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All American: Homecoming

2021.10.08 05:33 WillowSwarm All American: Homecoming

This All American spinoff follows all the ups and downs in the lives of students attending Bringston University, an HBCU in Atlanta.

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A subreddit for the Netflix comedy series Daybreak. Anybody is welcome to comment about anything related to the series.

2023.03.20 21:10 10h36m how is cool teen culture where you live?

i've always seen american movies that describe popular teen girls as blondes that dress basic and are mean. the boys usually play american football and are strong. is this true?
where i live (rio de janeiro, brazil) it's really different. the girls use black and white crop tops and shorts all the time. they act like the beach is their whole personality. they like brazilian trap music and they use sequin dresses for parties. the boys like to act as if they are "crias", which means someone who came from a poor neighborhood. they do this even if they are rich. they also like trap music. both boys and girls hang out at malls and go to matinês (which are parties that happen in afternoons). they use whatsapp, instagram and tiktok. no snapchat or msg lol
so i wanna know, how does cool teens behave at the place you live? do you consider yourself a popular teen? tell me!!!! i am curious about how drastically this changes at different cultures 🤍
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2023.03.20 21:08 Haselswerdt Shameless Plug

For any of you interested in a garbage podcast with ridiculously uninformed opinions about VfB Stuttgart that is hosted by a few American morons who are thousands and thousands of miles away from Mercedes Benz who have absolutely no insider information about the club at all in any way shape or form, well, have we got news for YOU!
A few of us run an American based, English language VfB Stuttgart fan podcast. We know some of you on Reddit - and a few of us post her regularly - but we were waiting for the right time to post something on this forum to grab some stragglers but couldn’t figure out a time, but as it’s the international break - and as there may only be nine games left in our top flight existence - we figured now or never. We’ll let you decide which would have been better - now or probably never (the correct response is “never”).
Our skills include watching VfB in the US of A, owning a laptop, pushing record, and drinking. Usually heavily! And not always in that order. We are super super super low tech and already apologize in advance for technical mishaps. Of which there are many! We usually record Sunday evening and try to post our episodes Monday afternoon (EST).
You can find us on the web or via Twitter: https://www.vfbstuttgartamericana.com/ @VfBAmericana
Prepare to be disappointed!
Oh, and if you’re an American interested in joining our Official Fan Club, check out the website for an application. If you live in Nebraska or Texas we can hook you up with the local OFC’s in those parts, too.
Anyway, that’s our story. Wish we woulda planned a better Reddit opening, but alas. Seems like our podcast and VfB have a lot in common - both are lousy!
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2023.03.20 21:05 Origami3arthquake The American Dream

After 15 years of struggling to make ends meet, I landed my dream job.
I'm not a ballerina or an astronaut or an international super spy. I'm just your run of the mill corporate drone who can now afford both rent and bread.
I've also never taken a real vacation because I could never afford to. In fact, in the past three years, I've never even taken a full day off. So, naturally, when a friend offered me the chance to join them on a two week adventure in another country, I was ecstatic. I'm finally in a position where I can afford a real vacation.
This past week, I was completely under the weather. It had been a slow week, so I decided to take a full day off Friday to recoup. I return to work on Monday to discover that, despite my approved vacation time and, despite my out of office message, I was in hot water for not answering an important email.
You see, there's no one to cover me when I'm away.
I have to be accessible at all times.
I have to be able to work at all times.
That's how I'm able to afford the nice vacation...by never being able to take one.
We used to use the phrase "sell your soul" to describe things like fame and fortune.
How things have changed.
Welcome to the new American Dream.
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2023.03.20 21:04 Ready-Ad-4549 Lucky Star lyrics meaning v2 - Madonna

[Anti-Christ heroin woman]
You must be (White 4) my (Grey 5) lucky star (White 4)
'Cause you shine (White 4) on me (Grey 5) Wherever you are (White 4)
I just think (White 4) of you (Red 1)
And I start (Red 1) to glow (Grey 5)
And I need (Grey 5) your light (White 4)
And baby (Red 1) you know (White 4)

[Anti-Christ heroin woman]
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5)
First star (White 4) I see (Red 1) tonight (White 4)
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5)
Make everything (Red 1) alright (White 4)
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5)
First star (White 4) I see (Red 1) tonight (White 4)
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5),
yeah (Grey 5)!

[Anti-Christ heroin woman]
You must be (White 4) my (Grey 5) lucky star (White 4)
'Cause you make (White 4) the darkness (Grey 5) seem so far (White 4)
And when I'm lost (Grey 5) You'll be (White 4) my guide (Grey 5)
I just turn (Grey 5) around (White 4)
And you're by (White 4) my side (Grey 5)

[Anti-Christ heroin woman]
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5)
First star (White 4) I see (Red 1) tonight (White 4)
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5)
Make everything (Red 1) alright (White 4)
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5)
First star (White 4) I see (Red 1) tonight (White 4)
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5),
yeah (Grey 5)!

[Anti-Christ heroin woman]
C'mon (White 4), shine (White 4) your heavenly body (White 4) tonight (White 4)
'Cause I know (Red 1) you're gonna make (White 4) everything (Red 1) alright (White 4)
Um (Anti-Christ heroin man Grey 5),
c'mon (White 4), shine (White 4) your heavenly body (White 4) tonight (White 4)
'Cause I know (Red 1) you're gonna make (White 4) everything (Red 1) alright (White 4)

[Anti-Christ heroin woman]
You (Grey 5) may be (White 4) my lucky star (Grey 5)
But I'm (White 4) the luckiest (Grey 5) by far
Cocaine Rock Heroin Roll cycle
Kingdom of Light = forever, always = all cocaine, History = His Story
9PM-12AM only cocaine during cocaine high
9PM Christ cocaine born (Christmas)(cocaine shot right arm)
10PM Father God cocaine (cocaine shot left arm)
11PM Holy Ghost cocaine (cocaine shot both arms)

12AM Anti-Christ wakes inside Christ cocaine when Christ cocaine shoots heroin

Rocking = Christ cocaine dominant, cocaine addiction
(12AM-3AM zigzag heroin during cocaine high)
shoot (heroin) to thrill (cocaine)
sometimes, something = some heroin
light, American Pie, drive, music, life, go, where

1AM Red = some heroin mostly cocaine (black dot white bar) I
wind, mountain, walk, story, speak, spring, queen, money, buy, battered, black hole sun, head, spick, forest, why, reason, know, stop, breeze, strong, speak, write, words, everything, all, diamonds, business, want, A, work, (1), style, how, got, I, eye, free, body, young, girl, mile, make, build, give, teacher, rock, do, the way, where, everyone, one eye open, stand, now, something's right, light thoughts, loose, believe, stand, wake up, pinky (1), easy, give, index finger (4), horns sign thumb out (1,4&5), love, thought, nose, sex, right, city, world, shaka sign (1&5), earth, whole, think, here, baby, light, see,
the answer (White 4) is blowing in the wind (Red 1) I

2AM Blue = more heroin mostly cocaine (white bar black outline)
rain, air, sea, run, road, sky, cry, song, wild, summer, king, change, sell, bruised, blue moon, mind, trees, fool, 17, illegal, go, speed, weak, superstition, feel, heard, no words, symbols, numbers, what, anything, hearts, church, B, play, vacation, holiday, 2, use, fake, matter, try, take, soul, boy, blow, time, move, challenge, risk, dare, student, do it, better way, hum, bawler, dance, bawl, (black Lamborghini), forget, say, something's wrong, heavy thoughts, bed, (let it go), lie down, this morning, thumb (5), hard, material, action, smells, rape, lust, endless day, wrong, fine, the blues, wish, pay, well, ocean, everywhere,

3AM Mercy hour
lavender, clear
Anti-Christ heroin kills Christ cocaine, mostly cocaine syringe becomes mostly heroin syringe
(3 = middle finger = Anti-Christ heroin fucks over Christ cocaine)
(Ouroboros = Dragon heroin addiction consumes body of Christ cocaine addiction)
(the day the music died)

Rolling = Anti-Christ heroin dominant, heroin addiction
(3AM-6AM zigzag cocaine during heroin high)
play (cocaine) to kill (heroin)
somewhere, somehow = some cocaine
night, dead, underground, alone, ride, come, need, star, when

4AM White = some cocaine mostly heroin (white dot black bar) you
Anti-Christ heroin woman, fall, dove, little bird, answer, smoke, sweat, tear, speck, pool, cat, (dead cat bounce), bone, good luck, clubs, agriculture (sowing the seeds of love), Sisyphus, whistle, orphan, bounce, bastard, call, (call of the wild), ball, little one, my son, tonight, forget, sleep, pillow, noise, skeleton, (skeleton in the closet), free from sin, (white from black), pray, prey, grain of sand, tucked in, mama, frontline, one in a million, shine, hitchhiker, flying, today, wonder, meaning of things, remeber, sing it, town, train station, help yourself, ringing, wife, mother, sister, wonder, times like these, pretend, wedding, (white wedding), message, SOS, apple, crazy, wherever, just think, your light, you must be, starlight, rock star, first star, alright, so far, found, blind, around, (she'll be coming around the mountain), you will be, c'mon, gonna make, your heavenly body,

5AM Grey = more heroin (black bar white outline) me
Anti-Christ heroin man, winter, question, fire, nowhere, rat, bat, wild, Blackjack, 21, fear, cannonball, pistol, bullet, spades, (the ace of spades), military, V, 5, hand, peace, pain, horn, shadow, grave, brawler, telephone, thing, hair, it, (shot caller), race, warm within, sand, war, liar, bite, kill, dream, die, hold, grip, tight, (hold on tight), take, hush, silence, beast, closet, wolf, beast, predator, squeeze, pressure, gravity, train, truck, keeper, yeah, deep down, gun, papa, chosen one, burn, horns sign thumb in (1&4), thumb, bad sign, last night, so low, appear to others, sleepless night, shame about it, shotgun, just can't, bell, (hell's bells), (brothers in arms), father, husband, brother, appearance, broken, drink, bottle, restless, hole, insane, star, me, need, glow, my, mine, star bright, lost, finder, (finders keepers), keep, guide, appear, my side, just turn, time, lucky, um, lucky star

6AM Black = (Black bar)
All heroin, Devil, Devil heroin castle, (The Wall), jealousy, home, hell, grass, mother nature, sunrise, Dragula, Sandman, never never land, yeah-yeah, Lord above,
More Metaphors:
cocaine: rock, moon, son, stone, Dutch, pink, letters, white, snow, hills, sweet, sugar, northern, 9, uptown, highlands, shiny, new, west, fly, truth, smile, hard, touch, silver, paper, sheets, sail, urban, west, god, hope, ...
heroin: roll, slip, strangle, slam, smack, dig, ditch, soft, velvet, sun, sunshine, Italian, brown, country, man, downtown, southern, poison, 8, rural, shelter, east, dark, misery, dirt, luck, mud, gold, frown, low, mule, madness, wrong, weak, broken, lonely, alone, gone, watch, strange, stranger, trunk, spread, nobody, nothing, bad, lies, trouble, dream, change, ...
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2023.03.20 21:03 HashMoose 111 Modern Restaurants: An Incomplete List of Eateries That Accept Cypto Around Los Angeles + How To Find Crypto Food Across America (OC)

Good day moonlads and ladies! I present to you a method for converting your tendies into tendies.
The source for this list is Menufy.com, an online ordering company that services all of these restaurants. I am not affiliated with Menufy, but I have used their services multiple times and can confirm that if you send them crypto, you will receive food.
Menufy operates all across the USA + American territories and are accumulating new restaurants all the time. If you are in the states, check their site to see where around you accepts crypto!
If you would like to see a map, head to Menufy.com, though they unfortunately do not have a crypto-accepted filter, or a "search this area of the map" feature, so you will have to click each interesting spot and check the right side of their page to see accepted payments. I have attempted to be that filter for you.
Without further ado, here is a list of 111 restaurants that accept crypto in the Los Angeles metro area! I hope some of your existing favorites are already here :)
A note: technically, these restaurants only accept crypto online for delivery or pickup. I would be surprised if any of these restaurants have the POS system or training to handle crypto on the spot, but in my experience you can simply order from your phone while at the restaurant and then ask the staff to please make your order for here, not to go. Most people who work at these restaurants do not even know they accept crypto, but I always make a point of saying thanks for doing so, that is why I am here!
Please let me know if I have missed any restaurants, regardless of whether they use Menufy. If this post gets some traction, I will put together lists for other metro areas as well. I hope you support and enjoy these wonderful businesses!
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2023.03.20 21:03 MoTw18 2023 DAT Breakdown (22AA/22TS/17PAT)

2023 DAT Breakdown (22AA/22TS/17PAT)
Biology - 21
General Chemistry - 28
Organic Chemistry - 21
RC - 21
QR - 21
PAT - 17
Nontraditional student, graduated may 2022. Psychology major 3.85 GPA. Previously premed and scored 503 on MCAT (August 2021).
Materials Used:
  1. DATBooster! I truly think it has everything you need and they're always improving and adding new things. It was highly representative and prepares you very well. Biology is VERY representative with some questions similar or same as practice exam. Feralis notes and sheets are great. I personally followed the booster schedule and read feralis notes to get a good base, then focused on cheat sheets and booster quizlet. General chemistry was excellent on Booster. I HIGHLY recommend you read the study notes for each chapter. Orgo is great too, make sure to know reactions, acidity, stability, lab tests and techniques. Booster is ultimately the best resource due to its low price and EXCELLENT study material.
  2. Quizlet - I personally don't like Anki so i used quizlet from booster to memorize information. I think it's important to go be comfortable with your study techniques, so if you don’t like anki don’t be afraid to do something else. I did not rely heavily on quizlet, I used it to initially memorize the information then did practice questions and revisited the topics four to five times. I only used quizlet for biology, everything else I relied on booster practice and notes. If you’re using quizlet, make sure to constantly review material in phase 2 and 3.
  3. Bootcamp Bio Notes - I only used these for a quick refresher on certain topics such as developmental biology and ecology. I only used this in the final 2 weeks. Feralis is great but close to the exam I had to prioritize time so I used those bio notes. They are not too long and tell you what you need.
Study Timeline / How I Studied:
I followed the recommended booster 10 week schedule with minor tweaks of my own. I started light studying in December, then studied 10 weeks. I made my own personal adjustments especially at the end. I targeted my personal weaknesses and drilled information in the last 2 weeks. Do not be afraid to make your own schedule, I just personally like structure and the Booster schedule is easy to follow. During phase 1 of Booster, I began studying at around 10 AM and took breaks and finally stopped studying at around 8 PM. During phase 2, I stopped usually at 5 PM and I never reviewed practice exams the same day I took them. I really recommend doing this as you can take a break, clear your head, and be focused for review and further studying the following day. I made my own quizlet from going over exams, where I’d go over every single question and add terms / concepts I don’t know. I’d make a personal note of topics I need to work on. I printed the organic chemistry reaction packet from Booster and drilled the reactions. Luckily I took organic chemistry II in Fall 2022 so I already knew most reactions. I did the question and reaction banks on orgo and watched videos on reactions I don’t remember like EAS and Radicals. For general chemistry, I relied on the study notes on Booster. I attribute my 28 to the practice exams and notes. I transferred the notes to notability and highlighted and thoroughly went over each topic. For RC, I didn’t study but the method that worked best for me was reading 5-6 paragraphs and answering questions. For QR the practice / formula sheet was enough for me, it’s harder than the real exam but you’ll be prepared.
Day of Exam:
Bio (21): Booster was really representative here with 4-5 questions I’ve seen before. There were a couple questions that threw me off guard and only 1 taxonomy question. I felt the exam mainly focused on genetics, systems, and developmental biology, but every unit was covered. Some questions stumped me but I made an educated guess. The questions are SURFACE LEVEL. There were a few in depth but that’s all. I recommend Feralis, Bootcamp bio notes, and quizlet/anki. I’d make sure to know how to work with dihybrid crosses!
GC (28): I loved this section, it was straightforward with a few harder questions. No math was necessary as it was already set up for me. This question heavily tested concepts such as ideal gas / kinetic molecular theory, the idea that group elements share characteristics, what oxidizing agent really means, etc. They’re testing your knowledge of gen chem with a little math sprinkled in. I did see a question that wanted a classification of a certain element. Tricky because actinides and lanthanides are joined with the rest and my element was in the d block transition metal but also appeared like it was a lanthanide. Be careful! Also, with stoichiometry, if you’re confused you can check with the units cross out / match up.
OC (21): Not a ton of reactions and I can remember them (carboxylic acid + SOCl2, hydroboration of alkene, aldol, what reagent for this reaction). 1 H NMR was tested (1 question), 1 question on IUPAC, 1 question on lab test, specifically bromine test (booster has a sheet, MEMORIZE IT!) Rest were about acidity, stability, hybridization, aromaticity, etc. Booster really helps here pay attention to all hybridization and aromaticity questions on booster. NOTE: my exam had all structures in the format like CH3CH2… make sure you’re comfortable with those.
PAT (17): Don’t ask me anything here I despised PAT. Make sure you’re good on hole punch and cube counting at least. 1 floating cube showed up so know how to do those.
RC (21): I skipped my break after PAT and did this section. I had the adrenaline and mind focus to keep going. Most don’t do this, but I did this for most of my practice.I was really disappointed in this section. I had one really dense passage that was really hard to understand. Recall questions were harder and more critical thinking was needed. I guessed on 10 questions so I’m glad it worked out. All passages were 12-13 paragraphs. My method was reading 5-6 paragraphs and then answering questions. The questions were not chronological for me.
QR (21): Super easy, all questions were straightforward. I was shocked at how simple it was. No geometry, lots of algebra and applied math. Couple really easy probability questions, with 1 coin question really similar to a question I remember on booster. Booster prepares you very well here. I wasn’t sure on 2-3 questions max. Know statistics well and know how to calculate standard deviation / tell set has a greater SD.
Looking at my booster exams, I scored around the same as my highest score. For nearly all sections, I scored about my average. I did not have an increase in every section like many others. I’m extremely happy with my score and I’m glad Booster prepped me very well.
Ending Advice:
I despite standarized testing, feels like torture. Take your time here, have rest days and don’t push too hard. Your hard work will pay off here. You made it this far so you’re extremely capable in acing the DAT. Also if you’re aren't ready, don’t be afraid to push the exam. Better to waste a fee than paying for a retake. You’ll all do great!
DATBooster Exams

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2023.03.20 21:01 notdepressedteenager NSV - Long, lonnnng hike!

Over the weekend, my bf and I went a couple cities over for a little getaway.
I was worried I would just binge and lay around all weekend as one does on vacation- instead I ate until I was full and did 2 HIKES this weekend!
Saturday's hike was a nice 4 km hike (2.5 ish miles for my American friends), elevation gain of 93 m (305 ft).
Sunday's was a tad (sarcasm) more challenging, at 7.5 km (4.7 miles) and a whopping 531 m elevation gain (1742 ft). took us about 5 hours for Sunday's and I am definitely feeling it today but this is not something I would have been able to do, let alone *wanted* to do, 3 months ago. I am feeling very proud!
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2023.03.20 21:00 notdepressedteenager NSV! Hiking...

Over the weekend, my bf and I went a couple cities over for a little getaway.
I was worried I would just binge and lay around all weekend as one does on vacation- instead I ate until I was full and did 2 HIKES this weekend!
Saturday's hike was a nice 4 km hike (2.5 ish miles for my American friends), elevation gain of 93 m (305 ft).
Sunday's was a tad more challenging, at 7.5 km (4.7 miles) and a whopping 531 m elevation gain (1742 ft). took us about 5 hours for Sunday's and I am definitely feeling it today but this is not something I would have been able to do, let alone *wanted* to do, 3 months ago. I am feeling very proud!
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2023.03.20 20:57 niklasd2003 Do Americans notice Canadians by the way they speak?

Hey, I was wondering if you can tell when someone is from Canada by just the way they speak. Because I'm from Germany and when I hear for example Drake, Justin Bieber or this Canadian tech guy on YouTube called "Linus Tech Tips" talking, it sounds exactly the same to me as the typical US American accent sounds and I couldn't tell at all that they are not from the USA.
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2023.03.20 20:57 DigitallyExhausted How would Americans react, if tomorrow all people in the country under 50 years old vanished?

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2023.03.20 20:56 RemoteRatio5517 First edition books?

First time posting in here so I’m sorry if this question is obvious or dumb.
So I’ve been rereading the books for the first time in about a decade. I have my old copy of the sorcerer’s stone from when I was a kid and I bought the rest of the books recently. The 1st, 4th, and 6th books all say first edition on the copyright but I’m still kind of confused? Can anyone help me understand if they’re actually first edition printings of the American version or if I’m mistaken?
The 1st book it says “1st American edition, October 1998”
The 4th and 6th are similar but they have the dates the books came out on them like the first has
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2023.03.20 20:54 jBk-Heshster The Union Army of America

The Union Army of America
Join the Union American Army, a powerful, respected, and rapidly growing crew in the RDO community, and become one of our dedicated, skilled, and loyal members. We value commitment to our cause, respect, and loyalty from all our members of The union American Army, and in return, we offer numerous benefits:
  • Protection from griefers
  • Money-making opportunities
  • Fun activities
  • Ranks and uniforms
  • Friendly environment
  • Wars and battles
To join our ranks, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Be active 2-3 days a week
  • Age 14 or above (exceptions can be made.)
  • Mic preferred
  • Must follow our rules
If you want to enlist to our cause or you have any questions don’t hesitate to DM Perc Consumer#0430 on Discord
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2023.03.20 20:52 hummusophile74 Moved Back to the US Last Year and Very Confused - Please Help

Hi all,
I can't understand which forms I need to file and how, and I can't afford a tax professional to help me so I'm hoping I can find some advice here. This is my situation:
-I am a US citizen but I lived in Europe for a few years
-The first half of last year I worked for an American NGO in Spain as a freelancer (or contractor? I don't know the difference between the two. Basically I was paid per hour, not on a contract as an employee, but I worked exclusively for that organization). I paid freelance taxes and fees to Spain for the money I earned during that period. It wasn't very much - approximately $2k a month.
-During the summer I moved back to the US and that same NGO switched me from freelancer to an employee on a contract, although I was still working only part time for the same amount.
-In the fall, I was let go from that job and a couple weeks before the end of the year, I was hired again as a freelancer paid per hour for another organization.
Since my year has been a bit of an international freelance/employee mish mash, I don't know what exactly I'm supposed to do and what the process is. My questions specifically:
  1. What forms do I need to file?
  2. How do I file them? Is there a tax platform that I should use like Tax Act or Turbo Tax? Or am I supposed to print and mail them? Or should someone be doing it for me?
  3. Do I need a tax professional to help me? If so, where can I find an affordable one?
  4. In this situation, am I likely to have to pay taxes or get a refund? (so that I know if I need to pull from savings if I'll need to pay)
I'm sorry if these are very simple or silly questions. Before this experience with the American company, I was working with Spanish companies so this process is new to me and stressful since I want to get it right. Any advice is welcome and appreciated!
Thank you in advance!
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2023.03.20 20:51 TheRealSnorkel If you’re gonna “go your own way” then just shut up and go already!

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2023.03.20 20:49 ollito1 All the hottest content @American-Pornstar. 2018 Super Trailer

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2023.03.20 20:48 griii2 Feminist author Marilyn French writes that 'vast majority of men' are child molesters, rapists, women abusers, or murderers, or misogynists.

Year 1992
Notable feminist
Marilyn French was an American feminist author.
Toxic deed
As long as some men use physical force to subjugate females, all men need not. The knowledge that some men do suffices to threaten all women. Beyond that, it is not necessary to beat up a woman to beat her down.
A man can simply refuse to hire women in well-paid jobs, extract as much or more work from women than men but pay them less, or treat women disrespectfully at work or at home . He can fail to support a child he has engendered, demand the woman he lives with wait on him like a servant. He can beat or kill the woman he claims to love; he can rape women , whether mate, acquaintance, or stranger; he can rape or sexually molest his daughters, nieces, stepchildren, or the children of a woman he claims to love. The vast majority of men in the world do one or more of the above.
[emphasis her of the author]
Marilyn French, The War Against Women (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1992), p. 182.

feminist author
sexism, demonisation
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2023.03.20 20:47 andrew0479 (Selling) March Universal Rewards / Lamborghini: The Man Behind The Legend / Till (2023) / Gigi & Nate / Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul /The Woman King / Ticket To Paradise / Detective Knight: Rogue/ Clerks III /Breakdown / Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile / Where The Crawdads Sing /Beast / Minions Rise of Gru

PayPal Friends and Family please.

4K / HD iTunes
Agent Game (2022) - 4K - iTunes - $5.00
Clerks III (2023) - 4K - iTunes - $6.00
Clifford: The Big Red Dog (2022) - 4K - iTunes - $6.00
Despicable Me 2 (2013) - 4K - iTunes (split) - $5.00
Detective Knight: Rogue - 4K - iTunes - $6.00
Divergent (2014) - 4K - iTunes (split) - $5.00
Ender's Game (2013) - 4K - iTunes (split) - $5.00
F8 - The Fate of the Furious (Theatrical) (2017) - 4K - iTunes (split) - $5.00
Gigi & Nate (2023) - 4K - iTunes - $6.00
Infinite (2022) - 4K - iTunes - $5.00
King Kong (2005) - 4K - iTunes (split) - $5.00
Lamborghini: The Man Behind The Legend (2023) - 4K - iTunes - $7.00
Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (2015) - 4K - iTunes (split) - $5.00
National Champions (2022) - 4K - iTunes - $5.00
Paws of Fury - The Legend of Hank (2022) - 4K - iTunes - $6.00
Rumble (2022) - 4K - iTunes - $6.00
Scream (2022) - 4K - iTunes - $5.00
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022) - 4K - iTunes - $5.00
Star Trek: Into the Darkness (2013) - 4K - iTunes (split) - $5.00
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The Bourne Legacy (2012) - 4K - iTunes (split) - $5.00
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Till (2023) - 4K - iTunes - $6.00

Universal All-Access Reward
March Universal Reward - Redeems in MA - $4.00

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The Bourne Ultimatum 4k
8 Mile 4k

HD movies (MA only)
Popstar Never Stop Never Stopping
Meet the Parents
Liar Liar
Get him to the Greek Unrated
Get him to the Greek
Cat in the hat
Charlie St. Cloud
Bring it on
The break up

Full TV Seasons
Game of Thrones - Season 4 - HD - GP (split) - $4.00
Superman & Lois - The Complete Season 2 (2022) - Vudu - $7.00

My Hero Academia Season 4 (2020) 25 Episodes - HD - Funimation - $7.00
My Hero Academia Season 4 Part 1 (2020) 12 Episodes - HD - Funimation - $5.00
My Hero Academia Season 4 Part 2 (2020) 12 Episodes - HD - Funimation - $5.00

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2023.03.20 20:47 work_fruit Feeling upset after boyfriend physically threw out drunk guest from our party

My partner and I (late 20s-30) had a group of almost 40 friends over of mine and our roommates for a housewarming party. The party was such a blast, and everything was amazing right up until the end.
Most of our friends are amazing, respectful and being in our mid-late 20s to 30s, we don't often have too many people not handling their alcohol. At worst, someone would be unable to drive home.
One girl (I'll call her Alice) came with her bf(Nick) is really sweet to me and we're both Russian. At some point I told her my family never saw their parents again since leaving Russia before I was born due to a string of really complicated immigration and documentation issues. They finally became Canadian citizens but after a struggling so much to restart their lives and having to stay put to become citizens, it's not that easy to be able to travel somewhere so far and expensive. Now of course there's a war. I managed to go there once when I was 20 for a month and I visited both grandmothers for a couple hours each. I feel sad sometimes that I'm so far from them and it's not easy to see them. It cost so much money to get the tourist visa, and I was still struggling to get a head start in my career so taking so much time would be difficult to pull off.
Back to our party, she knows some of this. After she had a few drinks at that party she approached me and said she owns an apartment in Russia that she has to sell in the same city that my grandmother lives in. She made some offers to visit her in person and set up a web call to give her some company, or alternatively that I could come there but she would only have the apartment through to this summer. The offer is so short notice, with my job I don't get time off very easily but I told her I would really think about it and that I appreciated her bringing it up. I plan to call my grandma and talk to her about the idea, I'm not even sure how she would respond. It's just a difficult thing to know what to do about.
Alice gave me some nice life wisdom which is that you can make money anytime but the life of your grandmother is precious and their days are limited. With that said, risking my work and potentially running into issues with traveling to a country that the US actively tells its citizens and not to go to has many risks that I'm just not fully versed on. I've heard many success stories of people going there, but I've also heard of people having their phone searched and random interrogations.
Anyways, whether or not it's going to be realistic for me I still think it's sweet that Alice thought of me. My boyfriend is very opposed to the idea or at least just didn't want to talk about it. I brought it up but she said something and he just stayed silent and didn't respond. So I talked about something else.
Later in the night Alice began to get pretty wasted, and by the end was already acting out in some other ways, she wasn't necessarily being aggressive but she was kind of being pushy and bordering on aggressive with her behavior. She was trying to be funny but it came off as annoying. For instance, I have these decorative sounds panels command strips to my door and another guest accidentally dropped one. I picked it up and placed it back where the tape was but Alice yanked it off and said "Wouldn't it look better here?" And she placed it somewhere where there was no tape so it obviously fell again and I had to pick it up and place it back onto the tape, and she did it again even though people were telling her to stop because there's no tape there.
She then went downstairs to the kitchen and another guy and I were weighing popcorn to be able to eyeball how much is serving size looks like lol. It was going fine but she came and tried to do it herself but ended up splattering the popcorn and spilling drinks everywhere. She got mad at the guys for her own frustration and asked me if she can do pow pow to them and began throwing a popcorn at them. She kept looking at me as if I understood why she was mad at them and that we were both mad at them together. Just from the look on her face I could tell she was gone lol.
One of the guys and I were just laughing hysterically because the situation kept getting more and more absurd, she was managing to spill all sorts of liquids down her face and splattering them around my kitchen and kept throwing popcorn, and when her boyfriend came down to see what's going on she also started throwing the popcorn at him but he just started to pick it up because he saw that I was also cleaning up a bit. She was being a little bit pushy with me even though with the best intentions, but she thought that I understood her anger towards the men and she was kind of getting in my face pointing her finger of me, and then pushing her finger in my chest not realizing she was backing me into my kitchen counter. It did come off as a bit aggressive but again I knew she was just really really drunk.
At one Point she started telling the other guy in the kitchen that he should also go to Russia because he's from Germany and it's so much cheaper and easier for him. He was a bit puzzled because he's never had any reason or desire to go to Russia but he just laughed it off.
My bf then came downstairs and she ran up to him and started telling him about how I should go to Russia and how he should let me. This seemed to really annoy him because he initially responded with "how do you think that's a good idea with her American passport to go there right now? " She kept pressing on with more reasoning, but he just said "I don't want to discuss this now."
She kept pressing on and at this point was getting pretty in his face, and I was still in the kitchen so I was observing a bit of it but I didn't fully see and hear everything. Well it looks like he snapped, and said if you don't stop this in 5 seconds end apologize, I'm throwing you out of here. If she did not stop and kept persisting with more reasons about why I should go to Russia and just wouldn't let off the topic, and she was getting more and more aggravated and so is he. He began to count down and when she showed no signs of stopping at zero, he physically picked her up, put her over his back and carried her outside where he placed her back on the ground and quickly locked the door.
This caused a huge commotion and she was soon wailing and screaming and began yelling about how he is a nazi, and how he just doesn't understand what it's like to have relatives in the Ukraine and she began crying about the war and her relatives and all the tragedies her family is experiencing. As sad as all of it is it was drunk and nonsensical, and no points was he trying to say anything to dismiss any of these things. It seems she just got very emotional.
Here is where I'm torn though. I understand fully that he snapped and she pressed on when he asked her to stop, and she was definitely acting out and getting progressively more annoying throughout the night. With that said I'm just very upset that I got handled in the way that it did because I feel like it escalated the situation further than it would have. I'm not sure how else he could have handled it since she clearly wasn't listening to him when he was asking her to stop, but I wonder if another choice of words could have been used. She remained outside yelling and screaming for hours and about an hour after the last guests left we heard that they were still somewhere in our townhouse complex. The boyfriend is a very nice friend and the poor guy was feeling very torn too because he's just stuck in the middle of this and he knows neither party will apologize. I'm also feeling sad because I just don't want the first party that we had to end on this note.
I'm just looking for some outside opinions or advice - for instance, are there better ways to handle an unruly guest without severely escalating the situation to something extremely upsetting and distressing for them? And what is the fine line between standing one's ground against annoying behavior versus realizing that the person is just severely intoxicated and also trying to preserve relationships? And what do I even say to them no, do I owe them any apology or do they owe us an apology?
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2023.03.20 20:45 Eleganos A technical, non-moralist breakdown of why the rich will not, and cannot, kill off the poor via a robot army.

Preface/TLDR: My arguments below aren't based wholly in some nebulous belief in human goodness.
I accept the shitty realities of human civilisation, even as someone who does try to see the bright side of life.
However, those are by and large evils caused by malicious negligence in some cases, and scrupulous selfish opportunism in other.
Neither of which would be present in a 'kill the normies' plan.
Rich people do not see themselves as a collective in-group, and they are not want to sink God knows how much of their hard earned resources into making an army of Death bots when their collaborators could rat on them at any time and initiate a corporate takeover or monopoly thanks to their no longer existent competition. Or to satisfy some petty personal vendetta. Or get good pr. Or any other number of immediately gratifying selfish reasons that, while screwing over the majority's plans for global genocide, would dramatically improve the life of whoever screwed them over.
Rich people are not known for being cooperative team players.
The 'cull the poores' scenario isn't plausible for solely moral reasons. It is just impossible on a technical and logistical level.
To elaborate...
I'm not denying rich are shitty, and I won't deny some places have it bad, or that some rich people WOULD kill the poor if they could.
I just deny the sheer ludicrous scale of what would be needed to formulate, prepare, and execute a 'kill the normies' plan.
It assumes that...
  1. Rich people possess the capability to unite, coordinate, and execute this plan simaltaneously
This first hurdle is what really makes it impossible since, even assuming the other points I'll mention are met, the rich would need to operate a collected unified front with perfect synchronicity and no opportunism backstabbing or short sightedness for the plan to work.
If it isn't synchronized, it gives the human race a chance to see the knife being drawn and do something before the rich try to thrust it into us.
If there's backstabbing, namely infighting, it'd Drain their resources AND give us that moment of realization in one. Assuming the plan isn't just killed in its infancy or that they don't mutual kill each other in some sort of wealthy civil war.
If there's incompetence on their end, say they get sloppy and the CIA finds out about the rich illuminati planning on killing us all. Or they recruit Elon Musk and he decides to betray them all so he can stoke his ego by being remembered in history as the man who saved humanity, or they fuck up and their killer robots/AGI become free before the butchery can begin, then they'll just be fucked.
And that'll be it. The moment we find out they tried and failed to kill us all enough people will be pissed off and willing to throw hands that they won't get another shot.
  1. All rich people, without exception, are willing and eager to murder all non rich people.
Rich people are disproportionately evil. They are not universally evil.
This is a statistical reality.
Even if there's only 1% out of them all who have working moral compasses and would not be down for the mass genocide, when we're talking about what would need to be a global conspiracy, that's more than enough for one of them to be recruited into the conspiracy, or otherwise learn of it through other means, and utilize their resources and political power to counteract it.
Even if only, as I pointed out with my Elon Musk example, to assert themselves as the neo messiah/s who saved humanity from the other, evil rich people.
  1. Rich people would require the logistics to enact this mass culling.
Hundreds of millions of murder bots don't just pop out of thin air. Unless the rich are using nanotechnology or bioweapons to do the culling, they'd need whole factories producing advanced robots, weapons, munitions, supply chains, ecetera. All of which would be glaringly obvious unless they had some bonkers tech to just completely wipe all evidence of this buildup from the face of the earth. And at that point they might as well use that same tech to just increase their power in the current system and steal from the other rich to become that much richer that much quicker.
Billions of people equals trillions of bullets, trillions of microchips, metrics fucktons of steel and plastic and circuitry and God knows what else. It requires hundreds of factories and dozens of shipping route configurations to transfer materials between them all
And this is all without getting into where the fuck they're storing these murder robots/drones to begin with. You can't exactly hide a fighting force big enough to literally end 90% of the human race in a couple of warehouses. You'd need a whole city's worth of storage at the absolute bare minimum. Assuming they sprang for exclusively compact drones and not the outright terminators lots of people seem to be imagining.
  1. Governments would need to do nothing.
I'm not even arguing 'governments will protect the people!' I'm arguing 'If this can be done, the American government and military industrial complex will just do it first.'
Because I can actually buy the American government, for example, hashing out the logistics, the coordination, and enacting the plan with the motive of imperialism and enforcing an authoritarian peace/rule over the planet.
At the least, if the tech existed to just churn out robot armies, en-mass, first world nations would be building up artificial fighting forces with that tech to levels comparable to the rich's secret army of Doom. Armies that would definitely be used to achieve zero casualty precision military campaigns in foreign lands. In regions that had been previously unconquearble due to the death toll, morale tax, and corruption issues in previous attempts at subjugation.
If nothing else, this would be a litmus test and a big red flag to anyone with half a brain and ability to discern the consequences of it.
Especially if it came out that rich people were churning these killer robots out en mass for 'reasons'.
And all this is without asking what happens when some poorer governments who weren't let in on the plan and subverted by the rich (under the logic of 'fuck em, they're poor, who gives a shit') turn out to have secretly squirrels away a few nukes. With which they could enact a forced peace under M.A.D or ruin the days of the perpetrators who caused this shitstorm as a final middle finger.
  1. Rich people would actually need to be motivated to do all of this.
Rich people in this scenario are essentially the illuminati, with full control over all governments, the ability to magic up a world ending army out of thin air, and all done in complete cooperation with each other with a single Game of Thrones backstabbing waiting in the rafters.
At that point...why do they need to kill the poor...
Like, what do the actually gain from it?
More land?
More resources?
They can get infinite of both. And could kick anyone they wanted dout of their land at a moment's notice.
To get more money? To rid themselves of the proles?
There are easier ways to do the former now that they basically own the planet from the shadows with their secret army of Doom, and if they kill all the poors then they aren't rich anymore. Their lives literally wouldn't change other than them being on the same level as each other, which when considering all the egomaniacs amongst them...would not end well...
This whole scheme would be more trouble than it'd be worth. Yes, most rich entities are shitty and commit crimes. But, if you'll notice, they haven't exactly been taking over any countries single-handedly as of late. Or trying to overthrow their own nations. Because it's more headache than it's worth. Why risk everything for a plan that wouldn't really personally enrich you all that much.
Cause remember: they all have to share their 'winnings'amongst themselves after rthe normies are dead. And if there's one thing thing the rich hate. It's sharing.
  1. They need to be perfectly fair and generous and cordial to each other once all is said and done.
So, 1% of humanity is left alive. All of them rich and whoever else those rich might want to keep around.
They now have to 'divvy the spoils'.
In what world does this not end with them turning on each other at the end so they can 'win more?
They've already illustrated an insanity beyond anything previously demonstrated din the history of the human race. The butchery of the whole species just so they can be the kings of skull mountain.
Except they aren't the kings yet. Oh no, there's still thousands of lesser rich people trying to hog that land and money.
And so, with no more external enemies left to unite them, they'd do what humans have done time and time again in comparable historical situations: turn on one another.
At which point they're liable to just end up wiping each othe Rout.
So even in a scenario where, by some absolute ridiculous miracle they 'win', they've still not won just yet.
And if they've not killed off all the poors. If a few thousand survived through the 8000 separate one-in-a-million chances that occurred throughout the cull of 8 billion, and if the rich deplete themselves enough over their mutual fights with one another, thinking themselves fre eof any other potential threat, then the proles might yet get their win.
So even in the perfect, impossible scenario where they win. The proves have an equal, if not more enjoyable win condition for the aftermath of the global cull.
In conclusion: I don't say this scenario is dumb because I'm a hopeful optimistic who has unwavering faith in human goodness (though I won't deny it either)
It's just not a plausible scenario that's feasible outside of a dystopian sci-fi novel.
If you like theory crafting it, or you enjoy thinking up ways it could happen and debating over them, then you do you.
Just be honest about the fantasy that is this scenario.
It's not going to happen.
And if you really thought it was going to, then you'd be a fool for seeing it coming not actively working on an escape plan so you can be one of the one-in-a-million lucky survivor's who'd slip through the cracks.
That's basically everything I've to say on this.
I await the inevitable responses on how I'm dumb and wrong and I gladly anticipate the voices of those who concur or otherwise have something new to add to the discussion.
(This post is not a personal attack on anyone, just the bad take. It is not meant to insult or denigrate any parties.)
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2023.03.20 20:44 dprowell What's your favorite power pop song of every genre from 60s to modern day?

Here's my list:
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2023.03.20 20:43 MsWeather Fed poised to approve quarter-point rate hike this week, despite market turmoil

What does an increase in this mean in Laymen’s terms? How would/could this effect the average person ( like me)? I don’t understand this stuff but am slowly trying. Thank you.
The Fed sets interest rates higher in order to slow down the economy. They do this because inflation is too high, and by reducing demand in the economy they can help bring prices down (ie slowing inflation).
To an average Joe, the higher interest rate means that loans will be more expensive (higher interest) on things like mortgages, credit cards, car loans, etc. It also means that businesses may decide to cancel projects because it's too expensive to borrow the money now. For example, a business that was going to use loans to build a new factory may cancel that project or put it on hold. As a result, this can mean less jobs and/or layoffs by some businesses. This results in a tighter budget for some working class Americans.
The upside is that this also means less spending, which means stores are going to have to keep their prices lower to attract customers. That helps keep inflation under control, which is a benefit to American workers.
Long story short, the Fed is trying to get inflation under control by slowing down the economy. They do this by raising interest rates. The ongoing debate is how fast to raise the rates and how high to raise them. If they go too fast, they could send the economy into severe recession. If they go too slow, inflation could keep getting higher.
The 0.25% raise is basically what everyone is expecting this month. If the Fed doesn't raise at all this month, it signals they are going to let inflation run higher because they're worried about the recent bank turmoil. If they raise it 0.5%, it means they're willing to risk more bank issues (and more market turmoil) in order to get inflation under control.
The Fed meets 8 times per year to decide whether to adjust interest rates. A single rate adjustment really isn't going to have any noticeable effect on the average Joe American. However, the cumulative total of all the rate adjustments will significantly impact the economy. Everyone in the financial world gets worked up about each new rate adjustment because they want to try to predict what it means for the future. It's sort of like a person keeping track of a basketball game on their phone. They want to know when each team scores, and they celebrate or get upset each time. However, each score doesn't really matter - it's the cumulative effect that actually affects the outcome of the game. Likewise, each individual rate adjustment doesn't mean much to the average Joe, but the financial professionals are watching it closely, just like how a basketball fan might watch the whole game, but a less interested person just wants to know who won.

Federal Reserve lent $300 billion in emergency to support U.S. Banks


Weird no one is asking how we are going to pay for that, how it's going to impact inflation, or the moral hazard of removing market forces. Weird how it's the rich and powerful where these forces come to the rescue.

Banks push for deregulation and crash the economy.


A big “F*** you” from Home Depot. Found in our St Patrick’s day gift baggies.

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2023.03.20 20:41 antoni_o_newman Why are people so concerned about depopulation?

We are a wildly destructive species. We consume tons of energy and food, cause death and pain for every organism on the planet, and are currently causing one of the biggest mass extinction events in history.
So why are people still concerned about depopulation at 8 billion? That’s 8 billion of us all living and breathing, taking up space somewhere and taking from the planet. Why can’t people just accept the fact that we might be better off with less people and less resources used? It seems like I see trash and housing everywhere I go now. There is no wilderness or open areas anymore. Just housing and capitalism.
(Also I’m posting as an American)
EDIT: before anyone downvotes I’m not trying to be an asshole here I genuinely fear for this planet and the well-being of the animals and people around me. I just worry that there are too many humans and not enough material and space for future generations and other animals.
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