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2023.06.08 00:49 Careless_Mango2450 Supervision

What do you all do with your toddlers all day? I have an extremely independent two year old. All he wants to do all day is play with his toys. He has been playing on his own since he was a few months old.
He used to spend nearly all of his time in a giant playpen in our living room while I would be throughout the house but essentially in the same room (we live in a California split level).
Now he's trying his darnedest to climb out of the playpen so we have to make a decision.
I put together a fully child proofed play room for him and he spends most of his time in there or in his fully child proofed bedroom. We have a camera in each with a view of the whole room + audio.
I work full time from home and have a 3 month old so, while I am in the playroom with him a lot, sometimes I have to go put the baby down or clean the kitchen, laundry, etcetera.
He hates being in the main living space with me and always goes in his room and closes the door anyway.
So the question is: is it safe to let him play in his own space with virtual eyes and ears on him at all times? Are you in the same room as your toddler all day?
Just looking for insights/opinions.
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2023.06.08 00:48 Layeredmetis236 Dumb Dumb Mister

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2023.06.08 00:47 Domo6805 Need help with next steps in selling an inheritance

I'd love some help on next steps and should start by saying this is my first reddit posting, so if I've done something wrong/could do it better, I'll take that feedback!
My wife's uncle recently passed away and they found these collection of comic books in binders. Each is in a simple plastic bag in the binder and stored in a cedar chest. The family doesn't have a lot of emotional attachment to the comics and are interested in selling them, and I've taken the task of doing next steps.
Here's the problem--I don't know next steps!
As you can see from the pictures (again, sorry for not having the actual issues), some of these seem fairly valuable like the first three original Silver Surfers, the first 8 Invincible Iron Mans, and issues 4-7 of The Amazing Spider-Man.
These seem to be in fine condition--I wouldn't say mint by any means, but no massive yellowing of paper nor major folds/bends.
Two questions I need help with:
1) What are the next steps we can take to sell these? I live near Denver, Colorado and the comics and the family are in Casa Grande, Arizona. I don't know if it's best to get them graded, just go to a comic book shop, post them on eBay, or what. I want to help them but am afraid they might get ripped off.
2) Which comics, assuming they are all in good condition, should I tell them are the most valuable?
Thanks for the help!
PS A friend recommended this reddit page but as I look at the rules, it's possible this breaks rule 7 about speculation or value--if so, please give me the feedback so I can follow the rules!
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2023.06.08 00:47 CaolTheRogue Let's Talk About Finding a Keto-Supportive Doctor

A couple of posts recently about people's experiences with doctors who "get" keto (and my own recent experiences with a couple of doctors who definitely do not "get" keto) have got me thinking about the search for a more informed doctor. That search isn't working so well for me (more on that below), but I thought I'd share what I found in case it helped anyone else.
For anyone else in my situation, I found a listing of around 20 different directories for low-carb doctors: There are the usual suspects on there like the Diet Doctor search, and some more obscure ones. I obviously can't vouch for any of the sites or the doctors listed on them, but if you want to check your area for a new doc who might be more supportive and don't know where to start, maybe there will be something there to help.
As for me, I'm in Ontario and am starting to suspect that doctors here don't want to rock the boat of our government-provided health care (OHIP) scheme's official SAD guidelines for diets or something. The only doctors I can find in my area on any of the lists (or on Google, for that matter) are specialists, naturopaths, dieticians, etc. I'd just like a new family doctor. Any Torontonians with a decent family doc got any tips on how to locate one? Mine's...mediocre.
Anyway, hope the links on that site help someone. If anyone has any other websites that aren't in the list, or general tips for others finding a doctor, feel free to add them in the comments.
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2023.06.08 00:45 A-Middle-Child God didn't cure mental disorder or drug addiction

Recently I learned from ex-sil that my 57yo ex died of an overdose. He was found by dead in his home by a "friend" who stole his ATM card & over drafted his account.
We were married for 11 years, divorced last 17. When we got together, he was funny & talented. Nearly everyone who met him considered him a close friend. When things were good, he was a successful college coach at 3 different NCAA division I schools. But give him too much to do or too much free time & he lost control. I got tired of the roller-coaster & we eventually divorced.
We smoked a lot of weed together while married. At the time I never knew he did anything else. It was therapeutic for us- me dealing with his BS & him self-medicating. But he was severely depressed & most likely bipolar. His evangelical mother insisted that god/church was the only cure he needed, so he was never treated. Fairly certain he went through AA. He showed up at my house seemingly on step 5, admitting you're wrong. But he never got to because my dad didn't trust him & wouldn't give us any privacy.
I fully expected his cause of death to be fentanyl tainted painkillers taken due to chronic disease. His autopsy showed a massive heart attack secondary to deadly mix of drugs. I feel sad that someone with so much potential ended life like this; alone, barely scraping by, robbed by a "friend" & face down in his dingy hovel.
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2023.06.08 00:44 dull_storyteller My character died because of another player

I’ve been playing a bard for over a year now. My plan was to get to level 17 and take true polymorph so I could turn into dragons and shit. Usual stuff.
But last session our paladin (who is the exact opposite of my bard) got us into a fight with the target of his vengeance oath and we ended up being massacred.
I tried my best even lasting nearly 10 rounds after the rest of the party died.
I’m beyond angry about it and no one else seems to get WHY I’m upset.
I get attached to characters I create and this is the second time his character has got mine killed.
The other one was a Star Wars rpg where he all but press ganged me into the rebellion and got us killed on a suicide mission.
Even our DM (my brother) keeps saying “they died in awesome ways”
I didn’t want either of them to die. Especially on quests/missions that they never wanted to get involved in.
I don’t know what else to do because all his characters are the same self righteous A-holes.
I don’t want to keep playing if every time my character is about to get cool stuff they die because of someone else. Especially because it’ll take me another year of my life to get back to level 13.
Has anyone else gone through something similar?
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2023.06.08 00:43 saaandyyyyyy [PSA] why lemon tek is bad

okay making this post out of anger seeing many new people (just like me a few months ago) asking how to take shrooms if the taste is making them gag, and everyone says lemon tek..
I've tried lemon tek a few times and every time its almost just as bad as just eating them raw, it has chunks and tastes really bad also the acid in the lemon juice upsets your stomach a lot.
I literally got to a point where I didn't want to trip anymore because of how bad it tasted and did some lsd.
after months of research and trial and error I present to my knowledge the best way of taking shrooms.
shroom ginger honey tea.
grind up desired amount of shrooms. add to cup and add 1 teabag per 2 ish grams or more if you really hate shroom taste. pour over a solid amount of boiling water and steep for 15-20 mins. strain out the shroom chunks (I use a thin t shirt) add some honey to make it sweet.
and there you have it a chunk less ginger tea that is slightly savory but no obvious shroom taste and actually really helps with nausea due to there being no actual shroom chunks in it which is like half of the nausea for me and ginger and honey both soothe your stomach and help alot with nausea and God forbid but if you throw it up its not nearly as bad as throwing up lemon tek oh my God.
I also enjoy shroom gummies made with jello and tea and want to try shroom tea ice pops and chocolates are good but have actual chunks in it and is not the best for large doses (5g+)
thanks for reading please stop spreading bad advice shroom tea has existed for decades please use it and ginger tea bags make or break tea for me
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2023.06.08 00:43 Kariella_37 Should I drop him? And this latest purchase?

To give some background, we met on FetLife (possibly via Chaturbate also,I don't recall) and we had a really nice first date/meet/weekend. I was VERY new to the gifting thing. This was in January of 2021.... That is also the last time I saw him in person. There were no "arrangements" made. We liked each other and for the most part it was a vanillaish/kink relationship not some sugar daddy I seeked out.
Over the next year we texted and he constantly promised plans/weekends together. He lives 45 minutes away but was always able to afford us a room near me. And was weekly in my city for work.
The pattern continued... - "Daddy would love to gift you something, add to your wishlist" -Talk about plans together. -Ghosts or has last minute work plans.
I would end up with orders of more lingerie + toys than i could even enjoy/use/want at the time. Even now I have stuff I never wanted that he would sneak in orders. Not a big deal but some things were expensive and I could've used the money for actual practical things.
Sorry, anyways. Once again he is trying to postpone a date for the second week in row. Last week was a work excuse, no reason for this week....
Emotionally, I've been over the disappointment for at least a year+.
So aside from cutting him out of my life, should I feel guilty about turning away this most recent order so I can use the funds towards things I actually need as opposed to things that were fuel for his fantasy?
View Poll
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2023.06.08 00:42 lesbr Searching for Caitlin

My Vet is recommending Caitlin, a dog trainer, who lives near Tractor Supply in Windsor. Do you know Caitlin? Can you give me an email or phone number? I need to start training in August. Thanks
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2023.06.08 00:41 sushirollheretorant art

this isn't supposed be a super pretentious post
Lately I've been feeling super stressed and scared about making art. Like I always do to be honest. I don't know why there's such a dread that comes with it. Most of the time it feels like this whole art thing is so forced because I'm just not meant for this. I haven't felt creative in a very long time ( or if ever tbh) and I'm starting to question and regret everything I've ever done so far. Why did I pick architecture? Do I even really like it? I've always thought I'd end up in something creative, art or design. But the more I try the more I realise how difficult it is for me and how much pure agony it causes me (and not in the romantic tortured artist way) thing is though, I don't know what I'd do if it wasn't for that. Yes, realistically theres plenty of things I could do but I don't think any of them would be genuinely satisfying. I've always placed such a heavy importance on art, and I can't even explain why it means so much to me. But I've come to realise that it's not something I'm willing to give up. I know for a fact I'm no where near those artistic geniuses whose entire lives are consumed by the greatness of their need to create. But it doesn't mean that I don't have any right to create either. The whole point of art is that it's supposed to free you. And yet I've let it become the thing that makes me feel the most paralyzed. I don't really know what to do moving forward now. I can't continue much longer with the intensity of this artists block but I'm going to try and stumble forward focusing on pure technique as of now. Maybe something will hit me at some point, although I've never believed in divine inspiration.
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2023.06.08 00:41 No_Hotel4339 (Full video on fans leaks addison rae nude paris hilton sextape adult video near me first time anal sex video best ass videos cum on pussy videos huge dick videos naked wife videos porn video download tight pussy videos suck my dick video teen gay sex videos indian xxx vi

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2023.06.08 00:40 La_Reina_Rubia $2800 to repair rust areas - is it worth it?

$2800 to repair rust areas - is it worth it?
I drive a 2010 VW Beetle and have some rust starting on the edge of the passenger door and near both rocker panels (and underneath, as shown). The shop owner explained to me what it would entail to repair the rust. A lot of labor, a lot of money, and of course, no permanent fix for the rust because it always comes back. The repair would take about two weeks or so to complete. He warned that the rust will come back. Obviously this repair would not be warrantied.
I love my car and they don’t make Beetles anymore. $2800 is a lot of money and I am so torn on how to proceed. Most shops will not deal with rust anymore.
There is a cheaper band-aid fix that he was willing to give me an estimate on that would only take a couple days. I am waiting on that.
Just wondering if it is worth spending that much money on something that will eventually come back. I plan to keep the car for as long as it will run. I didn’t know if paying for the bigger repair where he pulls everything off/apart and does everything he explained he could do will buy me any significant time before the rust worsens. I am not rich but am willing to spend money where it makes sense. I am really struggling with this one.
Thank you for any insight.
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2023.06.08 00:40 bbbbbbbbrrrrrr AITA for bringing my dog to the grocery store?

There is a grocery store near me that I bring my (non-service) dog into sometimes.
Originally, I would not bring her in; either me or my partner would stay outside with the dog. Or I would just go without the dog entirely. But then we saw several people going in and out with dogs, and figured it was allowed.
I talked with two different managers on different occasions, one on the phone and one in person. They both said dogs were allowed. Whenever we go in, some of the employees say hi to my dog. My dog is well-behaved; she doesn’t jump up or bark or anything like that. If she is misbehaving that day, I just will skip out on the store entirely.
Today, another customer told me off for bringing my dog into the store. She wasn’t doing anything naughty, just sitting on the floor next to me while I chose deli meat. The customer asked whether she was a service dog because non-service dogs are not allowed in the store. I said she wasn’t, but the managers had told me it was okay to bring my dog in. He said that it was still wrong to do because some people are allergic to dogs. I asked if he was allergic. He said he wasn’t, but that I still shouldn’t bring my dog in because other people are allergic. I told him again that the managers said I was allowed to.
No one got hysterical or angry, but I could tell this guy was not happy. I am ambivalent about this interaction: I get that lots of places are not appropriate for dogs, and that you don’t need to be allergic not to want a dog in the store. If the staff had told me not to bring my dog, I wouldn’t. But the people who run the place told me it was alright.
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2023.06.08 00:39 i_eat_ass_all_day Thoughts on my hrt dosages

Hey girls! I am nearing four months on hrt now and I was curious what you guys thought about my dosage of estradiol that I have been taking.
I initially started at 2mg 2x a day for the first two months, then 4mg 2x for about a month and a half.
During my last doctor's appointment, my doctor told me that he thinks I'm ready to start branching out with my hrt if I want and gave me three options to pick from and said I could pick multiple if I wanted (up estradiol dose, start progesterone, and switch to Injection)
I opted to increase my estradiol dosage and start progesterone. So now I am on 6mg 2x of estradiol a day.
I decided to look up how much people are usually on at this point and a lot of results say that 12mg per day is way higher than most ever take in their lifetime?
I trust my doctor, he is my college's go to hrt person for LGBT students, so he must be pretty good at what he does.
But I'm still worried that maybe I'm taking too much. I haven't had any negative side effects from hrt, and I have had two blood tests so far with no issues that have come up.
Maybe I'm just overthinking this but idk.
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2023.06.08 00:39 blob_lablah Old lady turns drifts into my lane almost hitting me, then comes to a stop when she realizes she needs to be 3 lanes over to turn ahead. Then, angry driver nearly side swipes me afterwards

Old lady turns drifts into my lane almost hitting me, then comes to a stop when she realizes she needs to be 3 lanes over to turn ahead. Then, angry driver nearly side swipes me afterwards submitted by blob_lablah to IdiotsInCars [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 00:36 rational_artist For those who had a huge ordeal with UP but managed to cure it in the end, do you have irrational fears of reinfecting yourself?

I had UP for two months starting in December 2021. It took me a long time to figure it out (doctors were clueless, of course). I eventually cured it in Feb 2022 but got floxed along the the way and it’s safe to say that the whole thing was the worst, most life-changing thing I‘ve ever been through.
Now, I have been become absolutely paranoid about being re-infected. Last week for the first time I cleared out the clothes and underwear and toys I had been using while I had UP (I had stashed them away somewhere and not wanted to go near them) and now I‘m irrationally (I hope) anxious that I might have handled dormant UP bacteria and potentially re-infected myself. I washed my hands after touching the clothes and toys obviously but I’m worried that I might have touched my phone or doorhandles etc in between. I do my own regular internal pelvic floor massages (I still have lingering PFD) where I massage the knots inside like PFTs do. I did one a couple of days after handling the items from when I had UP and I‘m now concerned that I could have somehow re-inserted UP bacteria by touching my phone or other surface beforehand.
Obviously, my rational mind knows that UP is very susceptible to desiccation because of its lack of cell wall and that it should have all died off a long time ago but I have seen stories about people being reinfected from old sex toys months later!
Does anyone else get paranoid? And could a sane, non-traumatised person just quickly reassure me that I’m not in any danger and that any UP on toys/underwear would have died over the course of a year?
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2023.06.08 00:35 Long-Positive-3066 39 weeks and over it

I'm 39 weeks tomorrow I have had contractions for nearly 2 weeks straight with them at 4 minutes apart since Monday morning (it's Wednesday) but the Dr's won't do anything as they aren't strong enough or long enough! I'm starting to feel like this baby isn't ever coming... I'm starting to panic I just need it to end! I haven't slept in days and am so exhausted... someone please tell me I'm not the only one going through something like this
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2023.06.08 00:35 codeking12 Fish Player Controller

Hi all,
I'm hoping someone can help me out with this. What I'm essentially trying to achieve is to have a character controller for a shark. The way I'd like it to work is the shark will swim in the direction the user pushes on a virtual joystick. Using the built in character controller works as far as moving around in the correct direction but the issue is that if you quickly move the joystick opposite it's current direction, the shark near instantly rotates toward the new direction. This is fine for a humanoid character but doesn't work for my use case because sharks/ fish don't just rotate in place on their y axis. They need to actually rotate much slower by moving forward while turning at the same time.
Has anyone seen an asset or code anywhere that might help accomplish this? I feel like it's right under my nose as far as how to do it but I can't seem to get it sorted.
Any help is appreciated and sorry if the question is vague. Thanks!

Edit: I'm ok with the shark rotating in place but it should be slowly. Using the character controller and the X,Y input axis causes a near instantaneous turn about.
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2023.06.08 00:35 FantasticShoulders A little bit of special interest frustration

I really hate going into “defensive” mode (even just internally) when it comes to hyperfixations or special interests.
For instance, fairy tales seem to be the special interest that stuck around after childhood. When I was little, I would spend hours watching Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Princess and the Pauper…and then even more time modeling my behavior after my favorite princesses (Aurora’s been the biggest influence). People have called me a real life Disney Princess on multiple occasions, and I know it’s because that modeled behavior became my actual mannerisms and shaped my personality/fashion sense.
Ballet falls under the umbrella, too, due to the Barbie versions of Swan Lake/the Nutcrackethe 12 Dancing Princesses (and Sleeping Beauty as a non-Barbie influence). I don’t know how much of my toe-walking is a sensory thing and how much is a remnant of copying ballerinas. I never took professional ballet classes, but not for a lack of wishing and wanting (there weren’t studios near me).
Now, having gained/discovered a special interest in media analysis (I can’t just say “this could have represented X”, I have to basically write a whole essay on it), I understand fairy tales better. It’s worth noting that Disney’s versions of fairy tales weren’t ever my special interest; it’s fairy tales as a whole. The huge, main thing I’ve come to understand is that we don’t really have “original” versions of tales that weren’t literary ones.
Stories like The Nutcracker, The Little Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland, and the Wizard of Oz are all literary fairy tales: created by an author using a variety of different inspirations. Other fairy tales, like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, don’t have originals. What they do have is earliest known examples of their tale type: a number and name given to tales that share tropes according to the Aarne-Thompson Index.
Where my frustration comes in is how I get so ticked off when people say things like “the original Sleeping Beauty included (insert horrific thing), Disney sanitized it!”
I feel compelled to correct them, and when I do it feels like I come off as a jerk (not normal for me) and a pretentious know-it-all. My instant response is “actually, Disney’s version of Sleeping Beauty was based off of the ballet, which was based off of the version of Sleeping Beauty written down by Charles Perrault. The oldest examples of the tale type are horrific, yes, but they’re under the same umbrella…not the same story. Perrault’s version doesn’t even include a kiss; the prince falls to his knees when he discovers the princess and she wakes up after that, asking him if he’s the one she’s been dreaming of.”
I also get super frustrated about “dark” versions of fairy tales that get their lore from movie adaptations. I can’t express how much I hate the Maleficent movies (can you tell I have a special affinity for Sleeping Beauty yet?). I’ve also got a special, specific distaste for Wicked because of how badly it butchers the original Oz books (which the Oz film also butchered in places—specifically the handling of “you’ve all have had the power within you all along” for the Scarecrow/Tin Man/Lion, who got massively flanderized). It further adds to this cycle of misunderstandings regarding how fairy tales work and how Disney has created a pseudo-canon of fairy tales in general.
Snow White figures typically don’t get kissed (usually something happens that causes them to cough up the apple), Sleeping Beauties don’t always prick their fingers on a spinning wheel (it’s usually the case that a piece of flax gets stuck under their fingernail), and it’s not always the shoe that causes the Prince to recognize Cinderella (in some cases it’s her eyes, which is so sweet).
But I can’t go into detail about this stuff every time it comes up, because I don’t want to be seen as a walking, pretentious fairy tale encyclopedia. I don’t want to ruin anyone else’s enjoyment, and I just don’t like the feeling of realizing I’ve been defensive/protective of my interests after I’ve unknowingly spoken an analytical essay’s worth of information to someone.
I wish I could enjoy movies that draw from fairytale stereotypes/Disney’s versions of fairy tales (or at least discuss them with friends) without feeling insulted/attacked. I also wish I had the option to not attract too much attention while still dressing how I like and acting like myself.
At the same time, though, my passion has given me opportunities I never thought I would get. So it’s not all bad, not at all. Just frustrating to deal with sometimes.
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2023.06.08 00:35 AlexTMichas Four Vans

Four Vans

Four Vans

I’ve had four vans in my life. A green 1978 bus, a white 1968 bus, a blue 1990 Vanagon, and a white 1990 Vanagon, which I drive today. Despite modern van options, my connection to VW buses and van continues to last. Now in my 40s, and with each year passing, my relationship with vans is an evolution filled with memories all of which are inspired by outdoor adventure and the curve of a road less traveled. As I begin this series of posts regarding my relationship to vans, I wanted to start with an overview of these four vans.
Van #1. Europe
When I was just about four years old, my parents decided to move to Europe with us three kids, and a teenage babysitter, who ended up more like a fourth child than the intended caregiver they had planned for. We spent two years there, much of the time in a van, (technically consider a “bus”) traveling across land, visiting relatives along the way.
The bus was shipped back from German to the United States where after a few years my dad sold it to a good friend in Sacramento.l, CA. Nearly 30 years later that same friend called me to ask if I wanted the bus - it was in perfect shape, having been stored in a garage for all those years. I had to decline… I just didn’t have the space and ability to keep it.
Here’s my dad in the late 70’s - I suspect this photo was taken near Lake Tahoe.
Van #2. High school
In high school, I purchased this 1968 air cooled bus… I think I purchased it for about $1500, and drove it about for a few years - no doubt playing Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin and Cat Stevens on a crappy aftermarket stereo. When I tired my hand at rewiring some electrical which led to a catastrophic electrical problem, or seeing one of my wheels roll past me at a neighborhood stop sign shortly after I changed a flat tired, I realized my time as mechanic was short lived.
Van #3. Blueberry
Living in south Berkeley, CA in 2005, I was walking past the Berkeley Bowl, a popular grocery store when I saw a blue Vanagon. Without much thought, my soon-to-be-wife and I purchased what we later named Blueberry, a 1990 Multivan - the roomy van version that sleeps four, seats 7 with belts, but without a kitchen.
On a trip with my dog Cleo, here’s Blueberry, near Mono Lake and the hills along Highway 395.
In La Paz, Mexico, we settled up next to this dilapidated palapa (a traditional Mexican shelter roofed with palm leaves) for several nights, eating fresh fish and snorkeling. You can see our kitchen at the back of the van, and shower bag draped above.
A cold night in Yosemite with good friend. The following morning we fished in the lake just beyond.
Trip to Idaho with our pup Cleo. One of our longer trips for friend’s wedding in Sun Valley.
Kiddos in the loft pop top
Russian Gulch State Park outside Mendocino
Van #4: Luna
When I realized I no longer wanted to go longer distances and Blueberry due to lack of air conditioning and limited power in the hills, I started looking for a van replacement. So at the end of 2021, we purchased another 1990 Multivan in white named Luna. Swapping some of the good stuff from Blueberry, Luna can do everything. It has a rebuilt turbo engine - nearly doubling the power, a propane heater for cold nights, a rebuilt manual transmission, and so many other upgrades - it was just easier to purchase the van I wanted rather than spend the money, hassle, and time upgrading Blueberry.
In Tilden Park
A visit to the light house on Point Reyes in Marin
Muir Beach and a stop at the Pelican Inn in Marin
North of Santa Cruz in Pescadero for a hot chocolate break
I could have spent more on a bigger, more modern van, but I decided to stick with what I know. Simply…. there is nothing like driving a Vanagon.
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2023.06.08 00:33 WaffleJCone [S] [USA-CA] Minolta CLE, Minolta 40mm f2 M-rokkor Kyu-tab, Fujifilm XF 10-24mm f4 (v1), Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 with 5 Instax Mini cartridges (REPOST)

Hello again,
You know what they say, persistence is key. You already know; new timestamps, new photos, and a new addition. Prices will remain the same since they are pretty well below market price (aside from the instax cartridges which are fixed, they will adjusted accordingly with the printer). Again, I'll always pay for shipping.
Older post:

Item Rating and Condition Comes with Price
Minolta CLE with 40mm f2 M-rokkor (LOCAL PENDING) (Yeah still :/ ) Body: 8.5/10. Chipping near the branding. Clean inside. /Lens: 9.0/10. Clean, no fungus, very minimal dust, some signs of use. Case, batteries, lens hood, and 1 roll Superia 400 (only with camera body) $935 bundled
Fujifilm XF 10-24mm f4 R OIS (v1) 9.5/10. Clean, no fungus, no dust, minimal signs of wear. Filter, caps, and Urth ND1000 filter $375
Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 with 5 Instax Mini cartridges 9.5/10. Clean inside, functions and connects well, some signs of use. Mirco-usb cable $75 /($35 for the printer, $40 for the cartridges)
Found out how to look at the chart on mobile but I'll still include this in case:
Please don't hesitate to ask questions. Also, I am still looking for an X-Pro 2. I won't trade but please let me know if you got one. Thanks for looking.
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2023.06.08 00:32 Quiet_Pea536 Eligibility Question

I went on UI last August after being laid off from a telemarketing job. A month later I injured myself and was scheduled to have surgery. I went on Disability Income. When I was released to work in April, I started looking for work and after a couple of weeks called to see if I could restart my unemployment. After some false starts, I finally got to certify and received payment. Every time I’ve certified since that point, I’ve had to call in to have the funds released. This last week, I certified for two weeks on Sunday and usually saw the money on my debit card a day later. When Tuesday came, I called. The person I got on the line seemed to be trying to find some reason to disqualify me. She asked me if I was on probation or if I was temporally laid off. As it’s been nearly I year, I couldn’t remember how it happened. Regardless, I must have said something wrong because she scheduled me for a phone interview, never mind that I had been receiving this for the last month and a half. I asked for a manager and was told one would call me back (they never did). I finally called in again and spoke with a much nicer person. She said the the previous person was wrong and that I should not have an interview and she said that she releases the funds to be paid. As of today, my account still shows that there is a discrepancy and that I’m scheduled for a phone interview. Should I try to call in again? I don’t know why different people at EDD give different answers.
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