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2023.03.24 07:10 endofthefkingworld cursor won't go away when videos are full screen

whenever i put a video in full screen, whether it's youtube, netflix, etc, the cursor stays on screen, but when i move it none of the usual stuff like the time bar come up. i have to exit full screen, click out of the browser so it's not selected, then click back inside the window. when i put it in full screen after that, the mouse goes away.
i have a 2020 macbook air. i dropped it on its side from about 2 feet one day and i'm not sure if it messed up some internal hardware and that's the issue, but it's very annoying and happened almost every time i make a video fullscreen.
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2023.03.24 07:09 Loreann_Legends Trusted mechanic with good prices?

I have a very limited income. No reason to tell you why since I'm not looking for charity or freebies because I know how much labor goes into being a mechanic as my brother is one. Unfortunately he lives in Florida and can't assist. I need my blower fan replaced in my 2010 Nissan Sentra. One guy quoted us $700. That's because the front dash needs to be taken out but in my desperation for a cheaper alternative I found on YouTube that there is a way to replace it without removing the entire dash and it's by taking out the gas and brake pedals and going through the side panel. I was wondering if any mechanic out there would be willing to try this for a lower price or if the dash just absolutely has to be taken out is there anyone that can quote me a lower price? I'm willing to travel if they are located in a surrounding city (Owasso, BA, Catoosa, Bixby, etc). $700 is such a massive chunk and is essentially more than my monthly income. I have a small amount of savings so I can absolutely pay in full but I'm hoping someone out there can give me a better price. Thank you for any help anyone can give!
~ 💙 Your Tulsa Neighbor
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2023.03.24 07:02 kwreagan the missy beavers episode of lies crime and video on HLN is removed from VOD on youtube TV - appears to be the only missing episode

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2023.03.24 07:01 IYFS88 Really struggling with an anxiety episode for an upcoming event

I guess this is a vent, happy if anyone can commiserate for this kind of thing, any tips etc.
I’m currently having the week from hell with an anxiety spell (heart racing, hard to fall asleep, heavy ruminating), and it’s because of…get this…my 7 year old son’s upcoming birthday party!
There are some valid reasons to feel a little nervous about it: It’s at my house and we kind of ended up with too many people, some of the school friends & parents are strangers, it might rain so the kids can’t go outside, one bathroom etc.
But instead of feeling minor fleeting nervousness, I wake up each day lately feeling like I’m being chased by wolves! I know this level of dread is irrational. My husband has dealt with anxiety before so he is being as supportive as he can, but this is not his kind of trigger so I still feel kind of alone in this.
One good thing is it’ll all be over in under 48 hours, so hopefully the anxiety episode will end. I just hope it doesn’t turn into another phase where I’m cringing heavily over little things that happened and wondering if everyone now hates me afterwards. Again, irrational - I’ve been to parties where little things went wrong and never changed my feelings about those involved.
Each day I’ve worked hard to talk myself down from the worrying, then I literally cannot stop the flood of anxiety the next morning. I have tried guided mediation, anxiety YouTube vids, gave up my little nighttime thc pen habit, added new exercise, journaling and none of it helps. I just hate that I can’t control it.
I used to have these home parties when my son was younger, but it was more of my friends and their kids, and I think Covid isolation did a number on my social confidence and skills. As for the future, I’m absolutely never doing a party like this again. Last year his park bday party stressed me out too, albeit in other ways. If my husband wants to plan something on his own that’s great, but I think we’ll switch over to maybe taking one good friend mini golfing or bowling. My son is easygoing about a different plan next year, and it kills me that maybe if I’d talked to him weeks ago I could’ve avoided this whole party in the first place.
TL/DR: I can’t stop stressing over what should be a minor event
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2023.03.24 06:59 csjnewyork Why Should We Chant the Divine Name in KaliYuga?

The world has changed a lot since the beginning of time. Many Yugas (ages) have passed by, and each has its own characteristics. Our present age is called Kaliyuga, the age of darkness and ignorance.
In his live sessions explaining the mal effects of Kaliyuga, His Holiness Shri Chamunda Swamiji always gives an example of what Goswami Tulasidas Ji has said. He says,” In Kaliyuga, devotees will behave like monkeys and chant-like parrots. The parrot repeats what you teach it to speak. It doesn’t know the meaning and emotions behind it. And no one imitates better than a monkey.
So, in Kaliyuga, devotees will chant like a parrot without giving much heart and thought to it. They will imitate and pretend to be devotees, much like a monkey imitating a human being. Kaliyuga, or the age of Kali (darkness), began soon after Lord Krishna left His mortal body. But before his departure to Vaikuntha, He explained a few things about Kaliyuga to Pandavas. Let’s read about this incredible story!!!
After the devastating war of Mahabharata, Yudhishthira became the King of the entire Aryavarta (India). Once he was busy fulfilling his kingsley duties, Lord Krishna arrived at Indraprastha to meet the Pandavas. As Yudhishthira was gone someplace else, the rest of the four Pandavas welcomed Lord Krishna, and they started chatting. In the middle of a conversation, one of them asked Lord Krishna- “What is Kali Yuga, and what will happen in Kali Yuga?”
Krishna smiled at this question and said, “I will demonstrate to you what will be the situation in Kali Yuga.”
So he took four gold-coated arrows from his quiver, shot them in different directions with his Sharanga bow, and ordered all four Pandavas to fetch those arrows. Riding their chariots, all four Pandavas went in different directions in search of the arrow.
When Arjuna found the arrow and picked it up, he heard a soft sound. Immediately, he turned towards that sound. He saw a cuckoo bird singing in a lovely voice while eating the flesh of a live rabbit. The poor rabbit was suffering through tremendous pain. Arjuna was absolutely shocked to see this abominable act of this divine bird and quickly left the place feeling disgusted.
Mighty Bhima went searching for the second arrow. There were five wells at the place from where Bhima found the arrow, where one well was surrounded by the rest of the four wells. Being curious, Bhima tasted the waters of all the four wells surrounding the one well, and all these four wells had very sweet water. These four wells with sweet water were overflowing with water, yet the well in the middle was utterly dried out. It was surprising that while all four wells were full, the middle one was dry. Bhima was utterly confused to see this phenomenon.
Nakul found the third arrow. While he was returning with Lord Krishna’s arrow, he saw a cow giving birth to a calf. Immediately after giving birth to the calf, the cow started licking the calf with love like they always do. But even when the calf was thoroughly cleaned, the cow continued to lick it. People could hardly separate the calf from the cow. Due to the excessive licking of the rough cow tongue, that calf was severely injured. Nakul was confused by this.
Sahadeva found the fourth arrow of Lord Krishna in a rather dry-hilly place. He heard a thunderous noise when he bowed down to pick up the arrow. A giant boulder was coming down from the top of the mountain, crushing everything under it. On the way down, the boulder was crushing the big trees and stones coming in the way, but the same boulder was stopped by a small plant. At this time, Sahadeva was also shocked.
After all of them returned to Indraprastha, those four Pandavas asked Shri Krishna the meaning of all these events. Shri Krishna smiled and explained.
“During the Kali Yuga, the spiritual teachers will have lovely voices and will have great knowledge, but they will exploit the seekers like the cuckoo did to the rabbit. In Kali Yuga, the poor will live with the rich. The rich may have a lot of wealth and no place to store it, but they will not give even a drop to the poor, just as those wells were not sharing even a single drop of their sweet water with the dry well.”
“In Kali Yuga, parents will love children so much that the love will spoil the children and ruin their lives forever, just like the cow’s love hurting the calf. In the Kali Yuga, men will fall as far in character as that rock falls from the mountain, and their degradation will not be stopped. But chanting the Name of the Divine will protect them, and they will be saved as the little sapling stopped the rock from going down any further.”
The only way out of Kali Yuga is to chant Lord’s Name sincerely and with great devotion. The chanting of the holy names of God is an integral part of Sanatana, and it is known as “Japa” or “mantra yoga.”
Japa is simply repeating a mantra repeatedly to connect your mind with God’s energy. This practice has been shown to help people achieve peace and happiness and get rid of their sins or negative thoughts.
Chanting mantras is a powerful way to eliminate stress and negative emotions. By chanting, you focus on the present moment instead of worrying about the past or future. You can also use it for many different purposes, such as to increase your awareness of God’s presence in your life (and thus feel more connected) and to become more peaceful, relaxed, and joyful (by focusing on something positive). Not to mention, mantra Japa has tremendous power to reduce the mal effects of the past life karmas, balance the chakras, and awaken the kundalini power.
Even though there is plenty of literature available on spiritual practices, it is highly recommended that one learn them under the supervision of a Guru. Everyone has unique spirituality, personality, and experiences. One solution cannot fit all; therefore, it is imperative to seek guidance from spiritual experts to get that unique mantra crafted exclusively for you. And hence, we recommend you practice these mantras under the guidance of an expert.
Please subscribe to our mailing list to stay connected and receive spiritual information.
In case of any queries, please write to us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). You can check out our YouTube channel Chamunda Swamiji where you can learn Tantra, Mantra, Yantra, and Meditation from His Holiness Shri Chamunda Swamiji. If you seek to learn Shakti Kriya, please register with us, and we will get back to you.
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2023.03.24 06:55 AutoModerator [Get] Ali Abdaal – Part-Time Creatorpreneur Download Course, Instant Delivery

[Get] Ali Abdaal – Part-Time Creatorpreneur Download Course, Instant Delivery
Get the course here:
[Get] Ali Abdaal – Part-Time Creatorpreneur Download Course, Instant Delivery
I started making YouTube videos in my final year of medical schoolat Cambridge University. It was Summer 2017 and I started off with 0 views, 0 subscribers and $0 in revenue.
18 months later, my YouTube channel was at 100,000 subscribersand was making as much money as my full-time job working as a doctor in the UK. And now, as of May 2022, my channel has over 3 million subscribersand I make over £100,000 ($130k) each monthfrom it (and over $350,000 per month from the business as a whole), with 5-10 hours of effort each week. I know — it’s bloody ridiculous.
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2023.03.24 06:45 GAMEbience Mar 23, 2023 - EVE Online

Mar 23, 2023 - EVE Online
To view the full 3+ hour videos, go to or
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2023.03.24 06:43 AutoModerator [Get] Ali Abdaal – Part-Time Creatorpreneur Download Course, Instant Delivery

[Get] Ali Abdaal – Part-Time Creatorpreneur Download Course, Instant Delivery
Get the course here:
[Get] Ali Abdaal – Part-Time Creatorpreneur Download Course, Instant Delivery

I started making YouTube videos in my final year of medical school at Cambridge University. It was Summer 2017 and I started off with 0 views, 0 subscribers and $0 in revenue.
18 months later, my YouTube channel was at 100,000 subscribers and was making as much money as my full-time job working as a doctor in the UK. And now, as of May 2022, my channel has over 3 million subscribers and I make over £100,000 ($130k) each month from it (and over $350,000 per month from the business as a whole), with 5-10 hours of effort each week. I know — it’s bloody ridiculous.
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2023.03.24 06:39 Comrade-Vasily65 Misspelled Air Zone. Literally unplayable

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2023.03.24 06:38 mnamou5654 Laachi Web Series on Rabbit Movies Apps, Storyline, Cast list, Release Date, Full Episode Download - Rabbit Movies App, Web Series

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2023.03.24 06:38 NicoThePro56 Which is better? A High Seas Adventure or The Devil and Ms. Chalice? (vote in the comments)

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2023.03.24 06:37 awesome-food_5085 Terangganu, Malaysia – Deep-Frying Seafood Goodness (at ‘Warung Pok Nong’)

Terangganu, Malaysia – Deep-Frying Seafood Goodness (at ‘Warung Pok Nong’)
Terangganu, Malaysia simply is probably the most enjoyable location you have yet to hear of (or maybe you do know about it, and that i apprehend why you want to preserve it a secret).
whether or not its the ever-breezy Terangganu air, or the concept of having a chef deep-fry a brimming choice of sea meals for you – Warung Pak Nong restaurant is a restaurant with some thing for anyone.

…and its in which we're going for lunch today!

excellent ocean views are only made better when you have a table full of seafood waiting for your arrival
the ocean perspectives ARE awesome, eating WHAT the ocean gives whilst DOING it's miles EVEN greater!
Its a ‘Win-Win’ with seaside and seashore food
Its quite lots a win-win state of affairs every time you discover your self taking part in a terrifi seashore view, even as expecting a banquet of seafood to arrive at your table.

paying attention to the sea spray at the same time as feeling the warm breeze, sitting in coloration whilst watching the waves is perfect – till a group of pals subsequent to you starts calling out for assist.

No issues nowadays even though, because the only hassle right here is, your buddies are calling you to assist them consume!**

With An Indoor Take-out Line
one of the matters that makes this Terangganu restaurant so a laugh, is how they prepare the restaurant to maximize both comfort and pace, whilst additionally retaining a cozy make-your self-at-domestic type vibe.

i will most effective suppose to call it a eating-in take-out line, and the manner you order here is just splendid.

Scroll down now and examine ‘the way to Order.’

Even on a weekday, Warung Pok Nong was full of families - now that's how you understand its true
tremendously Busy, And amusing
There are a few tables out inside the open air (on both facet of the eating place, parallel to the seashore front), however most of the tables are beneath the main roof building.

you will need to reserve both your beverages and your food your self, however they may assist you carry the food (which is ideal, because you’re going to want a variety of it).

There’s a line for liquids, and a separate line for food, and in case you’re following the main drift of factors (just look for the unmistakable line of smiling and hungry customers), then food is what comes first.

notice – a couple of Warnings
don't forget to usually ASK earlier than tagging your pals on Instagram, or they might get in trouble for cutting off work early on a Wednesday (we were fortunate to be in this example now not as soon as, however numerous times – and i can handiest say a large ‘thanks!’ Malaysians like to devour, and we have been only too fortunate to be there with these new friends nowadays).

note:** huge reminder right here, this area is certainly popular, i'm no longer kidding – although it was simplest after finishing off the primary 5 or so plates of seafood that it got here to our interest – this eating place typically needs reservations from the day before you need to visit!

Make your self aware of how to order, so you don't need to interrupt the cool atmostphere or float within the eating place
ITS A lovely thing TO WITNESS SUCH HUSTLE, but additionally relaxation, IN perfect concord
Terangganu Seafood strategy at Warung Pok Nong
Step 1: Seafood
‘Warung Pok Nong’ restaurant focuses on deep frying seafood, and there are pretty a massive wide variety of selections and styles for you to select from.

due to the straightforward ordering (each patron lining up in the front of the counter like school students) they keep the order line splendidly easy.

everything is deep frying, moving instantly from the fryer, to the dripper, to your plate, for your table, each plate comes with a small saucer of red sauce. watch for your turn in line, deliver your order of form of seafood, and how many plates, and subsequently point out to them the place in which you are sitting.

Get different updates
enter your electronic mail and i’ll send you the first-class travel food content.

Step 2: liquids
the subsequent component to do will be a drink order, but they have got separate places for ordering both blending drinks or water. The water (and coconut water) is to the right of the food ordering, while the liquids that take preparation (coffee, tea, 3-in-one sweet powders) are to your left.

Its no longer as complicated as it may sound, due to the fact you can virtually try and order liquids out of your table (timing it proper, simply whilst a server arrives with the meals). Its just that this restaurant may be so extraordinarily busy, its sometimes simply quicker to simply make the circulate your self.

The chef right here is working with masses of fish according to hour, deep frying every remaining one
Step 3: Seating
the quantity of seafood they fry here is wonderful, and it gained’t be long before your order will arrive.

in case you need to take a moment to witness the chef in movement, lightly stroll through the valuable door, and make your manner across the returned.

The cooks right here are so friendly, it turned into first-rate to see them chortle as we stared in awe, the sheer amount of oil, of seafood, and the large length of all of the frying pans – it's miles pretty a sight to see.

And of course, one so as to make you uncontrollably hungry right away.

move returned outside and attempt to find a table, and of direction for seating, and then for consuming, this step is always extra easy to do with pals.

hundreds of fish frying on the same time, it's going to make you uncontrollably hungry
the amount OF FRYING movement IS mind-BLOWING – each of those ARE complete OF FISH
Crispy and Crackling meeting Line
The sounds of nearly 10 massive deep-frying pans full of fish are without problems heard all of the way from the ordering line.

walking back into the kitchen is highly enjoyable but, and its clear to me from this lunchtime as a minimum, that human beings of Terangganu are very secure running with gigantic quantities of frying seafoods each day.

these two ladies are professionals at fast cleansing each squid earlier than the deep frying which comes subsequent
those younger women had been taking part in a threat to expose us how to properly easy every squid for frying.

One woman lightly removes the inside parts of a squid (along with the ink sack, which is normally stored), after which offers it a short rinse earlier than passing it down.

the second one lady then quickly but easily eliminates the squid’s outer layer of pores and skin with a knife, making small incisions earlier than putting off all of it by using hand as one shiny pink sheath.

Smaller squid will nonetheless have smooth skin, but with fats and extra mature squid like those, the outer skin may be difficult after frying.

4 mackerel to a plate, and i think we had 3 orders of this today at Pok Nong Seafood
The Lunch banquet begins with Fish
the primary of the fried fish are prepared, the first of numerous different plates that were on their way.

To quickly describe a bit about the mackerel, you may see why its just a perfect fish to deep fry.

The mackerel does have scales, and therefore it's far halal and safe for Muslims to consume, but the scales are so small that the skin is sort of velvety to touch – which offers no hassle at all to our enamel after those fish deep fry!

i am amazed at how light and golden the colour is of these fried, crispy, little fish, and there’s not anything like a display of fish like this to get the urge for food going.

specially else, that is just an exceedingly fun finger-food, and so simply after the instant they're cool sufficient to the touch, dig in on your first finger-ful of white, mackerel meat.

Crispy on the out of doors, bouncy and chewy on the inside, The squid here are super
Fried Squid
The squid here are a miniature epic of a journey of texture – I truely love each chunk of these.

Frying to quite a difficult, crispy outdoor, but so skinny, giving manner immediately to the bouncy, nicely chewy, thick chicken within. Take the scissors furnished, and reduce each piece yourself before ingesting.

Squid to me is more about the feel, but there may be a richness and fattiness there as well. Our squid sincerely came full of eggs, and these roe appearance beautiful as well, like a bit bowl of glass beads internal every squid.

Sauce on your heart’s delight
The deep frying may additionally go away them with a bit much less flavor on their own – so that you may also sooner or later need to grab a sauce to go with those bites as nicely.

The eating place has a dark sauce that includes the squid, it smells bitter and tastes barely sweet, and whilst I want it turned into a chunk greater highly spiced, it in reality goes top notch with these squid.

those plates of squid were long gone in a hurry, i was very grateful to see still many more plates of both fish, squid, and then shrimp, on their manner from the recent oil drip trays to our desk.

easy, deep fried, and scrumptious. The shrimp is a have to-order at Warung Pok Nong restaurant
pink AND GOLD, simply shades on this evidently scrumptious PLATE OF FRIED SHRIMP
Fried Shrimp
At closing, the plates of large shrimp arrive, the only dish I never can wait to strive (I received’t lie, I may also have burned a finger or , attaining in earlier than they even hit the table).

The shrimp here are large, they could best match six or seven to a whole dinner plate, and the small bits of crispy batter on top upload a pleasing of entirety for presentation.

The huge scales on the returned are simplest too smooth to peel off, and the beauty of each chew of shrimp meat is elegant. Crunch for your heart’s content, and cheers your pals to any other successful day entire (sure, despite the fact that its simplest lunchtime!).

it's miles a need to-order right here at Warung Pok Nong eating place, it's miles obligatory to finish off about one plate of these shrimp in keeping with person earlier than absolutely everyone can dare mention mind of a departure.

Piping warm squid, sparkling from the frying pans
THE FRIED SQUID IS PILING UP, just WATCH YOUR fingers while IT ARRIVES – it's miles warm!
The very last step earlier than each batch of seafood is prepared consists of a at the back of-the-scenes movement that I also want to proportion with you.

The chef cleans out each pan of a virtually unbelievably amount of crispy batter that falls off at some stage in the cooking. He swoops those all out, swishing through the oil with a large display screen tool, and movements maximum of the fried-to-a-crisp bits of batter into a collection urn at once at the back of him.

word: some bits to go on top of each plate, however most of the people is not used for meals, however goes to feed the households chickens that stay out behind the restaurant instead.

It made the experience all of the better nonetheless to see how, even at this sort of busy and popular searching eating place, there was nonetheless a completely ordinary and nearby circle of relatives lifestyles in movement. Their lives here are growing and taking place in conjunction with the restaurant’s boom as well, and it's miles great to see an instantaneous view of 1 local own family serving meals (and their happiness) to so many other families coming for a meal.

Ice cream and shaved ice, covered with candy and colorful syrup
DON’T neglect considered one of numerous DRINK OR DESSERT options here TO HAVE on the give up OF YOUR MEAL.
The restaurant experience
It is a great day, whenever you can both visit the beach, and keep down ratios of over a dozen objects of seafood in step with individual according to table. exceedingly, our large order this present day nonetheless did no longer include the total kind of seafoods (or cakes) to be had at Warung Pok Nong.

There are also massive crabs (frying shells and all), a few other styles of fish besides the squid, mackerel, and tuna in our order these days, and then deep frying fish balls and tofu which also appear to be favorites here as properly.

subsequently, you can word on almost every table inside the restaurant, a dessert order of this vivid, cooling, ice cream and shave ice combination.

I did not do this myself, but some human beings at our desk say that it's miles very sweet, clean, and an excellent finish to the more heavy seafood options in a meal right here.

add to their dipping sauce with your personal part of Tempoyak, the fermented durian local Malaysian delicacy that we assume youve been sporting to your pocket for the complete ride
BONUS in case you occur TO BE carrying TEMPOYAK for your POCKET… mix YOUR own DIP!**
Terangganu – the proper seaside surroundings
The seafood options right here are wonderful, however i would say that its the environment and place of this Terangganu restaurant that would keep me coming lower back.

I couldn’t believe a higher region to go for a mid-day meal with circle of relatives and friends, an interesting (the remarkable food) but laid-again region (the beachside seating), a high-quality example of Terangganu food and culture.

It surely reminds me of the last time we had a seafood ceremonial dinner within the sand, that point at the Arabian Sea near Karachi.

in case you are traveling Kuala Terangganu, make sure to check out a few of our different articles as nicely – here is a jaw-losing meal of neighborhood Terangganu-style breakfast at Nasi Dagang Atas Tol, and i would suggest following this by means of a lunchtime banquet at local favorite Aroma Kampong restaurant for fish, soups, and of direction, tempoyak.

notice*: Tempoyak isn't for sale here, but if you do occur to be carrying a few (like we had been, from the first time we noticed it available on the market, until the very last meal of the whole journey), then sense loose to feature a few dollops to your own small dipping box.
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2023.03.24 06:30 NextEpisodeOTT IS THIS SHOW OVERRATED? The Last of Season 1 Review #hbomax #hbomax #thelastofus

Joel, a hardened survivor and smuggler, is hired to get Ellie, a 14-year-old girl, out of an oppressive quarantine zone. This takes place twenty years after the destruction of modern civilization. It's possible that Ellie is humanity's last hope. What begins as a simple job quickly becomes a physically and emotionally draining journey as they are forced to travel across the United States together and rely on one another for survival.
I am fully aware that this series is based on the popular video game The Last of Us.", Although I am not a serious gamer, but I have played a few games, and I am mostly into TV series. Before reviewing this series, I would like to highlight a few key differences between games and TV series. The player controls some parts of the story and events in video games. In TV shows, however, the audience has no control over the story.
TV series relies heavily on character development, dialogue, and cinematography to keep audiences glued. At the same time, video games often use gameplay mechanics and interactive elements like points, badges, and rewards to keep players engaged. The majority of players of video games tend to be younger, while TV series often have a large, diverse audience. So my review of the series will be from the perspective of a Serioholic rather than a gamer.
With this show, zombies will no longer be as monotonous as they have been for years. Instead, we'll see a new image with brilliant makeup and the mushroom head look, which is really scary and makes the scenes worth seeing again and again. They are known as cordyceps. and have stunning visual effects that are flawlessly executed. This show's side strengths are its impressive set design and the dystopian world they have created captivating cinematography, and excellent acting by Pedro Pascal and Ellie.
Especially Nick Offerman's episode in the show stands out as a unique and memorable experience for me that was emotional. His presence and performance add a new dimension to the overall viewing experience.
The first five minutes of the show are amazing. That is the interview part, which explains exactly what the show is about and what you can expect from it. Except for a few parts of the show that are good, the majority of the show is unfortunately dull and boring.
Even though this show is listed as action, adventure, and drama on IMDB, the gore and action scenes are very limited. Even the cordyceps, or mushroom heads, which are interesting to watch, are only limitedly shown instead We get to see a lot of drama, and I learned from an interview that the makers intentionally wanted to limit the gore and action scenes. Neil Druckmann said that “one of the things that I loved hearing from [co-creator Craig Mazin] and HBO very early on was, ‘Let’s take out all the violence except for the very essential." I was puzzled to hear that. Why would you do that? It's like making a movie with a Valentine's Day theme and toning down romantic scenes. Didn't make any sense to me. You have to give what the story demands. anyhow It's their decision, and I respect it, but is there any interesting drama? no. Whatever action scenes they have shown in the trailer have been divided into nine episodes, which contributes to very limited time in each episode.
Neil Druckmann mainly works as a writer for video games, along with Craig Mazin, who was previously known for Chornobyl and has also written for this series. Slow narration worked nicely with Chornobyl, but I don't think it worked for this series. Previously, The Handmaid's Tale, Watchmen, and Westworld used this non-linear narrative, but this is probably the first time non-linear storytelling in a dystopian world did not work for me. I mean, the story is simple, but the narration is painfully slow. The lead characters are just outlined and lack depth, which makes it difficult to empathise with their struggles, which was the biggest trouble for me personally while watching this show.
This story takes place twenty years after the destruction of modern civilization. which clearly shows chaos where food is scarce but the physicality of the lead actors hardly changes, which was a major disconnection for me, and also the lack of a strong antagonist also contributed to the show's lack of sense of urgency to keep me immersed in the plot.
Can you binge-watch this series?
I personally did not enjoy this show and will not recommend it to any of my friends or family. However, the show's creators and game fans have created a lot of buzz in the TV series world, so everyone should watch it at least once to see what all the fuss is about. This show, in my opinion, is not worth the hype and is rather overrated.
On the IMDB page for this show, the writing credits say it's written for 10 episodes, but they stopped the 9th episode for season 1 They announced the second season after the first few episodes of the first season came out, and I'm not going to wait for this next season I think that this show will last for one more season unless they make some major changes to the story. I will meet you with another review in the next video; until then, keep bingeing. However, the show's creators and game fans have created a lot of buzz in the TV series world, so curiosity makes everyone watch it at least once to see what all the fuss is about. This show, in my opinion, is not worth the hype and is rather overrated.
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2023.03.24 06:28 mnamou5654 Laachi Web Series on Rabbit Movies Apps, Storyline, Cast list, Release Date, Full Episode Download - Rabbit Movies App, Web Series

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2023.03.24 06:27 Dan_Esp Got my YouTube Winter Recap

Got my YouTube Winter Recap
Looks like YouTube is ripping off Spotify wrapped lol. Here's my top tracks and the playlist that was generated; full of Red Vox! Anyone got theirs?
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2023.03.24 06:25 sillkmonkey2030 Welcome!

Hi redditors to logosatwork this will be a community full of those who want to share their logo designs to the world, a remodel to a previous logo etc. I want to create a community of people who love designs especially with logos whether that be your business logo that you want to share or your an artist wanting your logo designs to be admired to others in the community. Anyone is free to join and I would be happy to see what you guys come up with. I have my own youtube based on logos if you want to check it out! Thx for being part of the community.
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2023.03.24 06:23 Secret__Cinnamon R/KvS Rewatch: Episode 11, Season 01: Who Can Win a Series of Mini-Competitions?

Welcome to day 12 of the Kenny vs Spenny series rewatch!

Tonight, we witness many trials and tribulations in the mini-competitions episode!

Originally aired Season Episode
04/11/2003 1 11
Who Can Win a Series Of Mini-Competitions?
Kenny and Spenny go head-to-head in a number of micro-competitions, including (but not limited to) climbing stairs, wrestling, and a staring contest. We love the sibling rivalry vibe in this one. A very playful episode that remains, IMO, a classic!
A memorable moment:
S: "You're peeing everywhere!"
K: "Well, I'm nervous, get away!"
S: "You're dribbling like an old man."
K: "NO!"
S: "You're getting it all over the floor!"
K: "It's just pee! I'm peeing, what are you, looking at my dick?!"
S: "That's not your dick! What is that?!"
K: "It's my DICK -- DON'T LOOK!"
S: "Oh my GOD! Disqualification! Disqualification!"
Spenny wins when Kenny is injured during the wrestling match, and gets wrecked at sprinting.
Kenny must ACTUALLY climb the stairs at the CN Tower.
All links provided are courtesy of Kenny's YouTube channel.
Previous thread here.
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