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2023.06.03 22:30 n0ti0n0fl0ve [Discussion] What reasonably affordable watch brands will you most likely never own, and why?

I realized that I will very likely never own a Seiko or Grand Seiko. They are beautiful watches of undoubtedly good quality and all, and you may call me ignorant for saying that, but I just have a strong preference for European watches, out of principle. I guess it has something to do with how I was socialized, as the same thing goes for cars.
Having said that, until very recently I would have said I will never own a Rolex because I strongly associated them with showing off, pretentiousness and such traits, and now my grail is a Rolex, so I guess you never know.
Curious what you have to share.
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2023.06.03 22:30 Growe731 I put $2 in and got back $1.76

I put $2 in and got back $1.76
Change machine gave me a penny instead of a quarter
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2023.06.03 22:29 PlenitudeOpulence Car accidently jumps tow truck ramp. The tow truck and police officers were responding to a prior accident near Valdosta, GA in Lowndes County.

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2023.06.03 22:29 Part_Upstairs General Skywalker phase 2

This challenge is ridiculous, I’m glad it was easy for everyone else, but it’s not for me. I got everyone’s speed up and I’ve even watched YouTube videos on it. Still no where near completion.
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2023.06.03 22:29 StaySharpp I don’t know why, but I think Rush was my uncle’s favorite band…

I don’t know why, but I think Rush was my uncle’s favorite band…
I’m just getting into vinyl, and my dad gave me his record player and all of his vinyl, as well as my late uncle’s collection. I have so much to go through here it’s nuts. There’s records here from the 50s that were my grandparents, although their quality is pretty poor unfortunately. Nearly everything else in here though is mint since neither really played their music much. They’d play it maybe once or twice but record it to cassette according to what my dad was telling me. Regardless, I have so much classic rock to sift through :)
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2023.06.03 22:29 MeanCow6 Astonishing Mrs Highfield! Married at 15, up to 6 kids at 22. [1953]

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2023.06.03 22:29 MrThe1Badman Accident in personal vehicle

I just wanted to know what the proper procedure is if I get in accident in my personal vehicle while on the clock. I have a relay route so I use my own car and today some guy tried to hit me on purpose for whatever reason.
I know my insurance won’t pay a dime if they know I’m on the clock. Buddy told me the post office has to pay but I find that hard to believe.
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2023.06.03 22:29 pernicuslex Car Charity Suggestions for Hardships

I am looking for a charity online or via app that gives cars or donations towards vehicles during hardships. If anyone has any suggestions or any sites where they were successful, please let me know. I am currently homeless and trying to head back the east coast back home where I have friends and can get a place with my best friend so it is pretty dire right now.
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2023.06.03 22:28 rattfink16 Clean water is precious, most precious thing in the world.

As someone from the U.S. who has access to as much clean water as I want, sometimes it trips me out to take a shower, wash dishes, or water the grass and think about how precious this water could be to people in certain places where they have little to no access to actual clean drinking water.
Like it's just a weird thought right, we take it for granted but it really is the most precious thing in the world. Worth more than pure gold if you're desperate and truly in need of it.
Huh... The people who spend their time working to provide people with clean drinking water are doing something truly good for humanity.
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2023.06.03 22:28 New-Ad-5003 Seat Covers

Any nice looking form-fitted seat covers out there for the backseat of the Rav?
It’s spring and my dog is constantly getting muddy, but my fiancé hates having towels strewn over the back bench because they’re “ugly” — dog hammock covers are out of the question for the same reason.
My concern, of course, is the ventilated softex seats allowing mud and muck to penetrate into the seat cushion and the car smelling like wet dog for the next ten years.
Help me out?
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2023.06.03 22:28 Curious-Landscape466 First time car buyer in the UK

Hi everyone. I moved to the UK 10 months ago and now considering buying my first car, I have UK driving license.
Here are some questions: 1. Should I buy or do I have to pay for a current “untaxed, no MOT” if I purchase the car? or the seller have to pay for it?
  1. Auto trader seems tricky now, I had 2 bad experiences, so how I can inspect the car? Should I do AA inspection or finding a local mechanic?
  2. What advices you would give to a first time buyer like me?
Highly appreciated it!!
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2023.06.03 22:28 JasmineIvyy I think a lot of springs are mistyped as muted seasons

This is something that I see a lot, especially on this subreddit. I am not claiming to be an expert, but I have been into color analysis for a few years, long enough to observe a lot. I also discovered I am a spring after every other season didn't make sense.
I have noticed that bright coloring tends to look extremely dull and muted in colors that aren't bright enough, to the point that people actually mistake this washed out effect for being a muted season. It happened to me as well. I have seen people who were professionally draped as springs looking basically gray in the wrong colors and people would incorrectly guess they are soft summers or soft autumns. People who are actually autumns and summers glow in these colors, they don't look gray. I think the grayness of looking washed out is mistaken as being in harmony with the muted color.
I don't think this happens as often with winters, but I think many springs (especially those with darker coloring) are often incorrectly typed as summers and autumns.
Another important thing is that reddit desaturates the colors of photos unless you click on the picture to see it.
I guess what I am try to say here is that if you have been told you are something muted but it feels off, but at the same time you are sure you look muted and muted colors somehow still don't have that "wow" effect (and you are almost starting to think that color analysis doesn't work), you might actually be a spring and you just never tried warm bright colors to see how much brighter they make you look.
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2023.06.03 22:28 JkItsmebekindples [F4M] The masquerade ball

I am looking for a RP partner to play Muse A in this plot something to note is that this can be a F4F plot. If you are interested please do message me.
A few quick things to consider are my RP requirements are
❗️Reply in 1-3 paragraphs per reply (or more)
❗️Use Realistic face claims
❗️And please be in the CST time zone. Enjoy.
Muse A, a wealthy bachelor from a prominent family, was preparing for the grand ball famously hosted by their family, where exclusive deals such as vacation homes and luxury cars were being auctioned off for charity. Muse B, accompanied by a friend, and a family friend of the host. After muse friend was left high and dry by her boyfriend. She was fortunate enough to receive an invitation to the ball. Grateful but feeling out of place among the opulence, Muse B relied on their friend's support, feeling like a prized possession on their arm of the rich friend.
As Muse B, who was single and open to finding a potential partner, mingled through the glamorous crowd in search of a date, Muse A's attention was immediately captivated, Infatuated by Muse B's presence, Muse A approached and asked them for a dance. The two instantly hit it off, with Muse A using their charismatic charm to sweep Muse B off their feet. However, Muse A had an ulterior motive beyond their initial attraction – they were genuinely interested in getting to know Muse B on a deeper level.
As Muse A grew more fond of Muse B, the night quickly slipped away. In the midst of the crowd, Muse A disappeared into the fog of people as the song ended, leaving Muse B without any valuable information about their mysterious dance partner. Muse B confided in their friend, sharing the name Muse A had provided, only to discover that there seemed to be no person by that name at the event.
Both muse A and muse B tried to leave the memory of the ball behind as it was almost like neither of them existed. But Determined to uncover the truth, Muse B embarked on a mission to find out who Muse A truly was before time ran out. They retraced their steps, seeking any leads that could lead them back to the person who had stolen their heart at the ball. With a combination of perseverance and sheer luck.
Will that be enough to bring the two sides together and expose their true identities?!
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2023.06.03 22:28 Catfo0od Off 3 days per week, want more money

Hey all, I'm an IT guy (desktop support) that works 4 10hr days, leaving me with a 3 day weekend every week.
I'm good with computers but I'm not a skilled coder, I have a lot of tools (both for electronics and carpentry and mechanical work)
My main problem is I don't have a lot of startup cash. My main asset is time.
Ideally I think I'd flip electronics, but it seems the market is really saturated, and even broken machines I've found searching eBay would net next to nothing after the cost of parts it seems (and a several hundred dollar investment.)
I'm willing to learn stuff, I'm pretty handy, and I'm off work Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I can realistically only put in a few hundred bucks to start, and I'm not experienced in advertising or social networking. I'd like to start with a slim profit and eventually make around 500-1000 a month with a side hustle.
Any ideas would help, I've been searching this forum for like 2 days, but I'm still pretty lost.
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2023.06.03 22:27 Schruef Abandoned 1997(?) Triumph Sprint, story in the comments.
I moved into my apartments in the middle of last year. This bike was sitting in the exact spot it's sitting now, completely immobile. In November, someone put a tow sticker on it. But despite the tow date coming and going, nobody took the bike.
Since then, I've been curious about it. Usually I'm wary about approaching other people's bikes, but it's obviously been abandoned. So, I took a look, and here's what I found.
1: The bike has been stationary for so long that the kickstand left a hole in the pavement.
2: The bike was apparently last registered in 1994.
3: The right indicator light is gone. The rear indicator lights are hanging off by their wiring.
4: The chain is just gone. It has rusted to the point of total immobility.
5: The bike clearly took a bad fall on it's right side. The fairing near the front right side is cracked
6: Most likely during the fall, the crank shaft must have either cracked or broke otherwise, judging from the duct tape attached to it.
7: Just about every metal surface of the bike not painted has begun to rust.
8: The bike's registration appears to be in a state bordering mine, from 1994. This is odd, because when I looked up the vin, the result returned for a 1997 Triumph, not a 1994 Triumph. So were the plates changed, or is the bike older than the DoT thinks?
9: The bike has 106,783.5 miles on the clock. The last trip was 4,538 miles.
If I has to guess what happened, I'd say a long time ago, someone dropped the bike bad. It wouldn't start after the fall, because of the crank shaft if I had to guess, and was probably towed back to this spot where the owner then lived. After this, the owner probably looked at the odometer, looked at the bike, imagined the cost of getting it repaired, and wrote it off as a loss. Instead of paying to get it towed somewhere and sold/scrapped, they simply left it here to rot. Moving out, expecting nobody to follow up. So far, they appear to have been right, and nobody has.
The only mystery to me are the markings on the right mirror. They seem to be something you'd see in a scrap yard, but the bike is in an apartment complex parking lot instead. Perhaps the bike was brought to the scrap yard, and the owner took it back here. If so, why would they do that, only to abandon it here?
The bike now sits abandoned, clearly unable to start, keys lost to time. I can only imagine the issues that plague her now, mechanical and electrical. I can't imagine she'd be worth a whole lot even if she ran just fine, given her mileage and lineage. I feel bad for her, maybe because I have a soft spot for Triumphs, or maybe because it's simply a tragedy for such an oldie like this to be growing cobwebs instead of memories.
Sometimes I wonder about filing paperwork and trying to claim the bike, as clearly the owner doesn't want her, but the imagined cost of towing, repairing, and maintaining a bike that hasn't physically moved in decades sends shivers down my spine.
TL;DR Hey look at this bum ass bike someone left in my lot thirty years ago lmao
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2023.06.03 22:27 Temporary_Waltz_7876 So I Went out on a date with a girl... does she like me or have feelings? I want to be in a relationship with her.

So there is a girl i Went out with the other day. We had drinks and saw a comedy show for an hour. We made a lot of pleasant and fun small talk. She took my hand with her hand and placed it on her right thigh for nearly an hour. .... She then said right away, 'we should go to a hookah bar since you like it next time.' ... We then had some food and had a good time. At the end she said she had fun and said 'you have my number' and hugged me.... Next time il get a kiss i didnt try. But the next day i said i texted her i said somethig liek 'hey! i have fun yesterday. i feel we had good chemistry, i like you. wondering if you were free tomorrow for a music show or wanted to go to a hookah bar like you said.'
she said 'hey! i also had fun yesterday. i have plans this weekend but another time!'
Does she like me..? Cuz I like her a lot and want her to be my gf.
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2023.06.03 22:26 aztekautog Benefits of tinted windows for your car

Benefits of tinted windows for your car
You deal with your car from all around. Car engine, ordinary check ups, maintenance and week by week washing, however have you pondered the consideration of your vehicle's windows?
Your vehicle windows assume a greater part than simply being a visual guide and alleviation from heat. You might consider auto window tinting, as a stylish upgrade, yet it really gives durable practical advantages to secure you and your vehicle.
Auto robbery includes the burglary of vehicles as well as the belongings in the vehicle. The capacity to perceive what's inside a vehicle is one of the variables adding to car break-ins. How might you stop that? Indeed, having tinted windows gives you more protection and might lessen the probability of having your vehicle broken into on the grounds that malignant individuals can't perceive what's inside.
Luckily, you can think about tinting your auto windows to ban malevolent individuals from seeing what's inside. Other than the further development of protection and security, auto window tinting has a large group of different advantages.
Having your car windows expertly tinted will not burn through every last cent. Tinting your windows is a straightforward and moderate cycle that should be possible on practically all vehicles. We energetically suggest counseling a nearby window tint expert in West Jordan, UT as opposed to doing it without anyone else's help on the grounds that appropriately tinting your windows is a work of art.

Here are a few lists to show you the benefits of having auto tinted windows:

UV Protection
A great many people in West Jordan, UT ignore the way that your skin can experience the ill effects of inside your car. Yet, auto window tinting can obstruct almost 100% of the sun's UV rays for added assurance while you drive.
If you drive for a few hours in West Jordan, UT consistently, auto window tinting is something you can't easily overcome. Direct exposure to daylight while driving can have unfavorable health impacts. Other than the distress, you'll be inclined to burns from the sun and other skin conditions, and can likewise cause infections.

Protects Car Interior from Fading
The sturdiness of your car will rely upon the means you take. One method of ensuring your resource includes introducing quality window tinting. UV rays don't simply harm your skin. They likewise cause inside materials like your seats and dashboard to fade and break. Tinted windows can safeguard these materials from blurring and causing your vehicle to seem more seasoned than it really is and it will likewise extend the existence of your vehicle's inside.

Accident safety from Shatter Proofing
A window tint is a film that adheres to the window and tends to hold broken glass together in case of a mishap, hence keeping hazardous shards from zooming around. On the off chance that you have the typical vehicle window, it will probably break into pieces once an object hits the window.
Window tint is a lifeline with regards to shatter-proof cars. Ordinarily, window tints make a film around the glass. If there should arise an occurrence of an effect, the window can break, yet the pieces will stay together. Given the recurrence and flightiness of vehicle crashes, it's smarter to be protected by having auto window tinting.

Increased Security and Privacy
Various sorts of auto window tinting in West Jordan, UT will give better security and protection to you and other car tenants. Window tints permit you to watch out while making it harder for others to see in. Furthermore, that makes it harder for anybody to see valuables left inside your vehicle. On the off chance that you end up leaving assets in your vehicle, you'll be certain that intrusive eyes will not be enticed to break in.

Tinting your vehicle windows builds your vehicle's security.
You can leave your vehicle anywhere in West Jordan, UT without stressing that a vindictive bystander will check inside your vehicle for any assets. One may never know whether there are any occupants in the vehicle! In any case, vehicle tint shouldn't be used for being watchful with your vehicle. Outfitted robbers can break into your vehicle, regardless of color. As you put on auto window tinting, don't disregard security measures, particularly when driving in deserted areas.

Safer Driving
Have you driven a vehicle anywhere in West Jordan, UT when the sun is glaring straight in your face? Irritating is putting it mildly! The experience is destructive, and it may increase the odds of colliding with another vehicle.
Auto window tinting is the most ideal approach to shield you from the immediate glare from daylight. It will permit you to have an incredible view when driving in West Jordan, UT. Accordingly, you'll be better situated to perceive any approaching vehicles, people on foot, and traffic signs. Indeed, even without your shades, the auto window tint will offer greatest assurance from the glare.

Keep your Car Cool
By shutting out UV rays, window tints can make the inside vehicle fundamentally cooler and more comfortable, especially during summer months in West Jordan, UT. Driving in a warm vehicle during summer is quite possibly the most upsetting encounter for a driver. The sun can make temperatures develop in your vehicle. With time, the warmth gets very uncomfortable, and you may require a forced air system to make the vehicle livable.

Better Gas Mileage
Running the air conditioner stunts your gas mileage. By obstructing the sun and cooling the cabin, window tints permit you to eliminate your air conditioner use and get more mileage out of your tank. Auto window tinting can make it conceivable to adjust the environment inside a vehicle. Everybody will be glad and fuel utilization will be less on the grounds that the cooling will not be utilized so much.

Improved Appearance
There could be no alternate method to put it. Tinted windows give a vehicle some personality and work on the general style of the outside. Auto window tinting makes a head-turning appearance on any vehicle make or model. Furthermore, indeed, intriguing your companions is additionally significant, a cool film will consistently be a conversational point.

A great many people in West Jordan, UT simply tint their vehicle windows for aesthetics, yet there's something else to it. On the off chance that you don't have an auto window tint, you're passing up a large group of noteworthy benefits. Auto window tinting gives assurance, security, and solace. Getting your vehicle windows tinted by an expert will promise you a few benefits over the long haul. Ideally at this point you see a few benefits of having auto window tinting.

It would assist with conversing with an expert to talk about what you expect with auto window tinting. Taking into account that vehicle window tints are on various levels, earlier examination on specialist co-ops will give you huge progress

Do you need auto window tinting in West Jordan, UT?
Aztek Auto Glass Inc is your best accomplice for auto window tinting as they probably are aware how to do the work right. They will stay away from patterns along the edges just as air pockets.
The window tint they put on a vehicle is constantly done appropriately and expertly.
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2023.06.03 22:26 AfternoonChoice1438 Should I move back in?

So I've been no contact with my parents for 3 years. Recently I decided to rip off the bandaid and came out to them. My parents who are religious surprisingly said they were ok with it and still love me, or so I thought.
My dilemma is that I'm trying to move back to my home town so I can be closer to my siblings and get my name changed. However, I cant find an apartment to live in and my lease is ending soon.
After 3 years of not talking, me and my parents had a talk on the phone. And I just knew it was too good to be true that my mom accepted me. When I asked her how she felt about my coming out letter, she immediately shut me down and said that its against her religion and that she doesnt want to talk about it but she'll still love her kid. But then deadnaming me in the next sentences and used the wrong pronouns the whole time. But then she said I sound like my brother? And then saying stuff about how she wont attend my wedding if I ever have one and how shes not gonna tell my grandparents because theyll die if they found out I was trans. I just felt hurt. She said I could live with them to save money and go to school, but idk...
The only pros I see to living with them is I can save up money really fast and get top surgery next year if I do. If I live alone, it would take me 3 years to save up. So should I suffer for a year or should I figure something else out? Also if I dont live with them, theres a chance i have to sleep in my car until I find a place.
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2023.06.03 22:26 ArcAngel98 Humans Don't Make Good Familiars Book 3- Part 1

Dracula: World of War --- The Violet Reaper ---- Humans Don’t Make Good Familiars Book 1 ---- The Lonely World --- Discord ---- YouTube --- My Patreon --- My Author's Page --- ArcAngel98 Wiki ---- The Next Best Hero ---- HDMGF Book 2 ---- Jess and Blinx: The Wizard ---- The Questing Parties ---- The Immortal Legends: The Van Helsing ---- Previous
Jake‘s POV
I was sitting on the wall surrounding the Wyvern’s Base, looking out into the surrounding area. My eyes were on the sky, and I saw several Neame flying high up in a grid pattern, each doing their patrols. While we, the familiars on the wall, watched the sky, they watched the grounds for miles around. You’re probably wondering why they don’t watch the sky, since they’re already up there, but it’s harder to do than you think. Besides, they can see more of the ground from up there than we can from down here. From where I was sitting, yes sitting, not standing, the Neame looked like little dots. To be honest, I don’t think our real job is to watch the skies. I’m pretty sure it’s to act as a last line of defense against ground attacks, but I don’t know why they would bother lying about that.
One of the other familiars, a big hairy thing called a skeker, but not named, came over and sat beside me. He looked like a mountain goat crossed with a bulldog, and he was just as friendly. I put a hand on his back and started petting him, and he started to purr; which surprised me the first time it happened. I asked his owner if I could name it, but she felt uncomfortable with that, and refused.
That’s been a trend lately; Neame feeling uncomfortable around me. For the past four months, ever since the attack by the court mages near the capital and the team Suma traveled with died, I have noticed a lot of the Neame have been treating me differently. They’ve been treating Suma differently too, but she lies and says it doesn’t bother her.
“See anything, Jake?” Suma asked over our private connection. The connection was something only she and I could hear, and allowed us to talk without speaking aloud.
“Everything still looks clear. What about you?” I asked back, still petting the skeker.
“I see something to the east. About fifteen seconds.” She said. That’s one of the ways the Neame denote distance, by how long it would take them to fly from one point to another. If the distance is short enough, they’ll use wingspans instead. Every second is about twenty or thirty meters. “It is small and trying to hide. Can you see it?”
I looked up at the sun, and quickly found east, then looked about where I thought she was talking about. “No, I don’t see anything. Should I go take a look?”
“No, I will alert the others.” She said, and ended the connection. I watched as two of the four dots dived down in the distance, before hovering above a patch of trees, but I couldn’t tell who they were. They stayed there for a few minutes, before flying back up. “False alarm, it was just a wild animal.” Suma said, and I sighed. Leaning against the skeker, my eyes started to get heavy.
Before I knew it, I was hearing Suma’s voice again, but it wasn’t in my head this time. “Jake?” She said. I opened my eyes, and saw her, as well as three others, perched on the wall’s railings nearby.
“Uh… yes?” I asked.
“Were you asleep?” Nine, one of the Neame with Suma, and a member of our squad, asked.
“No, I was…. resting my eyes.”
“For how long?” Odens, another member of our squad, wondered.
I looked up at the sun, which had moved about three inches in the sky, then back at them. “Not long.”
“If I do not get to sleep during a patrol, neither do you.” Rou, another member of our squad, joked.
“When you did not answer, I decided to come check on you.” Suma said.
“Sorry.” I stood up, accidentally waking the skeker too. “Well, at least I’m not the only sleepy-head.” Giving the skeker a pat on the head, I sent it back to its post. It was surprisingly smart, despite its goofy look.
“We need to get back to patrol.” Odens said, and glanced over to Suma. “We’ll give you a moment.” With that, the three of them flew off, leaving Suma and I alone on the wall.
“Are you still not sleeping well?” She asked. I shook my head. “It is more nightmares?”
I took a deep breath, “it’s always the same one.”
“Jake, you know if you ever want to talk about them, I will listen.”
“Thanks, I know. Would you mind summoning me real quick, so I can wake up?” I asked, and she agreed. She quickly performed a summoning spell, causing me to fade away for a moment, then reappear beside her. With that, the magic of the summoning restored my energy, waking me up.
“Jake… I have summoned you at least twice a day, for several days now. When was the last time you slept?”
“I don’t need to sleep if you keep summoning me.” I pointed out.
Suma sighed, “please try to sleep tonight. Going this long without it cannot be healthy.”
“I’ll be fine.”
“Fine. I’ll sleep tonight.”
“Thank you. I need to get back to patrol. Will you be okay?” The glittering sparkle that normally surrounds her, and every other Neame, was dulled.
“I’m awake now; go ahead.” I said. She flew away, towards the squad’s direction. Just in time too, because as soon as she was gone, I sat back down, already tired again, and with horrible cramps in my legs.
I fought through the pain, and the exhaustion, until our squad’s patrol was over. Suma flew to my room on base, then summoned me. I thanked her, and she left. Summoning my backpack, I pulled out some food my mum had put in for me, and had dinner while reading over her latest letter.
It started the way all of our letters do, with some details about our day, then any requests we may have for the other, but I’m usually the only one who has any, then that’s followed up with anything we feel the other needs to know. Apparently, in the four months I’ve been gone, the local police have put out an official arrest warrant for me, because I missed a court date for former Detective Lin’s stalking charge. That led to the charges against her being dropped, and the HMRC case against me getting reopened.
After writing a quick response to my mum’s letter, and pulling my phone out of my backpack, I sent my bag away with my letter in tow. This is how we have been communicating for the last several months. It’s slow, but it works. I told her to be careful with the bag, because she can’t touch it when I’m summoning it, or she might get pulled her too. She knows about what happened with Zachariah, and that it’s too dangerous for either of us to travel to the other right now.
Clicking my phone on, I turned on some music, and laid on my bed. I fought it, but eventually I did fall asleep. Just like every time before, I had that same nightmare.
It always starts off the same, I’m floating in an endless void, and forced to watch from a distance as my mum cries alone in her bed, slowly getting older and older, until she turns to dust. Then it usually moves on to Suma, who’s getting burned by purple flames; my flames. But it isn’t me who’s doing it, it’s the figure in flames, Deyja, the Chaos Dragon. And then, just like every time before, I jolt awake, sweating cold bullets, with my heart pounding so hard in my chest it hurts.
My phone’s still playing music, its charge says sixty percent battery remaining. Only two hours have passed since I fell asleep. That’s enough, right? Yeah, for tonight… I thought.
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2023.06.03 22:26 KR260 A car almost roll me over today

Short story a car crash had taken place a few meters away from me, it was scary and I want to tell someone but don't know where so I'm posting this.
Not going to enter in details of where.
I was walking to the train station close to my house because is Saturday afternoon, in the square there is this university next to a school where child's where playing basketball, next to the school is a parking lot and next to it there's a small shops building.
So I walked towards the small shops building and happened to cross in front of the cars exit. A red car stoped in the cebra path, I walk over and do a gesture with my hands to thanks the driver.
Then when I get closer to the other side of the road I hear a car breaking and locking up the wheels. My brain had to activate some survival instinct and inyected a lot of adrenaline because everything from here on was happening in slow motion for me.
I started thinking, there's a car in collision course behind me, and there was a red car going out of a parking lot just a few meters behind me, in other words, I was in danger, so I made a quick long step before jumping to the floor, I hit the ground with my right arm protecting my face and then I hear a first impact, as soon as I heard it I covered my head with my left arm and hear a second impact and feel broken glasses and plastic parts going over me. I stand up sturdy, not hearing anything and dizzy, then I look back and saw the red car close to me by less than a meter stuck into the wall, and in the middle of the road a white familiar truck, I saw the kids running over the place and a couple of lady's walking from the shops further in the streets and I yelled to them: call an ambulance.
I saw the back door of the withe truck opening, the air bag was activated and saw a girl struggling to get out, I run towards the truck, grabbed her hand and pulled her out from the waist, she was around my age (I'm 22) I asked if she was okay and she says no. I carry her out of the street and left her on the ground where a kid offered her water. The man that was driving the car was behind me walking with a bad leg and sit next to her. He was also around my age so I assume either her boyfriend or brother.
Then I started to hear again like normally and looked back to the red car, the woman sitting on the front was screaming for help, there was no airbag in the red car and the driver can't walk away. I rushed over again and pull the man out of the car, his leg had pieces of plastic and metal embedded and blood on his face. I left him on the ground and make sure the red card didn't get any fire, and then the ambulance, the police and the firefighters arrived.
I was interrogated by the police and said I didn't see what happened but hear it and went straight to help without thinking it twice.
I went to home after that. I didn't wanted to go to party today anymore.
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2023.06.03 22:26 NoExplanation1111 How do I believe a good job exists and they don't all feel dead end ?

I'm trying to manifest a job and I think my deep rooted problem is that all jobs are boring and/or toxic. I don't enjoy work but need to work. Manifesting a life where I don't need to work but can still afford a house, car etc just seems silly to try manifest as I don't think that can happen. All I hear from people or the radio at work etc is that everything is costing more and falling apart.
I want to feel happy to learn and not exhausted. I want more money, nice Co workers, nice manager, it feels meaningful, and to not work 40 hours a week. I want Monday to Thursday, but really, I want Monday to Wednesday.
I don't think this can actually happen, especially in my area. I don't want to have to move. I also worry that if I did manifest this job, I'd forget some things that was maybe important like good health care plan with this company etc. I believe every job can burn you out with it either being physically draining or mentally.
I can't visualise a satisfyingly work environment. Just a dead end feeling inside of me.
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2023.06.03 22:26 Big-Text-4930 Can someone please help?

Can someone tell me if I need therapy, or if it's something else entirely?
I don't mean to make this long-winded but there's a lot of info that might be relevant so I'll try to condense as much as possible.
In the least pretentious way possible, I always thought I was "highly intelligent" because of being told that by teachers, high IQ, high ACT/SAT with not much studying,academic performance in school (national merit, AP awards) whatever like I know that doesn't mean you're like "super smart" but like I'm trying to convey that I thought I was at least above average intelligence due to that. I didn't think I was like, stupid. But now I honestly do-not in a depressive way, like I'm not "sad" about it, I'm just embarrassed and regret acting like that. People would get annoyed with me and now I see why.
My parents think my issue is that I had high ambition professionally or educationally and couldn't reach it so it made me kinda sad.
During college I was pretty sad-I had to go to a school I didn't like for personal reasons and because I didn't study much in high school.
I don't know why I didn't study much in high school either-I can't remember the place it came from, but I think after making the mistake of taking too many AP classes in 10th grade and getting my first Bs and things like that, I got really depressed and started developing defense mechanisms like (Oh my teachers are just crazy/bad at teaching-and to be fair at least one of them was, she got fired the next year for how she ran her class and other kids would say it) But even if the teachers were bad, other kids from my school did really well and went to top schools/did very well.
Around that time I created these fantasies, like the before bed ones, but I started getting really into them-I'd ask God to give me a second chance and let me "wake up" in a different reality and would daydream about what my life would be like if this or that happened. Eventually I started even operating on the assumption that that would happen. I would tell myself, like, this life is not real, this is just a nightmare that I'm gonna wake up from soon. (yes, I know that sounds insane but if I'm being honest) And I spent a lot of time on Instagram-looking at other people's stuff bc I hated my high school and it made me feel better to see the cool things other people were doing. I wasn't like a stalker, but I looked around on Instagram often as a genuine activity. Maybe that added to my frustration? I went on to escape from my frustration but it just exposed me to more things that made me dislike my situation even more?
The reason why I don't know if I was actually depressed or insane was bc my academic performance was still like above average, like I could survive AP classes, but with mostly 3s or 4s on exams and mostly Bs and no 5s, and then like 98% ish percentile ACT/SAT without really studying (during the course my parents bought for me I just went on my phone, sigh).
I was just so caught up in like my "fantasy alternate lives" and during COVID it went up a ton. I looked into so much stuff, people's Linkedins, etc. etc. I don't know why? Like I can't understand my own psychology behind it.
I'm reluctant to try therapy bc my friends had bad experiences and bc I am in a situation professionally where I can't afford the stigma of being labeled in a documented way, and I'm afraid that they may imply that. But I wish someone could help me understand my own problems and way of thinking. My parents just irritate me at this point and I had to commute to college after COVID so I'm sick and tired of living with them etc. etc. There's nothing wrong with them, it just makes me feel like a child to have to be at home at 22, but I'm moving out in the fall for grad school.
My college was also near my high school, so I drove the same roads and saw the same things everyday that I saw at that time and I think it made me think about the past more than I would have if I had been somewhere else.
But even when I went on trips I would still have high school flashbacks, regrets, fixations, etc. etc. In completely different cities when I was supposed to be on vacation having fun it was stuck in my mind. Sometimes when talking to other people it helped bc I didn't socialize at all in college after covid, but it started getting to a point where I was still depressed even when I was talking to other people.
Now I just don't feel like doing anything. Never su*cidal but just don't care about anything and very little makes me happy.
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