codependency...it left her feeling unloved.
A couple of months ago, she went on a trip to see family. This has happened before, but went normally. This time she did make it clear she was leaving for a while and it was to decompress. Life is fickle sometimes, so I accepted that and actually thought it would make sense. Our communication was thorough, but there was a wedge for sure.
I was going to visit, leading up to it conversations were okay. Literally up to almost being near her, she dropped it. Said we shouldn't continue. I was pretty upset. To sum up the last week, we have had conversations. Most of which was me getting very logical explaining the reasons we should work on it. She stuck to her guns, even going so extreme as "We have nothing in common", "the last years have been the worst", etc. I stayed calm and took the high road.
Most recent conversation was a bit more calm. Ended with me asking if she would be interested if things changed (me being more loving, basically). She responded with "Let me heal alone and ask me in a while." I said I respect that, wished her luck, and concisely expressed I genuinely want to make it work.
There's more context of course, but these are the high points. Additional minor points are that I am very comfortable financially and have provided us most of the comforts we could want. I sincerely think she appreciates that. She is a little bit lost herself. Intellectually she even admits I'm vastly ahead (I bring that up because maybe she feels like she can't contribute as much). We have also have never had any instances of betrayal (so I know of, except that I know she reflects on her last relationship, but at an acceptable level). A couple of months ago she became aware I was likely to propose soon.
TL:DR - Ex of a few years left to see family a few weeks ago. Broke things off while away. We both had a lot to say, she wants to feel more loved. Told me to reach out in the relatively near future to see how she feels.
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2023.06.08 01:18 XaqTheFinanceGuy Consumption graph randomly became unusable

Consumption graph randomly became unusable
Randomly a week or two ago, my consumption graph become so inaccurate that it has become unusable.
Any time I accelerate from a stop, it shows my usage peaking at anywhere from 600 to 900+ wh/mile (which is absurd when youre only accelerating to 40-60mph) and as you can see, it has me at an average of 440 wh/mile for the last 30 miles.
The problem? The weather is beautiful out and I'm REALLY averaging closer to 250 wh/mile as you can see from the other calculation in the lower left corner. If you can't read that, it says i have averaged 256 wh/mile since my last charge 36 miles ago, which contrasts drastically to the 440 wh/mile shown on the right for the last 30 miles. Obviously these calculations are not in sync.
Anyone have any idea what might cause this or if there is an easy fix I could try to recalibrate this? It's not the end of the world, but in my nearly four years of ownership, I regularly rely on that range estimate on the right side as a realistic estimate of how many miles of range I have remaining.
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2023.06.08 01:18 Upstairs-Lie640 Move my furniture, my turn

I originally posted this on petty revenge and was told several times it belonged here too.
TLDR at the end. This happened when I had only just moved from home and got my own place. Super proud of myself as I’d saved like a demon and bought (with mortgage, obviously) my first place. Lovely little 2 bed flat in a slightly rough area but I loved it and it was all mine!
My mum and step-dad came to visit for a few days a few months after I was settled in, nicely decorated in my style, all my own furniture. One of the evenings they stayed I had to work a late shift. They planned to go out for dinner and to the pub and I left them to it. Came home at 11pm and my mum had moved nearly all of the furniture around and all my books and kitchen stuff were moved to different shelves or cupboards. She even moved my bed in my room so when I opened the bedroom door it hit the bed. I was pissed.
So I angrily fixed what I could that night before going to bed. Spoke to her about it the next day, explained its my home and I had it how I liked it so stop please. I put everything else back which took hours, she grumbled the whole time that it looked better her way.
Their last day I nipped out to the shops to get us some nice bits for lunch and in the hour I was gone she’d done it again. Moved all my kitchen stuff around to where she liked it. Again I told her off, my house, my rules. She still maintained it was better her way and I should just let her crack on. Fine, I let her do what she wanted and put stuff back when they left.
My revenge, I went to visit their house 6 months later and did it to her.
She went out to work one day and I rearranged every bit of furniture I could by myself. Everything. Swapped the dining room and living room furniture over so you had to walk food through the living room and across the hallway to get to the dining room. Swapped their bedroom and guest room curtains over (the windows were different sizes so their now bedroom curtains were 2 foot too short). Even the pointless little things like moving the spoons to a different side of the drawer and moved every photo on the walls to a different wall. Rearranged the fridge. Took me 7 hours.
My step dad was home while I did it and laughed his head off the whole time. He refused to help but understood so let me crack on.
Neither me nor my step dad said anything when she got home, we just sat watching tv (which was now in what was their dining room) and I asked her how was work. She didn’t say a word. She walked round the house, taking it all in, for 20 minutes. Then came and sat down, looked at me and said “point taken”. They’d put it back to how it was the next time I visited.
We’ve not spoken of it since.
TLDR: my mum moved my furniture in my new house so I rearranged her whole house in return.
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2023.06.08 01:18 TheDashingDrazma Are there any public Pullup bars in Kalamaja?

Since the weather has been getting nicer, I want to start doing calisthenics out of the gym after morning runs. I have looked through parks in Kalamaja but haven't found an actual pullup bar anywhere yet. Only playgrounds and those odd "exercise" things old/disabled people and kids use. They do have bars for dips, which is nice. But no pullup bars to be seen... Where should I look? The closest ones I have found were near Russalka but that's in Kadriorg. The others I've seen were in Stroomi beach. Kind of wish Kalamaja was more like Lasnamägi with its pullup bars around every corner.
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2023.06.08 01:17 fridaaag Car is a total loss, now what?

So a few months ago my family and I got into a car accident. Someone was exiting a parking a lot and attempted to get in the middle lane immediately and hit us. In the car we were 5, my husband(copilot), my brother(middle of the back) and my daughters, each in her car seat(9 months and 4 years old, one behind the pilot and the other behind the copilot), and myself(pilot). The crash was not our fault, there was a police statement made indicating that it was the other car's fault. We didn’t want a lawyer involved because we just wanted our car to be fixed since I needed it to drop my daughter to school and other things like that. I got in contact with the other car insurance since I didn’t have insurance at the time of the crash, so I was the one contacting the insurance. Everything was good, they sent a check to the car repair agency for my car to be fixed, until the agency started working on my car and realized that there was so much damage on the inside, they told the insurance company and they declared my car a total loss. I just received the news and I'm super nervous, will I lost my down payment and other payments I've made? It's so unfair since it wasn’t even my fault. The insurance hasn’t contacted me yet, the car repair agency were the ones that called me and asked if the insurance contacted me, I said no and they told me to call them. I couldn’t call today since they are close right now, but I will call tomorrow first thing in the morning. Now, should I contact my lawyer? I just don’t want to loss all the money I've paid. Thanks, sorry if you can’t understand, English is my second language. I'm in Texas by the way.
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2023.06.08 01:17 mitchbeachfun This roller coaster has no track! It’s a bobsled coaster @ Kings Dominion!

This roller coaster has no track! It’s a bobsled coaster @ Kings Dominion!
I live in my van and travel to amusement parks across the country, come with me on my adventures! I’m MitchBeachFun on YouTube.
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2023.06.08 01:17 echoesofreason 3 months later, here's my Coco Moon review & ratings...

3 months later, here's my Coco Moon review & ratings...
Favorite songs: “Sons of Thunder” & “The Tornado” Least favorite songs: “Field Notes” & “Adam, Check Please” Overall rating: 2.4/5 stars
I’ve known for a while that old-style Owl City music I originally fell in love with is long gone, but I had hoped that whatever route he took for his new album would be just as captivating. Unfortunately, Coco Moon is a sharp turn in a direction I don’t think I’ll be following. While a few songs on the album are fun, standout surprises, they’re the exception by far.
The biggest disappointment in nearly all the songs is the songwriting. I fell in love with Owl City’s music because of the unique and dreamy lyrics, and many of Adam’s songs in recent years have been missing that quality entirely. Coco Moon especially suffers from awkwardly phrased, clunky lyrics filled with cliches, morals, and over-explained messages; there’s not a single song on the album that avoids it.
One of the other major issues that many songs on this album suffer from is undeservedly long runtimes. This album definitely could’ve used some input from another songwriter to help prevent that issue; I think many songs could be greatly improved simply by cutting a few verses and/or choruses here and there.
Something that I noticed but don’t have particularly strong feelings on is the wide variety in tone and topic between the songs on the album. While a lot of the time artists and/or management prefer keeping an album thematically consistent, I personally don’t mind having a wider variety — although I will admit that many of the transition between songs can be incredibly jarring.
Overall, Coco Moon is an album that feels like it’s constantly missing the mark. I won’t be re-listening to most of the songs off of it, but at the end of the day, I’m happy that Adam is making the music that he wants to and continuing to grow and evolve his style.
(Individual song reviews below! Favorite/least favorite lyrics spoiler-ed so you can ignore them if you want; I just included them for fun.)

Adam, Check Please

⭐⚫⚫⚫⚫ (1/5 stars)
The instrumentals are super fun, but I just can’t get over the lyrics. They’re super-literal, awkward, and clunky — and weirdly glorifying underpaid retail work. It feels like Adam’s trying to make a connection between his grocery store job and his music fame with the whole “climb the ladder” thing… Uh, no. Again, the music itself is really fun; the layering of instruments, synths, main vocals, backing vocals, etc. works really well. But in my opinion the lyrics are bad enough to make the song flop.
Worst lyric: all of it “I said, hey, I’m looking for Casey Connor / Here’s my resume”
Best lyric: “All those hours / And store-bought flowers set me free”

Under the Circus Lights

⭐⭐⚫⚫⚫ (2/5 stars)
Although I’m not personally a fan of this song, I can admit that Adam did a really fun and unique job blending pop style with musical/soundtrack style music in this song (and some others on the album). It veers a little too far into soundtrack at points for me to listen to it most of the time, though, especially with the announceapplause interlude. Again, the lyrics here are very cliche at times and overall leave something to be desired, but it’s not one of his worst offenders. The circus setting of the story just feels weird to me — it feels like Adam was trying to pick a whimsical setting for a romance (in the vein of “Super Honeymoon”/”The Yacht Club”) but it feels too grounded and misses that classic Owl City level of whimsy.
Worst lyrics: “I got cotton candy” / “She seemed to drown in the "oohs" and "ahhs"”
Best lyric: “Lighter than a feather / But careful as with a heavy heart / She seemed to fall forever”

Kelly Time

⭐⭐⭐⚫⚫ (3/5 stars)
Honestly, the fact that Mr. City decided to write a whole song about Cast Away from the point of view of the volleyball… There’s no word but iconic. It’s a bop, too, with super fun instrumentals and what feels like a genuinely fresh evolution of Owl City music. It’s so close to 4 stars for me, but it gets points off for a few things. One, awkward and often cliche lyrics throughout the song (I think in this case from trying to fit the lyrics to the movie dialogue at times). Two, for the fact that, like many songs on the album, it feels unnecessarily long — it keeps going several verses longer than it feels like it should. Three, connected to that, at times it goes overly hard trying to impart a moral into the song (one that’s not necessarily present in the original movie!). And four, it’s missing some of the whimsy I think Adam was going for, and ends up too grounded in its source material — even if it works for the song, but I prefer not to listen to movie summaries in the form of songs.
Worst lyric: “The most beautiful thing in the world / Is, of course, the gift of life” (He CHANGED IT — in the movie it’s “The most beautiful thing in the world is the world itself”.)
Best lyric: “And now I have to learn to let you go / Even though I love you more than you'll ever know / I'm getting used to half a heart and the way things are”

Field Notes

⭐⚫⚫⚫⚫ (1/5 stars)
Coming from someone who fell in love with Owl City’s music because of Adam’s songwriting… This is the worst songwriting I’ve ever seen from him. He wrote an overly literal song about one of the more obscure Christian fables, and topped it all off with an explanation that that was what he was doing in the song. Dude, ever heard of “show, don’t tell”? Also, I’ve read the fable and various explanations of it, and I think I understand what it’s trying to say, but I just don’t think the song communicates it well through the story. (Hence the need for the explanation at the end, I guess?) And I guess the music is alright… except for the minute-long instrumental solo at the end that feels like it’s a totally separate song. Overall, this whole song is just a mess.
Worst lyric: “It’s a fable, you see / And the moral is this”
Best lyric: (none)

Sons of Thunder

⭐⭐⭐⭐⚫ (4/5 stars)
Adam needs to do Christian rock more often! This song is a banger and probably my favorite song on the album. The music is incredible, and his vocals, plus the backing female vocals, work really well to give the song a sense of power. In terms of the theme — I’m not Christian myself, and tend to find Christian themes tiring in music. But the first part of this song was actually done really well, in my opinion. It’s only in the tail end of the song where it begins to get preachy that Adam starts to lose me. It’s another example of “show, don’t tell”; the song conveys its message perfectly well through the more symbolic first part of the song, but grinds the pace to a halt to unnecessarily lay it out plainly at the end. And as a final note — nimbusofghosts on Tumblr already made an excellent post about this, but as a queer + transgender person, there’s a few lines in the song that I really connect with.
Worst lyric: “Yeah, we serve a God / Who loves us to death / No matter what we've done / So don't lose hope / 'Cause he will lead us home”
Best lyric: “And even though we are strange and exquisitely scarred / We don’t need to pretend to be anything we aren’t”

The Tornado

⭐⭐⭐⭐⚫(4/5 stars)
WOW. It’s incredible to see such strong vocals from Adam, and the instrumentals really support them and the mood. You can really hear the influence of movie and musical scores in this song; the knowledge he gained from the Adam Young Scores project really shines here, even years later. This song really had the potential to be my favorite song on the album, but (like several other songs on the album) it really lost its momentum halfway through, which brings the song grinding to a halt. The energy and mood of the first half is totally absent in the second half. Once again, the length also does it no favors; I think this song could easily be improved by cutting several of the verses after the climax so it falls later in the song. And, once again, the preachy Christian overtones and explanation of the moral feel very heavy-handed to me.
Worst lyric: “No, I vowed I'd not be murdered by a monster in the sky that night / But if I went home to heaven, at least that's where I'd belong”
Best lyrics: “And then the nightmare started, it got deafeningly loud / Every fiber in me screamed out but I couldn't make a sound / . . . / And this was my prayer: / "Save me from this terrible nightmare"”

Vitamin Sea

⭐⭐⭐⚫⚫ (3/5 stars)
This song is pretty simple but fun. It’s a cheesy, pun-filled bop — solid, but never going to be in my top songs. This is probably the closest to Ocean Eyes that will ever happen, but I feel a little sad that it’s in the vein of “Dental Care” or “Rugs From Me To You” instead of some of the more beautiful, whimsical songs from that era. The cliche lyrics feel a little but less cliche because there are only so many puns out there, but among the many other cliche songs on the album it feels like just one more song filled with unoriginal phrases. Regardless, it’s a fun song with fun lyrics and fun instrumentals.
Worst lyric: “So heads up Nancy, don't get antsy / While I'm working on my tan”
Best lyrics: “Yeah, I gotta go now / 'Cause I'm a little worn down / And I'm a little burned out” / “I’ve gone coastal” (A pun on “going postal” — if you’re not familiar with the phrase, look it up. I do appreciate a bit of dark humor in Owl City songs.)

Dinosaur Park

⭐⭐⭐⚫⚫ (3/5 stars)
This song has so much potential, but falls flat for me in so many ways. The topic (dinosaur statues coming alive at night) and the music (chill, twinkly vibes) are both wonderful, and in some ways a return to a classic “dreamy” style. But the six-and-a-half minute runtime means that the singular topic and limited instrumentals are stretched out for far, far, far too long. By the time some more interesting instruments kick in midway to give the song a little more life, it’s already over three and a half minutes in. (For reference, “The Bird and the Worm” is just a little under three and a half minutes long.) It’s a fun, silly song, but not at all deserving of the gargantuan runtime.
Worst lyric: “Boy, I love Rapid City / And that hilltop of beasts”
Best lyric: “'Cause when the moon's sitting pretty / Above Rapid City / There's much more than meets the eye”

Learn How to Surf

⭐⭐⚫⚫⚫ (2/5 stars)
A fun, funky song, that is also incredibly baffling to me. It really just feels like Adam trying out some new synths with some quickly written cliche lyrics slapped on top. The verses and chorus, while both fun in their own ways, feel totally disconnected lyrically, like they belong to two different songs. Ironically, despite the fact that this song feels super short and insubstantial, it’s over three and a half minutes long, making it a pretty average song length for any of his older albums. I think it’s because this song suffers from the same issue many others on the album do, which is that so much of the song’s lyrics feel cliche, repeated, or like filler material. It’s a fun song but overall insubstantial; really nothing too interesting beyond the funky synths.
Worst lyric: “You can't stop the waves but you can learn how to surf” (A classic-to-the-point-of-cliche “inspirational” phrase… that he made the catchphrase and title of the song.)
Best lyric: (honestly, nothing stands out in particular)

The Meadow Lark

⭐⚫⚫⚫⚫ (1/5 stars)
Honestly, I keep forgetting this song exists. It doesn’t feel like it belongs on this album, much less that it was written by pop musician Owl City. While this might be an excellent song in a different context — An album of modern hymns, perhaps? Relaxing Christian moral music? — it’s jarring to hear it following “Learn How to Surf” on Coco Moon. Also, yet again, it tells its message perfectly fine through the story, but drags the end out by explaining it in the most literal terms possible, abruptly ending the narrative setting and tone of the song. (Also, as a sidenote, I do appreciate Adam’s shift in the language he uses to make it feel more like a hymn or otherwise traditional song!) But to sum up — in a different context, I’m sure this is a good song, but not on this album.
Worst lyric: “If I should live to see more days / I pray the Lord to guide my ways”
Best lyric: “And then, the curious thing occurred / On wings arrived a tiny bird / And troubled not by war or peace / She sang for us a melody”

My Muse

⭐⭐⭐⚫⚫ (3/5 stars)
What can I say, it’s a sweet song. It’s hard to critique a song as personal as this — it almost feels like it’s not meant for any of us to hear — but if there’s one thing I can point out, it’s the (once again) over-reliance on cliched language throughout the entire song, and some instances of awkward phrasing. I will say that this is one of the few songs on the album where it feels like just the right length (although ironically enough, it’s the shortest one on the album). It’s a simple, sweet, personal song, and even though I won’t be listening to it much, it’s one of those songs that just makes me happy for Adam.
Worst lyric: “Yeah, without a doubt, I took you out for coffee”
Best lyric: “There's nowhere else I'd rather be than here with you”

Let me know your thoughts on the album and my review — what you agree or disagree with, any thoughts or context you’d like to share, or your own song rankings if you feel like sharing!
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2023.06.08 01:17 doll1027 My life feels so dumb I need so much help

My whole family was abusive or toxic. They all have let me down. I’m a 21 year old woman with seemingly nothing to back me up on. My family never taught me anything rather they just destroyed any potential I had for something greater, they fucked with my schooling education my mind. My father is a narcissist who is an electrician making good money but does not support me or talk with me at all. I know I’m an adult but I literally was working saving money for a car but I had to move away because his brother ganged up on me after I confronted his daughter stole so much stuff from me I moved away from their bullshit had to use all the money I had saved towards moving instead, got in debt with my credit card cus I needed it, ended up in an abusive relationship and had to save up and move away again. My mom and brother are too toxic and they live near me but I can’t live with them because they’re literally bad for my mental health plus they are not that much in a good position to help me much anyway. I don’t even know how to cook that’s how badly I was neglected and yes I can learn but how can I focus on that when I just lost my 2nd job which was my main income. I don’t know how I’m gonna pay my rent I already applied somewhere else and gonna keep applying but I feel so upset. Like I shouldn’t even be in this deep of problems, I had a 4.0 gpa most of my high school but because my abusive family I had to go to alternative school to keep up , unable to get any scholarship because when we moved states I was a senior 18 years old and I was made to go to adult school get GED instead. I tried community college when I still lived with my mom but my brother always distracted me I didn’t have my own room to focus anymore the school was too far and we didn’t have a car plus it was too expensive even with FAFSA I had to drop out. I feel all alone with nothing built up for myself and I don’t even know where to start. I just wanna die to be honest, I’m too poor and alone. The only saving grace in my life right now is I have a boyfriend who has a well off family and I sleep over his house all the time but he always loves to spend money on stuff like EDC then complain about being broke and unable to buy us food meanwhile if I had that kinda money I can’t even imagine just spending it all like that I’d rather use it for my goals and to try to uplift myself. I’m bitter against how privileged rich people all over the media meanwhile the way I’m living I’m just super upset. The job I lost wasn’t even paying the bare minimum wage in my state . It’s so hard to get paid as good as a man can even harder doing this alone. I don’t know if I can hold out any longer and I don’t know why god allowed this to me I just want to be able to make it out
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2023.06.08 01:17 SmokeWarm2300 28 [M4F] - UK/Anywhere - Nerdy adventurer looking for player 2!

Hi there!
I'm 28 years young, (going on 29!) 6ft, currently living in the South of England. Not nearly as posh as it sounds, there's a lot of potholes and it's constantly wet, so there's that. I'm currently a server in a traditional English pub. I essentially make people happy as I put food in front of them, so that's my job description. I get good tips though, so it's not all bad.
In my spare time, I love listening to ambient music as I read, or play video games. Basically, I love detaching myself from reality and can find good ways about it. I also love looking at (often out of my budget) places to visit, and often thinking about what those places would be like. I miss travelling all over and am getting back into the swing of it though. Let's share travel stories! I'm also a pretty big fact nut, so quiz me on things! My speciality is flags, so be sure to ask!
I'm looking for someone who is kind, caring and will put up with my kookiness! I don't mind on location, if we live on the opposite sides of the world and fall for each other and I have to relocate, then that's okay with me! Photos are available on request, don't worry!
Anyways, I hope you have a nice day! And maybe chat later? I'm mostly online, so feel free to message me whenever!
(Photos on request! And a photo of you gets a photo of me!) Happy messaging!
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2023.06.08 01:17 Internetcowboy Is it normal for upper body weight lifting (chest press, curls) to cause ankle tendonitis to flare up?

Hey guys, I’ve been dealing with a pain near my ankle and beyond my lower shin that I’m about 80% sure is posterior or anterior tibial tendonitis. I got an x-ray done and it was clean, no MRI though (pricey). I stopped all walks and running last summer, and very very slowly it flared up less. However, since I want to be in shape, I kept lifting. Weirdly enough, even though lifting didn’t cause the injury at all (happened when running), doing chest presses on a machine, or free weight curls leads to my ankle area being inflamed. It’s like it hurts it. Is it even normal?
I see tons of posts about how when one has tendonitis its best to not walk or run etc, and that lifting weight is a great way to stay in shape. But it’s literally as if any exercise hurts it. Shouldn’t upper body stuff not be triggering the inflammation? Funny enough the only thing that hasn’t bothered me at all has been skiing.
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2023.06.08 01:17 mitchbeachfun This roller coaster has no track! It’s a bobsled coaster called Reptilian @ Kings Dominion!

This roller coaster has no track! It’s a bobsled coaster called Reptilian @ Kings Dominion!
I live in my van and travel to amusement parks across the country, come with me on my adventures!
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2023.06.08 01:16 omletteman77 Employer stated he would not pay wages for hours worked.

I took a landscaping job that started today on the understanding it would be for 5-7 days a week but it turned out the owner was offering more like 2-3 days of work per week. I worked 7 hours for him and at the end of the day I informed him I would be taking another offer I had since I was expecting more hours. I asked him to text me to work out a payment method to which he responded, he “didn’t feel the need to pay me since it was just a training day and he didn’t really need me”.
The whole time at work was spent weeding gardens and hauling mulch in wheelbarrows with no training other than a few random pointers here and there.
I’m going to wait until at least next friday which was supposed to be my payday and text him beforehand however I highly doubt he will pay me based on his demeanour.
I looked at the process for filing a ministry of labour report and am worried since I have no supporting documentation like a contract or a timesheet. All I have is a few text communications, the location of the job site, and proof that I applied for the job. He’s also a small timer with only one other employee so I doubt he keeps much documentation himself although he did say I would be paid on the books so I assume he is a registered company.
It’s only around $130 but I really need the money and I did a full day of work. If anyone has experience with the MOL how likely am I to be successful in a complaint and is there any way I could strengthen it? Do I have any other options or am I just SOL on this one? I looked it up and the cost to file in small claims is nearly what I’m owed so that hardly seems like a suitable option.
The province is Ontario.
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