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2023.06.08 00:06 fuckoffpleasehaha everything i think that could be improved, new ideas

other improvements and ideas welcomed!!!!
i hate that you can't talk to osana during the walk around to learn her opinions to give her the cat charm. it makes her inhuman and is also not realistic
raibaru should be easier to distract. she's still a teenager, not a robot.
i dont quite care for how the buttons work, especially for setting up door traps and getting back phones. moving my camera around 12 times for the buttons to pop up makes me want to start the genocide ending.
the evesdropping is dumb. getting pissed for someone listening to your convo when you're talking in public? christ. (if i get -10 rep for listening to osana gush about her type of man again im going to use the sans easter egg on her and raibaru.) and it definitely shouldn't make our rep go down. only thing i understand is the call and the vent convo.
the socializing system just looks dumb, i think the compliments were better, but if it was 'too easy' to gain rep, maybe we could've had choices on what to compliment. if we compliment the wrong thing they wouldn't care or they would think it's weird.
you should still be able to lock pick the nurse cabinet in 20xx mode.
i think you should be able to rejoin clubs, like after a few days or a week.
let us go into town even if we kidnapped someone. like before we go to sleep it will give us the cutscene.
different ways to make money.
update skin tones and other customization for senpai + female senpai. i want lesbians!!!!
better club benefits. art club literally let's you get away with blood on you, and drama disguises you AND you can get fingerprints on weapons. (expand on this at the end)
better matchmaking. more options, more compliments, make conversation, set up dates, all that. — matchmaking outside of rivals, but make them like 1980s. time consuming, but will eventually make the game easier. like how if you do gemas task, the bullies stay there and free up the halls.
bloody clothes in hands doesn't get you caught by the student council. (this just happened to me. killed someone in the martial arts uniform and was going to wash it and got caught. barely any blood on it.)
bags you can buy for more space at school (tote bags, etc)
more eliminations!!! not totally rival specific but i'm just tired of the same stuff. like 1. 'tripping' down stairs 2. shower electrocution 3. water trap electrocution (that's not a thing, right?). 4. sneaking into houses for elimination.
more non lethal eliminations!!
  1. making rival 'realize' she doesn't like senpai.
  2. different way of telling rival you like senpai.
  3. experimentation with sexuality, matchmaking same sex or manipulating her into thinking about it, making her forget about confession or think about if she even likes him, leading to no confession.
  4. secret admirer. (leaving gifts and letters and gifts). could go hand in hand with cooking club benefits (expanded at end)
  5. social media elimination, like cyber bullying. could be lethal tho
making rival miss her confession for longer timeframe. like her missing it and being like 'ok we'll try again next week! same time same place' or something.
club benefits expansion— LONG!!!
—2 new benefits each
gardening: gloves. buckets of water not suspicious
occult: cloaks and other clothing to disguise yourself (50% less is dope, counts as 1)
drama: 60% sanity not noticed (student will think its method acting) or making 'props' and being able to carry them around (gloves count as 1.)
art: apologizing for blood on regular clothes immediately brings rep back up (smock counts as 1)
sports: use of pool to wash off stuff, self, or dumping things for later use
music: singing can be used to distract students, and doesn't bring down rep (cello case counts as 1)
martial arts: kendo stick. and kendo stick non suspicious. (wining all confrontations counts)
photography: increases rep by 10, enables "go away" without befriending
science: N/A, dope stuff already
gaming: playing games increases one school rank of your choice to rank 1 (for the benefits) for the day. if at rank 1, maxes out the skill for the day
cooking: gloves. knives and other possible cooking equipment not suspicious.
——making treats specifically for secret admirer elim, or for friendship/rep increase
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2023.06.08 00:06 mountainextension Don't get discouraged by DRS 'slowing down'. Consider the possibility they've inflated our DRS numbers from the beginning, and have been pulling out the last few quarters to make it look like we're selling.

Don't get discouraged by DRS 'slowing down'. Consider the possibility they've inflated our DRS numbers from the beginning, and have been pulling out the last few quarters to make it look like we're selling.
Here's a good DRS chart from this post:
Don't have the chart with this quarters numbers included, but we went up by about 600k shares:
Q3'21 - Q4'21: 14.8m
Q4'21 - Q1'22: 15.2m
Q1'22 - Q2'22: 20.5m
Q2'22 - Q4'22: 500k
Q4'22 - Q1'23: 4.2m
Q1'23 - Q2'23: 600k

Now, obviously they'd like to drive the narrative that our enthusiasm for the effort has waned, but to me, this data looks pretty unnatural.

From Q3'21 to Q2'22, "we" were averaging 16.8m shares per quarter. So, from 10/31/21 to 7/31/22, we averaged
14.8 + 15.2 + 20.5 = 50.5/3 = 16.8m shares every 3 months or, 5.61m shares per month.
According to Yahoo historical data, the average closing price during this time was $34.56.
So, from October 2021 to July 2022, "household investors" spent approximately
34.56 * 5,610,000 = $193,881,600 per month.

Then, from 7/31/2022 to 4/29/23, we registered:
5.3m total, or 5,300,000/9 = 589k shares per month
The average closing price during this time was $24.41.
So, in the 9 months that followed, we spent approximately
24.41 * 589,000 = $14,377,490 per month.

The splividend occurred on 7/22/22, and volume's been down about 5.7x since then.
Ask yourselves, do you think it's likely that we're spending 13x less per month since the splividend? Why would that be the case?
A dividend of any kind is bullish for holders, not to mention the price has been lower, and all the progress they've made as a business since last July (positive cash flow/EPS, reduced losses, marketplace, etc.). If anything, you'd think average volume and purchasing amount per month should increase.

I understand the economy has slowed down, and many don't have the purchasing power they did before the exact date of July 22, 2022, but I don't think that offers a realistic explanation.
I think it's more likely that they've been pumping these DRS numbers from the start, planning to slow us down eventually by pulling shares and tanking the price with them to make it look like even the hardcore holders are selling.
I don't think we can tell how much they've contributed to DRS vs. what we've contributed to DRS, or if they have more to keep pulling. At some point though, they'll run out of DRS'd shares and have to start pumping the numbers again if they want to pull the same trick.
It's almost like pumping then crashing numbers around the stock to invoke hype/disappointment is the only move they have? Too bad that won't bankrupt GameStop.
Idk, do what you will with this information. Personally though, I'm going to keep buying and DRSing.
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2023.06.08 00:04 lyzing Evergoods x Carryology Phoenix 2 // CTB26

Yeah, this bag is old news now with so many drops happening since, but I'm really digging this Phoenix 2 I recently purchased secondhand.
The Basics:
This bag packs almost every feature anyone one could ever ask for, with great style and comfort, and in a size footprint that is manageable to take most places.
The front panel has so much volume that is laid out in a very thoughtful manner. The amount of quick access volume on this bag is unrivaled & with just the right amount of organization to boot. There's a good place for absolutely everything! In addition to the front panel, there's the quick access pocket in front of the harness. The auxillary pocketing on this bag is just perfection, they're all huge and so functional.
There's also a huge laptop compartment that can swallow two large laptops or one large laptop and business papers, man.
I do wish that the laptop compartment was less complex in it's construction as to allow for a larger main compartment. The main compartment feels smaller than my Conceal21 due to the way it's put together here. If the laptop compartment had less volume the main could be bigger, but on days I'm carrying two laptops the larger laptop compartment will be nice, so it's more of a trade-off and not a negative.
Personally, I would still prefer a less overbuilt laptop compartment like The Brown Buffalo ConcealPack has, as it can still carry both of my 14" laptops at the same time, but takes up almost no space from the main compartment when not carrying a laptop, which is pretty often.
Also, I do wish that it was available in mirrored as I prefer to sling my bag from the other shoulder, and when it's facing forward in my passenger seat, the interior mesh pocket zipper is facing opposite of me. This is nitpicking for sure of an excellent bag.
The Phoenix 2 is easily in the top echelon of anything I've ever used.
Stuck a magnapatch on here too for some extra loop.
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2023.06.08 00:04 Subject-Top-7400 Coherent answers

So Wake wrote the ENTIRE game after the car crash in AW1. Yet in the LIT room Wake finds a page which implies that Zane wrote Wake into existence (writing about his childhood) so they both gave birth to each other? It's always been "muddled" and there's like 5 different theories out there. Including one that Wake is simply insane and making the whole thing up...
I for one am glad that Sam Lake stated that there's no need for "newcomers" to play AW1, The DLC, American Nightmare or Control to GET the story presented in AW2. To make things more streamlined and less "vague" than AW1 was.
Let's not forget that AW1 was supposed to be an open world Windows Vista exclusive title. They did change the story (and not for the better if you ask me) for the 360 version. Infact there's evidence that the story was supposed to be "episodic" on Xbox 360 Marketplace which they later dropped for a full release.
Anyone really even know what's going on? Or is the muddled story just an excuse to "feel" smart? On top: Does the game (AW1) even tell a good story if you play all the chapters without playing the DLC nor read the Alan Wake files or all the manuscripts in the game?
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2023.06.08 00:04 ThrowRA_iiidk Is the way he speaks to me abuse?

My (late 20s) bf (late 30s) and I have been together for four years. When we get into arguments it is almost exclusively either two things: Me catching him disrespecting our relationship by seeking out attention from other women (via his phone, out and about when I’m not around, pretty much anything that can constitute the early stages of emotional cheating) or occasionally him accusing me of cheating, which I have never done to him or anybody.
The most recent time I caught him DMing with a girl on Instagram (with proof), he turned it onto me saying 1) I’m lying/doctored the proof (screenshots) and 2) I must have cheated on him with someone he recently hired because that person and I were already connected on LinkedIn. We’re connected because he applied for my department years ago and I interviewed him, however it was so long ago I have no recollection of my interaction with him, I just know he was connected to me and my business partners from the Talent/Recruiting team at my company back when I was in that leadership role which I’m not anymore. At the time my bf interviewed him, he never asked why we were connected and he does that research beforehand, so on top of it already being such a reach on his part, I know he only said that to try and turn things onto me.
So, we’re now in this place where I go to him looking for an apology and change in behavior to make things right, but in his eyes he has done nothing wrong and he now wants me to apologize to him for “lying” about the screenshots and how I must know his new hire. He said he wants to talk about if our relationship is worth continuing, but in order to have this “civil/adult conversation” with him, there are stipulations he has placed on me. I am 1) not allowed to question or argue with him and 2) not allowed to react in a “negative way” to anything he says to me (up to his discretion what “negative” is). We have attempted to have this conversation several times in the last three days, but a few minutes in he starts yelling at me and walks away, literally saying he is “not allowing a conversation at this time because I am incapable of doing it his way.”
He used to not be like this. I have caught him two other times in four years talking to other women in a way that disrespects our relationship, and both times he has apologized and promised to not continue, with the reasoning that it is only for attention and no action has ever been taken, that he has only done it when he has felt lonely. For context, we live together, work at the same company (different depts and I’m 80% wfh) and are intimate at least once PER DAY. We are physically around each other way more than the average couple. But he says at times that is not enough and there is something wrong with me, because in his experience any woman would be ecstatic to please her man more than what I do now. In our own friend group alone I know that’s not the case with any other couple, but he said that doesn’t count because they aren’t him and I’m the “least sexual person” he has ever been with. He’s older than me, but I have had more long term relationships than him and intimacy has never been a problem. He was with a woman on/off since high school (married for five of the latter years) and ended things for good with her 5 years ago, and in between had one 9-month relationship, the rest have been less than a month when he was ‘off’ with the first woman or just flings/dating around with various women at the same time when he was ‘single.’ I truly believe he has a skewed view because he hasn’t been alone in his adult life pretty much ever, something I didn’t know the full extent of until years into our relationship. My friends’ perspectives are that he’s great, but when he gets in these “moods” it is a rollercoaster he forces me on to get back to center.
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2023.06.08 00:03 OBSTErCU Paying for a parents carrier screening or whole genome sequencing?

Recently my partner and I learned that we are having a baby for the second time. The first was a miscarriage and now the second pregnancy looks good so far.
In the last doctor visit, one suggestion was for us to do a carrier screening for me and my partner to see if there is we are carrier from any heritable disease. But since we are both from different backgrounds the chances are low.
I personally I'm a bit of a data holder. So, I know I have a bias already. Also, I've been thinking about using the Nebula Genomics sequencing offers for a while as I want to learn more about my family history and just look at my genome I guess.
The main question I have is that it seems to me that paying 2200 dollars to genotype 1000+ genes is a bit much. We can get two 30x Genomes for 1050 dollars. That's even paying for the Nebula subscription. The company doing the genetic screening is not offering genetic counselling after the test that is a separate cost.
What am I missing? Technically in my mind it doesn't make too much sense to get it done or paying the extra for less genes but I'm not a Genetic counsellor so I might be forgetting something?
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2023.06.08 00:03 ItalianofromItaly Rewatching Gargoyles as an adult - The Thrill of the Hunt

The episode on Gargwiki.
The episode on Ask Greg.
How long has it been: it's been four weeks since the previous episode.
So, Xanatos' arrest: as a kid, I loved the fact that his defeat at the end of Awakening meant something and he didn't just somehow get loose in-between episodes - but as an adult, I kinda have to ask: how the hell did it happen? At the beginning of this episode, Elisa says "I have to tell you, Mr. Burnett, I'm still surprised at being asked back here, seeing as how I've busted your boss"; shortly afterwards, she clarifies that Xanatos "was only convicted of receving stolen property". Ok, so:
  1. How did she "bust" him, exactly? Where did she find the proofs? She didn't have a warrant for the Castle or anything in the previous episode, so how did she manage?
  2. Even assuming there were some legally usable proofs somewhere, how did the second richest guy in the Disney Canon (first being Scrooge McDuck, of course) end up in prison so quickly and easily? When was the last time you saw a rich guy do the same in real life?
Elisa tries for the first time to convince Goliath to leave the Castle; Weisman has some... interesting thoughts about that: "Goliath is stubborn, even dense and condescending toward Elisa, when she tries to convince him to leave the castle. But I think from his POV, his responses were perfectly natural. Xanatos was banished. The castle was theirs. The concept of ownership was sketchy for the Gargoyles at best, but if they did understand it, they understood it in the "Possession = Ownership" sense. The notion that Xanatos could still "own" the castle after an embarrassing defeat was completely ALIEN to Goliath."
So the Gargoyles don't understand the concept of "theft"? Between this and the "no-names" thing, no wonder their race is borderline extinct, since they are apparently dumb as f**k; it's either that, or Weisman honestly thinks that's how ownership worked in the tenth century, which, no.
But frankly, that's missing the real point, which is: WHO THE F**K CARES ABOUT THE TRUE OWNER OF THE CASTLE? The Vikings owned absolutely nothing of it, and that didn't stop them from reducing the Gargoyles to rubble; the real problem isn't that some piece of paper somewhere states that Xanatos is the legal owner of Wyvern, the problem is that there's nothing stopping him from killing the Gargs and Goliath isn't willing to face up to that fact yet. Now, if you want to tell me that Goliath is kidding himself about the Clan's possibilities to stay in the Castle (that's probably the best way to interpret his "You worry too much, Elisa. Xanatos was defeated. We are safe here." line) that's fine - but don't bring legal ownership into it, because it has nothing to do with it.
The Pack gets introduced, first as a tv show and then in real life: they were apparently meant to be a bit of a Power Rangers parody ("We were consciously trying to do a professional wrestling meets (the hated) Power Rangers thing"); as a kid who watched both Gargoyles and Power Rangers (don't look at me like that), the thought never crossed my mind. Now that I'm an adult... I still don't see it in any meaningful way. Oh well.
It's a bit weird, seeing the Pack in their first appearance:
  1. They're all humans here; no mutates, no cybernetic abominations, no Xanatos-faced robots - just five human mercenaries using their skills and an arsenal of unconventional weapons.
  2. It's the original formation, which will stop existing after this episode.
  3. Fox is a completely different character here compared to her later appearances; to make it work, you basically have to tell yourself that she's acting throughout the entire episode (at one point she says "We never had it this good" - yeah, because you're totally not the daughter of a multi-billionaire, right Janine?). I'm also pretty sure this is the one and only time she ever wears her Pack uniform.
Lexington deciding to approach the Pack makes sense, between the fact that he's starstruck - without having any prior experience of it, what with the lack of tv sets in medieval Scotland - and the fact that he considers the Pack to be "warriors, just like us!"; plus, as he later says to Goliath, there's no reason why only he can have an Elisa, and moreover "Look, it's not like I revealed all our secrets; I'm not stupid". I just wish the scene went on a bit longer - as it is, we go more or less immediately from "Hi, I'm Lexington!" to "But of course I can bring Goliath to you! It's no problem at all!"
Speaking of which: I love those good old-fashioned death traps at PackMedia Studios, and I love the way the fight develops; here, I pretty much 100% agree with Weisman: "Action-wise this thing is taut. The Pack just keeps coming and coming. The Gargs never have a chance to catch their breath. And, then, suddenly, they do. And the tables turn fiercely. And the Point of View, as well. We are ALWAYS on the side of the hunted. When it's Goliath and Lex, we get very little of the Pack. Just snatches of them attacking. The gargs struggling to stay alive. But up on that roof, we abruptly switch POV. Suddenly, we're following the Pack. Even, dare I say, sympathising with them. Not that we want them to win. But we begin to identify with them as they battle these strange creatures. I love that."
LEX: "I'm never trusting anyone again!"
GOLIATH'S MIND: "Wow. And I thought I was being edgy four episodes ago, when I said I would never trust humans again."
Goliath and Lex hide themselves on a roof which just happens to be full of gargoyle statues - and it's not like they aim for it or anything, they just climb a random building and it's there! A bit too fortuitous, although the sequence itself is great (Hyena just disappers into nothingness at one point, and we never see her again for the rest of the episode - a veritable WTF and awesome choice).
Fox taking a hostage works fine with the way she's presented in this episode, but not with her later characterization - it's the one time "she's acting a bit" doesn't cut it; Weisman's explanation for it doesn't work for me either: "Likewise, look at Fox's actions at the end of the episode. Can you imagine Fox in any later episode crudely taking a hostage? It seems like she checked her brain at the door. But it works for me because at that time, she (and we) didn't truly know what an angry gargoyle was capable of. Maybe Goliath would dismember her."
It doesn't work for me because:
  1. If Fox fears Goliath to be a savage beast ready to dismember her, why would she think taking a (human) hostage would stop him?
  2. Wouldn't Xanatos have told Fox about Goliath sparing him at the end of Awakening?
The fight ends (with a bit of an anti-climax, to be honest) and we're back at the Castle. Goliath quotes Lexington's previous speech about the fact that they need to "search for allies, kindred spirits... and sometimes we must take chances like we did tonight", which is nice - but doesn't quite work for me because we never actually saw the Gargs do those things in later episodes: yes, they collected a few more human friends along the way, but they never actually went searching for them, unless I'm forgetting something.
We end things with the first Xanatos Tag:
OWEN: "Everything was done as you stipulated, sir. The cable tv was adjusted so that the only program the Gargoyles could see was the Pack's; the Pack received the mysterious envelope of photographs and reacted just as you predicted. A pity nothing else happened according to plan."
XANATOS: "Oh, I wouldn't say that, Owen. Though they didn't know it was me, I created the Pack to be far more than just a tv show; I had to see how good they were. And having underestimated Goliath once before, I needed to know what he was capable of as well. All in all, I'd say the test was most... informative."
Wow. That sucks. There will be some great Xanatos Tags in the future, but the first one's horrible:
  1. You needed to see what Goliath was capable of? After you saw him smash your Steel Clan robots and emerge unscathed from an air fortress full of armed guards? How are five human mercenaries a bigger challenge than that?
  2. Using the Gargoyles to test the Pack sounds very unfair to the latter - you don't "test" people by sending them against the biggest threat around.
  3. The scene becomes even worse in hindsight, once you learn that, because of David's little test, his One True Love ended up in prison; truly, a victory for the ages.
Final verdict: ok. Not one of the best, but ok.
  1. Awakening Part Four
  2. Awakening Part One
  3. Awakening Part Two
  4. Awakening Part Five
  5. The Thrill of the Hunt
  6. Awakening Part Three
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2023.06.08 00:03 CampinHiker (7-10 DAY) LAX to Calgary or Edmonton Banff, Yoho, Jasper - Round trip or One Way and seeking cheap sleeping arrangements and recommendations

Hello there planning a 7-10 day trip from Los Angeles to Calgary or Edmonton August (25/28) to September 5th
Plan is to 2 days at each park with intent of sightseeing and hiking enjoying some food
Rough Itinerary: Day 1) Aug 25-28th Fly out: LAX to Calgary (typically red eyes early morning or soonest departure), get rental car and check into room to get rest Day 2: Shuttle bus to Moraine Lake 4am or earliest for sunrise, then do a hike to shoreline, Johnston Canyon to lower falls, explore Banff (possibly gondola ride up) and hot springs resort
Day3: Lake Agnes trail loop to Lake Louise big and little beehive) explore more of Banff or other small trails I find, relax in town possibly day 4 if something else i want to do
Day 4 or 5 (head to Yoho and Icelandic parkway) -sleeping arrangement in either area
Days: 6-7 finish off Jasper and either begin heading back down to Calgary or make my way to Edmonton to fly back home
Since I’m taking possibly the week off August 28-sept 1st and and don’t return to work until September 6th due to Labor Day weekend
i May fly out Friday night 8/25 from LAX or early 8/26 since
Hotel pricing is a bit too expensive for my taste since all this is not being split with a group hostels are an option I just am unsure how others feel about me waking up at 4-5am to get up and early to beat crowds and start hikes in a 6-8 bed room dorm + my loud snoring
I’m trying to find either private room air bnb or private room hostel as I have seen those on YouTube
Just wanted to get anyone’s feedback and insight on cheap locations to stay + places to not miss out there
Willing to drive as I am used to 3-4am on the road with a red bull in my hand and gummy bears in the other just wanting to have a good time exploring!
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2023.06.08 00:02 Human-Razzmatazz-173 “Love more. Worry less.”

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2023.06.08 00:02 dfscoach Promo for Adebayo over 0.5 rebounds on Parlay Play. Here’s what I’m pairing him with. Good luck!

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2023.06.08 00:02 ImaginaryShip8844 Need An Instagram Hacker I Need A Facebook/messenger Hacker Hire A Hacker Instagram Hack Facebook Hack Email Hack Phone Hack Instagram Account Hack And Facebook Account Hack Bitcoin Wallet Hack and Recovery Nft Hack WhatsApp Hack

This hacker helped me retrieve my lost files, lost Facebook and Instagram account in less than 24hours. He can also access any devices regardless of how sophisticated they might be and alots more he can do. What gave me peace was his offer of a complete refund within 24hours if for any reason i wasn't satisfied with the service. Well i didn't have to do that because he got the job done.
Contact him below
Email: Darkdantehackingagency AT GMAIL DOT COM
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2023.06.08 00:02 SinfulAbsorption Same Day Printing Service In London

Same Day Printing Service In London
Looking for desired quality printing in London? You don’t need to roam helplessly saying ‘where can I print in London’ anymore! It’s time to relax. Print Britannia is just before you with fantastic same day printing service in London. Get printing faster to boost your business. You would be glad to know that we provide tremendous printing and design service at a reasonable price. Such a provision opens the doors of various possibilities when your potential customers are well-informed in regard to sales, events as well as restocks. We assure you of quick yet quality finishing at any on demand printing service. We try to embrace our customers for the long run leaving no stone unturned. So in order to maximise the profit-margin, to take your business to the next level,

To learn more about our services,

Phone: 0203 4416 673
Email: [email protected]
Address: 2 Commercial Street, E1 6LP
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2023.06.08 00:02 arppacket Reddit's been building huge ad-targeting team, planning user-hostile tracking for a while now - insider (well, interviewee) on Hacker News

Reddit's been building huge ad-targeting team, planning user-hostile tracking for a while now - insider (well, interviewee) on Hacker News submitted by arppacket to Save3rdPartyApps [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 00:01 jaxinslacks Found my gf’s DISO!!

Found my gf’s DISO!!
This was a boxlunch exclusive that my store sold out of so I didn’t think I would have a chance of finding her for a decent price. Joined a free/cheap squishmallow group on FB and found her for less than retail!! I feel so lucky
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2023.06.08 00:00 mattyboy22 Expired tags

So I did a little experiment today. Went for a motorcycle ride around 3:00pm. I got on Perring pkwy at Argonne Dr . Heading north I counted 9 cars with expired MD. Tags between there and Joppa rd . Kinda half ass counted 6 more coming into the city down Harford rd to Parkside. I think a lot of people don’t renew their registration because insurance is so high. And they let it lapse. Watch out for these people cause if you and them have a wreck, you’re screwed.
My opinion is there needs to some Enforcment of laws by police etc to keep traffic/ driving safer and individual responsibility in case of accidents etc. And the prices of car registration and insurance lower to a more equitable amount and the fact that lacking public transportation issues need addressed…
But it does give a person no incentive to do the right thing, paying taxes insurance keeping vehicles legal etc.. Just my 2 cents
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2023.06.08 00:00 Raptor1355 [PC] Souvenir M4A1-S Master Piece FT #33

Hello, I unboxed a field tested souvenir master piece that is the number 33 best field tested float. I was wondering if it is worth more then market price and if so how much more. The float value is 0.1696464. Thank you for your help!
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2023.06.08 00:00 abrfk4yrt2 Reasonable Iron Upgrade?

After not more than the odd round of golf from ages 15-26 (was playing somewhat regularly prior to that), I picked up the game again during Covid. After a half a season with some old (90s models maybe?) hand-me-down Titleists, I did a ton a research and picked up some Callaway XR OS irons. I didn’t want to break the bank, not knowing if I was going to keep up the hobby, and I needed something super forgiving for my high handicap after a decade+ of not playing. They’ve been great for me since.
However, now that I’m improving considerably (shooting mid-80s fairly consistently) I feel it’s time to upgrade to something that offers a bit more control. I had my eyes on the Mizuno JPX 923 HMs, but I just got back from demoing them (along with TM Stealths) and while I really liked both of those clubs, and was hitting well with them, neither felt too different from my Callaways. And with such a large jump in price, I’m going to need something to justify the purchase more than a more aesthetically pleasing set of clubs in my bag.
So now I ask you all, what would you consider to be a reasonable upgrade in my situation? My budget is ~$1k, and if I can find a used set in good condition for $5-700 then I’d be psyched. I am drawn to Mizuno as a brand for some reason, but will obviously hear suggestions from all brands.
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2023.06.08 00:00 Spazi00 Looking for a good pair of closed back headphones for every day use. Mainly comfortable.

So currently I have hd 450 bt, bought them refurbished. I can't help but feel that there is literally no base. Plus Bluetooth is very finicky. I want to buy a new pair of headphones around 150 to 200 dollars (it can be less). Something that is a little durable and mainly very comfortable.
My main goal is to make YouTube videos and listen to music while I do 3d work.
I was suggested akg k371 and beyerdynamic dt770 pro but a lot of reviews say these are very neutral which is a good thing for many people but unfortunately maybe not for me. I want something more punchy and a good bass.
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2023.06.08 00:00 HotEntranceTrain Potential opportunities to analyze Wallstreetbets or social sentiment using AI for traders

Can wallstreetbets or other social media platforms be used as a source of valuable information for traders? Can artificial intelligence (AI) help analyze the sentiment and trends of these online communities and predict the direction of stock prices?

What is sentiment analysis?

Sentiment analysis is a machine learning method in natural language processing that quantifies emotion in text by analyzing the meaning of words, their context, and their frequency. Sentiment analysis can be used to measure the overall attitude or opinion of a group of people towards a certain topic, such as a product, a brand, or a stock.
For example, sentiment analysis can be applied to wallstreetbets posts and comments to determine whether the users are bullish (positive) or bearish (negative) about a particular stock. This can give an indication of the market sentiment and the potential demand or supply for that stock.

How can sentiment analysis be used for trading?

Sentiment analysis can be used for trading in several ways. One way is to use it as a complementary indicator to technical analysis or fundamental analysis. For example, if a stock has strong fundamentals and positive technical indicators, but the sentiment on wallstreetbets is negative, it may indicate that the stock is undervalued or oversold and may present a buying opportunity. Conversely, if a stock has weak fundamentals and negative technical indicators, but the sentiment on wallstreetbets is positive, it may indicate that the stock is overvalued or overbought and may present a selling opportunity.
Another way is to use sentiment analysis as a contrarian indicator. This means that instead of following the crowd, one can trade against the prevailing sentiment. For example, if the sentiment on wallstreetbets is overwhelmingly bullish about a stock, it may signal that the stock is in a bubble and may soon experience a correction or a crash. Conversely, if the sentiment on wallstreetbets is overwhelmingly bearish about a stock, it may signal that the stock is in a dip and may soon experience a rebound or a rally.
Of course, sentiment analysis is not a foolproof method and should not be used alone. It should be combined with other factors such as market conditions, news events, risk management, and trading psychology. Moreover, sentiment analysis may not always reflect the true intentions or actions of the users. Some users may post false or misleading information to manipulate the market or to troll other users. Therefore, one should always do their own research and verify the sources before making any trading decisions.

What are some examples of AI tools for analyzing wallstreetbets or social media?

There are several existing projects and tools that use AI to analyze wallstreetbets or social media for trading purposes. Here are some examples:
However, this is not an exhaustive list and there may be other ways to use AI to analyze wallstreetbets or social media for trading purposes. For example, one could use natural language generation to create fake posts or comments to influence the market sentiment or to test different hypotheses. One could also use natural language understanding to extract more information from wallstreetbets or social media posts and comments, such as emotions, intents, sarcasm, irony, etc.
The main challenge of using AI to analyze wallstreetbets or social media for trading purposes is to ensure the quality and reliability of the data and the analysis. As mentioned earlier, wallstreetbets or social media posts and comments may not always reflect the true opinions or actions of the users. They may also contain noise, errors, spam, bots, or other forms of manipulation. Therefore, one should always be careful and critical when using AI to analyze wallstreetbets or social media for trading purposes.
AI is a powerful tool that can help traders gain insights and advantages from wallstreetbets or social media data. However, it is not a magic bullet and it does not replace human judgment and intuition. Traders should always use AI as a supplement and not a substitute for their own research and analysis.
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2023.06.08 00:00 Why_The_Sad_Face_Bro Daily how ya doin post (day 233)

Hello there. This post is just to ask how you've been feeling recently, how your day has been, or just to get something off of your chest. Nothing more. Nothing less.
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2023.06.08 00:00 saasfin After Hours Gainers

After Hours Gainers
Stocks that are breaking the after hour market
Afterhours (

After-hours trading is generally less liquid and more volatile than regular trading hours, and the prices of stocks can be more easily influenced by large trades. As such, traders should approach after-hours trading with caution and conduct thorough research and analysis before making any decisions.

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2023.06.08 00:00 misskeys Jacket from Barneys Originals losing colour

I got a leather jacket from Barney's Originals 1 year ago. And I used the jacket a few times, but not even many because during the winter is too light to wear it.
Anyway, it's already looking like I've had it for ages.
I've conditioned it with leather honey, made a bit of difference but not much. I'm quite shocked with how it looks.
I have other leather jackets for way longer, with way more wearing and it doesn't look like this. Not sure what to add next to it. I know these jackets are affordable at 100£ cause they never sell them at the original price they mention, but really wasn't expecting this
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