2019 nissan maxima platinum for sale

[WTT][WTS] 24K 112.5 gram Gold Chain and Proof 2019 Gold Eagle

2023.03.20 20:12 beetgold [WTT][WTS] 24K 112.5 gram Gold Chain and Proof 2019 Gold Eagle

Please post below before messaging me - I will not reply unless you post here first
Hey All!
Looking to mix up my stack a bit - make an offer.
For Sale or Trade:
PR70 2019 AGE - $2375
112.5G 5mm 25” 24K Anchor Style Chain
Looking for: - $8200 OBO - or 4.0ozt Premium Gold (Eagles, Buffalos) - or similar deals and open to premium gold/silver at their going rate
Chain is from a reputable member - u/tonysilverado/. Pretty much new - tried it on twice. Only selling because it's a bit too big for me :).
CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, BTC, ETH
$5 First Class
$10 Priority
$40 Registered for Chain
I'm also open to a local trade (PNW) or middle man for the Chain.
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2023.03.20 20:09 ToxicDinosawr Looking for a small SUV

As the title suggests, I’m looking for a small SUV or crossover. I have several cars shortlisted but I’m struggling to make a decision.
Current shortlist includes:
Vauxhall (Opel) Crossland Hyundai Kona Hyundai Bayon SEAT Arona SEAT Ateca Kia Sportage Kia Stonic Honda HRV MG ZS Nissan Qashqai
I’m looking at 2019 or newer models. Manual gearbox with petrol engine. £20k budget.
I do a lot of driving around town with some long distance journeys but there are many potholes where I live so a car with a good suspension is needed. I also have a golden retriever with joint issues that I need to lift in and out of the car (the fluffy princess refuses to use steps or ramp) so a low flat loading or adjustable boot (trunk) floor is essential.
I genuinely don’t know where to begin comparing the cars. I’ve read a lot of reviews and seen YouTube videos and I’m struggling to narrow the list down further. I need an economical car that gets decent MPG that’s cheap to run and insure. Any ideas?
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2023.03.20 19:45 klymaxx45 [WTT][WTS] Not Your Average Libertads

I'm looking to trade these or sell them. They are 3 uncommon, low mintage, and extremely beautiful Libertads. Get them while spot is in your favor before the bull rally really gets going. Best Pricing Anywhere!
- 2022 Gold 1/2 oz. Libertad Reverse Proof
The lowest price I'm seeing anywhere is $1639 on feebay -- My Price $1550!
- 2019 Silver 1 oz. Libertad Reverse Proof & Proof Set
The lowest for the pair I'm seeing anywhere is $829 on feebay -- My Price $700!
(I will entertain splitting the pair on a reasonable offer)
- I'm willing to trade for vintage silver of my liking (1 oz Engelhards, 1 oz vintage A-Mark chunky, or other vintage pours), platinum, fractional gold (dos pesos, 1/10 - 1/4 AGE), and generic silver.
- I will entertain most offers but the above will be ideal
- Zelle preferred
- CHAT preferred
- FREE SHIPPING for cash purchases
- I ship really fast!
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2023.03.20 19:40 looseleafteheehee Can I buy my rental unit from a property management company?

Anticipating yet another rent increase this year from my property management company because they can (not rent controlled) and am getting closer and closer to out of budget for a rental. I've started to look at properties to purchase for myself since cost of rentals are so ridiculous in the city now it makes more sense to buy, but can't find anywhere comparable the unit I rent. I'm really happy here other than the rent price so am wondering if it's possible to approach the property management company about buying my unit?
The building is currently mixed use, some student housing, some short term hotel rentals and the rest long term rentals. I've been here since the building opened in 2019 and my understanding is there were units for purchase at one point but since management has changed to a new property management company I'm not sure that is the case anymore. I haven't been able to find any listings for sale online. Just wanted to get an idea if this is even a possibility before approaching the management team about it.
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2023.03.20 19:38 klymaxx45 [WTT][WTS] Not Your Average Libertads

I'm looking to trade these or sell them. They are 3 uncommon, low mintage, and extremely beautiful Libertads. Get them while spot is in your favor before the bull rally really gets going. Best Pricing Anywhere!

- 2022 Gold 1/2 oz. Libertad Reverse Proof
The lowest price I'm seeing anywhere is $1639 on feebay -- My Price $1550!

- 2019 Silver 1 oz. Libertad Reverse Proof & Proof Set NGC PF70
The lowest for the pair I'm seeing anywhere is $829 on feebay -- My Price $700!
(I will entertain splitting the pair on a reasonable offer)

- I'm willing to trade for vintage silver of my liking (1 oz Engelhards, 1 oz vintage A-Mark chunky, or other vintage pours), platinum, fractional gold (dos pesos, 1/10 - 1/4 AGE), and generic silver.
- I will entertain most offers but the above will be ideal

- Zelle preferred
- CHAT preferred
- FREE SHIPPING for cash purchases
- I ship really fast!
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2023.03.20 19:11 TxnStuckInOk Seat concepts tall/ comfort

Seat concepts tall/ comfort
Took this foam kit off my bike when I bought it to put OEM back on. For sale If you're in the DFW or OKC area. Will fit years 1987- 2019
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2023.03.20 18:57 KindheartedlyFeeble very politically slanted

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2023.03.20 18:19 warmapplepiez This used 2019 LTD or new Alloy Stumpjumper? Fair price? Decent geometry? Anything specific to look for when buying?

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2023.03.20 18:12 Herbiehanx [H] 12 is Better Than 6, The Golf Club 2019 ft. PGA Tour, WWE 2K Batllegrounds + Ultimate Brawlers Pass etc. [W] Call of the Sea, The Painscreek Killings, Thea: The Awakening & Thea 2: The Shattering, We Happy Few, Offers

Games I have for trade:
12 is Better Than 6 Anomaly Defenders Chenso Club Hidden & Dangerous: Action Pack Hidden & Dangerous 2: Courage Under Fire MegaRace 2 Railroad Tycoon II Platinum Railroad Tycoon 3 Sid Meier's Railroads! The Golf Club™ 2019 featuring PGA TOUR Viking Sisters WWE 2K Battlegrounds WWE 2K BATTLEGROUNDS - Ultimate Brawlers Pass X-COM: COMPLETE PACK

Games I want:
High priority:
Call of the Sea Thea: The Awakening Thea 2: The Shattering The Painscreek Killings We Happy Few
Normal priority:
Agatha Christie - Hercule Poirot: The First Cases Battle Brothers Bravely Default II Conan Exiles Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Final Fantasy XIII-2 Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning Returns Green Hell Inscryption Journey To The Savage Planet Kenshi Lamplight City Medieval Dynasty Offers
Mainly interested in RPGs, point & click and adventure games (I don't own yet), but you can offer me anything. Willing to browse your lists if you have one.
SteamTrades rep
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2023.03.20 17:55 knownbyfew_yt How do you buy games from Steam?

I've been a PC gamer for a while (2019), but never really bothered to use Steam to buy any games as the majority of the ones that came out since the pandemic had been hot garbage that I would spend a single dime on.
I saw that Battlefield 2042 is on sale on Steam and a few updates here and there, I noticed the game has been thriving and has been getting a lot of positive reviews as of recent.
I've been breaking my head for the past 2½ hours trying to purchase it, my MasterCard declines because it's not international and even PayTM declines for some reason. I honestly don't understand how Steam has the option to pay through local Digital Wallets but doesn't have the ability to pay through local MasterCard, and also the fact that they have PayTM and not Google Pay.
Any ideas on what to do and how I can purchase the game before the sale ends tomorrow?
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2023.03.20 17:31 Equivalent-Aioli8691 Car advice for a 15 year old

I’m not very knowledgeable so please bear with me please
So my dad passed in 2019, (I’m alright I promise), but he had an I believe it’s called a Nissan 300Zx. He had it since before I was born and I worked on it with him while a kid since he added modifications like twin turbos and increased horsepower (700+) and it has a unique deep metallic orange color. He was the only one in my family knowledgeable about cars to that extent so I have no one to ask about this, but it has been in storage with a family friend and now apparently it has started rusting pretty bad that it would be unsafe to drive. I do not know the full extent but from what my mom said it seems like the entire frame/undercarriage is not doing good and she said it wouldn’t be worth selling it but it wouldn’t be worth repairing it so it may just remain in storage to rust. She said since it is an old car it would be difficult to find a replacement bed for it. I am not entirely sure what it is I’m asking, but if anyone has any advice on any way to save this car it’d be greatly appreciated. It’s been a huge part of my life and my only thing I have as a shared memory with my dad so any help would be great. Thank you.
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2023.03.20 17:06 WeAreFanatical Spring Sale Encore

Check the on-sale section here!

The Spring Sale is mostly over, but we still have a few more days with some of the deals related to the Spring Sale! Snag a couple of more games before they run out and enjoy our returning daily Flash Deals, this time featuring four of the best deals released throughout the Spring Sale!
Title Discount USD GBP EUR Store & Rating Modes HLTB Cards Steam Deck ProtonDB
Cuphead 30% $13.99 £10.49 €13.99 Steam 96% with 117,704 reviews (Overwhelmingly Positive) Single-playeShared and Split Screen Co-op 10½ hours Yes Verified Platinum
Dying Light 2 Stay Human 57% $25.79 £23.64 €25.79 Steam 79% with 101,538 reviews (Mostly Positive) Single-playeOnline Co-op 24 hours Yes Playable Platinum
No Man's Sky 50% $29.99 £24.99 €29.49 Steam 75% with 200,476 reviews (Mostly Positive) Single-playeOnline PvP & Co-op 30 hours No Verified Gold
Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition 70% $8.99 £6.29 €8.99 Steam 95% with 273,751 reviews (Overwhelmingly Positive) Single-playeOnlne PvP & Co-op 20 hours Yes Verified Native
Metro Exodus - Gold Edition 77% $9.19 £8.04 €9.19 Steam 89% with 74,062 reviews (Very Positive) Single-player 15½ hours Yes Verified Native
METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN 80% $3.99 £4.99 €5.99 Steam 91% with 54,551 reviews (Very Positive) Single-player 45½ hours Yes Playable Gold
Prey - Digital Deluxe 77% $9.19 £8.04 €9.19 Steam 90% with 27,933 reviews (Very Positive) Single-player 16 hours Yes Verified Platinum
Kingdom Come: Deliverance 75% $7.49 £6.24 €7.49 Steam 82% with 78,922 reviews (Very Positive) Single-player 41 hours Yes Playable Gold
BIOMUTANT 50% $19.99 £17.49 €19.99 Steam 67% with 11,509 reviews (Mixed) Single-player 12½ hours Yes Playable Platinum
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus 86% $5.59 £3.49 €4.19 Steam 79% with 24,222 reviews (Mostly Positive) Single-player 10½ hours No Verified Platinum
That isn't all — make sure you check out the on-sale section for more deals like the ones above!
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2023.03.20 17:06 Allgasnomids [FS] [USA] 0W, N1K3, EE, R3V3NGE, Y33ZY,

[FS] • USA ONLY! 🇺🇸 • PayPal invoice only • All prices include shipping!🚨
Tagged pictures & timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/mhPCKzl ↓ Items For Sale ↓
-0W Marker Tee
From Fakelab, didn’t fit me
•Size: XS (can fit medium) •Condition: Lightly Used •Price: $30 USD
-Pics : https://imgur.com/a/CfhcbbH
-R3V3NG3 White Skull Tee
Thought It’d be something I’d wear but it never left my closet
•Size: Small (Could Fit Medium) •Condition: Brand New •Price: $25
-Pics : https://imgur.com/a/9fBXx8h
-Dünk L0w Univers1ty R3D
Brand new, Never Worn
•Size: 9 •Condition: Brand New •Price: $70
-Pics: https://imgur.com/a/LISrndu
-N1K3 Tech Court Purple (Old Season)
Barely worn, comes as set from dragon
•Size: Small •Condition: Lightly used •Price: $OLD
-Pics : https://imgur.com/a/u9mc5LN
-Y33ZY B0N3 White
Has some scuffs and a small scratch on the back left heel
•Size: 10 •Condition: Used •Price: $OLD
Pics: https://imgur.com/a/v3oflue
-EE Shorts Na5car
From angelking
•Size: Small •Condition: lightly used •Price: $25 USD
-Pics : https://imgur.com/a/Pjm5b45
-AF1 ‘07 Multicolor Marble
Bought these in 2019 even though they weren’t my size. They’re practically new, Crispy with no crease. Just a small tan spot on the right shoe lace
•Size: 10.5 •Condition: Lightly Used •Price: $80
-Pics: https://imgur.com/a/cluFX8R
•Thanks for checking out my post! Feel free to ask any questions. •Will ship 1-2 days after purchase via USPS 📦
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2023.03.20 17:05 WeAreFanatical [Fanatical] Spring Sale Encore Flash Deals: RimWorld (-30% ~ $24.49/£19.94/€22.39). God of War (-50% ~ $24.99/£19.99/€24.99), Hi-Fi RUSH (-23% ~ $23.09/£20.78/€23.09), & Hard West 2 (-57% ~ $12.89/£10.31/€10.74) Final Pre-order Reminder: Tchia Editions (-18%)

Hello, GameDeals!

Spring Sale Encore

The Spring Sale is mostly over, but we still have a few more days with some of the deals related to the Spring Sale! Snag a couple of more games before they run out and enjoy our returning daily Flash Deals, this time featuring four of the best deals released throughout the Spring Sale!
Title Discount USD GBP EUR Store & Rating Modes HLTB Cards Steam Deck ProtonDB
Cuphead 30% $13.99 £10.49 €13.99 Steam 96% with 117,704 reviews (Overwhelmingly Positive) Single-playeShared and Split Screen Co-op 10½ hours Yes Verified Platinum
Dying Light 2 Stay Human 57% $25.79 £23.64 €25.79 Steam 79% with 101,538 reviews (Mostly Positive) Single-playeOnline Co-op 24 hours Yes Playable Platinum
No Man's Sky 50% $29.99 £24.99 €29.49 Steam 75% with 200,476 reviews (Mostly Positive) Single-playeOnline PvP & Co-op 30 hours No Verified Gold
Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition 70% $8.99 £6.29 €8.99 Steam 95% with 273,751 reviews (Overwhelmingly Positive) Single-playeOnlne PvP & Co-op 20 hours Yes Verified Native
Metro Exodus - Gold Edition 77% $9.19 £8.04 €9.19 Steam 89% with 74,062 reviews (Very Positive) Single-player 15½ hours Yes Verified Native
METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN 80% $3.99 £4.99 €5.99 Steam 91% with 54,551 reviews (Very Positive) Single-player 45½ hours Yes Playable Gold
Prey - Digital Deluxe 77% $9.19 £8.04 €9.19 Steam 90% with 27,933 reviews (Very Positive) Single-player 16 hours Yes Verified Platinum
Kingdom Come: Deliverance 75% $7.49 £6.24 €7.49 Steam 82% with 78,922 reviews (Very Positive) Single-player 41 hours Yes Playable Gold
BIOMUTANT 50% $19.99 £17.49 €19.99 Steam 67% with 11,509 reviews (Mixed) Single-player 12½ hours Yes Playable Platinum
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus 86% $5.59 £3.49 €4.19 Steam 79% with 24,222 reviews (Mostly Positive) Single-player 10½ hours No Verified Platinum
That isn't all — make sure you check out the on-sale section for more deals like the ones above!
Check the on-sale section here!

Flash Deals

Title Discount USD GBP EUR Store & Rating Modes HLTB Cards Steam Deck ProtonDB
RimWorld 30% $24.49 £19.94 €22.39 Steam 98% with 132,091 reviews (Overwhelmingly Positive) Single-player 64½ hours No Verified Native
Crash-landing on an unknown planet is the least of your worries in the 'Overwhelmingly Positive' Steam rated sci-fi strategy sim RimWorld. With this Steam key, players will build a colony from the ground up, exploring dangerous terrain to gain research, recruit new colonists and fight alien lifeforms and opposing factions.
God of War
Title Discount USD GBP EUR Store & Rating Modes HLTB Cards Steam Deck ProtonDB
God of War 50% $24.99 £19.99 €24.99 Steam 96% with 67,767 reviews (Overwhelmingly Positive) Single-player 20½ hours No Verified Gold
Santa Monica has brought The Slayer of Gods right back with a brand-new look, pantheon to demolish, and weapons to wield. Players will take control of Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta, on a quest to take his late wife's ashes to the highest peak in all of the realms with his son, Atreus.
Title Discount USD GBP EUR Store & Rating Modes HLTB Cards Steam Deck ProtonDB
Hi-Fi RUSH 23% $23.09 £20.78 €23.09 Steam 97% with 12,047 reviews (Overwhelmingly Positive) Single-player 11 hours Yes Verified Platinum
Feel the beat as wannabe rockstar Chai and his ragtag team of allies rebel against an evil tech megacorp with raucous rhythm combat! From Tango Gameworks, the studio that brought you The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo (no, really) comes Hi-Fi RUSH, an all-new action game where the characters, world and combat stylishly sync to the music!
Hard West 2
Title Discount USD GBP EUR Store & Rating Modes HLTB Cards Steam Deck ProtonDB
Hard West 2 57% $12.89 £10.31 €10.74 Steam 77% with 1,713 reviews (Mostly Positive) Single-player 18½ hours Yes Unsupported Gold
Blaze a trail back to the dark heart of the West in Hard West 2.
You are Gin Carter, a notorious outlaw with a reputation as dangerous as the frontier itself.
On the hunt for a big score, you hear talk that the legendary “Ghost Train” is heading your way loaded with federal gold. This is the one.

Final Pre-order Reminder — Tchia Editions (-18%)

Title DRM Discount USD GBP EUR
Tchia Epic Games 18% $24.59 £20.49 €24.59
Tchia: Oléti Edition Epic Games 18% $28.69 £24.59 €28.69
Join Tchia on her tropical open-world adventure as she sets off to rescue her father from the cruel tyrant, Meavora, ruler of the archipelago. Climb, glide, swim, and sail your boat around beautiful islands as you explore a physics-driven sandbox. Face the fabric soldiers created by Meavora in open encounters where your creativity gives you the edge. Take control of any animal or object you can find, make new friends and jam on your fully playable Ukulele. A poetic coming-of-age story inspired by New Caledonia.
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2023.03.20 16:46 TheCastlePlacement What’s Happening. A View from the Castle.

What’s Happening. A View from the Castle.
Let me know when you are ready to start paying attention... LaSalle Investment Management just sold an office building in Orange County for $24.9 million (about $115/SF), 55% less than its purchase for $55.4 million (about $255/SF) in 2019.
Outsized valuation metrics for exciting companies are NOT dead…Stripe is marketing a $4 billion funding round at a $55 billion pre-money valuation. That’s 550x projected 2023 EBITDA.
Revenue and earnings, what a concept… Salesforce shares popped on great Q4 performance. YOY earnings rose 100% and revenue climbed 14% (to $8.38 billion).
"Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and caldron bubble"... Affordability is an important bubble metric. Today, to afford a median priced home a median American household would need to spend 42.9% of their income. This is worse than the peak of the last housing bubble in 2007.
"Every story of conversion is the story of a blessed defeat"... Macklowe Properties has completed the largest office-to-condo conversion in New York history. One Wall Street, in the financial district, with 566 residential units is a total conversion of the 90-year-old Irving Trust HQ office building. 50% of the units have been sold (from $1.1 to $12.75 million).
All that glitters is not silver... Shares in Silvergate, the preeminent lender to crypto firms, fell more than 55% in one day after it told the SEC that it won’t file its annual report on time, is evaluating its ability to stay in business, and is "analyzing certain regulatory and other inquiries and investigations that are pending". Most of its crypto clients (including Coinbase, Paxos, Galaxy Digital and Crypto.com) cut ties with the bank.
No blockchain. No token. Just good tech... Adobe has developed the functionality of NFTs without blockchain. The artist gets attribution and compensation for the digital art, as Adobe has embedded a digital executable license right in the image. Everyone knows it is the artist's work and can transact with the image wherever it goes.
"East meets West, like a dragon and a dove, you're like no one else that I've known”… Everyone knows that the US government thinks that TikTok is a national security threat. But they are also concerned about the dangers posed by other Chinese apps on tens of millions of American phones. Chinese apps are the most popular apps in the US right now (the top three free apps on App Store, and three of the top four on Google Play).
You see folks, it’s not just crypto… Nationwide multifamily investment sales in January 2023 decreased 71% from January 2022.
“Yes, your once, twice, three times a lady, and I love you”… Billionaire oil baron Robert Belfer invested in Enron (lost $billions), Madoff (lost $tens of millions) and FTX (lost $34.5 million).
#investmentbanking #technology #privateequity #venturecapital #castleplacement #cpgoapp
What’s Happening. A View from the Castle.
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2023.03.20 16:40 Honeygirl1212 Been job searching since December and only got one interview.

Hello, I am so frustrated and poor. I applied to over 200 jobs since decemeber and got a single interview this month for a job im perfect for but somehow still nothing. I have been editing my resume all this time and this is the most recent one.
I am applying for data entry clerk and data analyst positions. any advice?
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2023.03.20 15:51 naughtyrobot725 Untapped Potential of the Indian Film Market

I feel that there's a lot of untapped potential in the market. Afterall, we have the biggest population on the planet. Its approximately 1.42 billion. According to a survey, 35-40% of the population has access to movies. Thats roughly between 500-570 million. But 95% of the films released dont even cross 10 million footfalls(number of tickets sold). Even the biggest blockbusters hardly cross 30 million. There are three primary reasons for this:
  1. High Prices of Tickets and Food & Beverages in Multiplexes
  2. Lesser amount of single screens especially non-urban areas.
  3. Making films which only connect with the metro audience and not penetrating into the masses(rural and non-urban audience) in the interiors of the country.
India is still the third biggest market on the planet, both in terms of revenue and footfalls, after China and USA.
Lets compare the biggest domestic hits(in terms of footfalls) of the three in the last 15 years:
Screen Count-19,000
Footfalls-160 Million
Domestic Gross-$841.8 Million
Star War Episode VII:The Force Awakens(2015)
Screen Count-4,134
Footfalls-108 Million
Domestic Gross-$936.6 Million
Bahubali 2:The Conclusion(2017)
Screen Count-6,500
Footfalls-108 Million
Domestic Gross-$218.7 Million
So we can clearly see that the issue the number of screens. Its the distribution of the screens. In 2019, there were more than 6,500 single screens(total screens in India are 9,000). Post the pandemic, 20-25% of them have been shut permanently due to the bad state of the Indian Film Industry. Recently the owners of Delite Cinema and Liberty Cinema(two of the most prominent single screens in India's Capital City New Delhi) in an interview said that one blockbuster isnt enough to survive. They need atleast 40 hit films in a single year to sustain. In 2019, more than 1200 films were released, out of which only 10-12% were box office hits and only 5-7% crossed 10 million footfalls. There are many areas which lost connect with movies after the 2000s.
PS:I am not talking about how Hollywood films can tap in. I am talking about how Indian films themselves extend their reach in India itself. How they can generate more ticket sales considering the its movie going population which is almost double of that of the US.
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2023.03.20 14:53 Amer1canN1ghtmare Need the childhood magic back…

Hello all, I was a Pokémon super fan back when I was about 10-12. I’ve looked passively for years, and simply cannot find my old DS’s or games. Probably ended up at a garage sale or something along the way. I played the hell out of pokemon platinum, it was my first ever game. I need it. I need to go back…
I was hoping that if anyone on the internet would know how I could get to play this great game again, it would be you folks here. Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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2023.03.20 13:45 Supawoo Neuspeed Power Module specifically on the GLI?

Hey all, 2021 GLI Autobahn DSG here. I've made small mods to the car, in case of warranty.
APR intake, APR intake pipe, APR Turbo inlet, APR coil packs (wasn't necessary but were on sale and had some odd misfire codes. Haven't had them since swapping from OEM coils). Also have the MBPR cat back exhaust coming in the mail. I intend to go full APT DTR6054 with an intercooler once warranty expires.
I know the JB4 is better in pretty much every way, but honestly was interested in NPM just for it's simplicity - simpler setup, and I just want to set and forget.
Anyone have experiences with the NPM on a 2019+ GLI? Were you on +5 or +7?
Edit: spelling.
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2023.03.20 13:04 hvdhuhkkfg 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





I awoke the next morning in a daze and starving. 2:35pm, damn it was late. I wondered if I was able to roam the day, better yet stay out from dawn till dusk or if I'd char. As I walked downstairs I noticed a note that read. " Sam Lauren, Lexi and myself went shopping. We wont back till late, we may catch a movie. There is blood and food in the fridge. Call us when you wake up our cell numbers are speed dialed into the phone as numbers 1,3, and 4. see you after while, Emily." Well the house to myself I thought and the thought of sunlight killing me was bannished from my mind as I looked over the note. "how may I assist you my king?" A young maid asked me, bowing to me. "Where is samantha?" I politely asked. She pointed to the third door on the left of Emily's. I bowed back and she giggled. I thought she was beautiful which I guess was the point. As I walked I felt watched, inspected and mentally picked apart. I sat at the bar thinking about being a king.
There must have been 30 plus servants and if I wasn’t thinking too outlandishly a few dozen vampires in the local area that would soon reveal them selves. Looking up at the door where the third member of this family was, I saw the door was open but I just got up and walked over to the fridge, grabbed some blood and headed out side. It was warm but it didn’t warm me. I didn’t burn or char. I was simply there feeling the heat yet never absorbing it. I walked back inside and was immediately grabbed from behind and put into a head lock. "Why are you in here ?! Who are you!?" I felt my self harden under control. I like this helplessness and the power she had over me but this womans grip tightening around my throat and I was coughing now. " Lexi let me in, I'm a friend! Im a friend!" She released me and I sat down on the couch coughing. "aren't you a dead man? I saw you in the paper. You got knifed pretty good." She was looking me over hard and I was doing the same. 6'1 athletic, long legs, D sized boobs, looked a lot like Scarlett Johansson except blonde. " You must be samantha. Im samuel, lexi saved my ass." I explained to her my series of events and the day I was turned. She laughed and smiled " You know im the oldest of us besides mom I was turned at 20. Mom was turned after my birth at 31. so I was turned by mom the others were born vampires. And no we do age and we can walk in the light, our family's blood has some great traits. Plus our age is slowed drasticly. Were actually 10 years older than we look." " but what about school?" A lot of us enrolled late and cheated the system. The details arent of importance. But now we have some one aside from us to actually talk to!" she was laughing pretty hard at me being here and I wasn’t sure why. "Well im glad to be here everyones nice, well almost every one." I was referencing Lauren's actions to me the previous night. " Yea I read laurens mind. She did you some major wrong bro and I have to say you shoulda been the one kicking her ass!" Yea I said and nodded. I let my gaze fall to her body again and I must have been staring hard because she snapped her fingers at me." eyes up here hauss!" I snapped into reality again and laughed. " Hahaha sorry my minds a little off today, just trying to keep my mind focused is a challenge."
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“I don’t know, I haven’t seen her in almost a month. Last time was at my apartment but I turned her away,” Steven says scared of his own answers.
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I see her nod a little skeptically, her name tag reads Teresa. She’s cute but a little worn down from working all day and I pull a napkin and a pen from the register and write my number down.
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