Wolfpack outfitters

Textbook for E101 (Bottomley)

2023.01.22 17:45 smol_wafflez Textbook for E101 (Bottomley)

Does anyone know how to get access to this book for cheap/free? It’s ridiculous that this book costs almost 100$ and that I’m barely going to use it. I got a free code from Wolfpack outfitters but I will probably lose access to it after tomorrow.
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2022.08.26 20:44 Relative-Standard-29 Did anyone take Bio 181 with Paciulli? Bio 181 advice/tips

I am a first-year student at NCSU in CALS, and I have Paciulli as my Bio 181 prof. Our classes this week have been a mess! Her moodle is disorganized making assignments and class materials unclear. Lectures are also chaotic as it seems we spend a good portion of the class in "attendance checks" on Tophat or off-topic entirely. Paciulli's reviews on RateMyProfessor also indicate this, and I was wondering if anyone had any advice for success in her class. Thanks!

A quick note on class materials too
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2022.08.16 20:27 uni-lord Difficulty Viewing Textbooks

This might be a me thing, but every time I try to view my textbooks under Enrollment Wizard (for both the comparison site & wolfpack outfitters), it draws up a blank screen. I can’t seem to find the site that had all my classes and books already pulled up without having to do any sort of searching. It worked previous semesters so maybe it’s a bug?? Anyone else experiencing this?
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2022.07.30 20:16 Count_Calorie Textbooks

All but one of my classes have no textbooks listed in the Wolfpack outfitters thing. Is this some sort of glitch or are the professors just slow? Is it possible they aren’t requiring textbooks for economics classes??
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2022.07.27 04:40 Distinct-Advance-776 ANT 252 Textbook

If you are taking ANT 252- Cultural Anthropology with Dr. Joshua Friedman in the Fall 2022 and need/want the physical textbook for his class, I will be selling it for $15. If you buy it through Wolfpack Outfitters, it's way more expensive. I don't need the textbook for this course anymore. The textbook name - Essentials of Cultural Anthropology: A toolkit for a Global Age, Third Edition by Kenneth J. Guest. Please message me for more details.
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2022.04.29 19:40 madaloony13 Anyone have a spare cap and gown?

This semester has been straight out of hell for me, and I did not think I was going to graduate. But luckily, I am going to be able to walk for my college department's graduation!! Because of the last-minute preparations, I don't have a cap or gown, and I'm scared if I order one off of wolfpack outfitters it won't be ready in time.
If there are any alumni who would want to sell/let me borrow theirs, hmu!! I am around 5'9, so anything that isn't gonna drag on the ground behind me is good enough
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2022.03.30 01:03 Bot_316059 Can I use Dining Dollars in Wolfpack Outfitters?

Might be a dumb question, but the semester is about to end and I have $100+ in dining dollars. While i would like to just storm campus markets for snacks, a sweatshirt sounds better.
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2022.02.09 18:39 VT2016 Laptops on sale

I saw today that wolfpack outfitters has some laptops going on sale (https://shop.ncsu.edu/technology) and would like to gauge whether they are a good deal. I am a grad student with a 10 year old laptop and would love to take advantage of a deal.
I'm looking at the Dell or Lenovo laptops, mostly for gaming and CAD use. Can any of you computer nerds advise me on if they are a good deal? If so, which of the ones on sale would be best?
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2021.12.26 00:51 KungP0wchicken 🐺 Enjoy your Break Pack 🐺...

Don't forget that:

Stay safe Pack and Happy Holidays!
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2021.11.11 20:19 desertdoor Thoughts about a student-run, safety escort service? SafeWalk NCSU Interest Form (complete for a chance to win a $50 gift card!)

As a previous, current, or future student, do you feel that NC State could do more to make you feel safer on campus? Every day, it seems there’s a new WolfAlert sent out or some other incident reported, and I want to create a proactive plan to make campus a safer place for everyone.
That’s why I’m organizing SafeWalk: a student-run, nighttime safety initiative that provides a pair of student escorts to walk with you to your desired destination– either on or off-campus, so you don’t have to walk alone.
I’m currently organizing a plan for this initiative, and what better way to start this by-students-for-students service than to allow you to voice your ideas or concerns in the midst of its creation.
Please complete this SafeWalk Interest Form, give honest and helpful feedback, and enter a gift card GIVEAWAY!
One lucky person has the opportunity to win their choice of a $50 gift card to Amazon, Gumby’s Pizza, or Wolfpack Outfitters!
Send this interest form to your friends and have them list your email as a referral for additional entries.
Let’s make NC State a safer place, together!
SafeWalk Interest Form

Our student escorts, titled "SafeWalkers," will be required to go through an application process consisting of a background check, mandatory training and education (including a Title IX and Clery Act module), an interview, 2 recommendations, and peer evaluations. Anonymous evaluation forms will be available and encouraged to those who request the SafeWalk service. Our SafeWalkers will have specific routes outlined for each requested desired destination, all of which follow the blue light map in case of emergencies.
We've received feedback requesting that SafeWalkers complete a type of crisis response or defense training. This requirement will be an educational module and a class, possibly through NCSU PD.
As per their website, NCSU PD provides a similar service under modified conditions. Their statement reads,
"Safety escorts have resumed in a modified format and will be walking escorts only when the bus service is not operating. If the campus community has a legitimized safety concern, a contract security guard or a University Police Officer will provide a walking escort for on campus destinations. We encourage the community to plan ahead and use the Wolfline bus service or other transportation options to move about campus safely (https://police.ehps.ncsu.edu/services/)."

We recognize the existence of the NCSU PD Safety Escort Service. SafeWalk is not attempting to replace this service or trying to invalidate campus police's efforts by any means, we aim to be an additional service for ensuring student safety. Our interest form revealed a number of testimonials about the perceived difference of the campus police service. Students reported that SafeWalk would be "more comfortable, approachable, accessible, reliable, relatable, and less intimidating," leading us to believe that we can still make a difference.
Before the SafeWalk initiative can even be established, more information needs to be collected. Currently, we are only trying to determine if this service should be implemented, if it is necessary, and if it is wanted. These questions are answered by documenting the level of student interest, which is found in the attached SafeWalk Interest Form. These received statistics and testimonials supply us with the much-needed information for organizing a set of Standard Operating Procedures, recruitment and financial models, connecting with sponsors, and more.
SafeWalk is permitted to begin enacting our proactive approach of preventing ON and OFF-campus incidents only after a finalized plan of operation is formally approved by a group of university departments. Then, we can start branching out to other organizations. Hopefully, this can someday include SafeWalk operating alongside campus PD's safety service.

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2021.08.31 01:59 madp13 All-In through Wolfpack outfitters

When you buy the all-in option for your textbooks does that include connect? If not what’s the point of getting all-in?
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2021.08.20 08:06 ryanseward3 Engineering Polos

Anyone know how I can get one of those sick engineering Polos? All black with “NC State Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering” - you guys know what I’m talking about. There’s also the red and gray ones.
Wolfpack Outfitters/a quick Google search aren’t very helpful.
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2021.08.14 21:34 AdministrativeDig259 CSC116 Textbook: Should I Buy Via Zybooks or Wolfpack Outfitters?

Title explains it (mostly). I'm not sure if I should buy the textbook via Zybooks or Wolfpack Outfitters. Does it even matter? Would buying via WO use some of my aid money? Does buying through WO give me an access code to enter onto the site? Thank you!
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2021.01.14 12:50 _T3ra_bub Outfitters Masks

I'm thinking about buying some new masks from Wolfpack Outfitters for when I return back to campus. How do they feel? Are they comfy, cheap? Are they worth my money or should I pass and buy from somewhere else? Thanks in advance.
Edit: The comments were very helpful so thanks again! I was on the fence about getting the 3-pack in large (or maybe XL considering I have a big face and the sizes are relatively smaller), but I think i'll hold back for now and keep looking to be safe.
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2020.08.04 03:51 Pr0spEcT- PY 205 Materials

I'm an incoming freshman taking PY 205/206 in the fall and I got an email saying that I have to "purchase homework access directly from WebAssign". When will I be able to buy it and how much will it be? Also, when I check the list of textbooks I have to buy on WolfPack Outfitters, it says that the physical copy of the textbook is required to buy, even though the email I got says that it is optional. So do I have to buy the physical textbook?
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2019.12.06 02:24 JamesMR6 Finals madness in Talley

I just wanted to ask about the sale in Wolfpack outfitters tomorrow will there be decent reductions on some of the overpriced stuff they got there and would it a good idea to get there early to avoid the rush? Thanks 👍🏻
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2019.08.21 18:52 Numel1 Some random tips for freshmen to save time, money, and stress

Feel free to add any
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2019.08.12 23:16 Forrox Does anyone know if Wolfpack Outfitters will be having a sale soon?

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2018.09.25 22:22 dancezachdance Lost Headphones outside of Wolfpack outfitters

Whoever left the pair of Bluetooth headphones over there, I turned them in to the information desk so they don't get stolen.
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2018.06.20 04:17 accou1234 [ASK] Wolfpack Outfitters Sales

Since I am going to visit my advisor tomorrow (at EB II) and will have an orientation next week, I want to purchase something (sticker, t-shirt, etc.) from the outfitters to support my school (I was amazed about seeing a lot of students wearing NC State clothes when I came to visit the school last year). Actually, I'm from a different country where students don't usually wear school shirt to show their pride.
Do they usually have on sale items and how do I know when they are on sale? I visited NC State last year (in a tour) and they gave me a $5 coupon but it was expired.
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2015.05.28 16:18 K_Lobstah Wiki Wiki Wild Wild Wiki! Let's crowdsource a glossary of Destiny terms for the Wiki; Part 1 of probably a bunch.

Sup ya'll.
In my infinite stupidity kindness, I've taken it upon myself to begin the revamp of our woefully obsolete Wiki. This will be an ongoing project for the modteam, mostly on the organization and writing side of things. What we need from you all is the content.
So we figured an easy place to start would be a be-all and end-all glossary of terms, currencies, locations, events, activities and people in the game. Luckily, fencernick has already provided a massive jumpstart with this dictionary of Destiny acronyms. I will structure this post in a similar fashion, and update it as you all provide comments. We will then polish and push the finished product to the Wiki.
As this is for the Wiki, which will essentially be a guide to all things Destiny, we'd like to get important details for each item included such as how currencies are obtained, where people are located, etc. I'll start with a few examples so we can try to stick to a universal format. Let's get to it!


Ascendant Shard/Energy- an upgrade material for weapons and armor. see also: Radiant Shard/Energy. After the release of House of Wolves, largely considered obsolete for end-game purposes other than exchanging for other currencies.
  • Uses: upgrading legendary weapons and armor; is NOT used for Crota's End or House of Wolves gear; may be exchanged for motes of light or other currencies at the Speaker in the Tower.
  • Obtained from: Vault of Glass; dismantling pre-HoW legendary gear; Daily Story Mission.
Engrams- the fourth and purest type of energy in the universe, according to Master Ives. Engrams may be uncommon (green); rare (blue); legendary (purple) or exotic (yellow). Exotic engrams may only be obtained from Xur in exchange for Motes of Light.
  • Obtained from: enemy drops; strike rewards; faction and cryptarch packages; Nightfall; Crucible and other PvP.
  • Uses: may be decrypted by the Cryptarch to give an item of the engram type, however may give a Strange Coin or Mote of Light instead.
Glimmer- the "cash" of Destiny; glimmer is shared across all characters and caps at 25,000.
  • Uses: upgrading weapons and armor; purchasing items from vendors (emblems, shaders, engrams).
  • Obtained from: killing enemies; item drops (House Banners, Silken Codex, Axiomatic Beads, Network Keys); quest rewards such as Royal Amethysts; and in small amounts by breaking down weapons or armor.
  • Notes: you can boost glimmer gains for slain enemies temporarily with Ether Seeds (Fallen), Blue Polyphage (Vex), Resupply Codes (Cabal), and Black Wax Idols (Hive).
Etheric Light- introduced with House of Wolves; highly sought after material with various uses.
  • Uses: "ascend" legendary gear from any source, allowing it to reach the new light or attack cap.
  • Obtained from: Prison of Elders level 34, 35; Nightfall; Trials of Osiris; Iron Banner at ranks 3 and 5.
Marks- a currency accepted by Vanguard, Crucible, and Faction vendors. Crucible marks are required to purchase items from Faction and Crucible vendors, Vanguard marks may only be used with the Vanguard vendors.
  • Uses: purchase armor, weapons, planetary materials, or other items from vendors in the Tower and Reef.
  • Obtained from: Patrol missions, Daily Heroic, Weekly Heroic, Nightfall. see also: Factions and Reputation sections. Crucible marks obtained by completing Crucible matches, more for wins than losses.
Mote of Light- supplemental currency with various uses throughout the game.
  • Uses: reforging House of Wolves weapons with the Gunsmith in Tower; purchasing exotic engrams from Xur; purchasing emblems or shaders from certain vendors.
  • Obtained from: dismantling HoW gear; gaining experience after reaching level 20 (see progress by hovering over your light level); material exchange with Speaker; some bounties; occasionally by decrypting engrams; Prison of Elders small chests.
Postmaster Packages- packages obtained from leveling up Cryptarch or faction rep past Rank 3, and by completing Public Events (1 per day).
  • Public Event Package: obtained from the first daily gold-star completion of a Public Event. Can contain single ascendant materials, motes of light, or strange coins. Also provides 5,000 experience applied to equipped armor and weapons.
  • Cryptarch Package: obtained from every rank-up of the Cryptarch after rank 3. Can contain legendary or rare engrams.
  • Vanguard/Crucible Package: obtained after every rank up after rank 3. Contain marks and possibly a piece of armor or a weapon.
  • Faction Packages: similar to Crucible/Vanguard in every way, except these can contain and are the only way to obtain faction-specific shaders and ships. Equipping the class item of a faction while opening the package will also yield bonus reputation.
Radiant Shard/Energy- upgrade material for weapons and armor obtained from Crota's End raid.
  • Uses: upgrading Crota's End gear; may be exchanged for other currencies or materials.
  • Obtained from: Crota's End raid (normal and hard).
Strange Coin- a strange coin, used as one of two currencies accepted by Xur.
  • Obtained from: decrypting engrams; faction or other packages; Weekly Heroic Strike; Nightfall; Crucible rewards; Prison of Elders small chests.
Telemetries- provides a temporary boost to experience applied to the specific weapon type; e.g., Sniper Rifle Telemetry will boost all exp applied to a Sniper Rifle equipped for 30 minutes.
  • Obtained from: Xur in exchange for Strange Coins; Gunsmith.
  • Notes: it is best to use a telemetry prior to turning in bounties, completing a mission that gives a large amount of experience (Daily Heroic), and/or opening Public Event Packages.
Tokens (of Flight, Judgement, Identity)- Prison of Elders specific currency.
  • Uses: purchase items from Variks the Loyal in the Reef.
  • Obtained from: Ether chests, Prison of Elders, enemy drops.


Modifiers- various game-altering changes that may be applied to Daily and Weekly Heroics, Nightfall, Prison of Elders.
  • Heroic (Any Hard mission/Raid): More enemies appear, and act more aggressively.
  • Epic (Nightfall): Even more enemies spawn, and they are even more aggressive.
  • Angry: Enemies will not flinch, even after taking massive damage.
  • Lightswitch: Enemy melee attacks do much more damage.
  • Juggler: The weapon you have currently in your hands will not have ammo drop for it.
  • Solar Burn: All Solar Damage is tripled.
  • Arc Burn: All Arc Damage is tripled.
  • Void Burn: All Void damage is tripled.
  • Brawler: Melee attacks from Guardians are tripled.
  • Small Arms: Primary Weapon damage is doubled.
  • Specialist: Special Weapon damage is doubled. Note that this DOES count for Vex Mythoclast, Universal Remote, and No Land Beyond.
  • Grounded: Damage taken while in the air is greatly increased.
  • Airborne: Dealing damage while in the air is greatly increased.
  • Trickle: Guardians' abilities recharge much slower than normal.
  • Exposure: Guardian shields are much stronger, but recharge much slower.
  • Catapult: Increases how fast your Grenade recharges.
  • Nightfall: If all Fireteam members fall, the team is returned to Orbit.
Daily Heroic Story- randomized story mission which changes every day; can be run on varying difficulties with varying rewards; will be randomly assigned at least one modifier (see also: modifiers).
  • Pre-House of Wolves Missions: minimum level 22, gives 10x planet materials and experience. Level 26 gives 12x planet material, 1 ascendant material and exp, 10 vanguard marks.
  • House of Wolves Missions: Level 32; rewards include 7500 Xp (armor AND weapons), Mote of Light, 16x planetary mats, blue engram, 20 vanguard marks.
Weekly Heroic Strike- one strike is chosen each week as the Weekly Heroic strike; may include modifiers such as an elemental burn, Lightswitch, Epic, Angry, etc.
  • Rewards: Strange Coins, amount varies by level (3, 6 or 9 for respective difficulty); if you complete the lowest difficulty and receive 3 Strange Coins, you may complete the next highest difficulty to receive the three additional; the maximum you can receive from Weekly Heroic is 9 strange coins.
Weekly Nightfall Strike- one strike is chosen each week as the Weekly Nightfall Strike; always includes the Nightfall modifier- if your fireteam wipes, everyone is returned to Orbit.
  • Rewards: exotic weapons or armor; legendary engram; strange coins; [ASCENDANT?]; etheric light
Prison of Elders
Trials of Osiris- weekly PvP event. Matches are 3 vs. 3, no matchmaking. You must purchase a Trials Passage from Brother Vance in order to participate. This begins your 9-game set, of which all wins and losses are tracked. More wins allow you to purchase progressively higher gear. Brother Vance, Disciple of Osiris, is the dedicated vendor for ToO items.
Iron Banner- PvP event which occurs every few weeks. Game mode is Control, 6v6 and level advantages are enabled, including weapon attack ratings. Event is hosted by Lord Saladin (affectionately known as Lord Saladbar) who may be found in the Tower, directly behind the bounty tracker. See also: bungie.net
  • Medallion of Iron: upon losing an Iron Banner match, you will receive a Medallion of Iron (stacks up to 5). All medallions will be automatically redeemed for reputation gain after your next victory.
  • Buffs/Boons: the Iron Banner emblem, shader, and purchasable buff which costs a mote of light may be used to increase your IB reputation gains while participating. The buff increases each day during the event until the end, allowing you to "catch up" if you have been unable to play each day.
Crota's End- the second of two raids currently available in Destiny; can be completed on level 30 or level 32 difficulty in a fireteam of up to 6; similar to Vault of Glass, has a wide-range of activities and bosses with unique game mechanics.
  • Rewards: weapons and armor specific to Crota's End; exotic drop chances; Radiant Shards or Energy.
Vault of Glass- the first of two raids currently available in Destiny; can be completed on level 26 or level 30 in a fireteam of up to 6; contains a wide-range of activities required for completion including unique bosses, puzzles, mazes and complex game mechanics.
  • Rewards: weapons and armor specific to Vault of Glass; multiple chances at exotic weapon drops; Ascendant Shards and Energies. Some weapons or items may only be obtained by completing on Hard (level 30).
Patrol- the "exploration" or "free-roam" mode of Destiny. Players can freely roam around the picked planet completing Public Events, Patrol Missions, and "World Events" such as Wolfpack invasions. Players in patrol can run into others who may in a story or strike, but they will separate when one enters a load zone.
  • Patrol Missions: activities vary by type, ranging from killing a certain number of enemies to seeking out a specific enemy somewhere on the planet. Award reputation for Vanguard or Faction if class item equipped. There is a bounty each day to complete 6 patrol missions on a specified planet.
Public Events- Public Events are timed events that can have a range of objectives, such as kill a target, defend a Warsat, or defeat extraction crews. Completions of these events can reward ascendant materials.
World Events- Public Event style activity encountered on Patrol; may include a Pack of Wolves (high level, waves of enemies), two enemy groups fighting each other, or a group of Fallen Dregs roaming on pikes. These events typically do not give rewards, however the Pack of Wolves event will drop a special Ether Chest upon completion.


Xur- Agent of the Nine, of whom we know very little. Like the Nine, Xur is a mystery to the Guardians. Arrives every Friday at daily reset and departs at Sunday daily reset. Xur maintains an assortment of unique and exotic items. He is also a required stop for some quests and exotic bounties.
  • Wares: inventory varies from week to week and appears to be random; Exotic Armor, Weapons, Engrams; weapon telemetries, sparrow upgrades, heavy ammo synthesis. Accepts Motes of Light and Strange Coins.
Petra Venj- captain of the Queen's Royal Guard and administrator of the Queen's Wrath quests and bounties.
  • Wares: emblems and shaders.
Variks the Loyal
Disciple of Osiris
Bounty Tracker
Postmaster- located in the Tower, inside the hut and the Reef, near the Bounty Tracker. Holds packages you've earned and lost items. See also: Packages under "Currencies, Materials and Special Items".
  • Lost Items: if your inventory is full for a particular item type and you leave it behind, it will appear at the Postmaster; Note: applies only to engrams/gear of rare or higher quality and shaders. Emblems do NOT go to lost items.
Cryptarchs- short for Crypto-archeologist. They assist Guardians by decrypting engrams (see also: Engrams).
  • Locations: Master Rahool is located in the main space of the Tower, on the right side. Master Ives is located in the Reef, on the main level.
Randal the Vandal- a nefarious character if there ever was one; Randal the Vandal, of the House of Devils; his notoriety is imprinted early and often in the minds of young Guardians who haplessly stumble upon him near a cave in the Forgotten Shore. An encounter with Randal is not easily forgotten, and you would be wise to bring your full arsenal when seeking revenge.
The Speaker- a mysterious liaison to The Traveler.
  • Uses/Wares: material exchange; class items (25 Motes); emblems (7 Motes); early quest giver.


Reputation Gains, Generally- by default, all reputation you gain by turning in bounties, completing Patrol Missions, completing strikes, and other PvE content is applied to your Vanguard Reputation. Crucible activities will apply to Crucible reputation. NOTE: Vanguard vendors accept Vanguard Marks, all other factions use Crucible Marks.
  • Class Items: by equipping a class item for Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, or Future War Cult, the reputation gains you would normally acquire by completing PvE or Crucible activities will be applied to that faction only. Does NOT apply to Eris Morn, Queens Wrath, or others.
Dead Orbit- a faction that wants to leave the Last City and the Traveler, they believe our home is among the stars. Gear and items typically can be identified by the black, white and gray colors.
  • Location: Arach Jalaal is located in the Tower Hangar, across from Vanguard Quartermaster, near bar entrance.
  • Armor Stats: Discipline and Strength
New Monarchy- Wishing to bring back the Golden Age, New Monarchy believes in the need for a strong leader to remedy the weak and corrupt structure of the last city's political structure. They yearn for a new monarch to give over power, believing the Speaker to be unfit as the last city's primary authority figure. Gear and items typically can be identified by three white stripes over a dark red background.
  • Location: Executor Hideo is located next to the entrance of Tower Watch in Tower North, before the Speaker.
  • Armor Stats: Intellect and Strength
Future War Cult- A group of Secrecy, the future war cult is a faction with immense military power. They believe that a conflict with the darkness is unavoidable, so the only course of action is to prepare for war. Also seem to have various ideas of some sort of multi-verse theory. Gear and items typically can be identified by their colors of orange, white and navy or purple (not sure, I might be color blind).
  • Location: Lakshmi-2 is located in the Tower Hangar, all the way up the stairs near the shipwright.
  • Armor Stats: Intellect and Discipline
Crucible- the primary PvP faction of Destiny. Reputation is gained in small amounts per game played and larger amounts by completing Crucible-specific bounties. Accept only Crucible Marks for gear.
  • Location: Tower, at the bottom of the stairwell in the main forum.
Vanguard- the primary PvE faction in Destiny. Reuptation gained from completing Vanguard bounties, Patrol missions, Weekly Heroic strike, Nightfall, Daily Heroic Mission. Accepts only Vanguard Marks for gear.
  • Location: Quartermaster (weapons) located in the Tower Hangar, on the main floor, ship bay side; Outfitters (Armor) down the main Tower stairwell, straight back to the large table. Separated by class.
Queen's Wrath- previously held as a special event, is now a permanent fixture to the game following the Queen's opening of the Reef to the guardians. Reputation earned by completing Queen's Wrath bounties, which are administered by Petra Venj in the Reef. Items may be purchased with glimmer.
Trials of Osiris- a weekly PvP event which begins Friday and ends at weekly reset. No reputation applies to ToO. see also: Trials of Osiris under Activities.
House of Judgment- [LORE UNCLEAR TO LOBSTAH]; administered by Variks the Loyal in the Reef. Reputation gained by completing Prison of Elders arenas. Items may be purchased after certain reputation levels with special tokens found through enemy drops, PoE chests, and other sources.


Weapon Parts- obtained from dismantling weapons of uncommon or higher quality.
  • Uses: upgrading weapons; reforging House of Wolves weapons.
Planet Materials- armor and weapons require a random planet material to upgrade; may be found on respective planets, from Public Events, as a reward for certain bounties or missions, or purchased from the Crucible and Vanguard Quartermaster in exchange for marks.
  • Spinmetal: found in the Cosmodrome.
  • Helium Filaments: found on the Moon.
  • Relic Iron: found on Mars.
  • Spirit Bloom: found on Venus.


Social Space Toys- things to play with while you wait on your friends who are taking FOREVER
  • Purple Ball: glowy, bouncy ball; located next to Rahool the Cryptarch in the Tower.
  • Soccer Ball: soccer ball; located behind some crates in the main space of the tower, left toward the stairs to the balcony.
  • Decommissioned Servitor: a gruesome display of the Guardians' wrath; found in the Reef, on the bottom floor near some crates.
  • Fan and Switch: atop the Tower Hut, where the postmaster resides, is a small fan. The switch to turn on the fan is located on the balcony directly adjacent.
  • Lights!: there is a small lightswitch in the Reef, immediately in front of the Postmaster.
  • Jukebox: found in the downstairs lounge located in the North Wing of the Tower. Press the button for a random sound clip based on your favorite music in Destiny.
Grimoire- a running "score" which represents your completion of certain objectives, missions, and other activities; the current maximum Grimoire score as of the House of Wolves is 3,630 for Xbox players and 3,660 for Playstation players.
  • Grimoire Cards: unlocked by completing associated activities or objectives; contain lore and background information on the Destiny universe, people, places and things.
Will continue filling out content as we progress with comments. If you have another category suggestion, please feel free to include it.
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