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2023.04.01 22:33 justinpushplay Movies permanently changed?

So, this afternoon I was watching an old flick I hadn’t seen in at least a decade, license to Drive starring Corey Haim, and Corey Feldman. It was the movie that I had seen dozens of times growing up and always enjoyed. I just happen to be surfing on STARZ and saw that it was on, and figured I’d watch. Then I start to notice little things here and there that seem different, a line, missing, a changed music cue. And before I start having some sort of Mandela effect paranoia, I purchase it on Vudu, purely out of curiosity If all versions have been changed, and sure enough.. the digital version for purchase has also been altered from the theatrical print. What’s curious is the randomness of the changes. At one point a character and her boyfriend are going to a protest rally and he’s complaining that they have to take her mothers car, to which she asks if he would rather take her grandfathers Cadillac. In the original film he replies with “I’d rather starve”. A line that’s now completely gone. Later on in the movie heather, Graham’s character, Mercedes is passed out and placed in the trunk of a car, a blanket is put on her and she believes she’s at home and says “nighty night daddy” and rolls over. Now the word daddy has been omitted. Are there any other instances of a movie being changed like this by a studio 30 years after the fact
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2023.04.01 22:33 ziphx099 how do i tell my coach i feel like i’m being wasted as a player

My season started about a week ago and i already feel unappreciated. We had our first game yesterday and we lost. As a goalie i’m getting all the blame and not once after a goal did i get told you’re good you got the next one or that’s not your fault your good. Everyone just blamed me. I started to bring the ball out after my middies chose not to and i had to dodge to get around them. After a guy came off my defense i went to throw got hit stood up and tried to stop a goal. My coach brings me over and says i’m not a middie my job is to get the ball away. I didn’t want to tell him that it’s not my fault my middies don’t take it because i’m not that kinda player. Anyways that’s one reason. I signed up for my high school team for a LSM. 4 days before the season start my coach comes to me and says i’m playing goalie. Last year our goalie went down and i had to play. The only diffrence is last year i was in 7th grade in a town team and this yeah i’m 8th grade in a high school team. All of the off-season i was practicing for LSM. I was getting my speed and my footwork better. Like i said earlier i take the ball out because my middies don’t liek to for some reason and i beat my guy and got the clear off but every time my coach told me i’m not a middie and to let a middie take it. At the half way mark of the 4th quater i stopped yelling for a middie to get the ball and they got mad at me for not telling them that they should get ball. After the game my coach tells me im still not a middie and to just get the ball away. I don’t want to keep playing goalie through high school if i can’t use my speed and stick skills. I get goalie is a big part and im just there to play in net but i started playing lacrosse last year because i wanted to run and be in shape. Not to sit in goal for 50 minutes and get yelled at by my team. How do i tell my coach that i feel like he is wasting my potential as a lacrosse player.
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2023.04.01 22:33 NeighborhoodTop6575 47 M, Separated but complicated

I have been married over 20 years. My wife and I decided to separate about 2.5 years ago. However, we still live together. We have separate rooms. We operate like a married couple as far as bills, housework and meals. But, we have separate rooms and don’t do anything together. We are roommates. Nothing physical. No hugs, kisses, or sex. I have two teen boys. One graduates this year and the other one graduates in 3 years. I promised them both that as long as our home remains peaceful and loving I will stay. So far it has been that way. I say all of that so you have some background. My question is, I would like to date or even just have FWB, but how much does my living situation affect my ability to attract a female? Dating sites suck and I never got a match. I feel like my living situation makes me almost not marketable to women. Thoughts from the women?
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2023.04.01 22:33 Typical_Paper5372 Show Idea II

Hello fellow Star Wars fans, and welcome back to another one of my show ideas. Last post had some raising valid points of over saturation with the current Star Wars show market, so I think with this idea, we should change course to something rarely, if ever seen executed properly in Star Wars.
A slice of life is in proper order. Any era honestly can work, but with the amount of sequel and OG time frame content we’ve gotten as of recently, I think it’s only fair that we go further into the past, to the high republic.
I would love to see multiple perspectives, not unlike my last post. A farmer in the outer rim deals with raiders for three episodes, a merchant on a busy inner world planet grapples with no one wanting to do business with him, and a family man coming to terms with his children wanting to enlist in the military, and with his baby being scouted for the Jedi order.
Unlike the last post, most of these stories would take place barely a year or so apart, and would be largely if not entirely unrelated to each others events. While Star Wars has had its fill of galaxy altering events, we haven’t see much of the common man. Let’s see the creativity of the crew as they create new set pieces unheard of before in the Star Wars saga. This could Segway into something much greater, if handled properly.
But what do you you all think? If’s this a decent idea, or is it just a load of bantha? If you would want more clarification on a idea or story line, feel free to hit me up in the comments below, and I’ll certainly get back to you soon enough with a more detailed explanation.
Until then, may the force be with you.
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2023.04.01 22:33 GroundbreakingAd3465 Husband's Dog Has Severe Seperation Anxiety

So my husband and I have been together for about two years now. Amongst us we have three dogs- I have one 5 year old boxer and he has a 3 year old boxer and a 10 year old wolf dog. His wolf dog has intense separation anxiety towards my husband and it's really stressful to me.
So I moved in a few months back with my 5 year old dog and the only constant stressor in my new life here is his wolf dog.
Background on his wolf dog: she is practically glued to my husbands hip at all times. Other than that, she's a very sweet girl and well trained. But my husband can not simply walk outside of the house or go downstairs without her full on freaking out until he returns (howling, whining, pacing, standing on hind legs to look out the windows, scratching and the doowalls, etc. She's lived in this house her whole life and has managed to destroy quite a lot. Like even if he just goes to the car or to the mailbox, she will freak out. The howling/whining is really what stresses me out. Also it's only happening when he leaves so he never truly experiences the whole ordeal first-hand.
We both work from home, some days he has to spend majority of the day inside, other days outside (still in the yard), while I am mostly inside.
The times where my husband is not within probably 10 feet of her, she is full on panicking. Clawing at windows and destroying whatever just to get eyes on his whereabouts. I feel so bad for her and she gets so stressed overwhelmed and over threshold so easily that I feel helpless. I'm can't distract her from the fact that my husband is not there and I'm afraid that since she is so old, she is so set in her ways and this is not something that can be fixed.
When my husband is near her, she is perfectly content and such a great dog.
I don't want to sound judge mental here but it bothers me that's his profession is a being dog trainer yet he has the dog with the worst separation anxiety. He rarely disciplines her, lets her get away with more than the other dogs, while I am the more strict one with more boundaries I try to enforce. He claims that he has tried everything and there is just a chemical imbalance in her and we can only manage it.
I could never enjoy a quiet day alone if my husband isn't home. I love my husband and his dog and I don't want to lose either of them. I just need options at this point.
It can be a little stressful when mentioning incorporating training or working out a new solution to help combat her SA but I always get (respectfully) shut down. He's tried medication but said he doesn't like seeing her "drunk-like", she still whines and howls just very sloppily. I mean this dog has won awards and such so I know that she is smart.
I've mentioned maybe us working on systematic desensitization maybe in the evenings or something but it just gets pushed under the rug. He claims that she is unfixable in this regards as it's a chemical imbalance in the brain and she can only be managed and her current state is the best it's going to get.
I get frustrated towards him because there's no foreseeable solution, but I mean he is a dog trainer so he must know his shit, right? Is he right and I'm just unknowledgeable enough to see what he sees? Or is there actually a solution to this?
Is there something I could do on my own to help simmer her SA? I try to do simple commands with her and use high value treats to build our bond when he's not around but it's always hit or miss. She's not really receptive towards me as my husband is the ultimate high value treat so anything and everything else is unimportant to her.
If she is too old to change and this is just the way things are, are there things I could do in my free time with her to help her feel more calm?
I get so angry at him and at her but I think my anger is just a result of being way overstimulated by her severe SA behavior. I don't want to be angry at either of them. I just want a solution.
I could use any and all advice.
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2023.04.01 22:32 swaggerman12345 19 [A4A] [Discord] Star Wars, Marvel, GOW and more! Cannons or OC! Looking for a Longterm story!

Helloooo everyone! I’m trying out a more simple post in hopes to find a partner! I’ve been writing for five years,I can write cannon characters or original characters! And I can be extremely literate! Of course I’m not asking for extremely literate writers but I am asking for literate or semi lit! Just so the story we do is more fun and engaging you know?
If you read this, and plan on ghosting me then do not bother. Ghosting isn’t fun and it’s not a very nice thing to do! However I won’t ever ghost someone! I do work 40 hour weeks but I do have some time after work and on my weekends so please be patient with me.
I’m hoping that someone finds interest in the same stuff I do! Hopefully we can create a idea together so we both enjoy it to the fullest!
I’m completely open to whatever ideas you have! I also want people to know that I can also be a friend along side a writing partner because friends are awesome.
I’m completely okay with the use of original characters and cannon characters! I use OCS myself depending on the fandom we write in! I’m also more than happy to discuss a original world that we make! But if you want to write in a fandom I’m okay with that too!
Anyways enough of me rambling and onto the story stuff!
Themes I am interested in (Included in our story) •Romance •Horror •Action •Fantasy •Adventure •Sci-Fi •Dark
And lastly! These are fandoms I’m interested in writing in! I also don’t mind cross overs!
•God of War
•Jurassic World/Park
•The Witcher
•Star wars (Mandolorian ESPECIALLY)
•Original Worlds that we make.
Please feel free to message me with any story idea you have! If you read all of it then you get a golden sticker or something LOL.
I look forward to hearing from someone !
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2023.04.01 22:32 Temporary_Acadia7717 AITA for not wanting my husband to have a relationship with his sister.

When my husband and I met his sister seemed excited to have me around. Then when things got more serious and we moved in together she seemed almost jealous. She’s pulled me aside and basically suggested that I mess around with one of her boyfriends friends. Tried to have my husband stay over at their place without me or go to parties with them without me and he wouldn’t. Then would text me saying she missed the relationship she had with her brother. We have 4 kids (the oldest is his from a previous relationship, then I have 2 from another partner, and we have one together) and we have a lot of cookouts and things at our house. They never attend those or our kids birthdays.
When we decided to get married and elope in a 6 month time frame she asked my husband if it was a good time to get married. Yet she’s had two failed engagements… we planned to only have my husbands parents there as witnesses as we had a Quaker elopement where we didn’t need a preacher of any kind. She texted my husband and practically invited herself and then her bf. We were adamant that no kids were to be at the wedding, not even ours. We wanted a quiet, intimate ceremony.
The week of the wedding she texted me for the address and I sent it. Then she responded, “do you even want me there?” To which I didn’t respond and immediately contacted my husband who stood by my decision to not respond. Because what the F***. I’ve never acted rude or standoffish to her ever. She then decided to make a big scene with his family, saying I didn’t want her there and she deleted me and had my MIL delete me on Facebook…
When my husband texted her on the day of our wedding to ask if she was coming her respond was then, “My bf is out of town and I have all the kids so I can’t come.”
So was it about me or was it about your bf who knew 6 months ago about this day and y’all chose not to make it a priority.
That was a year and a half ago and she just reached out to him and says, “Sorry for anything and everything I’ve done to you.” And he is accepting that as an actual apology. I feel like she doesn’t even know why she’s saying sorry and doesn’t mean it. I don’t want her anywhere near my kids. If you have a problem with me then you don’t get access to them either.
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2023.04.01 22:32 the-woman-respecter Thoughts on The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot

So for National Poetry Month my goal is to write more poetry, but also to engage more deeply with the medium beyond just reading it and posting passages I like on social media. Here's my first attempt at doing so, some thoughts I cobbled together on Eliot's magnum opus, for your enjoyment (or not):
Even if it weren’t one of my all time favorite poems, I would be remiss if I didn’t start this "project" (a rather generous term) with T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land, beginning as it does with some of the hardest opening lines of all time (the rawest, in my estimation, since Homer’s invocation of the Muse in his Iliad, and matched since only by the stone cold opening bars of Clipse’s classic album Lord Willin’) that also happen to be seasonally appropriate:
April is the cruellest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.
Winter kept us warm, covering
Earth in forgetful snow, feeding
A little life with dried tubers.
These lines are an inversion of those with which Chaucer opens The Canterbury Tales:
Whan that Aprille with his shoures soote,
The droghte of March hath perced to the roote,
And bathed every veyne in swich licóur
Of which vertú engendred is the flour
Chaucer has a much more conventional view of April and the onset of spring, couching it in the usual terms of renewal and fertility. Eliot, while acknowledging the traditional April showers and the flowers they bring, does so in much more ambiguous language. “Breeding” calls to mind the utilitarian eugenics of livestock or pedigree animals (or, if you're a braindead rightoid or sanctimonious homosexual, what immigrants/straight people do) more than the organic growth of nature in spring. The land is “dead,” the roots are “dull,” and as I think anyone can attest (certainly anyone who’s familiar with Buddhist teachings, which are referenced throughout the text, most explicitly in Part III of the poem, “The Fire Sermon,” which is the English name of a discourse from the Pali canon) the “mixing [of] memory and desire” can only lead to heartache.
By contrast, the lines about winter speak of “life,” “feeding,” and “covering,” much more nurturing and comforting diction. Eliot even writes that “Winter kept us warm,” which sounds odd, particularly to those of us in the midwest who are still wearing winter coats in April (another testament to her cruelty, I reckon). But winter is only cold if you’re unprepared for it. If you dress in layers, give your car time to get warmed up, and choose seasonally appropriate activities, it’s easy enough for most of us to avoid ever experiencing extended periods of truly bitter cold (indeed, we’re far more likely to be caught off guard and unprepared for the cold in one of those freak spring snowstorms - cruel April strikes again). Better yet, you can just hibernate for the winter, hunkering down at home while Mother Nature “cover[s]/Earth in forgetful snow.”
But I believe that word “forgetful” is the key to unlocking the deeper meaning of these lines. Winter represents the ascetic lifestyle, or at least a simple one of solitude. If we keep to ourselves in our hibernation, with our “dried tubers” (food that is nutritionally adequate but hardly makes our mouths water) and forget about the outside world, we may not reach the heights of bliss, but we also protect ourselves from the terrors that come with engaging in society - embarrassment, failure, rejection, heartbreak. Spring, on the other hand, symbolizes going out into the world and making ourselves vulnerable to all of those things. Of course, it also means we have a chance at the other side of the human experience - validation, accomplishment, intimacy, love. But none of these things are a given; they all require vulnerability, an inherently risky endeavor. And even if we attain success, it’s not permanent (nothing is, as the Buddha points out in the First Noble Truth) - a perfectly tended lilac will still wilt and die sooner or later. Of course, one could argue that the peaks and valleys are a natural part of the human experience, and that the highs make the lows worth enduring. I might even be inclined to agree, at least once I get over my girlfriend dumping me last week. But it’s not surprising that the text takes a more pessimistic view of things, given that much of it was written while Eliot was being treated for a nervous disorder, first in Margate, Kent (mentioned in line 300) and then in Lausanne, Switzerland.
These opening lines also serve to introduce one of the main themes of the poem: fertility, or the lack thereof (RSP posters will undoubtedly see the strong thematic parallels between The Waste Land and Children of Men (2008), a link Cuaron made explicit by ending the film with the same mantra that Eliot closes the poem with: "Shantih Shantih Shantih"). The Waste Land was, Eliot tells us, his attempt at following James Joyce “in manipulating a continuous parallel between contemporaneity and antiquity…. It is simply a way of controlling, of ordering, of giving a shape and a significance to the immense panorama of futility and anarchy which is contemporary history…. It is, I seriously believe, a step toward making the modern world possible in art.” One of the main threads of antiquity he deploys to this end is that of Arthurian legend, especially the figure of the Fisher King. In most accounts, the Fisher King is the embodiment and protector of the British Isles, but a wound (varyingly in the groin or thigh) has rendered him infertile, and so the land has similarly fallen barren. Unable to walk or ride a horse, he whiles away his time fishing, waiting for a heroic knight to complete a quest that will heal his injury and thus the kingdom.
Of course, unlike in the Arthurian romances, in The Waste Land no such hero appears. Perhaps, as E.M. Forster argues, the window of opportunity for heroism, for redemption, for stopping before we go hurtling off the cliff, has closed:
Let me go straight to the heart of the matter, fling my poor little hand on the table, and say what I think The Waste Land is about. It is about the fertilizing waters that arrived too late. It is a poem of horror. The earth is barren, the sea salt, the fertilizing thunderstorm broke too late. And the horror is so intense that the poet has an inhibition and is unable to state it openly.
I believe this pervading sense of despair is one reason The Waste Land, despite being firmly rooted in its historical context of interwar Europe, has continued to resonate with readers. For all the horrors of World War I, it was only two decades before the world was once more subjected to barbarism on a global (and now more efficient) scale; and it’s not like things have gotten much better since then.
Now that I’ve made it sound like such a rollicking good time, I implore you, if you read only one poem this month (or this year, or ever) to make it The Waste Land. Ideally it should be read through twice (or more). The first time, read it all the way through, without any notes, commentary, or Googling. It will most likely be difficult to understand, even disorienting - and that’s ok. For one thing, I believe this enhances the sense of being a knight wandering through a barren kingdom, or a soldier in the trenches of World War I, or his widow left behind to navigate the social collapse of the interwar period on her own, or a straight dude trying to navigate the mores of RSP after the banning of /redscareforcishets - all figures (well, almost all) represented and given voice in the poem. But even aside from the metatextual aspect, poetry needn’t always be understood intellectually to be enjoyed or appreciated; indeed, as Eliot himself says, “The more seasoned reader … does not bother about understanding; not, at least, at first. I know that some of the poetry to which I am most devoted is poetry which I did not understand at first reading; some is poetry which I am not sure I understand yet.” And this situation is not unique to the reader; understanding can even be secondary to the author. To quote Eliot once more: “In The Waste Land I wasn’t even bothering whether I understood what I was saying.”
With this in mind, I feel comfortable (respectfully) dismissing Eliot’s disavowal of the deeper meanings contemporary readers found in his poem, which he referred to as “only the relief of a personal and wholly insignificant grouse against life; it is just a piece of rhythmical grumbling.” It is undoubtedly a deeply personal work written during a difficult time. But it just as certainly captured the profound spiritual alienation of an entire generation. And the fact that it has continued to stir people’s emotions since then indicates that clearly Eliot touched on profound, universal truths about the human condition. It is in that universality that I am able to find hope in even such a despairing text as The Waste Land - through the shared experience of poetry (and other art), we can realize that, ironically, we are not alone in our feelings of isolation. And recognizing things as they really are, rather than living in denial and huffing copium, is the first step towards effecting change (the second step, obviously, is posting on Reddit).
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2023.04.01 22:32 False_Amoeba9206 How do I connect these AirPods

So I’ve had these little pair of shits for about over a year now probably and usually they work pretty well but recently they just don’t wanna fucking work they haven’t been connecting so I searched up some solutions and just about broke my fucking finger trying press the stupid little fucking button on the back to factory reset these bitches or some shit and you know it still doesn’t fucking work they won’t goddamn connect so I tried updating my phone and didn’t fucking work either so now I have a couple of new emojis and still no fucking music then I thought that it might just be I didn’t have them charged so I charged for around 3 or so hours and they still don’t fucking work, so now I’m forced to download this shitty app to find some solution because there’s always someone on here who fucking knows everything so if any of you have some solutions that would be helpful.
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2023.04.01 22:32 Maleficent-Fault-343 Frozen Breastmilk for 11 month old question :)

My little guy just turned 11 months old and I’ve decided I no longer want to nurse him. He is biting and I’ve tried to redirect and stop it but I’ve decided i made it to 11 months and I’m proud of myself for that. My question is… I have a ton of frozen milk in my freezer. Like over 1200 oz and I was just curious if I can supplement that until he turns a year old. I really don’t want to start him on a formula that we will just stop in a month anyway. The milk is frozen may/June/July/Aug last year. I was a major over producer so when I say I’m done nursing…. I am done. Would he lose out on nutrients by using older milk like that? He eats 3 meals a day with 2 snacks and downs water like it’s going out of style. I’m just not exactly sure which route to take. I started giving him the frozen milk 2 times a day and then nursing two times. Trying to gradually wean him. I finally dropped the last two nursing sessions but i don’t want to hurt him nutritionally. I can’t find any Information on this other than older breastmilk should be used within a year. So any advice is welcome 😊 thanks in advanced.
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2023.04.01 22:32 catecate0228 27 F / I feel like I'm losing my mind. I just want to heal.

I feel like I'm driving myself insane. I'm still hurting from something thats happened over two years ago. And from then, I've only been self-destructive. God, I feel so tired and alone..
I found myself praying, begging to God to help me heal. To remove the hurt. I'm so desperate to be okay, I don't really know what to do anymore.
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2023.04.01 22:32 RescueNinja49 Legion 7 Lucky?

Legion 7 Lucky?
So, I'm arguably one of the least lucky people I know. Long story short, after a tremendous about of research I decided to purchase a Legion 5 Pro. I wanted the AMD CPU for battery life when not gaming. I found an incredible deal on eBay for 1199.00. This is a certified refurbished from manufacturer deal with a 2 year warranty included. I found the picture gen 6 version with 16gb DDR5, Ryzen 7 6800 and a 3070ti. This exactly what I was looking for, so I bought it. This is to replace my slim 7. I love the slim 7 but wanted more power and ultimately chose the 5 pro over it.
So here's the lucky part... Shipping was literally 2 days. It arrived, I opened the original box to find a brand new laptop. I'm excited to open it, and see what it can do... To my surprise, I immediately notice the RGB lights on the front and in the vents. Surely, this can't be a Legion 7 that they sent by accident? After checking the specs, I realized they sent me a Gen 6 Legion 7i (12800HX) with 32gb DDR5, 1TB Storage and the 3070ti in absolute pristine condition. Although I prefer the AMD processor, I slapped a Lenovo warranty on it because I'm not keen on the Allstate one and I'm running away with it. Wow... This thing is a monster of a machine. I just ran BF2042 on ultra and she was humming away 120+ frames... On ultra... It fits exactly where my slim 7 goes in my bag... It's a wrap... I'm factory resetting my trusty Slim and putting it up for sale... Any tips on performance settings or let it roar?
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2023.04.01 22:31 Anonymous_abg Why Khmer people seem to forget their own culture

Why Khmer people seem to forget their own culture
Khmer people been claiming Thai culture lately since they watch Thai tv, Thai movies, Thai movies have had a huge impact over the years in Cambodia. People in Cambodia now wear Thai traditional (sbai) to promote their country. They stopped wearing sampot, if u search about sampot you'll notice that there are only old pictures no any updates, Thailand and Cambodia begin to argue over who copied whom. It's just collective culture no one copied anyone, ik our culture our traditional clothing are similar but it a bit different, their traditional clothes are pretty and good but they never promote it saying Thailand copied Thai traditional clothes it doesn't make any sense, Thailand was under Cambodia colonization but we never forget our roots how our dress nor architecture look like, but when Cambodia was under Thai colonization they seem to forget what is their traditional clothes how it looks like their architects
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2023.04.01 22:31 VoiceofRedditMkI Efficient way to offload video recorded on your phone?

I'm honestly surprised there are no other posts like this on this sub, maybe there's a better sub?...
I'll get to the real world implications and problems which is what I want advice on but first I want to demonstrate/sanity check that this is indeed technically possible and how it COULD be done.
I have a few spare terabytes on my computer now + can record for days on my phone if need be with its storage + an sd card reader that reads at about 88Mb/s.

Current basic plan:# (This sounds very simple but it also causes a lot of weekly labour hours and problems...)

80Megabytes per minute recording usage on my phone (could be less in dark or unchanging envoironments etc. - sd cards can be 1tb now meaning I can at minimum record for - 960gb/(0.08gb*60minutes) = 200 hours?!? That's a straight week or two weeks of waking hours! I there are phones that are able to use <10mbps video please do tell me that's the least my phone will record on. And I would like to stretch the terabyte sd card and then my hard drive storage the furthest I possibly can so transfer can also not take hours each week while being less frequent than each week? Perhaps custom phone apps or phone operating systems allow this or there are developer options? I'm not too into phones, only PCs so I wouldn't be aware of anything that might be obvious to you.
Get sd card to 512gb or 1tb for £30-100 for storage that is FAST enough but not nessesarily DURABLE enough, I cannot seem to find good reveiws on these drives whatsoever let alone durability?
Transfer whenever I do my laundry or something. Hit record again when I am done with laundry.

Problems:## Listed going from more technical to more social

Micro sd write endurace and power on time - even western digitals purple and sandisks "maxendurance sd cards only exist in 512gb and 256gb respectively and at least twice as expensive and 256gb for 120,000 hours of write endurance could allow the card to go for a decade but if you have to plug it in every 50 hours to transfer the data back it wouldn't last long if it was always writing to max capacity. Additionally even survalence drives probably aren't supposed to be in such high quality
Storage/quality - yes I can record a week with h.264 at around 10mbps but I would need to compress it when it got to my laptop, I image that's something I could automate, perhaps i could program a batch file or something to do it whenever something arrive in x folder to compress it using y, no idea how to do the y side of thing though. But even if I could compress it in such a way where it doesn't cause hours of labour for me to check its going smoothly every week and very little downtime, once compressed am I what gonna put it to 1mbps from 10? 1080p for everything in your feild of vision is already not good enough, if I didn't realise I was being robbed etc. at the time or some situation like there where very small details matter then is the persons face even going to be close enough at 10mbps to recognise them? Then what I compress to 1mpbs and later realise I need to edit them export then compress again and its even worse. Even then, let's run the numbers. I currently have 2 8tb HDDs in raid 0 planning to upgrade to 24tb raid 5 with 8tb redundancy so 8tb/(0.00125GB360024*365) = 0.203 max quality, <1 = I cannot store that even ignoring all my backups and other data. Divide by 10 for min quality, multiply by 3 for max storage. If I manage to compress by ten times footage for a year would take up 1/2.03 of the 8tb I have, no backups. Half of everything for 1 year of shittiest quality footage, definately gonna need to be able to stop recording at night. Good news is the hard drives only have to be written to once a week and will be filled up at most ten times by whats being written to them. However, I have to account for 3 things in reality. 1) Allll my backups for computing use. 2) Allll the ARCHIVED video compressed for storage ~4tb per year. 3) All the video PRE archiving that is just transfered right to my computer each week. So even if I do this every 4 weeks after a year I will be filling it up every 4 weeks when the last week of footage goes in IF I compress everything that often. Realistically I will soon need more than 4TB just for backups so this isn't acceptable. Do I compress each week then? Even there its always using the 1TB transfer + 10% If such a large file can even be compressed using video software this MUST be automated such that when I unplug my phone after transfer it will compress what I stored and ONLY what I stored and then delete it but I must ALSO be able to trust the compressed footage is good enough on it's own... I guess I could find some way to record in lower quality in the first place which would also allow me to record more overall? But then what if I do need to catch a small detail in frame?
Editing - I will enevitably accidentally record at night or something or I eventually want to get around to deleting all my old footage how the heck do I a) KNOW what footage I need and b) how do I save ONLY what I need? Do I take my 5-6tb of footage put a little guassian blur here, cut this out and wait until the heat death of the universe for it to try and export then crash for me to realise the software isn't compatable. Or so I take all that footage I've gotten by that point and take a glance at each day to try and remember if there was anything significant, I know for sure there are gonna be significant days I look at and dismiss not just because I won't make the connection from what I see sometimes but because, do I carry a diary with me to write down notable moments? Not only will I forget to even if I realise how significant something is at the time after going through a hundred days the signicance of any individual one won't hit me... and oh yeah it'd be weeks at least since they'd actually happened. But also half the point of this is that I don't realise how significant this is most of the time. It'd be after the fact I'd think OH SHOOT, that person was lying to me or ripped me off, mislead me or that info was important if only I could remember etc.
Quality - Where's the phone gonna point? Is the audio quality going to be acceptable
Reliability - Your sd breaks - you lose your week if you were depending on a recording you're screwed + the storage requirement is so high backups are unlikely to happen + break downs are more likely with such high useage + Potentially wear on phone camera and storage that is not designed for constant usage. Even if the phone camera is sold state which I assume it is the sd card would surely heat up quite a lot after a full weeks running at full pelt. Additionally burn in even from an indicator in the corner that recording is happenig is not great if not the camera screen would be burning in constantly on OLED, are there settings or phones that allow me to change this? Some micro sd cards CLAIM to be waterproof, western digital claims all their sandisk micro sd cards "are NOW" of 13/09/22 waterproof for 72hours under 1m of water and other sd cards seem to give the same values for things like temperature protection but I don't know any reveiw sites looking to verify this? ( )
How the heck do I use my phone for other things when doing this? So far as I'm aware most phones will stay on recording but even then it uses resources and there is usually an onscreen indicator that it is recording.
If the phone runs out of power or otherwise fails how do I make sure I don't just lose a full days recording? I'm a bit embarressed to admit I don't actually know if the video file is saved until it's been stopped and saved? I know I can open some that aren't fully downloaded etc. but I'd need to test this I guess?
Errr, how do I carry it around? Like when I'm in exercise clothes or take my clothes off I don't care to film - those circumstances don't require it but if I am at a store or a bouncer is getting aggressive or I'm blackout drunk, how do I make sure it's idiot proof enough so that I won't break it
How do I transfer a terrabyte on the weekly? Yes I can record it but it'd also take about the same amount of time to transfer back, I have actually transfered large files with these things and was surprisd to learn they could transfer 88Mb/s consistently with large video files... but that's still over 3 hours of data transfer.
Even in places I want to record for safety I don't always want it to be known that I am recording and android phones I know of either have to be on the camera screen or will fade out the screen with a timer, which means it would always be known if I even accidentally pull my phone out... will I have to constantly explain all the reasons why I do this, like do I explain to a sales person at a store, oh I'm recording you because I don't trust you or to a person at work I am holding them to account and the law TECHNICALLY states if there is no expectation of privacy as other poeople are around... etc. or that well i have been burnt in the past by not being able to domonstrate the truth with proof so... blah blah blah.
Recording in situations where others expect privacy - I can't go back and erase each and every moment I cross into private property? Or is there a way I can quickly edit MASSIVE files - so far as I'm aware most video editing software requires export of full files to edit them even with tiny changes? Is that an inherent limitation of how the files work? And even then having recorded in the first place is problematic, which will enevitably happen I just won't realise the transition all the time and am I what supposed to realise I've crosssed an imaginary boundary mid deep conversation and whip my phone out and not tell them why? Or interupt the conversation to explain, oh I was respecting the covnersation by stopping recording, drop that bombshell on them and expect them to trust I'm not continuing to record.


1) Find a phone that can either a) transfer directly via a usb 3.0 port from it's sd card but since that'd take atleast 3 hours with ZERO interuption, preferably b) when I eventually get my next phone it would have 2 micro sd card slots, if there are even any phones I'd use that could do that, take one sd card out, continue recording on the other - only problem is I'd need to be able to tell the phone specifically which sd card to record to.
1.5) (1) causes a problem where I am choosing between simply just plugging in my phone and whipping out a sim key or pin to dig out an sd card - either a) my phone is stuck at my computer for hours or b) I am fiddling with an sd card and have to likely keep remembering to reselect which card it is, check I didn't record to internal storage etc. etc. a) could be automated very nicely and is just plugging something in eventually but limits what I physically can do and b) is very involved but means once I've manually done all the work things should be fine.
2) Every say month or two I will compress the video from the files I am putting on my computer each week.
?3?) If there is some kind of phone based "RAID 0" or RAID 5 type thing where my phone could consistently offload some data to a different drive to make sure when I record something I can definately rely on it being recorded and me being able to use it in a court of law or to remember that fact that thing I was told its paramount I remember or that thing in a lecture I forgot about, as long as I can remember roughly when I learnt it or experienced its there - only problem is putting such strain on my phone and storage devices cannot be good. Even if I somehow get a "RAID 0" or RAID 5 system its likely to fail on both my storage systems because the stress on them both would be so high.
4) Survalence micro sd?/hard drives?!? The hard drives are probably not as much of a worry because they're just in my server and it hasn't failed just from power on time? And the writes will be infrequent. But microsd cards to my knowledge are made from the bad flash left over after nvme and SATA ssds have taken the cream of the crop? And hence you're mostly getting the worst perfoming overheating and also probably a tonne of qlc drives which aren't supposed to be written to more than 50 times always getting down to 10% capacity and god forbid 0%/a few megabytes or a gigabyte if I do my laundry a day late or wake up earlier that week than I accounted for or the videos take up more stoage because of more detail envoironements that week for instance.
What are the problems I've missed/ways I could streamline this?
5 questions I have for anyone whos read thus far (don't answer all you poor thing):
1) Do I need to look at something other than a phone to be doing this? I would REALLY prefer this be a phone so it's not a big deal I just have it on me - it records things.
2) Are there any sites that give details or test things like durability and throughput on SD cards? Maybe a dp-review type site as I guess this is in that vein?
3) Are there any phones that are ideal for this? E.g. large sensor area, reliable, could fit in a sewn pocket, 2 micro sd slots, usb 3? That's a lot of specific things so I'm not sure.
4) What settings, operating systems or software for the phone might I consider if I decide to pull the trigger on this.
5) What automation steps and setup/devices do you reccommend having to make this realistic.
Thanks a million in advance for your input! If the plan starts having fewer holes so I decide I could reasonably do this I will


This is probably not worth it for all the extra work and even the backups one could use the files for but maybe in future when the tech is a bit better I can look back at this post and unshelve it if we get say 4tb extremely durable drives I'd only have to half fill up that can offload all the footage quickly and reliably with some camera/smartphone hybrid that I can actuall sew into my pocket qutie discretely.

## My Homework before proceeding:

1) Test process with current hardware to a) check for issues and b) improve process and c) find what I actually need to buy.
2) Test failures on purpose e.g. power downs, perhaps water damage on my current sd card? It's only an older sandisk though. idk how to test power down without just draining the battery or clicking the power button though? This gives the phone a chance to account for it, even if I wasted an old phone that still works it'd still be a different device but I guess I could know the SD card is CAPABLE of holding the video after the phone abruptly stops but that'd be a big waste of a perfectly good device, however it might be the only way to test these scenarios, if I am vulnerable to someone just taking my phone and breaking it and I can't save the last few seconds I'm in trouble, those situations are disproportionately likely to need recording e.g. litterally showing what happened when my phone broke or how I fell, seeing on video myself collapsing for instance could be quite valuable.
3) Sew into my clothes a subtle pocket or way of keeping my phone say zipper or velcrowed in a good position for both filming and recording audio (might do this to only 1 peice of clothing and wait to do the rest for a new phone to get the specifics right - don't want a GAPING hole for the camera and mic).
4) Find a phone that'd not only fit but has good enough hardware to do this if I eventually decide this is worth upgrading for.
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2023.04.01 22:31 KrissyVDW The Squad

I'll never understand how and why the SS take everything the duo said as gospel. I have no problem criticising the RF (and I constantly do) but Sparry and Rachel have lied and played victim so many times, I just don't understand. They claim to be harassed by the press but 95% of stories about them always turn out to be true ans their stories keep changing all the time. Here are a few examples:
-She was accused of collaborating with Scooby Doo on "Finding Freedom", lied about her involvement then had to apologise to court for lying (email evidence are on the internet). The KP staff knew and did nothing to stop this, btw
-In that very book and the engagement interview, we were told that they were set up by a friend and that Harry was beautifully surprised when he met her for the 1st time (meaning he had never seen her before that date) but in the Netflix show, he said he met on on Instagram
-The bullying of her staff was true (confirmed by Harry himself in Spare) and KP lied several time to cover up for her, like lying about why some of her staff when she was in fact bullying them
-Them announcing their pregnancy at Eugenie's wedding was true (confirmed by Harry in Spare)
-Charlotte crying over her dress was true (also confirmed in Spare)
-Megain received a pair of earrings as a wedding gift from a Saudi Prince. He's the alleged kller of a Saudi journalist Jamal Khshoggi. She wore those earrings only days after the assassination and was called out by the media. KP then shamelessly came out and LIED for her, saying that it was a loan. They were eventually exposed last year, I think.
-Them taking 3 private jets in 2 weeks was 100% true. They went to Spain, Italy and the South of France. The only reason they were criticised is because Harry kept lecturing people on climate change and was then called a hypocrite. The story wasn't even leaked by the Palace. They were using NetJets for their travel and the company Instagram/Twitter account started posting pictures of the couple using their jets (Harry's BFF Nacho, at the time, was getting paid to promote the company on social media).
-The rift beween the brothers and the couples were true (confirmed in Spare)
-Everything that was said about the relationship between her and her dad turned out to be true
-The baby hospital photo story: at first, they said thatit wasn't safe because Archie didn't have a title or security then they claim it was due to the Emergency Department in the hospital he was born at.
And much more. How some people still believe all their lies is crazy
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2023.04.01 22:31 Dry-Stretch-7265 Sad today

I keep telling myself I won't write here anymore. My daughter has a friend that just lost her mother this morning. Dead of a drug overdose. Drugs probably used to numb pain. A 12 year old now left to deal with pain. And the memory of finding her mother's stiff body. This world is so full of pain and suffering and no one feels loved anymore. It frustrates me because it seems like the real love that does exist in the world doesn't even get to flourish for the most ridiculous reasons. Ego that don't want to be hurt, shame and embarrassment for your feelings for someone, ridicule and judgement, fear. Jealousy and manipulation. Lack of communication. We let all of these things stop love in it's tracks, turn away from it, block someone else from having it, killing it as fast as we can. How sad that we do that to the most precious and beautiful thing in existence. I think of us. I know the love in my heart for you is pure. And I can attribute all of those things names above as the reason I don't get to love you. And I'm sitting here in pain instead. Why aren't we all fighting against those things so that love can grow instead of trying to extinguish it's flames? Why can't more of us e willing to fight for it? Life is short. The time spent needing more time is fruitless. None of us get more of it. Maybe if we looked at it like the clock of love is running out every day we spend in fear. Alone. Lonely. Pain is growing and the love I'm this world is getting lost. I wish you could just trust that I love you. And turn away from the rest. A leap of faith. Life is short. I miss you more now and I don't care what stands I'm the way. I know love will conquer the obstacles. I wish you believed like I believe. We need to change the world. We are supposed to. We are called to. Can you hear the Angels calling for you?
RIP to you mother that lost the battle today. Your daughter is in trouble. My heart aches for her. I want to go snatch her up from the home she will always remember now not as a home, but as the place her worst nightmare came true. I want to put my arms around her and pull her close. I want to protect her. I want to mother her. You were vibrant and smiling when I met you. I hope you find strength on the other side. I hope you can be her guardian Angel from above. Please lead her better from there. I will see what I can do for her over here. Please send her signs so she knows you are always with her. It will make my work easier in helping her to believe. I'm mad at you for doing this to her. You suck for fucking doing this. Fly high.
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2023.04.01 22:31 Sreed242 Minor Navigating Truancy Court With No Help

Hey Reddit,
I am 17 years old and live in Collin County, Texas. My mother has gotten a court summons for "SUMMONS FOR PARENT/GUARDIAN IN TRUANT CONDUCT CASE WITH ORDER TO BRING CHILD" when the deputy dropped off the summons, my mom told me, "The deputy came back. They filed on you for truancy, not me, so it's on you. I just have to be there, but they took you to court because of your age." According to state law, anything that is over ten days or parts of days within six months is considered to be truant behavior. While I did miss school, it was chiefly due to mental health reasons related to my diagnosis of Generalized Anxiety Disorder which was being made worse due to my parents' divorce. I do notice that there is a section that states, "
Sec. 65.065. CHILD ALLEGED TO BE MENTALLY ILL. (a) A party may make a motion requesting that a petition alleging a child to have engaged in truant conduct be dismissed because the child has a mental illness, as defined by Section 571.003, Health and Safety Code. In response to the motion, the truancy court shall temporarily stay the proceedings to determine whether probable cause exists to believe the child has a mental illness. In making a determination, the court may:
(1) consider the motion, supporting documents, professional statements of counsel, and witness testimony; and
(2) observe the child.
(b) If the court determines that probable cause exists to believe that the child has a mental illness, the court shall dismiss the petition. If the court determines that evidence does not exist to support a finding that the child has a mental illness, the court shall dissolve the stay and continue with the truancy court proceedings." Should I use this defense, how do I even defend? Do I even defend or what do I even do? I really do not understand what the next few weeks look like. Do I need an attorney? Do I need to pay for said attorney? Any help would be massively appreciated.
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2023.04.01 22:30 Brief-Increase9066 Sb seeking Sd - Pls read below :)

Hey! I’m Belle! I’m from New York, and i’m 5’2 and 110lbs. I’m white with brunette hair. I don’t post pictures of myself because the bots/scammers steal them and use them - shoot me a message and i’ll gladly send some over! Open to all arrangement types - very kink friendly ;) STRICTLY online only, at least to start. [email protected] and [email protected] only. Pls dm, don’t comment. Too many bots. Absolutely nothing nude/s*xual before payment. I’ve been doing this for 2 years, so scammers and guys trying to get free content, don’t even try it or you’ll be posted and exposed!! Looking for something long term and non-transactional feeling. If you’re a real human being (hard to find on these subs lmao) then feel free to shoot me a message! :) here’s me!
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2023.04.01 22:30 Jitsu_apocalypse Bradley Hill pulls out of final against alleged serial sex offender
Haven’t seen this posted anywhere so apologies if it’s a repost.
Can’t copy/paste from Instagram on my phone but Jackson Sousa was his open class final opponent at IBJJF Dublin so Bradley pulled out in protest against the multiple accusations of sexual harassment made against this guy over the years.
Would be great if this could get more exposure in my opinion
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2023.04.01 22:30 nickolisbs New here

New here
Hey everyone. New here, I have a 2020 F-350 Platinum with the 6.7. Just wanted to say hey, and that I’ll be creeping in the background reading all of your posts so I can learn as much as possible about these trucks.
Anything you’d recommend for general routine maintenance to keep it running in tiptop shape? We’ve had it for just over a year, currently have 31k on it. Deleting is not an option for us. Thanks!
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2023.04.01 22:30 Unable_Tea_2869 Concerned I have serious illness? Weight loss, internal bleeding a week and a half ago?

29 Male, 5’6”, 140 pounds, white, UK. Anxiety since was kid (not as bad - mainly social), generally good health (until last three to four years).
Developed fatigue about four years ago, randomly stopped being able to exercise. I used to walk for 15 to 20 miles per day, then suddenly stopped being able to do this. Due to having anxiety I was told there was nothing to worry about and was stress, but the fatigue never went away. Tried all sorts of SSRI's, no improvement, then pandemic came along and wasn't able to access a doctor.
In October 2021 optician wanted me to be seen by neurology, doc refused. Started collapsing in June of 2022 (shaking, dejavu prior to collapse and shaking), collapsed many times with shaking (told it's seizures by family). Have since started loosing weight, headaches, a lot of pain all over my body (back, sides, ribs, headaches also, etc.), sleep disturbances (feel awake, but unable to move).
A week ago ended up going to toilet, passing black stools, thought it meant food poisoning. Ended up collapsing 5 mins after exiting toilet and then went back to bed, two hours later collapsed again and unable to move. Went to hospital, went into shock and collapsed due to loss of blood (vomiting blood and passing in stool), told me I had an ulcer, did endoscopy (all normal), no explanation as to why I have internal bleeding. Bleeding since stopped, but have pain all over my body, random places. No drink, drugs, etc. No aspirins or ibuprofens, nothing.
Have since been sent for emergency chest, abdomen and pelvis scans, no results as of yet, although the women who did the scan made faces with expressions, never said anything. Also had MRI brain scan. I feel like I am dying, I am losing a lot of weight quickly, I told my doctors about these symptoms and they never did a lot. Strangely feel very calm. I've been given dihydrocodeine (strongest painkiller I've ever been given), but still feeling the pain.
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2023.04.01 22:30 Thursday-42 Book 2 question re: Walt

Just reread TBIFOS for the first time in years, really held up for me - but I feel like I must have skipped over something.
Anna - the little “infected” girl that Carlos watches over - why does she call David “Walt?” At one point David assumes she must have misheard the REPER guys calling him by his last name, but that seems like a misdirect.
Any assistance would be appreciated! Pargin does a great job leaving these things partially-answered and requiring effort to figure out, so I’m hoping there’s something I missed out on.
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